A Meeting With Scientist Guy McPherson


Dane Wigington

On Friday, March 13th, 2015, I travelled to Chico California to attend a public presentation on "abrupt climate change" by internationally recognized  scientist Guy McPherson. Before Guy's evening presentation, a "round table" discussion was scheduled with McPherson, myself, two retired highly credentialed biologists (USFS biologist Francis Mangels and California Dept of Fish and Game biologist Allan Buckmann who is also a former Air Force meteorologist) and retired aerospace engineer Steve Massaro (formerly with Raytheon, Boeing, and Hughes). I have had only very limited communication with Guy in the past. In 2012 I authored an article for Guy's web site "Nature Bats Last" titled "Geoengineering, Dangerous Proposal, Or Lethal Reality". I am grateful to Guy for having the courage to post this article and judging from the comments under the article, I believe he took plenty of heat for this posting (so sorry that Guy has just disabled this 3 year old link since this article came out. The article can still be read here, it is an updated version so the date is more recent). 

Guy asked to meet with me privately just prior to the roundtable meeting in Chico. In this short exchange it became very clear Guy was now completely adverse to the subject of geoengineering. As we took our places for the start of this roundtable, and three cameras were set up to record, Guy's discomfort seemed to escalate considerably. A moderator got the discussion going and a number of subjects were briefly addressed, escalating global temperatures, radically increasing tree mortality, and the rapidly increasing solar obscuration (global dimming) that is occurring around the globe. The subject of climate engineering could not be kept out of this conversation of course and the more it was brought up, the more apparent Guy's discomfort became. The two biologists and myself briefly discussed the extensive lab testing we had each done which proved the fact that extreme levels of toxic heavy metals (matching the elements in climate engineering patents) were now present in precipitation. I made clear to Guy that the solar power production on my fully off-grid residence was being radically reduced as a result of the constant jet trails (more conclusive verification of "global dimming", the expressed goal of SRM geoengineering). Conclusions were increasingly voiced as to the reality of climate engineering from 4 of the 5 participating in the discussion (Guy being the clear exception). Guy challenged the validity of the the precipitation tests that were performed, even though all tests were processed at a State Certified lab, clearly there was no justification for Guy's dismissal of these lab tests. A final disagreement came when McPherson challenged any conclusion that geoengineering was an ongoing reality due to the fact that there were no "peer reviewed" studies to prove it. McPherson's position is perplexing when one considers the fact that Guy is himself not specifically a climate scientist and he refers to the opinions of AMEG members (Arctic Methane Emergency Group) as a basis for many of his conclusions (not peer reviewed study). In regard to the climate engineering issue, the AMEG group is also in total denial. Guy got up and left the room stating he was done with the discussion, it was clear that he had no interest whatsoever in examining any data or test results that related to geoengineering. One in attendance overheard McPherson's angry discussion with a member of his staff in another room. We were subsequently asked to give up our film of the "round table discussion". The camera chip was given over as without McPherson's permission to use the footage, it was of no use to us. If McPherson is after the truth, why was he so unwilling to examine any data relating to climate engineering no matter how credible it was? Why did Guy insist on taking our film footage of the discussion?

After driving around Chico to find a new video camera card to replace the one we had to give up, I and the videographer were headed back to the location of the evenings presentation when I got a call from Guy. He said he wanted to meet with me privately before his presentation, I agreed. I later connected with Guy outside the presentation facility were we had a short but alarming conversation. Guy seemed to be in a defensive stance when he stated the following to me "geoengineering isn't happening".  After a moments pause I replied that there was no question of the geoengineering reality as we have film footage of numerous military tankers spraying at altitude, KC 10s, KC 135s, C-17 Globmasters, etc. In regard to the film footage I mentioned that we had, Guy responded "no you don't" (what kind of reply is this?). I reiterated that we absolutely do have film footage of jet tankers spraying taken up close at altitude (in addition to the lab tests and mountains of additional data, all of which McPherson refused to consider in any way). McPherson then said "If you choose to believe in the flying spaghetti monster, that does not mean I have to". This is word for word what he said. How completely astounding is this statement? I pointed out to Guy that the entire science community was openly and actively discussing the issue of geoengineering and the need to deploy these programs. Governments around the globe are doing the same. I asked how he could use the term "flying spaghetti monster" to describe what is the front line of discussion in science circles around the globe. I brought the exchange to an end by pointing out to Guy the fact that public was becoming increasingly aware of the geoengineering reality, and that the ongoing climate engineering could not be hidden in plain site for much longer. I encouraged him to consider the fact that once fully aware of the geoengineering crimes, the public would certainly be extremely upset with the "experts" that had helped to hide these crimes by their adamant denial of geoengineering. 

Some anti-geoengineering activists came from as far away as the eastern US to see this presentation, I am sure they were disappointed when McPherson elected to just roll a prerecorded film of himself instead of doing a live presentation which all in the audience expected. After the film was over, the disappointment for all in attendance continued when Guy announced that there would be no open questions allowed. All were asked to write their questions on a card and turn it in to a moderator. What kind of truth seeking effort was this? Guy claims over and over to be motivated to do what he does in order to get the truth about the true state of the climate out to the public, his conduct shows otherwise. Guy's basic message is this, industrialized society has destroyed our planet (on this point I agree with McPherson), that there is nothing we can do, we are all as good as dead (I don't agree with these conclusions), and those that want assistance with coping can stay after his presentation for additional help. What kind of message is that? How is this kind of message of service to humanity when we still have options that could be implemented if enough people had an accurate understanding of the situation at hand? Still worse, how can McPherson claim to be about "telling the truth" when he is completely unwilling to look at or even consider any of the data which completely confirms the reality of climate engineering which is mathematically the single largest environmentally decimating factor of all? How can he paint a picture of certain and total doom, that there is absolutely nothing we can do, when he is in blatant willing denial of the single largest climate disrupting factor of all that could still be stopped, geoengineering. I do agree with Guy that the planet is in meltdown, and that the horizon looks very dim, but the issue Guy completely denies, climate engineering, is a major factor fueling the overall meltdown. McPherson's complete denial of climate engineering, and his complete unwillingness to look at any data whatsoever in regard to this subject, is I believe inexcusable. Guys unfortunate hypocrisy in regard to "exposing the truth" is undeniable. Again, he was not even willing to look at any evidence whatsoever in regard to the climate engineering reality. He refused to listen to highly credentialed biologists who travelled a considerable distant to share data with him, and then he has the film footage of a revealing roundtable discussion destroyed. Is this Guy's idea of exposing the truth?

As the meeting was about to wind up, I stood and posed a question to Guy in spite of his protocol of no open questioning. I reminded Guy that I paid for the use of the facility (in which his presentation was taking place) out of my own pocket, I had the right to ask him this, would he state on the record that he knew geongineering was NOT HAPPENING? After a bit of rambling, McPherson admitted he could not say this, he could not state on the record that he knew geoengineering wasn't happening. After Guy made a few more statements about how hopeless our reality was (due to our disintegrating climate system), I made a second and final comment to Guy and the audience. I simply made this point, that no matter how dire our situation is, we all have a responsibility to try and make a difference for the better. We have a responsibility to our children and to the common good. The moment we are born we are destined to die, does that mean we should not live in the meantime? Does that mean we should give up without trying our best to make a difference for the better? Before the meeting adjourned one of Guy's assistants (named "Malaty") got up and took the microphone. She then said exactly what Guy was denying, that climate engineering was real and ongoing. She went on for some time on this subject. I have since had private conversations with McPherson's other two assistants who both made it clear they were also well aware of the geoengineering reality. So how is it possible for Guy McPherson (a scientist who claims to be on a mission to share the truth for the common good) to completely deny the issue of climate engineering? How is it justifiable for McPherson to refuse any discussion of the climate engineering issue, even with other scientists? How can he justify his complete refusal to even look at lab tests or any other form of data that relates to the issue of climate engineering? What is the story with Guy McPherson? Is he too far in denial? Too afraid? Too sold out to the system that he claims to be against? I cannot know the answer to this question, but Guy McPherson's total refusal to examine any data and testing information related to the issue of geoengineering is not OK. The entire climate science community is in criminal denial of the climate engineering assault being waged on the world by those in power, this also is not OK. What kind of a world do we live in? How much more is the science community lying about? Lab tests from around the planet prove beyond any doubt that we are all breathing in massive amounts of heavy metals that are raining down from the sky. Materials that match climate engineering patents. Highly toxic elements that are having a hugely negative effect on all life including us.  We have numerous films that clearly show military tankers spraying at altitude, skies around the world are so often painted white from the constant spraying. We have a mountain of documents, patents, and countless other forms of data. The blatant denial of facts without legitimate investigation (related to climate engineering) by the climate science community, mainstream media, "official agencies", and scientists like Guy McPherson, should be considered criminal. The amount of human mortality likely connected to 65 years of toxic spraying in skies around the world can never be quantified and is growing by the day. There is also the irreparable damage to the biosphere. When global geoengineering is finally exposed once and for all, perhaps then an enraged population will hold responsible all those that participated in the cover up of the climate engineering crimes of omnicide. Will we then have trials resembling those in Nuremberg? Time will soon enough tell that story. DW

Below is a direct quote from Guy McPherson, I hope Guy considers his own statement.
"No amount of evidence will convince deniers of anything, so I'll not waste my time." 
On a final note, the message below was sent to Guy McPherson after his Chico presentation by the owner and editor of a Northern California Magazine (The Lotus Guide) that had previously published articles from Guy and done a radio interview with him (posted with permission from the author). It would seem I am not the only one that is gravely concerned over the willful denial coming from so many in the science community.

Hello Guy,

First thing to say is that it was a sad state of affairs the other night here in Chico.  When we can't get highly intelligent people who have the best interests of the planet and are on the same path to gather…I have to wonder how we are ever going to get the uneducated masses to wake up. I've started compiling factual evidence for the chemtrails to send to you and quite honestly, there's a lot of it, although there's also a lot of disinformation out there also that you need to have enough interest, or at least curiosity, to go through. Which actually brings me to my main point, most anyone that has looked at the evidence is way past 'do chemtrails exists' and are on to the real questions like 'why and who' is doing it. What I found strange the other night is why, as a researcher, you weren't even curious enough to do some preliminary research to see what millions of people are talking about.  But even more than that, the way you were patronizing to the audience and actually rude to Dane was so totally unprofessional that I felt a little sorry for you because you are pretty much all alone on this…but it's your choice.We are all trying to figure this out Guy and we need to work together. The appropriate response the other night would have been, "I've looked in to chemtrails and found no substantiating evidence but I know some of you feel there is so let's get Dane up here and maybe we can all learn something." You are doing the same thing that peers did with Emanuel Velikovsky, Galileo, Copernicus, and a long list of others who were put down by their peers to only find out later that they were on the right track. Anyway, this is some of my feedback and I will send you the evidence later.

Take care, Rahasya


105 Responses to A Meeting With Scientist Guy McPherson

  1. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    I am with Steve Chamberlain et al.  Why even attempt to defend a clearly disturbed or mind-controlled lying coward?  Don't waste your time. Turn your back on him and get on with the real work of trying to disseminate truth and awareness of what is really happening….a killing of our natural climate, and consequently our beloved planet Earth. 

    So many "experts" have sold out.  Hold to your principles, your inner truth, and proclaim it whenever possible, despite the "naysayers."  May your belief in the truth return to you tenfold, even if you only hold it quietly in your heart and soul.  Mahalo always to Dane & Friends…your goodness helps all of life go forward.

  2. Harry A. Utti says:


    If what Mr. Mcpherson claims is accurate, I find it difficult that all agencies within the U.S. Government and other governments around the world aren't railing the red flags and haven't done anything in response to climate disintegration at the level he implies.  He also claims that no one has his expertise..which is very hard to believe, especially with the diverse expertise in our country.  In his talks he implies that by May global warming will be obvious and begin having a major impact on food production in the United States. That is only four to five months down the road and based upon his message conditions will escalate with full extinction of human beings in less than nine years.  If he is even five to ten years off in his projections (i.e., without a doubt) he states mankind will not be here ten years from now and there is nothing we can do!.  One strategy that we are familiar is creating "fear".e.g., like 911.  Is this another fear tactic?   For Guy to deny geoengineering raises a yellow flag….as such, how can we fully trust anything he has said.   I also find it odd that no one at the federal level is willing to say anything, especially if his timeline as presented by Mr. McPherson is accurate.  It just doesn't fit and can't believe that if extinction is eminent don't believe it is possible our entire federal government, state government and others would sit quietly.  If he is right, our federal government would have been making major investments in finding and implementing possible solutions and not just geoengineering a long time ago.  Carbon sequestration…space systems to reduce solar insolation….and so much more.  This is a fraud as I cannot believe ours and federal governments around the world wouldn't be doing everything to prevent extinction.  His claim is that following extinction the earth would not return to possible habitation for millions of years.  …He is making the most doom and gloom possibility…now without anytime for governments across the world to potentially respond.  The government wouldn't be just experimenting at this late date…with life on earth in the balance….as i listen to the Defense Department lobbying for more money and discussing ten year plans with no modification of behavior…Something isn't right and suggest someone investigate his background.  Many more people would be on the stump if his data is being reflected accurately…???  Maybe this is all about forced population reduction by some very evil forces….?  Those who are spraying chemicals on my family, my friends and good people in America and around the world without consent of the public is completely immoral and hostile.

    Thanks Dane…just some thoughts…


  3. Colt says:

    Dane – do you think Guy is paid by the Government to spew his end of World in 8 year scenario to keep the masses off of the geoengineering issue? Something just isn't right. Someone with such a radical message as Guy's is reluctant to consider geoengineering and even gets angry if brought up? Does this make any sense otherwise?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Colt, about McPherson and the government, it is more likely he was threatened. Eitherway, Guy’s aggressive denial of climate engineering is inexcusable. About his time frame for life on Earth if the human race does not completely and immediately alter the current course, his estimation may be optimistic.

    • Colt says:

      God Dane, that dire? I feel I am on the titanic. I am thinking war is a huge possibility also. Japan versus China. People are so caught up in some NBA player making $30 million a year as news while they avoid the real news. If Guy is right, where are others to back him up? The heat rise on earth has been amazing yet no media coverage. Ugh!

    • Tim says:


      Guy is a shill just like the metabunk clown. Who would spend hours a day trying to convince everyone that everything is bunk? Guy is out on a radical message yet denies that chemtrails are even a possibility even though I see them everywhere? He cannot be this lost on the subject. 

      His message is pointless if he is not including geoengineering. He might as well talk about flying spaghetti monsters because his flat out refusal to even consider chemtrails is as dumb as saying these monsters do exist. 

    • Colt says:


      I don't think Guy is a shill. I think he feels his message would be lost if he included chemtrails. He has not only been right but actually conservative. Did you see a 5000 sq km break is about to go in the Arctic? It is on front page of yahoo. We are on the titanic.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Colt, the problem is not that Guy does not include “chemtrails” (geoengineering), the problem is that he does everything in he can to completely deny the issue. There is a big difference. Yes, Guy’s front line assesements are on track, but when he aggresively lies about the climate engineering issue and the decimation it is causimg, that is not morally acceptable.

    • Colt says:


      Deep down do you think Guy knows it is happening (geoengineering via chemtrails?)? He just cannot be this naive.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Colt, certainly McPherson knows.

  4. Tim says:

    How does Guy explain the insane aluminum levels found in soil and people's bodies? How about the tree die off? He is supposedly an expert in that field, no? I don't understand how he can say "for sure" what we are seeing is contrails and that anyone believing in chemtrails is a whack job. Really? Does he realize that the topic has moved on to who is doing this and why and that the question of geoengineering has already been confirmed? Really bizarre. 

  5. Rayne says:

    Thanks for sharing this (though I am 2 years late to reading it).  The first thing I thought about when hearing that Guy McPherson denies geoengineering was that perhaps he is part of the con.  His message is so dire that many have made life-changing decisions.  Young people have foregone having children. Some have even gotten themselves sterilized in their 20's!  Others have committed suicide (including Michael Ruppert who was a thorn in the side of the deep state).

    If I were an evil genius intent on global depopulation I would want to put forward an individual such as this.  The two ways to reduce population (outside war and pandemic) is to lower life-expectancy and the birth-rate.  Suicide and sterilization.  

  6. leif says:

    I think Guy McPherson believes full well in geoengineering. His thesis of immanent runaway apocalyptic climate change is based on reckless mining and disgorging and combustion on a horrific scale. He just does not believe that to date intentional climate change has had much if any role to play in this drama. Nor, does he believe it is worth trying to embark on geoengineering to reverse the effects of civilization's improvidence with fossil carbon. Not because he wants us all to die, but because he believes it is too little too late. i.e. whether ongoing or not, geoengineering will not be up to the task to much alter the trajectory of Permian style climate change he envisions… That is why he says he considers himself something like a grief counselor to the human species.

  7. Rebecca L says:

    When I hear a message as dis-empowering to people as some of what McPherson puts out there, I have to ask if it is an attempt to emotionally manipulate people into passivity.  As Hollywood churns out apocalypse movie after apocalypse movie — how do all these movies make people feel?  After one of these films, are we left feeling like we have the power to organize a protest or to run a campaign against a corrupt politician?  I doubt it.

    I urge everyone to consider one thing.  When, after listening to an expert speak, you feel your own power to make decisions and take action based on your values is diminished (instead of enhanced) — ask yourself one question: Can I fully trust this person?   You don't even need to answer it.  Just keep in mind that no matter how accurate part of their message might be, they also may not have your best interest at heart.

    Neither Guy McPherson (nor anyone else) can state with perfect accuracy that there is nothing we can do.  One of the most profound things about all life is its sheer determination to live.  If someone tries to steal your connection to your life force, it is better not to fully extend your trust to them.  

  8. Mike Sliwa says:

    Why the focus on the mysterious instead of the obvious geoengineering? The obvious has been going on for over two centuries…it's called industrial civilization. Oh that's right, we would rather not question the actual living arrangement and our perpetuation of such an arrangement and instead focus on the peripheral. A peripheral that pales in comparison to the machine that continues to devour all life. #StopWatchingMovies, #NatureBatsLast, #ChaseADifferentCarrot

  9. Elaine V. says:

    I’ve been listening a lot to Guy, and the last conference I watched online took place in the UK, where I saw him get very annoyed with the questioning from a member of the audience, because it was preventing him to continue his talk, and also, it seemed that he was resisting any kind of challenge to his statement. Curiously, during that conference, Guy mentioned that in his youth, he had thought of suicide. So I want to bring in my thought.

    I overall feel that he has sculpted a concrete mold that shows the path towards extinction, and for those who follow this idea, it comes as a relief from the burden of life in our civilization. I can very well relate to that, because when I feel angry and helpless about issues that I care about, the idea of near term extinction presents itself as a superb solution, and I need not to do more. These are the moments I visit “naturebatslast” in quest for confirmation. It has a lot of evidence, I admit.

    But this feeling makes me uneasy… as if I was giving up. I mentioned that once on a human-extinction support group on FB that was created by solid Guy followers, and though I only wrote about how I was self-revising if it was right to adhere to the extinction theory (I was not engaged in any kind of argument with anyone, nor was I insulting or using bad language), my post immediately got deleted!! That deletion was confirmed to me by the moderator. Needless to say, I was quite insulted and I immediately ceased to follow the group.

    I still think that Guy has brought in an important contribution these last years. Since his conferences have been published, I have never seen so many important people on the qui-vive of what is going on climate wise… and maybe that will lead them to more research… which could lead to the exposure of the elephant in the room as you call it.  So in that sense, and also a number of other things, I feel he contributes well.

    Let me tell you though, there are only a few activists out there that are regenerating when I listen to them talk because their courage is so inspiring. And Dane, you are among them, even though you say you are not an activist.… but I don’t think any true activist is an activist by choice. Don't stop, it's breaking through.

  10. izzy says:

    Although the general thrust of his message is sound, McPherson's odd twitching and prevaricating about the reality of the so-called chemtrail phenomenon is more than troubling. A tour of his website comment section will reveal a small clutch of rabid followers who hang on his every word, and spend a lot of time "supporting" each other in insisting the game is over, no matter what. Time to bend over and kiss it all goodbye (and we deserve it for being so stupid and greedy). I guess there is a comforting finality in that position, and it may even prove to be true. But it isn't just yet. The curious fact that he abandoned his teaching post at UA to outfit a Mud Hut in New Mexico for the coming peak oil & financial collapse, only to regret that decision as misguided, would argue for a little more circumspection on his part about making absolute declarations. And the spraying is patently obvious to anyone able to raise their head and look up, but I am familiar with the glassy-eyed stare that greets most any attempt to point it out. A baffling case of denial in what seems to be an otherwise clear-eyed and humane presentation, the reason for which can only be speculated upon.

    In any event, keep up the good work Dane.

  11. Brenda Robledo says:

    Guy said “the good news is we die”.I have nine grandchildren, 5 of them have breathing problems.They still deserve a healthy happy life and families of their own. I won’t give up ever.

  12. Frieda Nelson says:

    Speculation is all we have to work with in a case like this.  I wonder about his self talk..what he is saying to himself as he goes through the day. Obviously from what I read he has simply gone over the edge-doubt has siezed him.  Doubt that he has facts, truth, a way of coping now that the actuality is beginning to get hold of him.  Denier in flux.  He who cannot even cope with what he is beginning to think.  He cannot look out of his own eyes any more without doubt, guilt, whatever else. He is beginning to be dangerous.  He is not able to be out here with the rational people.  He needs a holiday and we should be ready to give it to him, eh kids??? We have this man on the ropes and his support system is getting ready to kick off its foundation.  LO)L  ROTFL  I have no sympathy


  13. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Dane.  You behaved in a very gracious manner toward Guy.  After the roundtable and before the lecture when Guy phoned to meet you, somehow I have the feeling he wanted very much to say something else to you in confidence.  But "flying spaghetti monster" somehow came out instead.  He sounded to me both fearful and ill, and he was not able to give his live talk after all.  Sadly, people do fall apart or break down.  It's worrisome.

    These are just my personal observations.  I've got no professional capacity to evaluate and no personal desire to judge him.  It was very unfortunate how the events of that evening transpired.  But Dane, you behaved much better than most would have in that difficult situation.  Thank you always for all you do.  We understand you're driven dedication, also knowing this is extremely stressful.  Please take good care of yourself.

  14. Marty Johnson says:

    I'm seeing an increasing pattern in the type of response Guy gave…I've been told this is typical of mind control. You're likely aware of quantum frequencies which can be sent out to targeted individuals via wifi signals. It's either that or the guy was given a very narrow, intimidating choice of how to respond/consequences of his choice.

    • Daniel Pride says:

      Bingo. I saw that immediately too. The capabilities to target an individual on a given topic is truly striking once you understand it. There is one case which demonstrates this more powerfully than any other but its a hard one to bring up. The instant ridicule at the mention of the word is stunningly effective at eliminating it from all "serious" debates. But fight it and take a good read at unabombers.com its worth the time spent.


  15. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I do hear you.  And of course you are right and so much for conflict resolution.  Why did you pay for this venue?  I can see why he came, and he is apparently making a fortune off the world dying, so the very idea of stopping geoengineering holding out hope goes against his platform.  He may well have felt ambushed.  Like, he was there to council those depressed about the end of the world, not to argue that the world could be saved-which Is a long shot at this point.  That would put him out of his depth.  In my experience, academics will say peer review faster than you can blink when they are cornered or befuddled.   Throw in that naysayers will be severely punished, and done deal.  Out, gone.  Seems like he wants credibility for his gig more than he wants anyone to hold out hope, which maybe he does know enough to know there is no hope.  Especially if he is only listening to AMEG.  No hope goes through my head a lot, has affected me a lot especially when combined with others who have no interest in becoming educated.  Which makes you a savior of sorts-holding out hope based on the seemingly impossible task of getting geoengineering stopped.  Which is maybe why he wants to seem totally separated from your efforts.  Ego.  Funding.  Fear.  Once he became aware that so many and reputable people were there against geoengineering, that seems to have thrown him, and he basically ran and hid and threw a fit.  So much for being enlightened!  Dr. Doom versus a true hero.  Again, out of his depth.

    I am surrounded by academics and PhDs who will not give your site a fair try.  They are scared of how radical, how angry, how threatening, how this morphs to that, to huge conspiracy "theories"-it seems just too too much for them.  They bail immediately.  Most have been overly trained to believe in the system.  And are terrified to be identified with anything a bit iffy, a bit anti government.  They say why would our government do this to us?  One said mass delusion.  Seems to me kinda like the first time on the high dive at a pool, as a kid-trying to get up the courage to jump, dive.  That first dive is a big one.  And once you do it you are gonna do it again.  Unless the dreadful belly flop.  It is a bit like taking the first step into madness.  For some of us, that is not intimidating.  For others, it is the most intimidating thing of their lives.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, I paid for the auditorium so that I could not be kicked out when it came time to put the spotlight on Guy. The example of the high dive in your comment is perfect, lets hope some of them find the courage soon.

  16. Larry says:

    Attention to all. I recently listened to an alarming you tube video titled

    " Thle government allows aerosol spraying of the population" !  Holy smoke this really blew my mind …. The document was discovered by a creditable friend of the videos narrator . The document is from 1997 from  the DOD – department of Defense. It was signed into play in that year and written in a fashion that first condemns the spraying  in section  A then in section B and C states that it will be allowed and used for any purpose including national security , agriculture, and pharmaceutical testing . What the F… Really. ! You have got to check this out for yourselves . Unbelievable but true. 

             Also the same day last week I got to listen to another You tube narration from a radio talk show titled " Chemtrail Pilot 'a letter" this one will really get you fired up. This young Pilot had the conscience and balls to actually speak out against the entire sick aerosol program naming the title and exactally how the operation is run in the typical military code of silence. This pilot goes into great detail of how and why they think they are doing a goog thing but quite a few are not agreeing with the mission off the record and considering mutiny  at the risk of DEATH. Again you all have got to listen to this one."


  17. Rachel Robson says:

    It occurs to me that Guy may have been quite literal, and no doubt assumed this venue was about him, and rightfully so? such that he may have felt ambushed with your agenda and so became defensive.  His remark about how no amount of evidence will convince deniers may not reflect his own views, rather very literal and true.  In that you-we-don't have actual slam dunk proof of what exactly is being done, hence the problem and his refusal to go into that and reason why he said: no you don't have proof.  And it does seem true that no amount of evidence-mountain high-is accepted as proof, leaving a lot of room for conjecture.

    When I went to his site, the first thing that came up was him talking about having a lung embolism from flying.  Not doing well.  But better.  Have no idea when and not able to find same thing again so far, to date it.  Could this be why he showed a video?  All I've said here would explain why his assistants seemed to understand.  It seems like he is Very busy traveling and spreading his take on things, going from one venue to another a lot, such that he may not have seen this coming.  It seems reasonable that he knows who you are and what you are about and maybe he even thought you were wanting his take, given how much depression, hopelessness, and helplessness the anti geoengineering folks feel and express. Not to mention anger.

    I'm not saying this to defend McPherson, I know very little about him and I am not interested in his take on things.  Am trying to mediate a conflict.  Because I know you care, Dane.  And mediating conflicts is something I do.

    Andrew, thank you for the preparation list.  I've been thinking about this a lot, and wish neighbors were on board so that we could prepare en masse.  Thanks for the breakdown of needs for survival.  I appreciate it!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, for the record, I was invited to the “round table” discussion and the event by his assistants, McPherson was very much in the loop. If Guy simply did not want to discuss climate engineering, or was afraid to discuss it, that is one thing. For him to aggressively deny it, that is another issue completely. The lives of our children are in the balance, Guy’s participation in the coverup of the aerosol crimes is not OK. Given your point of view, I understand your comment, but there was much more to the situation.

    • andrew says:

      Thanks Rachel, I generally do my email on sunday – if that helps to find my next one!

    • Tim says:

      A friend of mine that specializes in body language told me Guy's body language was proof he was lying when he said he didn't know what a chemtrail is. Something tells me he is hushed by someone OR he feels he will be ridiculed as a conspiracy nut. My friend also said his body language indicates deep depression. I guess if all you do is tell everyone humans are all dead in 15 years, you should be depressed.

    • Dog aka db says:

      What a guy that Guy! To me when he said that he does not believe in the flying spaghetti monster, pointed out to me that he is aware! Made me question his research ane motives? He should ask the government for some documentation! The truth will set me free!

  18. Karen W says:

    Thank you so much Dane!  You have showed such control and calmness in the face of deception.  With your professionalism and always staying with TRUTH will win the fight!  People ARE waking up to this crime that is being forced on us.

    I was presently surprised to hear that our local tea party will be having two speakers come and speak on geoengineering.  I am not a member, however anytime they have speakers that I can glean from and support I find my way there.

    Dane, I'm curious about one thing; why was Steve Massaro an aerospace engineer there for?  What did he have to bring to the table?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karen, Steve was just one more expert in a position to confirm the reality of the spraying in our skies, Steve is with us in this battle.

  19. Larry says:

    New Idea for all of us to try. Send information packets to the" Institute for Justice " by  postal mail with a nice formal and official  looking printed label  . They are a highly organized group of attorneys and law students that help citizens fight  city hall , emminent domaine cases and ANY injustice that is being done to "we the people" …recently they kicked the IRS ass  and won in court to force them to return confiscated property . They helped my neighbors and  I  go to battle with our city hall and the potential developers and we won!   And so I joined the IJ mailing list and have since recieved email updates on their victories. Now this is the weird part and why I am convinced that email is NOT the best way to get a point across  because after I sent I very good description of our plight as well as the link to Dane's geowatch site suddenly I  get no more updates ffom the IJ and NO response. This organization is exactly what is needed to legally bring this to the front lines. I'm convinced my email was hijacked before it could get to them and who knows a maybe substitute letter sent in its place to scare them of me. This is simple for a specialized company that's job is to only search for key word emails and reroute to a data storage facility ..Nothing would surprise me anymore.  So please everybody look up the Institute for Justice in Virginia site and start sending letter packets as will myself. If they feel as passionate as we do for our cause then we have a strong chance for a class action lawsuit. This will get some publicity for sure especially if it goes to court with a signed petition by as many thousands of us as we can get….


    Do not bother with email as it will not be received !  I know because I recently sent a complete crash course on geoengineering asking them to look into the subject with an open mind and see if we could get a class action lawsuit against all who  participate  in this insane chemtrail and haarp operations. I got no response .Call me a nut but my gut feeling is our emails are being intercepted by third party company's paid for by the perps. They will stop at nothing to suppress these clandestine operations. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, yes, you have outlined exactly the wheels we need to get turning. Attorneys need to be informed and brought into this battle and will hopefully help of their own accord as they begin to understand they will sink or swim with the rest of us. All are needed to fan the flames of awareness and to pull others into our ranks, the awakening is well under way.

  20. Diana Moss says:

    My question to the ones who respond (weathermen, etc.) with the answer that what we are seeing are contrails is this:  If what we are seeing are contrails then why weren't we seeing them a few years ago when there wasn't any lines showing up then?  I have only been taking pictures since about 2007 and I don't remember ever seeing the criss-crossing lines before.  Also, if what we are seeing are really contrails how is it that they (the contrails) are blotting out the sun?  Have they changed the jet fuel and if they have is this new jet fuel harmful to human life?  These deniers need to be  put on the defensive when dismissing us with the old contrail theory and make them define how the contrails today are different than several years ago, explain the difference and offer proof that they are not now harmful.  Put them on the spot and see what their response will be.  Just a thought….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diana, actually, the spraying has been going on at a lower level since the late 40s with many expansions along the way. Attached is a link outlining the scope and scale of the weather modification programs as far back as 1966 https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/a-recomended-national-program-in-weather-modification-icas-report-10a/

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Diana Moss,

      As Dane has said, these programs have gone on for decades.  I've been in Alaska as a avid sky watcher and have only seen this activity since approximately 2011.  It was alarming, so I began to research and have been writing about this ever since.

      We used to have the deepest blue skies imaginable. . . sigh.

      For those who pull the "that's just water vapor contrails" I point out that water vapor trails would not persist and show up on satellite photos. Clouds don't even show up on these photos.  Then I post some satellite photos.  That puts the facts out there for anyone who happens to read that exchange. 

  21. mossmoon says:

    Bravo Dane. You handled this dirty job with your signature class and professionalism.

  22. donny darko says:

    It's really very simple. Guy McPherson is a half truther. He has an agenda as do so many of the Pied Piper hacks in "Alternative Media". He is in the same camp as Alex Jones, Storm Clouds Gathering, Christopher Greene, Adam vs. the Man, Corbett, etc. Deflectors, shills, smoke screeners, dis info, and partial truths. All designed to throw honest people seeking TRUTH off the trail. They all strive to keep the lid on what the powers that be don't want you to know.  

  23. andrew says:

    My 44th email to my contact list, titled: Survival:1

    1.  Facts:

    Our air, water, food and bodies are overloaded with toxins – primarily Aluminium, Barium, Strontium and fungi, from atmospheric spraying.  Our immune systems are weakened and suppressed, allowing existing health problems to accelerate, and making it easier for new ones to be created.
    Our health authorities take no action because they are either not required to measure or record the toxins, or if they are, the measurement is probably not down to the particulate size that is most prevalent and damaging.  This is exactly the same as fact that they are not required to measure for the known harmful Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) that is emitted by Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT).   In both the above cases, absolutely everyone is adversely affected, it is just a matter of when and how.  For example, my ILFN symptoms started almost immediately the turbines became operational, whereas others are starting to show similar early stage symptoms after 2 years – and now accept the correlation between symptom and wind speed and direction from the turbines.

    In some people, the levels of Barium and Aluminium in their bodies are well over the recognised safe limits.

    In some areas, over 70% of upper respiratory tract infections are fungal related.

    The daily species extinction rate is now thought to be nearer 300 per day, with over 70% of extinctions caused by fungal infections.

    The definition for "Ice Pack" has been reduced to 15% floating ice and 85% water.

    We are very likely to have an Arctic free of sea ice by August 2015 – even with the above definition.


    2.  War for Survival.  When I started my research into my early symptoms caused by ILFN emitted from a wind farm/factory about 5km from my home (dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, irritability, lack of concentration), I had no idea my research would lead me to write about Geoengineering, atmospheric spraying, HAARP/SBX, and now Survival.

    We are at the start of a global emergency that is not some man-made war against other humans – which has a man-made 'end game'.  Mother earth/Gaia will decide what and when the end game is, we must try to survive.

    We caused the emergency and those in power seem to think that they can engineer a way out by toxic atmospheric spraying (which will kill many of us) – until a huge 13km disc is built and placed in orbit to block some of the sun, or maybe some other 'solution' is thought up.  The trouble is, as soon as they stop spraying, the full effect of the already built in global warming will be unleashed.  They are currently relying on a short term financially profitable 'no win solution'.  The warming feed back loops are in charge, particularly the massive methane releases.  



    3.  Prepare.

    In this section I will be giving some ideas on how to survive.  I will concentrate on the basic equipment you need to get from A to B.  For example: from area of crisis/civil unrest back to your car, pre arranged rendezvous, or house; or if your house is compromised, from there to your alternative base.  It will not be about comfy camping with sleeping bags and tents – whatever you add to my basic list you may have to carry, so think carefully before including it!


    In any emergency preparation you need to think in 3s.  Such as:

    minimum 3 layers of clothing (base layer, mid layer(s), weatherproof top layer)

    3 ways to light a fire (matches, lighter, flint)

    3 ways to purify water ( charcoal drinking straw, quality filter system, distillation)

    3 ways to catch/trap/hunt food

    enough food and water for 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months etc

    3 compatible methods of equipment carry (Every Day Carry [EDC], Grab Bag, Bug Out Bag [BOB])

    3 types of torch (battery, rechargeable, wind up)

    3 means of travel (foot, bicycle, car).  Treat public transport, if available and safe, and other lifts as temporary aids. 

    I will go into these and other aspects in more detail in future emails.


    So, how much will this equipment cost?  That depends on how seriously you take your survival, what equipment you already have that you can use or adapt, and the quality of equipment you buy.  You should be able to adequately equip yourself and maybe your partner or family for about £500 – which could be spread over a period of time.  I will give some equipment suggestions, but it is up to you what you buy.


    Of course, our government should be organising this and other protection measures, such as ensuring all properties are "off grid" and self sufficient for their energy needs, but that is not their intention – nor the intention of the major energy companies.


    Do not be surprised if your nearest and dearest is highly critical of your preparations.  Just carry on and include them in your preparations. As with Saint Paul, and the 'poacher turned gamekeeper' types, your greatest critic can become your greatest supporter.  If events turn out as predicted, you and they will be extremely grateful you took action.


    • NicoleVT says:

      This is amazing Dane and I thank you – my whole family thanks you for continuing to be a role model for truth about the ongoing geo engineered nightmare. Exposing Guy McPherson had to happen, he has been lamenting "peace and let-go" for so long as if that is his real motive but it isn't his motive. He cares about his own neck far too much to care about anyone or anything else. The last thing he wants is to die, and if denying what is going on gets him through the night that is what he will do. I see that same crap all around me with my so called friends and family who won't listen. It is classic at this point. He can't hear about this, it's just too much for him to deal with and it reminds him of his own mortality. SELFISH. Another so called good-"GUY" BITES THE DUST. Nicole and Family, Vermont

  24. Cecile Poletti says:

    Unbelievable! but true…..the statement from Guy: 

    "No amount of evidence will convince deniers of anything, so I'll not waste my time." 

    just means "i've been paid a shit load of money to deny geoengineering, so i'll not waist my time"!

    can't think of another reason…..

  25. joy says:

    I hope this can be read, as it keeps getting booted-   If you have ever been in a situation, where you knew EXACTLY what was going on, BUT you (or, worse, your family) were being threatened  with mortal harm, you will deny what you know to be fact.

  26. joy says:

    If you have ever been in a situation, where you knew EXACTLY what was going on, BUT you (or, worse, your family) were being threatened  with mortal harm, you will deny what you know to be fact.

    • Noelle says:

      Joy, It does seem indeed that Guy has been "turned". His family may well have been in harms's way. It's how the other side keeps all the lies hidden. But regardless, I do not know how he sleeps at night.


  27. Frank says:

    There are many people who can't handle the truth because it doesn't directly effect them. They are in denial about everything except their comfort zone. Wake up people and stop saying 

    This is not Business

    First they came for the tax resistors,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a tax resistor
    and I believed the government when they said that forcing people to
    forfeit a percentage of their labor was not a violation of their rights.
    Then they came for the cult members,
    and i didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a cult member
    and I believed the government when they said non-approved religions were cults,
    and all cult members were dangerous.
    Then they came for the domestic terrorists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a domestic terrorist
    and I believed the government’s official story of the Oklahoma City bombing,
    and that domestic terrorists were everywhere, endangering society.
    Then they came for the Muslim terrorists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Muslim terrorist
    and I believed the government’s official story of 9/11,
    and that Muslim terrorists were everywhere, endangering the world.
    Then they came for the “radicals”,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a radical
    and I believed the government when they said
    radicals were everywhere, and were no different than terrorists.
    Then they came for the patriots,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a patriot
    and I believed the government when they said
    that patriots are as dangerous as radicals and terrorists.
    Then they came for the veterans,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a veteran
    and I believed the government when they said
    that veterans are potential terrorists, radicals and patriots.
    Then they came for the natural healers,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a natural healer
    and I believed the government when they said natural healers were
    dangerous, radical quacks because they don’t support the pharmaceutical industry.
    Then they came for the farmers,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a farmer
    and I believed the government when they said
    that it was their job to control the food supply.
    Then they came for independent media reporters,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a member of the alternative media
    and I believed the government when they said
    that the only accurate news is reported by government-approved corporations.
    Then they came for the gun owners,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a gun owner
    and I believed that it was the government’s job
    to outlaw the ownership of dangerous weapons.
    Then they came for the Obamacare resistors,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an Obamacare resistor
    and I believed the government when they said
    that forcing people to pay for health insurance was “freedom”.
    Then they came for the Christians,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Christian
    and I believed the government when they said
    that Christianity was a silly superstition and should be outlawed in a scientific society.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me in this Orwellian society

  28. Angelique Zammetti says:

    I suspect two possibilities regarding Guy's disdain towards the subject of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.  I think he's been aware of  the  spraying for some time and has chosen to deliver his own message, avoiding the topic of geoengineering, because of the controversy that continues to envelope the subject. Climate scientists have expressed their fear of launching climate altering programs because of the consequences of ceasing the efforts once they begin. He very well may have been influenced to believe if they stop spraying the result will be catastrophic, therefore, why risk entertaining a subject that may taint the credibility of his own personal message.  Apparently he is not recognizing that lies and deception put forth by the power structure in the past 3 to 4 generations are what's largely responsible for the severe climate issues we all face today. Truth can sometimes require an uncomfortable response in order to contend with reality, but is always the best policy.  Another possibility is he has been planted to create fear and submission for a paycheck.  I personally am apt to believe he wants to get the message out about extreme global warming without having to contend with the scrutiny that accompanies the topic of geoengineering and that he believes that ceasing the aerosol spraying will now exacerbate the warming process.  I don't believe he supported the choice to implement the programs, but I do think he believes it's best to continue them at this point.  He must realize by now his decision to shroud the truth has damaged his credibility and decreased the numbers of supporters he had prior to his actions in Chico, Ca.  Let the truth be known, Guy Mcpherson disappointed a huge portion of his audience and has greatly decreased the number of people that were forwarding the personal message he clearly wants to share.  All's we can hope for is that he learns from this mistake and chooses to present all known factors to the the equation in his future presentations.

  29. curly says:

    Dane—I appreciate your efforts to increase awareness about geoengineering in the hope that it can be stopped.  But what if this plan doesn't work?  Is there a plan B?  What besides increased awareness might be effective?  I entertain an idea that if enough activists (say a million or so) were to drive their car to a given location (Washington DC, or an airport where the chemtrails planes take off, etc.) at rush hour that it would temporarily stop the machine that is poisoning our planet.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Curly, I have done my best to get people show up to an extremely important protest in front of a Northern California TV station (and many other events) and though hundreds should have showed up, only 70 or 80 made it. Most people are not yet ready to understand that they must get off the bench and help each and every day. Unfortunately most people will not wake up until they are forced to face reality, but that time is now near. In the meantime, the responsibility of raising awareness is one that we must all carry, let's make every day count.

  30. Ana says:

    This was really a friday 13!

    I feel for your expenses with the facility and that a scientist  like Guy Mcpherson took "advantage" of a good and generous person like you behaving the way he behaved( like a spoiled child)…

    What i never understood is why Mr Mcpherson ,a internationaly  recognized scientist, never delivered the entire message of what´s really going on with our weather/clima as a whole? Why a person that has retired from his public(?) work  in an university (i think)and that chose to deliver the " methane emergency message"   to the world needs so much to be on the side of the official(lies) message and the same goes to AMEG group …Why? why all these people and many more are playing the blind or delivering the "blind half message" to all of us in a world that is colapsing by the day and needs a change desperatly (at least Ameg say that they want to save the world ,but really?) ?…Business as usual? commitment of some kind with  those in Power? only Mr Guy ,Ameg and others to know what´s really inside of their souls or purposes…

    I don´t think that would be easy to take Mr Guy from his "comfort zone " of the "internationaly recognized scientist" and from the oficial line of speech  along with his AMEG group friends ! …specially dificult job to bring Mr Guy to the side of the truth when he believes we are all doomed anyway …

    Other thing i can´t understand is how Mr Mcpherson went to a public presentation about the subject "abrupt climate change" and was expecting to not have to discuss about  geoengeneering along with the climate controverse issue of chemtrails when this is a topic of the moment ?

    I don´t believe Mr Guy  is in a "deep denial " ,seems to me that he is in "deep commitment" with Ameg group or with something else that only him to know …in my opinion, looking at  Mr Guy Mcpherson reactions /behaviours /atitudes  on this Chico California  Presentation  , seems like he is not very happy with himself  …but I´m not a psychologist!…But there was a good cast of other biologists in this Presentation that was a pitty to not have had the chance to hear that round table and Presentation with You and them together while Mr Guy was fighting with his own deamons inside!

    Keep with your good work! and thanks for your determination in this fight!




  31. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I hope that everyone fully understands that Guy McPherson is a liar. This means that nothing he says or has said in the past is credible. Now is the time to turn our backs on him and never lok back.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, though McPherson is completley denying the climate engineering issue, and though there is no exuse for this, that does not mean one can or should assume that everything he says is false. This would be a mistake. Many have chosen to take the exact opposite position as Al Gore because of his behavior, this is also a mistake. We must all learn to stop thinking in “all this” or “all that” terms, we must all learn to “sift the baby from the bathwater”.

  32. Augie says:

    thank you, dane, for all that you do. i don't know how anyone can deny what's going on over our heads. as to it being con trails, i don't believe commercial planes, or any other jet for that matter, fly out so many miles with a trail spewing behind them, turn it off, make a U-turn and turn on the spray again. i've watched this happen in my area many times. we seem to live in a heavy spraying space area here in the dallas/ft worth area. i'm wondering if it is responsible for my chronic tiredness which only developed in the last five years. i feel much better and function better at night.

    this whole denial thing makes me think of the many Bgrade-science fiction movies where someone in charge refuses to believe the consequences that are being presented to them, until it's too late of course.

    nonetheless, i keep marching ahead, trying to enlighten anyone who will listen, and even those that don't want to listen.

  33. James says:

    There's a youtube video I discovered  taken by one of the anti-geoengineering group attending McPherson's talk last Friday.  watch?v=eoTt5pWZvTo

    It's fascinating raw footage. In part 5 after the presentation  Dane is seen passing out free DVD's, while bystanders are overheard conversing, sharing their awe at McPherson's denial of the obvious phenomena. McPerson does accept two written questions handed from the audience asking about 'chemtrails' and he flat out dismissed the idea. "I know what contrails are", he says, "but not chemtrails."  He reiterated his objection to the notion based on there being no scientific peer reviewed proof.  

    Scott K. Johnson is a freelance science author who writes a good critique on Guy McPerson which anyone enthralled by McPerson should read.  Scott handily puts McPerson's claims into rational perspective. My take on McPherson after having studied him over the past year, to put it bluntly, he's making a living selling snake oil, aka alarmism. I could cite examples, but better if you research it yourself, you'll be more completely informed on the many issues, such as the additive value of feedback loops etc .  

    As for why he's doing this, dealing in half-truths, most of the possible reasons have already been speculated upon here. I assume we will never know why Guy McPerson's expertly crafted pitch is laced with  falsehoods, employs conjecture based on extreme odds, cherry picks misleading data, and fails to recognize  geoengineering.  It could just be as simple as a guy out promoting his two latest books.  Self promotion seems to be his shtick and he's good at it.  Guy is in the habit of dismissing any and all science that disagrees with his hypothesis, so we are not special by any means.  Its infuriating nonetheless because  we are living the reality of geoengineering over our heads, and so is he. Yet he refuses to acknowledge it because it runs contrary to his agenda, whatever it is.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, athough I am completely against Guy’s total denial of climate engineering, in regard to the state of the climate, available data idicates it is every bit as bad as Guy portrays it to be. Climate engineering is making this already very bad situation exponentially worse. The single most important leap we could make in the right direction is to expose and halt the geoengineering insanity. 

    • Bruce Tanner says:

      Hi Dane, you write "…available data indicates it is every bit as bad as Guy portrays it to be."

      Does that mean you agree with his assessment that human life on Earth will end by the mid-21st Century?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bruce, mathematically speaking, if we stay on the current trajectory, it will end much sooner than that. At best we face challenges as of yet unimaginable to almost any. If we are to have any chance, climate engineering must be exposed and halted.

  34. Renee says:

    High treason and crimes against humanity by cowards, criminals and their paid for cronies, like the “GUY” who had the backbone of a 95 year old woman suffering from osteoporosis. Any “GUY” who is going to look an educated audience in the face and deny what we all know is happening, has no testicular fortitude whatsoever. As a woman, I have more testes than that “GUY”. In fact, behavior this treacherous is exactly the sparks needed to ignite a revolution. One of two things is wrong with that “GUYs” opinion. One, his head isn’t in the clouds, to be able to see GeoEngineering taking place daily, because it is up the ass of the cabal, or two, the heavy metals raining down on him everyday have caused him to suffer from dementia. It may be both since he couldn’t even give a presentation and said something as ludicrous as, “Flying Spaghetti Monster,” while acting as a SHILL.

  35. Lana Givant says:

    Thank you so much Dane, Cori, Wanda, Francis and all. I couldn't be with you physically, but I was with you in my heart. There are no finer people than the activists that are fighting for all of us with everything they have to educate the people about geoengineering. I am so sorry that Guy McPherson showed his true colors, the colors of a coward. He knows the truth, lied to protect himself and completely sold out. Our activists against geoengineering are putting our lives, health, and well being on the line to fight against this insane crime against humanity. Much love and gratitude to all. Thank You once again!

  36. paul russell says:

    Dane, I can’t offer any answers, except this: the last time flights were grounded for 3 days post 9/11 there was an immediate and substantial increase in global warming. It was a significant spike. I hate the secrecy and health risks of this global dimming crap. But I suspect that a lot of people know the truth and believe it would be immediately catastrophic to stop. So it might be the case that many people feel this has to be denied.
    Your point is well taken that if we are near the end of civilization and “life as we know it” then there is no reason all cards shouldn’t be laid out on the table.
    I only speak for myself. And I think that by the time we all know the truth it will already be too late. Still, your commitment is much admired.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for putting your voice into this conversation. About the post 911 temp rises, first, we can not verify the authenticity of that data. Next, even if that two day period did see a rise in the range claimed, the climate system would require much more time to reactivate the hydrological cycle that has been hampered by climate engineering for over 6 degades. Next, there is the decimated ozone layer from climate engineering, the dead and dying boreal forests, etc. Every breath we take is toxic. Also, what you did not mention on the post 911 temps is this, the nightime temps went significantly down during the same two day period. Only harm has come from the climate engineering insanity, all available data confirms this. Yes, it is certainly too late to ever return to the planet we once knew, but there may yet be a chance to preserve enough of the planets life support systems to make a difference. Stopping climate engineering is the greatest priority of all.

  37. Marc says:

    I think the speculations regarding Mr. McPherson's motives are yet to find their target, but I've read some potent ones here in these posts. Based solely on Dane's account of the event in question, Mr. McPherson comes off behaving and sounding like a garden-variety asshole whose academic arrogance was not to be trumped by the likes of a Dane Wigington or any other voice of Reason.  I've watched numerous videos of Guy and in my humble opinion there is something a wee bit strange about his manner and delivery. Granted, I'm going to assume his own academic career essentially forbade him to openly dive in too deep on the geoengineering topic, and so perhaps he simply cannot more openly discuss it, for by doing so he acknowledges it's existence and potentially "undermines" a lot of his climate research. Still, though, his behavior just seems selfish, petty, angry, argumentative, and downright embarrassing for many who were present. His doomsday message apparently is striking a chord among many as we continue to move farther and farther into chaos and certain doom. Because of the traction his "brand" has achieved, I think it may be possible he is resentful (jealous?) of Dane Wigington's own success in bringing truth to an increasingly alarmed public. Especially when that glaring truth (geoengineering) has not been front and center in Guy's own presentations.

  38. marta says:

    first of all … peer review means the following:

    the evaluation by fellow specialists of research that someone has done in order to assess its suitability for publication or further development

    so there are two separate fish and wildlife biologists taking samples for evidence of toxins in the environment (due to spraying) – which is their field of expertise – and they are reviewing each others samples and protocols … would that not be peer review? Could you not state that your sample data has been peer reviewed?.

    when i heard about this i had a gut feeling that guy has been either threatened or bought off somehow… normal people act normal.

    this behavior is highly irregular. But he is not alone in being either bought off or scared shite less… that is the stranglehold that is keeping this issue out of the public view.

    i also believe there is a certain degree of mind control going on, maybe through tv, that is making people hopeless and passive.

    another gut feeling… somehow someway i believe we can save this planet. but it does depend on us doing something … each and every one of us.

  39. Laurie Jo says:

    Of course the fact that there are many pretending to care about the climate, the deniers of climate engineering ARE the ones responsible for it.
    This Guy reminds me of a wife beater.  He pretends to be all about "the good guy" in public, but then behind closed doors, it's time to put on the boxing gloves. 
    These abusers of the climate need to be put in their place, and we need to stop pandering to them as if they were good guys.
    Men who beat women will keep doing it until their wife screams for help and starts fighting back (with her wits, and the court system), then separation is the only thing that really works to stop the madness. In the same way, these bullies will fall.
    They all need PRISON!

    I am happy you stood your ground repeatedly, and you showed patience with him too, which is more than he deserved.

  40. verna Smith says:

    Dane my health has become a huge problem for me,as soon as I am well, Lord be willing I will once again become more active. Wish I could have physically been well enough to attend. Verna  Better known as AKA "Grandma" Thank you and each of you who attended. Shame on Mr. Guy McPherson. 

  41. Michel B says:

    Guy is part of the now recogniseable effort to convince an as-yet unwary public of the 'need to spray'.

    He speaks of one of the feedback loops, omitting SRM/SAG, when highlighting Methane Expulsion. He states it is a game ender. This will alarm everyone, throwing them into an emotional reaction. Their consent will be easily and quickly attained. 'Certain extinction vs slim chance' will be the dialectic. We can see where this is heading.

    He is a willing pawn in the psy op waged against us. We must keep hammering him while spreading the truth to as many others as yet unwoken. The best argument I can offer him is, "When in a hole, stop digging."

  42. San Miguel Co., CO says:

    Dane I appreciate all you are doing to expose this crime on humanity. I’m trying my best to inform people and to look up. Some are starting to see it but most don’t want to. I just keep moving on… It’s getting hot again here so soon this year. We’ve hit 70 already and really dry and hot. The sun is definately more intense and everyone seems to notice the burn on their arms when it’s 40 degrees at 9 in the morning. Now that the snow is probably over I’m seeing a lot of the shorter bright trails on “clear blue-sky” days….still white on all horizons with wild sunsets…I’ve read comments from people about jets trailing into the sun at sunset. Me too. The most I have counted is 17 at once looking west into Utah….quite wild. Anyway I’m calling these short bright trails “chemlight”. Thought they wouldn’t spray today and was scanning the sky and saw nothing and then all of a sudden within 20 seconds 5 of these jets started releasing chemlight …. Later the sky seems to all of a sudden show wispy feathery clouds….it’s gonna be wicked hot this summer I can tell already. Got any info on the PowerPoint presentations or business card pdf for printing. I’d love to get a couple thousand. Thanks for all you are doing and I’m trying!

  43. Ed Bee says:

    I just got back from a trip out of the country. I had looked forward to seeing the geoengineering evidence up close. Our plane travelled high above the natural clouds, which I could see plainly down below me. We were in a clear layer of air. Way above me was, at least to me, a shocking watercolor washed sky of gray, brown, and bluish colors. Am I remembering wrong seeing a beautiful sapphire colored sky at that altitude? The Central American country I visited was being sprayed almost every day but much less than here. One day it was much heavier, and I felt the usual heavy-chested feeling I always get, along with the mental dullness and metallic taste on my lips. When, oh when, Dane, will the majority wake up? I lose more hope each day and only my faith in the Lord keeps me going. I continue to pray for the truth to be made known before it’s too late.

  44. Debbie Culver says:

    It sounds to me that he has been paid off or even threatened.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      You nailed it Debbie. Plus now he is liable. Time to move the outhouse, again.

  45. Sommer says:

    Check out this fairly recent article and the comments in wattsupwiththat. Some of the comments are referencing your site.


    Maybe with encouragement, we'll see more information on wattsupwiththat about aerosol spraying discussed by these scientists.

  46. How frustrating for those who attended, wanting to bear witness to the truth, only to be shut down. A truth which is backed by mountains of evidence. A truth, which is harming all humanity.

    I agree with Nina.  I think something is going on behind the scenes of Guy's life.  Regardless, Guy and everyone must do the right thing.   As I write this, I am looking at a heavy layer of white smog.  My family, and all those I love are breathing in the white smog.  I am breathing in the white smog.  IF I DO NOTHING, I AM ALSO ACCOUNTABLE!

    We must all continue to inform others.  We must all protest this criminal activity in any way we can.  We can't give up, we must not lose hope, because when hope is gone, so are we.

  47. Barbara says:

    Wow, very disheartening!  Guy must have just prior to the event been afflicted with mind control EMFs or visited by several Men In Black threatening him with assassination . Welp, we shall go on doing all we can to help this beautiful planet heal!  THANK YOU, Thank You, just keep on keeping on doing the amazing job you are!♥

  48. Ariel Gail MacLean says:

    Dane, the only question which matters is Who Is Paying Him?

    We need to get into the habit of vetting someone's income prior to credentializing them to debate, present, write, or interview with us.

    Follow the Money is the #1 step in the process of trying to answer questions like you have asked.  If we knew who pays him, not only would we understand why he behaves like this, but also, could have prevented this occurrence in the first place. 

    Keep up the good work.

    • Howard Taylor says:

      Follow the money.He is scared shirtless of the money that will be taken away from him. Why else would he want the card that recorded him with you.By by $$$$$$.All these slime balls care about money.

  49. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee, What a disappointment!  And given that you, Dane, paid for the platform for him to speak.  A couple of things come to mind.  Ok, more than  couple.  For one thing, he is in the biz of mourning the death of Earth now and perhaps any positive sounding info, any way out, would jeopardize his gig.  Of course, that would be very disingenuous, not to mention greedy, but that seems all too common with these Peer Review people.  And again, Monsanto got through with No peer review, so….

    From all the science stuff you sent me to Dane, all the stuff found in samples seem to be found regardless of spraying, again begging the question-if no geotinkering-what the heck Are they spraying?!

    As a scientist with some real standing, how could he just show a video of himself when so many traveled so far to see him?  I agree that you should not have turned over the card and why would he care if he stood behind what he said?  But then, you are an honorable person mixing with sharks.  Monies for this should be refunded by him.  He well knew your point of view and why so many came to this and that you paid for it.  So he must pay the fees back.  He defaulted.  His bad, as they say.  Not to mention he was rude about it.

    And why would his "assistants" talk about geoengineering existing if he says no?  That makes no sense.  Perhaps he was threatened.  Perhaps he himself is dying of something we don't know and so wants company and to focus only on mourning Earth.  Perhaps he feels or knows that this geoengineering along with all the rest does in fact spell doom and as he said, won't waste time talking about it for that reason.  He is a scientist after all, by which I mean a trained monkey.  Academics cut their eye teeth on peer review, hang by a thread until firmly seated in their position, a bit of a cut throat environment pretty much eliminating free thinking and critical thinking unless along a proscribed line that fits with approval from whatever grant he has.

    I wish it had gone otherwise.  But, such are the times we live in, and the mode in which we live-regretably.  I feel for you in this, but I know it won't stop you and it is at least helpful to others to show him for what he is worth, which apparently is not much!

  50. Helene says:

    Thank you for explaining, sorry you were put in such a bad position…thank you for all you're doing to get this info out there.

  51. Pamela says:

    Wow, Dane!  That sounds like quite an event.  It is highly interesting, for sure!!!

  52. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    When scientists ignore factors and and variables that apply to any given situation, they are no longer scientists by definition they have become white coated priests selling a religion. His reaction sounds a bit like Moncktons reaction to the blatant information about geoengineering and chemtrails. The fact that they deny something that is self evident means that they have another agenda running. I doubt McPherson or Monckton are that stupid that they cannot see what is self evident. It is a really sad state of affairs when humanity gets to that stage. In the UK we have had a horrendous smog for a few days a very dark fog that you can feel affecting your air passages. At night in a strong torch beam you can see small particulate fibres in the air in addition to the water vapour/chemical mix. There has been very heavy spraying here in recent days.


    • jilly sowdon says:

      hi malcolm,yes,i too noticed the heavy "mist",and my not so distant surrounding hills could not be seen because of it.and the weather forcasters said"with the wind coming up,there will be an improvement in air quality"….so,the metiorologists must know something of whats going on ,i mean,they tell us this stuff! and anyway,what level of industry is going to deliver that quantity of air pollution to england?…the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous,and each day i post danes posts,just to try and make more aware…there is an english web site for chemtrail awareness,chemtrailsprojectuk.com,and there is a petition one can sign,but isnt it more than about time that we all got together and made it so well known that we could get it stopped??very best wishes,jilly.

  53. Bruce Tanner says:

    Sky over Santa Cruz today has become a total white-out and they're still spraying.

    Hi Dane, Thanks so much for sponsoring this event with Guy McPherson and persevering through what must have been a very disturbing experience. We had not exactly the pleasure of meeting with him in a small group here in Santa Cruz last year the day after he did one of his presentations in Monterey. At the meeting he made a couple of snide remarks about you as we tried to discuss Geoengineering with the group. He was then characterizing himself as a "geoengineering agnostic," but has since apparently changed his tune.

    At his presentation in Monterey, people who had been there reported that a 12 year old girl who had been in the audience to hear him authoritatively stating that human life on Earth would end within 30 years, became distraught afterward and so upset that a group of adults had to work with her for quite a while to try to console her. At our meeting, when I tried to share my "elevator speech" on evidence that Earth has been cool within a consistent pattern of temperature variations even at times when there has been more than 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere, I observed him roll his eyes and make an expression as if to say "we just have to let the children say whatever nonsense they will."

    For me, his ongoing mission begs the question of who may be sponsoring him to spread his dystopian message. I presume that we've fully entered the era of Technocratic control of the masses. We can see this in the way the "mandatory vaccine agenda" is playing out rapidly in the wake of the Disneyland Measles Outbreak, for instance. Perhaps Guy McPherson's message is part of the mix to manufacture the acquiescence (consent) of the masses to be further manipulated without reacting. I suspect strongly that McPherson may have been directed that he can't, under any circumstances, spill the beans about the already pervasive programs of toxic weather manipulation, which may also be providing an ongoing vector for biological attack on the population.

    We have a group in Santa Cruz working to stop Geoengineering. Our website, with a forum, is at: http://ceta-endtoxicaerosols.org

  54. penny says:

    This is a poignant and tragic story, and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for those who were there, hitting the proverbial brick wall.  One wants, hideous as the thought is, to assume that McPherson has been threatened that his loved ones will suffer if he admits that the elephant is bigger than life (because if he is behaving like this for the sake of his career or himself, he is worse than criminal).  My heart goes out to you, Dane, Cori, Wanda, and all, for having had to face such immense disappointment.  Still, he is only one … well, guy (speaking of gallows humor.)  There are plenty of people waking up every day, thanks in great part to your efforts.

    As was so eloquently stated above, we are born into this world knowing we will die.  We aren't losing anything by having had the incredible gift of living, for however long.  But we owe it to the innocent bystanders (including many humans) to try however we can to minimize our impact, no matter how futile it may seem.  To keep up the fight on behalf other living things, is to live well. 

    Here's to those who live well!


  55. If it weren't for the fact that geoengineering is so dangerous to our environment and our lives I would simply dismiss Guy without too much attention; but this is too important to let slide.  All I know is this: What may have started out to be geoengineering experiments with the weather has become something else now.  Whoever is doing this is making a lot of money…need I say more. How many times do we need to go down this road to see that some very powerful people, and very greedy, are behind this.  I can't say why Guy has this extreme blind denial but there has to be a reason other than the facts because the facts are there for anyone with an average IQ to deduce.  I really want to know why a scientist like Guy has absolutely no curiosity as to why millions of people see chemtrails in the sky and researchers and scientists from all over the world are coming up with hard data that geoengineering is going on. 

    Sorry Guy, I really am, but you have put yourself in this situation and you need to be held accountable because you are responsible as a researcher and educator to tell the truth, the whole truth.  It's time to wake up and if you (Guy) can explain why we are all hallucinating the same hallucinations, I'm totally curious enough to hear it.  

    We all breathe the same air…this is not a polarizing issue. This is the last energy I will be spending on this.  All of you take care and keep up the good work of uncovering the truth.

  56. Nina Widlund says:

    One has to wonder if Guy has been threatened, in some way, which could account for his condescending and controlling behavior and his resistance to facts.

    Why did he choose to use his own Youtube video, instead of actually speaking, when he was right there?  Why did he not allow an open question and answer period?  Why did he put down any inquiries into geo-engineering; treating half the audience as tin-foil hat wearers?

    Why did Guy use the term geo-engineering in his Youtube and then say there was no such thing?  Why did he scoff at the government and the mainstream way of thinking and then use, over and over, the validity of NASA, for his own agenda?  The outcome of his message was we are all going to die and we should Love one another.  Why didn't he portray his presentation for what it would be, instead of leading us to congregate under his guise of Abrupt Climate Change.   Was this a bait & switch?

    Guy spoke of Love.  Acting with love depicts graciousness, even when opinions are at odds.   There was no graciousness with Guy.  His conduct was in such a contorted fashion that anyone with minimal awareness knew something was off. 

    In this society it is common to hear science is bought and paid for, or, scientists being pressured in numerous ways.   Perhaps one of these scenarios is playing out for Guy.



    • Ken says:

      Guy is a Geoengineering denier. The shifted Jet Stream he calls a meandering Jet Stream.  So how credible does that make his material ?  Highly suspect imo.

  57. Michel B says:

    Regardless of why he denies Geoengineering so vehemently, he is a willing shill and he is spieling out a scripted rhetoric of doom with a disclaimer of love is all there is. This is a new script apart from others I read from shills. It effectively offers no hope for life in the physical realm, by admitting only to the Arctic methane emergency, but wait we still have love, so just live your lives.

    What kind of transparent bulls**t is this?! As for his demeanour and responses at the meeting, you can easliy conclude that he knew he was going to have to be in denial mode and that blustering out shallow and transparent rhetoric about "needing peer reviewed studies" was the only card he had to play to fulfill his obligations to reading the script.

    It is disappointing, but what do we expect in this fight? We expect every good virtue, but it won't always be delivered. Guy Machpherson's name is mud for history to come, unless of course he admits to simple facts and their inevitable truth. His attempts to derail the good fight, though, will be remembered.

    I think the best thing to do is to move on to the next scientist who will help and leave Guy to wallow in the shilling s**t of his own lies. We must sow seeds on fertile ground, not on the stoney ground of shills' lies. Trying to turn a shill around ends up being a waste of valuable time.

  58. Lester C. Muller says:

    Mr. McPherson’s conduct was nothing more than an initial “warning shot across the bow” for Dane Wigington and everyone else who supports the anti-geoengineerinjg movement. It will be quite a while until the real truth is known why Mr. McPherson has taken this (new) course and/or who or what is behind it — if it ever comes out — but it would be very interesting to remain informed of the future state of his health and that of his family. 

    If nothing else, it is a definite signal to each and everyone of us that there is something that has been going on for a long time now and is getting stronger by the day — be it GMO’s, geoengineering or mothers loosing custody of their children because of wanting to discuss chemtrails with other parents (Boulder, CO.) — and the sooner more people realize this, the sooner this takeover will be slowed down and, if it isn’t already too late, stopped.

  59. Irene Parousis says:

    Disgusting!!!  And yes, he is a criminal.  I watched him on youtube claiming how he went from being a left brained scientist to a right brained enlightened Buddha, I'm sorry but either of those brains should have led him to know, without a doubt, that geoengineering is real.  I'm going to start believing that MKultra and mind control is real.  We are not all made of the same cloth and I'm going to go further and say some are here specifically for the demise of the planet, I believe this battle is much bigger than we know.  Thank you Dane for confronting him with the truth, hopefully his dirty 'con- science' will be a catalyst for a real awakening!  

  60. CBO says:

    I attended a round table discussion on climate change at University of Rhode Island last month.  Guy McPherson was there with two other scientists – a physicist and an oceanographer.  All maintained that geoengineering was in the discussion phase only and that it would not be good for the planet. We were allowed to ask questions and as I follow Dane's website, I asked if "covert" geoengineering was currently happening.  Someone in the audience yelled: "that's a good question."  I got the impression that the panel was not too comfortable with the question and all three went on to dismiss the fact, which brought me relief on some level.  In light of this article, I find their responses very disturbing: as scientists they are responsible for considering all the evidence.  

  61. Clint Housel says:

    Surely McPherson is in fear for his life or an equivalent threat. The global controllers play rough.

    • JOAN OLVERA says:

      I think he was threatened and when he asked for the tape of the meeting ,that is the proof he needed to prove to whom ever he was not talking about geo engineering and was saying it did not exist ,I think hes on a short lease or his funding would be gone and maybe him and his family ,Pretty much simple logic ,If he left college had to be a reason ,And sends out doom and gloom information that is his job now and I can guess it will be till people like Jones Town find out to late ,He uses negativity and depression to prove his points and as long as he keeps people in fear ,,then he has done his job ,Sad reality 


  62. Bridget Bolger says:

    First off Dane I want to thank you from the depths of my humanity for the brave work you do in exposing geoengineering in clear and intelligent language.  It's telling that spell check does not auto correct the word "geoengineering" but I suspect as the masses start to wake up [of which I use to be one] that reality will change.

    I live on the near West side of Chicago in a quiet neighborhood.  I have a tree filled yard and a decent size garden that I like to tend.  One day last summer I went out to the garden on a stunningly clear and blue sky day.  About an hour in to gardening I looked up and noticed a grid like pattern in the sky which turned to a milky haze obscuring the sun.  This event started me down the path of getting to know what was going on and hence your work.  I have listened to you on podcasts and find you to be sober and forthright about the chemtrails that are polluting our atmosphere.  

    The chemtrails have become more and more prevalent this year.  I reached out to Tom Skilling a well known meteorologist to ask him about the trails and the milky skies and he said nothing about the milky skies and just that the trails were caused by contrails of jets flying at high altitudes in low humidity.

    My question for you is do you know of a geoengineering action group in the Midwest or better yet in the Chicago area?  I would like to get involved and I do speak to my friends and neighbors and tell them to start to notice the unseemly random grid in the skies.  If they were made by jets and planes the FAA would have plenty to answer to given that it appears, based on the contrails, that a head on plane to plane crash was narrowly escaped.


    Thanks again for your work,



  63. Ed says:

    I doubt I'd have anything more to do with Mr. McPherson. Like so many whose minds are made up and refuse to be convinced by the facts he typifies those who have detached retina of the brain. I don't intend to be too acerbic here, it's just difficult to understand why one who labels himself a scientist refuses to examine conclusions not in agreement with his. I thought peer-review was a necessary part of discovery.

  64. CBO says:

    I had attended a panel of 3 scientists at the University of Rhode Island on climate change last month.  In addition to Guy, there was an oceanographer and a physicist.  They all maintained that geoengineering was in the stage of being considered.  During the question time I asked the question (as I am a follower of Dane's website) if "covert" geoenginnering was already happening?  Just for the record all three scientists stated that geoengineering was not happening yet.  I was a bit relieved by their response – but after reading this article, I am even more disheartened.

  65. Helene says:

    why did you give up your sim card to him?  on whose "authority" was he acting?  was he giving an "order"?  the answer should have been no, and/or you will send him a copy later…

    • Jayne says:

      Agreed. What can he do? He agreed to be at the presentation and filmed. McPherson, whose "gallows" humor and outlook is completely antithetical to any victory that we must imagine we will have — and we will — should be considered a disinformation agent.

    • Jayne says:

      One last thing, he has a radio show on PRN.FM. Maybe people should call in….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Helene, without Guy’s permission I could not air the film we took, this is law. I gave the card up in the attempt to win the trust and confidence of Guy’s assistants. This was the right thing to do and I believe had a positive effect on his assistants who have all now admitted they know geoengineering is going on.

  66. Les Baier says:

    Is it clinical dissociation from reality, (yes, an immensely overwhelming reality at that) or just good ole fashioned intimidation/blackmail?  'Someone' have a knife at his back?

  67. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, you wrote an accurate and truthful summary of what transpired during the private roundtable, and the lecture and Q&A with Guy McPherson. No embellishments, no stretching of the truth of what happened, and fully accurate in your transmission of details. 

    For those that do not know, I traveled from Prescott, AZ to participate in both the roundtable and lecture. Wanda Allen traveled from rural New Hampshire (a very long and expensive journey). We were both completely disgusted (and I don't say that lightly) by the ill behavior of Guy McPherson, his rude and apathetic demonstration of personality, and his complete lack of regard for all the individuals that joined us for the private meeting. I am a calm person, but I nearly lost my composure. I was that angry, and rightfully so. 

    He did read my question at the Q&A that followed his lecture. I stated the any discussion about the current state of the climate, and one that is professed to include the uncomfortable truths, must include the entire truth – geoengineering's effects can not be exempt from the equation. 

    As anti-geoengineering activists, we rise to every single day with one common goal – educating the public on the truth. Not an easy task. Considering that Guy McPherson was and is an educator (Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona), I would think he 'should' appreciate new information in the form of data and facts (which we had ample evidence of), and a willingness for discussion. Always learning, never closed. This is the human factor – we share a planet that no long affords us time for anything but best effort. We tried. He did not. 

    Our future looks bleak. We all recognize our planet/habitat is undergoing rapid change and our interdependence on a healthy earth is necessary for our survival. That said, we are here for a reason, and anything we can do to stop further harm, preserve what remain, and hopefully restore what is needed… is our duty as responsible human beings. I am not afraid to die, but I find no humor whatsoever in his message – "The good news is, we are all going to die." He also states, "It's all about love." His behavior is the antithesis of love. He's the one that needs a teacher.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      My most sincere thanks to you, Cori, for coming so far to participate in the Chico event. Your steady and rational perspectives are very benificial for our cause.

    • mary slutts says:

      Cori, you hit it on the nail, eloquently spoken. I would be more than upset after traveling so far, for what I thought was going to be an expert speaking on this subject. Yes, we are all going to die.  I knew that. I was more than disappointed with his mannerisms, and, as I expressed to Dane, there was no takeaway message for me. I do believe that once he started to read the little question cards, he found himself in a bad situation, seeing that he did not know enough about the cause and effect on Geo Engineering to engage the conversation; although, he could have deferred to Dane for the answer. Thank you and Wanda for coming, as it shows me that there are concerned individuals that are absolutely going out of their way to get the truth out. You are a true believer, and what they are doing with the spraying and altering the weather is wrong.  As for me, I love all people and I especially love this earth.  Please keep doing what you are doing so that together we can get this to stop, hopefully in enough time to fix it.

  68. Wanda Allen says:

    It really was disheartening to come all the way to California to watch Guy McPherson act in the manner he did. To be so dismissive and arrogant when we were all there for the truth. For someone who pushes the "truth" he was the one in the most denial.

    The happiest moment for me other than meeting all the other wonderful activists that I have been working with, was to watch the audience walk outside and talk to Dane and others and take DVDs and flyers. I believe they also came for truth and found it out in the parking lot rather than in a room watching a video of someone who should of been speaking.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wanda, your willingness to come so far in order to bear witness to the event in Chico is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the work you are doing in regard to sounding the alram with people in your region.

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