Captured On Radar, Geoengineered Winter Weather Over Atlantic City


Dane Wigington

Geoengineering Watch has again captured radar animations that prove geoengineering operations are manufacturing “winter weather” over specific regions. The increasingly desperate and destructive operations being carried out by the weather-makers is far beyond alarming. Engineering “winter weather" events are one of the primary missions of the climate engineers as the abrupt climate collapse scenario continues to unfold on planet Earth (a scenario being further fueled overall by climate engineering itself). Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation are a primary means of carrying out the engineered winter events. Why aren't so called weather experts willing to acknowledge the massive climate engineering operations and their impacts? Because their paychecks and pensions depend on their denial, the illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service (NWS) and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees is a case in point. The 5 minute video below exposes the impacts of ongoing engineered winter scenarios.

It is imperative that populations be awakened to the climate engineering operations. It is just as important that the full scope and scale of these programs are understood. There can be no valid discussion of the climate without addressing the climate engineering issue. Equally true, there can be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering without addressing chemical ice nucleation processes and the engineered winter events these processes help to create. All of us are needed in the essential effort to raise and reach a critical mass of awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, make every day count.

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28 Responses to Captured On Radar, Geoengineered Winter Weather Over Atlantic City

  1. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, in regards to the pine needles we all see turning brown and falling at such an odd time of season, winter. It's been 25 to 30 F during the day and 12 to 17 F at night. The humidity during the winter these last years has been literally twice historical norms. I've been watching the ponderosa in my region very closely. It's alarming when one can see the change just by taking daily mental notes. No scientific study necessary. The catastrophic effect of this weeks weather is taking a toll quite quickly. Two things there. 1, the trees have no "reserve" in them or their soils. 2, the above normal humidity creates ice crystals on organic surfaces. "That's where the chemical ice nucleation agents finish their reaction process". I'll go on record that our relative humidity is being chemically nucleated. It shows up at ground level. We haven't had any precipitation for over 2 weeks now and it is a long stretch to the one time before that. It's super dry up here in north central Washington. The main road I live on usually gets heaves in the pavement where there are big cracks. Many are quite tall. That's where moisture gets into the soil and expands when it freezes. This year there is nothing to freeze and expand. That's great for non organic transportation, "but what's it doing to our trees?"

    I swear, sometimes I feel really ripped off. All I wanted to do when I got old was grow trees and work "with" my horses. My trees are dying by the day, literally. It's alarming. It's become a challenge in and of itself just living all of them dying. When they're gone, so will I be gone. I've accepted that. I will be an activist to the end. Once upon a time I made pretty good money helping folks with "problem" horses. These days I can't find any. Horse owners or horses. "Ya think all this crap we all breath isn't having an effect?" I'd much rather have "problem" horses with owners that sought answers. Even my own two Mustangs are more docile than ever before. Please know though, we've been together for almost 13 years now. I've been as reliable as the sun coming up. That means quite a bit in the horses(or sled dogs) mind. As a result, when I ask I am given what I ask for, I've already given my due. Make sense? It does to our critter friends. By the way, it is best that none of that scenario is food related. It matters, ultimately. I'm "living" proof, literally. Being bullet proof doesn't mean you have to stop a bullet. You just simply need to know how to dodge the first one and take measures to ensure there isn't a second. Let me tell ya, life gets interesting when the human to animal weight ratio is 5 to 10 animal pounds to 1 human. Talking with folks about Geo engineering is a vacation comparatively(grin). Heck, people want horses to do all kinds of things, all we need to do is teach people how to look up. How hard is that? In comparison to our world we live in today, which is quite restricting.  I've never rode a horse nor drove a sled dog with any kind of force devise. The same principles hold true with our fellow mankind. So many "parallels in nature".

  2. Lance Colvard says:

    Most likely whatever is being sprayed is being sprayed by our own military, probably the United States Air Force. We need friends in the Air Force to help us, they also have family living on the planet below, wife’s, children. It should not take too much convincing that they should help us. If you know people in the Air Force talk to them, show them what they are doing to us, that they are killing us. Ask them for help…

  3. Dan from Idaho says:

    Well here we go again, another messed up ice nucleated winter here in southern Idaho. Night time brings clear and starring skies but right as the sun is rising here comes that gray featureless cloud cover that stretches for hundreds of miles and never moves never allowing us to see the sun and it is very cold. Happens every day unless of course they ice nucleate freezing rain or fake snow for us. I am so sick of these assholes and the dumbed down masses who cannot see what is happening. I just don't know what to do anymore. These people just will not listen.

    • LavaLady says:

      I'm in SE Idaho and thought I might be the only one in Idaho who cares. I feel like screaming aloud, "is there anyone who gives a F**K about what's going on?!" In plain daylight, their mess is relentless, and I can't believe how many chose to pretend this is normal. I want to reach up and feel the blue sky that I know lies beyond the disgusting mess they're creating. I can't understand the mentality behind the pilots who are operating these jets. I feel a violent rage surging inside of me. I have beautiful children to protect.

    • Lou says:

      I concur with you Dan 100%!!!!

    • Martha says:

      LavaLady, I'm also in Idaho. I care and have since 1998 when I first became aware of this atrocity. I distribute Dane's flyers on a regular basis and talk to anyone and everyone who seems to have a viable brain cell and are willing to take a break from their cell phone long enough to hear about something that matters. Hang in there. You're not alone. It just seems that way. 

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Alan, what you say here reminded me of my father during the Viet Nam war, who said we should nuke them!  I sputtered, but, that could kill us all, how can you say such a thing?  He said: I won't be here.  I said, well We might be here.  He said: Again, I won't be here, I don't care.  So, bottom line, ask Ivanka and kin how she feels knowing her ever lovin' daddy does not care what suffering the future will bring to her and sibs. and grandkids.  But then, I'm guessing they already know how very conditional 'daddy's' love is.  To be fair, my father was closing in on dying, sick for some time, obviously bitter about that.  On the other hand, I'm in bad shape now but I do not wish such horrors on humanity.  I have so much trouble understanding why people do not care enough.  I've lost patience with most of this world.  What could be more important on a far greater scale than self, than the health of our world and ALL of its inhabitants, human and otherwise?!  Especially the other wise!

    • Alan says:

      Hi, Rachel:

      I asked a physician friend of mine yesterday, "In your opinion, where would human beings rank on a continuum of all living creatures?"  His response was, "First and Last".  

  5. Little Jamulian says:

    We had the most intense rain I’ve ever experienced drifting from South-Central San Diego county into the East County last evening!  I was about to feed the horses, when the extreme downpour started.  Stopped in the tracks, I had to switch gears and started shoveling run-offs and moving mud around, as water just kept on coming, and to keep the horses sort of on high grounds.  It was unprecedented – very geoengineer-like!  As I was shoveling, huffing and puffing, I noticed an intense odor in the air.  I live up in the mountains, away from any city smell that might arise during rain.  So, what is this?  Irritated by this miasma, I kept on shoveling.  Seriously, how can the air smell like that in this heavy rain?  It’s like burnt wires, but not really. Like watered down ashes, dust or maybe plastic, but also not exactly.  Wait!  Chemicals!  Good grief!  How can these geoengineers claim that pumping chemicals into the sky is a good idea, when it comes back onto Earth and poisons everything on this planet?!  Mind-boggling!  This world is ruled by a bunch of psychopaths!

    • Dennie says:

      And we just go right along with the insanity, because they're bringing us faster and faster wireless so we can play with more and more and more gadgets all the time, that way we won't think to look up and notice that indeed it's raining plastic and yes, I've smelled that burnt plastic brake fluid PCB-smell when they've used that particular formula.  Rosalyn Peterson used to know what that was.  Russ Tanner's identified the various smelling chem sprays.  We get one from time to time that smells like freshly cut grass, and another that smells like the alders that live along the trails out near Bolinas.  Mostly we have the salty metals raining down on us.  No, they do NOT care one whit about who has to pay the bill for their ridiculous resource-sucking parties.  Or the real cost.

  6. Dean says:

    As in any manipulation of this planet by Man(As in anything that Man tries to manipulate)… Earth will not allow this to go on. Things will happen to restore the natural evolution of this planet by Earth. Earth has been here for billions of years. We're just one of many civilizations that have lived on this Earth. 

  7. Dave Me says:

     A while back I mentioned a Belgium chemical conglomerate called Solvay S.A. that makes biopolymers and is a contractor for the US military and General Dynamics-Raytheon with facilities in nearly all US border states. The family that owns this conglomerate also has a very dark European history dating back at least 2 generations.

     The chemical ice nucleated storm shown in the video in NJ is DIRECTLY over 3 NJ Solvay facilities in Princeton, W. Debtford, and Cranberry and all 3 are near Philadelphia, Pa. The weather forecast showing the huge storm covers the following states west to east: AZ, NM, TX, KS, AR, MS, MO, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, VA, W.VA, KY in that approx. order as the storm is forecast thru Saturday.

     Coincidentally, Solvay also has facilities in Tempe, AZ (DBA Cytec), 16 facilities in Texas alone (also DBA Cytec and Chemplex), Little Rock, AR; Bay Saint Louis, MS; Kissinger & St. Louis, MO; Decatur, AL; Augusta, Winder, & Alpharetta, GA; Greenville & Charleston, SC; Willow Island, W.VA; Mt. Pleasant, TN; and Ashland, KY, and that's not all of them. After comparing this storm forecast to the locations of Solvay facilities I feel there is a likely connection here and it may be a team effort.

     The video showed how frozen precipitation is made using chemicals and it showed a very brief list of the patent holders associated with weather modification BUT none listed appear to be any commercial or chemical manufacturers. If the mfg. is a gov't. contractor, they won't be on that list and likely are hiding behind non-disclosure agreements. Finding where this crap is being made is key. If you're an employee of one of these facilities or know someone that is I'd really like to hear from you.

     If we can gather enough evidence about any chemical manufacturing associated with this weather modification then it'll be time to put politicians and states attorney generals to work. If they refuse, then it'll be time to begin special election recalls in applicable states. FOIA requests being redacted or denied altogether simply can not be allowed PERIOD. Most people don't realize what's going on here and we REALLY need to step up our game on this and hold elected officials accountable. I welcome a response from Dane regarding any info you have about any chemical mfg's. possibly associated with this. Thanks in advance.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dave, in regard to your question of potential materials suppliers for the weather warfare assault, here is a start, FYI

    • Dave Me says:

      @ Dane: Thanks for the link to the vid. We had a very nasty ice storm in Maine in 1998 and I remember it well. You're definitely onto one of them in American Chemical and Stan Silverman must be real piece of work. Has this individual ever been questioned or subpoenaed? Maybe money movement can't be disclosed but what about MSDS and bills of lading info for hazardous materials? Stuff this toxic has to be documented somewhere and is likely a hazard to handle and transport. There has to be some method to track shipments from A to B and/or between other suppliers. If this co. is a shell corp. then someone else is likely the actual mfr. using it as a front. That never happens, lol.

       China was mentioned in the video. I can't disclose my source but the fireworks factory that exploded in Tianjin, China in 2015 was VERY likely an actual chemical manufacturing facility. If true, and if they were shipping abroad there may be a paper trail. Interesting that the baltic dry index became a private corp. in 1992 and was sold to Singapore Exchange in 2016.

       It's definitely being manufactured somewhere. If not abroad then state side. The American Chemical Council member list reads like a who's who of every chemical and fuel manufacturer in the world and is quite the list. This stuff may also be coming through Canada and/or Mexico before entering the states first to further complicate tracing shipments. "Free trade" in action. 

  8. Stuart says:

    Looks like Ice Nucleation technology was used here in southern CA yesterday.  Snow and ice accumulation on the "Grapevine" section of I5 caused it's closure for a time.

    Past three weeks we have seen "precipitation events" here on Wed/ Thur schedule.

    Past three weeks we have seen daily spraying from aircraft.  I'm guessing both SRM and cloud seeding of Condensation Nuclei.

    Colorful "Enhanced Sunsets" past three weeks.

    Yesterday we had a real gully washer of a storm with over 2" of rain many areas. much more than forecast. Strange and unpredictable movement of a "Cut off Low" might be evidence of steering via high energy transmitters. Heavy cloud cover dispersed late PM and tell tale pink fringed clouds and enhanced "rainbows" appeared.

  9. Glenda Jasper says:

    With all the years we all watch the skies being filled poisons dropping upon our planet must be Stopped in destroying Us all slowly but surely these changes are affecting millions across the map

    Each day we watch ourselves being slowly but surely depleting our immune system

    The affects are strongly apparent anyone ignoring these signs do not wish to be involved due to fear

    The culprits "deep pockets" are clearing billions into their murderous hands of Power well known to us all that hide behind the seams of their own fabric

  10. Daniel Andrew Stevenson says:

    Watched a very disturbing video. Asked myself the question; " Was it the proof town make-up as testing model  preplanned for deliberate destruction? 

    • EDDIE D says:


  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane – This video is great work, as always. Hard evidence. Thank you! Your intelligent courage is contagious.


    A Third Of Adults May Have No Idea They're Taking Medication That Causes Depression
    Are you aware of the side effects when you’re prescribed a medication? Millions of Americans may have no clue that many of the pills they’re swallowing each day for common health conditions could also cause depression, a new study finds.
    Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that as many as one-third of adults in the U.S. may be unwittingly taking medication detrimental to their mental health.  The researchers found that many of these common prescription medications, almost always prescribed for maladies other than depression, increase one likeliness of developing that condition along with one’s risk of suicide.

    • Cheryl Yonker says:

      Thank you for the information about medications causing depression.  I believe that the meds my father was taking is what led him to taking his life. 
      Terrible loss.  Devastating.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Cheryl Yonker, Sorry about your dad. I lost my step father who I loved dearly to much the same circumstance. My mom thought he should be on antidepressants. He said they made him feel funny and stopped after about a year of taking them. Many of us know that is when the risk of suicide comes into play with those messed up drugs. My sister died of a super nasty brain tumor 8 years ago. She worked for years in an army micro wave communications "shack" in Korea. It's a toss up as to what really did her in, the treatment or the tumor. I'm convinced it was the treatments. The tumor can be dealt with organically. Nobody would listen to me.

      Susan, thank you for bringing this topic to the table. I'm shocked as to the high percentage of folks on weird drugs these days. I don't have a medicine cabinet and come to think of it, I don't even have asprin or tylenol and such.

  12. Dan says:


    I live in central Arkansas.  I have been following Geoengineeringwatch for a couple of years now and have become aware of the increased solar radiation management going on over our state.  I am an amateur astronomer and have noticed an alarming decrease in visibility in the night sky that I am sure is caused by and aggravated by solar radiation management spraying. Recently we have had white fibrous material falling out of the sky. This material is very strong dry fibrous that is also very sticky.  I took video and pictures of the material falling from the sky and hanging in surrounding trees.  I was also able to collect several samples of the substance. Do you know where I could send this material to be analyzed?  Thank you for your continuing effort to warn everyone of the dangers of geoengineering. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dan, thank you for your report. About testing the filaments, any certivied lab should be able to process them. We have tested such fillaments in the past, very high in aluminum and other heavy metals. There are likely other elements, but unless one knows exactly what to look for, it is a needle in a hay stack scenario. Please keep us posted as to any results.

    • Ccgreen says:

      Dan, I drove through eastern Arkansas on Thanksgiving and saw clumps of long spider web like threads floating around the road. I got out to walk the dog and was hit with a clump of it which squished to a tiny ball. This is the second year I have noticed the fake spider webs. I think the webs are used in the fall and theorize they are associated with the defoliant sprayed to force dormancy in the plants. Just an observation.

  13. Alan says:

    Quoting from Molly Larkin: 

    "When our Founding Fathers looked for examples of effective government and human liberty upon which to model a Constitution to unite the thirteen colonies, they found it in the government of the Iroquois Nation, which, at that point, had stood for hundreds of years.

    Ironically, in drafting our constitution, our founders left out one of the essential principles of the Iroquois' Great Law of Peace: the 7th Generation principle."

    As we know, the 7th Generation principle (paraphrasing) is that, in making every decision, consider the effects your decision will have on your descendants seven generations from now.   

    Contrast the 7th Generation principle with a statement recently attributed to the current occupant of the White House, after he was reportedly shown charts and graphs illustrating the impending spike in our $21 trillion national debt – "Yeah, but I won't be here."  


    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, well the Founding Fathers also left out a major piece of the Iroquois Nation's model of democratic representation, namely, the voices of W-O-M-E-N.  The women were the ones who put the male delegates in power.  The men couldn't go to council unless they'd been put there by the collective decisions of women.  

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dennie.  You're right!  Very important!   

    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      Thanks for sharing, Alan. It truly is a fascinating little piece of history, how an indigenous political system inspired so many European settlers (immigrants) early on.    

      And Dennie: Very well said! Years ago I befriended some People of the Longhouse here in New York, a.k.a. the Haudenosaunee (from the original Hotenonsho:ni), who described to me how their political system works. Every time, Haudenosaunee women put the "male delegates" (commonly known as chiefs) up for a public vote. Plus, I was told the phrase "Iroquois Nation" is never accurate, because it relies on a French slang term for "meat eaters." They are the Haudenosaunee: the Five Nations of Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga and Seneca (later joined by the southern Tuscarora). The Haudenosaunee now live mostly on the Akwesasne "reservation" that straddles the Canadian and New York border. Their original lands stretched from west of the Finger Lakes through the Mohawk Valley east to the Hudson River.

      Also, mountains of gratitude to Dane Wigington in California for his tireless efforts to keep us all updated about this "top secret" sheer madness. For months, New York has been getting pummeled by unnatural weather events such as very strange drought conditions May thru late July, followed by biblical amounts of humidity and rain ever since. The radar images above simply confirm my suspicions. People are definitely waking up to this crap; I'm noticing more who know what I'm trying to discuss with them. I always offer a flyer or at least recommend this website.    

      In January 1961, President Dwight Eishenhower had solid reasons to warn us. Like Dane and his awesome online source, Eisenhower will be forever respected for doing so through a nationally televised broadcast. 

      Please consider writing letters to Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, and urge her to intervene in her capacity as a respected military veteran who sacrificed two limbs and a very bold member of Congress. She recently demanded–and got–the repeal of a stodgy old male policy in D.C. that prohibited newborn babies on the floor of the Senate. She can do the same for this geoengineering tyranny. There is so much more that qualifies Ms. Duckworth for president in 2020. I have no doubt that, after any political contest against this amazing and brave lady, President "Bone Spurs" would be reduced to blabbing on Twitter about his disastrous one term.  

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