Truth And Lies, Obama’s Dire Warning About The Climate


Just like so many of his predecessors, president Barack Obama has no trouble at all looking into the camera and deceiving populations around the world. His recent statement in the video below is only 3 minutes, but it is important to view and consider. The unfolding global climate unraveling is not as bad as Obama states, it's far worse and geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire. US military leaders have stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. Given the facts (and the statements by Obama), do citizens really believe that the global power structure would ask the public's permission before deploying all out climate engineering? Climate engineering and biological warfare are inseparable. All life has long since been forced to breath what the geoengineers are spraying into our skies. Obama made the following statement.

“The world’s top climate scientists are warning us that the changing climate already affects the air our kids breathe."

Yes, the air our children breathe is indeed being affected and the greatest single source of atmospheric particulates (mathematically) is from the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from climate engineering. Autism is known to be associated with aluminum exposure and aluminum is a primary element used in geoengineering aerosol spraying operations. How much has autism gone up in the last 40 years? Over 10,000% (from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 47). How bad will autism be in the next 10 years? According to researchers at MIT, 1 in 2 children will have autism by 2025. In regard to this astounding rise in autism, the MIT researchers unfortunately blame everything but the massive heavy metal fallout from climate engineering. Numerous lab tests prove that there is a mountain of heavy metal fallout (including aluminum) raining down on us all, it's is up to each of us to connect the dots. 

Many that live in the completely engineered cool-down zone of the Eastern US may have trouble believing the planet is in total meltdown, but it is. Obama correctly pointed out that 2014 was the warmest year on record, and that 14 of the 15 hottest years measured have occurred since the start of this century. Obama also stated that the first three months of 2015 have been the hottest start to a year of any on record, this too is correct.  But what is the massive lie of omission? The ongoing criminal climate engineering programs that are tearing apart Earth's life support systems and completely contaminating the entire biosphere.  Global geoengineering programs must be exposed and halted if we are to have any chance of long term survival. 
Dane Wigington


40 Responses to Truth And Lies, Obama’s Dire Warning About The Climate

  1. kirk mannor says:

    use drones to colect samples,and take footage real time,also baloons with air testting equitment.

  2. kirk mannor says:

    ILL tell you what to do get off your ass and tell erveryone, make flyers take picures of the chem spraying, have a blood test done tell your doctor , leave flyers at lawers offfices, city hall, the spray is notnhard to spot , you seen clouds your hole life just look up.

  3. lou says:

    How about you stop spraying the SH** in the sky of aluminum , barium, and other toxic poisons, and maybe the climate wont be so FU

  4. Charlie says:

    We do I live in New England and even for New England  trees are just coming to bloom  it's cold most of the time. finally had a blue day but nobody cares here.  Your a nut  a pshycopath yourself  or just somebody with n othing to do.. yea i'll tell ya i have better things to do.  How about highway promo boards  some people are doing that.  I got called a Democrat  idiots what does that have to do with anything..

  5. Simon says:

    If Obama is really concerned about the climate, then why did he give Shell permission to drill for oil in Alaska?

  6. James says:

    I can't believe he said those words, "that a change in climate already affects the air we breathe". Seems so blatantly obvious.

    • Michael Rogers says:

      Yes, he does admit that the air is contaminated BUT how could just global heating be making the atmosphere toxic? He's ADMITTING that SOMETHING is having that effect without acknowledging the fact that there is a global activity with that effect which has the policy of not acknowledging what they're doing!

      Give the guy 10 points!

  7. Dolores says:

    it seems to me that each time Obama starts speaking some truth and challenging the oligarchs that the word "assassination" shows up in the media and there is a report of some problem with the secret service. The President is not our hope for the future. In many ways he is a victim like us all.

  8. LisaRBowman says:

    Are we too far gone we too have become puppets of the global elite?Not myself & I'am horrified can we be saved & what should we do?.I'am so scared for this country.WHAT should we do?I have researched all this & just need to know what would be effective in helping 1/either destroy these monsters or2/ try to help solve the situation.We don't have time to play with this time bomb.Help,please

  9. Ana says:

    Obama won a Nobel Peace  Prize based in his speeches cause an action of peace I´ve  seen  none .I wonder what that people that select the winning candidates to nobel prizes have in their heads?

    Looks like good speeches are the  proof enough (of good intentions )to be a winning nobel peace prize while the world still as it is and curiously  by the helping hands of a peace prize  like Pr. Obama and many other equally "peaceful, good, caring and democratic" world leaders …

    I wonder how many  others anonimous (or not so unknown) should win a peace prize and that never had any prize for their legitimate and visible hard work…there´s no surprise the way your Pr Obama lies with all that vanity in his face cause he is paid to do desinformation (truths and lies mixed) and not to bring true and solid information to the  public.

    • Sven says:

      I believe their head are empty or they are just a biological robots, and its sad that we actually have people here so many

  10. anotherAnon says:

    The last two days here in Huntsville, AL were very unusual – no spraying. We had blue skies and puffy clouds just like when we were kids. Today is a different story however. It's been solid white and if there is the slightest break, you can see the trails and the sky doesn't look blue at all. It's more like a blue/gray – an odd color nonetheless. It's the "soupy mix" as they call it here (morons).

    How the hell are we supposed to grow our damn food in conditions like this? That was a rhetorical question. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason we get blue skies when we do is so that some alphabet agency can gather satellite imagery because it certainly wouldn't do any good otherwise having the skies covered all the time.

  11. Steve Parsons says:

    PERISH… . . .

    • Tony says:

      I agree where i live on long island the forest looks like nuke went off, these psychopaths need to be brought to justice before too late.

  12. Kim says:

    It is so cold here in Michigan for April. It's in the thirties and SNOWING outside.  I'm so sick of it being cold and nothing but grey skies from the toxic cool-downs.  I know the planet is warming, but definitely not so much here.

    Dane, I still don't get why they cool just a small part of the earth.  If their goal with geoengineering is to cool the planet (amongst other things) why don't they cool larger areas, not just the Northeast? Why are we the only ones freezing?

    Oh yeah, and I just had to put this out there: now Elmo is telling kids to get vaccinated.  It just gets worse by the day. 

    Thank you again Dane for all you are doing to save us all from this nightmare.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kim, the climate engineers don’t cool larger areas because they can’t. Every cooldown they carry out makes the overall warming worse, not better. You must remember that the climate engineering programs are not benevolant, they are NOT for the common good. I have covered many of the “why’s” in many articles and presentations, hope you will continue to investigate and to help sound the alarm.

  13. PLT says:

    This was the first time I ever actually watched this man giving a speech.  He is as appalling as were Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.  He literally appears to be a puppet on strings, the way he bobs and bounces around!  So in that way, maybe he's an improvement: full-disclosure-in-motion.

    In the US at least, we, the people, have let this happen.  Ours was meant to be a government by and of the People, not the Political Class.  We need to rectify that situation, now!  Not that we can take back the highest levels of government, or that our political system as we know it is slated to exist for much longer.  But by pushing en masse from the bottom… 

    We all like to hate on politicians, and that hatred has been carefully cultivated by those in power in order to keep us from trying to get directly involved.  I once attended a 2-day "bipartisan" campaign school (as if there were 2 separate parties!) where every single speaker gave this advice: "The way to win is to minimize voter turnout."  Doesn't that make your blood boil?  Don't you want to go out, collect the required number of signatures to get on the ballot, and show them that you are not just a part of the pacified masses?

    If you get on the ballot, the press cannot entirely ignore you.  And if you speak respectfully and coherently, but with justified rage, you will be listened to.  You will be able to go door-to-door to talk to everyone in your district, and give them information about geoengineering.  And to echo Dane's message about needing our military siblings (and I would add scientists) on our side.  You will be able to write op-eds about it.  I was actually invited to write one opposing the Patriot Act, just prior to the invasion of Iraq.  How unlikely is that?

    I promise I won't bother with this theme any longer, as I suspect I am wasting my time and yours, but this article does relate directly to it. 

  14. SD says:

    Yes, the comment about "shielding our cities" was interesting.  James Lovelock has gone on record as an advocate for building domes over cities and abandoning all hopes of saving the earth's atmosphere.

    As for me, I believe that saving the atmosphere and restoring a normal and NATURAL climate is our greatest calling. It's not a lost cause. Once again, many thanks to Dane and all the contributors to this website.


  15. Lakotah says:

    I'm sorry Dane, but I just can't bring myself to listen to one word that comes out of this monster's mouth. Next article please.

    • Karen W says:

      Yes, I agree.  How long are we going to listen to these lies and do nothing about it?  Oh Lord, please!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I agree, I can't listen to this evil bastards voice either. I can't even say how I really feel about him. If I did, I would be considered a dissident.  

    • Fred says:

      it's ok steve, I will say it ……
      One reason Obama is speaking out against, is because not to speak out against would be seen as supporting chem-spraying.

      Another reason is something called "Plausible Deniability" ….he can say later he was against it ….and have 'proof' from the media ……we all know it is outright lies ….its what they do .

      ..I despise Obama and this current government … they want to kill 80% of the population ……because they know we WILL NOT fit into their NWO … … I actually consider that a compliment ….if I did fit, it would mean I was as bad as they are, and what's more, they know it …THEY KNOW how evil and corrupt they are …but they don't care ….it's all just a "how much can I get for me" game … … … … … ….I miss the 60's ……….lol …….there was corruption there too …..but at least we could breathe better …..

  16. Marc says:

    This "weekly address" was, as usual, a steaming pile of catch-phrase rhetoric and milk-toasty platitudes designed to placate the masses and further embed within the minds of the dumbed-down public a complete and utter LIE!!! That of "global warming" being the sole cause of our precarious situation on planet earth. Undoubtedly, traditional forms of carbon emission have played a huge role but I believe geoengineering to actually be far and away the greatest ACCELERATOR OF GLOBAL WARMING here in the 21st century. President Obama truly appears to be a patsy in this video, a mere marionette whose strings are being yanked by some unseen power. A power so powerful, he is enslaved by it's dictates and must tow the line or face "consequences". I could barely tolerate watching this pathetic video, and I actually voted for the guy. His hands are SOOOOO tied!! He is in an impossible situation. One cannot place all the blame squarely on Obama for the glaring omission of geoengineering from this conversation. And even if he were to include it's mention, it would of course be only as a warning to the public that "we may have to resort to geoengineering (albedo enhancement, ha!) to save ourselves. I don't see this government, or ANY government, ever coming clean on this issue. Will a million people on the mall in D.C. protesting geoengineering make them stop? 

    • Dispater says:

      Marc, this man is the president, he could stop it all with a word. He could invoke the Sherman anti trust acts and shatter every major corporation on Earth. An honest man could change the world instantly if he were president, that is problem Marc, this Obama is simply an evil man and he willingly spreads the doctrine of destruction and evil.

  17. Dave Eckel says:

    You are a true hero Dane! Thank you for opening the eyes of so many, and dedicating your life to such a controversial issue. 

    Much Love!

  18. Gordana says:

    They will be remembered as criminals who committed genocide in future generations ! IF there will be future generation!

    Sign up petition and share :

  19. Michel B says:

    Glib, isn't it? 3 minutes to address one of the most important issues of our time, while omitting all the real facts about Geoengineering.

  20. Rachael Webb says:

    This is so depressing, and yea again the elephant in the room doesn't get mentioned. This is one of those terrible things that once the destruction has happened, and there is barley anyone left, the cause and effect will not matter anymore, all that will matter is "yea it happened, the cause doesn't really matter anymore does it, so lets just try and survive, it is what it is!"  And the maniacs in charge understand, this is a moral hazard for them.

    The other sad and irritating part of this story is that again, the maniacs controlling this situation  just blame every thing on "climate change" so they have a vast majority of the population believing that everything bad that happens in regards to weather or climate is because of climate change.

    I believe in Global Warming, I believe the earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling and I also believe that manmade activities since the industrial revolution may have accelerated the warming rate a fraction. But I do not believe that this alone meant our doom, I think life and the planet could have survived a slight natural warming cycle. However, the climate change we are experiencing now is not the original natural global warming we used to talk about. The geoengineering and climate modification schemes that exist today have created a totally different problem, and are the actual cause for everything they blame on "climate change", which used to be called global warming, until they changed it to climate change in order to cover up for the climate changes they are creating with these schemes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachael, the climate issues we face are complicated and it is likely climate engineering is the largest single piece to the puzzel of all. This being said, the whole array of damage done to the planet by the human race is far beyond comprehension. The odds of the current warming not being human caused (which includes geoengineering) is statistically zero, hope you will examine the attached link.

  21. Melody Meachum says:

    You nailed it Dane!

    -Our NWO Masonic hand-gestering Prez.

    -Must Obama now officially become involved because citizen awareness has boiled to the top? I hope so.

    -Ralph…excellent list. Add to it farmers. They've recognized government takeover much longer than average citizen due to out-of-sight compliance regulations. Their livelihood depends on  the weather!

    Don't think they don't recognize what goes on overhead day after day, year after year. That's what crop insurance is for. I was brushed off by office mate/fruit farmer yesterday when he brought up the topic of cold/snow in the forecast. Would not acknowledge anything related to spraying of aerosols or weather control. Topic of dying trees backed him right out of my office. I don't know if I should laugh or cry!


  22. Ralph says:

    Omission is the norm of the day for:
        The President    
        Senators and Congressmen
        State Representatives
        County Board of Supervisors (most)
        City Councils (most)
        Media  ie: from ABC to FOX and beyond

    What is not debated, discussed or reported are
    the "real" concerns of the day.  Those issues are
    the ones we really need to pay attention to, focus
    on and take action on.

  23. Howard Taylor says:

    As our young children are currently being used as slaves to the rulers.Wake up masses. Stop the runway government cover up of using our skies to put chemicals to control us.

  24. Dispater says:

    Yeah I cant believe they are doing this Jade Helm. The military has got no business doing drills in US communities for the purpose of silencing disaffection, for intimidation. Every officer who participates is guilty of treason. Jade Helm represents the end of the US and the beginning of the US Empire, officially. I know its been happening for some time but I count this as the start date. I never thought I would see such blatant treason. The military has state sized bases, why is it trying to disguise itself and hide in the American populace? This is not for preparing for invasion of Syria or is it? There are only 2 possible reasons for Jade Helm, subjugation of Americans or the preparation for foreign attack from those specific vectors ie Red Dawn but it would make no sense why Utah is labeled an enemy. No Jade Helm is treason, the blackest treason I have ever witnessed. I used to look up to the military now I see them as traitors, if this Jade Helm goes through they are traitors, every last one of them.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Folks, Every single person should be screaming to their congress people and every military outlet that NO WE WILL NOT HAVE JADE HELM!- EVEN the military must have limits and restraints and folks, this is where we MUST DRAW THE LINE. The military are funded by our tax dollars and charged with SERVING the PEOPLE of THIS COUNTRY. I agree, SHAME ON THEM (and us) if we allow this to take place on American soil.

  25. Nicole says:


    Fukushima approved safe by EPA for Canada to drink and bathe in:

    I drop kicked my TV a long time ago so I am not constantly polluted with the lies of this person we call a President. When you can see truth more clearly it becomes evident we are living in a nightmare. It's not just a matter of his lies, or their lies etc., but this underscores how truly incapable these people are of fixing the problems they can't even comprehend – to say our "leaders" are insane and useless is a gross understatement. 

    Sad. So very sad.


    • Earth Angel says:

      You nailed it Nicole… never heard it so perfectly and truthfully expressed.  Amen sister!

  26. Mike C says:

    Remember watching 'Tubes of Stephanie Seneff recently. No doubt, aluminum, barium, strontium, etc are poisons, but she mentioned glyphosate as a major factor in autism, as well.

    • middleway says:

      Our political leaders are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Their presence on the podium only reinforces the illusion that they were chosen by and represent the people. They do not.

      Traditional science was slowly commandeered many years ago and its primary function has been morphed, not to serve or benefit humanity, but rather serve elite agendas through the use of Babylonian alchemy in the form of synergistic potions. The primary purpose of these potions is just now beginning to come into the light of human consciousness.

      The reason this realization has taken so long to manifest is that it is repugnant to our human nature; evil intent residing under the Draconian veil of 'keeping us safe' and 'saving the planet'.

  27. Scot Savoie says:

    Shielding our cities? Did you hear that?

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