Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare


When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. The atmospheric spraying programs must  be considered biological warfare. The primary objective of any such spraying operation is irrelevant to the aforementioned scenario, the end result is still the same. 

Global climate engineering is not just shredding the ozone layer and disrupting the entire climate system, climate engineering is also an all out biological assault against the entire planet and all life. Though governments around the globe and the entire climate science community are discussing and debating the  "option" of geoengineering (never admitting to the rationally inarguable fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades), the question of fallout contamination from SRM aerosol spraying is never even mentioned by our so called scientists. The US military has for many decades routinely conducted biological testing on US citizens and our own soldiers without their knowledge or consent. In some experiments soldiers were made aware of the fact that they were being used as lab rats. Decades ago the US military waged biological warfare in Vietnam which is still destroying countless lives today. All of this and more is historical fact which cannot be denied. 

Climate engineering is nothing less than biological warfare against civilian populations around the globe. In regard to climate engineering, specific scenarios should be considered and remembered. At minimum we are all being "slow killed" with the toxic materials which lab tests from around the globe prove are raining down on us from the aerosol spraying. If those in power feel they are losing control over populations they could at any point in time could alter the elements being sprayed to something much more lethal. If you don't think this is a very real possibility, if you don't believe your own government would commit such a crime, you are not yet awake. The article below is an exceptional and compelling exposé of the US military waging biological warfare against its own citizens with total impunity. 
Dane Wigington


How The U.S. Government Tested Biological Warfare On America

Source: priceonomics, article by Zachary Crockett


As leaves turned red, and as San Francisco segued into the smoky autumn of 1950, Edward Nevin lay dying in a hospital bed.

A rare bacteria had entered his urinary tract, made its way through his bloodstream, and clung to his heart — a bacteria that had never been seen in the hospital’s history. Before researchers could hypothesize the bacteria's root cause, ten more patients were admitted with the same infection. Doctors were baffled: how could have this microbe presented itself?

For nearly thirty years, the incident remained a secret — until Edward Nevin’s grandson set out to bring about justice.

What ensued was a series of terrifying revelations: for two decades, the United States government had intentionally doused 293 populated areas with bacteria. They'd done this with secrecy. They’d done this without informing citizens of potentially dangerous exposure. They’d done this without taking precautions to protect the public’s health and safety, and with no medical follow-up

And it had all started in 1950, with the spraying of San Francisco.

Biological Warfare in the U.S.

Biological warfare, or “germ warfare,” is the “use of biological toxins or infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans.” Historically, the United States’ involvement in bacterial weaponry has been driven by competition and paranoia.

In 1918, toward the tail end of World War I, the government briefly experimented with ricin — a deadly, natural plant protein — and the Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) was formed to oversee research and development. With the signing of the Geneva Protocol in 1925 (which prohibited the use of biological and chemical weapons in international warfare), the U.S. government’s interest waned: until the 1940s, biological weapons were largely considered impractical.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, the United States changed its mind. 

In 1942, President Roosevelt signed into action the first biological warfare program; backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the initiative sought to develop biological weapons and explore vulnerability of the U.S. to such attacks. A government body — the War Research Service (WRS) — was created to oversee these activities, and George W Merck (of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company) was appointed to leadership. At his team’s directive, Fort Detrick, the United States’ biological warfare “headquarters,” was constructed in the small town of of Frederick, Maryland. 

The facility then embarked on top secret plan to stage open-air “biological warfare tests” using the unsuspecting American public.


Technicians test a bacteria at Fort Detrick (c.1940s)

By the the end of World War II, the government had amassed a massive arsenal of biological weapons (using anthrax and other various bacteria) — all under the “strictest secrecy.” Soon, justification for continuing the research shifted to the “need for national defense.”

“Work in this field cannot be ignored in a time of peace,” Merck warned officials. “It must be continued on a sufficient scale to provide an adequate defense.”

The government agreed. Under the command of University of Wisconsin professor and bacteriologist Ira Baldwin, A Committee on Biological Warfare was established in 1948. When a subsequent report determined that the United States was “particularly susceptible” to attacks, a series of “open air tests” were ordered. The purpose of these efforts? To simulate the effects of a realistic biological warfare attack.

With a plan in place, a task force was sent to unleash bacteria on San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Bacteria Fiasco

A confidential government report written in 1951 — “Special Report No. 142: Biological Warfare Trials at San Francisco, California, 20-27 September 1950” — maps out the details of the city’s top-secret bacteria bombing. Through the tests, officials sought to accomplish three objectives: to study the “offensive possibilities of attacking a seaport city with a biological warfare aerosol,” to highlight the vulnerability of the country’s defense against such attacks, and to gain data on how bacteria affected a population. 

Nowhere in the report was the welfare of San Franciscans mentioned; the tests proceeded without knowledge or consent from the public.

On the 20th, just three days after the 49ers made their NFL debut, the U.S. Army was deployed to San Francisco and began secretly showering the city with bacteria. Over a course of eight days, a ship puttered along the shoreline of the bay, releasing massive clouds of two different pathogens — both of which were supposedly non-pathogenic, yet “realistic simulants that might be used in an attack.” In total, six “experimental warfare attacks” were carried out: four with Bacillus globigii, and two with Serratia marcescens.


Serratia marcescens, known for its blood-red coloration, is one of two bacterias sprayed over San Francisco in 1950

The Army blasted these chemicals in 30-minute spurts, producing huge clouds up to two miles in length, then proceeded to collect and assess dozens of samples a various collection spots across the city. As noted in the report, various aspects of each of the six tests were scrupulously monitored — the time, the temperature, the wind speed, the humidity — but the most important factor seemed to be brushed over: the well-being of the people being sprayed.

The samples collected yielded counts that gave some indication of how much bacteria was being inhaled. According to Leonard J. Cole, author of the biological warfare book Clouds of Secrecy, it was quite a bit:

“Nearly all of San Francisco received 500 particle minutes per liter. In other words, nearly every one of the 800,000 people in San Francisco exposed to the cloud at normal breathing rate (10 liters per minute) inhaled 5000 or more particles per minute during the several hours that they remained airborne.”

“Since the army’s bacteria ‘presented similar dosage patterns,’” he continues, “San Francisco residents were inhaling millions of the bacteria and particles every day during the week of the testing.”

San Francisco residents’ safety was wholly brushed over in the report, which promptly concluded “it’s entirely feasible to attack a seaport city with [biological warfare] aerosol.”

The Death of Edward Nevin

A month prior to the Army’s tests, a 75-year-old man named Edward Nevin checked into a San Francisco hospital to undergo a prostate gland surgery. The procedure went well, and after a month in the facility, he was on his way to recovery. Then, on September 29, two days after the Army’s tests, Nevin fell contracted a urinary tract infection and fell gravely ill.

When the man’s urine culture came back, it contained Serratia marcescens — a bacteria that had not once been documented in the hospital’s long history. 

In mid-October, the bacteria spread to Nevin’s heart, and he died.

Over the next six months, 10 more patients were admitted with infections caused by Serratia marcescens (all of whom later recovered after long, painful hospital stays). Like the rest of San Francisco’s citizens, the hospital’s doctors were unaware that the government had just clandestinely sprayed the city with Serratia marcescens. A panic ensued at the hospital, as researchers frantically struggled to determine how the bacteria infected these people.

The following year, a team of Stanford University researchers dug into the case; led by Dr. Richard Wheat, they published an article in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine exploring the facts: 11 patients infected over 6 months, aged 29-78, all with urinary tract infections caused by Serratia marcescens.

Despite the best efforts of some of the nation’s leading scientists, no source could be identified. Historically, Serratia marcescens had no record in San Francisco — or California, for that matter.

The medical paper did not go unnoticed: when the government read it and realized that they’d caused a bacterial outbreak, they reeled to cover their tracks.

In August 1952, a secret, four-person investigation was ordered by Fort Detrick commander, General William Creasy to reassess the pathogenic nature of Serratia marcescens. In a two-page report, the investigators admitted that the bacteria was NOT an “ideal simulant,” and mused that the likelihood it had killed Nevin was considerable. Despite this, they proceeded to justify its continued use in biological tests:

“On the basis of our study, we conclude that Serratia marcescens is so rarely a cause of illness, and the illness resulting is predominantly so trivial, that its use as a simulant should be continued, even over populated areas.”

Throughout the report, investigators showed little remorse for the infected civilians. General Creasy was equally unphased: in a follow-up with Army officials, he promised to consult with the U.S. Public Health Service regarding the safety of Serratia marcescens — but he never did.

And all the while, the public remained completely in the dark about what was going on. 

Edward Nevin’s Grandson Fights for Justice

For 25 years, the government’s involvement in biological warfare testing — and its use of civilians as unwitting guinea pigs — remained top-secret. It’s a secret that likely would've gone on indefinitely if not for the efforts of a savvy Newsweek reporter named Drew Fetherston. 

In November 1976, Fetherston exposed a number of biological tests performed in major cities by the Army and the CIA. Using his research, the San Francisco Chronicle uncovered the bacteria spraying that had occurred in its streets in 1950.


A sketch of Edward Nevin III — Edward Nevin’s grandson

Edward Nevin III, a young lawyer in San Francisco, was waiting for a train in nearby Berkeley when he read the news. When he skimmed the name of the man who’d died from the bacteria — Edward Nevin — he reeled in shock. Good heavens, he muttered, that’s my grandfather! 

Growing up, he’d always been told that his father’s father had died from kidney disease; now that he knew the bitter truth, he felt a need to exact revenge in the form of justice.

Nevin wrote the government, demanding access to case’s related documents; his request was denied. Though the Freedom of Information Act had just been enacted, the government maintained that all files were classified — despite the fact the the media had already exposed the incident. In turn, Nevin sued the government to the tune of $11 million.

“Our motive [is] to obtain information,” he told a group of reporters who’d asked about the high amount, “would you fellows have paid attention if the claim were for only a few thousand?”

The government tried to dismiss the case on the grounds that they were immune from lawsuits involving “basic policy,” but the request was denied. Samuel Conti, a federal judge, was appointed to preside over the trial, and a date was set for mid-1977. 

In light of this news, the government decided it was best to relinquish some of its information. In February 1977, an extensive history — “U.S. Army Activity in the U.S. Biological Warfare Program, 1942-1977” — was released, chronicling the country’s involvement in open-air testing for the first time in history. (Click the image below to view the document in its entirety):


From March to May of 1977, a series of hearings commenced in the Senate’s subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Medical experts, military leaders, and politicians ferociously debated whether or not Serratia marcescens — the bacteria that killed Nevin — was harmful. George H. Connell, the assistant to the director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), was especially vocal about its dangers:

“There is no such thing as a microorganism that cannot cause trouble. If you get the right concentration at the right place, at the right time, and in the right person, something is going to happen.” 

“An increase in the number of Serratia marcescens,” added an unnamed microbiology professor, “can almost certainly cause disease in a healthy person…and serious disease in sick people.”

A copy of the full hearing transcript (all 300 pages) can be accessed by clicking the image below:


Meanwhile, Nevin III’s trial was postponed or rescheduled a half dozen times from 1977-1980. By the time a trial was set in stone for March 16, 1981, he’d already spent some $60,000 on legal fees, and was mentally and emotionally drained.

Nonetheless, he found solace in the case’s stipulatons: to win, all he’d have to do is show that there was a “probability” — or greater than a 50% chance — that the Army’s germs were responsible for his grandfather’s demise.

And as a lawyer, he’d have the opportunity to defend his own family in court.

As the trial began, the evidence seemed to be overwhelmingly in Nevin III’s favor: on September 26th and 27th, the government had sprayed the city with Serratia marcescens; on September 29th, Serratia marcescens showed up in his grandfather’s system — and directly led to his death.

“We’ve been nothing but loyal to this country,” Nevin told the Judge Conti in his opening statement. “and we feel betrayed.” 

His argument was threefold: the bacteria sprayed by the government directly caused his grandfather’s death; the Army used Serratia marcescens despite inadequate testing; and, since they’d sprayed it without consent, it had been “an act of negligence.” He questioned the legality of these actions:

“On what basis of law does the U.S. government of the United States justify the dispersion of a large collection of bacteria over the civilian population in an experiment…without informed consent?”

John Kern, the sharp, respected attorney representing the government, denied all of these allegations. The Serratia marcescens that killed Nevin and the Serratia marcescens released by the Army were two entirely different strains, he maintained; it was mere coincidence that the hospital had an outbreak around the same time.

Incredibly, Kern also attested that the Army needed no permission to spray the public without consent or knowledge. The Federal Torts Claims Act, established in 1946, gave the public the right to sue the Federal government — but it came with limitations. Among them, a vaguely-worded “discretionary function” made the feds immune to suits in which they were “performing appropriately under policy.” The dousing of civilians in bacteria, contended Kern, qualified as such.

Kern then launched into a theatrical denial of Serratia marcescens’ harmful effects. “Every atom in this pen could decide right now to rise up about six inches and turn around 180 degrees,” he emphatically stated, with his pen thrusted in the air. That, he concluded, would be about as likely to happen as the bacteria killing someone. He continued, citing a series of Fort Detrick tests in the 1940s in which “volunteers” were exposed to millions of Serratia marcescens organisms and suffered only “some coughing, redness of the eye, and a fever,” with all symptoms subsiding after a few days.

One of Kern’s witnesses, a doctor for the biological warfare unit at Fort Detrick, agreed. In possibly the most callous statement of the day, he looked Nevin III in the eyes, and delivered his opinion: “The strain [wasn’t] pathogenic,” he said, “[and] I would still spray SF again today.”

Dr. Wheat, the Stanford physician who’d investigated Nevin’s death in 1951, testified to a different tune. 

“No similar organisms had ever been isolated in the hospital laboratory…then over a relatively short period of time, there were a number of cases,” he told the judge. “It’s very difficult for me to escape the conclusion that there is at least some probability, some causal effect [that the cases are related].” 

Debates on the bacteria’s safety and the cause of Nevin’s death continued in this way for several hours, each side presenting a slew of medical “experts.” The government’s legal team maintained that the odds of Nevin’s death being linked to the Army’s bacteria spray were “one in a hundred;” Nevin III’s witnesses held the belief that the events were inseparably connected.


General William Creasy in uniform

When it came time to cross-examine military officials, the case suddenly took a jarring turn.

As General William Creasy, commander of the United States’ biological warfare unit, stepped to the stand, it became clear that presiding judge Conti was leaning toward the defense of the military. “When the government trotted out a witness in uniform,” noted one San Francisco Examiner court reporter, “it was all over.” After telling Nevin III that he was “wasting [his] time,” the General proceeded to defend the ethics of spraying people without their knowledge:

“I would find it completely impossible to conduct such a test trying to obtain informed consent. I could not have hoped to prevent panic in the uninformed world in which we live in telling them that we were going to spread non-pathogenic particles over their community; 99 percent of the people wouldn’t know what pathogenic meant.”

During the cross-examination, Judge Conti continually denied Nevin III’s reasoning, and even berated him for his lack of respect toward military officials. After several interruptions, Judge Conti altogether halted the questioning and called a recess. Out in the hallway, a belligerent General Creasy unsuccessfully challenged Nevin III to a fistfight. 

Nevin III’s legal opponents were simply too powerful: he was swimming upstream and flailing.

When Judge Conti’s verdict was handed down on May 20, 1981, it surprised no one: the case was ruled in favor of the government. 

The Army had been entitled to spray the population without consent, concluded Conti, under the “discretionary function exception” in the Federal Tort Claims Act. Despite a lack of convincing evidence, Conti also declared that the Army had skillfully chosen its bacteria — and that it was not, in fact, harmless. 

For Nevin III, whose grandfather had died from the organisms, this was not easy to swallow. He appealed, but the U.S. Court of Appeals did not overturn the verdict. He appealed again — this time to the Supreme Court — and received a similar response.

For Nevin III, justice was not served.


San Francisco’s incident was just one of 293 bacterial attacks staged by the United States government between 1950 and 1969. It was neither the most heinous, nor the deadliest.

In 1955, as an “experiment,” the CIA sprayed whooping cough bacteria over Tampa Bay, Florida. Whooping cough cases in the area subsequently increased from 339 and one death in 1954, to 1,080 and 12 deaths in 1955 — but no hard evidence has ever surfaced linking the two incidents. In an infamous 1966 test, federal agents crushed light bulbs containing trillions of bacteria on the New York Subway, exposing thousands of rush hour commuters; the government never followed up to see how many people fell ill.

Before a crowd at Fort Detrick in 1969, Richard Nixon terminated the offensive use of biological weapons in the United States, effectively ending open-air testing. 

It wouldn’t be until 1977 that the public learned any of this was even going on — and even then, the U.S. government never admitted its fault, or seemed to show any indication of remorse for its actions.

Serratia marcescens, the bacteria sprayed over San Francisco, has since been declared hazardous. “It can cause serious life-threatening illness,” wrote the FDA in 2005, “especially in patients with compromised immune systems.” Much other medical literature contends the same.

Today, Edward Nevin III is a practicing medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer in Petaluma, California. Though he lost the case in 1981, he succeeded in bringing to light many government actions that had previously been shrouded in secrecy.

“At least we are all aware of what can happen, even in this country,” Nevin Jr. said, shortly after the trial. “I just hope the story won’t be forgotten.”

Source: priceonomics, article by Zachary Crockett

25 Responses to Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare

  1. Jamie says:

    I grew up in San Francisco during the years of spraying these dangerous bacteria. In fact, I lived closed to the bay where the spraying took place! I was a very sick child, with chronic asthma and anemia. I just wonder how much of my illness was associated with this military spraying? In addition, my father died from cancer, so did my younger brother & older sister. Could cancer also be related to these diabolical aerosols?

    I am currently in Scottsdale, AZ for surgery. I lived here in 1996-1997 and the desert's once beautiful blue skies are now blanketed out daily with ugly cloud cover. It is so depressing and alarming! Including the almost complete absence of flying (even crawling) insects. I believe the Deep State has the human race already on radar for extinction.

  2. Chris, CMA says:

    Warfare tactics today are so advanced they are frightening. The military robots being developed now are quite similar to what we see in Hollywood SciFi films.. yikes!

  3. As it is said: "The Devil is in the details." When the former government of the United States points a finger at "governments" that engage in chemical warfare attacks against civilian populations, it should really be looking in the mirror of history. That would be preferable to an obvious fabrication of intelligence data (see Syrian rebels using chemical weapons). Speaking of black pots and nasty kettles of worms: Obama's fabricated accusations against president Assad, only serves to justify another act of civilian genocide and the overthrow of yet another sovereign leader in yet another sovereign country. Ain't it wonderful???

    Subversive financial operatives of the Federal Reserve system (you and I) and World Bank operatives (United Nations) are funding the slaughtering of civilians, the control and/or confiscation of private properties, and the continuations of planetary ecocide. It's all about profit margins folks. Here are some cute historical facts:

    • Simon says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks a lot for your interesting article about Morgellons.

      I know Alan MacDonald from the 'Under our Skin' documentary. This man has done a lot of important research and he discovered that Borrelia B. survives in biofilm communities causing disease.

      Meanwhile in this moment the NAVO is doing military sky exercises in Sweden while the Russians are doing the same in Western Siberia .

      Who knows how much barium will be sprayed  for this purpose!

      Another strange thing:  people are still having the flu here in Europe (it's almost june!) and it's very cold and windy.  What in the world are they spraying?! 

  4. Simon says:

    BORRELIA BURGDORFERI, that's one of the many man  man-manipulated germs for bio warfare purposes.

    The book 'LAB257, the disturbing story of the Governments secret germ laboratory',written by Michael C. Carroll, is a 'must read'!

     I'm a Lyme disease sufferer and my illness was diagnosed only 18 years after infection  because doctors didn't recognized the symptoms it because  the tests are not reliable at all (false negative!)  And why does the CDC still uses these unreliable tests? Because in this way the truth (=hundreds of thousands Lyme sufferers)  will not be  revealed! Mycoplasma is another example. What's worse is that It seems that there is  a  symbiosis between these germs and metals among which aluminum

    Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Garth Nicolson  are real  experts:

    • Hello Simon: I totally hear ya regarding lyme disease and the failure of the Centers for Disease Control to come clean on what they KNOW is going on.

      Many lyme sufferers are also contacting "Morgellon" disease as part of the infective pathogens passed on by ticks and "other" vectors… Please take the time to watch this informative interview regarding Morgellon fiberopathy disease. > Another Monsanto product for mass consumption and destruction…

      Published on Apr 6, 2014


      ["Fiber accumulation diseases disturb healthy human tissue structure. Asbestos diseases result from entry of mineral geological fibers of various forms of Asbestos. These are EXTRINSIC FiberOpathies, meaning that the fibers are produced outside of the human body. Many examples of Extrinsic Fiber accumulation diseases exist.


      Disease producing Fiber accumulations may be the result of the body producing Mis-folded proteins and Pathological biochemical's resulting in INTRINSIC Fiberopathies. Amyloid diseases and Mad Cow Diseases are examples of diseases in which the Pathological fibers are manufactured within the living human body. Self Aggregation and Self Polymerization are hallmarks of INTRINSIC Fiberopathies in the human host.


      Correct identification of the true origin and chemical structure of Pathological fibers is essential in the understanding of FiberOpathities. This Presentation will review the State of the art in Fiber Analysis, and known mechanisms of disease in both Extrinsic and Intrinsic FiberOpathies.


      A Fiber accumulation diseases of Plants, namely GALL disease will then be surveyed. The Principle of Self Assembly or Self polymerization, as discussed for Amyloids, will be extended to the formation of Cellulose fibers in plant diseases. Finally, a discussion of the mysterious Fiber accumulations in human skin, namely Morgellons Diseases will be integrated with concepts in FiberOpathy Diseases in animals and plants. The concept of Morgellons diseases as an In Situ Cellulosic cutaneous Human FiberoOpathy will be introduced, based on Insect transmitted Agrobacterium infections to the human host by Tick vectors."]


  5. jefe says:

    The current bird flu epidemic that has hit the American mid-west is certainly engineered using chemtrail spraying.

    Read this book "A Higher Form of Killing" by Paxman & Harris– it's a history of bio/chemical warfare.  The last page refers to testimony given to the US senate, to the effect that 'within the next seven to ten years', we could see the appearance of a hitherto unknown disease which would be refractory to human immune system. 

    Ten years later, we had AIDS.

    In fact, the dna of the so-called HIV virus has a striking resemblance to both bovine leukemia (a blood disease), and sheep Visna virus (a brain-destroying disease).  This simplifies using recombinant dna to create a 'designer' disease organism– a brain-destroying blood disease!

    Google "AIDS_man_made_origins".


  6. BJ says:

    It is my belief that "the powers that be" would not do this UNLESS they had a means of protecting themselves.

    Just as the "elite" have safe vaccines, I believe they must have some method of safeguarding their own.

    We must find out what "it" is!

  7. Fidibus says:

    thanks Dan from switzerland, your highly appreciated also on this part of the world. we will never give up.

  8. Marc says:

    Hello? Can you say "Morgellon's?" The incredible work of Clifford Carnicom has proven that Morgellon's is a cross-domain "organism" that could not possibly have arisen entirely on it's own in nature, as it were. In otherwords….IT IS A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON, THE EFFECTS (ON THE POPULATION AT LARGE) OF WHICH ARE BEING STUDIED BY THE MILITARY. OF THIS WE CAN BE SURE. 

    As a resident of St. Louis, Mo., the government's covert acts of apocalyptic irresponsibility hit close to home, including the disposal of radioactive waste from the 1940's onward into the 60's and 70's into a landfill very near to where I worked for 11 years in the 80's and 90's.

    What our own government has done and is doing around the world should not surprise us but it absolutely should enrage us. And to the imbeciles who actually believe our own government would never do anything so vile and poisonous to it's own citizens, have you looked up lately and seen long trails of white crisscrossing your sky?

  9. PLT says:

    À propos of biological warfare, here is a tip which may be of use to Morgellon's sufferers.  Cliff Carnicom has found that both L-ascorbate (vitamin C) and n-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) eradicate the bio-engineered life forms which manifest as Morgellon's.  I had discovered, just a month or two ago, that I had this condition (or rather, discovered what was causing the few dozen open sores on my arms and shoulders).  Since ascorbate is unavailable where I live, and by law can't be imported ( !!! ), I have been taking NAC daily.  Now I have only a few tiny spots left.
    Note that I am not giving medical advice here, just stating the facts of my own experience!  (Utterly revolting that such asinine and offensive disclaimers are required in this insane world of ours.)

    • andrew from Scotland says:

      I've been taking Dr Rath cellular medicine for many years – 4 synergistic products containing about 3 gm Vit Cs per day and occasionally increase it based on bowel tolerance. It is excellent. ( there is probably a US based supply).

    • PLT says:

      Thanks, Andrew!  I hope to be living in beautiful Scotland soon, so won't have to worry about finding the Dr. Rath cure!

  10. Geoffrey B. says:

    Thanks Dane for sharing this article. Just another example of how insidious our government's and military complex's tactics and actions have become. The disconnect between their reasoning and human compassion and decency is leading us down the path of self destruction.

    On a side note, Dr. Richard Wheat cited in this article, was our family doctor as I grew up in Los Altos, CA. He was a very kind man of high integrity who we all trusted and respected deeply.

  11. Ralph Ely says:

    Did president Obama open the door too much when he took
    on Climate Change this week?  Did he acknowledge  how far the damage extends from  years of government/military
    intervention with aerial spraying as pointed out in Dane's posting of this Historical source article by Zachary Crockett?

    Right off the top let me say I have never been a supporter of the president, nor am I now.  But… I have some questions.

    In a speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy this Wednesday, the president painted an almost-apocalyptic future scenario where the U.S. military will have to deal with the fallout from Global Warming.

    Mr. Obama also seemed to blame climate change for terrorist activities in Nigeria, the civil war in Syria and other Global issues.

    The administration is under attack from lawmakers and critics for equating climate change with terrorism and other global dangers…. saying he is disconnected from reality.

    It would seem the entire government and those who criticize global warming are the one's with a reality disconnect.

    Questions:  (With a Knowledge of History)
       Why is the "big 3", ABC, CBS, NBC,… alright let's throw in Fox and make it the "Big 4" ignoring Global Warming.  What is their agenda?
       Why are lawmakers both Federal and State, on both sides of the isle, ignoring Global Warming?  What is their agenda?
       Why are Scientists, Meteorologists and Academia ignoring Global Warming? What is their agenda?
       Why when you and I ask any of the afore mentioned about Global Warming do we get "stone cold" silence? Again what is Their Agenda?
       Why is Obama focusing on Global Warming? What is his agenda?  Is he conditioning us for things to come? Is he setting up a 'false flag' scenario? Is he sending out a "global message" to the Power Elite that every thing is on track… according to plan?

    I have to wonder, what is the Agenda?… considering the overwhelming amount of scientific, biological, mathematical statistics… personal testimony, video and physical evidence… all pointing to the "one thing" that needs to be PRIORITY #1… GeoEngineering of the Skies of OUR Earth.

    GeoEngineering=Global Warming.  (Not the only cause, but the major catalyst for the "domino effect" of death and destruction.)

    This "Agenda Ship" seemingly has no rudder to steer it.  What is done to the earth's population via GeoEngineering and all of the other 'control schemes', will have the same destructive effect on the Power Elite and their Fellow Travelers, as it has on the whole of Humanity.   

  12. Superb article by Zachary Crockett!!! And Bravo to Dane for presenting this on Geoengineering Watch.

    Biological warfare is going on all over the planet – all of the time, and it's the World's "governments" who collect taxes for the slaughter-house. Military slaughter for hire has remained the same for thousands of years.

  13. Rebel Siren says:

    Thank you, Dane!

    It's important for people to understand that unethical experiments continue to happen without our knowledge or consent, as history shows us.

    Decades ago in St. Louis, the army conducted secret human experiments, and the few survivors are still suffering to this day.  I added more videos about equally disturbing secret human experiments in the UK and elsewhere at the end in the comment section as well.

    Speaking of the UK, recently found out about unethical experimentation that also had happened at Porton Down decades ago. <<(click link to view). Quote: "As an inquest reopens into the death of a young airman 51 years ago, Rob Evans reveals the secrets of Britain's nerve gas tests." 

    These type of unethical experiments continue to happen throughout history, globally.

    There is also a disturbing US Gov program called, "The Sunshine Project" <<-(click link) regarding spraying civilians with tranquilizing chemicals "calmatives" and other various substances. Quote: "This paper is the first in a series of three reports on United States government research on chemical and biological non-lethal weapons."

    There is more than enough historical evidence and  documentation to show that unethical human experimentation is a stark reality to make even the staunchest deniers realize that we are, in fact, being sprayed like lab rats. To deny the possibility, as many do, is pure ignorance at this point.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow- thanks for The Sunshine Project link Rebel. Truly horrifying to think that we have people sitting around conjuring up this kind of insanity. These are heartless soulless criminals and it is even more insane that this kind of torture is funded by our tax dollars to be used against us. THIS is the real domestic terrorism and those behind it are the REAL terrorists which need to be eradicated before things can change for the better.

  14. Earth Angel says:

    The dark unmarked military type jet which I witnessed spraying at extreme low level (approx. 10K ft.) on May 30th 2012 subsequently caused great damage to vegetation and trees on my property, hair loss on some of my animals and sickened me with flu like symptoms within 24-36 hrs. Now approaching the 3rd 'anniversary' since that occurrence I continue to see what appears to be radiation damage to weeds and plants in the same locations each growing season. Leaves misshapen and mutated colorings appear on the plants. Residing on this farm for over 20 yrs. I have NEVER seen anything like this before the spraying over us occurred, leaving me to wonder am I now living in a contaminated environment and if so by what? Despite repeated attempts to alert our local agriculture agent, the forestry service, local sheriff, state and federal representatives and even the governor of the state I can't seem to get any beaurocratic or elected officials interested in seriously looking into the situation. It has all been well documented photographically and there are even leaf, soil and bark analysis all showing presence of  very high aluminum, barium and strontium in all samples tested. At this point I am seriously concerned now about radiation contained in whatever was dumped over us that day. The agencies which are supposed to help us are completely worthless. I have exhausted everything I know to do now except buy a geiger counter and continue to try and figure this out myself. The disfigured and discolored plants are scary and I am having a more difficult time with growing the garden as well. I am furious that these unprovoked attacks by the military are allowed to continue over unsuspecting populations anywhere- let alone over ME!!!

  15. joe says:

    Climate Engineering and the World Central Banking Oligarchy should be reported on by since it is the only media not controlled by the World Central Banking Oligarchy.

  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane – I sure hope this report circulates far and wide. It needs to.

    @ Cori & others – really appreciate your great comments & observation.

    All I can say is there you have it. They may serve us up our own hides any time and as much as they like. And to think this is just one isolated case of literally hundreds of thousands of cases in the US since that time.

    I know other sites have ongoing discussion about bringing a collective lawsuit against the government for such atrocities, but I don't see really strong movement. It wold take an extreme level of willing legal coordination and massive amount of the population, which we just don't have. In the meantime, we all just keep waking people up one person at a time!  Hang in there everyone!

  17. Cori Gunnells says:

    Great article by Zachary Crockett. The U.S. military has a deep history in the study, design and testing of biological warfare for the purposes of WMDs. The DoD bio labs in New Orleans have also been primary in this history. 

    I wonder every day what is being sprayed over us. It's obvious to me that people's moods/behaviors often resemble distinct patterns – sometimes depression, confusion, agitation, memory suppression… Considering how intense the spraying has become recently, unabated, I wonder if the population is being weakened prior to the stated start date for JADE HELM. Anyone who has looked into that at all, knows it's very serious. This so-called "exercise" is unprecedented and not one thing about it looks or smells right. What a perfect way to prep the public. 

  18. carol freiberg says:

    Not sure of how many people there are left who still believe "our government wouldn't do that to us". They are, and it is making you ill whether you can "believe" it or not. See you in the ER with your multiple complaints that make your Dr. scratch his head in disbelief. Welcome to planet Lab.

  19. BaneB says:

    There are many novel emerging diseases created in government sponsored bio labs around this nation.  They create new diseases using genetic engineering and then proceed to find the cure.  These novel diseases are often a mix of several known pathogens where the genetic material is spliced into each other for something as a hybrid.  These Frankinstein creations are patented.  AIDS is very likely a Ft. Detrick creation.  So too Legionnaires Disease.  How about the US version of Hanta Virus, or SARS, or enhanced flu viruses.  What is the role if all militaries since the dawn of what tries to pretend as civilization?  Simply put it is to kill as many civilians as possible and destroy as much property as can be done.   Geoengineering is also partly owned and operated by the Pentagon.  God only know what crap they are spewing out upon the defenseless population in the form of virulent pathogens.  We are here to act as their lab rats and their cannon fodder.  There is a mountain of books exposing the germ warfare programs.  There are over 2,000 bio labs in this nation involved in meddling with and creating new killer bugs.  One day we will read and perhaps also suffer from a breakout of something created by these nuts.  Or be subject to another anthrax attack such as the one shortly after 9-11.  This specific anthrax was traced to the Ft. Detrick lab.

  20. Wyatt Berry says:

    The biological testing/bioaccumulation aspect of the aerosol spraying plays a large role in reinforcing the normalcy bias of the masses – some who follow this line of thought wonder, how could they possibly contaminate (poison) everyone on the planet?  Most people do not wish to admit that they cannot avoid this contamination of their own person so they refuse to acknowledge that it is taking place.

    It is wishful thinking on the part of many that our government would never do anything against our best interests, let alone indirectly, or even actively seek to harm us.  We must continue to recognize the methods employed by the power structure that are utilized to divide and confuse us.  We must effectively counter them by arming ourselves with the facts and credible data that cannot be refuted.  If we keep sounding the alarm then we do stand a fighting chance in this information war.

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