Why Is There A Drought In California?


 Do you know why we have had such severe weather throughout the U.S. in the past few years? Consider this: Since World War II the U.S. government has been using the entire population of this country as guinea pigs. 

 The government has directed the military to learn how to control the weather as a weapon of war. So for the past 50-60 years the U.S. military, specifically the Air force and Navy, have been learning how to do just that and they have gotten very good at it. It doesn’t matter that they are destroying the planet in the process and they are.

Before you go away thinking this “old guy” has gone off his rocker consider the following.

Today, California is in the worst drought in history. In the past 2-3 years we have had some very severe weather and weather related events throughout the entire U.S. Our drought is not the first. Hurricane Sandy did a 90 degree turn out in the Atlantic Ocean and crashed into the New Jersey coast. Hurricanes don’t normally make 90 degree turns.  There is no steering wheel directing their path of travel, until now. More on that later.

140119_ShastaLake_BridgeBay_pano4Lake Shasta 

What about the severe tornado in Joplin, MO (rumor had it at the time it was caused by spraying off the southern California coast) followed by the very severe, record breaking, tornadoes in Oklahoma. Oh yes, there was a very severe ice storm in South Dakota just recently where over 100,000 cattle were killed. It was unexpected and unexplained as to what caused such an unusual storm.

What about the big one, the Polar Vortex, that just a few months ago came roaring down from the Arctic and froze the devil out of the eastern and southern part of the U.S. Record low freezing temperatures clear down into Florida. Why?

And now we have the worst drought in history in California while on the east coast they are expecting to be frozen out again. Actually, they are in the middle of a second Polar Vortex within 30 days. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? It sure seems improbable to me. The jet stream taking a second unheard of turn south, clear down to the gulf coast, allowing the arctic cold air to move down onto the eastern US again.

Let me share with you what I know. It’s called GeoEngineering. The U.S. government is spending millions of your taxpayer dollars to control the weather by doing a couple of things that are totally out of the ordinary.

First, they are spraying a number of different substances into the atmosphere on a daily basis.  Some of those substances are aluminum, barium, strontium and others that are generally unknown to the populace. That’s you and me.

The size of this crap is nanoparticles. Take a look at the period at the end of that last sentence and the particles are 1,000 times smaller. They are so small that they just float around up in the atmosphere, but being heavier than air they will eventually drift down to land on the ground or be inhaled by you and me and our children. They contaminate the water, soil and have been killing off wildlife on a record scale. I have learned there are over 200 extinctions a day taking place in our environment most due to the manmade sprayed particles. The stuff is killing off microbes in the soil which are being replaced by fungus (not good). The trees and bushes and plants in our forests are dying off in record numbers and not just from the drought effects. Look around you at how our forests are dying. Your government is allowing over 20,000,000 tons (ANNUALLY) of crap to be sprayed onto our earth. How can we expect any other result?

Can you imagine what is happening to us by breathing in these particles that are so small it is virtually impossible to filter them to keep them out? Have you considered why the rate of Autism and Alzheimer’s has increased to epidemic proportions in the past few years? Aluminum is one of the main culprits. Today 1 in 3 elderly adults will die with Alzheimer’s. That may not be the cause of their death, but they will still have Alzheimer’s. What about the 1 in 50 kids that has Autism? It used to be, not too long ago, 1 in 10,000. Doesn’t that make you stop and wonder?  It should.

How do we know this happening? Look Up! Every day you can see our government’s efforts to control the weather by watching the high flying jets leaving trails of the stuff they are spraying out of the aircraft. Many people refer to these trails as “contrails”, others refer to them as “chemtrails”.


“Contrail” is short for Condensation Trail, moisture that comes out of a jet engine at higher altitudes condensing and leaving a visible trail. If that was true it would evaporate in a very short period of time and distance. What we actually see are trails that can be hundreds of miles long and after a while they spread out and form flat, wide clouds. Obviously, they are not “Contrails”.  They are part and parcel GeoEngineering efforts on the part of the government.

As I understand it the government’s story is they are attempting to “cool” the earth by forming clouds because of the threat caused by man made global warming. As it is turning out that is also a load of crap and they have found out it is not working. Actually, they are making it worse, but I believe there is more to the story.

What they have discovered in their experiments is if they spray their materials into the atmosphere over and around storm clouds they can stop the clouds from dropping their moisture or they can make rain or snow even if the temperature is 45 degrees. Also, their spray helps the atmosphere to become a very good conductor for very low frequency radio waves put out by their H.A.A.R.P. transmitters. This is another part of their experiment on us.

H.A.A.R.P. has the capability, among other things, to control the direction of the jet stream. When I was younger and studying for my pilot’s license I studied the weather and what affects the weather. Enter the jet stream. I learned that the jet stream basically flowed from west to east across the U.S., roughly along the U.S./ Canada border and I am sure it did other things that I am not aware of, but basically that was the major thing that it did. I was never aware of the jet stream making very dramatic changes in its direction of travel until recently.

When I learned that H.A.A.R.P. can dramatically change the direction of the jet stream, for example, guide it down the coast of California to Mexico and then curve it east and back up to the north along the eastern border of California then some of the major wild weather we have been having starts to make more sense.


For example; I saw a diagram on the internet of the U.S. depicting the Polar Vortex and how it came down from the Arctic and covered over half of the country. The jet stream was depicted moving east from the California coast along the Canadian border to about the Dakotas and then it did a 90 degree turn south and went down to the Gulf coast, turned east again and  then turned back north along the eastern seaboard. It was very obvious the jet stream opened the door for the very cold air to move south. That diagram made me very suspicious of how the jet stream made such a dramatic move south at the time of the Polar Vortex.

H.A.A.R.P. is being used to keep the high pressure dome over California and consequently push us into the drought that we are presently experiencing. H.A.A.R.P. has the capability, in conjunction with the aerial spraying, of controlling exactly where the moisture they are stealing from California will drop and when, thus record severe snow and rain storms in areas in the Midwest and east, and very, very little rain in Northern California since April 2013. By the way, the steering wheel for Hurricane Sandy was H.A.A.R.P.

If you are interested in learning more about GeoEngineering please go towww.geoengineeringwatch.org and check out that website.  It is loaded with good, accurate information about GeoEngineering compiled by some very hard working individuals.

Next time you Look Up! wonder a bit about why the clouds don’t look like they used to.  When is the last time you can recall seeing a huge Cumulus cloud building up over the mountains because of the heat in the valley. We have been experiencing some pretty warm days. Where are those beautiful billowing clouds of the past?  All we see today are the remnants of the aerial spraying. Wake up people and start asking questions of your government. Why are they doing this to us? Stop it. We have a right to clean air. Leave the weather alone and mother nature will take care it. She did ok in the past.

Cliff Wininger
Redding Ca


17 Responses to Why Is There A Drought In California?

  1. Gavin says:

    One thing that has always puzzled me is how with all the hundreds of pilots flying these planes for the government, wouldn't there be just ONE or TWO good pilots who felt bad enough for what they are part of doing to the American people (and our dear land) to come clean and "whistle blow"? Has anyone seen these confessions yet? Me either. It makes the government's lies and mind control seem even all the more scary in light of this fact. Have they actually been able to make mindless robots our of our military pilots, who despite the obvious harm chose to believe they are saving the planet from "global warming"?  wow. Now that IS mind-boggling.

  2. A. Swan says:

    Great piece. I’ve known about HARRP radio frequency for awhile now & know this military project is responsible for the holes in our atmosphere. I first became aware of chemtrails yrs ago when I noticed the fine, white-ish powder dust on furniture. The chemtrails to control weather especially drought in CA is real. I believe there is another reason CA is being hit so hard. We have (or had) the best weather in the US, if most of us are forced to vacate because of the water shortage, the elite will buy the property below market value and I’m sure the drought will miraculously self correct once its owned by the rich.

  3. gary white says:

    just want to say that eastern wash here in ephrat is 24/7 spraying and everytime it (does) rain or snow,,the planes are above spraying and within minutes, it stops, the clouds break up,,, then the fake clouds(chemtrails) form and Poof!!! no more percipatation!!! spread that info to people everytime it rains,,,listen for the increase of planes!!!!!

  4. gary white says:

    Hi Susan, Yes we live in ephrata wash and since last year, I woke up to what the chemtrails and Haarrp is all about!! knowone listens too when i try to tell and show what this is all about! Our Hospitals are full of the (flu) victims and respatory infections from this Government coverup!! Dont stop informing even if they think your a nutjob like me!! you can email me anytime fellow eastern wash friend! Gary white

  5. Don says:

    It will take a whole nation to stop this, not a few, a 1,000, 10,000 or a 100,000, a nation. How can you lower fuel prices, the whole nation stop driving for two or three days. It won’t happen. We are a nation of sheep. We do what we’re told.

  6. Jody says:

    The best article I have ever read about the experiments that scientists are doing now with no regard or responsibility to the effect they have on our planet.. the way they are destroying our Earth and the people who live here….

  7. John Graf says:

    That was a great article Dane. I will share it with all. Thanks so much. John G

  8. Earth Angel says:

    Pastor Wood, I know one thing for sure; I’m not going to sit around hopelessly waiting for the government to haul me off to die in one of their concentration camps; and if I do die because of this spraying I’ll die trying to GET IT STOPPED along with millions of other activists alarmed as hell about all of this! I don’t know if we’ve lost the war in controlling this evil rogue government and the people perpetrating these horrible things on earth, but didn’t one patriot once have a saying something like “I have not yet BEGUN to FIGHT!!”

  9. Colt says:

    Imagine how bad the fires will be this year in CA. It is going to get ugly and I wouldn’t be surprised if San Diego burns from inland to ocean.

  10. Pastor Tim Wood says:

    I have a lot to say with facts too back me up. But people don’t want to hear or believe the government would do anything like this to us. Therefore, without support we find that nothing can be done, so we become depress and hopeless victims waiting for the government to knock on our doors and hall us off or we die wondering just what happened??? Have we lost the war in controlling our government and the truth??? Who has the answers???

  11. Anna says:

    Do you remember how the Vietnam war was put to an end? THAT’S what we need to do as a nation to make this stop!

  12. Anna says:

    Do you remember how the Vietnam war was put to an end? THAT’S what we have to do to stop this spraying from occurring day in and day out. If not for that, this will continue indefinitely.

  13. Deb Schrock says:

    We can talk all we want about this but we have to do something effective to make it stop! I don’t totally understand the purpose of why OUR government feels a need to do this. There must be some “hidden” agenda. It’s time to step up and confront the evil that is upon us. We have to take a stand!!

  14. verna says:

    excellant article ! Thank you.

  15. Susan Liebermann says:

    I live on a farm in northeast Washington. My husband and I have been watching planes fill the skies over our heads with poison for years now.
    And our state is experiencing the same drought as in California. The Cascades are bare, and it it January. We’ve had only six inches of snow this winter on our farm…and all of the fields and hills are bare.
    For the past six weeks we have been under a heavy grey cloud that will not lift. Twice we’ve seen the sun peak out…just long enough to see that yes, indeed, they’re still laying chemical tracks across our sky.
    Thanks for your help in getting the word out….let’s hope we can get this program stopped!

  16. Umba says:

    Right on Rally Sally! Finally we are seeing people speaking out about this and to back us up. My husband and I have been investigating and talking about this issue for years now and most people don’t want to hear it or can’t fathom it is true. Maybe people will wake up just in time to see the train running over their heads. Or maybe not… Thanks for the truth keep up the good work!

    • Hey Umba, Actually we had the author’s name wrong on the article. Rally Sally was the one who sent it to us. The author of the article is Cliff Wininger. I apologize for that!

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