Are The Climate Engineers Waging Weather Warfare Against Texas? Again?


Dane Wigington

Texas is about to get pounded again with potential record flooding. Why would a cyclonic rotation not develop over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico where conditions are favorable for strengthening, but then strengthen once the low pressure zone is over land?

tropical storm Bill

Because that is what the weather-makers want. Has anyone ever heard of a "brown ocean event"? This is a scenario in which a hurricane does not strengthen over the warm ocean waters but then does so over land.

Click the image to enlarge

Brown Ocean

Why would we think such an extreme anomaly is natural when we know there are patents for hurricane suppression which could be utilized over the ocean? Even Bill Gates has his hand into hurricane suppression efforts. Hurricane formation over the Gulf of Mexico has been non existent in recent years in spite of record warm ocean temperatures, why? Could one of the reasons be that the power structure does not want the sea of oil sitting at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to be churned up for the world to see? Oil from the still leaking BP Macondo well that was never properly sealed? The world's foremost independent expert on deep water drilling spoke out on CNN about the still leaking BP Macondo well and was found face down in his own swimming pool shortly after. What are they hiding at the bottom of the Gulf?

well head

Available evidence indicates hurricanes can also be strengthened even as they make landfall, cyclone Haiyan did exactly that before it cut a swath of total destruction through the Philippines. What came after? The US military moved in under humanitarian pretexts and then began building bases, what a surprise. Can cyclonic rotations also be steered? Lets take hurricane "Sandy" as an example, how is it possible that the "forecasters" (who get their modeling straight from defense contractors like Raytheon that are involved with weather modification) knew 7 days ahead of time that Sandy would make an unprecedented 90 degree westerly turn? Defense contractor Raytheon produces the "forecast modeling" for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS). The key climate engineering players are literally controlling the flow of information even to "national" agencies.

Sandy 90 turn

Texas is not a very cooperative state as far as the US government is concerned, is this a reason for the coming "Jade Helm" military exercises are taking place in Texas? Using weather warfare to control populations is business as usual for the power structure that masquerades as our government. Though there are countless factors affecting Earth's climate systems and countless forms of damage to the biosphere, the US military and many other governments around the globe have long since hijacked the climate systems for their own agenda, and have long since stated their wish to do so. From the ongoing record floods in Texas, to the baking and burning US West, none is accidental. All the natural former climate processes (already harmed due to countless forms of anthropogenic activity) are being disrupted much further still by the completely out of control global weather warfare. Those in power are trying desperately to control populations who are rapidly awakening to their tyranny. Educate yourself, get into the fight to raise awareness, make your voice heard.  DW

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  1. Annette Carroll says:

    No thunderstorms in Winnipeg in 2 years.  Suddenly …2 storms in 3 days.  Spraying….consistently to the East….people are starting to notice…

    • elton allred says:

      hay you can go to and see who is flying over you and you can call the company that are spraying. There is alot of airlines and they are all sprying, Have fun with it.

  2. Truman says:

    Another very heavy spray day here in Amador county California on Friday June 19th. The view from Jackson was astounding! Wave after wave of spray fom Jackson to as far as the eyes could see towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lines running parallel with the occasional X thrown in for good measure. This went on until it got to dark to see with the planes flying over and spraying again and again…..what gives? Why such a concentration all of a sudden? What a week we have had in this part (Central Sierra Foothills) of California.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      country I grew up in;  now live in Montana but we are being poisoned also!
      Too many stupid people who do not believe people could be this EVIL!!!!!

    • Donna says:

      Same here in Reno. The spraying yesterday was the worse I've ever seen. Today, thank God, there is no spraying. A rare day lately.

  3. JR says:

    Today 6/19/15 a repeat of yesterdays post here in Southwest, N.M.  These proud men will fall one day and as others posted here none will help them. They will be thrown out with the dung that they are like chaff in the wind.

  4. JR says:

    Southwest USA, Southern New Mexico reporting today 6/18/15 over El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, N.M. rain clouds all around mostly coming in from East. Well you already know the true scenario-busted from SAG/Chemtrails to nothing mostly jets flying from east. El Paso was all whited out over it which is just across the border from Juarez, Mexico. The Rio Grande had been dry until recently when water was released from Elephant Butte Dam upstream in N.M. When will the people wake up in this country folks? We are none the less fortunate people because we know the truth, so it's not a shock to us. It does not make it any easier to have to deal with and stomach the havoc created, we are awake though and refuse to be in a stupor and blinded! God deal with them, this is no game as everything is labeled with that saying anymore. Inner Peace be with you all…..

  5. Frank says:

    The big question is will they flood out California this winter or continue with the drought. If the drought continues we will see catastrophic events in all major cities as the water runs out. Either way California is in very deep trouble. The people who could afford it have already vacated the state or have moved to rural areas. 

    You can live for weeks without no food but with no water you have 3 days if that. If this drought continues I see the writing on the wall and it is not pretty. The news on TV after Hurricane Katrina will look like a Sunday picnic compared to what California will be with no water.

  6. Stax says:

    Would like to add,there has been very heavy,continuous spraying over central Scotland,also if you are having trouble convincing loved ones just get out some old Holiday photos and play spot the contrail.

  7. J.Wise says:

    All the messages to the public from Pres. and Pope that global warning is the greatest danger we face, what do they expect us to do about it?  It's as if they know something wicked this way comes and they want to plant the seeds that it is my fault for driving a truck.  I wish I could wrap my head around it.  What will it look like soon?  How should we prepare?  It doesn't seem like enough people will wake up in time. Everyone thinks I'm crazy.  I'm grateful to Dane though.  I would rather know, than have my head in the sand.

  8. Hello Dane,

    Just wondering if the governor's of Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, have been notified regarding current levels of weather warfare? Seems like they should be the first one's to know, rather than the last…

  9. gwryan00 says:

    Spraying here in upstate NY is mostly 4 days on 2 days off but another round of heavy rain is coming in on thursday to the areas south of the Rochester metro again which has seen historic flooding for 3 straight years in Wyoming, Livingston, Ontario, and Steuben counties. This is an effort to vacate the population south of the NYS thruway as per agenda 21. It should be obvious why hydrofracking will never be allowed from south of the thruway to the PA state line. In a completely unrelated story I had a short but interesting conversation with a couple of NY correction officers who pretty much inferred that those 2 escapees never made it past the steam pipe yet the search area is expanding.

  10. Truman says:

    Here in Amador County California they were spraying at the heaviest rate I have ever seen all morning. Line upon line of chemicals spewing out and covering what started out as a beautiful morning. From the small town of Sutter Creek I observed 10 to 12 trails starting in the Eastern sky and at least that many to the North. This was kept up for hours while they added more and more trails. The sky ended up as the typical silvery color instead of the normal blue for the rest of the morning. I took pictures of today's spraying. I have never seen it so heavy as they sprayed today and I have been watching the sky for quite some time for these events which happen daily, even at night…..can't help but feel helpless while I watch this destruction from above. I have been telling lot's of others to start watching the sky and I have been met with mixed results as most folks just kind dismiss this as contrails…..very frustrating

    • Richard says:

      Truman – I've seen numerous days of spraying in Phoenix, AZ and had a similar experience as you did (on May 20th) which so far, has been the worst day of spraying here – it went from a clear morning to absolute silver haze in 2-3 hours. I took pictures of the spraying. While walking, I asked others around me what they thought – no one had even noticed what was happening before their very eyes! I hope folks wake up. 

  11. nikki says:

    With our past several weeks filled – day and night with chemclouds – I have been wondering what they are doing above this false cloud cover.  A few weeks ago, a friend and I were in Morrison – a small town outside of Denver – on a partially clear day.  Just to the east of the slope we noticed white drones (sloped noses like a wasp) slipping by every few minutes.  I'd noticed them early that moring, however we were looking in late afternoon… we sat through about 12 of them before leaving the area.  They were flying from the south (sw) to the N/NE… very slowly and not making a sound.

    I just wonder if they are using/flying these now (in the US) – right over our  heads above the false cloud cover….

  12. debra p says:

    Foresthill,CA Have been watching daily spraying,early morning hrs. This morning watched as the planes crisscrossed the skies. This stuff is terrifying and evil. Thank you Dane and others for all the wonderful info and bringing this subject to light.

  13. Randy says:

    They have not sprayed in the general Phx area for 8 days now. What UP! That explains the extreme heat that started after the spraying stopped. They have the high pressure stuck over AZ! Welcome to 115 for the next 5 days!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Randy, look for the short bright trails and the resulting silvery white skies, the shorter trails are still spray dispersions.

    • nikki says:

      Dane… they used those last night after our storm and false upper "clouds" dissipated the true clouds…   

      On an Italian site… they'd stated that that when they do the shorter trails they were dispersing phthalates…. have you heard about this? 

    • PK says:


      @Randy:  Yup, our skies have been surprisingly clear for about a week now in AZ (a few hours away from Phoenix).  There is a silver haze towards Vegas, looks like they are spraying thataway…we'll see if it floats over us.  (Dane…no short trails either…we call them "stop and starts" here…  Not to mention I have watched them "stop and start" all across the sky.  One day, I stopped counting the planes at 75 (full-length trails).  I'm sure there was over 100 day day.)  I have shown family the metallic rainbow colored clouds and sun glowing in the sky (pics).  They still don't get it.

      God help us…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello PK, its not just “stop start” spraying, but a consistent short trail, others in AZ are noting this type of spraying and the silvery white skies that come with it. This is common on the warmest days with the strongest high pressure and the most intense UV.

    • W.C. says:

      One does have to wonder if weather manipulation will be used as 'the problem' and Jade Helm will be used as 'the answer' to the problem.

  14. Lakotah says:

    Even with all this geoengineering going on, I still can't stop thinking about Fukushima and the dangers it poses. All it's going to take is another earthquake or some activity from HAARP to create a catastrophe of monstrous proportions that will destroy a huge portion of Japan and contaminate the oceans, starting with the Pacific. Some who can afford it are leaving Japan. Not that it makes much difference but most everyone has evacuated the immediate area. Tepco is not being truthful about the status of those reactors and they do not have the technology to stop the progression of it. Here is a short video of the disaster with Paul Gunter the Lead Spokesperson in Nuclear Reactor Hazards. 




  15. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 58th email to my contact list, titled 'What are they spraying?'

    Air, rain water, river water, soil, hair, blood, urine etc samples show that the main ingredient of the atmospheric spraying is Aluminium, followed closely by the composition of coal ash dust, and then there is a toxic mix of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) compounds.  If we work, play or socialise outside we should all be wearing full NBC suits and gas masks.

    Where does it all come from?  

    a. The coal ash dust is obvious – from coal power stations.  In fact atmospheric spraying is a very cheap way for them to 'dispose' of this toxic waste.

    b.  The NBC compounds have to be from military, pharmaceutical and chemical experiments and waste disposal.

    c.  The Aluminium is used in atmospheric spraying as it is a low-watt conductor, especially when it concerns ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] (brain wave level) transmissions. The test data for this can be found in the Navy, who pioneered this technology back in the 1960s for their submarines. The Aluminium is a blend of T7075, with zinc, magnesium, barium, molybdenum, and copper. The crystal formations in the Aluminium show that it is polarised toward a counter-centric alignment not normally found in nature

    7075 was first developed in secret by a Japanese company, Sumitomo Metal, in 1936. 

    7075 was used for the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter's air frame for the Imperial Japanese Navy starting in 1940.

    7000 series alloys such as 7075 are often used in transport applications, including marine, automotive and aviation, due to their high strength-to-density ratio. Their strength and light weight is also desirable in other fields. Rock climbing equipment, bicycle components, in-line skating-frames and hang glider airframes are commonly made from 7075 aluminium alloy. Hobby grade RC models commonly use 7075 and 6061 for chassis plates. One interesting use for 7075 is in the manufacture of M16 rifles for the American military. In particular high quality M16 rifle lower and upper receivers as well as extension tubes are typically made from 7075-T6 alloy. Desert Tactical Arms and French armament company PGM use it for their precision rifles. It is also commonly used in shafts for lacrosse sticks, such as the STX sabre, and camping knife and fork sets.

    7075 has high strength, low density, thermal properties and can be highly polished.

    Where do they get enough Aluminium for their atmospheric spraying?  No doubt it is currently produced, but a lot probably comes from breaking up old aircraft frames.

    Aluminium, barium, and longer-life elements are generally sprayed above 12,000 feet.

    Pathogens are probably sprayed at lower levels (less than 5,000 feet.)

    For further information – 

    Atmospheric spraying:

    Coal Ash:

    Excellent HAARP explanation:



  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Excellent excellent searing report and comments.

    The bizarre and brazen all coming to a head by the hidden hand.  The unseen cabal that rules this world who have never seen a hard days work in all their lives, who live off the backs of the "you's" and the "me"s" around this world and who will never fight in any war. They rely on us to do the slaughtering of innocents and subjugation of sovereign nations in their wars. Wars that they start and keep alive!

    Their wars against nature, our skies and humanity cannot continue if enough of our military REFUSE their orders. You see they do really need us. Our military does their criminal work so that they can keep what they have hoarded..wealth beyond imagination. Control beyond imagination. God bless the strong and the brave men and women who are diligently trying to make this happen!!

  17. Wyatt Berry says:


    You certainly are asking the right questions!

  18. Dbooger says:

    I started taking notice of the chemtrails when I drove from Florida to Texas after the New Year. I have sent emails, letters, photos listing dates, times and the trails to the EPA and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The first response was that these are contrails. I stated their answer was ridiculous and referenced the geoengineering website.  I also sent copies to our local congressional representative – no response.  I receive a response from the TCEQ and they mention to contact the FAA, because this is out of their jurisdiction.  More pass the buck in process.  We need to organize and attack these idiots in power and have them arrested.

  19. Jennifer Symonds says:

    Seems to me that most SAG activity is done in coastal areas; am I right?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jennifer, though “marine layer enhancement” is one form of SRM, the spraying occurs everywhere.

  20. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The military spokesman on TV for Northern Edge, the military "training" in and over 800 sq. miles of the Gulf of Alaska this week, was giddy with certainty that the warm temperatures and clear skies would be perfect all week.  It's a one week deal.  When we saw the weather map there is a high in the Gulf and to the west of Alaska in the Bering Strait.  We are getting record breaking heat, dryness and wind.  We now have two major fires that are not contained and some "little" fires from the lightening this afternoon.  Two thirds of the state is effectively at zero humidity.  Anyway, my point is that it appears on our weather maps that the jet stream has for the moment been pushed up over northern Alaska before it turns down toward the southcentral US (Texas).  Meanwhile the military is happily killing the salmon, marine mammals and sea life of all sorts down in the Gulf of Alaska.

    So it's possible the war being waged may be on Alaska and Texas this week, just because they can.

  21. Chad says:

    Behold July through Sept! They are giving to do something big like martial law! God bless us all, Amen! Still spraying no rain! Unite and prepare now!

    • Dave says:

      Unite is right, Question for you all is if they wage war on us what do you think we should do. Stand by and die. In the Bible it talks about to protect your your loved ones at all cost. The Hitler running this county is going to reduce people faster than you think. Flooding Texas is a sure way to get people into the Fema camps. My self would rather starve then to go there. 

  22. carol freiberg says:

    I am hoping I live just long enough to see these criminals hanging in the public square. Am glad to see more are waking up to witness and document this crime but more pressure needs to be applied and more folks need to realize they are not immune to the effects of the aerosols. Your retirement plans will do you no good if you are poisoned by the aerosols.Time to join together, grow a pair and end this madness once and for all.


    • The criminals that need to be held responsible are ALL active American military personnel. None of these WC operations could succeed without military coverage and assistance.

      ALL civilian and military aircraft need to be grounded, period. Start by boycotting the airlines. If our "military" were on the up and up, 9/11 would have never happened. Why did Donald Rumsfeld tell our air defense command system to stand down after civilian planes had been hijacked?

      It's all a scam, and we're being snuffed by our own hand… Buy a plane ticket today!!! I hear flights are cheap!!!

  23. Tim says:

    Anyone notice how insanely hot it is already? Florida? Arizona? Alaska?

    Earth is broiling. Chemtrails are not helping.

  24. Nigel says:

    Here in North Jersey, they spray almost every day…starting bright and early as the sun is coming up, throughout the day into dusk. I only realized this within the past few months and when you start to pay attention to the sky, it's depressing. The sky is always filled with streaks that turn into those misty/milky fake clouds that create a haze but never fully block the sun.I pointed out a chemtrail to my mom and she thought I was crazy but then a regular plane passed by that had a normal, disappearing contrail and then she realized the difference.

    • SuperLuminal Man says:

      "They" also routinely spray at NIGHT in many regions of the world …

    • Terri Perry says:

      Here in Central-Southern Italy. They are spraying virtually every day. One day, we witnessed planes spraying every 15 minutes.  Then within 2-3 days we get horrendous weather.  Like today! Torrential rain twice today and not stopped yet. Its a complete "white out" of rain. About a week ago there was large hail (huge hail stones that dent cars).  Everywhere we look the trees are dead or dying.  I have never seen so many dead trees in the countryside, by the road side and on the coast road too.  Even the leaves on bushes are turning brown as if they have been torched.  I wonder if this is planned to stop the olive and grape crops too (a crisis with olive trees now).  If there is no olive oil people will have to turn to, guess what, GM sunflower oil. Nobody seems to care here and when we tell people what's going on they look at us as if we're crazy.

  25. Bob says:

    It irks me so much that the Weather Channel, the monopoly on TV news, can use their cool graphics, use their cool word magic, and basically cement what they say as being the authority on weather.  People just gobble it up and repeat it.  They know this too.  They are very very good at it.  They make it so reasonable sounding because they are using half truths.  The weather channel really doesn't  have any competition either.  Makes it way easier to dazzle people with edited graphics, find some cool sounding rare weather phenomena ( if the weather was truly natural), and get them to believe this crazy weather is a by product of this crazy climate change stuff.  Don't worry, we are the all knowing Weather Channel, do not question. Oh this weather is so whacky, it can do anything, and we will get you to believe it.  No more logic, just blind appeal to authority.  And why are the talking heads on this television channel, the authorities on weather?  Thank god for this site and sadly, only a handful of others.  I will continue to spread the word about how real and conspiring this all is.  I want to do more yet frequently feel overwhelmed as to these conspiritors real power, how integrated they are in all information transfer, and how easy people allow false authorities to make up their minds for them.  Thanks again Dane.

  26. marta says:

    Absolutely right on analysis… I followed the Gulf from the start and all of it  was a coverup of monsanto's frankenstein microbe synthia that led to the ocean bottom instability and the now unstoppable leaks at the macando well site. And of course they knew that corexit would kill everything as it did in prince william sound.. true evil at work

  27. Last.Sucker says:

    If there is any good law enforcement men left at the FBI do your job.

    Get your eyes off the American people shumcks stop counting your retirement plans. You guys are going down like the rest of us. The debate is over you guys sure have drawn a line in the sand. The insanity that the geoengineering SRM programs is purely satanic. You want this new world disorder to kill every plant animal person on earth? That's where we are headed. Nazi scum that's all you guys are one day if we make it there will be Nuremberg trials for all of you traitors. Stop killing the planet god damn it. Stop assaulting my family and me my friends.Everyone that is involved with  geoengineeringwatch stay strong we will awaken the public to these criminals.

    • The only thing that took place at the Nuremberg "trials", was that leading German scientists got a huge promotion and a wage increase. Sure, a few stooges went down in flames, but the majority went Scot free, and were absorbed into British, French, and American covert operations.


      Every war since the war of 1812 has been a false-flag bankers war. History is always rewritten by those who "won"…

  28. Neal says:

    I was in northern Missouri at a truck stop last night. I woke this a m and 1st thing i saw out my trucks windshield were jets leaving chemtrails. I got out to get breakfast and looked north of my position and it was in full swing. I took pictures and put on Facebook. My wife is finally a believer. Some pictures showed where the plumes were beginning to fan out and west of me it was obvious they sprayed there 1st. There was already artificial cloud formations blocking what would have otherwise been a gorgeous blue sky day. Im still in mo and the skies have been ridiculous all day. I wonder if it may be an attempt at steering the storm from Texas one way or another as it begins to come northward into the central states area. Who knows.

  29. Ellen says:

    The spraying here in Vancouver, bc Canada is enormous. We feel helpless against this evil done to us. What is upsetting is, that so few people are taking notice and get involved. What is the best way to draw attention to the unaware. We could use some effective methods. Our heartfelt thanks to you Dane for putting your heart and soul in to this for all of us. Thank you also for the many that spend countless hours to bring the latest information to us. May the Lord keep you in His care! 


  30. russ elder says:

    this is all being done to teach Texas a lesson, it breaks my heart that my country is doing this to her own people. God help us and please God watch over the people of Texas.

    • Bruise says:

      Russ its not your country its a handful of psychopathic individuals who seized the machinery of government through money. It takes billions to run for president, it shouldn't cost anything. Every single banker/hedge fund manager needs to hang, period. We must never allow banks to exist again if we make it. Every single banker must pay for this crime against humanity with his/her life I am sorry to say. Every banker or person whose wealth is tied to a central bank is guilty, every single one.

    • Stax says:

      Talking of Banksters,that would be why Usury was outlawed,makes one certain we have been through this before.

  31. Has anyone done a statistical analysis of weather patterns world wide, let's say comparing twenty year periods (1970 – 1990 and 1994 – 2014)? If the results are as I imagine them to be, governors and legislatures of American states and a host of foreign nations would have to step up and demand that the insanity be stopped. States and nations acting in that manner, together, would be unstoppable.

    • SD says:

      Yes, a competent and unbiased statistical analysis of climate data such as tornado activity, 100 year floods, droughts and even earthquakes past 10 years would lead to the conclusion "Not consistent with natural variability." Which means HUMAN CAUSED.

  32. David Casella says:

    I would like to send photos of SRM being conducted in Jacksonville, Florida

  33. Rachael Webb says:

    I live in North Central Texas, our boat is basically sitting in the middle of Lake Texoma on the Red River, because everything is flooded, and here we go again, and of course these events are always preceded by the spraying! This is weather warfare and it’s all connected to Jade Helm.

    • Derek says:

      No spraying in SoCal last 4-5 days. Whenever there is a pause I grow suspicious. I figure it's one dark agenda giving way to one darker still. Maybe it's the commencement of Jade Helm. Or it's Bilderberg. For the week of the Bilderberg conference the skies were clear this year and last. What are all the planes housed at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Camp Pendleton Marine Base up to?  (not that I miss them)

    • Janet Garcia says:

      I too live in southern California and have noted the lack of spraying here in the high desert area.  Yesterday they started spraying in the morning and then just stopped. I was glad. But wondering why?

    • DAVID DARBY says:

      response to Derek…Yes I agree its been mainly clear here in San Diego for most of June. I think there was a bit of scattering going last weekend but I definitely know when the microwaves are active and aerosols are being dumped into the atmosphere. I wont go outside and stay inside. tucked away. I always get sick and this last few months have had severe arthritis flares and more at 48. Aargh. I wish it would stay like this but I know it wont. They whom ever that is will continue again after they are done with Texas pounding. Who knows how the weather ie the drought will end. We know that is a scheme as well.

  34. BaneB says:

     I wonder when the weather warriors will decide to drown Northern California?  Or set us on fire with huge lightning storms like they parked over my area about five or six years ago.  The Texas weather is punishment for demanding the Wall Street gang give back to Texas the one billion dollars in gold that is currently held in New York.  The Texas State legislature just passed a law to set up its own gold reserve.  I don't think Texas trusts the Feds on a lot of levels.  Furthermore, there is a gold buying frenzy by Russia and China.  Those who have paper deposits of gold are fidgety, too, because some are doubting there is actually enough gold for all the paper claims that could be called.  Texas is taking no chances and wants what is theirs returned.  Thanks for posting the latest Geoengineering assault information.  I am going to pay close attention to this event.

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