The Human Race Is Descending Into Extinction: A Former Reagan Cabinet Official Speaks Out


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for the Reagan administration. Mr. Roberts has constantly been an outspoken voice of facts and reason in an increasingly chaotic and criminal world run by global powers that are unarguably completely out of control. About 4 weeks before the article below was released, I communicated with Dr. Roberts on the issue of global geoengineering (as I am sure some others have also). I expressed to him that his voice would bring great credibility to the cause of raising public awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. Though he stated his reluctance to address the subject as it was not his area of expertise, true to his courageous character, Dr Roberts put out the article below which covered the climate engineering issue (along with other critical subjects) shortly after our exchange.
Dane Wigington

Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

To inform people is hard slugging. Everything is lined up against the public being informed, or the policymakers for that matter. News is contaminated by its service to special interests and hidden agendas. Many scientists or their employers are dependent on federal money. Even psychologists and anthropologists were roped into the government’s torture and occupation programs. Economists tell lies for corporations and Wall Street. Plant and soil scientists tell lies for agribusiness and Monsanto. Truth tellers are slandered and persecuted. However, persistence can eventually win out. In the long-run, truth sometimes emerges. But not always. And not always in time.

I have been trying to inform the American people, economists, and policymakers for more than a decade about the adverse impacts of jobs offshoring on the US economy. The word has eventually gotten out. Last week I was contacted by 8th grade students competing for their school in CSPAN’s StudentCam Documentary Contest. They want to interview me on the subject of jobs offshoring for their documentary film.

America is a strange place. Here are eighth graders far ahead of the economics profession, the President, the Congress, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the financial press in their understanding of one of the fundamental problems of the US economy. Yet, people say the public schools are failing. Obviously, not the one whose students contacted me.

Is it too late? I know much, but not all. So this is not the final word. I think it might be too late. When skilled jobs are sent abroad, the skills disappear at home. So do the supply chains and the businesses associated with the skills. Things close down, and abilities are lost. Why take a major in college for a job that is offshored. A culture disappears.

But we can start them back up, right? Perhaps not. When a First World country exports its technology and know-how abroad to a Third World country in order to benefit from lower cost labor, how does the First World country get the work back? Living standards and the cost of living in Third World countries are much lower than in First World countries. The populations of First World countries cannot pay their mortgages, car payments, student loans, medical care, and grocery bills with the wages of Third World countries.

When First World wages drop, mortgage, car, credit card, and student loan payments do not drop. Americans cannot live on Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian wages. Once the technology and know-how is transferred, the low wage country has the advantage in the absence of tariff protection.

For America to revive, our economy would have to be walled off with high tariffs, and subsidies would have to be provided in order to recreate US industry and manufacturing. But many corporations now produce offshore, and America is broke. The government has been $1 trillion dollars in the hole each year for the last 5 years.

Jobs offshoring diminished the US tax base. When a job is sent abroad, so is that job’s contribution to US GDP and tax base. When millions of jobs are sent abroad, US GDP and tax base cannot support government spending levels. To the extent that there are any replacement jobs, they are in lowly paid domestic services, such as waitresses, bartenders, retail clerks, and hospital orderlies. These jobs do not provide a tax base or consumer spending power comparable to manufacturing jobs and tradable professional services such as software engineering and information technology.

Republicans and increasingly Democrats, as both parties are dependent on the same sources of campaign contributions, blame “entitlements.” By entitlements they mean welfare.

In fact, entitlements consist of Social Security and Medicare. Entitlements are funded by the payroll tax, approximately 15% of payroll. The fact that a person pays the payroll tax all his working life is why the person is entitled to Social Security and Medicare if they live to retirement age. Welfare, such as food stamps and housing subsidies, are a small part of the federal budget and are not entitlements.

Ever since President Reagan was betrayed three decades ago by Alan Greenspan and David Stockman, both of whom sold out to Wall Street and raised the Social Security payroll tax above what was needed to pay Social Security benefits in order to protect Wall Street’s stock and bond portfolios from exaggerated deficit fears, Social Security payroll tax revenues have exceeded Social Security payments. As of today, Social Security revenues exceed payments to beneficiaries by an accumulated $2 trillion. The money was used by the federal government to pay for its wars and other spending programs. The Social Security Trust Fund holds non-marketable IOUs from the Treasury. These IOUs can only be made good from an excess of tax revenues over expenditures or by the Treasury selling $2 trillion in bonds, notes, and bills and paying off its IOUs to the Social Security Trust Fund. This is not going to happen.

The Federal Reserve could not care less about the US population. The Fed was established for the purpose of protecting and aiding banks. Currently, the Fed, as if America were a Banana Republic which America appears to be becoming, is printing one thousand billion dollars per year in order to support the banks and to finance the federal deficit.

This is bad news for Americans, as it means that their fiat money is being created at a far greater rate than the demand for the dollar. The implication for our future is a drop in the dollar’s value. As there are no jobs, a drop in the dollar’s value means high inflation on top of unemployment and double the misery of the Great Depression.

As bad as this is, it is minor compared to the destruction of the planet’s environment. Online information shows that the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem is in crisis after the BP spill and use of Corexit, a dispersant used to hide, not clean up, the spilled oil.

The Fukushima catastrophe has hardly begun. Yet already the radioactive water pouring into the Pacific Ocean has made fish dangerous to eat unless a person is willing to accept a higher risk of cancer.

Fukushima has the potential of making Japan uninhabitable and of polluting the air, water, and soil of the US with radioactivity. Yet the crisis is seldom mentioned in the US media. In Japan the government just passed a law that could be used to imprison Japanese journalists who report truthfully on the dire situation.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the online information about Fukushima.. According to the presstitute media, Americans face threats from Iran and Syria and from whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. The real threats are simply not in the news.

If you search Fukushima, you will find information that the presstitute media hides from you. See for example,

There are a number of other threats to the environment on which our lives depend. One is the effort to extract more productivity from the soil by use of GMOs. Monsanto has altered the genes of several crops so that the crops can be sprayed with RoundUp to eliminate weeds. The results have been to deplete the soil of nutrients, to destroy the micro-biology of the soil so that new plant diseases and funguses are activated, and to produce superweeds that require heavier doses of the glyphosate in RoundUp. The heavier dose of RoundUp worsens the aforementioned problems. US agricultural soil is losing its potency.

Now we come to chemtrails, branded another “conspiracy theory.” However, the US government’s efforts to geo-engineer weather as a military weapon and as a preventative of global warming appear to be real. The DARPA and HAARP programs are well known and are discussed publicly by scientists. See, for example, Search Chemtrails, and you will find much information that is kept from you. See, for example, and

Some describe chemtrails as a plot by the New World Order, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergers, or the Masons, to wipe out the “useless eaters.” Given the amount of evil that exists in the world, these conspiracy theories might not be as farfetched as they sound.

However, I do not know that. What does seem to be possibly true is that the scientific experiments to modify and control weather are having adverse real world consequences. The claim that aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere and when it comes to earth is destroying the ability of soil to be productive might not be imaginary. Those concerned about chemtrails say that weather control experiments have deprived the western United States of rainfall, while sending the rain to the east where there have been hurricane level deluges and floods.

In the West, sparse rainfall and lightning storms without rain are resulting in forests drying out and burning down. Deforestation adversely affects the environment in many ways, including the process of photosynthesis by which trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The massive loss of forests means more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. Watershed and species habitat are lost, and spreading aridity further depletes ground and surface water. If these results are the consequences of weather modification experiments, the experiments should be stopped.

In North Georgia where I spend some summers, during 2013 it rained for 60 consecutive days, not all day, but every day, and some days the rainfall was 12 inches–hurricane level–and roads were washed out. I received last summer 4 automated telephone warnings from local counties not to drive and not to attempt to drive through accumulations of water on the highways.

One consequence of the excess of water in the East is that this year there are no acorns in North Georgia. Zilch, zero, nada. Nothing. There is no food for the deer, the turkeys, the bear, the rodents. Starving deer will strip bark from the trees. Bears will be unable to hibernate or will be able only to partially hibernate, forced to seek food from garbage. Black bears are already invading homes in search of food.

Unusual drought in the West and unusual flood in the East could be coincidental or they could be consequences of weather modification experiments.

The US, along with most of the world, already had a water problem prior to possible disruptions of rainfall by geo-engineering. In his book, Elixir, Brian Fagan tells the story of humankind’s mostly unsuccessful struggle with water. Both groundwater and surface water are vanishing. The water needs of large cities, such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, and the irrigation farming that depends on the Ogallala aquifer are unsustainable. Fagan reminds us that “the world’s supply of freshwater is finite,” just like the rest of nature’s resources. Avoiding cataclysm requires long-range thinking, but humanity is focused on immediate needs. Long-range thinking is limited to finding another water source to deplete. Cities and agriculture have turned eyes to the Great Lakes.

Los Angeles exists because the city was able to steal water from hundreds of miles away. The city drained Owens Lake, leaving a huge salt flat in its place, drained the Owens Valley aquifer, and diverted the Owens River to LA via aqueduct. Farming and ranching in the Owens Valley collapsed. Today LA takes water from the Colorado River, which originates in Wyoming and Colorado, and from Lake Perris 440 miles away.

Water depletion is not just an American problem. Fagan reports that “underground aquifers in many places are shrinking so rapidly that NASA satellites are detecting changes in the earth’s gravity.”

If the government is experimenting with weather engineering, scientists are playing God when they have no idea of the consequences. It is a tendency of scientists to become absorbed by the ability to experiment and to ignore unintended consequences.

Readers have asked me to write about Fukushima and chemtrails because they trust me to tell them the truth. The problem is that I am not qualified to write about these matters with anything approaching the same confidence that I bring to economic, war and police state matters.

The only advice I can give is that when you hear the presstitute media smear a concern or explanation as “conspiracy theory,” have a closer look. The divergence between what is happening and what you are told is so vast that it pays to be suspicious, cynical even, of what “your” government and “your” presstitute media tell you. The chances are high that it is a lie.

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

34 Responses to The Human Race Is Descending Into Extinction: A Former Reagan Cabinet Official Speaks Out

  1. Chris D says:

    I regret to inform you that I have lived in Kansas City MO for the last 5 years. They are spraying the living crap out of the sky here!!!!!!!!!!! I see planes, multiple planes almost everyday!! Guess where all that shit is going?? Straight east to St Louis!! I see them from horizon to horizon it’s literally unbelievable!! Any other questions?

  2. Tim says:

    What % of the population is aware that they are being sprayed like roaches? It is so maddening. We cannot even have one full blue sky day. By late afternoon, they muck up the sky with their spray project. I am so sick of looking at it. It has made my entire family sick. It is just plain awful. My calls to agencies goes nowhere.

  3. heidi says:

    yes would love to do something and fight this.. Maui was able to get them to stop..look that up on uyou tube and when i am thru this breast cancer thing i am happy to join u to make this my lifes mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. FreedomRanger says:

    I am very angry, the sh** they are spraying is causing real physical damage to my body. I can only wonder how many lives have been irreparably damaged or killed by this evil scheme which we had no say in. I bet in a couple of months they will tell us they have to spray aerosols because of “climate change” in order to cover themselves, in order to “save the planet”. What must be done is everyone involved in this abhorrent program needs to be brought to justice. The people in charge know they will lose their lives and fortunes if what they are doing ever sees the light of day. They must be brought to justice for their abhorrent crimes. Its simply unspeakable what they have done and are doing, every morning we wake up more toxic, more disabled. We must find the courage to continue exposing this crime, even in the face of their mindless, treasonous main stream media, corrupted politicians and greedy corporations. There are millions who know the truth, millions and one day those millions will turn into billions and we can stop what they are doing to the planet and their destruction of all the species who live here. I wake up everyday with this same thought, they will be brought to justice every last one of them who participates in this holocaust.

  5. Renee says:

    Yes I am. I live near Rancho and I would love to do this and I have plenty of experience getting in front of municipalities and getting on their agendas and forcing them to vote, either yes or no, on a proposed new ordinance. We need to have press present and hold them accountable. I will email you at the address you provided. Thank you for courage and commitment.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Hey Renee, It sure breaks my heart too. On a recent road trip from San Diego to Tucson, I was floored at the huge spraying operation and subsequent solar dimming going on there. Massive, massive spraying, robbing the entire region of any naturally occurring moisture or rainfall.

    The crazy thing is, though it is certainly going on everywhere to one extent or another (Just came back from farm country, midwest, in the middle of nowhere. Spraying going on there too) But here in SD, we’ve been largely spared from the intensity of spraying that I witnessed in AZ. We of course still have the man made clouds, but they drift in from the Pacific as cloud goo, having lost the distinctive ‘trail’ formation.
    I am grateful for the fact that it’s not going on directly over my head (it still does on occasion) the way it did a couple of years ago. When this happens, I feel it, and operate on 2 cylinders so to speak. It takes me down a couple of notches for sure.

    I share your and everyone here’s outrage. Sooner or later this things gonna break, no matter what they do to suppress it. I wait for that day. Until then it’s all about getting the info out. Bless you all

  7. Renee says:

    I have recently spent four days tent camping in Joshua Tree National Park in the high desert of California. While hiking everyday deep into this National Park, we were absolutely GOD SMACKED by what was taking place above our heads. We started video taping the sky above because what was happening was so distracting, no one could even enjoy the wilderness. The still photographs and video are truly unreal. It looked like zebra stripes the trails were so close together. The planes were so fast and so small and there were so many, it clearly was a drone operation. In fact, many of the aircraft were flying at what looked like 90 degree angles, straight up. It reminded me of the movie, “The Right Stuff” where Chuck Yeager tries to break the his previous world record, flying his plane straight up, where he started to see the stars, passed out and crashed back to earth. As we sat on the rocks at Joshua Tree and watched this absolutely criminal activity I cried. We had such a clear, close view that someone in our group with military experience, declared the Spraying was being done with drones. At least the Spraying we were seeing that day. Now this takes me to today. I am writing this from Estes Park, CO, off of Hwy 34 which is a quite little town at the foot of the Rocky Mountain National Forest. I hiked into the Rockies this past weekend and my heart sank as I watched all weekend the Spraying campaigns here too. The planes were literally passing each other as one plane was flying East and another flying West. This continued all day, everyday. Because I had asthma as a child, which I thought I had completely outgrown, has come back now with a vengeance in my late thirties. I am now so affected by the Spraying of the GeoEngineering, I can’t even enjoy our country’s national parks without bringing a rescue inhaler. What is happening in the Rockies over Estes Park has left me housebound this whole trip because my asthma attacks are so bad every time I attempt to enjoy the outdoors here. So I am stuck inside having to watch the GeoEngineering toxic Spraying all day over this beautiful town and these beautiful mountains. I live in Southern California and as bad as it is there, and I watch the sky everyday, I have never seen anything like what in the hell these psychopaths are doing in the Joshua Tree National Park and the Rocky Mountain National Forest. Dane, I want to humbly thank you for all you are doing trying to save Gaia and our human family. I agree we are on the edge of extinction. I have tell everyone I know, especially those who squabble about local and national politics to look up and then visit this website and to please watch the documentaries, “What, Why and Who on Earth is Spraying,” because if they don’t get involved in this issue immediately, there will be nothing left for anyone to discuss. I ask them to just let this fact sink in, that we cannot even get our elected leadership to stop the toxic chemical Spraying of the people, the plants, the animals, the soil and the water within our own country. I tell them to start with this one issue and stop worrying about the political bullshit which is sheer distraction by the most incompetent and corrupt political system in the world, where are elected leadership are supporting the cabal and enabling them to Spray us and their own families in the process. That is how grossly impotent our leadership has become. We the people must come together on this single issue or it is all going to be over with, and the cabal will either hiding underground or going off planet. If anyone reading this thinks that sounds crazy, I would graciously simply ask you to watch this CNBC interview from this summer, with Elon Musk, who is the CEO and founded of Telsa Motors and SpaceX, who is currently servicing the International Space Station for the USA, since NASA has basically no space program at all to speak of. In the interview on CNBC, Elon Musk’s company was awarded the title of being the most technologically disruptive company, in business today. If you start the YouTube link below at 5 minutes, you will hear Elon Musk saying,”I am hopeful the first people could be taken to Mars in the next 10-12 years.” He goes on to say they (SpaceX) already have the space transport vehicle and the fuel source to start taking millions of people Mars for the purpose of relocating there permanently. Elon anticipates that people will sell their homes here on Earth and will want to be transported to Mars to permanently live there. The cost for SpaceX to transport you there will be $500,000.00 (a half million per person) to buy a ticket. Please go to the link below and hear it for yourself. Elon even calls my children’s generation, the Mars generation. While I think Elon is a genius and absolutely right, my question to any human being reading this is, “Will you have $500,000 per family member, to get your entire family off world when the cabal finish killing this planet and sterilizing the soil, poisoning the water, animals and all living things to death?” I doubt many of us have multimillions of dollars to do this, but guess who does? The sick bastards with the planes, drones and chemical stockpiles who are Spraying us to death right now! There is free energy devices now that could save mankind and the cabal knows it. In fact, there are cold fusion generators, which are salt water powered devices, that Cherokee Investments and their spin off company called Heat Industries in Raleigh, North Carolina, bought the technology from inventor Alexander Rossi of Italy. Cherokee raised $14MM and is working with the Chinese with this technology. There are many companies with cold fusion (salt water energy) patents right now and they are using the technology today. A gallon of salt water could power a city the size of LA and anyone with a free energy generator and a 3D printer could manufacturer anything they could possibly need from the comfort of their living rooms. Please see the Elon Musk CNBC interview about Mars here and start the video at 5 minutes
    To learn more about free energy available now and being used by other countries go to and finally, please watch this truly awesome and incredible sports car commercial, that is being built and developed in Switzerland, powered by salt water
    Please educate anyone you can. Please help Dane Wigington save humanity and this beautiful home planet we call Earth. Please let’s focus on the cabal and the military industrial complex who want us “useless eaters” dead. Thank you for reading and may God and the all the powers within this great universe help us all. We can end this petroleum power complex trying to kill us with a couple teaspoons of salt water if we educated each other and demand the technology be made available to humanity, not just corporations. Wake up to water. Save the world and our own lives in the process. Thank you all for doing everything in your power.

  8. Freedom Ranger says:

    I think the single most important thing is to keep a positive mental attitude. Yes sir. PMA. The most important thing is to recognize the truth, we all die, healthy ways just mean you die slower. The most important thing is to recognize the truth, now the people who are doing this to the planet want us to call day, night. We aren’t going to do that and they will not ever have the satisfaction of ruining a free mind. We win if we continue to recognize the truth.

  9. mattew says:

    alexandra, so sorry to hear all that, you have really put yourself out there and it must hurt to not find even 5 people that agree. your not alone, i am with ya but i have not done flyers or walked street. GOOD FOR YOU ! THAT SHOW A LOT OF HEART!!
    I have read a lot that the h.a.a.r.p is for real about MIND CONTROL…. Dane already explained it but its good to do some of your own research to back what he is saying up .
    It sounds like it will all start with a so called ” natural disaster of some kind, so the public still will not wake up even when SHIT HITS THE FAN. They will still say no its just mother nature, they will never WAKE UP…. till its over for them. california is going to run of of water ????? right ?? even with a ok winter there still not going to make it more then till next sept?? i think? look at res levels in california, they go down a point every week, i have been watching its true… Some are now in the 20 range CRAZY! groundwater is a race to the bottom with some drilling up to 2500 feet to find the water ALSO CRAZY!
    If they don’t care about not having water, then they don’t care about CHEMTRAILS….
    Even the smart people seem STUPID??? not sure there is much we can do with out population support ill keep informing the public but they dont care, most of them HATE THERE LIVES. i love life ……….. wish i wake up one day and the nightmare was over and i had the old world to live in, BUT NO WE ARE HEADED INTO NEW WORLD, IF THE PLANT LAST ??????

  10. Alexandra says:

    WOW, Freedom Ranger we are all experiencing the same exact BIZARRE reactions from people, i too have given up being friends with anyone that hates truth, so i have no friends or family any more, I am the “whaako chemtrail person”, they can all go fuck -off, but i do keep trying for some reason ? I am having trouble giving up, living in total darkness for 10 1/2 months keeps driving me forward & hopes that if i can get out of here, it will be better down south ( maybe not as dark). I feel for us aware people. I wish i was brain dead.I envy them, I wish i didnt know.

  11. Alexandra says:

    Mattew – touche’ my exact words but you wrote them – i have passed out over 2,500 pieces of literature in my town & I am as alone now as when i started almost 3 years ago in this crucade against geoengineering. NO ONE cares. they just shrug and say “there is nothing i can do”, so they do nothing, I know if 10 people in each state do what i have done a dent could be made. but there are so so few of us , as the terrorism continues to get worse, here in the Finger lakes NY we live in TOTAL DARKNESS for 10 1/2 MONTHS a year, the sun totally ecluded behind a wall of chemicals as the eco system is in total kaos & the brain dead population sees non of it. No greater feeling of utter Powerlessness can one feel as we are terrorized by the sociopathic regime, as our skies are every day painted grey as the chemicals fall onto & into us all, even the animals know something is dreadfully wrong, the eco system is in complete turmoil from the jets relentlessly spray, i am witnessing trees,plants,foliage die at a horrifying rate,Wild turkeys show up normally just in time for Thanksgiving arrived in early September(TWO MONTHS too soon),horses with full blown winter coats by mid Sept. also TWO MONTHS premature,while the mass’s notice nothing unusual those of us more aware are terrorized by these crimes against humanity & yet again with what seems like utter failure to influence some thought in them. what are we gonna do ?

  12. mattew says:

    freedom ranger your right…
    MIND CONTROL IS STRONG!!! maybe more then we know. How does it work?? Is it h.a.r.p.p. ? we here on this site are awake and have open minds that work and function. The rest are gone, maybe its a waste to fill them in. They would not care, or are not smart…
    I have stopped facebook, watching as much tv, and lost over half my friends, they think am crazy, or a downer on their perfect lives.
    THEY WILL WAKE UP IN SHOCK ONE DAY AND IT WILL BE TOO LATE AND HIT THEM HEAD ON HARD…………….. AM starting to not respect people even thought we are all to blame they are the blind ones, the blind leading the blind… will there be a fight back to all this evil.
    Will most just sit there sidelines as the world is torn apart…. like sheep

  13. Aaron Hayden says:

    When you look at history, hundreds of million of innocent people were slaughtered easily. Looks like billions of people will be killed this time? Judging by how hard it is to wake people up and the mind control technology, were up against ,, you realize that people are going to fight you all the way at listening to even 30 seconds of truth. It’s like the hate you for even bringing the topic up. I gave up, because I was tired of being called a nut job. Strange planet we live on.

  14. Mike says:

    There is a God..AMEN!

  15. EAHARA says:

    Yeah, that’s the problem exactly. So you know what we are doing. So whacha gonna do, little guy?

    They don’t care, and if anyone of us gets too far out of line, we will wind up “missing.”

    Just remember — there is a God. This is not out of control. He will have the last word, regardless of what the sociopathic psychos who are running this world are doing to it.

  16. Freedom Ranger says:

    Matthew, I have noticed the same thing, but not only do they react blindly but they react violently to any exposition of the truth. Much like invasion of the body snatchers. Let that settle in. Invasion of the body snatchers. So many of these people who deny chemtrails react in ways which make no sense. They violently deride people who expose the obvious. I would not doubt if “they” have perfected mind control. These “sheep” certainly act as if they are under some sort of control. I mean to look up and see clearly what is happening to the sky and retort slack jawed, drooling “o that is just condensation, what is wrong with you are you a conspiracy theorist whackadoo?.” The obvious global dimming phenomenon is not even acknowledged, as if the airlines have an inherent right to block the sun. I have simply stopped being friends with people who wont see the truth. There is something wrong with them, the ones who react violently to truth. These people love to hate, these people are terribly dissatisfied with their own lives and life in general. I find they react with hate when exposed to truth. Our rulers have done their work on our collective psychological profile and given them a label which they can diffuse their hate and blame. Conspiracy theorist. It is a label for which to expose their own dissatisfaction and hate, a label which they love to use and by their use of it expose their own pernicious contempt for all, it is like the kid who beats a cat for being whipped by his parents. .

  17. Susanne Johnson says:

    I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Anyone interested in getting a group together to meet with local lawmakers and representatives on the subject? If so, let’s do it! email me at:

  18. Susanne Johnson says:


  19. Anthony says:

    Yes, and I tried my best in the comments to wake people up by posting links to Dane’s videos. Apparently people there would rather hold on to their initial conceptions and not even look at anything promoting another viewpoint, no matter how well presented. That is unfortunate, especially from that group, because they supposedly exist as a forum to present alternative viewpoints for debate if they are well documented. That apparently isn’t the case with geoengineering.

  20. Marc says:

    Stunningly right on the money summary of the twisted world we inhabit nowadays.
    Can anyone corroborate my observations here in St. Louis regarding apparently new methods being used to disperse nano-aerosols? I watch the skies very frequently and notice very few identifiable chemtrails but a lot of unusual “spiders” or weird cloud filaments that sometimes suggest structure but not quite. Especially to the unawakened eye.
    Saw a very short chemtrail-shaped streak that was dispersing laterally in one direction. But virtually NO JETS VISIBLE, except for a couple that trailed short “condensation” trails that disappear. An awful lot of unusual cloud anomalies in the evening sunlit sky, but NO JETS!
    What an accomplishment it would be for these rapists to have devised workable technology to disperse aerosols without the telltale chemtrail. I am, of course, aware that other dispersion signatures exist and are employed. But are we beginning to see a shift to far less obvious dispersion methods to throw the public off the scent of these low-brow jackbooted murderers?
    If ALL identifiable chemtrails are replaced by a different dispersion method, how will this affect our effort to awaken a sleeping populace?

  21. mattew says:

    this will be my first comment i have made on this site. i have been researching everything since august, with over 1000 hours and sleepless nights and i have complete change in the way i see people crazy …
    wish sometimes i had never woken up to the madness in our time. those that are asleep still seem happy, like they say bliss… with being out of touch and in dark you can be stupid to the your own world and only care about you or your team or you … a lot of self less acts and not awake to all the madness.
    i could blame the us officials, or the corporations, or money, or greed, or maybe even MYSELF, WE ALL HAVE A PART IN THIS EVEN IF SMALL WE MUST ALL ACEPT SOME BLAME TO THIS?
    the powers that be are more to blame and are evil but we all have to accept some kind of blame, all of us are cancers on the plant some are just better then others
    that being said i will now rip apart the real cancers! as Dana has proven we are dealing with Crazy PEOPLE!! i can hardly even think about the things they do in there day to day job. in my town STEAMBOAT springs colorado, know as “SKI TOWN USA” with real down to earth people, who keep in shape and love the outdoors, you would be shocked at the lack of concern for what is happening in our everyday life, right in your face …. trees are dead and the rest are close, let no one but me, one guy sees this, not the paper, not anyone??
    I truly understand that MIND CONTROL IS FOR REAL! if i even say a word to my friends that have known me for 15 years about geoengineering i am called CRAZY OR CONSPARiCY GUY ! it is over board how the general public is BLIND!!!!
    WOW we hate the powers and people that do this let you have to give them credit for how they are good at there job , GOOD THEY ARE AT THERE KILLING JOB FOR PROFIT! but its true they are smart, richer then money can do..? more power then us and so smart to them self??
    We are up against a true winner, are we not ? think did bush jr not become president even thought he lost ……? they never did find those weapons of mass destruction did they george, and 911 even those asleep know something happened .. so what we all know what is going on CHEM TRAILS YES BET MY LIFE IT IS HAPPENING, depopulation ??? sure why not, GMO’S, AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS WILL ALL KNOW ALREADY.
    We the people that are awake are few and far between… and have little power alone.. right ????am tired guys of hearing real passionate people talking, talking, talking, sorry but its true the powers that be don’t see us as a strong force, a bunch of people blog, talk, and make calls, sorry this will NEVER WORK AGAINT THIS STRONG OF ENEMY! we need to make a plan and a move or it will JUST BE TALK AND BLOG….. lets try to come up with some good ideas about what to do… not just say or blog????

  22. carrie jones says:

    Bless you Dr. Roberts and Dane for your honesty and concern. “They” have “their” think tanks. We have better ones. Free to research and share. Great minds given free reign of thought, creativity, and expression. United we stand, divided we fall. Divide and conquer is a big part of this evil plot. So let us all unite. I have been told by insiders that these sociopaths are still intimidated by the words “WE The PEOPLE” as well as “Power in Numbers!” As well they should be. Blessings to all of the brave and good people of our world.

  23. JR says:

    Hello to all who care; It’s never late to bring awareness and open peoples eyes if they’ll allow it. There are many issues over this country where the people have been hoodwinked. Above Las Cruces, N.M. skyline we are being pummeled with SAG. This Sunday past, winds were in excess of 50 mph with white lines overhead running North to South for the observant of our times we live in, super bad and not common. We all have family and loved ones being affected by these evil ones sold out for lusting in evil. I have no doubt they will pay for all the evil done over God’s creation one day……….

  24. Chrys says:

    Absolutely awesome and heartening to read such an eloquent statement of our current situation by a man of such stature and credibility.

    Thank you, Dane. And thank you, Dr. Roberts.

  25. R. Clifford says:

    This article from “Sign of the Times” must be read to be believed. This is the kind of thing keeping people from thinking about what is being done to them.

  26. penn says:

    The truth exists. Only falsehoods must be invented. Georges Braque

    The Grand Design -G Edward Griffin 1969- prophetic

    Agenda 21 -1992 Read it. Believe it. Fear it.

    Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance (blueprint for Common Core) 2013 Don’t worry. Be happy Eloi. Eat the fruit of the Morlocks

  27. Ailsa King says:

    So sad that people are more concerned about the latest i-phone or what the Kardashians or royal family are up to than the really important issues of the world.. However, having said that, the majority are behaving exactly how the architects of this travesty and destruction expect them to behave… they are swallowing the diversionary tactics hook, line, and sinker and remaining ignorant of the truth that is going on around them!

  28. Kim Ireland says:


    Congratulations on reaching out to Dr Roberts and also reaching the 14+ million hits level on your site. We need all the help we can get to stop the assault here in Petaluma, CA …..8 of the last 9 days have been in plain sight “geoengineered” resulting in no precipitation and ugly skies.

  29. Pamela says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for addressing this extremely important issue. I to am going to post this on my Facebook page.

  30. Gloria says:

    OMGosh Dr Roberts! Thank you Thank you Thank you! God Bless You for taking your time to write this! Thank you Dane for everything you do! I am posting this on all our local news Facebook Pages!

  31. Bobbie Valdez says:

    this is wonderful that someone is legitimizing these dire situations we are leaving for our children.. It would be nice if people spent their time discussing these issues rather than what’s happening in sports today. Thank you for using your voice for issues of utmost importance! I will share this article, and I wanted to let you know.. I am directing a Festival for Peace brought the Rose Experiment and you are welcome to sponsor and have an info booth at our event.

  32. Kathy says:

    I am impressed with Mr. Roberts’ courage in addressing a topic that so many others will not touch. He gives excellent advice: Don’t reject information because someone else says it is false. Do Your Own Research!!!

  33. Edie says:

    A few brave people are speaking out. Finally. So sad. Way too late. Glad I am nearing 70 and had no kids!

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