The Geoengineering Salesmen


In this video the most internationally recognized “geoengineer” of all, David Keith, does his best to sell us on just how easy and inexpensive it would be to “geoengineer” the planet. For those that have done any research on the subject of global geoengineering, three possibilities come to mind in regard to David Keith. He is either legally blind, clinically insane, or nothing more than a paid stooge. Having met and questioned him, it is my opinion that the last two factors are virtual certainties.

In the interview below, Keith indicates there is currently no geoengineering going on, a blatant lie. He goes on to state that only two private jets could spray enough sulfur to compensate for global warming. Again, Mr. Keith is either living in an alternate reality, or he is doing exactly what he is paid to do, lie.

First, why has he abandoned his push for using aluminum for geoengineering? Is it because it has finally been pointed out to him that the well known toxic effects of aluminum would not be a good selling point for these programs as far as the public is concerned?

Next, two small private jets would do it? This is a far cry from the Keith’s proposal to put some 20,000,000 tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually which is what he proposed at the AAAS conference in San Diego Ca, Feb 2010. I know what he said, I was there.

Finally, he would have to be legally blind not to notice the countless military tankers and commercial aircraft spraying the hell out of our skies 24/7. He would have to be living in a cave not to know that the latest figures on “global dimming” are fully 22%. This means that already 22% of the suns direct rays are not reaching the surface of the planet due to the toxic heavy metal haze that surrounds earth due to the constant spraying from thousands of jet aircraft.

Has the planet stopped warming? No, and all available data indicates that the massive spray programs are making the situation much worse, not better.

They are not spraying? Really? And only two small jets could fix all our problems? Shouldn’t it shock the hell out of us that David Keith is a professor at Harvard and the worlds’ most recognized geoengineer?

Government agencies and the “educational” institutions they control are little more than paid liars and propagandists. Its time to wake up before there is nothing left of our planet to salvage.

The linked video below is worth the time to view. It is a truly shocking example of blatant lies and unbridled arrogance.

Dane Wigington

22 Responses to The Geoengineering Salesmen

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Gary A. summed up my thoughts to a tee! And if the guy from Rolling Stone is a journalist, he sure used some improper grammar…my mom was probably rolling in her urn, stickler that she was! I’ll never forget hearing David Keith almost mumble extremely fast that we’d be riding on the backs of our grandchildren or something of that nature. The man’s a psychopath, perhaps all 3 of them are! And yes, they do the spin so well! Bill Gates is a psychopath as is his wife…or perhaps she really believes that they are doing a good thing?!? Yuck!

  2. Tim says:

    Thinking of sulfur now that aluminum is up there by the tons?

  3. Colt says:

    This guy is psychotic. OMG.

  4. KEVIN CANADA says:


  5. Dan Cieri says:

    May the enormity and gravity of the horrors of what these SOBs have done, continue to do, and plan to do, hit them squarely in the face some night, when they have premonitions similar to what happened to Scrooge. And may they sense the fear they should feel, knowing finally that they have caused devastation on this planet on a scale they probably never even thought about, and knowing they will be held and tried in an international tribunal for crimes against humanity. The punishment for the indescribable damage they have wreaked won’t be pretty, and we’ll be able to watch them squirm. Won’t be even an iota of pity from any one of us.

    David Keith, Ken Caldeira, Bill Gates, and the rest involved in this experiment…you will regret what you’ve done, very soon enough.

  6. Robert (Bob) Walton says:

    Mr. Keith one day, very soon, will be held and charged for Crimes against Humanity! His knowledge in bio-chemistry is non-existent! That’s obvious with his already support of the thousands of tons already in our atmosphere. Now, its sulfur, known as acid rain.

  7. Francis says:

    If anyone wants the actual data summary records of the chemicals presently in the rain and snow directly correlated to military geoengineering a la david kieth, see the 3 page paper GEOENGINEERING WHAT WE KNOW. Its on the main website. A debunker site, in denying this data, also contradicts david kieth, who admits this is going on NOW. They can’t argue with facts.

    • deborah barker says:

      Egghead Keith will soon crack and fry under the enormous weight and heat of his own flaming lies. Remember what happened to Humpty Dumpty? The fall is going to hurt, David Keith.

  8. Debbie H. says:

    Oh, the spin…getting so tired of all the spins..and they are all so good at it.

  9. Robinson Caruso II says:

    Messin with somethin that can destroy us all, and like usual, money is the driving force, not common sense, or what is right or wrong..ill always say…If its not dangerous, then tell us the truth

    • admin says:

      To which they would respond “But we are telling you the truth – It doesn’t exist”. These people see no value in the truth.

  10. Natasha says:

    I actually just read an article today that states Bill Gates funded David Kieth. They are a bunch of liars, and we all heard them say that there is no stopping them from doing this tomorrow.

  11. EarthLeo1970 says:

    “kind of frighteningly do-able” . . wretching . .”at a tiny cost” .. Duuuuude . .Working on a David Keith voodoo doll (the collection is growing!).. helps lower my blood pressure . . ummmm… can you send him out to the wild west somewhere between the rockies and the sierras . ? . .perhaps we can “walk (him) further and further along the plank” … a special one reserved for “eggheads writing papers” .. we’ll show him where he can “bite us in the ass” . . giddy up! (ps- I will understand if this comment doesn’t make it through moderation.. due to it’s nature ..definitely venting here . .) Thank you, Dane . .you Rock!

  12. Gary A. says:

    “Two planes”. I have personally counted over 2,200 planes in the sky just in my area of the East coast in the last 5 months. Secondly, we are all breathing in toxic chemicals 24/365. Thirdly,our soil is horribly polluted, and our plants are soaking up aluminum,barium and others; the plants we eat. Fourthly, trying to predict 40 years into the future is comical. Fifthly, the caviler, extremely arrogant nature of these people is not welcome. Sixthly, everyone i have spoken to do not want to be sprayed like roaches. This program is costing only a couple hundred million bucks with 2 or so planes! What about the 2,200 planes i have counted. I am speaking as a scientist myself. There is nothing, nothing Mr. Dave can say to hoodwink me. And Rolling Stone magazine, which in have a lifetime subscription to, is a disgrace (except for Matt Taiebi). Rolling stone is the opposite of its purported free thinking sales pitch. It is as corporate as they come. Long live David Icke and Alex Jones.

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