Catastrophic Pacific Ocean Die-Off, The US Military’s All Out Assault On The Web Of Life


Dane Wigington

Many have heard about some of the die-offs occurring in our oceans, but most have no understanding of how catastrophic the actual reality is


Fukushima is where all the fingers point as the source of the carnage along the coast, but there is much more to the story. Those who control the US military have virtually no regard for any of the destruction they are wreaking on the entire web of life, including marine life. The US Navy has long since been using live depleted uranium ammunition and devastating sonar devices along the Pacific coast (the US Navy is now also waging electromagnetic warfare along our forests and our coasts). The US (and other nations) have also routinely dumped nuclear waste into our oceans. The excerpt (shown below) from the US Navy's "Environmental Impact Statement " is beyond shocking. Their position is this, if there are no studies to prove the harm they are causing, then no harm was caused.

"The study area for consideration of impacts on marine plants and invertebrates includes the open ocean west of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California….Aircraft overflight and training activities are assumed to have no impacts to marine communities, because impacts of sound on plants and invertebrates are unknown and difficult to quantify."


The statement below was appropriately presented (along with other pressing points) to the US Navy's EIS staff by concerned Oregon resident Carol Van Strum.

The question of past and current Naval activities is highly significant. For example, the EIS acknowledges that past and present activities off the Oregon coast have involved the use of rounds comprised of depleted uranium. Uranium, depleted or otherwise, is an exceptionally persistent material in the environment. The EIS revelations of Navy use of depleted uranium thus raise very serious concerns about how long the Navy has been using depleted uranium rounds in the Pacific Ocean, how much was used per year, where that use has occurred, and what environmental impacts have already accrued from such use, such as uptake by fish and synergistic effects with other wastes and products from Naval exercises. The EIS mentions none of these issues.


In 2010 I personally spoke to a US Navy Public Relations representative that very cavalierly confirmed the Navy's use of depleted uranium ammunition for "practice" off of the US West Coast. She seemed to have no idea of the dangers posed by this ammunition, but rather was only repeating whatever she was told.  The US Military has also permanently contaminated vast areas of land masses with its deadly depleted uranium ammunition. An epidemic of birth defects in Iraq and elsewhere is the legacy of this use. But there is an even larger ongoing assault on the ocean, the planet, and all life, global geoengineering/weather warfare. The blatant atmospheric aerosol spraying so clearly seen of the coast of California in the satellite photo below is nothing short of shocking.


Geoengineering is undeniably a major factor relating to the die-off of the oceans. The US military is certainly the single largest participant in the ongoing global climate engineering insanity (though all major powers are involved). Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer which has subjected the planet to deadly levels of UV radiation greatly contributing to the die-off of plankton populations around the world. The plankton die-off has taken the foundation out of the food chain for marine ecosystems. Geoengineering has also radically altered upper level wind currents which have in turn altered ocean currents. This has contributed to the massive methane release in the Arctic which holds the future of our planet in the balance if it continues. In regard to the Pacific ocean, the altered wind currents have greatly contributed to the record heat buildup. This in turn has fueled the extreme algae blooms, sea bed gassing of methane, hydrogen sulfide (which create hypoxic and anoxic zones), and thus even more marine die-off. There is also the less known form of geoengineering, ocean fertilization, which is also taking its toll on our once thriving seas. Seven decades of highly toxic and destructive global geoengineering programs have inflicted unimaginable decimation to the planet. These programs (combined with the other US military operations already mentioned), have played a major part in the collapse of life in our oceans, most especially in the Pacific. If the oceans die, we die


Our military brothers and sisters must awaken to what they are participating in, the destruction of their own planet and the health of their own citizens. Military personnel are sworn to protect their countrymen from all threats, foreign AND DOMESTIC. All of us are needed to help awaken the population, this includes the families of military personnel. Pass on credible information to all those that need to see it, every day counts in this battle. Make your voice heard.

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  1. Zhandy says:

    This is really sad, but if you didn't know it's never to late to save the sea. If you have time you should clean the ocean, or the roads, lakes,rivers and etc… Life is better if you take care of everyone, evferything, everywhere.

  2. regainconsciousness says:

    Dane – If you or someone you know could do a program on how to survive financially while transforming one's life to fall more in accord with one's values — I think that would be of immense help. 

    I am an activist and part-time indie journalist.  But I have student debt and end up having to slog away inside an office so many months per year.  This schedule leads me to use resources that I do not need otherwise — in order to make money to live. 

    Do you, or anyone else here, have any suggestions for people without a lot of financial resources — and who do not want to invest their time and income in the corporate ecocide / war-machine?  What are the best ways negotiate life according to your values when you live in a culture where a hypocritical wealthy class have everyone else in a financial stranglehold?  

  3. Kelley J Simms says:

    After reading and looking at this sight and others I broke into breathless sobs.  For a time, unconsolable grief.  Ufronted by the banquet of despair, the gall of incredulous impotent fury. What conceit what callous brutality.  The betrayal of Earth's innocent ones is a spectacle in sheer horror.  Fury, and hopelessness are becoming far too common patterns in the lives of far too many people.  It's truly tragic. On the other hand many ignore everything completely while glued to their perfect at screening screens. But most of us want  better options for our lives and the life of our beautiful planet. The various crisis scenarios suggest a distinctly unlovely future (if not present- ie 65 million refugees worldwide) and one wonders how much future is even possible. Numb from the horrors certain groups of powerful people continue to inflict on Earth and her precious innocents: children; ecosystems of vast diversity and gorgeous compexity; inhabitants; plants; animals; people; knowledges and wisdom traditions; languages, arts and antiquities; wild places; untouched forrests; pure waters; the purity and beauty of our Moon; our view of the skies; transparency-true sharing of knowledge; the trust of our young rather than suppressing their ideas and turning them into consumers; the ethical soul of an independent media; respect for religion and the dignity of the aged; ending subjegation and brutality toward women and stopping slavery worldwide.  I do hope Julian of Norwich spoke right when she wrote "He shall make all things well."  Our institutions seem to be stubbornly doing  the opposite.  No one would dare point a finger at big business, the military, science or even law.   Oh, that would only prove that those who trust and stand with NATURE are just nut cases and possibly dangerous, right?  They must be terrorists.  (My attempt at sarcasm.)  But really, torture, bombs, coups, theft, tax evasion, rape and poisoning of the environement, species extinction, nuclear meltdown, a war and prisons economy… we have no right to even write about this, much less demand accountability or inclusion in planning for real change.  Things seem to be going as far as they can go, and climate science and space physics can't go hidden forever.  In conclusion here is an anticlimax for you: Jung wrote "Nothing, nothing is gentler than nature."  In Julian's Revelations of Divine Love we are told God will "save his Word in all things."  And that He will "never take His hand off his creation."  Indeed I often wonder if the creation IS the I AM through and through.   As an artist, my work is like that of the mystic, or the poet.  I suspect the best I can do is to simply do what I do best and enjoy most.  "Run, run to the valley."

  4. With respect to the line quoted in the first paragraph of the above article:

    "Their position is this, if there are no studies to prove the harm they are causing, then no harm was caused"

    Quite simply, the ONLY sensible response to that statement is:

    "Absence of Evidence is NOT Evidence of Absence"

  5. Carlos says:

    Dane, I want to say thank you for all your efforts to try to wake people up to what is happening all around us but it seems that it's far too late, most people are still in a trance induced by all the chemicals and poisons being used against us, I read all the comments and I am glad that there are a few people who are wide awake and upset as I am about what is being done to us and to the planet.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carlos, yes, the horizon looks dark indeed, but it is never too late for exercising one’s will correctly, and for the common good. Even now, we yet achieve a great leap in the right direction, but we must give our all to this critical effort.

  6. The BIG QUESTION remains what is wrong with the collective mind that it is destroying this earth, the very earth we live on? Is there a hypotheses that explains such wanton destruction? I believe there is. It has to do with the worldview actually embedded in European languages (with four exceptions—those not derived from proto-indo- European. Read Apology to a Whale, available at Much can be learned from the language of plants, animals and indigenous human beings.

  7. Mawis Stover says:

    The amount of comments on these posts is skyrocketing, Dane. Its so great to see that happening. Anyway, the first photo in this post is absolutely stunning. The air is choked with aerosol smog and it looks simply hellish. As you have said, like another planet. We cannot be far behind the rest of these creatures….

  8. Lucille Wolff says:

    "….It is not the end for humanity, but it is a transition to a different kind of world—a new world, a world of declined resources, a world of diminished assets, a world that will require tremendous cooperation between nations if human civilization is to survive…
    "….Humanity will have to move to a different kind of equilibrium with life in the future, a different kind of stability in the world. The great question facing you is what will happen between now and then?…
    "….Therefore, you must stop complaining and start looking and develop the strength to look and watch, to clear your mind of judgments and condemnation. Take the Steps to Knowledge to build your connection to the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you, for it is only this intelligence that will save you, you see…." 

    • Mark says:

      I have studied the New Message for over 15 years and concur with your recommendations.  Thank you for posting this.  We each need to go within and discern the most appropriate actions we can take to heal what is being done to the earth, for we each have a role in restoring the health of our planet and society.

    • Andy says:


      I am 100% sure that the human race will never be able to co-operate in away that will minimise the harm to us.

      Im sure that in 100 years we will see that the shift in the natural equilibrium caused by our activities has had the effect that the planet needs to remain viable and there will have been a massive collapse in the human population.

    • Nicholas Demetriades says:

      Did you ever consider the hubris of humans? All life becomes extinct. Sure it could come back in millions of years. We are in the midst of a great extinction event (natural as can be). However we have greatly accelerated the speed of this event. You are better off to prepare for the end than to pretend you are not dying. How long do you think we have? Do you agree we need the insects, the trees, the oceans, the air, the animals, the plants (crops), the soil and the water to survive? Do you really know the position (not the tow the line of corporate media stance)we are in? It is extremely dire if you read the real reports and between the lines. There are several sources who think we likely have only until 2026 ( if we are lucky). Hence the need for pandemics and other distracting activities to deceive the public of the true nature of the climate. Sorry for the bad news. Like Dane says: food, water & shelter are all that will matter. And only as long as your Winnebago in the desert perseveres. Why do you think there is an enormous underground tunnel system under the U.S.? But cause they know it is coming. Can you sell me a ticket? Please!

  9. American Ranger says:

    We have no government. We only THINK we elected one. All this time we have had a pile of political waste screwing up where we live and they are killing our children and their future. So, drop the bullshit of America is a great country, people… it isn't. America has f**ked up the entire planet so complete that there's no where to go! 

  10. penny says:

    When people wonder "Why would 'our government' or 'our military' do this to us?" it might help to rephrase the question: "Why would the individuals in government or the military do this?"  Because ultimately each of those pilots flying the planes is on his or her own, and if they have (against all odds) learned the truth about what is going on, they are still up against all the others, and they know the penalties.  Very few people are willing to risk death by speaking out, even if they know that by keeping quiet many others will die.  And think of all the possible ways in which each one of those individuals could rationalize or even agree with their mission. 

    That's what we're up against: convincing them that there is a better alternative. 

    We will never see The Military as a whole unite for the common good, because they aren't there to protect 'us', the military was designed to protect the rich (read Smedley Butler, 'War is a Racket').  If there were a coup right now, it would just openly enforce the system that's already in place.  I don't think Robo is representative of the people at the top, in the military.

    As for the people high up in government, they are all totally corrupted or they would never have gotten to where they are.  Personally, I have no hope for help from that quarter.  It saddens me that even here, people discuss the 2 ruling parties' candidates as if they were not completely owned, and forget about 3rd party or independent candidates (the only ones who might possibly be worth voting for).

    • Barry Davis says:

      Hi Penny: A year or two back, the US Navy asked for Permission to kill up to 100,000 Mammals so the Navy could test underwater Gear. The area for Permission was from San Diego to the BC Border. Has anyone done a Brain Autopsy on any of the dead Mammals to determine what has gone on? As for our Leadership, they are Psychopaths….they couldn't care less about the ordinary Tax Payer! All they care about is Power…..just as long as they have gobs of Power, nothing else matters!

    • penny says:

      just when you think the nausea couldn't get any worse…  (thanks for the information, though – if we're going to feel sick anyway, we might as well be fully informed)

      Was this, perhaps, related to EMF weapons? 

  11. dave says:

    I love reading all the intelligent comments here! The only hope I can see is that after the DC Corporate-communist Bankster-owned-and -operated regime collapses from its own corruption–and we had better all be armed when that occurs (shortly probably)– the good people in will form a new govt of, by, and for the people. A sane world at last! Check them out! Once you see what they 'are', you will want to support them as much as you can!

  12. Jeanie Day says:

    I have tried and tried to talk about chemtrails, people think I am just crazy. Any suggestions to make people believe, I have been trying for 2 years now!!!!

    • David says:

      Jeanie, One way to try to convince people in denial of chemtrails GeoEngineering, is to print out the Free GeoEngineeringWatch printable fliers, on the left side of the website. I recently printed a bunch out, handed several sheets to my V.A. Nutritionist, Dietician and a Doctor. We can always attempt to talk to people about what is going on, but once we leave them, more than likely they will forget about the issue. With the informational paper's in their hands, they can see and read the proof and evidence. They can also do further research to gain knowledge, by referring to the website, as well as showing others to pass on the word.

  13. Andrew from scotland says:

    Susan Ferguson, you must be the 'Inanna' Susan…

  14. Robo Sapien says:

    There comes a time when peaceful resistance is no longer an option, where is that threshold? Its hard for me to care. I have fought wars for this government, I am a machine when it comes to warfare. I joined the army at 17 and people who think the military are dumb are simply wrong. I was abandoned as a child and NO ONE cared, I struggled to survive, I mean like finding places to sleep and eat. I remember going 3,4,5 days without eating that was rough. No one cared. Now I am suppose to care about life and the Earth. It is hard for me because I dont feel like the Earth really cared for me. It is hard for me not to smile at the catastrophe that is about to hit these smug facebookers and their fake upper middle class existence. It is hard for me to not want revenge and in my mind the best revenge is being be prepared. I dont know what I am supposed to do honestly, I hate what the world has become, what are we trying to save. The world has never been anything but a nightmare to me, why should I not want it all to end? Why should I care about the fish,animals, trees…it is hard for me to remember anything without sadness and pain. The only thing that helps is the beauty of nature. I would fight for that but fighting for cowardly people who dare cast aspersions at the courage of fighting men, no. The people who question our military would never in a million billion years have the courage to fight no its up to people like me to stop this madness. I know. The people on here comment to get to people like me, I know your job and know mine. Yours is to awaken the need to fight in me and others like me. We all have a job. I just want you to understand this war we need to fight will like no war ever fought. It will involve no quarter, these evil SOB are 100% invested and they wil not back down. It is up to us to physically grab these suckers and toss them in prison until we can decide who needs to be punished for treason. It ends with us ending it, not by us calling corrupt politicians and bankers or boycotting corporation or not paying taxes. It ends by confrontation

    • Lexi says:

      I am so sorry for the pain this life has brought to you, I understand you very well, I feel very much the same way, most human beings are quot; useless eaters", and they are too stupid & useless to fight for, but the earth didn’t do it, the animals  didn’t do it and the children didn’t do it, there are innocent  suffering horribly  and   those  are the ones  people  need to help, . I also agree with you  that  there is NO WAY PEACEFULLY TO STOP these sociopaths,   we will have to stoop down and become as depraved  as they are ,  but what I don’t understand  is  WHY IS OUR MILITARY  DOING THIS TO US? WHY  doesn’t our military stand down to these psychopaths   and  arrest them all,   our military needs to TAKE OVER WASHINGTON  and appoint a new president NOW , ARREST   AND LOCK UP & THROW AWAY THE KEYS  to these sick bastards  doing this.  but  WHY  is our  military doing this  to the innocent  ?   you seem to be military ,  you certainly  can answer this question – Kristen Meghan      has answered  so many questions for us  except  WHY is our military  doing this  to our  children &  planet ? It is  so heartbreaking watching  everything  being murdered.  how  can we get our military  to fight for AMERICA. We could have our country back our lives our  freedom ,  we are doomed   if  our military  won’t  help us  , I think.  ,  wouldn’t this  give you something to live for ,  you would be my hero  is all I know  if  you knew  how to stop this  shit .  our  animals  and our  planet is  being  ravaged ,  it is   horrifying  knowing our  own  is doing this  to us,  they are supposed to protect  us ..  thanks for your  comment and  I hope you know who can stop these mad  psychopaths .

    • fred says:

      "The only thing that helps is the beauty of nature. "
      But they (corporations) are destroying that, as well.

    • kate clark says:

      Dear robo,you had it really rough. I did too and that failure of our culture, the adults who looked the other way, is criminal.

      Don't give up on the plants and animals and even if it's just a window box, grow something. If you can adopt a dog and find love. Humans are not trustworthy. I few maybe, but even the good ones stand by and watch as the planet fights to rid itself of us. Chemicals, why? We used the earth and sky as a sewer. Find peace if you can and do good.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I just found this and wow.  You said a mouthful and then some.  May I ask what wars you were in, what area of the military you were in? And may I ask if the VA has been of any help to you?  That one I ask because our VA has let so many veterans down.  I won't cast aspersions on you.  I too have had it very rough.  At first starving was very hard on me but eventually I got used to it.  I too was thrown away and still feel like trash, disposable.  I wonder how many men in service feel or share your background?  Despite how horrifically I was treated-criminally, somehow I had empathy for others.  Beginning with animals and birds, and trees too.  The trees would listen to me and let me cry my heart out.  They even taught me games to get through the torture.  I nearly killed myself many times.  Almost succeeded.  I've spent most of my life helping others, caring for others, especially the "lost" ones.  It has not been easy and never will be for me.

      You are right.  100% invested.  No quarter.  A war like no other.  We do need warriors.  In an Indian world, you'd not have been lost like that.  All children are valued.  Except I was not.  But to be fair, I don't know why I was thrown away.  I was bought as a baby by evil people.  Eventually found my way back but not to original people who remain unknown.  I've been encouraged to find original family, but how could I forgive those who sold me into evil?  Throughout my life, nature, animals, they saved me.  And taught me well.  I've tried loving people back to life, but that seldom works.  Once one has been made to feel worthless, homeless, starving, very hard to get back to humanity.  But at least in Native culture veterans are honored.  And warriors are special.  We need warriors.  But I don't see how we are gonna win.  Somehow, knowing a guy like you helps.  Keeps the dream of a true, honed warrior alive in my heart.  Makes me want to borrow a feeling of being safe, one I've never had.  Guess I borrow a bit of this and a bit of that.  But for bullshit, that I do not borrow.

      I so wish there was something I could do for you or say to you that would help.  But I doubt there is.  And I don't know when is the time for fighting but wish I was near you!  Coward that I am. Fighting scares me.  I've been hurt too much physically.  Wish I was brave like you.  And I'm glad the service was there for you-food and clothes and brothers in arms.  Women too I suppose and know.  I am assuming you are male I guess.  Sounds like.  I try to think what all you've seen.  Ugly images come to mind.  I seek out beauty and comedy whenever I can.  Even little things can make my day.  I have a kid and two grandchildren.  Not that that is all warm and cozy but it is something.  I try to be a good person.  And I smile at people who don't expect it and am forever surprised how many really good people there are.  Forever surprises me, but it seems more bastards than good ones.  I don't know.  Spent a lot of my younger years hitch hiking.  Only had to jump out of a moving car once.  Had a husky soulmate who saved my life time and again.  Heck, my man and I were homeless and starving when my one child was born.  But my man was a warrior.  Sitting Bull was his great, great grandfather.  A born warrior with no war to fight, he turned to alcohol.  And murdered four years ago last week.  It is as if an ocean separates me from other people.  I don't tell them my background.  I live poor but with some dignity that I fake.  Memories and sadness overwhelm me sometimes.  But I dust myself off and fake my way through another day.  And it adds up as by now more "good" days than the really evil and really tough ones.  Be my warrior!  But please, no grand gesture bound to fail.  Don't throw your ownself away.  Time it, make it count.  Do you know others who feel like you do?  Do you have a major PTSD like I do?

      Your name caught my eye as soon as you began posting.  Robo used to be my nickname for awhile.  Robo Sapien.  Clever that. 

    • Carlos says:

      Excellent post, I feel the same way, there should be no quarter given to the monsters who are committing these crimes against humanity.

    • Star Messenger says:

      Hey, I'm with you "Robo".   I feel the same way.  "Life" has not been good to me here, on planet Earth.  Other, more fortunate kids I grew up with were arrogant, petty, selfish, bullies, who got their way because they came from families that were much better off than I was.  They had money and influence and I did not so, they got away with their untold and many dirty tricks – until they got older.   I have to say, Karma is a bitch.  They all are paying for their arrogance now that they have lived a long time and have experienced "life" on planet Earth – "life" has a way of evening things out.  They don't feel an immortal as they used to feel.  But, I have no pity for these bastards.  The same way I have no pity for the bastards who are ruining this planet are going to have to answer for what they are doing now.

      It's incredible how a few people with power. at the "top" can effect so many other innocent people on the "bottom".  They have no compassion for the suffering they cause other people because, they are psychopaths!  Yeah, psychopaths run this world.  Only psychopaths would be able to do the things they do and feel no remorse.

      Take, for instance,what is happening with the drought in California.  The "geoengineers" who are running these programs that effect the weather must KNOW that what they are doing is causing enormous damage to the economies of California and the U.S.; not to mention all the pain and suffering the farmers who work the land are experiencing.   So, why do they persist?  Their "plan" must be purely diabolical.  So, they too, must be diabolical; psychopaths.

      I wonder where all of this (geoengineering, endless war, weapons containing depleted uranium, eugenic warfare, etc.) is going to lead us.  Well, we will see.  It's a pity because, it doesn't have to be this way.  But, that's the way the psychopaths, who run this world, want it to be.  It's a god dammed shame.   But, I wish you peace, brother.




  15. Robo Sapien says:

    I am sick of human beings

    • BaneB says:

      Human beings are beautiful.  Some are not so beautiful as others.  We have a dual nature.  The responsibility falls upon each person everywhere on Planet Earth to think and act responsibly.  The issue is LIFE, human life and all life in the web that sustains us.  Anything that counters our survival is evil.  A system that unceasingly destroys our sanity, our wholeness, our physical bodies, and our righteous spirit is nothing but a death cult.  How can one support that?  No thinking person  would.  What can one say that is lauditory about a paradigm that has the means to destroy all life on earth many times over?  And it is not one nation that seeks such power.  They all do. This iS human history.  But no matter how psychopathic their competitive spirits grow in their quest to own the Universe, their days are numbered.  The Universe would be a lonely and probably non existent place without sentient beings observing the miracle of The Spirit.  These wicked conniving death dealing freaks currently in control are going to be swept away when the Propitious occurs.  It's coming!  

    • Star Messenger says:

      Ditto Robo man.

  16. David Almanza says:

    What is happening to the innocent creatures who live only by the Law of Nature have all they have taken from them. We are all unfortunate witness to the great betrayal of Life,for that is ALL We have as fellow inhabitants also. The perpetrators of destruction look like Us only seemingly without soul and conscience. Now We must rise up and sacrifice for the Love We have been given by the Earth Mother and Great Father Spirit. We must endure.   

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Mere endurance is not enough, especially now. The Enemy, the so-called "super-wealthy elites" believe they have impenetrable shelters, all a mile or more below-ground, that they have enough servants to constitute a breeding population, and the same for food animals. They have small "farm plots" in those giant shelters as well. They've also been storing food and other necessities for a long time, for decades, maybe centuries. They think they can hold out down there for as long as necessary, and then rise up out of them when the surface world has recovered and take over with a trained military and weapons that the savages they expect to encounter would have no chance against whatsoever. They are abused and conditioned to be sociopaths, with no empathy or conscience whatsoever, and that makes them by far our superiors, they believe. They enjoy the pain of others, especially if they cause it. By all accounts they are Luciferians, and they sacrifice human infants and children, drinking the blood in a specially-made drugged drink, then later cook and eat the bodies. They are NOT what any of us would call sane, but they can be clever, nor do they have any honor where we peons are concerned. They are everything I've called "Evil" all my life, and I see no reason to believe anything different about them now. 

  17. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Here's something small we can do, but what do you suppose would happen if everyone here forwarded it to five friends, then those people forwarded it to five of their friends, and so on:;jsessionid=801C22D0B4770EFD6C763C337B365D7C.app312b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1806&utm_source=crm&utm_content=ResponsiveBottomTakeActionButton&autologin=true#start

  18. stephan says:

    Even Hitler wouldn't have allowed this.

  19. wilson says:

    World War III is in progress

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, WW3 began with the 9-11 false flag attack, and the subsequent treasonous coverup of who did the dirty deed and the 'what for.'  All of the terrorism being inflicted upon diverse nations and populations has its epicenter in the con.  The preplanned attacks upon Arab nations of the ME was a PNAC plot.  They got their planned 'Pearl Harbor.'  The document stated the planned chaos to be visited upon that region.  Syria is the lastest preplanned chaos.  Unfortunately for the connivers who set the disaster into play at 9-11, the PNAC, Clean Break, and the Yinon Plan, have met resistance to what has got to be one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in human history.   How Mystery Babylon could allow herself to be so completely subverted by a "friendly ally" that for years has implemented a fifth column of subversion and control at the levers of power is a question missing from the rather non existent public debate about the wisdom of pursuing the insanity.  As you will notice ever greater numbers of the nations are being sucked into the malstrom.  A question missing is who is really behind the operation of the terrorism machine.  Who benefits?  The entry of Russia (GOG) into the fray is very significant, a major sign of the impending global disaster.  Of course the natural order of wildlife and its life sustaining environment has been under terrorist attacks from the first ugly birth of what claims to be "civilized" upon the marshes of Mesopotamia, of which we are its inheritors.  The reality was predictable as to the outcome in our epoch, the creature being DOA at its very birth 6,000 years ago. One might refer to the entire "living" beast as having zombie qualities.  This rapacious creature is the face of a death cult that pretends that it brings good things to light.  The military monstrositiy's reason for being is to destroy property and mass murder people, for the zombie.  The zombie wants the whole earth to say "uncle."  It wants total information awareness.  It seeks full spectrum dominance.  If it ever speaks a truth, the only reason is because it is convenient.  Otherwise the LIE is the policy.  It should be of no wonder that we are witnessing the advent of the perfect storm upon all that we accept as normal reality.  Whether in our oceans, or in our atmosphere, or in our forests, the creature wants to kill, maim, and terrorize all things living.  Unfortunately the vast majority of human beings cooperate with the matrix believing the lie is a truth.  Few seem to grasp the portents.  Prepare for a white knuckle ride.  The Beast knowing it is being exposed to a greater audience thanks to its own creation, the net, and knowing the exposure will be its final undoing, will have much wrath.

  20. Marv Sannes says:

    Today's announcement of Oregon's commercial  Dungeness crab season not opening on Dec. 1st was not a surprise.  This is Oregon's 2nd largest fishery.  The NPR story did not mention the "toxin" but implied it was the "red tide" algae caused by the el Nino warm water.  The pathological denial of these deaths is very hard to accept, but now we will begin to notice some awareness – "money talks and bull shit walks".  Again, we will show up with wringing hands and pulling hair, after it is too late.

  21. Nanabedokw' M8lsem says:

    Some of my DNA has been in North America since times unknown, but millennia before the Pilgrims.  The most recent was from Germany in the 1870's, with England and France in between.
    Currently more damage is being done to our planet than at any time before, done by carbon and other pollution in the atmosphere, largely generated by burning petroleum products and coal as fuel for vehicles or furnaces. Unfortunately, some of the richest people in the US of A are busily spending their money in an effort to be able to continue to pollute the atmosphere.
    I hope we can stop this problem before it stops us. Possibly the public will take note when Manhattan or Florida are submerged from melted ice cap stuff.

    • Zyfolon says:

      It'll be too late by then. The process will have already started.
      The first most important thing to do is to get the POTUS out !
      The rest will follow.

  22. Frank says:

    We are being heavily sprayed today here in SE Tennessee. The forecast for Sunday is high temps in low 40's and lows in mid 20's. All of this from a weather clipper system that will bring snow to many and below average temps. The weather forecast are so phony that if any person with any knowledge of weather believes these forecasts there delusional. Here we have the start of yet another year of artificial nucleated cold and snow events.These sick demented evil parasites keep orchestrating these cold events to make people believe in global cooling while most of the world breaks record high temps. I can only imagine what these parasites have in store for all of us this upcoming winter. 

    • Jactn says:

      It's Midnight and you can see trails in the night sky near the moon over the sky's of East Tennessee. 
      Today it was terrible. It's near 40 right now. Temps are being artificially cooled. Air quality is terrible. Every person is breathing heavy. Sickly air now. Not good!

  23. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I suggest we stop venting and start talking DIRECTLY to congressional staffs whose conduct of mewling and begging for treats from the Council on Foreign Relkations has resulted in a nation led by swine. Death is just that and too many Americans are just too stupid to be bothered. prteferring to consider themselves as 'something special'. The two generals calling for Obama's removal the loudest aree a 9-11 perpetratos and the general placed in charge of training and equipping ISIS.

    • David says:

      Howard, I totally agree. Occasionally I watch C-Span TV. Every morning from 7AM-10AM Eastern Time, the Washington Journal has topic discussions on a wide range of issues from ISIS to Healthcare to Climate Change etc. The program takes Live Telephone Calls for viewers to call in and voice their thoughts, on the specific topics. I have called in several times, my call was heard on live TV. There is also a time, when there is an Open Phones Session, where viewers can call in to discuss any topic of there choice (geoengineering). We should all do this, so everyone else watching throughout the country, will see and hear the discussion on the climate assault caused by GEOENGINEERING! You can also go to. to get more information.

    • Eric Piper says:

      You're right about the CFR. Very nefarious group of "Progressives".

  24. Robo Sapien says:

    We all need to get prepared for real action as we come to inevitable conclusion that no amount of protest will halt these programs.  What are you prepared to do is the question you need to ask yourself.

  25. Chris Glanz says:

    My heart is shattered because of the death, pain and destruction we cause to our planet and all the species upon it….perhaps we as a species are truly a virus or cancer that will never be able to curb our atrocities…I don't know.  What I do know is that if we are counting on our brothers and sisters in the military to accept the truth of what their actions are causing to the planet….we'd better not hold our breath.  I'm not saying that their intentions are overtly evil….but because of the indoctrination our military receives,  questioning the status quo is STRONGLY discouraged.  Environmental education does not exist in the ranks, and absolutely no thought or expression of concern is tolerated or seen as anything more than weakness, being a nut-job or a paranoid conspiracy theorist.  Any person showing concern for the environmental impact of the orders they follow are subject to merciless intimidation, taunting, emotional and physical abuse and any number of other awful alternatives.  The bottom line is that we cannot rely on the military rank and file to "wake up" and begin refusing to obey orders…'s just not going to happen.  At some point we all have to come to the realization that the destroyers have infiltrated every level of military, political and corporate cultures and our destruction as a species has gone far beyond the point of no return….as much as it crushes my spirit to write this….our fate is sealed, our doom and the doom of every other species on this world is a certainty and to believe that there is anything we can do, say, or blog about to change or reverse the course is only wishful thinking.

    • Merille says:

      When all seems hopeless
      is the time of times long foretold 
      THAT you are AWARE
      speaks more than the watching of all events unfolding

    • Robo Sapien says:

      That is exactly what the American soldier may have thought in the winter of Valley Forge, or a union soldier after facing Thomas J Jackson at the second Manassas or Soviet private staring at the Wehrmacht from Moscow or I could go on and on. Almost wars go to a breaking point of the winning side where there appears to be no hope, it is then we realize God is in control of everything. How many kings have lost their empires due to a lowly private whose heart flees him while he is in the battle causing that army to rout, or an opposing private breaks filled with irresistible might breaks the line causing the opposing army to panic and rout. The examples are innumerable, dont give up hope.

  26. World collapse, war and economies…. I have long thought the Fed has been printing worthless money because they know it's over. The 1% is stocking up their undergrounds DUMBs – and beginning war to distract us from the far more terrible truth.

    Massive strike with cruise missiles Kalibr-NK was made from the water zone of the Caspian Sea against terrorist objects in Raqqah, Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

    * Is This How the Next Global Financial Meltdown Will Unfold?
    The bone-dry half-dead forest awaiting an igniting lightning strike is the global mountain of debt–debt which is no longer supported by current valuations of commodities and risk.
    In effect, a currency crisis is simply the abrupt revaluation of the currency to reflect new realities. That revaluation then raises the risk premium on debt denominated in that currency or owed in other currencies.
    As emerging market currencies decline, the income streams needed to service all the debt denominated in U.S. dollars declines, a self-reinforcing dynamic: as income and valuations fall, capital flees, pushing the relative value of the currency down even more, which further raises the risk premium that then triggers even more capital flight.
    The sums in play are so staggering (an estimated $11 trillion in emerging market debts denominated in other currencies) that even the Fed won't be able to stop the meltdown.

  27. Andrew from scotland says:

    These mass die offs, particularly the current marine ones hurt me more than I can say.  Like Dane, I have scuba dived (and skied) in some of the most fun places on earth.  A big regret is that when taking a ski party to Lebanon, I did no make time to do the classic snow ski, water ski and scuba dive in one day (I was the only scuba person on that party) …I did however manage to arrange for us to sneak across into Syria and see Krak Chevalier and Palmyra.

    We are here for such a short time; keep informed, love everything (in the true sense), be human, prepare (any fool can be uncomfortable), and enjoy your life.

  28. Ranger says:

    Sadly, most of the Military are no different than most of the public. They are misinformed, lied to, and the majority of them are not very intelligent. They are in the Military for a paycheck, and as long as they can feed their families, pay rent/mortgage, and go about their lives, they don't care. I personally have a few Military friends and they clueless as to what is happening. They go to work and back home just like a job. If you attempt to bring up anything that puts a bad light on their precious Military action of death, they start the Flag and Patriot garbage that has clogged the minds of most Americans and say you hate America.

    The world is run by evil and that will never change.


    • Ranger — I understand your feelings now, but this is not true.
      “The world is run by evil and that will never change.”
      Every ancient tradition has an understanding of Cycles of Time. There are Golden Ages, Silver, Iron, etc. We are now in the horrific closing acts of the worst cycle of time, which is called the Kali Yuga in the Sanskrit tradition. This is a polarity universe, there is always a balance between dark & light, good & evil. Right now evil is dominant, in control — confusion, conflict, and lies are the rule. This is described in the ancient Sanskrit texts, the Puranas, which say that during this cycle: “Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves; rulers will confiscate property and use it badly; they will cease to protect the people; base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages; there will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another; people suffering from hunger and fear will take refuge in underground shelters.”
      Consider that there are billions more galaxies beyond ours! I know that there is an imperishable immutable Force that creates and permeates all universes. Perhaps what we as human beings are experiencing is the pain of growing up, taking responsibility for the damage we have done to our Mother, this once pristine and perfect planet Earth, our blue-green Home. Otherwise we are merely a failed genetic experiment on the periphery of our Milky Way, a useless throw-away prison planet – and I don’t believe that. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Look at the strength that Dane’s adamantine courage, keen intelligence, and stubborn persistence imbues in all of us here. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. Life on our Earth is precious. Evil always loses eventually.  Life on this planet will soon be different!

  29. Gator Mclusky says:

    The way i see it  for most people as long as they have their cell phone and their favorite cup of java !! You get the picture

  30. Kat Lopez says:

    A wake up call for everyone and in that thread let just throw in here that thousands of people all around the world are doing group meditations. If you know the science behind energy and group meditations, you know they really work. Do your own search on meditation and crime. This Saturday in particular there is a scheduled mass global meditation. I invite us all to consider joining in. It's not hard, its free and above all – "we have a call to action on this planet" and we are not completely helpless. We have tools. We them them within us. So lets get the boots on the ground and meditate to disperse some of this darkness surrounding the planet right now. For humanity. For our planet. For a future.

    • Al C says:

      Yes Kat,
      The Maharishi Effect"………We are all in this together and our problems need to be dealt with in and as consciousness also…….Unfortunately, I think the power structure and many others are blind to this.

  31. I hate to beat a dead whale…. BUTTT I keep telling you that people are next! And the only thing you can do is move SOUTH.
    I have been on this comment board since the beginning. I got out of the north and moved to Chile. I have always said that you can give yourself and your family more time (to live) if you come down here!
    There is a timeline
    1 to 5 years- animals and plants begin to feel the effect.
    5 to 10 years- Humans begin to feel the effect (GET SICK AND DIE).
    10 to 20 years- MASS EXTINCTION of all life in the north.
    20 to 100 years- the southern hemisphere starts to see the effects.
    Why do you fellow aware people not get it? GET down here or suffer. 3 active melt outs/melt throughs with no remediation. Billions and billions of lethal doses are already out in the water and air and more are added EVERY hour.
    Why do you just sit there in an active fallout zone?
    so, I invite you to come to Chile and give yourself more time.
    my sites
    we have jobs, investments, help and fellowship here in Chile!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Great offer Antonio, but my heart belongs to Scotland, and more specifically the exact location where I live with my 'wildlife' neighbours – and I can promise you that the local deer, birds, hares, foxes etc, and our dogs have astoundingly great humour (even my wife is included in that!).  It is a joy to live where I do.
      Me thinks your timeline is outdated – events are happening "Faster then expected"….my timeline:  
      9 Dec 2015.  Global temperatures are such that cereal crops start to fail in mid latitudes.
      22  Dec 2015.  Winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere).
      20 March 2016.  Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere).
      7 May 2016.  There is now enough latent atmospheric methane heat energy to melt all remaining ice.
      5 June 2016. Extremely likely 50Gt Arctic Methane eruption from now, although could happen anytime. 
      20 June 2016.  Summer Solstice (Northe

    • penny says:

      Thanks, but time is a bit too short to leave family or friends behind, and the work that needs to be done (STI, Stopping the Insanity) is everywhere; there is no wrong place to be.  As for jobs and investments… no more of that deadly reality.  If anyone flees, here's hoping it will be back to the land.  And the ocean and air currents have long since brought that reactor fallout to the southern hemisphere, sad to say.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      These colors dont run, I am American like my forefathers I will fight this fight for the world because the entire world will die unless we win (what is 30 years more of living when you are still going to suffer and die in fits of prolonged agony) I am going to die here in my beloved home land fighting for it just like the Native Tribes before me- I can give no greater tribute to their valour and sacrifice. I have done the math a 150 kiloton explosion underground at fukushima will effectively vaporize the corium leaving a vitrified site leaking almost no radiation. There is a solution that solution requires nuking the site, much like using dynamite to put out an oil well fire. I am American and I am not going to leave my homeland for 30 years of a strangers existence. . It is not our country doing this but handful of delusional international criminals and we will win because we are American, these colors dont run.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      OR we can take a stand right where we are and fight to the death trying to save our planet. 
      Moving to a foreign country where you don't know the language, have no relatives or friends, where it will be hard to get work where you don't have any connections at all makes about as much sense as the forced "migration" of middle eastern people into Europe.
      Looks like we're all being forced into "fight or flight" behavior now.  This is what mass poisoning and lack of water, among other things, is doing right now.

    • BaneB says:

      You are very kind.  Than you.  Your spirit is generous.  I an staying put.  But I recommend young people take your advice.  Others who cannot emigrate, get out of the cities, the malls, the highways and traffic, and get as remote as you can.   Off the grid means just that….unplug as much as can be done.  There does seem to be a conscious attack by local/county authorities to make off grid lifestyles illegal.  So choose a region that has not been co-oped by the thirty year mortgage payment.  Interestingly, the flow of immigrants from across the southern border has reversed.  There are more Mexicans leaving El Norte than are coming in. Those heading back to Mexico are the lucky ones given the horrific scenario I foresee.  So many people are trapped by the paradigm.  

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi Antonio, I guess the captcha filter won't let me post in Spanish to you.  Please get in touch with us via Dane if you will.  Thanks very much.

  32. frank reps says:

    Simply stop eating any and all seafood /  Tell everyone you meeet to avoid seafood.  The word will spread fast, and the decline in seafood sales will either put the seafood companies out of business{ which is good for our health } or the companies themselves will  effect some positive changes.  Avoid poison.  Not much else  we can do .

    • BaneB says:

      I have five cans of tuna left.  When it is gone I won't be purchasing anymore tuna.  And no crab.  No salmon.  The Pacific Ocean is radioactive.  And polluted.  And dying.  Our regulatory agencies are a joke.

  33. Chris Spaanenburg says:

    Don´t they realise they are killing themselves and their own offspring? They must be really heartless b*st*rds; they must realise what they are doing! Who gave them permission to f*ck up OUR Earth??? Apparently there is no easy solution to stop this. They try to keep our attention focussed on lesser issues which they create, meanwhile poisoning us, destroying our happiness and joy of life. So, keep on meditating and stay happy, they have problems dealing with that. Feel compassion and gratitude for ALL life on earth, including the earth. We are guests here, let´s treat the earth and all living things with the right respect!

    • Anedia Reese says:

      They (world banker's Rothschild's, Bildaberg's, Soros) already have underground cities built for their families!! Georgia guide stones tell you exactly what's up!!

    • Leslie Bellis says:

      Thank you Chris for reminding me!

    • Nnikki says:

      If/when there is no life left on the surface of Earth, I would like to return as a fly on the wall of the cabal DUMBS. With no other life left to slaughter except, perhaps a few slaves or drones, they will soon turn upon each other. Their insatiable lust to control & kill will ultimately bring about the end of them all, especially with the degree of weaponry they have available. Earth will then be free of this infestation & free to heal. Hopefully it will heal sufficiently to allow nature to return & thrive once more. Humans should only be allowed to return when they have achieved the level of consciousness that will allow them to live in complete harmony, love, respect & total appreciation for all forms of life.

  34. ts gordon says:

    Dane; Fear of being called a "doomsayer" and/or  (quote) "being negative all the time" had caused me NOT to forward regular updates to my entire mailing list concerning the US Military/NATO's use of chemtrails to artificially control the weather. "Bummer," or not, I'm tossing those rose colored glasses,~ the gloves are now off!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ts gordon, I agree with you.  Too many I know think this is all an aspect of depression, all doom and gloom and gloom and doom does seem to be addictive-has that quality and seemingly always has.  But things are in fact way past serious.  It is now days later than when this was posted, and I threw my attempt at rose colored for some, away, jumped the shark and e-mailed a bunch of stuff here.  To people who may never speak to me again.  I no longer care if they do not.

  35. Do they even realize that their families will die to? I'm flabbergasted, how do they look at your wife and kids at the end of the day? Remember the MOST HIGH says" and for those who destroy the earth I have prepared a special place".

  36. Greg Price says:

    Dane, THANKS Again!  I really appreciate your tenacity and strength! 

  37. Dennie Mehocich says:

    This goes WAAAAY BEYOND "shocking." 
    Do any of our military brothers and sisters actually SEE these photos?
    WHY are these pics NOT being shown to the sheeple (duh?) and what would they actually DO, if they were to see this documentation of such a horrific holocaust???

  38. Marc says:

    I am heartbroken for ALL beings dying at the hands of these heartless and conscience-free Luciferian slaves.

  39. I hear everyone's anger, sorrow and frustration. I feel like you do, I know free clean electrical energy does exist; it has for decade's. It continues to be purposely suppressed. Greed is self destructive. If Nicola Tesla had financial backers that thought with their heart they could see the world would have prospered and would have stayed in a healthier state of life for countless generations. I do feel that the earth would be better off if it did burn back to a mn stone and then reteraform itself. Please don't think I'm an evil nut, I have children and grandchildren, but I know we are all more than just flesh and bone. This sad world our home is so toxic now that the only way to clean up the decade's of radiation poisoning is to clean it up with fire and time. Monsanto has seeds and plants that are aluminum and toxic resistant. They have been engineered to shut off what tells them to die when they are being poisoned. What will that do to a human body when we eat it?  I will not go quitely into that good night; I will fight for life health and freedoms. But yes I do think that our dear earth is past the tipping point. I have shed tears for her and all life. I will be putting out a music video called falling sky's a protest to the jet spraying. Stay well everyone and GOD bless.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Burning the world to a crisp to reform it is exactly what the heartless Luciferian A**holes WANT.  Except that they have NO IMAGINATION for creating anything actually better.  Stopping the pollution would be a good start but it's not any fun because there's NO MONEY in that.

      Sending them a one-way ticket OUTSIDE any time and space dimension we are in is what I have in mind.  AND NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NOT HAVING TO MAKE ANY MORE ROOM FOR THEM HERE any longer.  EARTH IS NOT "THEIR" RIGHT PLACE.  If anyone still doesn't get that by now, be my guest and go along with them, I'm sure the time will come, the signs are there that "they" want off before they completely can no longer live here.  Well, GOOD– maybe then we'll have our planet to ourselves. 

      PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, EVEN HERE, need to take a good long hard look at their unexamined DEATH WISHES.  And not foist yours onto ME, because I am NOT GOING TO TAKE that off of anyone!!!!  I don't want to see MY HOME burn up any more than it already has.  Don't like taking this?  Then stop dishing it. 

    • anon says:

      With all due respect, I don't think Victoria was 'dishing' anything, just stating her opinion, which seems to be shared by several others here.

  40. Robo Sapien says:

    I am sick to my stomach with anger today, the denver post headlines are that the trees are dying from recycled water. No mention of the entire front range which is dying and not using recycled water, I feel sick from the treachery. They are totally invested and I feel no amount of protesting will stop these bastards. I feel sick from reading these lies, I know they will never never admit what they have done.

  41. Tim says:


    In reality, what are our military brothers and sisters supposed to do? If they disobey orders, they go to jail. I don't think it is realistic to think that that will stop this disaster. They are being told it is good, by the way. I just think we are headed for a brick wall at 180 mph. Does anyone think humans, outside of living in an underground home, will exist in 2050? I don't. I honestly don't know how this geoengineering gets stopped? Maybe Bernie Sanders?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, yes, if our military brothers and sisters are given orders that are clearly immoral and wrong, they have a responsibility to disobey. In regard to a timeline, on the current trajectory (without a complete change of course), the human race will be gone long before 2050. This is a mathmatical certainty. Only by fully exposing this issue do we have a chance to change the overall outcome, lets make every day count.

    • Steve Yakoban says:

      I have to agree w/you. While they may have a right and moral obligation to disobey immoral and wrong orders and while they have pledged an oath to the constitution and not the politicians, they will be court-martialed.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Bernie Sanders will capitulate to Hilary Clinton and run as her Vee-P in 2016, just wait and watch. 

      Pat Tillman, Mike Ruppert, Gary Webb, Dane Wigington– yes, America still produces heroes.  Since capitulating to modern conveniences and comforts, it would appear that America's greatest "crop" produced since the mid-1960s are Tee-Vee-watching couch potatoes. 

    • Teri says:

      court marshall is the least of their concerns. what they are doing will ensure their own slow poisoning…slow deaths and the deaths of every living thing. resist and learn to say NO and they might live a little longer. continue what they are doing and they will die but they will take millions of people, animals, fish, whales, trees with them. in this case they signed up to do evil and are in a position where they MUST SAY NO. if they continue they will wipe out every living thing and create a lifeless moon….court marshall or punishment is irrelevant compared to the consequences of continuing following orders blindly.

  42. Have a look at the favorite model who is the convincing “crying Cover Girl” who shows up for false-flag attacks. Wonder what she gets paid – of course with a secrecy contract…
    Tabublog: …very serious fact that our governments are creating false flag violence using “CrISIS Actors” to kill and murder their own people to further the long term agenda for Full Spectrum Dominance of All by the Elite sociopathic few.
    hysterically crying pretty girl's photo ops here…

  43. jefe says:

    The current issue of Mother Jones magazine has an article by Tim McConnell "Into the Wild Green Yonder"– about making jet airliners cleaner, more efficient, blah blah.  He says nothing about the chemical spraying.  He mentions that the Obama administration is interested in calling jet exhaust "harmful" to humans, as a prod for more efficiency.  Why not remove the toxic spray additives from the fuel? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jefe, though some of the spraying may be connected to fuel additives, available data indecates the vast majority of the aerosol operations are sprayed payload despersions.

  44. russ says:

    David———amen I was Navy 75-79 USS Dewey- as you say dump trash from the fantail—-the line of trash was outrageous. I knew even then we should not be doing it.Nobody cared and as a young mess-cook no one would listen to me any way. As much as I love the Navy  some of the things they do sicken me and almost make me ashamed of them.

  45. talawanda78 says:

    The way I personally feel about this planet is why I ordinarily would never say something like that. However, since they've been doing this for so many decades…there's only one choice to make about what value these freaks of nature 'do not have.'  They're out of chances, and they would be punished accordingly. Sorry to be such a hard nose…and this anger is the worst kind; but to not punish them harshly would be a mistake, and forgiveness just does not cut it. Mercy for them doesn't either.  Sorry…but I've simply had it with these gangsters, and the sooner we 'end them'…the better.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yeah, "THEY" gotta go.  The sooner, the better.  FAAAAR too dangerous to be allowed to hang out in this and any other time and space dimension.  They need to get hit with the Cosmic equivalent of a Bug-Zapper.

  46. Windship Boyd says:

    Hi Dane – Maybe my question is naive, but do you think Bernie Sanders could help us to shed light on the global elite and US military ruling over us ? He sure is having a great time attacking the banks, the millionaires, corporate interests and the press front on. The press gives him the silent treatment but on internet, he's the star and more and more people are backing him. What a breath of fresh air he is !  I do feel that he's a grass roots leader and that if he manages to make it to the presidency that our very concerned voices can be heard.
    Our government is presently motored by corporate greed so whenever citizens try to get to the truth of a situation, they are blocked.  Look at 9/11, there are 1000 proofs that it was an 'inside job' ( demolition of building 7, bombs heard and witnessed on the scene, no black boxes ever found ( or in the hands of the FBI…), but our government holds on to the 'party line'.  Change has to come from below, as usual, but if we have a president who is on 'our side' it would make such a difference.
    Trying to stay hopeful….

    • donna says:

      Hey Boyd, Bernie was tight with Dennis Kucinich and I bet Bernie knows all about geoengineering, he also knows what happened to dennis when he proposed a bill to stop it.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Bernie Sanders is most likely a Judas-Goat controlled-opposition "useful idiot," who will get a certain demographic following, then near the end of the campaign trail will pull out the "Bait and Switch" card and run as Vee-P on Hilary's ticket.  As with "Nine-One-One," we've all seen this before, why the Hell wouldn't "They" pull it again.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Windship, I agree and I like Bernie lots and have for a long time.  Plus he is old enough and has been around politics long enough to know what he is doing.  His rally calls for a revolution are appealing.  But, who would be his veep?  Given his age, or regardless of age, I suspect he'd die.  Heart attacks are easy to fake, to cause for cause of death.  He says al the right things.  Hope is grand.  We could use some hope.  And some wisdom as things devolve.

  47. Steve Yakoban says:

    Totally disheartening. Humans hurting humans is one thing, but the destruction of other beings and the planet is horrific.

    Frankenfish were just approved by the FDA. I can care less if ignorant people want to eat them, but they too will wreak havoc on nature once they escape (and they will).

    I don't know where to go or what to do. There is only a fraction of people that will listen to or believe any of this and they are already on sites like this. In the general public, they only care about themselves. The politicians are all corrupt.

    I have no idea on how to change things and time is running out. Take the geoengineering, the GMO's, the pollution from livestock, the rapid extinction of species, the wars, and dozens of other serious issues and a cataclysm is coming in the not too distant future. I don't see a way out and unfortunately, I don't see solutions or practical guidance here or on other eye opening sites. (not a criticism)

  48. Scott says:

    It is this in your face attitude that they believe they have achieved toward their goal of exterminating 90% of those that they deem useless to their future. It is now in full swing. Oh and by the way the article's reference to our Navy performing these killings, it is no longer OUR Navy and hasn't been for quite some time. Do not be afraid to express disgust, it is no longer us it is them, they have usurped all authority in our country and in others. From the presidency to our county courts. There are no judges, just administrators,. There are no laws, none, only codes and statutes now. They have installed their national police force DHS, it is not federal, it has no charter, it has NO authority. It has consent from the silent. I could go on and on but I hope you begin to examine before you continue to blindly and silently follow.

    I am sure many will be saying, " but what can I do?" I will give you one very good way to start that will open you eyes.

    The next time they attempt to bring you into their courts, do not blindly pay the fine. Do this. Ask the prosecutors office to "provide me with a copy of the signed complaint" they cannot and they won't. There is none. No cop is or has been instructed to sign any witnessing as this will hold them personally responsible. The case will quietly disappear. Otherwise this brings the truth of their Non-Authority out in the open. They have NONE! You just don't know it and that is how they operate. Most don't know that they have stolen our military by firing all of the principles over time with the help of the likes of Bush et al.

    We don't need guns for this battle, we need to question, question everything. NO CONSENT by silence, no more. These folks are the lowest of life forms, and they are very afraid that we will wake up, you see from the above article that which they are capable of doing and are doing everyday. They believe we are stupid and weak, are we? Are we going to let this continue? I hope I pissed some of you off. This is what it will take. Our children are depending on us. Without us they don't have a future. Is this the way Americans protect their young, our environment, our way of life?


    • David says:

      I see several posts on GMO's. I wanted to pass on this information, to those of you that may not know about these: Two books.1. GENETIC ROULETTE "The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods"   by Jeffrey M. Smith. 2. SEEDS OF DECEPTION "Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods you are Eating" by Jeffrey M. Smith. Seeds of Suicide and Slavery instead of Seeds of Life and Freedom this is about Monsanto and Farmer's. Of course all of this information is available online, for everyone to view. I hope it is helpful to everyone interested!

    • laure galjart says:

      Scott I saw on YouTube somebody giving a lecture about this, AT the Base, but don't remember where, did try to find it. Do you know? Thnks!

    • bija says:

      I know that Santos Bonacci and Dean Clifford speak about this. Probably not who you are referring to but they have lots to say on the topic of courts and our rights and are worth checking out.

    • aj says:

      We were just discussing what their plans are for their own survival. Tomorrowland? They take an oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  And yeah, they are following unconstitutional orders.  Any orders that are unknown to the Congress and the Pres are ILLEGAL.  ALL black ops are illegal, as only Congress can set aside money for operations. They don't care what they do as long as they maintain power and the control of the money.  It always comes back to the money.

  49. Teri says:

    What about the destruction to the life you cannot see? the soil microbes. the earthworms and others that help break down soil and enrichment the soil. i don't know how to test for it but i would bet that it is taking a hit as well. when the soil is dead the gmo crops won't grow either. doesn't matter how they modify it. if the soil dies nothing will grow. 

    from what i am seeing locally. the local crops and gardens have suffered and were stunted this year. i wonder how much of that was the destruction of the soil microbes and worms? they are one of those unseen things that don't wash up on beaches. 

    the ocean ''fertilization'' dumping tons of iron fillings into the ocean in an attempt to save it…what a joke that is…has to be killing large numbers of fish, birds and whales as well. yet another pollution under the guise of ''saving'' it…the military saves nothing. they do what they are programmed to do….kill.! they have had their souls ripped out of their bodies and all morals broken down. then rebuilt into a killing machine with no morals, no conscious, no ability to think or reason without ''orders '' to do so. these people truly make me sick. in more ways then one. 

    someone below said ''GMO '' humans….isn't that exactly right…tainted. polluted. inside and out. even the spirit is genetically modified these days. the church and state do their best to ensure it stays that way as well. a denatured human incapable of thinking or acting on it's own. they said they wanted to make two seperate species of humans. one is the slave class the other the rulers. i think they have already surpassed that goal. 

    • Nnikki says:

      Imo, the slave class, rulers, has been the situation since the beginning of time. Everyone here (myself included) seem to be of the opinion that these bastards in control & their minions are less than human. Maybe that really IS the case. Just a thought….

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Teri:  Dane's got videos around here of a former Dept. of Fish and Game wildlife biologist testifying to the loss of diversity with regard to microbes and other critical critters apparently too small and insignifican to care about.  The Idiots-In-Charge are such stooopid, selfish little children that they do not understand how important our microbiota are to our own personal health and that the price you pay for defiling our air, water, soil and food supply with glyphosate will be a 50% autism rate.  This was recently from a researcher at M.I.T., now being ridiculed and the attempt is underway to discredit her.  Never mind that all the markers of autism are consistent with glyphosate exposure. 

    • Patrick says:

      Teri,toxic rescue farming, the preferred method practiced on most farms, has been destroying the life in the soil for many many years with their toxic herbicides, pesticides and multi ton tractors that compact the soil. There are huge dead zones in parts of the ocean created by this this deadly agricultural runoff. Publications like Acres USA along with many other organic publications and books discuss the continually advancing destruction of soils and soil life due to these destructive farming methods. Of course farming with GMO's which are even more reliant on deadly soil killing pesticides and herbicides greatly accelerates this destructive process. Many enlightened farmers and cattlemen, like Joel Saladin and Greg Judy(author of Comeback Farms) have had stunning success with new and innovative regenerative farming and ranching practices but the lying propaganda and deep pockets of the establishment have brainwashed most farmers into thinking they can't grow anything without soil destroying chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. 

  50. Maybe I’m beginning to understand the 'insane' world. You can’t patent nature. This is what Big Pharma has always hated about herbal remedies. So they kill off all the natural food, fish, etc. and make genetically engineered food that they can patent. More profit. Corporate bottom line. Perhaps make us genetically engineered to eat genetically engineered food. The ‘engineer mentality’ carried to its logical conclusion. Remember Cool Whip? So addictive that people died from malnutrition. There are so many fun ways to make even more money for the 1%.  Next…“Soylent green is people!”

    * How patent trolls kill the competition in the Washington Post:  …start-ups and small inventors are now so threatened by people exploiting loopholes in the patent system that Congress must now step in and take action. That’s why patent reform moved from the back halls of Congress to front and center of policy debates. It’s all thanks to the emergence of the “patent troll” m— an entity that doesn’t produce things based on its patents but instead uses patents to sue (or threaten  to sue) others for infringing them.
    In the early days, these so-called trolls targeted big companies who could pay them to go away, and patent law was practiced largely out of sight — its exorbitant costs creating a barrier to entry. …
    The trolls — armed with low-quality, impossible-to-understand patents and outrageously expensive patent litigation reaching into the millions of dollars — began targeting unprotected start-ups and developers. In fact, 55 percent of troll suits are filed against companies with revenues of less than $10 million.
    …Unfortunately, some reform proposals would further weaken patent quality by blunting a process called inter partes review, designed to allow parties to challenge patents more cheaply and efficiently at the Patent Office, as opposed to in a courtroom. Although the new process has proved to be an effective instrument to weed bad patents out of the system, certain political players arguing that IPRs are “patent death squads.”

    * How much of our food is genetically engineered?
    In the United States today, a huge proportion of the most commonly grown commodity crops are genetically engineered: 95% of the nation's sugar beets, 94% of the soybeans, 90% of the cotton and 88% of the feed corn, according to the 2011 International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications report. About 90% of the papaya grown in the United States, all in Hawaii, has been genetically engineered…

  51. Michael says:

    it’s a total shame. well done, Dane.  — Mike

  52. Rachel Robson says:

    Well, I for one have tried very hard to make my voice heard and on this site too when this first began.  The navy tried to sneak this through the sequester, but gave a time frame-short-for objections and questions.  They themselves were quite open at first about what they were doing but for the depleted uranium at first.  Then they magically moved the time frame up to too late! and done.  Our own NOAA gave them permission to "take" wild life, like target practice and many dead animals have been found to be shot.  Lasers, bombs, bomblets, sonar, chemicals, rockets, and electromagnetic weapons and more! right along our coasts, hugging the coasts despite whether or not breeding or calving.  And that is for all our coasts and some inland waters and until 2020!!!!  Plus, they fly and spray behind that ridiculous fog bank.  This is why I am forever asking this President and others why our country is attacking our country!  This is damaging beyond belief.  Perhaps they thought Fukushima an excuse or cover.  

    For the Olympic Range, they admitted they had done no studies, did not know how these electromagnetic games would affect people or wild life, nor the ear shattering Growler jets,but they did allow for public comment this time.  I tried to urge all here.  They got so much mail, far, far more than they expected that they had to hire outside help to handle the mail.  But what did it matter?  They began anyway.  As my Native friend, a chemist for WA state op there on Puget Sound says: The navy does what it wants to because it can!!

    Yeah, but!  This is totally unacceptable.  Does anyone grasp that wading in, walking through the lapping waves on sand will soak you or your little ones in depleted uranium and god knows what else?  So– what?!  No more surfing, no more ocean camp outs, no more swimming, seashell collecting, no more California beaches forever?!!!  This is a bridge too far.  This is unacceptable and apparently un-doable.  Can't undo the harm.  Will never be okay again.

    There is no way to make this right.  Save every old photo you have.  Savor every memory.  It must stop.  They extended their range to Hawaii, not that they were not already crawling all over Hawaii if not blowing up nukes.  But this war practice?!, that is what they've extended to Hawaii.  Not to mention all over the Pacific.  I think we've found Bigfoot.  Our "footprint", world wide is ginormous.  Defund them.  We must find a way to make the money stop. 

    • Hi Rachael — Great posts! Good to know you. I’m in the hills over Sequim WA and have been photographing the chemtrails & electrification of the sky here. I so appreciated your posts. Now the Navy actually has permission to harm whales, dolphins, etc. Maybe they can get permission to harm humans soon. Oh I forgot – EMRs don’t harm us and chemtrails don’t exist.

      November 16, 2015 – Navy gets its permits to harm whales and other marine species for at-sea testing and training:  NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service has just granted the Navy two Letters of Authorization, which are permits to harm certain numbers of threatened and endangered whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine species throughout Pacific Northwest waters; one permit is for harm caused by testing of explosives and sonar and the other is for harm caused by training activities. These Letters of Authorization, or “LOAs,” are worth reading because each spells out how many individuals of each species may be harmed. It also means mean that NOAA has completed its Biological Opinion, which is usually a 200-page report; however, that much-anticipated document has not been made available by the Navy to the public.

    • BaneB says:

      Don't forget the east coast.  The international navy has grabbed huge chunks of ocean territory around this entire nation.  And they are dealing death to millions of sea creatures.  The national whore house, Congress, approved this knowing full well the dreadful destruction coming from these practices.  Really, the Congress is responsible for the nation going to hell.  Look at the members.  Most of them are sociopaths.  Lindsey Graham surely Is certifiably insane.  John McCain is mad as a hatter.  Pelosi has got to be on something.  There are few in that sump who are not on the take.  The vast majority of them are subject to blackmail such is the nature of our predatory stalking national security surveillance state.  To wit, Babylon has fallen though few seem to fully realize this.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Actually, the navy got this permission just prior to 2014, but for All our coasts, and all I said above.  This seems to have completely slipped past people.  I kept trying to tell everyone.  Some months after it began-the all our coasts, plus Puget Sound plus part of the Great Lakes, then an extension from southern California to Hawaii, me seething, by myself it seemed, one night, watching TV there was something close to a subliminal advert for them.  Shocked the hell outta me.  This was spring of 2014.  It was a very quick flash of an outline of our country, with another line right next to it all the way, and underneath it said: The US Navy Protecting America 24/7.  Was only there for a couple of seconds and gone.  I felt like I'd been slapped in the face.

      Now, all of a sudden people care because, I think, the Olympic Range aspect is above ground.  It does seem people do look up.  But not down.  As in underwater, behind fog bank.  Subs were made to be sneaky.  So, for me, most of this is old news by now, except that by now one sees the side effects of their "protection".  I, for one, wish they'd stop trying to protect us–from Their fears, which is their joy!  Money money money!  A "rainmaker".

  53. Sean S says:

    + Andrew from Scotland.
    I think that we all became GMO's back in the late 1990's based on the research and work of Mr. Clifford Carnicom (i.e. Morgellons aka CDB). Check it out at
    With regards to this article all I can say is my heart is broken at the endless evil mankind is capable of. It is my belief that the lack of critical thinking and blindly accepting what one is told is a large part of this break down.
    I sincerely hope that those responsible for these atrocities are judged and held responsible at some point in the not to distant future.

  54. San Miguel Co., CO says:

    Dane, thanks for all you are doing in this fight.  Your unselfish dedication and exceptional leadership in this battle is something to be admired.  Despite the daily bombardment of aerosols here on the western slope of Colorado I find comfort in your calm but urgent message.

    I awakened to this whole thing about 2 1/2 years ago.  I'm done with my daily cry and try to be happy.  It's not easy.  I have 3 young girls and I am crushed regarding their future.  Everything is falling apart.  With Common Core. SRM. NWO.  false-flag psy-ops..Where does it end?  When will people wake up?!  No one cares. No one is paying attention!  The best part of my day is reading comments from your posts and knowing there are other people in this world like me.  No one I talk to wants to here about it or anything!  I just don't get it.  My kids hate jets now.  I've told them what's going on…they are young.  It makes them sad.  They should know right?  My wife thinks I'm a nut. She won't tolerate it.  Her head is buried in the sand.  I thank all of you out there reading this.  If anyone out there has children and wrestles with this subject in regards to them please reply…  By the way.  When they spray like they mean it here we get anywhere from 10-30 jets an hour.  I almost chuckle when people mention seeing only a few.

    • AK says:

      San Miguel – I share your pain.  My wife initially thought I needed help but there are so many things going wrong that she is starting to understand.  Friends and neighbors simply have no interest and are distancing themselves.  Some sort of get it, but they just want to pretend that everything is all right because dealing with reality is too much for them.  Unfortunately it will take a major catastrophe that they can't explain away before most people start to wake up.  I fear that it will be too late by then.  It just amazes me how evil and stupid humanity is.  We are such a primitive species, hell bend on destroying ourselves.

    • Von Droid says:

      I hope you're able to keep everything together with your wife.  I don't have children but love a woman who thinks I'm nuts over this, too.  Everytjme a false flag or terrorist event occurs she lashes out at me somehow without my saying a word about it.  Only because I have a history of skepticism or conspiracism, whatever you call it.  I call it realism.  So do the people running these operations.  They are all realists. 

      I abandoned any sort of governmental or corporate career path after discovering how rotten the whole system is.  It's an odd feeling wondering whether that choice precludes me from making a substantial change to any of this awful experience we are all being subjected.  You know, change from within. 

      It astounds me, viscerally, the fact that the large majority of people around me don't know about these situations we are in.  It's almost more terrifying than the situations themselves.  hence, the struggle we are engaged in.

      And then these terrorist attack events occur and with this one I almost feel like rolling over.  Which brings me to the point that we need to really be strong and basically accept our own death regardless of the time.  It's the only way to deal with all of the terrible events that we will be faced with in the future.  Otherwise, the fear, the depression, the interpersonal conflict will consume us and our fleeting moments will be wasted as well. 

      Its quite a double edged sword.  Perhaps we will have leaders or truly courageous people like Dane making a stand to help us.  Thank you, Dane.  Let's not let the terror of the world fool us into believing our struggle is impossible.  

  55. penny says:

    Andrew, in a sense, they already exist.  For years now it's been known that the viruses used to create GMOs don't just shut down once someone eats the produce (or fish).  They can insert into human genetic material, is the logical conclusion.  So any child born to anyone who consumes a GMO-laden diet could well be a genetically modified human.
    Life just gets creepier and creepier.

    • Earth Angel says:

      AK, What is wrong with these people??.. We ARE IN a major catastrophe. The sight of the ravaged dead whales washing up on the beaches makes me almost physically sick. The previous commenter is right- those responsible for orchestrating and carrying out this unimaginable carnage on God's magnificent creation of life must be identified and 'removed' (to put it nicely) from this planet posthaste.

  56. Gary Arsenault says:

    Sure is a shame that souls do that to a living entity such as Mother Earth.  Thank goodness, this virtual reality is not as real as one can imagine.

  57. David says:

    When I first arrived at my Naval Duty Station, U.S.S. Ranger CV-61, homeport in San Diego, California, on the return of a 6 month over seas voyage, I was told to dispose of, all trash over the fantail (rear/back) of the ship into the Pacific Ocean. The trash dump was announced over the 1MC, usually in the evening. I said to them this is littering the Ocean, I was told as long as the the Ship was at least 25 nautical miles from any land mass it was okay. Any classified documents were burned on-board ship. The trash bags looked like large brown lunch bags, about 4 feet in height, 2 feet in width. How could they tell me it was not considered littering, contamination, or a harm to the oceans. I felt very uncomfortable dumping the large trash bags over the side and hearing them smash into the water. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      President/ General Eisenhower WARNED us decades ago.. The military industrial machine should have been dismantled years ago. It HAS TO STOP NOW!!

    • Carlos says:

      I imagine this is being done by all military ships, thanks for sharing this info.

  58. Andrew from scotland says:

    Looks like James Lovelock was right.  I wonder what else they are up to?

    • Hi Andrew — It appears they intend to inject us with this crap one way or another. "What else they are up to":

      Benefits of Humaneering® Antibodies
      This process for engineering antibodies results in sequences very close and in some cases identical to human germline. The property of closeness-to-human-germline (and not merely 'fully human') has implications beyond immunogenicity. Unlike other technologies, Humaneering® yields large panels of antibodies with the identical binding specificity; therefore, clones can be chosen that fulfill not only classic issues of antibody engineering (e.g., affinity and specificity), but also downstream processing issues (e.g., expression level, stability, etc.) as shown below:

      I haven't eaten fish in 25 years.
      FDA makes history in approving genetically engineered salmon
      WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2015 – The Food and Drug Administration has approved a fast-growing, genetically engineered salmon for commercial sale, making it the first biotech animal cleared for human consumption. “After an exhaustive and rigorous scientific review, FDA has arrived at the decision that AquAdvantage salmon is as safe to eat as any non-genetically engineered (GE) Atlantic salmon, and also as nutritious,” the agency said.
      FDA also said the multiple containment measures that the fish's developer, AquaBounty Technologies, would employ at its land-based production facilities in Panama and Canada should prevent the fish from posing an environmental risk. The agency declined to require that the fish be labeled as genetically engineered and instead released draft guidance for labeling salmon.
      FDA says it doesn't have the legal basis to require labeling of biotech foods that are materially the same as their conventional counterpart. Labeling considered appropriate under the guidance include the term “genetically engineered” and statements such as: “This salmon patty was made from Atlantic salmon produced using modern biotechnology.”  FDA also released final guidance for voluntary labeling of foods derived from genetically engineered plants.

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