Extreme UV Radiation Is Killing Our Trees

Trees and whole forests around the globe are in steep decline. So much of the population has completely given up any connection to the natural world and thus they do not notice how rapidly tree health has deteriorated in almost all locations. All over the world formerly healthy forests are now in very poor condition. The condition of the trees has gone from bad to worse and few take note of this, let alone show any concern. The ongoing global climate engineering programs have decimated the ozone layer. Ozone layer destruction has long since been a known and recognized consequence of introducing particulates into the atmosphere. Atmospheric spraying of nano particles is a primary aspect of solar radiation management (SRM). In short, geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer. Levels of UVB are now often up to 1000% higher than official agencies are disclosing, these are extremely dangerous levels. How do we know levels are this high? Because we can and are metering UV radiation. We are now even detecting UVC radiation at the surface, UVC is the last band of UV radiation before x-ray radiation. We are told by all "official" monitoring agencies that UVC is stopped 100,000 feet up in the atmosphere, this is also a lie. Back to the trees, what is all this radiation doing to them? The 2 minute video below illustrates one example of the harm being done.

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  1. Bob Mazza says:

    The number one thing that I notice in these parts (NE FL) is that there is no need for screen anymore. There are no flying insects. Yeah you may say "aww c'mon I've seen lots of them" but where. In our area the sky is on many days, totally blue. There are no clouds. You can feel the UV radiation. It's intense. I believe the intense sunlight is wiping out insects. At night in years past; if you left a porch light on you'd have hundreds of moths and other flying insects attracted to that light. Not now. I never notice bug splatter on my windshield after night driving. Many people are making this observation.

  2. Bob Latterman says:

    EXTREME UV today – hard to focus, sky color looks very odd, painful head ach after only a few minutes outside at 2pm…. Near Douglas AZ….. just a heads up.  6/9/17

  3. kurt says:

    I have preached this for a long time but I being how they say uneducated do not get many people to take me serious. then again you can educate a monkey , the difference between an education and intelligence is intelligence can not be bought or taught.

    I believe with out a doubt that U/V is on the rise but I don't know if ozone depletion is the problem, it is possible that the aerosol being ejected into our atmosphere is the cause but by the aerosol refracting the sunlight downwards. specially if the aerosol contains barium, Barium is the second highest next to Calcite in its ability to refract light ,under some conditions even double refract light. even if the aerosol were to only diffuse light which it must it will release its solar energy as heat into our atmosphere but it also will change the U/V from a ray to whole sky source for U/V radiation, like being under a U/V light bulb. and in addition since Bee's see U/V light it could very well be the cause of colony collapse by blinding them . i know at times the sky is so bright i cant look at it but for a few seconds.,

     i have read in a 1933 science journal that while doing an experiment into measuring U/V light to reach the surface of the earth smoke from a nearby forest fire crossed briefly over the experiment  and while crossing over head the U/V more then doubled because of diffused sun light , that is probably what we are seeing not ozone depletion , its worth taking a look at that just because it is possible.we already know that there are those who would knowingly do that to us.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kurt, yes, the factors you outlined are an inarguable part of the equation, but the ozone depletion is also very real and ongoing. About the bees, the same is true, not just a “this or that” problem, but many factors. FYI, one example. https://www.rt.com/news/265600-bees-alzheimer-aluminium-pollution/

  4. jerry nowicki says:

    my god this is so sad.i live in michigan my lilac bush is all brown the leaves are hanging on but all brown in color.my evergreens are dead.they were fine all these years.the chemtrails are all over before it rains.last week my neighbors japanese maple started dieing everyday itsgeting worse.my veggie garden didnt grow this year.tomatoe plants were stunted and tops would turn brown and die.so sad thier destroying our earth with those chemtrails..

  5. Hi,

    Trees here in New York City are dying too. it's gotten noticeable. But when I ask people "Have you noticed the trees are dying?"  Some have, some people haven't.But the ones that have noticed start talking about drought, a blight, El Nino. When I say, no, it's the UV why can't they believe that ?  There is a lot of skepticism. I have a website and You Tube (Travelin2wit channel)  I am refocusing it to thi issue. There are 4 videos on the Travelin2wit channel. If you think any of them useful, I will remove mention of my website from them and anything that is promoting anything else and you can use them. I just would like credit given for them. Every person I talk to every day now, whether they be a clerk in a store, a friend on the phone – everyone is hearing from me 'Have you noticed the trees ?" Once even the skeptics are told that they come back a little humbler. Who can look at a dying tree, google it and then question what it is ? I don't think this will go the way chemtrails did. Unfortunately , it will be too late when they all come to their senses. I got a UV meter from 'General' I wonder if we can centrally post daily results from different parts of the country for people to check. 

    This doesnt seem to be making the main media but at the same time, websites like sunburnmap.com and NOAA seem to be posting accurate info. Or am I wrong ? Also, I got 22 years of data from NOAA that included actual UV and predicted, announced as warning UV levels. For all that time, the prediction was way short of actual. Yet they never seem to have adjusted their models. That, I don't understand. 

    Thank you Dane


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Argus, thank you for doing diligent research. Yes, “official” UV readings are nothing less than fictitious. Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer, FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-is-destroying-the-ozone-layer/

  6. Hali Tabobondung says:

    Hello, Dane!

    The trees are noticeably dying up here in Parry Sound, Ontario. I have never seen a spring season that looked more like fall than what I am sadly witnessing right now. There are many young trees that have either fallen and/or have broken in half everywhere I look. I have never seen something like this before and I am deeply saddened by it. I have sounded the alarm to our local Member of Parliament last Friday to shed light on this grave situation, and left him copies of the resource flyers from your website. So, hopefully the ball can at least get rolling in my neck of the woods. Thank you for all the work you do and for the educational resource materials you supply us with to help us do our part to spread the word on this urgent issue!

  7. Omar says:

    Oh I've witness this myself. Last summer I took notice of the leaves on my tree, Norwegian Maple. The leaves that seemed to get the most direct and longest exposure to the Sun seemed burned, dried out. This made me wonder what was up. I started to notice other trees and their leaves in other towns and saw similar issues. Of course, not all trees were suffering this blight. I wonder if this could be the cause. On a side note the Sun seemed to be a bit more intense for me when outdoors. 

    • Old Sal says:

      UV Rays aren't the only thing destroying trees…..the microwave also cooks them. Planting trees or big leaf items lets you know direction and intensity or close proximity of the microwave beam. Been testing the use of microwaves like shuting down tree tops (which make Oxygen) during forest fires. 

  8. Linton Holm says:

    Hi, I grow seedlings and pride in the fact they are germinated and grown in full sun. The fact that many varieties of lettuce etc, don't survive the first hours of germination . All summer I had vertically no lettuce. I have customers asking why they are having so much trouble with their gardens especially germination. To the point it is the major discussion I have. It is very serious, the little market stall I have is to generate a little funds to supplement and cover costs…It is getting extremely hard to do that when you have failure after failure. The sun is white like an arch welder, and I have a stall manager who is getting quite angry at me speaking on this issue…he is a farmer, I cannot understand why he cannot see.

    • Eirik says:

      I live in Norway too and I started noticing this for real last summer. Some fast growing very tall trees looked so weak, i thought they had been weakened by construction work nearby, or that the summer had been to cool. I also noticed the maple trees, they do not have the deep green color and the trees start yellowing in July. When i started to think about it, i have noticed this on and off starting years ago. Also we had a couple of years where our tuja trees here died off all around the city.

  9. lasso a train says:

    hello                                                                    02/23/16

    I live in the red bluff ca, area of California and wanted to share with others a disturbing observation I have recently been made aware of

    concerning the many varieties of edible wild mushrooms that grow in this region and most all of central and northern California.  and that observation is that  there are none  zero kaput gone . i have traveled the valley floor from red bluff to the san Joaquin river below Stockton and found no more then a couple dozen at best, they never happened this year. we have had optimum conditions on several occasions for  the mushrooms to make there appearance and they just never happened. I know that they use U/V in stores and hospitals to kill molds and fungus and bacteria's so there could be a chance that increased U/V  could be the problem but then again acid rain could also be the problem all of which including mushrooms i am not an expert but only a concerned but pissed off observer.

  10. Veronique Thevoz says:

    Could this state of affairs have anything to do with the following incident? http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/12/wrong-kind-of-sunlight-delays-southeastern-trains-london

  11. Alex Dover says:

    Its the same here in Liverpool, England, where the rows of London Plane trees along our roads and parks are slowly dying. How will people react when their parks are filled with ghosts of what used to be?

    • Old Sal says:

      Did you ever notice the East Coast USA doesn't get the Hurricanes rarely…..when they do come off Africa if they are not broken up by Induced Sand Storms (a lot of West Coast African Towns are being buried) then a line of thunder storms (one line after the other) from far USA south to far USA north pushes them out to the Atlantic Ocean. I'm surprised England hasn't complained about getting too many tornadoes and such. 

  12. Christine says:

    I live in the active volcano area there calling us the isolation zone. Most of the native old growth rain forest in the area has died in the last two years and the lava didn’t start until August. The volcanic emissions are so bad so e days instant headache burning eyes chronic fatigue. But in august sensitive peoples were actually throwing up in am from VOG I wonder if they are adding chemtrails to the VOG it’s so thick no one around hear has visibility all this just started august we had clear skies all the stars water tank over flowing now no rain can’t go out side in early am smell is toxic surfer dioxide and sulfuric acid and three more all giving different symptoms my kale beds lost half to acid rain and smoke and VOG. I just want to know if they are adding to the horrible air quality in Pahoa HI and Hilo. I’m just waking up to reality.

    • Michael says:

      You should get out of Hawaii as Fukushima contaminated it badly. The truth is being covered up, but the islands are doomed.

    • Old Sal says:

      Yes, Hawaii is in the RED ZONE and the Orange Zone goes all the way to AZ. Japan needs to stop dumping into the Pacific Ocean and get their house cleaned up. 

  13. Glenda Jasper says:

    We have so many trees laying aside the road and last week a woman Killed from a toppling Pine tree that was barely breathing from this spraying this is when we all need to take a stand and make a difference
    God help us all if not it’s like when summer comes this season surely the Fires are going to fuel the basins of Placer County

  14. Glenda Jasper says:

    Totally believing all the above if we d not stop this craving to destroy our Planet we too will be stricken with the same poison that are killing our Trees and animal species
    Are we going to make that Stand or not so far it seems like it’s just talk
    We need Action which speaks a lot louder than words..

  15. Glenda Jasper says:

    Unfortunately this mayhem is still happening and as often as 2 times monthly if not more
    Above 1400 ft & more we are getting the spraying early 10:00 am and the affects are killing the tip tops only the beginning of destroying our Pine trees and ground shrubs and wild life at the resort lakes around our basin
    We have got to put a stop to this maddness

  16. Dan Keough says:

    So far my tree seems good and most of the tree’s I see in Philadelphia are good.

    Maybe we are exploiting forests in unsustainable ways and the issue is the way we don’t properly mange the forest.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dan, I believe if you had an arborist examine the trees in your area he would have a different take. I know people in Philadelphia that have taken note of the decline. Trees are dying off all over the globe.

  17. Michel B says:

    I watched a David Attenborough documentary on the ancient flying dinosaurs such as pterodactyls. The documentary was filled with geoengineering images, even in those of computer generated images of the ancient past. To watch David talk while standing under actual geoengineering-filled skies was, well, I don’t know how to put it. Frickin’ sad is one way, I suppose. Surely he knows what is going on. Surely someone has told him. I do not believe he doesn’t know.

    How tragic it all is. I wonder what he feels, given his work is centred on Nature and this wonderful world. Imagine if he suddenly spoke out. Imagine how many that would reach and the weight it would carry. His authority and fame would have an impact. Of course he would be risking some tragedy or at least belittlement. I imagine some of the public have tried to inform him or make a plea for him to do something. As it is, I will keep trying to make an impact in my corner of the world.

  18. The Mayhem says:

    Geoengineering is destroying our ozone layer. Spread the word. Stop this madness.

  19. Tim says:

    Most trees in Boulder are dying or didn’t get leaves this Summer. I don’t think at this point there is any saving Earth. The runaway methane release has begun.

    • Randallrichards says:

      I agree brother. It's over and some of us outdoorsman know this. Artic news already posted we are way warmer than the tipping point. 

      7% more moisture holding in the air with every 1 degree of rise. They claim with facts massive die off of everything WITHIN 10 years. I feel sooner the way the Eco-system is collapsing here. We will see wild weather coming. So many floods here. So much rain. Double average and still coming. 

  20. Cea Clearly says:

    I often say the Freedom Prayer: Lord, your Grace is enough so please enter into the militaries, governments, corporations, and groups around the world who would attempt to enslave the people of this planet or damage this Earth through schemes of power and greed. Create the confusion, chaos and consequences that would render them harmless. Let freedom reign on this earth. Amen. Please spread it around. It really does help!

  21. james says:

    i believe is also affecting the citrus in central CA ad well.
    i checked WeatherUnderground the other day during heavy spray day w/ inverted air system to check PM (High Amounts – dont go outside if u have allergies or other cardii-respiratory problems). when i glanced down to check the UV levels … no measurement :/
    … hmph, of course not

  22. Yes. I’ve been noticing massive decline in the northern boreal forest where I live. The decline has been going on for two decades, and getting worse with each passing year. The UV radiation is obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes and a functional sensory system.

    Perhaps readers would also be interested in this study > http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/AspenStudy.pdf

    We need to have the courage to hit the OFF switch on all this technology, or we are certainly doomed to a slow. painful, and very nasty death. It’s not up to “leaders” it’s up to every human being, including those you know in the military…..

  23. BaneB says:

    Hi Kristy, thanks for the posting of your videos. We are witnessing the unraveling of our ecosystem at every level of the web of life. I live in central Mendocino County, Ca., not toooo far away from your region of the state. Everywhere here trees and shrubs are dying. For about 20 years I have been lamenting this. About 10 years ago this phenomenon seemed to begin to accelerate and fir trees began a massive die off. Other parts of the flora network also accelerated the die off. To keep some control over the increased fire danger, I have had to hire persons to cut down huge dead trees. It is depressing to say the least. Where once I had no view of the valley, so many trees are gone, that the 50 miles plus distance into Lake County is revealed. And that view to the horizon way south is 24/7 white haze, caused by non-stop jet spew trails. What continues to amaze me is how unwilling are the vast majority of individuals to accept the environmental degradation as a reality in their lives. Most people don’t look up. Most do not notice the dying environment. Most people seem totally oblivious. So, we can’t depend on the “most” to force a halt to the insanity. Your videos and the many others showing the chemtrail carnage, help those of us to stay focused on the sad reality and to galvinize ourselves into making the phone calls, writing the letters, and attending demonstrations, necessary to force our pathetic congressional and state representative to show some backbone, to force them to look up too, to make them feel the heat of a worried and increasingly angry public. And to expose to the public what is clearly a operation by crazy nutcases to destroy life on earth. Most of our “reps” have easily obtainable phone numbers and email addresses. Barrage them with constant concerns, updated images, and make demands that they find out what is going on and report back. Water vapor condensation trails is the usual response. They too are in need to be educated about this. Theirs eyes are on the papers on their desks. We have to force them to look up and acknowledge the problem, as a first step in the direction towards stopping this. But I digress………. Thanks again.

  24. penn says:

    For the last thirty years I have built and put up bluebird houses on our property. This past year was the first ever that I did not even see a bluebird. For that matter, rabbits, squirrels even groundhogs were almost non-existent. Yesterday the skies were completely clear and the temperature was under twenty. This morning there are trails all over and we are headed for the forties. This is not insane, it is satanic.

  25. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I’ll never forget Dane’s response when I asked him if the Grey Pines that grow in the mountains around his home were sparse needled or if that was how they are supposed to look. He said, “They’re Ghosts”. That is exactly how I would describe what happened to our birch trees here in Alaska last summer. You could see right through them like they were Ghosts. The devastation to our forest will be undeniable this summer for sure. The deniers will be forced to awaken.

  26. carol freiberg says:

    This next growing season will be quite revealing to everyone,I believe,that the geoengineering has ruined the ozone layer.The disinformation cabal will blame it on everything but the real problem.We are in deep do do if this is allowed to continue.Instead of sunscreen we will need lead suits to go outside.

  27. Freedom Ranger says:

    I finally realized what all people who see the chemtrails has in common, everyone to the last is a spiritual person. It really doesn’t matter what you believe, you are in touch with something spiritual and greater than this material world if you see the chemtrails. Everyone I have talked to who awakens, they awaken when they have taken steps on their spiritual paths. You see I believe, I believe there is something greater than this life and that is what invariably distinguishes those who see the trails because people who are spiritual cannot be controlled.

  28. Freedom Ranger says:

    Honestly, why do I have to pay to live on the planet I was born on. That is the heart of the issue. Doesnt matter if we save the planet if we dont destroy this systemic insanity that will only reproduce this result again and again.

  29. Freedom Ranger says:

    There has always been this force on this planet. A force that wants to own everything. A force that says screw you, we are going to take the Earth and do what we want with it. If there is a God, lets see if he can stop us. Thomas Jefferson was absolutely right when he said if we allow private banks to print our money that they and the corporations that grew around those banks would enslave us. The banks are telling us, stop them if we can, they are saying there is no God but the money they create because money is the quantified total of our collective desire and desire to them is God. I hate these bastards. I truly hate them. How whatever this force is has tried to enslave mankind, this is the history of mankind, an eternal fight against enslavement. I know there is a God and these fools that serve this force have no idea. I feel sorry for their souls. They havent any concept of eternity, I forsee for their wickedness, their souls will suffer an eternity of pain

  30. Earth Angel says:

    Everyone keep WORKING TOWARD, and PRAYING for a worldwide AWAKENING FAST of this massive problem. We need to get to the people who have planned and are perpetrating this ecocide, genocide, and climatecide of planetary insanity and HALT IT immediately somehow. They CANNOT be allowed to get away with this shocking crime against ALL God’s magnificent Creation of Earth. They must be stopped and made to pay for their demonic destruction of innocent LIFE.

  31. Kristy says:

    Hi Dane. This seems to be the case from WA to central CA. Dead, dying or diseased trees and plants everywhere you look. I took a walk today and went down a very short culdesac, every single tree in it looked like they were drying out from the inside. Not a healthy one amongst them.

    I have been documenting the dying trees down the west coast from northern WA state down to where I am in central CA now. They all look the same.

    For anyone interested in viewing my slideshows, you can view them here

  32. matt steamboat colorado says:

    Yes, the main fact is trees are dead in STEAMBOAT SPRINGS COLORADO, plenty of water here, these trees were alive 6 months ago ONLY…these trees are part of the state, hence ASPEN SKI AREA NAME, but still, only I SEE THIS, MATT IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SEE THIS??? how am I the only one talking about this ??? its a spell on the people its MIND CONTROL IT WORKS BOTTOMS LINE WE ARE DEEP INTO THE LAST DAYS WAKE UP ….. AND ITS 35 TO 40 HERE EVERYDAY NOT MUCH SNOW PACK IN COLORADO,, LESS WATER WILL BE HEADED CALIFORNIA WAY …. PURE EVIL WE ARE FIGHTING …….

  33. Happy Goddess says:

    If they would stop cutting down all the trees in the Amazon and other forests… we would have the mechanism to absorb CO2 just the way nature planned it… if you take away the lungs of course you are gonna kill the organism. This is not Global Warming/Climate change this is industrialization and rape of the natural resource balance on our planet.. The GeoEngineering is adding to this problem and yes it is out of control.. add in the radiation raining on the earth. It’s a toxic soup.

  34. I have watched trees since 2013 in Sweden, its the same.
    I have taken photos and loaded them on a website:

    • morgaine says:

      its the same i see in germany, austria and switzerland ….flora and fauna are out of ecological balance,the trees and plants lost their beautyfull lightshining since a few years, special after toxic rain and they die hungry and painfull .

      Its so….i cant find words for this


  35. Michel B says:

    The Geoengineering programs foisted on to us and the whole planet have nothing to do with reversing any environmental problem. If Climate Change due to CO2 output is to be averted, then CO2 levels have to be reduced and this means a change to the technologies that generate our energy.

    SRM/SAG and HAARP/SBX etc is about a small group gaining advantage over the whole world and the damaging consequences are something that they are prepared to live with or even further profit by. The USDF uses weather modification to wage war. Monsanto has genes for food crops or whatever plants and trees that will help them survive aluminium-drenched soils as well as drought conditions. Wall Street has weather derivatives. Mining stocks in aluminium will increase in value. Not to mention all the subsidiary business that we do not know about that support this whole network of madness. And the elite are building their D.U.M.B.s

    We know they are building seek arks. They are doing so because they know the consequences of what they are doing. They know they have to potentially destroy much of the ecosystem in order to wage this war of ecocide and genocide.

    This has long been planned. They know how destructive aluminium is to the ecosystem and ozone layer. They have always known. They know it comes down eventually despite its nano size. Hence the planes are forever busy replenishing it up there.

    So think of the massive amount of technology, resources, manpower and dollars put into this. It must be staggering. If we were truly able to get an accurate picture of how much of everything that goes into all of these programs it would definitely make the efforts to change from a carbon economy to alternative energy production appear quite feasible.

    We have the technologies and resources already to be able to change over to environmentally sound energy production, but the powers that be will not let it happen. I do not propose nuclear as this is too dangerous and the waste it produces is the most toxic substance known to mankind and the earth.

    Look up ‘100 Top Technologies’ for patented inventions that the world really needs to start using on a large scale.

    • Michael says:

      Tesla's Wardenclyffe transmitter was completed and was ready to deliver industrial grade electricity for free throughout the world in 1908. The Illuminist Morgan stopped that plan and smeared Tesla's reputation because the power could not be metered. Don't believe the accounts that the transmitter was not finished or did not work. It was, and did. The technology has always been there, if we can get rid of the Illuminati blood line families that stand in humanity's way. Did you know that Obama is related to the Bush family?

  36. Its really evident here in Canada!! Our crops all were in the poor range and 26% down in volume! http://youtu.be/S8FkikLx2ss

  37. TreesAreLife says:

    It is incredibly frightening to witness the trees all around us disappearing! I have seen huge groves of fir, pine, cedar, and now redwood turning brown and then dead in the California Sierra Nevada. UVB, CO2 levels,and chemtrail fallout are stressing these trees and then the beetles take over and finish them off. When the trees are gone we are gone. The world has become an Easter Island.

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