Weekly Geoengineering Watch Update 1-26-2014


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  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    For Stefon,

    That’s the first I’ve heard of an Aerosol Satellite. Yes, that gives me the sinking feeling that we get when we think we’ve heard the worst, and it’s one more even worse thing. They’ll fine tune their capabilities, they’ll see where they’ve missed covering a spot in aerosols. This is totally creepy, but thank you, Stefon for this info.

    Please stay well, Peace,Perseverance and Love to All

  2. simpleman says:

    Spot on Dane!Northeastern North Carolina.Has been sprayed real heavy for a few days now.We are projected to get 10-14 inches of snow.From clouds that are not natural.They look like mini wave type.Yesterday the temp here was 67*F.Today 28*F.It realy felt like spring.More whiteish type fibers falling yesterday.Thumps up for “weatherwar 101”

  3. I Live on the Oregon coast Nehalem Oregon, in the last few months I have witnessed all wildlife disappear! I was videotaping the other day for a couple hours and realized that …I DID Not see one bird! I live next to the Pacific Ocean ….by Nehalem Bay…Next to the Nehalem River, Mountains and fields all around. Nothing not even a fly! Its happening so fast, my friends we are next. WE are being heavily attacked here at the hub of the Jet Stream! We cant continue like this here. Everyone is sick. Its so heart Wrenching!
    Thanks, Bonnie Vachter

  4. DM says:

    Apologies for the mis-spelling…GeoEngineering Watch…
    Major trouble here in Sweden as well. Same kind of cover-ups, (mis) and (dis) information byt he media sources. The elk herds are going sick with, guess what??? Aluminum toxicity!!! And the sea birds in the Baltic are struggling from the same thing. The aerosols sprayed ahead of the storms in the North Sea and North Atlantic make for some disgusting sat images, cold but very dry over the middle of the country. Keep at the fight.



  5. DM says:

    Any chance Geonengineeringwatch.org can add a link to Weatherwar101’s site? WW101 has an incredible amount of extremely inportant information that ALL of the anti weather mod sites need to use and give him/her credit for.

    We need to all work together. With my thanks.


  6. Andy Kruusi says:

    I’m in southern Ontario. I’m in the “vortex” and it’s been unusually cold this year. Except for the warm up and ice storm at Christmas, it’s been very frigid and the weather is always coming from the southwest and southerly direction. I tell people this and try to clue them in that this weather is being engineered and I get looked at like I have 2 heads. It is truly remarkable how people are so programmed that they cannot even fathom this could be happening.

    The weather man at the start of this video is Toronto Global news Meteorologist Anthony Farnell. I laugh out loud when I hear these liars say “polar vortex”. It’s become a buzzword on our weather channel up here. I wonder if people would even clue in if they were told it’s warmer in Alaska then it is here in southern Ontario. I would bet NOT!

  7. Robin Blake says:

    I have only recently become aware that that this has been going on above our heads for some time. I would like to send out flyers and pamplets to neighbors and unsuspecting citizens. Are there any flyers I can print out and distrubute?

  8. Ron Libert says:

    At last–a meaningful weather report. It’s also an IQ test. Are you intelligent enough to recognize what is happening, when it’s right before your eyes.

  9. JudyAnne & Don Hutchison says:

    Thanks Dane, we are soooo fortunate to have you and your team in place. We continue to share your info…

  10. Mark Mallory says:

    In these times of total mainstream media deceit, aka Weapons of Mass Distraction, we must all seek out avenues of real information. This website, with Dane Wigington at the helm, is a freeway of truth. Count your blessings that you have found this site because we all need the truth so as to get our own acts together as the globalist elite turn this planet into a giant incinerator into which they are stuffing all forms of life. Remember, jets are now used as crop dusters, and we’re the bugs.

  11. drasho24 says:

    very upsetting, Are there any resources to test the soil/ snow available to the public? so we can see what kind of toxins are around our homes?

  12. terri gibbs says:

    Thank you for your honesty…

  13. piero villata says:

    here in italy isn’t any better, is kind of a nightmare in which i don’t see a way out unless those 85 richest men in the world aren’t taken out from their place of command

  14. Stefon says:

    Ok, is anyone concerned about this weeks upcoming NASA / Spacex / NWO Aerosol satellite being launched out of Cape Canaveral ??!! WTHeck !!! The abusing powers-that-be REALLY don’t give a SH8T about you, or you, or you, or you, or your kids, or your grandparents, or your parents; probably not even care about their own family. Because who gave them the right to kill people for science. That = we are now worth less than mice. God is great and will strike them down. God bless us all.

  15. Stefon says:

    Wow! The one scene in ‘what in the world are they spraying’ of the devil – David Kieth (et al), saying to some effect – ‘if it means sacrificing a few lives for the study of..’ AND now looking at the weather!? He is sacrificing your family AND your family AND your kids AND your kids!! Think of all the weather related deaths you hear about on the news! YES, that is exactly what he – David Kieth (et al) is talking about !! Wake up and spread the word!! If you love your kids and your family and want to say goodnight to them, you owe it to them to be OUTRAGED about this. I know I am and how dare they take my kids lives for granted. May God have mercy on their souls.

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