Anti-Geoengineering Legislation Effort In Rhode Island Continues


Dane Wigington

Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price continues to show a level of courage and determination that is almost nonexistent in the halls of elected government officials at any level. In February of 2016 Geoengineering Watch published a report detailing the ongoing efforts by Rhode Island legislators to bring exposure and accountability to the critical issue of global geoengineering/climate engineering programs which are decimating the biosphere and the entire web of life. supplied climate engineering informational materials and educational DVDs to the legislators and committee members. A compelling short video testimony from the 2016 Rhode Island Legislation hearing is below.

On March 1st, 2017, Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price has courageously introduced the latest anti-geoengineering legislation proposal, 2017 — H 5607. This most recent draft is more complete and comprehensive.

Click image to open full size PDF text of document.

Thanks to the ongoing unyielding efforts of Rhode Island State Representative, Justin Price (and former efforts of RI Representative, Karen MacBeth), the criminal climate engineering programs continue to be forced to the full light of day. All of us are needed to assist this critical effort by Representative Justin Price. Each of us, in our individual regions and circumstances, can start spot fires of critical awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. Make your voice heard, every day counts.

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80 Responses to Anti-Geoengineering Legislation Effort In Rhode Island Continues

  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    A letter from Georgia Senator Marty Harbin says he'll look into climate engineering.  I consider this a good response.

  2. Chris Weaver says:

    I may be wrong, but it looks like this legislation is now a dud. "Withdrawn at sponsor's request (03/23/2017)." Well, I'd say cannibalize the bill and use it elsewhere.

  3. Rob James says:

    This bill says it has been withdarwn now??! Dane do you know anything about why this would be?  "Withdrawn at sponsor's request (03/23/2017)" what is going on here?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, though I do not know what has transpired in Rhode Island, I can imagine. Justin Price has likely been warned by those who pull the levers of power. We will yet expose them, lets continue with our efforts on all fronts.

  4. karen says:

    Today is a despicable sky day in the Sierra Hills of California.  White everywhere!  Trails in am, uck all day long.  Everyone is getting "sick" again at work since the engineering started up again these past few weeks. 

    Keep reporting truth Dane. 

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    I think the Anti-GeoEngineering Legislation is great for the state of Rhode Island! I certainly hope other states do the same. Of course passing on creditable information to others, is very important and can be a highly effective tool. Thank you to everyone who is fighting in this battle, to expose & halt these climate engineering programs.

  6. Alexander Tierney says:

    Expecting Trump to actually implement any of his pre election statements of intent with respect to enlightened environmental policies is sadly delusional. 

    As a separate issue, the Rhode Island proposed legislation re geoengineering referrers to activities within the state, does anyone know if this includes activities outside state boundaries which impact on the state?

  7. Christopher Weaver says:

    It seems to me all we'd need is to have one (1), sympathetic, enviromentally-conscious California legislator to craft a bill based on the Price-MacBeth draft. There'd be a fair amount of support at this point. How hard could it be?

    • Mario says:

      In California?…Incredibly difficult.  Our state government resembles the Roman senate.  Which would mean Moonbeam is Nero.  Anybody know if the govenor plays the fiddle?  

    • karen says:

      HARD…California has been the spear hitting on the grave matter, yet still falling on deaf ears here!

  8. Joseph L says:

    Thank you to Justin Price and Karen  Macbeth for all that you have done.


    At Least Two Dozen Tornadoes Confirmed in Midwest, South on March 6-7.

    Six Dead, Thousands Evacuated After Strong Winds Fan Wildfires in Four Plains States

    Crazy  weather everywhere– weather whiplash– no natural weather

    This is just in the U.S for  a few days.  The cost of these disasters is hard to think about.


    • Joseph L says:

      I just found this site of course no mention of climate engineering.  I also just read that it is run by IBM

    • CAROL says:

      Dear Dane, Wish there was a place that I could email you, so  here's what is happening in the past 3 days in Fallbrook Ca. –> "BLACK carbon Chemtrails" mainly… but also mixed are the white drippy kind as well. I have been feeling really sick, nauseated and very weak with loud ringing in my ears. They are still doing this at 6:20 PM this Tuesday evening and I took pictures of it. They have been stepping up the chemtrails like CRAZY ever since Trump was elected! I had thought he would have stopped it all abruptly, but as he said in his one of his pre election Rallies he said,"I want clean air and clean water."

      But now I can see that all he meant was that "HE himself wants to breath and drink CLEAN"…never promising "any of this clean" for any of the rest of us suffering it! Is it crafty play on words?

      Was he warned–> "you Do as we say and by it we will let you & yours live???"

      May we all pray GOD will cause him to do RIGHT by us ASAP.and that No Weapon formed against us will Prosper.  

    • Mario says:

      This was a highly manufactured weather event.  The moisture seemed to originate in northern texas and was manipulated using large pulses of energy from the NexRad transmitters all throughout the southeast.  It was deliberate.

  9. MS P says:

    Massive spraying today SO. CA.

    A blue sky started with the action looking towards the sunrise. Moving in on both sides. Los Angeles county getting hit very hard.

    Ventura county currently white out, with that bug in a jar feeling. With little, or no air holes.

    It's hot too, the winds are perking up. Go figure!

     We had frost yesterday in the AM hours. The roof top of the house frosted white, with frost. Low 40's in temp. .  I had to scrap the windshield  clear, at 9 AM. I had to do the same on Sunday.

    Now whiplash weather! HOT! It feels like upper 80's here. They say upper 70's on the media. We know how that story goes. UV index extreme too. Reading as "High" on willy weather site.  Going to be into the 90's on Wednesday.

    On the flip side in Italy. Here is a bad day of skiing in Italy, due to high winds. I know the feeling to be stuck on a chair lift, in winds.  Nothing as bad as this.


    • MS P says:

      TV weather news announces "Hot weather, with con trails developing" This guy comes up with some choice words, within job  boundaries. He always cracks a nice smile when saying the truth. Best as he can.


    • MAP says:

      I completely understand the comment about high winds. Around here, the winds are always blowing 20-30 mph. BS. Tomorrow the GeoEngineers have "scheduled" 40 mph winds for us. Everyone please come out of your Coma and realize this crap ain't natural.  It's manufactured. 

  10. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Thank you Mr Justin Price, you're another Warrior of Truth ( along with Mrs Karen MacBeth ) fighting for the future of Humanity and the protection of the entire Web of Life.

    Thank You for your Courage and Integrity!!

    Good Luck to Us All.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Uh, correcting one thing about that Trump tower.  It is done and yuge, but inaccessible, not even a discernable road nor even a remotely good area, not in use apparently.  I will need to watch this complicated show again to get a better grasp of how the money is kept, increased, despite un-use, to launder money and to grow it as well!  Plus, she has Lots of other examples of Trump doing this in countries of conflict.  This is way he won't release his tax reports.

  12. Christina V says:

    Like so many aspects of science it is created for money making means.

    It has been going on for decades, so sad that so many people are so blinded to the truth.


    • Dennie says:

      From the article reviewing the book titled The Brothers Vonnegut, who worked for the Air Force and knew about the cloud seeding (geoengineering) programs:  " There is also the story of Harry Wexler, who in 1962 noted “we are releasing huge quantities of carbon dioxide and other gases and particles to the lower atmosphere which may have serious effects on the radiation or heat balance which determine our present pattern of climate and weather.” He died months later, of a heart attack, at the age of 51.

      Witness the video at 8'50" when Sen. Frank Church asks William Colby, Director of C.I.A., about the heart attack dart gun:

  13. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you RI Representatives Justin Price and Karen MacBeth, for having the courage to bring forth the Rhode Island proposed legislation. Soon, every state will be facing this. It's time to STOP POISONING US NOW.

    You have my support, from heavily sprayed, toxic, weather manipulated Arizona.


  14. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Since NASA has gone rogue, it would be great if they go ballistic and really expose what it is hiding.  It looks like Space X now provides the rockets for trips to the ISS.  In investigating that, I found this.  Whatever it means, it might be something we need to pay attention to.

    "The equipment aboard the Dragon includes a major instrument that will survey Earth's upper atmosphere in a continuation of one of NASA's longest-running Earth-observing programs. Called SAGE III for Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment, the instrument examines the levels of ozone, aerosols, nitrogen dioxide and water vapor in the stratosphere and troposphere high above Earth. It is the latest version of an experiment that began in 1979 and has created a multi-decade record of measurements. The 2,200-pound instrument will be connected to the outside of the station to make daily observations for several years."

    • BaneB says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  Great find!  How many years!!  No NASA, the earth does not belong to you and your personnel!  Our home is not for you to wreck.  At this juncture in the environmental meltdown your highly intelligent leadership proves high IQ is overvalued.  And SAGE III ought to about wisdom, three times over.  SAGE III….. Food for thought and grounds for further research.

  15. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: My approach to geoengineering has been to study Plasma Physics because that is the science that the SRM and HAARP [under the name ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE] technologies are based in. A recent 2006 text book, “Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma” by three Russians published by Oxford University, discusses many of the experiments that have been conducted with shock waves and manipulations of metals to measure thermal radiation and other consequences of heating, squeezing, compressing, etc. various shock-compressed metal plasmas, including aluminum, copper, lead, lithium, and more. An indication that this research has been heavily funded since 1958, ongoing through the ‘60s and ‘70s can been found online. The Oxford University textbook cited above states: “In a series of subsequent studies, the general knowledge of evaporation and ionization in the release wave [of shock-wave metal plasma] was used to analyze the high-frequency collision of solids and to develop fluorescent barium clouds in outer space for the purpose of studying Earth’s magnetosphere (Fortov & Dremin 1973).”   Searching the words “barium clouds in outer space” becomes problematic as the information is often not available in the relevant NASA AUTHORIZATION HEARINGS found in Google Books. However, adding “Vladimir Fortov” the name of one of the Russian authors, I found this extensive website [link below] with 25 pages of articles on SPACE PLASMA MEASUREMENTS, which in all probability reveals the multiple intentions behind the bizarre plasma cloud formations we see daily on NASA Worldview. These scientific articles involve the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Russians, the Chinese Space Station, and discuss Fusion energy technology (TOKAMAK), Microwave interferometry (transmitters like HAARP), and technologies such as pulsed inductive plasma thrusters which are spacecraft propulsion devices in which electrical energy is capacitively stored and then discharged through an inductive coil. Plasma technologies are already beyond our wildest imaginations.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  I recall, in my teen, glowing barium clouds in the atmosphere over Virginia, towards the Eastern Shore. Wallops Island.  NASA was often sending up rockets with barium payloads.  This would be during the mid 60's or there about.  I cannot recall the public relations vet age to ease public anxiety.  We were so brainwashed and trusting few gave it much thought after the calming schmooze. Science was s novel item of worship.  Little did the public know these busy bodies were wrecking the planet.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, and we also have photos showing throngs of little kiddies running around in their bathing suits as the spray tankers drive slowly through their suburban "paradise," spewing clouds of DDT out both sides of the truck.  Kids, playing in DDT.  We also have photos of nuclear bomb testing "tourism" in Nevada, with people lining up to watch the bombs drop and the beautiful, beautiful mushroom clouds rise over the blue desert skies (well, who needs deserts, any way?).  We have photos of this happening, for God's sake. 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennis.  How well I recall those trucks disseminating the DDT fog.  We kids would chase the trucks down the street laughing and immersing ourselves in the white toxic clouds. Is it not a nerve agent?  Similar to agent Orange?

  16. Seeing Clearly says:

    Watch your head, watch your children's head (

  17. Joe Strauss says:

    Hello Dane,
    I have posted to your website for natural healing of our  physical
    And I have seen this geoengineering and Mycoplasms, eta al.
    I know you have done wonders with those in the Gov't positions.
    Rhode Island is great for you and us.
    Yet, I notice the BLATANT disregard for  ALL life on our Planet
    by the military pilots, crews and Chemical weapons mfgs.
    Of course they ar with out feeling and the soul part is to me disappeared or have those doing the sprays only for personal
    money creation at ALL  other expense.
    To me at  72, America is a tragic nation for allowing this.
    I know many have been shocked,cursed those who spray.
    So  that being  I have a grand regard for you and associates.
    I have read much you put out for us.
    I have seen the denial 22 years  plus.
    The ones who I would indite for crimes are those in US  Military.
    And believe it,  patents have ben granted for the disease caused by the sprays.  To do that to women, children..we are not at war with
    another nation   /  Are we. ?
    so I hold those spraying and All politicians held  total  ACCOUNTABLE.
    It was done after WW 2, Nazis blamed Hitler for all orders.
    Well they to sold out to the dark , negative side, as our military and
    Frankenstein attitude scientists for acquiring a pay check for despicable
    chemicals…They know what they have done ,  Dane.
    Worst than  WW 2 thinking..Oh Yes…

    • Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

      Thanks Dane for this great news that the RI legislature is making geoengineering made known in Congress.  Yippee!

  18. Pete says:

    This is indeed great news and encouraging that at least, on some level, the geoengineering issue is being debated and is out in the open. How truly saddening though, that all western 'governments' simply cover it up.  For me it's become blatantly obvious why these climate engineering programs not only exist but actually, have gotten way worse since the arrival of Trump in the WH, they are terra- forming our planet and making it impossible for all life forms on it to continue.  That's why they won't admit to it nor will they ever stop it.  The entitles that enable and facilitate these programs on a global scale  are ultimately serving their masters (Rothschilds, corporations, and satan himself.  We are in the biggest battle of our lives here people and it is the battle between good and evil.

  19. beatriz says:

    Susan Ferguson, missing your wise comments and informative postings. Hope everything is well with you. With good wishes, Olga


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Olga! How sweet of you. I'm here always.    :o)

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I too was wondering about you Susan. I am very Glad to hear that you are doing fine. You are obviously a Sister that we Care deaply about. Blessings

  20. beatriz says:

    Dane, your courage, honesty and determination inspire all of us into taking action! This noble step taken by Rep Justin Price and previously by Karen MacBeth will create waves to make the truth of GE known to many. It is also a full weight document for us to send to people, organizations, gov't officials etc giving credibility to the undercover criminal activities going on in our skies.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Beatriz, it is our combined efforts that matters. In regard to the Rhode Island proposed legislation,  RI Representatives Justin Price amd Karen MacBeth (former rep) deserve full credit.

  21. Al C says:

    I live a stone's throw from the Rhode Island line and at the moment, 4pm est, the sky above my house looks like the photo on the cover of this page.

       We are getting the snot sprayed out of us here today and being the natural paranoid that I am, it almost seems that it's ramped up more to coincide with this article to just be more in our face with it.

       This has to stop and will.

  22. CJ says:

    Geo Engineering – Chemtrails – MUST WATCH – 2017 !

    Look at that on and off trail behind that jet. All I hear, here and see are the little planes coming from the Local Airport we have. Buzzing around and going to different areas to spray that Crap. I really don't know how obvious this has to get. The bigs Jets at Night constantly flying over. They need traffic lights up there. Just look at look at that sky. Where did the Sun go? Not too many question that. Then if you drive or walk down the street, you can see the affect it has on people. They walk around in a Daze. They look like they are in a Zombie Trance or mentally ill. Some of them are really screwed up it looks like. Its Working like a Charm for sure, this stuff they are spraying. They are getting the results that they are looking for. "Dumbo Down" "Effect". 

  23. Nemo says:

    Many friends and family are experiencing problems after eating beef. Is this indicative of more problems in the food. chain  (like this growing gluten problem many have) or my error in drawing a conclusion from my small sample?  

    • MAP says:

      There are such an extreme amount of toxins being used against us now that it is difficult to determine where the true source is: Vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, fluoride, Geoengineered "sprays", etcetera. 

      A week ago, 3 family members returned from out-of-town trip by airplane flight. All 3 proceeded to become very ill after returning home. Who knows what was "sprayed on them" during flight home???

    • CAROL says:

      I am chemical, anti-biotic, and hormone sensitive so if it's Not organic feed & No Hormones or  anti-biotic beef or any flesh from animals, i can immediately detect it and start getting really sick over such GMO foods!
      Try ORGANIC and no GMO foods only and see the difference.

  24. C.Sativa says:

    Dane, I cannot find the owning the weather by 2025 document, where is it? the link is not working?

  25. Robert West says:

    Thank you Rhode Island Representative Justin Price and Representative Karen MacBeth for your commitment to exposing Geoengineering.

    The West Coast legislative bodies of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California need to form a coalition in support of anti-Geoengineering. So much destruction is being done to our environment that it is imperative that governmental action is taken to stop this insane activity before it is too late. Legislatures, please be brave and stand up before it is too late. We The People are speaking are out!

  26. marc says:

    The legislative scenario in progress in Rhode Island should be unfolding in every state in the union. I think we all know the primary reasons why this isn't the case. As noble an effort as the Rhode Island one is, it's efficacy only lies in raising awareness of the general public. Rhode Island's skies are contiguous with the entire region, not to mention the whole world. To prohibit "spraying" over Rhode Island will accomplish virtually nothing for the state of Rhode Island. Here again, raising awareness of the issue within a broader and broader slice of the general public is the goal. Which, of course, is not to diminish the value of the REAL goal, which is the cessation of SAG, SAI, SRM, EMF, etc.

      Bill McKibben's appearance on the Bill Maher show was disturbing on several levels. The robust reception he received when he first walked out is, in and of itself, an indicator of the extent to which mainstream consciousness of dire environmental issues has been squeezed into a box, rendering the minds of millions ill-prepared to understand the even BIGGER picture. Will a day ever come when Dane Wigington is the go-to guy for an appearance on shows like Bill Maher's Real Time?? Why is the prospect of this not presently plausible?? It's because of the intense and prolonged orchestration of mainstream consciousness by MSM, dis-info, FB, government sources, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Dane offers more bubble-popping TRUTH than mainstream culture can handle. Not to mention the countless assaults upon such truths by employing the quite culturally effective catch-phrase: "conspiracy theory". This not only must change, IT WILL CHANGE WHETHER MAINSTREAM CULTURE F**KING LIKES IT OR NOT. Just a matter of time. Unfortunately, by the time critical mass is achieved, it will essentially be too late. It's already too late. As data and conditions "on the ground" continue to validate, we are on a roller coaster ride to hell. Which is why we are now seeing such a monstrous effort to obfuscate, infect, derail and obliterate truth in reporting on every front. Our dumbness MUST be promulgated

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, hi.  I've been trying to get Dane on Maher's show for a very long time.  I know Bill knows as he gives little hints.  And I Love! his show.  I don't know if you also watch Vice.  If so, you will notice he is a co-producer along with others including Fareed Zakaria.  I really like and value Fareed.  He seems to be so balanced, so well informed, but also so tied to CNN.  Hence the problem, I think, of getting Dane on Maher's show.  Despite my anger at CNN, I really do like and watch Fareed's show on Sunday mornings and now available all week, in an extra Global Square update on line.  He is well informed, balanced, civil and sane in his reports.  However, none of geoengineering is ever mentioned and back again to CNN.  Perhaps Fareed can be influenced via his new online bit–remains to be seen but we can try-it is brand new.  If so, that could free up Maher.  Just guessing and wishing-for Many! years.

  27. Gina Horner says:

    I have been speaking out about geoengineering for atleast 5 years here in Vermont and to who ever else will listen. It seems no one in Government here in Vermont wants to acknowlege what is raining down on human life. Just today we started out with a sunny day, the spraying started chem clouds expanding, it is now a cloudy haze chem sky. Vermont leaders get up your courage to address this issue. Without clean water air and food , life cannot be sustained. Where are your priorities elected officals that are supposed to represent the people ?

  28. Abigail says:

    Let's be sure to listen to the contents and watch the videos that Dane attaches. This is a positive for those of us who want this geoengineering and chem trails to STOP! Thank you Rhode Island representatives for stepping out with this positive information. Sharing with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch.  Blessings Dane! We PRESS ON! 

  29. Marc D Siever says:

    Unfortunately, we must believe our government IS doing the best theycan yo save the Planet. S.A.I. is in fact bad for our health, so therefore whatever is the reason MUST outweigh the ramifications of using it. There is NO denying it is happeneing. It must be a VERY serious problem they are attempting to protect us from.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, though all of us would like to believe that those in the halls of government have our best interest in mind, all available data completely desputes any such conclusion. Climate engineering is pushing the planet’s life support systems past the point of no return and poisoning us all in the process. What we “must believe” is conclusions that are supported by verifiable facts, not what we would like to believe. FYI

    • Dennis H says:


      Unfortunately you may be coming to the "party" a little late. You just said was almost WORD FOR WORD what that piece of trash who is pushing this garbage on all of us David Keith said in the film "What in the world are they spraying". I'm sure as a GC you would not want to be miming that liar, would you?

      As Dane more succinctly put it, stop believing what you WANT to be true and look at the data.

      There is NO EXCUSE for others to decide for ALL of humanity they get to spray the entire planet with POISON. Surely you cannot be ok with this?

      Or, you have another agenda? Which is it, friend?

    • Josey Wales says:

      Government doing whatever it takes to protect us?

      Where you been, Bubba?

    • Tag says:

      Unfortunately, you must believe what the government is doing to "save the planet" is best for us.  You really think it is OK for them to "think" they are saving anything while poisoning the people?  Killing the trees and vegetation?  Wildlife?  Poisoning our water, soil and air?  Killing outweighs their goal to protect us?  Protect us?  HOW?  You are right about one thing.  It is VERY SERIOUS as they continue to try to hide the damage THEY have done.  So are you willing to die for the greater good they claim?  Willing to die to line someone's pocket book?  I'm not. 

    • Sorry Marc, I know better and I think you do too! I think we all go thru the THEY must be doing this to save us phase. Snap out of it my friend! Look around you The devastation is more than clear. It's in your face.There is no benevolence in the spraying, period.

    • Dennie says:

      …hmmmm… let's see… A very serious problem they are trying to "protect" us from, when the jury's actually out that nanoparticulate metals shred the ozone layer and SAG actually exacerbates drought conditions in dry years and causes flooding in wet years– and that information is straight out of the 1978 report by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Transportation and Science!!!  And you can read this yourself, it's on the "Documents" page here, a +700 page CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE REPORT, that also calls the rogue spray programs going on then in the state of Pennsylvania "a meteorological Watergate." 

      Are you late to the game?  Well and fine, "Better late than never." And as my high school Spanish teacher would add, "But better never late." ;-).

    • Donna-AZ says:

      "Really" You must be new to GMO's, Flouride, Toxic Vaccines, Weather Control, and HAARP. They are killing us, any  way  they  can,  period.

  30. MS P says:

    A great big Thank You, to Rhode Island Representatives Justin Price and Karen MacBeth, 

  31. James Morgan says:

    The other thing I forgot to mention is that these flights would need their own dedicated air traffic controller for safety and separation at high altitudes.  As a former pilot and flight instructor,  i would ask if there is any information on that specific angle?. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, Jeppesen Corporation appears to be involved with the global flight coordination of climate engineering operations. I had a face to face with a top executive from Jeppesen several years back. The conversation went well when basic aviation issues were discussed, the moment I brought up the geoengineering term, the conversation was immediately brought to a halt, not another word was allowed. 

    • James Morgan says:

      Hi Dane,

      No surprise with Jeppesen.  They have been in bed with the FAA forever. They produced charts and all manner of aviation technical material ever since I was involved with aviation at Green Airport PVD.

    • Dennie says:

      James Morgan:  Why wouldn't the spray jets just be drones?  We do have remote flight control capability and have had it for some time.

  32. James Morgan says:

    Hi Dane,

    I live in RI and have known about this bill through your website  I think it's time for me to get involved.

  33. C.J. says:

    From Chemtrails to Morgellons – The unmistakable link #DEBUNK THIS!?!

  34. sean slavin says:

    I was awake last night as i often am and i was wondering what had become of this.

    Now i know.

    Godspeed to all.

    We've had enough of this crap. We do not accept your poison and you will be stopped. Make no mistake about it.


  35. President Putin of Russia recently spoke out at a meeting in Saint Petersburg against geoengineering,  said western nations are most involved, said it is a threat to all life on earth. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jessica, regarding the Putin article and his alleged statements relating to geoengineering, unfortunately there was only a single non-credible source for this information. Though it would certainly be extremely helpful if Putin were to speak out, all available data makes clear that Russia is completely involved with the ongoing climate engineering global assault (along with China and all other major powers).

  36. leigh budlong says:

    This is incredibly positive to read, thank you! I'd seriously consider moving to Rhode Island if it gets approved – a good lifestyle these days doesn't mean big vacations, it is having a good chance of enjoying good health.

  37. Seeing Clearly says:

    When will California have the courage and desires to stand up and do the proper thing and pass anti-Geoengineering legislation because at this point California to me at least seems like one of the most corrupt if not the most corrupt state with very corrupt values and agendas like SB 277 for example.

    • Lisbeth Johannesen says:

      Lets forward this to all our local politicians!


    • Edward Palys says:

      When will California have the courage you ask? The answer is simple, when hell freezes over.

    • Mario says:

      Wont be while Moonbeam is in office.  California is corrupt.  It's too big to not be corrupted.  Too many thieves in the kitchen.

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