Manipulating The Climate, Manipulating The Data


Dane Wigington

Take a good look at the latest NOAA "forecast" map below, the radical temperature anomalies it shows are meteorologically unprecedented. Each color band represents 2-3 degrees of temperature escalation or decline depending on the color shading. Blues are below normal, reds and oranges are above. In summary, the NOAA map shows three distinct extremely hot zones with one below normal zone of cooler than normal. How can there be such anomalies? Radical and highly destructive climate manipulation is how.


All NOAA modeling is done by defense contractor Raytheon (a part of the climate engineering cabal). This makes the weather "forecasts" nothing more than the "scheduled" weather.

The global power structure has tried to sell geoengineering as "mitigation" for global warming by manipulating constant cool-downs in the same areas over and over again as they did in Boston during the 2014-2015 winter, but what is the overall cost of such engineered events? What is the true extent of climate system damage attributable to the ongoing climate manipulation? Climate engineering is radically worsening an already horrific planetary warming. The warming accelerating, not slowing down, geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire. Intentionally creating hot zones in one area actually appears to be a part of the process the climate engineers use to engineer a cool-down elsewhere. The high pressure heat domes rotate the upper level winds clockwise in the northern hemisphere, this is connected to jet stream manipulation. When the atmosphere is saturated with electrically conductive ozone destroying metallic particulates, and then microwaved with radio frequencies from ionosphere heaters like HAARP, heat and high pressure can be created. 


HAARP is only one of many ionosphere heater installations around the globe

The rate of biosphere warming never slowed down, it is accelerating. Many point to the "climate gate" event as proof that there was no warming and data was being falsified, this conclusion was a manufactured lie. This is not to say that data isn't being falsified, it is, but in the opposite direction of what many would like to believe. The planet is already exponentially hotter than what is being "officially" disclosed. A colleague I know with the union of concerned scientists has monitored a 4.6 degree UNDERREPORTING of high temperatures in Northern California, other experts who are also monitoring temperatures have noted a similar underreporting in regions investigated. The planet is in full blown meltdown, climate engineering/weather warfare is making the overall situation far worse, not better, and the power structure is doing everything it can to hide this fact while they prepare for total environmental and societal collapse. Those that have any sincere regard for the truth will actually investigate what is happening on the front lines around the globe. Forests are burning to the ground at a record pace all over the globe. From the Pacific Northwest, to Spain, to Siberia, forests are incinerating as temperatures go off the charts. As of the writing of this article yet another out of control blaze is raging in Alaska.  Rapidly rising sea levels are causing increasing havoc around the globe, Arctic ice hit a record low this winter


Sea levels are rising rapidly around the globe. It is important to remember sea level rise does NOT occur in a uniform fashion, it varies

How bad is it? The latest data is more alarming than ever before. In spite of "official" temperatures being falsified to the DOWN SIDE by the power structure in order to confuse populations and help to sell climate engineering behind the scenes to governments around the globe as a "cure", for the meltdown is accelerating rapidly. 2015 is on pace to shatter the all time record warm year just set in 2014. Ocean temperatures are increasing so rapidly that the temperature charts cannot keep up. Extremely alarming warm zones are now appearing which appear to be directly linked to massive marine die-off.

New Delhi Heat

Roads are actually melting from deadly heat waves, this one in India has killed over 1400 people so far

If we are to have any chance of success in the battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity, we MUST have credibility. Credibility comes with standing on conclusions built with solid and verifiable facts. Climate engineering is making a very bad climate situation far worse, not better, and is contaminating the entire planet in the process. Stand on solid facts, make your voice heard in this fight for the common good. 

30 Responses to Manipulating The Climate, Manipulating The Data

  1. Martha says:

    They underreport Shasta County temperatures anywhere from 3 to 8 degrees, regularly.  It's interesting that when I moved here, 13 years ago, I was so impressed with the accuracy of the forecasts. A few years later I was puzzled by how they couldn't seem to get it right.   Perhaps that's when they handed over control to the powers that shouldn't be.

    They seem to think we don't have our own thermometers and know better than what they are telling us.  Maybe they can fool most people, but for how long?  We are being fried, there is no denying it.

    • J says:

      The same thing is happening where I live as well. The high temp reports are 3-5 degrees less then the highs I encounter from many sources. It seems to be consistent enough to be intentional. 

  2. Hello Karl Schreiber: Great posts from you. Thanks! I think you'll find that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is where the tire meets the road in terms of economic manipulations.


    From: Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Wikipedia


    "The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) (often called "the Chicago Merc", or "the Merc") is an American financial and commodity derivative exchange based in Chicago and located at 20 S. Wacker Drive. The CME was founded in 1898 as the Chicago Butter and Egg Board, an agricultural commodities exchange. Originally, the exchange was a non-profit organization. The Merc demutualized in November 2000, went public in December 2002, and merged with the Chicago Board of Trade in July 2007 to become a designated contract market of the CME Group Inc., which operates both markets. The chief executive officer of CME Group is Phupinder Gill, Terrence A. Duffy is the president and executive chairman of the board, and Leo Melamed is chairman emeritus.[1][2] On August 18, 2008, shareholders approved a merger with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and COMEX. The Merc, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX are now markets owned by the CME Group.

    Today, the Merc trades several types of financial instruments: interest rates, equities, currencies, and commodities. It also offers trading in alternative investments, such as weather and real estate derivatives, and has the largest options and futures contracts open interest (number of contracts outstanding) of any futures exchange in the world.

    As a Designated Self-Regulatory Organization (DSRO), the CME had primary regulatory-audit authority over firms such as MF Global.

    CME also pioneered the CME SPAN software that is used around the world as the official performance bond (margin) mechanism of 50 registered exchanges, clearing organizations, service bureaus and regulatory agencies throughout the world."

    Derivatives trading is GOOD for the economy!!! Ask any clueless corp-sucker, and they'll agree… 

    • @ Paul

      Thanks for the information! Concerning the COMEX: I think, insider call it CRIMEX!? I keep watching the precious metal market since 2008 when I found out that our state gold had been shipped to The States and disappeared. "They" peculated it. Since then nobody was allowed access and we got just 120 tons (in remelted condition) out of 1500 back.

      This is an article about it:

      That drives me mad! Derivatives are a huge problem, indeed, a huge bubble which is going to burst soon. Everything is rigged.

  3. What's going on in the sky here every damn minute is unbelievable. They are spraying complete blue skies white every morning!!!

    Somebody must stop those who abuse their power killing us softly day after day.

    When I made my slide show "They want to get rid of us" 2 months ago I thought: maybe that title does sound a bit too dramatic. Nope, the only thing that comes to my mind is "endgame". Deagel predicted about 40 million inhabitants of Germany have to die till 2025. They are on track for it, folks. But the 40 million left then will not be Germans but migrants. Even Alex Jones covered that story of Europe being flooded by migrants on his Monday show.

    I'm not exaggerating looking out of the window. Pure satanic insanity!!! Their master plan is gathering speed globally.

  4. Lysette Knudsen says:

    In Sweden it is Cold ! And thats not normal (I live in the south).Last summer we had no rain and it was abnormaly warm and "hazy" ( chemtrailhaze) ….  If the government  deny any spraying how can we get through  to the bigger population? … the denaiel is emotional not visual…. Love you Dane !! 

    • I think there is no "government". The global companies have taken over power a long time ago. We are living in an illusory world. Most of the countries are registered as companies, e.g.:


      company no. D-U-N-S® Nummer333333149


    • btw:

      Even our government itself has it's own company number:

      D-U-N-S® Nummer342914780

      "Regierung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"

      (Government of the Federal Republic of Germany)

      I guess their head office is located in the City of London or Wall Street.

  5. joy says:

    Another day of scheduled clouds here in Colorado, and this weekend is scheduled to be in the 90's. I had to start a fire 2 days ago because it was so cold.  Our sun is gone… is this how life will continue until it no longer can continue?  Blazing heat, icy cold, dark and humid, hot and frying? Our plants and animals are at the mercy of what is happening and they cannot all be detoxed…and they are dying before our eyes.  Feeding the Masses is the excuse that we will begin to hear as we will be forced to conform to their methods of ruling the environment. Mother Nature will lash back!

  6. schnapps says:

    The argument is simple.  Sit and watch at all the airports on just one day; Planes are landing and taking off nonstop.  Does anyone see any vapor (chem) trails at all?  NO, the spraying is obviously NOT related to Commercial aircraft.  They do not SPRAY these trails.   The SPRAYING is being done opposite to commercial aircraft flight paths.  If it were "natural"  as most want to believe,  we would have been seeing these TRAILS since the dawn of FLIGHT.  On days there is NO SPRAYING, we have perfectly NORMAL Skies and clouds.  The difference is obvious!!   This is a recent Phenomenon and it is deliberate, planned, and evil.  I am in constant battle with people who REFUSE to open their eyes and SEE.  How hard is it to LOOK UP?   We've a nation full of lazy, overfed, brainless SHEEP. How PITIFUL humanity is !   

  7. Steve Grimwood says:

    Hi Dane and all in the resistance

    I have never really seen many really good time lapse video's showing aerosol progression across the sky so I decided to have a go. I purchased a cheap 1080p  Hd dash cam and flashed with some edited  firmware and have been shooting video for the past week. The results are far better than expected and show in great detail what is going on.

    My first attempt is now on Vimeo for everyone to view.


    We  all need to fight this tyranny and giving up is not an option.



  8. Bruise says:

    You are the man Johnathan, You are the main man. Trust me, those who are doing this are scared of you. If we had only a handful of people like you this whole mess would be brought to a halt. So few have your courage, most of us (99.9%) just add a comment and then go about our days helping and bowing to the ones doing destroying the planet, we believe our comments will stop them. Not you, you are special, you are different. You sir, are an inspiration.

  9. russ elder says:

    Texas is about to be hit with a Brown Water Storm(per the Weather Channel)—I have never heard of such an event——quess Im too young to remember the last one —-Im only 60yrs. old

  10. I will be general enough to say they are spraying British Columbia Canada. West of here and upstream from where they want it to go!  Disgusting!!! ( take as  annoyed comments about that in here)  Hoping that Canadians will wake up as to what is going on. Think home page has made computer very slow????? The masses need to become more interested in  what is important in life not sports/ adult comic shows. Talking to someone the other day, his response was he wasn't going to learn for there was nothing he could  do about it.

    • Helene says:

      Hi Edward, I've reported a few times on this website about spraying around southern BC; I've seen it around Powell River on the Sunshine Coast, and in the last couple of days, after what seemed like a break for a few days, fairly intensive spraying in Shirley (right above our heads), French Beach, Jordan River, and east to Sooke on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Washington State.  I can tell you the residents here are quite aware of this.  We are also in a drought situation and the fire danger very quickly went from High to Extreme in about a week's time.  My husband and I eat a pretty strict organic diet and take vitamins and minerals which keep our immune system as healthy as possible. Cheers, Helene

    • john says:

      Northern Vermont next to Canadian border has been nothing but one nice day with the sky filled with chemtrails then 6 days of rain. Rain rain and.more rain with cool temps. that chart of wrong it is not hotter it has been most defintatly cooler here where temps should be in high 70s its is barely topping mid 60s and down in the low 40s at night. since January we have had 2 days with no spraying above but by the end of those days you can wstch them drift in. One day I watched frequency undulation righy anove my home

  11. PLT says:

    The last I saw (as of 31 May, in the WSJ) nearly 2200 people had died in India, in just 2 states.  In just one heat wave, early in the year.  We're looking at a summer of Burn, baby, burn in so many ways, for so many people around the globe.  Not for the people who deserve it though, unless the dam breaks and the red tide of righteous fury is unleashed at last.

  12. Melody Meachum says:

    These cataclysmic events that Dane aptly researches and then reports are growing in significant intensity at every level, especially in 2015. This is the year the Monster really rears it's ugly head!

    Dane and others in this fight have given us so many tools to measure global weather modification…both the past and the present. This allows us to make observations about past weather events, like the observations that Marc succinctly comments on below regarding the flooding of '93'. Past and current weather events are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY and DEFINITIVELY linked to environmental manipulation and control by the monstrous "Wizards". They have and will continue to map out our world for chaos, chaos and more chaos as their desired end goal is total control of planet and people! They have and will use any vehicle available to them and it's ALL at their disposal.

    As Dane reminds us, we are all in a fight for our lives. We might stand a chance should those in key positions increasingly choose to unify and join our side to call out and halt weather modification.


  13. Little John says:

    Even when standing in broad daylight watching a trail being placed above our heads and explaining to sheople watching the same thing spread and disperse in plain sight they refuse to believe it. I have explained and had them watch for 30-40 minutes as the chemicals go aerosol and you can witness the streaks coming toward the ground. But I am still NUTS!

    • Al C says:

      Little John,

                               I've had the same exact thing happen to me……….I'm actually ridiculed!…………….I've refrained from using the term "chemtrail" and get asked questions like, "Well, why isn't on the news?" and "Why would they do such an insane thing?" after describing the primary ingredients in the aerosols……I direct to this website to get initiated.

                  I know I'm not nuts, ( a little crazy maybe)-lol…. and friends of mine who are aware of this all say that it's painful to be awake and aware.


  14. Jon Parker says:

    Heavy spraying in Boston area on Sunday led to a very cool and rainy Monday. This seems to be the pattern that I have picked up on. I regularly check the weather channel app for the forecasted (scheduled) rain for the next few days and monitor the chance of precipitation to see just how the % chance changes from day to day. Noticing clear and obvious patterns. It's amazing how obvious it is when you just pay attention.

    • Anna says:

      True enough. Now at least two weeks straight of spraying over Brooklyn — weekends were all-day sprays — now we're cooling down this week. Also, I think these are the pharma type because my partner and I have been really really sleepy! It is mind-blowing to believe that sedatives are forced on us against our will. Plus, think of the safety risk to drivers and pedestrians alike!!

    • Anna says:

      Also watch the amount of forecasted rain changes hourly. It is usually far less than expected, revised down, hourly.

  15. jonathan says:

    I think everyone will agree on this one, Dane, could you or anyone else post a page on the home page of this site about how to detoxify ourselves from aerosol sprayings. A simple and cheap BUT, effective method for everyone here to use to get rid of "chemtrails" crap in our bodies. A page dedicated to that is a must here. It would make this site a whole lot more useful. Now don't get me wrong, this site is very useful but, could use a detoxifying help page.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, I have posted on the detox issue in the past, but your point is well taken. I will try to get an update posted perminently at the top of the “health” section

  16. Marc says:

    Just became aware that an unusual system in the Gulf of Mexico will bring massive rainfall amounts (5-10 inches) over the next two days to the Houston, TX. area. Focused like a bull's eye on this city, warnings have been issued for flooding, flash flooding etc. Given that Texas is already saturated from the previous huge rain event, and given what we awakened ones know about what these bastards are capable of, does anyone out there think this looks a wee bit fishy? 

      And lo and behold, the Texas Guard (not National Guard) has apparently been mobilized to "monitor" the Jade Helm exercises in the state. Sounds like those in high places might be a little pissed off at Texas, what do you think?

    • Dave says:

      Get ready people, In the last days bad times will come. bunch  up , I am an X seal and know the tactics, try to stay in groups of a 100 or more. Watch from every angle north east south and west, And also the air stay hidden from the spy from the sky. any thing can be used to protect your self. Make sure the people you have you can trust with your life Don't take no bull shit, stand up for your country. I and your country are depending on you good people.

  17. Chad says:

    It's a nightmare! The fires are beginning in northern Ca and are going to be atrocious this year! With the crispy dryness and lack of precipitation fueled with the chemicals in all the yellow grass and dying rotting trees it will create havoc and be a means to evacuate people to safe zones a.k.a FEMA camps and or jade helm stuff as a precautionary! Also it will create mucho dinero for firefighters, pilots , CDF ,etc to fight these fires that I guarantee will be horribly,awesome in a bad, bad way! One more way to make a dollar while killing us! Wake up people let's unite! They aren't going to stop! Let's put them in their place until Jesus Comes! Amen! God bless all the good people on Earth!

  18. Marc says:

    Interesting how the geoengineers have played the entire Midwest region "like a fiddle" for decades now. The famous flood of '93 and also 2011 are both damn suspicious, as far as I'm concerned. Especially the flood in '93. We all remember it well here in Missouri. Beginning in April and on into August, the Mississippi and Missouri river drainage system experienced unprecedented rainfall amounts. Especially across Kansas, northern Missouri and Iowa where the four month rain totals exceeded typical annual totals. Absurd amounts of rain, and made worse by the almost DAILY rainstorms and here again, unprecedented numbers of consecutive days of rain especially in July and August. I found a video of Meteorologist Paul Douglas explaining (though mystified as to why) how a high pressure cell "parked" itself over the entire southeast, causing the normally wandering jet stream to remain stationary over the upper Midwest for several months wherein cool northwest air would collide with very moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. And voila! Storm after storm after storm. Mr. Douglas had no explanation for the anomalous weather pattern.

      But you know what? I'm no meteorologist but I know goddamn well what "caused" the flood of '93. Hello? Anyone remember what just happened in Texas? Anomalous and persistent weather patterns are suspiciously popping up like evil mushrooms all over the planet. Mr. Douglas also stated that while it is not unusual for such a pattern to appear over the Midwest for a week or maybe two, for such a pattern to persist for 3 months is damn near impossible given the constant flux associated with the jet stream and other air mass flows. 

       How about the stupidly named "ridiculously resilient ridge"? These morons would have us believe that this persistent high pressure "ridge" is somehow within the confines of what is "natural". 

      The geoengineers' ability to create these "persistent" patterns, in defiance of natural laws, is an affront to Nature, to humankind and to the entire biosphere, and it absolutely MUST COME TO AN END!!

    • carol freiberg says:

      Great observations and comment Marc. How anyone can't see what's going on with the weather manipulation is beyond me. I guess folks like us are extra special and more perceptive than the normal person. Wish I could say I feel blessed to see through the smoke and mirrors of these maniacs but mostly I feel cursed to know how many out of touch people there are running around oblivious to these programs and the effects they are having on the entire planet. Keep on writing those very insightful comments and spreading the word to all that will listen. We need to reach critical mass before there is nothing left to save.

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