Scientist Speaks On The Record About HAARP Caused Floods


The ongoing weather warfare is wreaking havoc on planet Earth. Climate engineering is combining with other forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet, this combination will become rapidly more destructive. The unravelling of the biosphere’s life support systems is bringing more drastic consequences by the day. As Earth descends into meltdown, the dominant military powers continue to wage weather warfare which is further worsening an already badly damaged climate system. Crops are declining, ecosystems are being torn apart and populations are being decimated. Finally it seems some scientists are showing the courage to speak out.

Dane Wigington

Scientist: Massive Floods in Serbia and Bosnia caused by HAARP

“Today the HAARP system was turned off, expect eartquakes in the next several days”, stated Serbian professor and scientist Velimir Abramovic during a radio broadcast on May 19th.

Abramovic said while the rain lasted in Serbia, there was not a single thunder, which according to him is highly unusual. The rain that fell, he says, didn’t appear like normal rain, rather it fell as if someone was unleashing an entire swimming pool each second. This, according to professor Abramovic are characteristics of an artificially created weather pattern designed by the HAARP systems.

“It seems as if the sky opened, and sea of water fell from it. These were not rain droplets that you would typically expect to see.  This was a designed weather pattern which I might add is not the first, nor will it be the last by HAARP.” says Abramovic.

Interesting to note, during the same interview for Radio “Snaga Naroda” Abramovic predicted that once the HAARP system is turned off, there would be earthquakes. Two days after his prediction, Albania was rattled by a strong 5.2 earthquake which sent the local population in panic. Many homes were damaged, while Abramovic predicted more quakes to come.

Source: Macedonia Online

20 Responses to Scientist Speaks On The Record About HAARP Caused Floods

  1. Nelius Reynolds. says:

    There is no let up from from the Cabal/ Illuminati . Ireland is being hammered by flooding as well. I believe the tide is turning however and the Cabal/ Illuminati plan for depopulation and a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT will not succeed. The whole European Union project was a scam to bring about a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT for the benefit of Bankers who create money out of thin air.

  2. sherry taylor says:

    it is better not to drive your car in that massive downpour stuff..I had two big car bills from doing alarm system went nuts and had to be removed and I got water in my it was just crazy on the freeway.
    This stuff is dangerous.
    While it is depressing to realize it is deliberate…i’m on the side of truth no matter what.
    Even the UFO thing appears to be malevolent.
    What a world..I like Louis Armstrong’s “beautiful world better” Were we asleep at the wheel or something? what happened..I know Illuminati planned it..still if we knew about it how went this far?
    The radiation may get us many things..and anything kept secret is done for a reason..they intend to poison us with that stuff.

    • angelofwoodford says:

      By silence you are giving your approval. You have to verbalise to yourself or out loud that you do not agree. We have free will, but it's like when you don't vote or stay silent, then that is assumed to be acceptance and the shadow government can get away with assuming that is apprvoal from you. It is allowed in our free will society and by the laws of the universe…

      So start to say, 'I do not agree with that' and put a red circle with a line through the situation you are thinking of. Do it over and over with all situations that you have not given your approval to happen and watch what happens…it's a numbers game…as more people do this…the tide will turn…there is no choice, and they know this but they dont want you to know this…so think of any situation, like tax, the banking system, anywhere someone takes something from you that you did not agree to…put your red circle around the situation in your mind with a red line through it…'i do not agree to that'

      If you do agree to something then put a gree tick next to it…these are very, very powerful energy statements…

      Pass this technique on to as many as you can…its very powerful …don't feel powerless….remember its a numbers game, show your approval and disapproval, wake up and take your stand.

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  5. I have been telling everyone with ears to listen about what I’ve learned from reading about geo-enginering. My son who has a two year old daughter refuses to believe. The alternative is to horrifying to contemplate. I thought of petitioning 60 minutes to cover the issue. Then I relented, thinking they could go the other way? Should Itry regardless?

    Thankyou for your input. Jennifer Farquhar.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    @Harry Rhodes. Thank you for your video. This US satellite creates a new way of steering storms? Is everything different now because of Nexrad and SBX1 and this satellite? I was just beginning to understand what HAARP was doing. HAARP is being trashed for other technology, but it seems quite different. The only thing that stays the same is the conductivity from chemtrails. Please continue to comment, Harry. We can use your insight. Thanks very much.

  7. meg says:

    YES. I have been wondering if the geo-engineering was directly related to the GMO crisis as well!!

    I organized a March Against Monsanto in my home town last Saturday and I made a lot of headway in my community. I need to amass enough evidence to support the existence of weather modification before I can inform others about it.
    I’m in the process of creating a power-point presentation and a time-lapse video.

  8. Jeff Fox says:

    I live in Australia and even there are not as many Chemtrails as USA we have them. So I have a two sidered A4 sheet “Chemtrails in our sky
    THE PM and Mainstream Media (I make the point that he knows)
    WHAT HE KNOWS and what the Media KNOW (Tell us what is going on.)
    “Have you noticed planes flying overhead in your community that
    leave trails behind them in the sky. Do YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE?”
    or “Have you noticed unusually shaped clouds, long narrow clouds?”
    and “Are these clouds facing in different unusual positions of drift?”
    Ask them
    “Have you seen planes flying very high leaving a vapour trail and notice it just lasts for about 16 times the length of the aircraft THEN IN A SHORT TIME DISAPPEARS ?”

    Ask them another question if they have seen a vapour trail. “Could they make out the kind of plane and even see colouring on the tail?” MAKE ANOTHER POINT on THE CHEMTRAIL PLANES: You are able to see the plane well enough to see how many jet engines it has. AND In some cases coloured marking on the tail and vortex fin on wing tips.
    THEY ARE NOT VAPOUR TRAILS or seeding clouds to make rain. (?? On a cloud less sky day in some cases.) or Jettison of fuel before they land. (??Who would want that above them.)
    See URLs Chemtrail trails and H.A.A.R.T (You may as I
    * have some real ???? as to some parts been dinkum in some URLs ) *Important to watch URL is a talk at UN in 2007 by Rosalind Peterson from testifies here before the UN about the reality of chemtrails and the deleterious effects on plant and animal life. If you are still in doubt that the strange lines in your *updated*, “vanilla sky” are airplane contrails – or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you are sadly mistaken.
    * Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD
    * via Local Microwave Towers Received 21/4/14 Published on Apr 13, 2014Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know READ LAURA EISENHOWER’S OFFICIAL ET DISCLOSURE STATEMENT ????????
    Yes YOUR OWN and YOUR CHILDREN’S – GRANDCHILDREN’S BODIES Let alone other living things.
    LOOK UP OR JUST AROUND in the sky, EITHER ON A CLOUDLESS SKY OR BROKEN CLOUDY DAY IF YOU JUST SEE A NARROR LONG LOOKING CLOUD, IT MAY EVEN BE IN BROKEN SEGMENTS These patterns are the result of “weather modification” programs also referred to as “solar radiation management” (SRM) or “chemtrails”.
    The international program involves spraying aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic chemicals from airplanes at altitude that then fall to the ground, ending up in our bodies, our water, our soil and the air we breathe.
    For more information, including links mentioned in the video, please visit:
    Thank you to: GeoEngineering Watch, Chemtrails 911, Space Weather, SkyderAlert, Rob Leslie, Ray Gale, truthseeker1922 and Skull for chemtrail footage that helped make this video possible.
    BUT neighbours and local people JUST SAY I AM WRONG in not a nice way. So how do we break through this mentality?


    Jeff Fox

  9. Andrea says:

    I live in Lake County in California and have been noticing heavy spraying. You have regular, nice clouds, then the chemtrails will mix in with these clouds and new different clouds get created yet sunlight still shines through unlike regular clouds. We have normally a lot of wind here, and due to the chemtrails, the particles will stop the wind as well as the rain. The people are having headaches, they are couching, sneezing etc.and the air has a metallic smell. I thought I live in the country here but government experiments are outrages. We MUST inform as many people as we can to ensure EVERYONE is aware of this problem how government works ‘in secret’ in order to control the ‘world’ a world they cannot control anyhow but they destroy in the mean time. They who make the decisions, cannot do all that without help, so if no pilots fly these airplanes anymore, if no money is available, if people protest and won’t accept this anymore and ask more and more questions, we can fight this, otherwise worse is to come. I have noticed first chemtrails in the year 2000 in Sedona Arizona and I’m amazed that they are still going on and worst than ever.

  10. Harry Rhodes says:

    You are absolutely right. I write patents for a living and there are patents that claim to store energy in the atmosphere. Using Tesla`s invention of moving energy by wavelengths they can move this energy anywhere in the world.

    They then release this energy to form tornadoes, hurricanes, massive flooding and yes … . . earthquakes. They are now using military satellites to do this as HAARP is no linger required. These guys have the evil minds of satan and his demons !

  11. Aroha says:

    Late this evening b4 dusk I looked up in time to see a jet(1st time i had seen a jet ) spraying the atmosphere. It had been cloudy with a few blue in between.I have seen plenty before that but not the jet because it was way too high.I live in the north island of New Zealand.

  12. Olga Vernon says:

    Professor Abramovic was correct. Earthquake in Albania on May 21 and Greece and Turkey on the May 24.

  13. Tanja Popov says:

    First intensive spraying together with HAARP and then abnormally heavy rain for five days pulling everything down to the ground, then floods and earthquakes (Albania 5,2 and Bosnia 2.4) and now the ground is ready for GMO.

  14. I live in the Colorado mountains just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. A lot of people here are questioning whether last year’s “millenial” flood was natural or induced. Do you know?

  15. Becky says:

    there have been a lot of chemtrails over our skies in western Colorado. I was in Alaska when HAARP started. what can we do?

  16. JR says:

    Well I’m back; Hello to all especially God’s children and those wanting to get near HIM. Here in Southwest N.M. a whole bunch of rain clouds these last 3 days have surrounded us to be decimated to nothing. The chemtrails slice them and one can see the parallel lines (long and slim like a cigar shape) of what were clouds as one simple explanation. The remainder clouds go North or South of my location and sky is left all wisped whited out and funky colors like when you put oil or gas in water. The winds come and crisp out (burn-out) much vegetation like pine trees, evergreen, etc. The farmers are running groundwater wells some for days on end. I’ve mentioned in past lightening in sky with no thunder afterwards with never a cloud seen during day or at night with this occurrence (Tesla-coil)? I think they are also called capacitors storing energy and releasing wallops of energy up there. I’m sure most of you have seen dvd “Holes In Heaven” Advances in Tesla Technology it will explain better there. This was a few years back like in this gentleman’s write up, but they got rain!? Crazy [bastards], huh. This is what the Lord calls children that are not wanting anything to do with HIM in brackets….

  17. A HAARP faz falsa propaganda divulgando que vai fechar. São tantas HAARPs em operação que não enganam…

    O Sistema Echelon Centres tem muitas outras demandas e endereços de HAARPs.

    Me sinto muito impotente em não ver a luz no fim deste túnel… quando será que vai surgir uma inteligência capaz de mudar tudo isto? Afinal somos tantos, somos muitos! somos maioria contra isto tudo!

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