Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose?


Dane Wigington

Was the recent rash of destructive cyclones just an act of nature? Or is there more to the story? Climate engineering (including the manipulation of hurricanes), is not just theory, speculation, or conjecture, it is verifiable fact and has been since project “Cirrus” was deployed by the US military in 1947. Anyone who takes the time to legitimately investigate the climate engineering / geoengineering issue, without preconception or programmed bias, can only come to the conclusion that climate engineering is real and ongoing. Why are global powers intervening with Earth’s natural systems, and thus completely derailing them? Though the answers are complex, ultimately the global climate engineering Manhattan program comes down to power and control on many fronts and with many layers. One of the primary objectives is this, geoengineering / solar radiation management is being utilized to mask the true severity of biosphere and climate damage already done, while inflicting exponentially more damage in the process. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have already made their mark, is Hurricane Jose next? The 8 minute video below provides some answers.

We must all bear the burden of exposing and halting the global climate engineering assault. This monumental effort cannot be waged by only a few on behalf of the many. We must each arm ourselves with credible data, and help with the critical effort to sound the alarm.

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  1. izzy says:

    Now that we’re into the era of weather manipulation, I wonder if crippling oil refineries and transport is a strategy to pull the price of crude out of the basement. The producers have been taking a beating with the production glut and falling price over the past few years.

  2. Alan says:

    Climate change may be an existential threat within a few decades, per Scripps scientist.  Article published in today's San Diego Union Tribune: 

    This is reportedly one of the most dire mainstream forecasts yet but it does not include any discussion of the ongoing geoengineering programs.  

    Just an aside, I know I shouldn't feel any different when I see the horror show in the sky playing out above a particularly beautiful area of the state versus seeing it from my own back yard but, I do.  Gotta say – seeing this crap being sprayed over Lake Tahoe yesterday was particularly nauseating (literally and figuratively).    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alan, thank you for the post from Scripps. Unfortunatley, the severity and immediacy of what we face is exponentially worse than the Scripps report indecated. Lets all keep sounding the alarm, every day counts.

    • Kathlean Keesler says:

      Lake Tahoe such a gorgeous tourist attraction and populated with some of the best FINE FOLKS – I too saw the chem trails while visiting the shores and enjoying the SNOW piles and piles of pure joy. Sacramento state capital, all those politicians, oblivious to this climate modification- control? Maybe we could alert Robert DeNiro & a few of those Hollywood, red carpet, walk of fame isms and ask them to LIKE (Food for thought) THANK YOU. 

  3. Brice says:

    Has anyone seen or heard about what's going on in Montana? It's crazy, there is a large zone of cold air hovering over the Montana area with majorly engineered precipitation. If anyone's curious just look on any radar.

    • La Hacienda De Montana says:

      Hello, As I was on my lab-top I turned into to see the weather maps they have and I saw that happening and I was like this is buzzard and they have a drought up in that area as well so I guess they want to end the drought as well.

    • Hawk eye says:

      Brice, That is interesting news especially since I just watched the film documentary Chasing Ice. 

      In that films information, which was about six or seven years ago already, it was said that the glaciers in Montana are so at risk of completely disappearing soon that Glacier National Park will have to be re-named Glacierless National Park.  I am thinking your report of a stationary cold air mass might be connected to these melting, deflating glaciers to try to slow that down, because also said in the film was that once all our earth glaciers begin to melt, they are unhealthy glaciers at that point and no cold temps returning will stop the melt away. Once it is happening it can not be stopped.

      That film was really very good and very informative……except for one part where it was said this die off process will take 200 – 300 years! Lol….wtf? Still it is worth watching to see the time lapse photos of such a short period of time in which the glaciers have deflated, melted and or completely disappeared. 

      Now, an FYI if anyone is interested…..

      I am in ws Florida. Just got hit with hurricane Irma a week ago yesterday (Sunday ). We are still down in so many areas. For me and many thousands of others, power just got restored yesterday! One week without and misery is the best word to discernible that. Temps at 100 and no a/c. How I made it through I do not know it was unbearably hot and humid. No sleep just sweat dripping off ya all day and night. 

      Stores – some are back open but shelves are half empty still and some still have not re-opened yet. Schools are closed until 9/25. Structures held up well as we have the best building codes around but trees down all over and they are why most power outages occurred. Flooding in low lying areas only but a lot of rain came down. We had winds of 110 mph as the eye took a jog east at the last second and spared my area a direct eye wind hit. It was crazy and my fourth hurricane in the last 14 years. I want to get out of this state now! This is too much to keep going through and the stupid media kept saying "a once in a lifetime storm"…….what!!.? BS! Four hurricanes for me in 14 years and so no, this was not once in a lifetime it is four in half my lifetime, just hurricanes, doesn't count the numerous tropical storms every dam summer here non stop and all the fear warnings on others that never made it here. 

      Life is so wrong here these days boy! And being a realtor I am so disgusted with investor behavior post storm each time too. I can not tell you if these hurricanes are steered or not, but I can tell you they are too numerous and too traumatic to continue to live here. With the occasional lines in our skies for years now and all the crazy strong heat and weather, why do people still not see what is going on and still want to invest in real estate. .?!

      I am running the hell out of here first monetary opportunity I get I promise you and me that! It sucks here.

      Signing off for now. Best to everyone and thanks again to Dane's reports!

      Hawk eye  

      (P.S. can't spell check …. Internet still acting weird, sorry if there are spelling mistakes)

    • Kathlean Keesler says:

      Thank you for sharing this. 2012 I was visiting Montana and thought I was witness to chem trail air force jets leaving flying out of a military base. I spoke with dozens of residents nearest Missoula asking what they thought of the decorated skies, not one hinted of gov't climate control. I drove through Montana to Canada watching these jets create some strange cloud formations. I drove back to California then to Chicago every state had this sky watch activity. * If folks like you and I simply spend 10 minutes a day posting geo engineering to the more famed populace Internet sights, maybe we will attract some attention. 

  4. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, just watched Infowars, great job. I'm wondering if you know what Alex Jones said between 13:09 and 13:18 mark? I played it back several times, but it was omitted. He said "I not even a scientist, but they admit that what they are doing with geoengineering causes the light…..

    Really would like to know what was blocked. Thanks

    • barbzi says:



    • Laura says:

      Ditto – tried to see it, too, and it stops, spins and skips his comment.  Very curious….

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Dane, congratulations for the interview, great statements. But the Jones character is really a piece of the system; a worshiper of the Sun??, like he said in the end?, by the love of God!! And the way they shifted the attentions from geoengineering to the Sun as being the biggest cause for all the climatic problems, together with the water vapor.. please. The water vapor can't dissipate because of the covering of clouds that the MFs are building almost everyday. The only way for cool down the Earth is through water evaporation. In deserts, why are the nights so cold?, because in deserts ( without climate manipulation ), you do not have cloud formation to keep the heat of the day, in the lower troposphere. And why probably the Global amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is increasing? – due to climate engineering ( insane climate manipulation ). And why this global increasing atmospheric humidity ( because they are sucking the Water from everywhere, Forests, Lakes, etc.. ) which naturally corresponds to bigger geographic areas covered by nebulosity fronts, is not representing more homogeneous levels of increasing precipitation worldwide, through all continental areas, but instead more unbalanced precipitation levels with catastrophic floods in some places and scorching and devastating droughts in other places within the same latitudes and similar altitudes? – as you know very well, due to geoengineering. The Rain falls from the sky only when the MFs want ( and where ), if the rain would fall naturally, the rain would dissipate the clouds, and without the covering of clouds the rain could evaporate easily under the form of water vapor, forming clouds elsewhere and also transferring temperature from the lower atmosphere to the higher atmosphere and to space, thus cooling down the Earth, and producing electric storms with the subsequent production of Ozone. This works like a pot on the fire, if you remove the cover, the water ( metaphor for Earth ) can cool down a bit.

      And they are removing the Ozone layer!

      This will work as an extra cover over the boiling "pot".

      The layer of the aerosol ( the F death "shield" ) have multiple problems and zero advantages, and this strategy is not innocent, this is not a test. We are getting less Sun, with lethal UV radiation, and the unnatural cloud cycles are trapping the heat near the Earth and Oceans. the plan is to keep the heat from the Sun in the Atmosphere and to dump our Rain into the regions near the Sea. Control over the Water and Food, it is what they seek, since the beginning. With the extra bonus for the MFs that the aerosols also kills all the Biosphere.

      Thank you for your Work.

  5. William says:

    New York City today has total blue skies.

    I expect by late Satuday, early Sunday, the skies will be obliterated with aircraft spray. All designed to feed Jose, which should be here, sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday. The radar stations should do all the rest…

    There are 2 more 'tropical storms' coming off the African coast behind Jose.  

  6. helot says:

    I forgot too mention, the nights are cold, 40 degrees. The dew is so heavy one morning, and nothing the next, and then heavy dew again.

    Clear skies at night as best as I can tell, they are not spraying at night.

    I can’t help but wonder if this all corresponds with the relaunch of that Boeing X-37.

  7. helot says:

    Someone recently asked what it would be like when they stopped geoengineering. Here in Eastern Iowa I’m kind of getting to know what that would be like. The Sun is brutal!

    Last Thursday, from Sun-up til just after Noon, there were more aerosol trails [and faster appearing] in the sky than I can recall in the last 10 years I have seen them in this area. Since then, there were a few for a couple of days, but after that, there were ZERO aerosol trails, and ZERO clouds. It’s been that way all week. Today, I noticed one small ity bit of arms-width of light cloud, but that’s it.

    Everything is drying out. It’s not as noticeable at first look because people expect things to change color with the seasons this time of year, however; it seems that things are changing color because they are drying out… My words aren’t doing justice to what I see.

    Two weeks ago, the weather was oddly just like late cool Fall. Right now, it feels like the hottest Dog Days of August but the thermometer is in the 80’s when it feels like the 90’s. Last week, the odd thing was, the ice nucleated cool-down was noticeable. In the Sun, you felt like taking off your shirt, in the shade or if a cloud covered the Sun, you felt like you needed a jacket and a hood up. It’s similar to how things are in the early Spring, but in a very odd sort of way. Up until a few days ago, anyway. Now, after 11 a.m. it’s hot everywhere, in a ‘Texas heat’ kind of way.

    It’s odd not seeing ANY clouds since then. Not seeing ANY aerosol trails, either. Saw a few aircraft, ZERO contrails. In contrast to last Thursday, it’s spooky/surreal. All of the sky is a milky blue haze. Is this, ‘the new’ white-out?

  8. Rand Omfury says:

    I want to thank Dane for getting the word out in Michigan on AM Radio with Dr. Dave Janda and Operation Freedom, Coast To Coast  with George Noory and Infowars with Alex Jones.  All is gained through the free sharing of information so any cooperation is crucial, necessary and selfless.  Stay the course with continued exemplary work and effort.  Thank you, Dane Wigington !    

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #19, 3 more to go.  It was really nice weather at the market today. Fall is in the air in my region. There were a few less vendors today as well as a few less patrons. I had a lot of time to reflect back at how far I have brought this effort. This was fortified by folks that walked by that I had talked with before. Several stopped just to lend support and thank me for my efforts. I make sure to thank 'them' for making a difference in this fight to expose what we all see happening right above all our heads.

    "3 more to go", My friends, I am 3 weeks away from losing the battle field I fight upon. Where will I stand and fight next? I am a Warrior and I must fight. I am a Warrior who gets guidance from a great Chief. The battle 'will' go on! Of that you can be sure.

    Love to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    For All

    Nature News is about science and all life forms and what goes with.  It is always so interesting that reading what they offer often takes up much of the day for me, if I can spare the time.  Always worth it.  And so I discover a few things.  One is that Greenpeace and Jim Hansen are bringing suit in Norway over drilling in the Arctic.  Another is a rather good idea, if only there was time, to utilize insurance peoples to cut back and out fossil fuels.  Given these hurricanes and what it will cost them, it is said that they are perfectly placed to take this on, moreso than a government.  They can levy fines on use of unsustainable fuels now damaging the world as well as helping those who do not depend on that more than those who do.  The economic effect would curtail abusers and reward alternative energy while helping them stay solvent.

    I also read some chilling stuff about the sciences now, the pressures these guys work under, the abuses they suffer under sociopathic-their word-supervisors, the degree they are forced to give the answers wanted whether true or not, else treated horribly, some falsifying their work, or committing suicide, many seeking psychiatric help, or bailing.  Cut throat competition aiming for what is asked for rather than truth.  One false step and your life and work ruined forever in cruel and humiliating ways.  Not unlike Dr. Herndon!  And in a kind of isolation too, very compartmentalized.  Very competitive.  Gives me a better understanding of these guys' refusals to hear us or respond.   Sounds like hell on Earth for them and no way is science free or even allowed to breathe, much less share!  Explains a lot.  So, again, I go with humor and mocking, as opposed to reaming them for the truth.  Clearly anger will not work, anger and treachery is their environment!  Cripes, makes me glad I did not follow through in sciences.

  11. Louise says:

    There is an interesting article in NBC Newsonline MACH written to counter "conspiracy theorist's about controlling hurricanes.

    Jesse Emspak, contributor

    "Scientists have had some Wild Ideas for Controlling Hurricanes—They just can't do it yet."

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Poor victims of Harvey cannot catch a break.  Air Force tankers will be spraying 6 million acres with the insecticide Naled, made by a Monsanto partner.  You know it's toxic, banned in the EU.  A mosquito larvicide made by the same company may have been the cause of microcephaly in Brazil that was blamed on Zika. Oh, and it killed the bees for sure.

    We know this is murder.  Living organisms can only take so much poison and survive.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Bella Fantasia,

      What you've posted surpasses science fiction, the evilness of these MFs, proves that they are not from our Humanity, but from a group that must be a sub-species of ours. Maybe the psychopath-sapiens, the human sub-species?

      Welcome to a world of diseases built by the way of the spraying..

      "Yet, the most concerning consequence Naled poses for human health is the chemical's ability to cross the placental barrier—meaning that Naled freely crosses from mother to fetus. A study conducted at the University of Oslo found that Naled's breakdown product, dichlorvos, caused a 15 percent decrease in the brain size of newborn guinea pigs when their mothers were exposed to Naled for only three days during pregnancy. Doctors from Puerto Rico have also claimed that Naled harms fetuses."

      the  origin  of   Zika   virus   EXPOSED!!

      The Light will also expose all the TRUTH soon, and Justice will be on the side of the ones who suffer.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Bella Fantasia,

      What you've posted surpasses science fiction, the evilness of these MFs, proves that they are not from our Humanity, but from a group that must be a sub-species of ours. Maybe the psychopath-sapiens, the human sub-species?

      Welcome to a world of diseases by the way of the spraying..

      "Yet, the most concerning consequence Naled poses for human health is the chemical's ability to cross the placental barrier—meaning that Naled freely crosses from mother to fetus. A study conducted at the University of Oslo found that Naled's breakdown product, dichlorvos, caused a 15 percent decrease in the brain size of newborn guinea pigs when their mothers were exposed to Naled for only three days during pregnancy. Doctors from Puerto Rico have also claimed that Naled harms fetuses."

      " virus' "  origin   EXPOSED!!

      The Light will also expose all the TRUTH soon, and Justice will be on the side of the ones who suffer.

  13. Herb Craig says:

    Here is what I found about "The Cirrus Project in 1947"

    Project Cirrus

    Project Cirrus was the first attempt to modify a hurricane. It was a collaboration of the General Electric Corporation, the US Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research, and the US Air Force.[1] After several preparations, and initial skepticism by government scientists,[6]the first attempt to modify a hurricane began on October 13, 1947 on a hurricane that was heading west to east and out to sea.[5]

    An airplane flew along the rainbands of the hurricane, and dropped nearly 80 pounds (36 kilograms) of crushed dry ice into the clouds.[1]The crew reported "Pronounced modification of the cloud deck seeded".[5] It is not known if that was due to the seeding. Next, the hurricane changed direction and made landfall near Savannah, Georgia. The public blamed the seeding, and Irving Langmuir claimed that the reversal had been caused by human intervention.[6] Cirrus was canceled,[5] and lawsuits were threatened. Only the fact that a system in the 1906 season had taken a similar path, as well as evidence showing that the storm had already begun to turn when seeding began, ended the litigation.[5] This disaster set back the cause of seeding hurricanes for eleven years.

    • Dennie says:

      All proving that people are more misinformed and dumber than ever.  People nowadays cannot believe what's been accomplished with regard to weather manipulation capabilites even though we have video footage of JFK TELLING US that this is exactly what The Plan would be.  DUH.

  14. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane – as always, thank you for all your hard work, which helps us help others. Here is an example of how useful it is to circulate your posts. ~

    They say, "We just can't do it – yet." >

    So, we tell they they can and do >

    Pardon being so frank, but instead of complaining, I'm asking others to 'do' something. Go tell them, and interrupt the progress they make indoctrinating others with disinformation. Supply them with a hard-hitting factual link (such as this article post). ~ Cori

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Cori, A short while ago someone suggested making fun of them, treating them as they do us.  Not a bad idea!  But I'm having trouble coming up with such stuff.  Idea is to put them on other end of stick.  About time to call them conspiracy theorists!  Tin foil hats.  I like the idea and comedy can get a lot across.  I'm not feeling so funny lately.  But sometimes I am.  Meantime, any ideas guys?  Being mean and direct to these people just won't work, they in fact, get that at work!  Part of why they walk that thin line of lies.  Surely we can come up with some catchy funny names/descriptions/cartoons, songs  for them!  Making Them a laughing stock, thus empowering those cowed by their credentials and ability to ostracize us to come out of the shadows.  People these days are so affected by "talking points".  We could try to switch it up!  Even if we confront them with truths they'd normally toss away.  I mean comedy has been an effective tool for many a revolution. 

  15. horsegirl says:

    Dane and friends, you wouldn't want to know me today.  A protracted low grade tantrum marked by a rant against the pedophocracy and their air assault.  Because we thought we had one last special place.  Paliza campground in New Mexico.  A ponderosa forest that elated the senses with the scent of pine.  The sap a fine, rare elixir when rain was heavy.  Our place to get away and hike.  We studied it as we walked, mentioning you, Dane:  was there a lot of dead growth?  No, it looked curiously healthy, an anomaly on this hell-salted earth.  Then came whatever they did during False Flag Harvey.  The skies became hideous, visibility shrank in around us, and daylight was a disgrace to the sun.  For seven days we witnessed whatever sky witchcraft pertained to the battle over Texas, our mouths and eyes dry from barium and whatever else infected the heavens.    About five days ago the planet Jupiter effect began to wane.  Today seemed as good a day to walk in Paliza as we've seen in months.  On the way up, despite heavy rain we sniffed in vain for the usual heady pine aroma.  A whiff, but not like before.  Halfway up the hill I began noticing the shoots of dead growth defiling young trees.  Mind you, many times we had walked this very same way, discussing this forum and the death of the planet, carefully and tentatively observing how alive and healthy it all looked.  Not today.  At least half the Ponderosas had either rust-tinged boughs stone dead or an orangy blight setting in patches over the upper canopies.  We kept trading dumb looks and exclamations:  did we miss this all before despite concentrated observation?  The desiduous trees not turning color before leaves died out?  So little fall color…  In our glee did we hallucinate a healthy forest about a week ago?  Can it happen that fast?  This is total shock to behold.  That such a magnificent forest could chemically rot so fast.  Don't know what else to say.  Abject horror sets in.

  16. Martha says:

    As if intentional, geoengineered hurricanes and their vast destruction isn't enough, the creation of “Harvey” is now being used as an excuse to spray huge amounts of poison on Texas populations, domestic animals, wildlife and everything else. What monsters! When, where and how will this government sanctioned and implemented evil end?!

  17. juli says:

    Jim Marrs; beyond 9/11

  18. frank reps says:

    We all can wring our hands and bemoan the stae of our environment as well as the terrible condition of our skies.  This helps purge us of the sadness at what is going on.  We can also act in a very positive manner regarding  this assault on our planet by assiting dane in his efforts to wake the sleeping people up.  Please donate toward this cause.  

  19. Dennie says:

    You don't have to believe that there's a lack of nutritive value, it's a fact.  Big Agra doesn't have time to care for the soil on it's way to profit over people.  With the ruined climate, the GMOs and aluminum-resistant seeds won't matter– NOTHING's going to grow when it's too fcuking hot.

  20. Brice says:

    Dear Everyone who sees this post,

    My name is Brice and I live in Minnesota and I am 19 years old. I do believe I have some good news, which is a rarity now days. I have recently contacted my district representative who oversees about six or seven counties including some urban zones. I sent her the "fire-arrow" package that Dane provides on this website. A few days later she responds… she says she's never heard about this before and she read through some of the credible links in the document. In conclusion she appears to have believed it, and says she is sending the (credible) info to Minnesota's Environment and Natural Recourses Committee in the MN House! OMG I feel so proud that I made such a chain reaction at least start in my home state of Minnesota!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      GREAT WORK, Brice! How wonderful! Good news indeed. Hope. Never give up!!! THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Dale K says:

      Great job, Brice! You're an inspiration to us all!

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      HI 5 Brice!

      Good work!

      It only takes a spark to get a raging fire going.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Excellent news, Brice! Now send "The Flaming Arrow Package" to ALL of your contacts and ask them to send it to ALL of their contacts.

      Don't expect any more contact from your district rep. Just know that you have planted the seed and more on.

      Thank you for your efforts.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Here is the link to the "Flaming Arrow Package"


    • Pedro says:

      🙂  🙂  🙂

    • Earth Angel says:

      We're proud of your successful efforts Brice… Keep it going. Excellent work young man!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Brice, Son of a gun!  Right outta the box you slam dunk it!  I am so impressed.  And I love that you gave your age.  Sometimes I think younger ones have a better shot at stuff because they've not been told no so very many times, or some similar rejection.  Myself, I'm getting a bit jaded, so to hear this from you made my day.  Odds are your district representative will run into a brick wall of denial.  Told you I was becoming jaded!  This woman is to be commended big time for having an open mind!  Quite rare these days.  She will need support and encouragement and so I urge you to follow through every step of the way.  And, keep us posted!  This is exciting!  Thank you!!  Wow.

    • Watcher says:

      Amazing!! Well done sir. This gives all of us older folks hope for the future. 

      Keep being awesome.

    • Bluv says:

      Way to go Brice. Now we need more like you to come forward. You are a brave man.

    • Brice says:

      Thank you everyone 🙂 I just wish Dane saw this…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brice, thank you for your important efforts in this fight, and for sharing the results with us. So sorry for the slow reply, just can’t keep up with my work load in the battle, not enough time in the day. Lets all keep beating the drums of truth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Brice, Good job my young friend. Rachel makes a very good point in that you need to follow up and support your "rep" with as much info as she can handle. Start a dialog with her. "Reps" need credible people with credible info. They also need to be made aware that those of us "in the know", know what is happening right above our heads every day. Our numbers are "growing". You are testimony to this fact.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Brice, great Work, with young men like you in this big Fight there is hope!! Thank you.

  21. Joseph L says:

    Time Has Come (Geoengineering Must Stop)

    Music can be very moving to get a message across to those that otherwise might not hear it. When various communities in society begin truly coming together for a common cause in the fight for the common good, it is a strong indication that the awakening is well underway.

    In this 4 minute music video titled "TIme Has Come", a very powerful message is sent about the rapidly deteriorating and alarming state of our planet. Humanity is engaged in an all out and ongoing assault against life on Earth, climate engineering is the epitome of this assault. Man's war against Nature is a war a war against himself.

    Those who are awake must unite in the effort to wake others, we must make every day count in this effort.


  22. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Dane, this a another excellent irrefutable video graphically exposing the manipulation and deceit. Good work, sir!

    Vladimir Fortov is a very interesting Russian physicist whose name keeps coming up in my research and who I conjecture knows everything about geoengineering technology that is being kept secret. We know Russia is said to be ahead of us, more advanced, beginning with the Woodpecker transmissions.
    WIKI: Vladimir Yevgenyevich Fortov (Russian: Владимир Евгеньевич Фортов, born 23 January 1946 in Noginsk, Moscow Oblast) is a Russian physicist and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; on 29 May 2013 he was elected its president. Prior to the election, Fortov was the director of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures. On 22 March 2017, Fortov resigned as a President.
    Fortov studied physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he graduated from in 1968. … employed by the Joint Institute for High Temperatures. In 1992, he was appointed the director of this institute. From 1993 to 1997, Fortov was the chairman of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research, the governmental organization responsible for funding of fundamental research. In 1996, he also became a chairman of the State Committee of Science and Technology, and later a minister of science and technology. The government he was a part of retired in 1998.
    According to the law, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences is formally appointed by the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin, who at the time was the president of Russia… The research of Fortov was related to thermal physics, shock waves, and plasma physics. He was involved with applications, in particular, to energy production.

    Extreme States of Matter: Technical Applications of the Physics of High Energy Densities / by Vladimir Fortov, 2016
    Abstract / Springer Publishing
    In the first three sections of this chapter we address the most interesting of the numerous technical applications of high energy density physics—controlled thermonuclear fusion with magnetic and inertial confinement as well as thermonuclear fusion with the use of heavy ion beams. We touch upon the development of compact laser-plasma accelerators of high-energy electrons and ions based on new-generation femtosecond lasers. In the last section of the chapter we consider the use in experiments of synchrotron radiation sources, free-electron lasers, high-intensity sources of terahertz radiation pulses, as well as plasmas in accelerators.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, and damn, interesting find.  I've run across his name a number of times, without learning much about him.  This time frame is interesting as per geoengineering such as we've seen since the 90s.  Do you know, have any idea, what and the degree of what Russia is doing in the skies as per geoengineering and weather modification?  Lately I've been very curious about that, as well as China's efforts.  I keep wondering if something we do bumps into something 'they' do, what is the result?  Weather wars?  Or?  Obviously I don't mean weather wars like with Irma, the US doing it to whomever, but rather how crowded the skies are with various efforts and what that itself does, if it does.  Seems it would.  

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Rachel! From my research on NASA Worldview everyday for the last nine months or so, what I have learned is that the Russians – who operate primarily in the Sea of Okhotsk, east of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the Kuril Islands – seem to have an edge advantage over the west. The technicians operating various types of interferometry emitters (Ionospheric Heaters) are constantly refining, changing the forms of the clouds they are zapping 'juicing' with EM energy. The Russians often show a "new" cloud form first – and then the same pattern shows up in the west, off the coast of California or Baja, etc.. A friend says the technicians are "banging the bell" – and can actually judge the precise frequency of the transmissions by observing the patterns in these bizarre completely unnatural cloud formations – and they can adjust their ground or space based antenna transmissions to create the same effect. These radiated cloud forms are all over the entire planet. Many of the radio-frequency/microwave 'ripples' are coming off small islands like the Canaries, the Kurils, the Aleutians, the Kerguelen Islands, islands off LA and around Baja, Guadalupe is a daily event, and numerous islands below OZ and NZ (Auckland Island) above Antarctica.
      And I like Fortov. He is a wonderful and prolific writer, born two months after me. Fortov is a bit of a poet who sees the beauty in this universe. I wonder why he quit his position? He may have had some disagreement with Putin. Here is a recent report:
      Putin tightens control over Russian Academy of Sciences
      By Vladimir Pokrovsky / Jun. 27, 2017
      The Russian government has taken further steps to tighten its grip on the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in Moscow. On 23 June, the State Duma—one of the two chambers of the Russian parliament—passed the first draft of a new law that would give President Vladimir Putin the final say in the elections for RAS's presidency. The bill introduces three main changes. The list of candidates must from now on be approved by the government … Before the debate in the Duma, Fortov and other academicians met twice with Putin behind closed doors to discuss the changes.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan!!  I've always had troubles just reading a map! much less this stuff.  I suspect when, if ever, I get my glasses, that might help, but my brain is an issue!  Your info here jolts brain to remember why I remember Fortov!  Banging the bell is quite the expression!  So, all are learning from each other?  But, given that we do stuff around the world to the world, what are the chances of the same done unto us?  Surely it's happened, right?  And I do wonder about Mexico City's earthquake as in reading about it, it was odd, even for there–very deep and in an unusual place.  Did we do it?  Does this sky stuff have "fingerprints"?  Or is it, I suspect it is, like computer virus warfare, hard to tell but for the expertise?   And last, we trust NASA why?

       I do want to add how grateful I am for you and what you've learned!  I know too well what hard work. I'd love to know why Fortov quit.  Given Russia recently, hope he doesn't get killed. But from recent and past reading, sciences these days are shackled and as mean spirited as these assaults!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      "In the first three sections of this chapter we address the most interesting of the numerous technical applications of high energy density physics—controlled thermonuclear fusion with magnetic and inertial confinement…"

      "they" are not doing the same in CERN?

      "…as well as thermonuclear fusion with the use of heavy ion beams. We touch upon the development of compact laser-plasma accelerators of high-energy electrons and ions based on new-generation femtosecond lasers. In the last section of the chapter we consider the use in experiments of synchrotron radiation sources, free-electron lasers, high-intensity sources of terahertz radiation pulses, as well as plasmas in accelerators."

      It seems like the research for the development of new weapons..

  23. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane, and All.

    In the other day I wanted to say that the way you talk is not only educational, informative or a exercise of the Civil rights and the use of freedom of expression for one of the most noble of the purposes; defend and warn the defenseless against acts of tyranny perpetrated by the biggest criminal associations of the World, and these associations are functioning inside the houses, which People normally recognize as the institutions which would be responsible for our protection and security. When you call the oxen by their names like you did in the previous video, you're not only contributing in a gigantic way for the building of a much better future for justice, better justice which is so needed right now, but also your words are transformed in acts of courage and examples, of integrity. Thank you.

    I hope that all of us together can end this ongoing catastrophe and save the rest that is yet waiting the destruction conducted by the satanic lunatics which are dismantling the World into pieces.

    I wish that the interview with Alex Jones can bring many millions to awake.

    One more things; about these guys, maybe they can be your allies?, they talk Spanish, if the message reach South America, this could be huge.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and All.

      This is IMPORTANT, here in Iberian Peninsula, and in my "country" ( region of the EU ), the year when 4G technology started to work was in — 2011 ( source wikipedia ) !!! Exactly from the same date We start to see an incredible DECREASE in the number of INSECTS, BATS and BIRDS!!, And small Mammals which depends on insects and birds for survive ( like Bats and small carnivores, from the mustelidae family, etc.. ). I knew since the beginning that the vanishing of the Birds, Bats  and Insects populations was NOT related ""only"" with the spraying. Because we are being heavily sprayed since 2002 / 2003, and the decrease in these small creatures was gradual but not drastic and BRUTAL like in these last 6 years. The aerosols they are spraying are a major cause ( or in fact THE MAJOR CAUSE ) for the ongoing general EXTINCTION of small animals and not only small also, because the aerosols are destroying vegetal matter, so, the potential of these aerosols for killing is total, but frequencies are very IMPORTANT to several creatures, including all insects, diurnal and nocturnal. Also for Bats ( of course ), and even Birds are sensible. Also, these small creatures ( starting from the insects ), are logically more fragile due to their size, and probably can not stand the EM radiation and the RF which are getting more powerful with each product these corporations are releasing into the market.

      Let's see what will happen with 5G..

      IT'S SAD..

  24. Rachel Robson says:

    Yesterday was remarkable for many reasons.  Very early in the morning we got a tad of rain.  I can always tell from the small dent on the bed cover of my landlord's pickup in the driveway.  It was wet, but not a puddle.  There followed yet another very hot day and my daughter and 13 year old (far more hip than the average 13 yr.old) ADHD grandson.  As we left the house to take me to an appointment and then, them to shop for foods, I scanned the skies and sure enough mega microwaved.  I showed, pointed that out to grandson and he asked how the microwave aspect works, what causes it and why happening.  Oh joy!  I explained as my daughter kept trying to get me off topic, feeling he did not need to know this.  The heck he doesn't!  And really, the sheer amount of microwaved clouds were noteworthy and indicated something about to happen.  It kept getting hotter and we had one more appointment and it was nearly unbearable muggy heat.  Home again, daughter cooking dinner, there was rolling thunder!  Well, that never happens, but for a handfull of times in oh so many decades and always just one or two if any.  But this kept going.  I was reclining on my daybed which by night is my bed and faces north and a big double hung window there by window seat.  Looking out, my view is of the side of the house next door which is rather close, maybe 18 feet.  It was so very hot, but just before leaving last appointment, a freakish mega cool down began, felt like air conditioning and by then the skies had been white some time.  The air and color of reminded me of tornadoes.  Just staring out window direction, open window, flash!  First one then quickly another orange and yellow nearly round ball of color, one on the left which stayed as one to its right appeared, then both gone.  Kinda foot ball shaped but for being more rounded and just in mid air there!  That was a lifetime first!  Never ever saw the like.  Constant rolling/growling thunder sounding over the Bay.  Then, mega flash, like a photo flash but huge with glowing spooky white undulating lines as if right between these two houses.  Hmmm.  Then, another, then another and daughter was seeing the same from kitchen that faces south, but she saw no glowing balls of colored light.  Each time I counted yet no thunderclap.  For hours after, white flashes showed on wall next door, how?  It was confusing.  We got some rain, poured for a couple of minutes.  None of this resembled any storm any of us had ever seen.  It was the oddest, clearly fake everything, weirdness. Today a tad cooler but still hot.  Still blown by what all I saw and heard last evening.

    Wonder if any others saw during Irma footage, a weather or police? station somewhere in the Caribbean, small and cement with a huge haarp like thing on top, one of those big golf ball like ones, in later footage gone, only the cement frame of building left.  In all the reporting, I did not hear one comment regarding nuclear plants nearby in Florida.  You'd think that have been on topic and of interest, so, odd to hear zip nada.  Almost like a clue! 

  25. EndtheFed says:

    I've found that sharing credible data does no good.  Some programmed response or denial always comes into play, and the person clings to their version of reality where they feel safe and secure.  It doesn't matter what happens or what information the average person is presented with – they won't see it – as if they've been dumbed down beyond the point of being able to comprehend this.  Doesn't matter what information or how it's presented.  Same thing with vaccines.  You will be scorned and ridiculed like a child bullied by a peer.  Assuming the person doesn't just scoff at the very suggestion and never speak to you again.  The delusion, narcissism, distraction, etc., appears to be insurmountable.  People will watch a stupid cat or dog video and laugh at it for hours, tell everyone they know to watch it, but when it comes to something that matters, they won't hear it, can't hear it.  

    And then there are the people who know exactly what's going on.  They're awake and aware.  But they don't seem to grasp the severity of the situation.  They say "yeah, but so what?  I don't think the world's gonna end in a haze of barium and strontium".  Or they just don't want to take time or energy to sound the alarm at all.  In some ways, these people are even more difficult to get through to.  We think of priority number one as being letting people know – but what if they already know and just don't care?  What then?  Apathy is even worse than ignorance.  

     There has to be another way of reaching people.  I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.  


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “EndtheFed”, consider that you are planting seeds of awareness. Even if you are not present when they sprout, the effort to sow such seeds is not in vain.

  26. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Many Thanks to you Dane and to all our fine brothers and sisters involved in opposing this Geoengineering nightmare that we are facing off against. Dane you are a great man and a great leader. I can not thank you enough for your honesty, courage and tenacity in fearlessly speaking the truth. I hope Mike Adams at Natural News will man up and interview/debate you about Geoengineering. I appreciate his work and message until it comes to his denying global warming adimently and his love of despicable Trump. Last year I wrote him and encouraged him to see to learn about global warming and let him know that every time he denies the anthropogenic caused global warming he undermines all the other truths he speaks. 

  27. GretchenThomas says:

    Local ABC affiliate WTVG weather reporter Ross Ellet sincerely claiming the haze in the air is smoke from distant wildfires in the western half of the country; my observations from the ground are the usual climate engineered aerosol featureless white sky and active SRM above that. Ross confirms the weather whiplash scheduled to change from low to high temps by this weekend.

    The knowledge that psychopaths somewhere are cranking up these microwave radiation transmitters despite the grave danger to living organisms should be a wakeup call to those just realizing the insanity.

    The ability to capture these weather modification R/F microwave transmission images and pair them with a concise and credible explanation of what those images represent provides irrefutable evidence that weather warfare is being waged on unsuspecting populations; obstructing our inalienable rights.

    The weather controllers following immoral orders are complicit to crimes against humanity and war crimes; the criminals issuing these immoral orders are co-conspirators and therefore not exempt from the consequences of commiting these crimes.

    Well done Dane.

  28. MS P says:

    Dear Dane, Thank you once again for your excellent presentation & video. I sure hope that more people will wake up!

    The spraying in S CA has been more under cover (of the clouds). I have noticed  so much electrical storm activity, not as much rain, as one would expect. It just stays very stuffy, instead of that  much needed  relief. Which is fast & short lived. The storm burst, that finally refreshes everything. Does not happen. So it keep building & building, with no relief. The rain outburst, is strange.   Never refreshes  these lands, like it should. Lack of precipitation. So the stuff humidity goes on, & on!

    A way to start these fires? Maybe?

    On a very odd mention. I was reading a book called "Sometimes A Great Notion" by Ken Kesey. While all this hurricane action was going on. It's about a logging clan up in Oregon. 

    In this story…There was mention of climate engineering in this book. Saying when there is all this hurricane action. The winter in the Pacific North-West is greatly affected. With heavy action.  A tough winter, to follow the hurricane action. The mention continued to say it's done by the satellites, & brought to the USA, by the Pentagon.

    This book was published after Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest" His 2nd book. 1962. It is the earliest mention of climate engineering in a story, that I have read.

    So your whiplash weather mention, for the PNW, is most likely a good warning to our friends here. To get ready for a very tough winter.

    Back in the 90's. I bought this book from Ken Kesey @ a music festival, up north. He signed it for me. He sure was a interesting man. I spent that afternoon with him. A classic memory. A story that is nothing less than tragic. But a very well written novel.

    Thank you again Dane. I learn so much from you. You are a great teacher!  In your quest to save planet earth, from doom. May the world get a clue, before it's too late!

    • Dennie says:

      Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey, too, I'm sure, were C.I.A. assets.  We know this for certain re Leary, cuz "They" wanted Uhmerukunz punch-drunk flat on their asses trippin' on acid, so's we woodn't notice nuthin' unusual goin' on right over our empty cracked heads.  Probly would jump offa the Golden Gate Bridge if you told the monkeys it'd be The HIGHEST HIGH– all 700 feet of it– from the roadway down to the top of the deep blue Pacific.  

    • MS P says:

      I only met Ken Kesey once, He was not high, just selling books at a music festival. He is dead now. The Story movie-One flew over the cockoo's nest: might just prove this reply correct. That story was a creepy Medical Industrial Complex drama

  29. Melissa Ray says:

    Harvey made a believer out of me.

    • MS P says:

      Sandy made a  believer out of me. All those spray lines, in the satellite images. Constantly working it, into the path of destruction.

      Like they can wrangle a hurricane.


      They sure made a mess, as a result. A disaster, for the history books. Now if only they would just back it up. On how man made this disaster was. Nothing natural here folks! Just your evil government. Making money.

      Here we go again. How sad is that?

      Did the USA just send a message to CUBA? It seems like it to me.

    • Watcher says:

      Welcome aboard. Glad that you are here with us.

    • Dennie says:

      I heard Dane say on one of the Global Alert Newscasts that keeping the hurricanes away from the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill mess is The Idea in steering those 'canes overland.  Sending a "message" to Cuba is a perk.  There was a story floating around on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) News a few weeks ago about U.S. diplomats having had their faculties of hearing damaged from some kind of frequency being emitted in the embassies in Cuba, which was denied by Cuba.  Who knows if the story's even true when, so much of the time, as with the Russian hacking of the DNC e-mail bee ess, you have ZERO way of checking the actual facts.  People also do NOT know about P.R.O.M.I.S. software and it's spin offs, which allow you to back-door files onto someone's hard drive and make it look exactly like someone else put them there.  Now, that's a fact, and it is not "conspiracy theory," either– ask Kevin Shipp, I'm sure he'd tell you the same.  Heck, Mike Ruppert sure tried to tell us all, but who was listening– ??? :-).  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, It is true about the diplomats?-American, in Cuba suffering what is being called sonic attacks and the whole thing is very weird.  About 21 people were affected, some permanently, everything from hearing to brain damage!  Oddest thing, in some cases it was as if a room where sleeping, was divided in half.  A person would be awakened with a horrible noise, get up, walk a few feet away, noise gone!  Walk back, noise there!  As if a room divided in half.  Cuba seems to be genuinely confused themselves about this.  It is a mystery, but real.

  30. Chris says:

    Is there a way you could do this story as a series on Gaia, Dane? I  think I first saw you interviewed there by Regina Meredith. They are putting out some awesome information about false flags and waking up in general. We all need to be educated and made aware how to spot the lies and stand up for the truth! Many people are good and want to participate in making life better, not worse, and we know there are tough times coming. Let us not fall into the traps being laid to create false divisions among us. Rather,  let us unite and cooperate to solve the problems we all will and do face together. But not unite under the false flags of hate, class, religion and bigotry. Let's all do the best we can and practice discernment to weed out those who would destroy life on this beautiful Earth which is our home. Thank you Dane!

  31. Kaza Dum says:

    Hey Dane can you tell if in this radar image of Jose do you see obvious signs of aersols, massive aerosol and wave sign in the South Eastern Quadrant of the video

  32. Abigail says:

    As always, we truly thank you, Dane Wigington, for all the updates, and news, even as it is happening. GEOENGINEERING MUST BE STOPPED! Please keep sounding the alarm. Please don't stop telling others what is truly happening to our planet. Scolding HOT OCEANS!  How will the sea animals exist? 

    Sharing with Russ Tanner's OrbisVitae, and Global Skywatch. Don't give up. PRESS ON! Yes, it is very frustrating to hear many people laugh and say, "Our Government would never do such a thing." WELL, THEY ARE! Now what are 'WE, the CITIZENS' going to do to help sound this urgent alarm?.  Write the Governing officials, call them, email, and help Dane, (TEAMWORK), keep this information reaching out to those who truly care. ONE DAY there eyes will be opened. Hoping it's not too late. Time is of the essence. Blessings to you, Dane, and your family. Sincerely marching forward with this MOST NEEDED INFORMATION


  33. Lisa Ferguson says:

    Thank you for all that you do. I am finally able to wake my family up through the information that you provide. We are from the state of Florida,  and witness to the destructive path of these hurricanes. I personally have suspected foul play since Andrew, but only now are those suspicions being confirmed. Again, thank you. 

  34. Tenderflower says:

    In our region (the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan) it was remarkably cold last week and now the temperatures are in the 80s every day this week.  There is no discernible cloud coverage (though I can see the chemhaze covering the blue sky) and the sun is scorching, too hot to be out in.  And we are very far north! 

    Thank you Dane for your tireless work, I have given up on trying to inform people about geoengineering, it is obvious to me now that most people can't grasp the complexity of the weather manipulation science and prefer to see everything as "normal" which it definitely is not.  

    The hurricanes  that were allowed to slip through the geoengineers fingers were puzzling to me at the time, but nothing surprises me anymore with this world, especially with what the "weather mod crews" (as I like to call them) are doing every day. 

    I am left just trying to salvage what I can of birds and wildlife, we have bird and critter feeders out regularly to help save what's left of the stressed wildlife.  So far the winners are blackbirds, as most others are absent save for the occasional few.

    One most unusual thing for this area has been the very strange anomalies in plants and flowers, there are two headed dog tails, screwed up daisies and sunflower heads, and misshapen cattails. 

    I can't tell if it's a local problem or a larger one, but with all of the contamination you just don't know.  I keep thinking that our health is being impacted by this as well, and am watchful of our health symptoms nowadays.

    These are scary times that's for sure!  Thank you Dane for all of your efforts, I pay close attention to what you post. 

    • Dan G says:

      Dido to your perspective heartbreaking the blue Jays and Chipmunks are my winners here in Sprague River Valley if they don't chew the wires off my old Dodge truck . So many pine tree bent over as if they were made of rubber 

    • xiomara says:

      you're not alone in the anomalies

      please look up "organicslant" on youtube he has been documenting these types of mutations in his Ohio garden for a long time 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Tenderflower, I wonder if there is a university or some such plant study place where you can take your examples of these 'very strange anomalies in plants and flowers'?  For one, it would be of interest to see what a botanist would say.  For two, you might be able to get said botanist' to talk about  geoengineering by doing so.  Just throw it out there. Or ease in by asking if he/she has seen much of this, what are his/her thoughts on how this happened.  Then say, I've heard that….and see how the person reacts.  It is interesting that a comment below here has someone who has been 'collecting' these oddities.  Can't say I've seen any.  Except for lack of bloom.  Many, much of what I grow that blooms in summer did not for the first time ever in >30 years.  I think this was due to our whited out skies along with a very cold summer, again.  But we've had cold summers but for one, for so many years now, at least 7. Yet they bloomed.  I think it was the whited out skies.  A lot bloomed here in spring and that was it.  But for roses that did okay, but a fraction of normal.

      There are fewer squirrels and they look so skinny.  My chickens did not lay but for a few eggs.  Most birds are gone and the ones here are fewer than normal, but for crows.  However, we've had endless rounds of tit-mouse birds, raising broods in my porch pillar birdhouse.  That has been rather stunning.  I mean even in this heat as lately SO hot, so very hot and yet they are at it again.  I suspect they prefer their wee heads covered!  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Tenderflower, I can tell you that in my area of North central Georgia I have been observing misshapen and discolored vegetation including our garden vegetables since about 2012. I have seen the classic 'cauliflowering' look of radiation damage in Pigweed and striated light and dark discoloration of what is referred to as 'Pokeweed' here in the south. I often see a strange darkish or neon purple in grass blades which should only be green and this dark purple has appeared in what should be normally yellow banana peppers, also Jalapino and other bell varieties. I never eat this purple stuff, always cut it off and discard it, but who knows how much of whatever it is is still in the fruit or vegetable anyway? Just Awful, and of course the livestock is eating whatever is in the grass also. My guess is perhaps it is barium but I am no chemist so it is only a guess as to which toxic element being sprayed it is that is showing up like this all over the place. This contamination and deformity  appears to be widespread and  very disturbing. You are not alone in what you are seeing.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Tenderflower,

      Like you, I too have noticed the strange anomalies in plants and flower that are becoming evermore obvious with each passing season. This summer some of my 'butterfly daisies' never sprouted petals, they only had the yellow center disc-flowers, but none or only a couple ray-flowers (petals). Each and every blossom of the entire plant was deformed.  Also, this year our wild fireweed that grows profusely throughout South Central Alaska was very stunted and especially so was the height of the blossom which bloomed late and died out fast. So many of our white spruce are dying — shocked to see such high devastation of the spruce in campgrounds I visited near Denali this summer.     

    • EcoD says:

      Hey Tenderflower,

      I too see the kinds of changes you mention.  I live on a penninsula in the Puget Sound region and 20 years ago the dawn chorus of birds in early summer would wake you up, and the air was full of dragonflies, bees, craneflies, etc. and many many birds. This year the landscape is almost completely devoid of insects and birds.  In spring there was no dawn chorus. Over the entire summer I've probably seen less than 2 dozen birds. My soil–which is very well amended–has a strange silica-like quality to it, and it no longer has the wonderful loamy smell that the earth normally has–and as others have noted, quite a number of plants which I've grown for decades and which are quite hardy, died over the winter, while others are discolored or malformed. Even the thistles are stunted. 

      When I look around at this landscape where I live, which I love and have tried to steward–as do many people all around the earth–and see how it is being destroyed by these faceless cowards, it breaks my heart and it strengthens my resolve to do some small thing every day to increase awareness of geoengineering–if only as an act of deep resistance against the murder happening right before our eyes. 

      Keep the faith.  You are not alone.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All, I gotta say how the heck can I not find such here when we are so heavily sprayed every which way every day here?  Chickens need 6-8 hours of sun, minimum in order to make an egg.  My huge yellow gingers have always bloomed, yet the herd of them pumped out but three, but normal looking.  My yellow cannas from India did not bloom at all for the very first time in decades.  All had water, all bloomed prior in chilly summer, but we did have the most whited out skies I can remember.  If I ran into plants like described here, you'd probably be able to hear me scream!  This is something I don't get.  Some things we all have in common no matter where here we live, like dying trees.  Other things not. Why? Why?  The best I can figure is that California is a major hold out to Monsanto.  I suspect some kind of Monsanto blowing in the wind combined with spray stuff, or not, weirding out the plants.  What do you all think?  What specific thing?  Oh for a hip botanist!

    • horsegirl says:

      My perverse vigil is to overturn stones.  We build with stone and concrete (masons but not the "freemason" kind).  So I've picked up stones for years to collect for walls, floors, patios, whatever we might build.  Had to wear gloves.  Death always lurked under stones – scorpions, black widows et al.  Not anymore.  Despite painful lessons about caution after a couple of bites, I'm wondering why I use gloves.  There is NOTHING ALIVE under any stone I'[ve turned for the forlorn couple of weeks I've been on this mission.  Nothing, not a bug.  This is profoundly repugnant to my soul.  It's a quiet catastrophe that is making me lose my mind.

  35. Frank says:

    Great video, Dane. We must all be kept up on the latest details. I exposed a visiting, doubting member of the family over the weekend. When Irma turned out not to be as destructive as expected I got that doubter's look, like I was leading her down a blind alley. We, who are involved, know the many intentions of climate engineering. We are getting the cooling effect from Irma/Harvey here in the east. We know and we will never forget.

  36. How very sad it is that we are going to learn the hard way , are politicians cannot see or hear truth and only care about themselves and not even about there own family's and they have no moral courage soon even them will weep .

  37. penny waters says:

    dear dane

    i just listened to your talk

    stuff i have known all my life – lies by people who think they know what is best

    question: rising sea levels – is that one of the ways that the earth is trying to cool down?

    but is it being heated off the planet

    life on earth is based on water

    no water – no life – nothing to put out the fires that it seems we may be consumed in.

    many religions have warnings of this

    people have played 'god' or nature since it has been found that humans can destroy their environment – no real respect or love for their surroundings or their own species

    your news is scaryingly sobering

    scary listening to you, how do you keep going?

    your family and friends must be very loving

    this year, growth on plants is 'wrong'

    weather is obviously not true

    and the only people who notice anything is wrong are the people who love the earth and who love life

    how can anyone not see it – but there is none so blind as those who cannot see

    you understand exactly how the mad people are running the asylum

    your love and pain for what you do i can hear in your voice

    thank you 

    my respect for you never stops growing

    my love to you sir, to your close family and to all your friends that are close, and around the world, that you keep informed and uplifted with your campaigning

    my mum always said that being alive on this planet was living in hell

    now i feel it in every cell of my body

    take care

    from this little ant


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Penny.  You are not an ant.  Ants have lots of buddies.  You are somebody who sees what others don't and that makes you remarkable.  But I gotta say again, that not all people, humans, thought of destroying the environment.  Native Americans rolled with it and spoiled nothing.  And that for what is now, recently proven to be in excess of 137,000 years!!!!!  It is a mindset, part of evolution it seems.  When mankind began thinking dichotomously, mankind figured a lot out, then wrecked it all, using that way of thinking which seemed a boon at the time until it was not.  I figure that is how we got into this fix in the first place, and largely a reaction to what the unwanted peoples from elsewhere were reacting to in the first place, but oops, brain already formed and continued like a rolling stone.  When I was a kid in school, we were taught about Johnny Appleseed and he was portrayed like Santa Claus sort of, a fun, cool guy.  But no.  The apple trees he was planting, and selling mind you, were not food, but booze to be had.  Apples have to be bred just right, and cross bred to yield what we know today as apples.  The first peoples here were so afraid of rivers and streams owing to the pollution from where they came from.  So, they drank alcohol!  Made from apples.  Drunkards 'settled' America.  Johnny ahead of them as they moved ever westward.  To cash in.

      Penny, I wish you were not alone.  Why are you?  You say people near you shun you.  Why?  You are so humble, charming, and sweet.  I want to know more about where you live. 

  38. L says:

    Many thanks Dane. This explanation is really helpful. I think it takes a bit of time to actually discern what we are looking at on these images because so much movement is going on. I have found it helpful to pause them at intervals whilst taking in your explanation and others might find it helpful to do that too. 

    I have of course, shared it too.

    As always, thankyou very much for all your hard work and dedication on this absolutely most important issue of our time. There is nothing more important than this. 

  39. Carol says:

    Hello Dane..!! in the Daily Mail uk today Richard Branson standing next to is home destroyed by Irma isn't he with power structure ??

  40. Aaron says:

    Good day Dane, I thank you for your efforts in getting this information out. in your latest video you spoke of Irmas knock on effects for western europe, as i live in western Ireland i'am most curious what immediate effects we should expect here. Now in the last few days there has been  a massive swift movememt of the cloud high up, which often has the sky/sun visible throughout the day, which is not common as it rains much of the year here with overcast cloud coverage. There are of course heavy showers accompaning this too. Any knowlege you could shed specifically on the changes we should experience here would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Aaron.

  41. Ronald Martens says:

    I would like to see the frequency towers also associated with these blasts. I understand Raytheon play a big role in these geo engineering programmes. 

  42. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Yes, Yes, and Yes…..the UVB is off the charts, they are using geoengineering to manipulate the huge storms and keep us off-balance and dependent, and the toxins in the many floods, winds, and the vaccinations will have a negative effect on health.

    I also think (and have been told in meditation) that these storms will continue in each area of our country, from southeast to northeast to midwest… to northwest and to southwest….for a year or 1.5 years, or as long as it takes to deprive people of homes, independence, health, and judgment/sanity.  It seems an all-out assault.  I just keep praying for guidance (and also for those so afflicted by the hurricanes etc….it is heartbreaking to see).  We must be persevering and very strong and know that we are developing powers to overcome as we gradually transition to a new chapter.

    God bless us all and our Beloved Earth….so very messed with by evil manipulation.

  43. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you Dane for this excellent video.  Will share. 

    Here in Alaska, same old, same old — our fleeting blue skies today were sprayed away again. Rain is a regular occurance this summer, often at night. But no mosquitos, and there should be. 

  44. otterwalks says:

    That, was very well done. Both the intro and video are well worth the time. Sharing this around and looking forward to your future presentations. As always… Thank you for your time and dedication.

  45. Steve says:

    There is another disturbance out in the Atlantic at 17N 35W. How much do you want to bet this becomes hurricane Lee? NHC says there’s a “10% chance of cyclone formation through 5 days.” Yeah right…given the trend, that sounds sort of tongue-in-cheek to me. It seems like the “invisible hand” is at work, just like in the stock market. And just like with the stock market, this catastrophic weather modification is highly illegal, but never prosecuted.

  46. Eugene Ray says:

    I am very distraught about the destruction to out planet and the lies that are rampant in our media, government, corporations, and financial institutions.  But what can I do?  So, I try to inform friends, family, clients, and church members and learn as much as I can on the internet.  One such YouTubeer I listen to is Daryl Lawson.  He relates current events to  the Bible and biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelations.  He is on board with most or all of what Dane Wigington reveals to us except he is a fan and supporter of Donald Trump.  I am a recent born again Christian of over two years and trying to get spirit filled in these last days.  Daryl believes that Trump is also a newly born again Christian and his mistakes since taking office are do to his greenness and that he is not a politician.  I love and respect Dane for his efforts in exposing this evil and I pray for him and his families safety and protection as well Daryl and his means of giving hope in faith to millions internationally in biblical terms.  But I am conflicted and I wish for these two men to iron whether Trump is or is not part of the swamp.  Because if this can be ironed out, I believe many millions of Christians would be able to make better decisions on who to follow and to expose who is a fake or maybe just misinformed.  And since both are in California maybe they can have a heart to heart behind closed doors.  I truly want to hear and learn from both but they are both in conflict regarding our president.  Please help and thank you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Eugene Ray,  Keep in mind that 'swamp' was a talking point, one that puts a bad face on real swamps which are full of life, if semi scary life, and actually serve a purpose.  DC is more like quick sand these days-one wrong move and you are sunk, gone.  Study Trump's life and you will find he cares only for himself and his.  His father was a Ku Klux Klan member, arrested in mid 20s in a demonstration.  The man has some serious personality disorders that I believe will not go away as he learns about how to be presidential.  He just can't.  That cake is fully baked.  He is not a good man.  But not the worst that ever lived, that's for sure.

      I studied theology for a very long time, and those scholars insist now that the book of Revelations has no real place in the Bible, was added on and referenced some local war at that time.  I believe it is a huge mistake to hang your hat on the book of Revelations.  Why Christians would follow Trump is beyond me.  All these government people are fake one way and another.  But for a handful, perhaps.  What you look at is their track record.  What did they do, how did they vote.  Trump has put people in position already to further destroy American lands, waters, all.  To me, that is where I draw the line the hardest.  I could forgive much if only our lands, air, waters and the health and well being of the people, we the people, and critters came First!  Not money and corporations.  Give it a think.

  47. Jeff Fenske says:

    Dispersing DRY ICE fact: When I worked at the airport, when it was too FOGGY for planes to land and take off, the tower would dispatch a small, specialized plane to go up and drop DRY ICE onto it, after which we could see the fog dissipate as the snow/ice crystals would fall (which moments ago had been fog).

    We saw this happen many times. Our dispatchers would sometimes request for it to be done. Imagine how effectively a group of large planes could drop the temp of a hurricane, to reduce it suddenly from a cat 4 to cat 2, which happened with Irma.

  48. Dutch Abraham says:

    Hi Dane, excellent video and thanks for the specific information on how the aerosols and the transmitters work in conjunction with each other. I'm still struggling to figure out how these components all work together to modify the weather so if anyone knows of any articles or tutorial videos on how the aerosols, the frequencies, and the transmitters work I would appreciate hearing about it. I was on a 911 truth conference call tonight and we were talking about global warming and hurricane intensity. I forwarded this video to members of the call and maybe some will get on the anti-geoengineering bandwagon. Much love to all, Dutch Abraham

    • ron hall says:

      Dutch: Everything you need to know and much more is here on Dane's web site.  Just start navigating…you will see things start to connect–which is essential to grasp a bigger picture.

    • ron hall says:

      Dutch: Here is our Man with a tutorial well worth watching more than once

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Ron Hall, Oh good God!  And they are having a sale?  70% off?!!  Those big legged ones are a lot like all the ones I saw go up everywhere in the 70s.  I could not help but think they looked like some evil version of a Kachina-no offense intended to Hopi peoples, I ended up calling them that and just hated them, such an eyesore and what for.  Just electricity Grandma said and though one wasn't supposed to stand under them, fine for cattle and horses, she said.  The bottom line being she got more money for her lands' grazing rights, except of course she did not as grazing, land lease monies were stolen by our military!  And the money was so little to begin with, like 5 or 10 dollars a month per whatever amount of land.  Every winter, all on the rez had to decide which they wanted most, electricity or heat/gas.  My brother in law used to say he hated winter as they had to burn all their furniture and even clothing.  I watched generations starve and die, and huff to quell the hunger pains.  And still.  Used and abused forever it seems.  I guess what I saw of these back then represented baby steps, or, the real deal?

  49. Watcher says:

    Santa Rosa CA was close to 100 degrees today. Heavy atmospheric spraying was present.

    Around 6:00pm a storm rolled in producing very little rain as usual but the storm did manage to drop the temperature more than 25 degrees.

    Physical symptoms are dry mouth, throat nose and eyes and extreme body fatigue. I also have an upset stomach and burning/itchy/ prickly skin.

    I am one of the lucky ones that can also taste the poison.

    This mix gives me the sensation of a mouth full of cotton strands with a bitting metallic sharpness. There is also a coming and going of a sensation similar to eating pop rocks, or at least what I remember it feeling like as a child.


    • Dennie says:

      In Marin County we had buttermilk overcast skies this morning with a muggy feeling to the air, then it got hot around 10 a.m., then clouds started manifesting thicker, around 2:30, and by 5 p.m. it was raining on the Richmond-San Rafael bridge and in the Chevron refinery area and west out over San Pablo Bay.  It poured in El Sobrante around 6:30, then the lightning started up about dusk.  Big flashes across the sky, out by the Gate and Marin Headlands.  The storm kept on goingt N/NW and you could hear the thunder.  There were some dramatic flashes and crashes around 8:00 back in San Rafael.


    • Dennie says:

      Yesterday there was a lot of the crap in the air.  It's been really fine and causes a bubbling sensation on the tongue (pop rocks have carbon dioxide in them?).  Your mouth gets dry and you're thirsty all the time.  Sometimes I feel very fatigued and can tell when I'm having symptoms of barium poisoning so I'll take some potassium/magnesium supplements.

    • Donna V says:

      I too experience these symptoms and more. High level of anxiety. Sleepy, then wide awake. Nausea and loss of appetite, daily. We are being bombarded by radiation from these un-natural frequency manipulations. I can even see the effects with our dogs. Even they get dry mouth. They have been drinking water like crazy.

      We are experiencing crimes against humanity and all of nature. (In addition to war crimes against all of humanity…)

      I really appreciate this website and the intelligent comments from posters. We are all in this together.

  50. jill sifford says:

    We agree with you Mr. Wigington. Thank you for holding fast and revealing truth. 

  51. david says:

    Just on the surface not knowing any of this, i wonder what the mathematical odds are of two major hurricanes, one creating a one in one thousand year flood, and the other being the most powerful ever in the Atlantic, hitting land the way they have in succession 

  52. David A. says:

    We keep sharing your website and videos, I even sent an email to my state representative ( Indiana) with my photos of the sky, and a link to your website. Nothing more then a robot reply. Thanks for all you do!

  53. Marie D says:

    Part of the agenda is control over food production and supply. A hungry populace is much more malliable.

    • jill sifford says:

      Marie D, we agree with you. We also believe people are starving now because of a lack of nutritive value in our food supply. Most folks don't seem to be able to accept what is happening. 


    • Ron D says:

      Marie, 100% correct on food production and supply. The agenda needs to also depopulate the masses and Migration.  Food and shelter will be the pitfall of many seeking help from the very ones trying to dispose of them.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well, there is hunger and then there is dropping dead from hunger and tens of thousands are now doing around the world daily.  I do believe California got hit hard, spray wise, in return for refusing GMOs and actually getting the right to know what is in our foods.  Labels.  But it goes beyond that.  One's fish now comes with plastic in it!  Meats are filled with antibiotics and raised in the most inhumane ways.  As Dane so often says, this, that and the other.  India had GMOs rammed down their throats and many men committed suicide.  One of many things about GMOs and Monsanto is besides their insisted ownership of seeds, for all of time culled by the growers themselves, plus their insisted agenda of poisons, just that can bankrupt a farmer if he/she doesn't die or become gravely ill first from the poisons, the pesticides.  Keep in mind that canned foods, without our permission, over night were lined with BPAs thus poisoning the foods.  Maybe because so many survived, obviously, 2,000 nuclear detonations all over the place, we somehow became complacent about pesticides.  So very many health issues associated with that one it is ridiculous.  And, we were warned.  Silent Spring came out oh so long ago, falling on deaf ears for the most part.  Somehow we became enamored with science and science betrayed us and still.  So, it is somewhat remarkable that there are now nearly 8 billion people, in varying degrees of lack of nutrition, such is the force of life!  I believe Monsanto to be the single most criminal organization ever. I think we need a world wide lawsuit against them.  Their crimes date back further than geoengineering.  One must mind the mind.  Cultivate the mind, clearly not their forte!  How do any of those evil ones look themselves in the mirror?  How do they keep getting away with this? If we could knock them down, weather engineering might fall next.  Of course, a twofer would be great! 

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