Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 10, 2016


Dane Wigington

The blatant crimes of the power elite are slowly but surely being pushed out into the light of day. The climate engineering assault, the truth about the 911 atrocities, and the vaccinations that are verifiably harmful, are three of the most critical issues that have fueled the darkening horizon. In spite of the collapsing conditions in society and the biosphere, a massive cruise ship (nearly 1000 feet long and 13 stories high) has just completed an unprecedented voyage through the now melted ice of the Northwest Passage. Tickets for this cruise of the wealthy through the imploding Arctic were priced from $22,000 to $120,000. The Arctic ice is not all that is melting, the chemically nucleated "ice wall" that was constructed to contain the radioactive rivers flowing under Fukushima is also crumbling. A veil of methane is enveloping the planet, the climate engineers continue to fuel the overall planetary meltdown. Is there yet time to free the planet from the onslaught? In the meantime the CDC is attempting to gain the power to force vaccinate the population and the Zika organophosphate spraying continues. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All of us must work together to expose those who are participating in the insanity whether actively or passively. All of us must work together to awaken those that are still unaware of what is unfolding. 

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  1. Krysia says:

    Today, 28 September, in all of our newspapers in the UK, is the headlines that 92% of the worlds air is polluted. They fail to mention the geoengineering that has contributed to this mess.

  2. CJ says:

    Simple Horseman: Glad you noticed also. Thanks Anonymous for posting that Observation. I keep seeing the same thing. More with the Bobbly Head Shakes. Might be too late for them. But it isn't too late for the people here that can still think straight.

    The mind has many things. Don't lose your Conciesness.


    • derek says:

      you are absolutely right. dont lose your conscience and wake up america. we have been brainwashed by the haarp the angel didnt play. please share daTas. i appreciated.

  3. Scott Bogue says:

    I feel a bit frustrated in trying to wake people up and bring them into action. I feel there is something more I should be doing but not sure what it is. I give the facts and express the urgency to nearly all I meet and it is not difficult to prove the points I make, all I have to do on almost any day is point up and there is no denying the chem trails criss crossing the sky. I write my government representatives and follow up with a phone calls to discuss it, thus insuring someone in there office has read my message. Still every morning I get up and look at the sky and they are still spraying poison on me. What more is there that I can do. We must make them stop

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Scott, first, know that the seeds of awareness you are sowing will soon be forced to sprout due to unfolding events. More suggestions in the attached link. FYI

    • derek says:

      you are not the only one brother. the officials and many around you are part of it. dont think too much and go with the flow, but so recognize who is who. keep calm if you realize truth. any question, let me know. i can explain.

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I wanted to say thank you, to all that post replies to the articles on this website! It is great to read all of your replies. The power structure is obviuosly preparing for all of their secrets to be exposed soon. What will all of us have to prepare for when that time comes? They are coming up with more ways to cover up their actions. Stay tunned and keep spreading the information.

    • derek says:

      solute, dear sir with respect. i rarely see writing from formal service man like you. for the good of mankind, i respect your sharing of the truth. im an observer and i love to learn from experiences of new technology. please share. thank you, sir.

  5. MS P says:

    With all the energy plans for the desert. Comes” Energy Corridors” This covers 11 western states.(Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) for oil, gas, and hydrogen pipelines and electricity transmission and distribution facilities (energy corridors).► Now open for public comment. ◄

    ♦Time to visit the desert lands, enjoy while you can.
    Much of these plans cover areas of wildlife habitat, bird migration, & many places I have never seen.

  6. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane, for your very informative article. It seems like USA was taken over, due to 911. The Bin Laden family  had built, many of our USA tall buildings. They were the contractors.Were given safe passage out of USA. Go figure. The issues with Iran was about the country taking money from the EU, for the oil. For the USA had the monopoly on the oil. So they went after Saddam Hussein. Because he was doing business elsewhere.Afghanistan had blocked the allowance of a pipeline through their country.Nothing to do with anything but oil.  The world is now a big mess! We sure look forward to Pres. B O's plan to bring in 110000 refugees in by the end of this year. To take jobs & collect money, off the tax payers bank rioll.

    Here in Ventura county. We have not seen the chemtrails in the daytime, for a few months. I agree, that the SAI tactics, might be in play. The past couple months we get this regularly scheduled-not normal fog. It does not roll in, as it once did. More like a massive high cloud. I have seen big wide trails, late at night. Turn into a big mass. The outer edges have moisture. The center of the fog, no so much. If at all? Yesterday was the first morning, where I could see the stars, in a couple of months.. Last 2 years was no fog, & lots of wind. Lots of chemtrails during wind events. 10 years ago all of the LA basin, or anywhere below 3500 feet, was under clouds, for 2 months. So the technology used, must have changed.

    I do welcome fall & cooler weather. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

    • MS P says:

      I'd also like to add some other disturbing news. CA & the 10 million acre land grab. Farmers in central CA get no water. So the lands dry up & sell for cheap. CA is the corner of the food bread basket for the USA. Some serious land grab action. It has already began. Wind farms & solar plants. A take over plan.

      Those solar panels make it 1000 degrees. Birds who fly over them. Catch fire & crash as they burn. Take about heating things up!

       First BLM plans to kill off 44K wild Horses. Now this. Enjoy the  CA deserts, before they are gone. I plan to do so. Take lots of photos.

      Take a look at the maps, in this story. Southern CA, will never be the same.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS P, yes, the spraying has been much more covert in some regions, but it has still continued at some level in almost all locations. In many cases it can be much less visible depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelihood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white when looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and the geoengineering objectives will again reveal the more blatant spraying patterns.

    • egm says:

      I happen to find this site by accident and am i glad i did. MSP, i was also trying to find out what was it with the daily fog almost all of summer?   No one around my area pasadena area seem to notice this change?   I have been commenting to my family and had been posting earlier of the year about the daily chem trails, which seem to have subsided but now we have the weird fog…  Thank you all for the great insight… this is truly frightening.

  7. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Hello Dennie.

    I agree with you. But the "guys" of the Big Money are the Big masonic rulers of everything ( EU is a masonic F plan ). And they have already All the money, as you know. And more, they are the "guys" who print the money and those who attribute value to all currencies. Some years ago, masonic sociopath had their encounters only in secret, in the lodges. Now the meetings are in close door as usual, but not secret anymore. Now their lodges are the UN big stage and the bilderberg meetings, among others. In Universities masonic influence is Uge. We can't forget about the environmental engineering courses that are in a lot of universities nowadays. If you see carefully a dollar bill, you'll see there the maximum masonic symbol; the pyramid with the eye on top. But I agree with your speech. Money have corrupted everything, but in reality is not the money, is the will that humans have to do harm to others. It is a genetic Problem.

    Good Luck to Us All.

  8. Wes says:

    Some people think they see blue skies and they can't see trails. We have no more blue skies. Probably since at least 1999. 

    It's simple, for all of you folks who think the sky is blue and you can't see trails. Go out at night and see all the particulates in our air. It's disgusting, it's filthy and it's always there. I've been looking at these particulates every night and lots of mornings since I first noticed them. I've been observing this for over a year.  A couple of weeks ago, during a "rain event". I watched and you can see these same particulates between the raindrops, while it's raining! Then after it quits raining, ahhhh, cleaned out air. No way, it's as if the clouds were falling to the ground. It was some of the heaviest fallout I've seen. Right after it stopped raining.

    Where's the guy from Columbia that use to occasionally comment? He said he was going to look for those particulates and report back to us. Are you still their? Have you gone out and looked? I'm sure they're there. They were in Nicaragua. I saw them over the entire country. 

    Wes, from eastern Nebraska

    • MS P says:

      I first had noticed the chemtrails in 1992. Mostly along I-5. Also in the high desert lands. I was on the road a lot back then. Driving from S. CA to Northern CA. 

  9. Rosalie says:

    When I was studying journalism, we were taught to always report the  "who," "what," "where," "when," and "why" in every story.  We were also taught the "KISS" Principle: "Keep It Simple Stupid." As I struggle to effectively hit home to people about this engineered environmental crisis we face, here's what I thought. Create an eezy-peezy naysayers guide in short form.  So many amazing minds on this site, with Dane guiding us with his dedicated supporters. In this 3 sec attention span society we live in now, information overload can be hard on the head for many.  Small chunks, more digestible to the mind could go along way to effectively get the message across. Putting it out there…

    • Gretchen says:


      Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, is handed a geoengineering informational flyer, and hears a version of this: "There's something I have to talk to you about- geoengineering. Do you notice those big, long jet trails that crisss-cross the sky? They're spraying aerosols up there, its called geoengineering, its climate engineering. And that haze in the air is fallout from the aerosols, its coming all the way down to the ground and we're breathing it. Every breath we take is contaminated with toxic nano-particulates. People are not being told about this, our "government" denies its even happening. Find out what's going on, and tell everyone you can. We are literally being sprayed like bugs, and if you object to that like I do, now is the time to speak up."

      The particulate mask I routinely wear sends a clear, visual message.

  10. Dave says:

    To Eric in East Lansing, I will call the number today and will pass along the response, it always seemed hopeless calling these people from what all these other people posted. I drive past Lansing a couple of times a week, and as you know all the dead trees and shrubs are all around.The spraying has been nonstop in Grand Rapids as well. I. am grateful daily to be among so many who care, God bless the efforts of all who are working to expose this evil. 

  11. Ares in Wonderland says:

    tis the season to be jolly….oh wait that's not snow in Montana now is it? Dane, I hope you'll be discussing the Montana snow advisory and the sparsely located (local) media articles covering this anamolous snowfall this coming week.  One of them told a piece of the truth, advising that the snow would be "wet and heavy." Also, super typhoon or weather warfare about to hit Taiwan and China? You are one of the very few sources who puts together all of the real reporting into one great show. Appreciate your work, and I look forward to spreading the news as best I can. 

    • MS P says:

      Maybe that typhoon was directed @ the Philippines. Since the USA got kicked out, a couple days before? Pres B O went there.  It was not a friendly visit. He was told by the Philippine president, to remove all  US stationed bases. Get USA out. Then the typhoon cropped up. Good fantasy, or something more sinister?  Who knows?

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I (the sheeple of america) pledge allegiance to the USA Inc. (With out our knowing). And to the republic for what it once stood, (a sheeple memory isn't that long). With liberty, (what's that?) and justice (and what?), for 'all', (who's that?).

    Our own virtue, our own selves is all we have. Make them strong!

  13. barbzi says:

    Southern Buckeye AZ now has many days of blue sky's and puffy white clouds. Haven't seen much in the way of jet clouds streaking across the skys. Not much in the way of white powder on top of my donkeys troughs either. This is our monsoon season without much storm or rain or wind. Some of us feel those frequencies that last about 20 minutes and leave us foggy and wobbly, i'm one of them. I've not had but a few of them in the last month or two. In April i had about 12 in one day and ended up falling down and broke a rib. They've been going on for a decade or two. I take no meds. I figure they are Haarp related. A friend of mine in AZ says a political phone call survey was asking her views on climate engineering since my emailing her GW info. Thank you Dane for all you do. God bless you and all your helpers.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      barbzi, yesterday, here in Sun City, we had the little white puffy clouds and blue sky in the AM, and I could hear the planes roaring above them. Soon I saw and photgraphed the lines and X's in the cloud openings.  

      No political phone call survey yet asking me my views on climate engineering………I Dare Them.


  14. Ed Hackett says:




    Hillary's degenerative neuro disease.  

    i'd say it couldnt be more fitting, considering that she was up to her eyeballs in geoengineering, when at state.

  15. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Genetics are not what makes us who we are it's what builds us and if we are not well built (Downsyndrome, Genetic induced autism ,genetic induced ADHD/ADD,genetic induced Alzheimer's ) We should not be proud of it and call it part of who we are in the name of acceptance of cures where avaible there is no good reason not to take it ,after all we are here to cure your weaknesses not change you into another being or eliminating your strength like people think of when a cure is mentioned I don't know about you but if there is bad things in me both physically and spiritually I would not want to identify that as part of who I am or accept that as me I would want to change that about me in other words I would want a cure.

  16. Joseph L. says:

    Dane I used to hike and camp on Mt. Shasta in the 70s and early 80s.  I know the road goes up to Panther Meadows camp ground about 8000 feet.  I would hike up to Squaw Valley and sleep up their on a ridge w a lookout to Mt Lassen.  I would get my drinking water off of the Mountain at 10000 feet. Is  that water safe now to drink or bad because of geoengineering.   Anyway, that is a beautiful part of california too bad so much climate engineering going on.   I have great memories of Shasta Lake and Castle Crags.

  17. Eric says:

    Hey all you Michigan people this is Eric from Lansing Mi.  I just spoke again with Gov Rick Snyder assistant  call please and keep calling. Phone   517-373-3400.    They do pick up the phone and are very nice if they worry about flint water they should worrie about this.  The lady I talked to has herd of geoengineering    Lets all keep there ears ringing. God bless. Eric Lansing Mi

  18. Eric says:

    And Drudge Report. Geoengineering  should be top head line every day to refer back to your site.  I am very thank ful for your ear. I know  you must get very frustrated.  Eric in Lansing mi

  19. Eric says:

    Hi Dane this is Eric from Lansing Mich they are out spraying as always. Do you have a way to contact Alex Jones easier than I. This Election has been a great distraction from Geoengineering ..  This would be a perfect time to bring this up while he has everyone's ear..  Or Chuck Norris. I can never get anyone to replie.  Here in Mich.   Thanks for all your time. I pray for all of us ,  Gods not dead. We all need to pray and do.  God bless.  Eric in Lansing Mi





  20. Bluv says:

    I pre-ordered the film" Vaxxed " from Amazon roughly two weeks ago with a delivery date for Sept 13th. I received a notice that it was undeliverable until a later date. Whether it is undeliverable due to volume of sales or reasons beyond, it truly may be "The Film They Don't Want You To See". I know I can see it on other venues but I plan on a neighborhood screening and  passing it on to all my family members and friends. Thruthout, keep up the good fight.

  21. Barry B. says:

    Its so very sad when a society has been conditioned to ignore the science and scholars, yet they will listen when a celebrity speaks.

    Many Kudos to Chuck Norris for stepping up and using his celebrity status to help awaken the masses. Loan Wolf McQuade is still kicking ass, fearless and noble as ever! 

    Perhaps if more celebs get involved it will travel like a wild fire?

    Keep doing your thing Dane,

  22. Pedro says:

    Hello JR.

    The future of Food must be in the hands of traditional farmers.

    Now things are grim. But the MFs forget that science is a product of Nature ( and humans too ). Nature is not a product of science. This GE fraud and scam is only a new kind of wild neo-liberalism niche of big business with multiple applications for the MFs to use and get richer, as we know.  And with this GE fraud ( as we know ) they can play the extinction card for everything alive, we are included.

    Artificial systems will never work as well as Trees and as the old Atmosphere we had some decades ago. They are trying to recreate what Trees are doing for the last 200.000.000 years. But they can't and without Trees no Atmosphere.

    This business of creating a fake atmosphere is doomed.

    This GE fraud will never produce Life, only death.

    Sometimes unexpected Luck can change everything.

    The Powerful force in Nature is Love.

    The MFs only feel hatred, they can't feel Love.

    We must expect the unexpected.

    Thank you my friend.

  23. The Pizza Guy says:

    I like your style Mark. We will never know what we could have accomplished if we turn a blind eye. Until our last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity! Never Give Up!

    • matt sarlo says:

      I thank everybody who is trying to stop the SRM maddness as well as If the  climate intervention programs. I had a typical response when I gave a flyer to a friend of mine. He completely believes that it is real and occurring but felt we are powerless to stop these criminal acts. I told him that I had signed petitions, talked to congressional aides, emailed David Keith and Calderia, that if we all did these things we could stop it. Our society has become complacent and well trained to be docile. One only has to look at a few individuals saving hundreds to thousands of innocent lives during the holocaust, the Armenian MASSACRE, and the underground railroad of our civil war era to realize that if a handful of people could do so much than United we are an unstoppable force that cannot be overcome.


  24. stephan says:

    when the moon is big like tonight – the wispy fast moving clouds are lit up to show the true colors of the toxic skies – it's like looking at a puddle of water with gasoline in it.

  25. A.R. says:

    Keep pounding the truth in their heads my friend, all the shows are great but this is by far one of the most potent so far, I salute you Dane. May the Creator of the Heavens and Earth protect & bless you and yours, as well as those working alongside you in this and many other issues that affect us all, be safe.

  26. Marc says:

    "Implications of the Paris Agreement for Carbon Dioxide Removal and Solar Geoengineering" by Joshua Horton, David Keith and Matthias Honegger July, 2016

      I highly recommend reading the above document. It affords one a glimpse into the minds of three academic thugs, whose complicity in hiding (and ultimately advocating) the geoengineering crimes against humanity should not go unpunished.

     And of course, we find them clinging tenaciously to the denial that full scale geoengineering is and has been deployed for decades. Here is a rewrite of a letter I wrote to Joshua Horton in July.

      "It is beyond my comprehension that a fellow with your academic credentials can't see the hand in front of your face. Are you kidding me? That geoengineering has been deployed for decades is indisputable and yet you pontificate endlessly about any and all aspects of geoengineering as if it is still on the drawing board. Who are you trying to kid? Whose checks are you cashing? Massive accumulations of hard data from around the planet all point to horrific effects from these spraying programs upon soil ph, with global heavy metal contamination of waters and soils, dangerous solar dimming, respiratory illnesses going off the charts, alarming levels of UV, UVB and UVC due to ozone destruction by sprayed dispersants…… and so on, not to mention complete shredding of long-standing weather patterns causing catastrophic drought and deluge alike. SRM needs to be stopped NOW!!! There can be NO justification based upon your strictly academic arguments, when massive, long-term intervention in Earth's weather systems has ALREADY proven itself not only a colossal failure, but a grave threat to the health of all life on Earth."  


    • sea says:

      Marc- you are a wonderful writer, Very well done!

    • Dennie says:

      .. and I wonder if you received any response at all… look, these "people," and I use the term "people" lightly, because they just. are. NOT. human… don't have The TOOLS with which to "get" what normal humans figure out pretty easily.  I wonder what The Hell "gene" or whatever It Is, that makes these monstrous hominid creatures think they are on par with God Himself– didn't anyone read the fable of Icarus and Daedalus to them??  "That" Superior Intellect gene means you also don't get to have a real soul, and nothing but a gaping bottomless "black hole" where a real heart needs to be–  UGHHHH!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, Given all the new research by Susan, BaneB and Yamakawa myself, and others, I'm thinking and have been for some time, that in their minds, what they've been doing is with regard to military communications and warfare as they keep pushing their primary agenda which of course made all worse, such that with a straight face they can say we are wrong and they've not done this yet, but do know how!  Could give it a go.  They know how, and can voice concerns because they've already discovered them!  This would explain much.  I imagine them laughing at us for thinking they were manipulating weather for, to them, mundane reasons, having instead snuck through a massive military coop of sorts. Silly us, worrying about drought, floods, etc., when to them it is all about world dominance, electrifying our atmosphere for communication with subs and our million and one bases.  Even as they suck us dry financially, and oil, begging for more trillions and more oil.  Especially as I become aware of the Chinese All over Africa and I realize why our secret mega presence there.  And 'we' owe China, don't we?  They hold alot of our debt, so that is a real fear for them.  We would prefer to have Africa ourselves.  I suspect  the TTP has this in mind.  And that this comment is being tracked as OMG it took forever!

    • Nancy says:

      This is very powerful and to the point!  Thanks for sharing this as an example of how to respond to this brutal assault upon all life!

    • Rosalie says:

      You nailed it Marc. Very well said!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Fantastic letter Marc!  Concise, hard hitting, to the point & covering all the bases. The headings should be slightly modified for and sent to all congressmen, military brass, media presstiutes, scientists, organizations such as the EPA, and any others involved in the heinous cover up and deployment of these criminally lethal programs. Written as only you can.. you do have a fine way with words!    Kudos brother!    : )

    • Marc says:

      Hello Rachel Robson, I, too, have mused upon your earlier speculation for some time now and even put up a post recently about this exact possibility: that what began as a bunch of buffoons playing with their weather modification toys back in the early 20th century did not take long to morph into infinitely more sinister programs MASQUERADING AS WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAMS. But these guys, though idiots, are not stupid. The perfect ruse is to intertwine multiple military agendas so as to throw everybody (well, almost everybody) off the scent of what the f**k is really going on and why the f**k they're doing it. The concept of "spraying" toxic substances out over areas appears to have first taken place in the 1920's. This basic concept, this method of "delivery", has never stopped. For almost a hundred years our beleaguered country has been subjected to what must surely be thousands of substances highly toxic if not outright deadly to the human organism, not to mention to the tiny critters they're so goddamn worried about. (Hello, Zika?) What a perfect conceptual infrastructure, already essentially in place, to conduct, relatively cheaply (oh, and by the way, F YOU David Keith) a massive dispersion of nanotechnology and bio-weaponry beyond any of our wildest speculations. Think I'm speculating too far? Ha! So…you take all of this goddamn spraying and couple it with GWEN towers and cell towers and HAARP and voila! The few have gained an infinite advantage over the many! 

        And yeah, as more and more millions around the world wake up to the 9/11 lies and treachery, and as even MORE millions wake up to all of this geoengineering bullshit and the cockroaches behind it all, do you think the "powers that be" JUST MIGHT HAVE A REASON to advance as much of this technology of control as possible???

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      You have a great mind Marc… I loved your post and your reply to Rachel hits with the same firm delivery.  Well said my friend.  Thank You.

  27. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    I didn't believe 911 when I was watching it on live TV. Funny how time and facts have made 'me' the sane one…..

    How did 46,000 floor trusses simply vanish? This is an unasked question and may hold a key to "our" survival. All life's survival.

    If history is like our old record players and there's a scratch in the record it keeps repeating, over and over, most of you know what I mean there. OK, so back in the day we just kicked the table or bumped the shelf and the record would continue. "welcome to what it will take for mankind to actually evolve". If we were lucky, we wouldn't have to bump the record player more than once……….

    :Parallels, they're all around us:    Tune in!   Harmonize……

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, well what about all the video interviews with first responders who testified on camera that they could hear "massive explosions" below the buildings, then the buildings fell?  I guess those explosions just didn't happen and the people who said that they did, all covered in dust and sometimes bleeding, were just part of a Reeeally Big H-O-A-X– surprised some neocon propagandist hasn't gone on the internet and denied the entire thing.  All a Hollywood stunt, you know.  Never mind all of my musician FRIENDS IN NEW YORK WHO SAW THE PLANES ACTUALLY HIT THE BUILDINGS— SHEEESH!



      ASK JENNA ORKIN, who was a writer at, the blog that published The Tillman Files.  She was a resident with a kid in a school just a few blocks away from the towers.  She was THERE when it happened.



      1. STOP LYING




    • Rachel Robson says:

      I'm right with you.  I too watched it live and being one who oddly or not had studied demolition of buildings, in particular the one guy who pioneered the 'foot drop', I was immediately aware that what I was seeing was not what they said, add to that the real shock in Bush's eyes, the third building, and the Pentagon, supposedly just being re-enforced, only one side hit and that one the one, yet no debris at all, zip nada. And the building code in NYC mandates impact by planes to factor into any tall buildings as this happens!   Add to that these mysterious hijackers all previously unknown, were known in less than 24 hours complete with photos and where from.  I was stunned and did not find myself insane, rather what was happening for real struck me as insane, completely beyond understanding or sense.  None the less, thousands died.  So, to all who ask, why would "they" do this to us-spray the skies with known toxins-why would they do this to themselves, their own, well, obviously they have zero qualms about that!  I think in Cheney's blood deprived failing heart/brain it was but collateral damage for the bigger picture in His mind.  But all those trusses!  First I've heard of that and a darn good question!  Vaporized?  

    • Michel B says:

      As an engineering tradesman, I can tell you right now it is impossible for those buildings to have fallen the way they did without a full professional demolition performed.

      The main columns are very large box section comprised of thick plate steel welded into said box section and placed on top of each other comprising the entire height of the buildings. There are many of the columns throughout the area of the building plan. These cannot compress into each other, thus the theory that the buildings fell by the top floors falling onto the subsequent lower ones is a completely impossible scenario. The only way to remove the integrity of the supporting columns is that they are cut in a perfectly timed demolition so as to allow the buildings to collapse at free fall speed and into their own footprint.

      This demolition is a strict science with utmost strict procedures. The planes striking the buildings could not have made them fall. They were a ruse and a bad one at that to make the unaware think that they were the cause. I knew it was an inside job as soon as I heard of it happening.

      Basic ignorance of the laws of physics on the part of the public is the only thing allowing the criminal act to not be indited as it should be. The group, Architects and Engineers For 9-11 Truth, should be making their appeal to the public, not to 'NIST'. 'NIST' is complicit in the lies and they will keep lying, even when the lies are embarrassingly transparent. But if the public were convinced of the realities then action would take place, as with everything else of course.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Brothers and Sisters.
      In Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear impact several buildings remained standing without falling, totally destroyed but the structure stayed vertical, standing and waiting for demolition. One Ginkgo Tree in Hiroshima ( very near the place of impact ) is still alive today. The towers in WTC were impossible to but down without controlled implosion. The steel in the structure was fireproof ( only with explosives ) and the structure was hurricane and earthquake level 5 proof. The building was also designed for standing without big damage after accidental collisions with big planes. Impossible to put down with airplanes. In Chicago some years ago a B29 had an accidental collision with the Empire State Building, result; about 7 deaths and the fire-fighters controlled the subsequent fire after some hours. In all history of modern construction never a big building collapse entirely because of a fire, even with fires lasting more than 24h.
      This wild and Criminal neo liberalism of the satanic and masonic global neo fascist and totalitarian "new" F dis -order must end.
      We must be Free again.
      Good Luck to Us All.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, Rachel Robson, Michael B, Pedro, Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my posting. I don't think thermite had much to do with the vanishing 46,000 trusses. There would have been almost a million diagonal sections to wire up to thermite. That would take some doing and we probably would have heard something about it. Just a theory here, but I think it has something to do with the gage of the steel. It would add up. There was a lot of "missing" light gage steel products at the scene of the crime. Yes, there was possitive evidence of thermate in the dust from the crime. But so few know about the molten metal in the basement 1 month after the crime was committed. Only chemistry could sustain such an occurrence.

      It does my spirit good to know that so many here pursue unanswered questions until the true answers are discovered. I once knew a poodle that would look for his tennis ball for days until he found it. The owner would hit the ball with a racket out into the dense brush. Fortitude will always prevail no matter the quest. So I will keep searching……

      "Parallels in life"

  28. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, I love a good question!! No such thing as a dum one. Only dum mistakes…. So in light of "our" 911 15th anniversary. Here is a very valid question. And only poised as such. I like reading articles like this. Real observation is so very important, to us "all".

  29. 'a' simple horseman says:

    MS P, I have made the same observations here in my region.

    Anonymous, MS P, thank you for posting your observations.

  30. SF: Paying science to lie for money is an American tradition…
    How Big Sugar Enlisted Harvard Scientists to Influence How We Eat—in 1965 / Industry-funded research sought to discredit links between sugar and heart disease—more than half a century ago. / Sept.12, 2016 / Bloomberg
    The food industry has funded research in an effort to influence nutrition science and health policy for more than half a century, new research out Monday has found. It's no secret that industry funds such efforts today … In 1965, the Sugar Research Foundation, the precursor to today's Sugar Association, paid Harvard scientists to discredit a link now widely accepted among scientists—that consuming sugar can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease. Instead, the industry and the Harvard scientists pinned the blame squarely, and only, on saturated fat. … the researchers traced SRF's concerns over sugar's link to heart disease to 1962, when its scientific advisory board issued a report concluding that "research developments in the [coronary heart disease] field should be watched closely."  By July 1965, after more research supporting the link had been published, SRF's research director John Hickson was knocking on Harvard's door, looking for scientists to refute the findings. He found them. That summer, Fredrick Stare, chair of the nutrition department in Harvard's School of Public Health and by then also an ad hoc member of SRF's scientific advisory board, began overseeing two Harvard colleagues in what was dubbed Project 226.  For a total of $6,500—or $48,000 in this year's dollars—paid by the SRF, those scientists would publish their own research, consisting of a review of the previously published research papers, hand-selected by Hickson, linking sugar to coronary heart disease.  A few days before submitting the draft of their review for publication, they sent it to Hickson, who was pleased. "Let me assure you this is quite what we had in mind and we look forward to its appearance in print," …

  31. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

                             The spraying is a double trap.

    They are destroying deliberately the Ozone layer with the F HAARP antennas. And the sprays.

    GW is growing, the UV rays are stronger day by day, and they fool everybody with the camouflage they make with the sprays. They confuse everyone, because in the most populated areas temperatures are maintained relatively low ( corrupted media helps a LOT ), and populations keep going with their lives as usual, walking to the abyss.

    With the destruction of the Ozone layer we will stay forever in dependence of the sprays to give Us some protection from the lethal UV rays.

    With the sprays we will stay forever in dependence of the gmos ""food"".

    The aluminum will destroy the food production capacity of the soils and with time traditional or conventional Agriculture will be Impossible.

    All Ecosystems and Animals will perish. For that they only need to destroy insects and little animals. And we NEED bees.

    For the first time in my life I had a Summer without insects in night time, even if keeping windows open all night. 3 years ago this was impossible to happen.

    With the ""food"" the MFs want to give to All of Us, we will stay forever in dependence of  the "medicine" and "health care services" that the MFs have for Us in this Global genocidal F plan.

    With this kind of "health care", no more health for anyone.

    And how this is possible??

    How is possible that our "leaders" in Europe and in the rest of the World can collaborate with this INSANITY??

    They are all masonic.

    They want to bring back the kingdoms of the past, with slaves and all ( again ).

    Now it's total control and total corruption.

    The MFs that were responsible for WW2 were masonic ( zionists ).

    The MFs that spray on Us are masonic.

    The MFs of the Big money are the Big masonic rulers of the rest of this corrupted little world of the insane compulsive "new" disorder.

    All politician in the West are masonic ( 95 % ).

    But we are here. We stay strong.


    Good luck to Us All.

    • saul says:

      I salute you my friend !

    • JR says:

      Pedro; Luck has nothing to do with what we are all involved in, I personally do not believe in luck. Check out Center for Food Safety (CFS ) unless already aware of that site. GMO seeds, chemicals, and Companies as Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow, Syngenta, Cargill, BASF with mergers and buying up seeds….If you have not seen dvd on "The Future of Food" look for it. Thanks, and no disrespect Brother. Good hearing from you!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, I'm having a RANT about that– The People Responsible are not just The Masons, they are also the Industrialists, the Big Money Masters, the HATEFUL UNFEELING MILITARY F()CKS in little starched uniforms complete with brass scrambled eggs and all the grunts who like to be abused by their heartless agenda and communication style, that do the bidding of their Big Money Masters.  The military are essentially behaving like a bunch of juvenile delinquent ganster-money whores.  "We DESTROY for munneeee" should be the motto of every armed service person out there.  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME— FOR SHAME!!!

      The People Responsible are the corrupted folks holding positions of elected representation who do not listen to the Will of The People.  The People Responsible are the Lobbyists who bribe them all.  For Money.  Money works when people play fair– who does that?  I saw "unfair" unfolding in First Grade, whenever stoopid elementary public school teachers let little bully boys be little bully boys.  The People Responsible are the women who grow up to marry these a$$holes and breed with them!  

      The People Responsible are the lying, shilling media propagandists.  The People Responsible are the clergy who WILL NOT SPEAK OUT to ANY of the environmental crimes, the WILLFUL DESTRUCTION of God's Creation.  The People Responsible are the Ones who wrote that their "god" told them to go into another people's land and kill them, then take it for themselves.  The People Responsible are those that don't lift a finger to protest any of this, stay home and watch tee vee while stuffing their faces with Industrial Junk Food.  Then cost the health care system like Hell because they ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE at ANY POINT for their own health– but of course!!!

      This is all possible because we have a media that lies and a public that doesn't want to know about anything that's really going on. 

      The People Responsible are those that believe we're not mentally healthy unless somehow you're nothing less than HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY all the time, time time!!!!!

      The people responsible are you and me when we ignore our impulse to DO something, SAY something, believe something, STAND FOR something.

  32. MS P says:

    Maybe we should feel as doomed, as our wild Mustang horses? This is really heartbreaking. BLM needs to be stopped. Perhaps we humans,  are next?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      MS P, This indeed is a sad story. "Parallels in Nature". I've written of them before. I was somewhat relieved to find that the Mustangs that are to be killed are the ones in "holding". Damn I hate those places that "hold" Mustangs. All they are is a feed lot with horses(Mustangs). My two Mustangs came from one of those feed lots. 15 and 25 years ago respectively. They were born and raised in the wild for two years each. What a great education(I'm envious). They know things an average horse could never know. It tears my soul apart knowing that there are so few in the wild and 44,000 wouldn't make a bit of difference to you or I if "they" turned those Mustangs loose instead of killing them. "So who does it matter to?". "The cattlemans association". It's a very powerful club of very rich people. Sadly the scenario the Mustangs face is about to unfold for mankind if people don't stand up for themselves and the good of the many.

    • Dennie says:

      "…Perhaps we humans are next.."

      Indians are humans.  They were the FIRST to go.  Oh, and their horses, too. 

      Right after that annoying little bump in history known as the U.S. Civil War, the U.S. Army got right back to work "taking care of" the First Nations peoples.  They went on an all-campaign to destroy their food and their transportation.  Then went to work destroying the land and the water and now it's THE AIR, and continued on their quest to overflow the population with heartless, brainless clones of themselves.

      Has anything changed? 

  33. MS P says:

    I've noticed that  people who spray round up have lots of sores that do not heal. Blindness.  They also get these purple patches of skin. Necrosis (Skin death). is what it looks like.

  34. Charles says:

    I just watched the CNN Wolf Blitzer talk with the Democratic spokesman about Hillary catching pneumonia, walking pneumonia no less, and he pointed out that two others, including himself also have respiratory ailments on the campaign trail….

    And I awaken today to see a bunch of spray planes above, and I feel a constant tickle in my own throat and realize that it is just as you say, and now it is not just look up and see it, but take a deep breath and feel the BURN  that all this spraying is having on all of us….

    Yours truly


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Charles.

      Try to use a good mask and stay away from electromagnetic fields.

      Sometimes inside our homes electromagnetic fields are stronger than we think.

      Good Luck.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Maybe Wolf, Hillary and the two others would like to be the first to do a dry run of the roundup, detain and quarantine proposed by the CDC.

      All for, say aye.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I'm having MAJOR problems with the BURNING SHIT.  I was in E.R. again early last Saturday morning when the shit nearly shut down my entire digestive system.  It does thatIt dries you out so badly you'll need to get I.V. fluids.  Then the A$$hole medical ghouls wanted to force feed me Mylanta laced with lidocaine– you see, BECAUSE WE ALL FEEL "BETTER" WHEN WE DON'T FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL!

  35. jim stewart says:

    The English word 'irony' is said to derive from the classical Greek word eironeia, which has a sense of 'mockery, disguise, or evasion'. Juxtapose for a moment the recent remarks by Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerburg, who 'pledges' that he intends to contribute 99% of his Facebook shares in 'helping to cure all disease by the end of the century' (cf. "Facebook Founder's Ambitious Plan to Eradicate Disease" LifeExtension Magazine, vol 22, #10, Oct. 2016). "Today, most people die from five things," Zuckerburg states, "heart disease, cancer, stroke, neuro-degenerative and infectious diseases. And we can make faster progress on these and other problems." (cf. ibid. Ed. Note. in ref. to Anita Balakrishnan,, April 27). Of course, nary a word is mentioned about GeoEngineering or VAXXED, or the GMO atrocities blanketing and murdering the life of the planet. How 'ironic' in the 'evasive' sense of the word. And did I mention the 'side effects' that 'may' result from ocean 'fertilization' which in turn 'might' decrease dissolved oxygen, which in turn could lead to 'increased' emissions of the 'greenhouse gas' methane that was considered 16 years ago? (cf. David Keith / "Geoengineering the Climate: History and Prospect" p. 267. Annu. Rev. Energy Environ. 2000. 25:245-84 copyright 2000 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved) What an ironic 'mockery' to propose so-called medical 'research' to perpetuate the massive experiments 'funded' by the lovers of death among us. 

    • BaneB says:

      Check out the story of Uranium One.  Indeed people are in the way.  And wild horses.  Anything wild and in need of protection like the situation that caused the helicopter slaughter of 12 wolves in Washington Stste just last week.  There are all of 100 wolves in Washington.  They wiped out 12 percent for cattle.  The BLM is a criminal enterprise.

    • BaneB says:

      Jim Stewart:  My suspicion is Zuckerburg is ignorant about the geoengineering assault.  He is how old?  Perhaps he knows not what is a genuine natural cloud.  Young people have been cheated by the weather warriors.  If he is as generous as he wants to be with his huge fortune, he deserves our praise.  Good for him.  Also, not everyone can concentrate wholly on every human derived problem.  We all pick and choose our causes.  The fact that he wants to do this is incredibly selfless.  Currently my choices for alarm and self education and of others, too, are the real probability of nuclear war, geoengineering, and the incredible con of 9-11.  The other dire issues such as disease and death, others will tackle.

    • jim stewart says:

      Bane B, you may find PF Louis' article reposted from Natural News, Apr. 20, 2012 on Alex Jones' Infowars of interest re: "Bill Gates and 47,500 Cases of Paralysis" with related articles: "Paralysis Cases Spike in Wake of Bill Gates' Polio Vaccination Effort in India" and "Super Hero Book Paints Eugenicist Bill Gates as a Savior." What is often perceived as 'selfless' philanthropy, especially when initiated by oligarchic interests (cf. Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller Foundations, et al.), is mass depopulation. Research Zuckerburg for yourself. I think you'll find 'kindred' spirits, when it comes to being vaxxed, &c. If you find Zuckerburg to be anti-vaccination, let me know. 

    • Sir Chasm says:

      Well put, Jim Stewart.  One might also consider that medical professionals themselves know that at least 200,000 deaths result per year from medical 'mistakes'.  That's not counting the number that result from, for example, cancer treatment (which kills, but the death is attributed to cancer), and the number that result from side effects of drugs.  Read Jon Rappaport's material, or check Mercola and NaturalNews websites, if this is new to you.

      To claim to be searching for a 'cure' to problems like cancer and heart disease is disingenuous at best – like Bill Gates 'helping to prevent disease' with his vaccines.  Cancer results, almost always, from environmental stressors and the stress of the modern so-called 'civilized' world.  We can't cure it with poisons or radiation, but we could probably eliminate it.  Same with heart disease.  Quelle ironie, indeed.

      With all due respect, BaneB, Zuckerburg is old enough to be rich enough to control our destiny with his billions; he is therefore old enough to take responsibility for knowing what is happening around him.  (He's an insider; he knows.)

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so we all have to write to that little twit down on the west side of the Dumbarton Bridge and let him know about GEOENGINEERING, then WORK TO STOP IT. 

  36. sea says:

    Is extreme turbulence that is now the norm while flying- possibly caused by HAARP or any of the geoengineering activities?

  37. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Methane is very high.  We are in an avalanche of bad news !

  38. Snappero says:

    Hillary has some coughing fits, sounds like the Geo engineering  spraying is the cause of her coughing fits.  What comes around goes around. Their to dumb to realize it effects there own health too.

    I love it when one of the elites, is a product of their own demise.

    Maybe other people will see the light, about the geospraying and start helping to put a stop to it.

    Wake up ,look up and  help stop the spraying of the sky, before too late. 

    I can't  thank Dane enough for all he has done to help stop the power elites,that keep  spraying poisons on us! 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Snappero, I was going to reply last night but decided to think on your statements a while more. So tonight I write, there is no honor in rejoicing in the ill fate of any one. We can not change the rules of peace. When one chooses sides we give away power to the other. Walk the middle road. Stand strong, be confident you are in the right place and time. Give of your self to all. My how that seems so foreign in our current times. Sadly we have lost what was the glue to what we once held dear. "War is over, if you want it". We are all one. The creator has made us in his own image. I take that seriously. We all lack one thing though, none of us is perfect. How "fitting" that is. Individually imperfect with the capability of being perfect "together".

      'a' simple horseman

  39. Alicia says:

    Dane was correct when he said that we must reach a critical mass of awakened people, and despite everything I know we shall achieve this. I have no idea how, but I know it will be so. Spreading awareness is key, but "they" are getting just what "they" want when everyone is so worried, afraid, anh hopeless because of how things around us appear to be! There is sooo much more going on and if people would just tap into themselves, take back their power, and realize how incredible we are! We don't have to let these poisons make us sick! If you believe they will, then they will. I know it's not that simple, but if you have studied Dr.Bruce Lipton's work for example, then you will know what I sm talking about. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I have known since I was a child I am here to change things(we all are) and I will not let how things appear to bring me down nor will I ignore them. More and more people are awakening everyday, I can feel and see it. The Hopi Prophecy is here now and we are the people of the Rainbow. People, don't lose hope because FEAR is the WEAPON!!!

  40. Jeanette S says:

    Rosalind, the sad and unfortunate state of affairs is that I don't think it is the millenials that are keeping things together and that will do it. I do not think that there will be any rest or golden days for the latest of the baby boomers as our children were born at a disadvantage and then  polluted and toxified on top of that then their babies born at a even more extreme disadvantage and toxified on top of that.

  41. david from ks says:

    In 1984 I had a very hard time with the public school system allowing my children to attend school without vaccinations. I never gave up and was finally allowed to have my kids attend school after a long dispute. I knew I was not the only person in the U.S. who objected but I was the only parent in this school district who did. It only took 'modern technology' and 30 years to hear it publicly from another person with the same opinion that the commercial process of disease control is all wrong and has always been. Thanks- dna

  42. Welcome to Your Delusional Democracy
    By Joel S. Hirschhorn / Global Research, September 11, 2016
    For some years I have used the term “delusional democracy” to describe the condition of the US.  It seemed obvious to me that the vast majority of Americans have deliberately chosen to fool themselves.  They have been brainwashed to believe what no longer is true. … I stopped believing this myth many years ago.  … now in this 2016 presidential race you have powerful and painful evidence that we are saddled with a delusional democracy.  Thank Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for opening your mind and eyes to reveal this revolting truth.   Delusional democracy refers to delusional Americans. … I just cannot see how Americans can accept these two major party presidential candidates as reflecting a first rate democracy.  They are, in fact, a major embarrassment that should make every American … cringe at the ugly reality that these two presidential candidates are worthy of any respect, loyalty or votes.  How could it come to this?  Two world class liars.  Two of the most widely known untrusted and untrustable unpopular politicians ever produced here or anywhere.  Two sick narcissists in it for themselves, not the country.

    SF: The poignant and painful term "sick narcissists" includes not only the 'off-with-their heads' Hilary and 'The Mad Hatter' Trump, but also the insane corporate military elite that is inundating us and our beloved planet with continual deluges of toxic particles, encasing us in a glassy-milky electromagnetic plasma frequency prison.


    • Rodster says:

      “How could it come to this?”
      It has happened to every Empire throughout human history. The decline is slow at first then the collapse is rapid.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan, how the words you write are so true, I can't get anyone to really listen… It's like; they know it's true,  but don't want it to be??

      I can't make them see the white milky plasma right in front of them!

      Until this gets to the mainstream media, they won't believe me or the hundred of other experts that say it happening. I say look up and they don't. Yours Truly Joe 

      PS. How's Dane's Class Action Law Suit coming, has anyone heard anything?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, the Canadian and US efforts are progressing, though not as fast as we would like. We are pushing forward a fast as possible, I will update as soon as we are able. Lets all keep up our efforts on every front in the battle, every day counts.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, I certainly have come to believe that one must be delusional and narcissistic already, in order even to be considered for candidacy for running for the "highest" office of public service (do the repugnicans understand that's what it is, and not a private deal? Surprised we haven't heard them screaming about "privatizing" government!!) in the land– wonder if these guys are profiled by some secret group of wealthiest individuals before they're even approved for running. 

      And the longer I live, the more I realize how very WRONG it is to frame most everything in terms of the Hegelian Dialectic and it's "either/or,"only-two-choices-frequently-oppositional-stances on everything:  Black or White, good or bad, rich or poor, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.  This "thinking" originates in the fact that the brain structure of our self-appointed "deciders," i.e., domineering males (and they're certainly not men; more like juvenile delinquent bullies), doesn't allow the two sides of the brain to talk to each other, like it does in women.. not that letting "just" the women run everything going forward would solve all the problems we're faced with, either–!!!

  43. Inter-Capitalist Rivalries and Political Rebellion against the US Multinational Corporate Elite / Rebellion in the Suites: Tax Collectors and Businesspeople / Prof. James Petras / Global Research, September 08, 2016
    Large-scale political and economic challenges are confronting the US multi-national corporate elite.  Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer and scores of other multinational tax evaders are facing the triple threat of multi-billion dollar fines, the redistribution of their wealth and the possible reintroduction of equitable socio-economic programs, which could undermine their power. … Intense intra-capitalist rivalries are no longer confined to the conference table:  Open warfare, involving large-scale transfers of capital, has undermined the foundation of international capitalist class solidarity. …
    The ideologues of capitalist globalization and  regional integration are finally exposed as false prophets.  Attempts by the US to impose a new world order that subordinates Europe and Asia have failed; the US now faces internal dissension … Rebellions by capitalist political elites are the ‘new norm’ everywhere.  … The ultra-militarist US is incapable of establishing a stable world capitalist order under its direction. … Trans-Atlantic and Pacific unity fractures, and each sub-region seeks its own socio-economic partners.  Trade talks cease and acrimony reigns. Given the US total reliance on military-driven empire building, this post-imperial emergence of national and class rivalries is more likely to lead to war than to a new just social order.


  44. sea says:

    Article regarding "dozens of birds fall from sky in Boston, dead from unknown cause" – two cats were also found dead.Is this possibly from insecticide spraying for Zika (the fake virus)?

  45. Free Energy Technologies says:

    It's Time For Rejection Of This "New Normal" I am not even enjoying it what kind of society thinks it's ok to oppress a cure to autism and other neurological problems as well as force people into psychotropic drugs and chemotherapy.

  46. Joseph L. says:

    I live about 30 miles away from where 9-11 took place.  Anyway, today Christie Whitman who  used to head the epa back in 2001 when 9-11 took place just 15 years later apologizes for saying air quality was good.

    I knew back then- that air quality was terrible and could smell chemicals in the air– All they cared about is business as usual and that meant opening up wall street.  Also an alternative Doctor that I was listening to predicted that 5 years after 9-11 alot of people would get cancer or be very sick.   Here is the link

    She said the info came from scientists that air quality was good.  Are these the same scientists that tell us air quality is good now — w what everyone that comes to this site knows the real truth about every breathe we take is full of particulates and nano particles from geoengineering.

    • Joseph L. says:

      and pollution etc.

    • matt sarlo says:

      One prevalent opinion I encounter frequently is this: I won't be alive when the collapse occurs so why should I care? I find this attitude particularly distressing when my father says this. Why does anyone procreate when they could care less about the planet and its health? I can only surmise that our species is the most selfish, self centered and callous animal to ever inhabit this once healthy planet.. For my grandchildrens sake I keep on trying to raise awareness but I have no hope for their future. I frequently tear up over their dim prospects when I am alone as I know their future is a dim one at best.

    • Dennie says:

      matt:  I agree wholeheartedly.  Shocking when I heard my mother (and others, especially of late) say, "Well, sure am glad I won't be here much longer," and "That'll all be YOUR problem to figure out when we're gone." 

      What a FAR CRY from what Indigenous Peoples told their kids. 

  47. JR says:

    In Southwest, N.M. and El Paso, Texas area being bombarded with SAG/SRM (Chemtrails) spraying. Several months back I confronted this soldier character out of Ft. Bliss, Army base in El Paso on spraying. He told me he was aware, and said also a friend of his in military said if they stopped spraying it would be bad for Earth and have adverse effect??? Another character much younger told me his friend in military said they were spraying us and he did what he was told to do!? What idiots huh, just plain stupid?! As much as we try to live in a good and clean world, we must remember that we do also live in a crooked and depraved generation and cursed world from way back in time, Genesis….New Testament gives us hope which we must never give up in all adversity….Also God's Speed to all here……

  48. Jack Lovett says:

    We need an army of great men like Dane. Unless we expose the perps, the phycopath satanist's,rottinchild,rottinfellars,soros,bush & clintin crime families et al
    We are toast.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jack, I am only one spoke in the wheel, as you are, and as are all other committed activists in this battle. All of us are spokes in the wheel, all of us are essential for the wheel to role forward in this fight. It is our combined efforts that matter, that can yet make the difference.

  49. James Arthur Brown Jr. says:

    Hello there my fellow GeoEngineering Dudes & Dudets, below are the Links to some Anti-Vaccination videos, all are downloadable on Youtube…Enjoy!

    Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines (directed by Gary Null):

    The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic Dr Tent Its Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

    Vaccine Nation By Dr. Gary Null

    Vaccines -The truth behind vaccinations

    Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination:



  50. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hello all …..this is very strange to have no spraying in southern Ontario for the past couple of weeks. I guess I can take the billboard sign off the side of my van it must be doing the job.

    Or the legal team and all the email going out to people my be working to slow down this madness.

    But again this morning bright blue skies and no jets in the air yet.

    I'll keep the billboard sign on the van maybe its doing the job …..but I know one thing …..THEY WONT STOP ……


  51. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 130th email, titled "Arctic Ice Measurements".

    1.  Peter Wadhams suggests that we should consider it a 'Blue Ocean Event', or an 'Ice Free Arctic', when there is 1 million sq km or less of sea ice in the Arctic (at 85% open water coverage?).

    The IPCC is now suggesting that it will only be considered a Blue Ocean Event when there has been 1million sq km or less of sea ice for 5 consecutive years.

    Good one IPCC.  Most climate scientists know that there will be few people left in the Northern Hemisphere after 4 years from the first Blue Ocean Event.

    Using the same basic information and calculations, there are huge differences in the graphs showing Arctic ice area.  On 5th Sept, one showed the sea ice minimum as 4.23 million sq km, and another showed it as 3.35 million sq km. A .88 million sq km difference – about 3.6 times the size of the UK. No prizes for guessing which graph the IPCC will use.  There are still up to 3 weeks of ice melt to go.

    Even allowing for the photoshopping that happens on Worldview, it is difficult to agree with the 4. million sq km ice area.  Using the 1,000 km scale, cut some paper to 4 mil sq km (4 squares) and place it over the satellite picture.  Assuming you have been daily monitoring the Worldview, you will have a good idea of the ice cover and know that your paper covers a lot of open sea, even at the 85 % open water coverage.   Also have a look at the Siberian wildfires 7 – 11 Sept (where methane readings are @ 2263 ppb)

    With the increasingly obvious tropospheric spraying being shown, has the photoshopping become deliberately sloppy recently?  Most spray aircraft operate in the troposphere. 

    2.  An excellent explanation of the "Piezoelectric Clouds" we now see daily:  Those of us who are over 30 years old will remember the natural version of these clouds, sometimes seen on clear high pressure days, called "Cirrus" and rarely seen with any other cloud type.   

    3.  a.  The British Armed Forces used to study the potential nuclear fall out from an attack (and probably still do).  This was based on likely targets, yield, time of year and prevailing wind.  Many retiring personnel considered this knowledge when planning where to live.

    With the intensive geoengineering and atmospheric spraying (mostly in the troposphere rather than the stratosphere), there are now a host of other considerations… as covered in the following presentation.

    b.  This article is worth reading (not sure when it was written, and the timescales are now completely out of date): "A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms". 

    c.  Malcolm Light writes:   "When the Arctic ice cap finally melts…the cold Arctic air will then be confined to the Greenland Ice cap and the hot globally warmed Arctic air with its methane will flow south to the United States to further heat up the Gulf Stream, setting up an anticlockwise circulation around Greenland. Under these circumstances Great Britain and Europe must expect even more catastrophic storm systems, hurricane force winds and massive flooding after the end of next year due to a further acceleration in the energy transport of the Gulf Stream". 

    4. "So catch the moments as they fly,

    And use them as ye ought,
    Believe me, happiness is shy,
    And comes not aye when sought."   
    Rabbie Burns 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andrew, I love your extremely informative posts And that you always end on a high note.  Love love: "So catch the moments as they fly…."!  Thank you!  Indeed happiness is shy, and comes not aye when sought–it's like a surprise when it does that so boosts the spirit! and makes one look forward to tomorrow.

  52. james raatz says:

    "What history asks of all of us is that we put our children 's lives and wellbeing ahead of our own lives and wellbeing and that we sacrifice our careers for their future. Those who are unwilling to do this are a liability to their own children for condemning them to genocide."  Quoted from: The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives.

  53. June Williams says:

    Prophetic Song & Writer

    1971 by Marvin Gaye: Mercy, Mercy Me

    "Ah, mercy, mercy me,
    Ah, things ain't what they used to be, no, no.
    Where did all the blue skies go?
    Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east.

    Mercy, mercy me,
    Ah, things ain't what they used to be, no, no.
    Oil wasted on the ocean and upon
    Our seas fish full of mercury,

    Oh, mercy, mercy me.
    Ah, things ain't what they used to be, no, no, no.
    Radiation underground and in the sky;
    Animals and birds who live near by are dying.

    Oh, mercy, mercy me.
    Ah, things ain't what they used to be.
    What about this over crowded land?
    How much more abuse from man can she stand?"

    Songwriter: Gaye, Marvin P

    44 years old! No one listened … how relevant today …



    • Jeanette S says:

      Oh no dear we all listened that is why we are on here. Those that didn't are the ones on that cruis boat seeing what is up there that they can exploit. They are in the positions of power; it is them that is the problem. When ever I hear somebody say "We" in terms of environmental destruction, I hate it. There is no such term as We that killed the environment. IT WAS THEY. Wheneve somebody uses WE I automatically think it is a either very foolish person or a paid for mouthpiece for the elite.

    • JR says:

      Yup, most of us knew something was so true listening to those lyrics in many kind of situations having to work for a living. When (we) are trusting in government leaders (gag) this happens to us (we) the people. How much longer can (we) the people stand as a country with so much garbage on many levels with so many trusting souls asleep in the U.S alone? We were not all activists back then but none the less observant at some level, some of us perceived as renegades because we did not look or think like them but yet not stupid. Look at all the war fronts (we) are led to believe in? Keep posting….

    • kathleen says:

      Sweet June, many of us listened (and cried) to that song, and the messages from the most gifted Mr. Gaye and other wise brothers and sisters, and tried to act. Most of us failed, but that doesn't mean we aren't still trying. It's a tough fight, but together, we can make inroads, or at least leave a legacy of attempting to do the right thing. I send you forever love and hope, and I'll always be on your side. ALWAYS. xoxo

    • lk says:

      A few more prophetic songs sung by Creedence Clearwater Revival?

      "Who'll Stop the Rain?"
      Long as I remember the rain been comin' down
      Clouds of mystery pourin confusion on he ground.
      Good men through the ages tryin' to find the sun.
      And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain.

      I went down Virginia seekin' shelter from the storm.
      Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow.
      Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains
      And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain.

      Heard the singers playin', how we cheered for more
      The crowd had rushed together tryin' to keep warm.
      Still the rain kept pouring, fallin' on my ears
      And I wonder…

      "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
      Someone told me long ago
      There's a calm before the storm,,
      I know; it's been comin' for some time.
      When it's over, so they say,
      It'll rain a sunny day,
      I know; shinin' down like water.

      I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?
      I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
      Comin' down on a sunny day? (This happened at a farmers market I was at a few weeks ago while this song was playing by a local band, and people were commenting about how it could be raining while the sun was shining.)

      Yesterday and days before,
      Sun is cold and rain is hard,
      I know; been that way for all my time.
      Till forever on it goes
      Through the circle fast and slow,
      I know; it can't stop, I wonder.
      Chorus, Yeah! chorus

      "Bad Moon Arising"
      I see the bad moon arising.
      I see trouble on the way.
      I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
      I see bad times today.

      chorus-Don't go around tonight,
      Well, it's bound to take your life,
      There's a bad moon on the rise.

      I hear hurricanes ablowing.
      I know the end is coming soon. 
      I fear rivers over flowing.
      I hear the voice of rage and ruin.
      chorus, All right!

      Hope you got your things together.
      Hope you are quite prepared to die.
      Looks like we're in for nasty weather.
      One eye is taken for an eye.
      chorus, chorus

  54. Gooseback says:

    I saw a chart today which said "earth warming at fastest rate in a thousand years" I thought  to myself what was making it warm faster a thousand years ago? Too many unanswered questions. Dont get me wrong our garbage/wastes should be a focus for sure but I just think they are using this issue, "climate change" (odd title because climate change is a given in a circumstance) to create one world government. How many times do we have to see a celebrity use enough energy for 100,000 people to live comfortably for a year in one trip to a global warming event. Just doesnt add up to me. So many of these climate change celebs have mega yachts which consume 250,000 gallons of fuel in one trip…ulterior to say the least

  55. Gary says:

    Going back to history , civilizations  being highly advanced have all been destroyed and sunk under the seas. Atlantis, Muir, and others less know have destroyed by ??  Deep in coal seams are cloth, modern shoes parts of watches and other modern items. How did this  get there thousands of years back.  I hope if no change to what s being done we are headed to the same fate.  Methane melting not a positive, first floods next fire. Best to get your self right with your maker. Big rocks are now flying past earth. Satanism is  going to be stopped if past history is any induction 

    • Jeanette S says:

      jThe problem will be that it is all systems and on a global scale. It used to be social and economic collapse on a regional scale. Now it will be social, economic, resource and ecological collapse on a global scale.

  56. Earth Angel says:

    I watched a show on tv today that really gave me a glimmer of hope for us. It was called and showcased a group of college students from Dartmouth going around the country speaking to younger kids in schools about going 'green' and teaching them from a young age to be eco-conscious. They traveled in the 'Big Green Bus' which had been converted to run on bio-diesel; recycled vegetable oil waste from restaurant fryer grease which is completely non polluting and of course VERY plentiful. Great for getting us OFF of fossil fuel products. On the roof of the bus were solar panels which powered everything in the bus. They had track lighting and internet connection on the bus. Along the way they stopped at an urban garden in Oakland Ca., I believe it was, that was growing organic food for the community and was NOT focused on money. The local residents paid for the vegetables on a sliding scale based on what they could afford and would not be turned away if they could not pay that week. There were volunteers who helped run the operation and it looked rather state of the art with timers on their watering systems for the plants and very healthy looking produce. This is teaching the younger generations to think with a totally different mindset than we(in previous generations) were brought up with. I know we are really down the road with the vast damages having been and now being done to the earth- but this gave me a ray of hope and a good feeling to know that at least these things are being done. Better late than never. I thought about the VAST amounts of money that have been spent on directing society down the wrong paths- and if that money were redirected and spent on RIGHT ways of living- how quickly we might turn things around to hopefully save some of earths natural systems and beautiful life forms. Success depends on what we do now and how younger generations take the ball and run with it. Good luck and Godspeed everyone.

    • Rosalie says:

      Inspiring story, Earth Angel.  We definitely need our youth onboard to make a drastic shift in our thinking, with a life path such as this, if we have any chance of survival. The damage that vaccinations have done to their (millennials) systems is so tragic.  Good to hear there are innovative natural ventures going on with success.  My guess is the majority of our youth are going to need a lot of  heavy metal chelation  and strong nutritional support to help them continue to brainstorm wonderful business concepts like this. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      Earth Angel good comment and shout out for Oakland. I live here and we are very fortunate to have many gardens and programs here. That garden may have been the Peoples Market, Phat Beets or Planting Justice folks. We are very fortunate here as we not only have these community gardens but also urban homesteading schools and gardens all over Alameda County has programs, the Sheriff league has Dig Deep Farms a CSA program. We also have Maker faires, many community gardens hold classes such as mushroom growing, musical instument making, shoe making, bicycle repair, foraging, food storage, fermentation, other people keeping up industrial arts, vulcan shops. We have aquaponic shops and commercial gardens, seed libraries all over, chickens and goats in cities, alternative buildings and builders. Solar panels are on many of the buildings, half the cars are hybrids and many electric ones. Wouldn't life be grand if we went back to making things locally, from sourced from local materials and sold locally and limited the amount of things we really need. I hate to say it almost but if the world crumbled I think that Oakland and the east bay cities would survive it and come out thriving and the better for it. Proud of my city (San Leandro) and the folks here and what they are doing thank you for the shout out and the opportunity to respond. A green and verdant world is in our future.

  57. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Needing a check up to continue some services I receive, I had the so-called free Medicare annual check up for seniors.  Doctors generally avoid Medicare patients, since they don't profit, and the PA who saw me said in this check up doctors are "not permitted" to address any treatment for conditions they find.  People needed to make other appointments to discuss treatments.

    The assistants who took my bloodpresure, etc. both seemed barely competent.  One was a trainee.  (They had trouble reading the computerized questions they were supposed to ask.)  The PA told them to be sure to note on the records that I "refused" vaccinations.  You bet I did.

    Anyway, they're "checking up" on us, taking our inventory and making a list.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bella, For those who can afford $200 or less per month for an individual,(family or couples may be slightly higher) check out Liberty Health Share or Liberty On It's a great way to side step the 'Un' Affordable Health Care Act and is completely legal to avoid paying the penalty on your taxes for not having 'obamacare'. They also cover chiropractic, acupuncture, and some other holistic type treatments in addition to the 'regular' western medical fare. It might even be able to be utilized as a supplement to Medicare, I am not quite there yet so I hadn't studied on that aspect. Just sayin' folks, check it out if it might help you. There are other options available if you look for them! It sounds like we ARE gradually leaving the tired old paradigm behind. Thanks for the kind comments to my previous post Jeannette S and Rosalie. Much appreciated to hear them!  : )

  58. Bella_Fantasia says:

    As we await the October surprise (which often happens in September) we're reminded the Powers that Be repeatedly pick the same dates for their false flags.  It's as if  they're superstitious gypsies (my deep apologies to Roma peoples). Power gives itself winks, nods and nudges that have not escaped the attention of the rest of us.

    While it's easy to dismiss knowledge dispersed by French intellectuals, I wouldn't.  Voltairenet.Org has published 492 articles on the 9/11 false flag operation, 139 in English, 186 in French and others in diverse languages.  Remember the French peasants brought down the oligarchs of their time and promoted genuine democracy and authentic socialism.  Their intellectuals were a substantive part of the rebuilt.

    While Amy Goodman is a gatekeeper, Juan Gonzales said immediately the dust from 9/11 was extremely toxic.  He documented the "Harvest of Shame".  He has my respect.

    Even the 9/11 architects and engineers, who I appreciate, will again have their outstanding Building 7 video graphic billboard on the NY Times building (entirely appropriate) in Times Square.  But you might want to see the sequenced photos which document towers of dust, which suggests something beyond demolition, perhaps nuclear

  59. Reenie says:

    Traveling from DC to West Va., amazing how many trees are dying. Take photos this fall because our children will not know the colors of autumn. I would be outside in my gardens all day now I hate to go out. Never opened my pool this year. Who would have thought there was this kind of evil.

    • jean ballaRD says:

      I know reenie . I have not been able to enjoy any of my summer activities in over 4 years now. And yet my health fails me more and more daily. But as long as I have breath left in me. I will keep posting and trying to get people to wake up on all fronts. If they do not, our children have no hope of any kind of future.

  60. Joseph L. says:

    Great show so many dots to connect. btwn 9-11, fracking , gmos, pipelines, vaccinations and , railtrains that carry oil etc.  geoengineering etc..I am sure i left out some stuff.
    Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

    By Zen Honeycutt
    Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's flagship herbicide Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has been found in vaccines. Moms Across America received preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, which showed:
    Federal Agencies Step in After Judge Denies Tribe's Request to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline —This pipeline would cost 3.8 billion dollars and go 1,172 miles and carry almost 1/2 million barrels of oil daily.  

  61. Steven kelly says:

    One week out of KC, Missouri back to arizona my constant cough has calmed way down. Heavy smoker for 40 years is my fault. But since back in Arizona  I can now sleep longer than 3-4 hours without coughing when I wake up before smoking a cigarette. Don't know if it was humidity, toxic air in house, or outside, but now feeling  more alert and breathing easier. Yesterday 9/09/2016 saw  multiple chem-trails over Phoenix. My estimate is they were 10000' High, crisscrossing each other and a mile wide as they began to dissipate. The outer edges of the chem-trails seems to start falling  as if it going to rain. These were not condensation trails from a plane. Haven't felt any affects, but sure would like to know what their spraying us with

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      POW in the usa, thank you. That was a great article. I've written here many times of how our younger ones will need to step up and fight the battle with us older folks that humanity now faces. I like the angle these kids have taken. I sure hope they know about geoengineering. Something tells me they do.

  62. Rummy be funny says:

    Rocking good news show bro.

    Had some de ja vu over one of the news stories you plugged.

    I think a few days before 9-11 Rummy held a presstitute conference stating that the DoD had lost and could not account for something like $6T.

    On 9/11 some sort of projectile shashed into the exact rooms of the Pentagon housing the accountants investigating the the missing funds.

    What a coinkydink, eh? Anywho, check it now we're getting another report of a DoD "accounting error.


  63. Dale Smith says:

    I download Dane's radio show to my I-pod every week and listen to it at least twice. I can vouch for everything Dane is saying because I am a dogged researcher myself…ten to twelve hours a day and not just about geo-engineering because I don't NEED any more proof that it is happening. What it looks like to me is that they are going to whittle away at the ability to grow food by corrupting the soil, killing the majority of the bees while using droughts and floods to bankrupt farmers that haven't sold out to the BLM. It's all about forcing people to submit to Agenda 21/2030. I have seen the white papers of the  "think tank groups" like the CFR and those like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger. Dane knows exactly of what I speak.

  64. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Always enjoy your updates, Dane. It sometimes feels like fighting a losing battle but I keep trying. A few weeks ago, you mentioned the type of aircraft engines that are used that do not typically leave contrails — thus, it must be purpose-fit spraying. What are those aircraft engines being used? I seem to have lost the notes I took when listening to that one. BTW, X marks the spot – after more than a month of no spraying over Phoenix, yesterday the clear blue skies had a large X over my house. I think they've finally discovered my where I live! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clare, the attached link will fill in the blanks on the highbypass turbofan jet engine. FYI

  65. Fred Rouse says:

    Thanks to Dane and all of you, but special thanks go this week to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, who, despite a pro-pump & pipe & spill ruling from a duly unelected judge, got a stay to temporarily halt construction of an oil pipeline that surely endangers ma water and ma earth.  The Native Americans see what we see through much more skeptical, even cynical eyes.  I hope they will continue to tell their version of the truth.  Seems pretty close to the correct version to this white boy.

    A non-fiction historical account of Indian slavery in North America (mostly focused on northern Mexico and the current U.S. Southwest) titled  "The Other Slavery" by Andres Resendez (2016, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) was eye-opening.  It circles around the issues of why nobody wants to…have their eyes opened!  Finished the book last night, listened to Dane this morning.  Seems like a modern form of self-flagellation.  Reading and hearing the truth, that is.

    Every question leads to less certitude, less group-think, and more  humility.  Pose questions.  Accept questions.  Answer honestly.  What else can we do but listen and learn and connect?

  66. kathleen says:

    Thanks for another great yet sad wakeup call. I was one who fought and failed against fluoride in our water, and nuke plants (on quake faults, no less than no viable plans for the waste). But I'm still hopeful that something or someone will give us a big enough wakeup call that will be able to stop the madness.

    If and until that time, we must find small ways to take care of ourselves. It's imperative we take measures to keep ourselves healthy and rid ourselves of toxins. An upcoming free online event might help: (I have no affiliation).

    Please continue to share health advice from M.D.s or other health professionals, even if their emphasis is not on geoengineering. Kids raised on junk foods haven't the brainpower to know right from wrong, or the ability to practice critical thinking skills, much less the means to learn how to use nature for themselves and their hapless offspring. They're dumbed down so far as to never comprehend the larger picture of geoengineering.

    I've rightfully distrusted our government since the 60's, but increasingly moreso ever since. Awakening the masses is crucial, but not guaranteed. So caring for the already awakened masses may be the answer, namely by encouraging them to eat healthy foods, and including (and growing) healing herbs and spices. 

    Since we breathe poisoned air daily, it's incumbent upon us to take every measure we can to ameliorate that damage. Those measures include speaking out against and informing the masses of geoengineering, and all sorts of other bad juju rained down upon us: excessive vaccines at an infant's birth; "formula" made of GMO soy;
    school lunch programs devoid of vegetables but force kids to drink cow's milk loaded with hormones and antibiotics; on and on.

    Dane, may your bravery be rewarded and your wisdom spread far and wide…before it's too late. I will always do what I can to help in this effort, and will always be grateful for all you do. May the stars shine upon you every day, and for a long and healthy life. xoxo


  67. Sister Mary Paul says:

    My dear Dane:

    What outstanding input and time you put into this site. It's the first time I've been shown about this.

    I'm on hiatus for a weeks family visit and my own sister had me sit down and read this – just BRAVO !!

    Please know that this soon to be ex-Carmelite nun sends you a warm caring and 'fight-on' hug.

    Blessings from Christ be yours,

    Sr. Mary Paul

    • Dennie says:

      Dear Sr. Mary Paul:  I know you guys pray for Russia and we need that.  Imagine if we had an "order" that was devoted to praying for the preservation and healing of God's creation (a.k.a., the environment) and for the Truth to be told about It All– that could be us here!

  68. Phil says:

    I never could have imagined growing up as a kid that the beautiful blue skies and everything else in nature that I treasured would be deliberately destroyed one day.  I used to spend the majority of my time outdoors, and now I hate to even go outside, especially on days when the spraying is blatantly obvious.  It makes me feel physically sick.  Like many others have pointed out on here, I can literally taste the metals in the air.  How can the majority of the population not even notice this?

  69. Treshon Felder says:

    Hello Dane,

    I'm a big fan of your work and would like your opinion on the most effective ways an individual can target key issues(geo engineering, agenda 21, federal reserve, silver as money ect). Is raising awareness the best way to cause change?

    Do you have data for the methane situation? I might have missed it…

  70. Marc says:

    Standing ovation for Dane Wigington on this broadcast!!! It is uplifting to me to hear Dane place great emphasis on the gigantic questions still painfully lingering about 9/11. The "official" NIST narrative could not possibly be more insulting or more ludicrous. The only reason it has any legs at all is due to the tragically stupid brand of skin-deep patriotism that apparently millions still indulge themselves in. The same identical kind of patriotism that expresses phony rage at a football player for not standing during the national anthem. Public sentiment and "worldview" are evidently quite malleable, the public's brains having the consistency of what comes out of a can of play-dough. I am f**king fed up with this epidemic of hair-trigger "dumb-ass". Too bad the CDC doesn't have a plan to spray vast swaths of the American landscape with some kind of substance that will knock some goddamn sense into people about the lies they are being waterboarded with every minute of every day. 

       Again, I have said it before and I will keep saying it. WE ARE STILL TOO COMFORTABLE. By some miracle of distribution we here in the U.S. still find ourselves in a land of plenty, poverty and homelessness notwithstanding. The majority of this society are hell-bent to stay at the bar until the lights come on and everyone is thrown out onto the street. Party on, Wayne….party on, Garth.

      None of this manufactured disdain for impending doom matters. Dumb-asses and well-informed alike will suffer the consequences of what is unfurling. But can one imagine ANYTHING MORE HEINOUS than that elements within our so-called government actively and routinely disseminate false and misleading information so as to keep as much of society as possible pacified while they march to the gallows? And the complicity of certain echelons of the scientific community is beyond comprehensible. Again, none of it matters. Let's see… many self-perpetuating climate feedback loops are now in play? 48? Whatever the number, a simple fact cannot be escaped, which is that I am not at all sure that ANYTHING can be done on orders of magnitude to make a difference now. Even worldwide geoengineering, which, if you believe the lie, was cranked up to prevent a Venus-syndrome scenario, HAS BEEN A COLOSSAL FAILURE FOR THE ALLEGED PURPOSE, a planet-wide poisoning, which has not gone unnoticed in the vastness of space and time.

    • Dennie says:

      Marc:  Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    • ron hall says:

      Power to you Marc!!   You know the so-called ancient Chinese curse?:"May you be born in interesting times." Well, here we are…

    • jean ballard says:

      absolutely spot on marc

    • Maria says:

      If you put a frog into boiling water, he will immediately JUMP OUT. 

      However, if you put a frog in COLD WATER and then increase the heat, he will let himself be cooked to death. THIS IS THE MENTALITY OF MOST OF OUR PEOPLE. 

      As long as they have their reality shows, sports shows, AND THEIR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS are still OPEN, the general public does NOT WANT TO KNOW, and most want to believe our govt is good.  The DUMBING DOWN OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WAS PLANNED BY THE ELITE. 

    • David Gershon says:

      A year ago on a cruise through the South Pacific I met a woman my age, a Christian minister to a number of towns around her home area, whose husband of 50 years, father to their three children, had just died of prostate cancer. She spent the last two horrible years of his life nursing this incontinent, paralyzed partner, whose spinal column had been severed by the cancer. 

      When we first met she was incredulous when I told her cancer was caused by cell stress due to inadequate nutrition and too many chemicals in our food and water, that I had skin and prostate cancer which I had healed by cleaning up my diet.

      Recently I forwarded a link to one of the YouTube presentations on the vaccine poisoning. I also mentioned that 9/11 was a false flag operation run out of the pentagon, that non-physical mental illness is not a disease but part of a spiritual process, and again, that there's been a cure for cancer for close to 100 years.

      She wrote back that she agreed with what I said about mental illness, with no further comment about the rest. Which got me to thinking, that people have been taught to accept the propaganda as truth, that moreover, if I'm right about cancer, those who control medicine murdered her husband / partner / children's father. 

      How difficult to accept such a conclusion? Thus, for me, some insight into why it is so difficult to speak with most as to what's really happening to our climate and the air we breath. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, ministers get pensions, too…

  71. LS says:

    Hello to All,    Thanks Dane for keeping us focused even as the mass distractions battles for our attention on so many fronts. The same small lower flying aircraft that spray out of the very tips of the wings, that are seen in known Nalad treatments for Zika mosquitoes, have been treating  in the Sierra for at least 6 weeks now. Recently, red spraying has been added. If it is here, it is everywhere. Who has consented to this? NOT ME!!   Isn't this a WTF???? moment?  Wouldn't this be something to be talking about to the offices of the POTUS, Congressmen and Senators that have pledged to represent us and protect us, Governor Brown, your county officials, your city officials, the local airport commissioner, CARB, EPA, etc…

    The city of South Lake Tahoe owns the local small airport where no commercial service exists. It just announced the need to prepare the runways and tarmac for heavier, larger planes and loads. Why is this? They need to be publicly confronted. They should see the 60 day notice by The County of El Dorado and the BOS, the City of South Lake Tahoe the the city council members, the airport and it's authorities need to be on notice that they could be the next to be named and served, in this assault from our skies that takes mass coordination and mass conspiracy, to carry out. Get on the phone. Start emailing. Write a letter to the editor of any news outlet. Post and share facts on your social media accounts. No more watching from the sidelines. The clock is ticking and the pushback is gigantic as we approach the end of the 60 notice to stop Geoengineering. Soldier on my friends. "Reveal it to heal it".

  72. roy says:

    When there are NO particulates, the sun is brighter and hotter, but that can be dealt with, however, damage from Geo Engieering and Biosphere poisoned forever CANNOT !!

  73. roy says:

    It is pretty much time to tell the whole world that, at this point, GeoEngineering MUST IMMEDIATELY be stopped !!!

    • Edward Palys says:

      Wish it could be. The spraying is now at an all time high and they are using various methods to disguise it somewhat. Also, the trail clouds they are leaving are taking different shapes from before.Trying to witness a truly blue sky is almost impossible. We are being attacked from many sources,geoengineering being just one. All the chaos we are seeing around the world is part and parcel of the same freks who do the geoengineering. The majority of people everywhere are still oblivious to the dying world and only believe what they see and hear in the media.

  74. R says:

    So very thankful for you Dane.

    We here in Washington State are being completely choked to death with the poison being sprayed over our heads. What is happening is so evil and unimaginable, the skies where I live look like a planet of fictitious made up space clouds of blurry space saucers and dripping wispy spider webs. I can taste metal and feel saturated with clammy moisture, this is like a delusion we are living in. I have been doing my best to wake the sleeping sheep and want you to know you are Loved and prayed for, again my deepest, Thank you

     May God help us!


    • Edward Palys says:

      Can we even imagine how many planes are in the air any given time doing this evil spraying? If it was just Washington state, if only, but it's like that all over North America. These evildoers are spending billions to destroy the planet.

  75. Free Energy Technologies says:

    (Anti-Cure) Is one more example of extreme insanity.    Anti-Cure Definition :* Opposed to a cure, especially where the condition being cured may be regarded as an acceptable alternative state of being.   This mentality of cure nothing fix nothing and accept everything or you are a hater is truly insane for lack of a possible better way to say this.

  76. Gary Samples says:

    Hi Dane,

    The question is when. Will it be financial collapse?

    Atmospheric degradation. The cracks in society continue to get bigger to those that can see. Be prepared my friend.

  77. Karl Knudsen says:

    I want to bring up something that I haven't heard mentioned anywhere that I can think of right now. Why is it that I tune in to Alex Jones or the myriad of other radio hosts to learn about the new big assault…and I find it entertaining!!!??? Am I alone here, I can't be. But I'll amend that and also say I like to learn. Is my sense of reality skewed so much that my own demise is sensational, how warped right? I can't help but think that over time and living in this American society, I've become exactly what the Masters want me to be. Confused, worried and paralyzed. Sometimes the reality hits hard and it's not entertaining.

    I've called into several talk radio shows here locally in Salt Lake City, Utah bringing up 911 and I know that at first it takes courage to get on the air and convey a clear message, but in the midst of it, it becomes natural and feels good.

    I think that this "community" might consider brainstorming on something. A simple, clear message that could be read on the radio air waves relaying the truth about the daily modification of our earth. Bullet points that take 30-45 sec to relay. Then of course directing the listeners to visit

    Dane is reaching 10's of thousands every week on air, we the listeners can too when we call local radio shows with the main points on the matter. A statement that I could either read or really nail down in my mind would be so helpful.

    I am one, I am not completely informed, I struggle to keep caring, but I know there's light at the end of this tunnel and I want to do my part in shining light on the dark deeds that fill our skies.

    • ron hall says:

      Karl:  I hear you, man.  I thought I might share something with you.  I absolutely do not know if there is "any light at the end of this tunnel." I'm in my eighth decade of this earthly dance and am convinced that the human species will destroy itself and much of the biosphere.  The mathematics is overwhelmingly pointing in that direction IMO. But, importantly, I still act/struggle. Neither hope nor hopelessness does does anything. Hope is wishful thinking and hopeless leads to a fetal position in a closet. You are struggling! Good!

  78. Yamakawa says:

    Fukushima Icewall videos: Japanese only
    2016/5/19 Fukushima No.1 Icefall block-effect appearing
    2016/6/6 Fukushima No.1 Icefall, Begins Freezing the Mountainside

  79. SF: Some scientists do appear to a least be questioning the long term consequences of geoengineering.
    "In a new study, the scientists found that if society doesn't make steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the next couple of decades, injections of planet-cooling sulfates into the atmosphere could theoretically limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels.  But such geoengineeing would mean a sustained effort stretching over more than a century and a half, and it would fail to prevent certain aspects of climate change. 'One thing that surprised me about this study is how much geoengineering it would take to stay within 2 degrees if we don't start reducing greenhouse gases soon,' said NCAR scientist Simone Tilmes, the lead author."

  80. The comment below by Cori Gunnells exposes the endless assault of subtle twisted indoctrination and blatant propaganda we all face even from seemingly so-called 'respectable' sources. Thank you Cori for your clarity and warrior spirit!  – Susan
    ENGINEERING THE EARTH (the propaganda…): "Geoengineering is not an adaptation strategy but is a particular form of climate change, which involves the deliberate intervention into the Earth’s natural systems to counteract the greenhouse effect. This method focuses on solar radiation management which involves the reflection of sunlight back into space, using techniques such as creating a stratospheric veil of aerosol particles to reflect sunlight, or releasing trillions of mirrors into space to deflect the sun’s rays, forming a 100,000 square mile “sun shade. … However, the 'cheap and fast' option presented by stratospheric aerosols does not come without risk. Stratospheric aerosols could destroy ozone … However, this damage is expected to be modest. But, releasing aerosols would only fix one aspect of the puzzle. Another consequence of climate change is the acidification of the oceans … This problem could be tackled by another geoengineering technique termed the 'iron hypothesis.' Iron would simply be 'dumped' into the oceans, with the desired effect to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide which would result in a cooling effect. … On the other hand, geoengineering techniques such as stratospheric veiling pose a 'termination shock' threat: if injecting aerosols abruptly stops, the climate will warm rapidly, which could lead to more short-term severe consequences. … there are those who benefit and some who do not, therefore the techniques carry large opportunity costs, as some countries will be better off, at the expense of others."

    Comment by Cori Gunnells: Here is another propaganda attempt to fleece the public, and ready them for the acceptance of a 'Save the Earth' mitigation strategy – meaning 'climate engineering/geoengineering' which won't work. The lies and errors in this report are numerous. … When you see complete BS like this report, call it out for what it is. It's complete propaganda – the darkest of all lies.


  81. Yamakawa says:

    Visiting HAARP sites part 5 We would like to go to several places in the Aleutian Islands. Before going to fishy “ground sites”, let’s see the ripples coming from various places, potentially from Sea based X-Band Radar (SBX) sites.

    EOSDIS 2016 JUL 20, 21

    Sea based X-Band Radar Sourcebook 2007, Vol II 2010

  82. Karl Knudsen says:

    Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance. I know that we are under assault from just about every direction. What a silly, foolish thing man is, so trusting, so blind, so lazy. You know I bet if the country was under ballistic missile attack and it was being aired on tv, so many would just keep watching…thrilled and hypnotized. 

    I just finished watching "The Big Short". There were very few individuals who saw the approaching Housing Market crash of 2008. Almost none even considered it. Why, the housing market is as solid as a rock, but of course the foundation was compromised, purposely… to cause harm.  This scenario we face is about a trillion times worse… and there won't be a Government bail out to prop up the house of cards this time.

    Why are we here on battleground earth if not to be firstly aware of, and then part of the age old war. Good vs Evil? I guess if there's any point to my writing is that when you look, you will find and then hopefully you will act. 

    You are a ray of hope Mr. Wigington and I would not have delved into this mess were it not for your years of investigating, so thank you.

    • Dan G. says:

      The trees the Klamath lake and river to keno all dying no boats on this big lake summer weekends sorry to say you can get a house on the river cheap . Miles of dying saplings some green bowed over with the tips touching the ground you can witness this on 97 to Bend OR . Where to get safe fish to eat?

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