The Climate Scientist Who Pioneered Geoengineering Fears Its About To Blow Up


For most of us it is difficult to imagine lying as a job description, how does one face their own image in the mirror when deception is their stock and trade? Practicing deception and disinformation for a profession is even more shocking when the subject being lied about has already most certainly cost the lives of untold millions around the globe. In fact,  global climate engineering is of such immense gravity that it is putting all life on Earth at risk. Ken Caldeira is an individual that apparently lacks any sense of honor, morality, or conscience. He is generally unable to look you in the eyes, I know as I have met him. Caldeira now says climate engineering is “about to blow up” as if it has not already. Ken Caldeira needs to be exposed for his constant campaigns of total deception. I highly recommend examining this link to the last exposé on Caldeira before moving on to the just released article below. The information contained in the link is essential to better understand the mentality of those that have led us all to the point of almost certain extinction. Caldeira’s professional email contact is also contained in the hyperlink above, let him know what you think of his behavior.
Dane Wigington

The Climate Scientist Who Pioneered Geoengineering Fears Its About To Blow Up

Source: Motherboard

For years, Dr. Ken Caldeira’s interest in planet hacking made him a curious outlier in his field. A highly respected atmospheric scientist, he also describes himself as a “reluctant advocate” of researching solar geoengineering—that is, large-scale efforts to artificially manage the amount of sunlight entering the atmosphere, in order to cool off the globe.

Caldeira says he’s “less of a catastrophist than most,” but he’s worried that humans won’t stop burning fossil fuels, and that the subsequent global warming will ultimately melt the ice caps and render vast swaths of the tropics unsuitable for growing crops. In the face of a climate emergency, he says, we may be able to temporarily limit the damage by, essentially, simulating a safer version of a massive volcanic eruption.

“By the end of the century, through most of the tropics, every summer temperature will be hotter than the hottest temperature yet on record, in most places,” Caldeira told me.

The scientist, who toils for the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University, was sporting jeans, a blazer, and a crop of unruly graying hair, and had traveled to the first major geoengineering conference in Berlin, to participate as a featured speaker.

“So the idea that huge swaths of the tropics might not be suitable for growing crops,” he went on, “is plausible. And if you’re unable to grow crops in huge swaths of the tropics, is that going to create political turmoil and migration? It could be a major disruption.”

That, he says, is the likeliest reason we would see geoengineering attempted, and why we have to be prepared if politicians and increasingly desperate nations look for a quick climate fix. In a pair of interviews at the controversy-filled meeting, Caldeira offered his views on how and why we might come to live on a geoengineered planet, how the field is rapidly growing (and why that’s dangerous), and what the odds are that humans will try to hijack the Earth’s thermostat.

Our bias was to try to show that it wouldn’t work, but every simulation we did showed it would work

Over the last decade, Caldeira and his colleagues have harnessed intricate models to examine the effect that blocking a small percentage of the sunlight that enters the Earth’s atmosphere would have on the global climate.

Typically, a feat of geoengineering that could achieve an outcome like that involves injecting a bunch of tiny particles into the stratosphere; emulating, essentially, the global cooling effect of a major volcanic eruption like the one that blanketed the Philippines in lava and ash in 1991.

The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo blasted out 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide, leaving a slew of tiny particles hovering in the sky. All those aerosols lingered in the atmosphere, where they bounced more sunlight back into space than usual, spurring global temperatures to fall by nearly an entire degree Fahrenheit in subsequent years.

That event, the biggest of its kind in recent history, and thus best-suited for careful scientific study, eventually came to provide the template for solar geoengineering. Now, scientists consider spreading sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere (without any of mercury or other toxic stuff that volcanoes also tend to belch out), either with a fleet of planes, giant balloons, or even artillery to be perhaps the most plausible geoenginering proposal. Since the particulates only stay airborne temporarily, this would have to be done regularly, perhaps even annually.

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The Climate Scientist Who Pioneered Geoengineering Fears Its About To Blow Up



23 Responses to The Climate Scientist Who Pioneered Geoengineering Fears Its About To Blow Up

  1. Truthbetold says:

    Collateral damage is the new buzz word of the elite and the military and the NGOs whose TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS like Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Rockefellers, and other multi billionaires are able to use these Tax free dollars to skew public opinion and public POLICY!!!

  2. Good thinking!
    11) With these toxic chemicals established as causative modalities in Alzheimers, inflammation, immune dysfunction, and possibly cancer – supported by great increases in specific diseases (Autism, severe inflammation, a starting point for literally any immune-connected disease) over the past years – should spraying the toxic chemicals now be classified as a criminal act? “Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease:”

  3. Kathleen Wilson says:

    Dane, have you looked into the Common Law grand jury to file a lawsuit into Crimes Humanity from chemtrails?

  4. fad says:

    But for darkness will we know the light. Mr C is the perfect example of how evil grows and manipulates those with weak minds. Thank you for being such a miserable example of a human being that your arrogance would sacrafice the future of this planet for our grandchildren. One can only hope we are witness to his karma come around :).

  5. Karin Six says:

    Those who destroy are evil… Those who grow are good. One picks one’s course and karma… Hope Ken sees the light!

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    “The earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.”

    Dakota Phillips-

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Not that he ever will, but if this psychotic piece of crap ever comes within range of me or my family, I will be forced to move my outhouse! The same warning goes out to David Keith also!

  8. Tim says:

    Can he honestly say it isn’t already happening? Seriously?

  9. manor dweller says:

    Dr Caldiera you have been deemed insane, DSM Code 301.7, we will now help you

  10. Blue Sky anyone says:

    What I love most about this website are you peoples comments. What I found crazy were the comments of the site where this article came from. They have very smart “lab” folks who apparently don’t go outside. They all talk as this is theory. I highly recommend taking the time to see what the propaganda that site and the people that visit that site are saying. Again a lot of very smart people. Not sure they are trolls but they are promoting this as the only smart idea out there. And not one comment did I see that mentioned the SICK idea of spraying tons of Deadly heavy metals on the entire planet. The pro G-eng folks are ramping up the propaganda heavy. Keep your eyes open and ears tuned.

  11. MJ Johnson says:

    Ken Caldeira belongs at the top of the corporate WALL OF SHAME. Hiss-boo!

  12. Steven Smith says:

    He’s a sell-out…plain & simple.

  13. Carol says:

    No wonder our earth is so screwed up weather wise.
    Leave Mother nature alone ! Get a life and leave our weather alone .

  14. Sandra says:

    Not sure why there is surprise that a psychopath commits horrors. It is up to the ‘normals’ to stop these people because they certainly will not stop themselves. To psychopaths, others are their slaves, underlings, people to be victimized, with NO remorse. The shoe seems to fit him well.

  15. Becky says:

    We can only blame ourselves for letting this happen. And we can only make change when we take up more responsibility to make change happen. It won’t happen on its own.

  16. Becky says:

    I have already let Mr. Caldiera know exactly what I think of him and he simply thinks I am delusional. So round and round….

  17. Ken says:

    People need to prosecuted for the damage they have done to the earth. Oil companies do for a spill. Corps that leak into a river are penalized and must stop.
    This is world wide destruction of everything. Just because they are government does not mean they should not be held accountable.

  18. Karen says:

    Not ONE WORD about the health impacts of this insanity. SO DISGUSTING…and completely dishonest.

  19. anthony barrett says:


  20. Carmen Franco says:

    A fitting end would be to lock him in a room and spray him regularly with the toxins that are sprayed in our air each day.

  21. Jimmy Swanson says:

    There is no need for people to play God.When people of these types get going and start getting the “God Complex”it is time for us to do something with them, because in the end of their PRIDE and COMPLEX drive, agenda or wharever else you want to call it…We all end up paying for it in the end!! It is a bad idea messing around with stuff you THINK you know about.So, that you and your kind have already been spraying this crap all over the do you suppose we go about stopping and cleaning up your messes and how much more money, that we don’t have, is that gonna cost the world???? These people need to find another life and just because they are very smart doesn’t mean they should start thinking they know what’s better for this planet and the people on it.God , that you so much THINK you want to be, has already done these things for you.Get a grip!!

  22. Karen Iacovelli says:

    Does Ken Caldiera ever go outside and look at the aggressive aerial aerosol spraying that’s been in practice for years? Having just flown the east coast, the sky was once again littered with tankers spraying full blast. The skies are abnormal. I have been watching spraying ops all day, read his remarks and wonder if his anxiety might not be due to the insanity of not mere computer models, but the full-fledged climate manipulation already poisoning the atmosphere and life as we know it. When did the American people, or others across the globe, consent to being collerateral damage to his fanaticism? How much grant money has he received and from whom, so that he would lend academic credence to environmental suicide?

  23. KAY says:

    you are truly EVIL, I pray to Father,what you have done goes right back to your own family.

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