What Is The True State Of The Biosphere, Do You Trust Your Own Eyes?


How does one cut through the fog of endless disinformation in regard to the true state of the climate? Are the planet's glaciers melting? Or are they growing? Would you believe the truth if you could see it with your own eyes? The multiple award winning documentary film "Chasing Ice" has just been publicly posted, now all can see for themselves what is happening at an extremely alarming rate all over our planet. We are all in uncharted waters, the gravity of our collective reality is much more dire than almost any yet comprehend. If the planet is to have any chance of continuing to maintain life, the industrialized destruction of the biosphere must stop, starting with the immediate halting of climate engineering. All those that are truly committed to the fight against climate engineering need to take the time to educate themselves on reality. In the case of the planet's glaciers, this documentary reveals visually verifiable and indisputable facts. We must learn to recognize spun propaganda put out by the most powerful people and special interest groups in the world whose goal it is to hide reality from the public for as long as possible. How can we recognize false propaganda? By knowing what the truth really is. Though much of the statistical information in the film is very dire, the up to the minute statistics are already much worse. I hope all will take the time to view this extraordinary documentary. If we are to have the credibility necessary to gain ground in the fight against climate engineering, our conclusions must stand on solid ground.
Dane Wigington


Since the time this article was posted, the full length version of "Chasing Ice" was taken off of Youtube. A 4 minute trailer is still linked above for viewing and I would highly recomend viewing the full length film which can be found on line from the film maker.

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  1. Jim says:

    This is crazy wow

  2. Eric Morris says:

    "Chasing Ice" is currently available via streaming on Netflix – at least in the US of Amerika.

    Also folks, a handful of dirt is "earth".  The name of our precious planet is "Earth".  Let's show our mother all the respect she deserves, shall we?


  3. Eva says:

    Dear Jane! I cannot help you, other than sharing your pain and distress.

    I'm watching the destruction and killing of Lappland in Northern Europe. The breathtaking beautiful nature is rapidly being sprayed to a slow and painful death.

    The only comfort i have to offer: morphic fields. Rupert Sheldrake. Look it up, it will cheer you up. Although heartbraking, our conscious observation of what is going on is one effective way to unconciously inform the sleeping ones around us. 

    Stand strong. Mother Earth needs you.

  4. barbara larkin says:

    I have just watched the chaseing ice documentory , overwhelmed ,the speed at which this is happening , i do have a question and that is , what is actually the state of the ozone globaly at this moment in time , is there any recording or monitooring of this ,with the amount of spraying going on its hard to understand that we even have ozone , are there any visuals of evidence in the same way this documentary has recorded?

  5. Nigel says:

    Great film. Thanks for posting this Dane. Sadly you’re right about avoiding the mentioning of anything like geoengineering or chemtrails being intentionally sprayed in order to get it out there.

  6. Rose Taylor says:

    Hi Dane:

    I agree wiping out the world’s forests, fracking, chemical and pesticide overuse and on and on is not good for our world’s climate. Although, having thousands of planes flying daily over the world dumping its geoengineering chemical toxic brew is probably the number one reason for the forest fires, droughts, floods and extreme weather events.

    With that said, we can’t let the same guys that are making a killing off the destruction of our planet (& collecting billions in CARBON TAXES) to continue their planet killing greed and madness. See what hell they have wrought upon 3rd world citizens with their carbon taxes. The article, “The Great Carbon Credit Con: Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment?
    by Nadene Ghouri

  7. Ed Bee says:

    The big snowstorm we just awakened to in the Midwest (I am in Wisconsin) appeared geoengineered from start to finish. There were heavy chemtrails for three days beforehand. I’m really tired of being the only person around who sees it. By the end of each of the heavy spray days I taste metal on my lips and feel like I’m having a heart attack. People around me say it’s always been like this and the government wouldn’t be doing anything to harm all of its citizens. Even those I know who see them are in denial about how nefarious they could be. I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes but want you to know, Dane, how much I appreciate your diligent work. God bless you, brother.

    • Jayna R. says:

      Hi Ed Bee…you are NOT crazy! I see it everyday here in Eastern NC…most of my friends and family SEE it, but say "what can we do about it???" Then others think I'm insane and obsessed. DENIAL…so very sad Ed. For two days now they have left us alone in Fayetteville, NC. A beautiful Carolina Blue sky for two WHOLE days, I'm sure the spraying will return soon. :*( Take care my "geoseer" friend!

  8. Michael Costello says:

    Just watched this film on extreme ice retreat. This photographer James Balog’s total commitment, like your own, Dane, continues to encourage me to express my own shock and concern, and to seek my own best ways to help wake up all our species to what is happening, and what we must join together and do. Thank you both, and thanks to all who work with you . .

  9. Karen Strong says:

    This video is riveting .. It leaves us in no doubt of the damage we have contributed to our living breathing planet Forgetting our spiritual connection with our earth …it is awe inspiring and incredibly sad … I have shared it .. The evidence is indisputable … Thanks for posting Dane …..

  10. Will Larsen says:

    By the way, Mr. Wigington, when I first became aware of the geoengineering issue, you were the only resource I could draw upon and, today, you remain the most reliable. When I become disheartened, I try to focus on how far this (your) awareness campaign has come. I hope you will continue your efforts. I’m sure it must often be very difficult but your work is so appreciated by the rapidly growing number of people who are awakening.

  11. Will Larsen says:

    This is a profoundly sad, yet beautifully filmed documentary!

  12. Laura says:

    Dane – thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to awareness of the issues. Watching this documentary causes me more duress as it emphasizes the imminence of the results of our ignorance. I do, however, question the involvement and intention of those who wish to profit from this as I don’t see how a “tax” on the users and the implementation of Agenda 21 will be beneficial to our planet and future generations. It is disheartening to think that the issues have been hijacked politically, causing a divide in the truth. It would have been helpful for the makers of this film to add ALL of the potential causes – seemed most of the focus was simply on what is occurring with no mention other than carbon as a cause. Manipulation of the jet stream seems the most obvious to me, as we see in other videos on this site that Siberia is the same temperature as Texas, for instance. Is there anyone out there with less invasive and intrusive solutions than a tax managed by the “powers” or an Agenda that robs us of our human rights? We need workable solutions. Meanwhile, this was a fantastic work toward informing the public and I appreciate that you shared this on your site. Keep up the great effort – you enlightened me and I share your site daily with others.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laura, if the makers of this film even tried to mention climate engineering their film would never have been allowed, this is how the system is controlled.

  13. Steve says:

    I don not CONCENT

  14. A concerned mom says:

    Dear Mister Wigington,
    I have recently become aware of geoengineering and have tried to squeeze in as many of your videos as possible also radio shows and others of like mind. I see these crazy skies and I’m so angry there is a haze that is mustard colored that sticks to the foothills of The Rockies and weird ribbed clouds above with steady streams of X marks daily but I feel so alone in this matter because everyone sees these as normal air traffic pollution. They saw it on the news so it’s normal. What can we do to actually be heard about this issue my family does not consent.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Concerned mom, check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrows” link on the home page of geoengineeringwatch.org, these will give you some direction. Glad to have you with us in this fight.

    • Another Concerned Mom says:

      Dear Concerned Mom,
      I can write the same post, from word to word, from feeling to feeling, only I watch the skies around Dinaric Alps instead of The Rockies: it’s the same. And my family, together with all the neighbors and colleges react on my concern in the same way as you described. I watch the children innocently play under Xes and my heart cries.
      I will check the suggestions that Dane gave you; I just wished to send you the warm greetings from one concerned mom from The Balkans.

  15. Lucretia Smith says:

    Iam Mitchell I so agree.  Lord Moncton is a fraud. I heard him on Dr. Stan Montheith's show last year before Stan passed away. He said those plane trails where around in the 40's and yes, we know they were already testing biologicals and weather control back then.  Is he beyond naive to not know weather control patents go back to the late 1800's. 

    Thank you for exposing him.

  16. Diana Moss says:

    kudos to everyone involved with this film. I believe that Dennis Kuchnich really understood what is really happening and the only way to get him out of the picture was to discredit him publically so that he could no longer be in a place where he could do any harm to whatever their agenda is.
    Anyone watching this film that continues to deny global warming are guilty of collective mass extinction, as guilty as any war criminal which goes to the US Congress in particular for passing legislation for a pipeline that is an idiot’s folly from beginning to end. And, it doesn’t end there. On their agenda is dismantling the FDA and the EPA. What a slippery slope they are putting the entire planet for profit and for power.
    Thanks, Dane, for sharing this eye-opening film with us.

  17. Peter says:

    Hi Sabreena

    Look up the Documentary film needs 11 more tickets to ensure full screening in Arizonia. I hope you can buy some tickets for broadcasting.

  18. Julie Loewy says:

    Amazing documentary and James Balog is a champion for his dedication in showing the evidence through his photography of Iceland Glaciers retreating.
    Thanks for sharing this and I have shared with all my friends on Facebook and I am still spreading the word about Geoengineering.
    Thanks for your dedication and all your hard work.
    Julie Loewy

  19. Debbie Culver says:

    Hi Dane,
    The ChemTrailers are almost constantly spraying Tampa, Florida and it’s
    surrounding towns. Are all or most of the pilots who fly these planes
    AirForce pilots and are the planes taking off from MacDill AirForce Base?

  20. Michel B says:

    James Johnston, You are right. It is redundant in terms of treating any climate problems. Actually, it was never meant as a treatment to alleviate real climate problems. It is first and foremost a system of control: to manipulate the weather in a desired fashioned regardless of collateral damage to the environment, ecology and human societies. It is destroying the biosphere in great chunks at a time. The collapse of the environment will hit the hockey stick part of a graph if it hasn't already and quickly accelarate towards a complete destruction.

    The US dollar is a 'petrodollar'. It is not backed by gold or by any other tangible commodity other than oil. In 1971 Nixon removed the gold standard to allow infinite printing of the fiat US currency. This has helped to fund the oil wars and many other projects whereby the US has secured oil and other resouces across the globe, especially in the 0Middle East.

    Noam Chomsky once said that if the US were to convert all of its power production to alternative energies such as solar, etc, it would still go to war over oil. It has to control that resource which holds up the currency and thus the whole economy.

    Geoengineering has many useful aspects for the Powers That Be. It is a military weapon. It is an economic weapon. It is an environmental weapon and it is a human population control weapon. They are general ones off the top of my head.

    Looking at the patents in the other article on this site, there are many angles to this exploitation of Man's technological advancement in regards to these very non beneficial programs, non beneficial to the majority of us and also, bizarrely and ultimately, to everyone on the planet, including the insane elte behind all of this.

  21. Ian Mitchell says:

    Lord Moncton was exsposed as a fraud when he came to New Zealand.He was confronted about Geo enginering with pictures of planes leaving trails on a satalite imagey and said what the hell is that,and then quickly said it was normal cloud and that there was no evidence to prove this was being done.He walked out of the interveiw and seemed quite atutaited buy the facts.He is a controled and will only go as far as the people he works for will let him.

  22. Sabreena says:

    I agree that this planet is heating up. I’m not so sure that it is totally the fault of humans though. Consider that all the planets in this solar system are heating up, the outer ones much faster than the inner ones. The red spot on Jupiter is shrinking by 580 miles per year, and while the sun is said to be dimming, I can assure you that here in Phoenix, AZ, the heat is intensifying.
    I am keeping my own records of the chemical trails emitted by planes here in AZ, the rainbow sun dogs that used to be golden when I was younger, white skies that used to be azure blue, so I know that these things are real. I just have a hard time placing all the blame on humans. Not to mention I haven’t seen much in the way of real clouds anymore.
    Am I to disregard the other solar system changes and think that the only changes that are real are here on earth? I really want to know.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sabreena, the various sources that have claimed the solar system is heating have no credibility whatsoever, the sun has put out diminished overall thermal energy in recent decades (see link below). We have a very direct cause and effect scenario in regard to the heating of our planet. The most powerfull people and organizations in the world want the public to human activity has not been the source of our decimated climate, this is a lie. Humanity has decimated the biosphere and climate engineering is at the top of the list. The following link will shed more light on the “heating solar system” myth. http://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-other-planets-solar-system.htm

    • Katherine Gale says:

      Using critical thinking how do we know that global warming is anthropological (man made)? As per a 2011 Time magazine article, world wide we had burned 8 billion tons of coal that year (the amount has been increasing every year).

      Mercury is a naturally occurring (but highly toxic) element found in coal. During the burning of coal, mercury is released in a gasous state into the atmosphere. Have you ever questioned why there is such an excessive amount of mercury in the food chain? The gasous mercury is carried via wind, cools and eventually settles in lakes, rivers, streams and of course the ocean where it accumulates and enters the food chain.

      C02 is also released into the atmosphere when coal is burned. You may have hear of ocean acidification. When C02 is combined with water (ocean) it forms carbonic acid. This lowers the PH level. Earth is called the “Blue Planet” because 70% of the service of the planet contains Oceans. Imagine how much C02 it would take to change the PH level of the Ocean. We are at 400 PPM (parts per million) of C02 in the atmosphere. Ice core samples contain atmospheric C02 levels. Scientists can go back as far as 800,000 yrs at some sites and 400,000 yrs at other locations. These samples provide scientists with the pre-industrial levels of C02 which varied between 250-270 ppm. There is no source emitting this much C02 into the atmosphere except humans. I have searched but can find no denier document that can provide an alternate explanation to explain the source of the C02 in the environment.

      By reviewing past and present levels of C02 and their source, we can say with complete confidence that human beings are causing Global Warming. Note C02 is the primary green house gas currently impacting the Global Climate. A larger concern is Methane. I would suggest you search youtube and watch “Methane Monster” which details this issue in great detail.

  23. quan myers says:

    We are still watching 20-30 planes spraying daily here on the coast of Maine. We go from the blue sky to a reddish hue, then the weather changes. Snow, crazy sleet, and ice pellets falling intermitently.

  24. Jane Doe says:

    I want to let every one know that the desert I live in Tucson, AZ is being totally destroyed all the beautiful Saguaro Cacti and all trees are turning black and dying. People are getting sick, going out side to enjoy the weather we use to have is gone. Cold winters and rain. I am so distressed about this and am watching our precious planet die before my eyes.
    I watch the Chemtrail air planes fly above our wonderful mountains, they fly all day and all night, they sky is grey and the so called “clouds” have black under sides. I can watch the black poison fall at sunset. Arizona is one of the most beautiful states there is and it is being totally destroyed. Help!!

  25. James Johnston says:

    With all the other threats to our Earth’s biosphere it seems to me that geo-engineering is a little redundant. It’s as if these people have somewhere else to go.

  26. stephen connell says:

    Maybe the human race has had its time?
    It was a short history but spectacular in its
    highs and lows but remember;
    “The candle that burns twice as bright burns
    half as long”
    This maybe the next great extinction event so
    we reboot and go back to square one.
    Its happened before and it seems like it will
    happen again just part if the cycle of life.

  27. Scott says:

    It appears that now the sprayers are discharging these chemicals at a lower altitude. The clean air act applies up to an altitude of 40,000 feet. If they are spraying below this altitude, they are in violation of the Clean Air Act. Maybe this provides Standing in a court of Law, or should I say a court of Statutes and Codes.

  28. Chuck S says:

    Again I want to thank you Dane for all that you are doing; for your hard work and dedication.

    I wanted to elaborate a little on the basics of what is happening if I may be so bold. I was originally a chemistry major at the University of Iowa years ago so somewhat acquainted with some physics and the basics of heat transfer.

    What is being sprayed into the atmosphere though it is at the tiny nano particle size is still considered solids despite the minute sizes. The aluminum, barium, strontium, paper and other particles act more like solids than liquids and gases because of their relative molecular sizes.

    Solids though they take longer to heat will retain their heat much much longer than either liquids or gases so all of the particulate matter they are spraying into the atmosphere will not reflect the sun’s heat that much, but absorb it and hold onto it for long periods of time.

    Anyone who has walked out onto an asphalt driveway on a hot summer day can attest to the fact that the driveway ( a solid ) is much much hotter than the air ( a gas ) or water in a pool ( a liquid ).

    These areas of super heated particles stay up in the atmosphere for long periods of time and are creating unnatural heated areas in the atmosphere which are disrupting the normal air currents on the earth such as El Nino and the jet stream since wind is made from the rising of hot air and the rushing in of cold air to takes it place.

    So geo-engineering is completely disrupting the normal air currents and thus it is expected to see abnormal weather patterns which will destroy us if they do not stop needless to say. Not to mention the fact that they are poisoning everything.

    I apologize if I am stating the obvious, but apparently the powers and authorities that are ruining our world do not care about seeing the obvious. These are facts we learned in our 8th grade science classes when I was growing up and widely known.

    Thanks again Dane and sorry for the long post !
    Chuck S
    Durham, NC

  29. lou says:

    It seems a real coincidence that the weather has changed dramaticly since they have been chem-trailing all around the world this is a man made disaster all right,, and has been created by the global governments,,,,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lou, though climate engineering has decimated the planet, there are many other forms of damage that we must also consider if we are to face the whole truth. Any form of biosphere alteration is a form of geoengineering. This includes the 100,000,000 tons of Co2 dumped into the atmosphere every single day, it includes cutting down the forests, it includes paving the planet. We are focused on exposing and halting climate engineering, but if our community is in denial about the other causes of damage to the planet, it only hurts our credibility and thus our overall efforts to gain ground in this battle.

  30. james says:

    i will have to come back to this. i am curious as to what various formations will be seen in the skies throughout this film. Thanks for Sharing Dane!

  31. Gene Maynard says:

    I have been so careful not to diminish God it has made me somewhat closed minded. This video has opened my eyes in many ways and I feel probably will continue. Right now I can say it has enhanced the spiritual rather than diminished it. I can see how interwoven our lives are with the earth. As the earth’s biology is being destroyed so are we. It’s not that eventually we will suffer, it seems more that we are suffering along with the destruction. There is an extremley sad awakening here. I’m not sure this will make any sense to anyone else but the immediancy of the earth’s warming is more real.

  32. Irene Parousis says:

    Wow Dane what a coincindence! I just watched a video, Zen Gardner posted, of Lord Moncton claiming the earth’s heat hasn’t increased in the last eighteen years and that the ice caps are not receding. I was appalled by his claims and more importantly disillusioned by Zen, who praised this guy. I’m going to guide Zen to watch this documentary, thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene, I am also surprised Zen would post anything from “Lord Moncton”, the king of climate disinformation. Perhaps you can send Zen a message to help him correct his compass heading. Zen is a very good man, just confused on this issue as many are due to all the disinformation.

    • Larry says:

      The answer is simple Dane…. This crazy turncoat scientist Guy has either been paid off to wreck the meeting of he has been mind controlled to change his agenda. The fact that the Military and whoever is providing the materials they spray on us is deeply involved and obviously profiting by the aerosol assaults. This tells me that they will stop at nothing to silence anyone that threatens their goals . They will use the latest silent sound technology to change the path of thought in large swaths of the population or pinpoint the message to any individual "THEY" may choose .This psycho technology already exists in patents   and one needs only to do the search to dig up the facts of the sick power crazed agendas that are used against the people. So what are we to do?  Well we can not give up and must continue to use our minds while we still can and come up with a plan to get ALL of this geoengineering destruction and covert flying operations into the mainstream. If we do not get to the media and God knows it has been tried then it is looking pretty hopeless. Send good old fashioned postal letter packets to every possible person in media you can think of. Forget email because they are not recieving them . The powers to be can intercept any electronic mail that contains key words that raise a red flag such as the words we use to bring awareness to others. A letter in an envelope but not hand written ! Use only official looking printed letter heads and printed labels to the recipe to otherwise it will get trashed out of fear. We need catch the attention of whoever first opens the letter to see the urgency and pass it on until someone has the guts to come forward on national TV or to speak out when ever possible to their peer group.

            That's all for now until I can think of of a new idea. 


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