An Army General Discusses 911, Military Drills On US Soil, And Geoengineering


The interview below is a dialog  addressing the most critical issues we face. The discussion is between myself, former Army Major General Albert Stubblebine, and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow. General Stubblebine is the highest ranking US military official to courageously speak the truth about the 911 false flag event and the US government's role in this unimaginable crime. Dr. Laibow has long since been a pioneer in the fight to expose countless global issues, especially related to our health. This discussion begins with General Stubblebine's process of awakening to the true criminal nature of the US government, then continues on to cover operation "Jade Helm" and the global geoengineering assault. Our world and our reality is changing by the day. We are all at a crossroad, at a time of choice. Will we go silently into the night? Or will we struggle against the fading of the light? Getting informed and getting active in the fight for the common good is not just an option, it is an obligation, it is a responsibility. Stand up and make your voice heard, if we do not take action today, we will not have tomorrow.
Dane Wigington



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  1. Darin says:

    They killed this man!  After all his years of service, they murdered him!

    Is this not proof enough that they are filthy and evil?!

  2. Wow, awesome interview. Will share it to. Dane, it is plain to see you are blessed with some wonderful associations, as well who post here. My salutations, sincere respect, and affection to you, your staff and corespondents. God bless you all. 

  3. Bija says:

    To all:  Please go to the Perspectives section of this website and read Zen Gardner's JADE HELM 15 and the AMERICAN MASSACRE. We all need to use our voices and actions to diffuse this evil in the guise of a military exercise. Don't wait, because it is just around the corner and if you look at the map of the 7 targeted states, it could potentially disable a very huge swath of the country, leaving the other states equally vulnerable. Don't think that just because it is not happening where you live this summer that it will not be coming to your neighborhood soon. Our rational and collective energy is what is necessary to derail this runaway train.

  4. sean paul hughes says:

    I live in grand junction Colorado and it seems to be getting worse here by the day air is hard to breath some days sky’s are filled with all this crap i feel that we might be to late to change our current course. Thing’s just seem to be coming to a head please keep my family and loved ones safe

    • Kyle Beaton says:

      In Fort Collins I swear I have not seen the sun in over 3-4 days. Even on days when the bs weather report says partly cloudy.

    • chris says:

      Where are the brave mliitary men, pilots, national guard ans so called politicians willing to speak the truth. They are cowards. Funny how after the biggest "terrorist" act in this nations history, every one got promoted.

      There are so many questions these cowards won't even address.Thank goodness for people like this Honorable Gen.

      Why doesn't good ol' Jeb explain his role in 9/11. The Alphabet agencies are either dumb as wet bricks, or in on it. If we want to save our children we MUST begin to speak out forcefully, NSA be damned.

  5. James says:

    I came across a very provocative article in TheGuardian that is worth a read,and then some. The writer lays out an ethical case, on both sides of the SMR equation. (note: I read it as though written in present tense. )

    ​James-in Ont

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, though the Gaurdian and others try to make the cast that there is some potential good in regard to climate enginering, in reality, the ongoing geoengineering programs are doing nothing but harm overall.

  6. anon says:

    Thank you for the hard work as always. We're right on schedule here in Huntsville, AL for our "white-out". We've had nothing but rain for days and the clouds are huge and breaking up and we're getting sun, but I've been watching this morning and it's business as usual. Down here the weather folks on TV call it a "soupy mix". Must be new because I never heard such a thing growing up. :/

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you so much Dane for allowing us to hear from the General and Dr. Rima.  The big picture keeps on getting more clear, and it is more alarming than ever.  One really hopes  the power structure has taken a bridge too far.  For me it is hard to imagine these great schemes materializing in any sort of smooth fashion.  It seems too big to succeed.  We can hope.

    I very much appreciate Dr. Rima's observation of how these people (?) are weak.  I think I'll have to take it on faith and hope it is true.  What reasonable person can relate to the MO of psychopaths?

    Today's the first I've heard of Jade Helm, but after reading a little about this "operation" I'd hope no one would take the stated purposes of these operations without question.  Seems like it will horrifying for many people, probably most people, and especially children will be traumatized I would think.  Who is the enemy here anyway? 

    In this outline of Jade Helm there is an insignia with a sword and crossed arrows, like a Coat of Arms, with these words underneath:  MASTER THE HUMAN DOMAIN.  If that doesn't give a person chills, I don't know what would.

    We know this isn't the time to give up.  We cannot know if we are on the brink of a breakthrough.  Thanks to each person who comes bravely our way trying for a better world against all odds.  While I might need your support today, tomorrow I'll be there for you.  Love to All.

  8. Diana says:

    Before listening to any audio on 9/11, just watching the visual feeds, my thoughts were 1. the collapsing towers looked exactly like two imploding buildings I had witnessed, 2.the plane crash in PA was the first I had ever watched where there was no wreckage and 3. also no wreckage at the Pentagon.  Really???  And, then they rolled out the Patriot Act within days of 9/11 which had to have taken months to write. It was encouraging to listen to Major General Stubblebine confirm my thoughts but discouraging to learn that his own contemporaries have disowned him for believing and acknowledging the truth.

    At first I was concerned about the GMOs and then I became very concerned about the chemtrails but it wasn't until I was introduced to geoengineeringwatch that I began to realize how connected both concerns are and now by adding all of the things that Dr. Rima has introduced it is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to wrap one's head around it all.  It is impossible to concentrate on this Big Picture, it is too massive, too invasive, and too demoralizing.  It must be chewed off in smaller bites and each bite must be ground up until it begins to make a difference.

  9. wsquix58 says:

    Thankyou for your leadership Dane. The Great Waves of Change have the potential to overwhelm us. Humanity by all accounts has arrived at the crossroads; rampant corruption, endless war, declining / collapsing ecosystems; and intervention in human affairs. "The Great Waves of Change" is a must read –

  10. Marc says:

    You wanna hear heartbreak? Here is what my own daughter (33 yrs. old) messaged me from London when I strongly encouraged her again to get informed about geoengineering: "Dad, I'm sorry, it's just not something I want to look into. I respect your views on it but I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in it, And I don't want that kind of stuff in my life. I love you but I'm not interested in looking into it further."

      Soooo…..I share this anonymously because it is emblematic of what we awakened ones are up against. Some of our best and brightest (she is the mother of my granddaughter and does high level web design) cannot wrap their minds around this issue. She understands that it is happening but, incredibly, does not grok the magnitude of the threat and chooses not to be concerned. WTF? Really?!!? Like maybe for her and her circle it's not "cool" yet to be informed and activist on this issue. She truly does not, in the core of her being, get the gravity of what is unfolding. How many do you folks know who are just like her? Lost somewhere in the volutes of city life and culture and circles of friends and spousal relationship and child-rearing. Last time I saw her, I really laid it on the line about this mushrooming threat and was sure she freaked a bit and secretly thought Dad was losing it in his old age. (I'm only 61). But I've decided that the risk of alienation does not outweigh the value I place upon informing my kids of what we all face. She will come around to a greater understanding in her own time, but time is running out for all of us. I really am beginning to feel a palpable sense of "something" approaching, a big turning point, an apocalypse. Maybe our efforts are too little too late but, for that very reason, the focus might as well remain strong. It is absolutely the right and noble thing to do, even if the "end of all things" is near.

    • wsquix58 says:

      I had a similar response from one of my neices. Is was almost as if she thins "If I ignore this and refuse to recognise it is real, it will all go away". It is such a sad state of the individual when the open, inquiring mind is loast. If I can suggest, you must read "The Great Waves of Change", and then begin to discover who is Marshal Vian Summers.

    • Larry says:

      Marc I truly feel your plight as have sent my final attempt to awaken my best friend. I'm 64 and we go back to the third grade. He simply says don't get mad I'm just not interested. I asked him to simply log on and Watch a couple of clips and read the info to gain a bit of knowledge but he will not even look. He thinks it is all NWO conspiracy lunitic fringe. I will not bother to let him in on the jade helm facts as he probably will not believe in this either until it is way too late. 

            I'm now convinced that it is the TV  news that is using some type of subliminal mind control for the masses and he is a fan of Fox News. I'm sure both left and right news outlets are using the latest silent sound mind control technology and this is what we are now and have been up against. It is seeming virtually hopeless. I took the sound advise of another friend two years ago and completely  quit watching and listining to any news and wow do I feel the difference. With this coming of the jade helm in July I'm pretty sure it's OVER for life as we have know it as the bastards will hunt down and  lock up any free thinking groups or individuals.

             Dr. Doom signing off for now 

    • Ralph says:

      Marc, I feel for you.  It is tough when your own turns a blind eye to what is so blatantly obvious in our sky (globally) on a daily basis.
      In my case, my Son and his Wife are way ahead of the curve and are resigned that everything is going to come crashing down anyway, so they are preparing to be self-sufficient and live remotely from civilization. I have pointed out… that is all well and good… except if the Eco System crashes, then everything dies and no amount of preparation or living out "in the sticks" is going to matter. You are Dead!  The End.
      Even our local TV Meteorologist does not want to discuss GeoEngineering. The following is a final email:  
      Apr 15 at 5:44 PM
      You are certainly welcome to believe what you want. But after years of studying the atmosphere with calculus, physics and chemistry with my peers, I simply cannot believe in this. I believe our communications should be finished, therefore… Thank you for watching 🙂
      Chief Meteorologist
      K——— K—–@actionnews—.com  (I have redacted his name and complete web-address with it in                           mind,  he "drinks the cool-aid" given him by "the system" and probably just does not know the truth.??)
      What is happening right now is critical.  ie: Commercial Fishing Closed off the Pacific Coast in California due to water conditions…the destruction of entire species of aquatic life…it is too depressing to continue.
      We must become the "majority mass" and hold our local, state and federal officials/agencies at all levels accountable for allowing this genocide.  
      We must hold the university professors and researchers accountable, in the name of a pay check and/or research funds, for their complicity in this genocide.
      We must hold the corporations, their officers and the private contractors that facilitate dispersing toxins into our atmosphere accountable for this genocide.
      As Dane Wigington says: We need to move the ball forward every day.  
      It is our Ball, We need to move it and move it Now.  God Bless You All!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ralph, Kris Kuyper is has now been featured in the “” People like Kris need to be publically exposed.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Well one more here Marc! Since we're venting I can tell a similar story as well. My own husband used this as one of the reasons to walk out on me. He tells me I need help and he tells the family I need help because I think we are being sprayed and the world is ending, doom & gloom.

      Yea! So I feel your pain buddy and I am losing my house too from lack of business because I am a Realtor who can't sell chem skies and I also fought my water association against putting fluoride in our water because they needed money and the gov. said they would pay if this was done to the water.

      The water members were also Realtors and I got them good and embarrassed ( long story ) sticking to my guns on NO fluoride, and I did make the difference when I injected our profession in to the mix, I won, they finally backed off and had a sudden change of mind for NO fluoride, next plan.

      So now I yell about being sprayed and people buying homes with this in what used to be paradise in SWFL, so I think you can guess the rest and why my house is in foreclosure now. Why do I keep going with all of this trying to do the right thing when my entire life is being torn apart over telling the truth?? I don't know but I do. So hugs to you Marc, I'm there too. Best, Hawkeye

  11. donna ford says:

    I have noticed as of late that the long, horizon to horizon, chemtrails are giving way to shorter ones that are less obvious. Also for the past few days we here in NM have been chem bombed. This is where they(I believe) just must dump their whole payload at one time, making a huge cloud to block the sun. I will be looking at the sun and sky and with in 5 minutes there is a huge cloud that just appears from nowhere. The sound of the planes are much more faint and seem to be higher up. Just some of my recent observations. Let me know if anyone else is seeing this.


  12. Hawkeye says:

    Outstanding interview Dane! Fantastic guest speakers, many thanks to them both.

    But one question. "IF" Natural Solutions Foundation has had 100% success in stopping the mad hatter globalists stop vacs etc., then why are we still being sprayed?

    I'm not trying to discredit or bash by any means please do not misunderstand me, but it is a question that came to my mind.

    With regards to these frequency weapons vs. guns, how do they reach any target? Through what means must they travel to reach a brain in another place? In other words, how can a frequency travel to "melt your eyeballs" with no receiver attached. OR what would enable it's receipt? If you have no technology in your home I would think it can not reach you.?? Further explanation of this technique would be good insight to have. Can you elaborate?

    STOP supporting it all is my thinking and doing. UNPLUG, disconnect, don't purchase, and remove. AND – STOP VOTING FOR LIARS. Complete disconnect is needed. They are only as powerful as an electrical outlet permits is the actual reality. One good solar storm is really all we need. PRAY.

    Kind of ironic but in a big way these psycho's are helping this be a very strong possibility by their destruction of the atmosphere/ magnetosphere, they are allowing this solar energy to penetrate more easily. Thanks so much to all.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Hawkeye, the weapons Dr. Rima was refering to need to be in “line of site” and within range, this is my understanding. Truly, we cannot know what they have at this point to be clear. Lets all keep banging the drums to wake the sleeping masses.

    • andrew says:

      Hawkeye, here are some extracts from my industrial wind turbine objection – concerning Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) – doesn't include high frequencies, but may give you an idea of what is going on.

      The main resonant frequencies of a person’s internal organs are below 5 Hz.  The peak frequencies emitted by turbines are below 5 Hz.  Earth’s resonance frequency is 7.83 hertz, exactly the same as the alpha waves of our brain (which controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and immune system).  

      The frequencies to which the various brain areas respond vary from 3 to 50 Hz, such as: touch 9 Hz;  coordination 10 Hz;  sound 15 Hz;  subconscious thought 20 Hz;  visual images 25 Hz.

      What specific frequency do: 6-7 Hz ringing in ears, increased blood pulse, fatigue, tightening in the chest;  6.6 Hz causes depression in most people;  8.6 – 9.8 Hz tingling sensations / sleep inducing;  10.8 Hz causes riotous behaviour; mixed 17 & 70 Hz harmful biological effects.  

      Some people are sensitive to ILFN out to 30km from a turbine(s). 

      ILFN frequencies between 3 and 12 Hz cause Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep disruption and general sleep deprivation. This in turn can: increase mood swings (happy/violent); inhibit or modify dreams; make people depressed and/or apathetic.  The detrimental health effects of sleep deprivation are well documented.

      ILFN exposure can cause the body to secrete cortisol which increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and has an immunosuppressive action. A suppressed immune system will allow existing health problems to accelerate and make it easier for new ones to be created.  The effects are worse if exposed to ILFN during sleep hours.  

      Our bodies try to protect vital organs from ILFN bombardment by laying down extra collagen, causing a thickening of the pericardium and blood vessel walls for instance, which will also increase the likelihood life threatening health problems.



      The use of directed ILFN is a known weapon and interrogation aid.   It is an untraceable murder weapon, as it leaves no evidence of its use on the victim. 


      ILFN becomes particularly deadly during the early morning sleep hours.  This is  when the body normally produces the lowest levels of Cortisol. Artificially stimulating Cortisol production during this time disrupts the body’s’ normal Cortisol production in the worst possible way. In effect, the sleeping body perceives infrasound as a threat and elevates Cortisol production to cope. Since one is asleep, the Cortisol is not used, and remains in the body, damaging life-essential body functions.

      Prolonged Cortisol production in our bodies eventually causes death. [1]


      I understand that some of the recent uses of directed ILFN are:


      1.  Greenham Common, UK. 1984 (mostly women). 


      In the summer of 1984, more than 2,000 British troops suddenly pulled back, leaving the fence unguarded.

      Peace activist Kim Besley recalls that as curious women approached the gate, they “started experiencing odd health effects: swollen tongues, changed heartbeats, immobility, feelings of terror, pains in the upper body.”

      Besley found her 30-year-old daughter too ill to stand. Other symptoms typical of electromagnetic exposure included skin burns, severe headaches, drowsiness, post-menopausal menstrual bleeding and menstruation at abnormal times. Besley’s daughter’s cycle changed to 14 days and took a year to return to normal.

      Two late-term spontaneous miscarriages, impaired speech, and an apparent circulatory failure prompted the women to begin monitoring for a directed-energy beam, Using an EMR meter, they measured beams sweeping their camp at 100-times normal background levels. [2]

      2.  Iraq (2003 to present)  Very Low Frequency (VLF) weapons include the dozens of “poppers”  and “domes”  deployed in Iraq, which can be dialed to  “long wave” frequencies capable of traveling great distances through the ground or intervening structures. As air force Lt Col. Peter L. Hays, Director of the Institute for National Security Studies reveals, “Transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur.”

      Lt Col Hays calls VLF weapons “superior” because their directed energy beams do not lose their hurtful properties when traveling through air to tissue. A French weapon radiating at 7 hertz “made the people in range sick for hours.”

      Such variable effects have been known scientifically since 1963, when electromagnetics researchers Dr. Robert Beck found that exposure to certain frequencies sparks riotous behaviour, while other frequency beams can cause a sense of well-being—or deep depression.  

      The recovery rate from directed ILFN exposure among US troops (they tend to ‘lose the plot’, wander off  and go AWOL) “seems to be about a day or so, whereas  the locals are not getting over it in less than a week or more on average.” [2]

      3. O2 plus the 2012 Olympics. London.  Long Range Accoustic Devices (LRAD)  have been photographed at the O2, and were installed on the Thames during the 2012 Olympics.  There is little doubt that these “communication devices” can also utilise ILFN for “crowd dispersement”.  [3]

      4.  Gaza  (ongoing)  There are several reports of ILFN weapons (LRADs) being used by the Israel against Palestinians in Gaza.  “The combination of low frequencies at high intensities can create discrepancies in the inputs to the brain.  Basically the brain receives a signal that your body has lost balance.  You feel like you are tilting even when you are not.  The discrepancies can cause headaches and nausea”…it “simulates seasickness”.  [4]

      5.  Fukushima 2011  Directed ILFN at around 2.5 Hz can cause earth tremors, earthquakes, landslides, and will increase lightning (particularly in clouds formed on sprayed bevy metals) . Watch the 7 min video here [5].  Since 2011 US military presence in Japan has increased considerably.



    • arcadia11 says:

      hawkeye –

      because natural solutions foundation ARE the mad hatters.  they are hallucinatory cause.

      check them out.


  13. Paul says:

    If anyone is feeling the crushing despair of our current dilemma, do not lose hope. Remember, we are the good guys.

    This short video will fill your heart and soul with the power of humanity.

  14. andrew says:

    My 49th email to my contact list, titled Carpe Diem.

    1.  Please take 1 hr to listen to the talk between Dane Wigington, Major General Albert Stubblebine, and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow.

    Here is a link to an excellent article about 9/11,  This particular page shows photos of the supposed Boeing 757 attack on the Pentagon.  Serendipity have many good articles.

    It is demoralising and heartbreaking to realise that almost everything you and your parents thought and possibly fought for have been based on lies.

    Those who are involved and complicit in the genocidal atmospheric spraying, probably do so for a pay cheque and a pension – as if they will receive their pension.  There is no way off our global gas chamber.

    In 1940, SS Chief Heinrich Himmler produced his "General Plan East" which stated: "For the people in the east there must not be any school at all – beyond a primary school with four grades…….simple calculations until maximally the number 500 and writing of their names. Further, the instruction that it is a divine law to obey the Germans, be honest, industrious and obedient…"  Watch and weep.

    The more I learn, the more I am convinced that this will be our last year of life as we know it, and within 4 years we will all experience major catastrophic extinction level events.  I do not write this to bring doom and gloom, just the opposite, Carpe Diem, Vive ut Vivas, live your life to the full and make it count as a powerful force for good.

    The easiest way to contact you MPs etc in UK is to use:  For info I will write again to mine and copy letter onto this website.

    2.  Prepare.  When considering water purifiers, you must consider the sprayed particle size…it it in the nanometer range.  Distillation is definitely the best method, as long as you let the water boil for a few moments before collecting the steam, and stop before it boils dry.  Getting rid of the toxins far out weighs any potential loss of minerals etc – which you should be getting from your food and supplementation anyway.  The Survival Still is probably the best currently available.  The best filter method I know of is the Sawyer PointZEROTWO.  

    • Michael C DuPree says:

      Thank you Andrew…I have posted on my Facebook page the link to the hidden history of the 20th century, preceded by a preview that includes a paragraph from a book I am reading, "PrairyErth," by William Least Heat-Moon. I was reading the book before reading your comment and put down the book after reading the paragraph. Immediately following that reading,  I started reading comments to this post and found your comment with the link and watched the video at the link. Those two actions one after the other providedd an astounding "coincidence," but another "coincidence" in my life with which I am all too familiar. Please feel free to check out the post on my Facebook page (Michael C DuPree). And thanks again for your comment…

    • Hawkeye says:

      Are you the same Andrew that replied to me about the frequency use's? Hope so because no reply button on your reply, so I see you here….wanted to say thanks much for your info.!! I get it now and love to learn truth so thank you very much for taking the time on that one! Appreciate it, now I can inform others who look to me on this issue. You guys are all so great in here! Very grateful for this site Dane, and thank you too for your reply.  Best, Hawkeye

    • andrew says:

      Thanks Michael and Hawkeye.  Serendipity rules!  Dane is correct, high frequency (lasers) need "line of sight" to blind you. Low frequency travels easily through buildings etc. Internal room dimensions is important with regard to low frequency.

  15. Jenny says:

    God bless you and give you strength Dane! Do you know of any movements in Europe? I have been searching – found nothing compared with your work. Seems the Europeans are more asleep than the Americans. I find that disturbing as the criss- cross skies of Central Europe are so 'in your face' obvious. Thank you. 

  16. Katherine L. says:

    We must all expand/raise our consciousness to get our tools "online" to know and get intuitive. Research.  This goes way deeper than the physical that we can see.

  17. Katherine L. says:

    So we have domestic terrorist on our hands. What would our founding fathers have done?

    • James boyd says:

      Speaking for myself, I know that I am frightened of the Justice system, the Police and anyone who would be expected to be respondent to the Charges of Terrorism by way of Aresoling the U.S. population.  When I think about why I have not simply gone to local law enforcement and Laid my Charges I do not have to think long why I avoid the U.S. Gov't.


    • Rick L. says:

      Katherine L. They would have gathered the people together, given a profound honest speech on what needs to done to rid this country of such tyrants. To take up arms and fight for what is right. There is no other solution. Just like the American Revolution and the Civil War, people took up arms and fought for their Freedom and what they thought was right. We need to break away from this Monarchy that controls us just like they fought to break away from the Mother Country.Our Declaration of Independence proves that that works.

      However today, just like what Dr. Rima says we are out gunned in many ways. We cannot trust our Military or police force. The people today fall for whatever the latest trend is ie; political correctness and now it's Oh, lets HUG! What a bunch of crap! That's the kinda stuff people are concerned about today and they just don't get it

      There is too much corruption, too much debt and a very bad moral compass that has undermined this country. And I honestly believe it's only going to get worse considering the education and influence this past few generations have gotten.  

  18. Michael C DuPree says:

    At around 28:15, just before the beginning of the discussion on Jade Helm, Dane mentions how everything is connected, ie geoengineering, GMOs, vaccinations, etc. This is the central problem, that people do not have relatively easy access to all or at least the most significant information that goes into each subject, so that the connections become visible. No where is it all pulled together in a coherent expose of each issue and then shown the connection between these issues. If anyone would like to work with me to do this, I would love to be part of that project. It probably needs to be pulled together on a website, but also published. The website could easily link websites like this one and not just the whole website, but the actual pages on the website that include pertinent information. Obviously, time is of the utmost concern, but as long as all the information is provided piecemeal, it remains inaccessible to the majority of people, a majority that is sorely needed to stop what is happening…

  19. penny says:

    This was a very informative interview, and I agree with the views of the interviewees and admire their willingness to speak out, and am always glad to hear someone from the military speaking with genuine courage (not "the courage to follow orders" but the courage to do what is right) – but I found it very frustrating as well.  I appreciate that all these problems are monumental, but Dane is right that we need to focus on what can and must be changed, not on the horror show that awaits us or the evils behind it.  We need to prioritize.

    It is true that Fukushima radiation is a huge problem, but on that front, I don't see what activists can do that would be more effective than trying to get geoengineering-related weapons (HAARP, etc.) shut down.  The radiation from Fukushima will continue to spill out no matter what, so shouldn't we put our energies into preventing the next one? 

    As for the atrocity of Agenda 21, can even the insane, pathetic half-humans behind that agenda believe that anyone will survive the meltdown of all nuclear power plants on the planet once the 85-95% are eliminated?  There will be no future with "everyone confined to [however many] square feet of space", no need to worry about them implementing that agenda.  Let it go.  For my own part, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Agenda 21 document was written with the sole purpose of discrediting environmentalists.  Divide and conquer.

    9-11 truth, too, has become a distraction tool for the same half-humans: we are now divided into Truther/"sheeple" camps, which does nothing to advance our cause – and the same can be said for poring over ever more studies or hypotheses about what happened that day (only one day in 2 centuries of atrocities perpetrated by the US, after all).

    Then there are the very successful efforts to divide people by religion, race, 2nd amendment views, you-name-it.  All these divisions, this manufactured dissent, which distract us from the fact that we need to stop the poisoning before we can hope to resolve anything else…

    The ones in power will turn on themselves if they are buried in bunkers.  Let that sort itself out, if it comes to that.  Lets us try to save our beautiful planet, please!  Why, if the petition actions are effective every time, is this still going on?  I hope that Dr. Laibow is right, but I fear that certain ones (an occasional vaccine protest, e.g.) are given a pass such that people will remain convinced that the system works.   For my part, I don't believe it does.  Monsanto has paid out lots of hush money, but have they ever been held criminally accountable? 

    Yes, sign all the petitions, but don't stop there!!!  Someone suggested on this site that we all print out bumper stickers and leave them on lampposts, etc.  I think that is a good action to add to the cards and leaflets. 

    • Michael C DuPree says:

      Ditto your comments, penny, and add to it comments by myself, Kate, and Jeff…

    • donna ford says:

      If you check out cafe press .com they have bumper stickers and tee shirts. I just got 3 shirts and a sticker this week.

    • Michael C DuPree says:

      That is fine, Donna, but most folks need more information that is readily accessible in one place, information with all the significant documentation and why the documentation is significant, then showing it is all connected to other issues Dane refers to in this video. The t-shirts and bumper stickers can raise the issue, but then there needs to be a published (website and book) source, complete with all the significant documentation that fully describes the problem and suggestions for remedy to which folks can be referred. Most folks just simply do not have time or know how to research and sift through everything that clearly states the problem.

  20. Casper says:

    Really great interview Dane. Could you please interview Clifford Carnicom also. I think that could be another very interesting interview.


  21. Kate Willens says:

    Thank you so much for this Dane; if only the information given here could be received by the masses of humanity who are at grave risk from these programs, and the evil doers who have designed and executed them.  Your work is much appreciated!

  22. Karen W says:

    Great reporting Dane.  Thank you so much for bringing creditable people on your site!  The flood gates are opened!

  23. ken says:    911 what really happened , see with your own eyes

  24. Pat says:

    It's difficult to say who is behind the spray and what are the goals of the spray program(s). The good people of this planet are all in this together in that we are all "dupes" and are being played/sacrificed by the Elite.  Who are the 'Elite'?  The main groups who are at war with each other under our noses are (1) Khazarian Zionists/Bolsheviks (2) Rothchilds (Illuminati) (3) Whoever took over Russia after the Bolsheviks.  You can do your own research at  Read the 115 journals and the supporting documentation from authors around the world and you'll know the truth.  Dane is a very good source of truth as well.


    • Pat says:

      You can read the Phoenix Journals for Free in pdf form online

    • Katherine L. says:

      yes we know. All of these revelations (key word at this time in our history) will be known by more and more people. The dark shadow's time is up and they know it. These are the last throws of bully that's been cornered. It's sad/pathetic that these men sold out the human race for their own personal gain, aka: greed/power but it's crashing now. I'm not watching, I"m creating something new and I suggest we all start doing something new and take back our power.  Shop differently, get solar panels, join a food coop, grow your own food, get creative, join others that are doing new things. It's out there. Earth Domes are a great project and community gardens, so much is going on that's positive now. The new is coming through, it's just really dark right now and hard to see but it's peeking through.  

  25. Dale Smith says:

    Thank you so much, Dane. We owe you a debt that we could never re-pay. You are "right on" with everything you report. Good on ya….proud to be on the same side with ya.

  26. Jeff says:

    Excellent interview, two courageous people to respect,as well as always Dane.

    I have shared most of your videos  on this sight on Facebook,with friends,and family. Most don't watch them,but once in a while I get some lookers. Lately this seems so ineffectual,that I have created fliers that give links to this sight,other online truth sights,and a copy of the Wetlands agenda put out by the UN,part of the Agenda 21. I have had luck in getting all three of my county commissioners to watch  "What are they spraying",and Why are they spraying".Many others have been subject to my info conversations,but all I seem to get is fear full people. I grew up thinking,and hearing about how free and BRAVE Americans were,and to just see shrinking in fear,and not outrage,and action is a big let down on childhood out look. Seeing real bravery in interviews like this are inspiring. Thank you Dane,and all those in the fight,its great to know there are others awake and on the march.

  27. Linda says:

    Absolutely stunning presentation….the three of you are such a powerhouse of awareness and information.  I rejoiced and had tears that this is reaching so many….even on Youtube!  Knowledge and awareness in the minds of so many people…that alone will bring rapid changes.  Yet surely people will want to reach out and share in any way possible…and take action.  Bravo.  May the force be always with you awesome gentle warriors and with us.  Onward and upward.  

  28. vic934 says:

    Are the authorities  and the  Press paid for not saying  nothing about or against chemtrails and HAARP

    • Earth Angel says:

      vic934- Either that or threatened in one way or another; or both. Some very sick and corrupt systems we have in place.

  29. Earth Angel says:

    Truly sobering and disturbing information; especially now the Jade Helm activities- every person in the USA should be howling to their congressmen at every level- STOP THIS before it starts! We must not allow this to happen here in America! Very frightening indeed.

  30. Patricia says:

    I’ve noticed they seem to be spraying more at night now. Also I hear planes but can’t see them.

  31. pupma says:

    I feel you Carol ):

    I keep hearing aircraft sounds but I am unable to see the planes lately.  This is highly unusual in Northern Arizona. 

    Not sure if we will bother with our garden either, for the same reason.

    90 degrees one day then a 20 degree drop the net day, White lines from horizon to horizon.  This week 40-50 mile per hour winds.


  32. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    Dane, infinite gratitude to you for raising so much awareness about the geoengineering madness. It's such a tragedy that our communities are being systematically poisoned and local media say absolutely nothing. I hope this brave military man's words will be heeded by United States lawmakers, and acted on quickly to stop all geoengineering programs in their tracks. Thanks again for being so consistently reliable, Dane, in providing this information.

    • Larry says:

      Earth Angle I'm with you. I just looked into the jade helm and it is scary for sure but I have had a horrible feeling for the last couple of years that something just like this would be Implemented. Now here it is and it appears that they are going to go after anybody that is a believer in the Constitution or freedom of thought, preppers, Christian groups and on and on.. In other words the compliant Sheeple will be safe and the rest of us are a threat to national security. Watch out for one way trips to the FEMA prison camps because it seems this so called exercise will escalate quickly into martial law with an end of freedom as we have known it …including  preventing like minded folks like us from sharing our ideas and thoughts and from organizing together to fight a common cause thru blog sites like this.  One site I opened today mentioned that one phase of the jade helm program is to infiltrate all the various groups and we may be next. I like your idea of howling at the so called representatives of our states but I think our words are not reaching the intended reciepients due to national security interception. It may be hopeless at this point but we must keep trying.

  33. Carol says:

     That presentation was enlightening, frightening, and also discouraging in that as you have often said,most people are just living in a fantasy world.  They live in a dream made up of watching television,going out to eat, shopping, and otherwise being oblivious to the fact that the world is imploding around them.  

     I have been offered a small plot of ground to plant a few vegetables on but I wonder if it is even worth all the effort involved because the weather is so unpredictable.  Every time it looks like we may have a sunny day, it's soon becomes a hazy one covered over with who knows what. 

    • Carol says:

       I have also been wondering what further horrendous damage has been done to the atmosphere by the recent extreme wildfires in Siberia.  Surely huge amounts of CO2, methane, and dirty particles that may further darken the ice in the higher latitudes have been released. 

    • Robert says:

      By all means plant something on your plot. Tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are easy to grow. They will be GMO free and taste much better than store bought. Have fun.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Carol, I say Go for the Garden too!

    • Chad says:

      "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree."

                   -Martin Luther 



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