Video Proof, The Criminally Insane Experiments Of The US Military

The experiments of the US military (and other power structures) should make it clear that the world is being run by completely psychopathic individuals. The shocking 9 minute historical video below should be an extremely sobering wake up call for us all. The calm and unemotional narrator is telling of the callousness with which such inhuman experiments are conducted. The “nationalistic” music played at the end of the film is an indication of how the US military wants us all to feel gleeful about all the tools of death and destruction they are experimenting with and now control. All of us have long since become a part of a global experiment without our knowledge or consent. Though we are very aware of many toxic climate engineering components being sprayed in our skies, we can only guess at the biological testing which in all likelihood is a major part of the spraying. Researchers at the Carnicom Institute have already identified what they consider to be “engineered pathogens” in air samples after aerosol spraying from jet aircraft. We are all now lab rats in an experiment so colossal that it holds all life on Earth in the balance. Those that care about life and justice will join in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering. The individuals responsible for and participating in the geoengineering programs should be tried in a court of law. Anyone that is sitting this fight out has lost their compass heading, this battle requires the efforts of all.

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  1. Taylor Zurawski says:

    Revolution and rebellion. quit your job, boycott stop adding to the world wide distributions of the world : plane train auto bus truck boat ship that will create more pollution in the air ground water and sky also adds to our landfills there are so many plastics nad paper and aluminum being used for packaging, leave your kids at home with you because they are trying to make us pay more for education ie college degrees testing running extra curricular activties and powering the schools kids should be taught real skills and learn about life first hand not in a class room and playing is free at home. The school teaches kids the wrong info ie history lesson bull s@t and it repeats math english sci and sit down and shut up and do as your told brainwashing, close your banks they want you to put your useless money in the bank teddy roosevelt is so clever, gain access to your own resources by growing your own food buy a crop field and farm. We work and pay taxes to support the country including the military who are setting us up for war. Stop giving them money from our pockets. Our money is a promise note for the fed reserve so don`t work for money if it is valueless instead trade and barter with your neighbors, we all have valuables to trade and donate grow food or livestock and feed each other. trade clothing or supplies amongst each other instead of supporting monopolizing companies that pay low wages and with hold tax. support the town with repairs together like a community and share knowledge we all all teachers, plumbers, mechanics, techs, doctors etc. work together and reward with an exchanged services of your own profession. over throw the government we have the right to let's do this the soverign way become a natural person no birth certificates, no identification, no registering to work or live here To drive a car, to buy a gun, to leave the country and live somewhere else be free and not a slave. STOP SPRAYING US!

  2. Ben says:

    DO what they do. Get in positions of authority and influence and make the world how you think that it should be. Also, do what this site and concerned people do, educate others about reality and propose solutions and alternatives which are healthy. Is this easy to do? Well no, but it is a real way to affect change.

  3. Muad'dib says:

    I am truly sad today, I see everything for what it is, a circus to entertain the stupid or those who wish to remain stupid. It is obvious geoengineering is the most f*cked up thing the government has concocted. I think its obvious their end goal is to extract as much wealth and work from the populace- it takes an Army of engineers, workman, plumbers, electricians,farmers, computer engineers to make and provision their Deep Underground Bunkers, I think they plan on living down there for a long long time perhaps hundreds of years. i think they will drop the curtain fast and kill us off quick when it is time. They will disappear and leave those middle level traitors to fight us all. WE LET THIS HAPPEN, NEVER FORGET THAT, WE WERE NOT INVOLVED IN OUR GOVERNMENT, WE ALLOWED OURSELVES TO BE BRAINWASHED OUT OF OUR HUMANITY. It is our fault in the end, we let evil proceed over the land like a plague. Am I guilty,no. Are we guilty, yes. Do I know what to do, I haven’t the slightest clue.

  4. Kirby says:

    Although I am new to this site and the facts of purposeful aerosol spraying to implement weather change, I am not in the least surprised. I have been studying hard for years about those who have been conspiring globally for centuries (under numerous and evolving guises) to bring about global political control by a ruling elite.
    I’m sure there have always been military, political, and scientific people who have worked morally to advance military technology to out maneuver our political and military adversaries around the world, but there is a shift going on at this time. In these latter years, the “ruling elite” classes belonging to the conspiracy “theory” (NOT!) organizations – Bilderbergers, Tri-Lateral Commission, CFR, etc. have all been ramping up their efforts. That’s why the Tri-Lateral Commission was formed. The Bilderbergers weren’t moving fast enough to suit the powers that be who formed around the evolving nucleus of Rothschilds, Warburgs, Cecil Rhodes, etc. centuries ago, and later the Rockefellers, J. P. Morgan, and a plethora of others about a century ago. These folks and their evolved organizations (Federal Reserve, CFR, etc.) are pushing much harder now as Obama and his OWG handlers (G. Soros and his highly secretive group of millionaire and billionaire leftists) assimilate full control of the U.S. The money these mad dogs can and have brought to bare to dominate their world’s greatest enemy – American sovereignty, is truly staggering. It boggles the mind and controls both parties of U.S. politics.
    Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir here on all this, but having read through a number of the articles and commentary forums, I have found no mention, so thought I would establish some initial ground.
    Those manipulating the weather fronts and so forth are nothing new. They’ve been around for centuries but have evolved their weaponry with our age’s new technologies. Hundreds of millions have died in past wars where both sides are always financed by the world’s banking elites for consolidating and growing their own wealth and more importantly, their grip on political control worldwide.
    Foes of western democracy are always eventually real and have to be fought, but their is huge hands on manipulations involved. J. P. Morgan about 100 years ago bought out 25 of the most influential and powerful of American newspapers. He and his later followers have used this ownership to form American political thinking.

  5. Marchel Rochon-Hill says:

    I remember in the 80’s the removal of Aerosol Deoderants because the the Harm done to the Ozone – what the heck?? Another WMD – Weapons of Mass Distraction!

  6. Joe IceCrystal Rogan says:

    You won’t believe what I say today. Alex Jones interviewed Joe Rogan today and called those who believe in geoengineering “schizophrenics”. He and Joe went on to say that what we are seeing are “ice crystals”. He told Joe that his hit piece of chemtrails was “a good show”. Considering Jones did a decent report on geoengineering recently, I thought Id bring this to your attention. This guy is nothing but a turncoat opportunist.
    The link is
    It starts at the 25:15 mark

  7. JR says:

    We’re being blasted daily along with our rain clouds daily here in Southwest New Mexico, USA is all I have to say as I write this evening 8-26-14. Evil does not even care to hide in the daytime as a thief would and said to do their dirty work in the dark. These lowlifes care not to hide and ramming their dung right down our throats, a slam dunk as Tenet said.

  8. Nick Myer says:

    The Despicable dark side of human beings with power and it clearly didn’t stop there. Porton Down are probably the worst offenders in many areas. According to Barrie Trower, Porton Down have tested 500,000 unsuspecting civilians with microwave weapons. Yes they don’t just blow up pigs. This may sound a crazy allegation to make, but the real crazies are those who do this kind of thing and those who keep quiet about it knowing it is going on. Apparently their aim is to be able to cause over 4,000 “natural” illnesses using pulsed microwave frequencies, different frequencies causing different ailments. The very same thing apparently can be caused by the use of Haarp which is a giant microwave weapon of multiple functions including of course weather manipulation. Different frequencies can be applied to even make whole regions of people aggressive. These insane few who abuse the military need to be stopped. They clearly act above the law in all things testing and clandestine operations. They surely all need serious therapy and of course to be tried for crimes against humanity. Apparently also just being in the military is enough to be tested on without consent too. So they hardly look after their own either. Keep up the great work Dane! The Geoengineering chemtrail truth will break through the barriers.

  9. Mell says:

    Thanks for the insight, I find it very interesting seeing old footage of such inhumane means. It does seem back in those days, they were only too happy to portray their ingenious inventions and as of today, it has become even more secretive and underhanded. Nothing surprises me anymore and I fear even what is scratching the surface already to our knowledge… is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak… keep up the great work.

  10. andrew says:

    Here is my email number 6.

    Ebola, ISIS, Malaysian flight MH17, August 21st 2014 and Geoengineering. What do they have in common?

    1. Ebola
    A US Biological warfare team and a ‘research team’ from Tulane University (a selective private research university founded in 1834 in New Orleans), was ‘researching’ in Sierra Leone when the outbreak occurred. It has been stated that they were actively experimenting on the local population. Sierra Leon identified them as the perpetrators of this outbreak and kicked them out of the country. There is little that doubt this outbreak was intentionally caused by the U.S. war department using an engineered pathogen. It is quite possible that the suggestion of experimental drugs being used as a cure is a deliberate test to see the public reaction – for when the public realise that global geoengineering experiments have been going on for years. It also a method to intentionally scare the public into accepting ‘authority’.

    Ebola causes the complete removal of all vitamin C in the body. The surest and safest way to cure Ebola is to have massive intake of Vitamin C until the body’s own immune system is strong enough to combat the virus.

    2. ISIS
    ISIS is the successful completion of a joint American, Israeli and British military intelligence operation/strategy called “Hornet’s Nest”. The aim of this operation was to support, fund, train and link together some of the worst extremists in the world. This would then form a terrorist group that could be attacked as a new “Common Enemy”. We have seen this before many times, with Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden, Hussain and Iraq, 9/11 and so on.

    The aim is to start a global conflict.

    I understand that one recent suggestion was to use American Navy Seals dressed as Iranians and operating Iranian style Motor Torpedo Boats to attack an American ship in the Gulf. Whilst US Seals may not agree to do this, Blackwater mercenaries may well be paid enough.

    3. MH17
    There is compelling evidence that this was shot down by gunfire from 2 fighter jets (both entry and exit holes on same side of cockpit wreckage). This could only be jets under Ukranian colours. It is inconceivable that the US, with all their satellites monitoring the Ukraine area, do not know exactly what happened.

    4. August 21st 2014
    USA has given Israel the green light to bomb Iran, with the suggestion that it should be done by 21st Aug as this is the date that they say Russian nuclear equipment (non military grade) will be in Iran. Of course they didn’t want bombing before 21st, it was a deadline for Iran to come over to America’s side. On and after that date the American war machine will rapidly increase their war mongering – UK will join them.

    The tipping point will probably be a similar attack as described above, not as big as Pearl Harbour, more like the Lusitania.

    With the new agreement between America and Israel, an attack on one is an attack on both. Thus Israel can bomb GAZA with impunity.

    5. Geoengineering
    More and more people are starting to realise that this global disaster is for real. Some Geoengineers themselves are starting to admit it, whilst others are creating as many diversions as possible to prolong their spraying. At the same time, they are preparing for the civil unrest that will occur unless they can create the biggest diversion possible to hide their actions. These preparations in USA include the 600 plus FEMA (concentration) camps; arming all public bodies (including the Dept of Agriculture) with military equipment including SMGs and hollow point bullets; numerous DUMBs; food stockpiles etc.

    Don’t forget that they are now so well practiced at spraying us, they could easily wipe out any serious public opposition.

    So, what do they have in common?
    The same power structure is initiating all the above. Their power and control is extraordinary. They have had 100 years to prepare, and we have very little time left to stop them.

    July had they warmest ocean temperatures on record, and the impending 250ft sea level rise will cover 80 of the top 100 cities in the world. Why did the Canadian Government prohibit the Canadian Ice Services from disclosing the extent of Arctic ice melt – and why does this information need nine levels of Government approval?

    Future emails will include:

    observations on covert atmospheric spraying
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    what effect is this spraying already having on us
    our forests are dying – our biosphere is dying
    our oceans are dying

  11. Johanna Finney says:

    Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. Please keep sounding the call for justice and action!

  12. Norman Gritzfeld says:

    I wonder what my uncles would of thought if they were still alive to see what our own governments are doing to their citizens? They spent the best years of their lives fighting through Europe to stop the very thing that is being done to us here. Genocide is genocide whether it is a deadly chemical dropped from a canister in a gas chamber to a slower death by dropping deadly chemicals from the back of airplanes. My concern is that we do not get this stopped in time before we have crossed a tipping point were too much damage has occurred. These elitist criminals must be exposed as the Neo Nazis that they are and held accountable for their actions.

  13. bobby says:

    Pray for an asteroid. We have failed as a race.

  14. Madra says:

    What they are doing is completely insane. Plus, what gives them the right to create a global gas chamber! And people worry about fema camps. The entire planet has become one big nazi gas chamber. Except all living things have been given a death sentence.
    How insane does one have to be to destroy their life support system?

  15. Peter says:

    A large portion of humanity is preoccupied with designing new and improved ways of eliminating the rest.

  16. Azaima says:

    Makes ya proud to be an American, huh? What is CS? Carbon Sulfate?

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