Toeing the Line for Big Oil and the Geoengineers


by Dane Wigington How does the power structure keep people from uniting in a common cause? Divide and conquer. This strategy has in many ways been applied against the anti-geoengineering community. All of us should research our opinions. We should make every effort to abandon preconceptions and bias, from whatever source. Headlines are not a source of data and even research data from recognized sources should be verified with data from the ground. We all need to think for ourselves and not to blindly follow the herd. Unfortunately most of the climate science community is obediently following their clan in regard to the criminal denial of climate engineering. Just as unfortunately, much of the anti-geoengineering movement is being influenced by disinformation designed to put them at odds with the science community in regard to the reality of our warming planet. Divide and conquer at work again. corporate-bickeringWho do you think would want you to believe the planet is cooling? Who would want you to believe that burning nearly 4 BILLION gallons of hydrocarbon EACH AND EVER DAY is not a problem for planet Earth? Who would want you to believe that cutting down and burning Earth's forests has no effect on the climate? Who would want you to believe that there is no problem with the climate warming or disintegrating? Who would want to create division and dissent within the activist communities? All of us need to ask ourselves some honest questions and engage in honest objective research if we are to have any hope of standing on solid ground with our conclusions. Why do our conclusions about the true state of the climate matter? Because credibility matters to the cause of exposing and stopping global climate engineering. Who is pushing for geoengineering? Who is paying who to make the public believe what?

 funding of climate denial

Though the whole "climate discussion" can be very confusing, we should remember that this is the actual goal of those in power, to confuse and conquer.  There are volumes of completely fraudulent charts, graphs, statistics, articles, etc, in regard to the state of earth's climate, how does one decide what's real? How does one determine what is accurate? Who would pay for and put out false information on this subject besides Al Gore  total foundation funding Would the fossil fuel industry and global corporations try to deceive us on the true impact of what they sell? What do you think? How about the climate engineers, do they want leaders around the globe who are cooperating with their covert programs to believe they are not working to "cool" the planet? Or is it in fact only logical that the geoengineers and their military/industrial/media complex would try to paint the picture of a cooling planet even as Earth heads into meltdown? At minimum, wouldn't the controlled mainstream media try to at least create confusion over this very polarizing issue? Shouldn't we ask ourselves how it could be possible to burn nearly 4,000,000,000 gallons of hydrocarbon a day, defoliate the forests, poison the land, waters, and soils, and not affect the climate system? For those that at least recognize the lethal reality of the ongoing global climate engineering, is it logical not to recognize the true effect of such programs on the climate system? Climate engineering can and does create massive short term cooling anomalies at the cost of a far worsened overall warming. global temperatures


Think for yourself, and do honest investigation. Question #1: No matter what anyone says from any source, can the planet be getting cooler if the world's glaciers are melting? Is this contradiction possible? No, it is not. If you don't believe that glaciers are in decline around the planet (and you really care about the truth) then watch "Chasing Ice"  and see for yourself what is happing to the ice around the planet. Question #2: If the planet is cooling, why would formerly frozen methane hydrate deposits be thawing and releasing all over the globeHow is this possible if its cooling? Again, its not possible without significant warming.  For those that don't believe methane is thawing and releasing, all available data says you are patently wrong.  So what is the real overall picture with the climate? Climate Engineering and Climate Lies  sky dirty The bottom line is this, those anti-geoengineering activists that have been convinced of "global cooling" by the extremely well funded corporate/fossil fuel/military/media/industrial complex should at minimum consider the effects of the climate engineering they are engaged in fighting. They should at minimum consider the completely engineered nature of "winter storms" that the media is now so engaged in hyping up (to help covertly sell geoengineering as effective). The overall warming that comes from the engineered "cool downs" should also be considered. The ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare is making an already bad situation exponentially worse, putting us from the frying pan and into the fire. If we are to successfully fight the scourge of climate engineering, we should focus on that issue squarely. If we are to be truly effective it is imperative to be credible. Anything short of solid research and solid conclusions from those in the anti-climate engineering movement gives the climate science community (and all who are connected with them) the excuse they need to throw all our proof of geoengineering out the window. None of this is about Al Gore's hypocrisy, its about reality. DW

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15 Responses to Toeing the Line for Big Oil and the Geoengineers

  1. Andy says:

    Yesterday (14/07) I was sitting in a friend's garden. The sky was relatively blue. As we sat chatting I pointed out several high altitude planes passing overhead. Some passed over in a linear fashion, probably regular transport, but a few were flying in a most curious manner – almost full loops, not at all what one would assume to be "regular" flight-paths. As these planes passed by the trails they left did not dissipate but remained for several hours spreading out into a haze. This was not like the pictures I see of such instances occuring in places such as the US where the entire sky becomes affected, although the area through which they flew was definitely altered for a considerable time. My friend was astonished when I pointed this out. I am pretty much convinced that this was not "normal". I live in the South-West of England. It seems that truly nowhere is free from this sky vandalism. I just thought that I would mention this here, perhaps someone else from England can corroborate my observations…? 

    Many thanks Dane for this site. I am now more able to spread the word to my friends, family and colleagues by having such a well structured resource, backed up by viable scientific data.

    Regards, Andy.

  2. susan says:

    I am a believer in evolution–evolving.  As as a professional artist of over 40 years I rely on my senses (all 6).  I use my eyes to see in order to create.  I have seen changes in my sky–my inspiration, to create. These are changes over many years now.

    I read.  I am discerning.  I listen. 

    In order to be credible, people need solid facts.  Being married to a PHD biochemist who didn't "understand intuition", sometimes "give me just the facts, maam", doesn't work.  What I am trying to say–look around you! Look up!  See things–nature- evolving, and, is it what you, the individual wants?  Until the collective whole wakes up and uses their senses, doesn't listen to other peoples fears, will things move FORWARD.

    I personally amd trying to figure a really nice an juicy class action law suit that involves ALL ARTISTS who get their inspiration from nature (the sky, like me!) and sue them–those involved, up the ass.  They listen to money.  I am distraught!

    Thank you for this site, Dane.  See you in Redding–soon!

    • Tami Vasquez says:

      I appreciate your thoughts and comment! Please keep me posted on any actions you take along the way. You've got my backing and prayers!!! 

      Respectfully, Tami Vasquez
      Pasadena, CA

  3. Jane says:

    Just by the amount of Post’s Here Dane

    It amazes me how many people are Blindfold’d on the situation that is happening here.

    This is out of control for certain.

    Figure out a way to get more attention or look after you’re own butt.

    Serious stuff here.

    It is quite obvious that there are not too many paying attention to the Dirty Water Transport that is happening here let alone the

    Target California

    I have been looking at Netflix in Canada

    They don’t let us watch what is happening there unroll a year or so later.

    Not a wonder why

    Because they are screwing everything up

    I’m sick and Very Sick

    Just like Zen said

    Sick and tired of this BS

    I think that Bella and And Steven C.

    Are probably the only two other people that have a handle on the Post’s

    Other people just that post just don’t really care.

    Keep up the Great work Dane and Zen.G

  4. Jane says:

    Everyday dimming the Sun. Hardly a day passes that the Engineer’s let you have some.

  5. Jane says:

    You got that right Paul. I am atheist also. All this BS that they are feeding people are full blooded lies.

    Thanks a gain Dane for your exceptional work.

    Off the topic right now. When I first started investigating I came across a Video where a guy was showing oil on his screen window from the Geo rain. It makes me wonder here in Canada when it is cold out and then the roads get real super slippery whether that can be the case with the Snow. Spray a bit of that and then there are car accidents Galore.

    Serious ones at that. These people that are doing this are really really not right.

    When I see all these Mercedes Benz rolling around and super fancy cars it makes me wonder about these people that drive them and where they get all the money from. It sure doesn’t grow on trees.

    Also the Slime Masonic Temple people with their crazy beliefs about not liking the Sun.

    Real Nutty

  6. Hello Horsegirl: It’s not difficult to sense the changes in the Earth and sky. I’ve been watching the destruction for over 50 years. No one has the courage to stop buying airline tickets or quit buying all the plastic junk they don’t need. The human specie is addicted to the death wish represented in Revelations. Repeat the death wish over and over and over, and pretty soon the cattle believe every stinking lie they’ve been told. Mankind has been brainwashed into oblivion. They await a god who lied all the way through the Old Testament, then puked all over the following chapters. It’s all a stinking filthy jewfish lie, and you know as well as I who wrote the script.

    I’m a full-blooded atheist, and hate the bible for the sick piece of filth it truly is. Humans have slaughtered anything resembling human sentience for over 1700 years. What’s left is a pathetic bunch of throwbacks, without enough courage to ground these aircraft and kill the puke sacks that are destroying the planet. All to fulfill the bullcrap of the “chosen ones”.

  7. carol says:

    Hi George. I am also concerned about the rapid rise in temperature following those three days after 9/11 when there was no spraying.

    It indicates that the spraying cannot be simply stopped but has to be reduced along with reducing greenhouse emissions. It has to be a coordinated approach or we will have dangerously high temperatures. If they had never started the spraying and dealt with stopping fossil fuel emission in the 20th century we would not be in this position now.

  8. horsegirl says:

    When we began reading this article out loud, it was as though you had been part of the evening’s conversation about the slippery nature of reality. Looking around us, realizing people under thirty have no clue how clouds and sky should look.

    So much everything is fake anymore.

    Not to mention this cursed graphic of scumtrails on the windows 7 system. Like my minute of hate every time I start up the computer.

    Once upon an eon ago someone asked me to write something making the national debt comprehensible to the layman. That journey took years. During which I became familiar with how the great illusion of money works. Never like you’d think. Watching Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico’s Costco offering the first $500 credit giveaway to anything with a pulse. Mexicans (12 months interest free the promo boasted) roping tvs, computers refrigerators etc. on top of cars. We were puzzled – don’t they realize these people will never pay it back? Have no clue about credit card debt?

    Finally we got it. That was just what they wanted. Lousy debt to sell at 18% interest. Or more. Probably Costco sold the debt at greater than its face value on the supposition that a majority of borrowers would not repay within 12 months and would end up with that 30% interest penalty. The value was hypothecated God knows how many times. A day! People selling debt like race horses, etc.

    I think numerous shades of the stupid side of dark are at work here. For one we’re talking about an age of the apogee of disaster capitalism. Ruin is monetized. All those clean-ups from weather disasters factor into the GNP. Geoengineering brings countless opportunities to exploit destruction.

    The hardest thing to get our heads around is that people actually want to trash the planet. How counterintuitive can you be? We think about the Rockefellers whose medical (and so many others) monopoly makes life grotesque in the US. Not conspiracy. Monopoly. With their history of financing IG Farben, they were the money behind German eugenics. Financed the death “medical research” camps. And walked! Who mentioned Rockefellers or their demon toad Dr. Ernst Rudin at Nuremburg? I guarantee you that this is the bulwark of the money at work. Again. Same as WWII in Europe. And so many other places all over the earth ever since.

    We imagine how they live. The richer you are, the fewer people you can trust. We imagine they probably have staff (cooking, cleaning, gardeners etc.) who are MK Ultra’d. This has been an intensive field of study for them for nearing 100 years. George Estabrooks boasted of his powers of hypnotism before WWII and was the darling of the OSS. These cases are probably flying chemscum planes too. I know it is a berserk thought but I have done enough research for 100 people on the topic and I think that may explain a lot of the unfathomable behavior seen among evident fellow humans.

    The masters of just about every monopoly to have in the US are the Rockefellers. Perhaps there is an argument for trimming the focus a little. These monsters are the very people who gassed Europe. I have to wonder how Jewish people talk themselves into feeling safe in the US. All this satanic scrawl by airplanes overhead. There should be no doubt in how this will culminate.

    They have to be stopped. If Americans can’t or won’t do it, be sure eventually other nations will show up to deal with it. So much is predicated on the assumption that the chalice of world leadership will never fall from US hands. If the Rockefellers go, so does the US. We are really governed by the darkest force on earth.

  9. Michel Pelletier says:

    The new crime novel don’t follow the money have Dexter
    kill the patsy.We are sleepwalking to oblivion.Bad
    enough that all humans will die,but the living being
    that is earth will die.I hope those flaming arrows
    will wake people in time.
    Day 6 in Cocoa Beach cloudy and rainy first day
    with no visable trails wow.I’ll wake up tomorrow from
    this nightmare with a bright blue sky.I wish.

  10. George says:

    I have a question after watching Thom Hartmans short documentary stressing six degrees. As we know after 9/11 spraying was stoped for three days and the temperature went up two degrees in three days. Six degrees as I took away from the film would mean game over and if stoping spraying raises the temperature two degrees every three days stoping spraying sounds like game over. Has this been considered because I don’t see it.

  11. Rikitikitavi says:

    Wow Dane, looks like you got it.

    I followed the money and this is what I found also.

    Makes more sense than anything else.

    Thank you.

  12. carol says:

    This is a very important video about global dimming. It was posted here before.

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