The Threat From Climate Disintegration Is Not Coming, It’s Here


The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is the largest scientific panel ever created on any subject in human history. Many have, unfortunately, chosen to believe this panel of scientists is paid to put out falsified "alarmist" data. The reality is this, yes, the IPCC has put out a great deal of false and misleading information, but in the exact opposite direction of what many have convinced themselves of. The threat we face is not off on the horizon somewhere, the climate and biosphere implosion is here, now, and the entire web of life is at stake. Government sponsored organizations like the IPCC are tasked with masking the true extent of climate disintegration, not disclosing it. Once the wider population fully awakens to the truth that the biosphere is indeed imploding and that we have all been forced to be a part of a massive and highly toxic climate engineering experiment (which has helped to fuel the overall planetary meltdown), panic will ensue. What other steps have governments taken in the attempt to hide the converging cataclysms and the climate engineering insanity? The US is firing many climate scientists and putting illegal federal gag orders on the rest. On the other side of the planet US ally Australia is doing the same. In the meantime, the carbon industry continues to fund a constant parade of disinformation while the Arctic melts and heat records continue to topple. Global climate engineering is further fueling the planetary meltdown from every direction. If the human race does not completely and immediately alter its current course, "Venus syndrome" will be the final destination. Though the report below does not cover the geoengineering factor, the front line assessment of biosphere damage is on target.
Dane Wigington


 Global climate engineering is helping to fuel the overall planetary meltdown.

Could This Be Our Biggest Blunder On Climate Change?

Source: The Mound Of Sound

In the early years of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, we were introduced to what was presented as a long-distance, multi-generational phenomenon. We were told if we didn't change our ways things would be pretty rough for those who would follow us two or three generations down the road.

Take Arctic sea ice, for example. The IPCC warned us, not that long ago, that if we continued with our usual fossil energy pattern the Arctic could be "ice free" by 2100. To forestall that we were told we needed to sharply cut our carbon emissions and rapidly transition to a clean energy economy.

2100, they might as well have said 4100. A number of studies have shown that it's human nature to see numbers as distant as 2100 as almost irrelevant. People will sacrifice if necessary for their children's survival. They might even entertain some sacrifice if they perceive a realistic prospect of harming their grandchildren. But 2100, 84 years from now? Who cares? They can't connect themselves to that. It's too distant. Why should they sacrifice now for something that might, might benefit people they can't even envision that far down the road?

You know what does work, what does motivate people? You may see it soon enough. What works is when people see what's barreling down on them – here, now, or in the next ten to twenty years. That gets their attention.

Florida. When it comes to climate change many Floridians have been dead from the neck up until very recently. Three words – sea level rise – and the switch was flipped. The governor may still be brain dead but people with those lovely waterfront homes and condos woke up from their collective coma. They began to understand that the seas were going to rise and this was not a good thing when you own low-lying waterfront property. They began to understand the climate change Trifecta – sea level rise, high tides and storm surges. People began to learn what that holds in store even for their utilities – electricity, fresh water and that all important one, sewage.

Let's go back to the Arctic and that sea ice business. 2100 was the date until just a couple of years ago when the US Navy said its people figured the Arctic would be ice free for navigation by 2020, perhaps even as early as 2016. Guess what? It's going to be ice free for navigation this year and, if not, next year for certain. What ever happened to 2100? In 2010 they were telling us 2100. They were only out by 84 years. How in hell did that happen? What else did they get wrong? Plenty, it seems.

Back in 2010 we talked a lot about "tipping points." The idea was that we had to keep man made warming below 2 degrees Celsius if we wanted to avoid triggering these tipping points that would launch us into runaway global warming. These tipping points were triggers that would activate natural mechanisms that would release masses of greenhouse gases far in excess of anything man ever emitted.

That magical 2C target? Well that was a political number ginned up by – you guessed it – the same people who said the Arctic would be ice free by 2100.

At the Paris climate summit last December, even our politicians could no longer put up with that 2C nonsense. So they came up with a new nonsensical figure, 1.5C. That was the new, "never exceed" number to avoid catastrophic global warming.

The scientific community was quick to point out that, with the existing atmospheric loading of persistent greenhouse gases, we've already locked in 1.5C of warming. In a combination of sarcasm and anger they pointed out that it was a great target but it meant decarbonizing our economy and our societies now, immediately.  In other words, that horse has left the barn. Our enviromin, Ms. McKenna can say she's going to close that barn door but she's just blowing smoke up our backsides.

How could the IPCC get it so wrong? How could they warn of an ice free Arctic in 2100? How could they not see it coming by 2016? Here's an explanation. They were working on man made emissions. They didn't factor in tipping points and natural feedback loops. Humans may have pulled the pin but the grenade that's going off up at the pole, that's a natural feedback loop. That's nature's doing. It's part of runaway global warming. No point fretting about tipping points when the canoe has already turned turtle.

This is where the scientific debate on global warming comes in. Scientific debate? What debate? That's over, surely. 97% of climate scientists have reached a powerful consensus, right? Oh sure, they've agreed that 1) climate change is very, very real, and 2) that climate change (or the aspects of it that were in dispute) is man made. But that's not today's debate. The current debate is whether we can arrest global warming or have we already left it too late.

Climate science is tough, demanding work. It's not for the faint-hearted. There have already been casualties. Some just can't bear it and leave the field, taking a teaching post or doing industrial research. Some have succumbed to depression, something akin to climate PTSD. Some, like Guy McPherson, have thrown in the towel and now spend their time chronicling tipping points we've already passed. (A word of caution. The information at that link will be deeply unsettling. Proceed with care.) The rest, those who soldier on, figure out whether we can still arrest global warming and how we can prepare for what's coming. There aren't a lot of cheerleaders in that crowd.

Hydrologist Robert Ellison  put the struggle this way:

"This is a cultural clash for the hearts and minds of people and at stake is the future of the planet." Can you imagine sitting down to that grim notion at your desk every morning?

We allowed climate science to be politicized, transformed into another front of our culture wars. What madness.  Along the way the narrative got hijacked, ginned up, corrupted.

What if we had said, forget about 2100, you'll be taking a hammering by 2020 or 2025? In other words, this isn't some abstract notion that may affect people that aren't even born yet. This is a reality and you will have to deal with it.

2020 that's the predicted arrival date of what's being called "climate departure." Think of it as the abrupt transition from "old climate" – the climate you've known all your life – into a "new climate." One of the hallmarks of this new climate is that every year of the new climate will be hotter than the hottest year ever experienced in the old climate. There won't be any cool years, only very hot years.

Climate departure is supposed to set in first in areas such as the Caribbean, Central America and in equatorial regions elsewhere. Insufferable heat will be one problem but heat brings any number of knock-on effects – severe weather events of increasing intensity, frequency and duration; disease and pest problems; disruption of freshwater resources, on and on and on. If you haven't been following conditions across Central America you should know that they're already on the ropes, have been for years. Herehere, and here.

Climate departure will spread, sort of like the "creeping damp," until it's everywhere by 2047. It's not to say that cold places will be as hot as more tropical regions. They won't. They'll just be consistently hotter than they ever were prior to the "new climate" era.

As the Telesur article points out, America will soon be facing a major climate migration problem on its southern borders as today's trickle of migrants, about 10,000 a year, becomes a tide of people in search not of better paid jobs but survival. In case you're wondering, America is not planning to throw open her doors to a horde of climate migrants. I don't want to get into how they're planning to stop them.

In other words, our great blunder, this illusion about distant events in 2100, long after we're safely gone, may be erased from our minds by climate events overtaking our serenity and ease over the next five to ten years. Will that be enough to shake us out of our complacency toward climate change? Will we become willing to accept what must be done to upgrade our own economy, our society, even our governance? I don't know but we won't have long to wait for the answer.

Source: The Mound Of Sound

101 Responses to The Threat From Climate Disintegration Is Not Coming, It’s Here

  1. What's Up In Upland???? says:

    Hi Dane,
    Just wanted to give you some more pictures and information on the Azusa Fire and Upland. I know I heard in one of your radio broadcasts, that you were from Upland. I live at the foot of Mt. Baldy. All day, every day, besides one day each week, typically Fridays, we are sprayed by unmarked tankers, being white in color, high flying, on no known commercial flight path. I have uploaded pictures of a typical days spraying, verses video taking from today, of what has been happening here, since the fire started, in the link below.  
    What is completely untypical now, is that ever since the fire started in Azusa, some of the LAX commercial aircraft carriers because of the smoke from the fire, have redirected their aircraft, to fly directly over our house. Now, it is like living next to a landing strip at LAX, with nothing but low flying, brightly colored, commercial carriers aircraft, roaring our the roof of our house.
    These commercial planes as so LOUD and LOW, that our neighbors are just standing in the streets of our neighborhood, watching this as spectators!!! I have just taking a video of this, while reading your email about the fire. The interesting part, is since this new commercial air traffic was redirected here because of the smoke filled skies, where now every two minutes, one of these huge commercial jets comes over roaring overhead, is that we have had NOTHING but blue skies since these commercial jets replaced the military tankers.The in the last week, despite the smoke from the fire burning 15 miles away, which you can smell in the air, our skyline hasn’t been clearer, cleaner or as prolonged blue, in a decade. And we far prefer this NEW NOISE POLLUTION, to what we usually get which is nothing but NOISELESS AEROSOL POLLUTION 24/7.
    Check out the view of the fire from the Citrus College parking lot and the photos of our “normal Upland aerosol skyline with nothing but horizon to horizon trails from military tankers, verses, the video from today of now nothing but commercial carriers, all low flying planes, LOUD and LOW as HELL, but with ZERO AEROSOL, in the last two images, in the link below.

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    I've been so sick with some hideous "cold" that I'm a bit confused, but I believe it was Sunday that we had a warm day, scheduled because, it was about to turn summer!!?  As if this summer was at all like summers we used to have?  And they can Make it happen, for father's day and the first day of summer anyway, then back to windy and cold.  But that evening, I saw the weirdest sky yet and that is saying something.  It was about 9:05 PM and the sun had gone down, yet as usual now, the sky rather bright.  There was a big dark blue thing to my north/west, a bit like the ridiculously resilient ridge of pressure but only covered about 1/3-1/2 of my view of the Bay, totally blocking out the Marin headlands, and that blue, a dark-ish blue.  In the middle for the full length of it was a "ribbon" of color, the weirdest color, sort of a copper/magenta if you can imagine that.  It was a perfect straight line, wide-like say a silk ribbon as opposed to wrapping ribbon-and the effect of it against this big dark blue thing was bizarre to say the least.  And it lasted so very long, so long I lost patience!  It's odd color stayed the same, was the exact same width throughout, did not morph into anything else- exact, even spacing and the edges as straight as a ruler.  I so hope someone caught this on camera.  No way could  anyone mistake That for a contrail!  Had to have gotten some attention!  It was the main show but the rest of the sky was bizarre as well!  So many shades of blue and none of them pleasant.  With lots of chem stuff more familiar, separating the blues, ugly, off color lighter blues.  That evening sky looked like another planet.  Someone Had to notice!  Wish I'd not been so sick.  Never saw the like before.  Wonder how people rationalized that one?!!!!

    I can say that a few birds are around, not many but a couple came back, and I do hear them some.  I saw a Monarch butterfly, and there's a big yellow one, not a swallowtail, gracefully blowing in the wind around here for days now.  I've seen quite a few honey bees, but not native bees, they seem gone for years now.  Had at least two kinds of, gone and that bothers me more than the honey bees.  Spiders everywhere, but not many varieties.  Some trees are straight up dead, some look as if dying, but some look quite healthy!  I'm paying attention to those.  Taking names!

     My only friend friend from childhood just died.  Cancer of course.  Her tongue tingled, as did a couple of fingers and she went to hospital, husband driving as she felt she might be having a stroke.  Did not remember anything after that.  Docs said it was cancer in the lining of her brain.  She had a wicked funny sense of humor.  Said she was told she was digging in her hospital bed looking for doughnuts!  Would not keep her gown down!  And kept asking where the candy train was!!  They began a treatment plan but gave her 6 months to live.  Yet, in less than one month, dead.  Mother of 5, grandmother of 16, she will be greatly missed, not the least by me.  My one connection to my past, and a dear one at that.  From the midwest.  A role model if there ever was one, who did not drink or smoke or do drugs ever.  A pillar of love and faith.  Unconditional love.  Not sure she ever believed me about geoengineering, but she never put me down about it.  I am expecting a "visit"!

  3. Pedro says:

    Hello everybody.
    Something to share. The economy lesson is very interesting. And the last too.

  4. Abigail says:

    This is totally insane. I posted and shared with Russ Tanner 3 days ago. Ever since, we have had the most horrifying loud thundering, with dark DARK days. Yes, we did get some rain. But I'd much rather have the regular summertime weather. Hot some days, rain  on others, and not this horrible LOUD NOISE!  It also does this approximately 7-10pm, est every night. WHO CAN SLEEP! ?  I MEAN LOUD! The rain was coming down last week in gushers, and came into our living room, flooded the floor. Yes, I realize many people aren't getting any rain. THEN we are getting sporadic floods! Why don't the Geoengineering people JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. Jehovah God make everything and "It was good."  LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING! It must be stopped!  Our beautiful planet is being TOTALLY DESTROYED by HAARP!  Dane, you are such a godsend, totally dedicated to your IMMENSE HELP for this planet. No, you don't have to do this. BUT you have such a giving heart and sincere love for people. Many Blessings be upon you and your family. In Him, Abigail ~ 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Abigail, thank you for your support and for marching with us in this most critical battle. It is our combined efforts that can yet make a difference, all of us are essential in this fight.

  5. BaneB says:

    Weather Warfare Warrior:  Absolutely!  This terrorism in our sky is all about CONTROL.  1pacificredwood UTube meteorological expose using government/public weather satellite imagery combined with our visual ground observations  provides a 3D proof of the machination of the weather warfare terrorists.  Your summation is excellent!  

  6. Pedro says:

    Hello everybody.

    W.W.W., hello and thank you for the info.

    Anyone that look to the sky for some hours in activity days will never be in denial, but only confused or deeply concerned.

    Psychopathy it is a morphological condition of the brain, as we all know. There's no explanation for this evil. Now ( in my opinion ) it is the consequence of a state of collective mental illness. HAARP has something to do with this??.. ..with this "new" weapon or not, seems strange to me that for senior positions in politics and in the military, it is not required a psycho test to filter this kind of "persons".. But maybe the test exists, and this is the goal?..

    The MFs without – Trees – to capture CO2 ( – AND PRODUCE O2 !! – ), will burn with the rest. They want to burn everything with the F HAARP lightning thrower F machine??, do not forget that a huge fire burns a LOT of O2…   the COWARDS can stay years inside their holes in the F ground, but when they come up, they will fry. …good luck MFs!!

    United we stand. We the Persons.

    Good Luck to Us All.

  7. Jenny says:

    A family member goes kayaking occasionally on the Connecticut River. The last two times he went (yesterday and a few weeks ago) he reported seeing lots of dead fish long the sides of the river, and some floating in the river.  I don't recall him mentioning any dead fish last year.

  8. Melanie says:

    Hello all,

    We are starting a fundraiser for a new billboard in Northern California. Please help us get the sign going and help to spread the word. Much gratitude to Maciej and Dennis who have already contributed.

    Best to all of you!


    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Hello Melanie, Just a thought. Maybe the owners and operators of the billboards would be willing to donate some time at no cost considering the cause. Billboards are not legal here in Alaska so It won't happen here. There just might be a owner of billboards out there that is aware but just needs a little push to make it happen. If I owned a billboard it would have GeoengineeringWatch on it until the spraying stops. Thank you for your efforts!

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you so much for all that you are doing, your efforts are stellar. The folks that run the billboard have been very generous with us and have given us lots of "free time" on the billboards. They are totally on board but they also are running a business. Any contributions will help us to spread the word. Thanks Steve, what you are doing in Alaska is great, keep up the good work!  Best to you. 

  9. charlotte collins says:

    Thankyou Larry Charles …got my N100 particulate mask today. Much more effective.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi charlotte, Good to hear.  Can you tell me how much such a mask would cost?  Thanks!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Can you tell us where would one purchase such a mask? A hardware store? Medical supply outlet?

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Greetings Rachel and Earth Angel~~~Happy to help! After phoning around there was 1 mask left at a Safety equipment store, like for construction/ mining …and it cost $16.00 with tax. The gentleman told me they could also be ordered in from another province in Canada where there is mining industry. I read the uses on the package of such a mask , it's good to protect against radioactive particles, as well as other particulates. Never actually thought I'd see the day when I'd have to use one! But they were spraying aerosols so badly again last evening here in Saskatchewan Canada I was totally happy to use it. I also have nano particulate air purifiers  , one upstairs , one down, and one in my classroom, helps against virus and bacteria also. Oxygenates the air. Hope you get what you need to protect yourselves.


  10. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.


    I've understood now for what HAARP can be used ( for lots of nice things…), and why they are turning the low Atmosphere so conductive with the metallic particles. And we are much more conductive. I think that everyone noticed that nowadays is very easy catching a "little" discharge touching the door of a car. If the MFs want they can turn huge areas in incinerators. …Where I've seen this before?…

    Thank you for your work and great Info Mr DW.

    We will need some Luck. We must trust on the Gods this time.

    Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes Pedro, and more than one's car.  I was quite surprised one day, walking through my small apartment when I touched the corner of a wall and got a shock.  I had not skidded on carpet while wearing socks as we did as kids to, uh, "spark" someone!  There was no carpet.  This was a first for me in this place of mine in 37 years!  Yikes!  I mean, one fun spark is one thing.  Incineration is another!!

    • JR says:

      There's only one Pedro, known by more than one name but Elohim will work. Here in the Southwest, N.M. USA our rain clouds are getting bombarded by SAG/SRM and obliterated to nothing, but we're in drought and in the desert? Human caused of course by the lowlife SOB's (sons of below). See also "Aerosol Crimes" dvd from Clifford Carnicom from some years back. One person at a time we try reaching out to, some will listen while others are to busy or just plain refuse in understanding what we here can see. See you on the other side….

  11. Pedro says:

    Dane, if you reach to the european people with success, we will riot..

    Good luck and thank you.

  12. Grant Jones says:

    This is so difficult.  We are engaged in survival of life an all we have learned in life is division. Fight. Us vs. Them. Power and control. The only  way to succeed is with unity not division. Engage the uninformed with empathy and facts to lead them to the truth. There are so many distractions, politics, rights, terror, war and Geoengineering, distracting us from the reality that humanity on earth is ending. It is so easy to vent but doing so accomplishes nothing.  It must be "we" or all is lost. I once heard, "The only way to teach is to set an example that others will wish to emulate."  It is a hard act to follow. Dane sets a very good example. If we strive for truth, for unity, for empathy we have the opportunity to awaken the masses to address our common malady. For myself there is no other option. Thank you all for your contributions to the truth and your desire to address this Earths' malady. I only hope I can contribute. G.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Grant, You already have contributed as far as I am concerned,  just by including the word empathy.  I very much agree.

  13. Steven says:

    June 2001, I'm out for a rip on my CR500R and since I have a new fresh back tire I decide to see if I can make it to the top of Southfork Mountain. Since the snow melt had begun I figured I could make it through drift to drift. Southfork is the longest continuous mountain ridge in the northern hemisphere and it's highest point is 6,000 ft. I grew up at the base of this mountain so I knew what I was in for. I finally reached the ridge and I can remember jumping over 12 foot snow drifts in the shady areas. It wasn't much of a surprise to me then, the amount of snow. It was normal to me and I enjoyed many, many, white winters up that mountain. I rode up there in April of this year and there was barely 12 inches. And last year at the same time there was none. Water drops straight through the topsoil now and because there is no water weight in the soil, trees just fall over. Something needs to change because the North American Rain Forest is turning into a desert. Im only 33 years old and I already miss the 'good ol' days'. Our children's children might not have good ol' days. Truth in Trinity. 

  14. JR says:

    Another day of Freedom in Southwest, New Mexico with our rain clouds obliterated to 0 from SAG/SRM. Where are the Terrorists? Satan always points his finger at others but doesn't look at his own tail. It's so obvious that some farmers in area are waking up. We surely have good representation in Wash. D.C. huh?! The dung will surely hit the fan one day with these lowlifes (perpetrators) crying all the way to Hell. Good evening 6-21-16, Peace to His People whatever ethnicity worldwide…P.S. As for the Jackasses the word says in the final days they'll want to hide even under a rock only to have it cover them, ha, ha. Can't laugh too much or He will stop in His Wrath for those who don't know alright…..They can't be to smart!

    • Steven says:

      But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Reap and sow, reap and sow. This is what playing God will get us.

  15. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I have passed out the eight Informational Flyers, to multiple Nursery Delivery Truck Drivers who make plant and tree deliveries to my nursery. Several drivers have stated that they did indeed, read the flyers and are doing more in depth research. One driver told me he forwarded the flyers to another worker, who takes subject matter about the environment, to the State Capitol in Tallahassee Florida! Hopefully this will open eyelids and set off the alarms of awareness!

  16. June Williams says:

    It's becoming ubiquitous — now every business will be able to "order" their own weather? "The Weather-Predicting Tech Behind $62Billion Monsanto's Bid" See    ????

    • JR says:

      How odd they don't write about the poor farmers in India promised bumper crops with Monsanto's Bio-Tech cotton committing suicide. When the man could no longer provide for the family for such lies he takes his life. The woman would step up dealing with the same issue and also take her life leaving many orphans. They owe very much already for the ruin they have brought upon these people and all the oppression. On another note I called Wash. D.C. today 6-22-16 regarding SAG/SRM-Chemtrails which by the way makes total about 13 years straight now to no avail. In some past correspondence our Air Force says they are Contrails??? Right!!! Basically they just blow me off.

  17. Veritas says:

    The Tavistock Institute on Human Relations. Very interesting, this group has been the forerunner for modern propaganda production, they seem to be revising history and reality daily. They used microwaves to alter human brain functions in the 1950's at the behest of the Central Banker's, Media shills, and corrupt government's. They specialize in controlling human thought. This would explain why so many will not even look up and say, damn what are all those lines in the sky? That and a programmed societal apathy. Sabbatai Zevi and Karl Marx would be proud.


    • Dennie says:

      Tavistock is the original Anglo-American-Israeli Think Tank for all the programs designed to brainwash everyone into believing that this cabal has a "god-given" right to taking all the resources and power on this planet.  First, the Hebrew/Khazarian faction blurs the lines of race and religion; they have the only country that is devoted to a specific religion– anywhere else, people would be screaming about church and state– so that's the first bullsh!tting lie (well, I WANT AN EPISCOPALIAN COUNTRY devoted to all the needs of my poor-little- victim tribe, WAAAAAHH!), then gets busy brainwashing everyone into the old testament bullsh!t about going into the land and killing everyone there (Armenians) and taking it (for oil– look up Rothschilds and Baku Oil, go ahead, check it out).  Once they get the Armenians out of the way, the Rothschilds pave the roads for the military to go in and do their false-flag operations designed to seize the resources.  Outside of the lie that these people are actually "God's Chosen," it's The Biggest Lie There Ever Was.  What happened on September 11, 2001 was Just Another Chapter in that book of Almighty Lies–  UGH!!!

  18. Pedro says:

    Dane, try to speak to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, I don't know If you know him. He fought the battle against the quota system in the fishing industry, in the EU. He have a great capacity to reach to people and while in campaign he got 870.000 signatures in 3 years and changed the politics about the system that caused huge waste of very good fish every year.

    Tank you and Good luck.


  19. Grant Jones says:

    I am certain that everyone here saw that the Orlando shooting and the world temperature records for May just happened to coincide. Thirteen months of the all time heat record fof any month. The elite are indeed dangerous and getting more desperate.                                                    There is no going back, the climate we have been used to will be no more. No switch can be thrown to stop what is occurring. Our fight for truth is a fight for life in some form to continue on earth.  Thanks to all.

  20. Alan says:

    The subject matter is not anything new but I still found this to be interesting.  The following text is from Transparency Market Research website – Emphasis added and text pruned, but not modified, by me:

    "Aluminum oxide is an electric insulator. It has relatively high thermal conductivity for ceramic material. 

    Aluminum nanoparticles are being used on a large scale as compared to bulk materials due to its enhanced properties. The physical appearance of nanoparticles is spherical in the form of white powder. These particles in liquid and solid form are inflammable and irritant to the respiratory tract. The benefits of aluminum oxide nanoparticles include toughness, electricity conductivity, ductility and increased strength and hardness of metals and alloys. Alumina nanoparticles are manufactured using laser ablation of an aluminium target in deionized water.

    The various application areas of aluminum oxide include pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing processes among others. It is used as an adsorbent, catalyst, desiccating agent, used in manufacture of dental cement, as a dispersing agent in food, as an abrasive in toothpaste and also has uses in hemodialysis. Other applications include fillers for plastics, purifier to remove water from gas streams and for reflective decorative effects and paints. 

    Growing pharmaceutical industry along with rising demand for aluminum oxide from other applications in the industry is expected to be the major driver for aluminum oxide. However, exposure to aluminum oxide causing health concerns is expected to be the major restraining factor for the growth of aluminum oxide market. Aluminum oxide is not a human carcinogen but is noted to develop severe pulmonary reactions such as fibrosis, pneumothorax and emphysema. Short-term exposure to aluminum oxide may cause upper respiratory tract and eye irritation. Long-term exposure may affect the central nervous system."

    The figure for California's Sierra Nevada tree die-off was recently revised upward from 24 million to 29 million.  There is now a raging debate about how to dispose of them.  On one side of the debate are supporters of massive industrial-scale incinerators.  On the other side are supporters of felling the trees and leaving them where they fall.  MSM is still talking about bark beetles and drought as the causes of the dieoff.  They don't seem to mention the die-offs or their causes in other parts of the world.  I wonder if the aluminum has anything to do with it.  Ya think, maybe?


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends.

      Hello Alan, in my country pine trees started dying massively some 15 years ago or more ( and they were substituted by the eucalyptus plague – that are everywhere ). They put the blame on a little beetle too. But these beetles can represent danger to trees only if these are weak or ill. I think that they spray with different chemicals depending the zone they are spraying. In Natural Parks were Human density is scarce, maybe they use more aggressive chemicals. It's easy for them, with aluminum or not, they can produce any kind of herbicide for any species of plant or Tree.

      Is their specialty – kill.


      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Pedro, Hello Pedro, I left you a message near our remarks under the Weather Warfare page today.  And you are right of course and I've often mentioned this.  "Bugs" go for the sick and weak.  In Nevada, my beloved pinion trees, upon which many natives depend, began dying from some beetle, but of course that is not how it truly began.  The true beginning was when in the early 70s the Mfs as you call them started offing the pinions to seed that desert for grass for cattle!  Insane!  The pinion roots held the soil and now there are haboobs in Nevada!  Post nuclear dust blowing all over.  Finally, what little remained was attacked by beetles they say.  I truly became aware of geoengineering when on a trip across country much further north of here, as we passed literally hundreds of miles of dead and dying lodgepole pines!  I really freaked out.  Beetles they said.  NO, NOT!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      On the 10:00 p.m. news on KQED tonight it was reported that 66 million trees have died in the Sierras since 2010 and the governor has now put together a task force to determine what to do to stop this.  What if we let him know?  Find out who those people are and let them know (if Dane hasn't already done so).  What about a billboard that shows a once-green Sierra forest with the words "66 million of these," followed by a picture of a brown and dead forest with chem-trail filled skies above it, and the words "died because they're being sprayed with these (list of metals and other detritus found in the sprays scrolling in the background), then, next frame wording: "illegally dispersed from these:" with video footage showing jets spewing chem dumps.  Would that be effective in waking up and educating the sleepers?

    • BaneB says:

      Pedro, Rachel, Dennie: Yesterday I went to Ukiah (Mendocino County, California).  For me this is a 2.5 hour trek in one direction.  For urban dwellers the reality of the environmental meltdown is not something on the radar.  But what I observed on the trip is disturbing.  Millions of dead pines and fir trees.  A forest looking more unhealthy by the month.  There is a general brown gray cast to much of it if my UV sunshades are not lying. Filtering out the glare is revealing.  So many oaks of every variety dead, dying, and burned limbs and trunks.  The issue of the Sierra die-off is only a part of the California castrophe.  Here in my region this year again there was a normal rainfall unlike the dried up southern half of the state.  Yet, the "experts" would have the public believe the die-off is drought related. Northern California has had drought, too, but has had rain, this years lots of rain.  I have observed this flora decline for at least 20 years.  And the pace is quickening.  The dead dry detritus is creating the fuel for a critical fire season.  My abode sits atop a potential fire storm.  That the topic concerning the Sierras is being discussed is welcomed.  Unfortunately, a key component, geoengineering, will not be a part of the public knowledge for moving toward mitigation.  Geoengineering, nano-particulates et al, and microwave management for deliberate drought creation, is the culprit-in- total for the dire situation and for a more dire consequence unless the politico idiots in Sacramento can be brought into consciousness about the root cause.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Bane:  I know Ukiah and often appear with their symphony.  I go up from San Rafael and am treated to increasingly hot temps going north, away from S.F. bay, especially in Cloverdale which I believe is even hotter than beautiful little Ukiah, especially those two weeks you get in August up there.  And yet it is mere miles from the edge of the Pacific, though all those rugged coastal mountains can really keep the marine air out.  I can see a lot of really stressed looking trees along 101 and off in the distance and it's probably much worse out along the outlying roads going into the remote areas in the surrounding hills– wondering about Redwood Valley/Round Valley/Covelo?  It's gotta be HELL all back along Hwy. 20, the Digger Pine areas, Lake County and east.  Two big fires up there, one burned out a friend, he lost everything– a former L.A. studio musician living in Cobb, he lost his beautiful violas and escaped with only his life.  Now living with in-laws in Redding.  A former student moved with her family to the Santa Barbara area and they have the Sherpa Fire there.  I have a large eucalyptus stand behind my house on the neighbor's property– new neighbors there now.  If that ever catches on fire it'll burn out at least twelve houses, probably including mine.

      I think we need to show up en masse in Sacramento.  A "mass education" event– peaceful, but mean business about educating everyone as to the fact of massive environmental destruction and the causes, not only the hydrocarbons and green house gases, but all the military-ops and other geoengineering using nano aluminum particulates.  These people need to be called on the carpet in public.  I like my idea of a "moving" billboard ad using the trees posted elsewhere here.

    • sea says:

      Hi Dennie Bane and all , the trees along 680, 280 and 17 heading to the Santa Cruz area have been dying for the last few  years.My comments to friends got responses that it must be the irrigation system???? even when I have tried to educate them on the aerosol spraying that is dehydrating them and us.I have paid attention to the dying trees for the last 5 years at least, everywhere- in the wealthy suburbs , in the cities.Traveling hwy 50 to a small family cabin in Tahoe for the last 45 years it broke my heart to see the changes and yet everyone is just concerned about their weekend away or their summer/ winter vacation, they think they are "away from it all" and yet they bring their lifestyle with them that takes its toll on Mother Nature and the planet…it is hard to watch and know we are a part of the landscape, we are all in this together. Thank you Dane for your fortitude, leadership and strength- you are a unique and wonderful individual. Grateful for what you give to this group.

  21. Fathers day here in beautiful northern Idaho started out as a blue sky day in early morning. The creeps started sprayin early on and by 2 pm the sky was a dreary white chemtrail haze. Then gun fire could be heard all around. Many of the locals know what is going on and the feds have declared ISIS threats in our area. Many know Obama , Clinton and NATO created ISIS .Sadly many have no clue.

    We are being attacked from within as spelled out in the protocalls of Zion.


    • Grant Jones says:

      As you say,"Many have No Clue." The fact that ISIS was the product of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and McCain is not so important. An illegal attempt at Regime Change by The USA and Israel for OIL is more factual.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Grant Jones, Good catch!  Thank you.  People forget, get confused, spread misinformation.  Myself, I believe it IS important how it actually began.  That Regime Change you refer to was multiple regimes and oil was not always the only reason.  But the upshot is how very many we killed, mostly innocent people, how very much we plundered, how many leaders we deposed.  And of course the depleted uranium we used, creating, for one, a forever contaminated Iraq.  In this beleaguered vacuum, ISIS was born, not for nothing.

      Even though he is on CNN, I like Fareed Zakaria.  He had a special last night called "Why They Hate Us".  I was curious what he would say and so watched.  It was interesting in that he mentioned the toppling of leaders, and both the Koran, and the Bible, particularly the Old Testament.  These, equally hateful and cruel regarding social mores and lifestyles.  I kept waiting for him to make a case for all the harm WE have done, but he did not!  He focused in the main on religion.  I was shocked.  I feel as if I should not be, but I did expect better from Zakaria. The religious comparisons were useful, BUT! 

    • Wick says:

      Great job folks, we have to know our enemy, to fight them.

  22. You all need to read the Kolbrin bible. This is the elites bible. Climate change is happening on a biblical scale. There is good reason why the elitesy are building hundreds of miles of 1 mile deep stocked bunker systems.. Geoengineering is being used as slow kill and can easily turn to fast kill.. We paid for the bunkers but are not invited.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      Friend, unfortunately you are 100 % right.

      And the police and army are as if hypnotize by the MFs. Must be some kind of vaccine they give to them. …If they want, the military ( some of them ) can make a turn back and resolve the F situation. We will see.

      We must reach to more people.

  23. Snapper says:

    I was really surprised to find a link to this article on my Google page. 

    Maybe the bigger eyes are opening 

  24. Marc says:

    If indeed the earth (Gaia) is a conscious, self-regulating, self-healing being as I happen to believe it is, the scales and subtleties at which these processes occur escape the attention of virtually all of humanity. Can it be argued that the ENTIRE WARMING SCENARIO, which will likely put an end to the offending virus (us), be just exactly what it appears to be? A vast system of biological self-correction and ecological reboot. Perhaps this is akin to what Ram Dass calls "fierce grace". A similar scenario has been called "tough love". Same essential thing. I think most of us know precisely what this means for life on earth. 

    • Grant Jones says:

      Marc, As a firm believer in GAIA as postulated by James Loveloc and revered by so many civilizations I hear your sentiment.  GAIA has , so many times in the past, healed "herself' form the imbalances of atmosphere and such. We may just be bystanders observing this process. (My belief)  However, we may also be participants in the process, not just as a virus, or problem, But as an active organism in the greator whole of GAIA. Now that could be the inclusive factor, that humanity realized it is an integral member of a much larger organism and that humanity can act to preserve the health of GAIA. That is why I am here and you to attempt to invigorate humanity into harmony with GAIA. Thanks to all, G.

  25. Marc says:

    This article, the import of which is not new, helps to make graphically clear the magnitude of the psychopathy of international corporations in search of resources.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Marc, I'd not read this, but it certainly is not new.  Even in our own country.  Still, shocking.  The rationale always is something like the natives don't know what to do with what they have.  Don't value it.  Uh huh.  NOT!

      As for your above post I agree to a point and I liked Baba Ram Das.  Remember his song/chant:  Listen listen listen to my heart's song, I will never forget you, I will never forsake you?  For 49 years now of my life I thought one day the Earth would shake or wash us off, like lice on Her back.  Yup, Earth is sick and has a temperature.  I know those who say to let a temperature run its course.  While others choose to intervene and lower or eliminate the fever.  When I first heard of polar reversals, I thought brilliant!  What an elegant system to reboot Earth, even if it means the end to much.  So I too wonder.  But I fear we've gone too far. We may well have killed Earth's very mechanism of functioning.  We've tipped Her, literally, altered Her orbit a tad, moved the poles a tad, messed with her most primary functions.  What happens if we throw Her out of orbit?  I dunno, who does?  We ARE in unchartered waters now.

    • Record Number Of Environmentalists Killed Last Year For Defending The Planet / On average, more than three were killed per week, a watchdog group found.  06/20/2016 / Thank you, Marc!
      At least 185 land and environmental defenders, those who take peaceful action to protect natural resources, were killed in 2015, according to a new report released Monday. Those figures, the highest ever documented by the watchdog group Global Witness, represent a stark increase of nearly 60 percent from just a year earlier and an average death rate of more than three people per week.
      “The environment is emerging as a new battleground for human rights,” the report, “On Dangerous Ground,” reads.
      More than half of those killed came from just three countries, Brazil had 50 deaths, the Philippines, 33, and Colombia, 26. All are home to fierce battles between indigenous residents and corporations engaged in environment-harming enterprises like logging, mining and the expansion of plantations.

  26. CJ says:

    Thanks Dane. That was another good article. I talked to a couple last week about this issue. The man knew about this subject but his wife refused to listen to it. She said it was a women thing. I would say more like plain ignorance to the fact that we are slowly being poisoned. I looked at the Defcon Warning Video. I don't really think that that will help too much though. I don't even think that a Nuclear War will ensue. What I think is that when they have everything in place they want that they will rain down a heavily concentrated amount of radiation upon the desired area from their SRM program. Not that their already doing it. Good to see some have looked at The G-Boss. Them things could probably Fry You. I have no doubt in my mind that we all are in very serious trouble. Even if the majority wake up. Because they won't do anything about it. Just pretend that this is not going on. 

  27. Ilya says:

    "Humans refused to learn, and so they died like a bunch of morons." This is what our epitaph would read. Cause and effect, guys. Nothing tragic about an immoral species of violently ignorant and EVIL SLAVES.

  28. nobodiesfool says:

    Take a real good look at one million in Paris with the man on the run. Coming to your town soon. What do we have to lose, a slow cook? France has always understood that to stop the system one need only stop feeding it, STRIKE. Stop working for these murderers is the only answer, at every level. David wins, not Goliath, where is Goliath's vulnerability? Knowing this makes the riddle easily solved, the battle quickly one. Take heart, take courage, and take aim.

  29. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    Great posts all!
    Many thanks Dane!
    The causes of the deadly heat wave that is oppressing the US SW  are being felt elsewhere too and have reached the arctic and  ice melt is occurring at dizzying rates. It is the ice at both polar caps that modulate the Earth's temperature and both are under heavy assault right now. Greenland, as summer begins in the NH, is faring badly.
    Keep track here:

  30. ron hall says:
    Two heavyweights discussing the new electrical/electromagnetic world in which we wander.  Have you seen this discussion, Dane or Susan F?

    • Thank you, ron hall / notes: The introduction of nano-metal particles in the air allows a plasmatic effect with less power. Turning the whole atmosphere into a plasma. Plasma can be heated. The atmosphere has been made into a battery, and or like an antenna – the air that we breath is actually loaded with conductive metals on a nano scale that we are breathing in. Military agendas. No choice for us who are breathing these metal particulates. Look at our atmosphere as an electron vacuum tube, it has a heater, a grid and a plate – and when you light up an amplifier, you get an over loading the grid. You create a cyclotron resonance effect, a vortex that becomes a torsion field remedy – a whole field of energy by itself.

  31. ron hall says:

    Just as the horrid spraying has been ongoing for many years, so too, has PLASMA HAARP RINGS in the IONOSPHERE(check this vid.). There is so much to this CLIMATE ENGINEERING(e.,g., "Longditudinal EM waves, etc.) that it stuns the mind. Life on earth is being experimented upon, as it were–cold-blooded stuff, man! And this military insanity is now in play worldwide!     Thank you Dane.

  32. Free Energy Technologies says:

    The hidden cure of autism and onther diseases if you care about your children your future children yourselves and the truth please investigate because I am not ok with 1 in 60 being diagnosed with autism nor should you we can only dream of a world with perfect health at this point but may that be a reality for our next generation we should all stand together God wanted us to have perfect health yet we deanie the cure to autism and so many other diseases I herd my teacher say that Alzheimer's is just genetic because that's what she has been told please stand up for the I mean this is a no brainer don't listen to the autism interviews that try to convince you that autism is genetic and that they say to you to give up on the cure because they don't want to be cured and that we are never going to find the cure wen we already have and they try to discredit us who support the autism cure they call us crazy and brainwashed by society when in reality they have it backwards 1 in60 is a big deal just accept autism society for once they scream they lack common sense would you want to have autism I wouldn't it makes your life harder because you cant think right because your gut is filled with fungi and your blood filled with heavy metals and lacks vitamin D ect do you want a leaky gut and heavy metals and a defiset in vitamin D ect because thats what autism is and thats why I support the cure autism is not a stereotype or a personality or an ability is nt on your medical records because its something good lets face it its a disability and it needs to be cured get educated this video is about the hidden cure

  33. stephan says:

    Thanks again Dane and all involved here – Summer Solstice and a Strawberry Moon – I'm taking that as a good omen – Hope you all the best.

  34. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that wake up call, Dane.  Today in Palm Springs was the hottest day I ever experienced & the leaves on our trees are literally crisping & turning brown as I write to you. We've had three days in a row of geoengineered skies but thankfully not today.  You all are such points of light in a sea of indifferent morons.  For more on the subject Dane discussed today, see the graphs of Dr. Malcolm Light (2105 Arctic News) entitled, "Planetary Omnicide 2023-2031."

    Thank you, everyone, from DrDignity

    • BaneB says:

      DrDignity:  Once again, and forgive me if I seem to be a broken record.  1pacificredwood has his latest UTube meteorological eye opening expose for why your temperatures are coming close to being unbearable.  The weather control/warfare terrorists are utilizing their very high powered microwave transmitters to literally block the number of low pressure systems that are trying to come into Southern California.     These psychopaths operating this 'machine' want to destroy your region.  They do not want rain to fall and nourish agriculture.  They are preventing rainfall over the Colorado River basin which would replenish the dried up reservoirs.  Indeed, the Colorado River basin is one of the premier targets for major chemtrail spraying.  Today's 1pacificredwood eye-opener is about 10 minutes in length.  He is my weatherman.  Forget the frauds on the boob tube!  They are all smiles while they cover up the truth about the geoengineering atrocity taking place.  

    • DrDignity says:

      Thank you Bane! I will look at it immediately.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Dr. Dignity : )  Leaves crisping and turning brown?  How extremely worrisome.  But does anyone else notice?  Will they notice when the sky is actually on fire?
      While it's hotter and hotter in Alaska, we've been being sprayed every time the haze starts to clear up.  Today (Wednesday 6/22/16) there was no pretense of organized air traffic as the 7 or 8 lines flared out like sections of an open fan.
      Must be lots of barium spread to keep it cool until the heat rebounds.  Muscles very weak, chest pains, muscles cramps, ear aches and tinnitus ever worse, just to list a few. 
      People, there is NO COLD left in the Arctic, as far as I can tell. It's not coming from Russia.   All our weather comes up from the mid or south Pacific.  Sometimes there are two plumes (one can hardly call them "fronts"), one from the center of the Pacific and the other coming up, hugging the California coast.  So you know they're needing to immensely cool this hot air.  Now it's 6/23 and the jet stream actually looks dead today.  Murdered, no kidding.
      Music is keeping me alive at this point.  For everyone here, some prescient lyrics from 1974–Before The Deluge
      Love to All from Bella

  35. Con vs. Con [Trump vs. Hilary] / Chris Hedges / Jun 19, 2016            … Con artists come in many varieties. On Wall Street, they can have Princeton University and Harvard Law School degrees, polished social skills and Italian designer suits that are priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. In Trump tower, they can have cheap comb-overs, fake tans, casinos and links with the Mafia. In the Clinton Foundation, they can wallow in hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate and foreign donors, including the most repressive governments in the world, exchanged for political favors. But they are all crooks.  The character traits of the Clintons are as despicable as those that define Trump. The Clintons have amply illustrated that they are as misogynistic and as financially corrupt as Trump. Trump is a less polished version of the Clintons. But Trump and the Clintons share the same bottomless guile, megalomania and pathological dishonesty.  … The Clintons do a better job of masking their snakelike venom, but they, like Trump, will sell anyone out. The Clintons and the Democratic Party establishment are banking that the liberal class will surrender once again to corporate power and genuflect before neoliberal ideology. … Liberals are employed by corporate elites in universities, the media, systems of entertainment and advertising agencies to perpetuate corporate power. Many are highly paid. They have a financial stake in corporate dominance. The educated elites in the liberal class are capitalism’s useful idiots. They are tolerated because they contribute, by discrediting the left, to the maintenance of corporate power. They do not think or function independently. And they are given platforms in academia and on the airwaves to marginalize and denounce those who do think and function independently.  … The system of corporate power, which Clinton and Trump will not alter, will continue to be ignored. The poison of imperialism and corporate capitalism, steadily hollowing out the country and pushing it toward collapse, will be sidelined. … After November, our role will be over. … The political carnival on television will be replaced by other carnivals. The corporate state will claim democratic legitimacy. We will remain in bondage.

    • Juan Sequoia says:

      As Gerald Celente puts it,

      We are voting for Hitler or Hitlerlly.

    • Michel B says:

      'Juan Sequoia', isn't it incredible how the wife of a former US President is now running for that highest office? Is that a coincidence? Of course it isn't. It's the exact opposite. Gaining foothold in US politics or most elsewhere is not based on merit, but on prior inclusion in a most exclusive club.

      The comparison between Hillary and Hitler hinges off one tiny coincidence of their names containing similar lettering. Beyond that there are hardly any similarities. Hitler's NSDAP was democratically voted in by the German public in 1933. Hitler won at the polls fair and square. What he did after that is still very much up for debate. I find revisionist versions of that period of history most compelling. They are verifiable, logical and counter the confusion of official narrative most comprehensively.

      Hillary has compared Putin to Hitler, so it is obvious she is using old imagery to denigrate modern foes. But to whom shall we compare Hillary in order to accurately paint a picture of her political stances and objectives? Does she need comparison or can we just judge her on her own merits or demerits? Look up speeches of past leaders and then look up speeches of Hillary's. That would be an interesting starting point. Obama's staccato speech style and empty phrases followed by a litany of broken promises, not just broken but smashed, tells much.

      You will find Hillary making emotional appeals about how women can follow her example of making it to the top, merely because she is there, though standing on a great ladder of powers totally off limits to everyone else, women or men. What values does she pronounce? What solutions does she offer to our obvious woes? What war mongering does she still support? What attention does she give to the internal tyranny plaguing the US? Why isn't she fighting against the all-destructive SRM and RF programs going on in the US? The answers are obvious, aren't they?

      She is better compared to Stalin or Churchill or FDR or Mao as she is actually of that cabal: Communist insurgents in their own nations who are working for a larger scheme that results in the breakdown of all aspects of those nations. Call them what you will, 'psychopathic', 'criminally insane', 'Communist', 'globalists', 'genocidalist', 'traitors', all these terms are synonyms in this matter.

      'Juan', thank you for the prompt to make an accurate remark and to clear up a mistaken stigmatism. More suitable nicknames for her might be 'Chairman Hillary' or 'Commissar Hillary'. See what names you could add to those few I just came up with.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, while I agree with Chris Hedges, I would take it farther, and to Michel B who asks who could we realistically compare Hillary with, I'd say Dracula.  Because that witch is sucking the life blood out of our country, as apparently is the whole Democratic Party.  Which is not to say I like the Republicans, but really we need more sides than a coin.  I would be forever embarrassed to have her, of All women, the first female president!  I will write in Bernie's name if it comes to that and I guess it will.  For what that is worth.

      I tried to say before, but it was taken down, that Hillary greased the deal to sell some of our BLM and protected lands to Putin for Uranium.  This began a few years ago, and Russia prepared by changing the name of its company from Rosaton to Uranium One via Canadian Corporations, then bought 1/5th of America's uranium with Hillary's help for 2.35 million dollars, along with more money from the various corporations involved, to finance her run for President.  Uranium One's slogan is: "Success through aggressive mine and land acquisition".  Meantime, Bill was given a one time speaking engagement in Moscow for 500,000$  for investment banks with links to the Kremlin, promoting Uranium One stock.  Meanwhile, Obama, by executive order signed to allow the Department of the Interior to grab publicly owned lands.  As in taxpayers' lands, protected lands.  But, at least he insisted that Hillary disclose her financial gain in these mentioned, disclosed for election, yet she has not.  Meanwhile, all laud him for setting aside more public lands than any other president!  And, meanwhile, Resolution Corporation buys Oak Flat/Apache Leap, a protected for recreation area in dispute now with the Apaches, to mine for copper, as well as in dispute with recreationists who climb a famous path there.  This company owned by London/UK and Australia.  Jointly owned by Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.  America, herself, is short of uranium, mined, and particularly yellow cake.  Yet we still depend on some nuclear reactors that need uranium.  Which it appears we will be buying our Own from Russia!

      So I ask you, is this a democratic government?  No.  Will it be under Hillary?  No.  Will it ever be again?  Remains to be seen.  But it is not looking good.  So then I ask, why the bluff and bluster over Russia and borders and us circling Russia?  Is this not all a game?  A head game?  Can we really man a war, start launching nukes using old, worn out uranium?  Is this not posturing?  A grand distraction?  Do you imagine for a second that Putin does not know this?!  Is this "dance" not mutual? Perhaps for effect on other countries less clued in?  How many Americans are clued in?  And, none of this history is secret at all.  Perhaps it is even to keep people from voting for Trump as all seem to know how little he knows about International politics.  He may well, at the beginning, have been the voice of many pissed off white people, but no one wants him in charge of nuclear weapons.  So, many say Hillary has the experience and skills to handle something like this.  Another False Flag?  I think so.  And I do not rush to that judgment easily ever.  

      And I ask, would the democrats allow Bernie to win?  Hell no.  Can't have a cog in this international American land grab scheme, corporate at that.  Big time international corporations right up there or beyond G4S.  I seriously doubt that Bernie would okay any of this and he certainly would not take money for it.  And the Democrats, TPTB, cannot allow years and years of planning, mergers, tricks, and payments to go down the drain.  In fact water companies trying to incorporate water, all these various greed schemes would not be well met by the likes of Bernie.  He did serve Dems well by taking the pulse of Americans, and especially the young, identifying issues, to which Hillary speaks in platitudes to placate the masses, appearing to co-op them to gain votes. Flip/Flop.

      It would seem that we do have resources after all.  But, they are all underground.  And much easier to access now that the forests have been burned.  Coincidence?  This also begins to shed light on things like Jade Helm, and war games along our coasts and on the Olympic Peninsula.  I guess none of these peoples got the message that the world is ending.  What and who will be left to buy this loot, and for what?  I am sure our military people are being told some of this, their efforts to protect us from foreign occupation playing wild west, and from the hordes to be of migrants seeking water, food, and cooler climates than the unbearable heat, starvation and lack of water they suffer now.  "What a wicked web we weave, when first we practice to decieve." 

  36. JillR says:

    Here in Oregon the climate migration is well under way. We have hoards of people from the south coming in who are either retired or jumping on the government dole and living a minimal existence. They're escaping the horrendous temperatures and lack of water. Of course Oregon is cutting the forests and selling their public lands to fund schools at an alarming rate. The coastal forests are pretty much gone. Such an ugly state the "elites" have left us with. 

    • BaneB says:

      We are all collaborators.  Indeed, to fully correct the imbalance we would, all of us, have to adapt to a subsistence level of survival.  And once upon a time 300 years ago in the Natives' land it could have been, but could not be because the Assyrian/Babylonian roots of the system that swept over the world in the guise of being 'civilized' was a means of control for making a PROFIT.  And the fraud has broken every promise it ever made.  Profit in excess of life-sustaining requirements is a attempt at getting something for free.  We do not want to reside as natural beings in In a natural environment, not anyone I know.  We want our comforts, the good life, and to have this we are compelled to eat up our spaceship earth.  Our natural earth-redundancy systems are rapidly disappearing.  This 'craft' is about to crash and burn.  I particularly blame the monetary, political, cultural, and religious elites for their failure to LEAD.  They are experts at deciding and conquering.  Actually, it is not a failure in so much as it is that they have so much materially to lose and would rather die than give up the wealth, the power, the status, and their vain glorious egos. That indicts them, and so too their myopic stupidity, as if somehow they have a 'Noah's Ark ' sanctioned by God, that will be their salvation.  The reality is we are ALL on the same 'Titanic.'  We ALL go down with the ship!

    • LS says:

      DrDignity, I finally went to 1pacificredwood as suggested by BaneB and it has been a real education in what is actually occurring in our atmosphere. Now I see it from the ground. He does a good job of explaining what no one else is talking about. Like the blast rings from the obliteration of storms. Thanks BaneB. 

      A year ago, California's Governor came out to declare a drought, suspend all water pacts and warn us of heat and climate refugees coming our way from the southeast US and from South America. Cracks in the dam……

  37. paul fowler says:

    Search vitamin b17 , "layitril " more cover up by the medical industry 

  38. Steven says:

     If a super volcano like the one in Yellowstone erupted they say there could be seven feet of ash in San Francisco and everything would be annihilated for a 1,000 mile radius around the caldera. It would cause a mini ice age lasting centuries. Maybe we should purposely set off a couple smaller volcanoes to bring on the Ice? It would be more natural than this.  Truth in Trinity

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steven, Talk about playing with fire!  But, it would not work.  The geoengineers would argue that that Is what they are doing with coal fly ash and other things, but then, that is a partial truth if at all, because the military and this government want/are using these aerosols for evil purposes to the benefit of themselves.

  39. marvin sannes says:

    I've counted domesticated bees this spring (I've lost 2 hives in 2 yrs) in the Willamette Valley, on my fingers.  The sugar ants are gone, mowed my lawn 3 times – no growth.  Blind growth on almost every deciduous tree.  These things no one wants to hear.  Cannibals, suicidal, psychotic?  Is reality of no interest to others? 


  40. Kate Koch says:

    I live on the North Eastern coast of NSW in Australia. We have just experienced one of the most damaging storms on record. Being in a sub tropical region I am used to heavy down pours and some flooding most years. However this storm was out of season, 250 mm of torrential rains fell in just 24 hours. The winds raged as the storm entered hitting Brisbane, travelling   down the coast all the way to Tasmania causing major floods, loss of farm animals, bridges and huge tidal surges. Sydney was hit badly at Colloroy where coastal homes lost their gardens and swimming pools that collapsed into the sea.  Roads were flooded and bridges washed away, the whole city came to a standstill for 24 hours! I have consistently watched and photographed the chemtrails that are sprayed here on a weekly basis. What's more tragic is that flood warnings were given yet the day before the storm I saw chemtrails being sprayed nearby the storm clouds that were forming.  In Tasmania it even hit the abc news that a company called Hydro Tasmania had been seen to be seed clouding the day before the storm came.  Their comment was " we did not know about the coming storm! As if it's ok the seed anytime? It only hit the news as a farmer had lost his life, sadly,  in the fields that flooded there. 

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Kate, I live in Brisbane and that storm was very out of character of course. The SRM that preceded and proceeded it was very evident. I believe it was a type of 'quick dam filler' to top up municipal supplies, not that they were dwindling too much for large urban populations.

      "out of season" is spot on. It is funny how no one remembers what the seasons were like. We have summers that are dry now and in our very-slow-to-arrive winter, we get this strange storm/rain band that affects most of the east coast of Australia.

      I keep introducing SRM and geoengineering to as many people as possible. Most are skeptical of course, but I persist with logic and simple factual talk that can be absorbed. I talked to a Doctor recently who came from South Africa and enlightened him on why Africa is suffering like it is. He looked up this site and was clearly worried from what he learned.

  41. Dennie says:

    Here's a page from the U.S. Marines' website, Base Camp Pendleton, regarding the G-Boss towers:  I see they actually have a "contact" option.  Well, maybe I'll just e-mail "Uncle Sam's Marines today," to get them to explain this to me.  Lots of double-talk involved whenever you find yourself subjected to having to read the military's jargon-speak bullsh!t.

    • Dennie says:

      and it would be really interesting to see how the budget is configured with regard to the spending.  Most here understand that if government entities/departments don't spend-spend-spend, they often actually lose funding.  An awful lot of the proliferation of the dangerous "toys," I think, is also tied to the money aspect of it all.  Spend or die. 

  42. Cori Gunnells says:

    There are hard truths to face, and this is the toughest, as it is about the survival of all species on this planet –  all due to the damage we as humans have done to the climate of this planet. People don't like to assume blame, but as a human being living and consuming as a member of our civilization, we have all played a part whether you were aware of the results of our collective actions, or not. This is the first extinction period on the Earth that is caused by humans. The 'Sixth Mass Extinction' is what we are in the midst of, with warming that is now abrupt, runaway, and exponential. This is no longer linear – little by little. Exponential is not something any of us have experience witnessing or have a comparative reference to, and because of that it takes effort to understand. It'll hit you whether you strive to understand it or not. 

    As activists working on anti-geoengineering, we understand the contributory effects the deliberate programs have had on warming. We know this is not a 'fix' for the climate. The dimming effect has a temporary cooling effect (blocking solar radiation), but the blanketing and manipulation (HAARP, EMFs) alter our natural hydrological cycle (which should naturally cool), and it prevents accumulated heat from escaping to space at night. In overall terms, geoengineering has made a bad situation much worse, not better. Something that also needs to be said is that geoengineering is not the only thing that has damaged and disrupted the natural climate on the planet. Too many people want to assert blame to only one thing. Many anti-geoengineering activists refuse to acknowledge the other causal factors to warming. Many climate activists refuse to acknowledge the causal factors of the geoengineering programs that have been deployed for many decades (and leave a solid trail of evidence in our skies, lab tests, gov. documents, patents, etc…). In my opinion, anyone who wants to single-focus, point fingers at a single source, and hold their positions by overlooking or denying the other causal factors… are the equivalent of each other. If you do this, you are not helping, you are not focused on truth, the truth that matters most. We live on a finite planet and there are consequences to all of our collective actions – emissions, deforestation, paving the planet with concrete, damming rivers, contaminating, and yes geoengineering. You might not fly planes and pull levers, but you do drive, fly, heat and cool your dwellings, rely on agriculture, and consume, consume, consume. The planet and atmosphere have limits, and both have been treated like a giant garbage can. We are grossly out of balance. Most of us haven't had to face the ugly side of our actions until now – the landfills and polluted dying waters haven't been in our backyard. Now, the effects are showing up everywhere… One thing effects another, and our climate is now a giant thrashing monster showing up in many forms, fully capable of taking us out. Besides ourselves, we have a moral duty to protect and respect all the other species that suffer from our negligence. I hope we leave with as many of the other species left intact, to repopulate the Earth someday. 

    There are many physical facts and events for all to see, so denial can only come from refusal to look. Ice melts from heat. Oceans are literally dying from the absorption of too much CO2, UV radiation, and massive heat. The fish and marine kills and reef bleaching, as well as sea-level rise (look at Miami, indigenous coastal villages in Alaska/Arctic, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, areas of the NE USA) are all evident. Some areas (and nations, like Kiribati) are needing to relocate, or already have. The Earth is showing cause and effect – the effect from ALL causes combined. The Earth is not waiting for us to get our heads on straight, or correct 'beliefs' that aren't real. It's highly possible we will see the first 'Blue Ocean Event' in the Arctic towards the end of this summer, and if not this one, certainly in the next year or so. That is not a regional problem. The Arctic affects the entire planetary climate system. Add the releasing methane from the Arctic and permafrost regions to CO2 levels (which have never been higher while humans have lived) and the simple facts reveal what we will soon face – extinction. The year 2100 as a marker is completely ridiculous. We as a species, will not be here to see it at this pace. The IPCC is a conservative body using only peer-reviewed studies (it takes at least 4-5 years min. to finalize the studies for publication and use). The reports are therefore old. Our current state and trajectory surpasses that information. The 2C target is not scientific, but rather political. We have enough greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at this point to 'lock in' significant increases in warming for hundreds of years – by measures that are not compatible with life. Without a way to capture and sequester it, the warming will continue to increase… past the viability of species that make up our habitat. We require a habitat… to live. We are plant based. Without plants – no food, no people. Look at current crop failures. Crop failures are increasing, while populations are also increasing. Do the math. 

    I don't know what will motivate people to take note, think, do their own research, stop repeating myths and denial information spoken by others who have an 'agenda', and not any factual basis in reality… This isn't a game, or a club. This is the Earth, your home, and your only option. This is knocking on your front door and impacting your very life. Warming is dialed up, and further increases are coming fast. Don't finger point thinking this is only the fault of others, without understanding that you yourself, as a member of this civilization contributed. Exxon and other big gas and oil corporations were (and are) powerful entities that made sure you didn't know, made sure you were not encouraged to 'believe' any of the truth-tellers who tried to show you the truth, and they specifically created 'doubt' as a tool. Don't repeat the propaganda the liars and scammers sold you,  and sold and manipulated policy makers. Everyone should be focused on the truth, because it's going to find you one way… or another. A partial lie is still a lie, even if it's the repetition of ignorance. Use your resources to learn about this for yourself. 

    In my opinion a real activist is one who takes everything into account when speaking about the ecocide we face – not just part of it. There is a great deal of information on GeoengineeringWatch already, and easy for you to access if you don't understand all the parts of this. Use the search engine and type in key terms – Warming, UV, polar amplification, CO2, methane, Venus Syndrome, Double Catastrophe Syndrome, Canfield Ocean, Blue Ocean Event, greenhouse gases, permafrost, … 

    This article explains how big gas and oil sold you on denial. Learn about it so you can deny them progress on their lies.

    Forgive the length of this. I'm just beyond sick and tired of seeing the delivery of good information pertaining to climate facts and developments, and still seeing people speak about only one part of it. It's not betrayal to speak about both geoengineering and global warming. If you don't speak to both, you are betraying all the other species on the planet that are dependent on us getting it right.  ~ Cori 

    • Marc says:

      Bravo Cori! This is as succinct a summation of the BIGGER PICTURE as I believe I have ever read here on geowatch. As much as some of us have railed upon Big Oil and Big Aerosol, we must NOT fail to remind ourselves of our own culpability as it relates to our own consumption, our use of cars and natural gas, and air conditioning, and refrigerators and washer/dryers and jets and computers and light bulbs and on and on. We in America have been born into a gadget-based society through no fault of our own necessarily. But this realization, while humbling, doesn't solve anything. But it DOES make us wiser on some level. Problem is….such vast consumption as we still see rampaging across the planet has absolutely insured it's own demise by virtue of climate feedback loops that even the best and the brightest didn't see coming. In otherwords, our extinction is already baked into the recipe, even if ALL EMISSIONS OF EVERY KIND WERE TERMINATED TOMORROW. At least, that is my understanding of where we're at, and I believe it to be 100% true. I must admit it's a weird feeling going about my daily business and watching the myriad activities of my fellow humans and knowing with certainty that the vast majority are utterly clueless as to what unimaginable hardship lurks just around the next corner. Having said that, I myself struggle on a daily basis with what knowledge of impending catastrophe means for my "mental health". It is a curse, if you will, to fully understand what we are facing here on earth. Yet I wouldn't have it any other way. 

    • Michel B says:

      Spot on Marc. I would rather know a devastating or ugly truth over a beautiful lie any day. Democritus of Abdera said: " I would rather understand one cause than be King of Persia."

      I have soberingly learned that the major machinations of our lives are the opposite of my most dearly held ideals and that there is a great and deliberate system of lies and deception covering many aspects of our lives. This is obvious to us now here, but trying to waken others to this is challenging, but totally worthy of trying. Perhaps the most worthy thing at this point.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Great comments, Cori. what is the root cause of the present climate that we are seeing? The root cause is overpopulation. All species have predators who thrive on them and man is the ultimate species. Man's biggest threat is not enough supply to feed overpopulation. This is exactly what the illuminati are suggesting also. We have seen many cultures disappear throughout the ages. Did they also experience "overpopulation" in their respective regions?Ever since the beginning man has used his brain to improve his own sustenance. From the invention of the wheel to what we see happening today. Man has become mobile and made the world a "smaller" place. the imbalance is man vs our earth.

      Many "educated" people have written books on the subject of climate change blame. Some attribute it to capitalism, while they travel all over the place promoting their books, just another form of capitalism itself. Man's own progress cannot stop overnight. We depend on the conveniences we use. The only way to stop the destruction of our earth is to set man back into the middle ages, if not further. What then? If such setbacks don't come naturally, man himself will take care of it. We understand that burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate change. Have you ever looked up how many aircraft are flying around the world 24/7? We blame the auto industry for all the cars we see on the roads every day. Look up websites such as Flightradar24 and think how feeble the auto is to the aircraft that fly. One trip by an A380 consumes around 300,000 litres of fuel. Just take a look how many of those planes are flying every day. How about the pollution that a volcano makes upon eruption? Our earth lives in cycles. Whether the population decreases by natural causes or others, man will be sure to do his part in the destruction phase of the "cycle" just as what we are witnessing today.

    • BaneB says:

      Bravo, HEAR HEAR!  You nailed it!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody. Cori, thank you for your words. These lunatics want to destroy all because they have the power of the money, but isn't only money. There's something more. And it is very strange that some of the military do not want seize "the power", for taking all assets from this ridiculous MFs. They – the Baby killers – without the military, are nobody. The problem is the CULTURE. In our culture we accept the authority of money, and that is a big F mistake. And an old problem. If the Military ( some of them ) wake up, the F situation will turn. Good Luck to Us All.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      They want a pretext for unfolding their mass murder F plan. And they want to show up in the end as the great saviors, saying that only with a cutting down in the numbers we can survive.

      If someone stop them ( all People together or a General with some troops, it's so simple ), there's plenty of space to reverse the way. But they must be stopped. And public transports can offer an immediate way for saving a bit more the Atmosphere.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  43. R says:

    Hello Dane and fellow caring comrades, I think you will find it interesting. I fb to Guy McPherson to ask why he didn't expose the biggest elephant in the room (geoengineering) and why he was helping destroy the planet by not exposing it, I told him we know he knows the truth about this,  I asked him if he is part of the cabal and a puppet master. He definitely is part of the cover-up because he turned off my fb from having anymore conversation. I did tell him he would be accountable for his part in the evil plot. I will not say what he said about you Dane because I know the truth and he does too. You are a hero to me and he could be but denies this is even happening. This is what tells me he is a part of the destruction and extinction of the planet. The elitist must have promised him a place in hell, oh did I say that? I mean a place in the hole in the ground (Bunker hell). Oh boy is he in for a rude awakening, they will chew him up and spit him out when they have accomplished this horrifying end, just like all of those who are members of the Bohemian Grove. Insane murderers this is what they are! May God of heaven hear our prayers -N- Peace and Love to all R. Christ wins in the end! Hallelujahs

  44. jean ballard says:

    Thank you, Dane. Message read, saved, and shared, but again this article will take a backseat to what the mainstream media’s talking point is today. The bills up be for the senate to vote on  is of course gun control. What else? And if no progress made on that issue there will be another MASS SHOOTING FALSE FLAG EVENT…. When will people look up and pull there heads out of the sand? How much more stupid can humans become? It just befuddles me.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes and I agree that these tragic events are staged for an agenda. It is just another means to create chaos with the eventual result of population control by the most elite group on earth.The same group is behind weather control and climate change. The same group is doing the spraying of our atmosphere. Let's face it, the government is a puppet establishment controlled by these same people.

  45. carol says:

    Titanic now completely submersed. We are now holding our breath like a competition "one breath" diver. Problem is most of us can't hold our breath for over a minute or two, if you are lucky. We are going to get what we deserve for being complacent watching madmen destroy our planet and doing nothing. Thanks to everyone who did stand up against this madness and God Bless all of you.

  46. Dane — Thank you for this timely realistic report. As you say: “The threat we face is not off on the horizon somewhere, the climate and biosphere implosion is here, now, and the entire web of life is at stake.” In line with Chris Hedges who says, “We have little time left. Climate change, even if we halt all carbon emissions today, will still bring rising temperatures, havoc, instability and systems collapse to much of the planet.” And Paul Craig Roberts:
    If You Value Life, Wake Up!
    Paul Craig Roberts / June 20, 2016
    Washington is putting its nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders, conducting war games on Russia’s borders, and stationing its Navy off Russia’s coasts in the Black and Baltic seas. To cover up its reckless, irresponsible aggression toward a nuclear power, Washington accuses Russia of aggression.  The presstitute media—the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox “News,” CNN, and the rest of the despicable whores repeat the lie over and over until the Western populations are brainwashed. Do you suppose the Russians, who know what is happening, are going to just sit there until they are so completely surrounded by nuclear missiles that they have to surrender? Unless you believe this, you had best get busy saving your life and the life of our planet. Do not expect political leaders to do this for you. There are no political leaders in public office anywhere in the West, only paid puppets of powerful interests groups. Do not expect experts, most of whom are dependent on these same interest groups, to bring influence to bear on government and media. There is no one but us.

    • BaneB says:

      What is it with Naomi Klein?  I listened to her monologue the other day about climate change and thought to myself that she is passé.  After reading the dire subject matter of the post above, the obvious conclusion is she is an impediment misleading and preventing awakening the masses to the CURRENT implosion.  


    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, it is these elites who want WAR, a perfect excuse to cull the population. This WAR is just another "option" of their agenda. Even Obama himself noted in Orlando that these tragedies will continue to happen. I wonder what he TRULY meant? The aggression of doing war games on other countries' borders can only go so far. Methinks some "explosive" times are ahead for us.

  47. JR says:

    I learned of the IPCC over several years back when I was introduced to Chemtrails/SRM/SAG. The way I understood is that they could basically choose where the moisture would fall, pick those places and to hell with the rest? That's about the time I got wind of Kay Bailey (Bailout) Hutchinson from Texas had introduced Senate Bill 517 on Weather Modification, another rep. was from Oklahoma, and one from the Dakotas. In the Dakotas is where Weather Modification Inc. had their company, their fleet. Oh well we have the military as well helping out and it was Dyn-O-Mat from Florida. With the latter company the owner invented some crap to break up big rain clouds. It was aired on Discovery Channel I think where Peter Cordieri the owner of company boasts where chemicals poured on water in a bowl turned to mush looking like whipped cream. How vain people and ignorant as the rest of these jokers. The people who threaten people with gag orders on exposing them are not american. They can not serve the Devil and serve The Living God, you can not serve 2 masters the bunch of hypocrites! God Bless America, come on! We are no more special than the rest of the world's human race even though lowlife thugs believe that way, total ignorance! We all know Silver Iodide for cloud seeding is not good, yet in Texas for sure in water utility (municipals) they have airplanes ready to go to try or induce rain over them??? Again how vain. This must be the trash used back in Vietnam War in the Monsoon Season to cause havoc on the enemy, again to hell they had to have thought of our soldiers. The poor people from there got caught up on assaults from Operation Popeye, to Agent Orange all the while stealing their resources of tin I read. That Gulf of Tonkin must have been something else, huh? I feel for our soldiers over that War, and the poor innocent people of that country. It's not much different in our present time fabrication lie of the World Trade Towers how they got taken down. Jet fuel burns at 1600 degrees and to melt steel the heat has to be over 2300 degrees, yet the steel girders were all super melted and the cement pulverized to powder. Freeeeee??? I hope our people wake up here in the U.S. very soon…..

  48. marc says:

    Dr. James Hansen, in a recent video statement he released called "Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms" carefully makes it repeatedly clear that dire NON-LINEAR scenarios are gaining speed. He seems to have taken extra care to make sure he does not propagate the failures of the IPCC, as it relates to the timeline of catastrophe. However, he oddly concludes by making a passing reference to the need for a carbon tax to not only reign in fossil fuel companies, but to help fund alternative technologies. Seems kind of absurd, does it not? Sorry, can't help remaining cynical when I hear this kind of logic.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, It seems as if Dr. Hansen is a good guy and is respected by very many people.  Nontheless he has been corrupted somehow.  That's all I can figure and it's a shame.  You are right.  On one hand he has a firm grip of reality-non-linear.  On the other, he's either hopelessly clueless and that is hard to believe, or gagged, threatened, paid, afraid?

  49. Dick Benton says:

    Not a good sign, peeps! Unusual strategic maneuvers in US and Russia…

  50. Charlotte Collins says:

    Thankyou Dane for all you are accomplishing in this good fight. I used to walk for miles almost every day, then these huge trails of toxic aerosols began choking me out. Now I walk with an N95 particulate mask to make sure I cut out as much of that crap as possible. I bought 3 air purifiers, one upstairs, one down, and one in my classroom for me and my students. (where I have always promoted  an environmentally friendly education ) Unfortunately, I see all too many red flags on respiratory illness symptoms coming in when geoengineering has gone on here in Saskatchewan Canada, and witnessed too many of my loved ones ill with chemflu symptoms. (Just… my observation…repeatedly)  Recently I took photos of my walk in the park with all kinds of crap coming down from the sky in huge lines, me wearing my mask! And I sent them to Environment Canada as well as MP in Ottawa for Emergency Preparedness. I will continue to do what I can to fight along with you Dane and everybody else who stands for what's right on this planet we call temporary home. May this  reach the Heavens!!

    • JR says:

      Charlotte; We all have our work cut out for us. I believe from your area is where Percy Schmieser was from fighting Monsanto and lost by the PM. The dvd "The Future of Food" airs this man and his wife taking on Goliath Corp. which not all people on PM voted for Monsanto! Satan and its followers have been on the loose for quite some time! This poor man Percy lost his nest egg of $250,000 and had to get rid of all his Hierloom Seeds, again real nice guys we are dealing with on all sides on this Earth….

    • Charlotte,  get and wear a 100.  The five % missed by the particle mask you wear is the nano part that'l get'cha. Good work though. And good luck.

  51. Abigail says:

    This is HORRIBLE! Thank you, Dane for keeping us updated. Sharing with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch. We all must get involved. Write your congressman, and all governing officials. They are being totally blinded in thinking they can control the weather, while at the same time they are DESTROYING PLANET EARTH and ALL LIFE HEREON. God have mercy! Keep on sharing the information. Surely with the weather destroying Florida and many other states, THEY CAN'T CONTINUE IN IGNORANCE! Spread the word. GEOENGINEERING MUST STOP! Blessings be upon you, Dane, and your family. I know this is quite stressful for all of you. BUT you are helping hundreds of thousands of people, and MILLIONS IF THEY JUST OPEN THEIR EYES!  And much thanks to all those involved with keeping the signs posted along the Highways! God have mercy on us. SPREAD THE NEWS PEOPLE!

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