Climate Engineering Seeds Deadly Hail Storms


Dane Wigington

Artificial/chemical ice nucleation and highly destructive hail storms, what's the connection? The 2 minute video gives a brief, but very impressive glimpse of astoundingly large hail stones striking a body of water near Naples, Italy, on September 5, 2015.

This next 90 second video documents a devastating and and unprecedented hail storm that recently occurred in Mexico, which actually caused multiple mortalities. 

Our climate system is spinning out of control. Though there are countless causal factors and countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate system, a great many  roads in this equation lead straight to the ongoing global climate modification programs.

Artificial/chemical ice nucleation is now constantly used in the covert weather modification programs. The use of these materials cools down the clouds and thus the air mass below the clouds. But what happens when these unnatural elements cause ice formation at far above usual temperatures, in far greater concentrations, and far sooner than the process would have otherwise occurred during the progression of a storm?

hail jet

hail windshield

hail baseball

hail house

Much more frequent hail storms and exceptionally large hail stones are the expected result. This is in spite of the fact that the jet sprayed canopy of aerosols above the storm systems (solar radiation management programs) are actually limiting cloud convection in many or most cases. Even passenger jets are being pounded by the rapidly worsening conditions.

Do records show an increase in the damage being done by unusually large and frequent hail storms? Yes, there has been an 84% increase in hail storm damage from 2010 to 2012 and that increase is still rising. 

Are there other recent examples of unprecedented "ice balls" created by massive artificial/chemical spraying of nucleating elements? Yes, again.

ice balls lakeshore

ice balls lakeshore 2

ice balls lake top

ice balls lakeshore news

Ice boulders on the Great Lakes never before seen until the last few years. Do you believe the explanations given for all the unprecedented oddities by the mainstream media "experts" who are paid to say whatever their told to say?

Global climate modification is a totally out of control juggernaut of complete insanity. There is no truly natural weather at this point, none. All is tainted by the all out geoengineering assault that has been unleashed on planet Earth. The climate engineers will continue to create ever more extreme conditions. Artificially/chemically nucleated storms with more frequency and intensity is a part of this scenario. In order to create the illusion of cold on a rapidly warming world the engineering of snow storms will also continue to wreak havoc around the globe. The constant engineered cool-downs in the Eastern US during recent years is a glaring example

All of us must work together in order to bring the climate engineering insanity to light and to a halt. There is no silver bullet, there is no easy way forward in this battle, but we are indeed making progress. When a critical mass of awareness is reached regarding the geoengineering reality, and global populations wake to what has been done to them, there will be a paradigm shift.

38 Responses to Climate Engineering Seeds Deadly Hail Storms

  1. Janet says:

    The Criminal Cabal are losing traction rapidly. Exposing them is #1 priority. Thanks to Dane and his team it is moving a great speed. Soon more and more will realize the Devastation that the Criminal Cabal are inflicting upon us all.

    At one time I thought that this was a Conspiracy. Not any more.

  2. Earth Angel says:

    One would think the insurance companies should be some of the most adamant learning about, exposing, and stopping the criminal spray and weather modification programs. Think of the BILLIONS of dollars they are paying out in claims which should NEVER have occurred but for this perversion of nature. Try and make your insurance reps aware of what is happening, I have addressed the topic with a couple of them. I guess the paradox may be that those at the highest echelons of insurance companies may well be those same involved with funding the spray programs?!

  3. Las Vegan says:

    Hello, all!
    Beginning to design a "business card" (with Dane's web site as the only information listed) to pass out to passengers in my cab.  Most people on the go and need something small I've discovered.  Have talked to innumerable people over the last month.  Main stumbling block:  people can't understand why the government would deliberately destroy the environment/citizens.
    Getting over third rash in 1 1/2 years after prior 66 years without one rash.  Hmmmmm.  Heavy, hot, extremely itchy hives & splotches.  Probably from pruning long-growth cypress without gloves.  Nano-particles of aluminium?  Forget over the counter.  Doctors will prescribe Predisone and Fluocinonide ointment.  Steroids & antibiotics (known to decrease immunity).  Some splotches left last time.  Apparent signature of rash is hypersensitivity to everything–organic soaps, sunlight, etc.  Remedy:  drawing salve.  Apply thick layer, cover, keep on for equivalent of all day, remove, scrub with nail brush (will hurt like hell), & apply beneficial moisturizer.  First test area on my hand revealed an area of microscopic "cuts" where, perhaps, small particles had been removed.  Repeat next day if necessary.  Absolutely no itching left.  Redness will completely disappear in 1-4 days.  Obtain drawing salve from store or make from recipe on web.
    Interesting to note interaction of Schumann Resonance and chemical/electrical geoengineering.  The quote from an informational web site was “All vibrating things in this world have their own, ‘natural’ frequency which they are most comfortable with,” writes Sanjay Aqrawal in an Ezine article entitled “Brain Entrainment and Schumann Resonance”. When a thing is subjected to an external force that makes it vibrate at a frequency it vibes with the most, the thing responds “joyfully”, by vibrating at the maximum amplitude (energy).  conducting surface and the ionosphere….

    …The normal standing wave created in the Schumann Cavity occurs at a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth, and at a base frequency (and highest intensity) of between 6-8 Hz (7.83 Hz). Some call this basic frequency the Earth’s “heartbeat” or the “tuning fork” of the planet, suggesting that it generates natural healing properties when living things are entrained to its rhythm…. 
    What if…you are able to disrupt this rhythm?  Big time…with high energy frequency?  Would people feel unsettled?
    When two vibrating systems resonate with each other, like the human brain and the global electric circuit, a rise in amplitude in the waves occurs. They are said to be in tune. Proponents suggest that a rise in amplitude causes a rise in our consciousness energy and that Schumann Resonance generates healing effects when living things are entrained to its frequency….
    E. Jacobi at the University of Duesseldorf showed that the exclusive use of either Schumann (YANG) wave simulation or the geomagnetic (YIN) signal caused serious health problems. This was proven through experiments by Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs. He built an underground bunker which completely screened out magnetic fields and housed student volunteers for four weeks in this hermetically sealed environment. Wever noted that the student's circadian rhythms diverged and that they suffered emotional distress and migraine headaches. Symptoms disappeared after a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz. Similar complaints were reported by the first astronauts and cosmonauts, who, out in space, were also deprived of Schumann waves. 
    Suppose you might walk into a church and gun down some people?  Might shoot a cop in the back?  Might become a trigger-happy cop?  Might have mega-road rage incidents?  Might have a spooked population who doesn't feel "right" in their own skin?  Yup, just maybe.  As people become more and more unsettled and begin acting out, would you institute martial law?
    Remain calm.  Breathe.  Meditate.  Hum.  Eat good things.  Play with your dog or cat.  Surround yourself with funny friends.  Take precautions to cleanse of heavy metals, restore Vitamin D, and eliminate ELF (as finances allow).
    From "The Tesla Project":
    "The reason is simple…whoever controls the electromagnetic spectrum, controls the outcome of the war."  D. Gutierrez

    • Hello Las Vegan: The world's utilities grids were hijacked by British and French investment interests shortly after the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. That's right: 1893. (AC) Alternating current technology via 50-60 cycle waveforms slowly destroy human behavioral parameters, cognitive abilities, is a major cause leukemia and cancer, and significantly impairs auto-immune functions. There are over 10,000 per reviewed studies showing specific types of stress damage to living cells via electromagnetic induction. The majority of the information was suppressed for many years, as corporate liability concerns trumped concerns for human health and welfare.

      In my opinion, our specie has become a mutant specie. We are now actively destroying the planet because we've become addicted to electromagnetic stimulation. This is not idle theory. There are thousands upon thousands of studies to back up the grim reality…

      Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Las Vegan, Your remark as to main stumbling block: people can't understand why the government would deliberately destroy the environment/citizens–hits that nail on the head.  It is the most common response I get.  I guess for most people, that one is huge.  And that seems to be where fears of conspiracy enter-not the spraying so much, oddly enough, but the why of it, and the to us of it.  Any suggestions from anyone about this?  I mean if I go into ALL the reasons and explanations, even if I just begin, they tune out.  And that fear Is understandable.  I suspect this is the main cause of why it is so hard to get political peoples help, as well as government agencies.  This is scary and iffy territory even if there are a million references.  This is where the main paradigm shift lies.  Ha!  Apt word!

      Most people I know either do not or will not voice believing 911 was done by our government.  Again, why would they do that to us?  When it was so very very obvious, not even clever.  I will go so far as to say I do not believe the moon landing was real.  That blows all away.  When asked why, I say the proof of a scientific experiment is the ability to replicate it and in all this time, it has not been done.  Since a lot of people I know are in sciences, it does shut them up.  But they so want to believe it.  Just like they so want to believe our government is for us, by us, of us-even if the us part shifts from time to time.  Most people I turn on to this site do take a look but are then scared off.  TMI.  In the extreme.  And in Berkeley yet.  May as well still be in Kansas.

    • Unnatural electromagnetic induction of brain frequencies, causes random oscillations and behavioral defects, period. The Department of the Navy has studied this for over 70 years.  Wake up before there's nothing to wake up to…

  4. Frank says:

    The past 3 days the smell of sulphur has been real bad here in SE TN. It covers a wide area and have traveled 20 miles and still rotten egg smell. The spraying has been heavy and the weather is very hot. The temps I get are always 5 to 9 degrees higher than are reported by NWS. I don't even want to go outside unless I have to because the skies and air quality is sickening. Whatever is going on here and all over is coming to a head. I have never seen so many extreme occurrences lately with the skies, high UV and the horrific sights on satellite maps. All our time is near and we all will see events that have never been seen. This weather warfare needs to stop now.  

  5. Andrew from scotland says:

    It is official.  According to Norwegian measurements, we now have less sea ice than 2012's lowest, and still 2 weeks before autumn equinox and the Godzilla El Nino which will bring warmth into the Arctic Oct/Nov/Dec.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, some of the other Arctic ice charting source are showing very different current measurements, we will have to wait and see what unfolds. Whatever the case at this moment, it is only a matter of time before what is left of the Arctic sea ice blows apart. 

  6. Ronald says:

    I have noticed with increasing regularity on National television shows that the skies looks the same around the globe.

    The next time you watch the news or HGTV for instance, look at the skies above the people. This is alarming. The skies in Dubai are the same as Miami with chemical trails.

    The other day a person I know posted "the beauty" of nature with pictures of the clouds..they were chemical trails!… I replied…those skies are the same in my area ( north Idaho) and all around the world…then sent him links to

  7. David Almanza says:

    There is little I can add to all the negative things we witness happening to Our Earthly habitat. Im glad to know that there are others who care as I do and realize that We are all connected through the vine of Nature. Perseverance and Peace be with You all.

    • Natasha says:

      I am with you as I watch the skies and monitor my increasing hunger for clean air, clean water, clean soil.  As you say, we are many.  Let us start emailing our "representatives" and raising our voices.  It is time. It seems the military is going to destroy our lives and all life as they blindly run after the latest "defense" capability.  Like CERN, who needs it?  Those scientists are indulging themselves instead of applying their expertise to help solve the huge problem of technological impact on our planet.

  8. Dina Padilla says:

    This is beyond the pale of all of evil two legged  human predators who should be sought  after with every ounce of energy and  fervor  by real humans and  then tried for unlimited mass crimes against humanity, like hitler and his nazi thugs( it can be done) and then  sent out one way to MARS, the hot hot planet something akin to  the hell where they came from and where these predators belong for the rest of the meaningless lives. It's so maddening to think that the predators think  our grandchildren are thought of as something to get rid of.  Why more people don't wake up and demand more of what's right is stunning. Keep educating and thank you.

    • People have been instructed to blame Hitler for all that took place in WWII, when most of the human slaughter was actually due to Stalin and Allied forces acting in concert. Americans have been "mislead". This is where implimentation of the "plan" started: >
      Communist Manifesto 10 Planks
      "The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
      – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover –
      – 1956 –

    • Michel B says:

      Thank you Paul Vonharnish for very diplomatically stating what is a very important realisation of actual history. As you said, the Soviets and the Allies perpetrated most of the slaughter in WW2 and in my mind were the provocateurs of both wars.

      And as you further imply in the quote you provide, our current miseducation is now so widely engrained and well taught, that to revise it is to come up against great disbelief.

      If one just looks at the False Flag events that have been used as the triggers of just about every war, who was behind them? We have the assassination of the Serbian Archduke Prince Ferdinand and the Lusitania for WW1, Pear Harbour for America's involvement in WW2, Gulf of Tonkin for Vietnam, Weapons of Mass Destruction and 9-11 for Iraq and now Global Warming/Climate Change for Weather Modification programs. I know global warming is happening, but SRM is very much adding to that.

      Add to that the numbers genocided under communist totalitarian regimes outside of 'war years', well, the mind boggles.

      With this litany of lies on such a monstrous scale resulting in so much carnage, what else in our official narrative of history is also a lie? America is touted as the last bastion of Freedom, Democracy and Liberty, yet this country as well as virtually the whole world is being devastated by some powerful group!

      Most of the world's population would not want this, so who exactly is behind this?! 

    • Hello Michel B: Few persons understand that modern communism is a perversion of a tithe system instituted in Babylonian times. That's over 3500 years of justifications for private land confiscation and militant control over human behavior "for the benefit of the tribe". Who's tribe? The methods have only waxed more diabolical, as society cedes it's soul to intellectual morbidity and self deception…

      “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when we realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few very powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

      – U.S. President James Garfield –

      (Assassinated July 12, 1818)

  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    While always having been run under the pretext of being a University of Alaska Fairbanks research station, it's officially been transferred to UAF and open for ionosphere bombardment experiments. Actually the military had learned that the facility at Poker Flats is an optimally superior location than Gakona ever was, so they've been using Poker Flats regularly, pretending it belongs to UAF.

    Since the Gakona facility had been closed, there are now about 5 new HAARP-related facilities in Alaska, and Poker Flats is not on this recent map.

    It's my sense that these facilities coordinate and triangulate signals as described in the descriptions for Project Lucy. Or to bounce its signal off the MOON.  Sounds innocent enough unless you know what we know : (

    • Hello Bella Fantasia: Excellent information and links. My compliments to you on many informative posts. This kind of information and reader activism is important, as there are more and more people coming to these pages for background information every day. Good on ya for staying the course!

  10. Marc says:

    There is a bigger picture here on Earth than even the "Climate Change" scenario. I sense something amiss behind the scenes. Something just does not compute. The incomprehensibly large programs underway to spray the whole fucking planet seem to be occurring on orders of magnitude beyond what is required to accomplish the goals if it were simply SRM, or a global dimming scenario. If it can be reduced to disaster capitalists just having a hot Saturday night at the casino, it still doesn't make sense. I guarantee you the guttersnipes behind all this are monitoring EVERYTHING!!! They are keeping close tabs on every conceivable aspect of what they are doing, including human health impacts, effects on crops and micro-climates, UV AND UVB penetration,  methane outgassing, AND……….. THE EFFECTS ON PUBLIC OPINION AND THE EMERGENCE OF ACTIVIST GROUPS, NOT TO MENTION THE EFFECTS ON THE MARKETS DUE TO A VARIETY OF CLIMATE RELATED ANOMALIES, INCLUDING MARINE DIE-OFF, SEA LEVEL RISE, LOSS OF FISHERIES, CYCLONES, DROUGHTS, FLOODS, CROP FAILURES, AND ON AND ON. All of this data collection is going into a database somewhere, and there are either ultra-advanced super computer programs calling the geoengineering shots, or there exists a Cabal of mad scientists, well compensated worms, brown-nosing their pansy-assed way through an ultra top-secret labyrinth of military/government enslavement on their way to paradise in either an off-planet base, or perhaps an ultra-deluxe suite with a view, somewhere underneath Colorado. Something just does not seem right. I will bet 1000.00 bucks right now that a depopulation agenda constitutes the majority percentage of the whole worthless program. And if things stay on the current trajectory, it appears they will get what they seem to so desperately want.  It seems impossible to believe that a hive of so many individual minds somehow manages to come together in the service of one focused, diabolical project. But look at Nazi Germany. Hitler couldn't possibly have done it all by himself. That he managed to enlist so many into the service of a twisted and repulsive military campaign hell-bent on ultimate world domination and ethnic cleansing, should remind us all that the human organism is a malleable one, and under the right conditions can be made to carry out unspeakable atrocities for which there is no easy explanation.

      I know there are pitfalls and enigmas on every side here. But I cannot escape one underlying truth: which is that these faceless Satans behind all the geoengineering KNOW, AND ARE MONITORING all the devastation they are wreaking upon the planet and upon human populations, AND upon the human psyche, as illustrated so eloquently here on this website. They KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHAT IT IS ACCOMPLISHING. In light of this, I cannot accept that there are any agendas that supercede that of sickening and ultimately killing off of human populations. I just cannot accept that omnicide is just an unfortunate by-product of other more important agendas.

    • Derek says:

      I agree with you 100% Marc. I am here in Southern California and they are spraying with such abandon that it numbs the mind. I hike in Joshua Tree frequently and the spraying is going on into and even past sunset many days. If the concern is SRM, why spray at dusk? The plant life is wretched, with the parasitic mistletoe killing many of the trees, and the succulents that still live are covered in white aluminum dust that is expelled from the plants' vascular system. A poster here stated that the DOD has ordered 179 additional Boeing refueling tanker jets. Are these to keep planes aloft, or to dump more toxic metals (and other agents) on us? I think this is a mad dash to depopulate. At YouTube I've seem aerosol trails in videos of Bali, Cayman Islands, Mongolia, and Brazil among others. Maybe the US is getting hit the hardest. But the whole world is being targeted.

    • Will says:

      Yes, both of you are correct. I have been observing these crimes for some time..

      I live in Brazil. Not only are we being sprayed 24/7 now, but for more than a month they have been using the silvery white spray on the drought target zone ("rich" southeast). These are short sprays, that will not stay for long, could be confused for contrails, but will leave the sky ugly silver, gray and white as the day progresses.

      Many times it will be already like that upon waking up in the morning.

      The result has been desertic air humidity, and summer temps on a winter time. This happened for more than a month, with a break just now. Finally a cold front has been able to arrive here, but I always hear the Jets on lower atmosphere making sure the rain is as low as possible (and usually is).

      It gets obvious that they intend to make it so, desertic and hot. Enter climate terrorism for social control and modification, that is exactly what it is.

      Anyone that offers a "solution" and won't touch the real "cause of the problem" is part of this staggering lie, and is profiting on it.

      Also, for one day, about a month ago, I have witnessed several different weather balloons (about 4) with something attached underneath, that remained on view for as long as the sun, whereas I could see jets spaying something almost invisible in the lower atmosphere, which later looked like almost invisible "steps of a stairway" on our sky.

      Yes they are monitoring, playing with whatever they spray, and do so regardless of any regard or fear of being seen.

      But they are operating with less horizon to horizon trails.

      Also, on places where they "allow" rain (for which I travelled here) the chemical pattern seems different, more like those weird clouds and some trails that later mix with the water.

      However, the silvery, ugly white sky (seems made for generating desertic climate) is still pretty obvious for anyone who pays attention and knows what is going on.

      Whenever they need to use H A A R P to change Jet Streams, they also change the spraying pattern to one that is more visible, and later that becomes those "waves in the sky".

      There are many layers to this lie and not one is the common good, and no government (either left or right) is the "good guy". All involved.

      Since they are preparing a Chaos ("ordo ab chao"), I think that explains why they don't fear civil unrest due to this anymore. What they need is that most people stay ignorant, so they can still go on with this lie and use it against us, that is why it is imperative we reach as many as possible with the true "inconvenient truth"!

      God bless us all

    • Hello Marc: As you suggest, these efforts are coordinated through many layers of deceit, insanity, and plain moral decrepitude. Here's another link: > 
      It is important to read this entire page on Wikipedia. The intense pace of time frames, and the multi-disciplinary scope of these organizations should make your hair stand on end. This is a very dangerous group of diverse scientific interests, directly funded by the US government with an admitted budget of $7 billion dollars annually.
      This organization along with the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Board, can control and influence some of the world's most environmentally sensitive and socially critical technologies.
      National Science Foundation – Wikipedia
      "In many cases, these projects involve collaborations with other U.S. federal agencies."

    • Bob says:

      I agree with you Marc, and your convictions!  I have a sub sequential question.  So, what do you think these psychopaths envision in a world with only 500 million (as per the Georgia Guide stones amount)?  Who will they "rule" over?  Will they all of a sudden throw away their evil for the "good" of the earth?  What will be left? Ok, so most everyone is dead, but so will the biosphere of the planet. How "golden" is that gonna be? They won't have anymore serfs to exploit. No more fodder to war with. It just seems that the "prize" at the end of all this isn't going to be much of a prize.  
      Unless of course there is actually more to the agenda then just our destruction.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I agree with you and have thought this for a long time.  Even this site is a collection data base for them, of sorts, and maybe one reason it scares some, many, off.

    • A simple horseman says:

      Marc, Have you ever come across what are called "the Georgia Guide Stones"? Look them up(you won't like what you find), you might find some answers there as to why "things" don't add up.

  11. I love seeing aircraft that will never fly again. It just warms my heart…

    As long as people feed the corporate Beast, the Earth and all her people will be held hostage. It's the corporations folks. And they've been screwing you into the ground since 393 A.D. Another few years, and there will be nothing left to salvage, and no one left alive. Great investment, eh?

  12. The sociopathic globalist intentions are to create an imposter of everything God has created and they certainly have created some destructive faux weather for us to enjoy NOT! Just look at everything today and you see it is all phony as a three dollar bill. Hell people aren't even real anymore, they are some kind of assimilation of trends they think are cool. Our food is fake, our money is fiat, our medicines kill, our media lies, our doctors kill not heal, our schools teach falsehoods and fake history, our technology is obsolete the day it comes out, our babies are being injected at birth with vaccinations that will eventually kill them when they are adults like they did with the monkey and cancer viruses in the vaccinations of the sixties. Our genders that used to be two are now fourteen according to the state of California. Nothing is what it seems and God has been kicked to the curb. Time for the world to get real again and real fast because this train doesn't stop until it goes off the cliff and hits bottom.

  13. Terri says:

    Dane once said that there is literally no natural weather and has not been natural for several decades. Since we have no natural weather and have not had any since the weather modification programs began in the 40's i believe it is safe to conclude that those responsible for the weather and its destructive capacity are also equally responsible for the results. Every death, every building destroyed, every plane hammered by hail, every car, roof, and window  can be placed at the feet of those who are ''deciding'' what the weather will be. 

    They have made the weather a weapon. Whole cities and towns have had tornado's rip through the middle of it and wipe out every house standing. Those responsible for that destruction go unpunished. The pilots, chemists, and countless others who cooked up the toxic soup that drives weather systems are directly responsible for every life lost. These people are mass murders. The weapon of choice is the weather. How many people in India died of heat exhaustion? How many from flooding? how much property damage was done?  Those who create the weather also own those deaths. 

    The wanton destruction of whole forests, plants, oceans, water and soils is another bonus for those in power. Those who control the weather are directly responsible for that destruction as well. Will they be brought to justice? only time will tell. i suspect it won't happen in time to do much good if it isn't stopped soon. 

  14. Keith Whittington says:

    Sunup this morning brought pink to orange broad chemclouds. A jet flew high overhead and started spraying. The streak was in line with the upper air movement, so I watched it spread as the line slid to the southeast. It spread very quickly and after about 20 minutes harmonic lines formed as the waves organized 21 perfectly spaced more or less identical lines perpendicular to the chemical stream cloud. Right before my eyes. Oh, Scott Air Force Base is to the northwest.

  15. Beverly says:

    Thank You Dane, and all the others doing incredible research to bring all this deception to light. I just turned 81 and I'm still young enough to put up a good fight. I live near Parker, AZ and I'm passing out flyers and informing as many people as I can about all this and giving them your web site.  I have 7 grandchildren that I would love to see grow up. Why can't we get people like Warren Buffet, Apple, and the Tesla people to get involved. They have the money to help fight back. You know, the people with billions. They are out there and perhaps would like to join the fight. Thanks for an excellent job. I want to help all I can.
    Beverly Bishop

  16. Clare Goldsberry says:

    A lot of strange "clouds" today over Phoenix – a lot of trails – saw one aircraft at probably 20,000 feet with a double "spray"coming from it. I've been watching all day — these "clouds" haven't moved but are spreading and many look like "mare's tails" but strangely so. We've had more than 7 inches in our rain gauge here in NE Phoenix, a number of really bad storms including two this past week. Fairly normal during our "Monsoon" season, but these past few storms have been really bad. My pine trees are starting to get dead spots in them in spite of all the rain we've had. Still watching the sky overhead — really wierd!

  17. Nicole says:

    Hello Apyre,

    You wrote, "Mysteriously erected with words carved into it in several languages, implying that there will be only 500,000,000 people. It does not state when or how this thing will happen".

    We are now surrounded by our own military on all sides of the US. This includes UN vehicles. We should be asking THEM this question. I can guarantee you, those organizing the coming atrocity know the exact date.

    • The Georgia guide stones were erected to give a proclamation that the world population shall never exceed 500 million. Ted Turner was one of the financiers and he is expressed openly in the media for the culling of the herd. They are sociopathic eugenicist. The eugenics monsters have to be culled not the general population which they are trying to do with the spraying of ourselves and children everyday. The average life expectancy has started to drop dramatically and soon they will have a population that doesn't age past their forties or fifties. With bio-geo-engineering, vaccinations, big pharma, and GMO's they have a great start. I have lost three friends and a brother to aids that was put into the public by design to kill off the gay population but now they can marry so how short is their memory when they were trying to kill off this section of the population and now they are the darlings of the new world order. I am beginning to think this world isn't going to be salvaged as long as people are enjoy living in the new sodom.

  18. Nicole says:

    Again thank you Dane!

    Nuclear radiation HEATS water.
    Fukushima with at least three total nuclear meltdowns is leaching over 300 tons of radioactive isotopes into the biosphere every single day since 2011. 
    Are they using an ice nucleation program over the pacific to try bring the ocean temperature down? I believe the answer is clearly, YES.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nicole, though the highly radioactive water from Fukushima is absolutely poisoning the Pacific, the outflow from this damaged nuclear facility is not a factor with the massive heat build up. The attached link will shed more light on the rapidly warming Pacific.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Nicole, again, thank you!  Fukushima is but one example of nuclear contamination, albeit a huge one, but so was Chernobyl.  And the thousands of other leaks, experiments, tests-many of which were over the Pacific ocean, as well as off Alaska, and under the ice way up north by the Russians.  Not to mention the waste material and contaminated material buried and leaking, like say Hanford into the Columbia River.  Or just off the coast of California, and so many others.  Supposedly, coal fly ash is more radio active than nuclear waste!  The nuclear stuff is everywhere, but especially in the Pacific Ocean and it has a half life of "forever".  From the very beginning I've felt and tried to say that does this not count?!  It Has to, just has to.  It adds up and piles up.  And continues heating up.  This has got to be one gigantic factor.  Supposedly, normally, the oceans could handle all the CO2 we pump out, but not if warm.  Will not accept CO2 if warm waters.  Meantime, more planes than ever are amping up the spraying as if they know we know, and know we feel helpless, thus a green light to them to go hog wild.  Putting even more CO2 in our skies that the oceans cannot absorb now.  So, just bound to get warmer and warmer.  If it did rain, I would expect that rain to be hot!  Everyone here it seems is truly expecting an El Nino winter with tons of rain.  I somehow doubt that.  

      I've been in this area close to 40 years.  Well, 35 anyway.  Never a summer like this before.  Sure, hot everywhere else, but when coming back from elsewhere in California, you round the bend-either side of the Bay, and before you even see it, you smell it and what a wonderfull smell it was!  So invigorating!  So rejuvenating!  Moist air!  Suddenly cooler and thank God/"Grandfather", home!  Now home feels like Arizona.  They say dry heat is more bearable but I beg to disagree!  This is beyond dry, this you could die from, and seems relentless.  I slept last night with windows wide open not even caring if someone invaded, beyond caring. And it is clearly as if something is drawing any moisture, even natural plant juices away-gone.  I want to know which chemical that is.  My friend tried to explain to me it was simply the lack of humidity from the ridiculously resilient pressure over the Pacific.  No.  And no.  Wrong on all counts but that it satisfies her and she's been here longer than I have.  And she is bright, really smart.  Yet?  Thing is, she's not all that connected to nature.  Intellectually, perhaps.  But if one lives in, has lived in, or works with nature, you can see that this is beyond heat and lack of water although water does make the most dramatic difference.  Short term.  I've said my precious plum tree that damn near didn't make it and seemingly is Way behind schedule, it is like a long term weather vane, accurately forecasting the weather.  If it is right, then this Fall will be a summer.  Here anyway.  Maybe I can make those scions I want from it still.  Though I'd rather have a Fall. 

  19. apyre says:

    I became aware of chemtrails around 2012 while researching the upcoming pres elect. I also at that time began to daily document them with a camera and posting pics to twitter. That is until after 3yrs twitter deemed me to be a bot and suspended my account. 
    I also have spectacular pics of the moon being trailed. Why the moon and not the sun I ask? I tried to upload a pic here but it would not happen.
    Along with much knowledge of chems, I also discovered info about such things as the "Georgia Guidestone". Mysteriously erected with words carved into it in several languages, implying that there will be only 500,000,000 people. It does not state when or how this thing will happen.
    Also found the real purpose of fluoride just go look at the ingredients of your "prozac".
    I commend Mr. Wigington for his bravery to speak out. There are only a few others that I have come across such as "Drudge", "Alex Jones", "Steve Quayle". All of which get fun labels of being "conspiracy nuts". Although there is documentation to prove that weather manipulation was used during the Viet Nam war by our gov.
    Here in northeren Nevada we were inundated by rain from Aug. 2014 to May 2015. All the weather man could shout was "there is a drought," and aint we lucky. I started writing down temps and rainfall. By my figures we had somewhere between 10 and 12 inches of rainfall in a place that usually averages 7.
    I also noted that with all this water, man made reservoirs (controlled) were drying up while natural lakes (Gods domain) were at normal rims. Even Lake Tahoe was at normal rim but to little fanfare.
    We did not get much snow but temps remained cold until the end of May. June off the charts hot and by July 4 back to cold and rain. Who cares about the weather forcast how mundane a thing to talk about. Certainly not the "zombie nation" we have become. OOh better go check out the latest apps for iphone.

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