Geoengineering, Weather Warfare, And The Contrail Deception


Dane Wigington

Official sources, who’s job it is to deny the blatantly obvious climate engineering atrocities, have consistently claimed that the vapor trails seen behind WWll B-17 bombers are proof that we are only seeing “condensation trails” blotting out our skies. But is this truth? Or could some WWll bombers have been used as a part of the early climate engineering experiments? The 4 minute video below contains WWll film footage that exposes the false "contrail" narrative.

Governments around the world have lied so extensively for so long, that the majority of the public's perception of reality is (in so many cases) completely false. The ongoing global geoengineering assault is the most blatant and dangerous case in point. 44453

Geoengineered skies, Flushing, Michigan. Photo credit: Bethann Ballard

For over seven decades climate engineering has been fully deployed and steadily ramped up, at this point there is no weather that can be considered “natural”. Geoengineering is weather and biological warfare, nothing less. If we are to have any chance of even short term survival, the climate engineering assault must be fully exposed and halted. If this can be accomplished, a long list of other existential challenges must be faced and dealt with. 

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  1. Alabama CBD says:

    Awesome information.

  2. Jeff says:

    I have a letter from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. I never ever once said a word about cloud seeding. I said, SRM,SAI, Geo and Climate Eng. They said please contact the National Weather Service in Birmingham about Cloud Seeding. I was like really? WTF? That is the lie they want to cover it up with? I would be happy to post it. I emailed a certain high profiled paid professional liar in Birmingham, biggest fraud of them all! All he does is lie to the good people here. You should see his response. 

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I feel one of the best methods to convince a Climate Engineering denier about the reality of SAG, is to tell them to look up at the sky when a plane is conducting SAG. Ask them the questios when you observe the dashes and skips in the the jet dispersion trail. Is the engine being turned off and on repeatedly? Why are the dispersion trails lingering for hours & hours eventually being spread out by upper level winds and manipulated by HAARP! What about the days that are clear of any natural clouds and Climate Engineering dispersion trails. Since people think that they are Jet Condensation Trails, I asked them why do we not see anything today? Are there any planes flying today, or are all the airports shut down and all flights grounded. These several questions especially the last question about the airports, really convinces them to think more, before jumping to the conclusion that the jet dispersion trails are only Condensation Trails. 

    • Jeff says:


      What is so sad and beyond my mind is: I tell people here the same thing word for word. They still dont believe. I mean talk about brainwashed!

    • Marthur Farquois says:

      So True David.  I ask them to explain why there are gaps between clouds or supposed contrails and their absurd response is that the amount of water in the sky is not uniform. They say that since condensation formation depends on the amount of water in the sky  then if there are regions of less or more moisture then the formation of the trail varies accordingly and we should learn what an appleman chart is.  Do they think we are all fools?  How should we respond with such idiocy!

    • Diana Kennedy says:

      Thanks David For This comment. That is usally my train of thought too. I am going to try it next time. I have been doing this new technique where I just stand there obviously taking pictures and videos of the sky in public place until people ask me what I'm doing. Then they are the ones that opened up the conversation and I kindly explain what I'm doing. 

  4. Mark says:

    Sunday dec 18, massive new Geoengineering trails all over the sky here in south west Florida. I went out early Monday morning with my flashlight and pointed it straight up over my head and sure enough, tiny dust particles could be seen drifting down just like they said.

    Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol injection.   I’m stunned at quantity of materials. 

  5. Chad says:

    Take care all. Keep spreading the word. God bless you all.

  6. SD says:

    By coincidence I watched part of the 1955 film Strategic Air Command last week on the Movies! channel.  Various scenes show old B36 bombers spewing condensation, unburned fuel, etc from their PISTON engines. Even the lobby posters showed "contrails".

    Then, the other day I watched The Rainmaker film with Burt Lancaster on the same Movies! channel.  Of course the plot revolves around well, RAINMAKING. Movies! channel is owned by MGM and I really wonder if MGM is a DoD contractor. I have seen several other films on same channel in past year which showed "aircraft trails" in various scenes and seemed out of place.  For the record, MGM also owns The Mandalay Bay Resort.

    Meanwhile, high levels of solar radiation felt on my skin and eyes here in Orange County, CA yesterday. Moderate SRM spray activity overhead. Big drop in Barometric Pressure this AM.

    • Dennie says:

      SD:  The movie houses did in fact make propaganda and propagandist films in conjunction with the military or military-run guidelines for a country whose leaders want everyone to make an all-out effort to win the war.  A very good example of a propagandist movie that not too many understand to be is the classic movie Casablanca– think about it– Rick's an American running a hotel in north Africa at a time when a lot of people are fleeing Europe to the U.S. and South America via north African countries.  It absolutely has an anti-German message.  

      It's clear, windy and dry here today in NorCal.  A neighbor said that many who'd lost homes or had to evacuate the Wine Country fires in Sonoma, Napa and Mendo counties last October were reporting PTSD symptoms on Facebook today, due to the crazy weather.

    • SD says:

      Correction – Movies! is  apparently NOT owned by MGM, but rather part owned by 21st Century Fox.

  7. Jeff says:

    Thanks Dane,and all those who care in this fight.

    Not intended to discourage any one,but with the indoctrinated belief in "Authority"(the right to rule others)in action,we have lost already.A simple star wars related analogy "We all know the emperor is evil,but we support the troopers". We as a people any where in the world have no reason to consent to slavery of a ruling class,even if our indoctrination has us programed to do so.To expect the criminals to stop what have been doing,is foolish.That being said,I intend on fighting until the wheels fall off. Here are two youtube videos I suggest to help connect dots to the insanity we face together.

    "Microwave Weaponry's use on people explained by Dr.Barrie Trower"(very enlightening).

    unslaved podcast "A conversation with Bruce Lipton"(positive and up lifting).

    We are the ones we have been waiting for. I wish you all strength to continue this battle for life.

    Dane,I hope the spirits or what ever you call it keeps you strong.

  8. DawnSki says:

    Sundays forecast on Accuweather fore Mooresville, NC "dull and dreary"…..

  9. Joseph L says:

    So many dots to connect these days besides GEOENGINEERING  but at least we have some choices to make if we want to.  Aerosols from airplanes give all of us no choice but to breathe in more polluted air day in and day out.

    Is Organic Food A Scam?

    Experts at the U.N. recently warned that pesticides end up in our water systems, damage our ecological system, contaminate soils, are responsible for bee deaths, and are a huge environmental threat to the future of food production. The issue of world hunger is due to poverty, inequality and distribution – not lack of food. 

    “It is time to overturn the myth that pesticides are necessary to feed the world and create a global process to transition toward safer and healthier food and agricultural production.” U.N. Special Rapporteurs on Toxics and the Right to Food, March 2017

  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Those of you who are following the obscene depths of criminality perpetuated by the Deep State, the FBI & the CIA , and the Judicial system — take some time and read this one carefully. Here we have obstruction of justice and other illegal fraudulent acts. One can only guess what the Clinton's have on these institutions, however I would say that Zapata Oil and Mena Arkansas loom large. These revelations serve to break down the trust of the American people in our institutions, which is what they are crafted to achieve as we move into further chaos.
    FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated
    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has discovered that edits made to former FBI Director James Comey's statement exonerating Hillary Clinton for transmitting classified info over an unsecured, private email server went far beyond what was previously known, as detailed in a Thursday letter from committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to FBI Director Christopher Wray.
    The letter reveals specific edits made by senior FBI agents when Deputy Director Andrew McCabe exchanged drafts of Comey's statement with senior FBI officials, including Peter Strzok, Strzok's direct supervisor, E.W. "Bill" Priestap, Jonathan Moffa, and an unnamed employee from the Office of General Counsel (identified by Newsweek as DOJ Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson) – in what was a coordinated conspiracy among top FBI brass to decriminalize Clinton's conduct by changing legal terms and phrases, omitting key information, and minimizing the role of the Intelligence Community in the email investigation. Doing so virtually assured that then-candidate Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted.

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Not for the faint of heart – from the UK Guardian. The "criminal enterprise" American Empire breaking down.

    A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
    Skid Row bang in the center of LA’s downtown. That way lies 50 blocks of concentrated human humiliation. A nightmare in plain view, in the city of dreams. … The cumulative attack has left struggling families, including the 15 million children who are officially in poverty, with dramatically less support than in any other industrialized economy. Now they face perhaps the greatest threat of all.
    As Alston himself has written in an essay on Trump’s populism and the aggressive challenge it poses to human rights: “These are extraordinarily dangerous times. Almost anything seems possible.”

    • Dale K says:

      Dane has been commenting about this for years.

      Record 129 Million Dead Trees in California
      Cal Fire News Release

      VALLEJO, Calif., December 11, 2017 – The USDA Forest Service today announced that an additional 27 million trees, mostly conifers, died throughout California since November 2016, bringing the total number of trees that have died due to drought and bark beetles to an historic 129 million on 8.9 million acres. The dead trees continue to pose a hazard to people and critical infrastructure, mostly centered in the central and southern Sierra Nevada region of the state.

      “The number of dead and dying trees has continued to rise, along with the risks to communities and firefighters if a wildfire breaks out in these areas,” said Randy Moore, Regional Forester of the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region. “It is apparent from our survey flights this year that California’s trees have not yet recovered from the drought, and remain vulnerable to beetle attacks and increased wildfire threat. The USDA Forest Service will continue to focus on mitigating hazard trees and thinning overly dense forests so they are healthier and better able to survive stressors like this in the future.”


    • BaneB says:

      Dale:  My property is in a rain shadow.  The entire east facing ridge is.  I have received average to more than average rainfall during these years of drought.  Yet my conifers are rapidly dying off.  What has weakened my trees I do not know though I have my suspicions.  At the current rate in 100 years I think much of the natural northern California flora will be gone.  Of course the Beatles are a symptom of the greater malady.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @BaneB, I can't believe you believe there is another 100 years! for CA flora or much else.  Nowhere near 100 years.  A few years would be closer to the mark.  However, pushing on, given your rather unique location and trees dying despite lack of drought, would your trees not be perfect for a study by Dane and crew and Legal too?  Seldom get a comparison chance like that.

  12. Maria R says:

    If you want to see what you are breathing get yourselves a home security system with night vision and check it out for yourselves…….scary what floats through the air


    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Those of us that have a four legged 24/7/365 security system just use a flash light after dark. Very scary indeed.

  13. rose says:

    Today i looked up at the sky here in central gulf coast Florida. about 12:00 pm Sky was blue but i could see a plane spraying and saw a few shorter sprays. I looked up about 3 hrs later and was shocked to see the microwaved sky,. the whole sky had uniform wavy clouds next to one another. Looked very menacing. Ive seen the sky filled at times with the trails but i never saw the sky look like it did today. It looked like something from a horror  movie. The flock of blackbirds that been coming to my feeder began screaming, Yes, it sounded like they were screaming real loud. I wondered if they felt or heard what was being done. To see all those wavy lines cover the sky that was blue a few hrs earlier and hear those birds screaming was just awful. A little later i looked up and those wavy lines started looking like large snowballs covering the sky. And i knew i seen that formation sometime in my past when i didn't know what was being done. I also know  that God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Psalm 37: 10,11 says Just a little while longer and the wicked one will be no more. You will look at where they were And they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth. And they will find  exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.


    • Hawkeye says:

      Rose, great finish on your post! The meek are the suffering not necessarily the poor as many interpret that verse to be. Knowing that makes it even more amazing.

      Now, I want to tell Dane and everyone something I have been told recently. Did a job for a woman from W. Virginia who was married to a big wig lobbyist who was very tight with many in the WH since the 80's. Before I knew that I pointed to the sky as we chatted outside to see her reaction as big huge Geo trails were being deployed. She looked up and said, " good Lord! What the frig is that?" So I explained and then she changed her expressions and looked me in the eyrs and said there is another reason for it you know. I asked what.

      She said it is a dome, a sprayed shield military secret to protect us from a nuke missle from other nations. She said shhhh, her husband was told this by government officials. Wow! I have heard this excuse reason before but never right from the mouth of a real government person. This is what those in our gov depts are being told geoengineering is!? And they believe this!!?? Well the ironic part is she was in the middle of a divorce from this lobbyist husband while he was becoming ill from Alzheimer's. She said he was shouting out loud in public many times of these secret military missions and people were after him to shut up. He died from the disease. 

      Just wanted to tell this, interesting isn't it?! 


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      "…it is a dome, a sprayed shield military secret to protect us from a nuke missle from other nations. She said shhhh, her husband was told this by government officials. Wow! I have heard this excuse reason before but never right from the mouth of a real government person. This is what those in our gov depths are being told geoengineering is!? And they believe this!!?? "

      VSF: And if you meet her again, Hawkeye, ask her why this is being done to the entire planet? Who is defending who – or what against who or what — when the entire planet, the total atmosphere of Earth is being drenched in toxic-to-all-life metals.

    • Dennie says:

      Hawkeye:  Yes, the spraying of our skies as a "shield-against- incoming-missiles fairy tale is a RED HERRING started by Ronnie Ray-Gun, designed to make the public not question the real reason behind the spraying:  Widespread weather manipulation, a form of "climate change" (in addition to all the industrial crap added to the atmosphere) as WARFARE!  There is NO WAY the crap "they're" spraying all over this once-fair planet could, in an of itself, keep missiles from flying. Out the other side of the mouths of the people who are saying that, we hear about Korean missile tests, complete with descriptions of missiles whizzing right across Nippon-land.  Sprays are not stopping that from happening, at all.  

    • rose says:

      Is haarp the same as microwave radio frequency? As i said in previous comment the sky was filled with it , not the normal chemtrails on Thursday the 14th here in gulf coast Fl. I wonder what those frequencies are doing to us?  I know a number of people recently who had chest pains, went to hospital and one said she had a slight heart attack the other had stents put in. Just wondering if it could be related to what they are doing.? 

    • Hawkeye says:

      @Susan – Dennie, good points! I know that was BS what she told me and so did she because I was hired to pet sit for her so we were in contact for some time. She was either playing me or possibly considering my info up against hers because she would check in on her pets and tell me each time if there were " contrails" where she was or not. 

      It was kind of creepy tell ya the truth and I was a bit leary of her so I just let it ride as was, but both your points did cross my mind to ask her to see what else she would lie about…..uh tell me. Things got weird and she wouldn't go away, long story, had to literally kick her out cause I found out she had no plan to go as was planned. She too had many behavioral clues that she was also on the run. 

      How our paths crossed is the really weird part but I am not going into details in case. She told me I was marked because I told her I sent local sky pics of spraying to my county commissioner's office asking him WTF????!!!!

      Ahhh, the lies the threats the madness is just out of control! I won't see her again and good! 

  14. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great Film footage Dane. Glad you've put to rest, this tall tale they've tried to use to give themselves credence. And they use this as an example of proof it has always happened & it's nothing new to see substances spewing from Aircraft.  Aircraft capabilities have'nt improved since the 50's !?  Like the High Turbo Fan, non combusted jet engine!  I guess if they brought up this fact, they would have to explain that they are near Incapable of spraying anything, except in the most extreme cases. They are pulling the noose tighter around their own necks each day.      I filmed a plane spraying over the Rockies in Western Alberta, in 2007. Two things came to mind, Either this plane is going to Crash, or he's spraying something!  A Mountain Duster? I now see full trails being sprayed that are spewing a Red/Pink substance? Is this Blood? Is it a combination of Chemicals?  A week ago I filmed a Jet spraying the typical white dispersions, then it changed to a Black/Grey substance being sprayed. A white & grey trail? How would a nay sayer explain these trails?   A Water vapour to, A Dirty Water vapour?     Thus the Grey.             This Evil has No Bounds!   Nor the Ignorance & Complacency.        The Highest form of Ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.    –  Wayne Dyer  –       Sometimes Silence isn't Golden. It"s just Yellow!

    • vj says:

      Gail,  I've been photographing the lines in the sky for ten years. I remember an awful day when I was out riding my bike and I stopped in to my favorite Quebec sandwich and curd shop. The sky was being heavily sprayed very low altitude and when I came out people sitting outside at the cafe tables were looking up. I saw what they saw; a darkened sky with the sun at noon and a huge dark halo around it. I felt so bad I just rode home and closed my door and cried.

  15. Lee Eyerman says:

    Dane,is there anything physically we can do to help stymie these trails,like burning leaves(I don't know) anything to purify our air.Maybe we all need to fight fire with fire-any weather chemists with any ideas?After all we are basically being sprayed with chemicals,can we have a cure like reaction that we can implement? Maybe certain trees should be planted that absorb the poison,maybe oragamy pyramids will help.Where are the aileans when we really need them?

  16. david says:

    I saw a 90 degree cut out in the clouds over Orlando tonight at about 10:30-10:45 much like the ones seen in the satellite photos Was very obvious though not perfect  but square enough to not look natural.  

  17. Louise Neufeld says:

    Dane I'm so very grateful for your persistence and tireless work.  Thank you!!  I have a question.  Here in Manitoba, formerly known as sunny Manitoba, on a few days when we do see the sun I have noticed sparkles everywhere.  At first I thought I was having vision problems but this has happened a few times already, albeit rarely.  It's like very small flashing lights falling and moving very fast. Bright metallic bits.  I can't touch them, only see them.  You would think it was snow but it's not snowing. They are moving so fast I keep blinking to make sure that they are really there. Because they are spraying non-stop here it's difficult to figure out if it's a certain type of spray.  Do you have any idea what these could be?

  18. PatinSF says:

    Net neutrality is the secret sauce that has made the internet awesome. It ensures that we, not Comcast or Verizon, get to choose what content we read, what websites we go to, and what services we use on the internet.

    What is going to happen to web sites like

    I fear the worst.

    • Lynn says:

      I am having difficulty getting into this evening and only got into this site via a past email from!  Control has to end!!!


  19. BaneB says:

    High strangeness with weather temperatures in central Mendocino County, California.  This region is back to unseasonably warm dry temperatures.  This early morning at 1,300 feet the temp was 21F.  At the same time higher up here at 4,000 feet where I survive, the temp was 55F.  Currently it's about 80F at this elevation.  I ought to plant palm trees to avoid the rush. The entire forest is in Eco-collapse, though few seem to notice anything amiss.  No doubt about it.  

    The Pentagon, Raytheon, NASA, NOAA, Commerce Department, EPA, the National Weather Service, and various participating universities, to name the major culprits, are RESPONSIBLE.  They are aerosoling my sky overhead as I write this.  And have been for days.  I read in a post here that scientist say the ionosphere is collapsing?  The same bunch of sicko participants I listed above are responsible for the screwed up ionosphere and the attendant screwed up weather. One can believe these taxpayer derived weasels will lie and stall, and if pushed to expose their chicanery, out will come the document shredders.  You see, these entities Are responsible. They conceal their crimes behind 'climate change'…. the greater part their created gambit.  They are accountable for massive economic losses, misery everywhere, untold loss of human life, and the breakdown of the earth's hydrological cycles.  

    • Dennie says:

      The ionosphere's collapsing because the M.I.C. Overlords believe they can just keep whacking the sh!t out of it with H.A.A.R.P. and everything else they assault it with, and get by with it.  They are like abusers who think they can keep battering their wife and somehow she'll just keep on coming back to them.

    • ron hall says:

      BaneB:   Excellent to see you are not gone.

    • Pedro says:

      As some politicians say, nothing like a big crisis ( war ) to create big profit. And what is the the biggest business of all? – war against all the World, through the weather.

      Welcome to corporate globalization ( of weather control and weather manipulation ).

      Welcome to the ultimate disorder of lunacy.

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Hall:  Thank you, Ron.  Too much on my plate.  Getting old and slowing down.  Keeping the spirit up takes effort, too, because these grim times in which more than a few ill "winds" blow is depressing.  So occasionally some time off to "chill out."  Speaking of genuine ill winds, it began to blow like crazy up here early yesterday afternoon.  And the gusts have been very strong all night.  This began early afternoon with an odd looking gray cloud cover that looked like impending rain.  But a study of the odd canopy said to me it looked manufactured.  My Yahoo 'The Weather Channel' showed rain in progress here.  There was no rain.  Not even a sprinkle.  The canopy disappeared around 7 pm with the advent of strong wind.  All night has been a 'white knuckle flight.'  I checked outside at 2:30 am.  Stuff blown around.  Things knocked over on the front porch.  I cannot shake a sense of foreboding.  Is it just me or is it in the "air" or what.  And no kindred spirits because those in my area with whom I dialogue seem "normal" to a fault.  And all the while the unraveling environment stares at them begging to be noticed.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Bane, It's always good to hear from you. The criminal bas#a*&s have broken earth's atmosphere with their chicanery and tomfoolery… that the stakes are so high and the consequences so dire is devestating and heartbreaking for us all. It is truly unbelievable that we are living through this insane madness. It's no wonder people have a hard time grasping what is happening- but we must never stop spreading the truth to them. We ARE making a difference and perhaps the tide may yet turn in a favorable way. Thank you, all kindred spirits helping in this battle, and especially to you Dane, for your tireless, selfless work in helping all life on earth.

  20. Rodster says:

    In Ugo Bardi’s latest piece he mentions Geoengineering and the dangers of pursuing it to rectify or slowdown the Biosphere collapse. However Mr. Bardi makes NO mention that Geoengineering has been going on for 6+ decades. There’s academia for you.—4——0—————-

    • Rodster says:

      Too bad Mr Ugo Bardi did not leave a link to his email because I sure as hell would have let him know that Geoengineering is nothing new and is one of the primary reasons why our Biosphere is in collapse.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Hi, Rodster –

      I found Ugo Bardi’s email address.  His own website has the same exact profile picture as was used in the Medium article you linked to, and from there I was able to track down his email address on the University of Florence, Italy’s website (  He is a professor there, as well as a member of the Club of Rome.  The page is in Italian, but the contact information is easy to figure out.  There is also a button under the English section labeled “curriculum” that gives a brief biography of him, his work, and associations, which I read through to make sure he is the correct Ugo Bardi.  His email address, from the page, is:

      Hope this information helps!

  21. 'a' simplehorseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet in "SoCal",

    This weekend the Gem Faire will be in San Diego CA. I know A LOT of you folks live within driving distance of the Scottish Right event center there. I request that those of you that 'can', haul your butts down there and get on the front lines of handing out important info to the thousands that will pass by the awareness booth. This is your chance to stand in front of a very credible and official info center. The Gem Faire is open at 10AM on the 15th and runs to the 17th. "Make your voice heard in this most critical fight". I want to see pictures of local folks standing 'behind' the table at the GW awareness booth. "Be a part of the 'real' solution".

    Why more folks don't put their actions where there mouth is, is beyond me. Tomorrow never comes, "it's always today".

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello friend I haven't met yet,

      Thank you so much for this good news!  Now, it's a double blessing that I can be here in southern California right now — to help my 81 year old-mother and actually be close enough (finally!) to help man the geoengineering booth this weekend.  Fortunately mom's condition has improved enough that I can steal away for at least half a day this Saturday and help out at the Gem Faire booth. I think it might be about 1 and 1/2 hours from here. Too bad I left my STOP geoengineering t-shirt back in Alaska.  Maybe, I'll have the pleasure of meeting and volunteering with some other folks who visit this site.  I will be there when they open and stay till about 1:30 (would stay longer if I could).  Here's hoping I see some of you there!  



    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Blue Sue a friend I have met,

      I don't believe "a" simple horseman's call to duty could have been answered better than it was by anyone but you. You will reach many more people in one afternoon than you ever have before. You will never know how many you reach, but I'm sure it will be many more than you could ever imagine. I will be with you on Saturday in spirit and consciousness.

      You corralled yourself a winner Mike. Thank you.


  22. Mishelle Shepard says:

    Dane, thank you for your tireless efforts, leadership, inspiration and consistency.  I share your work regularly on my blog and with my friends and complete strangers when I'm in town.

    We live in the rural south, not normally much air traffic, so it's very obvious on 'spray days.'  Our weather has been unusual, so it's easier lately to get folks to see that what's happening in the sky is related to the weather. But unfortunately, even when they notice, few seem to have the inclination to do something. They say things like: "God will be their judgement."

    This is frustrating to see this slave-like mentality.  I have a question though, b/c now I'm seeing some different sort of trails.  Some days we still get the 'grid trails' that I've taken many pics and vids of, but now I'm also seeing heavy short trails that dissipate like "regular" contrails.  Since you are saying any trails would be unusual on modern aircraft I'm wondering what you can tell me about these short trails, b/c they are still flying right over our property, which is not under any commercial flight paths, so I'm still suspicious of them. Thanks for any links or additional info on these trails.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mishelle, in regard to your question on the shorter length jet trails (still very llikely aerosol dispersions), check the attached link, FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Mishelle, I've brought this up too.  Here in Berkeley we get all sorts almost all the time.  But I too have been seeing short trails, on and off ones, and ones that just keep going with the plane yet nothing left behind the trail.  However, if one keeps on watching the skies do change.  So, they Are doing something and it seems new.

    • r k says:

      Seeing same thing going on in NYC Rachel. Seems they've developed sneakier ways to shroud the sky.

    • Dennie says:

      TOTAL white-out today in San Rafael, CA, U.S.A.  Prob'ly in the rest of the Western Pacific as well.  Why we ACCEPT such treatment I have NO idea.  How sooooo very many cannot even TELL this is happening, I have even less of an idea….

  23. Ronald Doucet says:

    When I talk to people about aerial spraying those that say they wouldn’t do that to their own people, this is my answer. I was in Vietnam 67&68 was told Agent Orange was to kill foliage, I was not in danger. The US Government now say they sprayed 2 and a half million people. Vietnam say it’s closer to 4 million. This spraying killed or permanently injured 400,000 people. In that number are Veterans and Civilians. 50+ years later people are still dying from Agent Orange. They keep adding names to the Vietnam Wall in DC. Veterans are receiving money every month for damages, until it kills them. Do you think I’m bitter? You better believe aerial spraying is happening everyday. Do what you need to do to protect yourself and love ones. 

    • Dennie says:

      … and other Fairy Tales, like "DDT is used to kill BUGS, it won't harm YOU."  Just WHO thinks up sh!t lies like this to tell people?  And just what kind of sh!t actually BELIEVES this crap?

  24. rob says:

    Had to just leave you a sincere and heartfelt  "thank you" Dane for your passion and ceaseless efforts – we have alienated most of our associates, "friends" and family regardless of the approach, validity of the hard data or the gentleness/insistence of our introduction (all attempted)  – 

    It is shocking and disheartening how "they" have succeeded so completely in herding the sheep into the corral, sedating them and removing all impetus to question and discern.  sorry to sound so cynical – when we do find a listener, they are either one of the already informed (rare – preaching to the choir) or quickly become overwhelmed – even with just a little suggestive information, and rush for a glass of water and the blue pill…

    but on we go – so far our child is listening to us  – guess she has to right now!  we're doing our level best for her and our dear blue planet- thank you again-

    M, N and K  

  25. Dennie says:

    Snooze you lose.

    GE cuts 12000 workers:  Renewables are the future. GE the latest to miss the trend.

    ZURICH/LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – General Electric Co (GE.N) said Thursday it is axing 12,000 jobs at its global power business, the struggling industrial conglomerate’s latest effort to shrink itself into a more focused company.

    The U.S. company launched the cuts to save $1 billion in 2018 at its Power business, saying it expects dwindling demand for fossil fuel power plants to continue. GE’s cuts follow a decision by rival Siemens AG to slash 6,900 jobs in the face of a global shift by electric utilities away from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar.

    GE did not give a breakdown of the job cuts, which represent about 4 percent of its overall workforce of 295,000, saying only that they would be primarily outside the United States. The cuts represent about 18 percent of GE’s Power business, GE said.

    Don’t be too hard on them – they’re not alone.  We are seeing a “disruption of unprecedented scope and speed,”  

    “Traditional power markets including gas and coal have softened,” GE said on Thursday, explaining the decision for the job cuts.

    Proof Positive that Trump doesn't "get it," from Betting Wrong:  GE Takes Big Loss as Fossils Lose to Renewables:

    • Jeanette S says:

      I got notice that the World Bank is not going to fund oil and gas exploration any longer. This may have triggered this.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Prime examples of "the snake eating its own tail". Crash the big companies and buy them up cheap. Total insanity…..

  26. Dennie says:

    "Nature is not a political game.  Nature is the ground on which we stand, it's the air which we breathe.  The truth of it is and the truth of the case is that there's too much carbon being emitted, the heat-trapping gasses are building up, the planet is warming and all hell's breaking loose."  — Jerry Brown, on CBS's 60 Minutes.  When the interviewer, in a dramatically magnified tone of complete surprise and utter exasperation, apparently in regard to having to entertain the concept of a truly dire threat to the planet, asks Brown, "Are you fearful?" Brown replies that if anyone isn't, they are not looking at the facts.  Brown continues:  "I don't think that President Trump has the fear of the Lord:  The fear of the wrath of God, which leads one to more humility, and this is such a reckless disregard for the truth and for the existential consequences that can be unleashed."  Gov. Jerry Brown of California attacks Trump for denying climate change, on 60 minutes: (excerpt:  Full episode:  NOTE:  You'll need to disable your ad blocker to watch the full show from this link, or subscribe to CBS's All Access Commercial Free service.  

  27. Dennie says:

    The great Swing Band leader Glenn Miller, disappeared while on duty for the U.S. Air Force (with plenty of theories keeping us, typically, all guessing as to how this actually occurred).  Here are the lyrics to one of his songs, titled, appropriately, "Shhh, It's a Military Secret:"  

    Shhh… shhh…
    Take a tip, button up your lip,
    Don't get yourself unstrung,
    Harm may come
    Just from a slip of the tongue…

    Don't talk about the weather,
    Shhh, it's a military secret,
    Just keep your wits together
    That's the safest way to keep it
    These are critical times
    Be careful of espionage
    In such critical times
    You gotta watch out for sabotage

    If you must talk to someone
    Don't give any information
    It's smart to be a dumb one
    Simply change the conversation
    Let's just talk about love
    'Cause that's what I'm thinking of,
    And it's no military secret that I love you…

    Well, it's a "secret" no longer.  From WaPo:  The most accurate climate change models predict the most alarming consequences, study finds:

    In other climate news, Gov. Jerry Brown of California attended the Paris climate summit last Tuesday and spoke out on the fact of climate change:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Dennie, I had NO idea about Glen Miller!  Does no one know?  What a set of lyrics.  And what a report on WaPo ! Thanks!

    • Blue Sue says:

      whoa! amazing song Dennie that old Glenn wrote.  Wonder what really happened to this surprisingly astute man?

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      "Be famous and connect dots", see what that gets ya.

      I wonder how many through the ages have remained silent while others perished or were persecuted. This humanity of ours is a tough ship to turn stern. (I like Glen Miller music though did not know of his demise).

    • Dennie says:

      Glenn Miller tried to tell us.  He had fantastic talent and a style of music that, at first, the military did NOT want to have played in the Air Force Band– nooooo, those scrambled-egg-wearing ugly-spirit children of Corporate Luciferian Angel parents just wanted to have nothing but all the usual boring military marches, the better to get the guys "In The Mood" for WAR!  Fortunately, someone had the sense to change all that.  Still and all, Glenn was "rewarded" for his warning by being "disappeared," complete with at least half a dozen theories that continue to float around out there as to what really happened to him.  We'll never really know.

  28. Carol says:


  29. Carol says:

    Hello Dane I get so fed  up with people using the term chemtrails it does nothing for the fight we are  doing and trying to wake people up times I correct people on this … Use the proper term (( weather modification ))   Geoengineering … The ice nucleation has been very bad in UK  they have ramped it up so bad  heavy snow freezing ice couple of centimeters what they call a Snow bomb  !! Insane name .. and lasted couple off days now we have rain and winds nothing like what I remember has child weather is really out of control  keep trying to wake people up .. WAKE UP UK … Love what you are doing Dane ..

  30. ron hall says:

    Suddenly, from nowhere, the "mining" of BITCOIN requires so much cheap coal energy and coal dust as a result, that BITCOIN has become another huge-costly piece of poison thrown into humanity's Pandora's box–solely driven be greed and mindless speculation. You can't make this stuff up…endless insanity climbing parabolically! The bitcoin loonies and the general public cannot see(or care).

    • Kazadum9 says:

      I know thinking about the madness of it all, destroying the earth for imaginary paper wealth, its mind numbing. I dont want to be on this Earth but I am. I dont know what to say.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Ron Hall, I always appreciate your contributions. Always pertinent to the times we face. I've wondered recently, how many folks could exist with only the ability to barter their services. Myself, I have a skill set that will enable me until I can't pick up tools anymore. After that times comes I'm perfectly good with "checking out" and/or accepting the notion with grace. Besides, if some separatist religions are correct, "I'll be back".

  31. trish says:


    it isn't just chemicals they spray– it is fibers– that wrap around your hair shafts and go into your skin– you gotta think– think think–

    after fighting them for 3 years now- i have learned certain things—you will not be able to convince people- they just think you are crazy and paranoid– but you can help your own body–

    here's what i  have learned- the fibers can't get into you if they can't move– unless you are eating them- which we all are- the answer is oil—- if you put oil on them, they can't move- then they cannot get into your hair follicle, then into your blood stream where they grow and move into your muscle tissues, and make the lipid/fiber clots/blockages in your blood vessels– so- if you eat any vegetables, peel them– if you eat leafy vegetables, you will have more chemicals and more fibers– so make sure you eat some oil with it– because they go into your gums- and cause your gums to recede– they  get into your gut, and cause leaky gut by wedging themselves between the cells– they thrive  with the heavy metals- they cover themselves with fat and heavy metals–the metals keeps your immune system from recognizing the pathogen, and making antibodies for it–

    there are viruses, fungi and bacteria that are attached to these fibers– as i have mentioned before— and they disrupt our hormones, and they are activated by radiation— so– if you are attached to your cell phone- stop– if you still ave a landline in your house- use that- there are homeopathic remedies for radiation– i have been using one with some success— but- all of us have had tons of x rays— tons of these fibers, tons of heavy metals dumped into us and in our teeth, and if you have had ct scans, as i have- you are way worse off-

    the healing process is long– and you get worse before you get better- but- that is how healing works– from the inside out–

    research supplements that remove heavy metals– eat only the insides of food— research supplements for increasing blood flow, removing cholesterol, detoxing your organs- liver, gallbladder, kidneys, — eat lots of plain greek yogurt without any sugar– learn about oils– start taking borax baths–

    it works- but it is slow- i just went out to take the trash out- less than 5 minutes– came in- checked my face- fibers on my face–

    remember- if you oil yourself, they can't move- and can't get in–


    • Kim says:


      Thank you for this information.  I am always working to detox and  strengthen my health as  much as I can against  this assault on my health.  I have realized is not only is a slow process but it’s never ending as well.  I even take steps to help my dog as best I can.  And yes, you are correct, people think I am some “ health nut” taking wacky stuff and some “conspiracy nut” because I warn about Geoengineering but I don’t care.   I am no longer part of the blind and ignorant masses.  

      Take care and again, thanks for the advice and support. We must all work together to help each other in this fight to expose Geoengineering.


    • Donna V says:

      Hi Trish:

      I think you are spot on about the oils! When we get the really heavy chemtrails, we all start getting this strange cough. I've been working with essential oils for a long time (also use them in infusers so we keep breathing them in). But I made up a mixture with oregano oil and when applied to the chest, it alleviates the cough within a couple of days. (I'm working on getting some CBD oil as well.) 

    • Tom Keith says:

      Wow, thanks for the info. I too, am trying to detox, but it's hard staying ahead of the game with the way we're being assaulted. Dane has some good suggestions also here on his site.( I find most of the damage comes from fungus or mold). Another site to remove heavy metals is Balanced Health, Take Care 


    • Kazadum9 says:

      The worst is what is in that damn air force 2025 document owning the weather.  Smart dust will execute pathological mission destroying tissue, how many have already been affected by this beyond terrifying mission. I hate all these people that concocted this shit up. What malice made this, what hatred. how do you work on this shit and then go home at night to be with your kids or some shit. I am hating life right now, I woke up embittered, o well I guess I better shake it off.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Trish,Well stated by you for healing one's self.
      I have been  In San Francisco, Ca. Since 1996 have observed
      the geoengineering …
      I use NONI, South Pacific herb for all my immune system
      build-up.  and pure spring water is excellent.  I was  Fiji,
      many times..The Fiji water is pure as we can find . Silicon
      is highest in that part of the world.
      A strong immune system will keep us going.

    • Dennie says:

      Kazadum9, I'm totally with you:  Just HOW do these mtoherfcukers get paid to do this kind of evil sh!t all day long, then go home to their families, whom they undoubtedly "love," never mind that they don't even know what love is??  Making up toxic dust to kill people– CAN'T the evil mtoherfcukers figure out that their crap is falling on their so-called "loved" ones, and THEM, TOO– HOW CRAZY IS THAT??

    • Frank says:

      can u tell more about the oils…do u mean apply to ur skin?..or taken orally?…i am having horrible stomach issues….health failing…live in nor cal…any info is greatly appreciated…thanks

  32. Philip Dugas says:

    Hi Dane & Staff,

    I'm in process working with Reagan signs to get a billboard up in the Salt Lake City area with the Geoengineering threat.  Can you send me a few samples of ones you have used in other areas?

    I am also starting a group of activists here.  Any guidelines for that?  As a scuba diver I'm blown away by the level of bleached coral that further is evidence of the seriousness of the global condition.

    Also creating an ecovillage that is off the grid and is based on intentional gifting community.  

    Thanks for all your passionate work in this area.  I'll continue to donate so that word can reach enough people so that this insanity can be stopped.

    Kind regards,


  33. Michael says:

    We seem to know a lot of what and how, but I for one don't know enough about why. And I think it has bearing on strategy to know why someone is doing something. At least Sun Tzu would agree. It seems like our choices are:

    – population control and intentional and coordinated actions in agriculture, pharmaceutical, and climate to carry out a population reduction agenda

    – a bigger unknown threat consistent with the facts but much more compelling – like they know the biosphere is collapsing and think that their only choice is to manage the climate pending some technological developments that they hope will solve the problem. – this scenario could make perfect sense and should be considered even if we believe it to be misguided.

    I know that the credible answer to this "why" discussion is "all of the above" and "who cares?" But I would maintain that the best strategies are those that allow you to win without a battle. The best strategies arrange the players on the field before the battle begins and "know they enemy" is one of the most important parts of strategy.

    If for instance, we were to find that the view from their side is a threat that is so horrible that they see no choice but geo-engineering and in their minds this is the only choice to save the planet and those against it just don't have the whole picture and must be ignored. I would approach this situation differently if this were the case. I would look for the evidence that they're right and get out in front of the search for the solution. Their weakness is bureaucracy – their weakness is their decision processes lack intelligence and science.

    Why is always an asset in strategy.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Michael, though the “why” question on climatge engineering is complex, there is much that we do know. The attached PowerPoint presentation should fill in some blanks, FYI

    • Pedro says:

      I know why.

      It's because they are F mass murderers and the most profitable business they have is war. They also belong to a satanic cult, the masonic cult.

      massive control of the Population numbers, yes, it is written in stone.

      The biggest unknown threat resides in the fact that they are fighting their own psychopath egos.

      The Biosphere is collapsing at exponential speed due to the climate engineering programs that have been deployed and which are being conducted in all parts of the world since several decades ago until now. They are not solving nothing, they are aggravating global warming exponentially and the biosphere destruction with these programs. At the same time they are also masking global warming with the use of the ice nucleation chemicals, and we still have defined Seasons through the year because of that. Climate engineering causes the disruption of the rain cycles, among other abnormal phenomena.

      It is not possible to use technologies that are theoretically being used to correct some kind of problem, when this same science is causing the extinction of all the insects (which are the basis of the food chain and are the main pollinators) and also is poisoning all the trees, without understanding the fact that this same science was built and is being implemented under a hidden long-term strategy which has malignant intents.

      Also, the Biosphere is collapsing because a shift from the paradigm of the oil centered economy to the renewable energies should had taken place many decades ago, but neoliberalism told; no! That is what is really pending.

      The war is happening and it is silent. No enemies, only officially elected murderers on the loose.

      No one can save nothing by destroying what exists.

      The threat they see is, humanity. Us.

      Their weapons are bureaucracy, their strength is centered in their arbitrary decision processes and in their mechanical grotesque science. Emotional intelligence, they have not. psychopaths do not have that.

      And for the ones that do not know; the nano particles of aluminum cause a desiccant effect on all Trees, and these materials which are being sprayed are FLAMMABLE.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michael, Hello.  I hope you take Dane's advice here.  Believe me, many of us have been trying to figure this all out for a long time.  More than six years ago when I first came to this site, on the side was something about Dr. Sister Rosalie Bertell.  I got the two books that she wrote at the urging of many in this world, and the woman does not waste one word. Pick her book: Planet Earth, The Latest Weapon of War, published in 2,000.  She does not go into the spraying, does go deep into all else and shortly before she died, there is a video of her in Paris pointing up to the spraying.  Also, read Ginger Strand's The Brothers Vonnegut.  It is a true and fascinating read that lays the groundwork.

      Myself, I did a ton of research.  For one, I traced the evolution of Raytheon from its beginning.  It is sometimes amazing what companies will say themselves.  Even the military, as about one to two years ago, the Navy actually said they were putting aluminum in the skies to facilitate communication with submarines and distant radar.  The Navy does have a way of disappearing stuff, so I'm not sure that can be found now.  In one of my nearly hypnotic searches I somehow stumbled upon a blog between a handful of scientists in 2006.  Utterly fascinating. They'd just found out that the ionosphere is collapsing!  That is a huge big deal.  These guys, and I think they all were guys, were debating what all could be going on and what this means, complete with the math in physics and diagrams.  Then, that blog just ended and I am not sure I can find it again!  Rabbit holes!!  But, put that together with Bertell's documentation of an experiment the US did in mid 80s, which was to blow two big nukes, very high up and close together over the Pacific to see if they could move the ionosphere!!  They did move the ionosphere, and messed up the Van Allen's, and blew a hole in the ozone!  I think then it was game on.

      When you think about it, the Japanese knew about the jet stream before this country did, in WW2.  Huge heads up.  Then, 'we' discovered our atmospheric rivers in the skies.  Meanwhile, Monsanto had been growing since the 20s, and much more recently, well, by the 90s HAARP in Alaska which was a conspiracy theory until proven true, and a brain child of Teller, then evolved into little HARRPs and big all over the world. And, too, satellites that control nearly everything, such as shipping.  It would appear that this digital world in which we can now participate, is  key to our strengths and our weaknesses.  The overall idea in the beginning seemed to be to use weather to affect events around the globe, using HAARPs frequencies to move the skies, waters in skies, around the world.  Or here at home.  Controlling the weather gave cover for Monsanto's hellish ideas seemingly trying to force compliance.  If someone who farmed suffered endless drought, they had drought ready seeds available, even salt water seeds!  So, it seems at first was discovery about how our world works from the ground to way up.  Then, how to use that for a weapon to further agendas and money making.  And defense too.  Meantime, all those efforts put more and more CO2 into atmosphere, one consequence after another and then ooops, too far!  Broke our world, the natural systems.  I do believe they are going all out now to patch up the harms they caused even if what they are doing in that vein causes even more.  I think they don't know what else to do.  And very few humans in general ever admit to their own wrong doing, much less our government, our military.  I believe they are now preparing to deal with the hell they know is coming, heck, is here now!  The hope that Dane offers is that if enough people got hip and could force them to stop, we'd have a very rough go of it, much would be lost, but possibly Planet Earth could survive.  Otherwise, not.  Seems as if no other choice.  We are waxed into one tight corner. 

      So, as to why.  First, simply because they can.  Tired of being a 'victim' of Nature, they sought to control weather events.  Then, realized the military advantages as in Viet Nam where weather affects and Monsanto were both used to try to win.  Meanwhile, the military had begun taking control of science, who does it, segregating it from from independents under cloak of military even as the military became a huge money maker for various corporations who took more and more control of government, and hey, they now trade disasters on the stock market.  So, money, control and power and way too much hubris.  Simply fatal.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Rachel Robson, you're on fire with your thoroughly outstanding reply to Michael.  

      You may know that Michael Klare has a apt description for the extreme resource extraction we're seeing.  I'd extend his assessment to all the Brigades of Power, whether they be military, global finance, multinational corporations, international governance, scientists, academics, geoengineers or those maniacs at CERN.  They KNOW we're on the brink, but they're desperately running THE RACE FOR WHAT'S LEFT.  They just can't help themselves!

      How to stop them; that's the question.  But we must.  We must throw wrenches in the machine at every opportunity.  And if there is some justice in the Universe, their own malfeasance will trip them up, and their carefully laid plans will falter and stall.  Somehow it seems they might not be too big to fail. . . . . .

      Imagine a defective small part in a weapons or aerospace plant, a failure in a supply chain, a really bad mix of monsanto's poisons. . . . think of the possibilities. . . . .

      Of course, there will be deaths and pain, but they started this very dangerous game.        

    • Pedro says:

      It is very important to underline that the principal cause which is being directly responsible for the global warming may not be related only with the emissions of the gases causing the greenhouse effect. Probably the BIG problem is the Ozone destruction. Without the protection from the Ozone layer, the lethal UV radiation which should stay blocked in the Stratosphere, can pass free through the Atmosphere. This phenomenon is adding an immense quantity of energy ( heat ), to the energy balance of the Atmosphere ( I'm not telling nothing new ). We know that the spraying of this aerosols in the Stratosphere causes the destruction of the Ozone gas. So why they do it?? Ozone gas is a rare gas and is as important as O2 for us. CO2 is also very important, Trees feed on that gas. Also these aerosols which are being sprayed everywhere in the globe are causing serious problems to all Trees, including at the respiratory level. And Trees are not breathing as well as they used to breathe, 100 years ago. The metabolic and chemical processes involved in the breathing of the Trees are somehow compromised.

      A international law must be create establishing rules of special protection for the Stratosphere. I know that talking is easy, but there is no other way. A law must be decreed by the international community saying that all spraying operations regarding any kind of atmospheric programs with any kind of purpose in the Stratosphere is to be forbidden. But the problem in my opinion does not rely only in the fact that they are spraying there. The launching of rockets into the space also causes the destruction of the Ozone layer ( as everyone knows ), and the Stratosphere should be a non fly zone for any kind of aircraft ( all aircrafts must be forbidden to fly there, period ), because I'm convinced that even without the spraying operations, the normal flying of all the aircrafts that are cruising the stratosphere in a daily basis with the normal burn of the fuel is also causing, at long term, big damage for the Ozone layer.

      Of course, nothing of this is easy to achieve, and we have the great barrier which is the haarp experiments being conducted by the military. Without the haarp toys, there is no weather control. And they will not let go that bone easily.

      If someone proves that the burning of the jet fuel alone can cause the destruction of the Ozone layer, and maybe this is very easy to prove ( when they send rockets to the space, the massive burn of that fuel has as consequence the creation of holes in the Ozone layer, that is known ), a restriction for flying in the stratosphere ( a non fly zone ) can be officially created, and that can give us some more time to solve the rest of the problems related to and created by climate engineering.

    • Andy Nonimous says:

      I must agree with these folks, Mike.  We know enough about what and how to take a frigging educated guess on "why".  IMHO you probably work for a us gov or globalist entity.  Quoting Sun Tzu to analyze NWO  genocide whiffs of an elite lib-prog arrogance – again IMHO.  If anything what you call weakness is their only strength.   

    • BaneB says:

      Michael:  Thought provoking!  Thank you.  You triggered insightful responses.  Our self-entrapment became complete with the advent of the computer age, a technology that in and of itself is THE existential threat to all life on earth.  Global civilization is dependent on the inevitable self-destruction assured by this invention.  There is no way of back. No way out. We are stuck. Of course those who, and that which sold us the paradigm, will no more let go of this than will big oil.  I think I understand the "why."  Altruism plays no role.  Replacing a natural world with an abstraction is deigned to fail. More of the same is their only card, short of just unplugging the whole edifice.  And given its profit-driven, we are programed to believe that too will save us.  Desperate suicide.

      Rachel:  Great post!  

  34. damon says:

    Hi Dane,  Has there been any progress on the lawsuits against these weather terrorist? Thanks for your 110% commitment to the truth telling,passion, factual evidence and integrity on your geoengineering website. Hopefully we win or checkmate.Thanks Damon

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Damon, yes, we are making some progress with our legal actions, but official agencies are doing their best to slow us down. Our latest legal update post is attached, FYI

  35. Ollie says:

    I am new to the GeoEngineering Watch, as a matter of fact, I got involved back when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area and I was looking for some answers why.   Dane, you called it when you wrote of the HAARP activation in mid-August that would trigger fires on the West coast and send us frigid temperatures this winter to the mid-West and down into the South.  Last week we had 2 inches of snow in Houston, Texas!  I have to admit I just couldn't see the chemtrail stories, until we went to Kansas in November.  I looked up into the skies and finally observed for myself the absolute "cross hatching" that goes on practically every day!  There is no doubt about it!  Now we hear that they left the Influenza A OUT of this years flu shot and there is a veritable epidemic of it and the colder temperatures are multiplying the cases of infectious bronchitis and pneumonia.  I myself have fallen victim to it and am on my third set of antibiotics.  When will it ever end?

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Ollie, just some friendly advice, antibiotics is about the worst thing you can do to fight a cold or a flu. Your body's immune system is your best defense.

    • Ollie says:

      Kazadum9, I'm trying to do the best I can since I am a newbie to the truth,  but remember I was under that contrail spray in Kansas when I took sick., and it is bacterial. Thank you for the advice. There must be something natural I could do to boost my immune system for future prevention measures.

    • Dennie says:

      Ollie: Are you certain you have a bacterial infection?  Many are having trouble with fungal infections, better check that out.  Docs are the last ones to figure this out, they are way behind the learning curve.  Re flu shot effectiveness:  I had a private student whose parents were both scientists.  I asked what kind of science they did. The student's mother said they developed vaccines.  One year when we were hearing about "pandemics" (Obama talked about that when he became president, probly had stock in Merck or somethin') and the drug pushers were pushing hard to get every last one of us to get  in and get the flu shot, I asked her if she got an annual flu shot.  She said no, because the flu vaccines are not effective.  That's because the manufacturers have NO way of testing the vaccines– they don't have the time to go through tests or trials, just get the vaccines into people's systems and rake the dough right on in.  

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I recently learned that all military jets will dump their fuel before they land – including the Growlers that fly over the Olympic Peninsula and me many times day & night. Jet fuel dumping is the result of a safety concern for the plane. Apparently they do not think the thousands of gallons that are dumped every day are a problem for those of us below. This dumping is often wrongly used to explain the toxic sprayed trails. More lies.
    … the emergency fuel dump systems used on aircraft. Fuel dumping is common on both large commercial widebody airliners and virtually all military planes.  Many aircraft require the ability to dump fuel because of landing weight restrictions imposed by the manufacturers. Although a plane may be able to takeoff at a certain weight, its structure and landing gear may only be able to withstand the impact of landing at a much lower weight.
    A typical fuel dumping system employs a series of pumps and valves to eject fuel from the aircraft's wingtips. Other designs place the fuel dumping vents in a plane's tail or aft fuselage. When activated from the cockpit, a fuel dump system often is capable of releasing thousands of pounds of fuel per minute. Most systems are sized to release fuel at a fast enough rate that the plane's total weight is reduced from maximum takeoff weight to maximum certified landing weight in fifteen minutes or less.
    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets requirements for when and how fuel dumping may occur in Order 7110.65P, Chapter 9, Section 5. This instruction stipulates that fuel can only be dumped above a minimum altitude of 2,000 ft (610 m), to improve its evaporation, and that a dumping aircraft must be separated from other air traffic by at least 5 miles (8 km). Air traffic controllers are also instructed to direct planes dumping fuel away from populated areas and over large bodies of water as much as possible. The same guidelines apply to military aircraft, and most air bases only permit fuel dumping in a specified area.
    Despite these restrictions, environmental groups have expressed concern over the potential pollution implications of fuel dumping. It has been estimated that as much as 15 million pounds of fuel was released over the world's oceans by commercial and military aircraft during the 1990s.  Although kerosene poses no danger to the ozone layer, it is a petroleum product that can impact water quality much like an oil or gasoline spill.  – answer by Jeff Scott, 2 October 2005

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan,Doug MacMartin tried to tell me that the trails we see are fuel dumps!  How lame!  But yes, this is a major pollutant that does indeed affect what it lands upon.  And now you know why they are using the Olympic Peninsula for their war game practices!  Plenty of water around.  As if the waters were not poisoned enough as is!  GRR!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Very disturbing report Susan. Will there ever be an end to the Military's Ignorance?

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Polluting Air and Water: The US Air Force Blue Angel F-18 Uses a Highly Toxic Propellant Fuel / Truths About Duluth Air Show Featuring the USAF Thunderbirds / By Gary Kohls / Global Research, July 09, 2016
    … In 1946, flush with pride at winning WWII, the US Department of the Navy established a base of naval air operations on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. For the purpose of recruiting pilots to the Navy and raising unit morale it started performing airshows for the public, and the Blue Angels flying team was born. The Gulf has been its base of operations ever since … its permanent home at Pensacola. The Angels began petro-poisoning the Gulf when the Navy found it advisable to have its fighter jets dump excess fuel over the Gulf just prior to landing, thus decreasing the remote possibility of a lethal fireball engulfing the plane and pilot in case of a crash landing. No records seem to have been kept to quantify the volume or frequency of such fuel dumps, and, simply out of ignorance or arrogance, no environmental impact study was ever considered.
    JP-5 Jet Propellant is Highly Toxic Whether Burned or Dumped
    The current Blue Angels F-18s use a highly toxic propellant fuel, a recent permutation of which is called JP-5. And the many additives do not burn clean, no matter what the US Navy or Air Force says.
    JP-5 is actually a highly refined kerosene that also contains a complex mixture of volatile chemicals that can be toxic to liver, brain, kidney and immune systems. The post-combustion exhaust from jet engines is an equally carcinogenic polluter of air, water and soil that can then be poisonous to human, non-humans and plant and aquatic life. The military personnel who handle the JP-5 fuel are at high risk of being poisoned by inhaling either the raw fumes or the engine exhaust. Those exposed can easily develop, in a delayed fashion, chronic illnesses because of the toxicity of the VOCs. … …
    Too many military veterans are now physically, neurologically and/or spiritually dead or dying (way too often at their own hands), and they sacrificed the best years of their lives not for American “democracy”, but for money-hungry corporations and CEOs that cunningly waved the flag and wore the patriotic lapel pins. Now we know that they never really cared about the well-being of their “cannon fodder” warriors who did the dirty work for them. The flag that multinational corporations and their CEOs pledge allegiance to IS NOT the Stars and Stripes, but it is a flag that has their corporate logo on it. Millions of dead and dying American veterans from every war over the last century enlisted out of a sense of patriotic duty; but most of them soon found themselves 1) disillusioned by the atrocities they had been ordered to commit; 2) sickened from the exposures to military toxins (including the over-vaccination program for every enlistee); 3) malnourished from the highly processed pseudo-food; 4) neurologically and psychiatrically sickened from the ubiquitous cocktails of psych drugs given to them by military psychiatrists, medics and the VA; and 5)  tormented by the post-combat demons, the nightmares and the suicidality – all the while earning less than minimum wage. And part of the propaganda that led to think that killing and dying for their nation was glorious may have begun with the supposed glory of military air shows. America’s soldiers, airmen, seamen and Marines have been, in reality, working not for the US Constitution to which they pledged allegiance, but rather for a whole host of nefarious special interest groups that quickly stopped supporting them when the body bags and broken brains came home.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Yup!  But also remember that up through Viet Nam there was a draft.  Many were taken against their will.  The treatment of our Vets sucks big time.  Just ask one.  Any one!

  38. Stella says:

    Everyone thinks I am crazy when I point out the Chem trails and talk about the damage to life on our earth, both specifically and generally. I do refer them to your website, anD call it solar radiation management, and give the history dating back to vietnam, and that there are government records provin it is teal. It is frustrating, even my family and friends and beau  toll theie eyes!!!


    • Pedro says:

      Stella, do not worry; that kind of craziness is the new healthy!

    • Kim says:

      You are not alone in this.  Most of my family including my own adult children seem to disregard what I say about Geoengeneering, GMOs, EMF, propoganda news, natrual medicine  etc.   I have gotten quite used to being alone in this regard.   My dog doesn't think I'm crazy though and she listens to everything I say and that's all I care about.  😉

       I read a comment on this site awhile back about putting a message at the end of your email so people see it when you send them eamils.  I thought was a great idea and I use the "Stop Toxic Geoengineering" and include  What I have learned is just to "plant the seed" where and when you can. 

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Stella, You are not crazy. I suggest you stop using the "chem" term. That would be a good start towards helping folks understand what you are trying to teach them. Use the science terms 'only'. You'll sound like you know what you are talking about. It matters!

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Its hive mind programming, you dealing with early stage attempts to get you back into the hive. Hive mind is  a real thing, and they (the hive) know when you are not part of it. The rolling of eyes and such is the initial shaming rituals of the hive attempting to shame you back into the hive, the tactics will get more severe as you become more individual.

    • Matt Sarlo says:

      To Stella, keep trying, some people are finally listening to me that refused to believe for a long time. As Dane says, the changes are so blatant these days how long can people not notice are bizzare new world.

  39. Sherri says:

    The power mongers and global elite are running amok and delirious and drunk with power…they are truly madmen bent on destroying all life on the globe – the assault is non-stop 24/7 and it is so wicked beyond words.  They are drying us out here in southern Calif, last year they tried to drown us out, this year it is the fake drought again – then they can raise water prices, use their threats again on us if we use too much water, and i feel they are behind the rash of recent fires as well since i noticed they were doing some very heavy spraying for weeks up until the fires broke out everywhere – it cannot be a coincidence…Literally every night after work it is still light enough to seem them all up there flying around and poisoning us, i am sure they are delighted to do it and paid very well like hit men to carry out the job…

    • Edward Palys says:

      California you say? Who is going to go after Jerry Brown about this onslaught of weather manipulation? Seems to me he is much more concerned with a carbon footprint on a global scale rather than his own state. But, in all fairness to him, he'll make money either way.

  40. Andy says:

    I have worn spectacles for most of my life. Just recently a thought occured to me that is so obvious it surprises me I never previously realised it – I find that the number of times I have to clean them of fine dust has greatly increased over recent years. I live in a semi-rural environment which has remained pretty much static in terms of ground based dust pollutants (car exhaust etc), which leads me to conclude that the origin of this increase of dust is most likely airborne. Lo and behold the number of jet *trails* has also increased exponentially overhead during this timeframe. I don't believe it would take a great leap of intuituon nor a sudden attack of screaming paranoia to link these two factors. Just what the hell is it I regularly clean off my spectacles…?

    • eric paulsen says:

      Andy, Ive been monitoring these spray operations for 12 yrs. Been tested and have high levels of aluminum and barium as does my 3 yr old grandson. We all live in the Redwoods on acreage, no heavy industry here or near. These fine poisonous aerosol particulates being sprayed into our air supply, we are obviously breathing on a daily basis and these are getting into in our eyes. You bet! My eyes for sure and I meet more and more folks with the same complaint. Like a bad pollen day when there is no pollen. I cant keep my glasses clean either 

    • Donna V says:

      Where we live, we have been noticing a major increase in 'dust'. It is constant and it is everywhere. Sometimes it has a distinctive gray color to it and it is heavier than what you might call 'normal' dust. It lays on everything. We've had a break from the chemtrails for the past couple of days but they've been chemming the hell out of us for months now, so thick you cannot see the natural sky. Strange patterns as well. Seems like just about everywhere I go, people are coughing. I am still amazed that so many people still do not look up! `

  41. Bob Hagen says:

    Dane, Very heavy spraying going on here in southeastern Virginia. What can I do as a concerned citizen to inform people? Also, is there anyway you could send me literature about geoengineering so I could possibly do a meeting. If you can I will send you my address. Thanks, Bob 

  42. We do not consent to this Bullshit.

    Why is this shit going on

    other then to kill us


  43. Lee Eyerman says:

    Dane,very disappointed with President Trump.After a short break,the spraying here in Ohio is God awful terrible.Also can't sleep from 1AM to 4:30 AM every night because of frequencies in my head.I hate the people behind this crime and someday someone in power will expose this for the shameful onslought to humn life his is.Very disappointed with current administration concerning this matter.I know me and my wife's nosebleeds will be back.Sad.Everyone stay strong,stay alive,Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    • Donna V says:

      These are truly crimes against humanity. I suffer energy sickness daily. I can literally feel the pulsations of energy in my body. Like you, sleep is evasive. I am up half the night. Getting used to it. Life does not feel 'normal' anymore. So many people are sick (and I also believe are misdiagnosed). I feel your anger and frustration and wish the best to you and your family and to all of us. There has to be justice somewhere. Dane is doing his best and is so appreciated by people like us. But the majority of people? They are blind to what is happening…


    • Kathy H says:

      Here in central Maryland the spraying and pulsing is worse than ever! It's a mess out there. I too can feel the radars/microwaves/ frequencies, day and night. Right before the wind blows, I can feel the ground vibrate. I am also up at the same times in the middle of the night.  I feel sleep-deprived, nauseated and depleted of energy; like I'm on a bad amusement park ride and I can't get off!  The world has become a hostile place for sensitive/all people. Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

  44. frank says:

    I JUST CAME IN FROM GETTING VIDEO/VISUAL EVIDENCE! sorry for caps ..i get intense with this assault on the Earth …but none of my circle watches or even cares .. I seriously feel strange after a session in UVC and the salad of death spray I get hit with point blank as i video doc ewverything!! over a years worth!!!!  I hate them up there for this .. I wish I had the ability to not scare folks away with the truth …they wont even see for themselves…which is insane …just look up i tell em! …. peace and thanks Dane for all u do!

    • JF says:

      Here in SoCal (Riverside), the humidity is only 7%. It has been hovering around 7 to 15 percent lately. It has been very dry the past few weeks. And we have an ocean 45 minutes away.

    • BaneB says:

      JF:  Seven percent humidity!  Yes, the ocean is right there by you.  Your humidity has been destroyed by the artificial high pressure bubble being maintained off shore.  I see this "odd" phenomena over your region via satellite images.  Of course it's installed and kept in place via powerful radio frequency.  Further combined with this are the constant heavy aerosol spraying over your region to dry up the atmospheric moisture.  For some reason the weather terrorist have it in for California, particularly the southern part of our state.  One could believe these psychopaths operating their weather weapon want to destroy California. Of course Governor Brown remains clueless?  I do not know why he would be.  He has been informed about Geoengineering.  And I know Sacramento is heavily aeosoled most of the time.  He cannot not see the grunge.  I wonder why Tom Cruise sold all of his Southern California properties?

    • Frank says:

      hang in there frank…i record everything too…u are not alone

  45. Lonnie Gordon says:

    I am beginning to lose hope that anyone cares. And if they do they don’t know what to do to try to help. Knowing about what is happening and getting the word out is primary but then what steps do we take? I’d love your suggestions. Thanks for all you do!!


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