Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why The Eastern US Is So Cold


The whole of the climate science community is completely conditioned (or threatened) into taking a position that a reality can only be a reality if it is acknowledged by a "peer reviewed" power structure ordained study. Without such a study (which in the case of admitting to the ongoing climate engineering will NEVER be allowed) even if you can see something with your own eyes (like jets spraying materials into our skies), the reality does not exist unless a peer reviewed study exists. We are living in what can only be described as an alternate reality with much of the science community helping to tow the line. In the article below, scientists openly ponder the US "warm West, cold East divide". Why can't they figure out what is behind the completely unprecedented "freeze-fry" scenario in the US lower 48 states? Because these scientists are not willing or not allowed  to admit to reality. Again, and again, and again I have documented the completely engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US. "Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought" is one such portrayal. Then there is "Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population". There is also "Engineered WInter, The Deception Of The US Population", "Engineering A World Of Climate Extremes", and "NOAA Scheduled Weather Map, Alarming Forecast".  The climate science community is helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes by their constant attempt to explain away the completely engineered as being "natural". Many that live in the eastern US have convinced themselves that the world is not warming because it happens to be cold in their location. Many more have convinced themselves of the same conclusion by referring to the eastern US as proof. When will climate scientists admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room?
Dane Wigington


Scientists Pore Over Warm West, Cold East Divide

Source: Climate Central

From blooming flowers to twittering birds, the signs of spring are popping up and the miseries of winter are becoming a distant memory for many.

But not for some climate scientists.

The curiosity of a growing group of researchers has been piqued by the tenacious temperature divide that has separated East from West over the past two winters as a wild zigzag of the jet stream has brought repeated bouts of Arctic air and snow to the East and kept the drought-plagued West baking under a record-breaking dome of heat.


How temperatures across the U.S. varied compared to normal during February 2015, with red denoting hotter temperatures and blue colder. Credit: NOAA

That persistent "warm west, cold east” winter pattern has set off a flurry of research aimed at uncovering why those regions of the U.S. spent winter locked in polar opposite situations, with plenty of questions remaining — including how global warming might be influencing whatever set the atmospheric pattern in motion.

The climate shifts of the Pacific Ocean have been considered a primary suspect in driving the seemingly unbreakable divide, in part because many of these have a clear influence on U.S. weather. But two recent studies have pushed past these well-known climate cycles and brought attention to some other, perhaps underappreciated players, in both the Pacific and the Arctic.

In one study, Dennis Hartmann, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington, pinpointed a climate cycle that seems to be linked to the most well-known of such phenomena, El Niño. This “new” cycle — which Hartmann calls the North Pacific Mode (NPM) — has been hinted at before, but hasn’t received as much scientific attention as its cousin.

Like El Niño, the NPM features  changes in ocean temperatures that then alter the circulation of the atmosphere, including over the U.S. The latter is marked by a pool of warm water in the tropical Pacific that sets off a domino effect in the atmosphere that shifts the jet stream around over the U.S.

Similarly, the NPM features an area of raised ocean temperatures, but this time in a horseshoe pattern that reaches from the tropics, past the West Coast and into the North Pacific. Historical temperature records that Hartmann examined suggest that it also precedes an El Niño event.

Both the warm water signature and a burgeoning El Niño were present over the past couple of years in the Pacific.

Most importantly, the temperature records also show that the NPM matches up with the “warm West, cold East” divide that governed the last two winters. Specifically, it seems to historically coincide with a high pressure ridge over the West and a trough over the East.

But their simultaneous appearance doesn’t prove the NPM caused the weather divide. To see if that could be the case, Hartmann used climate models, where he could plug in the warm sea surface temperatures and see if the East-West pattern followed. In his simulations, it did.


The horseshoe pattern of warmer-than-normal Pacific Ocean waters that characterize the positive phase of the North Pacific Mode. Credit: Hartmann/Geophysical Research Letters

Hartmann’s study,published online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, provides “compelling evidence” for a link between the Pacific Ocean temperature signature and the stuck weather pattern, said John Walsh, an atmospheric scientist at the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, who wasn’t involved in the studies.

But is that the whole story? The other recent study suggests that the Arctic, too, could be playing a role in making the difference between East and West so stark.

That study, also detailed in Geophysical Research Letters, suggests that while the Pacific heat set the atmospheric pattern in motion, Arctic sea ice loss in a particular region made the warm/cold difference so extreme, said Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University.

Francis, who wasn’t involved with either study, is one of the main proponents of an idea that by altering how much heat the ocean lets out, sea ice melt and Arctic warming can also change atmospheric circulation patterns, in particular by making the jet stream form larger peaks, or highs, and troughs, or lows. Hence the more intense difference between East and West the last two winters.

However, not all scientists are convinced by this idea and it has generated much debate in recent years.

One key question Hartmann is keen on better understanding is how the overall warming of the planet might impact the climate cycles that potentially put the divide in place. In the historical records, he noticed that the NPM has been more prevalent since the 1970s — about the same time that the global temperature rise really took off. That raises the question of whether this pattern might become a more common influence on U.S. weather in the future.

It’s a difficult question to answer, though, because climate models “are not in agreement on what should happen in the Pacific as a consequence of global warming,” Hartmann said.

Given the terrible drought and dismal snowpack the warm Western winter has resulted in, “it would be likely a hugely bad thing if the global warming response was to give us more of this” East-West divided pattern, he said.

Source: Climate Central

23 Responses to Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why The Eastern US Is So Cold

  1. Paul Joseph says:

    Geo engineering must be stopped. Chem trail spraying has caused illness in friends and co-workers.

  2. Dylan says:

    Less and less squirm room for the Mediarologists.

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Michael B., Thank you so much for "refreshing" my brain as to what does TPTB mean!  For the life of me, I could not figure it out!  Sucked one chemtrail too many, huh?  And thanks too for your breakdown of peer review.  Spot on!

    Hawkeye, Hello!  I enjoy your input.  But no, I am in Berkeley, California, and Lodi is 80 miles southeast.  Close-ish to Fresno, fracking and all that-stockyards too.  The Pacific is not 100% dead as daughter's husband caught a halibut last weekend, and previously caught crabs and I asked if they glowed in the dark-near Farrallon Islands-he laughed and said no.  Numerous reports of fish happening.  Not that I would eat one!  Luckily for me, my daughter not only believes this stuff is going on, she knew about it before I did!  Lots of Native blood in that girl.  Her family is aware.  My almost 20 year old grandson is aware, but does not want to hear about it.  But recently, a friend of his at University was saying the same stuff and that impressed him more.  He fully expects every day to be his last.  For many reasons.  Such as all the funerals he's been to.  My daughter comes here all the time and so drives by the Delta and sees all the migrating birds.  Lodi skies are heavily chemtrailed constantly, and she's told me of ones, checker board ones over Berkeley that I would not have known but for her.  At her youngest son's school, a meeting of parents interested in their unused greenhouse, only one such knew what GMOs are!!!!!!

    So, while the rest of California bakes, it is so chilly here I don't want to go out.  Supposed to get a tad of rain, uh huh.  Skies all white.  My plum which is big has only 27 leaflets.  The plants are all confused.  One day was hot-warmish.  Last summer was the warmest in many years though not hot, just dry dry dry.  I am so angry with our Governor!!  And geoengineering!!  Who knew there were so many Lodis?

    ​To whomever mentioned the pipeline of water from way up north to here, thank you!  I'd read of that long ago.  Had no idea it was still in the works and plays into explaining things.  I'd rather California split into two, with us getting to keep our natural water and let LA become a desert again!

    I am consumed with worry over Jade Helm 15.  All kinds of shit is gonna hit the fan.  So not a good idea.  So nervous making.  I worry for Dane.  So many worries.  R


  4. Malinda says:

    Its about 8:30 pm EST in Baltimore, MD on Monday, April 20, 2015.  We are under a thunderstorm and tornado watch.  I looked in the distance and I can see pink and fluorescent orange lightening.  Never seen that before……The Baltimore Sun (newspaper) website lists the weather as 68 degrees with broken clouds.  Broken clouds?  What will they think of next?  I'll say the clouds are broken.  There is space between the layers of aerosols they've been spraying all day.

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Ralph Ely, your reply is so on target, so well put and affective and funny too!  Much appreciated.  Though virtually nothing about all this is humorous, humor goes a long long way in reaching people and teaching people.

    Michael B., your reply is very much on target as well, though my morning brain is trying to remember what TPTB is!  So many acronyms these days!  What gets me again and again, is how Monsanto got to do what all they've done-with NO peer review.  What does that tell us loud and clear with regard to climate engineering?

    As Dane has been saying and as I've forever said, none of this is in reality linear.  Linear thinking never leads to truth because life is not linear, but our brains have been trained since grade school to think in a linear fashion.  It strikes me that peer review is a linear process.  It forever looks back in effort to push forward.  So that one is putting out a new idea to one's peers who have a vested interest in their prior ideas and beliefs.  One is supposed to build on what has come before.  That is linear, and restraining.  In science, a discovery is not considered valid unless it can be independently reproduced–pretty much a good idea.  But, it then begs questions like the moon landing was not real?  It was not peer reviewed, nor repeated.  There are many examples of science gone off road, breaking new ground with no peer review.  It is a stalling mechanism, and often snarky "oneupmanship".  How can something as complex as climate be viewed in a linear, one shoe fits all way?  Mankind seems to have "progressed" via linear thinking, but now, even with, especially with, quantum mechanics, it no longer works, no longer "helps" us.  And again, Native peoples everywhere had multidimensional thinking, nothing was linear for them, so they were more adapted to their environment, more in harmony with nature.  Thanks to being non linear.  All break throughs in science involve going off road, non linear, yet academia tries so hard to keep that from happening because it turns "facts" upside down, rather throwing cherished beliefs into the wind and all directions and so becomes personally threatening to those in whatever chosen field.  Kinda like Picasso was to art.  Many examples.  Such as the scientist who died too young who first put out the idea of lateral evolution when evolution had been considered a linear progression.  Now it is accepted, as we can see via Michael Pallen's Botany of Desire.  So, scientists seeking the truth will break free from peer review.  They have to.  Eventually, they just have to.

    • Michel B says:

      'TPTB' – "The Powers That Be",  of course referring to the current tyranny that has overtaken all the power centers and like a giant spider's web, hopes to ensnare the whole world.

      "The Powers That Be" should refer to We The People, awake, awakening others and protecting ourselves and each other and all good virtues, liberties, equality of Mankind and the natural world from the harm that empathy deficient sub humans would inflict on us.

  6. curly says:

    I'm I the only one seeing this? I can't talk to anyone about it for fear of upsetting them. Anyway, for the past 4 days, on the extreme northwestern coast of Oregon we've had sunny weather with strong west northwest winds in the afternoon. Usually, or in the past, this would make for very clear skies. Inspite of this, the skies look similar to when we have a big fire somewhere in the vicinity. It's still very wet up here, lots of rain, and I am not aware of any fires. The sky is blue but very milky, resembling smoke. There's wispy clouds that look fake and this morning many jets leaving chemtrails. I get the feeling they are really blanketing the sky west of Oregon and the winds are blowing it east. I know this is nothing new, but I haven't seen it on this scale till now. Even when then wind is blowing strong the vistas of surrounding hills and mountains look similar to what you'd see in Los Angeles. I can only conclude that either I'm completely out of my mind or they are really ramping up their program, whatever that entails.

    • PLT says:

      I think they are ramping it up.  Everywhere.  Over the past 4 days here in Trondheim, Norway, I have seen artificial clouds that seem to fall to ground level, making it look like there is an extremely heavy, but very localised, fog.  After having had that for a few days, this morning I could see those plastic filaments waving in the breeze, in the tree outside my window (but not anymore, because the sunny blue sky has been painted over and we now have clouds sitting down on the mountaintops).

      The spraying is relentless and not at all subtle.  There are many silver-white streaks from one horizon to the other, but also some thick black cylinders and some pseudoclouds that are a silvery taupe color – hideous-looking and totally unnatural.  There were clear signs, earlier, that the local HAARP clone was in full swing.  It's like they are sending the message that they aren't worried about our resistance.  Shows how naive they are!

  7. Marc says:

    This article, for all apparent purposes, is an honest attempt to get to the heart of the nationwide weather anomalies and offer to a mystified public a possible explanation. For all it's scientific gobble dee goop, it is a spectacular FAIL!  Gee, did Mr. Hartmann stop to consider looking up at the sky above his office at least 10-20 times a day? It almost seems as if these so-called climate scientists never actually take their eyes off the goddamn computer screen to look at the blatantly obvious telltale signs of weather modification going on right over their bespectacled heads. WTF?!! Really? How can an article such as this fail to take immediately into account, in the first paragraph, that massive weather modifications (with HAARP) are scrambling traditional patterns and bending the jet stream into an advanced yoga posture.

      Every conceivable speculation is offered to explain the east-west divide. except the ONE THAT IS THE MOST OBVIOUS! Must we then conclude that this article is actually an attempt to insert into the public domain another handful of memes concocted by asswipes whose paychecks come from some intelligence agency or another? How can the author of this scrap of erudition have failed to include a recognition of geoengineering? It's not like it's some ultra-covert, super-well-hidden secret unreachable on the internet. For this reason, I conclude that something here seems very fishy. Yet, I must acknowledge that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of such articles that NEVER mention geoengineering. Certainly many of these are honest (albeit, stupid) attempts to get to the bottom of what's driving weather anomalies. But, as Dane often says, why does the elephant in the room remain invisible to these so-called climate scientists?

  8. SD says:

    Touche' Ralph, well said.

  9. Michel B says:

    Yes, climate is inherently complex and the science behind it must take into account its chaotic nature. Ultimately though, even this chaotic nature can be measured and predicted with accuracy.

    But the chaotic nature we should be more concerned about is that of the human mind and of those efforts to deliberately manipulate normal weather patterns into something else.

    The ongoing debates trying to support peer reviewed processes is simply a mode of allowing for political control over the process of 'covering the truth'. A peer review process sounds like a good idea if there is no political forces behind the muzzling of the real facts in the mix, but it is simply one of those methods adopted by TPTB to hide their agenda.

    The corruption in the peer reviewing process is simple to see through, especially if you don't dogmatically adhere to it, but this is the key: The Peer Review Process is institutionalised in the education system and becomes a standard method of approaching the gathering of data and the formation of subsequent hypotheses. And everyone is doing it.

    But the further key is that while the scientists are puzzling over the inadequate results of their peer reviewed efforts, they have not been educated into abandoning the peer reviewed process to look at other possible factors, such as direct and deliberate human intervention into the weather. They are told to just look for "Why nature is behaving this way." Hence, everyone is puzzled and no real satisfactory answer is found or agreed upon.

    This doesn't matter to TPTB, in fact it is what they want. The dismal responses from Peer Reviewed Studies don't matter. It is buying time while they achieve their aims, which is 'Owning The Weather By 2025'.

    The 'Peer Reviewed Process' has become a marvellous tool of obfuscation.

    • Reporting from Portland, Oregon – I am enjoying the intelligent commentary and would like to know where such communities meet on line to chat or share thoughts and/or observations. For example where is it appropriate to share such as the following: Did anyone notice the skies…the perfectly blue skies which were overhead from horizon to horizon for the duration of the President's visit to Nike this Friday 5/8/15? Not a streak nor haze to be seen. That was Friday . Today on Saturday 5/9/15 they are back in business streaks and haze everywhere! It would be interesting to get comments from places where he is speaking or has fund raisers to see if that is a common phenomena..

  10. Ralph Ely says:

    I have a Weather Degree.  No not from Princeton summa cum landa, but from Real Life summa cum landa.

    In order to earn this Degree, I had  to take Critical Thinking 101 through Critical Thinking 999.   As you can imagine this consumed a good amount of my formative years.  However I use my Degree daily and have found it a valuable tool, as I know my "peer group" reading this paper will agree.

    I use my Degree in the following ways:

    I use it to the Degree I observe the weather being different from yester-year.

    I use it to the Degree I observe aircraft at high altitudes releasing chemicals that   turn my sky into a Gray matter of toxicity.

    I use it to the Degree I observe trees dying, aquatic life disappearing in our lakes, streams and oceans.  Bees, butterflies and birds disappearing at alarming rates along with untold other species dead or in decline.

    I use it to the Degree I observe the Academic, Scientific and Meteorological community's being in denial or complicity with the particulates released in our sky.

    I use it to the Degree I observe local, state and federal officials not being held accountable for allowing this GeoEngineering atrocity.

    I use it to the Degree I observe and read other "peer group" comments and papers that appear here on a daily basis.

    I use it to the Degree I share my knowledge with anyone who will listen to me when I ask them to Look Up, Get Informed and Take Action!   

    • Diana says:

      Mr. Ely…your degree in Ultimate C.S., (COMMON SENSE) is the maximum degree that can be only be obtained by living with an Open Mind.  Thank you for your sharing  your degree with us.

    • truthchase says:

      TOUCHE'   Ralph Ely ,   while those of us  who can simply SEE what is being done in our skies & to our planet , the mass's of BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIES  see nothing , care about nothing, if they do see it they say NOTHING while the entire planet & eco system is being destroyed  right in front of our eyes. , this is worse then horrifying, it is like living in the twilight zone with no way out, knowing the pure evil in people  and how much they dont care while we are living in terror for the rest of our lives. 

    • Paul Joseph says:

      I'm glad someone is looking into this insidious geo engineering chem trail spraying. It must be stopped.

  11. Ana says:

    These scientists must be the Disinformation tools needed/used  by those in Power in a moment when geoengeneering is no longer a well kept secret anymore !

    While you are delivering credible data and truth information to wake up the people they are doing the oposite in order  to discredit your information and to put back the masses to sleep or to still keep them asleep as usual

    My 4th try to post a comment .hope i can make it .Something is wrong again with the captcha code and now the copy and paste doesn´t work cause it makes the same words with no end(it has a name )!

    Anyway i´m sending my last pics of my striped sky .I wonder if these white lines in the sky are also because of "pacific ocean " or "contrails" as they say it? or wonder  if these white stripes were made by the "flying spagetti monster" or by haarp?

  12. Kim Ieland says:

    Dane, this is yet another example where opinion trumps fact.  Also, it appears in todays world, people are being paid to perpetuate the discussion of a subject versus reach conclusions based on facts available.  9/11 is a really good example as NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) chose to ignore their own findings that Bldg 7 experienced free fall during it's collapse.  Essentially the subject of how air molecules replaced steel molecules was off limits.  Questions are not permitted.  

    Keep seeking truth.  It always wins out no matter how long it takes.  Your work is so appreciated.


  13. Rachel Robson says:

    Some science paper I was reading the other day explained things much as this, but still felt the "ridiculously resilient high pressure parked over the California coast" seemed unusual even so and suggested it has "the mark of a human fingerprint on it."  As usual, can't remember exactly who I was reading!

    For years I've said Global warming my ass!  As it has been so unusually cold here in Berkeley in summer for many years.   But I was joking and I knew better, was just being flippant.  So, I can see how this could influence perception If! one did not know better.  However, clearly the cold did more harm than good.  Can't say the East got any favors.

    Yesterday was warm, today is cold and its supposed to rain!?!  I'm worried about my beloved golden plum tree, my best friend.  Acting very weird.  Not at all normal.

    Daughter said that last Sunday in Lodi, the chemtrails were falling down, looking shaggy and sticky.  She's used to the trails, but this was different and she could feel it, though she says she's not one of those people who can smell odd things, notice details.  But it was a first.  It alarmed her. 

    • Hawkeye says:

      Rachel – Lodi, NJ? Interesting to hear you say this and it caught my attention because one, I am from NJ and know what their "weather" and skies are like, and two what your daughter described I think I too just experienced here in SWFL.

      Just this weekend I was doing some much needed weeding around my house and after hand pulling my first section of weeds I noticed my hands were all sticky and there was a sort of faint white paste like substance on all the weeds – hence the sticky feeling on my hands that I never felt before this weekend.

      Not until I "felt it" did I see this faint white substance, so point is not hugely visible to the naked eye upon a look see, but get down in the dirt and dig, then you see and feel it.

      I also notice your temps fluctuating as you said too because it used to be my home state so I have it on my home page to see daily for temps against SWFL. I notice how fast your temps go up at times and then you must get hit with a new batch of spray and your temps go down just as fast. I think if not for the spray, the entire northern hemisphere would no longer have winter at all. I say this because of how abnormally your temps do fluctuate and it's not just you guys in NJ.

      The warming is real, and I believe the main reason for all this madness. Then the psycho's saw an opp. to manipulate for their agenda's as evil always does this. I also bring this all up to say once again, this is why all the awareness in the world is NOT going to stop any of this BS, because "if" I am right and no spray means we have heat all the time, then people will stupidly approve of this spraying madness because the masses are literally gone already. Brain dead.

      We need awareness yes of course, but we also need a bigger better more immediate plan of action and we need it NOW. I do not see that yet and I am so very concerned and troubled by it. It is over without that element. Somehow some way "they" must be disconnected is the only way I see it stopping. How do we do that? I don't think "we" do.

      Literally we would have to hold all these pilots, employee's of this spraying program  including the chem factory workers, hold them all hostage to ground this program. LOL… ok, any other idea's, because we need a new idea and we need it yesterday. Let's roll guys, we're out of time.

    • Paul Joseph says:

      I have seen chem trails in Crescent City, CA. Also many other places. Friends from Las Vegas got sick from the chemicals in the air there. It is also poisoning the snow on Mt. Shasta; that's the source of drinking water climbers and hikers use.

  14. carol freiberg says:

    One of the biggest deniers is a fellow who writes for a local propaganda rag ,The Central Idaho Post,by the name of Allen Caruba. This man,who lives in New Jersey, is the poster child for the ignorance and misinformation that Dane speaks of here. Have had some correspondence with him via facebook and he is about the most closed minded human I have ever encountered when you mention the notion of weather manipulation and the like. It is no mystery to me why we gain no traction with some people such as Mr. Caruba who ,apparently,has the worst case of cognitive dissonance I've ever seen. Not sure if people like that are capable of admitting they were wrong even if confronted with facts.Very troubling and alarming at the same time. 

  15. Howard Taylor says:

    There are no cycles. When you own the weather. You own it . period. These scientists are the played against one another to trick us with their bull.

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