Two More GeoengineeringWatch Billboards Go Up In Idaho And Montana


No matter how obvious and rationally undeniable the climate engineering atrocities are (clearly visible in skies around the globe day in and day out), many people just can't see what is right in front of their faces until it is pointed out to them. Highway billboards can serve this purpose. The message on these billboards could not be any clearer. The awakening is growing by the day, could there be discussions in dark corners of the Pentagon about this fact? Psychological studies prove that those who question the official lies are sane, those who don't, are not. The effort to sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue continues. My most sincere gratitude to all the friends, allies, and activists that are helping to erect the billboards and to move the ball forward in the battle. We must all make every day count in this fight, make your voice heard. Below are photos of the two newest billboards that went up, as well as numerous other billboards that have been put up around the country.
Dane Wigington

Kellogg, Idaho. I-90 North Side. Latitude 47.53278436, Longitude -116.057360





Jefferson, Montana. I-15 West Side. Latitude 46.402126, Longitude-112.017632



Billboard GW1


Other billboards that have been previously placed on major highways are shown below

LED illuminated digital sign is located along U.S. HW 80 near N. Lincoln Street and Pitt School Road in Dixon, California

New Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque


Visible when traveling East on I-80 from California to Reno


Interstate Hwy 15 heading into Provo, Utah


SOD004 – 105 S 1380 W – Lindon, Utah


On a major freeway in Atlanta, Georgia

 I-80 near Elko, Nevada

99 Responses to Two More GeoengineeringWatch Billboards Go Up In Idaho And Montana

  1. Beth Bishop says:

    No matter how obvious and rationally undeniable the climate engineering atrocities are (clearly visible in skies around the globe day in and day out), many people just can't see what is right in front of their faces until it is pointed out to them. Highway billboards can serve this purpose. The message on these billboards could not be any clearer. The awakening is growing by the day, could there be discussions in dark corners of the Pentagon about this fact?

  2. David says:

    ….Geoengineering is even going on in no fly/war zones for crying out loud.


  3. anonymous says:

    Who can we donate to on the billboards so more can go up ASAP?

  4. Mike Fisch says:

    Love the billboards. I live in Idaho. Thank you.

  5. Dan says:

    Giant Chemtrails over Denver today!!!   I'm scared for our civilization

  6. Rich says:

    I am concerned as to when the hammer and sickle will come down on those who would dare say that the government is poisoning them.  I applaud you for the great courage to do so though and I hope they stay up for as long as it takes for the sheeple to wake up if that is possible…

  7. I was so happy to see a Geoengineering Watch billboard go up in Dixon, CA.  In 2006 I was a new member of the Yolo County Sierra Club which held their Board Meetings in Davis, CA, 8 miles from Dixon.  When I learned about the geoengineering programs and realized that the chemicals from these programs were the reason I was going into emergency with heart attack symptoms, I took my photographs to the Sierra Club meetings to make a presentation. Both times their Board Member stopped me from speaking on this issue. He said, "I get asked about this all the time, it's normal cloud seeding and it's not hurting anyone.  I don't want to talk about it anymore."  I was told later that he was a scientist with the California EPA.  I was shocked and I became angry because they wouldn't let me make a presentation.  I resigned from the Sierra Club and founded Environmental Voices (  We provide research and education about toxic chemicals and how they affect our health and the environment. Our primary focus is to educate the public about the health affects of ongoing world-wide geoengineering programs and how they are destroying all life on earth.  I hope all of the Sierra Club Board Members have the opportunity to see the Dixon billboard. Seeing it sure put a smile on my face and I'm still smiling. Thank everyone who participated in getting these billboards up in hopes that millions will begin to look up and wake up.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deborah, thank you so much for taking the excellent photos of the Dixon billboard, and thank you much more for all that you have done for the common good over the years. Yes, the Sierra Club (like so many other "environmental" groups) are the epitome of hypocrisy. I have also had confrontations with some of their Northern California leaders who refuse to acknowledge the climate engineering issue or even to examine the facts regarding geoengineering programs. Such organizations should be exposed to the wider population for their blatant hypocrisy. The light is beginning to shine on the insanity, let's all keep up our efforts. Thanks again for all your work, Deborah.

    • Bertiz Benhamid says:

      Thank you Deborah J. Whitman for sharing and caring.

    • jojo dancer says:

      every day for the last 4 months here in east tennessee. I got the chemtrail flu was sick for 2 weeks some elderly people had to go to the hospital put on o2 some healthy people still coughing after 4 months. NATO sucks

  8. Kim O'Donnell says:

    Please go to this link to sign the petition for full disclosure from our government. We have a right to know who is spraying? What is being sprayed? And what is the purpose?

    • Arizona says:

      KIM,moveon .org is ran by George Soris,and all his commie friends,THEY have you sign the petitions just to keep you busy,

  9. Spraying is killing our birds.  I live in Florida and have seen a reduced amount of birds flying in the skies over South Florida.  When will they stop?  Why we never hear from the news media?  What is going on?

    Now thr trees are dying, are we next?

    • Sam says:

      I grew up on the beaches of St-Petersburg, FL, back in the 70's I remember watching the sunsets on the beach. The sky was blue and the water was blue and the only thing red was the sun. 

      Nowadays, the whole sky is orange with a sunset and so is the sun it's not red it's orange 

      why because of all the chemicals they are spraying into our air daily for what reason can anybody have for this action than a method of control I would hate to think if some idiots would use a nuclear weapons with all these chemicals in traveling around our earth what effect a sudden flash of super heated air could interact with this these chemical so close to the surface would the air simple burn ? 

      I'm just taking a wag ( wild ass guess )

    • Bob DD says:

      Philip, "When will they stop (spraying)?" Why should they, they just ignore the bad press they get, and keep spraying to accomplish their goals? Some allege the goal is Depopulation, as several big worldly insiders have suggested the world's population should be reduced from almost 7 billion down to & maintained at 500 million, as do the Georgia Guidestones. Who's going to stop them? They probably base their operations under National Security umbrella, which puts a curtain over it, just like the 28 paged of the suppressed 911 report? GWB put those pages under NS.

  10. Arnie Garcia says:

    I like others have been witness to daily chemtrails, sometimes numbering 20 (trails) in the sky at a time over Southern Calif. (Bakersfield). One time I witnessed two airliners heading the same direction (north) both giving off chemtrails. Suddenly one plane abruptly stops emitting a trail while the other continued to leave a trail. I found it odd the plane that stopped giving off a trail continued its flight, same direction and same speed. Something is not right.

  11. Wendi says:

    Glad to see a billboard in Idaho…wish it was in Boise..lots more people here in Boise. What about a class action lawsuit?

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Like to see billboards here too… Dane, does it hurt or advance our cause when there is constant reference to "criminal cabal, power structure manipulation et. all? Regards.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, though there are certailny some that perhaps do not like unfavorable terms used to reference our govenement, given the magnitude of their crimes, I the terms are accurate. 

    • Karen says:

      I wish to see a billboard in Boise too. There are so many people here that don't believe the government is doing this.


    • Bob DD says:

      CLASS ACTION SUIT? Probably CT put under National Security curtain?

  12. Myxlyplitz says:

    That Redding council meeting sure is depressing, if anything it shows people they cant waste their time filing lawsuits or calling their representatives. No, the time for physical action has come, these people have sold their souls and you pull back the curtain just a little and you see its all one organism education, law, government, media,enforcement…one beast.  The Redding council showed me the truth, they are all bought. They dont believe they serve we the people, they condescend, they serve corporate UN masters. The UN tells them you are expendable, the UN says the lifestyly of the American middle class is too wealthy (the superrich with their exponentially greater abuse and waste than the middle class is OK though) They dont even appear American. That Redding council meeting is a declaration of war on the people of the United States. The only thing these people truly are afraid is that people will actually resort to arms. They  are all fine with you as long as you dont resort to arms you can write them or make strong pleas for help and that "they must get those evil doers"…I got news for you…YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES ARE THE EVIL DOERS.  Trying to get the very same system which is killing you, admit to killing you thereby de legitimizing every official in the land aint gonna happen. I seriously dont understand why Dane is bringing a lawsuit, i mean they WILL dismiss it. What is the plan when they dismiss it and no court will hear the suit?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Myxlyplitz, the purpose of a credible legal filing is to force attention on the issue through the “discovery” process of the legal action, this is the goal.

    • Arizona says:

      HEY I lived in Redding,the whole government are WHORES,the POLICE GANGS in redding protect them while their robbing you blind,I had many runins with them while I went to shasta college,THE WHOLE BUNCH ARE CRIMINALS,just like every town in california are…leave their NOW,

    • Bob DD says:

      MYXLYPLITZ… You mention people have sold their souls? You're not kidding, as they drive our wonderful republic, or what's left of it, into the ground. Look at the valiant work of,, and the dogged patriots, Dr. Jim Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig, investigating the alleged False Flag infamous school shooting of children. Fetzer even wrote a 400+ page book with photos. There are reports of supposed school victim families getting huge $$$ from fund raising, and mortgages being paid off & being recorded in the townhall on Christmas day. On helicopter & police car videos, there were no 400 to 600 kids escaping the school. It's so bad when our leaders ignore valid verifiable facts & questions on 911, SH school, Chemtrails, JFK assassination, and it all goes away? I guess, regardless of the frustration of investigations being ignored by gov't leaders, we must still march onward praying for a break, as to sit without speaking out (surrender) lets the corrupt frauds win.

  13. Myxlyplitz says:

    I just pray I live to see the day when every banker, politician, media agent, alphabet agent et al. has to pay the penalty of treason. Just stopping it aint enough for me, they need to pay for what they have done. All the Rothchilds need to be arrested, all the Rockefellers, all the Bushes and Cheneys all of them. They have done too much damage to the world. To everyone. They all have to pay.

  14. Diana Moss says:

    Today, after reading an article about some climate change deniers in the US Senate who are making plans to disrupt the upcoming world summit in Paris on Climate Change I was thoroughly disgusted with our government and those who have been completely corrupted by the ones who are creating the problems.  The fact that their constituents know that Climate Change is very real, know that the problem is man made and are waiting for the government to do something positive about  it.  When about 85% of Americans agree that if we don't do something and soon that it will be too late.  When our lawmakers are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry it will really be too late when they finally get on board and take some serious action on Geoengineering.  It really is up to the public to make it happen.  Kudos to those posting the billboards.

    • Grinling Gibbons says:

      I consider Dane Wigington A Serious Challenge To The Cabal Banksters & Kazerian Mafia Or Nazi,s As Thats There Real Name & This Is All About A One World Order & One Person In Charge Of Our World, & This Would Stop Rapid If People Only Bloody Woke Up To What Is Happening Worldwide, Besides Geo-Engierering Planes Globally Spraying 21 Different Chemicals All Reigning Down Onto Us & The Planet, The Trees Are Dying By The Trillion Just Like The Animals Everywhere Fish Dolphins Who Are Our Friends & Gods Favorite As Well As Yours & If That Wasent Bad Anough We Then Have 18 H A A R P Transmitters That Are Placed Around The Globe To Cause EarthQuakes Tsunami,s Floods Hurrican,s, & One Massive One Is Placed On The Ridge That Of The Sea Bed That Encircles This Planet, Thats Why They Are Able To Make Earth Quakes & Volcano,s Even Extinct Restart Up & Everybody Thinks They Are Normal, This Massive Transmitter Sits On The Sea Bed Between North Africa & Jaimaca & This & All The Other 17 Can Be Stopped Tomorrow Along With The Planes Spraying Death & Destruction We Need Massive Rallies Worldwide To Bring This To The Attention Of World Governments & Military Leaders As The American Military Stormed The Frderal Reserve & Made It Be Run Under Government Control & Not By The Banksters Namely Rothschilds Who Have Recieved Every Dollar From The Fed Plus The Bank Of America Rothschilds I R S Rothschilds Citi Credit Rothschilds & Another 187 Banks They Own Out Of 200 Countries Now One Can See How They Can Control Governments Globally & Log Onto & Type In This ( The Committee Of 300 Members ) here you will who is who & what they do they are all Illuminati Kazerian Mafia & There Is Prime Ministers & Every Other Person Who Is In A Position Of Power, Time To Take Action The People The Animals & The Planet Will All Grind To A Halt Within 18 Months To 2 Yrs Max Thats How Bad Things Are Now You Cannot Sit On The Fence Hoping Your Government Or Congress Will Help Most Are Being Paid By The Cabal For The Cabal It Is Now Or Never Forget The Bloody TO Baseball Etc Everything Is Crashing Down Around Us & You Wont Get This Info On TV Or In The Papers Or Radio As The Cabal Own Or Control Them & Every Reporter Has To Do What There Told Or Are Sacked Or Blackmailed Or Killed , Why Do You Think Nasa Has Had 70 Scientist Killed Why Has 6 Doctors Been Killed & Why Has 59 Bank Managers Been Killed, All Because They Were Simply Going To Tell You About The Cabal The Banksters The Kazerian Mafia Our World Is Being Run As A Prison Planet & Why Have They Built 800 Prison Camps 102 Thousand Special Prison Trains Complete With Shackles, Wake Up Today & Start Joining A New Movement  Which Will Encompass Everyone Who Is In Power Get In Touch With All Of Your Military Generals & Start Taking Back Your Life The Federal Reserve Was The First Now Lets Add To That Success With World People Power You Still Have Decent People In Power Who Have Been Waiting For You To Rise Up & They Will Be There To Help All The Way Lets See Our World As God Intended It To Be Free For All & No Wars Just Peace & Fresh Air & Not Posinous Chemiclas Reigning Down On Us Daily Alond With Earth Quakes & Tsunami,s  We Will Win & We Will Be Free But You Must Help As No One Else Will Untill You All Show Some Backbone.God Helps Them That Help Them Selves Remember That As It,s True .

  15. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..It is a weapon of mass destruction orchestrated by a so-called elite group of losers who refuse to go out quietly and are quite intent on the  destruction all life including human on this sphere….could be defined as their doomsday machine….those working for them would never conceive that…..but know clearly they are doing wrong….put your Bibles down it will not solve this….if prayer helps you feel better so be it…..but this will be resolved quite frankly on a reality plane not through pretentious or other wishful thinking….we are up to our eyeballs in deceit and corruption….that is very clear…..this is our battle for our very lives and the lives of our children….period

    • BaneB says:

      The Bible refers to human nature as the root cause of our problems.  Indeed, it seems at Babel, Nimrod's capitol, that some entity knew human nature better than we do ourselves.  Basically these entities understood that with everyone speaking the same language there would be nothing imagined by humans that humans could not do.  Given our dual spiritual nature this includes the most wicked of endeavors, too.  Today in our epoch the universal language is the computer.  With such a device anything of our imaging can be realized.  Want a Mastadon?  Want to shut down the magnetosphere?  Want to create weather wars?  a fake clouds?  Want to kill most of us off?  Where do I stop "imagining"?  The computer for all its promise is to what those entities were delaying.  The fact is a certain tribe wrote that Book.  Take a good look:  that tribe is a Israel.  Its role at this juncture seems self evident from a non religious secular view.  I recall reading a passage somewhere in there and it went like this paraphrased, referring to a world rising out of the ashes of the current debacle:  "and any nation that does not send to Jerusalem once a year a ambassador, no rain shall fall upon that nation."  Oddly, politics and religion seem to go hand in glove no matter how religious or political are the issues.  We are in worship of one thought or another.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      …..Thanks for expounding…..excellent….

    • i agree 100 percent  thanks for your postkeith

  16. Augie says:

    If my car were paid for, I'd have the whole thing painted as a billboard.

  17. wayne says:

    Of course another day in Southern California as the daily nonstop spraying continues, my ears are ringing like crazy, my eyes and throat are burning and my nose bleeding. The escalation of spraying is unbelievable…. on a positive note I turned on five people today.

  18. Bob says:

    Quick question to you all if you have legal knowledge.  Is there some kind of legal difference between a "program" and an "experiment"?  I am just wondering because that would be a way for these people to say that formal, documented and publicly funded "programs" were not going on, yet fully aware that 'experiments' were happening daily. And to them, they would be able to say they are telling the truth. Word magic. Just a thought.

  19. Gillette says:

    Fantastic.  We need to get more Americans looking up and asking "what are they doing to us?"  

    • missy says:

      I think I will make bumper stickers how the billboards look, put them on my car and hand them out with flyers.

  20. Bob says:

    For this movement, I wish Vermont allowed billboards. Pffft. I think this approach to starting awareness is going to be very effective.  Just to make note, yesterday the spraying began in earnest.  The forecasters were calling for rain today and as the low pressure system approached, they did their in-between-the-cover-of-clouds spraying.  I have noticed that to be their pattern now, they do not do the horizon to horizon criss crossing trails.  They know we are watching.  So they spray when there is already partial cloudiness because of the approaching low.  And at night ( witnessed that first hand last night).  Lo and behold, when I woke up there was a misty nastiness that turned into full on weird cold rain.  It is so obvious now, I still am amazed when people look at me as if I am some conspiracy theorist when I point it out.  Oh well, I am secure in myself so I will keep mentioning to everyone I know ( and even some I don't 🙂 ).  Thanks for showing so much courage and knowledge, each and everyone of you! Special thanks to you Dane!  Before this site was created, workin' in the trees,  I was an observer of this craziness and it was even harder then to get people to listen.

    • Concerned in Cali says:

      Yes I agree there seems to always be a mix of fakes with real cumulus clouds blended together . But If you have been watching the skies it is so very easy to tell the difference . 

    • Stephanie says:

      Yes, I also notice the misty rain the day or so right after chem spraying. 2 years ago, they used to spray the entire sky on a clear blue sky, all criss-crossed. Then that stopped and now they are spraying very early in the morning so when the sun comes up, the sky just looks silvery white, as the chem streaks have already fanned out. I can tell that the pattern of spraying is now trying to be less obvious. Still, who can rationalize that these white streams are normal jet exhaust when they come and go with no consistent reason? 

  21. JoyFounder says:

    YES!!!!!  This makes my (our) year!

    How do we get these signs up and down 5 & 101 in California?!  I wonder how much $$$$?  I notice more empty signs on major heavy traffic areas here in Silicon Valley.  Just imagine . . . for 1 minute . . . one of these signs right where people are crawling in rush hour traffic with no where else to look . . . Now I'm getting depressed again because I'm expecting people to read a sign when they don't even LOOK UP through their sun roofs and convertibles, not noticing what's in the sky directly above them. 

    . . . it was good while it lasted.  Ugh

    • Jactn says:

      Need two signs one in English and one in Spanish!
      If we could get them in Movie theatre preshows. That could be productive!

    • Laura Hefner says:

      I'm in !!!   Dane or anyone with information & or experience with how to
      go about paying to get a billboard post going , Please let us know !!! 
      If I could afford it , I'd have them Everywhere !!! 
      Southern California Must have @ Least 15 – 50 Chemtrails a day ,
      Minimum !

    • JoyFounder says:

      Great idea Jactn.  I just called AMC Theaters regarding advertising  > they need a company name and address with zip code to send the invoice.  She wouldn't quote any $$$ without it so I didn't get any helpful info.

      It would be amazing if we could advertise when the new Star Wars movie comes out in December!!!

    • scott brice says:

      A more effective way might be to copy those billboards and make signs for tailgates on pickup trucks. A rolling billboard that people HAVE to read when it is in their face! And they dont even have to look up!  

  22. Roger Gibbons says:

    Lovin it …….. how do I do that in Ontario, Canada. Need to do here because when they spray in southern Ontario it blows south of the border and that's you.
    So we need to make our voice known in this fight for all mankind.
    Keep it up everyone,  I send email to the Canadian government and tell all my friends and family and their doing the same. We will all win this war.

  23. bija says:

    Awesome!  Another nail in the lunatics' coffin!!

    I have been using my car as a billboard for more than 2 years now and have finally, after all this time, have had other cars honk, give me the thumbs up, and ask questions as I pump gas or get in or out in parking lots. At long last some people are waking up and it does my heart good to think I might be an agent of change in this war against pure evil. I figure hundreds of peole a day see my car with displayed on all sides and Look Up with pictures of trails and large kettering across the rear window saying Stop Spraying Us Now! I am planning to get more professional print shop banners and magnetic signage soon.

    Sometimes the darkness is too much to bear. In those times this is what I have to get me through.  This and all of you who have woken up and spoken out and who are my brothers and sisters in this insane race to end the insanity.  

    Dane – you have been the catalyst for action for so many of us and remain an example of what we can do individually and together. Keep fighting, all!

  24. Sean S says:

    I checked this site last night at around 7:30 PST and I believe the total number of visits was 19,080,000 and some change. In less than 24 hrs. it's up another 13,000 some odd hits!!! Hells yes. Dane we are doing it!! We shall overcome!!!!!

  25. Renate says:

    Can't upload image. Anyway, across the back of my car window in white letters I have "OUR GOVERNMENT IS SPRAYING US LIKE BUGS it's something anyone can do.

  26. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane – so happy to see new billboards went up out west – definitely some good news amidst a sea of bad! 

    I would gladly commit to becoming involved in trying to spearhead something logistically if there were enough interest out there!
    What are others' thoughts on this??

  27. carol freiberg says:

    Thanks for the good news Dane. Also a big thank you to all the good people involved in this movement. What could be more important? The massive spraying in Idaho, and elsewhere must stop. Glad to see there is a billboard in Idaho now. Kellogg Id. is between Spokane and Wyoming, in the panhandle. Need one in the Boise area where most of the population is in Idaho. Have written my reps several times and got the air force document that states "nothing to worry about, only water vapor". Might as well addressed it to YOU DUMB SPUD! These maniacs really must be above any law and my representatives either complicit or as dumb as a spud.

  28. colt says:

    I just don't think anything will get this to stop. Kind of like trying to get military to stop anything else they do. Stuff makes me and my family so sick.

    • Sean s says:

      Colt I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family are sick. Do not despair as there are things that can be done to regain your health. Less than two months ago I was at deaths door and no one could figure out what was wrong. I ended up having to seek alternatives to find an answer. The first step is to get a heavy metals test (Dane has instructions and resources for getting This dine under the health tab on this site) This week give you proof and show you what your body is dealing with.  Once you have that info it's a matter of getting this crap out of your system. Since I have been on this detox I have gone from near death to having excellent health and more energy than I know what to do with. There is hope for all.

  29. Abigail says:

    BRAVO!  BRAVO! Go-Go-Go!  This is fantastic., Yes, we are all in this together. It breaks my heart that 'they', our governmental agencies, are literally destroying planet earth.  They will be held accountable, mark my words.  Dane, your comment brought tears to my eyes. "No matter what 'they' do I will stay at my post."  What a real peach you are Dane! I got the post from Russ Tanner and have put it on my face book page.  A few people have shared it already!   Yea! That's what we are here for, to help one another!  Godspeed to all you wonderful people.  Be firm, yet be polite. Nobody will read anything with hateful comments on it. I wouldn't.  I just hit 'delete'! Things are happening for the 'BETTER'.  Yet, we have a long way to go, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!   Thank you so much! In Him, A  

  30. Howard Taylor says:

    I live Houston the Cancer $$$$ Center. Need a sign that says Geoengineering causes Cancer.

  31. Adam Coleman says:

    $heeple need to look up while driving instead of texting and maybe they could SEE THE SIGNS AND TRAILS!

  32. Abr says:

    This was released on this morning. PEER is the whistleblower protection organization that is assisting The National Weather Service and NOAA fight the gag orders. This press release today is about a USDA entomologist that is being punished for publishing his research about widely used pesticides causing adverse damage to pollinators, like the monarch butterfly.  Insanity, lies and corruption everywhere.

    • Nigel says:

      Yes, our leader must protect Monsanto at all cost. Sick. This guy has come down on whistleblowers more than all previous ones combined! And he has the audacity to brag about it. 

  33. Las Vegan says:

    Bravo!!  Bravo!!!  Dane, does your organization put up these billboards or are they independently put up by people/groups of people in these states?  What does putting up a billboard cost?  Thanks!!  Well done, everyone!!

  34. Lydia Plaster says:

    Am very happy these are going to more areas. I have a question. Recently several French children that have asthma were found with carbon nano tubes in their lungs. Over half of those tested with asthma in the study. It is not good and similar to asbestos as far as what it does to the body. Some of the articles are blaming carbon car exhaust as a possible source. Very odd since they come from the computer industry. Am very concerned that we could be getting this from the spraying. Is there any chance of this being checked in some of our heavily sprayed areas? Please keep us posted if anything turns up about this here and its possible SRM connection. I know asbestos will kill you and am assuming nano tubes in the lungs would be similar medically. It would be great if we could find out more or if it was something isolated as this unfolds.

  35. Ken Rhoades says:

    We can’t only have Dane, we need millions more to stand up and help. Also we need to stop what these people are doing to Targeted Individuals torture in America

  36. Dennis & Connie Gomez says:

    let's get these up everywhere possible!!!  The sheeple need to be wakened;  time is running out!  We have drought even here in N-W Montana!!

  37. Susan says:

    We need a billboard here in Billings Montana asking what the ………heck all the gwen towers are doing in and around Billings, Montana?
    There are a ton of gwen towers in the Billings area as well as along the highways going toward Laural and Hardin and other more rural areas as well. There are also towers near the refinery.
    Additionally, Billings is supposed to be building a larger airport starting in 2016.
    The spraying goes on here in Billings on a daily basis. Some days the skies are overcast with spray, while other days we have sunshine, but it usually gets gray in the afternoon. But people I talk with still are not awake. Others still, may know but don’t say anything.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, we are researching the tower proliferation, and the massive amounts of power use they wired for. 

    • Hello Susan,
      The GWEN tower systems were originally designed for communications use by the Navy. The official lie is that they've been decommissioned. Not true. Just like the HAARP array in Alaska, the systems have only been modified for "other" uses. I personally witnessed the modification and reactivation of a local GWEN tower.
      The entire electrical grid and cellular communications tower systems are also part of the snuff strategy. This patent defines the early conceptual work: >
      Bernard Vonnegut – April 7, 1959 GENERATION OF' ELECTRICAL FIELDS
      The amount of power being used for these systems is staggering…

    • horsegirl says:

      Susan, I was born/raised in south central Montana and we constantly went to Billings to see extended family.  I may be stating the obvious but have you noticed how many utterly whacked-out people cluster around the inner Billings periphery of the hospital complexes?  Montana is the locus to some of the weirdest stuff on earth.  I have sound reason to believe  Operation Paperclip Nazi science fugitives were provided new papers/IDs and worked/work in the Billings medical juggernaut.  Billings has been a mecca for human experimentation for decades.  I'm even writing a book concerning the issue.  The region is beyond berserk.  A fulcrum of that history is the erstwhile Northern Pacific Railroad (NP) locomotive repair center in Livingston which is the midway point between Seattle and the Twin Cities.  The only one between those two points, it was a strategic national asset.  In 1954 a strike significantly coordinated out of Livingston shut down first the NP Railroad from the Twin Cities to Seattle, thus a domino effect on all other lines nationwide, for at that time transportation was done by railroad not trucking.  The union effectively stopped national transportation and commerce cold.  After that Livingston – and Billings and other railroad communities – swarmed with black shiny shoes and seethed with mercenary railroad politics.  From then on in Livingston, no locals were ever again hired as teachers, brought in as medical or other administrative personnel.  This was a major milestone in the corporate overlords stealing the railroad system from the public, quashing much more efficient railroad transportation in favor of trucking in a push to ever burn more oil.  Livingston's history represents an extremely important step in that process beyond the scope of my comment here.

      Livingston is your prototype Sandy Hook, full of people all miraculously hired from somewhere else out of state.   Full to the brim with spooks and their infidel associates. To top themselves, a few decades later the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) bought out Forbes' ranch on the northern border of Yellowstone Park some 50 miles south of Livingston, bought up about a quarter of the real estate in the then economically winnowed Livingston post railroad merger to launder the influx of thousands of members "called home" worldwide by Elizabeth Claire Prophet in preparation for Armageddon and nuclear war with Russia.  The CUT built the world's largest state-of-the-art fallout shelter at the threshhold of Yellowstone (red flag here – all kinds of subterranean construction was done up Paradise Valley in the name of "fallout shelters").  Mind you, they were "allowed" to carry out massive construction next to the very protected Yellowstone River in a climate whereby ranchers had petty bureaucrats crawling up and down their backs for minor modifications of fencing and irrigation – representing the advent of a whole lot of deep underground excavations along the same drainage). CUT almost went Waco, resulting in an international media circus during the late '80's.  I have every reason to believe in retrospect that the CUT epoch was a colossal dark achievement in mass mind control, an MK Ultra on steroids probably engineered in part out of Billings.  And this is just to inform you of things you can look up.  

      I personally interviewed Jerome Weisner, science advisor for Eisenhower and Kennedy while doing an internship at MIT.  Weisner's eyes popped out when I told him I was from Montana.  He said go home and tell them they are ground zero because at the time 90% of the nation's nuclear warheads were there.  Montana is still said to be the fourth largest nuclear power on earth.  There is a reason the top brass of the bankster cabal cluster around Yellowstone.  Kissinger's hole is right upstream from you in GreyCliff under the name of James Johnson the Bilderberger.  Tom Brokaw and numerous "household name" movie stars planted themselves south of Big Timber, and a huge cadre of media whores invade the general area who no doubt double as spooks – all those writers in "the last best place" with so few Pulitzer nominations… hmm.  In the 90's Redford, the elite media apparatchuk, was dispatched to make two movies in the vicinity (Horse Whisperer and A River Runs Through It) and the land rush was on.  This was during the high times of the wolves-in-Yellowstone-Park boondoggle, a massive land and power grab from the agrarian communities flanking the park.  Which did no good for wolves – Yellowstone is an outsized zoo, and the result has been thriving wolves decimating the herds of deer and elk to a nearly final degree.  The globalists gobbled up all that land as a result of a national psy-up teaching the public to identify with wolves, poor wolves (Canada is so full of them they had a bounty on them, the second largest country on earth – and here come Americans paying a million dollars each for a few dozen – Canada laughed its butt off for they were in no danger of extinction) – teaching the public to say "good feds, wolf lovers, bad ranchers, wolf killers…"  A huge land grab ensued.  The dark side of which was a secret dispatch ot legions of military affiliates to relocate to the Bitterroot Valley in particular.  Bill Gates' Armageddon hideout is up the Gallatin Canyon outside Bozeman.  Rumsfeld's Madison River area ranch is near Ennis (you can google that one) and his son is said to live in Livingston.  On the other side of the Yellowstone volcano you have Cheney, Goldman Sachs, the Fed, the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys and the Saudi billionaire oil boys between Jackson and Cody..  The Fed meets in Jackson where I believe many also reside.  Did I forget to mention Ted Turner in Big Sky?  When the president returned from the 2009 summit in Mexico with the Mexican and Canadian heads of state – a wealth of chatter about [ahem] global warming and climate change – he went straight to Teddy and Billy to have a buffalo burger.  Flew directly from Mexico to Bozeman to talk with his handlers.  That's when I knew for sure his job description was carrier pigeon.  

      All my life I heard people boast of one day harnessing the power of Yellowstone's magma, from which it is possible to power scalar weapons.  There's a reason they're clustering where they do.  There are more beautiful areas, certainly more habitable ones, but there's something on with Yellowstone.  Is there anywhere else worldwide that all these reptiles are known to dwell as permanent residents?  Which is why Wyoming has no personal income tax – the richest fraudsters call it home.  Cheney's daughter makes noises about running for Wyoming governor.   Like Dante's inferno.  Bingo, there they all roost.  Who among the guilty is absent?  As if they were jeering at God, toeing up to the inferno's edge, saying "we won't burn, even the new pope decrees that Hell is but figurative."  I imagine the Rockefellers' Yellowstone residence probably sports an elevator swooshing them down into the heart of the D.U.M.B. matrix.  Recently a Russian general seemed to taunt them all, threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon over Yellowstone, did you see that?  The politics of which speak volumes.  As for those GWEN towers, once I saw a map of TIs (targeted individuals) in a Jesse Ventura presentation.  Montana had hands down more .such cases than anywhere – wildly disproportionate to population.  Plenty of use for those GWEN towers.  I could go on and on but thanks for posting this, Susan,  And Dane, go for it, look into that creepy vicinity.  FWIW Livingston is the first place I ever saw definitely geoengineered HAARP style clouds, although I had no idea as to the man-made nature of them at the time.  I have photos if you want them.  This was about 1978, producing such bizarre coloration and light that people literally came out of stores and businesses into the street to marvel. The greater Yellowstone region is where the deal will go down, mark my words

    • horsegirl says:

      Thanks for bearing with my catharsis.  I half expect Dane to get a lot of flack. Because I know just what will be said in objection:  But there are a lot of really great people living in Montana!  This is what I get back almost every time I attempt to make people from the region aware of who/what resides there.  People can be so irrelevant.  So full of Yogi Bear euphoria.  Yes, this is true. Some people who are most dear to me are in Montana.  But there were a lot of nice people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, weren't there, and did that stop rteality?  There were a lot of really nice indigenous people in Nicaraugua, Guatemala, Honduras etc. but that didn't stop the warlords inhabiting the greater Yellowstone region from decimating them.  There were/are a lot of terrific people in Iraq, but that did't stop the warlords of the greater Yellowstone periphery from wreaking death upon them did it? If it's your turn, it's your turn.  The cup will reach the guilty at last.

  38. Nigel says:

    Yesterday I drove all the way from southern California to New Mexico. There must have been at least 6-8 jets working the zone all day long. What started out as a clear deep blue morning, but but midday the entire sky was choked off with very thick chemical clouds. So much that it started turning darker in color as the whole ugly dirty mess drifted as about as fast as i was driving. But It made me think that the I-40 near the CA / AZ border would be a great place for a billboard. 

  39. Boban says:

    Hi Dane, I am sure they have been watching you closely for long time now.I just wonder if they tried to contact or intimidate you in any way to stop doing what you do???

  40. Kat Lopez says:

    The more I look at this the more looks like one giant Gas Chamber. Technically, that's really what they're doing.

  41. Kat Lopez says:

    I got my Go Fund Me Page up to put up a billboard on the main highway in Philadelphia but so far, no one has contributed. It's $5k to put it up. BUT That's not stopping me from Leaftletting the flyers all around the transit systems in Philly and New Jersey.

    • Grinling Gibbons says:

      God Bless You Cat Lopez if more people would only take the same staunch effort that you have undertaken we soon would be seeing no more spraying & no more Haarp Transmitters bringing about death & destruction, Im quite aware lots of people haven got much money but it’s not about money it’s about People Power & did you see the turnout in Germany Of People Power well I salute them as they are doing something about the situation that is rising,, & now you have thousands of Europeans Buying Guns for self defence, but that’s not what we need what we need is Governments to place the military in positions to take back Power From The Cabalist & Banksters & Industrial War Machine That Is Under Control Of The Cabalist, there is millions of armed forces who are doing things because Rogue Generals Colonels Majors Are In The Cabals Pay but once these millions of Armed Forces See There Is Something Being Done To Stop This They Will Gladly Come Out Onto Your Side Of The Fence & Then Hey Presto We Have Gotten Our Country /S Back In By Operating People Power Thats The Only Way We Will Win Control Of Our Lives & Our Country’s Grinling Gibbons.

  42. David Casella says:

    What would it take to get Billboards like these, up in every major city in each state of this country. Multiple Billboards should go up in every town and city. Maybe this will begin to wake up the masses of humanity, to face this reality.

  43. Thanks Dane! How I would love to see these in my state

  44. JACTN says:

    India is cloud seeding?  Hmm maybe the global cabal is climate modifying in mass too.
    It's been holding in the upper 50's now since late Sunday when the drizzle hit.  This morning in Southeast TN the sun started to peak out and the temps are now pushing 70 in a few minutes. 
    An aware friend of mine said in North GA that the sun this morning was hot on the skin through clouds.  We are very concerned UV is now out of control.  Methane is also making things much warmer in our area we are concerned about that as well. 
    Air quality is total crap too.  Everyone's lungs are totally clogging up and lots of people getting very sick in the lungs. 

    Grateful for signs being posted. Keep up the good work everyone keep spreading the word.

    • Thank you JACTN, for this link, so very informative & interesting to me. I have a young friend in Bangalore India and I have sent him this email with the link:
      “I know you think you are immune in India and that this GeoEngineering monster is an American western thing, but a friend of mine who goes to India frequently told me that he saw the aerosol spraying in the south. I realize this article makes it sound so beneficial, but if this really worked and the company is in America – then WHY is California and the entire west coast still in a major drought?”

      The evidence from business oriented Bloomberg:
      … Prakash Koliwad, chief executive officer of Kyathi Climate Modification Consultants, the cloud-seeding company based in Bangalore that commissioned this flight.
      …So Koliwad called Weather Modification Inc., the world’s largest private aerial cloud-seeding company, based in Fargo, N.D. WMI’s chief executive, Patrick Sweeney, developed a five-year technology transfer program with Koliwad that’s now in its first year. Pederson and other WMI staff are training Indian pilots, meteorologists, and Doppler radar technicians to seed clouds.
      … Sweeney also built ICE (Ice Crystal Engineering), a company that makes cloud-seeding chemicals and supplies flares to 25 countries. ICE adds a decent sidestream of income for Sweeney, with revenue of about $3 million a year. But the bigger advantage is that it helped WMI become the only aerial seeding company that “does a full turnkey,” says Neil Brackin, WMI’s president—meaning it customizes and operates the planes and radars, manufactures the flares, and flies the missions.
      They do have competitors. There are 34 private companies worldwide that do weather modification, but there’s no bigger rival in aerial cloud seeding than the Chinese government, which spends hundreds of millions a year seeding clouds in 22 of its 23 provinces, both to clear pollution above cities and to enhance rainfall for farming. China has yet to allow private companies to enter its market, but Sweeney is making inroads; he sold his first cloud-seeding plane to Beijing last year.

    • Bob says:

      Thank you JACTN and Susan for some excellent posts.  Does it infuriate anyone else that cloud seeding is talked about all over as being so benign and good, and companies and countries engaged in it, given accolades and have "competition ", and the masses accept it as just being normal meaningful capitalist practice.  Why is the leap to using cloud seeding with a ionosphere heater twist so outlandish and a conspiracy theory?  It just plain boggles my mind that people can't put two and two together more quickly anymore. "Oh people would never use happy cloud seeding for nefarious purposes, nuh uh,  that's crazy talk, you looney. Or, the technology doesn't exist to make happy cloud seeding go bad, no way ".  Grrrrrrr.

    • Muse minus Time says:

      Hi JCATN,
      Read the article you are speaking and decided to take a step further in contacting the author of  the commercial spraying in India.  Here's the email copy, maybe others can request she dig a little deeper into the real issue.
      Your article was well written and with good
      information about the commercial weather modification
      programs.  However, how about digging deeper into the
      government "Solar Radiation Management" weather
      modification programs?
      An excellent resource to begin your investigation,
      especially the documents they have on file is:
      I hope to see your work on this as you appear to care
      about our environment and I'm writing as I would like to
      bring to light the US & global governments participation
      in these programs.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I am a
      senior turned activist because I care about the future for

  45. James says:

    We  need to put up billboards  all over the State of California ,
    Especially Sacramento And Jerry Browns new 4.5 million dollar Home
    Last night we picked up 1/10 of an inch of rain in Amador County  . The weather system did not produce the amount of rain we should have seen . The rainfall totals should have reflected  one inch or more  . We did not get it . With all the poison spraying going on the top of the low pressure system  , the rain we should have received  dried up before it hit the ground .
    One Day Soon ,  we will Band  together ,  W foundation out from under The Great State of  California

    • PatinSF says:

      Hi James wow did the media ever hype about the coming rains and El Niño buster from this California storm which was supposed contain remnants of hurricane Olaf! Not a single drop here, I watched it all day by radar and satellite yesterday it look like an impressive Low pressure system classic coma shape but it just blew up upon reaching the coast. Excellent work and thank you Dane! 

  46. PatinSF says:

    Excellent we need hundreds more across America!
    How can we get one of these installed in down town San Francisco? 

  47. david gwilym says:

    We need a thousand "Danes" , come on folks, les take this to critical mass whilst we still have a chance, last week I vented my frustrations on the facebook page, a cry for help, a feeling of helplessness but when I see these boards going up it gives me hope, well done to all involved and especially Dane, I only wish I had a fraction of his resolve.

  48. IBM to Acquire the Weather Company /Oct. 28
    IBM hopes it has a new use for Watson, its artificial intelligence business.
    The company announced on Wednesday that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire most of the assets of the Weather Company, including a large number of weather data collection points, consumer and business applications and a staff of over 900 people.
    IBM would not say how much it was paying for the business, but an earlier report in The Wall Street Journal put the deal at over $2 billion.

    • Andrea says:

      IBM is grossly entrenched with WW2 and the Holocaust. Is IBM's purchase of Weather Company going to be a repeat of history, but on a global level through more intense weather modifications, further poisoning of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we bathe in and drink?

  49. This is great!
     Maybe this is what I should do here in Sequim. I had the most horrible experience yesterday in a store that sells camping stuff – I mentioned my concern over the electronic warfare plan here on the Olympic Peninsula WA and the owner told me to ignore it, not to worry. He said he used to be in law enforcement and that it could be worse, it could be ISIS! I can't believe how ignorant people are. He got my Texas-Irish up…so this morning I have sent an email to Dahr Jamail. I'll let you know what he says. My letter:

    Hello Dahr Jamail,

    Regarding your article: Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State / Monday, 10 November 2014  

    I have photographic evidence of the aerosol spraying over the Olympic Peninsula and what must the the total ‘electrification’ of the sky on October 23rd (I believe). I assume this must have been part of the electromagnetic war games, but this occurred over Sequim, Happy Valley and west. I live up on what is called Bell Hill here and have a stunning view of the sky, mountains, Happy Valley, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and west. I felt sick for two days after this event.

    I sent these photos to David King, the mayor of Port Angeles, but got no reply as yet. I would like to send them to you and anyone else who might be interested. Karen Sullivan might be a good contact and maybe the Audubon Society, Richard Jahnke.

    I am nearing 70 – and just returned from living in New Zealand for the last 7 years. I lived in Sequim in the 1980s and the silence in my yard is deafening – meaning what remains of birds and insects. Since I have only been back a short time, I have few contacts in the area and the number of retired military perhaps make my efforts futile anyway.

    Can you help me to get these images to people who could use them? Thank you for your courage, Susan Ferguson

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, I have had some communication with Dahr, he indicated he would soon cover the climate engineering issue, but nothing to date has come from him. 

    • penny says:

      Great idea, Susan.  If everyone who visits this page would send a letter to Dahr, maybe he would get to writing…
      I'll start mine now.

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