Climate Engineering Connection To Alarming Increase In Serious Illness, A Prominent Scientist Speaks Out


“Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD, is one of our most highly recognized researchers in the field of anti-aging medicine; his scientific presentations – supported by impeccable documentation – are eye-openers for professionals and lay-persons alike. As professor of chemistry at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he also did extensive longevity research, Dr. Kugler not only puts things into perspective, but also provides a complete picture of the anti-aging and regenerative medical sciences that can be applied with successful results.” -Quote by Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O. President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

As the completely out of control global climate modification assault continues to wreak havoc on Earth’s life support systems and the environment, more and more credible members of society are speaking out. Dr. Hans Kugler, who is a president and founder of International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and a director of HK Stem Cell Laboratory at Health Integration Center (as well as a former West-German Air Force officer, pilot and platoon leader), has shown exceptional courage by openly and directly sounding the alarm on the most critical issue that we face, the global climate engineering assault. My most sincere thanks to Dr. Hans Kugler for giving us a very clear assessment of the dangers posed by geoengineering.
Dane Wigington


Alarming increase in serious illnesses in the US, along with a marked decrease in life expectancy, trend starting 16+ years ago

By Hans J. Kugler, PhD, contributing writer for

We, IAAM (International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), contacted a number of longevity experts to pinpoint the causes. Look at the graph in Bezruchka's paper: The US is dead-last!


Besides the established connection to the use of GMOs, there is also a definite increase in overall inflammation, clearly connected to Chemtrail/climate engineering spraying. For the latest like recent article in The Washington Post and GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers Exposed.

We are also exploring the connection between Chemtrail/climate engineering spraying and the – strangely – appearing and disappearing flu symptoms; we will cover this in the future.

Within the last 20 years there has been an alarming increase in serious illnesses in the US, along with a marked decrease in life expectancy (Bezruchka, 2012). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the cost of diabetes and diabetes-related treatment was
approximately $116 billion dollars in 2007. Estimated costs related to obesity were $147 billion in 2008 and cardiovascular diseases and stroke were $475.3 billion in 2009. Health care expenditures in the US totaled 2.2 trillion dollars in 2007 (CDC, 2013a). The onset of serious illness is appearing in increasingly younger cohorts. The US leads the world in the increase in deaths due to neurological diseases between 1979-81 and 2004-06 for the 55-65 age group (Pritchard et al., 2013). These mental disorder deaths are more typical of the over 65 age group. There have been similar findings for obesity, asthma, behavior and learning problems, and chronic disease in children and young adults (Van Cleave et al., 2010). Type II diabetes in youth is being called an epidemic (Rosenbloom et al., 1999). The rate of chronic disease in the entire US population has been dramatically increasing with an estimated 25% of the US population suffering from multiple chronic diseases (Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 2012). These findings suggest environmental triggers rather than genetic or age-related causes.
During this same time period, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of glyphosate applied to food crops and in the percentage of GE food crops planted (Benbrook, 2012). We undertook a study to see if correlations existed between the rise of GE crops, the associated glyphosate use and the rise in chronic disease in the US.

Reference to full paper: The Deteriorating International Ranking of U.S. Health Status. Annual Review of Public Health

34 Responses to Climate Engineering Connection To Alarming Increase In Serious Illness, A Prominent Scientist Speaks Out

  1. Jose Barron says:

    I really liked what u all have posted! I just want to say somethings that have been happening where I live…sierra vista az next to a sneaky military base, we have been breaking heat records the last couple of days temps almost 20 degrees above average and our mountains which peak over 9,000 ft have literally no snow which is terrible in many aspects, daily I watch planes fly over the no fly zone cross into mexico then come back,then haze becomes rippely and precipitation gets canceled I’m assuming our summer is gonna be a hellish one

  2. Lori says:

    I Was all over Mexico last year, and there is huge amount of spraying, though lighter on the coast. 

    In Ecuador at the moment, and just occasional trails, though there is a definite whiteness to most of the visible blue skies.

    I don't think there will be anywhere to hide in the long run.

  3. At this time I am ready to do my breakfast, later than having my breakfast coming
    again to read further news.

  4. Bryan H says:

    Gonna do that !

  5. Armando says:

    Hey Marc, I feel just about the same. I am thinking more and more the possible move to the south (Mexico) since there still some places they are not spraying there. I sent and called Obama, Ileana Ros-Letinen and both my senators (Rubio and Nelson in Florida) about 2 weeks ago and I am not expecting them to answer. Today I called Mrs. RosLetinen and talk to her assistant in Washington office, they couldn't find my email (?) and gave me another adress to sent another.  I will keep calling and sending emails and certifyed letters, if enough of us do that and send copies to media and radio we have a good chance another Watergate kind of issue could be possible. Don't give up, the will to persevere is the difference between failure and success.

  6. JR says:

    Today following earlier write up with sky full of clouds (real) they were inundated with SAG trails. Mind you these trails sprayed were within a good 15 miles of a concentrated area . Line by line east to west, X’s, Y’s, and the clouds were dissipated fast and the winds in that area only were super high winds. In Las Cruces, New Mexico it was as calm as calm can be, no chemtrails. HAARP must have been hard at work to stir up such wind folks working in conjunction! These lowlifes are in a hurry to get their agenda done whatever it is, make no mistake. Thanks…….

  7. Diana Moss says:

    I am beginning to think that the drug industry is a part of the ‘big plan’ of world domination by the elites. I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of colitus and am convinced that it is due to the ‘frankenfoods’ that we are eating. Funny, there is a wonder drug for my condition but there is no generic drug available. The wonder drug costs $1,500 a month. Hello? Also, there are more and more foods claiming to be gluten free, but if any of your have tried them they are 3 times as expensive as other foods and they are Horrible. Someplace someone is already taking advantage of the ‘new’ diseases big time. We are being assulted on every front immaginable without recourse. No wonder everyone is so afraid to learn more about it because it is way to frightening to even think about. It is beyond the scope of our understanding let alone our acceptance. But, it has become something that we must all face together and do whatever is necessary to bring it to everyones attention..yesterday.

  8. Diana Moss says:

    Just a thought, but maybe it would be a good idea to send all mail to the representatives registered so that you will know that they are received and save your receipts for proof when they claim they haven't received them,  That doesn't mean they will ever be read.


  9. Mike C says:

    Maybe I’ve posted this here before, but I’ll do it again. GMO corn is grown in my home state of Wisconsin and the entire midwest. Increasingly for ethanol. It has been validly argued that both ethanol and industrial wind turbines waste fossil fuel. Both ethanol and IWTs are hazards to humans and all animals’ heath. Ethanol added to gasoline supposedly to reduce smog. This, too can be questioned. The real insanity is the fact that the U.S. military is spraying a much worse SMOG of aluminum, barium, strontium, etc., the very same skies. It makes me quote Barry Goldwater & Rand Paul…”Aim is not to pass laws but repeal them”…REPEAL them! All this “green” technology is really only hurting us…BAD!…End ethanol mandates, subsidies, tax credits for all this insanity! Free marketplace, or BUST.

  10. Katy says:

    Kim thank you for pointing this out, I always say to my boyfriend that the healthier we eat, the less vulnerable we will be to these monster’s mind control tactics! We recently ordered Zeolite which is a mineral that removes heavy metals (aluminum, barium etc) from the body. I urge everyone to check it out and of course eat LOTS and LOTS of RAW GARLIC!!!! Peace, love and happiness to all.

  11. JR says:

    Hello to all; Yeah we’ve been inundated consistently day after day with SAG, Southern part of New Mexico. Freedom Ranger, have you taken water samples from reservoir to perhaps a lab., maybe a nearby college teaching water or wastewater classes? Maybe you already did for all I know partner. I would think it would be free, which I need to do as well from a rain gauge if they let it rain here. Good article, and yes many scholars in research of GMO’s have been blackballed worldwide by companies such as Monsanto-the Devils. I believe there are only 5 major seed companies worldwide now? Big time into control with GMO’s with Terminator seeds pushed by the Agri-Dept. of USA. Time to take blinders of people. People here may want to check out Center For Food Safety website (CFS). A good watch dvd is “The Future of Food” and how GMO companies and our government here in USA and other countries operate with the culprits of evil. For all people in general you will want to see dvd “Sweet Misery A Poisoned World” as well. This is a big eye opener on Aspartame diet crap and how it was approved in Ronnie Reagan’s era along with operative Donald Rumsfeld in it. It’s deemed as a wood alcohol by researchers, for the non consumer-more chemicals folks. It will tell you how the CDC turns a blind eye. Good Chums (Chumps), good ole boys they are and were….

  12. Earth Angel says:

    Well folks, It looks like the cracks in the dam are widening! This evening I watched an expose’ on a PBS channel about child/human trafficking that was VERY well done. Surprisingly a Sheriff of Cook Co.(right there in CHICAGO!) was on a rampage busting the pimps and the rings abusing these young people. Also exposed on a Frontline series right after, in a perfectly timely manner was the topic of brain damage done to many football players from constant concussion, and the fight by a few neurosurgeons and brain doctors to bring this to light. Of course they were met by HUGE resistance to this by the corporate NFL, who would NEVER want the TRUTH to get out when it might mean an end to their HUGE PROFITS and then potentially HUGE PAYOUTS in lawsuits. Its GREAT to hear the DOCTORS SPEAKING OUT ever more loudly against the spraying and more and more people standing up for WHAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD! I know we have a lot to dig out from under but this is encouraging! Keep it up people!

  13. Jane Kean says:

    I must say having spent thirty years in France Portugal UK and Italy I look on the American Dream lifestyle as more of a nightmare. I never wanted to visit having valued the artisan self sufficient ways of all but the UK far more than vast malls cars freeways houses etc etc. Do you really need Dr Kugler to study this as it is quite simply logic. Here in France in one of the remote villages I stay in an old lady just died at 102 another at 92 cooks cleans grows her veg and laughs merrily every time we meet. The villages are full of ancient folk. These poor people who take pride in the old values are literally going to be wiped out for profit. Perhaps America you have screwed yourselves ( apologies for sounding rude ) I am leaving France soon to try and warn others about the stealth of this Geo programme having watched its increase over the last year it is obvious what is going on and it’s downright maelovant. Totally impossible to live here once you are aware i had to hide a day ago as planes were overhead every five mins, the noise was totally disturbing let alone the vast banks of thick cloud they spread over the plain below my mountains. One small point which may be of use to any newbies, talking about radiation levels being one second away from causing human extinction brings immediate response as compared to a Geo engineering catastroph senario. The latter can be added in later, this is working well for me. Bonne chance…..

  14. David Alcantara says:

    Greetings all, the climate change panel in congress obviously allows the spraying.

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, Dr. Kugler for speaking up and taking on this subject. We look forward to your assessment of the aerosol exposure and the appearing and disappearing flu viruses.

    The link to the reasons for the abysmal state of American’s health is eye opening. I’ve suspected this is the case. Nearly everyone has a health complaint, some have many. Americans are collectively an unhealthy mess. Some good questions are who’s fault and why?

  16. Marc says:

    I spoke to my daughter in London this morning about geoengineering again. She wouldn’t tolerate any discussion of it. She has heard and digested to some extent what is happening but she cannot bear the truth of it. It’s too horrific for her to deal with. She has a beautiful 3 year daughter, my granddaughter, who consumes much of her time and energy and hopes for the future, as one would expect. I kind of understand her inability to deal with the particulars of what the assholes are perpetrating upon us, but she owes it to herself and to her daughter (and all of us for each other) to keep informed and aware.
    I’m actually shocked at the cluelessness of the general populace about this issue. Today was an extremely heavy spray day over St. Louis and the associated “cloud cover” was morphing from one impossible spectacle into another. I am quietly terrified of what disease or affliction may befall me since I live right under their chemical crosshairs. As Dane always says, soon these crimes against humanity will no longer be able to filter down through the biosphere without widespread detection and media recognition on a massive scale.
    The illnesses and destruction of the natural world will be too painfully obvious for all to see.
    My rage knows no bounds. My despair, the same. I never ever thought I would see the day when I myself would even begin to consider stockpiling food and supplies for the coming collapse. But hello? As grim and paranoid as this appears on the surface, it really is beginning to look like a viable and wise course of action. Is this not f*****g insanity? That it may really come to this as the biosphere ceases to be able to grow crops?
    But you know what else? If you’re not armed, roving gangs will bust into your house and take what food they can find. This will truly signal an end to life as we have known it, and horrific chaos and violence will rule all of us. And all of it on account of a relatively small cabal of sick m**********s who designated themselves the CONTROLLERS.

  17. Kim Ieland says:

    Hey Folks. Don’t get mad at the ignorant trashing of our beloved Planet by clueless employees of TPTB. Get motivated…..learn about your immune system and it’s awesome capability to expel all manner of toxins. Next, take action to boost your immune system. Fastest, most cost effective, with kefir and other probiotic food you can make in your own home just like our ancestors did for millennia. Cost is minimal with great benefits. Then teach others to do the same thing. One by one we can become a powerful force for change. This abuse of our environment is becoming more obvious daily and we have the power to build our own strength and share with others. Take action now. And Dane thanks for continued stellar efforts to reveal the ongoing abuse.

  18. Judi Berry says:

    Great letter!, saved to my computer. Thank you for your efforts.

  19. DebW says:

    was wondering when they were going to make the connections…there are many more illnesses this spraying is causing than is being reported.

  20. james says:

    Also – saw a vid the other day on utube of this guy who had just received All related info regarding HAARP mailed to him, Free of charge might i add (paid by the g’ment), via the FOIA … & the Dept. of the Navy not only Complied, But Paid for it!
    Cool Stuff – he opened it in front of the cam & then showed separate reports. He said he was going to follow-up w/ a vid report of each section … oh yeah!

    I Think We All Should Do Same! Also, for Military or G’ment held patents on relatable tech., also to include anything SRM/SAS

  21. james says:

    That’s A Great Idea Howard Taylor! And call it that as well – the “Real Cancer Society”!

  22. james says:

    Wow … that’s great! Yes, More!

  23. Elle says:

    If you are very concerned with the ongoing Solar Radiation Management (SRM) programs please take a moment to read this.
    We must put pressure on our elected representatives and officials to start to representing the people’s wishes in regards to geoengineering. Thousands of concerned citizens have mailed/emailed letters of concern; and the SRM programs continually get dismissed as being “water vapor.” This is insufficient; plenty of evidence exists which proves this is untrue.
    We have formatted a letter, which can be sent out by anyone, to elected representatives and officials all over the country. To access this letter, simply open the link below. You will need to fill your name and the date by which you want a response. (Typically 1 1/2 weeks after send date for email, longer with snail mail) Then find your officials and send!
    We must act on this issue because our Earth’s people and ecosystems depend on us for safekeeping. Thank you for taking the time to read this.!106&authkey=!AOBPWIMSMewJXrY

  24. Margriet O'Regan says:

    “Wheat Belly” (Dr William Davis), “Grain Brain” (Dr David Perlmutter), “Primal Body, Primal Mind” (Nora Gedgaudas) sound a clarion call OF alarm concerning our wheat based/carbohydrate-high/low fat diet as being that alone which is killing us en mass.
    As the chemtrails & EM radiation doing exactly the same thing it’s no wonder we are dropping like flies.
    Wheat first compromises then eventually destroys first our immune systems, & then gradually everything other organ & system in the body – including the brain.
    I’m looking forward to when these two ‘camps’ – both the deadly modern dieters & the chemtrailers – join forces !!!
    WOW !!!

  25. Bette says:

    Dane – I appreciate the above article by Dr. Hans Kugler. We need more Doctors, Scientist & Researchers to keep coming forward with “real” facts, so we can all help spread this information faster!!
    As a Health & Fitness Coach, I tried sometime ago to get information from the Vitamin D Council on what damaging effects the Sun or partially blocked Sun might have on somebody trying to get a tan??? (if it is still possible?) But, they never replied to my email question…so I’m beginning to think everyone is getting paid to be “quiet” or “silenced”…
    Would you happen to have an answer or and article written about the damage to our skin when Sunbathing? I think this would be a good way to help alert a lot of people if they knew these “Chemtrails” were harmful instead of helpful to there skin!!
    God Bless You & Your Readers

  26. Karen W says:

    Great Article Dane! Once again I say THANK YOU!
    Right now in Sacramento we have criss-cross spraying all over the S/N/S sky.
    It was predicted by the weather channel that we were to have rain tomorrow. That won’t happen because yesterday we had the ugly gray dark engineered clouds over us and got “fizzed” on. I also saw yesterday, a snow chart with the amount of snow fall in locations close in proximity. They had different levels of snow! This is such a crime against life here.
    I might add that two friends from southern calif. reported to me the increase of cancer there!

  27. TreeHuggerMN says:

    Chemtrails, GMOs, Roundup, and let’s not forget WIFi, cell phones, cell towers–to complete the onslaught on our health and environment. Thanks for all you do to expose this war on ourselves and our environment.

  28. Jane says:

    This is a No-Brainer Folks. They are telling you all of this for a good reason. If you stand outside and Watch, Listen it certainly is not hard to figure it all out. Every morning if you Look Up you can see the Jets going from East to West usually. They go to the Great Lakes where they can’t be seen as much. Normally the wind comes from the Northwest. Then all that garbage that is being sprayed travels towards you and Blocks the Sun. Then your local Geoengineering Contractors in the little planes start flying around. Like I said it’s a No Brainer.

    You need Sun. Not Man made Clouds that are harmful to you.

  29. nikki says:

    Thank you again Dane for posting these important articles.

    I know plenty of ill people and tell as many people as I can about geoengineering. It’s exhausting as you (and other anti-geoengineering activists) know.

    I see anywhere from a few to a few hundred children everyday.. their parents stuck on their phones, or discussing diapers or the superbowl with their friends… none have I found, however, discussing what is happening over their heads…. what is being done to their families. When I do introduce the topic, I do it casually. And while I have had positive responses from a few people, I have never had anything but a “you’re nuts” look from a young parent.

    I know you don’t like me posting this, but I still think it is incredibly selfish of people to have children today. With catastrophic aerosol assaults raining down on us each day, GMO’s, Fukushima, drugs, and more, bringing in another life – when you know air/water/soil quality continues to decline – is excruciatingly selfish.

    Dr Kugler should be speaking at every senior center, and pediatric facility in the country.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nikki, thank you for your message. All involved in this battle have had the kind of response you describe, but people that far in denial won’t be able to remain there for long. We must all keep credibly sounding the alarm while we can.

  30. Freedom Ranger says:

    @Barbara Bell…you are not alone. My wife when she woke yesterday started crying. I asked why, she said,she was having a nightmare, I said you are awake it was only a nightmare why are you crying. She looks at me and says “reality is worse than a nightmare. we are living in a goddamn evil science fiction movie we can turn off” she states this as she looked out of the window pointing at one of the heaviest spray days thus far. Reality now is worse than a nightmare. My heart goes out to people who have children and are aware. Your burden is truly the most terrifying for you must fight, I can only imagine what fears you must face. I will fight with you though, you are not alone. Hell, I love a fight when there is almost no chance at winning- makes the victory infinitely more glorious.

  31. Freedom Ranger says:

    I felt I have to point this out, my house overlooks the Boulder Reservoir, a large body of water (by Colorado standards) which provides water to Boulder. I have noticed even though the temps have been above 80 and 70 the last couple of days there is ice on the water, there has been ice nearly all month. When there is a light snow and temperatures are barely freezing the entire Reservoir freezes over. This never happens unless the temps are negative for days on end. Its 60 outside, I trained my telescope on the Reservoir, sure enough there is ice on the water. This summer, I fear, is going to be the summer from hell, literally. I suggest to all my brethren get at least 6 months food stored and requisite materials for comfort. Mormons are required to keep a years worth of food, they have some good websites on how to prep for a year. When the food panic comes, and it will, it will be overnight and those that panic will be its first casualties. Storing an adequate amount of food is of the utmost importance for the coming years of famine which are now inevitable.

  32. Barbara Bell says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your never-ending fight for humanity. Honestly there are days that I wake and look outside and see the white poison across the beautiful sky and I feel so hopeless, I just cry… feels like a horrible dream that I will never wake from. It’s very difficult…really thank you Dane from the bottom of my heart!

  33. Howard Taylor says:

    I work in a supplement department. More young people are coming in for diseases that old people have . inflammation is one of many complaints. Also many young people’s Thyroid Disease is being destroyed by nanoparticles of alumium.Many have no idea what’s going on above them.I tell them about this website. Tell them to look up.Also the big C word CANCER is attacking yonnger and younger .I live in the biggest Cancer Industry Houston. MD Anderson could give a shit about chemicals we are inhaleing and drinking.Their profits keep growing.
    I would love to start a Real Cancer Society and expose the lies we are told .
    Thank you again Dane

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