Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 14, 2016


Dane Wigington

Global die-offs, nuclear meltdowns, societal chaos and starvation, imminent Arctic ice break up, and climate disintegration, how much longer can the current paradigm continue? How much longer will the vast majority of populations cling to their delusions and denial of reality? This denial is especially profound in regard to the blatantly obvious climate engineering atrocities. The programmed power structure response of using the "conspiracy theory" term is a trademark (and psychological defense mechanism) of those that so far have refused to investigate and who thus refuse to face the truth. 


The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

At this moment in time the human race is like the man who was photographed on the Sri Lanka beach standing motionless, staring at the receding ocean that was about to produce a life crushing tidal wave. Will the human race (like the man in Sri Lanka) just stand and stare while the remaining life and life support systems of our planet are systematically wiped out? What will you do with the time you yet have? Make the most of the time you are allotted, do your part, help us to credibly sound the alarm while we can still make a difference.

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  1. Frances says:

    Worth a read and a look at the videoclip. Can't find the date of the video.


  2. Danny says:

    Hey look at that….. When looking at the newest chemtrail or geoengineering videos it looks like students are recording them and posting them. 

    So does this mean that they will be taken away from their families for mentioning Chemtrails

    Or will the out guard towers and barbed wire around the schools

    Good for them. Keep posting them videos

    Rebel Students

    I talked to a Father of a young man

    He said his son is mentioning it to him

    They can educate themselves 

    No need for the corrupt schools to feed them a bunch of Bull Sh't that isn't true

  3. Danny says:

    Wick:   I find the same problem with my family and other friends trying to explain an their reaction is the same. They don't believe you or don't want to hear it. When I try to present credible information to them, they don't even try to examine it or research it. I was talking to a friend just yesterday. My friend was complaining about how cold it was. I felt like mentioning the Nucleated Deal about how they can mix chemicals together and spray them to get the desired cool down. I didn't though. On other occasions I had brought up the topic to this friend and they were not interested and didn't care. It was interesting that they were concerned about how cold it was out and could not piece the No Sun picture and all the dark clouds that probably contained Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate in them. You can look that one up on You Tube. 

    As far as the connection between H1N1 and respiratory ailments or any man made virus's, I think everyone of them have some sort of connection. That would be Pharmaceutical. When a problem is created, like some sort of Flu or Virus. List goes on. 

    Well then a solution will be made by creating a drug of sorts to combat the problem. A drug induced society.

    My suggestion for you with your mom in trying to inform her is this. You can keep trying although it just may prove to be a failure on your part.

    But Good Luck

  4. Rob Wilkinson says:

    I just saw this posted by the Australian Coral Reef Society on Facebook:
    It’s regarding the deleterious effect of coal ash on corals…

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I am employed at a Palm Tree & Landscape Nursery. I was glad to see the posts by Steve Chamberlain (The Pizza Guy) & Cheska in regards to what they are accomplishing with their seeds and plants. I am the same way, I collect Palm Tree seeds to save endangered species and for a hobby to germinate, grow & to give them to family and friends, as well as anyone else who has an interest in Palm Trees. I was once (2005 to 2010) the President of the First Coast Palm Society in Jacksonville, Florida, a Chapter of the International Palm Society (IPS). We can all have our own Seed Vault!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello David, I too save seeds and wish I had a vault!  Because then I could find them all!  My whole long life I've been saving seeds from my best plants, all organic.  I give some away, in fact it is great fun to give seeds, especially to children who if they do plant them, become hooked on plants and growing as it is indeed a miracle of sorts.  Unfortunately mine are here and there and all over the place in my space.  Organization both is and is not my forte!  Some stay viable for a very long time, others not so much.  Seed Savers is a great organization that spreads the word and the seeds.  Many, many avid gardeners do.  I have never grown a palm.  I am from the midwest and still find them exotic, still do not understand most of them.  But my daughter does and she so loves them.  Glad to hear from another seed saver!

  6. CJ says:

    Hey Wick 

    I don't know whether you have been on a plane flight lately, but this is what I can tell you.

    Last time I went was last year. When we reached a high altitude with the passenger jet we were flying in clear airspace.

    You could see all the fake clouds below.

    Also you could see chemtrail jets everywhere laying the trails down over the fake clouds that covered pretty much everything.

    It looked like a complete mess. Only when we were getting closer to our destination vacation did it start clearing up a little.

    My guess if they do the white out everywhere, then people wouldn't go on Vacation if it is always Crappy.

    But most are pretty Dumb and don't notice. They just take it as complete Normal.

    Most don't really care because they are in a Trance from breathing this stuff in and accumulating on their body.

    Goes into your skin. 

    But I did see a lot of people sick and a lot of people Coughing.

    Isn't it kind of Scary that the person you mentioned that works at the Airport is in Denial?

    Most are. They will most likely remain that way.

    Sometimes the truth is hard to Swallow.


    • Wick says:

      Thanks for the reply, I haven't been on a flight in years, and do not plan on ever taking one again, unless there are no other options.

      I wonder if all the scares for the H1N1 flu, and upper respiratory illnesses are connected? But I found no major ongoing incidences with the subject, so I was looking for any links for some proof.

      My mother works at the airport, but not on the actual plane, so she doesn't witness anything up close. I've given her undeniable proof over and over, poured my heart out to her, but I believe she just doesn't care, or doesn't want to care. It's the weirdest mindset to learn that you're having heavy metal fallout fall on you, your kids, and your food supply, but still not giving the slightest shit, she only seems to chat to me about it to humor me, but I've seen no interest in the subject, quite depressing.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi CJ.  Your observations are akin to mine my last flight in February.  The 'tubes' of aluminum particulate above the clouds are unreal.  I want to thank you for a link that you shared linking the McCrack fires to worldwide economy.  I have no proof, but it is very plausible that there could be a uranium link.  It is more then interesting.  Thanks!

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting observations, understandings, and comments.  Take the train.  Yes, it is slower and uses up time.  We are programmed since birth to want to "save" time.  We are only saving our greater ability to be ever more neurotic while missing out on the journey itself.  The train is an adventure.  The east coast and west coast corridors offer business class and perks.  A trip of 12 hours does not require a room or roomette, depending on your personal wants and needs.  Business can be computer conducted while gorgeous scenery passes by.  There is a lounge car, a cafe that serves libation, and a dinning car.  Granted, the classy travel of the 1950's has been 'modernized.'  Flying is a big danger to the health and welfare of the passengers.  A radioactive and metalized atmosphere is to be avoided.  Per passenger the train is far more energy efficient.

  7. I-85 S from ATL, mile after mile of white painted trucks (old logos under paint) plus flatbeds with beige military tanks (These are easy to spot in standstill traffic).  Where are they going? A DUMP in Macon? Also, I'm wondering if we're beyond UV-C and into Xray?  – will investigate

  8. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    Every little bit counts and everyone who is concerned about the fate that awaits us all should be doing what they can to achieve critical mass. My latest installment on Facebook is a good example of how to get the word out, hopefully one of my friends who cares will share this; With all the technical and scientific advances that man has made he still cannot produce a single blade of grass in the laboratory. Nature is perfect, beautiful and glorious but also merciless in its natural defense mechanism when violated. The earth does not care if man in all his arrogance and lust for power/control destroys the very life support systems that allow him to survive. In the end earth will purge this cancer, cleanse itself and start anew and in the process mankind will perish. This is the industrial age of man and we are now in the 6th great mass extinction. You won’t hear this on FOX, NBC or CNN for they are too busy deploying weapons of mass distraction. Many of you will ignore this and proceed with your preconceived notion that everything is OK or form opinions based on the information you are fed through the power structure controlled media trough. You are what you eat physically and mentally. We had better wake up and soon because mathematically speaking the time horizon for the opportunity to course correct is very short. Don’t believe it, try taking a departure from the perceived norm or as the band WAR put it in the song LOW RIDER “take a little trip and see”. Have the courage to face the truth by doing some objective research based on front line data, and then pass it on to someone who cares. Don’t have a lot of time, I understand, so let me help you with that. Go to and listen the latest installment of Global Alert News. It is an excellent summary of the converging cataclysms we are now faced with. If you have doubts about anything that is covered in this report by all means please check it out for yourself; you’ll be surprised and shocked at what has been going on behind the curtain by the people who are responsible for and whose job it is to protect the citizens and the environment. TAC

    • rayross says:

      "….the opportunity to course correct is very short."

      I thought that that phrase needed to be extracted and repeated.

      We don't know if you had a specific time frame in mind when you typed it.

  9. Wick says:

    I had a quick question, if anybody could answer. Are the people taking regular flights getting sick? I would think so with all the first hand breathing going on. From what I know, 50% of the cabin's air comes from "outside". If anybody has some links, that would be appreciated. My mother works at the airport now, but she's in a complete state of denial.

    • Derek Crawford says:

      Hi Wick. Everybody is getting sick, not just people who fly. I live in south-central Montana, and sickness is everywhere one turns. And they are asking it with the same raised eyebrows, "Are people you know getting sick more than ever?" 

  10. CJ says:

    Update: DON'T MISS THIS ONE!


    Alberta Fire/Uranium Connection Clinton Foundation You Tube


    Check it out fast before it gets removed!

    The guy says he has been hacked before.

    This is real important information.

    • Dennie says:

      Listen, the ongoing massive environmental destruction very clearly cuts across ALL LINES: POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, RACIAL, etc. 

      If you really can't figure that out and want to paint this as a "democratic party" problem, you really do NOT "get" it– !!!!

    • Bruce says:

      Check out the flaming earth poster for the movie This Changes Everything.  What happens to those who have been burned off their land which yields high grade uranium?   The Dene Norther Trappers Alliance in neighboring Saskatchewan has been actively protesting the toxic uranium mining in their area. 

  11. CJ says:

    That is what these Lunatics are doing. Spraying ETHYLENE DIBROMATE along with a whole long list of shit that is killing everything.


    When you keep seeing all these different country's falling apart you know it is headed this way

    IF YOU DON'T you are a 


  12. rayross says:

    Diane Friday —  You are in southeastern PA.  I have friends in Philly, and have no idea how to present this situation to them.  The paved streets and sidewalks of Philly don't allow for much Nature to commune with.  Do you have any observations that they might relate to? 

    • Diane Friday says:

      rayross: Well, I've been to Philly many times. Center City only, but that counts. There are many beautiful parks in the city. The one a few blocks from Independence Hall comes to mind. If I remember correctly, there are a lot of birch trees in that park. I've noticed those particular trees seem to be kind of delicate. They lose their leaves easily, and their bark. I can't imagine them not being especially affected by the aluminum and all the other toxic crap that's having a devastating effect on all kinds of trees, and animals, including the human animal. Tell them to look up on an especially heavy spray day, ask them how the trees are faring in the city, and ask them, when summer comes — if we have any kind of summer — if they're finding the usual abundance of fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and/or markets that sell organic produce. My guess is there won't be an abundance of much this year, given the endless overcast, rain, and colder than normal temps so far this year. 

      I lived in NYC and north Jersey for 15 years, but I was born and raised in this area. Maybe that made it easier for me to just naturally take notice of the flora and fauna in a city. And, even with skyscrapers, there are always places where you can get a good look at the sky if you want to. It's all about whether or not someone wants to. Best of luck!

  13. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    Another Great broadcast Dane. Over whelming, but, Thanks for informing us. We need to know the truth. Ugly as it is!  You have been Bang on about Fort Mac. The Local's said the Fire's were burning at the North & South ends of the town at the same time. That's why some fled to the North. They have been spraying them hard for month's. If this practice was to Help us, Why are they not migrating the Rain clouds to put out the Fires around the World or in the Drought stricken areas?  Yes it was snowing (Ice Nucleation) in Banff Alberta a few days ago. We had 30C in our area on April 18th approx. 90F That's Insane!  I already have a tan. That's Insane! If it's 90F in April, What will the temps. be in July or Aug.? My God everyone, Wake Up! Jay Weidner stated that all of the Planets in our Solar System are being effected by something. The Ice Caps on Mars are melting the same as the ones on Earth are rapidly melting. The Atmosphere on all of them are effected by it. Their orbit's now have wiggles & bumps they never had before. The Moon is now developing an Atmosphere of a Salt like substance floating around it. When will you Pilot's grow a Backbone? If you cannot be Honest about your job's & the Media is forbidden from reporting on this Great Wonder of Man, that is fixing "OUR PLANET", Then common sense dictates, it's not a "Good Thing"!  Why are YOU signing Gag Orders? Why are the "Weather Specialist's" too, signing Gag Orders if it's on the up & up? It's  Man's obligation to put back into the World at least the equivalent of what one takes out of it. Oh my, YOU are failing Greatly!  What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us. – Ralph Waldo Emerson – When a well packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous & it's speaker, a raving Lunatic! If we don't hold out & stay strong as the last that remember before Alzheimer's takes us too, the ones younger & those that do not remember 300 + days a year of Blue Sky & Sunshine, They will answer when asked what color is the Sky? & they reply, Grey. What color is a Tree? Brown, Of course!  Nothing in the World will take the place of Perseverance. Talent will not: Nothing is more common then unsuccessful Men with Talent. Genius will not:: Unrewarded Genius is almost a Proverb. Education will not: The World is full of educated Derelict's. Persistence & Determination alone are omnipotent!  Thank You Dane for your Persistence & Determination. Your strength keeps so many of us going, I Hope you know. Thanks also to your family & them giving so much. They too are Heroes. Thank You Dane also for reporting on the on slot of weather in Alberta. The Floods, The 450 Million $ Hail Storm, The Summer Snow!  And now the Fires. For almost Four years I've watched daily, waiting for a day without spraying. And for 3 days we've had only 5-10 planes spraying over head. This is remarkable. But of course one is too many.  Almost Blue. A Blue-Grey. No Aerosol Clouds floating. Shocking. Maybe the court case is waking Albertan's up. Now the temperatures are lower & more reasonable to the season. Without the canopy 15C – 20C which is still warm for this time of year. Rain would sure be nice. Even though that means clouds! Ugh!  Strength does not come from a Physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will!  Thank You to all around this Great Planet of OURS that are helping each day to wake up the masses. It will pay off.  Keep Strong & Remember to always forgive your enemy, Nothing annoy's them so much! – Oscar Wilde-

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, thank you making your voice heard in this battle. About the claim by some that the rest of the solar system is warming, this is not the case, FYI,

      Earth is warming due to human activity, with the overall decimation being caused by climate engineering being a major part of the equation. 

    • leo says:

      It was rainy and 35 degrees last night in nw new Hampshire.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well said!  Thank you, and may all your skies be blue.

  14. Carol says:

    Sunday, here in the cooldown zone in Southeast Michigan we were having snow flurries at 46°.  Yet people just laugh it off. They won't be laughing for long.  I expect more garden failures this year as the gardens didn't do as well as normal last year.  There is no more normal. 

  15. stephan says:

    South central Canada – Just got in from a walk downtown – it's 12 degrees celsius and the rain I got caught in was absolutely freezing – white film running down the gutters in the water – saw some small birds happily splashing around in the same white covered puddles – this is f**king crazy

  16. russ says:

    Upstate NY two days ago it was 87 tonight it will be low 30s and possible snow. Its out of control

    • Kim says:

      Russ – I completely agree with you, it is totally out of control.  It was snowing today here in Southeast Michigan.  What’s next? Snow in July and no one questions it?  Another observation – when we are in Florida, I notice that the spraying isn’t nearly as bad as it is here in Michigan, and when I do see it, it appears to be at much higher altitudes than in Michigan. 

  17. mihaela says:

    Just drove from Vienna to Hungary this week end. All crops are dead. There have been high temperatures during the day, rain in the evening and frost in the night. Walnut trees are black as if charred, so are the acacia trees (no honey this year) apricots, cherries, apples, grapes, all fell to the ground nothing left to ripen. The fields are flooded, corn is also charred by frost. In short: no food crops for this year in Austria and Hungary. The weather is made of extremes one hot day, the sun really burns, one really cold day, and rain every other day. The planes are working non stop, rain or shine. Very depressive. And everybody thinks I'm "paranoid." Sadly, no light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Earth Angel says:

      mihela, so very sad to hear your frightening account of what is happening in your area of europe. Prayers for you and others. Dane's account of the terrible situation happening in venezuela- people starving in the streets, picking through garbage, killing and eating cats and dogs- OMG!! I think this is his best news alert yet(although the news is horrifying) and ALL are good. May God bless every one of us in these awful times. Thank you Dane for your in depth research and this critical information every week. We're all in this together, however it turns out. Lord have mercy on us all.

  18. Marc says:

    Have seen numerous jets today over St. Louis trailing MASSIVE PLUMES. Oh, but wait! That Delta Airlines career pilot friend of mine in Tucson told me it's completely benign water vapor from the jet fuel combustion. Oh, really? What……are they now loading jet fuel mixtures onto commercial passenger jets that are 50% kerosene and 50% water??? WTF!!!?? I have a "Stop Geoengineering" auto screen on the back window of my Jetta showing a photo of a jet spewing absolutely MASSIVE PLUMES FROM THE ENGINE AREA OF BOTH WINGS. Only complete vacuous idiots would gaze upon such plumes and not at least wonder what on earth is going on. When I was a kid there must have been complete ignoramuses manning the local agencies that authorized the daytime neighborhood spraying of DDT for mosquito control in St. Louis. When the truck would drive down our street blasting gigantic plumes of white "smoke" out behind we kids would dare each other to run through the plume holding our breath. True story, I kid you not. Solar radiation management ain't functionally much different than this moronic practice of yesteryear. 

      Remember crop dusting? I've seen photos of agri-workers in HazMat suits with chemical backpacks brandishing wands and spraying some unimaginably vicious substance over plants out in the middle of vast fields of crops that presumably are intended for our consumption. Have we all gone absolutely and completely bat-guano out of our f**king minds?? What is with our drooling obsession with spraying every goddamn motherf**king thing on the planet? To make our lives better?? Who thinks like this?

      My next door neighbor, a young woman living with a guy, was out at her back fence spraying Roundup all over a few little vines and a couple of poison ivy plants. She was having trouble with her sprayer and it was leaking. Meanwhile she was sniffling and her eyes were watering and she was a mess. I told her that if she sprayed any of that shit on my yard there would be hell to pay and to consider other natural means of weed control. She just clammed up and didn't really say anything. These are the same folks who won't walk the 50 feet down the alley to dispose of their large production of empty beer bottles and cans in the recycling bin. Doop de doop de doop……

      Have a nice day.

    • Carolyn says:

      when you have to fly anywhere the airlines make you pay extra to put a bag in the hold, its amazing to me the airlines have any space for bags if they have to load the planes with chemicals. There is only one airline that fly's the red eye from Oakland to new York and that's Jet blue.

  19. Greg O. says:

    Three days of non-stop aerosol attack over southwest Colorado.  Not that it ever stops.  It was 80 degrees yesterday; possibility of snow for the next two nights.  These knee-jerk weather manipulated changes are the "new norm."  Thanks Dane for your unfaltering commitment to our dire situation on this once magnificent planet.  The sheep and the rest of us are about to get sheared; only 'they' don't know it.  The question is,will we survive this next shearing?

    • JR says:

      Here in the Southwest, N.M. area all up and down Mesilla Valley, N,S,W,& E our sky is filled with rain clouds but to no avail. The Lowlife SAG/SRM Chemtrailers are spraying them and sky is left with whited trash fake crap, and the winds come. People need to be trained in knowing what to look for, but still many will not acknowledge it. These works are geo-engineered and done intentionally for the newcomers reading this, believe it. Created drought and much catastrophe no doubt has happened with these operations, they care not what happens in their works! All the people who do these evil works are just as and can not possibly serve the Lord. They lust in evil works in their imagination as their father and will die in this big sin never repenting. No doubt they are full of themselves and believe life is but a joke serving self not being good stewards of Earth and all in it. Ignorance, greed, blinded, etc….Lord have Mercy…….

  20. Rodster says:

    This morning they were spraying in Venice, Floida…again. But I saw something interesting and it was possibly a "contrail spray". There was a plane with a short spray that continued with the plane visible from the sky but the spray quickly disappeared from the sky vs a spray that remains and expands for a period of 45 minutes to an hour.

    • levi says:

      The short trails are still sprayed disbursements we should see nothing but once in awhile a reflection off the planes exterior from sunlight when we look at these aircraft.How do I know this I see aircraft one day and they have absolutely no trace of a "contrail".The next day cob web clouds with horizon to horizon trails sprayed more effectively in the thickest cob web fake clouds.I will still see some with quickly dissipating trails but do not be mistaken we should see the aircraft with no persistent trails whatsoever.

    • Jenny says:

      I see those all the time, Rodster, and I'm 99.99% sure they are just another kind of crap being sprayed on us.  NOT benign contrails.  I didn't always see them, though.  They may not turn into the opaque white faux clouds, but I do believe they add to the haze.  I don't even think I live under any commercial flight routes.  I see planes spraying various types of crap above where I live, and once in a while I see a military plane flying low and slow, and I see lots of small planes from a local airport.  But I never see just commercial planes not spraying anything.  There was one day last May when I saw NO planes at all from where I live.  It was a day free of visible signs of geoengineering.  Blue sky and perfect weather, so I'm sure all commercial planes weren't grounded.  It's just that most planes flying over here are doing so for the express purpose of spraying crap.  Most of them are so high and far away, I can't even see the plane.  Just the crap spewing out.  When I go to nearby towns to do shopping or drive someone somewhere, I occasionally see actual commercial jets flying and nothing visible coming out of them.  Hence those towns/areas are under commercial flight paths, and I am not.

  21. Bob Armstrong says:

    I live in the Sudbury, Ontario area and I just wondered if anyone has noticed the absence of small reptiles and amphibians such as toads, frogs, turtles and snakes? Bats and bees seem to be absent too. It is not normal to not see any by this time of year and I believe the crap in the chemtrails is killing them. Should have one autopsied for chemical analysis. Let me know what you are seeing or not in your area.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Bob, I live in southern Ontario (Toronto) and have been visiting eastern Ontario several times in the last month or so, in fact I just got back from Rice Lake earlier today..  ALL the trees are dying. I have been observing the tree devastation since it first became very noticeable to me which was last summer.. and in less than a year later what I'm seeing now is catastrophic.  As we know, the evergreens have taken the biggest hit, I don't think there's a single one that's not dying.. however none of the other trees that should be fully bloomed by now seem to be coming back to life, the maple's are barely putting out any leaves and the ones that are sprouting are so tiny and limp.  Most trees that have bloomed are red, orange or yellow, it actually looks like fall.  The first bee I saw this season was barely moving, couldn't get off the ground.  Everything's dying.  My brother just watched a youtube video of some guys who were hiking through Algonquin park earlier this month, I overheard it.. and of course they seemed oblivious to the dead trees and sound of silence.  I am more shocked that people would not notice the alarming state of the trees than the chemtrails.  Of course many have bought the excuse that it's all blight and beetles to blame, but I'm sure deep down they know that's just what it is, an excuse.  I told my elderly neighbors that the fires in Alberta would happen here in Ontario also, given the circumstances (and it's just as dry here as it was in Fort McMurray the day the fires started, 15%) they replied that we are "safe" here..  and went on to comment about how great the abnormally blazing sun was, "just like Florida", they raved.  Sure enough, just the other night on The Agenda, Steve FAIKin interviewed this forest fire specialist, Tim Lynham.. reassuring people about how Ontario is so well equipped to deal with these situations, I wonder if that's with or without all the dead, dried out trees taken into consideration.  The species that coexist in these ecosystems are either perishing from the toxic overload or the destruction of their habitat. The following video really puts this into perspective

    • stephan says:

      Hi Christina – the amazing video you attached for Bob's inquiry didn't come through on my PC – try this again

    • Marc says:

      Christina Parousis, thank you for the link to "great big story". A most graphically shocking expose of what is happening to the diversity of life forms in our environment. Heartbreaking beyond words.

  22. Catherine D says:

    What is happening in Venezuela is a tragedy felt by all who have a conscience and a heart. We may well be looking at our own future here in the US, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The photos & video in this article are alarming & so heartbreaking. All the more so because it need never have happened at all but for the corruption & greed of a comparative few.

    • virginiaC says:

      Catherine;  What is happening in Venezuela and also Brazil is the product of our CIA.  Obama and Co. have wanted both regimes to fall for years.  In Venezuela case, look what CIA did to Chavez (assassinated him after three attempts)  by inducing cancer. The people of these countries are victims of American aggression and desire to rule the world. Heartbreaking to see what children, oldsters, families are going are right.
      We, as a country have an excellent record of instigating regime changes throughout the world in order to suit our needs and will kill everyone and anyone who stands in our way.   Sad and criminal. And the next president will be worse – whoever gets the chair in the oval office.

  23. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    77 degrees today in Nikiski, Alaska. It was 76 degrees yesterday. At about noon today THEY laid a thick sky splitter from horizon to horizon directly overhead, between me and the sun. The temp. at the time was 72 degrees. Three minutes later another death tanker spewed its load right on top of the previous trail. Both of these jets were only at about 22,000 ft. I watched the second jet head off towards the horizon for a couple minutes more. The sun felt increasingly hotter during the approximately five minutes that this death spray raid occurred. As I headed back inside to get ready for a Saturday night of pizza madness, I checked the thermometer. I read 76 degrees! The temp went up 4 degrees in just five minutes! What THEY are doing is clearly making it hotter, it is undisputable. THEY have been saturating a large high pressure dome over Alaska since noon Friday. I saw a massive trail sprayed at 1:45 a.m. last night and a co-worker said the were spraying heavy at 5;30 a.m.  The term (SRM) or Solar Radiation Management creates deception by definition. It should be called (SRI) or Solar Radiation Intensification. THEY are creating a magnifying glass in the sky! THEY are like a child with a magnifying glass torching ants on the sidewalk. WE are being EXTERMINATED!!!

    Here is a link to what I am doing to raise awareness. Please check it out and pass it on. Never Ever Give Up!!!

    • Nancy Lee says:

      Steven Chamberlain: it was freezing here in southern Maryland today, only in the fifties with gale-force winds. It's usually 80 by now. Today was the first day that I haven't seen any trails (when clear enough to see). Yesterday morning had haarped-style corduroy clouds and then the strangest dark halo around the sun. I've never seen anything like it, ever. Anyway, I'm responding to your comment because I know you've tried to drum up support for a march on DC. I'm all for it and would like to offer you a place to stay if you ever come to the DC area.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Thank you Nancy Lee, I will take you up on the offer and we will stand together against this tyranny. I hope that it happens sooner than later as our time is running out. I have been compiling a list of activist phone numbers who are committed to attending such a march or protest, so to speak. I don't put my email address or home phone number out there much but my business (Charlie's Pizza) is activist central for me and all calls concerning this issue are happily received. Please give me a call anytime and leave a message after the recording if there is no answer. Anyone interested in committing to attending a march on D.C. please give me a call at Charlie's Pizza at (907) 776-8778   I myself could drop everything and be in Washington D.C. with as little as a 48 hour notice. All we need to do is choose the day.  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Steve.  We were hot in Anchorage at 71F Sunday, but 77?  Yes, the spraying can drop the temps quickly.  At times I've felt it drop twenty degrees inside of two hours here.

      After cooling, the recoil warming is immediate and guaranteed, IMO.  Makes me feel weak and dizzy. 

      It must be way too hot near the pizza ovens.  As long time Alaskans, we're not much accustomed to this.  Take good care, Steve.

    • Nancy Lee says:

      Awesome, Steve! Just let me know. I'll do whatever it takes to help with a March on DC. I'm trying to spread the word but no one wants to hear it. My own cousin unfriended me on Facebook over me sharing Dane's post. I admire how you're educating people by writing the website name on the pizza boxes. Excellent idea!

  24. helot says:

    How much longer will the vast majority of populations cling to their delusions and denial of reality?
    From what I’ve read of history, it won’t be until a military boot kicks them on their big fat bottoms in order to get them through the camp gates, Per that Sholtzen Gulag Russian guy.
    And dang! That Bertrand Russell quote seems chillingly accurate to today. Gives me shivers.

    I’m not sure it will make a difference, but I will try to keep trying. What else is there? To give up? Psft!

    I think this is the windy-est Spring we’ve ever had here in the Midwest, I think – that – and all the rain we’ve had, is helping to wake people up just a bit. Someone described the accompanying rains as like a line of rain from a hurricane, that’s not at all normal for the Midwest, imho.

    Anyway, here’s a thought if you want to have billboard and cannot afford one: get a piece of cardboard, write your message, and give it (and twenty bucks?) to those homeless guys on the Interstate On and Off ramps and tell them to hold it up. Leave room for their begging for money message (or write one) and promise an extra twenty if they are still there at the end of the day. Or, something like that. …Next up is drone swarm billboards? Just a thought.

    marianne says: ‘Out of nowhere we have a giant rainstorm after a day of chemtrailing. I mean blanketed skies in every direction bu[y] at least 20 planes.’

    Yah, here, too. For years! WOuldn’t it be interesting if someone created a national weather prediction webpage based on chemtrail observations? If it were accurate enough, that might open some peoples eyes, eh? Might even make some money? The National Geo-Engineering Weather Report? …Followed by local reports?

    I know that if we have a clear blue sky in the morning here, then some short chemtrails by mid-morning, and some thin bits of cloud waifs in, followed by some very long chemtrails (but not quite horizon to horizon) that means we’ll get heavy rains that night or the next day. Never fails.

    P.S. I too so appreciate Susan Ferguson and her comments. And, everyone else’s.

    And, ha! My name might as well be JEFF CAR, too. Same experience, here. Blows me away. I expected better of my fellow man.

    • virginiaC says:

      Helot: "That Russian Gulag guy" to which you refer is Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, a Russian who suffered greatly by his unlawful imprisonment for years by the former Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union at that time was ruled by Communist Jews (Bolsheviks), the same political party of neo-cons that rule the United States, today).  One of Solzenitsyn''s favorite writers was Bertrand Russell.  And I thank Dane for including Russell's piece on today's report.

    • Diane Friday says:

      helot: I love the idea of a weather channel based on what we're all observing, as opposed to the non-stop lies and theatrics provided by the overpaid, cowardly shills who call themselves meteorologists. It's getting so incredibly blatant, and predictable, that those of us who know what's going on can predict almost exactly what's going to happen. I often thought of posting MY weather predictions on social media, because like so many of us, I can tell what's coming based on how heavy the spraying is, the time of day, the altitude, and a few other factors. Here in southeastern PA, we have winds coming out of the north or northwest almost all the time, regardless of the season. When "they" allowed it to be warm and relatively dry last July and August, even on days when it actually reached 90 degrees or a little higher, the wind was still coming from due north or northwest. Always!! The only time that changes is when they're making precipitation or creating ideal conditions for precipitation does the wind direction change, coming from the south, east, or southeast. When they've almost gotten the precipitation brewed up and ready to go, there's almost no wind at all. However, after it rains, and it's been raining here almost every day since the last week of April, the wind will invariably be kicked up and it will be vicious. I imagine spreading that crap around on ground level ensures we get an even stronger dose, because we always get a lot sicker the day after it rains. We're very sick these days. 

      It's becoming scarily obvious that starving us out has been a huge part of the plan from day one. Reading the comments today about how nothing is growing in so many locations because there's too much or not enough rain, too much or not enough sun, too hot or too cold, or all of those factors, as is the case here, is equal parts infuriating and heartbreaking. Anyone fortunate enough to have a large enough greenhouse might have a better chance than most, but you can't grow too much corn or have fruit trees in a greenhouse. Still, it'll be better than nothing. 

      I see the schizophrenic weather isn't exclusive to this area. I didn't think it was, but I didn't know it's become so widespread. I'm guessing it has to be intentional, not weather whiplash, because we see the planes in the skies every day we can actually see the sky. Anytime it isn't completely overcast, which of course is as a result of the planes being in the skies 24/7/365. And still, the majority of people don't or won't see what's going on. I do hope those people are fans of "The Walking Dead", as we are. Say what you want about that show, but it's giving anyone who watches a hardcore preview of what life will be like in an post-apocalyptic world. Sadly, we'll never have the chance to even see, much less pick up arms and fight the enemies. And, as accurately portrayed in that show, the zombies are far less dangerous, in small numbers, than the humans who've decided to appoint themselves gods. Sick as I am, I would gladly pick up arms against the enemies, if the enemies weren't inbred cowardly f***s who've declared themselves gods. 

      Maybe I'll start doing the geoengineered weather forecasts. Maybe that's something else I can do to help wake people up. Thanks for the great idea. 

      As always, thanks to Dane for your unceasing dedication and no-holds barred approach. The more brutally honest, the better. Nothing else will do at this point. 

  25. katherine says:

    Making a little headway here on the central coast of Australia,  my family, friends and Facebook friends are now asking questions and posting photos. It's slow but it's snowballing, we have petitions going as well. Once again thanks Dane we all really appreciate your courage


    • Andrew "Cayce" Thomas says:

      everyone who is awakened to this madness must at least discuss and educate at least 3 other people and ask each of those to in turn tell 3 more and so on and so on eventually EVERYONE will know the lies and poisin being fed to us #WeMustWakeUp

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Katherine, well done.  Let me know if I can help, some of my emails wing around Oz, NZ and Tasmania.  I would be happy to refer them to any sites you setup/use.

    • Raymond Gilmour says:

      Hi Katherine

      We live in from Port Macquarie…NSW..We send frequent photos via FB Australia and NZ against Chemtrails . Have contacted both our local and Federal MP's ..and local TV station  (no replies 🙁 )    Making our own Flyers and distributing locally..People would have to be blind not to see what is happening in our skies..Keep up the good work .. 

  26. Jake says:

    What in the world is going on in Hawaii? They are all of a sudden in a drought. I've been paying attention to the inferred loop and that storm completely fell apart almost like it was deliberate because storms aren't supposed to die like that in warm waters.

    • BaneB says:

      Storms coming from the western Pacific are being suppressed via sprayed desiccant aerosols which dissolve the eastern edge of the fronts as they move toward Hawaii.  Some of these low pressure systems seem to be steered away from Hawaii using high energy transmitters.  I say this because I am a daily viewer of 1pacificredwood (UTube).  His meteorological expertise exposes much about the weather control operations taking place.  You might want to check out the locations of various transmitter facilities.  Particularly on the western most island which would be the sentinel locale to initiate heating of the approaching front.  And you have those beautiful cumulus clouds which are likely aerosol sprayed over their tops to collapse and dissolve their rain-making capabilities.  Pay attention to jet behavior.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Best guess, the navy doing their planned war games there.

    • Bruce says:

      The big island of Hawaii recently banned GMO biotech,  India is heating up after rejecting Monsanto,  geoengineering legal action is really heating up in  Canada, something must be going on in the sw usa as well as in many other instances.  A pattern?

  27. Jan says:

    Hi Dane – I took my 50 year old son to see AMERIGEDDEN, the movie today – It is playing in selected movie theatres – and I recommend all that is reading his – JUST GO SEE IT….they are truly trying to get the message out as to what is happening right now and will be happening.  .GOD BLESS YOU – FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  You are the ONLY website I trust to tell us what is going on.     P.S.  I also so appreciate Susan Ferguson and her comments.

  28. Ed Bee says:

    Here we are going into June soon and the forecast calls for snow tonight. And nobody questions this anymore. I feel the noose is getting tighter and tighter around our necks and 99 percent of the population won't acknowledge that there is a noose at all. I have been trying for days to pull up the article detailing the President paving the way to martial law and cannot access it. I check all the mainstream news sites for info on the Alberta fire, sea life die-off, tree and animal die-off, drought, etc. but see virtually nothing. It is no wonder people don't have a clue. How could they when all the important news is kept from them?

    • Richard Bertrand says:

      Yes…snow @ 40° F ? In May? Seems normal, back to our somnambulistic state. 

    • Jaana says:

      Thank you Dane for all you do! Your dedication and passion against this insanity is incredible!  You are truly a hero to so many.   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Janna, I am only doing my part, as are so many others. It is all of us working together that matters, that will make the difference.

  29. matt sarlo says:

    I sit here listening to my grandchildren laugh and play and it breaks my heart knowing they have no future. 

    • Marc says:

      Matt Sarlo, emotion wells up in my own heart by your simple statement. My 4 year old granddaughter lives in England and I rarely get to see her. I have already missed the vast majority of her growing up…..

  30. Ben says:

    While most of the current people running for US office do not seem to have much interest in this issue, Andrew D. Basiago,, might be your best bet. 

  31. Marc says:

    Towards the end of this current Global Alert News Dane reiterates the powerful statement that geongineering CAN'T work and is toxifying everything in the process.  Once again I ask the simple question: how the f**k can some of the leading and most visible climate scientists like James Hansen, Paul Beckwith and Peter Wadhams actually go on the public record calling for emergency geoengineering?? How can it even be possible that these presumably intelligent and highly credentialed academic titans could make such an egregious error of judgment and perception? I scream out my question to these assholes: how on f**king earth can you guys have remained unaware of the massive spraying campaigns for so many years? Why must you guys continue to pretend you don't see what the f**k is going on when millions around the world figured it out long ago? Really? If you are calling for "emergency geoengineering" because you have finally "GOT" the data and you genuinely see no other possible mitigation, that is one thing. But if you've known about active geoengineering in our skies for decades (and hello, how could you NOT? Isn't it your JOB to figure out what's going on with climate and the weather and the biosphere?) then I submit that your calls for emergency geoengineering to "save the Arctic ice" at all costs is morally reprehensible in the very extreme. Why? Because, as Dane says here today, GEOENGINEERING CANNOT AND DOES NOT WORK. Yes, temporary cool-downs. Mitigation of dangerous warming across the globe, NO. How many thousands, if not millions, place their trust in guys like James Hansen and in AMEG Chairman, John Nissen? In the latter example, there is no more forceful call for emergency "refreezing" of the Arctic than that being put forth by AMEG. Really? Refreeze the whole f**king Arctic? Gee, I wonder if the buffoons behind all the SRM have scheduled enough work at the the North Pole to make a difference. Ya think? John Nissen on the AMEG website babbles on and on while praising some scientist colleague's idea to put a hundred or two hundred ships in the Arctic ALL MADLY SPEWING AEROSOLIZED SALTS OUT OF GIGANTIC SMOKESTACKS  as if the resulting cloud cover will cool the Arctic enough to rebuild the polar ice cap. Really? Are you eggheaded f**ks kidding me? Again, it is with extreme incredulity that I and so many others have to sit around and gawk slack-jawed at the pristine naivete of these solutions. One might argue that well, at least they are SUGGESTING SOLUTIONS. What are YOU doing? What am I doing? I am personally in the school of philosophy that believes that it is certifiably insane to poison the whole world to save it. Cease immediately ALL GEOENGINEERING OF THE HAARP AND SRM KIND!!! Period. End of Story. That is actually something that, in theory, could be done and done immediately. Just f**king STOP. As for the combustion of fossil fuels, that is infinitely more troublesome. I support Dr. Steven Greer's work toward full "Disclosure" on the release of free energy technology already known undeniably to exist. Such technology would most certainly be a planetary game changer if only the psychodregs who control it and withhold it could be toppled or somehow prodded into a new paradigm of thinking. But unfortunately for us all, this elite minority will never give up their "Pearl". 

      It is a grim forecast ahead. All feeling hearts are breaking at what we see from the likes of militaries and corrupt governments and from stupidity so vast there is no word in our language that sufficiently expresses it.

    • stephan says:

      Marc – I don't usualiy re-read comments on this wonderful web-site – tell it all brother – this one's for you   

    • DrDignity says:

      Arctic Methane Emergency Group !AMEG) & its President, John Nilson advocate SRM.  Sam Carana & Arctic News also advocate it as part of their plans to mitigate climate change.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello DrDignity, about AMEG, Carana, “Arctic News”, (and Guy McPherson), though their front line assesmemts of the climate disintegration have merit, their blatant lying about the ongoing climate engineering (and the part it has played in the unfolding planetary cataclysms), is unexcusable. FYI on McPherson 

    • leo says:

      All they have to do is look up and watch the daily spraying duh

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hello Marc ….its not about cooling down the planet ….its about food control, water control, and a tool to for the mililtary ….its not about the planet …never has been …thats the front ….Monsantos is one of the biggest elephants in the room pulling the string with the ellite.

      Its never been about saving the planet ….its about GREED….and control.

      Just a thought ..if you control the weather then you control Governments, farming/crops …etc. So have you heard this statement ……."you wont be able to buy or sell without the mark" ….well if your not going to go alone with the program you and your country will starve to death……….On Its Way very shortly …

      Ps ..prince charles now owns ALL food distribution companys in Europe

      Buy or sell …only if your in the program.

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      They aren't trying to fix anything, Marc. That has become clear.

      Though I'm sure the various mafia families are fractured and hold differing views, it is obvious that no viable solution exists. I believe that one may be found, if enough people put their minds to the problem – if enough people are made aware. As it stands, SRM represents a stalling of the inevitable, inexorable collapse, as elites stash their bunkers with whatever they think will sustain their bodies in perpetuity beneath a destroyed surface. 

      We can't 'refreeze' the Arctic. The climate system has absorbed a colossal amount of energy – which can't escape.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      stephan, great, sad/funny video clip, clever cartoon!

      Marc, I wish I knew.  Sometimes I do wonder if they know something we don't.  Like there is a polar reversal, or worse?, our Earth's internal workings are stopping, which is possible, both are possible and would include a weakening magnetic shield.  As opposed to impossible.  What if they gamed this out and this was the best they could come up with? What if all they've done, first just because they can, then for war and power caused one of these scenarios?  They certainly would not tell owing to mass panic and insanity.  And they'd do anything to buy time.  Not that I think this is going on, but there are some indications, such as Earth really is slowing down, and the north pole is wandering.  That info trickled down to us.  It is the only thing I can think of to "excuse" respectable persons otherwise.  Perhaps all the nukes have permanently screwed us and they freaked and thought this could counter that, or buy time as the whole world would hate us even more than they do now.  I sort of doubt it.  Some of these guys are clearly slimeballs, but some are not so it is a confusion!  Given that the only other explanation is that they are ALL corrupt idiots does seem rather extreme.  But is easier somehow to believe.  Except for the part of it not making sense!  To my understanding, they can't stop this until all nuclear stuff is stopped for good and well stopped.  Because of the feared whiplash effect, rising seas-funny-not-how they tend to build these things near water/oceans and fires.  If that is the answer, that all nuke stuff has to be stopped first, well, the whole world would have to do that and now.  So, maybe they've waxed themselves into one tight corner.  I mean, they'd have to say they are spraying us and why, and how long, by way of explaining how they can't stop owing to nuclear everything–hence an inbetween time in which it's grab what you can while you can.  Delay, delay, delay.  Deny, deny, deny.

      Hate to say it, just the only thing my struggling brain can think up, and in part backed up by a lot of what I've found out.  Quite some time ago they began having to up our time a tad to meet atomic time standards because Earth really Is slowing down, but ever so slowly.  Still.  Indicative.  Our magnetic shield really Is weakening.  The poles really Are wandering.  A bit more than a bit.  As Dane always says: it's this, that And the other.  If only someone would tell the truth!  On the other hand, thanks to Dane, we are educated, already bummed and could handle the truth.  But, who else could?  Heck, we crave truth!  Truth no matter how bad would be quite welcome.  Otherwise, it's back to greed and money, conspiracy cabals, and world class idiots-which is not very comforting!  At all!  Natural death with Earth, or assisted?  I mean, it is crazy making!  Talk about a rock and a hard place!

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      I am happy you mentioned Stephen Greer Marc.  I place that man on a pedestal right beside Mr. Dane for courage and bravery.  Mr. Greer has big money people offering him assistance in financing new energy technologies now and a plan that will work for humanity.  Together, somehow, we will bring this to an end.  With every ending there is a new beginning.

    • Dennie says:

      "What are YOU doing? What am I doing? I am personally in the school of philosophy that believes that it is certifiably insane to poison the whole world to save it. Cease immediately ALL GEOENGINEERING OF THE HAARP AND SRM KIND!!! Period. End of Story. That is actually something that, in theory, could be done and done immediately. Just f**king STOP. "

      What I think we could all do is INUNDATE the in-boxes of James Hansen, Paul Beckwith and Peter Wadham with e-mails letting them know we do in fact know the actual truth about geoengineering.. as if they didn't already know it in fact.  BUST 'EM!!!!

  32. Roger Gibbons says:

    Free bird …..just go billboards on thi site down load the one you like to your documents ….then do to Vista Print pick magnet sign …then on the eft side you will see down load pic …it will take you to your document file …pick the one you want …it will bring it in to the box …then you just drag it over to the magnet and drop.
    You can edit it …just left tap on magnet and the edit tool bar will come up.
    Its a great way to get the message out … can use those great bill board pic's …..a picture is a thousand words.
    Thank you Vista print……
    Good luck ….and I truly think we can all advertise any of these great bill board pic to the public. A picture is a thousand words…….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Roger Gibbons!  Very kind of you to give such good instructions.  I'm no whiz at this stuff, you've made this possible!  And you are right, a picture is worth a thousand words, plus, this would be fun!  Much gratitude, R

  33. Remediating this tragic attack on our life support systems is going to take a large paradigm shift.  

  34. There is one big question that arises from all this insanity, one that is asked by those who attack us and call us tin-foil hat wearing, `conspiracy theorists' and that is,"Why would those carrying out this supposed criminal attack on our life-sustaining world eco-systems do this when they themselves, and their loved ones, will be also be adversely affected themselves?

    I have no answer apart from them possibly being heartless psychopaths who don't care,

    • Tom F says:

      Dane has addressed ths issue many times but basically you've answered your own question.

  35. BaneB says:

    Thanks for the images from Germany.  The entire human race is sound asleep.  

  36. Great telecast. I watch every one on you-tube. Thanks Dane for real news. I just one of many would like to say, Please contribute and help Dane, who is working for every one tirelessly. Do the research and spread the word while we can. Thanks Dane.

  37. Arctic Sea Ice Could Disappear This Summer
    11 May 2016 / Dahr Jamail, Truthout
    Climate scientists tracking anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) have long feared what is referred to as a blue ocean event. A blue ocean event means a complete absence of Arctic sea ice, allowing the heat of the sun to fully penetrate the open waters of the Arctic, which would then dramatically accelerate the rate of warming in the Arctic. This dramatic shift would then cause a profound disruption of both atmospheric and ocean-current circulation around the globe, contributing to an increasingly ice-free Arctic, rising sea levels and dramatic increases in ACD everywhere.
    …a number of serious impacts. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf, which scientists estimate contains several times more heat-trapping gases than the amount that currently exists in the atmosphere (currently 407 parts per million carbon dioxide), is already releasing record amounts of these gases.
    A 2013 NASA study, titled "Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?," warned: "In July 2012 we saw methane levels over swamps in the Innoko Wilderness that were 650 parts per billion higher than normal background levels. That's similar to what you might find in a large city." That same year, US Navy researchers pointed to the implications: They predicted a sea-ice-free Arctic by this summer.

    • NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL researchers predict summer Arctic ice might disappear by 2016, 84 years ahead of schedule.
      David Schmalz / Nov 27, 2013
      Tucked away on the third floor of the Naval Postgraduate School’s building of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a small team of researchers is leading an effort that will change the way the world thinks about the world. Their project is the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM), and it is arguably the most advanced – and accurate – Arctic climate model in existence. On a recent, sunny winter day, U.S. Navy Lt. Dominic DiMaggio – a master’s student in physical oceanography and meteorology and a RASM team member – lays out the model’s virtues and complexities, casually throwing around terms like “parameterization” and “highly non-linear functions.” Then, almost 60 dizzying minutes later, he just as casually points to a graph showing a RASM projection for melting Arctic sea ice, a phenomenon that occurs every summer but has been accelerated by climate change: By the summer of 2016, the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free, opening the door to vast reserves of fossil fuel, and eventually, freeing up a shipping lane between Europe and Asia.

    • This is all starting to fit together too well.
      In 2013 the Navy predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free by this 2016 summer. They have known this was going to happen since 2013. Thus the "militarization” of WA state and the Olympic Peninsula. They probably have done the maths that have already described exactly what will occur, including the changing world ocean currents and potential sea level devastation. Anyone else connecting what I am seeing here?

      quote from above: U.S. Navy Lt. Dominic DiMaggio – a master’s student in physical oceanography and meteorology and a RASM team member – lays out the model’s virtues and complexities, casually throwing around terms like “parameterization” and “highly non-linear functions.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, hi and yes it fits and I've Been seeing it.  As I've said, quite some time ago and by that I mean way before 2013 I read in paper about an ice free Arctic and all were drooling at the possibilities.  And so they plotted.  Apparently!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, Mr. Di Maggio, obviously you and the rest of your cronies were just waiting for this moment– "vast resources of fossil fuels," and "shipping lanes to Asia," indeed.  The U.S. Navy really hit a few outta the ball park this time.  Never mind you destroyed the planet you live on– WHO CARES?

  38. marianne says:

    yesterday they chem-trailed all day in Eugene over clear blue skies. then last night a storm rolled in with thunder. Downpouring all day. Out of nowhere we have a giant rainstorm after a day of chemtrailing. I mean blanketed skies in every direction but at least 20 planes. I saw it myself.

    • Craig says:

      The exact same happened here and I am located near Hillsboro. Bone chilling (at least for me) cold outside today. Perhaps you have noted that recently during the last several days, all appears well for the most part during the day, and later they begin starting in again in the very early evening, the spraying is massive and apparently continues all night long. Have you been bothered by coughs around 3AM that are usually gone by 6AM? Not every day, but here and there. I ask others in town and they tell me that yes, they had a cough beginning around 3AM but gone now. Everyone blames it on an Allergy, even if in Jan! If you ask them what the Allegry is caused by they say "its something" and head to the Pharmacies for over the counter Allergy things. Apparently these "Allergies" are self diagnosed. I have never heard one person yet say they have consulted a doctor. Perhas a different chemical is in the batch on those "Cough Nights?"

    • Patty says:

      Marianne, I am up here in the Columbia River Gorge and Friday the 13th was the worst chemtrailing day I have seen to date. In fact this is the first season I have seen so many planes and trails ever. Last Friday and Saturday it was clear and no planes. ?? This geoengineering is so detrimental to my health! I am a canary and no one listens!

      Thank you Dane for all you do!

    • cheska says:

      Marianne, i’m in Eugene and i saw that too. It was one of the worst spray days i’ve seen in a long time. It’s been a while since i’ve taken pictures of the planes but i took quite a few that day. It was definitely the worst i’ve seen this year.

      The weather is so weird. 80+ degrees in March & April. We’ve had days when the temperature fluctuated nearly 50 degrees!! And in this part of Oregon that is so NOT normal. Definitely not normal.

      But when i express shock over how hot it has been people around me say “oh I know, isn’t it great!” .. ???

      I just want to yell WTF? No dammit, it’s NOT! And no my tomato plants should NOT be blooming the 1st week of May. That’s not right, it’s not normal. And it is most
      definitely NOT great.

      Someone actually asked me why i couldn’t just enjoy the nice weather. Which in turn made me wonder if maybe i really was just overreacting, maybe acting a little crazy .. i think i was hopeful that i was.
      But then i look around & see that no, there’s just too much going wrong around us. Too much suffering and destruction. And i know that no, i can’t ‘just sit back & enjoy it’ .. not in this lifetime.

      It’s all just so wrong that sometimes i just sit and cry because i don’t see a future for all these children people keep having. I just want to scream. I don’t know what else to do.

      I’ve developed this insane need to constantly plant things. I don’t know if it’s just my own way of coping with the destruction i see but i’m constantly putting seeds in the soil and coaxing things to grow (i’m running out of places to put all the pots). And finding that it’s harder and harder to do. Plants die so easily anymore. And i can always tell when the neighbors have been spraying because i find dead & dying bees and bugs littering my backyard. I cry while picking up their little carcasses.

      It feels like we’re living in a real-time nightmare, only most of the people haven’t even noticed that they’re sleeping. Sometimes it feel like i’m surrounded by zombies, all of them connected by the phones that they won’t let go of.

      Friends and family keep telling me i’m nuts when i point to the lines in the sky and say this isn’t normal, it’s not right. I tell them to please – just look around, pay attention .. that’s all they need to do. Why is it so hard for people to see?
      I get that it’s scary – i’m scared too. But you have to acknowledge and get past that fear before you can change anything.
      I’ve had people who actually see the skies & whats happening tell me ‘I simply can’t deal with that right now’. And i just want to scream at them – do you not realize that if we don’t deal with this then school or family or whatever – won’t matter????

      I feel like i’m living in this surreal state of frustrated, yet terrified, observation. That probably doesn’t make sense but i don’t know how else to put it.

      I try not to feel completely hopeless because i know more and more people DO seem to be catching on. But who knows what we’ll be facing in the months and years to come. I try to use the fear in myself as a motivator. As something that helps me find more determination to spread the word. But it’s hard to feel positive some days.

      I do find it comforting to read the articles and comments on this site. There are some amazing people on this website and it makes me feel a little less alone and for that i am very grateful.

      All i can think to do is to keep talking to people and planting things. Plant seeds of truth in the mind and everything else in the ground. And pray something grows.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Cheska, I am doing the same thing you are doing. My garden has tripled in size in the last two years. Most of my crop gets dried and stored. I plan on being the last man standing. Get Ready, Get Prepared! We are the sane ones! Keep planting seeds, Vegetable or Truth seeds. Soon enough they will sprout and flourish. Never Give Up!!!

  39. JEFF CAR says:


  40. Ron Marr says:

    We all must understand the fake reality that we have been raised in. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Christopher Columbus began the atrocity that is America today. About 8,000,000 people that Columbus decided to call Indians had been killed by violence, disease and despair. It is said to be equivalent to fifty Hiroshimas. Within twenty-one years of his landing in the Americas the majority of the Western Hemisphere's native peoples had been exterminated.  A very advanced loving, sharing,giving, peaceful Civilization. It is a very sad and gruesome account of history. Just one epigraph from Diego de Landa's 'Relacion de las cosas de Yucatan':  "The captain Alonso Lopez de Avila, brother-in-law of the adelantado Montejo, captured, during the war in Bacalan, a young Indian woman of lovely and gracious appearance. She had promised her husband, fearful lest they should kill him in the war, not to have relations with any other man but him, and so no persuasion was sufficient to prevent her from taking her own life to avoid being defiled by another man; and because of this they had her thrown to the dogs."  The light of history shines on the past and allows us to see ahead. Today we have Henry Kissinger who made a career slaughtering native peoples around the world. He was just given Americas highest achievement award. I don't say this to bring on fear and anxiety. I say this to promote consciousness. We are only consciousness and together we are the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. Unless we awaken to this power….we will become the NEW Americas.

  41. Roger Gibbons says:

    Well I received my car door advertising magnet today I will Attach it to my passenger side door of my van tomorrow. Its going to be interesting to see what people say when they see it.

    The pic on the magnet Advertising mat is the billboard …Stop Spraying Us ………

    You can have one made for your vehicles at ….Vista print on line it so easy to do …takes 5 minutes …and shipped out the next day …Well done Vista Print.

    I well keep all informed of any conversations that I might encounter from the world.

  42. kathleen says:

    A long time ago I heard or read that in Eisenhower's speech, he originally referenced the Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL Complex but was talked into not mentioning the Congress, hence MIC and not MICC. It's obvious they are complicit, and criminally so — just look at the way districts are drawn, virtually ensuring re"election." Sigh.

    On another topic, have you been checking your weather source for the UV index? Lately I have. Today it's 10 (very high), and it's been in the 8-9 range (high) since I started checking it a week or so ago. It also turns out that the San Diego sky is 100% white today (the spraying started yesterday afternoon) GRRRR! I need to do more research so I can learn which foods best protect us from these evils. Until then, do everyone a favor and stop using a garbage disposal — instead, toss all seeds everywhere, and also start a compost pile. At the least, if the seeds sprout you might get more plants or sprouts for the birds. And if you haven't already, start adding turmeric to your meals. Check for scads of articles on its healing properties, and buy the tubers and plant some. To your health, my dear friends…

  43. Rick Paley says:

    I greatly appreciate your concise, articulate and genuine reporting.  I can't begin to thank you enough for delivering this dark message of truth. What can we, with limited abilities do to help wake up those that can make change? We are nearing the end of our existence on this planet yet insanely turn a blind eye….why?  Those in power must know what is going on yet they continue to destroy earth's life support systems? Why? We need to bring this to light of those who have some semblance of sanity to stop the insanity. There is no time to investigate as the visible evidence of our dessimation is right in front of our noses. How can we gather collectively to stand against the deadly regime of insane cabal? Time is if the essence and yet  the globally elite, the power structure are standing mute…why?

    • John doe says:

      Agree and very well said!

    • virginia says:

      Rick:  "How can we gather collectively?"  You hit the nail on the head.  We need to gather collectively by the millions in order to stop the decimation of our planet by psychopaths, mad eugenics proponents like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Kissinger etal who wish us all diseased or dead.
       But, it will never happen, unfortunately for mankind.  Generally speaking, people worldwide are asleep or unwilling to investigate any problem that will interrupt their current lifestyle—– until the SHTF and then it is too.  They are sheep in every sense of the word.  As an example, look at the furor, excitement and support Donald Trump has garnered for the next presidency.  He will solve our problems, say the sheep.  He will make America first say the flock.  America will be so much better off – maybe no more wars (?), maybe more jobs, better education and better environmental support – perhaps he will even tackle climate engineering, stop the global destruction by wars, famine, nuclear weapons…and the list goes on.  Rah, Rah, Rah.
      How many have investigated Trump's background?  Where did he get his billions?  Who are his backers?  I'll tell you what I have learned.  You can believe it or not.   He is backed by his gambling consortiums consisting of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Mossad and CIA and crime families of long standing – springing from the Meyer Lansky crowd and Cuban revolutionaries (Florida come to mind?).  Trump bought up 93% of a gambling front called Mary Carter Paint Co., which controlled all gambling, drug smuggling, and changed the name to his present holdings.  Look it up, it's all there for anyone to read.  Trump is a con who will be as bad as Hillary, Obama and Bushes all put together, in  my opinion.  It will only get worse for America because for Trump, Israel and Zionism is top priority, (as is Hillary's.  Just look who just threw his support for Trump – Sheldon Adelson.  If that doesn't tip you off, you are asleep, as well. We have absolutely no choice in this election and my hopes for the new president to tackle climate engineering, nuclear proliferation, this darn eugenics program (vaccines, poisoned food and water, etc.) has gone out the window.  So, what do we do?  Yes, make our voices heard, keep up the fight and never give up.  Just don't expect too much from our federal or state governments.  I may be all wrong on this critique – hopefully I am.  Time will tell.
      If someone has an answer, let us all know. 
      So, what do we do

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, the only way forward in this battle is to reach a critical mass of awareness, that effort will take all of us using our time efficiently and effectively. Once a critical mass is reached, the rest of the wheels will turn on their own, wait and see. FYI link attached.

    • Malinda says:

      Hi Virginia, speaking of toxic food, I just came across an article on Natural News that stated that McDonalds uses a toxic pesticide called Monitor (methamidophos) on the potatoes from which their fries are made.  Methamidophos is an organophosphate insecticide that inhibits the enzyme cholinesterase which disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses.  In addition, one study found 'decreased sperm levels in men.'  With all the toxins in the world, I'm amazed that there are any living creatures still living and reproducing.

  44. Torture, War, Assassinations are Part of the “New Normal”: Bush-Obama Powers Will Pass to Next President
    By David Swanson / Global Research, May 14, 2016
    …Obama has made torture a question of policy, not a crime to be prosecuted. Frowning on it and outsourcing it and hushing it up does not deny it to the next president in the way that prosecuting it in court would. Obama campaigned against rewriting laws with signing statements. Then he proceeded to do just as Bush had done. That Obama has used fewer signing statements is largely due, I think, to the fact that fewer laws have been passed, combined with his creation of the silent signing statement. Remember that Obama announced that he would review Bush’s signing statements and decide which to reject and which to keep. That is itself a remarkable power that now passes to the next president, who can keep or reject any of Bush’s or Obama’s signing statements. But as far as I know, Obama never did actually tell us which of Bush’s he was keeping. In fact, Obama announced that he would silently assume any past signing statement to apply to a new and relevant law without restating the signing statement. Obama has also developed the practice of instructing the Office of Legal Counsel to write a memo in place of a law. And he’s developed the additional technique of creating self-imposed restrictions, which have the benefit of not being laws at all when he violates them. A key example of this is his standards for whom to kill with drones.
    On the question of starting wars, Obama has radically altered what is acceptable. He began a war on Libya without Congress. He told Congress in his last state of the union speech that he would wage a war in Syria with or without them (which statement they applauded). That power, further normalized by all the drone wars, will pass to the next president.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, when all people around me were getting excited over having a blackish president, and by the way, any criticism and all play the black card, I was paying attention to him, the person.  To me, given his statements about what he would do as president, he seemed so far left it looked like right to me, as in right wing.  I feared what he would do and it had nothing to do with skin color.  But, he did promise no new nuclear plants-saying not until we figure out what to do with the waste.  And so I did vote for him.  Even as he speaks against it, we are building 60 new reactors?!  People kept stressing that he is a constitutional expert.  We had hoped that would work in our favor.  How naive.  As it now seems as if they wanted a constitutional expert in order to get around the constitution!  I cannot ever forgive him, as well as Hillary, for selling off protected lands to foreign companies to mine.  It's as if the democratic party has become the far right and I begin to understand the Tea Party.  What all I found out about democratic party control over universities and science turns my stomach.  I hate the way he killed Osama, if he really did.  And the drone thing is hideous.  I now hate the man.  And I now begin to get some of the objections to Common Core.  In fact, I begin to view all the obstructionism as a dog and pony show.  An act just for us to swallow whole.  Some friends say But Rachel, look what he's been up against.  Uh huh.  The Olympic Peninsula part came almost two years after the navy "protecting" all our coasts, All, and some inland waters too.  First came the militarizing of our police forces all over the country.  Then the first? navy thing gone mad, the war practice and "takes" were authorized by Obama, he told NOAA to okay it.  It was by Executive order and began early January 2014.  Then came the proposal for your area-to practice in more realistic terrain!, which got hung up for awhile.  Then came Jade Helm, which near as I can put the pieces together covered areas the government wants protected with regard to the lands sold for mining to international groups.   Meanwhile, the navy, in part one, extended their practice in ocean area twice, including to Hawaii.  And that is to last until 2020.  You know, to make sure every single ocean critter is dead.  It seems.  Then, the Peninsula.  Which would be and seems rightfully unthinkable but for their heavy presence in the area around there "forever" and in Puget Sound, and maybe the fact that so many retired military live there.  Heck, their home base is right near there.  And of course meanwhile he created ISIS with his foreign wars and drones.  All the while, unknown, virtually unknown, absolutely covering Africa with "lily pad" bases ready to morph large.  And, of course, the spraying of our skies ramped up so very much that his nickname should be Overkill.  Here's hoping his wicked stepmother, Hillary, does not get the presidency.  If that matters at all in a country obviously run by the military, not the other way round.  Oh!  and meantime, the ultra secret TTP.  It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? I wish I could think it will get better with him gone, but no it won't.  I think it would be naive again to think so.  We do need a real revolution.  How?  that is the key question.  "They" have things locked up so tight that I fear Bernie's revolution will never get to be, or he will be killed, or die of heart failure upon hearing the secrets a president is allowed to hear.  Supposedly, even Obama has not been allowed to read the 9/11 file.  I don't know if there is a way out of this mess, but for a Real revolution.  I mean our military seems to be running the show-with the president's blessing yet!  But I hear that even they hate this drone thing and more.  So, hope there? 

    • Hi Rachel Robson — Yep… O'Bummer! Honestly I looked at his astrological birth chart before he was ever elected and I saw that this man has no spine! He is nothing more than a "reader" and the perfect puppet to be manipulated by the elite. Zbigniew Brzesinski is said to have been his "handler"! My friends were all going — we have 'Hope' … and I kept quiet. Knowing most wouldn't believe me. Actually his wife is strong willed. But our blackish Prez was born without a spine and has no real convictions, much less integrity.   :o)

  45. DrDignity says:

    Bravo, Dane, and bravo everyone here! If you haven't seen this web site, please do so soon. The article featured is "Polar Heat Wave Digs In."

  46. GREAT GOOD Work Dane Thank YOU no fear LOVE Always John xxxxxxxxx

  47. The fires in Canada and Alaska are no accident. Geoengineering is an extermination program, period… No food, water, or shelter, means no one left to fight… This prime habitat is the next major fire zone. Ten years after blowdown, Boundary Waters still recovering | Minnesota Public Radio News Stephanie Hemphill · Ely, Minn. · Jul 2, 2009

    Boundary Waters–Canadian derecho – Wikipedia

    Ya, well – bull-tweedy

    I was living on the North shore when this alleged "storm" took place. There was nothing natural about this storm nor it's political aftermath. If you live in Southern Canada, Northern Minnesota, or North Central Wisconsin, fire could very well come to a dead/dying town near you. Nothing has been done to clean up the billions of tons of downed trees and debris since this "disaster took place.

    Was this "storm" an early HAARP experiment. Guess who was governor of Minnesota in 1999??? Dose the title "Conspiracy Theory" ring any bells???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Are you saying Jesse, Paul?  The video from the cabin is terrifying.  What was it like for you?  In that video it looks as if the wind is coming from every direction at once.  Absolutely terrifying.  Amazing no one died.  Then just gone and clear skies?  WTH?!!!  I agree that the only constant in nature is change, but clearly this was not natural.  And clearly you are right, mega fire hazard.  Yikes.  And thank you.  I never knew of this.  Why?  

    • Hi Rachel Robson: The wind was like a 140 mile per hour down draft, and lasted about 15 minutes where I was. It flattened 200 year old white pine trees like they were twigs. I was standing 75 feet from the shore of Lake Superior. Waves were throwing football sized rocks through the surf like they were ping-pong balls. Yes. Jessie was sent a message, and the Gunflint Trail resort area never recovered. It looks like a moonscape… Everything has remained dead… It will never come back…

  48. A choice of my German geoengineering pictures is online:

    • Jake says:

      My god, mind baffling pictures man. We get it bad over here, but I've seen nothing like what's in some of those images. It's baffling people can believe that's water condensation. I feel insane.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh good grief Karl!!  What a nightmare times ten!  WOW.

      Jake, YOU are not the one who is insane!  But it does make one feel one's lost one's mind, even balance.  My night skies make me feel crazy.  Disoriented.  I get it.

  49. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 113th email to my contact list, titled "Maybe it is Time To…"

    1. Maybe it is time to review the "Malcolm Light, Sam Carana, Harold Hensel, and further (anonymous) contributors 'Planetary Omnicide Between 2023 and 2031'" chart, updated in 2014:

    a.  Malcolm has recently stated that the coral bleaching and die off is at least 6 months ahead of 'expected'.

    b.  It seems to me that we are 6 years ahead of the 'expected date' for loss of 5 year Arctic ice – at least for the sea ice.

    c.  Extreme drought beginning to affect 1 – 30% of land area is already here, so that is on schedule.

    d.  Global mean atmospheric methane is on schedule at @1870ppb, with peaks near 3000ppb.

    e.  The sea level rise is on schedule.  The rapidly melting Arctic sea ice is obviously already incorporated into our sea levels, but when that is gone, the rapid melting rate of the ice on the land areas of Greenland and the Antarctic will increase dramatically, causing dramatic sea level rise.  The chart's two meters of sea level rise by 2019 is perfectly feasible and probably understated, and 87 meters of sea level rise will happen well before 2100.  Five islands in the South Pacific are already lost.  

    f. Cereal production decrease in mid latitudes by 2021 – leading to severe famine, is on schedule.

    g. We are at the start date for the expected 50Gt methane burp (end date being 2024).

    h.  Oh, the good news is that they expected the Arctic ice cap to finally break open in Sept 2015, so we are 12 to 24 months later than expected.

    The chart is impressively accurate.  Maybe Malcolm Light is also correct when he bangs on about an impending apocalyptic methane firestorm.

    2.  Maybe it is also time to peruse Guy McPherson's 65 global warming self-reinforcing feedback loops – only 3 of which are possibly reversible:
    3.  Or time to 'Pop a Pingo or Two'?

    4.  It is definitely time to listen to this beautiful song – "Love in the Time of Coral Reefs":  or here:

  50. 3 planes attacked my city at the same time…:

    • Mirjana Gordon says:

      Hello Karl….

      …i am German and from Rheinland-Pfalz, in the US since '95 ….i am writing in English so everybody can read it, since your English seems to be great.

      I can't believe this is going on over there, too. Is it like here totally ignored and not believed? What is our Governments stand point- if any? I was wondering, because surely you don't hear anything about that all over the world.

      Thank you for doing all you do to make this a known reality for the people who have not yet woken up.



    • Dennie says:

      Hey Karl:  We get the exact same treatment in San Rafael, CA, U.S.A.  It's just God-AWFUL!  EVERYONE was sneezing in church this morning.  I almost gagged when I went outside to let some friends in to deliver a student desk so I can get a renter here and maybe be able to pay my bills– wish me luck and say prayers!

    •     @ Mirjana Gordon

      Hi! Thanks for your comment! Of course THEY are doing it for many years in Germany as well. You left in 1995. That is about the time the spraying got worse by the day. Really noticeable it got during the last few years. But in the meantime the new generation got so used to such skies that they consider it to be normal – and us to be nuts. Our politicians do NOT represent and care about the German people (but major corporations, high finance, the cabal) and are either ignoring or denying the problem. Petitions are rejected.

      By the way be aware that this spraying is going on all over Europe, even in Ukraine! Spread the news as far as you can. We do not have much time left to inform the public!!!

    • @ Dennie

      I'm fully aware of your problems in CA.Got friends over there. I'm with you in our common fight for a clean environment and fresh air.

      Good luck, my friend! Keep in touch.

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