Some Anti-Geoengineering Activists Are All Over The Board


So many people with so many different opinions in regard to what is going on in our skies. Who do you believe? If you read someone's opinion on the dire issue of geoengineering/chemtrails, is it possible to find any real science data to back up that opinion? Or is the opinion just more "hot air" ? (Which we already have far to much of)

By Dane Wigington

Many that openly recognize the lethal reality of geoengineering don't seem able to plug the effect of these global spraying programs into the current state of the climate. They admit that these toxic chemical trails are blotting out the sun across the entire globe, but can not seem to bring themselves to face the fact that this "global dimming" of 22% or more MUST have an effect on the climate. Many anti-geoengineering activists acknowledge that the global spraying is damaging the climate systems, but then state that "climate change is a hoax". Can it be both ways? Can geoengineering damage the climate and the climate not be damaged at the same time?

A recent article addressing geoengineering was released titled "Don't Blame The Pilots". In this article we are initially told that, in the "OPINION" of the author, climate change is a hoax and the planet is actually in a cooling stage. Really? Even though we know some 22% of the suns direct rays are being blocked by atmospheric particulates (largely from geoengineering) does available data support the conclusion that the planet is cooling? True, Al Gore is a fraud and a hypocrite,  but does that somehow negate the total decimation caused to the planet and the climate by the ongoing geoengineering programs? (Humanity has certainly not been good stewards of the planet on countless fronts, but I am focused on geoengineering alone for the purpose of this article.)

Again, the author of "Don't Blame The Pilots" states the planet is actually cooling. Lets examine this briefly,

The last decade was the warmest on record,

2012 saw 362 all time record highs in US, but ZERO record lows

"White House warned on Imminent Arctic Ice Death Spiral"

The graph below should make it clear the planet is warming, not cooling, whatever one chooses to consider as the cause.

The author goes on to state that "the checkerboards in the sky are not really evidence of spraying". Then what exactly is causing these grid patterns over our heads? According to the author of "Don't Blame The Pilots" there may be very complex and symmetrical wind patterns that miraculously blow all the trails into these grid patterns.  Amazing. Next he concludes the jets that we see spraying, may not really be spraying. It may just look like they are spraying when in reality there are "seeder planes" that apparently we can not actually see spraying but that are actually the ones doing the spraying which makes it look as if the jets we see spraying are doing the spraying when really they are not really spraying. Wow, how do we follow that one? There are numerous videos posted on line that clearly show the jets we see spraying, actually spraying. Are we to discount what we see with our own eyes in exchange for the theory that what we are really seeing is a jet simply passing through the particles sprayed by some "seeder plane" that actually did the spraying but which we could not actually see?

What is the point of all this? We must think for ourselves. We must put aside prejudices and look at data without filters. We must verify data for ourselves.

At, we have made many conclusive statements,

Geoengineering is:

  • Altering weather patterns
  • Damaging the ozone layer
  • Affecting the hydrological cycle
  • Contributing to droughts around the globe
  • Advocated by government officials like Obama science advisor John Holdren
  • Pushed by scientific organizations like the AMEG group
  • Connected to climate feedback loops like the "Arctic methane hydrate release"
  • Contaminating our soils, waters, and air
  • Causing radical "global dimming"
  • Exposing us all to toxic metal nanoparticles and thus fueling degenerative diseases

Please investigate all aspects of this extremely important issue for yourself. That is all we are trying to encourage and inspire at

Should we "blame the pilots"? It would seem to me there should be a responsibility born by all those involved with these lethal and decimating programs. That must ultimately be decided by the people once these programs are brought to light and to a halt.

Though we can not know the full agenda of those behind the spraying, some aspects are straight forward enough. There is a grand, ongoing, and very lethal experiment of which we are all unwillingly test subjects.

The principal below should be kept in mind,

Oc′cam's ra′zor n.  The principle in philosophy and science that assumptions introduced to explain a thing must not be multiplied beyond necessity, and hence the simplest of several hypotheses is always the best in accounting for unexplained facts.

We can see the jets spraying, we have many videos of them spraying. We have the exact toxic elements named in geoengineering patents showing up on the ground as verified in countless lab tests around the globe. We have radical "global dimming" , which is the expressed goal of geoengineering patents. Massive climate disruption is occurring from these all to visible climate modification programs, as predicted by countless articles.

Our conclusion, they are spraying.

Each must of course make up his own mind.

Dane Wigington,


2012 Saw 362 All-Time Record High Temperatures In U.S. But Zero All-Time Record Lows

By Joe Romm on Jan 5, 2013 at 10:57 am

Describing how off the charts our weather has become gets harder and harder. Fortunately, we have wunderground historian Christopher Burton to put things in perspective.

He tallies the data from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in his recap of “the warmest calendar year on record for the continental U.S. according to NCDC data going back to 1895″:

A chart of the total number of NCDC sites that measured daily and/or monthly record high and low temperatures. There are about 5,500 of these sites in the NCDC database all together and it is important to note that the first two columns of this table are not all-time record highs or all-time record lows but daily and monthly records. So, for instance, a single site may have broken dozens of daily records over the course of the year. The 5th and 6th columns are for all-time record highs and lows: a total of 362 such heat records and 0 such cold records occurred. The ratio of daily record highs to daily record lows (about 5 to 1) were the greatest for any year in NCDC records.

27 Responses to Some Anti-Geoengineering Activists Are All Over The Board

  1. Baylee says:


    My friends Mother is newly retired and has taken great interest in the this subject. We thought it would be great if she got involved in a local group of like minded individuals that are anti-geoengineering. My question is where do we find such a group in her area. She lives in MA. Thank you in advance for your reply.


  2. Hi,does anyone know about hurricaine Erin on 911 that was just off New York when the towers fell…it steered a very unusual course and dr judy wood believes that the energy of the hurricaine was used somehow to turn the twin towers to dust…Nicola Tesla was aware of how the power of hurricaines could be harnessed…i believe Raytheon are into directed energy weapons which dr wood believes were used on 911

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve. Do you have a link handy?

    • Hi, dr judy wood’s website is or also her colleague who helps her has a good website Andrew johnson also looks into weather modification and does talks in the UK and Europe

    • Ashlii says:

      I am an Activist from Houston. I am creating awareness about the presence and crimes of a high tech criminal organization called the “CYBER MAFIA” in my city. Hackers, gangs and other white collar criminals have joined together. These domestic terrorist are no longer operating discreetly. Everyone is afraid to stand up to them. Is this not America? The same energy weapon in which they use to graft clouds in the shapes from the links I am posting below have been used to torture human beings remotely. Their use of remote sensing technology renders our privacy useless. This is no longer conspiracy, this is fact & I need help and support as many lives depend on it. We have to start taking this seriously.. places check out the links with pictures taken today by me, using my camera phone. God Bless… nothing has been altered. 1) 2) 3) 4)

      Please help if you can. Check out my website for a real view of “geoengineering” on earth.

    • Dan Cieri says:

      Hi Steve…I have studied Dr. Wood for a while, and have to say I’m convinced those towers were taken down with directed beam weapons. Dr. Woods’ research for the last 10 years was icing on the cake. Hurricane stir up and create a static field, which is one of the two components needed for the directed beam, or scalar, weapons to work. The other is simply a wave directed into the static field. The point where they intersect, which can be chosen, is where the static field and directed wave ‘ignite’, and can cause an explosion the magnitude of a nuclear device without the nuclear material. I am also convinced that these same directed beam weapons are what caused the damage at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City that was blamed on Timothy McVeigh. I’ve studied that explosion, and there are many hallmarks on the building itself that support a scalar weapon, like the shape of the roof, or the fact that the debris from inside the building all fell out the front of the building and not out the back, as would have happened if McVeigh’s bomb, in front of the building, really went off like they said. And experts have said that no bomb that could fit in a truck could have caused that much damage. Add to that the fact that the ATF, who had an office in that building, all magically called in sick that day. Or the fact that when the scene was first on the air, bomb removal experts showed up, cordoned and screened off the scene, told everyone there were two more bombs they had to defuse inside, then they took off later and the news stories changed later in the day to there not really having been any bomb experts at the site earlier. Many other anomalies in the stories give a tragic sense that we weren’t told even close to the truth what happened that day. Same thing with the 9/11 ‘attacks’. They were carried out by scalar weapons, and great post you have calling out Dr. Woods’ research. The melting of the car engines (made out of iron) around the site was too much of a proof that something scalar had happened, when especially it was noted that in the same areas where the car engines melted, the same car tires DIDN”T melt, nor were trees burned, and there were cars that were burned on only half the car, with the line between the burned areas and the non-burned areas in perfectly straight lines…that wouldn’t have been even remotely possible if it was heat that caused the burns to the cars. The fascinating thing about hurricane Erin was that it was a very large hurricane, but the weather stations across the country deliberately removed the hurricane in their forecasts that week leading up to the ‘attacks’. Even tropical storms are shown on weather reporting on TV. I believe that there have been many more attacks using these same weapons that get covered up by the media just as effectively as the towers you mentioned. The power of these weapons is horrifying. What is more horrifying is that we’ve allowed people to develop these and use them. They can do whatever they want with those now…imagine what they WILL do over time.

  3. francis Mangels says:

    We, the liberals and modrates sat down with the tea party May 2013. We put aside the bluster and airy fairy stuff of each side and found common ground here in Mt Shasta, a world-famous gathering place.

    We agreed that endangering our health was an infringement on our Constitutional rights. We agreed that being sprayed on without our permission was irresponsible big government. We agreed that being taken advantage of by big corporations that run the government was unacceptable. We are all patriotic to America, but not to corporations and geoengineering.

    We decided to vote with our wallets and buy local. We decided to grow gardens. We will vote against those who promote geoengineering and give us polluted air, food, and water, violating the 5th and 7th Commandment. We have a right to good health.

    Yes, we do have common ground. It’s called Earth.

  4. Lannyboy1 says:

    This Planet does not belong to MANKIND! It is GOD’S creation! Those who have long sought out a way to take over this planet via their sciences and technologies do not acknowledge this FACT! What can be known about GOD has been “clearly perceived” by MANKIND ever since the creation of the world! Those who know this FACT seek to “be like GOD”, to take over this world! Doubt it? Read the following info then!

    • admin says:

      Wow, that’s a disturbing article Lannyboy. Thanks for sharing. I agree the planet is God’s creation.

    • Dan Cieri says:

      Yeah, Kurzweil is probably the most dangerous man on the planet for what he is doing to change man and the planet. He truly is a scary guy.

  5. Lannyboy1 says:

    This planet, and everything created, belongs to the LORD GOD, not MANKIND! Man’s “progress” in developing the various sciences and technologies, developments and innovations, are based on copying the LORD GOD’S creation in order to TAKE OVER the planet and to “be like God”! The “engineers” have always sought out ways to manipulate and control the “elements”, i.e., water, air, fire, and the earth!

  6. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Causing harm to just one person, if proved, is a crime. No one associated with this madness can escape justice. If the people of this planet do not see justice done the Universe will.

  7. Diane says:

    Dane, is there any place in the U.S. or world where there is no spraying?
    Why is the Pacific Northwest sprayed so much? Lastly, what health steps are you taking, or recommend, to combat the chemtrail fall out, vitamins, chelation therapy, cilantro …?
    Thank you for taking this battle on.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for writing, Diane,
      From all indications, the spraying is world wide. We’ve been told that Iran is chemtrail free. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.
      There are a few basic detox methods that seem to be helpful with symptoms. Dane recommends using a Netti Pot with a drop of tea tree and a drop of eucalyptus oil each day, cilantro. Diatomaceous Earth removes heavy metals from your body. Russ Tanner ( has some good recommendations. We recently posted a good article by Mike Adams about a chemtrail detox.
      Please share what you know. It’s going to take all of us doing all we can! Stay safe and keep looking up!

  8. Tklite says:

    Let me first start by saying i agree that Mr. griffin’s data is mad!

    I am genuinely curious as to why you kind of glossed right over the part of the article which the title is in context to, the part about segments of the chemtrail following who are actively promoting violent action, shining lasers, building or buying rockets, and outwardly supporting similar acts. It is important to note here that by using websites, which are chemtrail community supported on a regular basis, such as flightradar 24 and flightware, one can see the commercial/passenger nature of many/most planes targeted by these people.

    I would appreciate any response you have and am interested in knowing why you do not further the initial author’s request to ask people not to harm people? I dont care about what he has to say in regards to data or science, its all clearly flawed! Are they all complicit? Is flightware, etc disinformation and the flights not passenger planes so its okay?

    I feel this needs to be addressed publicly and transparently before it becomes a nail in the tire of our collective movement.

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment Tk
      First, I do not advocate any violent approach to the pilots. I have never taken such a position in anything I have ever written or spoken about. I do on the other hand believe that once these programs are in the light of day, those that knowingly participated should be held accountable by the citizens of the world. Tried by a jury of their peers if you will. As the article in question stated, the people must decide how to hold responsible those that participated. This would be done by the rule of law.
      As I have never even once condoned any sort of vigilante approach to this issue, I will hope that no such impression will be concluded from this piece for most though I understand your concern.
      Hope you will help us in our fight to raise awareness on this most dire issue, all is at stake and we are doing our absolute best.

  9. Gina says:

    Dane – brilliant work, as always.

    PLEASE do not get caught up in these insane circular distractions and arguments put out by the psychopaths and their many minions – the same ones spraying us to death. It’s getting to the point now that it could be raining right in front of our faces, and we are told by THEM it is not, and then we spend countless hours attempting to logically argue and defend why it is raining. Please stop this – we MUST walk away and refuse to engage in this insanity as it is a losing battle and simple gives the psycopaths more time to do what they do as we argue in circles, chasing our tails forever.

    Your statement above: “Though we can not know the full agenda of those behind the spraying…” is truly scary. Why do you say this? Are we just giving up on trying to find this out? This notion is frightening if indeed it is the case.

    Following this, have you given thought to a follow up movie following the other 2 monumental works: “WHO in the world is spraying”? I think this would be a VERY necessary third peg in the trilogy.

  10. SE Anderson says:

    So happy to read your comments on this article which came from a most surprising author who is obviously completely uninformed on the Chemtrail issue. I wrote him a rather lengthy response but was unable to send it to his address on the e-mail I received. How do I reach him? He has done such good work in the past that this article exposing his ignorance and naivete on such an important issue is very saddening. Thanks for your great work, Dane, and your efforts to stop this crime altho’ probably too late to save our beautiful planet and all life on it.

  11. GabeReal says:

    Dane, the thing about geoengineering that I don’t understand is that if they are creating “global dimming”, how does that increase the climate temperatures? Global warming aside, I have noticed a severe drop in temp’s after every spray. Can you please clarify this point? How does “global dimming” lead to “global warming”?

    • admin says:

      Hello Gabe,
      First, the layer of “global dimming” particulates is trapping more radiant heat overall than it is deflecting. Though the reflective particulates can lower daytime higher, the heat does not escape back into the atmosphere. Next, the spraying sheds the ozone layer, yet more thermal energy is created. Also, the total thwarting of the hydrological cycle which is a primary method for the planet to cool itself. There are more details but hope this gives some idea on this. On the temp drop from the spraying, again, blocking the sun during daytime hours and also, this is important, they are “artificially nucleating” a great deal of the precipitation and clould cover which lowers air mass temps temporarily and toxically.
      Keep looking up,

  12. VICTOR says:


    I am not a scientist; I only have a degree in law. However, I have been researching the science regarding climate warming, and it seems to show that the earth naturally goes through cycles of warming and cooling. We are now in a pattern of warming.

    However, given that, since about the late 19th century,humans have managed to not only heavily pollute the earth but also managed to destroy huge swaths of important forests and swamp lands, the lungs of the earth, could the current “over” warming not have introduced an unnatural warming of the climate?

    Then, the “scientists” stepped in with all their unfounded theories to cool the earth down without, of course, addressing pollution of the atmosphere including the use of various horrible chemicals including tests of nuclear devices etc. into the atmosphere.

    This last year especially, we have seen highly unusual weather patterns of huge snow storms, unusual flooding, high winds, droughts, and overwhelming displays of chemtrails.

    It is just beyond belief that with the entire world being affected, no one has been able to pinpoint the group(s) behind the intentional destruction of life on our wonderful planet. Why is there spraying in almost every country, and why are there so many HAARP installations?

    In conclusion, I personally do not believe global warmimg has occured naturally: It has been orchestrated. But why,and by whom?

    • admin says:

      The climate does go through natural cycles, but based an all available data, there is nothing natural about our current situation. The planet is in the elliptical phase of its orbit, it should be and was cooling till the start of the industrial revolution. You are correct in all you assessments in regard to the damage done and what is doing it. I do not believe adding to the warming was or is the intent of the global geoengineering programs, but rather there intent was to exercise ultimate power over the planets life support systems. I doing this, they have causes such horrific damage that now they are spraying ever more in an insane attempt to cover the damage already done by doing yet more damage. We are in a very downward spiral to be sure. There appears to be a global core of power behind these programs. Its up to all of us to bring these horrific global spraying programs to light. Hope you will help us in this effort.
      Dane Wigington

    • Wayne Jett says:

      “I personally do not believe global warmimg has occured naturally: It has been orchestrated. But why,and by whom?”

      If I may volunteer my view, the orchestration is being done by the same ruling elite who looted $13 trillion through U. S. capital markets in 2008 alone (by means of fraudulent trading tactics facilitated by the federal regulators). These ruling elite are above the law, as evidenced by absence of investigations or prosecutions. Evidence of this, and how the same circle of ruling elite caused the Great Depression, is presented in my book titled “The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now.” A person who does not know what was done to Americans in 1929-1940 cannot imagine what government is capable of doing today. Geoengineering is one highly significant segment of a broad agenda against the productive political class and all humanity other than the uppermost predators.

  13. Karen F. says:

    Hi all!

    If anyone still doubts whether there IS spraying going on.. that IS changing the natural enviroment and weather patterns right now, I challenge them to come and stay at my property for a week. I can’t get away from this nonexistent on-going geoengineering program.

    I would have to stick my head in a paper bag or put blinders on not to see it. I am not enjoying this at all. I would rather not think about it. Life is too short and I am afraid it will be made even shorter by those who have no business messing around with our planet like this.

    Planet Earth belongs to all of us. We all should have a say in anything that can affect life here to the degree geoengineering is. And I know it is. There is no doubt in my mind.

    Dane Wigington has made the data very clear and I have seen these things with my own eyes.

    Hey come stay with me and walk in my moccasins. This is not what I wanted. I just wanted to live a healthy peaceful life causing as little harm to the world around me as possible.

    If the geoengineers had just listened to the Iroquois…

    “We are looking ahead , as is one of the first mandates given us as chiefs, to make sure and to make every decision that we make relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come. . . .”

    “What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?”

    I think we could have done better.

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