The Washington Post Covers Climate Engineering Issue

The Washington Post has now addressed the climate engineering issue, the weather warfare assault in our skies is becoming all but impossible to hide. As our collective reality continues to rapidly deteriorate, many are beginning to look around and some are finally looking up. Blue skies are now a rare site as the all out aerosol spraying bombardment continues to increase around the globe. Though The Washington Post used the usual mainstream media terms like "conspiracy theory", all things considered this article is a giant leap forward for the cause of exposing the climate engineering insanity. The reporters at The Washington Post certainly had an uphill battle in getting this article even accepted for print, my sincere gratitude to them for their efforts. We are nearing critical mass of awareness regarding global geoengineering, those that wish to further the strides made with this article should take the time to click the "original source" link, and then comment under the article. Let's make our voices heard more than ever before.

How a group of conspiracy theorists could derail the debate over climate policy

Source: The Washington Post

Spray3Two commercial airliners appear to fly close together as the pass over London on March 12, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As governments’ efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions continue to sputter, some researchers have discussed another possible tool for combating climate change: “geoengineering” the climate. One particular form of it, “solar geoengineering,” would involve reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to reduce future warming, possibly by deploying an army of mirrors or spraying the air with reflective aerosols that would function like a chemical sunscreen.

But as it turns out, some people believe that a global campaign is already underway to have aircraft spray the air with chemicals — whether to control climate change or for other, more sinister purposes.

Meet the “chemtrails” crowd, who posit that governments, scientists and other institutions are using airplanes’ “chemtrails” — basically contrails that are allegedly laced with chemicals — to alter the climate, create extreme weather, poison people, or even control our minds. The chemtrails movement has gained a small but passionate following on the Internet, with people across the ideological spectrum — from left-wingers worried about the environment to right-wingers concerned about abuses of government power. We don’t know the size of the community, but followers generally point to seeming irregularities in aircraft contrails as indisputable proof that illicit weather or climate modification is already happening, right now, and being used to control people and nations, especially poor ones. Chemtrails activist Dane Wigington, for instance, points to videos of an airplane spewing out multiple exhaust trails of different lengths, or airplanes spewing trails of different colors. “This amounts to weather warfare — period,” he charges.

As farfetched (and baseless) as these claims may be, a recent scholarly analysis of the chemtrails movement suggests we can’t write off its relevance entirely — not because its proponents are right, but because of the insights they may offer about a future debate over geoengineering. It might be many years, after all, before any geoengineering proposal seriously enters the policy realm. Still, writes science and technology policy researcher Rose Cairns of the University of Sussex in The Geographical Journal, “Ignoring or dismissing these discourses out of hand as pathological or paranoid is to ignore potentially revealing insights about the emerging politics of geoengineering.”

Solar geoengineering — more formally known as solar radiation management (SRM) — is merely an idea right now, and many scholars aren’t convinced that it’d actually be worth it. But with the National Research Council set to weigh in on various forms of geoengineering very soon, it — and the conspiracy theories involving it — stands to gain more of the public spotlight.

There’s no evidence that the alleged chemtrails are any different than normal contrails, much less that thousands of scientists, companies and bureaucrats have engaged in a global conspiracy that they’ve managed to keep secret this whole time. But the more general concerns that chemtrails believers have about technology’s potential impacts on the climate and the environment, and about government and institutional power, shouldn’t be dismissed so easily, Cairns suggests.


Environmental concerns could naturally become central to any mainstream debate over whether to actually use aerosols to undertake SRM. Some scientists have suggested that putting additional aerosols in the air could increase deadly air pollution or damage the ozone layer. It also wouldn’t address emissions of the most important greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Thus, not only would it do nothing to slow down CO2-driven ocean acidification; it also would mean that if you were ever to stop injecting aerosols into the air, global warming would resume — and quickly.

Then there are more-general political concerns; chemtrails activists may simply not trust institutions, particularly on a global scale. Cairns notes that the chemtrails discourse seems to resonate with elements of both the right and left wings, albeit for different reasons. Adherents on the left worry about the potential for corporations and other institutions to use chemtrails to harm people and the environment. On the right, meanwhile, are those who worry about individual freedoms and state power or dispute the idea that humans are changing the climate.

She argues that these issues of trust aren’t entirely irrational or paranoid and could easily manifest in mainstream debates over geoengineering. “Is it necessarily more irrational to believe that the climate is being controlled, than to believe that one can control the climate?” Cairns asks.

Nor should we ignore the chemtrails activists themselves. For the longest time, researchers were aware of the chemtrails narrative, but it hadn’t received much attention in the academic literature. Keith hopes that’s about to change. “I have been urging academic researchers to pay some attention to chemtrails and I am very glad that Rose did so,” Keith says.


Unfortunately, Cairns suggests, the potential for the geoengineering research community to publicly engage with chemtrails activists “appears limited” — they may simply not be receptive. As she argues, chemtrails believers’ longtime distrust of the alleged conspirators has reached outright disgust — to the point where unbelievers are labeled as paid liars (or even “mentally retarded,” as she quotes one chemtrails activist).

A very tiny subset of the chemtrails activists could have a more chilling effect on the field of geoengineering, Keith worries. He notes that he continually receives nasty emails and voice messages from chemtrails believers, and he has even received multiple threats of violence that have prompted him to contact the police.

In short, chemtrails itself is a conspiracy theory. But the environmental and political concerns underlying the theory can’t be ignored, as they certainly would arise in any mainstream debate over whether to proceed with geoengineering. And chemtrails believers themselves could become a thorn in geoengineering researchers’ and proponents’ sides for many years to come.

Source: The Washington Post


110 Responses to The Washington Post Covers Climate Engineering Issue

  1. Jane says:

    All TV stations and radio stations have been bought up by the Evil Tyrants that are standing behind this Mess. 

    They are all Paid Liars and one should not believe a single word that they are saying.

    There are so many Devious people that are involved here that, it surpasses the the Unimaginable. 

  2. Freedom Ranger says:

    Hello Joe If you are having unusual broad spectrum problems with your health, escpecially heart, lungs and neural disorder after heavy spraying you may be experiencing barium toxicity.
    I found these articles very informative.

    2nd I take Zeolite and chlorella nearly daily does wonders for getting toxins out of you

    3rd and really important to me is I set up a battery of filters to filter out chemtrails, I use 2 types of filters: can fan carbon filter , 10" diameter with matching can fan- 1000 cfm 10 inch diameter fan , and a type of filter I invented. I put the 10" fan on top of the filter in a spare sealed room and I duct through the wall into the house, in the window (where the air is pulled through) I have 3, 4 inch diameter PVC tubes 1 ft   long mounted in a plywood window for passive air vents, in the PVC tube I put six  100 micron mesh metal sheets preferably copper. At the front of the tube place 1 on the opening and I cut 2 slits with a sawzall rotating the slits, I place 3 screens separated by 2 inches each, I charge them positive and and the room end of tube do the same with other 3 sheets but charge them negative, i use a non conductive adhesive to attach them, . A 350 ma phone adapter works for charging just separate the negative and positive wires and use alligator clips attach to screens. The nanoparticles are charged as they passively pass through the + metal screens and then they stick to the screens- doesn't matter how small they are they will stick and stick, it really really works well,  the air is pulled through these tubes from outside via the 10 inch can fan mounted on the heavy duty carbon filter in the room, the air passes through the PVC through the carbonfilter,then  fan then into the house where it creates over pressure int he house preventing contamination and giving me the cleanest air on earth. Clean the PVC daily, use compressed air.

    4th I put a KDF 85 filter on my well, if you are in the city use a reverse osmosis system and add minerals.

    This should make your house a sanctuary for you and your child and you wont have to worry about her getting sick. My health has improved dramatically since I have implemented these measures.

  3. Dave Christy says:

    We have been socked in with fog and weather for 60+ days. Finally cleared up so we could get out of the depression the spraying is very heavy , right back to depression with the man made overcast absolutely maddening !!!!!

  4. Joe leto says:

    I hope this article helps. I’m worried about something, there are many sprayings over my 30 000 people city of Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada and I would like to know of anyone could give me some help on protecting my daughter from this shit. What can I give her to maintain her health at a reasonable condition until, hopefully, the spraying will stop. In an activist in my community, probably the only one as people are treating me like a paranoid freak, I’m here everyday almost, I own the android app of this site, I wrote to the government here, the mayor, the local journal, all denied, I feel so alone. All I want for the time being, add I can’t change chetrailings alone, is a way to help my baby girl, she’s only 8 years old and is all I have dear to my heart. Please write me at for tips. I would like to do so much more but this area is French speaking so every flyers I post up either get torn or people just don’t understand. I am bilingual in both French and English but my days at Cegep (back to school at 35 years old) take slot of my time. Plus I spend many hours a week on bringing people at school to believing in my sayings but it is so hard, I need more concrete evidence, credible sources and material etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a true activist for the cause but I’m not tooled enough to make my point credible enough. More of this has to be brought out in French. Seriously, for the same of my little girl who never asked to be born, I need your help. Sometimes I need to be there for my daughter. So you understand how scared and desperate I am with the shit about chemtrails? I don’t know how much longer I can hold on without creaking up. Dane, please guide me in my inanity before it becomes unleashed. Can you calm me down at least for a while so I can be more effective for my daughter ( I don’t sleep anymore, yesterday, I was given my third antibiotics treatment since the 16th of December for an illness doctors can’t name so I’m slowly fading away, you are my only hope of keeping it together. This is a war cry for help…… As sick man

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, you are not alone. Reach out to others on the blogs, connect. We must all remain at our appointed posts, giving up is not an optioin. Become more effective at waking others up around you, pass on credible data. They will be forced to wake soon Joe, geoengineering can not be hidden much longer.Never give up.

  5. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    Hello Phil, I agree with you. I understand what Dane is saying but they need to be engaged over their article (Washington Post). I feel your pain and all you folk who are battling against these monsters who are turning the truth into a lie and  the lies into truth. Well I would like these liars to know that God is the source of truth in Jesus Christ and that one of the most hated sins is lying. People, governments or agencies etc who are on a path of lying can never be trusted. They no longer have any integrity and are unlikely to reform. The world is burdened with many horrors at the moment and sadly it will get worse. This does not mean that we give up the battle. We continue and never give up. I will stand up for truth

  6. Debbie says:

    I couldn't enter a comment, either, no matter that I followed the instructions.

  7. Jessie says:

    I see them spray EVERY DAY! I have travel the world. They are spraying in Dubai, London, Mexico, Southern California, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin and Kentucky so far. I watch the trails come from unmarked non commercial airplanes. The day starts out sunny….the trails start out thin and white and then expand and connect forming clouds. They eventually block the sun. The day becomes over cast. I can’t remember the last time I saw a solid blue sky with a full sun all day.

  8. Nicole says:

    Post Script: For those who are commenting that they haven’t seen any poison lately, consider the chem pilot who came forward in December and said “All pilots on leave are required to report to their CO by December 15th for special training operations to quality for Indigo Phase 2 Flights expected to be initiated by January 21, 2015 – plus he feels that a very new extremely toxic chemtrail mix is going to be sprayed using new technology that makes these special chemtrails completely invisible” And you can find this by searching “Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks” on YouTube posted by The HAARP Report. Dane also has this posted or you can go here:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nicole, though some are seeing a break in the spraying the rest of the world is not and the spraying is as visible as ever. The climate modification programs require visible convection altering materials, I do not see any data that indicates a significant change in the overall picture except that it is worse overall. Though some of the statements made in the posted letter that was allegedly written by a pilot may be valid, the statement of new “invisible” spray does not hold up. For those that are not currently seeing sprayed skies, wait a while, they will be back.

  9. Nicole says:

    Well Dane, I want to be as polite and grateful as you are about the Post printing something, anything about geo engineering – as late in the game as they are. But the honest truth is their piece looks as if a second grader wrote it. It is entirely devoid of research and it mocks all of us who are sick and suffering. All they would have to do is stand outside their homes and look up, and they would see these jets coming in at low altitudes and dumping all over their faces, the way that we have to watch our children inhale it every single day. But they couldn’t be bothered with that, could they? Because then they would have to admit it is happening, and they don’t want to do that. They are spineless, gutless and useless. I have some other choice words but I will try to contain my disgust. Thank you Dane, for doing the media’s job for them. Clearly it will not be mainstream news that brings forth the horror of this ongoing genocide. Personally, I pray every night that their families will be the first to croak.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nichole, thank you for your message, I am still laughing at the last sentence. As poorly written as the Post article was, what matters is that they had to address the issue, we are indeed gaining ground in the fight to expose the insanity in our skies.

  10. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…feel badly that I stepped back from any activity over the last month. Overwhelmed with information overload, a virus lasting for weeks. Now migraines with vision loss off and on for weeks. Hope to be back on track though!

    Please know you are so appreciated by so many of us! PS – I borrowed one of your statements!!

    I did just post this at the article below from Patriot Newswire. I’ve heard of them, but know little of their credibility.

    Warning! Secret Chemtrail Operation “Indigo Skyfold” To Go Invisible This Month!
    Posted 01/16/2015 11:55 pm by Timothy Tuttle

    Melody Meachum •an hour ago
    A good place to start is by recognizing the military’s agenda and it’s long documented past “Own the weather 2025” via NASA. No secrets – this report came out in the 60’s and mankind’s descent into madness has only gone downhill from there. Geoengineering or weather control has long been one of the prime objectives for the Master’s of the Universe, and they do think themselves just that…masters of the universe! There’s much, much more from where that came from. HARP goes hand in hand with the geoengineering agenda. Approximately one year ago, an arm of Monsanto bought out an established company called The Climate Corporation. Hedging and betting on the weather and crop devastation is big business. Much money to be made in that arena, just like the Weather Channel, another gatekeeper of the agenda. Misinfo, disinfo, lies, pick whatever suits you. Many world-wide corporations are complicit in the earth’s destruction and they’re not about to buck the gravy train. Multitudes employed in sensitive fields are constrained from speaking out. By what means? It’s called job loss or worse…physical threats. Many have already experienced this…ex-military, scientists, meterologists, etc.
    Let’s analyze just one basic fact by comparing the continual lack of sunshine after a heavy day of chemtrail spraying. Contrails will never, ever cause a hazing of the sky or worse yet, a foggy dense ceiling. Only a complete moron would deny the evidence as it unfolds right in front of their eyes. The pattern repeats itself day in and day out. All that’s involved is simple observation. The spryaying either has already taken place overnight and skies are already hazed or fogged over at daybreak. If spraying starts in the morning/afternoon, within hours an unnatural haze and eventual cloud covereage fills the horizon. In the past decade, these geoenginered clouds had to be given names to adapt to all of the unnatural and poisonous activity. Geoengineering proof is reported from around the world by alternative sites, but you’ll read nothing from MSM.
    A mind that questions is a critically thinking mind. Research shows that minds that question and long for rationality are signs of a healthy mind!
    Minds that believe a government news narrative are really the conspiracists. You’re government is laughing at you as they spoon-feed you lies, but oh how they love the sheeples!

    Melody Meachum •8 minutes ago
    There are myriad reports long available for testing of the soil, water, ozone layer, HUMAN BEINGS and the mega presence of heavy metals. The tests have verifiable and defined parameters, not junk science. Tests have been conducted in countless states & nations. You won’t find any of those stats or reports from gatekeeper sites. You must seek out trustworthy alternative sites.
    Research universities, scientists, etc, keep the gravy train rolling through LARGE grants meant to SUBSTANTIATE the lies on global warming. Fossil Fuels make minimal impact on the environment in contrast to chemtrail & HARP activity, which has left radical destruction of the ozone layer and our ecosystem on earth.
    It’s imperative that you educate yourself. Go to Geoengineering Watch. Dane Wigington has been at the forefront in more recent years to sound the alarm. Independent science is gaining traction and they are now becoming more willing to speak out through science forums and their own expert writing.
    Think about this. Just a few years ago you couldn’t get the MSM to even recognize the label of “chemtrail”. We “chemtrail crackpots” were screaming meemies confused with “contrail” activity. As geoengineering awareness gained traction, the MSM had to concede and admit to chemtrail activity, but only to the level of cloud-seeding. And of course it was good for drought manipulation. So as they concede to what we already know as truth, time marches on and so does the destruction of this planet.

  11. phildo says:

    I don’t see how this article is good for the movement. It is poorly researched, poorly presented, and biased in the extreme. Dane, you said this article was a huge step in the right direction, but I cannot agree. It amounts to a fundamental refutation of all of your hard work. None of your (and others’) research has been given any credibility by WaPo; you’d think they would have interviewed you instead of just mentioning your name. Most of what they claim in their article can be refuted by fact, and if it were up to me, I would challenge their claims and urge them to print a retraction or face a law suit.

    “As farfetched (and baseless) as these claims may be…”

    “Left ignored, the chemtrails narrative could poison legitimate debate over geoengineering’s merits. Right now the public is still learning what geoengineering is, and people’s opinions about it have yet to fully form, making them vulnerable to misinformation.”

    We are being shown as hurting the environment with our ‘misinformation.’

    “Unfortunately, Cairns suggests, the potential for the geoengineering research community to publicly engage with chemtrails activists “appears limited” — they may simply not be receptive. As she argues, chemtrails believers’ longtime distrust of the alleged conspirators has reached outright disgust — to the point where unbelievers are labeled as paid liars (or even “mentally retarded,” as she quotes one chemtrails activist).”

    While labeling us as conspiracy kooks, they accuse us of labeling them as liars and fools. They are turning the tables.

    “He notes that he continually receives nasty emails and voice messages from chemtrails believers, and he has even received multiple threats of violence that have prompted him to contact the police.”

    So we’re wrong, they won’t negotiate, we’re dangerous, but the discussion about SRM must continue without us. How is this good? This article dismantles the whole chemtrail arguement while propping up the debate over geo-engineering.

    Please Dane, write an op-ed in the WaPo and defend your claims; don’t be fooled into thinking that this is any sort of progress whatsoever. Classic double-speak is all it is.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phil, The Washington Post will certainly not allow me to do an Op Ed, but this being said, I would respectfully maintain that the coverage in The Washington Post will do far more good than harm. The simple fact that they had to now cover the issue matters. Now that it is on peoples radar, we will gain even more ground, wait and see. Lets all keep marching in this battle, every day counts.

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    @ Paul Vonharnish

    If they’re still taking comments for the WAPO story, could you perhaps create an account and post various patents and gov’t. documents, some of what you posted here?

    Don’t forget to tell them David Keith (of Harvard Univserity as they offered with no other affiliation) is actually a geoengineer? I think that says something significant and telling.

    In my earlier post I described how I was completely thwarted from creating an account in order to comment. Could you do it for me please? Credible information is the best counter to this claim of “no evidence”. And thank you : )

  13. Craig says:

    My hat is off to the ballsy Washington Post journos who had least had half an ounce of guts to cover such a real and hidden evil agenda by the shadow governments to make us sick and depopulate the planet. Im so happy that a mainstream media source is waking up, though, you could lose the conspiracy theory tag.

  14. Craig says:

    Anyone who says Chemtrails and Geoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” is a moron, dumbed down idiot. Look up people. If you notice that in our skies, globally, on 20 days out of 30 in the month, there are trails of aerosol being sprayed in our skies and lingering then spreading out into beautiful wispy clouds, then those wispy clouds spreading out frther into a milky white sky which lasts for hours, if you then notice that these events seem to happen on days where there is a prevailing wind so the aluminium oxide, barium and strontium can be carried further across the population of suburbs for maximum damage to the people, if you can at least notice this and record it yourself using a plethora of modern day technological devices at the disposal of your lazy pathetic selves, then if you can at least do that, you will half way there in youre awakening. And the other thing, is just because it may not be happening right now, this very minute, over your very suburb or city, then at least have an ounce of care and thought for your fellow human beings in other cities or states or towns where it is happening prolifically, just for one second, think truly of your brothers and sisters, then if you do all this, humanity might just have a chance of stopping this evil and cleverly thought out depopulation agenda in its tracks. Thanks

  15. This article is infuriating as I witness the chalky hazing over of our blue skies almost every day here in the Blue Ridge Mtns. It is being kept tightly classified. Documentation from sunrise to sundown is enough along with the chemical chalky smelling air after a very assaulting day! I am glad they are discussing the issue, however, Washington Post is also a corporate paid media site that should not be ignored. TPTB will control all media on this subject until they feel it is time to use Disaster Capitalism.

  16. Peter says:

    For proof, one needs just to look at the NASA’s satellite pictures published daily. And if anybody hoped that there are regions free of trails in the sky, check the central Russia, Beijing or Japan.,Reference_Labels,Reference_Features%28hidden%29,Coastlines&t=2015-01-25&v=128.58880294368,32.346105366294,135.60247481868,36.041906147544

  17. JR says:

    Hey Johnnie if you read; You got the bastards part right on. Today again back to back and prior days we are getting bombarded with SAG in the Southwest-New Mexico part and El Paso, Texas skies. Sickest scum of the earth,

  18. Neva Milunić says:

    Thank you for your activity to stop geoengineering all over the world. My attempts to get some answers about this from our government and officials in Croatia was in vain.
    Since 2012 the weather is extremely changed here in Croatia because of chemtrails we can see on the sky nearly every day. I made a lot of documentations about that.
    I hope we could act all together against this insanity.

  19. If two commercial airlines flew together as close together as shown in the photo, it would be classed as a near collision. They are not commercial airlines.

    Here in the UK, our government concedes that about 80% of commercial flights over the UK should appear on flightradar24, but (from my personal observations) only 10% to 20% of the flights leaving persistent trails appear on there – indicating, again, that the majority of planes we witness painting our skies white are not commercial.

  20. Andy Butrick says:

    It is so nice to see people discussing this topic, it looks like your work is paying off, Dane. As citizens of the United States, and all citizens of every country who are able to speak out, begin to unite, the criminal activities will need to be answered.

  21. Daily Wavester says:

    What more proof do I need? This story came out on the 23th and here it is the 25th and not a single jet leaving any trails??? in sonoma county california
    They must read the washington post!
    and are laying low?
    I share the Geoengineeringwatch site with every one
    look up

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Daily, you are fortunate if you have a short break in the spraying, the climate engineers never stop and are hard at it in many other places, massive spraying in Northern California now as I am writing this message.

  22. Bernard R. Hall says:

    Something is terribly wrong with the thinking processes of man on this planet. There is that which is in the air,an element, of an immaterial nature put their by the Creator, which when breathed in attaches itself to the blood cells, that which brings about a balanced and healthy cell. How long can one live without food? How long can one live without water? HOW LONG CAN ONE LIVE WITHOUT AIR? The Air is suppose to be as the Creator intended, PURE. We have these Frankenstein scientist experimenting with the peoples lives. The EPA and all involved should be thrown in jail. (FROM ONE WHO SERVED AS AN INFANTRYMAN IN THE KOREAN WAR)

  23. Shannon says:

    Loved your comment. I do a lot of driving and around Seattle, WA. Sometimes the skies here are covered by the grey as you describe.

  24. Shannon says:

    Same here in Washington State.

  25. larry gilbo says:

    Excellent ! I hope you have passed this on to WAPO and to some members of congress. Unfortunately the D.C. crowd doesn’t have a clue or give a hoot about anything except repaying their PAC & lobbyist sponsors. As far as WAPO goes, slim chance but better than none. Thank you for a great post!

  26. Johnny says:

    Thanks Dane for the response. I pray for ALL of us daily. I call God The Great Spirit. He is the only one that didn’t write a book to tell us about himself. All we have to do is listen to the small voice that he has ingrained in all of us. Even the bastards spraying us have it BUT DROWN IT OUT WITH TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS, PAYCHECKS, FOOTBALL GAMES, AMERICAN IDOL, HATE, GREED, LUST ECT.. It’s pretty obivious you have not let the bastards drown it out with all their EVIL. Keep up the good work.

  27. Mike says:

    April 15th is just around the corner. What kind of impact would it make if all 15 millions visitors to this website told the Federal Government what they can do with their chemical spraying and that we refuse to pay any additional tax since it’s used to poison us!

  28. Glenda Jasper says:

    Dane, as California and other States getting blinded by the light everyday it may seems we are loosing this battle but a lot of us out here are standing tall for the day soon to arrive in exploiting these chemtrail monsters killing Planet earth. As they hide in Power but they too will suffocate in there dream state for they never do learn their lesson..Stand up & be heard..Thank you Dane

  29. IRSTitanicWW1 says:

    All of these organization and people working for them need to be rounded up prosecuted by the PEOPLE and sentences should be from the death penalty to decades in prison , depending on the level of complicity no different than Nuremberg but REAL unline Nuremberg show trials.

  30. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Freedom Ranger! So glad you are on “our” side, even and especially given your military background. Such a background has given you the discipline and follow through that shows in what you do and say.

    Dane may find this Post article helpful and maybe it will be-who knows, but I am cringing. I wasted too much time trying to convince an old friend of mine about what all is going on. He reads the Post regularly! I can just picture his glee! As in: “I knew it! She is crazy and here is official proof!” In fact I dumped this “friend” awhile ago because of his abject refusal to believe our government would ever do Any harm!!!!

    However, it is not just the government. Another friend who would not believe googled weather modification programs in the US and came up with 3, two in North Dakota and one in Texas, and! she got a picture of one in Texas and sent it to me. A blimp like thing. She won’t use this site however, does not want to be thought of as a conspiracy freak. Uh huh. Same for dumped friend. Who calls this mass delusion. Another dear friend was off on a home visit and into the woods back east. I asked her to be my eyes, to look at the trees and tell me how they are doing, and the plants too. And the water. She did and seemed surprised to notice things she had not noticed before! and was glad I asked her to notice. And, she said the trees were not in good shape, she also mentioned plants growing that in her life had never grown at this time of year. Finally, I said, oh, by the way, don’t forget to look up too!! Point is, people just do not notice much at all! I mean at all!

    Thank you David Casebeer for mentioning people in Congress and FBI, etc. who are on record for this. Clearly The Post did no research at all.

    Right now I am freaking out over the very short time left to deal with the newest proposal for the Navy-can’t seem to get Anyone to care and I am worried sick about this which will compound the geoengineering thing and EMFs out the wazoo. Does anyone out there care?!!!!! 41 years ago I gave my only child a name which means Her Woman of the Apocalypse. I’ve spent my entire life fighting this stuff. When will enough be enough?!

    Not everyone, here anyway, is watching TV or American Idol or Simpsons as Dane keeps saying. And who cares if they do? I watch some things myself just for a much needed laugh or to relax a bit, or learn something. The problem is much larger than that. Everyone is is their own little world, little bubble-even good, kind, educated people as well as “average Joes”. This world has gotten so very complex I think people find it overwhelming and feel helpless, and no one likes being marginalized, made fun of, disowned! No one wants to stand out. No one has time to get informed. People are working harder than ever for less money against great odds. And just try to get them to give up cell phones and wi fi. Even for a minute.

    The Navy issue is HUGE-tic tock. And, oh well! I’m not given to depression, but must say I’ve been feeling depressed. Not “just” that people don’t look up-and hey, they do, but they don’t see! No eyes. No ears. As someone who loves soils, bugs, worms, plants, every single beautiful thing in nature, I am continually shocked by how very separated from nature all are. Devastating. Hopeless?

  31. Dennis Hardy says:

    Let’s not forget the Newsweek article from last month. I agree any mainstream exposure is a great sign. I find it astonishing they would even broach the subject if they knew how incredibly stupid they sound. How do you tell people that “if” they did this you would see white skies and airplanes leaving trails all over the world? When all anyone has to do is look up, see white skies and airplanes making trails all over the world. DUH, gigantic fail and we are already AT CRITICAL MASS, or they wouldn’t even bother addressing it. PERIOD. We have won the info war, now we really need to prepare for the actual boots on the ground war that is coming. Best to everyone and prepare, NOW. It’s coming very soon.
    We need to work harder than ever to explain to people this is not the answer its the problem and must stop.

    newsweek article

  32. JR says:

    That OswaldHeger sure sounds like a jackass braying with his posts to accounts of chemtrails-SAG eyewitness on Washington Post article input. No wonder this world is in the predicament we are in with such jackasses, some ignorance just can’t be fixed.

  33. JR says:

    Hopefully this is a step in right direction; People can be so narrow minded though and forgetful at same time. Here today gone tomorrow, to busy in what we call normal living day to day chores. Let someone else do the dirty work attitude, stinking thinking, lazy minded. I truly believe that many will just say oh, let the government do what they will, they know best!? As many here have confronted people with the what are we going to do attitude and saying! We ourselves will keep pushing forward though and do what we can and got give an inch either way folks, don’t budge. I’ve said it in past a vote may be put forth and have people vote on this bull****, let’s be democratic foolishness-or our reps. (choke). However on our part we can not lose hope in all adversity people. Today being Sat. 1/24/15 since yesterday with SAG’s east to west with working on buildup in west now moving around in surrounding area. Whiteouts (not-clouds) puffed up skies. We had rain and snow Thursday so people unknowingly will see this crap as more rain or snow. Unfortunately they are blinded and so deeply deceived with such things. We still strive forward in this fight. Thanks Dane and all with good intentions in this cause. Peace upon you all…

  34. A ridiculous article. But it’s right: Better this information then none. Some others might wake up as well.
    These press people need a new pair of glasses, I suppose. Ignoring what’s going on in our skies is just insane.

    Hey, Washington Post:
    Check out my region (Germany):
    constantly updated

    I call it “conspiracy fact” what’s going on day by day.

    b.t.w.: “conspiracy theory” is an expression invented by the CIA:

    This cultural phenomenon goes back to 1967. At that time, in response to questions about the Warren Commission Report (which President Ford helped create), the CIA issued a memorandum calling for mainstream media sources to begin countering “conspiracy theorists.”[13] In the 45 years before the CIA memo came out, the phrase “conspiracy theory” appeared in the Washington Post and New York Times only 50 times, or about once per year. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, the phrase appeared 2,630 times, or about once per week.

  35. Tom Johansn says:

    `To call this stuff Contrails only shows the ignorance we are dealing with.

  36. Maybe the Washington Post should have called Bart Gordon before making this comment:

    [“There’s no evidence that the alleged chemtrails are any different than normal contrails, much less that thousands of scientists, companies and bureaucrats have engaged in a global conspiracy that they’ve managed to keep secret this whole time.”]

    All the persons listed in this documnet must be conspiracy kooks…



    OCTOBER 2010

  37. You people are all really nuts. There is no such thing as “geoengineering” or weather control, and no one’s even tried it…

    U.S. Patents
    116S 1927 U.S. Patent 01619183 March 1, 1927 Page 1 Smoke Cloud Production Method.pdf

    116S 1927 U.S. Patent 01619183 March 1, 1927 Page 2 Smoke Cloud Production Method.pdf

    116S 1927 U.S. Patent 01619183 March 1, 1927 Page 3 Smoke Cloud Production Method.pdf

    116S 1927 U.S. Patent 01619183 March 1, 1927 Page 4 Smoke Cloud Production Method.pdf

    116S 1985 U.S. Patent 4504014 March 12, 1985 Device for Atomizing a Liquid Sprayhead Nozzles.pdf

    116S 1988 U.S. Patent 4749128 June 7, 1988 Device for Atomizing a Liquid Method for Mixing Air-Liquid.pdf

    116S 1991 U.S. Patent 5003186 Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming March 26, 1991 Aluminum or Thorium Oxide.pdf

    116S 1991 U.S. Patent 5003186 Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming March 26, 1991 Aluminum or Thorium Oxide A.pdf

    116S 1991 U.S. Patent March 26, 1991 Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Global Warming Reduction.pdf

    116S 1993 U.S. Patent 4766725 January 12, 1993 Solar Energy Collector+Reradiation Apparatus for Localized Climate Control.pdf

    116S 1994 U.S. Patent 5,286,979 February 15, 1994 Process for Absorbing Ultraviolet Radiation Using Dispersed Melanin.pdf

    116S 2009 U.S. Patent 0173386 Application Kenneth Caldeira-Gates-Myhrvold July 9, 2009 Several Types of Experiments in Patent.pdf

    116S 2009 U.S. Patent 0173386 Application Kenneth Caldeira-Gates-Myhrvold July 9, 2009.pdf

    Complete page with additional links:

    Geoengineering Cost Analysis – Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation – October 30, 2010 – Final Report Even Wikipedia has pages of detail.

    Excerpted from: Stratospheric sulfate aerosols (geoengineering) – Wikipedia
    [“The ability of stratospheric sulfate aerosols to create a global dimming effect has made them a possible candidate for use in climate engineering projects[1] to limit the effect and impact of climate change due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.[2] Delivery of precursor sulfide gases such as sulfuric acid,[3] hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) by artillery, aircraft[4] and balloons has been proposed.[5]

    Tom Wigley calculated the impact of injecting sulfate particles, or aerosols, every one to four years into the stratosphere in amounts equal to those lofted by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991,[6] but did not address the many technical and political challenges involved in potential climate engineering efforts.[7] If found to be economically, environmentally and technologically viable, such injections could provide a “grace period” of up to 20 years before major cutbacks in greenhouse gas emissions would be required, he concludes.

    Direct delivery of precursors is proposed by Paul Crutzen.[4] This would typically be achieved using sulfide gases such as dimethyl sulfide, sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbonyl sulfide, or hydrogen sulfide (H2S).[5] These compounds would be delivered using artillery, aircraft (such as the high-flying F-15C)[4] or balloons, and result in the formation of compounds with the sulfate anion SO42-.[5]

    According to estimates by the Council on Foreign Relations, “one kilogram of well placed sulfur in the stratosphere would roughly offset the warming effect of several hundred thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide.”[8] “]

    Possible side effects

    [“Climate engineering in general is a controversial technique, and carries problems and risks. However, certain problems are specific to, or more pronounced with this particular technique.[24]

    Drought, particularly monsoon failure in Asia and Africa is a major risk.[25]

    Ozone depletion is a potential side effect of sulfur aerosols;[26][27] and these concerns have been supported by modelling.[28]

    Tarnishing of the sky: Aerosols will noticeably affect the appearance of the sky, resulting in a potential “whitening” effect, and altered sunsets.[29]

    Tropopause warming and the humidification of the stratosphere.[27]

    Effect on clouds: Cloud formation may be affected, notably cirrus clouds and polar stratospheric clouds.

    Effect on ecosystems: The diffusion of sunlight may affect plant growth.[30][31][32] but more importantly increase the rate of ocean acidification by the deposition of hydrogen ions from the acidic rain[33]

    Effect on solar energy: Incident sunlight will be lower,[34] which may affect solar power systems both directly and disproportionately, especially in the case that such systems rely on direct radiation.[35]

    Deposition effects: Although predicted to be insignificant,[36] there is nevertheless a risk of direct environmental damage from falling particles.[citation needed]
    Uneven effects: Aerosols are reflective, making them more effective during the day. Greenhouse gases block outbound radiation at all times of day.[37] Further the effects will not give a homogeneous effect across the regions of the world.[38]

    Stratospheric temperature change: Aerosols can also absorb some radiation from the Sun, the Earth and the surrounding atmosphere. This changes the surrounding air temperature and could potentially impact on the stratospheric circulation, which in turn may impact the surface circulation.[39] “]

    Complete text:

    Regarding HAARP “environmental modification techniques (ENMOD)” techniques for military objectives.

  38. Stevgil says:

    In Essex, UK where I live, Sunday 11th January started off as a nice sunny day with clear blue sky overhead. However, at around 11.00 a.m. I just happened to notice that there were some 15-20 high flying aircraft leaving ‘chemtrails’ which were approaching from all directions. It was apparent that they were flying to a pattern quite unlike any passenger aircraft would. Of course, I had seen similar trails before in the skies and had seen and read about them on the Internet. In time the ‘trails’ dispersed and unfurled into the usual fluffy white covering which typically covered the sky and blocked out the sun. Thus, what had earlier started out as a sunny blue sky had now descended into a darker cloud covering and gloominess and change overall of weather conditions in a relatively short time. At around 4.00 p.m. I took a short but intensive bicycle ride for round 15 minutes purely for exercise purposes. I always stay on the quiet roads around where I live as there’s never any traffic. Once outside, the gloomy weather change was apparent and felt most depressing, but this was a British Sunday and so I would perhaps feel that anyway. I finished my bike ride after about 15 minutes and returned home. Around half an hour to an hour later I noticed that I was coughing more and attempting to clear my chest by coughing up a sticky, tasteless type of white sputum. This produced comments from my wife as to could I stop snorting and making such horrible noises in clearing my chest. I also noticed that I had a dull headache into the bargain and overall I just felt generally unwell. I remember the last time I had had similar symptoms was when I had had to suffer a diesel generator being placed outside a window at work which seemed to affect me more than my colleagues which I put down to perhaps my being more sensitive to the chemicals in the air. As I write, today is Thursday 15 January and last night I woke up in the middle of the night with an extreme vertigo. The coughing symptoms have subsided a little but I still have a slight headache, a dry ‘tickle’ in the pit of the airways of my respiratory system and am still coughing up sticky, white sputum. Coincidence? I am so far unable to convince myself that it is and, for what it’s worth, I have written to my MP asking her to investigate (but won’t hold my breath!). Undoubtedly, something is being sprayed into the atmosphere that is not just ‘condensation’ as it effectively unfurls into casements that join together to form a cloud coverage that blocks out the sun. Also, why would 20 odd high flying aircraft suddenly all be in the sky at once and flying to such a formation? Plus, before I went out into the atmosphere on my bike, I was feeling well with no headache, was not coughing nor needing to clear my chest of white, sticky material.
    People can make up their own minds as to whether or not this is coincidence. For me personally, in future when I see chemtrails in the sky I will never again take an intensive bike ride but stay indoors and perhaps switch on my air filter machine!

  39. Robert Q. says:

    Hello Susan
    As a Brit I can assure you that it is certainly happening here in the UK. Almost everyday, and the sky is covered in a pale mist.
    Dane is doing a great job!

  40. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I really wanted to go to this protest in Atlanta but it was too late to get a miles ticket. Anyone in the Atlanta area should attend this event.

  41. The best way to fight this is by using your pocket book . Grow your own , trade barter , unplug from their material world , boycott , pay as little state and federal tax as possible. Organize and inform at county govermment level .State and federal governments are infected with tyrants. Grassroots at the county level is our best option.
    Spend your money on heritage seeds , aquaponics, survival skills and tools. Alert as many as possible through internet links like this .
    Thanks Dane for the devoted good fight you lead.

  42. James says:

    Our movement, just like 9/11 and JFK truth is progressing through the stage of ridicule. Global warming is in the same kettle. The SUPPOSED fact that we are all paranoid delusional conspiracy nuts can only veil the truth for so long.
    Just wait another 2 years until we have a September blue ocean event in the arctic. It is coming. The weather is deteriorating fast and the change is exponential.

    Eventually people like Alex Jones who make a living lying to people, and esteemed scientists like Guy McPherson who refuse to address the obvious and skirt reality in order to protect their persona, will fall. It’s only a matter of days, less than 700 in my opinion.

    Press on my friend. Keep applying the pressure. The wall of mass ignorance will eventually come tumbling down. What we see with this WP article is a hair-line fracture of that future event.


  43. James says:

    How does the Mohandas Gandhi quote go?

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

    I think we just landed safe on second.

  44. Jayne says:

    Agreed. All they had to do was acknowledge that weather modification programs already exist and there is documentation for that. Instead they do the classic “he said, she said.”

    I don’t think it will fool a lot of people though. And everyone can see the spraying. WP is fighting a lost cause. Congrats on the exposure, Dane.

  45. Karin Six says:

    We can never stop until this issue is fully exposed. The proof is in the skies!

  46. Danny McGuire says:

    In case you don’t know, Bill gates funds the chemical spraying of North America. Alunimum is one of the dangerous chemicals that is showing up in our water, soil and brains. Alzheimers ,dementia As we all know are linked directly to alunimum intake in our brains. The Pattent numbers for Monsanto alunimum resistant seeds is available on the internet. Bill Gates Owns 500 thousand shares of Monsanto. So let me spell it out for you sherlock holmes. You poison the water and the ground so normal seed cannot produce food. Then you take control of the food chain with your new poison resistant seeds.

  47. Cheryl K. says:

    Yes I agree, Infowars Nightly News did a good job tonight telling of the protest scheduled for Monday in Atlanta GA. Sounds like someone there is making a big difference. Dane do you know these people in Atlanta?
    I will keep praying that more of this is exposed and people start Looking Up!

  48. Danny McGuire says:

    I live in Quebec by the Larention Mountains. Every day I watch the jets spray poison in the sky above my house. Not comtrails, but huge plumes of white, redish, and gray colored trails the spread across the sky. Just how stupid do you A holes think we are. The sun is gone most of the time. Gardens rotted this year because of lack of suntlight and chemicals in my soil. Control the food chain, why not they already got all our jobs and money. Now the food chain. Don’t you hate it when someone pisses on you leg, and tells you it’s raining out

  49. Matt says:

    Great report from info wars today covering the protest in Atlanta Ga.
    INFOWARS Nightly News: with Lee Ann McAdoo Friday January 23 2015: Plus Special Reports
    It seems infowars is finally helping out.

  50. Iraja Siva-Das says:

    Dane this is a good start, it breaks the ice media wise. The Post protected itself with words like “baseless”, when there exist tons of data showing unbounded aluminum in large quantities that just manifested from thin air. With a big paper opening this up more will follow and maybe they will tell our actual story, rather attempting to politicize it as a belief.

  51. Alex says:

    It’s sickening to read how empirical evidence is deliberately repackaged and reformatted! Hypocritical [deceptive] statements such as:
    “Solar geoengineering — more formally known as solar radiation management (SRM) — is merely an idea right now” and dr David Keith’s own words ““I have been urging academic researchers to pay some attention to chemtrails and I am very glad that Rose did so,” Keith says.” pretend this hasn’t already been going on for years and even recently has been drastically intensified! Keith himself explained the admitted use of nano-aluminium oxides, etc. at an AAAS Conference! One later learns he even owns a company manufacturing them. On a recent roadtrip from the Bay Area to Mt Shasta, I counted numerous tanker planes chemtrailing in four directions with some in tandem!
    On 01-14, while driving 200 miles from Vancouver BC to Tacoma WA, I counted no less than 12 [TWELVE!] tankerplanes laying down a gridwork from the Cascades to the Olympics. The time was 1300 to 1700 and the sky was silvery blue under a pale winter sun. It was absolutely outrageous and N0b0dy seemed to notice… That a public debate hasn’t even started is distressing and M$tream media and ‘The Authorities’ are as complicit in suppressing wide public awareness of this EXPERIMENT as the purveyors of toxins raining down over high-density populated and important agricultural areas, practically 24/7. WHO IS PAYING for this ??? Why aren’t they running LOW ON JETFUEL?As is clear from Keith’s statement, they hope to have FINISHED by the time we finally start accepting ‘What Is So’ and are willing to begin discussing the subject.

  52. Pam C says:

    If anything, that is the big give away! Not left! Not right! Not Republican! Not Democrat! Just people from all walks who are adding up the information and not liking the result. Dane if you read this, I sent a neutral email to my Congressman Scott Peters. I used all technical information and I have a voicemail on my phone from one of his aids using all same terminology regarding their plans for the Global warming issue. He seems to think we are on same page. Scott Peters ahead of the “Super Act” I tried looking up but cannot find anything specific. I have not responded to the office yet. Any thoughts for next step?

  53. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Really, no evidence?

    I went over to WP first of all to tell people David Keith is, in fact, a geoengineer. I planned to post government docu
    ments and the list of patents for people to see for themselves.

    I was blocked from creating an account. First my passwords didn’t match, then my email was in use. Yes, it’s mine. Then my screen name was taken or invalid. Even my real name was invalid.

    I’ve been posting data and telling the real story for three years now. I’ve had three virus infected computers in the last three months. Methinks I’m on someone’s radar.

    Will someone else please try to post the info I planned to over at WP? It would make me feel very, very good, since it feels crumby to be deliberately thwarted. And it did seem deliberate.

    Also, I’m proud to be such a conspiracy theorist among so many decent and intelligent people here. Love to Dane and everyone, and thanks : )

  54. Earth Angel says:

    Great work Freedom Ranger, on finding and posting this geoengineering aircraft/dispersal bid. Will pass along to others asap! We should send to as many politicians as possible. No longer can they deny the existence of these programs. SOMEONE KNOWS about this- as they have been funding and researching it!

  55. Johnny says:

    I disagree with you Dane this article is worded EXACTLY like the bastards controlling the media want. The TRUTH is farther away THAN EVER and this article PROVES it. JUST like the TRUTH about how the WTC’s collapsed on 9/11 (CLEARLY controlled demolitions) BUT the bastards in the MEDIA told us the buildings collapsed from burning jet fuel. The LIARS/MURDERERS in the media and the U.S. Government are never going to spill the beans on what THEY are SECRETLY doing to us. Think about it, the bastards got away with NUKING Hiroshima and NAGASAKI, MURDERING JFK, STARTING THE VIETNAM WAR, POISONING ALL OF OUR FOOD, POISONING OUR WATER WITH FLOURIDE THEN HAVING DENTISTS POLISH OUR TEETH WITH IT, KILLING MILLIONS ALL OVER THE GLOBE BECAUSE OF THE LIES OF 9/11 etc. ALL BECAUSE of the LIARS in the media. EVERYONE in the media is bought off. You wanna know what I am doing? ENJOYING the time I have left because life is way to SHORT to allow the bastards to keep me in CONSTANT FEAR of dying. We are ALL gonna die someday and all the SCREAMING and yelling and raising hell isn’t going to do a bit of good against the EVIL bastards ruining Mother Earth. The only thing we can do is Pray to whom you call God to help us. It is way to big and to far out of control.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Johny, thank you for your comment, I fully understand your frustration. I would argue this, the aerosol spraying is unique to any other issue ever perpetrated by those in power as it has a horrifically negative impact on everyone alive. The other primary factor, it is in our face nearly every day and this impossible to ignore even by those that would like to. The Post article did in fact help our cause a great deal, its the exposure that matters most in this case and on this issue. We are gaining ground, the aerosol crimes will yet be exposed. Thank you for your efforts in this battle Johnny, lets keep up our pace.

  56. Llia says:

    You are correct! They absolutely, flat-out lied. They wrote as if it would be unconsciounable to even think about doing this without further discussion, well DUH, WP! That’s why we’re so upset!

    Conspiracies happen all around us every day, it only takes two people to conspire against rights for it to be a crime of conspiracy, so it’s not such a reach to believe the people who have stolen 99% of our revenue, health, and the planet’s resources, are, right now, in a panicked frenzy, attempting to take the rest (our air) and seal the deal of omnicide. This is common sense based on facts, WP, there is no more “theory” regarding this despicable crime against humanity and our planet.

  57. Michel B says:

    This effort by The Washington Post demonstrates that they have been taken over by special interest group(s) who have a clear aim towards disinformation. The Press has long been under the control of those in the shadows.

    They obviously feel it is time to start to appeal to the greater masses with their disinformation, most likely due to the fact that more people are becoming aware of the Geoengineering issue.

    There will be a corresponding effort in lying on the Press’ part in line with more and more of the public becoming aware and voicing dissent or at least starting to question what they have personally observed or found out by other means.

    The great mass of awareness will be based on what people know in their hearts is not as it should be, as well as the already compiled mountain of data and knowledge of documents from those organisations perpetrating these programs.

    The fact that this phenomena is world wide, observed world wide and regularly protested against world wide and that each nation’s peoples are all observing the same questionable actions can only mean one thing: it is happening world wide. This alone is impossible to write off as some delusion or imagining on the part of the people.

    Disinformation sites have to invent a new type of language, such is the ridiculous and transparent state of their efforts to quell what any sensible person can easily observe. It is obvious they are paid to disinform and they will resort to tricky language, distractive questions, erroneous lines of argument and interplay scorn with concern in order to befuddle readers.

    But what they cannot do is reduce the growing awareness that something is going on and is being kept undisclosed as much as possible. Once someone finds out about this, it is impossible to unknow it.

  58. linda says:

    kudos to the WP for at least putting something out there to wake up a few people to the fact that geo-engineering is not a figment of our imaginations. i watch satellite pics of the earth daily, and the chemtrails are clearly visible so much of the time, especially in an area where there is extreme weather forecast. (the trails were very heavy over the amarillo area a few days ago & now they have more snow that alaska, st. or baltimore, this year). if they were only “contrails” the whole satellite view would be full of trails, but they are usually confined to certain areas, showing up clearly from outer space. i’ve been documenting it in my rural area for the last couple of years, and what is being done is deliberate, they are not regular flight paths, or patterns, the jets usually don’t show up on either. thanks to dane for all the hard work he has done, opening the eyes of many of us, giving us the tools to study & research for ourselves, why the skies are so different now.

  59. Karen W says:

    Why does there ALWAYS have to be a “left” or “right”!? Chemtrail believers? Sounds like a religion. Dane has proved on numerous occasions the facts on this “kill” to our planet. But no one wants truth anymore…
    And conspirators only are in it for the entertainment. Ask the Washington Post, or David Keith, their the ones keeping it alive.
    Just say NO to spraying of the sky, period!

  60. I’m glad that The Washington Post has finally covered this geoengineering issue. Now they are talking about the California drought. Time to give them some more comments, because the two go hand in hand.

  61. Diane Shears says:

    Are chemtrail “believers” an organized religion rather than merely concerned citizens? Shame on The Washington Post!

  62. Margriet O'Regan says:

    Any press is good press – especially today as many readers will be prompted to go to the internet & research it for themselves – It will be interesting to see if there is an up tick in the number of hits Dane’s site has. I think this media coverage is a VERY GOOD thing …. Good on you, Dane

  63. Susanne Hilyard says:

    I agree with you Marta, I thought the same. But, the bringing into the main stream is critical. There is a huge (growing by the day, as we see in Dane’s site visits count of over 15 million) number of folks aware enough to make some real noise. Not sure folks would agree to SRM if they simply understand the laws of nature, what goes up must come down. I pray daily this will end. BTW Dane, their were 80 comments and they were all but 3 deleted from original article. I couldn’t see how to add a comment either. Anyone else?

  64. paul russell says:

    Will someone please start making tee shirts that advertise, “Proud to be a A Conspiracy Nut. ASK ME WHY”

    Conspiracy theorists have been getting lots of attention. That means anyone hiding the truth from people is on dangerous ground, while the ‘nuts’ are gaining substantial ground.

  65. David Slesinger says:

    We need to put videos up on local cable access TV. You know, the place which shows local city council meetings. If it’s not vulgar or commercial, they have to put it up. Have the videos shown as often as you can

  66. Not a great article. However, once a controversial subjet becomes a mainstream topic of discussion, a resolution is inevitable. It is only a matter of time. BTW, the lack of serious and competent research is a hallmark of the Washington Post. Better a mention in a “rag” than no mention at all. Larry Charles

  67. Marco says:

    The craziness of the media deniers is unfathomable. According to the W Post these claims are baseless and there is no proof these are anything other than normal contrails.
    There are MANY videos of these supposed contrails turning on and off. Did ALL of the jets engines turn on and off at the same time? Of course not!! Yet they still deny this is happening to them and us.
    Here is a video, readily available to anyone who pays any attention at all, of these Supposed contrails turning on and off, probably when tanks are emptied and switched to another full tank. This is CLEARLY visible, yet not noticed by media deniers. Why? Because their job is not to twll the truth but continue the lies.

  68. Rose Taylor says:

    Shade, the documentary documents 20 individuals living in the South Western USA, who 90% of them were told by their doctors that their blood contained extremely dangerous levels of aluminum and barium. Great doc to share with others. Yes, the worldwide phenomena of soil, water, and animal species (including whales living in remote areas of the planet) that have “off-the-chart-levels” of aluminum and barium identified in thousands of lab tests, are unexplainable unless “climate geoengineering” is acknowledged once and for all. And these same chemicals specifically listed as part of the Welsbach Patent for Solar Radiation Management are ending up in all of our water, soil and blood. It is time to stop the madness!

  69. Freedom Ranger says:

    The Front Range is getting flat out demolished today, It is supposed to be 60’s and sunny next week. I think this is what they have to do to keep it that low (60’s) in January, in the Colorado Rockies, the coldest place in the Lower 48.

  70. June says:

    The Post’s slippery, ignorant and arrogant language is a joke. However, maybe the article will get more and more people looking up and asking questions. When more people wake up to this environmental tragedy, the spraying will be exposed for the evil that it is, and it will cease. Spraying up the skies with toxic chemicals is not normal!

  71. Phillip Harris says:

    My wife and I took a cruise last week to the western Carribean. On the way down to Tampa from Macon, the sky was littered with trails and by mid afternoon, the sky was hazy. From the time we left Tampa until we got back seven days later, I saw no trails. When we got back, the sky was again littered with trails on the way home. Can the WP and these so- called experts explain why only planes over the continental US make these trails?

  72. PERFECT!!! Excellent!!! The Washington Post totally exposed themselves as corporate shills, liars, and frauds. The “chemtrail” containment problem (as an urban myth) has now graduated into the problem of dismissing the usage of geoengineering and weather control terminology. They only screwed themselves and their own credibility, and that’s wonderful news for “conspiracy theorists” like us…

  73. vickey says:

    “Farfetched” – “Baseless” – “No evidence” –
    Could this WP article have done more harm then good?

  74. Carol Cambridge says:

    Gone are the clear blue skies of my youth. The sky on a good day is hazy, the clouds are ugly and every time I see those planes spewing their chemicals, I want to take a crossbow and destroy them. No one including the military and government has a right to play God. They have been blaming us for years now regarding global warming when the government/military are the direct culprit.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, though our main goal is to expose and halt climate engineering, there are many forms of damage to the climate, this is important to understand.

  75. Net1 says:

    Contact the POTUS and read this page, be sure to voice these concerns.

  76. Judi Brisse says:

    SO APPRECIATE this article Dane, and the Washington Post- a BIG step forward- thank you!

  77. The Washington Post makes no sense. When a theorist puts forth evidence–like the Mangels soil and water tests–doesn’t the theorist then, by definition, become a significant debater?

  78. Cat Brown says:

    Wake up to your readership, Washington Post… ‘conspiracy theorists’ are emerging as the driving market force these days.

  79. Frank Jensen says:

    I am from Denmark, and i have noticed it as weel. But are there anyone who can tell me, who is in charge of these companies?? I would like to know, because someone must know! We have reached the limit, of what the Earth can manage!!! Now is the time for actions!!!

    Kind regards from

    Denmark 🙂

  80. Leigh Anne says:

    I believe what I see every single day in my back yard with my own two eyes. I know that it didn’t used to happen 5 years ago from where I stand today, or not at this altitude at least.

  81. marta says:

    To me the article is just a set up to start getting people to accept the idea of geoengineering and then to legitimize what is being done right now.. knowing all the while that what is being done is being done to murder all life.. nothing less.

  82. Jeremy says:

    It’s annoying that they’ve used such insulting terminology, but I suppose it’s a step in the right direction. Steps are what it’s all about. As we all know, people (and I’m including the year ago ‘myself’ in this) are so well conditioned, that this has to be broken to them but by bit..brought into their periphery vision as such.

    Its not at all bold and Im ashamed to be honest that I consider it such a big step, but recently Ive started sharing various articles on social media. Im sure that you all do this as well, but if you dont try and be brave and post carefully selected stuff. I think the stuff like HAARP, mind control, etc is a little hard to swallow, but SRM is easier to convince people about.
    Apologies if this came across as patronising – Im relatively new to this knowledge and Im sure that you all know a lot more than me. Keep up the good work Dane, we’renot all as brave as you.

  83. Carol says:

    Where are the real “investigative” journalists? Too many of these so-called reporters are just mimics of what has already been stated in the mainstream media. Too bad if there demise is what finally brings them to a proper conclusion.

  84. Lrrpman 67 says:

    If the writer took our side she would be hacked to pieces by her peers and others perhaps even stuck in a desk at the back of the room. I think she is in the closet.

  85. Ono says:

    One would think that a flight following one of these “commercial jets”, to find out the landing destination, and the contents of their cargo would be an expense the “Post” can afford. Identify and interview the the corporations that are funding these spray projects. All aircraft have Id numbers and are supposedly required to file flight plans. I would also interview government officials and print their explanations. Put them on notice.

    What ever happened to Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent?

  86. Marc says:

    If this MSM’s attempt to “report” on the debate about geoengineering, it is pitifully ill-informed and replete with crucially placed terms like “conspiracy theory” and “farfetched” and “baseless”. Though the article makes an attempt to acknowledge what millions already either know or suspect, the overall tone reeks of disinformation and manipulation. And yet, it seems certain that this is how MSM/government/military operatives have chosen to address the obviousness of the spraying programs now becoming ever more apparent to a greater number of people.
    As Dane has said, soon it will no longer be possible to hide the truth of what so many of us now have found to be self-evident. On Geowatch Radio’s latest show Dane makes a cautious reference to large and developing legal maneuvers having to do with fighting geoengineering. (as in lawyers, folks) I find this prospect encouraging and anticipate massive legal blowback against these bastards as their crimes against humanity are splayed out in the open court of public opinion.

  87. Steven McCormick says:

    I know Dane is happy a mainstream organization wrote “something” regarding the large scale spraying of chemicals into the air. However the article simply addresses the issue to cast a cloud (excuse the pun;-)

  88. BaneB says:

    The article indicates to me that those conducting the aerosol assault on our atmosphere and our blue skies are worried they are losing control of the public perception. How can they not? The spraying is so outrageous in size and intensity that they might as well place over us a neon sign flashing the word CHEMTRAILS.

    It is not surprising the nation is suffering from every direction a mass cognitive dissonance. This article, while broaching the chemtrail issue, offers a maybe yes, maybe no, sort of, kind of, leaving the reader in a kind of limbo-purgatory state of mind, a non empowering spew of insults upon the sprayed.

    Still, a seed has been planted in the mind of the reader and that is a good thing. More people will look up and take note, and wonder, and ask questions. The Record Searchlight Newspaper in Redding, California, might begin to take a clue and start acting like a newspaper of record.

  89. Howard Taylor says:

    I see nothing.Are they blind.No They are paid to write disinformation. Twist real information with words like Conspiracy. They are devil’s workers .Why don’t they follow the money.That would be real reporting.
    May be they know like in the movie Three Day of Condor.The famous line.Will they print it.
    You can write it but the media is owned by the Devil.

  90. Ana says:

    I would say to those people interviewed by “washing Post”:please don´t try to descredit us or to ask for our consente/blindness with sweet talk (specially Mr Keith)…aftherall where´s the geoengeneering activists freedom of speech that those in power make wars against terrorists in order to preserve it (as they alleged)in our democratic societies ?oficial “Free press” continue to silence us as much as they can … anyone cares about of the “freedom of expression” of people that are tired of seeing these spraying programs above their heads? or people are suposed to close their eyes and to not see any “evidence”?or everybody should go with the wave of the masses that nothing is going on ? …we are constantly labled as “crazy conspiracy nuts” or insulted in many other ways and silenced.Feel insulted with the “mentaly retarded” term? The geoengeneering and our oficial entities are the ones treating us as “mentaly retarded” when we have so much evidence in our skies (the spraying patterns,color and texture of materials sprayed etc,no contrails ever did that !)and lab research and and no matter how much evidence shown to public we continue to be the “conspiracy nut”.So much denial in an issue that scientists know their existence(and methods) and many so visible at public eye in our skies just makes us think in paid people to lie and to silence the so called “chemtrail believers” ,what an expression ! for me an ofensive expression that once more pretends to reinforce the term “conspiracy nut” to just descredit geoengeneering activist groups …governments and scientist are too worried about the “conspiracy nuts”?why it might be? i just wonder….
    There are “believers” for everything.I wonder if many of this people believe in methane threat or radiation threat or many other threats ,for them must be impossible to believe in God (was not scientificly proven yet )but maybe they believe in the Pope Francis instead!or maybe this people just believe in the oficial information given to them …Maybe activists are completly wrong cause maybe never existed secret programs or secret services operating in any country in this world !We probably need to be believers to believe in one thing or another!In wich things we are aloud to believe?…

  91. Truthbetold says:

    People or sheeple who live in big cities rarely take time to look up at the skies. It takes time they dont give or have tp be observers when you onky have a small speck of sky to look at and see the changes after a contrail. While people who live in more wide open vistas can watch the changes from south to north or from west to east. Chemtrails sprayed in Texas, dont affect the weather as much there as it doea when it gets picked up by a cold front and snows or.storms in the northeast where many more millions of people live amd didnt see the progression of the cloud making making start especially when weather meterologists consistently refuse to mention these phenomena that can be seen even on satellite images taken over the Pacific and over southern US states or the gulf of Mexico by HAARP machines and aerial unmarked airplanes or drones. Check out the myriad info at Look up and see for yourself!

  92. David Casebeer says:

    The Washington Post,Rose Cairns & David Keith have lost their integrity.”Lying & Dying for a paycheck”. There are so many credible whistleblowers on the issue of Geoengineering/Chemtrails to include Secretary of Defense Cohen 1998,Congressman Kucinich 2001,FBI Chief Ted Gunderson,British Columbia Prime Minister Zahm,Colonel Stubblebine,Air Force Sgt. Kristen Meghan and many more to absolutely prove this is not “conspiracy theory”. Well respected economist Gerald Celente labels these so called journalists “Presstitutes” for good reason! May they find their souls again before it is too late.

  93. Alan MacRae says:

    Keep it up Dane, go hard. Once it hits home people will demand more information, hope your web site is ready for the onslaught.

  94. OWNtheNWO says:

    They don’t exist, but we’re doing to do it in the future, so get ready? Could you be any more schizophrenic in your rhetoric?

  95. Joseph says:

    It’s just incredible. All you have to do is look up and see airplanes dumping trails of white smoke, and the suddenly it stops, and then turns on again, and then stops.

    Not to mention you try to track the planes using, and lo and behold- the planes are not there.

    I guess soil samples and water samples are not enough to be counted as evidence. As good as it is to have them report on it, we can still see the line they do not want to cross.

    It is a step in the right direction though, and for that I am happy. Good job Dane, please keep continuing your work, and spreading the word. You are doing more then you imagine, on a physical and spiritual level.

  96. Freedom Ranger says:

    You all need to check this out, this is the detailed plan of SRM through aerosol dispersal by current and future aircraft, here is the bid.

  97. Freedom Ranger says:

    “There’s no evidence that the alleged chemtrails are any different than normal contrails, much less that thousands of scientists, companies and bureaucrats have engaged in a global conspiracy that they’ve managed to keep secret this whole time” that is journalistic integrity right there. That is objectivity and research at its finest. Hey Dane at least they mentioned you, I left my comment on their site, hope it does the job.

  98. Michel B says:

    A very slippery way of approaching the issue. They are still trying to maintain their lies with convoluted argument about the nutty Chemtrail activists and even inferring some merit of the importance of us (anti Geoengineering activists) to the debate.

    All these lies will eventually be noticed in retrospect by the current unknowing masses. We-in-the-know are following the development of the lies and see the way they are moving ever so cautiously and slipperily to some kind of disclosure to the public.

    When the cover-up clashes with critical mass of awareness then there will be a situation I cannot predict.

  99. Susan says:

    Everyday over Marietta, Ga I see the sickening display of poison.If you watch the BBC type “Home Programs” you can see it there in their skies also.

  100. Susan Miller says:

    There is so much indisputable proof that illicit weather or climate modification is already happening. Journalists really don’t pay attention to the world around them anymore do they? They appear to be mere puppets without the capability of individual thoughts themselves. They just spew out whatever they’re told to. But what else can we expect from the people that are controlled by corporations who own them?

    Why not look at the species dying off daily from the aerosols that are being sprayed? Take soil, water and air samples and tell us that nothing is amiss! Look into the methane gas that is being released from the earth at an accelerated rate that will soon be irreversible. Talk to doctors and scientists that already are alarmed and coming forward with evidence that people are getting sick from it!
    Grow a backbone and actually do your job as a journalist! RESEARCH!!!!!!!!

  101. Gabe says:

    I don’t know, it seems like it does damage to the “chemtrail” activist groups. The article blatantly calls chemtrails a conspiracy theory, and says geoengineering is a long way off. It also comes across as pro-geoengineering. Some say bad publicity is better than no publicity, but I’m not sure of that in this case…

  102. carol freiberg says:

    No evidence? Oh, that’s right, journalists don’t do research anymore. Thankfully Dane and many others have already done the footwork.All they would have to do is read the findings and make an informed decision.Keep on looking up folks!

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