Imminent Collapse – Economic, Environmental And Societal


Dane Wigington

We are all immersed in a sea of deception and lies. The global power elite are using every tool they have at their disposal to hide countless converging catastrophes from public view until the last possible moment. From completely fictitious economic and unemployment figures, to Fukushima, to an all out (highly toxic) manipulation of the planet's climate system and so much more. The mainstream media propaganda machine has been given the responsibility of hiding reality from the public at all cost, every option of deception and illusion the power structure has is being exercised at this point. Why? Because the moment the delusion of the the former reality is broken (and the gravity of what is unfolding becomes clear to populations), our paradigm will completely overturn. As populations are forced to face reality and the point of panic draws near,  those who rule the world will be more dangerous than ever before. There will very likely be some major maneuvering by the power structure very soon as they are increasingly exposed for what they are to an awakening world. Should we be concerned about military operations in the continental US like the upcoming "Jade Helm"? What do you think? So what is so wrong in the world? Is it really getting that bad? Below is only the short list.

"Jade Helm" US military drills to be carried out on US soil

Civil unrest in the US

Pentagon is preparing for civil unrest around the globe

The decline of the American Empire

Global shipping of goods and materials at all time low

Peak global oil production has already passed

A collapse of the dollar is imminent

Criminal global trade agreements are being assembled behind closed doors in preparation for collapse

Global collapse into fascism

The Great Climate unravelling

Arctic ice at record low 

Climate engineering is used to cool the eastern US in order to hide the true state of global climate meltdown

14 of the 15 hottest years on our planet have occurred since 2000

Catastrophic sea level rise 

We are currently on track for a runaway global warming scenario referred to as "Venus Syndrome"

We are already free falling into Earth's sixth mass extinction

A list of mass animal and fish die-offs around the globe (constantly updated)

Fukushima meltdown

Destroyed ozone layer due to climate engineering

Global oxygen content is declining

Arable land is declining rapidly around the globe

All this is only a sample of what is unfolding around us.
Those that don't want to believe any of this is real can easily find some source of information to tell them everything is OK. They can find someone to tell them that those who are sending out the warnings are just "alarmists". Any who choose to go down the road of denial should not get too comfortable, there will be no hiding from the gathering storm. The world desperately needs individuals who are determined to take the road less travelled. It needs those who choose to take the path of deciding to be a part of the cure and who refuse to succumb to the diseases of fear, denial, apathy, and inaction. Which road will you choose? Make your voice heard in the fight for the common good while there is yet time to make a difference, tomorrow will be too late.


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  1. Pamela says:

    Thanks Dane, I am checking to see if this will let me post.  I haven't been able to for awhile!

  2. Jeff says:

    I was discussing,with like minded friends, things we can do about the upcoming events touched on in your article,and some are defeatist.

    I expressed my out look on what I found as absolute courage,and not being a defeatist to them,in hopes to keep them in the info fight.

    I have always pictured the "Tank Man" that stopped the caravan of tanks single handedly as an example of both courage,and non defeat attitude.

    Why,because the obvious,he stopped a row of tanks,by putting himself in there path,climbing on top of the lead,having a heated conversation with the gunner,and resuming his stance in front of the line.

    Non defeat he kept his bags( I presume were groceries). This meaning to me,that he had every intention of making his stance,and going home to eat them.

    He was dragged of by two men in blue(I do assume the worst of his fate),but one man showed great power. Imagine a million with this courage,and determination.


  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Carol, what you said was so funny to me!  Reminded me of way back when I was a kid, scared of the boogie man-well, didn't use that term or know it, just little kid fears, and would "hide" under my covers as if that would protect me!  When in fact, the real harm to me was in my family and it was serious harm, very serious, yet my fear placed it as unknown somehow when time to go to bed.  I knew perfectly well who all to fear, but who could I tell as the family did know and I was trapped in this never ending hell.  Telling anyone outside the family was beyond imagining.  Gee,the things I would imagine.  Like, someone breaks in, intending to kill my family, I heroically climb out of my side window and somehow get to ground from second floor and race to neighbors 1/4 mile away for help.  But too late, all dead, yay!  But I tried!

    Now, a very similar scenario except not only do I know who and what all, but other people do too!  When in high school, I didn't tell exactly, rather asked a councilor when I could be emancipated.  Huge mistake.  A world of hurt resulted.  Shoulda kept my mouth shut.  But since age 10 or so, I'd begun a roll of questioning and objecting to many outside things.  Like when Time mag.'s cover was on white bread being 40% chalk filler and I asked my dad why he was feeding us chalk.   I was pissed.  There were much graver issues at home, but I was too afraid to argue that.  To even say one word.  Strikes me as interesting how people displace their fears to manage them.  But, as I said, I was on a roll that has never stopped and gave me the reputation of being argumentative and "negative".  Which is what I am finding now if I try to tell anyone what all is going on.  I've been fighting this machine of destruction forever it seems.  No one ever wants to hear it.  As soon as I could get myself back to a Native living situation, I was finally perceived as normal!  What a relief, what joy to be with like minded people.  To be Home.  Not entirely unlike here!

    Ralph Ely-well said and drawn!  I too find that most people are overwhelmed by major problems with very very little extra mental room, or time to get into this.  And it is hard, in my experience, to turn people on to Dane's site because of all the complexity, the this leads to that and that, and that, and doom doom doom.  Hey, given that your prominent attorney acknowledges spraying-just that is huge.  Can you urge this person to check out the legal bits of this?  The laws seem conflicting.  I've gotten similar replies from Boxer.  I have heard that Congress knows nothing of this.  Kept in the dark with all of us.

    Last night, Robert Kennedy Jr. was on Bill Maher's show talking about mercury and vaccinations.  And well done.

    I just had cataract surgery.  Finally.  Was more upset with not being able to see than afraid, though as a sick person who is allergic to almost everything, and not very trusting, it was nervous making.  Always a drag to have to list again and again all I am allergic to.  In the surgery room at last, my eye doc who is excellent, remarked that he'd never had a population with so many allergies-at least 20 per person.  I asked what he meant about population and he meant the 30 people there that day.  I mentioned that maybe all the GMOs and antibiotic fed animals, milk, eggs, etc. would be my first guess.  He got it right away and it surprised him, but he got it and I'm sure will take it further.  Make a comparative study or something-you know, if the world lasts that long.

    The woman in the back apt. here has a degree in environmental studies.  She is a kind and giving person.  She spends most of her time traveling, hiking, camping and has been everywhere.  But, does not believe this!!!!!!!!!!!  Why, why?  I think she fears rejection from those whom she perceives as peers.  She is one who finds this site too radical.  Told me that there has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not to geotinker the skies!!!!  GRRR  R  




  4. Dave says:

    We the people can stop any thing and everything all we have to do is unite.   Get as many people informed, if they don't want to here it move on and go to the next. Food for thought is a, family United Will Stand. get ready for the worst. Look up on the net. FEMA CAMPS, JADE HELM 15, Guillotines, Under Ground Rail, Under Bases,  Blue Beam, For more info go to this web site. Stan  If you love this country unite!

  5. About Neck Ties

    “War, famine, disease.
    Nature's retroactive birth control…
    Ten thousand years of pounding down doors.
    Looting shops. Shouting slogans.
    The burning people.
    Stop war!!! they shout.
    Natures way of exposing the idiot child…
    Political goons in pleasant suits.
    Enforce rules over fools,
    who continue to pay homage to mass murder.
    Man busy  – undoing himself…
    Every god a fraud.
    Every legality a joke.
    You are only worthy as slaves…
    The great silence is coming.
    Nature knows this…"

    -Paul Vonharnish –

  6. lee berry says:

    We have to get ready to support  the people like Dane. and pull together across the world ,and soy enuff is enuff ,we the people  of the world  when brout together for the common good of the planet  ,the thing is once the people stand together we are the power and the future of this planet is depending on us all to do our bit ,reconising the power structure don't have our best interest is the most important thing ,and day b day people are realising all over the globe .i make sur I try and direct as many people as I can to Danes web site for the truth and employee them to spread the word ,the best thing is one people have the truth they are justifiably angry and it like when you know the truth your feel it your dutie as a human to let others know the lies we lie under ,POWER IS WITH THE WORLD POPULATION ,people make the world go round if the pepole wake up to the reality that  the earth is crying out for help and we owe the platent our support as it supports ✌️ 

  7. Michel B says:

    It's hard to wrap one's head around this whole thing. The effects, including the feed-in loops, are what we are witnessing as the result of everything that has been done and is still being done.

    There is a strange will-to-destruction including self-destruction in our psyche. We are just another animal on this planet, but our evolved intellectual capabilities have not been balanced by an exercise of our consciences. 'Conscience' is another word for 'consciousness'.

    Parochialism includes not just the village idiot who has not been past the limits of his hamlet: it includes those who do not look past the confines of life on this planet. We know we are born to die and there is nothing we can do about that.

    Long life, short life, it doesn't matter. The miracle of existence surrounds us as we all go about our daily lives oblivious to the fact that we are here, that life is here and now and that this a strange and bizarre experience.

    Life as we know it is extraordinarily beautiful and fragile and as evolved creatures we are like walking pieces of the earth with an opportunity to observe this conscious existence. But death frightens us and we try to hold on to this life, on to this world and in our grip we squeeze the life out of it.

    Of course the psychopathic elite set a benchmark that if they cannot have everything (and they cannot, because like the rest of us they die), then they will not let everyone else have anything. The ethos has moved from "Me first" to "Me only" to "If not me then no one".

    No one can own anything. Ownership is an abstract idea created by our abstract minds and all attempts to own is just stealing. Because we die we can hold on to nothing. All we can be are stewards, as stewards come and go and even our host planet will one day not be here.

    So why hasten its demise as a fantastic place for life and consciousness to flourish? We have to evolve our minds to higher consciousness if we are to survive on this planet. We have to transcend our animal nature. The psychopathic elite are the opposite of this direction. They have to be stopped in their tracks and the rest of us must become wiser stewards of this place our home for the moment.

  8. Bija says:

    We have been so soundly duped, deceived, and taken advantage of since the beginning of time. Those responsible for the theft of our rights, freedoms and our human potential have been purposeful in their agenda, but reckless in their implementation. They are the truly stupid beings, blinded by greed and hubris. And the underlings who goose-step to their orders are more stupid yet.  Don't believe for a minute that they have control of this runaway train. Their actions are desperate and irrational, which does make them dangerous.

    If you look at Dane's "short list" of 21 or so catastrophic operations, it becomes quite obvious that we have  unwittingly entrusted ourselves and our planet to legions of pure evil operatives with no redeemable traits whatsoever. They live to inflict pain and suffering, which energetically nourishes them. Acknowledging this repugnant reality is a serious departure from most people's belief systems. Yet, the sooner we face the reality of what kind of a world this truly is, the sooner we can go about the task at hand.

    Time is of the essence. Enough with looking for more and more verification. Those of us who have awakened to the full extent of this depravity have a job to do, No matter who is or is not on board, just forge ahead as if all life depended on it…because it actually does! 

    If you are waiting for Divine Intervention, well…here's the kicker…YOU are part of that Divine Intervention!


  9. Marc says:

    Normalcy bias? Interesting term. Do we not all participate in such a bias? I openly confess to such a bias. I, for one, will be as ill-prepared as the next guy when the shit REALLY starts to unleash. Food shortages, airborne plagues or new versions of Morgellon's, mass migrations and societal chaos due to droughts and coastal flooding, anarchy and unfettered violence. Yes, I prefer to live my daily life as if there really IS a future I can believe in, and I prefer to live in some measure of comfort, plenitude, and freedom from harm. "Normalcy", in otherwords. Status quo, if you will. 

      But, having said all that, if we connect even just some of the dots we'll quickly discover that we are in the back seat of the car Thelma and Louise (the geoengineers) are driving and we're heading straight for the edge of the Grand Canyon at high speed. I totally understand why my own (grown) daughter can't bear to become involved with this fight, or at the very least, educate herself. I have other friends who cannot stomach the full, unvarnished realization that we are finished if we stay on this path. Yeah, the deepest, darkest, most horrible truths that the vast majority will continue to reject as fantasy (conspiracy theory, fear porn, etc.) Ah, that normalcy bias has quite a grip on humanity, n'est-ce pas?

  10. Dawnski says:

    Much to my teenagers dismay, I handed your website address to the ladies sitting next to us on a local bistro patio. Our skies were being sprayed heavily tonight, and since one lady commented about it raining all weekend I thought it best to show them why. Yes, I got a strange look, and no I don’t care. I even explained to the youth pastor why his garage sale had to be canceled tomorrow, after he indicated how reliable The Weather Channel always is. There is no time left to be quiet when toxic x’s and pentagram shapes loom overhead, hazing out another day! Avoidance is not an option. Thankful for tomorrows Global March Against Geoengineered Weather!

  11. Bob Steinmeyer jr says:

    I don't know what it's going to take to get people to face the truth. I have tried to wake up 100s of people and most want to act like I'm a raging lunatic and I'm really starting to think it's a lost cause . It's so sad that people would rather fight each other over religion, skin color along with anything else that could cause a difference of opion. We have a beautifull world and we are losing it because of the actions of such a small percentage of the worlds population who can't get their fill of greed and power. I really think they could be stopped but the majority of people are either to lazy or scared to stand up against them. I am forever great full to those who have their lives for our freedom and all those who lost their lives trying to warn us . The saying United We Stand Divided We fall was a forewarning.

    • PLT says:

      I fully agree with you, and sometimes think that factionalization is the greatest obstacle to reaching people.  The "divide and conquer" tactic is now employed by the average person in the street, it doesn't have to be imposed on us anymore.  It's heartbreaking that the struggles against racism, sexism, etc., have been turned into separatist movements. 

      I have tried suggesting, on several other "activist" websites, that people look at the bigger picture, rather than burrowing in within their own comfort zone.  Sometimes the reaction borders on hostility: "Whatever We are obsessed with is more important than anything else" (translation: "We are either too lazy to learn anything new, or afraid to see how bad it may really be"… or worse, "We use our vast knowledge in this tiny area to prove how superior we are to all of you.") 

      That said, I think there will be individuals within every group who can be reached.  Dane inveighs against environmentalists and scientists (with good reason) but I fall into both categories.  Apart from the many psychopaths who are conducting this sick reality show called Omnicide, any one person, despite his or her group affiliations, could be the next recruit to the cause.  People need to be reminded that they are only one infinitesimal part of the web of life, the only group that really matters.

  12. Pat says:

    The "Elite" want nothing more than to annihilate the rest of us through a nuclear holocaust or an "Armageddon" type scenario.  Nothing is as it seems.  We are being poisoned, lied to, and killed off in many ways.  The Khazarian Zionist/Bolshevics run America through every institution you can name and are trying desperately to get us into a war with Russia.  The Rockefeller group which is an arm of the Rothschild global control power "elite" are desperately trying to take power back from the Khazarian Zionist/Bolshevics.  The ones who have been performing the world wide manipulation of people, resources, finances, food, health,etc. for thousands of years are in reality the "strong arm" of Satan.  People are the ones doing the worst works towards others and it's people like us that will be the change.  First step is to learn where we are in this whole mess.  Learn the truth.  I urge you to take the time and read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".  I strongly suggest you go to this following website and read the Phoenix Journals.  The truth is truly stranger than fiction.  Put your trust in your God connection for discernment.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      how can we NOT be in the end times??  If the Rapture is not imminent….what is?!?

  13. Willie Bell says:

    If anyone is looking for an opportunity to spread the word, here is something easy to do. Find an article about any subject that is related to what brought us here. Lets say there is an article about autism, gmo, organics, droughts, animal life decline,economy collapse, anti-vaccine, cancer, asthma, etc …. Go to the comment section and find the people who are taking a stand, someone who is arguing with the shills or looking for the bigger picture, and let them know that they should check out This is the bigger picture to anything, that is already out there which is wrong. 

    I call this, "working with the grain." There are people who are already awake, but only to the smaller scandals, just like we once were.  

    I hope i'm drawing a good enough picture?  Don't limit yourself, talk to people who want to stand up for something, anything, point them here.

    Be The Fisherman, Let Be The Cook.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Willie, thanks for your completely on target suggestions. This is how to start “spot fires” of awareness.

  14. Tim says:

    I think the Baltic Dry Index shows how bad the real economy is. I don't think we get out of 2015 without a massive crash.

    • wandakate says:

      You're right about that so let's focus on the last quarter of this year as that is when the CRASH is predicted…Preparedness is the "key" to survival. Everything from food and water to medicine and first aid will be the order of the day… 

  15. SD says:

    We saw a lot of earthquakes today, April 24th from Alaska, down thru coastal Canada, Idaho and California. Virtually none of these quakes was near any fracking or wastewater disposal sites. They are HAARP induced. These quakes are in the direct path of an approaching low pressure system with extreme high winds. HAARP transmitters not only change the weather, they CAUSE earthquakes

    USGS knows that many quakes these days are not natural, but are human-induced. Oil and gas activity is being falsely blamed.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, though there does indeed seem to be ample evidence implicating and connecting the ionosphere heaters to seismic activity, there are many reasons for the increase in earthquakes and we must be careful not to put the blame in any one arena. The evidence linking fracking and seismic activity is substantial. As the planet rapidly heats up, thermal expansion is also adding to the equation. As you correctly stated, the ionosphere heaters are also very likely taking their toll. Its just important to consider that the equation is complicated.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:


  16. patricia allen says:

    I am from Argentina.  I been here since 1977 Do they spray there too? 

    is there a country where we ca raise our grandchildren with a better life, with nature, with the blue sky. I want to move out of the country for that reason. Where would you go?  🙂

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Patricia, you are in as good a location as any, actually better than most. There is no place to hide from the spraying fallout, we have tests and studies to prove that. There is but one option, to fully expose the climate engineering nightmare and bring it to a halt. Lets all make our voices heard in the ongoing attempt to sound the alarm.

    • wandakate says:

      Where could a person go to avoid this spraying, NOWHERE!!! The depopulation of the earth is all over and these planes are just one tool that they use to depopulate people, animals etc. We have too many people on planet earth so say the elite group and Henry Kissinger tells us that we are just a bunch of "useless eaters", we don't amount to anything and thus are not needed.

      They want to destroy us and this is just one of the methods. Don't expect these chem-trails to go away anytime soon. All that smoke is toxic and is poisoning our environment little by little, day by day.

      I'm in North Carolina and we were having a spaghetti dinner outside while 4 planes were crisscrossing each other spraying their toxic fumes all over the land below.  

  17. Carol says:

     Unfortunately, the mantra of the majority is, " If I don't see it, it doesn't exist. Therefore I will keep my eyes closed!"  

  18. Meredith McLeod says:

    I do what I can to get all of the above information out.  Your work is so important, how do I help you.

  19. Ralph Ely says:

    It is a sad commentary when we hear daily from those around us that they are not aware of what is happening, not only in our skies, but in the world in general.  

    I was speaking to a prominent attorney in my community (she is on my email list and receives regular GeoEngineering info) and during the conversation she ask "why would they be doing this"?  I almost dropped my phone. I said, with all of the videos and written information I have sent you… you don't know why?

    She explained it was obvious to her that Spraying is happening and has been for some time now. But, that her schedule prepping for court, taking care of her family and having the added burden of a father in the hospital, left her little time to absorb anything else.

    I found her to be as over whelmed with her day to day existence as most of us on this site are with the looming societal global meltdown. I did take the time to briefly cover the "why's" and she promised to pay closer attention.
    The power brokers are very good at what they do. They put the Wall Street hucksters to shame. Their control extends, but not limited, to:
    Media: News & Weather, "Nothing to see here… but following us
                                              be sure to watch The Kardashians."
    Academics: "It's not happening… we would know about it."
    Scientists: "We know something is going on… not sure what…
                         we are looking into it… don't worry we got your back."
    Politicians: "Damned conspiracy theorists…" (as they turn around
                          and 'glad hand' a lobbyist from Monsanto, Dow…or?)
    Military: "Sorry, just following orders… beyond that I don't know."
                      (True. Most do not figure it out until back as a civilian.)
    Even when politicians respond it is generic:
    U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
    Dear Mr. Ely:
    Thank you for taking the time to write and share your views with me. Your comments will help me continue to represent you and other Californians to the best of my ability. Be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the Senate considers legislation on this or similar issues.
    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate hearing from you.
    Barbara Boxer
    United States Senator
    When politicians respond to a subject they can "make political hay" with, they just cannot say enough about it. When they do not want to respond or consider your subject they blow you off, as indicated in Sen. Boxer's reply.

    Dane is right, we need to hit the ground running each day, talk to all that will listen (even the ones that won't… plant the seed… walk away), keep hammering the Power Brokers and their Cronies to hold them accountable.  The "Dam of Deceit" is cracked. We need to keep up the pressure so it will burst with The Truth.

  20. Dog aka db says:

    I can not stop thinking about tomorrow being too late!!!!!

  21. Irene Parousis says:

    Wow Dane we are so in sync, I told a former friend yesterday that he chose "The road more traveled" because of his ego/fear and addiction to money/security.  I don't censor myself anymore, people need to hear what cowards they are.  There's no time to be nice anymore, besides it got me nowhere being light and love all these years, now they get to see me ROAR.  Bless you Dane for being the Warrior that you are!

  22. Kees van Diggelen says:

    I may be old and not as able bodied  as I used to be HOWEVER I try to make a choice for the better wherever and whenever I can. AND am Spreading the word amongst friends ,relatives and people that come in my way. I wonder why so many shy away from these problems, taking refuge in denial. So, KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! all of You.

    DANE, thank You for Your GREAT WORK, insight and achievements

  23. Milla says:

    My thoughts are that concrete organizing beyond collapse is needed. In a collapse the currency value of the machine will be nil. Will this be enough to stop HAARP and geoengineering? I don't know. Perhaps it is the thing that will stop that machine. But those criminals with hard assets will survive and run their private militaries from their New Zealand estates and such. The dangerous tech will still be available until they run out of it, but they'll run it through drugs and arms as long as they can. Survive until then and begin building the new world. How to prevent dissident roundups? Organize against them as soon as they occur. Seems more like a general criminalization will occur for whoever gets in the firing line of the war state. 

    Build earthships and make earthship villages. Remediate as soon as we can with all means, myco, hemp, etc. by pooling collective resources and knowledge. Reinvent society along a smaller-scale model of ecovillages and cottage industry.  A return to traditional healthcare such as herbalism, a leap forward into energy healing, and most of all collective psychic activism that visualizes the best possible outcome from now until then. Never underestimate the use of art in this. Rewilding, and an intelligent reduction in human population for the benefit of earth's biodiversity and all of her life.

    Don't try to save the old society. It's dead and corrupt and was never going to succeed with most people oppressed and nature seen as dead and valueless. Reinvent anew along lines of partnership, equality, and coexistence with animals and plants.

    See the vast opportunities in crisis!

    • Earth Angel says:

      A very inspiring message Milla. Thank you and I hope you are right. We can only pray for a better outcome than it looks from right now. Dark as things seem, I agree we must look to the 'high road'. We cannot let these &@%*#*&'s win!

  24. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 50th email to my contact list, titled 'Letter to PPCs'

    1.  Here is my sent letter to my Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the UK election.  Feel free to copy or adapt. Could also be used as a 'Letter to the Editor' etc.

    Easiest way to find your PPC details is

    Dear Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, 

    Before I cast my vote on 7 May, I should like to know your view and what action you plan to take on the following subject, should you become my representative in Parliament:

    I write to you regarding the atmospheric spraying that I see being conducted in our UK skies.  This year I have noticed a great increase in intensity of the spraying.

    Every day I work outside and see the the spraying, or the effects of the spraying.  Both civilian and military planes are involved.

    It is nearly impossible for the current range of High Bypass Turbofan Engines to produce condensation trails.  These engines are fitted on nearly all modern aircraft, civilian and military.  Further to this, when looked at through powerful binoculars, one can sometimes see that the spray mist comes from parts of the wing some distance from the engines. When it does come from the engine, it often looks as if the mist is generated from the 'bypass' part of the engine, and not the central part where the air has been heated.  

    Condensation trails only form under specific conditions: typically above 30,000ft, below minus 40ºC, and relative humidity over 60%.  It is impossible for these conditions apply every day of the year and at all altitudes, in order to cause the spray trails that I observe.  Nor do atmospheric conditions change rapidly and frequently enough to give the 'morse code' effect I frequently see across the sky.  Condensation trails usually dissipate within 15 seconds – something I seldom observe.  Similarly, when we breath out on a cold day, the condensation lasts very little time.

    There are many atmospheric spray patents for the toxic particulates that are now commonly being globally reported in our air, water, land, food and bodies (hair, urine and blood samples). These bioavailable particles, such as Aluminium, Barium, Strontium, Fluoride, have known harmful effects on humans (and probably all life forms), and many have hugely increased synergistic toxicity.  In humans, these effects include Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism, Respiratory and Cardiac problems, poor Calcium uptake – also leading to Dental problems, Morgellons Disease, etc.

    There is a massive amount of photographic evidence of the spraying, aircraft fittings and spray nozzles on the internet.  The sprayed particles often disperse to cover the whole sky and distance views with a white haze and "wispy, fine weather clouds" which diminish the sunlight reaching the earth. The toxic particles eventually fall to earth and are totally indiscriminate as to where they land and who breathes them in.  This interview with Major General Stubblebine is particularly interesting:   

    I realise there are many potential reasons for these spray programmes: combat global warming (global dimming and solar radiation management), weather control and manipulation (for political, industrial and financial gain), weather warfare (enhanced radar capabilities and directed high energy emissions of both high and low frequencies).

    Whatever the reason, this atmospheric spraying is an indiscriminate attack on the population's health and wellbeing.

    Could you to please find out:

    who is organising and conducting the spraying, 

    why are they spraying, 

    what are they spraying,

    where are they spraying,

    when are they spraying,

    what are the health effects of their spraying.

    what are the protective measures individuals can take.


    If this atmospheric spraying was benevolent,  I am sure we would have been told about it.

    On behalf of those you wish to be elected to represented, may I suggest that you have a duty to seek true answers to these questions.

    Yours sincerely,

    2.  I apologise.  In my email of  10 April, I stated that there were up to 10,000 Xe mercenaries in Afghanistan…I was using old data. In January US Central Command (Centcom) admitted to having about 40,000 "private guards" under contract from Academi (aka Xe)

    Is this plus the ones directly contracted by the Ukraine Army?

    Does President "I'm really good at killing people" Obama want peace?  

    Will Hillary "We came, we saw, he died" Clinton be any different?

    Of course, Monsanto is involved:

    Monsanto has caused the largest ever mass suicide in India (291,000 deaths – mainly from drinking Roundup)

  25. eric b says:

    Being part of the L.E. community I have seen the stage being set for a long time. It is sad that people in the U.S. suffer so much from the normalcy bias. It’s not beyond saving our society…..yet, but unless people wake up it will be very soon.

  26. Lee Viela says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you do for humanity!!!     Very inspired by your work!        

  27. That's the only thing that comes to my mind at the moment:

    (updated recently)


  28. Ransom Thomas says:

    Dane,  I am with you in this fight. I am doing all i can here in w.v getting the word out  waking people up.

    • wandakate says:

      RANSON, what is the average person to do about any of this once they know what all the talk is about. I didn't know what any of this was until about 7 months ago and a friend told me. But, what can we do to stop it????? That is the important question…What is the answer?

    • PLT says:

      You can print out and pass out the fliers Dane offers, put mini bumper stickers around town directing people to this information, write letters to the editor and to everyone in power telling them that this is unacceptable; you can join discussion or activist groups and try to bring the topic up (but be ready to move on to the next group quickly), and join various discussion threads to try to open eyes to the cold, harsh reality…  You can get directly involved in the political system (run for office, volunteer for the water or planning commission in your town, join a third party and insist they take this issue seriously, etc.)

      Whatever you do, just remember that even if it seems you lose a battle here and there, you are doing the right thing!  And, a woman is no less a woman if she tries and fails, only if she fails to try (words of wisdom from a locker room wall, from my high school track-running days).

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