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Though Northern California's ABC station (KQMS Channel 7) and Northern California's primary newspaper (Record Searchlight) blacklisted any coverage of the recent major climate engineering awareness event in Redding California. CBS (to their credit) came all the way from Sacramento to cover the event. Corporate media, of course, does their best to spin and marginalize the geoengineering reality (as they are paid and told to do), the story is still getting out and that is what matters. A 6 minute video and article from CBS news is below. My comments on their article coverage are highlighted in red and placed within the context of the written transcript. I have also listed 4 contact links at the very bottom of this article, which I hope all will utilize in order to express their views on the biased coverage (or lack of coverage) given to the critical climate engineering issue. Two of these links are for the two media outlets that boycotted the important Northern California anti-geoengineering awareness event with 1000 in attendance. The CBS Sacramento link is also included, as is the direct contact for the "scientist" CBS interviewed who did what he is paid to do, lie about and marginalize a completely science based issue. If you choose to message those on the contact list, a non-threatening and articulate manner will best serve our cause. Making our voices heard by those on this list is essential.
Dane Wigington


Growing Number Believe California’s Drought Is A Government Conspiracy

Source: CBS Sacramento, article by Nick Janes

REDDING (CBS13) — There is a growing, underground movement of people who believe California’s drought is part of a government conspiracy instead of a naturally occurring event from a lack of rain during the last four years. (There is nothing "underground" about our efforts to expose a very dire issue that the public has a right to know about.)

Dane Wigington, from, says he’s putting his life on the line to reveal a truth that will shake society to its core.

From the outside, it’s clear the hundreds showing up beat to a different drum. But stepping inside a packed Redding auditorium is like walking into another world. Outlandish ideas like weather warfare and climate engineering—in other words, weather control—are accepted as basic fact. (Yes, those in attendance do "march to the beat of a different drum", the drum of reality. Weather and climate modification is a readily verifiable historical fact with more than 150 historical patents to prove this fact.)


“Climate engineering is the single greatest assault on the environment ever launched by humanity, without question,” he said.

Wigington, the lead researcher for GeoEngineering Watch, is sounding the alarm.

“It’s a responsibility—it’s not an option, it’s an obligation,” he said.

He claims grainy, shaky video is part of a mountain of evidence showing shadowy government forces are using planes to secretly spray fine particles of heavy metals like aluminum into the sky. The purpose, they believe, is to block some of the sun’s direct rays from reaching the earth in a desperate attempt to slow global warming. (Corporate media marginalization facts is a given.)


“The list of corroborating material we have is immense, including lab tests that prove the same elements named in geoengineering patents—aluminum, barium, and other heavy metals are raining down on us in massive quantities,” he said.

If you’re skeptical, this won’t help—he claims the spraying is happening off the coast of California comes with an incredibly serious side effect. The heavy metal particles are blocking rainfall, effectively steering California’s somewhere else. (The drought causing effects of geoengineering and atmospheric aerosols is extremely well documented for any that bother to actually investigate.)

In other words, climate engineering, they say, is to blame for the harshest recorded drought in California’s history.

“Nobody has a right to do this. Nobody has a right to play God with the weather,” he said.

REPORTER: You’re talking about weather control.

WIGINGTON: Yes, we are.

REPORTER: You know that sounds crazy. To an outsider, this sounds impossible; it sounds like science fiction. (Why in the world would "weather control" sound like science fiction? There are literally volumes of science data and historical documentation on this subject.)

WIGINGTON: You can’t interfere with the climate system, putting aerosols, fine particles into the atmosphere without affecting the rain, can’t do it.

REPORTER: What you’re saying is, that this drought is being directly caused?

WIGINGTON: There’s no question. The connection is inarguable.

Kyaw Tha Paw U is a UC Davis professor of atmospheric science and biometeorology with degrees from MIT and Yale.

“I would find it more likely—I’m not saying it’s actually happening—but it’s more likely there are extraterrestrial visits to the Earth (laughs) than this kind of thing happening,” he said. “I don’t know anyone in my field who believes that.” (This comparison to ET's is inexcusable, geoengineering and weather modification are hard science issues. Kyaw apparently thinks this issue of climate engineering omnicide is funny. Those in his "field" don't have the courage to speak out, just like Kyaw. It is not a matter of what they "believe", but rather what they are paid to say.)

The idea of climate engineering is out there, but actually doing it is another matter, he says. Civilian planes and most military aircraft can’t fly high enough to even make it feasible. He says the contrails people see behind planes are essentially ice clouds forming and is perfectly normal. (More outlandish and inexcusable lies from Kyaw. "Not feasible"? So the whole of the science community that is pushing the geoengineering issue is wrong? There is an unimaginable amount of lying and cowardice in our academic communities, this is an unfortunate fact.)

“It’s just a natural occurrence of combustion; water’s one of the byproducts of combustion,” he said. (Kyaws's statement gives no consideration whatsoever of the design characteristics of the "high bypass turbofan jet engine" which is fitted on ALL commercial jet aircraft and ALL military tankers.)

The video from Wigington appears to show a spray between the contrails. The professor says it looks like a rare issue involving pressure variations that causes a trial to form behind the wing and not just the engines’ exhausts. (A "rare" issue, right. Again, the basic science behind the "high bypass turbofan jet engine" is not mentioned and very likely not even known or understood by Kyaw.)

But Wigington is used to skeptics. He once was one.


“Talk is cheap for those who haven’t investigated. I didn’t want to believe this either,” he said.

His background is in solar power, but he started investigating on his own about a decade ago after becoming suspicious. that something was partially blocking the sun’s energy from reaching his solar home.

He decided to go public.

“I can’t not do this. It’s the last thing I ever wanted to do. I’m not a political person, I’m not an activist, I’m simply a father that wants his children to have a future,” he said.

His group is gaining more attention. More than 1,000 people showed up in Redding from across the country. The panel included a former California Fish and Game biologist, a former U.S. Forest Service biologist and a U.S. Navy veteran.

“I’ve spoken to NOAA scientists face-to-face who’ve told me off the record they know this is going on, but they’re afraid to speak out because they have no First Amendment protection. I’ve been it the field with USDA soil scientists, same. I’ve been told by congressional representatives, same,” he said.

The underground movement has more than its share of critics, including scientists who dismiss the weather control claims as pseudoscience and conspiracy theory talk without reliable evidence. (Again, the use of inappropriate and marginalizing terms like "underground movement" and then the reference to the official narrative of the power structure paid liars in the science community. The "solar radiation management" (SRM) subject is hard science, not "pseudoscience".)

“The negative things we like to find reasons for, and conspiracy theories are one of the ways to try and find a reason for it, when we don’t fully understand what’s going on,” Kyaw Tha Paw U said. (This is what should be understood, people like Kyaw are pawns for the power structure. Their paychecks and pensions depend on them reciting the official narrative for their paymasters. There are volumes of historical documents to confirm the ongoing climate engineering reality in addition to countless films that inarguably show military tankers spraying from nozzles at altitude.

Wigington is 100 percent certain climate engineering is happening and is causing California’s drought.

The truth, he says, will cause a global shockwave.

“The data backs this up; I’ve already bet my life on this fact and again, those who doubt this is going on, those who want to deny, those protecting their paychecks and pensions by denying it will not be able to much longer. The damage is too cataclysmic. There will be no hiding this issue much longer,” he said.

Source: CBS Sacramento, article by Nick Janes

Contacts that need to hear our voices:

"KRCR" Northern California's ABC Station, no objective coverage of the Redding event which was only a few miles from their station (KRCR was given a press release prior to the event).
"The Record Searchlight" Northern California's primary newspaper, virtually no coverage of the Redding event, also only a few miles from the event location The Record Searchlight was also supplied with a press release prior to the event and notified multiple times).
CBS Sacramento, at least they covered the event, though in the expected biased fashion.
Scientist interviewed by CBS, "Kyaw Tha Paw U". His behavior was truly outrageous. Kyaw compared the completely science based climate engineering issue to "space aliens". It is "experts" like this that have brought our world to such a dark moment. Lying seems to come easy for people like Kyaw, their paychecks and pensions are their guiding principal.

112 Responses to CBS News Covers Climate Engineering

  1. Normal Earth Guy says:

    Hey THERE other earth people – especially to our so-called intellectual experts
    Take the time go outside and measure the spread in a given daytime of spraying – GEEZ
    Just observed above as below 
    These fallout elements IN RAIN are changing soil PH 
    Just ask ANY trees that are dying
    What next family tree will be next – before it forgets : (
    Thanks for posting as well all those souls involved

  2. rebecca says:

    if these ppl knew their history  they wld know that weather manipulation is not new! in fact it was done during the era of the dustbowl,however they did not hv a name for it at that time.. any one w/ two eyes  can see these massive amts of trails ,criss crossing the skies and then later spreading as cloud cover, are not contrails!! arrogant liars all!

    • rebecca says:

      also it is very suspect that most other so called natural disasters happening way to often are also weather manipulated..

  3. Mario says:

    I am from Sacramento.  I emailed these reporters to voice my shame for their lack of journalistic integrity.  Their newscast is pure corporate bullshit.  Nick Janes' reporting was abysmal.  It should be studied in Communication classes as an example of shoddy investigative journalism.  And Sam Shane was like "Wow, a thousand people showed up."  BTW nice use of spooky and condescending language.  How many more times could you say conspiracy.  A total lack of science reporting in the most scientifically important problem in the world.  A high school newspaper would have done better.  Watching CBS 13 is like watching my dog s**t on the carpet.

    • Judy says:


      Mr. Janes: September 28, 2015
      I appreciate the fact that you and CBS13 news reported on Climate Engineering on your newscast on September 23, 2015. It is about time California news people started to address this very serious issue. California is being negatively affected by these Chemtrails, more so than any other state, yet other states are more vocal and outspoken on the subject of chemtrails on their newscasts. However, I was disappointed that you did not also have an expert on your show to contradict/ dispute/challenge, what Kyaw Tha Paw U said. There are experts who are not afraid to come forward and tell the public what these deadly toxic chemicals are doing to our bodies and our environment. One expert is Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon. He has been interviewed before on the subject of chemtrails. There are more experts, some scientists, some in the medical field, who are also not afraid to speak up.
      I live in Adelanto, California. I retired six years ago, and have been watching the skies daily. For years now the people here in the high desert have been exposed to these toxic chemicals being sprayed over us. The last two years have gotten much worse. The people doing this spraying have become bolder and bolder. Now sometimes daily our beautiful skies and the sun is covered up by chemicals. We are being saturated with toxic chemicals here in the high desert. Some cities in California, it seems, are picked to get the brunt of these toxic chemtrails, while others are not. We who live in the high desert, are one of those cities who are getting the brunt of chemtrails. This month alone we have been saturated with these toxic chemicals on the following dates; 9-1-2015, 9-2-2015, 9-21-2015, 9-22-2015 (day and night), 9-25-2015, 9-26-2015, 9-27-2015, and today 9-28-2015. I am not talking about a few lines across our skies, I am talking about being saturated with these chemicals. There are some cities in other states, that go five and a half months without having chemicals being sprayed in their state. But not here in California. Why? Because the news people and the politicians in some of the other states are not afraid to speak up regarding the dangers of chemtrails. They are smart enough to know the chemicals being sprayed in their skies are not only going to medically affect them negatively, but also their families. California remains basically silent, yet it is our state that is getting the brunt of the toxic chemicals and it is our state that is burning to a crisp, and it is our people in this state that are going to suffer from a long list of medical problems because of the toxic chemicals.
      If the spraying does not stop, many will eventually die from the harmful chemicals. But I guess this is what the people had in mind when they started the chemtrail spraying, because they were fully aware what these chemicals can and will do to a body, and the environment.

  4. Samii Taylor says:

    Did anyone load the reporter's arms with copies of the US Patents for WX engineering?  That was never addressed in the piece.  Why did the news crew waste time shooting time lapse of a non spray cloud formation?  What they need to shoot are the intense grid lines put down yesterday here in SoCal.  How can anyone deny WX modification when it's been done for centuries by numerous cultures?  This science has a well documented history behind it.  DO THE RESEARCH – IT'S OUT THERE!

  5. Colt says:

    I would believe in Indian rain dances before believing in their expert Kung Pao Yu or whatever his name is? These disinfo agents always like to group this in with UFOs and Bigfoot. Makes me so angry.

  6. Glen Horton says:

    I want to thank and acknowledge Dane and the many courageous, caring, committed, and conscious individuals that are willing to put themselves on the line in many ways, in many places, in the midst of often hostile hypnotized audiences who are blind to the sky above their heads. I wish I had even a fraction of the courage, integrity, and dedication exhibited by so many of you.
    Nonetheless, even in spite of my timidity and fear of "the good opinion of others",  I felt compelled to compose the following and email it to the news director at WUOM radio in Ann Arbor, the U of M's NPR station. [The website address I gave was incorrect but I linked the email to the CBS coverage article].
    Keep on keepin' on Brothers and Sisters….

    Dear Mr. Duffy:
    I am totally flabbergasted.
    How can anyone with a shred of awareness of their physical environment and modicum of curiosity look up at the skies of today and not see something * v-e-r-r-r-y strange* overhead and wonder "what the deuce is that?!?!?"
    I am talking about the aerosol spraying from jet aircraft that creates a sky filled with a webwork of lines that disperse into an artificial horizon-to-horizon cloud cover.
    The explanation for this phenomenon by a variety of *official* sources is that these are jet engine  condensation exhaust signatures, aka *contrails*.
    Well, I am an old time skywatcher. I remember lying on my back as a kid in the Fifties and early Sixties staring into the sky, watching "cloud animals" prance and dance  and swirl  across an infinite cerulean sky and recollect observing  old-style prop-driven commercial aircraft  disappear into the blue, the airspace then being filled  by  high-flying, newfangled jet aircraft. I observed jet *contrails* form and dissipate in the skies overhead….  Senator, I know *contrails* and what I observe in today's skies are not contrails!
    So, what  is going on over our heads??? There are a plethora of "wingnuts & whackjobs" proposing, pontificating, and postulating  conspiracy theories, speculating about the nature of, and agenda[s] behind, the apparent, observable, and ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying. Many of these theories deserve nothing more than a polite snicker and rolling of the eyes. However, on the other hand, there seems to be some serious, sane, and scientific researchers, observers, and reporters  exploring this phenomenon. One of the best, IMHO, is Dane Wiggington of  . Again, IMHO, I feel that it is in the greatest public [and listener] interest for WUOM to investigate and report on what may be one of the biggest stories of our time. If there is even the smallest iota of truth behind what is presented on Mr. Wiggington's website, then *all* other stories reported  in the news are of secondary concern. I urge WUOM to give this story serious consideration.

  7. truthchase says:

    THANK YOU Dane .W  for everything you are doing for our children – as you say, " if we don't stop geoengineering , NOTHING else will matter", , my research also goes very deep on this subject for several years & with all the dead & dying trees  from coast to coast and the painted skies  it is mind boggling at the least to believe the population is so STUPID and BLIND  that they can' t  see  what is going on right above their heads ,  the spray jets  are 5-7-9-  at a time often enough in the sky  for people to at the very least question  WHAT IS GOING ON THERE ?    we must stop this and very soon if anything is to survive , apple trees, pecan trees ,  all fruit bearing trees  no longer are producing  and this being blamed on other things when it is clearly the geoengineering killing them  & us . THANK YOU  FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING .  Alexandra   .   

  8. JACTN says:

    Just emailed the staff at KRCR staff informing them to wake up to climate engineering and Geoengineering.  Told them I was from Tennessee!.  Spread the word everyone we must get this stopped immediately.,,,,,,,,,,


  9. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    Hi Dane,

    Outstanding work once again.  Having not watched the MSM much at all over the past few years, it's quite obvious to see how they spin things and focus on the entertainment value of a piece (for ratings, of course) rather than focus on the substance — which you provided with excellence.

    I've seen your coverage of the frozen cattle in South Dakota and the large number of alpaca deaths, but didn't know if you had heard of the recent saiga antelope die-offs in Kazakhstan.  There were reportedly 120,000 that died in May, and another 60,000 in September.  The veterinarians currently theorize that the deaths were due to one or two types of bacteria becoming more virulent, but that "environmental factors" must have been involved since so many died over such a short period of time.  One report included triplet calves that died within seconds of each other.  I wonder if toxic metals had any involvement.  Anyway, just wanted to make you aware fo this in case you hadn't heard.

    Best regards.


  10. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Dear Mr. Janes:
    Thanks to you and CBS13 for your reporting on the issue of geo-engineering.  I was hospitalized with acute barium poisoning in San Rafael, CA, back in 2010– while the U.S. Navy did weather modification experiments over the Pacific Ocean in May and June of that year– where'd the barium come from? 
    As a reporter, I'm sure that truth would be pretty important to you– people need the truth, simply put.
    Here's some more of the truth, this time from such notable "conspiracy theorists" as the Federation of American Scientists, Air University and that grand conspiracy theory outfit behind it all, the U.S. Air Force, who commissioned this paper, with sections so titled such as "Why Would We Want To Mess With The Weather," "What Do We Mean By Weather-modification," and "Applying Weather Modification to Military Operations:"  AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning… | (Ch 1)

    AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning…..
    AF2025 Final Report: Vol 3; (Ch 1) Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
    View on
    Preview by Yahoo
    Now, we all out here in tee-vee la-la land actually like the truth, so I suggest that you pass this link to the military-commissioned report about "messing with the weather" around to all of your guffawing geoengineering-denier colleagues.  None of the rest of us particularly enjoys being sprayed like insects, and we really didn't think you all would, either.  Time's come, wouldn't you say, to do some real investigating to find out who's doing this, and why.

  11.  To all readers: Please take the time to view this excellent presentation by Patrick Wood, author of the seminal book Technocracy Rising, Mr. Wood has been researching geopolitics and the Trilateral Commission for the past 40 years.

    In part 2, Wood talks about the current shift to a 'new economic order': a feudal economy based on carbon credits. He states that similarly to a cap on our daily ATM cash withdrawals, one could easily surmise how, for example, travel could be restricted to only those who have behaved in a way that is deemed to be acceptable.

    Article link:

  12. kathleen says:

    CBS (as well as ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Faux, etc.) is not a news source of any credibility. They are puppets of those who hold their purse strings.

    That Ph.D. is equally incredible, denying that weather modification is extant. The San Diego Library currently has an art exhibit re our drought, and the (in)famous "rainmaker," Charles Hatfield (I couldn't find which chemicals he used back then).

    This town also has its own shill, John Coleman, who claims any trail we see in the sky is a contrail. I think the best answer to that, aside from ignoring him, would be to confront him with your comment you make now and then ~"Do you leave a trail of your breath miles long on cold days?" He clearly has never looked out of his cave, or he'd see the criss-cross markings of planes spraying from horizon to horizon, which turn a blue sky white as they widen.

    Our strength must come from numbers and truth so as to overwhelm. TPTB are criminally insane, devoid of empathy, and there are fewer of them than of us.

    Either we are placed here at this time to witness the death of our planet, or we're here to save it. I choose the latter.

    May your good intentions and careful research continue to be our beacon, Dane; you are probably the bravest man alive.

  13. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    Overall, this is an excellent news report. I've repeatedly urged my local meteorologists to investigate solar radiation management, sending them crystal clear pictures of the blatantly obvious crimes occurring week after week in our skies. So I'd be amazed by any local journalist, here in upstate New York, who dares to cover the geoengineering tyranny as Nick Janes did in northern California. Mr. Janes deserves a lot of credit, perhaps even an award, for interviewing Dane Wigington, one of the most honorable men in America–and on the planet. As a rule in journalism, Mr. Janes was required to find at least one opposing viewpoint, and he did a great job of that by finding clownish Kyaw Tha Paw U, a degreed scientist who's apparently comfortable in his cushy academic position (his office looked like a mess). The good news is that Dane Wigington received more air time, and he also got the last word. Brilliant!      

    • BaneB says:

      You are right about being fortunate to have the Sacramento CBS affiliate  do this interview.  Especially so because Sacramento is mired deeply in this engineered drought.  That area is reeling from the physical effects as well as the major political fallout.  I know there is major spraying over Sacramento because from my vantage point I can observe many days of line after line of aerosol trails being sprayed to the southeast.  The people and polititions cannot help but see this grunge overhead.  For sure many no doubt have wondered and many have likely been annoyed to have the blue skies obliterated.  The interview is a major positive IMO.  Not perfect.  A seed has been planted.  Now it needs watering.

  14. Jactn says:

    Crack the dam! Tonight was the most blatant spray job I've witnessed to date! First time after dark where I can here the planes! I'm outside right now! It's unnerving! Dane how much longer? 

    Infowar's radio is huge! 

    Spread the word!!! Let's Crack the dam!!

  15. Marc says:

    This report truly runs sweet AND sour. The strategic use of terms such as "conspiracy theory", or "conspiracy", or "pseudo-science" all reflect an intent on the part of CBS. These terms have now become so loaded with energy that the general public, it is hoped by CBS, will respond positively to the "programming". Furthermore, the abject phony who CBS paraded in front of the camera (Kyaw or whatever) may as well have been a some dufus they pulled off the street, such were the blazingly ill-informed and just plain stupid observations and opinions he offered. NONETHELESS, for the time being, we will to savor what sparse truths DID manage to come through, though they were wrapped in really ugly gift paper. 

  16. anotherAnon says:

    I can't express enough that the spraying over Huntsville, AL is horrible today. It turns out they're calling for rain :/

    Tell the news clown to come and watch plane after plane after plane spraying one trail after another here. Every few minutes a new plane comes and lays another along side the previous trails. The sky is so saturated in one area where the sun is that it's actually turning dark white into gray I kid you not. 

    • Jactn says:

      Toxic in southeast TN too. Very bad day today. Spraying is terrible. 

    • Frank says:

      I agree Jac the spraying today is extremely heavy here in southeast TN. The system in the Atlantic is moving our way and either the heavy spraying will suck the moisture out of us or spin it more. The upper level low by Bermuda is the controlling factor that is pushing the system east. I see certain areas of the Carolinas and Georgia could get copious amounts of rain. Some models are showing a Gulf of Mexico storm developing this weekend and moving north from the Yucatan peninsula. Any where from Louisiana to Florida land fall. That can add insult to injury to many of us in the south for next week. It all depends on what they want to do.  

    • Neil says:

      And in other news….the Chicago area has been getting absolutely hammered for the last few days after a spate of some really nice weather- blue skies and normal, puffy white cumulus clouds.  I stepped out of my vehicle two days ago and looked up to notice skies much like some of the other descriptions here-something I had never seen before here in south Chicagoland: rows (there were four at this time in this particular spot) of trails right next to each other and it looked pretty obvious someone was running patterns up there.  I used to only see criss-crossing in random streaks across the sky, but now it seems as Dane has mentioned that 'they' are doubling down on their efforts now.  I also noticed my throat being a bit bothered on this particular day, but I can't say for sure if that is the particulate matter or the upset I was feeling at what I was seeing.  Perhaps both factors were affecting me. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I told three people about today. Two were already aware of chem trails and know we're being sprayed.  I told the other one to "look up."  We are still hearing that the ozone layer's repairing itself– really?  The other one really believed that it's getting better– okay, then WHY does the damaged part move around so much of the time, why all the ultraviolet damage to car paint ("well, that happened to cars painted in the 90s, the formula had been changed so VOCs were low..") and to TREES..?? (no answer for that– apparently we don't look at trees, actually– they don't count anyway…).  We need the TRUTH to get put out there about the ultraviolet and why it's so high here now, where it can easily be found, minus confounding confusing mis-and-dis-information.

      Spraying's been heavy here in the S.F. Bay Area for a few weeks.  They tried to steer a storm over here the past few days but it busted up last night, now today's getting H-O-T, once again.  Typical.  The Pattern seems to go:  SpraySpraySpraySpraySpraySpray til whited out; attract a few paltry little clouds and maybe some good gusts of wind; this blows over, it clears up, then it's H-O-T!!!  and very very STILL– ("Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!") Anyone else notice this?

  17. Melody Meachum says:

    Thanks for providing links Dane. A most excellent interview!

    Glad to see so many taking the time to blitz with letters. I relish the opportunity to send messages to these deniers.

    Here's hoping we jam their emails full!

  18. pedropt says:

    Launching aerosol in high altitude is not enough to change the weather , to accomplish their mission they use High power frequency emissions into those aerosols witch it will react (high power frequency + metals = heat) , and the heat will block the current atmospheric waters to follow their normal path .
    This weather manipulation is pointing specially to hit Russia , US start to achieve speed in US territory and them push the low pressure systems into the atlantic to aim Russia .
    It is a complex manuever , and to understand it you have to follow the path from the source to the destination to understand why is going that way .
    On US soil you can check noaa atmospheric maps , on Europe you can follow the final destination of those weather manipulations in Eumetsat here :
    The frequecy pulses to control the weather can be watch on US radar in  : 
    and to watch them adjusting the final trajectory on the atlantic you can watch in cimss TPW maps here :

  19. JACTN says:

    Everyone who can.  We must crack the dam!  Report this link


    Go towards the bottom and report information.  Enough of us send directly to Drudge and it will make the headlines.  Millions will see this information if we can get it online! 

    Let's get this out there! Enough is enough!

  20. nikki says:

    During the interview they showed about fifteen shots of real clouded skies, and only a few close-ups of chemicals coming out of the planes… additionally, they showed NO chemtrail/geoengineered skies.  

    The interview – on the part of the reporter – was just that.  An investigative reporter would have (could have) easily found one of the hundreds of thousands of videos of lined skies…. or, they probably could have just gone outside during the day and filmed up. 

    • Jenny says:

      I agree.  At least where I live, they'd have to go out of their way to find such "normal" skies for their time-lapse video.

  21. Rodster says:

    I live in SW Florida a few blocks from the gulf coast and I saw several planes fly overhead and they appeared to be around 10-15K feet in altitude spraying in parallel lines. The spray after a couple of minutes began to expand and I could see the sky turn a silverish color. The most striking aspect was the weird look to the clouds. They were flat and had a smeared appearance and there were some that had a squarish shape to them and had a pattern.
    Since i've stumbled on Dane's work i've been looking up more at the sky, lol.

  22. michael says:

    Well , at least you had some coverage of the event , i see they didn't include the line that you always make sure to say when talking to anyone else about this issue of 'don't believe anything i have to say , do your own research' , if only that had been included in the piece they did then people would think to go find out exactly who was lying in this report….

  23. James says:

    Great to hear Dane live on    011:29 hrs 9-24-15
    Thank You  Alex Jones for  Prison Planet and  Infowars.Com

  24. Audrey says:

    Dear General Manager,
    Thank you for interviewing Dane Wigington, host of GeoengineeringWatch.Org.  Whatever your motivation, it's always great to get the information out there. 
    So sorry, though, to see you spouting the same old "contrails" and "weather control is only a theory" nonsense.  Planes don't even use those type of engines anymore, and there's such a paper trail of evidence out there that I don't even feel a need to cite any of it.  It's all there for the reading, and you certainly have the resources.  This has been going on since the 1940's, after all. 
    And, alas, your "expert" has already been entirely discredited throughout Geoengineering Watch land.  One look at his grant list ($8.5 million!), and anyone can see where his loyalties lie.  Perhaps some in the mainstream media are beginning to question theirs?  One can only hope.
    What I'd like to see mentioned in your next story on this subject are facts.  Such as, this doesn't affect only California; this is a worldwide issue.  Such as, linking this issue to the recent headlines about Alzheimer's Disease striking those in their 40's.  Many people are getting tested to determine the levels of heavy metals in their bodies.  Mr. Wigington has posted information on this testing on the web site.  It's quite a comprehensive compendium, if you haven't actually checked it out. 
    Geoengineering is a subject that concerns us all, especially the kids.  Between the heavy metals in the sky (and everything they hit on the way down) and the heavy metals in vaccines (something like 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6), they don't stand a chance.  So again, thank you.  I'm sure many more truth-seekers will find their way to us as a result of this interview.

  25. Frank says:

    Does anyone else ever get the feeling there standing in a crowd looking at a forest, while the entire crowd around you says "wow, what a pretty beach this is!

    • BaneB says:

      Haha, yes, all the time.  The saying…"they can't see the forest for the trees" is now passé because the trees are all dying.  Desert and sand and a lifeless planet is in my vision unless we can get them to wake up.  Things are turning around.  It is slow, inexorable, and hopefully timely.

  26. JACTN says:

    It took several weeks for me to grasp the gravity of GEOENGINEERING.  The CBS video is going to trigger a good deal of research that will take a few to truly start escalating.

    People just don't want to grasp the end of their easy lifestyle.  Great Job Dane!  God protect you from the powers that want you silenced.

  27. AHAHAH! I received this letter after writing to that Pawu pseudo scientist, his reply resembles ALL other replies I've received from the scientific community. Scientists are the new serial killers of modern time. Her is in it's integrality the reply I received. I urge you all to write to this Pawu criminal soon and bombarde him with credible and tangible evidence like I did, although he clearly states he doesn't see "credible" in my info, and that he won't write back anymore. PATHETIC.

    • Simon Dickinson says:

      Hey there.

      Do me a big favor  and mail me the nutty scientist's email.I'll make sure he gets enough info to make his head spin right off.



  28. Kat L says:

    To those that  got their heads out of the sand & have connected dots plus the amazing amount of data that back it up scientifically, there is no denying it. Remember the 3 stages of truth. Once upon a time it was mocked and things got violent when we learned the Earth was in fact a sphere. The end.

    • BaneB says:

      Wow!  Speaking of getting one's head out of the dustbin on obfuscation, I came across this documentary link to over at  This is an Italian production by Tanker Enemy (  The mind-blowing video is titled Chemtrails: the secret war.  It is by Antonio and Rosario Marciano.  It runs a little over an hour.  Highly detailed and beautiful annimations, charts and graphics.  They have dedicated this savvy piece of expose' to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth.

    • Audrey says:

      Chemtrails: The Secret War

      It is very good.  A slightly different perspective.  In Italian with English subtitles.  Dane is quoted.

  29. penny says:

    Hi all!  Not having home internet, I haven't had much opportunity to post lately, but am keeping up with new information.  This particular article hit a nerve, though.  What abjectly craven, venal, cold-blooded, slimy, pathetic, lying bastards these guys are!  What a blatant attempt to marginalize those who are telling the truth.  The bright side is that someone is worried about the speed at which awareness is spreading, or they would never have run this piece at all.

    In beautiful Scotland, where I am living at present, there is incessant spraying and a veil of particulate-laden haze every morning, balanced by moments of sunshine when the heat becomes unbearable.  Yesterday afternoon, late in September, it was 20C (68F) despite the lateness of the season.  Anyone who still denies human agency as a cause of global warming is clearly in defense-of-a-wasteful-lifestyle mode, whether consciously or not.

    Both my mother and my daughter are finally convinced of the geoengineering reality, though neither is willing to do anything to help out… yet. 

    Best to all, and a belated thanks to Paul V. for links to information about EMF dangers!

    • Thanks penny. Please refer to Dane's excellent pages regarding radio frequency dangers on the left margin. Pertinent Barrie Trower interviews can be viewed on YouTube as well. Mr. Trower is a former electromagnetic weapons analyst for the British military, and offers interested persons an overview of how this dangerous technology has been incorporated into cellular communications infrastructures.

      For further information regarding health issues, please refer to Magda Havas' excellent web site at

    • penny says:

      Trower is a treasure.  I believe it was after hearing him that I found this website.  Personally, I can't see much difference between EMF, chemical and biological aerosols, and nuclear: all 3 are meant to kill us, all 3 are perpetrated by the same criminals.  We do have some limited control over the first, though.  We can all use less energy and switch back to more conventional forms of signal transfer (land lines, broadband, etc.) 

      I used to feel guilty of being self-righteous and dogmatic when I said things like that.  Now, I feel like they can never be stressed enough.  Always heartening to check in here, to know that there are others who share that attitude!

  30. Michel B says:

    Despite the fact that the journalists played down and Professor Kyaw dismissed Dane's claims, the interview surprisingly shed light on the subject using correct science terms so much so that the overall effect has to be of spreading awareness of the issue.

    Not everyone will be convinced straight away once they look into it, but that is normally the way anyhow. As I have said before, a little investigation is all it takes now to know that something is actually happening in a suspicious manner.

    Please bring on more mainstream media interviews with Dane and anyone else who wants to discuss this openly! Regardless of attempts to dismiss it, it only helps to spread the word.

  31. debra says:

    Great news, at least it got mentioned. Right now heavy spraying over Auburn Foresthill area. Go look at the moon, lines every where. Facebook blacked out my page. Though can still post,can't access,on any browser or computer. Someone didn't like all my activity. So is there another area or site for info? Would like to participate in civil actions. Have been sharing with everyone I come across. Tomorrow,videos,posters flyers will be made and ordered. Already sent in my messages on the above. Thank you Dane for bringing this to light,stay safe.

  32. George Schroder says:

    This was my email to the professor… one who professes at the behest of his shadowy masters:

    Sir: You have the unusual opportunity to become a hero. You have misled the public with false, derisive statements on CBS Sacramento re the August 15, 2015 Redding, California geoengineering information event;
    statements which a person in your position cannot possibly believe.

    I refer you to "Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control" by James Rodger Fleming, winner of the Sally Hacker Prize from the Society for the History of Technology and the Louis J.Battan Author's Award from the American Meteorological Society… Professor Fleming is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Meteorolgical Society. He has held the Charles A. Lindbergh Chair in Aerospace History at the Smithsonian Institution, testified before Congress on these matters, etc., etc., etc.

    Are you saying that Professor Fleming's book, his testimony before Congress, his comments on YouTube, etc is all lies? Are you willing to say that directly and back it up with evidence? I would very much like
    to see that evidence. I would very much like to be in the wrong on this issue, but the evidence against your assertions is massive, beginning with our own powers of observation.

    I invite you to publicly correct your statements… which single act would convert you from enemy of the truth to international hero.

    I cordially invite you to debate the issue with me in front of your students. You present your evidence and I'll present mine and let your students decide who makes the best case.

    May you find your way to serve humanity and the planet and free yourself from grant slavery. You are only an insignificant pawn to your shadowy masters. You could instead become a true hero to all of humanity. That's a rare opportunity. Please don't blow it.

    • BaneB says:

      Beautiful!  Well said!  Done not in anger, but in fact.  I plan to send all the contact a plethora of my NON GRAINY UV removed pics, my most frightening black and whites.  No one who has seen these taken from above my head here in central Mendocino County has not failed to be in shock after seeing these images that look like another planet's atmosphere.  Remove the UV and the cloud structure is apparent for what it is……artificially created.  Your letter to the grant grabber is appreciated.  These huge amounts of monies come from your pocket and mine.  WE pay for him and his science expertise.  They too often forget that fact.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      George, Just excellent!  Well done!!

  33. Zickster says:

    Brother Dane:
    Long time no post….apologies….Excellent work by the way.
    Here in central Alta the Entomology has Visibly decreased even since last season…Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera, Odonata, Lepidoptera,and other family of Insectidae are suffering a decline in populations. I am an Angler/Entomologist/X-FlyFactory Product Design Manager who makes my own lures at home and ask you to visit my facebook page and look at my hand made lures so that you Know of what I speak. Facebook page: Dan Wei Cottrell
    Last year the mosquitoes were enough to use repellant occasionally…this year it was not needed at all as the diptera population is dismal. Hatches on waters that I have fished as a kid are no longer or so sparce that they no longer induce the action once euphoric for fly anglers. 
    Fish populations here are in serious decline High altitude Chemical Trails visible daily. I survive on selling flys and guided/Instructional Angling and Damn I'm good at it….but I'm in tears at night witnessing the Insects and fish being slowly killed. Please post this as I don't know what else to do and feel numb as so many around here seem oblivious as to what's happening.
    Your Brother;  DWC

  34. Wayne Sellar says:

    Great Job Dane,

    I just don’t understand how these folks can deny what’s going on, you just need to look up.  Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley were hit by flake clouds starting on Monday, by Monday at dusk the sky was Pitch Black, I spent three hours in my back yard listening to non-stop jet noise overhead Monday night, absolutely insanity I knew it wasn’t going to rain, there was no humidity….typical geoengineering that has been taken place in Coachella for the last four years, especially this summer every day the sky is covered in pale white and strange clouds, no one pays attention.

    In fact I have been telling at least two to three folks a day about Geoengineering and instructing them to go to the website and decide for themselves, in addition, I tell them to take an LED light out tonight and they’ll see the fallout….I do this every day….I don’t even want to hike anymore the air is full of toxic substances falling on us twenty four seven, that’s why the horizon is constantly silvery white.

    I am considering conducting an educational event outside the local Stater Brothers one weekend, it would be wonderful if I had CD’s to hand out, keep me posted if some are available.

    Dane, thanks for leading the fight against this cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, thanks for your efforts toward sounding the alarm. About DVDs of the presentations on, we encourage people to burn DVDs of our presentations and to distribute them widely so long as the DVDs are being given away and not sold for a profit.

    • Slowkill says:

      The reporters all know what is going on… This is why they covered Dane. They are just playing the game to protect their arses! They want the truth to get out. How do you think they became reporters? They had to join the **** *****.

  35. Pamela says:

    Thanks Dane, this is super information!

  36. Mary Hunter says:  These are a list of grants given to “Kyaw Tha Paw”. Maybe he has good reason not to speak out about weather modification.

    • Frank X Doyle says:

      As has been said many times….. Follow the money.

    • Craig says:

      Nice work Mary. Thank you.

    • Hello Mary Hunter: Excellent tracking of the Mr. Paw's financial motives. Thanks! The subsidy/grant listed below is interesting, as weather derivatives and agricultural futures markets use this sort of data on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: >
      "(subcontract from MIT) TYPE 2: The Future of Ecosystems and Extremes: Using Diverse Environmental Data Sets in Support of Regional to Global Earth-Systems Models and Predictions. $1,008,965.00"

      “If is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”
      – Upton Sinclair –

  37. Jo Neff says:

    I wrote to CBS news! Here is what I wrote. I hope it was good, and accurate!

    Dear CBS Sacramento,
    I wish to thank you for covering the issue of geoengineering and it's contribution to the California drought.
    I have been following this issue, and Dane Wigington's research for almost two years. There is no question that his research is fact, and that the situation is dire.
    I ask you to continue with your investigative reporting, and to please explore the information he has given you, as well as to draw your own conclusions as you follow the immense thread of information you will find.
    I am aware that your "bent" on the story was to discredit it. But the scientist you chose was clearly uninformed, both on the mechanics of modern plane combustion, and on saying that the very idea of geoengineering is pseudo-science. It is well documented hard science. And it is being done now, to all of us, to the detriment of our planet, its weather and climate systems, and to the health of all of us.
    Again, thank you for covering the issue and I look forward to your future investigation and reporting.

    • Craig says:

      Well said Jo!

    • BaneB says:

      Well said!  And in a tone that encourages future interviews that reflect the full reality of what is occurring in our atmosphere.  The CBS interview with Dane is a good seed. It was planted and the viewers will be more inclined to look up, pay attention, and that is good.  For others on the fence who ARE suspicious of what is occurring overhead, they will feel a surge of vindication knowing they are not alone….that there is a kindred movement anxious to stop the assault on our biosphere.

  38. Nicole says:

    Dane – this is really great to see and you're right regardless of the "conspiracy" undertone we're grateful to see news with some backbone for once – some hint that this is still the United States. I never thought I'd be so starved for real news. 

    I want to write to these robots in your list Dane and I will get my thoughts out eventually but right now I'm feeling so beat down – we never get the slightest hint that they are willing to attempt even role playing a proper human being and just state what is so friggen obvious, we are all being gassed. I feel more empowered talking to people on the street, at least some of them are interested. 
    For all of those who are complicit in this most horrific crime of omnicide, you cowards that value your reflection more than the life of your own kids, just remember that you will have to answer to the highest authority for your participation in this.

  39. Michael Arden Yows says:

    THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU….APPLAUSE,  APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE…….Bottom of my heart …..Sincerely……tears subside !

  40. Jeannie S. says:

    So I look at the sky in Redding and just don't get it why people don't see what's going on. Our sky was so blue after tha short rain we got last week and today they were spraying so much it looks gray now. I have a high power scope and just sit and watch them, today was the worst I've seen it. Thanks Dane for all the info. Keep at it!

  41. TG says:

    Wow! Can't believe there are still humans on this planet who haven't looked up at the sky and noticed the patchwork quilt outlines continuously trying to block out the sun, killing the environment and us on a daily basis. As someone said: "They who do not wish to see CANNOT; Those who do not wish to hear CANNOT; Those who do not wish to feel CANNOT. I pity the self-imposed blind ones who are still asleep when Arae finally lifts the veil soon!  Great article/vids Mr. Wigington! And a huge thank you to all of those who showed up in their lives to find out more.

  42. Catherine says:

    I have been following your posts for some time now, and I completely and utterly agree with you as does most of my family, which is good news, because they weren't always believers. Please do be careful though Dane in what you do. My late father was a wealthy land developer in Florida that became an environmental activist. He was an avid outsdoorsman that loved nature, especially fishing in the Florida Keys and the Everglades. He was fighting to clean up the waters that were polluted by Big Sugar, and other elements, and making huge progress. He was on 60 Minutes with Congressman Dick Armey in 1995 and had gathered more than 1 million signatures, and his plan was to tax Big Sugar a penny a pound. This plan was shot down in the Florida Supreme Court on a technicality. He began gathering signatures again. Six weeks after he was on 60 Minutes he was dead. Someone told him when he was going to meet with the Army Corp of Engineers that his Delta flight was late. It was not. He took a small private plane that had been serviced and fitted with the wrong part the day before, and was killed instantly after takeoff in the subsequent crash. 

  43. Tamara says:

    I am collecting my thoughts a sending correspondence to the links Dane shared. This is BIG. I am trying to catch the name of the Reporter. In his last statements it seemed that he was really thinking, possibly believing. 
    I could not help notice how they showed only pristine real cloud skies. Like any one of them has never seen the familiar sprayed skies we all know. I watched them today! 
    Thanks to all for standing up to the truth! Feeling hopeful.

  44. SD says:

    Dane has a cast iron constitution.  God bless him.

    If the climate scientist did a proper statistical analysis of our current 500 to 1000 year drought the result would tell him "NOT CONSISTENT WITH NATURAL VARIABILITY."  That means the drought is HUMAN INDUCED – period.

    Likewise with events such as the lack of hurricane landfall on US soil past 10 years.

    Likewise with events such as record low temps/ record snowfall in eastern U.S. despite record HIGH global temps.

    Likewise for events such as 100 year floods in AZ, NM and Colorado past two years.

    And my personal favorite – record number of earthquakes in Oklahoma past two years.  And let's include Lakeview, Oregon quakes past two years. And other seismic events elsewhere.


  45. jefe says:

    Farmers traditionally back anything the government says or does, but not so much anymore here in CA.  The Hay Growers Association is having a big symposium in Reno soon, maybe these are the sort of people who need to approached.  CA has the second-largest horse population in the US, so they are a huge market.  I did send info to Jane Townsend of the Hay Growers, in Sacto; she has not replied.

  46. Thanks Dane, I will message those people with your article. I would like to know, is there any chance that a meeting like the ones you do be brought down to Québec? I don't know if you have bilingual speaking people in the know but, it would be great to hold a meeting here too! I would gladly help, and to be honest, I truly don't care to put my life on the line, for what it's worth under these skies. I will always follow you Dane to the end of times! Thanks for your work! Also, what is up with the lawsuit done by 2 Canadian lawyers and 5 American lawyers? I truly hope it gets done. I would gladly help and say what would need to be said of I ever would and could be asked to participate. Take care Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, sorry I am not able to conduct any presentations out of the country, but I hope you can get something going by organizing viewings of the presentations already done. About legal action, the attorneys are still coordinating,  communicating with people that have been negatively affected by climate engineering, and they are strategizing. I will make announcments when I can.

  47. Where'sthebeef says:

    They just killed a serious rainmaker that was suppose to come the end of this week and even provide light snow in the mountains.  Now hardly any rain will fall at all!.  
    Thanks for screwing our Oregon climate guys!

  48. Where'sthebeef says:

    The Redding Search Light needs to check their batteries obviously or get a better search light not made in China!

  49. Emily Summer says:

    I could just scream!  Today I watch dozens of planes spraying the sky and the chem trails fanning out to form high cirrus clouds, blocking out part of the sun.  The past two days we had blue, blue sky like it used to be, and then today they are furiously spraying as if to catch up.  I live in southeast Oregon high desert.   How can every news outlet be so blinded and bought off?  Every so called scientist ?   It is likely like my husband says,,,,..suddenly thousands of dollars appear out of nowhere to bank accounts.  Aren't there any pilots willing to blow the whistle?  There has to be one top entity controlling all this.  Who is it?  Who is the top dog doing this,,,..the controller.  who?

    • Paul Cruz says:

      You can go to Coalinga California on any given day and look up and see planes doing this exact same thing, but the odd thing is that they are NOT following FAA guidelines for ceiling height nor the protocol for directional travel, the vapor trails are visible for miles and the patterns are very unorthodox to say the least. very odd behavior for jets. The weirdest phenomenon for me; is there is never any fog there. 

  50. Irene Parousis says:

    Wow!!!  This is so amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  51. ((((((((applause)))))))))

  52. Steve Mobley says:

    Just forwarded this story to all 3 news stations here in Fresno. Will wait to see if anyone responds. I will let you know. Thanks Dane.

    • Paul Cruz says:

      I've tried to post this website address on the channel 30 news site, several times this past month and the posts are deleted or blocked from being posted. I even asked why they don't cover this, and that question was deleted too. Then I asked why the post was being deleted and that post was deleted too, with no answer. So good luck with Fresno media revealing this info.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      Problem is Google only lists the crap first usually unless you know exactly what you are searching for.
      A general search only yields the corporate controlled listings to make people think that all this talk is paranoid conspiracy talk and it has worked.   I also blame the radiation from all the cell phone and NEXrad towers bombarding us daily.

  53. Roytown says:

    Seeing this report gives me HOPE! My spirit is very positive today, isn't that what we live for?

  54. Sezer says:

    Hello Dane,regardless of their efforts to make you appear as a cult leader you still came out on top because you simply serve the truth.Regretfully I wasn't at the Redding event as I thought I would put my resources toward the UV meters but if there is going to be another event I will travel from Melbourne Australia and stand and serve the greater good along with the rest of the people with integrity. 

  55. patrice lopatin says:

    Even this well orchestrated and cunning attempt to discredit you Dane, and the very "above ground" protests against the toxic weather manipulation going on in our skies, will put the issue more in the mainstream, in spite of their plan to get the general public to poo poo the very notion of the climate engineering that has been ongoing for years!

    • patrice lopatin says:

      This reminds me that last year there was an anti geoengineering protest right outside a major Philadelphia TV station building and no mention of it was aired at all. This media blackout in of itself is a crime!

  56. Ken says:

    I sent Scott Pelley from CBS news a strongly worded email about geoengineering  a few months ago , wonder if that did anything. I suggested he contact Dane Wigington and maybe run something about this on 60 minutes. Of course msm would never touch this issue.

  57. Underground, fringe? What complete non-sense. The reporter obviously had to find ways to address this issue without including himself or the network so he did a little two step around the fact this issue is nationwide. If anybody is fringe or underground it's the media who shines with ignorance in this interview. Kyaw is a disgusting example of disinformation. Obviously he hasn't even read about it or looked into it and he's protecting his livelihood but he's doing it at the expense of his family and the public at large. I would love to send him the government documents and other evidence but he's already shown he's not interested. I would think even the harshest of detractors would at least give it a look see but if they don't I would have to conclude they are aware and hiding the facts which makes them complicit in the destruction of all life on this planet.That in my opinion is worse than the most heinous of war criminals. This is a dyer matter no human can afford to hide, conceal, or ignore.

    • BaneB says:

      Just go in and look at all those grants he has gotten over the years.  It is his paycheck.  The high priest of science is not about to jeopardize his government gravey train.  .

  58. AVA says:

    My letter to Mr. Govt Shill:

    Hello Mr. Government Shill,
    Saw your collaboration in CBS' hit piece on anti-geoengineering activists and Dane Wigington.
    I truly hope you can breathe the money you get. I hope you can drink your Ph.D. credentials. I hope they are truly nourishing.
    You are a liar in the extreme. You are now considered an accomplice to the biocidalists who are raining down aluminum, barium and strontium on us.
    Are you so f***ing gutless and stupid that you do not see that you are digging your own grave as well as everyone else's?
    My guess is no one will even notice you shilled for them. You just get to keep your little job and title lying to people trying to learn about the weather.
    Why don't you avail yourself of the many US weather manipulation patents on record at Dane's site, including aerosol spraying patents, the inventor of which (Bernard Eastlund) is on record admitting to. Better yet, Cliff Carnicom's research on nanotech in the aerosols and what it's doing to biology of all living things.
    Or will you be too busy lying for a paycheck??
    No respect for minions like you. You serve the Minority "rulers" and now you are on record as a disinformation agent.
    Your credibility has been destroyed by your lying. Isn't that ironic?
    Next time, try courage.

    • Nigel says:

      That was a great response to that shill. 

      I saw the link on Facebook. I actually have some very crediible friends who are awake! 

    • Geoffrey B. says:

      Ava, I understand your frustration, but letters like the one you wrote do a disservice to the cause. Dane has asked everyone to be civil in the correspondence to these people.  Swearing and calling them names, only alienates them even more from listening to Dane’s message.

    • Abigail says:

      Hello Ava,
      I agree with Geoffrey B.  We all understand your frustration. But things are beginning to look good on our side. To send such a note as you stated, is rude and most arrogant. Do you really expect someone to read that thing?  ( I only read half of it!) It will go straight into the garbage with laughter. ……'What's the expression? "You draw more bees with honey than vinegar." Take heed. We are all in this together. Let's have civil and honest attitudes. A kind word truly does turn away wrath.  Try it. KINDNESS, YET FIRM.

    • Marc says:

      Standing ovation for your letter, Ava!!!! so great!!!!

    • Marc says:

      While I respect the opinions of the other views of Ava's letter, should we remind ourselves that this issue is LIFE THREATENING??? It is not realistic to expect complete conformity and tone from all who feel strongly enough about this issue to write letters and engage in "stirring up the pot". I don't have a problem with Ava's letter, because there is a better than 50/50 chance it WILL get read. Ava's sentiment actually reflects my own, and I'll bet you it also reflects that of alot more of you than many might admit. 

  59. Al C says:

    The cracks in the dam are getting larger by the day……..This is great news and once again, thank you Dane for all the hard work that you do.
    A lady that I know that recently became aware of geoengineering told me that up until this year, she had a frog pond on her property and every night in the summer during the evening the frog would virtually sing in unison…………….This year it is silent.
    Together we can stop this.

  60. James says:

    Thank You  Matt Drudge :  
    The Drudge Report "
    Its  a well known fact that Hillary Clinton  Hates The Drudge Report.
    Hillary Clinton is All for UN Agenda 21 .
    UN  Agenda 21 is a must stop Program. Just  Say No  !
    Hillary For Prison  2016
    Jerry for Prison  2016
    CBS  for Fema Camps  2016

  61. AVA says:

    To an "outsider", the "movement's leader", "shady government forces" …. no presentation of evidence, no firsthand examination of AVAILABLE EVIDENCE, reliance on someone's title (Mr. Ph.D. blah blah)…They don't even let Dane quote the patents available on his website, which he cites in almost every interview. Like seeing things with your own eyes is not evidence. No shots of dispersant, only clear skies. Where to begin with this ham-handed propaganda piece?

    We should email this professor but I think CBS is a lost cause. There is no fact mentioned in this piece. It's all about Dane being a conspiracy theorist and 'his cause'. Notice the tabloid editing and presentation. Dane, how did you not floor this guy, ie kick his shiny little ass? The professor needs to be contacted for his disgusting shillery. Sorry for this hit piece, but I think it won't fool anyone but the most severely stupid.  I think contacting this shill is necessary. What a loser. Dr. Loser Ph.D. like most of the rest of them. Leeches like the majority of minions.

    • Abigail says:

      Dane is a most dedicated person. I admire his integrity and compassion. We all could certainly learn a lot by just reading how he replies to others. He doesn't call people stupid, ignorant, leeches, or 'shady government forces'.  Back off, cool down and show some respect and courtesy.  Thank you, Dane. Press on, your integrity is most admirable.   You and Russ Tanner are superior in handling the 'gentlemen responses'.  God bless you both. THANK YOU!

  62. Penn Hudson says:

    Sent to najanes moments ago

    Dear Mr. Janes,
    As a person who has followed Mr.Wigington for a number of years, I am completely convinced there is some form of weather modification going on in our skies. Anyone who takes the time to research his claim and others like him will clearly see that something is happening in our skies. I see the trails almost daily here in southeastern PA, sometimes 40-50 a day in echelon, other days none. The skies change from clear to metal gray as the clouds dissipate. I have seen trails that appear to corkscrew, change color and stretch from horizon to horizon for hours. I congratulate you for having at the very least the curiosity to give Dane a chance to get this story out. I leave you with a quote from Arthur Schopenhauer: "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident."

  63. Frank says:

    On a positive note I did not hear anyone from CBS mention the word chemtrails. Thanks Dane for all you do.

  64. jill phillips says:

    Message sent to the sites named above:

    Dear Fellow Earthlings,
    I don't know how many listeners your programme attracts per day, but I doubt very much that they're as widely informed – or as wide-spread – as the 18,367,350 global visitors so far attracted to the site inspired by your very own heroic Dane Wigington – and supported by so very many courageous experts in so many vital fields worldwide. I suggest that, by joining them, perhaps thousands – maybe even millions – more serious-minded and responsible people will daily tune in to your own programmes. Planet Earth needs your brave, (unpaid for – yet) to be widely acknowledged and truly informed help.
    Yours sincerely, Jill Phillips (ITALY)

  65. Terri says:

    Definitely having an impact. the mouthpieces for the state in the mainstream press only mock and ridicule the truth and those who speak it. They typically don't waste their time if it is an issue with little support. 

    Definitely got the attention of those who rule or their pets in the media wouldn't broadcast it at all. 

  66. Mike says:

    Unfortunately they tried to make you out as a crazy person. We truly are in the era of deception. I want you to know that if you organize a lawful protest in Sacramento I will attend. I will try and recruite as many people as I can. A lot of people know what is going on and are afraid not only for their paychecks, but for their lives as well. I am willing to put my life on the line! 
    Keep pushing forward, 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thanks for standing your ground Mike. An event in Sacramento is being planned, stay tuned.

    • James says:

       I will put together a whole group from Amador to protest in Sacramento.

      The time Has come to put Up or Shut up .

      Thank You Dane .

    • Nigel says:

      Yes that was my impression as well Mike. I think Dane, in order to keep the publics perception as credible as possible for the best possible outcome, that being the this continues to unfold is that those who would try and discredit this important movement with their own ideology be handled appropriately…

    • Nnikki says:

      I will come from So. Oregon, Medford area, with as many people as I can. Standing beside you all the way, Dane! Will be staying tuned…..

  67. stephen mallen says:

    This is great news Dane makes me happy to see it. Great work!

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