Climate Engineering Contamination And Aerotoxic Syndrome


The so far unacknowledged geoengineering elephant in the room has morphed into a cataclysm of unimaginable size. The power structure is trying desperately to hide the decades long toxic spraying of our skies, but the highly lethal effect this spraying has had on all life is becoming impossible to hide. People that fly are getting sick fast. Those that fly the most (pilots and flight crews) are of course having the most trouble. "Aerotoxic syndrome" is now epidemic. The air transportation industry is trying to convince us that cabin contamination is just some rare anomaly caused by "leaky seals" in the engines which then contaminate air intake systems (which are located just inside the jet fan intake). This is not a valid or adequate explanation. ALL combustion processes take place DOWNSTREAM from the cabin air intakes, it is not possible for any combustion seal problem that is causing a contamination to move back upwind into the cabin air intake. Clearly contaminated air is entering these intakes from the outside atmosphere. The two minute video below is essential to watch before continuing to the BBC aerotoxic contamination article posted further down, both this video and the BBC article are essential to completing the picture.

Military tankers spraying heavy particulate trails and with transponders turned off nearly collide with Fed-X jet

As the video above clearly shows, it is impossible for commercial/passenger jet traffic not to fly directly through the toxic heavy metal/chemical particulate and trails being sprayed by other jet aircraft that are participating in the ongoing climate engineering insanity. The contamination concentrations at altitude would logically be much higher than levels that have settled down to the planet's surface. You will see in the article below that the government (or those that run the government) hired a group of "scientists" who determined that breathing contaminated cabin air was not a health risk, they coined the "nocebo" effect which of course insinuates that the symptoms showing up with thousands of passengers and crew are just imagined. Are we to believe that inhaling contaminated cabin air is not a danger? Really? All life on our planet is being irreparably contaminated with the geoengineering fallout. If you fly often, or at all, you should consider what you are breathing at flight altitudes.
Dane Wigington


British Airlines "Face Multiple Toxic Air Claims"

Source: BBC News

Seventeen former and serving cabin crew are planning legal action against British airlines saying they have been poisoned by contaminated cabin air. 

The cases are funded by the Unite union which represents 20,000 flight staff. 

Workers believe they have fallen sick after breathing in fumes mixed with engine oil and other toxic chemicals.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says incidents of smoke or fumes on planes are rare and there is no evidence of long-term health effects.

Oxygen masks

The Unite union, which is calling for a public inquiry into contaminated cabin air, has recently opened a dedicated legal unit to record and process claims from its membership. 

Its lawyers are now working on 17 "definite" individual personal injury claims against British airlines in the civil courts, although these are still at an early stage.

Uncensored safety reports submitted to the CAA, and obtained by the Victoria Derbyshire programme, show that between April 2014 and May 2015 there were 251 separate incidents of fumes or smoke inside a large passenger jet operated by a British airline.

The BBC has, where possible, chosen not to include cases which could be blamed on an internal fault like a broken toilet or air conditioning system. 

The statistics do not include international airlines, such as Lufthansa and Ryanair, even when travelling in British airspace.

An illness was reported in 104 of the 251 cases, and on at least 28 of those flights oxygen was administered.

The programme has also seen first-hand testimony from a pilot working for a major UK airline who believes he was affected by toxic fumes while landing at Birmingham Airport in 2014.

"Almost instantly myself and the captain became very unwell and decided it was bad enough to place our oxygen masks on," he said.

"We didn't declare a mayday – mostly due to not being able to think of the words needed to say – and ended up auto-landing the plane and simply briefing, 'Whoever is alive or conscious, pull back the thrust levels after touchdown.' It was that serious."

Alleged health risks explained


Around half the air on board most modern commercial jets is drawn through the engines. 

Campaigners say when a fault occurs in the engine seals, a cocktail of potentially poisonous gases can reach the cabin. This includes TCP, an organophosphate known to be dangerous to human health in high enough quantities. 

It is repeated exposure to such fume events – combined with long-term, low-level exposure to chemicals – which some cabin crew believe has damaged their long-term health.

The problems are said to affect the central nervous system and brain.

The CAA says there is no evidence that chemicals appear at high enough concentrations to cause harm.

Lawyers and campaigners are closely watching a series of inquests which could influence the outcome of a much larger number of civil cases.

Pilot Richard Westgate died in December 2012, aged 43, after complaining of long-term health problems. 

Last February, the coroner in the inquest into his death wrote to British Airways and the CAA saying that examinations of Mr Westgate's body "disclosed symptoms consistent with exposure to organophosphate compounds in aircraft cabin air".


He asked them to take "urgent action to prevent future deaths". 

Both organisations have since replied to the coroner implying he overstepped the mark and had relied on "selective and contentious evidence". 

A second inquest is due to open into the case of 34-year-old Matthew Bass who died suddenly in January 2014 after suffering unexplained health problems. 

His family says a specialist post-mortem examination found high levels of toxins in his nervous system linked to organophosphates.

British Airways said in a statement: "We would not operate an aircraft if we believed it posed a health or safety risk to our customers or crew.

"There has been substantial research into questions around cabin air quality over the last few years. In summary, the research has found no evidence that exposure to potential chemicals in the cabin causes long-term ill health". 

Airbus and Boeing both maintain cabin air is safe to breathe.

"Nocebo effect"

In 2013, an independent group of scientists, the Committee on Toxicity, looked at the evidence of long-term health effects for the government. 

It could not establish a link between contaminated cabin air and ill health. 

"The levels [of harmful chemicals in planes] were as low or even lower than those in the home or the workplace," said Prof Alan Boobis, current chairman of the committee.

"We can't be sure what the levels are in fume events, which are very rare, but we do have some information which would indicate that even in those circumstances levels are probably below those which would affect health in humans."

The committee believes one explanation could be the so-called "nocebo" effect, a psychological condition where exposure to a harmless substance can lead to nausea, fatigue and other medical symptoms.

Watch Jim Reed's 9 minute film on cabin air quality below

Recorded incidents

The following table shows extracts of some of the most critical safety reports submitted by crew to the CAA.

Date Airplane Title Details
12/08/2014 Boeing 767-300 Mayday declared and aircraft returned due to acrid fumes on flight deck. Decision taken to return to departure airport. Fireman on entry stated acrid smell was obvious and strong. Captain made a PA informing customers we would be returning to departure airport due to a technical problem, but he didn't want to give them too much information on the incident… Heathrow.
13/08/2014 Airbus A320 Fumes in the flight deck caused flight crew illness. Two crew members donned portable oxygen as a safety precaution. Cabin crew members suffered stinging eyes, burning on the inside of the nose and a strong metallic taste in the mouth. Crew members attended hospital for the effects of the fumes. Praga/Ruzyne
02/11/2014 Boeing 777-200 Fumes in passenger cabin during cruise. Strong smell of gas in cabin around door area. Had previously felt sick whilst in bunk rest. I got severe headache and pain in sinus. Earlier two other flight crew had both felt nauseous and another had bad headache.
29/02/2015 Boeing 747 Fumes in cabin. Eleven of the cabin crew became unwell during the flight with symptoms of light headedness, nausea and sea sickness. Oxygen administered.  During the cruise, SCCM [‘Senior Cabin Crew Member] informed the Captain that a number of cabin crew were feeling unwell… One cabin crew member subsequently collapsed and was administered first aid and oxygen… A general view of incapacitation during flight for all operating crew members needs to be undertaken to ensure the existing processes remain relevant.
19/04/2015 Airbus A321 Flight crew and cabin crew illness due to fumes in the flight deck and cabin. On return sector, fumes entered flight deck from unknown origin. Both crew suffered to some degree with headaches, stinging eyes, and debilitation. One crew member remained on portable O2, which helped massively.

Source: BBC News

41 Responses to Climate Engineering Contamination And Aerotoxic Syndrome

  1. Larry says:

    Should it be correct, that the mentioned toxins, amongst others, were mixed into civil aviation jet fuels, this would mean, that flight crews, frequent travellers etc. would have a lot more exposition to it than average non-/less-flying people, due to the fact, that jet fuel vapors are always in aircraft cabins, sometimes in very high concentrations, during engine start-up, e.g.

  2. Executive Order 13139 boils down to a license to experiment on military personnel without prior knowledge or consent, period. Join the military: Become a hamster in a lab experiment…
    Executive Order 13139 – Wikipedia

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Yesterday we had blue skies, not as deep as some, but blue.  And, we've had a couple of warm days, one at a time, then back to chilly.  But also yesterday the fog bank across the Bay, was so dark gray it looked almost black, so tall, so big it appeared as if mountains stretched across the whole Bay.  Today, back to white skies and chilly.

    Paul V. have you seen the site: Why Fry-pilots and scientists question wifi tied to plane crashes?  I felt like I hit the motherload of EMF and ELF on this site "for health information by and for humans".  Back in 2011, two separate cases of pilots passing out for no reason, but for wifi and its ilk flying in a "tin" container.  Many many scientists speaking out on this.  What evil packaged as "fun"!  And for me, convenience, as I got bundled a year ago in order to make the long distance calls I need to do.  I spend so much time researching that I'm beginning to think this has taken a toll on my already iffy health.  Loved you tin foil walls idea. Hysterical.  But this is not.

  4. Frank says:

    What I saw today was a red flag. My local TV station had a test from the National Weather service. I have never seen a test from the NWS before in my area of SE Tennessee. A few minutes after there was a test from the Emergency Broadcast System. There test was for states not counties surrounding TN. I lived in Florida and never seen a test from the NWS which had Hurricanes hitting land. This concerns me as the pieces of the puzzle come together. Why would the NWS start tests in June here in TN. The power structure can't hide what is going on and this summer will be interesting. I can't work outside for more than 10 minutes without burning as the sun is so intense, with overcast skies. I can't mow in the morning because the dew on the lawn is so heavy. There is no radiate cooling at night anymore and the moisture never  dissipates until solar drying occurs. The extreme high temps all over is just a prelude of what is to come this summer.

    We all need to kick ourselves in high gear and inform as many as we can about this climate engineering. I am very concerned as the power structure is ready. Keep up the great work Dane and all of y

  5. Aerotoxic syndrome (or chemical attack) is greatly exacerbated by electromagnetic emissions. This is well proven in countless military documents regarding electromagnetic warfare topics. Please view the this excellent document prepared by Jerry Flynn.

    Jerry Flynn is a former expert in electromagnetic warfare for military applications, and nails down the true agenda pushing cellular phone "services" and wi-fi extermination programs. The document supplies many timelines and persons of interest in this militarized lethal assault on humanity. Cellular phone frequencies are being utilized as lethal weapons, and civilians are the specified enemy.

    Complete 340 page document.

  6. Ralph Ely says:

    The Central Bankers have their Check Books out and are writing checks to anyone that is willing to spread Toxicity around the world.  Whether it be GeoEngineering programs, GMO foods or Vaccinations…  With the help of foundations such as the one with Bill Gates at the helm, or Big Pharma like Merk and Big Chem Monsanto… they are willing to back those individuals and corporations to use Toxicity to control the masses and keep their Elite Power Structure in place.

    What "the Power Structure" does not understand is, in the end where they are going, no amount of Weather Modification is going to keep them Cool!      

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, you are correct….no one escapes the tampering with the earth systems that support all life on spaceship earth.  At some point, when too much of the redundancy is turned into consumer junk and the last of the "wiring" is stripped from the connections sustaining our web of life, then everyone will know we all followed a pied piper lie.  Here in Mendocino County, California we are experiencing a major heat wave with temps at 100 and higher.  Yet oddly, there have been thunder clouds hanging about that slowly move from east to west, produce lots of humidity and shade, but no rain.  Watching the satellite images for the past few days shows a low appearing to squat over this part of the state as if deliberately manufactured and the cells moved about like chess pieces in some macabe game intent on check mating the Creator.  I note the Yahoo forecast schedules this region for another five days of 100 degree temps and no relief in sight.  One of the best ways to study the screwed up mess that is "weather" is to daily go to the satellite images out over the western US and Pacific.  This region is where much if the US weather is produced for here and for the east.  The artificial high set in place and maintained won't allow in Pacific storms, but sends us thunderheads bearing no rain and record temps from the east.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, the moisture that is migrating over California at times is being heavily sprayed. Individual convective rain cells are pounded from above with aerosols. This scatters out the moisture forming expansive areas of rainless undefined cloud cover. The engineered drought in California continues.

    • JR says:

      You've got that right Ralph! Here in Southwest part of Country, N.M. We got a little rain because as we should all know by now all the lowlifes involved don't want it to rain. All kinds of SAG spraying over the clouds to disperse and totally obliterate them. Yes, there will be hell to pay for all sin not forgiven. Our lives and that of our children is not a game or about a game as referred to anymore as people generally speak. God Bless…

  7. Simon says:


    I've always strongly suspected that Aerotoxic Syndrome was NOT (only) caused by the jet fuel additive TCP (tricresyl phosphate).

    Look at this!


  8. @ Edward Palys

    Can these planes be traced to their origins?

    That's not that easy: Commercial planes can be tracked and identified in real time with services like

    Non marked planes belong to the military and it's contractors. They don't have a civil responder signal. That means ordinary citizens have usually no chance identifying them.

    Who is paying for all of it?

    I'd suggest, the US power structure. There are indications that commercial air companies are being paid/ordered by people like Gates or companies like Monsanto (Patents, Alu-resistant Crops…). The power structure itself can create money out of "thin air", just printing it. Some billions of tax money got lost….


  9. Marc says:

    Leuren Moret, a scientist with her own website and specialist in the effects of ionizing radiation on biology is on record for contending that the Fukushima radiation is many times stronger in the upper atmosphere than at ground level. She makes a convincing case and we must, as a matter of prudence, (and self-preservation) consider why there is so little reporting on the Fukushima apocalypse. (hello? cover-up?) If what she says is even half-true, these illnesses that many thousands are experiencing are not gonna be helped by a stupid plastic tube of "Airborne" vitamins. Add in the nanos and voila!, we have a recipe for disaster. 

      Wouldn't you know it, I was planning a trip to London to see my family in August. But even BEFORE Dane put up this article, I was leery as hell of flying for all of the above reasons. Now I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do."Houston, we have a problem".

    • andrew from Scotland says:

      Hmmm, bit long to hold your breath!  Wear a face mask or respirator (P3 or better) – would certainly cause conversation!…….

    • andrew from Scotland says:

      2nd thoughts – maybe we should order some cheap respirators printed with 'Stop the spraying" / / or similar printed on them?

  10. Edward Palys says:

    What I really can't understand is who gives the orders for all this spraying. Watching the French Open tennis finals on Sunday showed obvious chemtrails in the sky. Locally, I notice spraying going on every day, some at very high altitude and some much lower. Can these planes be traced to their origins? The costs of maintaining the spraying must be in the billions world-wide. Who is paying for all of it?

    • mike says:

      We’re paying for it. That’s the insanity of it. We’re all paying for an early grave.

  11. jefe says:

    The recent German airline crash that was attributed to a suicidal copilot was possibly self-destructed.  Who else is surprised that the airplane was turned into total confetti?  The spray pilot whose information is at mentions how aircraft that leave their programmed course will be destroyed.

    • jefe says:

      The recent German airline crash that was attributed to a suicidal copilot was possibly self-destructed.

      Truthers in Germany don't buy that story. There are strong indications that this was a false flag operation again and that the plane was shot down by one of the 3 French military fighter jets being around at that time (and only at that time and day). There are speculations that the plane was intended to hit a civil target and the army had to stop it. Such a story isn't good for the image of the European politicians and therefore they invented the suicidal pilot. They "knew" it was him immediately after the event….. Don't believe anything mainstream is telling you!

    • BaneB says:

      There is much on the internet about how aircraft computers can be hacked a number of ways.  A ground controller can hijack a commercial plane and fly it anywhere or not.  The 9-11 planes could have been hijacked in the same manner and flown as drones.  The first task seems to be to turn off the transponder.  I wonder if the large chemtrail spewing tankers are being flown by wire.

    • @ BaneB

      Yes, there is a remote control technology available for some time and theoretically no pilot is needed any longer. I can imagine that "somebody" took over that plane and reprogrammed the computer. But there is no proof for this yet.

      Concerning 9/11 planes: I'm no longer convinced that there were any planes hitting any WTC tower at all. The majority of witnesses didn't see any planes at all. Typical plane debris on the ground were missing. Those who said they did should be checked not to be paid for their statements. On TV you can make people believe anything (Hollywood). (e.g. They reported the collapse of WTC7 live before it actually happened – and there was no plane at all – not even on TV.) Newer documentaries (available on e.g. Youtube) suggest that.

      I saw discussions here about the topic chemtrail spraying tankers might be flown by wire. Technically it is possible, some photos suggest that, but nobody seems to have hard evidence, yet. Whistleblowers are welcome!

  12. Dog aka db says:

    Springtime in the Rockies! The scrub oak now lightly budding in a few places! The trees leaves are shying from the sun! Many pine trees browning with no sign of the ferocus beatle! No planes or white crap in the sky today! People busy shopping! Sun sure stings on exposed skin! Here in CO we have Radar Focus in place! Then Jade Helm! Then what? A picanic? We won't have to worry about the bugs! I just do not understand why they would need 2 flat bed loads of brand new razor wire? Or maybe it was our military helping out some rancher? Fence for the cattle or sheep! Probably! Breath deep!

  13. Diana Moss says:

    Have any of the readers of this website experienced constant or continual Vertigo?

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Yes I have as well as severe heart palpitations. I take a lot of different vitamins and herbs which have helped somewhat.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes!  Started up about 3 years ago.  I find myself off balance frequently.  This is possibly part of the aging process as I am 70.  Still, it came on so quickly.  Also, same with concentration…and spacing out.  I do no drugs, pharma or otherwise.  Just an occasional ibu or excedrin, which are drugs but not prescription.

    • susan says:

      Yes…I have dizziness daily.


    • J. Carl says:

      I have numerous symptoms undiagnosed; massive headaches 24/7, burning nasal, forehead pain (sinus?) and loud, piercing ear ringing.  Feel as if I am slowly fading – hard to do daily activities.  Spraying increased in urban CA – seems flying at lower altitude w/larger plumes being left, and then overall a silvery-blue – saw combined "colors", not a rainbow, but what you would see if oil and water were spilled on the ground. – Chemicals?  Wonder if they are doing different "cocktails" in their dumping?  So very sad – must keep most of this to myself –  people do not  understand.


    • Hello Diana Moss: Yes. Vertigo effects are being widely reported on web sites devoted to electromagnetic sensitivity in animals and humans.

      Microwave energy used in cellular tower broadcast frequencies, wi-fi MESH networks, and "smart" meter PLC systems; can and do cause ill health. It's a militarized snuff job, and everyone is paying the price one way or the other.

      Here's a link to ponder:

  14. Alexander High says:

    We have to fight back in any moral way we can to expose what they are doing. Now people are not just getting sick but dying. We have to do what we can to bring this thing to an end before we all perish.

    I have sent emails to the PM David Cameron and the Government meteorological office and was basically fobbed off and was told that what I am seeing is only con trails.

    I send another massage to both the PM and the met office with still photos taken above my own home, Clear pictures showing the trails not dissipating, getting bigger and merging to create a milky white sky blotting out the sun with a very clear message telling them they were not being honest with me and people like me. I received no replies after that and don't expect to either.

    Keep up the fight in any way that will get this thing blown wide open and force them to stop destroying our planet.

    Good luck all



  15. Jonathan Létourneau says:

    I hope that the people being poisoned will win their causes. If this can finally shed some light and awaken those still asleep from geoengineering, then good, it always takes damage done before people realize that there is some sort of danger. Too brainwashed to quickly realize the ongoing destruction of our dearest Earth. I hope there will be a future for my daughter and your children too Dane! Thanks to you, I repeat myself I know bit, thanks to you, I keep how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for all your work Dane. Humanity is at debt with you. Also, I want to know how I can get a highway sign up in my area? Also, could I purchase a shirt from you that you could design so I could maybe raise awareness in my surroundings? Thanks, and I really, really want a shirt, I’ll pay for it.

    • donna ford says:

      Jon, don't think Dane sells tshirts but I have found some at cafe press on line. Type in chemtrail t shirts  and a bunch will show up. They also have some bumper stickers, coffee mugs.

      When I wear my shirts I get a lot of second looks!

  16. Nigel says:

    3 months ago I flew from Santa Fe to LAX and could see the all to familiar spraying going on just ahead of me, but the plane itself was just out of view… shortly afterward I started to develop an unusual cough that lasted for close to a month, one like I have never had. Concerned I might have pneumonia I went to the doctor after 12 days of never being being able to clear my throat and had get the gunk out. The antibiotics he gave me were  useless. I just did a similar trip to SFO from ABQ, and saw several jets spraying on and off almost the entire way, Disgusting and depressing to see my own government destroy the earth. 

    • John Griggs says:

      I have found Zeolite in condensed form as well as Bentonite clay an excellent source of removing many of these these chemicals out of my body.


    • John is correct.

      Don't take antibiotics. They are going to kill you in the long run.

      Besides the things already mentioned consider bio Chlorella and visit sites like Dr.Coldwell or Mybepure.

    • Dr. Amato says:

      You are playing with fire, Nigel. What you were experiencing was your tonsillar ring attempting to protect you. Unforutnately, without the support of nutrients as basic as vitamin C, you don't stand a chance of neutralizing these poisons. I will continue to beat the drum about supporting the body with professional grade nutrients until such time as  their sales become banned in the US…  an increasing and dire possibiity.    Dr. Amato

  17. Rachael Webb says:

    I have to to fly quite often with my work, and its mostly long haul flights of 8 hours or more. I have recently done quite a few trips back to back. and multiple times in short order. USA to France to Malaysia and back, and then USA to France to South Africa to Zimbabwe to Botswana and back, and then USA to London, to Paris to Johannesburg, and then back to the USA. I am quite healthy, and practice a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. I eat about 80% organic, etc. I am actually just now feeling better after being quite sick for about 3 weeks following all of this travel that took place from November 2014 to March 2015. I suffered from headaches, extreme sinus and upper respiratory infection, and I was quite dizzy and lethargic. I have never heard of this syndrome until today, but even a few weeks ago as I was feeling better, I off handedly mentioned to my family and friends that I felt like I was poisoned on the airplane.

    I do not believe that it is coming from the engines, I think its a direct result of the SRM and SAG programs, but this being the elephant in the room and something that supposedly doesn't exist, of course it cant be mentioned as a cause. So just like the natural gas companies have to take the blame for the earthquakes, because there is not such thing as ionosphere heaters and electromagnetic pulse weapon experiments, the the engines will have to take the blame for this since there is no such thing as SRM and SAG. We will see how long it takes for illness to start being reported on the 787 and we will see what the excuse is then.

  18. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 57th email to mu contact list, titled Mossad Motto.

    1.  Following the heat waves in Alaska and the north of Canada, the Arctic is now having heat waves along the north coast of Russia.  This is predicted to cause huge losses in Arctic sea ice during next week, resulting in massive methane releases. We are probably at the "Critical Threshold" – the point beyond which the power of positive feedback overwhelms the capacity for human intervention. 

    Arctic sea ice has been hitting 'Record Lows for the Time of Year' on almost a daily basis.  It is constantly considerably lower than 2012 when we had the exceptional record low at the Autumn Equinox 2012. 

    Everything seems on course for "Climate Chaos by end Sept 2015".

    2.  Meantime everything also seems to be on course for the Military/Pharmaceutical Industrial Cartel:

    a) Ukraine continues to violate the Minsk agreements.  What are OSCE achieving – apart from being paid huge amounts for biased monitoring of the atrocities?

    b) Did US/Israel recently use a tactical nuclear bomb (bunker buster type) in Syria?  Was it to show Russia that they have them and are prepared to use them – rather like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs? Japan had been trying to negotiate surrender terms for months.

    c) Huge provocative NATO exercise currently happening along Russia's western borders and the Black Sea.

    d) Atmospheric spraying/Geoengineering continues to be ramped up, and when excessively high levels of aluminium, barium, nuclear materials etc are recorded in rain, snow, hair, blood etc tests, our 'safe levels' are increased or the substance is removed from required safety analysis.  Meantime, alzheimers, dementia, autism, respiratory and cardiac aliments rises dramatically.

    To mention just a few of their programmes.

    3.  The SAS motto is 'Who dares wins'. The Parachute Regiment's unofficial motto is 'Who Cheats Wins' (joke!).

    The Mossad Motto is 'By way of Deception thou shalt do War', this explains a lot, I think.

    'Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy while playing golf) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war (WW2)."  The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129.

    Just to be clear, I have nothing against any religion or mystical belief: 

    "God has no religion."  Mahatma Gandhi.

    "There are many paths up a mountain, but only one mountain top."


  19. Anna says:

    Horrible. I think all of the people most affected including those who know inside academia, etc, as well as pilots and air crew, need to come out in groups, not solo. The only way they will have protection or rather, feel protected, is in groups. I think the best thing they can do is talk to each other, hook up and create a group X Against Geoengineering. Scientists welcome. Perhaps the unions will have the bravery to come forward with their reps' complaints.

    Also, none of these planes fly with transponders, it seems. BIG ISSUE. Why isn't this a safety (sanity) issue??

  20. tim says:

    Just flew from Orlando to Denver and could see chemtrails the entire way. There is no way that every pilot is not seeing this. Dane, have commercial pilots contacted you?

  21. Sezer says:

    The negative effects of geoengineering are showing up everywhere. The power structure may go flying with the lid of the about to explode overflowing jar as they suppress it with ever more force.

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