Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 23, 2017, #124


Dane Wigington

The majority of populations have been successfully programmed to believe that extreme climate and environmental changes can only occur over vast spans of time. Due to completely out of control anthropogenic activity (which includes climate engineering), such a conclusion could not be further from the truth. Countless existential threats are currently unfolding on our planet at blinding speed. In the case of climate and biosphere implosion, the threat we face is unimaginably non-linear. While industrialized / militarized “civilization” continues to poison the planet and populations (creating epidemics of diseases), “official” sources and agencies have made it their mission to convince the public that there is nothing whatsoever they can do about it.  The US government propaganda machine has been fully unleashed as the power structure attempts to galvanize US citizen support for inevitable global conflict, their last option. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The distraction of the Christmas season serves those in power by fortifying the populations sense of “normalcy bias”. In conjunction with the holidays, the geoengineers have scheduled yet another completely engineered cool-down over some of the most populated regions of the US ("Winter Storm Dylan"). In the meantime, the overall planetary meltdown continues to accelerate. What can each of us do to help alter the current suicidal course of our species?

The full page climate engineering awareness ad shown below went out to over 29,000 newspaper subscribers in Washington State. wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Larry and Kathy Burns for spearheading this effort. The publication circulation region is in the vicinity of the train derailment and the ad went out two days before the disaster occurred. Though the initial representatives for the paper were not receptive to the ad, persistence on the part of Larry and Kathy finally paid off when they reached the owners of the paper who were very receptive toward the cause. 


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  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    2017 will be yet another year of exteme weather occurrences, Record High Temperatures broken, Record Low Temperatures broken, new ones set. Record Drought, Record Rainfall, Record Snowfall, Record setting Hurricane's & Typhoon's, Tornadoes developing in parts of the U.S. and other countries where they normally do not occur. Wild fires also the worst ever, especially in California! It seems like there is no cap to all of these catastrophic disasters, they are becoming more intense, last longer and are occurring more frequently!

  2. phil says:

    Food for thought…..Mt Washington NH broke all time high  September 25, 2017, 62 Degrees, less than two months later broke all time low minus 39 Degrees.

  3. Dana MacCuish says:

    Dane I missed something in your article that I should have caught the first go over, but I can't listen and read and have both sink in.  That train derailment was orchestrated in the same manner as 9/11.  Problem, reaction, solution.  Just not as many years foresight on planning.  Who would know what day a newspaper might break the code of silence?  Two days after the full page awareness and conversation piece was put in circulation?  I have a huge problem with the word coincidence being thrown at this one.   It was a diversion (confuse and divide public attention) and warning to media…  we will give you something to talk about if you want to draw heed to something we don't…  a little terror in your own town.  This is created hell.  The sick bastards…  This is only the tip of the iceburg.  

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      I have re-read all the comments this morning and see that Lori Bridgeford was awake on December 24 and knew this was a set up.  Should have read her words more carefully too.

  4. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: California & the SF Bay Area today on NASA Worldview.

  5. Jeff says:

    According to the rules of the Paris agreement, nations wishing to exit must first submit a document to the United Nations specifying their intent to withdraw. However, this is permitted only after three years have passed since the agreement entered into force — and that date was Nov. 4, 2016. This means that the U.S. can submit its written notice Nov. 4, 2019, at the earliest. After that, the rules specify that the official withdrawal will take effect exactly one year later at the earliest, or potentially on a later date of the party’s choosing.

    In that intervening year, a nation may decide to cancel its withdrawal at any point, said Maria Manguiat, a climate expert with the United Nations Environment Program’s Law Division. “It doesn’t make the country look very good, but legally it’s entitled to do that,” she told The Washington Post.

  6. Donna-AZ says:

    My Weather Control Forecast For Arizona Today: The northern half of the state will get some sunshine, and enjoy aerosol dispersions in the form of long lingering lines out the A$$ end of jets, consisting of lots of particles, which are desiccants, preventing any moisture coming down from Nevada and Utah, turning into rain. The lower half of Arizona will be sunny with a milky blue haze and plenty of short aerosols which will keep us cool, and inline with the scheduled weather of around 76 degrees. We currently have a chance of rain in our future here in Sun City, 50% on January 7th, but, we will have to wait and see how that shapes up, because we've seen (plenty of times this year) how 50% and 60% can quickly turn to zero over night. 

    • Jeanette says:

      I live on coast of northern california and in a rain forest. We have no rain. I and my husband also watch forcast precipitation dwindle to nothing.

  7. rose says:

    December 14,  i saw a frightening sight in the sky. Looked just like pictures i have seen   seen of haarp. Saw similar yesterday along  with the chemtrails. Can this effect our moods, emotions? How about anger?

    We need the suit of armor spoken of in Ephesians 6: 10-18 That's the only thing that will protect us.

    • Nina says:

      5G smartgrid and chemtrails = Beast System.  Total domination. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood." I am praying for that suit of armor too, rose.

    • Pedro says:

      To all the awake Persons that are trying to raise awareness in our societies and here in the Geoengineeringwatch site;

      I'm sorry for the multiple posts,

      The "guys" of the net that defend the rhetoric that the aerosol lines we see in the Atmosphere are just condensation trails, they want us to think that airplanes produce, when flying, huge amounts of water vapor. But, is this the truth?

      Maybe NOT. I made a little research and I "discovered" interesting numbers. These aren't exact numbers, but numbers which are very close to the exact values, if my reasoning is correct.

      So let's see:

      What I found is that the jet fuel is 60 to 95% kerosene, depending of the specific fuel.

      I found also that in hydrocarbons, hydrogen represents about 20% of the mass of these composts, or a little less.

      I also found that in altitude ( 30,000 feet ) the percentage of O2 in the Atmosphere is less than 7% ( more or less 6.6% ).

      The rest of the "discoveries" are these, let's see;

      A big jet like the 747 have a consumption of air at takeoff of 1000 kg per second ( per each engine ), generating 200,000 N of thrust for each engine ( more or less). The thrust necessary when the plane is in cruising speed at altitude is 5 to 6 times lower.

      Let's work with these numbers of air mass flow at cruise.

      Depending of the specific source of the fossil fuel, when fuel burns, 60 to 90% of the combustion product is CO2.

      A big airplane ( like the 747 ) in a trip of 10h, can spend 150,000 liters of fuel.

      As the information available, here on the site, have shown us before, in a high-bypass turbofan jet engine only 15% of the air is combusted together with the fuel. So, we have a combustion of 150 kg of air per second in one of the engines of a big airplane like the 747 at takeoff. 21% of this air is O2, at the ground level. At 30,000 feet the concentration of O2 is 6.6%. With these values of air consumption ( when cruising these values are lower ), a big engine can combust 10 kg of O2 per second ( more or less, at takeoff ). In a trip, the consumption of fuel is 15,000 liters per hour, or 4.17 liters per second in average ( in all 4 engines. Great efficiency, no doubt ). The hydrogen that is present, by mass, in these 4.17 liters of hydrocarbons is 20% or less of the mass of these same 4.17 liters of hydrocarbons: 0.834 kg of hydrogen, or 834 grams.

      With the combustion of 30 kg of air per second, in an altitude of 30,000 feet where the percentage of O2 is less than 7%, the combustion of O2 is about 2 kg per second, with a cruising thrust 6 times lesser than the necessary thrust at takeoff and in a thinner atmosphere at altitude, let's say that the air mass flow rate when at cruise for a jet airplane is 5 times lesser than when at takeoff; in this case 2 kg of O2 are combusted per second.

      So, let's make water;

      The mass ratio between hydrogen and O2 for making water is 1:8.

      We have 834 grams of hydrogen, and we have 2 kg of O2 being combusted per second multiplying by 4 engines. 834 grams multiplying by 8 plus 834 grams, mass ratio of 1:8. So, we have a production of 7.5 kg of water ( more or less ) by the four engines, per second.

      A 747 can fly at speeds of 900 km/h when cruising, or 250 m/second.

      This big airplane can produce by my calculations, 7.5 kg of water for each 250 meters, more or less 30 kg per km ( with the 4 engines ), that are released in an extremely dry environment at big altitudes. And is because of this facts that we see airplanes cruising at the same heights, or a bit lower, or a bit higher, than the planes we see conducting the spraying operations, without leaving any visible trails with the burning of the fuel. This water is released in a rate of 30 grams of vapor for each meter, by the 4 huge engines, and because of the environment being so dry the vapor is instantaneously absorbed by the very dry Atmosphere.

      And as I've written in a previous post,

      "Specific humidity

      The differences in the amount of water vapor in a parcel of air can be quite large, for example; A parcel of air that is near saturation may contain 28 grams of water per cubic meter of air at 30 °C, but only 8 grams of water per cubic meter of air at 8 °C."

      So, if at 35,000 feet of altitude the temperatures can be as low as minus 30ºC or even lower, and if at the temperature of 8ºC we have 1 gram of water for each degree of temperature in one cubic meter of air, with temperatures of minus 30ºC ( 30ºC negatives ) how much water will there be available in one cubic meter of air in the atmosphere? – Very little water or almost none.

      That leads me to the question; from where the water comes in order to form the so-called "ice crystals" that allegedly are formed around the exhaustion gases from the burning of the jet fuel??

      – From nowhere."

      Even if the airplanes could fly on pure hydrogen, there are simply not enough quantities of O2 to burn in the combustion of these engines to make possible the production of large amounts of water.



  8. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for another amazing year of info that needs to be told.

    New study suggests insect populations have declined by 75% over 3 decades

    "Loss of insect diversity and abundance is expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and to jeopardize ecosystem services."


    • Pedro says:

      In my region the decline of Insects is 90 to 95%, and happened in the last 7 years. The population of insects from 8 or 9 years ago, was already only 30 or 40% of the population and of the diversity of species that could be found 40 or 45 years ago. Since 2011 the decline was drastic. With the insects it was possible to observe a similar decline in all bats populations and in all bird populations that feed on insects. Only some birds that feed almost exclusively on spiders and worms ( also the omnivorous ) are maintaining more or less stable populations, but are also showing very low numbers of individuals. The common wasp is having problems as well, the bees are having serious problems, the alien Asiatic wasp is having some success, they are hunting the domestic bees that represent today a very sick and dying population, due mainly to the aluminum in the aerosols and due to pesticides and drought, also the fires killed many and many colonies. It's sad.

  9. horsegirl says:

    Hello and best holiday wishes for Dane and "the sane gang" as hubby calls the commentariat.  Observation du jour:  traveling from the AZ/Mexico border up to above Albuquerque, NM, ALL of the weigh stations and inspection stations have been closed along the interstate.  Every last one.  What is going on?  Something on board these container vessels somebody doesn't want anyone to see?

    • Jeanette says:

      In the early 90's my now deceased father related a story to my now deceased sister. He and his wife were driving down Hwy 101 in Oregon when his wife suddenly became very ill. He stopped in some town and took her to a doctor. This doctor was angry when he went to treat father's wife, and he showed father a letter from military that was for all medical providers along Hwy 101. Letter said a convoy with the tires treated with a substance was coming through and doctors were to report all illnesses to military.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    All:  I read an interesting article on why people believe what they do, even despite facts.  Value systems they said.  I loved that they said that facts are open to interpretation and are often debatable.  Relative.  The main driver of beliefs and willingness to change mind is based on value systems.  Gotta say there seems truth to that and explains a lot.  And we here, despite our differences share the same value system more than less.

    • Peter says:

      And that value system is one of punishment, blind obedience to "authority" which is really violent force: PATRIARCHY. All societies (except for some indigenous) now share this. Patriarchy is idiocy unto the death because it does not allow the human to be human, develop and especially to THINK. VERBOTEN. I say this as a man.

    • penny waters says:

      dear all

      maybe you think i am stupid but i cannot see the sense of poisoning the atmosphere cos everyone lives in it!!!!!!! including the poisoners!!!!

      i have found that although i have always tried to help others they then help themselves – apart from my parents

      maybe that makes me stupid?

      but i do believe, and have become more convinced, the older i get that humans are greedy, clumsy and stupid – especially the more power and money they have – albeit they are powerful and greedy amongst their own circle – and theirs maybe a small pond!

      have no contact with nature in an emotional way of awareness of other creatures, including all plants (to me they are as alive as any animal) – and your soul is dead!

      our weather is nuts, going from cold to warm then with wind chill, frightenly cold, no consistency – more and more chaotic as these idiots think that they can mess about with nature on such a large scale

      even had long tailed tits eating sunflower seeds that i put out – never seen that before ever – desperate with no insects

      plants have started to grow – they are confused too

      it seems many people are aware that there are problems – but most people never attempt to change anything – i have spent my life coming up against all types of authoritative figures, big and small, and have had to take them on just to live my life with my morals

      i would love to believe that we can come out of this

      maybe volcanic activity will stop the need for geoengineering

      love to all with the coming year


  11. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello Pedro: I've read your many posts, and concur with many of your thoughtful contributions. You ask below: "If (or when) the autonomic internet ( AI ) start to function in a full operating mode, what will happen to the nuclear power plants?"

    Erm… The end game has not been very well considered by those who have enslaved our specie to the frivolous whims of technology. >

    The Instability of Nuclear Reactors is inherent in the design, and the potential for nuclear power plants surging from an unstable grid condition is a nasty beast to behold. The collective needs to manifest a huge shift in their delusional perceptions of the end times. There will likely be major economic and societal collapse in the times ahead. Persons of a certain belief have piously prayed for these assets to manifest for approximately 2000 years. I guess these folks figured we should plan well ahead of the curve…

    After all is said and done, the Universe will prove to be very efficient and cooperative. Thus it is quite certain She'll snuff our sorry asses with no problem whatsoever… >

    • Pedro says:

      Hello to everyone. Hello Paul, thank you for all your posts.

      For many and many months I was observing the landscape, and I was not understanding something about what I was seeing. I knew already that climate engineering, the climate manipulation, is a massive fraud, they are not trying to stop the warming of the Planet with this sick "science", they are aggravating the problem exponentially. The so-called shield of aerosols, made by heavy metals and chemicals is only a tool for creating confusion while they go forward with the plan to destroy the Atmosphere. The only shield we need in the world is the Ozone layer, but with these techniques of climate engineering these "guys" are destroying the Ozone. They are creating the necessity of intervention with the destruction of the Ozone and with the disruption of the rain cycles ( with the high pressure zones created by the electromagnetic transmissions, with the aerosol spraying, etc.. ), creating big droughts and big flooding, in the most abnormal way. This manipulation and the creation of fake clouds with the aerosol lines or the interruption of the rain caused by the specific spraying of chemicals over the natural clouds saturated with rain was obvious to me ( after getting the right information here in the site ) and I was understanding what I was seeing, but with the feeling that at least one part of the explanation about the whole picture was missing. Obviously, the creation of a shield made of highly reflective particles ( they say ) to reflect the heat of the Sun, used for covering the Planet is a massive fraud, because even if this "shield" could ever be in fact reflective, with time, this same "shield" will also retain heat in a very effective way. Some heat coming from the Sun can always pass the "shield" and also we have the heat generated by the Planet itself, that will stay within the atmosphere if this atmosphere will be too dense and composed by the wrong mix of gases and particles. If someone have doubts, it is only necessary to check about the facts related with the Venus atmosphere, Venus has a very thick, dense and reflective atmosphere, and also has the hottest atmosphere of all Planets in our solar system;

      "Venus is a terrestrial planet and is sometimes called Earth's "sister planet" because of their similar size, mass, proximity to the Sun, and bulk composition. It is radically different from Earth in other respects. It has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets, consisting of more than 96% carbon dioxide. The atmospheric pressure at the planet's surface is 92 times that of Earth, or roughly the pressure found 900 m (3,000 ft) underwater on Earth. Venus is by far the hottest planet in the Solar System, with a mean surface temperature of 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F), even though Mercury is closer to the Sun. Venus is shrouded by an opaque layer of highly reflective clouds of sulfuric acid, preventing its surface from being seen from space in visible light. It may have had water oceans in the past,[15][16] but these would have vaporized as the temperature rose due to a runaway greenhouse effect. "

      Like I was saying, I was not understanding something in relation with what I was seeing in the landscape. Yes, I know they spray the aerosols also for drying up the Forests and the environment, many and many times we can see very well that the materials are not the same, and the results that are achieved with the spraying are also very different than those results when the objective is to get a change in the "Weather". I was looking from a point in altitude to a large landscape which remains always covered by a bubble ( a layer ) of aerosols, that in warm weather is below 2.5 or 3.5 km of altitude, and in cold weather below 1.5 or 2 km of altitude ( if we know the altitude of the mountains we are observing, it is very easy to establish these estimates ). So, regardless of whether we are in summer or winter if we have an everlasting mist (sometimes very dense mist) of highly conductive metallic and chemical particles in the lower troposphere (in the first 2 or 3 km above the ground), how could someone be thinking that this is a good strategy for blocking and reflecting heat??

      And of course, they are also masking global warming with the ice nucleation chemicals. We know that. And more confusion is created in regard to this issue.

      But now I understand why we are living in this layer of aerosols (layer which is being fed continuously) on a global scale, which is made of toxic particles;

      After seeing the video with the comment of Max Igan, posted by Paul Vonharnish, I understand now that what they want is to include us in the smart grid of the 5G. The aluminum is for making us stupid, that's easy to comprehend, but after comes the use of the highly conductive barium and strontium among other metals and chemicals which we are breathing. Eventually we will stay "wired" into the grid.

      This is not only a deadly soup, they will try to control every human with the electromagnetic signals.

      This plan is so stupid and so evil, that I'm convinced that they will fail, and it's because of that they are also pulling the card of WW3.

      Climate engineering is a tool for using the weather as a weapon to force the submission of Nations, and for destroying agriculture, but the big objective is the saturation of the lower atmosphere with the conductive metals and chemicals for the preparation of the grid with 5G-igatons of stupidity, which they call "smart".

      Of course many will die in the process, along with the Biosphere destruction.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Pedro,

      You and Paul are discussing some very grave questions, many of which have crossed my mind.  These demon planners think they can prevail, but seem to always forget the basics of science and of life.  The delicate electrical balances in the human body are already breaking down under the toxic influences, and do they think we'll somehow adapt physically?  They think they'll survive.  It seems absurd to me. Delusional.  And as far as their continuing to poison and destroy the atmosphere and change it into plasma, how can they imagine it will continue to support life without enough oxygen?  And most significantly, Sister Rosalie Bertell has described the ionosphere as being very fragile, something like a collection of tiny bubbles (if I recall correctly).  For several years now I've imagined waking up to find no radio, no internet, no wifi, or telephone because they've BLOWN THE IONOSPHERE.  It will be the catastrophic, unimaginable, incomparable global collapse of civilization, BUT their sick grandiose plans will be over, forever.  

      Still, that's why stopping them sooner matters more than ever.  Often I've written that I want Life on Earth to be something more than a few bacteria living next to a boiling subsea vent.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Bella.

      These cowards are not demons. They are only imbeciles with the infinite arrogance and narcissism that comes with their infinite wealth.

      I think that their delusions ( as you're saying ) come from the fact that they do not care if they will survive or not, they have all the knowledge about the occult, and what they want in my opinion is to bring their master into this world from some other looney tooney dimension. I think they really believe that. I just hope that the entity they want to bring into our world in its physical form sees them as enemies and all other creatures on Earth as the organisms to be protected. Natural Law, you know.

      But forgetting occultism, If I am not mistaken, you were the first person or second to reply to one of my posts 21 or 22 months ago. It was a pleasure receiving your reply. I admire the sensitivity, precision, respect and understanding with which you speak about Nature, the Biosphere ( for me – God ). The destruction of the Ionosphere can cause problems that I even do not comprehend, one of the effects can be the collapse of the entire Atmosphere, I don't know. But I see things in perspective; our civilization, the History of Humanity, has a History of 400,000 years, and we lived just well without the wifi system for the last 399,985 years. The problem are the nuclear weapons and the infinite stupidity of our false leaders, who are the followers of the cult.

      Insects do not like a environment too dry.

      Our existence will be dictated by the existence ( or not ) of the Insects and of worms.

      Best whishes for you.

    • Pedro says:

      …I mean; best wishes..

  12. Dennie says:

    I'm pretty sure I came across a photo of one of those weather modification super-cell towers, on a section of map on the Google satellite view of an area called Blue Ridge, an area of very high hills east of Lake Berryessa and northwest of Vacaville, CA.  There's a spot on the map, a winery, called Girl on the Hill, that caught my eye.  So I clicked on the blue arrow and was going through the slideshow when I notice a view that included a high metal tower base, like a power line tower, with a strange-looking geometric faceted white structure sitting on top.  I'm wondering if that's one of those microwave relays that helps steer the weather in the area– anyone wanna take a look and report back here?

  13. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Shortly after noon on Wednesday 12/27/17 there was one long bright trail all the way across our Anchorage blue sky.  By 1:30 pm the entire sky was fully covered in a bleak gray.  Shortly after 2 pm there developed a dense, cold ground fog.  But if you looked directly up, the blue sky could still be seen through the haze.

    ONE TRAIL did this!  Took a day without adverse weather or wind or a front moving in and mucked it up. 

    I have pictures, but my lame camera puts the wrong dates from 2011.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Yes, they seem to have two main tactics: 1. Spray on a minimum wind day, and at 45 degrees to any wind, to achieve optimum dispersion for the desired result.- (e.g. cooling a specific area). For more effect/weather warfare reasons they will 'dump' their payload over a smaller area. 2. Spray on windy days or ahead of fronts to achieve a more general effect over a larger area, or as a means to get rid of toxic waste for maximum dispersion. 

      I guess it depends on the spray concentration required in the atmosphere.

      Two planes flying together or one above the other is probably a safety measure when spraying two ingredients that are highly reactive when mixed, eg some of the endothermic mixes. 

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I saw the same trail. I was at Alaska Mill and Feed when that monster was laid out. I took pictures too! I gave a flyer to the guy that loaded my feed. He said "Is that what you were taking pictures of?" I said "Do you see anything else up there?" He said "What is it?" I said "Not what you've been told." I told him to check out the website and share it with ALL of his friends. I will go back to Anchorage in a couple weeks and will ask him what he thinks. By the way Bella, I saw several more massive trails on my way back through Turn Again Pass and there is still NO SNOW in Cooper Landing. Sorry that I still haven't come to see you. I will soon. I promise.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      All of the huge trails that I saw today while driving to and from Anchorage were laid out at only about 12,000 feet elevation. Fog making trails?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie,  I wish I could find this.  I am semi familiar with this general area.  Was gonna ask you, had to be night before last, so 26th? that I heard a loud, seemingly huge plane roar by me in Berkeley near the Bay at night.  Night before creepy fog yesterday, and zero wind.  Yesterday and the day before both had multiple trails in the west-I never even went out and looked east-too cold and icky, but given Steven's remark of 12,000 feet and fog, gotta wonder.  I would love to find what you think you've found here, but I'm not skilled at this.  Will try.  Just the sheer amount of trails in the west have been striking, line after line after line and two days in a row exactly the same, like an exact repeat.  Cold woke me up this morning which is rare when I'm buried under so many blankets.  Thermometer says 54 degrees but feels much colder.  It suddenly occurred to me to wonder if they are doing this to get rid of homeless peoples.  You know, make the place seem less desirable? So as to not bother rich techies?  This is killing everything.  After the fog which lasted a long time, saw the trails and a whiteout above.

    • Dennie says:

      We've had dense, cold ground fog in San Rafael, CA yesterday and less so today.  After that fog burned off we had a mostly blue sky, then we were treated to extremely heavy spraying, to the point where the sky was covered in light gray-brown haze.  By 3:00 this afternoon it was so bad that I could not go outside and stay out there while breathing. It's now soooo (just say that "o" for a long time, that's how that reads) bad these days with the constant heavy spraying that it is a real challenge every day just to try to figure out how you're gonna breathe.  My new housemate is electro-sensitive and reports he feels much more relaxed when the power's out. Me too.  I don't feel the smart meter charge but I know others do and I believe what they say they're feeling.  And I'm one of those who can smell, taste and feel the chem sprays– Lovely, eh?  To the Generals, and all of you "scientists" who concocted this amazingly sick crap you're spraying us with:  "May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose!"  And may the spirit of Edward Teller forever burn in Hell– God knows, he had NO soul… Unfortunately, it appears that Teller is the one who is on Easy Street now and the rest of us, his victims, will be the ones burning forever here on Earth.

    • Dennie says:

      Cell tower finder reports 2 west of Vacaville on Mt. Vaca, which is pretty much where that still photo was taken at the Girl on the Hill lavender and grape-growing place.  The pyramid-style metal framed tower was topped with a golf-ball looking white structure that must've been some kind of transmitter.  It didn't look like the usual cell tower to me.  It's in Solano county on Blue Ridge Road after the end of Gates Road.  If you go to Googlemaps and type in Girl on the Hill, or try 6987 Blue Ridge Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688, then search on the satellite view, you can see the tower with the odd-shaped top, just to the west of the split in the road that has the Girl on the Hill farm on the right, and the tower with the white top to the left.  There are several places along Blue Ridge Rd. where you can see all kinds of towers.  There's a photo of one inside a chain link fence that is covered with cell dishes, but the tall tower with the geometric-shaped top is the one I saw that really blew me away.  Says it's owned by the American Tower Corporation.

    • Dale K says:

      I suspect the relentless aerosol assault in Marin County this past month is directly related to reports that I've heard from friends of mine of lung-related maladies (and a lack of precipitation). For instance, a friend said his father and sister broke out with a fever and started coughing due to lung congestion earlier in the week. Both are recovering, but are not 100%. I usually stay healthy through the winter months and am just beginning to get over a severe chest cold that has persisted for over a week. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hi, Steve Chamberlain,

      Of all the bizarre antics I've seen, this particular day's 'fun' was really extreme.  It was fortunate you were able to convey 'the message' at such an opportune time.  I hope we'll talk soon.

  14. son of san quentin says:

    God bless the chosen ones – the very few awake patriots who understand we are in the midst of hell on earth. As to the MSM with its heroic eugenicists, geoengineers and other worldly demons, in the spirit of holiday cheer: MAY THE: fluoridators of our water go thirsty; vaccinators of our children go crippled and retarded; the genetic splicers of our food supply go hungry; the chemtrailing “geomongers” go blue in the face from suffocation; and the new kids on the block, the 5G and counting “radiators,” glow in the dark and share in the new found wealth of brain, lung and heart tumours and cancer.


    When the pimps/whores/hustlers/thugs comprising the inbred bankster/pedo power structure mockingly vomit rhetoric about human rights and corruption, one must invert the psychological warfare of such underground secret societies to arrive at the light of truthful translation – that is, global genocide and/or world communism with its loyal flunkies and obedient crippled and retarded slaves. Equipped with all the perquisites of mass shallow trench graves, accommodating execution squads, and gulag slave labour and death camps that dwarf the American obsession and experiment in brutality and slavery as pale and childish in comparison. Yet the money for financing these satanic pogroms of human resource management and final solutions always comes from the same one and only source.


    Toronto, Ontario, Canada received a geoengineered white Christmas, with a drastic drop in temperature and crystalline snow that is more like sand or glass. Growing up in godly pristine Alberta in the 70s, prior to its Hiroshima-like transformation at the behest and money bags of big oil, it truly breaks my heart to tell the children not to put the toxic ungodly filthy snow in their mouths. I also instruct the kids not to allow the dogs to eat or drink the vile shit. In the deep freeze, one can feel the highly metallic content of the air on bare skin – it's similar to sticking your tongue on a frozen thick piece of metal. It's in the ether, but cannot be felt by the thoroughly vaccinated, fluoridated, gmoed, geoengineered and irradiated cattle, even as they are herded and “misled” to their own slaughter.


    One of my personal favourites is watching today's brainwashed, indoctrinated (to the point of severe self-induced mental and spiritual retardation) and incompetent biologists and naturalists run around frantically and clumsily on all fours tagging, tackling, drugging and monitoring wildlife. With the organic seed vaults under military lock and key, such educated order followers and automatons are simply conducting an ending inventory count of living creatures for the synthetic new world of their masters. Similar to Noah's work before the deluge, but lacking the truth, honesty and integrity.


    The good decent people of this planet are now the permanent experimental lab rats/monkeys for a degenerate cabal charged with the unholy mission of “de-gene-ing” or degenerating their populations and the human family in general to a status well below second class citizen and slave – that of state-dependant physically crippled invalid and mental retardation to the depths of human degradation and literal “motherfucker.”


    California is ablaze, but why? Notwithstanding the weather warfare, targeted energy weapons and other covert clandestine military/intelligence pogroms being carried out nowadays in plain sight and in your face, one must still ask “why?” Because it's an esoteric, metaphysical manifestation of “balancing the books” and “quid pro quo” by the degenerate inbred cabal with the real power in this universe – a power which does not deal in rape, plunder and pillage, but nonetheless, is a shareholder in such noble business ventures and expects a cut of the action. As such, the USSA, including Canada and the rest of the unholy empire are currently being offered and prepped on the altar of satanic sacrifice – “for the greater good and national security.”


    The words are now magical, especially in California. For example, “fault” line. But when the universal god triggers it, with or without the aid of the cabal and its techies, who's fault will it be, mine, yours or God's? It remains to be seen. It's ironic how San Quentin State Prison was apparently constructed on ley lines under the divine authority of the Archangel of Healing, Saint Raphael. Unfortunately, there's not much healing occurring anywhere these days.


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Yo, son of san quentin:

      Excellent wordage!!! The corporate whore will continue until she is unable to continue… Everyone wants a box of chocolates – and a long stem rose. Invest!!! Invest!!! Invest!!! 

    • Marcus W says:

      Hi son of san quentin. Good post

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      son of san quentin,  

      Your words are healing.  Every time one speaks the truth it gives a ray of light through the darkness the cabel of corruption has buried it.  I love the name you picked.  Somewhere there is a book I once turned the pages of but cannot recall the title or author.  It had a chart of old egyptian words and meanings.  I remember that 'san' meant 'to heal, charm, restore or resurrect.'  Your words heal.   Interestingly enough, the word 'ta' meant 'the One.'  

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Son of San Quenton for mentioning the transformation of Alberta from what we know, it once was. It was Beautiful & Healthy Looking & Sounding. Birds sang. You saw Wlidlife, or the remains of Animals passing through the area. They found an abundance of food & water. It Rained. at the right time. We had plenty of Sunshine to Grow Crops & Healthy Forests. There was Life in the Forests. Insects were plenty. The Skies were, a Royal Blue over 300 + days a year. The Heartbeat of Alberta is slowly dying & it's breathing labored.  Albertans need to Wake Up!!!   Too Busy Spending their Oil, or Blood money & not paying attention to the World around them, yet alone giving back. The media here are near Hopeless.  Always giving Big Oil a pat on the back for the scraps they give back to the Environment they are destroying, which apeases the public.. The Politcians are Very Corrupt & in Bed with these Lunatic's!!!  They own the media outlets & use this to their advantage. Yes, even CKUA Radio which is publicly funded for 90 years in Alberta. Yet these Cowards refuse to be Honest to the one's that fund 60 % for them to stay on the air.  Bottom line…You can't trust any of them. Dane already found that out with PBS. They're all Corrupt & Funded by these programs. or just scared.  I Know others here would say the same about their Provinces or States which further gives us reason to get off the couch & on the playing field. This is Wide Spread & needs to be Stopped, Everywhere. The Planet is on Life Support due to Our Actions. We need to Start Screaming. They don;t here Whispers!

  15. Nina says:

    We were hoping for some rain here in SW Portugal , but all we really got was a small shower and some "Toxic Drizzle." The fake clouds were filthy-looking and I awoke in the night with nerve-pain and coughing. All you could hear was the sound of jets flying low just above the clouds  spraying their poison.  I feel like I am living in some alternative reality.  How much longer can this illusion of normality continue I wonder? What will it take to wake people up? WW111? It feels like this is a war against all life already . As if the Earth is being Terraformed for something else. Most people seem almost robotic anyway. Maybe that is why they dont notice. Maybe we still have that connection to Nature or "Source" that many have lost? I really dont feel I want to be part of the world they are creating.

    • Jeanette says:

      I saw this take place in 2007. I did not know to avoid this weird fog. I got very sick in my lungs. We were camping and I had to drive like 50 miles to get emergency medical care;

  16. joe strauss says:

    I did not see red lithium sunset.
    Now ,this one for us In San Francisco, Ca.
    I have seen the geoengineering with friend in Oakland, 1996
    I began observations.
    It appears the Geoengineering with HAARP  is going to disturb
    San Francisco area.  We have spray patterns, I notice in prior
    2 weeks extra heavy coverage . And Note the nasty weather feel we have now over prior 10 years.
    Be on the alert for some major changes for San Fran Bay area.
    Those Devils do not stop…

    • Dennie says:

      We've had the Attack of the "Mare's Tails" the past few days.  Got another coral red sunset over the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais tonight

  17. Glen Bateman says:

    "Playing God", a must now? Svante Ahrrenius in 1880s calculated the amount of CO2 that would change global temp.s by 1deg C. DID HE NOT? I know  the name from chemistry but read this fact sonewhere… perhaps after reading of geoengineering? 

    We have SO MANY ISSUES of our health and Earth's health….as a naturalist I cringe at use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides – foid crops or INEDIBLE LAWN/TURFGRASS CROPS. All is truly interconnected- our groundwater in Florida is under threat and Zephyhills may not be much better than fluoridated tap waters with traces of estrogen from decades past septic tanks seeping through our dolomite/limestone bedrock- AQUIFERS. Acidity no good, plasticizers – phthalates, BPA, in traces but tricking signal systems within us.

    ALL IS NOT LOST , AWARENESS MIGHT HELP US OUTNUMBER special interests that damage any and all, perhaps even themselves (lack critical objective thinking and scientific method)

    BUT COMPLACENCY, "leave well-enough alone" and THE ROMAN HOLIDAY of NFL, NHL and all the spectator distracting. MUCH EDUCATION NEEDED. We have to consider that many whom live check to check will not participate in any Boycott or ….too much to lose PERSONALLY. ALL SYSTEMS SET UP THAT WAY- resulting in perceived good for one is goid for all. Well the drive of good career scientists leaving the U.S.s EPA is not good for all – though they were invited to be employed by French President in France!


    Compartmentalization is key to life, and like the cell the Earth needs separation to control rates of reactions.

    Mining, drilling/FRACKING, logging the "lungs"of Earth….boy if global economy would just collapse!…. no electeicity to build spray nozzles, no manufacturing needed anymore . REPURPOSE, REUSE….REDUCE BIRTHS, allow mortality to do natural job, rotten as I sound something big needs to happen. Even multiple changes, inw causing another …

    present trajectory not good. WHAT GOES UP….usually MUST COME DOWN. For every action there us an equal but opposite reaction.

    What ever is best for the most IN THE LONGRUN, we need THAT.

    Let us not forget the wildlife we share the air, water and soils with, all just as important as another in ecologic niche/role.

    ANTHROPOCENE EPOCH….nasty ideas. Thanks for all the reading, best wishes all



  18. Dana MacCuish says:

    Murder by Injection

    The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

    Eustace Mullins

    Hello Dane and Everyone.  I discovered a title from 1988 that I never came upon before.  I have others by the author but not this one.  It is still available 'Print On Demand' so I ordered a copy from a bookstore I visit.  I think a number of people on this site may take an interest in this mans words.  Available to download for free as well.  Have a nice day Everyone.

  19. Debra Evans says:

    I'm still here.. Yes, Dane.  We won't ever stop.. Never. 


  20. Dennie says:

    I recently watched a Swiss-made documentary on geoengineering that serves very nicely to uncover the reality.  The filmmaker was able to get air samples from the skies in Switzerland and found a barium signature that was quite higher than the control sample.  In another sampling were found "sodium, potassium and ferrous oxide."  So I am not imagining it when I say that the sprays taste like salt and metal–!!!

    Ed Lee, the low-key Asian-American mayor of San Francisco, CA, recently died unexpectedly of a heart attack while shopping at his local market.  I haven't been a S.F. resident in decades and there's much I don't know about insider politics there but Lee appeared to have had a mitigating effect on the discordant bickering at City Hall, calming the turmoil in S.F.P.D. and Sheriff's departments.  We've had lots of "Spare the Air" days here, thanks to the military's seemingly interminable geoengineering hijinks off the Left Coast– wondering if this could have contributed to the mayor's demise: "Tiny Air Pollutants in the Air May Trigger Heart Attacks," by John McKenzie of ABC news:  This was a footnote to a longer article that appeared on  And reprinted here: 

    I believe we are beginning to see more articles of this kind appear on websites that were not previously carrying much if anything at all on the subject of geoengineering and the military's weather modification ops.  Every article and film that contains certifiably correct information, and not mis-or-disinformation, is, in my estimation, doing it's intended job.  Let's not discriminate against the sites that are carrying this information.  

  21. trish says:

    the weather criminals are going to kill us-

    supposed to be -2 here in nj thurs-

    i don't remember it being that cold since i was a kid.


  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Posted on FULCRUM / Dec.25, 2017
    How are globalists comfortable spraying the cities they dine and live in – DC, NYC, Denver, etc. – doesn't it kill them also? Well, no. Because they tell each other not to drink the tap water, and to avoid any drinks or foods containing hydrofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, or any other fluoride derivative. … Globalist-controlled food companies and water processing plants have increased fluoride inclusion significantly in recent years. You see, spraying aluminum particulate constantly 30,000 feet above your pretty head is not all that harmful, unless you also take in a decent amount of fluoride… and then, it's curtains for you. The fluoride attracts more and more aluminum into your brain, causing premature Alzheimer's, anxiety, incompetence, and eventual death.
    Further, the fluoride attracts calcium and "calcifies" your pineal gland, which is the part of the brain responsible for regulating melatonin (the sleep hormone) and other key hormones required for healthy living. This significantly shortens your lifespan. … search for information on healing the pineal gland, and only drink water that is vapor distilled or purified through reverse osmosis.


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      In the 1990s, a British scientist, Jennifer Luke, discovered that fluoride accumulates to strikingly high levels in the pineal gland. (Luke 2001). The pineal gland is located between the two hemispheres of the brain and is responsible for the synthesis and secretion of the hormone melatonin. … the calcified parts of the pineal gland (hydroxyapatite crystals) contain the highest fluoride concentrations in the human body (up to 21,000 ppm F), higher than either bone or teeth.

    • ron hall says:

      SUSAN;  You and your many followers probably know this; but here are 3 brands of water high in silicon which helps remove ALUMINUM from our bodies.  Also, food-wise: bananas, raisins, high fiber cereals, and either key VEGETABLES. .. RED MEAT PROVIDES ZIP! And, IMO, is loaded with nasty stuff. Do a little research Y'all.   Onward and thanks. It ain't over yet…

    • Jeanette says:

      Thank you for this needed info. I would like to add that betonite clay removes heavy metals from our bodies.

  23. joe Strauss says:



    I too am in San Francisco Area.

    I notice this Dec. the heavy(dense spray patterns).

    And yes, night time for me seems to indicate as you

    more illness sore throat and those wavy HAARP  lines

    are here more than ever for San Francisco.

    I am drinking Fiji, or purified water system in Apt.) water more than ever.


    Thanks for your keen observations.



    • Dennie says:

      joe Strauss:  We had a real R-E-D lithium sunset last night– didya see it?  If you live west of Twin Peaks/Mt. Davidson and 19th Avenue, I'm sure you had a good view.  They gotta keep checkin' those upper-level winds so as to know where to steer "their" disastrous weather next!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, I missed that red sunset.  Today a 'fog'.  I haven't worked out in the yard in a long time.  It freaks me out to be so freaked out but!  It is SO cold.  My plants are dying and I am sure some water would help and again I wonder if fluoride hurts plants?!  I don't know what to do anymore.  Do know this fog does not look natural.  Like, I can clearly see a couple of houses one block west, but just to their south, there is a huge patch of fog in front of a tree that is totally gray, can't see through it at all, does not appear to be smoke.  Can't see anything beyond that.  Oh, and now just north of those, a house is blocked by this very uneven fog like substance.  Appears to be coming my way…  Do you guys see this?

  24. SD says:

    Real bad news past week about return of California's drought.  Resilient Ridge of High Pressure back to eastern Pacific, blocking rain. Of course we here wonder if SRM spray activity CAUSING high pressure. 

    Past few days here marked by mostly clear skies early AM, followed by intense spray activity, marine layer clouds move ashore slightly to form heavy cloud canopy by noon.  Suspect intention is to allow heat to escape thru clear sky at night? then protect cold air near ground during day?

    Some geologists now predict increased volcanic activity various areas as ice caps/ glaciers rapidly recede. SURFACE LOADING of glaciers effectively suppressed magma flow past thousands of years. Surface load concept more widespread now relating also to earthquake activity, groundwater levels, etc. Are Geoengineers causing unusual Surface Loads by their activity and thereby inducing EQs?


    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, I did post weeks and weeks ago already I think it was, that paper said our El Nino was turning into a La Nina.  So, planned that far out.  Interesting idea here from you about loading surface to prevent volcanoes.  But in addition, could be effort to hold down the methane? 

  25. Andy says:

    I go out at least twice daily, walking the dog around the local park. Keeps him happy and provides me with exercise in what would otherwise be a rather sedentary lifestyle – I am non-employed (unable to work due to ill health). I have noted something which has been occuring regularly in recent times. Many folks I encounter complaining of waking up feeling unwell or as if they feel they will soon become unwell, like knowing you have flu coming and are feeling the precursors (runny nose, unproductive cough, sore throat etc). Yet, almost all say they feel better later in the day (the evening walk). Now i'm not certain, though I wouldn't be surprised, that this may well be due to *fallout* from aerial spraying. It just seems too much of a coincidence that so many people are speaking of the near exact same symptoms. What little good it may do in the greater picture, it gives me some small hopes that folks I encounter are increasingly aware of and discussing this patently fake *weather* which we endure daily. Not so much "oh watch out, here comes that conspiracy theory bloke" but more of "you know, it isn't right is it…?" I try anyway. Thankyou Dane, and everyone else who contributes here, you people are my touchstone. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      "On On", Andy

    • Glen Bateman says:

      Daily circadian rhythms may be altered by pineal inefficiency- the melatonin/seratonin mechanism- UV light, rhodopsin?

      Avoid fluordated waters….hydroxyapetite crystallizes- block normal activity 


  26. Vito says:

    A company called NANOSHEL states the following on their website:

    Aluminium Nanoparticles Application: Continuous research program are performing in the world for the development of the new materials in future. Aluminium Nanoparticles research is an area of strong scientific interest due to the variety of application in electronic optical and biomedical fields. Energy materials have been widely used for military purposes.


    Aluminium Nanoparticles Application: A propellant is a chemical substance used in production of energy and common propellant are energetic materials and consist of fuel used for jet fuel, rocket fuel and oxidizes. In rockets and aircraft, propellants are used to produce a gas that can be through a nozzle of rocket.


  27. lawrence LB says:

    Report from Long Beach California

    Blessed Christmas to my geo family

    This week was mild spraying until Friday than heavy all day. Saturday, Sunday, Christmas heavy.

    Son in law and nephew could talk about the effects of the fires but could not handle the solid facts I gave about the geoengineering spraying. If people get their houses and businesses rebuilt they will have to pay much!!! higher property taxes. That can break them.


  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Please never underestimate the true value of your “line in the sand.”  How can we know the many long  years of sacrifice you and your sweet family have made to expose these increasingly heinous and toxic-to-all life covert chemical spraying operations. You have touched the hearts and minds of countless individuals, who will not easily forget or dismiss the sincerity of your intelligent heartfelt message.

    We are submerged in a miasma of amnesia on a dying planet. You are the Voice of Truth. We all take strength from your courage and adamantine Will. You are a beacon of Light in an ocean of mendacity. The paid hypocrites, the elite, order-followers, and Liars will one day soon have to face the consequences of their criminal acts. Money will not save those who do not have God’s Laws written in their Hearts. I cannot imagine how you have remained so strong under such adversity. Those who have misjudged you will one day understand you and your strategy. Please take care of yourself. Who knows what we face in the coming year — as the metal toxicity increases and assaults the immune system of the planet and her earthlings. May God Bless and keep you and your family safe.

    A beautiful version of the Christmas hymn “Oh Holy Night”:

    • sea says:

      VSF- thank you for the beautiful tribute to Dane's work and giving credit to the incredulous value that his strong,courageous and wonderful family as they have offered their unending support and contributed to the world in their message to save mankind.

      And Dane THANK YOU for your strength in leadership, that which is needed in something as dire as life itself, you have been the beacon for those of us that can't always see the light…


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      That is Beautiful Susan. Thank You for sharing.

    • beatriz says:

      Susan, thanks so much for your beautiful message to Dane and his family, I think you expressed so touchingly and vividly what everyone here feel in our hearts, deep deep appreciation.

      Wishing everybody a new year blessed with strength, clarity, love and good health.



  29. LS says:

    Hello Dane and followers.  I hope your day is the best that it can be. We all were chemically sickened by intense chemical spraying on us yesterday and last night. It came down as a mist and turned into something that wasn't snow or rain. It made all of us sick by dinner and then I was up in the night with a level 10 migraine necessitating an antihistamine medication to avoid a stroke or an ambulance ride to the ER. Anyway I got up this morning and called the Sheriff's dept on the geo engineers and reported a chemical exposure and sickening. Dispatch asked if I called the FAA – I said they don't take calls… I've tried before. Two deputies showed up to talk to me. I was upset, to say the least, (I even said the f word and told them to quote me in their report) and I apologized for having to make this distrubing report and ruin anyone's Christmas- freaking them out…. but we all got sick…. I was just the sickest. My husband's co workers were sickened too. I refused to go to the hospital. I don't think they made a report. The deputies naturally went into self protection mode and said they were going to hit the vitamin c cause they had to work in this. One deputy said he believed the program is similar to ski areas ordering their weather. I said the programs are many and the facts are a matter of public records. My husband was going off in several directions so I wrote down some program names and sites and gave it to them.  As the universe would have it, my noseist neighbor called to see what happened. She will get the word out for sure. I found out that everyone has shingles and rashes and coughs and gut issues and no appetite for food. My philosopher friend says "first law of survival… self preservation". So today I called the cops on the sky terrorist and it was the most important thing I will do all day. Please join me when the chemical fog and precipitation comes down on you and hurts you, your family, your pets and all of natural life. I paraphrase Thoreau …any government that harms some to benefit others needs to be resisted.  And E. Tolls…. "Accept…then act".   Peace to All.

    • Dennie says:

      LS:  Are you in the Bay Area?  When I first noticed the problem, which gets worse at night as the stuff falls when it gets colder, my house still had all the original leaky double hung windows and doors with huge gaps underneath them.  I had to buy all new windows and doors in self-defense and then figure out where else it was leaking (one chimney got capped and a skylight was sealed better, which really has helped in a huge way).  I was so freaked out I did in fact call the police one night to ask if we had had some kind of chemical attack in San Rafael.  The year was 2010, in early June.  I went to ER because the chem spray was making me weak, kind of paralyzed, with a racing heart.  The ER doc didn't see me for a long time.  When he did, he told me that I was "delusional along axis 1," which is to say that I am crazy, never mind that the full test for the definitive diagnosis is 8 hours in length (my next-door neighbor is a psychologist who administered these kinds of tests for a living and told me that I was NOT delusional, and "they" probably were poisoning us).  Long story short, I moved in with a friend while trying to solve my problems with my leaky house.  I'm still too freaked to try to sleep here all night long, terrified I'll wake up choking like I did then, though I think I've done everything I can to seal the crap out as tightly as possible, and I think it's really good enough now that I think I'd be okay.  Little by little I am getting reacquainted with my house again and just have to try to see if I can trust it.  I worked with an environmental disaster mitigation group and had window and surface swipes as well as a soil sample taken and analyzed for aluminum and barium.  There were low levels of barium found on all surfaces, interior and exterior.  Then I did all of the sleuth work regarding leaky doors, chimney and lately, the skylight, which is now sealed.  I'm hoping I'll be able to get back here full-time in the new year!

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Question…..  Any activity up on Mt. Tam at the "golf ball" radar site?  Or is it really really dead?  I recall years ago a odd cloud and its behavior.  I had a cabin on Edgewood but way back on the dirt road section. The hour was late afternoon.  I was lying on a lounge chair watching a cloud form directly overhead from nothing into a rather amoeba type form, but solid dark center and frilly white edges all around the circumference.  At the same time the wind began to blow into a kind of gale.  That cloud never budged.  But it began to emit lots of tiny clouds from its edge like giving birth to……baby clouds. These Mimi-me spider-like things were rapidly flying/blowing away.   I watched this bizarre behavior for a good 30 minutes until some life-interference needed my attention elsewhere.  Have thought about this more than once over the years.  Year was 73-75

    • horsegirl says:

      Fantastic of you.  I've done that not a little.  Called the Sheriff, municipal authorities, border patrol et al.  Had a really nice kid in electronics from the DHS do some research on our area.  Thought I'd been tossed into the round file.  Three weeks passed.  Finally he called to tell me Northrup Grumman held a tenancy at the nearby local college.  I'm glad I'm not the only woman out there calling them about things.  I've recently learned about a group called "Oathkeepers" whose sworn duty is to uphold the constitution and protect the people from whoever violates it.  I think this group might be a valuable ally in this struggle.  Anyone else have experience working with them on the spraying issue?

  30. sea says:

    Thank you Larry and Kathy for this tremendous effort and over the top results, plowing through and not accepting "no" for answer- 

    Great work!

  31. trish says:

    gail- what a great post- never made the connection between satan and santa-

    and i have read that 12/25 isn't when Jesus was born anyway— supposedly, the early catholic church made christmas on a pagan feast day and easter on the spring feast day– to try to recruit the pagans—

    also- the pilots do get paid well—– about 2 years ago i watched a video of one of the ones who couldn't do it anymore- he said they were all brainwashed to believe what they were doing was for the good of humanity– and that they got paid about the same salary as the pilot for the president….i will try to find that video web address if i can- so others can watch and listen–

    i am going thru the old file i have on all this- and i am going to mail dane some important info that i just rediscovered about all this–

     i will have to do it a little at a time— i hpe he will be able to assimilate all i have found in my research, then and now- and give it all back to all the people in a better way than i could-

    just remember what the LORD told me this morning– as i sit, all alone with my bible, because all my family is gone–


    dane has started the crack–

    pray—- pray loudly, often, fervently, and always in the name of Jesus.

    and believe..


  32. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Well, another December 25th is here. How many Families will talk about the Weather around the Christmas table, or during the day?  Or will we just pretend that Our Lives are A Okay & save peace with the Fam? Do we stand strong with what we all know to be the "Biggest Life Issue" We all face. Or do we spend the day feeling sick to our stomachs because we are keeping our mouths shut & not wanting to cause any trouble? Wil our Families listen to our pleas in January with this Holiday Season behind them? The excuses are endless it seems to those who do not want to face the Facts of Life here on Earth. There is always tomorrow! So they think.  And I know the Pilots in Alberta do not take the day off! This is my 5th Christmas (Paying attention) that has had socked in skies & being hit with this ice nucleated toxic crap to cool the surface. Are they being paid well for their dirty deeds on this day? They sure give their all 365 days a year.  What is it that we are celebrating anyway? Jesus Christs Birth? Or a Fictional character in a red suit? So wise of the ones playing Captains, to overlap a Blessing, with a being, called santa or…spin the letters a wee bit….satan. Man oh man, have we been duped! And what's with spelling Christmas with an "X" mas? Got to cross" Christ" out!   Celebrating Jesus Christ should be daily. This means doing right by him, each day of the year. If we are, who we say we are.  With this New Year upon us, I Pray for a Mass Awakening & Great Change to our present situation here on Earth. Thank You Dane & Family & all at Geo Engineering Watch, including the Lawyers, Responders, The Whistle Blowers & all of your Families, this has been a year of Hope for me because of your endless efforts to stop these programs. The amount of Visitors has jumped to promising levels. Love to all & Great Hope for an abrupt end so we can apply Love & Life back into what is left on this most giving Planet.. God Bless You All.

  33. trish says:

    another thought- from trish

    it just hit me–

    dane– a voice crying out in the wilderness–

    just like john the baptist–trying to warn everyone–a guy who was considered crazy by most at the time– and yet- he had the most important message of all time—one guy, standing on a hill- yelling– trying to tell everyone what was about to happen–

    keep yelling, dane–

    and—- besides the jim bakker show on daystar, maybe OANN would do a docu on what you have, and what you know– they seem pretty open to truth– and your collection of photos is beyond shocking to anyone with a brain that hasn't been poisoned by the clouds yet-
    also- one more thing about the snow— it snowed here 2-3 times-
    i always wipe my dog down and sticky roll her- but after the snow- she started chewing her feet like mad- and itching like mad all over- i gave her a bath- but- she has new scabs and sores since the snow-
    what they are doing to us and the animals is as evil as it gets.
    pure evil.

  34. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet and some of you I have,

    Happiest of holiday to you ALL,

    Tonight, x-mas eve, I sit here alone. I've had a very rewarding day. A day spent with some of my most favorite neighbors. Reality TV could not come close to what I get to experience when visiting with them. They're not loud, they're not boasting, but they can tell stories until the cows come home. Stories that should be put down in words. I live up in the mtns of north central Washington. It's a very rough country up here. I've seen thousands be sent to whence they came when the cold of winter came once again to this fragile region. Just as well they did leave, like I wrote, it's a hard country here. Makes for hard folks, folks that respect that you made it through winter without a whimper.

    I've had a hard time searching how to write a contribution to this weeks global alert news broadcast. Then it dawned on me… it was a year ago today that I sat here at my desk in front of my 3 big windows on this here mountain side, "I'd had enough", "Mike needs a plan". So I made one… and carried it out to the best of my ability. In one years time I have reached out and touched thousands of individuals that would have gone otherwise ignorant. I have traveled across many bridges to be at important places. Places that matter at this point in time, Currently I am froze up in a chemically nucleated environment. All the while thinking about the good old days mushing great dogs across many miles of real snow. I've spent 7 hours in the last few days plowing snow that I've never seen before. Thank goodness we didn't get the 16" we were forecasted. The 6" we did get set up like cement once you moved it. The day after the snow it was very windy and "they" stole all the moisture out of the snow fall and shipped it "east".

    Long story short, I too am somewhat grounded by the intelligent folks that contribute to this column. I love you all. This is true.

    Please my friends, be strong, be empowered in this year to come. Something tells me it is our last chance at relevant reality.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Blue Sue says:

      In light of the dire and disturbing reality of these times the words might seem trite, but with heartfelt sincerity I wish you Mike and all others who visit and post here, a Merry Christmas!  May you be surrounded in love, the spirit of hope, and God's peace on this holy night.  Rest easy my friends.  Abundant blessings in the new year.  

    • Dennie says:

      It's drier than Hell here in the S.F. Bay Area.  A few nights ago the weather reported in Oakland, CA was that it was drier there than it's ever been.  I heard talk of disastrous conditions from hurricanes and firestorms at the parish Christmas dinner mid-day today.  I just said, "Yes, all brought to us via our scheduled geo-engineered weather."  People had no idea what I'd just said and they didn't seem the least bit curious as to what that could possibly mean.  We should be getting quite a bit of rain this time of year.  Instead, it's disgusting, the spraying's been very heavy and non-stop.  It's cold and dry here,  NO rain in sight.  You can see the wavy patterns in the clouds caused by the H.A.A.R.P. frequencies.  The stuff we're being hit with is finer than ever, super-fine stuff that feels like a very fine powder drying everyone out, causing "colds," sneezing, sore throats as it dries everyone out, and lots of thirst.  It causes "stomach" aches (dries out the GI tract and causes a lot of pain and gas), headaches and nausea.  It's hard to get a full night's sleep when you're being dried out.  You need to drink water all the time and get that crap flushed out of your system.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, Your heartfelt words do not go un-noticed. I find your quote of "abundant blessings" for us all to be spot on, "If" you're in this fight to stop the madness. This year I intend to double the efforts performed this last year. This year I hope many will take the "first steps" that I took this last year. It would be seriously cool if many could or would surpass me in their effective efforts. What I put out in effort this last year was in no way "taxing". The rewards keep coming in. That statement has nothing to do with money. I've bucked up my share of it. Folks around here are "wanting" to know what I think of our weather "these days". I always start off with a quest in question. I ask folks to find a real snow flake like we used to draw when we were kids. Like the ones we used to cut out of folded paper. "There aren't any now days". I've yet to have "anyone" tell me of such occurrence. No one has found a real snow flake like the ones we older folks knew when we were younger. "Somewhere in a freezer in Philadelphia, is the last real snow ball". It was put there in 1945. I don't care if it's true, but the very thought enrages my inner energy to do something about it. Besides, my forest would much rather have torrential rain than this freeze dried madness any year now. Sooner the better.

      I hope many found a true grounding on this "holy day".

  35. Jeff Pitre says:

    Mr Dane…how do you do it??  i've exposed this to at least 6000 to 7000 people so far….how do you deal with the ignorance….the don't give a shit attitude from other people…it drains the energy right out of me…..I just saw a clip from CBC News in Canada about wether geoengineering will save the planet….I already know the answer…I will be heading up to CBC in the next couple of days …I was supposed to head up to the arctic for the extraction of methane thank God I didn't go up there… was already fired twice from my job in alberta canada working in the oil industry for Exposing climate engineering. I would like to contact these courageous attorney's…I need more information…if I know I can get more pertection from this and also to start send people's names or pictures that are part of the cover-up and pushing the narrative for the evil shadow government …keep standing strong in this battle. ..thanks Dane!!

    your friend in the battle

    Jeff P

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, Jeff Pitre:  I think you can get pretty far showing Dr. David Keith's mug shot around.  Now at Harvard Univ., he used to be at the Univ. of Calgary, so he is a known player.  Personally, I think he either believes his own lies about the finer-than-hell nanoparticulates reflecting sunlight "away from" Earth,"out" into space (instead the particulates just reflect the heat back down to Earth), or he is a front-story meant to hide what the spraying programs are REALLY intended to do, which is steal moisture, cause droughting and dump that moisture in massive quantities when it serves to flood "someone" out.  There are plenty of vids on YouTube showing him preaching his geoengineering propaganda, "hiding" in plain sight.  

  36. trish says:

    just listened to your broadcast–
    i think you should try to get on the jim bakker show on daystar-
    lots of people on the right team on and watching that show-

  37. trish says:

    skies in nj today-

    altho really beautiful, the sky stripers over nj today made a dull cover over the whole dome of the sky, and what looks like a range of mountains covered in snow over the horizon….maybe faster, heavier, sinking poisons???

    still, we gotta believe, that no matter what, God is in control…

    blessings to all of you for Christmas.


    • JF says:

      Continued heavy spraying over Southern CA again today. Its horrible. No rain forecast for 7-10 days. The whole west is dry, no precipitation.

    • Little Jamulian says:

      I can concur with JF in Southern Cal.  The weather people teased us yesterday that we may should get rain on Mon/Tue/Wed here in the San Diego East County, to give us hope.  Well, today it is updated that there is no rain in the forecast, or a 14% chance, which means, no rain. Amazing how far in advance they know what's going to happen in the sky….

      Keeping on trying to throw a bone about the geoengineering.  I know that at least one coworker took a bite.  (Same with vaccinations), and I know she was passing on the message.  Some people are on the fence, and some just ignore it or don't want to deal with it.  If I keep on throwing out tidbits, hopefully something will stick.

  38. The world's electrical grid is largely at fault for the breakdown in rational conscience behaviors. Generally, the grid was designed to oscillate at 50 Hz (Europe) or 60 Hz in North America. There is fairly reasonable evidence that this choice was most likely a major blunder, as it affects many physical and cognitive functions…
    Excerpted from: Gamma wave – Wikipedia
    Role in attentive focus
    “The suggested mechanism is that gamma waves relate to neural consciousness via the mechanism for conscious attention:
    The proposed answer lies in a wave that, originating in the thalamus, sweeps the brain from front to back, 40 times per second, drawing different neuronal circuits into synch with the precept [sic], and thereby bringing the precept [sic] into the attentional foreground. If the thalamus is damaged even a little bit, this wave stops, conscious awarenesses do not form, and the patient slips into profound coma.[4]
    Thus the claim is that when all these neuronal clusters oscillate together during these transient periods of synchronized firing, they help bring up memories and associations from the visual percept to other notions. This brings a distributed matrix of cognitive processes together to generate a coherent, concerted cognitive act, such as perception. This has led to theories that gamma waves are associated with solving the binding problem.[3]
    Gamma waves are observed as neural synchrony from visual cues in both conscious and subliminal stimuli.[11][12][13] [14] This research also sheds light on how neural synchrony may explain stochastic resonance in the nervous system.[15] Gamma waves are also implicated during rapid eye movement sleep and anesthesia, which involves visualizations.[6]
    Complete text:

  39. In my not humble opinion, the unraveling of normalized human behavior and cognitive skills, can clearly be traced to the introduction of alternating current devices in the late 1800's. Radio frequency broadcast began shortly thereafter, and radio frequency modulation started pre-WWII. The Earth is now saturated in microwave energy via military weapons and massively redundant cellular tower systems…
    Exposures to alternating current devices are at the very core of our specie breakdown, and there are now 100's of studies which prove this beyond any reasonable doubt.
    Some readers may already have seen this, but an interesting page of commentary to be sure…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul, yes, the RF / Microwave frequency transmissions have certainly been highly detrimental to cognative processes (along with countless other factors associated with industrialized / militarized society). This being said, there are many undesirable human traits that have always been present as many ancient texts make clear (made worse by all that was previously mentioned).

    • Dennie says:

      This is a "chicken-or-egg" argument that reminds me of the "Twinkie defense" in the trial of San Francisco Supervisor Dan White for having committed the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk back in 1978, that was taken by the public to mean that the blame could be laid for the defendant's incapacitated mental state that contributed to his murderous actions on a sugar-laden diet of Ho-Ho's, Ding-Dongs and Coca-Cola (Twinkies weren't actually mentioned):  Never mind this was not a major factor in the trial but if the public thinks it was, then it was ;-).  

      We're being let off too easily when we blame the insanity on planet Earth mainly on the effects of the electric grid.  At the time the electrification of the planet took off we already had an expanding population increasingly reliant upon every kind of burgeoning technology, and now we have problematic technological fixes for the problems created by that technology, all the while experiencing an increasingly faster pace of life that is now not only at a near-total disconnect from nature but is actively responsible for the massive destruction of nature, and that is no small factor in contributing to the insanity here.  But that does not explain those here who are not out-on-a-limb-crazed-with-consumerism, are not dumbed-down and yet have also grown up in the same electrified environment.  

      It's much simpler.  The main blame for the shredding of the fabric of society is more correctly placed on ordinary human foibles, now on steroids, in which we see "first-grade boy" values, including lack of maturity and avoidance of responsibility, as positive character traits (that's what happens when you put kids in the control room) along with the misguided, arrogant notion that "science" is "god."  Never mind the amount of "scientific research" that is being funded by vested corporate interests.  With The Immature running The Show on Earth, narcissistic personality traits are now considered "normal,' including clueless, selfish and irresponsible parenting in a society in which most try to fill their emptiness via addictions of every sort, including money and the things it buys.

    • Pedro says:

      Paul Vonharnish,

      thank you for the video, it contains VERY IMPORTANT information.

      After reading the post of Joseph L below, and after seeing the video you posted, I have one question to make;

      If (or when) the autonomic internet ( AI ) start to function in a full operating mode, what will happen to the nuclear power plants?


    • beatriz says:

      Paul V., indeed an excellent presentation of Max Igan, thanks so much.

    • Dog says:

      Most Excellent Discussion here, thank you all very much! Everyone should be considering these issues.

      A "Technocratic Age" (or Episode) is emerging. Yet human behavior remains in its inadequacy, for whatever reason. I kinda doubt that more, or mere, technology can save us.



  40. Donna-AZ says:

    Way to go Larry and Kathy. Your news is amazing! "Extra, Extra! 

    "Full steam ahead!"

  41. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Kathy and Larry have kept their focus with local paper insert. High 5 on this sustained effort and can be a solid way to outreach. Imagine a few in any city simply pitching in on printing  costs. Interesting on timing with Amtrak derail/ drill. MSM can now go with coverage, talk with pilots. Suppressed knowledge does not serve. Allow me to introduce a 4 min photo slideshow from activists pal Steve G. of UK . He too, has dedicated his life to exposing this climate engineering and has done several of these over the years. We are in regular contact, and may this serve as way to motivate keeping logs, track and get pics & footage. As Dane says , power structure will get quite intense & reactive- so let us be ready. Hope the holidays give more truth to conversations we may encounter- Not the time to put much needed conversations "on hold" , or don't upset aunt so and so. Let them recall you cared to point out all the ways we are being attacked without getting wild or belligerent .  Take a look at Steve's creation of spraying compilation- UK hit very hard. It is uneasy times here in CA with fires – current  fire is # 1 worst ever . Blissings to Wigingtons and all of  needed support, encouragement , and hope to alter history.

  42. Eva Coover says:

    Kathy & Larry Burns – Thank you for this stellar accomplishment and contribution to awakening the masses!

  43. Lucille Munro says:

    Hi Dane:

    Have you watched this youtube from CBC and "Scientist" Bob McDonald.

    Posted on youtube October 11, 2017.

    It's slowly introducing "solar geoengineering" as a possible way to help dim the sun and cool the planet.  They interview David Keith.  So goes to show how propaganda is moving forward.

    Please watch and comment, Dane.


    Lucille Munro

  44. trish says:

    rachel- from trish-

    i have no idea what metalloestrogens are– but– hope to force myself to steal the time to watch the summit and find out—

    also- dane– can't wait to read what your take is on disinformation on cnn—

    i am so glad i found this site, via natural news- mike adams– i had been e mailing him to dig into the morgellons, jetspray murdering of humanity for a while- he never e mailed me back- but then, he posted dane's interview—

    i feel like i am home now- with people who actually care about the truth and look up at what is happening in the sky—-

    i would urge everyone to take up a new hobby– look at every picture– and see the sky in it– and check for stripes-

     today, i watched a show that was taking place in the arizona desert- looking for a missing man– the sky was full of stripes— watched that north korea thing on cnn a week or so ago– sky stripes in north korea– makes me wonder if the NOKO thing is all another hoax— that they are just as much IN THE GAME as all the other countries–keep watching- see if you find any places that do not have stripes–

    even when i watch hgtv– people house hunting- i see the stripes in the sky–they are everywhere–

    yet- my friends and family don't care– think i'm crazy–

    thank you for being here for my sanity all geoeng friends!

    thank you dane!


  45. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Gee, you 'unpacked', as they say, one heck of a lot of information today.  So much to which I want to respond.  For instance, Alzheimer's.  And I hope people my age or older will chime in.  When I was growing up, even in my late teens and early 20s, Alzheimer's was not a Thing.  It was not common at all, one almost never if ever heard that word.  I knew lots and lots of old people, not one had Alzheimer's.  I'm talking 86-90 plus year olds.  It then slowly began popping up but was not at all common.  Nor was Autism, at all, zip nada.  In my earlier teens I was a candystriper via girl scouts, and worked that at a nearby hospital in which I mainly worked with old people with issues, such as strokes, car wreck damage, and some dementia.  Not a single case or word of Alzheimer's, which to my memory began to make headlines with Ronald Reagan.  The dementia cases I knew then were talkers, so I guess that means not misdiagnosed cases of Alzheimer's.  And I worked at my church which was huge, with children who had various disabilities, severe, some were dying.  The first day I did that, I came home and cried and cried.  Then, went back and got the hang of it, enjoying what time I had with these kids, one of whom had Down's Syndrome, non were autistic, I never even heard that word back then, which does not mean it did not exist, I guess, but was not a common thing at all.

    I'm glad you brought up Saudi Arabia, I'd not heard in news or anywhere of any recent hangings, beheadings–was this recent?  What does get me is no more mention, no hue and cry over Trump selling Port Arthur to the Saudis.  Why is that?  This was a huge boon to them.  And, they allied with Russia.  The prince who would be king, the 32 year old kicking ass for corruption was the very one who just bought that alleged Da Vinci painting for nearly half a billion dollars.

    Even though so many here and in my life do not watch TV and find it somehow wrong to watch TV, do, instead watch videos on their computers and or use their phones constantly for social media, some of it just plain stupid, some of it of interest, but really, why such prejudice against TV which I found out, again via Ralph Nader, and some of this I knew, that TV was supposed to be for the people about the people in terms of education and community efforts and courts, various edifying issues and one man back when took this on when it had devolved and got back some of this for the people stuff, sort of like PBS.  Which goes off target here and there, on target some.  So, as I say, I control the TV and it does not control me.  Lately I've been riveted on the news in general as current events change by the hour with Trump and I've been shocked over what is happening that will impact me and so many others. Even though I like Rachel Maddow, her due diligence, I found myself a bit shocked by the fawning support of the FBI.  I do think Robert Mueller is doing a good and though job it seems in 'unpacking' Trump issues, which now include offing net neutrality, but the feeling was that it would be unAmerican to be critical of the FBI, to want them investigated!  In this case, I don't advocate for that, but what of history?  As in J. Edgar?  I mean wow and that run of insanity was so very pervasive, all terrified at the dirt he had on Everyone, an FBI station on the corner everywhere.  A few dedicated activists, in their 20s with children yet, organized a plan, easily broke into one of these ubiquitous offices full of files and stole them, releasing the info and that Finally brought J. Edgar's rain of terror down!  Sure, Maddow is too young to remember, but that is no excuse.

     Close to a nervous breakdown, I watched a PBS nature show about sage grouse and their habitat which was/sorta is still huge, spanning 7 states.  It was wonderful, sad too in terms of literally losing ground, but I used to live for a time in the high desert of Nevada and I love sage grouse.  Hence my interest in their supposed protected area and that uranium deal in eastern Oregon. I do not give a whatever! about Clinton Cash, or politics involved at all, do care about the lands and sage grouse.  It was called the Sagebrush Sea and was spectacular viewing which made it perfectly clear how very precious a sage grouse habitat is.  Some of these sages were 170 years old!  I thought I knew sage well but I did not know that, nor did I know that the sage roots hold the 'soil'.  Nor did I know how very, very many animals and birds rely on the sages for food, mule deer and pronghorn antelope eating sage leaves in winter, along with 'everybody' else, the grouse using it for home and shelter as well.  I got to again see the vast stretches of sage brush I remember as well as the sage hens mating, the males with bustles open looking exactly like pow wow bustles on male Native pow wow dancers, just stunning.  It was the perfect antidote for my depression.  Such variety of life there!  Golden eagles, burrowing owls, all sorts of birds and critters giving me the strength to keep fighting in their behalf.  I was able to relax and be happy if only for a awhile and this show really drives home the need to keep all this diversity alive and what all threatens it today.

    Also, I caught last night a show on CNN about North Korea which was fascinating.  I'll have to see it again.  Some guy, American, young looking, I don't know who or why, got permission to visit and film there.  Much of it was controlled and monitored closely of course.  But he went all over and the feedback was very interesting as were the spray trails in the skies there!  The info that there was a drought not long ago that killed millions of people.  Every single person looks so very thin, and another drought was expected, beginning.  Most, if asked about Americans, had much anger, much.  All were friendly until he mentioned he was an American. The confusion on their faces was profound even as they backed up filling with hatred.  He finally met a woman working in the country who said she wanted to come to America which he found refreshing, said so and asked why.  Oh boy did she go off with mega attitude!   "I want to see how they live!  They deprive us of food, hate us and want to kill us all!  I want to see how they live such that they can think these thoughts!  Cause all our suffering!  What monsters must they be!  I hate them with every fiber of my being!  I want them all to suffer and die!"  wow.  It is like you always say about the middle east and or Russia.  They laid out the history of being the object of war, of hatred all these many decades, suffer, do without in order to resist being taken over by America, to be ready to kill those who want them and their lifestyle gone.  They say all their work, their dedication is toward a future that we would deprive them of, a war that never ended, and blame us for every bite of food they don't get!  Gotta admit, they had good points to make.  And against sprayed skies they spoke, but not a word of that.  Clearly, given a real chance, they would gladly do harm to the US.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rachel, in regard to the CNN “special” on North Korea, it was an expected half truth propaganda program designed to to galvinize the US population for conflict with NK. I will elaborate more on the CNN disinformation in my next broadcast.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Rachel:  Yes, there are some wonderful programs on tee vee. Personally, I HATE having to hear the babbling cadence of the ubiquitous television background whenever I go into a home where tee vee is a feature of regular daily life, and it it always ON!  I personally hate the sound of perky, artificially jacked speech (as "fun" as the smell of commercially prepared cleaning agents) and except for the ads shown on Super Bowl programming– those are the most creative aspects of television I've seen– the ads are now an over-amped snore and just drive me insane.  

      What people really want is control of the content, and the internet as well as subscription cable and internet t.v. has given us what we want.  The writing is on the wall for most network programmed tee vee– why be stuck with that when you can buy a Roku box and get waaay more channels, including overseas programs, and essentially all you have to do is pay for the box and have an internet connection.

      As far as I've heard, North Korea and Iran are the two countries left on the planet that do not participate in the IMF and world banking schemes– of course the U.S. and just about anyone else deeply involved in the Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm is going to vilify these countries.

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  North Korea, and any other country, for that matter, would not dare strike the United States pre-emptively.  Why?  BECAUSE OTHER COUNTRIES DO NOT HAVE NEARLY THE WEAPONRY OF THE U.S. and that should be most obvious by now.  Their leaders KNOW that striking the U.S. first would be their own death knell, as well as that of every other country on face of this planet.  They are not nearly as stupid as most stoopid Uhmerukunz even more stooopidly believe ;-).

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Dennie, I am not so sure about your statement. Within living memory, N Korea has been on the receiving end of the US military might and was completely destroyed. Dane was understating the loss of life and destruction. With that experience, I think that IF they TRULY thought that they were about to be obliterated by a US "pre-emptive" attack, then they would launch their own pre-emptive strike.

      "Attack is the best form of defence" is a recognised miitary tactic, and one the US uses liberally, so why not other countries?

      I guess we will soon see. I suspect there will be a major false flag by the spring equinox/within the next four months, which could easily escalate to 'conventional' or nuclear war. The false flag could be in any of the US/Israel/UK backed conflict areas or 'wish list conflict areas' eg. Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Korea, Afghanistan (10,000+ and growing US backed ISIS there), etc, etc. 


  46. Dale K says:

    Just because it's late December doesn't mean that they can't come up with a destructive tropical storm.

    More than 200 people have been killed and hundreds are missing in the Philippines after severe tropical storm Vinta (Tembin) unleashed mudslides and flooding. A whole village of 2,000 was reportedly wiped out.

    • Dennie says:

      …it's the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  December is NOT cold in that area.  Philippines doesn't seem to want to be under the thumb of Uncle Sam any longer, so send 'em some nasty destructive cyclone, huh?

  47. Andy says:

    Speaking further of the absurdity of current *weather* forecasting bulletins – a continuation of a thread I posted yesterday:

    These are just some of the headlines from a few daily national British newspapers, all issued within 24 hours of each other and covering the same future period –

    The Evening Standard: "Britain to be hit with Arctic blast on Christmas Day as plunging temperatures bring cold snap".

    The Sun: "Winter Washout – Christmas weather set for rain and grey skies to soak Britain as temperatures hit 11°C".

    The Guardian: "Fine Christmas weather on the way, says Bureau of Meteorology".

    Express: "White Christmas? Britain braced for gales and heavy fog".

    Metro: "Britain set to experience grey and gloomy weather over Christmas".

    So, it's going to be warm and cold and rainy and foggy and fine… (sarc/off)

    I could go on.

    It might almost be humorous were it not so alarming. Talk about disinformation. And everyone I encountered today during my daily walk with the mutt had the sniffles, or a cough, or appeared slightly haggard. Everyone. Myself included.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Andy, this Was funny!  I've read this post before yet today it made me smile and laugh and thanks for that!  Humor does help…the medicine go down?  Maybe because of our weird fog today, looks like I'll not be going out today, yet again.  I miss my yard!  Weird fog, very cold, not the slightest breeze and a really creepy feeling.  Icky creepy.  Yup, funny, but not, but props for some humor in insanity!  Helps.  Oooh, just got an idea off this for a comic strip, hmmmm.

  48. Joseph L says:

    WOW WOW  great show–  Gary Null as been doing an environmental show the last couple of weeks on his tuesday night show. He barely  touches Climate Engineering. I wish he would have you on has his guest.  

    After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown


    After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown

    After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown

    An EMP (electro magnetic pulse), if strong enough (and regardless of the source – weaponized or solar), will potentially fry electronics and electronic systems within its invisible sphere of destruction. Many expert opinions and reports suggest that our electrical power grid could go down.

    A solar super flare (X-50+) and accompanying CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will zap the surface of the earth with an even longer lasting EMP as it did during 1859 (the Carrington event).

    The question is, What will happen to our nuclear reactors following an EMP event? Will we all be facing extermination from hundreds of simultaneous meltdowns?

    Everyone needs to make their voice heard and share credible info. Have a Happy Holiday, stay safe  and make your voice heard while we still have a chance for the Greater Good.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph L, Welcome to my nightmare and why my whole focus was on nuclear everything prior to becoming aware of geoengineering, and why I am so very against digital Everything.  For years now I've posted seeing in my mind nuclear plants going off like popcorn all over the world.  It is not a matter of if, but of when.  What Can be done??!!!  No where to run, nowhere to hide from such a scenario.

    • Dennie says:

      Joseph L.:  "They," The Deciders" to whom we have given over our power, do NOT have a plan or even a CLUE as to what to do in the event of a massive solar flare that would knock out the power grid here. THEY believe they have more power than God.  THEY DO NOT CARE, the idea never so much as occurs, as to what happens when nuclear reactors get old and break down, any more than these snarky perpetual juveniles can imagine that they themselves would ever get old and break down.  So, NO imagination, TOTAL denial, and NO plan to keep the shit from hitting when the fan goes awry. WHERE ARE ALL THE ADULTS?? GET THE KIDS OUTTA THE CONTROL ROOM!!!

    • Pedro says:

      About nuclear "science" and the nuclear power plants (and most of these facilities, as far as I know, belong to the zionist mafia), I just have this to say;

      Some elements were created to be under the ground and to remain untouched, until the end of time!

  49. trish says:

    dear everyone-

    GREEN MED INFO is having a free online summit on heavy metals and sickness, and METALLOESTROGENS, being a new cause of cancers-

    it is free– and starts jan 29th, i believe—

    you can register online for free at

    and thank you all for all your helpful info–

    pray for dane-


  50. Irene Parousis says:

    Larry and Kathy Burns, THANK YOU!  Dane, we are still here trying to hold on to that spark of light in the darkest of times, not easy, but what choice do we have?

  51. Kathy says:

    THANK-YOU to all who are working hard at bringing the Geoengineering issue to light.I learn from the best here!

    I just want to let you guys know this Ad didnt happen at first attempt. I have walked into numerous news agencies of different areas. placed calls, left messages etc…nothing. The right time/right place,determination and finally the right guy. I paid for this immediately so they could not back down but he is apparently quite okay with running these ads as he made sure I could get the full page ad next week.

    The best part of all this is the AD came out Friday the 15th  to run 1 WEEK and the Washington Train Derailment happened Monday the 18th. Could not have been better timing and more ads will follow.

    Lets hope this has a good impact. I would appreciate any help from those local in Washington State. Would be so awesome to form a support group to just start blowing apart the sleeping masses.

    Thank-you Dane  for everything you do to encourage all of us to keep up the good fight and to stand for truth at all costs.

    • r k says:

      Thank you Kathy. Amazing efforts, contributions and achievement. May the unifying highest selves of all of us give you and all who are willing able to take such concrete supportive actions to bring truth out in such available ways boundless support so that we make real progress in our intentions and efforts to awaken or fellow humans and lead healthy lives grounded in truth, goodness, liberation, kindness, clarity, peace, and love. Included in this are Dane and all my friends here I have not met who are supporting gem faire.

    • steve says:

      Fantastic results, Larry/Kathy, each of us need to follow your lead, with your efforts clearly showing success can be achieved even in the face of opposition from publishers, you did it !!!  Hopefully your success will inspire all of us to accomplish more, getting this information into the eyes and hands of everybody.  Even the Nay-Sayers, heading off to do their Christmas shopping had to see your nicely created color "ad", informational piece, full page, stunning! as they were reading/looking for Christmas specials/gifts.

      Super job, I am so proud, thank you from all of us.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Way to go Larry/Kathy!!!! … Thank you so much for this fantastic effort culminating in a great success. The dam is finally beginning to crumble. Keep it up everybody.!   : )

  52. Linda Ehlers-kalinich says:

    Thank you Dane and others for getting word out. I live by Milwaukee Wisconsin and people don't seem to realize what's going on, or ignore it.  Wish there was some way to spread word here, ven wish groups would get together 

    • steve says:

      Perhaps you can do in Milwaukee, what Larry & Kathy did in the Puget Sound area?  With a little effort, maybe you can?

      Just an idea.

  53. Philip Dugas says:

    Thanks Larry and Kathy Burns for spearheading this effort to support your community in being more aware.  I'll be doing the same in Salt Lake area.  It is going to take all of us to be proactive if there is any possibility of change.  

    Merry Christmas despite the circumstances we all face.  



    • Kathy says:

      Philip keep us informed on your success.  You're right it takes all of us as each day counts. God Bless you as for standing for the truth, never give up.

  54. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    May God bless Larry and Kathy Burns…..and hope to get some copies of the ad….would be good to circulate it everywhere…would like to mail it to friends…and is there an online copy of it I wonder?

    • Kathy says:

      Linda, Thank-you for helping in the awareness efforts. I will ask the Publisher for a link and get it to you. On Jan 29th I will have a FULL page of the exact ad you see posted above same newspaper. I am also working on getting flyer inserts for the following week-(2nd/3rd week of Jan) and that will reach 53,000. The publisher secured this at a very fair price right away and doing this got his attention and he was very very helpful start to finish.

  55. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Silica to detox the body from heavy metal poisoning
    Silica for aluminum detoxification
    Also known as the “beauty mineral” (due to its amazing benefits over the skin’s elasticity, growth of hair and nails), silica is the mineral that lately captures all the public’s attention. By improving the structure of all connective tissues in the human body, including cartilages, tendons and blood vessels’ walls, silica helps diminishing joint pain and impedes the blood vessels to clog. Furthermore, silica is the main bone tissue builder, since calcium would be practically useless without it; calcium without silica starts calcifying other tissues such as artery walls and even heart. Therefore, a healthy bone structure and a strong cardiovascular system would not be possible without the mineral silica.
    Getting rid of heavy metals with silica
    Aluminum is one of the most fatal heavy metal for our brain and nervous system. This is the heavy metal, which together with brain tissue calcification, causes one of the most terrible diseases a human being could go through: Alzheimer’s disease. All the scientific studies and all the scientists admit that silica is the most effective detoxifying agent for aluminum and heavy metal poisoning in the body. Even more, silica has been discovered to amazingly work against another disease very similar to Alzheimer’s, and that’s dementia.
    When a person uses silica supplements to detox, the Aluminum and the other heavy metals present in the body are passed in the urine and eliminated with it. There is no such thing as silica intoxication, as long as .your body keeps up normal levels of B1 vitamin and potassium, and the water intake is adequate.
    In our hectic environment, Aluminum is present everywhere: foil, second hand smoking, seafood, cosmetics, beverage bottles etc. In conclusion, there is nothing we can do to avoid aluminum and heavy metals intoxication, but to take advantage from the natural gift silica has to offer us and protect ourselves as much as we can.
    The tissues that have a low fighting response such as bone tissue, heart and brain tissue are the ones more vulnerable to aluminum and heavy metals. The aluminum builds up in these tissues, especially in the nervous system and triggers diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s or auto-immunes.

    • Dennie says:

      VSF:  People are running looooow on Vit. D3 and POTASSIUM, because we have reduced sunlight getting here and the barium we're being sprayed with takes the place of potassium at a cellular level.  So fine, take your silica, but you better be SURE to get your RDA (for adults) of 4,700 mg of potassium DAILY.  

    • r k says:

      Thank you for sharing this V. Susan.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I am very impressed with my results with taking Silica. Great advice Susan. And Dennie I do take Potassium & D3 also. You also need Magnesium to digest Calcium.  Information is so priceless.

  56. Harry Mooshegian says:

    Hi Dane, How are you receiving HAARP data when its in operation ? People are asking me they thought HAARP was taken  over by University of Alaska and was no longer operating. Are you receiving frequency and power output ? Also I am Christian Armenian, my grandparents being Genocide survivors. To watch our country create Isis and kill the second generation who survived after being driven through the deserts from Turkey to settle in Syria only to be Genocide again by Isis created by Obama and Clinton US policies was devastating to all Armenians, as well as the murder of all the innocent peoples living in the middle east and north Africa. May we never forget . Americans were once loved, welocomed and inveighed though out the world. Not anymore. Anyway rest over the Holidays you deserve it, God Bless you and Peace on Earth to All Goodwill to all Men. Harry

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Harry, HAARP was never shut down, only disinformtion said so. FYI

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Harry, it is very difficult for brainwashed Americans to imagine all the harm this country has done in the rest of the world.  They cannot or will not see the bad news abroad as relevant to deliberately violent US policy, and they lack even empathy needed to imagine those bad outcomes happening to their own families. It is good most of the rest of the world knows the truth, still I'm sorry for all your family has been through.  A sincere wish for Peace on Earth speaks of integrity and love intact. The message of peace, truth and humanity cannot fail.

      Best wishes,


  57. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 197th email, titled 'Party Games'.

    1. On 22nd Dec, Arctic sea ice volume was estimated as 4th lowest @ 13,831km3, and annual average volume remained at record low @ 12,850km3. The winter solstice is just past and the daily volume has got above the average for the last 365 days.

    On 18th Dec, the overnight high on the Cassley in Sutherland (Scotland) was at least 15ºC…that is a respectable summer day temp for that area!

    On 21st Dec, massive atmospheric spraying off the west coast of Africa with the wind taking the toxic mix up towards Scotland, Norway and circling around Iceland, and also across the Mediterranean Sea.  

    On 22nd Dec, strange straight brown coloured lower clouds (coal fly ash?) off Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska – as shown on EOSDIS Worldview.

     2. The CAMs charts show huge amounts of methane close to the earth's surface in the northern hemisphere (methane is lighter than air, therefore considerable methane releases). The MET Op Satellite charts only show huge concentrations of methane at 3 to 4 miles high. Probably they are both right and both also lying by omission – utilising "No Data Available" and "QC Fail" on their charts. 

    Great picture and caption:

    From 2003:

    3. Notes to Self (week 50 of 104). Instead of the usual Charades party game, I think I will suggest a timed "How to tie bandages, immobilise breaks and move injured" party game…should be great fun and informative. Have a fantastic Christmas.

    "Too often when we consider the joys of Christmas we settle for the lesser joys" Rt Rev James Simpson.

  58. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    America’s Collapsing Prestige
    Paul Craig Roberts / Dec.22, 2017
    The Niki Haley moron appointed as US ambassador to the UN by Trump to destroy America’s reputation in the world is today sucking her thumb. All her threats to cut off US money to countries that voted against Trump’s illegal and unilateral action of establishing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital had no effect. The world gave Nikki and Trump the bird, voting 129 to 9 against the rogue governments of the US and Israel. The Chinese government referred to Trump’s effort to impose Israel’s will on international law as typical “American arrogance.”
    Wherever one looks, Washington is digging America’s grave. The Russians view Trump’s, or rather the military/security complex’s, national security speech the same as I do. Russian President Putin said that Washington’s strategy is “definitely offensive” and “definitely aggressive.” Russia has taken note, Putin said.
    The world is fed up with Washington. If the fools governing us persist, they are going to destroy themselves along with the rest of us.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  I read an article this morning about a US general over in Finland telling the US contingent of military personnel to prepare themselves psychologically and materially for a looming big fight with Russia.  It is coming!  The Wolfowitz Doctrine demands it.  Israeli foreign policy directs this coming storm.  America the Babylon is not in control of her foreign policy decisions but is subsumed by Israeli interests.  Putin has stated Russia will not allow another war to be fought on her soil.  Everyone is on hair trigger alert.  

  59. Gardner says:

    Thank you  Dane, from Vermont, where we have been listening to the jets above flying back and forth during everyone of the "snow storms" we've had so far this "winter".  And every storm has brought freezing cold temps…. Will test the snow temps… It's all so blatantly obvious to those willing to look!  I'd like to test the snow here – where would I send my sample?  Thank you for your continued efforts waking people up.  It's truly an uphill battle. I wish you the best, Gardner

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Gardner, thank you for the report from your region. In regard to testing a snow melt sample, there are many certified labs around the country, I would suggest not disclosing the purpose of the testing. We are still conducting our testing at “Basic Lab” in Redding Cal.

  60. Jonathan Glassel says:

    He used Malasysian mineral water, Spritzer, on aluminum toxic children suffering from autism spectrum disorders with tremendous success.

    Later on, he and his team watched over 15 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients use that water at the same rate of one liter per day for 13 weeks. Aluminum levels were 50 to 70 percent lower in subjects involved. Of the 15 AD patients, eight stopped deteriorating, and three showed an increase in cognition.

    Fiji Water

    The rate of neurological diseases linked to aluminum toxicity has skyrocketed over the past few decades.

    Unfortunately, aluminum can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and build up in tissues that are slow in cellular turnover.

    Apoptosis (process of natural cell death and replacement) occurs throughout the body, but not cancer cells. Cancer cells reproduce and grow tumors unless apoptosis occurs or the cells are killed from chemical compounds, both natural and synthetic.

    Aluminum accrues to toxic levels over time in slow apoptotic cell turnover tissues, such as bone matter, the heart and the brain. The brain and nervous system is where Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, chronic fatigue and other neurological, auto-immune diseases manifest.

    Other afflictions including the autistic spectrum, from learning disorders to severe autism. Aluminum is in everything from cookware, cigarette smoke, beverage containers, cosmetics, foil, antiperspirants, sunscreen, antacids, and those ubiquitous chemtrails that most ignore. Aluminum nanoparticles can be inhaled into our lungs and enter into our bloodstream, or through the sinuses into the brain.

    Aluminum is in all vaccines that are administered to the public. When injected, the aluminum travel all the way into the brain and heart, adding to their already high levels of aluminum toxicity.

    According to Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, we have come into the age of aluminum. Dr. Exley has spent over twenty years of his life to researching aluminum toxicity. He calls the period of time from the early 20th Century to now the “Age of Aluminum.”

    Before then, aluminum remained in the ground as the most abundant mineral in earth. Dr. Exley claims mining aluminum and using it in so many ways is linked to the high increase in neurological diseases.

    Dr. Chris Exley’s Message to the Vaccine Safety Conference

    A big part of his conference was his concern in ensuring that vaccinated kids receive help to improve their neurological damage. It all involves silica, which is earth’s second most abundant mineral. Exley deems this the best method to pass silica through the gut and into the blood, and into brain matter where it binds with aluminum molecules leading them out of brain cell tissue effectively through urine.

    He used Malasysian mineral water, Spritzer, on aluminum toxic children suffering from autism spectrum disorders with tremendous success.

    Later on, he and his team watched over 15 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients use that water at the same rate of one liter per day for 13 weeks. Aluminum levels were 50 to 70 percent lower in subjects involved. Of the 15 AD patients, eight stopped deteriorating, and three showed an increase in cognition.

    Mineral water high in Orthosilicic or ionic silicic acid, will help to lower aluminum toxicity in the brain to treat Alzheimer’s. In America, accessible mineral waters with similar levels of silicic acid to Spritzer, are Volvic and Fiji. Fiji has the highest level of ionic suspended silica as silicic acid and is cost-friendly. I’ve seen it in WalMart at $1.99 per liter!

    Also, People’s Chemist Shane Ellison examined various water bottles and said Fiji water bottles are free of BPA and “its chemical cousins”. Others that are BPA free, are Evian, Voss, and Smart Water. It’s suggested that for five days, you consume a 1.5 liter bottle of water daily. More is required for higher levels of aluminum toxicity.

    Dr. Exley claims that drinking the whole bottle within an hour, is the best way to detoxing aluminum from the brain. Dr. Exley explains about three commercial bottled waters labeling silica amounts as milligrams (mg) per liter on the bottle. Fiji has the highest amount of the three. Silica mineral waters have been found to help in the prevention of dementia. You can also utilize pure cold pressed coconut oil to put a stopper on early onset Alzheimer’s or even alleviate symptoms after AD symptoms appear.

    Aluminum (Al) is passed out through the urine when one supplements silica sufficiently. There’s no danger of taking too much, as long as an adequate amount of water is consumed, as well as vitamin B1 and potassium levels are balanced.

    More About Silica

    Silica builds collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues in the body, including cartilage and tendons. This helps to maintain body flexibility. It has also been found that high levels of blood serum silica keep arterial plaque from clogging and accumulating within blood vessels.

    The cause for arterial plaque has gone from cholesterol accumulation to arterial calcification from serum calcium, that is not absorbed as bone matter. It’s known that silica is an important part of building bone matter.

    Calcium doesn’t become part of bone matter if it doesn’t have enough magnesium, silica, and vitamin K2. When that is the case, calcium remains in the bloodstream, and calcify in the soft tissue of inner artery walls and the heart. Silica is essential for maintaining healthy, strong bones and cardiovascular system. Silica is one heck of an anti-aging mineral that is much more than a beauty mineral.

    Other good sources of silica are banana, herb horsetail and diatomaceous earth powder.

    Although these three are good sources, they do lack the ionic suspension of silicic acid found in mineral waters that can enter the blood-brain barrier.

    • Jim & Katie Henderson says:

      Merry Christmas Dane and to all who post on here. Thank you for the critical information you provide.  May the world wake up!  Peace.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for an excellent post. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Jonathan for this education!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great Job Jonathan. Very Important & Needed information that can Help us all, to feel better in today's world of toxic fallout.  Elimination of Aluminum is so necessary to avoid so many conditions from building up in our systems due to our daily exposure. I guess that's why it's the #1 ingredient in these spray programs. It Works!!!   It's doing what they want it to do. It Dumbs us down!

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