Engineered Western Meltdown To Cool The East


Dane Wigington

The weather warfare being waged against the US population continues to escalate. Due to the highly toxic fallout, weather warfare is also biological warfare against the entire web of life. How hot is it going to be under the completely engineered high pressure heat dome in the West? Record shattering. Is it any wonder the Western states are burning to the ground? This includes Alaska where more than 200 wildfires are burning as of late June.

heat map

The engineered high pressure zone facilitates the jet stream manipulation the climate engineers are after. By pushing the upper level winds up and over (north of) the heat dome, the winds then spin clockwise around the high pressure. A large "dip" in the jet stream is then formed, which contributes to yet another engineered cool-down in the Eastern US which is scheduled for late this week.  Though the Western US could be considered a "climate sacrifice zone", available data indicates the West is also a target for engineered drought.

high pressure

The latest NOAA map below will look very familiar to any that have reviewed my past articles documenting the geoengineering assault against the US, but this map is new and simply reflects the exact same climate engineering scenario being repeated again, and again, and again. Though there has also been heat in the Northeast, the climate engineers have "scheduled" a cool-down. The Western US is baked and burned while the Eastern half of the country gets the engineered cool-down.

NOAA temps

 Each color shade in the NOAA map represents a deviation of 2-3 degrees or more above or below "normal" (depending on the shade). The West will be 20 to 30 degrees above normal, the East will be be nearly 20 degrees below normal (this map is for the forecast for the period from June 28th through July 2nd).

It is important to consider that "official" high temperatures are consistently being UNDERREPORTED by 4 to 5 degrees. This means it is actually far warmer than what is being disclosed (which is already at critical levels). How bad is the global climate situation? Much worse than most yet comprehend, this fact is now becoming all but impossible to hide. Americans in the Eastern US need to look at the global picture in order to gain an accurate perspective on reality. How cold is the rest of the world?  2014 was the warmest year on record and 2015 is on pace to shatter that record. The GISS surface temperature departure from normal map below represents the combined data for the past 2 years. What is the most anomalously below normal temperature zone in the world? For over two years it has been the eastern half of the North American continent. 


The entire global climate system has been derailed, there is no completely natural or untainted weather, none. The ongoing scenario in the US lower 48 is as meteorologically unnatural as it is unprecedented. There are many agendas being carried out by the weather makers, one is the manipulation of US population's perception of the climate. At the core of the weather warfare that is being waged is, of course, the agenda of total power and total control, this must always be remembered and considered. I have repeatedly documented the radical "fry/freeze" scenario being continuously engineered in the US lower 48. The climate science community, of course, will not speak about the geoengineering elephant in the room so they just claim not to know or understand why the Eastern US is cool while most of the world isn't. The bottom line is this, we are all in a fight for life, every one of us is needed in the effort to sound the alarm. Exposing and halting climate engineering MUST be our top priority.

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  1. Mark says:

    From up here in Seattle, I have also wondered how the forecasted temperatures could naturally heat up so fast.  Here today it was nice and mild, temperatures in the low 80's.  And yet we are told that somehow someway somewhere in less than 2 days it will be way over 100 degrees in Portland.  The forecast for Wednesday has an almost 20 degree difference from Seattle to Portland, Oregon.  Where did this localized bubble of hot air come from?  As all the Pacific Northwest weather flows in from the Pacific Ocean, that means that this forecasted incredibly hot bubble of air is now over the ocean – but hot air over ocean water equals evaporation, clouds and rain.  So, hot air blowing in from over the ocean doesn't make any sense.  So, where did this hot air originate from anyway?  

    Doesn't seem natural to me.

    • Douglas says:

      I have been tracking these weather anomalies for many years and have taken literally thousands of pictures and videos of Chemtrails from all over the United States, to include a video of a jet spraying a loop above my house, with Mt. Rainier in the background.  This same video shows how the cloud from this spraying covered the whole sky, from horizon to horizon during the course of the day.  Everyone I know or meet has sinus and breathing problems during times that they spray heavily, such as right now, when our temperatures are going to be in the triple digits.  Even as I write this, at 6 a.m., the sky is covered with a thick smoke colored haze, from the heavy spraying that they conducted yesterday.  The sun, especially in the last couple of years, feels like it burns right through the skin and it actually hurts to be out in it for any great length of time. It's interesting to note that Congress passed a law in 2012, right before their December break, that allows spraying without notifying the public, as a matter of national security.   All this means of course, is that Congress is hiding their complicity in plain view to protect themselves with the color of "law", whatever that means in this country any more.  Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Paul Hausser says:

    Southwest Florida is boiling hot from 2 pm thru 6 PM. The sun almost looks like a huge white ball of mercury on fire. Was not like this 20 years ago for sure

    Also, we were getting heavy rains in June and early July now no rain in site

    • LH says:

      SW FL is getting plenty of rain here in Collier County – where are you? Also getting plenty of chemtrails.

  3. Daisy Moon says:

    Greetings all,

    It is my assertion having observed the weather patterns near the Gulf of Mexico for many years, the controlling effort is put into keeping storms out of the Gulf during the season that is under way. .  The cost of hurricanes to insurance companies is enormous, and has been instrumental in developing the strategy to do so.   Colder high pressure systems do exactly that.  Low pressure systems steer clear of highs and colder temps.   

    Its good to find this site.  My best wishes to everyone who cares about the elephant in the room.  Cheers.

  4. stevec says:

    I worked on 'power' phase array antenna system in grad school in the 70s. Back then you could calculate they would not have the computing power to practically deploy these systems until the mid 90s. But when I asked who was funding our research, it was DARPA. When it became clear the FEDs would weaponize these phase array systems, I changed to another field. Raytheon hardly developed any of this technology, they just borrowed University Research. 

    It's pretty easy to modulate an ULF wave on top of the power carrier wave use to heat up the atmosphere and change the reflexivity of the ionosphere. With these waves they can generate earthquakes along fault lines. 

    With modern small phase arrays you can locally focus the beams and use them as literally invisible ray guns to kill people. They would need a mobile platform like a van as these arrays are still of some size. Size is equal to power more or less. 

    I've always been anti-war , but after Vietnam I became anti-military. These are a bunch of Anglo-Masons and their banksters looking to kill or enslave us all. With all the off-budget defense expenditure, the ghouls of the Pentagram take $1 trillion a year for their 'full spectrum' dominance. 

    The 'Carbon' trading exchange in London is owned by Prince Charles, Rothschilds, Al Gore, etc. London estimates they can collect $2 trillion in carbon taxes, which flow most heavily to the working class, and net a profit of $200 billion to London. The British elites families have been running Opium since 1601, and still control with the Pentagram the world's dope trade. 

    The USA does not hesitate to whack or destroy engineers and scientists who speak out or protest weaponizing the financial system, the weather,etc. 

    To take our country back we need to get our military back from their Bankster-Masters and break the corrupt CIA up. 

    • Diane says:

      Good Idea. But how? The spook-Masons have infiltrated everywhere. They'll set you up in an instant if you pose a threat. Or just irritate them. I know that from personal experience. 

  5. Dean says:

    If everyone would team-up with a few people they can change all

    this government ihterference with the weather. Look into Atmokinesis.

    By focusing on sending up moist, warm air into the upper 

    atmosphere, mentally, and keep at it, don't quit, and we could

    all change this government stuff. We can all literally recreate

    a new jet stream, and blow the heck out of anything thjs govt.

    has to throw at us. And since it's all mental, there are no physical

    tools to be confiscated. keep it quiet. just do it. get people all

    over the country doing this and voila! things will be back to

    normal. We have all been deprogrammed to think we can't do

    thihgs like this. But we all can do this, collectively. We are in the

    millions. We have the power. Just keep at it. HAARP is puny

    compared to the power of a collective effort to regain the weather

    not only over america but globally. practice, practice, practice!

    Use your God-given tools! Don't quit. It's easy once you get the 

    hand of it. There are all kinds on kinesis. Check them out. Then

    use whatever feels comfortable. We don't need groups if 

    everyone across the nation are focusing their mental energies

    to make the necessary changes. Just don't give up! Please

    don't give up! 

  6. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I forwarded the link to this article with the maps and all to my PG&E commercial energy account rep.  The more that people who have a dog in the fight know about this, the better– and WHY NOT the energy companies?  People at PG&E DO want us to be mindful of our energy usage and when we've allowed the War PIGS to run the place and heat it up to the boiling point, it's more than time to blow the whistle and educate our energy suppliers and distributors.  We also should have point-of-use technology on individual homes, including solar arrays and wind capability.  This should be CODE for ALL NEW and significant remodel construction projects.  Large buildings with much roof surface area should be considered as places for providing a landing point in order to be net energy providers.  I'm sure someone else's already thought of this.  We should get our elected representation to push bills through to make this happen, and government and other organizations with the ability to purchase large orders could make the installation of panels for private and residental usage much more attractive and reasonable financially.

  7. Malinda says:

    Paul, Thanks for the link to NASA's research article showing that more heat is trapped than is reflected by the "contrails."  I always wondered about the net effect.  So, it appears that government scientists are well aware that the spraying is causing the Earth's surface to heat up.  Is it possible that 0.5 degrees per decade is not fast enough……I wonder why the powers that be would want to heat up the Earth faster.  What is the plan?  Global governance? I note that the sky is usually "cloud"-covered at night here in Maryland.  It is so sad to not be able to see the moon and the stars anymore.  Is anyone able to see stars? the moon? If the "cloud" cover were removed at night, the heat could radiate back into space instead of heating up the planet.  So, maybe SRM is just a "cover" story. 

  8.  Heh… Quotes like this (from the government) make me laugh. Gee!!! Ya think???
    ["Contrails form high in the atmosphere when the mixture of water vapor in the aircraft exhaust and the air condenses and freezes. Persisting contrails can spread into extensive cirrus clouds that tend to warm the Earth, because they reflect less sunlight than the amount of heat they trap. The balance between Earth's incoming sunlight and outgoing heat drives climate change."]
    Complete text:

    • ts gordon says:

      Having photographed a million cirrus clouds, let me assure you that they are far more useful in REFLECTING scattered-COOL light than they are likely candidates for (sic) "trapping heat."  In fact, only broad blankets of CUMULUS clouds trap heat under the context that your NASA research team's article suggests.

      Having turned from architectural photo assignments to gardening, sometime around Sept.12, 2001, I've seen more cloud deviations from high-alt. spraying than from natural topographical delineations.

      If the trees and shrubs could comment, as we do, everyone would realize the situation if far more threatening than simply finding white spots on the leaves and a proliferation of insects from hell.

      Captain Gary Burus has contended for 30 years that the spraying originated from smaller crop-dusters over all the cattle & pig yards, such as we had just north of Denver, until the creation of their International airfiasco. Little did we know the "brown cloud" was being up-dated to encompass the entire planet.

  9. Christina Parousis says:

    It's like everywhere I turn someone is saying "global warming hoax" "lie" "scam". It's like an epidemic. Are we digressing? What's going on, when did this happen? Maybe I just wasn't aware all this time, I've only known about geoengineering for under two years, but still I feel it's recently gotten worse with people (climate skeptics) in this cause ranting about the 'carbon credits', "Co2 is not a threat", "there's less Co2 than they say", "it's not manmade", "it's a natural cycle" blah blah blah. I am really biting my tongue these days. Thank God for the rationale of geowatch and Dane and the few others who get it. When will the others start to apply some reason and common sense instead of 'taking sides' based on their passionate beliefs and obsession with the NWO agenda which literally blinds them from the reality before their eyes. People think they're smart because they know what's really going on in the world yet they are still being fooled, or should I say still in denial.. the irony. I live in the eastern part of North America, despite the geoengineered cool downs all I feel is the intensity and radiation of the sun burning me like never before, the trees drying up and dying, the summers getting hotter and hotter, all the seasons are warmer each year.

  10. Up_north says:

    Here in Montreal, when it’s not completely overcast (which is quite often these days thanks to engineering the jet stream to be close) it seems it is either chemtrails blended into river clouds causing overall whispy clouds or chemtrails blended into cloud fronts or brazen heavy chemtrails pretending to run from many angles into the airport.
    Interesting today, they were spraying all in the river clouds or along the edges and would turn off the sprays once they were away from their growing whispy cloud mass. I pointed it out to a number of people and they could not argue at all with this obvious intentional spraying. Without getting too deep I said see all the trails just stopping there and there and there so they can increase the clouds .. And simple explanation of classified programs and they got it !!!
    Anyways I have updated Dane a few times as well as Environment Canada pointing out that it is so brazen here and so often now, with lots of video and pictures, the hidden part of this agenda is officially over as far as I and many others are concerned. For the part of the agenda that is causing intentional death to animals, plants, and people, wow I can’t imagine what karma or justice will bring but none of it is on me or my friends or us awake folk. Dane if you need a very easy URL to link to, give me a shout.

  11. Malinda says:

    I tried to include the photo of the large hail stone in my earlier post, but it did not go through.  So here is link to the picture……Enjoy!

  12. JW in Victoria says:

    Thank you to all of you awake! In Victoria BC Canada the engineered drought is so obvious. Many of the people I talk to are awake! Aware of the geoengineering madness. Gives me hope for humanity. This site has helped my awareness for several years now. So grateful to Dane and all of you in the good fight!

    • Danny says:


      Glad to hear from a fellow Victorian. But I seem to be having a harder time then you with talking about Geo engineering here on the island. I try to battle my hopelessness by concentrating on my family and raising my kids to be socially aware and spiritually awakened.  

  13. Ray Songtree says:

    The California drought is giving awake people in California a fantastic opportunity to expose geoengineering. I live in Hawaii. We have spray too but are fighting other things now, like GMO and a new telescope on Mauna Kea. What I suggest is that people in California, get together with some friends and design and purchase and distribute bumper stickers or little newspaper ads that say "The drought is geoengineered." That is all you have to say.  You have to link the drought, not with nature, but with manipulation. California is now a tinderbox for martial law or awakening. It is great opportunity for both sides, and the awake must push back.  We all must, in our area of stewardship, push back now.  I feature Wayne in my book  I'm not trying to sell books!  Mine is just another voice in the choir.  I suggest if you are reading this website, to say, "Okay, now I am going to start doing something, not just reading.  I need to get more people on board. I'm going to make a bumper sticker or write a letter to editor or place a small notice in the newspaper or talk about his on facebook page."  Do search for "custom bumper sticker" and go for it friends. Aloha from Kauai.

    Ray Songtree

  14. Gene Maynard says:


    We know the earth’s atmosphere is both complex and fragile and  the constant stretching and pulling of the ozone layer is destroying it. We know this is allowing the full spectrum of UV rays to reach earth which is bad enough. Lately I have noticed if I am outside for even five minutes the heat from the sun feels like a space heater in my face but also it seems to burn down to the bone in unprotected areas of skin such as the neck. It feels as if it is actually burning you from the inside like a microwave would do. If I am out for twenty minutes or more the effects seem to linger for days. I feel it’s possible the continuous pushing and pulling of the atmosphere is also leaving pathways that over time never quite heal. The atmosphere is the only barrier between us and x-rays and gamma rays. Is the full extent of damage already done knowable and are we already feeling the effects of x-rays in some areas?

    • M Edwards says:

      Gene,…I understand what you mean about the sun is intense!.
      I'm a native american in S.C. and am very very used to being OUT IN tHE summer sun!!…This year is very much not no means. I am not by any means faired skinned…yet when I am out (which is most all day) my skin stings and burns like never before….No longer can I even look up at the sun….wow!

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, I've noticed this too. My skin hurts if I am in the sun for any length of time beyond 15 min. Even when using 60 spf (I am fair skinned). There is a huge difference when I am in the shade. This is very scary. I know it wasn't like this when I was a kid.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Firstly, Dane, here in the province of Québec, Canada, it's abnormally cold, I mean usually it's around 25 degrees celcius at this time of year, now we are at 16 degrees celcius as I write this message and it's 10;43 am. Also, Dane, why hasn't there been any geo-engineered skies for the past 2 days? Nothing, NADA?!?!? Blue sky ( well blue/grey/brown engineered) with a couple small clouds no more. Is it a prelude for something far more worse? It feels good to breath now more than 3 days ago but, I'm scared of things to come. I saw planes, white ones and commercial ones leaving NOTHING behind them, not even a real contrail (if those still exist anyways), weird no?

    Secondly, and this is for the users here, I have a website for posting up stuff like this one here, the more the better, and we are looking, and those who know will understand, for some real and true WHITEHATS to visit and get in contact with the user called Bl4ckb0ne on  I repeat, only real WHITEHATS. NO BLACKHATS PLEASE! Thanks again Dane. I'll help you, and it has already started. More to come.

    • Jonathan says:

      For some reason in my last post, our web address seems to not work on this site. Also, our forum is a scripted one, so don't worry if you see a error message or a warning about certificates, enter, there are no risk's, please trust me.

    • Jonathan says:

      Since I always use SkyderAlert app, maybe they decided to spray only at night?? We will need infrared buttons in our app that would allow us to take clear nocturnal pictures. Then the elite would be f****d!!!

  16. Bob says:

    The weather forecasters have been daily editing their forecasts, even hourly change them.  The last few days up here in northern Vermont, had been previously forecasted for a 5 day long period of sun and heat to dry it out up here.  Our backyards have been super saturated with water since the end of May. We have not had a period longer then a day and a half where we haven't received rain.  The rain has mostly been happening at night too.  I think they are again trying to hide the manufactured nature of weather more.  Which means they are paying attention to us.  If it was all natural weather they wouldn't be changing their patterns and methodologies.  Also even though the thermometer says 67 right now, it feels like 50.  It's cold.  It doesn't feel right either.   The sky is completely hazed over already.  Maybe the remnants of last night engineering.  I am watching the weather channel and they have no rain on radar and yet it just down poured for about 15 minutes.

    I don't think they know exactly how the manipulations are going to pan out.  The weather channel has included a 20% chance of rain for today, where last night they said no chance of rain.  I think this forecasting and constantly having to include the 'possibility' of rain, is telling that they are not sure exactly how the atmosphere and jet stream are going to react.  So it could do this, but it might do that.  So in their predictions they seem to have to include the possibility for anything. Another sign that this all created and manipulated.

    The technology for weather prediction, with all the nexrad  installations across the country, is very good these days, very good.  If there was an unadulterated weather system on the way, they would be able to track it and predict it almost perfectly.  That's the problem though.  Like Dane has stated for years now, 'no weather is natural, none'.  

    It's all theatre.  It's all drama.  They are showing a live 'movie' that they are constantly producing.  We all have to keep recognizing this 'Truman Show'-like production.  We are 'watching' this live 'movie' and participating as actors in it.

    We need to keep up this awareness level and be ever vigilant in noticing everything weather related, and most of all, speaking out about it.

    • Bob says:

      Ok, so that quick down burst has past, the 'clouds' moving very fast.  Very large whispy 'horsetail' 'clouds' remain.  Sun came out too, like they had predicted all along.  Temp only 2 degrees higher, at 69, yet it feels like it and is actually warm.  Sun is so bright even with the whisp clouds blocking it.  When they aren't blocking it, sun is ridiculously bright.  Can't even look near it, or it hurts, blindingly.  Another tell-tale sign of post engineered rain, then sun.  Anyone else notice that ?  And btw,  why exactly is that? 

  17. Malinda says:

    I am writing from Baltimore, Maryland.  On Tuesday, the temperature was in the 90s; with the heat index, the temperature was 105 degrees.  A very severe thunderstorm with a great deal of wind and lightening rolled through in the evening.  Frequent tornado watches were posted during the storm.  After the storm, the temperatures fell into the 70s and the entire sky appeared to be a dusky pink.  As the sun peered through this color, the inside of my house appeared pink, as if I had on pink lights.  This morning, the following large hail stone was posted by the weather schedulers:


  18. penny says:

    I can't believe that this catastrophic heat wave/drought combination just happens to be climaxing in coincidence with Jade Helm.  To all of you in the western states, I wish you every chance of staying strong through the coming months.  If ever there was a time to come together and support each other, this is it.

    And let's hope the rest of the country doesn't fall for the obviously orchestrated attempts to start a race war.  Divide and conquer: the last refuge of the morally bankrupt.  Or is it the first?

  19. M. Edwards says:

    I live in central S.C. an am used to warm weather…but not this hot, least not this hot in JUNE. For over two weeks now our avg. temps are hanging or surpassing the 100 degree mark. What historicaly normal for this time of year is for temps to be in the upper 80's to low 90's.  100's are only seen in late July and August..and then for only a few days at a time and then there comes a little break along with rain showers. For us,..the month of June brings much needed rain for gardens and crops. But not this year!  We are in a drought again with excessive heat and what seems likely to be no relief from it .

    The chem/geo spraying here is non stop! I have even witnessed it at night when the sky is light from a full moon. Also i have notice on occasion the spraying seems to be a dark gray almost black trail that seems to spread out rapidly to form a hazey overcast to what was a clear blue sky. Also noticed these "trails" were being formed at a much much higher altitude than normal.

    When I try to inform people about this…they look to the sky and say well its just clouds…so what? When I give them or show them information and web sites dealing with this they look at me like im speaking martian or something. I feel we are in the end game here and the damage is done..

  20. Marc says:

    I wonder, is the real goal to cool down the east and midwest, so as to influence public opinion, OR is the real goal to utterly decimate the western forests, watersheds and agriculture? Why? Because those in Washington, Oregon and California like to smoke weed? Can these motherf**kers get any more Evil? Why are these assholes bearing down so damn hard on the west coast and the northwest (and Alaska)?? I swear I'm gonna lose it! EVERY SINGLE DAY, A NEW HORROR MOVIE. 

    Gave Dane's latest dvd to my cousin, the pilot. He now GETS IT!!!! He really truly finally gets it!! This doesn't make me happy, though. Hard to take much joy in spreading the kind of horrific info we are all deep into. But, all things considered, I'm glad he came around.

  21. Eric Paulsen says:

    Thanks Dane for what you do.

  22. I am a face-to-face kind of person, whenever possible. – particularly given the scale of disinformation and surveillance, currently on the Internet.

    I was fortunate to temporarily have the means to fly from Georgia to California hear Dane speak.  To any remaining sleepers out there, this environmental meltdown due to geoengineering is absolutely real.

    Now, some power brokers are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Thanks to the wonderful people who are behaving honorably!

  23. kirk mannor says:

    All who has a hand in this need to go to jail,no get out cards.

  24. emmie says:

    I'm in Eugene Oregon and I've never, in the 35 years I've lived here, seen such spraying as has gone on this week.  Something is up—literally–and this article explains things for me.  When will we revolt?

  25. SD says:

    Geoengineers are much like other engineers.  They often CREATE PROBLEMS at point B while attempting to solve a problem at point A (unintended consequences)

    They are carefully guiding monsoon rainfall into California to help put out wildfires.  This has been going on for 6-8 years now. They have convinced gullible people that mid summer rain is NORMAL in SoCal. But guess what? These same thunderstorms cause dry lightning, flash floods, and encourage the growth of HIGHLY FLAMMABLE herbacious weeds and shrubs.  It is imperative that the Geoengineers be brought under control and subjected to peer-review and SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS and informed consent.

  26. Ralph Ely says:

    It is amazing how weather graphics and statistics can be used as a stage on which to perform.

    The local weather man and/or meteorologists use it to 'tap dance' around discussing the effects of GeoEngineering on the climate.  After all, should he broach that subject,  Raytheon might pull the cool looking weather reporting models on the green-screen behind him.  You can't do weather pointing at a blank wall.  (Bad for ratings)

    The politicians, while not coming out on the stage themselves, assure us through a 'company of clowns" (staff aids) that what we are seeing is a world phenomena and that the best minds in the world are working on it.  In fact, they are working on a bill right now that says so, according to Sen. Bull Roar.  (Same Senator that said, when ask his favorite color, replied… "why my boy, Plaid of course.")

    The stage is large, the players are many.  But there is one man that uses that stage, not to perform, but to bring clarity, science and credible discussion of the immediate threat of GeoEngineering on Humanity.  Thanks Dane.

    Each and everyone of us can approach every new day armed with good and intelligent information, from this web site, to empower everyone we come in contact with to carry the message of their awaking.

    Time is short.  We must all work 'lean and mean' to bring awareness and ultimately hold those responsible accountable, including officials who were paid and/or elected to protect us and our World Climate.   

  27. keith whittington says:

    The last winter event this year in Southern Illinois was little, perfectly clear identical ice pellets shaped like miniature rice. It had been reaching into the sixties before and the warmth resumed after. The pellets fell for 15 hours straight, not a flake or different shaped sleet to be found. Someone needs to explain the meteorological conditions that makes that happen.

    It's nuts. They were spraying all day, today, flattening out the incoming clouds. They let/make it rain every four or so days. We're scheduled for more starting tomorrow.

    Thanks for having wide vision and not mincing words.
    It is a total, as in global, coup attempt.
    But, like Woody said in song
    The Fascist Are Gonna' Lose.

  28. carol freiberg says:

    Not sure when senator Crapo and Raul Laborador are ever going to wake up here in jolly hell Idaho. Either they are complete idiots who don't give a damn about their constituents , and their own families ,or are complicit, there is no other option. Have written these folks repeatedly and get the same lame "water vapor" blow. I don't know about the rest of you but I have seen enough. I do have family and wonderful people around me that I love and believe are worth saving. Whatever it takes to stop these maniacs, I will be with you.

  29. David says:

    What can we do as an average citizen?

  30. Josh Soares says:

    I'M in the east coast ITS SO HOT HERE! I can imagine western states. I've been trying so hard to get this out. Is there a list of events even if they are far?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Josh, as I covered in the article, an engineered (and toxic) cool-down is on the way for those in the East. Biggest event yet to stop climate engineering will be in Redding Ca on August 14th, more details to come

    • Lakotah says:

      Josh, curiously, just what part of the east are you? The NOAA graphic shows on the 22nd it was nice and cool. You posted on the 24th. Unless you are at the southern end of Florida, I really have to question the government run NOAA graphics. But of course in two days the weather changed drastically it may be really hot. Hmmmmmm.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lakotah, the NOAA map is for the period of June 28 through July 2nd

    • Lakotah says:

      Dane, yes your right. I overlooked that. Thank's.

  31. Kody says:

    Thank you, Dane Wiginton. No amount of words can give back to you what you have given us. Your effort is inspiring. I’m relatively new to this paradigm. A year or so is as long as I’ve known. I’m overwhelmed, geoengineering blew the top off the box for me. So much data to process. Still not sure where I fit in, so raising awareness is all I know to do. Much love to you and yours. Thank you for your time.

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