The Weather Channel Switches To Reality Shows


By Dane Wigington

In the last three plus years, the “Weather Channel” has increasingly shown it is not so concerned about covering accurate information on the weather. Reality shows are now its main feature. In years past, whenever one turned on the “Weather Channel”, one got the weather. Not so any more.

Several years ago the first “reality shows” started showing up on the TWC. Perhaps this does not seem like a big deal to some, but for those of us that are weather enthusiasts, when we want the weather, we want the weather. Many do not support “The Weather Channel/Reality Show Channel”, but it seems we no longer have a choice.

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So Why Would Weather Channel Radically Reduce Weather Coverage?

All main stream media is in the hands of the global media empire, this includes The Weather Channel. The very same players that run the corporate/military/industrial/geoengineering complex, run the mainstream media.

The first step toward hiding the “elephant in the room” is to simply stop covering it. As the ongoing global geoengineering programs continue to decimate our planet, climate, and weather, there is less and less weather reporting on a channel whose very name would indicate otherwise. Weather Channel now does an actual segment on weather only about every third or fourth hour. The rest of their air time is now filled with an ever longer list of “reality shows”. The lack of actual weather coverage has become so frustrating for many, including myself, that I now often don’t even bother to look. Perhaps that is their goal. A list of the current Weather Channel reality shows is below

Weather channel show lineup

How Is The Weather Channel Spinning The Weather They Actually Report?  (Between All the Reality Shows)

The weather around the planet is spiraling rapidly out of control, fueled by the massive and completely unreported climate modification programs, SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). The powers behind the geoengineering programs have certainly known from the start of these weather modification experiments that it would be necessary for them to also completely control all major weather reporting agencies in order to help “cover the tracks” of the ongoing geoengineering programs. They do this by “spinning” weather coverage from every angle in order to defuse the concerns of the population as they are witness to ever increasing weather anomalies and catastrophes. They have come up with new terms like “mostly sunny” which generally means no natural clouds in the sky, but rather horizon to horizon jet particulate trails. The “high level haze” and/or “wispy” clouds are the hallmark of sprayed geoengineering particulate “clouds”.

New Weather Terms

“Heavy wet snow” is now a term commonly used by Weather Channel “forecasters” to describe the now all too common “artificial ice nucleation” snow storms that we increasingly see beginning at temperatures of 40, 45, and sometimes even 50 degrees Fahrenheit. As an “artificially nucleated” storm progresses, the temperatures typically drop considerably as the chemical nucleation process cools the surrounding air mass. One needs to take note of the temperatures as the first flakes fall. Cool air is dense and settles, this allows the climate engineers to create some low thermometer readings on the ground, but the layer of cold air is very shallow in comparison to historical cold air masses.

When TWC meteorologists show a radar screen and point to areas of rain that are “changing over” to snow, a red flag should go up. Rain does not “change over” to snow at temps far above freezing without a lot of aircraft sprayed chemical assistance being carried out above the storm systems. The Chinese stated on the record they were “ice nucleating” rain storms to create snow storms. Certainly we can assume US/NATO technology is much further advanced in comparison to the Chinese. Indeed NASA holds a patent for this exact purpose. The list of weather modification/geoengineering patents is long indeed.

It is now common to see radar images showing incredibly large areas of drifting rainless cloud cover around the globe. This is especially true over North America. Some of these drifting cloud banks are at times a thousand or more miles wide and several thousand miles long from west to east. Completely clear skies with no “aerosol” clouds are increasingly rare. This is especially true of “blue” skies. This again is anything but natural and is also a hallmark of geoengineered cloud cover. It is the expressed goal of numerous geoengineering patents to do exactly this, create vast regions of artificial cloud cover. This is precisely what we see overhead on so many days in recent years. Even when there are no obvious geoengineering “grid patterns” overhead, this does not mean aerosol spraying is not going on. Grey featureless skies often provide cover for extensive spraying above the haze. TWC of course does its best to convince us all this high level toxic haze is just “high clouds.” The weather graphics and imaging on TWC which show the “spray haze” makes their spin machine all the more convincing.


Keeping The Focus On What They Want You To See?

Though the land surface temperatures in the lower 48 were far above normal in 2012, shattering over 50,000 high temperature records so far that year, TWC now keeps the focus on the engineered cool downs. As we enter the fall/winter 2014 season, they will rant and rave about the engineered cold zones in some parts of the country that are already experiencing “heavy wet snow”. They neglect to give much or sometimes any coverage to the far above normal high temperature records which continue to virtually bake the Western US. The record heat in other countries is of course never covered either.

As winter approaches, the wild swings in weather will continue and likely worsen. This is again a hallmark of geoengineering/weather modification. Though TWC does occasionally mention the changing climate, you can bet they will never mention the fully deployed global geoengineering programs that are the major cause of the ongoing destruction our climate systems. The sold out “meteorologists” at TWC are tasked with the job of hiding the climate engineering insanity, not disclosing it.

So Who Owns The Weather Channel?

Available information indicates TWC is owned by three main entities. Bain Capitol, the Blackstone Group, and NBC Universal.

In the case of Bain Capitol, articles relating to corruption and involement with the establishment power structure are too numerous to list. On the Blackstone Group, the Rothschild’s name surfaces at the top of the list. The Roshschild’s name comes up again in regard to NBC universal. In the case of NBC universal, there are other players as well. The media giant Comcast, and then there is good old General Electric. One could go into the rabbit hole still further in regard to the top of the ownership chain, but the point should be clear. Money, power, and control are the usual goals for all the players involved here. Total ownership of all major weather forecasting organizations is part of that power structure.

For the record TWC recently purchased “Weather Underground”, the last of the independent reporting agencies. What a surprise. Speaking of which, they also own 50%  of Pelmorex Inc., the Canadian company that owns the Weather Network and Meteo Media which have a standing in Canada equivalent to the Weather Channel in the U.S.

Is The Weather Channel Helping To Cover Up Climate Damage Caused By Geoengineering

Even NASA admits “jet trails” are causing climate change. 60 years of completely out of control experimentation on the atmosphere comes at an inconceivably high price. Though human activity has unarguably been very detrimental to the planet, this is not about Mr. Gore the hypocrite or his sham carbon credits, it’s about geoengineering and the agencies, like TWC, who help hide it.

Global geoengineering programs (which includes as many as 24 or more HAARP facilities around the globe) are decimating the climate, the weather, and the Earth as a whole. It has now become the role of TWC and other main stream weather reporting agencies to explain away the ever worsening and erratic climate and even more so to deny the reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs that are behind much of the deteriorating climate. The Weather Channel, like the rest of the main stream media, is now generally little more than a source of mass distraction. Legitimate reporting on weather and climate from TWC is increasingly being exchanged for reality shows, weather spin, and outright weather propaganda. Unless or until geoengieering is stopped, we won’t be seeing much in the way of “blue” skies, and we will all be witness to ever worsening weather extremes. Don’t count on The Weather Channel to finger geoengineering as a primary cause, their job is to hide the climate engineering crimes.

Dane Wigington

12 Responses to The Weather Channel Switches To Reality Shows

  1. Roberto Rojas-Morales says:

    Thank you Dane for your fantastic job in raise awareness about the evil deeds of so many people with Geoengineering.

    I am a late-comer from Australia after reading your posts I noticed the coordinated Stratospheric Aerosol injections performed by private commercial operators around early 2016 and becoming massive during 2017. I have also noticed that commercial passenger jets have joined in 2017 spraying all the way from Sydney, through Canberra and into Melbourne. After flying from Sydney to Melbourne I wrote about 50 letters to the Prime Minister and other Austraoian politicians

    "Massive Geoengineering clouds in Australia!

    Have Australian governments authorised commercially operated Solar Radiation Management schemes – specifically Stratospheric Aerosol Injections – to occur in Australia?

    Where are the previous and spectacularly clear, blue Australian skies?

    Where are the limpid starry nights in Australia, against a historically black universe?

    Why Australians can not see the Milky Way or the full Moons at nights anymore?

    Why is the sun struggling to even shine very weakly most days, due to the heavy, hazy, cloudy Geo-engineered atmosphere hanging over our skies?

    Why has the South Coast of NSW been buffeted violently and constantly with severe winds and gusts above 50 km per hour in October and November?

    I have several video recordings of many jets spraying those Geoengineering clouds during the past 10 months over Kiama and Canberra. Those stratospheric sprays are not “normal” condensation jet trails. Those jet injections are chemical-metallic sprays of nanoparticles that remain in the stratosphere for about 2 years and later fall onto lands and oceans causing severe damage to crops, plants, trees and all other living organisms including humans."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Roberto, thank you for the report from Australia. Yes, the climate engineers have claimed that the jet sprayed particulates will remain in the atmosphere for as long as 2 years, but available data makes clear that this is a lie. For the record, GeoengineeringWatch has worked with a polymer chemist to determine particulate decent times which can actually be as short as 24 hours or even less.

  2. BaneB says:

    As an update, The Weather Channel was bought by IBM in late 2015.  These corporations and companies change hands, purchasing one another, and certainly confusing the general public as to which rabbit to follow into which hole.  My weather is brought to me by IBM.  And when it comes to forecasting rain, they are not half as accurate as the forecasts of the past.  Rain is predicted over a seven day forcast but then it is amended either into oblivion, or the storms arrive early (such as they are) and stick around longer than predicted.  And corporate weather is the only game in town, unless one does their own best guess from Internet satellite imagery…..not an easy proposition given the twin pillars of weather geoengineer, jet sprayed aerosol particulates and phased array microwave transmitters, both sides of the same "coin," that can dry up a moisture field and redirect the jet stream by building in electronic "fences" to block and reroute low pressure systems.  

    • Bob says:

      IBM is the one who used computers to enable Hitler to have the record keeping he needed for Aushwitz and the concentration camps.


      Bayer (bought Monsanto) is the company that provided Hitler with the actual gas for the gas chamber which killed millions of Jews, Christians and other people. No Bayer poisons people with glyphosate and GMO's.

      How are these companies still in business?




  3. Toni says:

    I dig WeatherNation myself. All weather all the time. I was really in love with the Weather Channel especially when it first started but it’s gone the way of MTV. It’s actually kind of broken my heart.

  4. Kevin OToole says:

    This is a really hard sell to most people..even my own family thinks I have “lost it” a little on this one..when I tell them to check out Geo engineering watch web site they either don’t bother or wind up on one of the de-bunking sites…I try not to go too far down the “conspiracy” road and just try to get them to accept that geo-enginneering is a real program..and then let them draw their own conclusions..problem is most people don’t want to go “there”…global warming is a hard enough sell to a lot of people. I respect anyone who is willing to be scoffed at for at least trying to engage people on these very disturbing Weather modification programs..Living through this seemingly unending drought in Calif. should at least be setting off some alarm bells in even the most average of the commen man..but maybe George Orwell”s fiction is now the Reality…

  5. James C.Y. says:

    Hello from southern ontario canada, again.The Canadian weather network posted news from their meteorologist scott sutherland that the ozone layer was improving.I tried to look at the details but my computer froze the two times that I tried.Needleess to say they have been deleted permanently.Too bad these mouthpieces for the gangster/banksters could’nt be deleted on a bigger scale.Did I mention the spaying never stops,but the Sun does prevail for awhile during the day.I have also noticed that my Barometer does not always agree with the weather outside.Todays reading was lower with cloud and sun than last weeks readings that were higher but we had thick grey clouds and rain.That is a strong indication of Manufactured Weather occurences.Get a barometer and watch to see if the weather occurence is in sync with the baromter.The weather psychos cannot fudge that.Mother nature has nothing to do with the weather anomalies we are dealing with.May I also point out that the Zionist Jewish Banksters who have financed the sixty year holocaust propaganda charade,go look up the real truth,are guilty of a Holocaust from the Sky that is total eco/genocide for the entire planet.THAT BEATS ANYTHING THAT HAS COME BEFORE THIS.May our Cosmic Gods be with us.Thanks again Dane for the timely info.This has become a fight for survival that will need some divine intervention along the way or the Mad Doctors/Banksters will succeed in fixing their manufactured diseases/conflicts but killing the patients/civilians.NO THANKS.The future does not have to stop where they think it should.Bye for now.

  6. Marc says:

    It would appear that evil is WINNING! With the likes of “Dr. Evils” like Ken Caldeira and the army of scientists and grunts carrying out the manufacture and spraying of the aerosols, we common folk are LOSING! And we common folk also lose by watching the likes of the THE WEATHER CHANNEL. I feel a palpable sense of rage at the thought of the smug, narcissistic, elitist swine who sit on the boards of the corporations who would intentionally deceive the American people on an issue of this apocalyptic magnitude. May you all follow the rest of us into the geoengineered hell you have yourselves created. Smart move, dumb-asses.

  7. Jay says:

    Global march against geo engineering scheduled for September 27 Google it

  8. Laura Sutton says:

    3 mins ·

    We need to be REALISTIC to CORRECTLY AND ACCURATELY assess the degree of LACK OF PUBLIC AWARENESS about geoengineering in this country. I just returned from an airplane trip from California thru Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Here’s what I saw…….Some trails (at those particular moments of my trip) above coastal
    California……not that many at that particular time…BUT!!…a TON of evidence of geoengineering material in the sky–especially noticable on the Western horizon…much like smog looked and looks like. As we flew more and more to the East, the sky got more and more blue. No doubt the air was still laden with geoengineering material but it became less and less obvious. The two people (both bright and well educated—- six figure and high five figure income people) that sat next to me on the plane trips were both TOTALLY unaware of the reality of geoengineering……not of course, after briefly talking with me……………………..My point is this…I think that those of us that are involved in this fight (this David and Goliath-ish fight) need to realize the reality of 1) how few people are actually AWARE of geoengineering at this time 2) my hunch is that we in California are being MOST EXPOSED to this practice directly…..impacting both our POTENTIAL AWARENESS (POTENTIAL BECAUSE THE NUMBERS ARE STILL SO LOW) and our potential health and economic effects. My point is twofold: Let’s not waste energy or emotion on thinking that people know, when most likely they don’t know, or HAVEN’T CAME TO BELIEVE what they have heard about geoengineering is true. Remember how long it took, how many repetitions, and how many sources it took (I know there are exceptions but…) for you, the reader to take this seriously. I know it took a whole process for me… Secondly, if you are reading this—–remember—–our numbers are still small which makes YOU very important. Talk about it——-Point about it—–Your niche is different than someone else’s niche and exploit those possibilities…Show up if you can on Sept 27 with a sign and as many other people with signs as possible…..YOU ARE REALLY IMPORTANT.
    Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault
    Exposing the chemtrail-geoengineering coverup
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  9. Judi Brisse says:

    You certainly do your homework Dane. Informing us of the big power names that control TWC was really appreciated- it all makes sense. I can’t believe today you would comment on TWC when I was feeling so disgusted with them this morning, thinking too they are all part of the big cover-up. I have to say Vivien Brown, who’s been there for 25 yrs., this morning when she was talking about the early snows- she seemed utterly at a loss for words as to these unusually early snow storms. I do not believe everyone involved there knows about the cover-up. But there IS a cover-up. Another meteorologist at TWC this morning was trying to give some explanation for no hurricanes in the Atlantic and you could tell he was at a loss too. It’s just getting stranger and stranger by the day. The flooding in the country is OFF THE CHARTS ridiculous, as we in Cali. wait for 5 days again of triple digit temps. That was another thing I was angry about this morning- one of the meteorologists on TWC was so glibly making light of the formula for evaporation rates with excessive heat. He lives in Atlanta so I suppose no one there much cares what Cali. is going thru. This is beyond serious for this state. I can’t help wondering why the eighth largest economic power in the world- California- is being brought to it’s knees like this? What is the intention behind it? Too environmentally aware? Californians are a pretty compassionate collective for animal rights as well, so maybe they just don’t find it in their agenda to care what happens here….. Must be a great sense of power for the whole HAARP crew/facilities to be able to manipulate Mother Nature like this. This was an EXCELLENT article Dane. HIGH PRAISE for all of the info. And sorry for my rant here, usually I can remain a bit more logical but today the emotion is up.

  10. Kurt Pantaleo says:

    PBS Newshour 2 days ago reported that the ozone layer is getting thicker.—Yeah right!

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