The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest


The citizens of Italy have now set the standard for organized protests against the climate engineering nightmare in our skies. This April 18th demonstration in Bologna, Italy sets the stage for the upcoming March Against Geoengineering planned for April 25 in various locations around the world. Those who do not have organized anti-geoengineering protests in your area should try to attend one of the countless Earth Day events that have also been organized for April 25th. The human race faces countless challenges that are converging from every direction, but of all the threats currently descending on us the most dire and immediate of all is climate engineering. We have the power to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering insanity if we work together in this all important battle, make your voice heard. We extend our most sincere gratitude to "Reclaim The Planet" for organizing this outstanding event. Our gratitude also goes to all the citizens who helped with the demonstration in Bologna that is featured in this 4 minute video.
Dane Wigington



Below are selected images from the protest in Bologna, Italy 
(Reclaim The Planet)

Bologna protest


Bolona Protest2


Bologna Protest 1


Bologna protest 4


Bologna Protest 5


Bologna protest 6


40 Responses to The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest

  1. nati says:

    they are spraying us to death, these inhuman paid and controlled monkeys of the militaries, especially of the US. They think they can blind us. All these toxic substances coming down on us 24h per diem, day after day. Shame on the connected military complex.

  2. Dog aka db says:

    Betca the t.p.t.b. in Italy wished they had a bunch of sleepy, brain dead americans like us! But then again we have the kardashians! Breath deep and enjoy! It is free to those that do not pay taxes!

  3. Rob Schick says:

    I wish we had that turnout here in San Diego…today April 25..there was only 5 people protesting…what a pathetic, lazy , ignorant , 50 shades of apathic bunch of sheeple we have in America..!

    • Geni says:

      They must be spraying something to numb our minds and create apathy here.

    • Charlie says:

      I went on the 25 th here in MA  and then R.I.  not one I was the ONLY one. the people I talk to don't care.  the figure what can you do.. And Geni is right it's also supposed to take away your ability to protest or care.. they won't have a problem here.  Even had Billboards put up. WHo knows how that did. Still trying to get protest orginazations going here.   ANy ideas   let me know    Thank you   God bless,

  4. MarcusW says:

    Very nice to see! And they also had the typical white sky over themselves  They probably wake up some new ones to the reality of geoengineering ! Again very well done!

  5. Melody Meachum says:

    @Abe…same thing in Michigan. On morning walk in winter gear after 80 deg on Saturday. Caught several perfectly shaped stars same size you described.  Stood there in utter disbelief, but fortunately I remembered the star shaped snow NJ/NY got back in the winter. Several pic's were posted.

    When I left for lunch, it was spitting styrofoam balls. Weather reports given as just another normal day. What a conditioned bunch of nincompoops in this nation. And THE WEATHER CONTROLLERS know it!

  6. Lakotah says:

    Yes, this demonstration makes this whole Geo Engineering experiment look like it's more real to me other than numerous comments and pictures of trails in the sky. I would venture to say that the Italian Parliament has already forgotten this demonstration thinking that it will pacify the people for while. These demonstrations should be happening every month or more to really make a statement. And the same should be happening here in America. Demonstrations every month or more to be effective to really bring attention to Geo Engineering maybe even to sleepy ones. The only thing we would have to worry about is our government and the cops putting a stop to it all by force.  

    • Charlie says:

      That's what I've been saying if you don't  have people knocking on their door everyday it don't matter.  They just figure  let them have their little demonstration and then tommorow they'll go away and it will all be forgotten about. You need constan pounding.

  7. Janice Bryant says:

    Thank you Italy.   I'd love to see this happening in London.

  8. Abe says:

    Today 4/21/15 we had snow in central MN. The radar looked wierd, kind of like popcorn. Anyways if you remember the chicken with stars soup, the snow was the size and shape of those stars. Some looked like little snowballs. It was 38 degrees outside.

    • Charlie says:

      We had those  star shaped small snow pellets this winter or last, whichever you look at it. i found it strange firguring it was switching over to rain  but they were hard when you picked them up .  Now I know why    how can we form a walkout here in MA  or RI

  9. Eddie says:

    How can we join walk outs Here in LA ? We gotts to do the same in the whole world .. Seeing this march just made me to the same for my community 

  10. Marc says:

    Seeing all these people together, committed to our collective cause and marching and chanting in unison literally brought tears to my eyes, I am not kidding. My heart overflows with love for all of our superfine brethren around the world whose recognition of this atrocity unites us all in a place of deepest love for our planet and in the fervent hope that ever increasing numbers of those who heretofore have been complicit or complacent will break free and join our ranks.

  11. Melody Meachum says:

    BELLA ITALIA! Very encouraging to see. Traveled there twice in the 70's. Truly breathtaking LAND and people!

    We need to keep stepping it up here no matter where we live. Find a Global March location to make your presence known on 4/25/15.  For Michigan, that is Lansing's Capitol steps @ 2 pm. I can't wait to be surrounded by a large number of people committed to fighting this war in our skies!

    Dane has been sounding the alarm for some time about the death of trees everywhere and this is no exaggeration. Everywhere I walk or drive I notice dead, dying or diseased trees. Time is of the essence. As Dane says, if the trees go, the animals go next. If the animals go, humans are not far behind. The Genesis account of creation…God created the earth and its life support system in perfect balance, filled it with living creatures and the first 2 people to CARE FOR and NURTURE the earth. Devastating how this is going down. Talking about the death of trees in my yard is how I opened my husband's eyes to how bad it has gotten. He sees. He is very disturbed. I can't think of anyone who doesn't appreciate trees and understands non-viability of life without them.

    I plan on stopping by the local Conservation office this week with flyers. They have annual seedling sales. At the rate of tree death due to intensified spraying, we will need tree replacements. But then I think how long will they make it if I plant them. Everything is saturated with aerosol poisons.

    • Charlie says:

      We have here in MA  this  green fungus grwoing all over the trees   but here in New England they just call me nuts. But there it is on the trees. hard to get people up around here. Any ideas

  12. Way to go, Italy!  In history, there have been nations that refused to cooperate with brutality or cower in fear.  Think Denmark during WWII, which saved almost all its Jewish people.

    Please, we need more good Americans to step up to the plate about this monumental covert op.  I know that we will.

    • KC says:

      I think that's why Denmark has been blessed!  I think we need to start building GREENHOUSES!!!  And to protect our honeybees and birds. INDOOR growing is what we have to do NOW!!!  To preserve and protect OUR TREES and LIFE!!!  We can start by storing organic seeds, learning to save seeds, growing herbs & small amounts of fresh greens in our homes, then each have our own backyard greens houses.  Get involved with your LOCAL community and encourage community greenhouses.  JUICE your fresh foods and fruits so the peels and fiber holds onto the toxins, so you get your food real & vibrant.  We cannot wait for someone else to do something!!!  
      "They" are not going to stop until they have total control of all our food and water and weather—so do not wait!!!  
      Let's be proactive and create our own communities full of light, love and full of goodness and beauty.  We are educating our own children too!!  
      They" cannot control all of us—there are too many of us.  
      If you really want to see their agenda look up: The Georgia Guidestones.
      "They" want to Cull the earth to 500,000 people….and do not care about our protests.  LET's GROW OUR OWN FOOD IN GREENHOUSES and iNDOORS–Co-op with each other!!!  

  13. Frank says:

    I knew it was a matter of time and the power structure would introduce water line piping to sell and supply water to drought stricken areas like California. This is a event structured by the on going geoengineering of California introduced by a well known movie actor William Shatner. The cost of a pipeline from Washington state at 30 billion will be a drop in the bucket compared to the cost they sell the water to California. The power structure creates a drought paid by the taxpayers from geoengineering and the taxpayers pay for the pipeline from corporate giants like Monsanto and Halliburton, how convenient. Other parts of the country get flooded out with extreme moisture for the corporate welfare system. This pipeline will only be the beginning as water will be the new commodity to control us all. The article is linked below.

    • Charlie says:

      Agree with KC  I've started already look into soil,  lights indoor growing or outside growing with sun  greenhouse. It's time these poeple are asleep here . 

  14. Dave says:

    Looks like people are are going something about it.  another thing the people in the USA should be watching out for is operation Jade Helms 15 in ten of our states. Starting in July 15 2015 ending September 15 2015. Think chemtrails are scary look up this on google. People get ready.

  15. PLT says:

    Here is a suggestion for all you brave, committed souls: run for office!  You don't have to win the election to win the prize.  Next year is a presidential race, which means people will be following the news.  If you enter as an independent, you will have a lot of legwork getting started, but once you get on the ballot they will have to pay attention. 

    I know what I am talking about, because, out of sheer desperation, I did this in 2002 (as a Green, which made it easier – but I don't know if the Greens are talking about geoengineering.  For those who think the Greens are all about Big Government, that is not the case, and you might want to check them out, if for no other reason than to get people there thinking about geoengineering.) 

    I would be glad to give advice to anyone interested in doing this.

  16. Alessandro says:

    I was in Bologna last saturday, proud to be a member of the staff. We have so many problems in Italy in these years but we never lose the energy to protest and reclaim the planet.

    There are many deniers of geoingeneering in Italy and your support is very important for all of us. Thanks!!!

  17. Great that at least in Italy something is moving.

    This video by our colleagues from Switzerland was censored, taken down and reloaded again:

    "Not appropriate". The only thing "Not appropriate" is the censorship.

    The fight has to intensify…!


    • Cassandra Scott says:

      Agree wholeheartedly yet a video of someone bashing their baby's head repeatedly to make it 'stop crying' IS ACCEPTABLE. I'll be in London this weekend though raising awareness is NOT one day a year. It's every day. I do my bit… We gotta keep on keeping on…

  18. KATHY A ORNSTEIN says:

    Kudos to Bologna, Italy for coming out and showing their support to stop geoengineering.  I am with we will be out on April 25, 2015.  This will be our 4th march.

  19. Concerned in Cali says:

    I knew I always liked that country for a reason. Viva Italia!

  20. Earth Angel says:

    Great work from our brothers and sisters in beautiful Italia! Loved to hear the story from Rachel R. about the lady and her son who came all the way from Italy to the aid of the wrongfully imprisoned Sioux tribal member when even his family didn't care enough to visit him. Way to go, that's what it takes, mankind helping one another out whenever we can.  Kudos to everyone involved in the protests! Keep it up!  😉

  21. Stefan says: and are doing a great job of informing the people…  After learning about the 'NASA War Document '[!] and 'Iron Mountain Report' [!], the Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, CFR and Carlyle Group, etc. etc. etc. it became clear how this $ystem was set up to bring about ECOCIDE, incrementally resulting in DEMOCIDE, blaming the global collapse of the ecosystem on The People [UN-Agenda 20ne], rather than the abuses and crimes of Industry, its endless WarMachine. and a minority of criminally insane psychopathic banksters, eugenicists and their sinecure collaborators in public office. They control the money [KiSSinger], energy and [gmo] food production as well as most institutions [education, media, etc]…

    So, even after taking back all of the above 'yesterday', how will we, humanity's 99%, 'put this genie back in the box'? Nano-sized [!] particles from 24/7 toxic atmospheric aerosol spraying campaigns [Operation Indigo Skyfold 1&2] and ongoing accumulative Fukushima radiation have already irreversibly altered DNA of all LIFE in the animal and plant kingdoms… [?] Regardless, the purveyors and perpetrators of  this EVIL must be stopped and brought to trial and justice served. After standing by idly far too long, we owe at least this to ourselves and any survivors and to any future generations.

  22. Rachel Robson says:

    Italy does it with style!  Love the posters, especially the big one that is close to or attached to a building that is two photos, huge, and looked mirrored, glassy.  As well as the ones folks were wearing.  This takes real organization!  Couldn't help but notice how clean the streets look.

    Hurray for Italy!  Not entirely surprised as there is a woman, Gloria Mattioni-I may have misspelled last name-who is a powerful political activist with serious chops.  She wrote a book called Dakota Warrior about James Weddell, a Dakota Sioux, wrongfully imprisoned for life for a murder he did not commit.  When she discovered his case, she got involved big time.  She and her son, Daniele.  It took her and a team, nearly 10 years of tireless effort and coming to the US, but eventually, she got him freed.  James was stunned.  Even his own family did not visit him. Then, for complete strangers, from Italy yet, to write, come, shift circumstances to bearable, find the right people to correct the mistakes made, and finally to free him was beyond imagining.  Last I heard, she was living in LA.  I'll lay odds she's involved in this!  Just amazing.  I am inspired!  Cheered!  Now, Must go through newspapers!

  23. anon says:

    Very nice to see. I hope to see the sun again some day. 

  24. Diana Moss says:

    Kudos to the Italians for their courage!!  May Earth Day internationally be the most successful demonstration ever.  It will take some pretty gutsy media personnel to cover the US demonstrations.  I hope I am wrong and that it is an 'Above the Fold' in every newspaper and the 'Breaking News' on every TV.

  25. Simon says:

    Good job! Hope other European countries will do the same.

    For those who still did not, please watch the Italian documentary
    Chemtrails the secret war (can be found on YouTube with english subtitles)

    • Kathy says:

      Even with subtitles, Chemtrails: the Secret War, is one of the best documentaries I've seen on this subject.

  26. Sezer says:

    YES YES YES,that's what we need to see more of,let's keep pushing let's stay motivated and we shall achieve our goal,never lose hope!

  27. Steve says:

    THAT'S IMPRESSIVE – I'll be going on my third demonstration against these demons on the 25th. Hope to send an awakening message to the uninformed – Thank you Geoengineering Watch !!!!!!

  28. Irene Parousis says:

    Amazing, I hope the rest of the world will follow in their footsteps on April 25!!!

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