The Engineered Incineration Of California


Dane Wigington

The once “Golden State” is literally being fried by what can only be considered an all out weather warfare assault. Our own governments ongoing climate engineering programs are wreaking havoc on American populations. The constant aerosolizing of the atmosphere is radically reducing precipitation over California as well as totally disrupting the storm track upstream from the State. Rain that should have fallen in the West is increasingly coming down in deluges further east, welcome to geoengineering. The map below is stark confirmation of the factors already mentioned.

us drought monitor 2

The satellite image below clearly shows grid pattern blanket spraying of the eastern Pacific Ocean which completely derails rainfall patterns. It is important to remember that even if visible spraying and/or silvery white skies are not evident on certain days, the weather makers are always hard at it in other locations.

satellite 7-25-12-FG2-300x225

The photo below was taken in California and is now typical in the state, aerosol sprayed skies with a parched earth below.


The global network of ionosphere heaters (shown below) are also a part of the precipitation blocking factors affecting California.


The targeting of California for drought creation has been so extreme that once productive orchards are literally being torn out. The 2 minute video below should be alarming to all.

What is unfolding in California is so dire and unprecedented that even mainstream media can no longer ignore the severity of the situation. The climate engineers are not just creating drought, they can and are creating heat. Though the planet is warming from many anthropogenic causes, the weather makers can turn the thermostat up to record highs wherever and whenever they want.

California’s Record Heat Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen… Yet

Source: Bloomberg

If hot thermometers actually exploded like they do in cartoons, there would be a lot of mercury to clean up in California right now.

The California heat this year is like nothing ever seen, with records that go back to 1895. The chart below shows average year-to-date temperatures in the state from January through July for each year. The orange line shows the trend rising 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.

Source: National Climatic Data Center

The sharp spike on the far right of the chart is the unbearable heat of 2014. That’s not just a new record; it’s a chart-busting 1.4 degrees higher than the previous record. It’s an exclamation point at the end of a long declarative sentence.

The high temperatures have contributed to one of the worst droughts in California’s history. The water reserves in the state’s topsoil and subsoil are nearly depleted, and 70 percent of the state’s pastures are rated “very poor to poor,” according to the USDA. By one measure, which takes into account both rainfall and heat, this is the worst drought ever. (See the chart below.)

While the temperatures are extreme, they’re not entirely unexpected. The orange trend line above is consistent with rising temperatures across the globe. Average surface temperatures on Earth have warmed roughly 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, according to NASA. The eastern half of the U.S. has had an unusually cool 2014, but it’s a lone exception compared to the rest of the planet.

The International Panel on Climate Change, which includes more than 1,300 scientists, forecasts temperatures to rise 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. That puts California’s record heat well within the range of what’s to come, turning this “hot weather” into, simply, “weather.”

precipitation Index July CA

SPEI is a drought measure that includes both rainfall and the effects of heat. Higher temperatures increase the amount of water reserves lost through evaporation and plant transpiration. Source: National Climatic Data Center

Source: Bloomberg


For those that want a more comprehensive A to Z on the weather warfare being waged on the State of California, view the presentation below.

Its up to ALL of us to expose and stop climate engineering, ALL are needed in this critical fight. DW

24 Responses to The Engineered Incineration Of California

  1. Fereshteh says:

    TERRIFIED, HORRIFIED. "Sky Demons" as someone wrote is correct. It is December 2017 and I wonder if my father's illness has to do with his location in one of the biggest American cities. WHY ARENT PEOPLE RISING UP TOGETHER??!!??? The more people don't collaborate and unify and talk to eachother, the closer to doom we get, in the form of legalized slavery (20-25% TAXES from PAYCHECK, CANNOT AFFORD ANYTHING, FORCED MEDICAL INSURANCE, NEAR HOMELESS…) 

       I read that MORGELLONS (created an "insect" and "Fibers" that grown inside human body and start creating sores with more fibers) with nano-technology like a parasite. I at first thought this was nuts, but Youtube it, Google stories…THIS NIGHTMARE IS FOR REAL!!


       the so-called government is terrifying me. Seriously, WHERE CAN I MOVE TO GET AWAY FROM BEING SPRAYED LIKE A HELPLESS ANIMALS TRAPPED??  THEY'RE DOING THIS ALL OVER THE PLANET!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Victor says:

    The weather reporters here in San Diego are not showing the jet stream view any more. They probably don’t want to admit or expose the fact that a high pressure ridge has been camped out blocking weather systems for almost 4 years. Then they created this myth about an El Niño coming.

    They are also dissipating the low-cloud marine layer here. It was especially obvious back in May and June 2014 when we only had 2-3 cloudy days all month. Same symptoms – clearing to wispy cobweb clouds and a bright white sky. I believe it’s to bring revenue to the beach areas and Legoland that would otherwise be uncrowned under cloudy afternoons.

  3. escapefromobamastan says:

    Dallas, Texas gets sprayed continuously, for years. And no one ever looks up.

  4. Philip Dec says:

    Thanks for your comment, Steven Chamberlain. I am glad what I wrote makes sense to you.

    Terri mentions also seeing a 15 degree rise in temperature not that long after the spraying.

    In warmer climates, it would not surprise me if they made a few adjustments and cooled things off a little. Dane says in his presentations that it doesn’t last though.

    What I continue to see in the colder climate here in Maine is a predictable increase in temperatures during and after heavy spraying. I even use the same number Terri used to describe the increase (15 degrees) when I discuss this with others.

    What could have been a 75 degree day with natural cloud cover and a nice breeze, becomes (instead) a 90 degree day with chalkwhite skies, no movement of air, and an unnatural magnified oppressive heat. This weather is especially difficult for and harmful to the elderly.

    Terri, thank you for your comments. I am seeing much of what you describe here in the Monmouth / Winthrop / Manchester / Augusta area of central Maine.

    I try to read all of the comments here when I go to an article. It is good to see so many informed individuals not afraid to discuss this issue. As always, I am grateful that Dane has made this forum possible through his dedication and determination. For any reader with facebook access, chemtrail photos are often posted on my timeline and can be viewed in my photo section.

  5. Muad'dib says:

    Dane you should run for office, high office, like the president or something.

  6. Muad'dib says:

    Please dont call them “elite” these people are anything but elite. Non productive sociopath narcissists. Non productives for short. That is what they really are parasites who dont want you to realize they serve absolutely no purpose. tht society doesn’t need them and would be infinitely better without them. Please dont call them “elite”, it only feeds their obsessive narcissism. they force theri media outlets to call them “elites” not us we wont use that aggrandizing word for them. The useless paper chaser no purpose trust funders etc anything but the e word.

  7. Terri says:

    just saw this article Dane. They don’t mention the reason for the drought…chemtrails…but it does show just how devastating it is to the earth. Ground water lost is 63 Trillion gallons…dried up by chemical spraying i am sure.

  8. Jane Kean says:

    I feel so sorry for you all over in the hard hitten states but rest assured here in SW France we are catching you up. I was only an observer on this site six months ago searching around for reasons why every other person I met had cancer. Now horror has hit here with manufactured storms and endless spraying by up to 8 aircraft at a time. The worst senario came 2 days ago after a very clear blue day…yes we have tree and plant dye off or should I say something that looks like blow torch scorch on everything within the suns rays. Yet, holiday makers are sitting in restaurants not looking up totally oblivious to what is positively screaming at them from the skies. I have started an awareness campaign, amazing how incredulous folk are. However France is renowned for ‘objecting’, Fracking was stopped in its tracks. So we shall see, however as I say disaster capitalism may be a tough one to beat down without a critical mass ‘take down’ of the criminals who steal con and bully us into thinking they are top dog. It’s up to us to show them otherwise.

  9. dan says:

    I’m thinking fry up the surface. Kill all agriculture and destroy the useless eaters. Have many seed vaults waiting for replanting after the great genocide. The elite utopia is complete. Maybe 10 – 20 years. They’re almost done playing with us.

  10. Terri says:

    I too have witnessed the temperature change. I have been recording the temperatures against what the ”officials” say and it is always off. When they dump their poison on us the temperature rose 15 degrees in 1 hour time.

    We too had lovely high clouds. We were mistaken to believe we might get a tiny bit of rain. The clouds were so thick it even provided a cooling breeze. Then come the sky demons (i like that term). We watched those beautiful clouds spread out and become inky oily mess and the temperature rose as i stated. it is their spraying that is burning up the planet.

    They think they are gods. Their science are gods in their own mind. They believe they own the whole planet. They are completely insane. The people spraying us are the pilots and drone pilots. They too are insane as they are the ones doing the actual damage and they do so for a few bits of green paper.

    it is sickening watching our clouds being destroyed. being violated in that manner. we have no say in it at all. a theft of what belongs to the planet. to the earth. the life giving moisture being taken from us by force and we stand below it and watch…helpless to stop it. i have never felt more violated or helpless in my life watching these planes spray us.

    now i know what its like to live in a war zone. filled with dread when i hear the engines of those planes coming to drop their payload of death on us. helpless to stop it. instead of bombs dropping us it is man made liquid. chemicals that burn and kill.

    i so wish people would put down their ipads and look up!

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I think you nailed it Phillip. Great theory. Their agenda is to kill us. The spraying is their means.

  12. Philip Dec says:

    “What would happen if they stopped spraying?

    I am convinced they do not want the people to know, so they make sure the particulates are in the air most of the time regardless of the concentration: and the result is a sky that is rarely ever true blue 》and artificially raised and maintained temperatures.

    Here in central Maine, blue skies for 2 days = cooler temperatures. Things return to normal and the oppressive heat is history. 》Until they begin spraying again and artificially raising temperatures before people can catch on to what’s happening.

    Their agenda is to spray us.

    Geoengineering is their fake solution to a problem they know they are responsible for.

    Geoengineering is not science, it’s a smokescreen.
    No effort is being made by them to “mitigate global warming”. They’re causing it.

    Stop the spraying for one month and everyone paying attention would see the truth! They cannot afford to let that happen.

  13. JR says:

    Thanks Tim with all do respect; I know what you mean, but I don’t get scared I actually get angry to put it mildly yet I don’t wish to sin, it’s tough you know. In this world we live in it’s said the flesh is constantly fighting with the His spirit, in these lowlifes character it’s pretty obvious by their actions who they do their bidding for. Brother our rain clouds yesterday, again this morning on 8-20-14 with all kinds of chemtrails east to west, north to south with these scumbag busting them up gets old. They looked like sky demons up there angry with our Lord for sending them. They should be scared (respect) of Our Maker but they’re not. Well Lord and behold here come more rain clouds forming at 3:18 p.m. as I write. These scum live to do evil and their umbilical cords are cut with the same scissors as their cohorts, nothing less of diabolical. I believe it’s safe to say by the same measure of evil they dish out they will be also measured by our Lord one day if they don’t repent. He is not one to be mocked. I read another of your posts on fracking which by the way an open door was created by Vice-Cheyney and his cronies before he got out of office. I hear over 300 unknown chemicals are used and abused on earth and its inhabitants with no disclosure, nice guys huh? So much for good stewards of this world. Anything for money man. Thanks…..

  14. andrew says:

    FYI, my 5th email to my contact list.

    5. Why don’t they stop spraying?

    The true answer is that it is just too profitable for them and it is accomplishing many of their hidden agendas.

    The actual reply they often give is something like: “We can’t because there is nothing to take its place.”

    They are absolutely right on one point, there is nothing to take its place. The current range of ‘Renewables’ being forced on us all, particularly wind and solar, are futile and exorbitantly expensive.

    There are many excellent alternative (free) energy devices, such as the Tesla and Hendershot generators, which have been suppressed for decades. Never wondered how Lindbergh managed to take off with enough fuel for his 3,600 mile non-stop flight across the Atlantic in 1927?

    Another factor is that this method of aerosol dispersal is being used to dump toxic waste and experimental pathogens into our atmosphere for us to breath in.

    This spraying must be stopped.

    It is having a exponentially disastrous effect on the environment and all life forms. It is destroying our ozone layer and causing massive global health problems.

    In a reply I received from Paul Wheelhouse (Minister for Environment and Climate Change) dated 24 July 2014, he assures me that: “…the Scottish Government is not participating in nor complicit with any geoengineering programme”.

    Anyone who works outdoors and bothers to listen and look up will see the daily intensive SAG and SRM spraying.

    Paul Wheelhouse is either:
    disgracefully misinformed, either intentionally or from extremely poor research
    choosing to ignore or disbelieve what he is told
    unwilling to tell the truth.

    The truth is that if they stopped spraying, within days our global temperatures could rise by up to 2 degrees.

    Due to the damage that has already been caused by SAG and SRM, global temperatures could rise by a further 2 degrees within a few months or years.

    A 4 degree rise in global temperatures would rapidly change life as we know it.

    Our Government must tell the public the truth about this global experiment. Handled correctly they could generate the public support similar to the war time spirit, where people pulled together without thought of making fast money. It is highly likely that this would bring about far more sensible and humane methods of combating global warming.

    I fail to understand the mentality of both those who are responsible for this genocide, and those in positions of responsibility who fail to act in the interests of humanity.

    Do they really expect to live for generations in their DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases, which are being rapidly built around the world)?

    Or maybe the 2045 target date for the “Singularity” of man and machine has something to do with it?
    This “Singularity” is the use of implantations and robotic technology to enable man to survive in a polluted or hostile environment.

    SAG and SRM are killing us slowly. We are being sprayed like lab rats and the inmates of Auschwitz.

    Please do not ignore this information because it is “Too depressing” or “Can’t be true”. Many Jews and others thought that like that in the 1930s and 1940s.

    Personally, I would prefer to be told the truth, for the spraying to stop, and to have a chance of survival whilst being fit in mind and body.

    Please read/watch:

    Future emails will include:
    Ebola, ISIS, Malaysian flight MH17, August 21st 2014 and Geoengineering. What do they have in common?
    observations on covert atmospheric spraying
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    what effect is this spraying already having on us
    our forests are dying – our biosphere is dying

  15. B says:

    Live in Kern County, CA. MANY, many times I have stepped outside and see a virtual spiderweb of spray trails covering the sky. Even my own plants are dying.

  16. Tim says:

    JR – this stuff is scary. If you have not read Guy McPherson’s climate assessment (link on top right of page at, please do.

  17. Ray Foy says:

    I can confirm the heavy spraying in Jackson, MS. Every day I see from my 14th floor office that the city is covered in a white smog. And it has become common to have rain falling from a bluish sky.

  18. Michel Pelletier says:

    Truthseeker the show on RT has disappeared even in the archive . It always had hard hitting pieces.I wish they
    had done a piece on geoengineering.Has anybody else
    noticed this.

  19. JR says:

    Tim asks why are they doing this? First because they are evil and have sinister plans which only they know. The (they) are money hungry (power & greed)people who want people to succumb to their all deceitful plans of servitude. If we die it’s no big deal to them or end up killing off one another to try and survive. Their fortress is their money. Revelation says the big powers are chums for a while and in the end only one will want to be king of all nations when all hell will break loose and at each others throats it is written. This must be part of what is a One World Order or One World Government playing out, get ready for the 666 chip. That’s the only way to survive it’s written by worshipping the beast. Here in Southwest N.M., USA today 8-18-14 again our big rain clouds were broken down with whiteouts turning grayish, blackish as sun goes down. Pretty awful I must say for mankind and the world we live in. Man again I say can be good or just plain evil!

  20. Tim says:

    Why are they doing this? To grab key agricultural land for pennies? To steal water? They are going to ruin the State. If you haven’t been to CA recently, you would not believe how brown and torched it is. Santa Anas this Fall are going to burn it to the ground. Don’t be surprised if a fire burns from inland San Diego all the way to the Ocean.

  21. patty battaglio says:

    Thank you, Dane, for all that you do!!

  22. Rachel Smart says:

    here is a thought: What if this is just a ‘de-accession’ of the west coast? It’s almost like they are just grabbing what they can and ditching you guys because of statistics. Are the fires, earthquakes, and the nuclear fallout from Fukashema make keeping the west coast to much overhead for our crumbling government?
    We are getting the crap sprayed out of us here in Jackson MS., and I know other areas are experiencing heavy spraying as well. I know that these ideas are a generalization of a huge, complex issue. I just want to know what you guys think.

  23. Philip Dec says:

    Thinking of what Dane has done for all of us, including his own family, literally brings tears to my eyes at times.

    Anytime I want to look for inspiration to keep reaching as many people as possible with this information, I don’t have to look far. I know where to find Dane’s exceptional presentations on video.

    I keep posting these on my timeline and Facebook pages, and will continue to do so until every individual promoting this madness is proven a liar, and the American people know the truth.

  24. Excellent article Dane!

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