Dismantling The Lie Of “Contrails”


Those in power have done their absolute best to convince an all too gullible public that our constantly hazed out skies are just the result of "contrails", this is an absolute lie. All those that are funded by the power structure in one form or another tow the line on this lie as their paychecks and pensions depend on their participation. The list of those who are lying about the issue of "contrails" is incredibly long. It includes (but is not limited to) elected officials, government agencies (including state agencies), meteorologists, journalists and media sources, etc. With very few exceptions, we should not see ANYTHING behind the jets in our skies that are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines. High Bypass turbofan jet engines are fitted on ALL COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT and ALL MILITARY TANKERS. High bypass jet engines are nearly incapable of producing a "condensation trail" except for the most extreme conditions and even then any visible trail should not be more than a few seconds at most. Even many actively engaged in the fight to expose and stop the ongoing climate engineering insanity do not yet understand this fact. Shorter bright trails are in most cases still SPRAYED HIGHLY TOXIC DISPERSIONS. Those who truly want to be effective in the battle to expose the geoengineering crimes should take the time to watch the video below, perhaps twice. More than any other issue, our collective futures depend on exposing and stopping the spraying. Do your part, get educated and become a more effective fighter in this most critical battle.
Dane Wigington


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  1. John Rockhold says:

    Dang you stupid people who think they are "contrails" !!!     I have video of over my house 30 Ft long trails and 30 ft spaces,,,ALL the way across the sky, horizon to horizon,,,,,,,Probably more than 50 spaces and 50 trail fil ins,,,,,,,Like space, trail space trail, space 50 times across the sky ,,,Horizon to horizon,,,,,,,The genius on line says this is "difference in composition of sky" each time there is a space,,,,,,,,,WHEN IS ENOUGH BULL , ENOUGH ?????    

  2. Inspired by your headline "These Jets Are Spraying Aerosols" on the lower left side of this page I made a video that confirms your conclusions:
    Title: "The best Airline in the World!?"

    • Got many more videos and pics of more geoengineering aka chemtrails and some nasty biological worms that mysteriously appear during and after the rain which eventually die and disinigrate into some nasty green algae!

  3. I don't know whether this video is known to you. It came up in German mainstream press (= liars) yesterday.


    Not very often planes are watched spraying the airport.

    The 1 minute video is in German but there is no special talk: Our presstitute lies anyway and accordingly he tells you, the outside temperature was minus 45 C. Therefore there is a contrail. However he says there are rumours that the contrail might contain something else. These press cowards don't dare to tell you the truth because of their paycheck.


    Maybe they brought this story up because the plane is a Russian built Tupolev and the US Administration is eager to attack Russians with propaganda in order to justify war.

    Enoy the short video anyway.

  4. The Mayhem says:

    What a cowardly waste of jet fuel. How much longer will this insanity that’s expanding our California drought continue?

    • michael gaugler says:

      i am so sick of the sky nobody looks up! i live near Easton Pennsylvania and on a clear day all they do is spray, i have friends who tried to go to radio stations, i have a friend who went to a state rep, and they do not do anything, all in denial, its like who can you go to! i have friends who have planes crossing on video!! i just saw six planes the other day right on top of each other!!!! i wish i had a rocket launcher i would shoot them down!

    • canadaMist says:

      We all know why elected officials and other people in power won't do anything about geoengineering, pain and simple they are making money off it, they are making weapons of mass destruction to keep the U.S in power and to keep us afraid!

  5. MaryJane says:

    Or possibly paid lots of Overtime. Money answers everything.

  6. Craig says:

    I agree Freedom Ranger. Humanity is at the third stage of Truth right now, well I think between the second and third stage actually. Stage 1 – Truth is ridiculed and mocked, Stage 2 the truth is violenty opposed, and Stage 3, Truth Becomes Self Evident as if you should have known it all along.

  7. Craig says:

    Probably. I mean, the shadow power structure behind our governments, need human beings to do their bidding, workers. So they drum up an official line for the corporations to impart on their workforce as to why something is happening. I mean, the sheer volume of this going on around the globe at the moment just blows the mind, and human beings are doing it to us human beings. Surely, surely, some of these workers, the people who load the canisters, to the pilots, to the ground crew, surely someone must have raised an eyebrow at this, when they have questioned it they were probably just told it was cooling program. I think your spot on.


    I have been using wonderful clay from Crater Lake, Oregon, for years and it works to detox heavy metals, radiation, medications (if you take it internally vs. using it as a bath or footbath) and much more. I also give it to my animals in their water or even sometimes in a syringe with water. This clay is nonexpanding, so it suspends in water and can even be taken in juice. GREAT for digestion and won't hurt pipes in the bath tub, either. I drink 1-2 TBS a day and bathe in it on heavy spray days, relieves the headaches right away for me. I personally know the owner, who used to be an organic farmer, but receive no compensation for sharing this info: http://www.vitalityherbsandclay.com/complete-clay-herbal-formula-product-list/clay-bath-and-body-care/sacred-clay-bulk-powder/sacred-clay-1-lb/garden_flypage.tpl.html


    Hi, Jeanne! There IS a global march set for April 25th of this year. Check the site to see if your city is listed and if not, organize a march there! https://www.facebook.com/GlobalMarchAgainstChemtrailsAndGeoengineering?pnref=story

  10. Zmago…I believe these pilots are told they are helping to cool the planet. Dane correct me if I am wrong.


  11. Dane..an idea to have a protest day worldwide would be great. Like March Against Monsanto does yearly. I wouldn't know how to organize this but I know a woman who might be able to help. Later…


  12. Detox yourself from those heavy metals. It may take a little while, but you will see a huge difference. There are many ways to do a natural detox. Don't be scammed.

  13. Pam C says:

    According to insider information from a geoengineering pilot, they are planning on moving the spraying east to bring the draught further into the heartland.  Time will tell.  Almost can't take it anymore but mostly the way people are unmoved by something as abominable as this.  Good luck in your art.


  14. Craig says:

    Plus, people are tired all the time and they are wondering why. You just have to take the time to actually engage and talk to your fellow citizens once in a while. You will notice and they will notice how tired you are, they are, how run down worn out and depressed eberyone is all the time. I can barely muster a smile anymore to people on the street, and one of the few things that makes me laugh anymore is watching an episode of Modern Family. Mostly TV is bombarded with reality shows, or renovation shows, all programmed to dumb us down and take our mind off what is happening in the sky. Our children are melded to their devices like they are eating an orange or banana, hard to pull the devices away from em, but I keep striving. God bless everyone

    • Galileo Galilei says:

      Smart dust.
      Also check algae caused by metallic substances/oxidation and how this is interacting. Understand the basic concepts of the laws to quantum physics because that is today’s tech induction. 60 year old toys sold new today. With Nano tech we play within the laws of quantum physics, producing those results into our world now. The chem trails, if properly checked, may be way more perplexed. Research the present stages of mind control/reception and interference we have. Research the patents on ebola…etc.
      Where playing with frequencies. Tesla said (paraphrasing)understand frequency and you will understand the universe. We are far from it, but they figured out how to manipulate it; to there benefit. look up “levitation locking, mit invisible cloak, brain ttissue used to replace some future circuit s (see present tech). Transhumanists are also equally interesting as to the influential and there connections etc. To see outside the box, you must first leave the box, after you leave your predispositions behind, you can then judge within a logical state of mind.

  15. Dee-Dee says:

    Thank you for your work, Dane,and for emphasizing that we must each find a way to battle this evil being done to us. One man cannot do it alone. You do an incredible job! I live in Northern California also, and some years ago I felt so all alone observing the strange sky each day. Now we seem destined for yet another year of way below normal rainfall and deeper descent into manipulated drought.

    I am an artist and have always loved painting clouds. Those “God clouds” I knew and loved as a child don’t exist anymore. I don’t believe my young grandsons have ever seen a “real” one. Your site has helped me maintain my sanity and provided answers. I am encouraged by the emails from other people. Now I know I am not alone and I can do my part to battle the evildoers. I am writing letters to our elected representatives and talking with people who cross my path. The blank stare and the dropped jaw usually mean I’ll make no easy or quick progress. But,a seed has perhaps been planted. Others are more receptive. I give information according to their interest level and refer them to this website. THANK YOU is way too small!! You are in my prayers.

  16. Loren Olsson says:

    Here is an interview with a former USAF person. She is a hero who has come forth with the truth.


    Already, the shills have invaded that video. It is sad to see how real patriots, like Snowden and Manning and Kristen Meghan are treated today. While the traitors are praised…

  17. Loren Olsson says:

    Hi, I too live in Washington, Garfield, right up next to the Idaho border. I am beginning to record the spraying activities and becoming far more active into revealing these terrible crimes.
    We get pounded hard with spraying here too. Especially, in that critical germination period fro food crops in the spring, soil is very slow to warm, and stay winter soggy longer. I’ve been gardening and landscaping organically for thirty years, foods were once easy to grow, put seed in, it sprouts and thrived in the growing season.
    Now, even the best of us organic gardeners are really struggling to get things growing, let alone, do well. Dane too has mentioned it in his videos.
    Here are my videos, please watch and share!

    Chentrails as seen from space:


    And recent live reports, my first ones:



    Next one I want to get, is while planes are in action. They can be one after another all day long on occasions.

  18. Michael Larson says:

    Thanks for the work you are doing. We live in a tourist area, Chelan, Washington and see it day after day. Its starts out clear and blue and ends up with being chemclouds by the end of the day. Most tourist came here for the sunshine and clear sky’s. IF they wish to ignore it they may be able to do so. But its right in their face out the window of their $300 dollar a night room. Best always………..

  19. Frank says:

    I really understand what is going on with Climate engineering. I have researched this for many years. The one thing people have to understand is the ones pulling the strings are experts at PsyOps. They have the means to perpetrate whatever it takes to never let this leak out. I have in the past been targeted for speaking out against this crime on climate engineering. You better be damn sure your ass is covered and never give in because once you do your history. I thank individuals like Dane and many others because we all are at a monumental time for our planet as time has run out. What I know doesn’t matter what matters is it’s way past to speak your mind because if you don’t we are all history.

  20. Edward says:

    It’s not only Chemtrails. Chemtrails come from the Bigger Jets that you see coming out of the Rear End of them that expand and then cover the sky with a Milky Haze.

    You have the smaller planes that are most likely at your Local Airport. These smaller planes make the Billowy Clouds that are at a different altitude.

    There are Geoengineering Contractors all over.

    The big tanker jets are from the Millitary.

    Pay attention and you will see this.

    We have an Alberta Clipper heading towards Central Ontario.
    I call it a Geoengineering Clipper. Now that they did the Juno Award Chemtrailing in the US they want to hit Ontario with more of the Nucleated Snow so that we can all drink it up in our drinking water when it melts. Also it creates havoc on the roads and highways.

    Sure keeps them Salters and Sanders busy that also virtually make foliage die because of all the Salt

    If You Get out your watering cans with hot water and Vingar
    Dump it into snow banks on south sides

    That will certainly help get Sun

    In California it will give you better air quality and a better PH which is important.

    Matt do your homework. Look at all the work Dane has contributed here.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Hi Dane, thanks for posting this useful info and thanks for your continued hard work.

    Do you know of anywhere where I can find out about rallies that might be happening in the UK? Ive looked and everything seems to be happening in the states.

    Thanks, Jeremy.

  22. Antonio Khalil says:

    thats the problem…. Obey man who is wicked and greedy… Because you must eat and take care of your children… Man is weak and self serving inferior and wants to control THE SUPREME BEING planet… Mankind is incapable of ruling this planet….you have murdered lie rapped destroy stole enslaved manipulated change history…created aids agent orange small pox… Chem trails floridated water genetically modified food created a money system that is about to collaspe created wars put crack in the black community….my GOD WILL USE ALL HIS ARROWS TO
    ELIMINATE THE EVIL DOERS….WIND RAIN HAIL SNOW AND EARTHQUAKES…..AND THE MOTHERSHIP IS REAL AND THE BLACK SCIENTIST AND PEOPLE ON THAT CRAFT IS HERE TO DESTROY THE WICKED…. That is the only way this planet can heal and repair itself is when she cast off her burden…and that is the artificial man… Not the original man… But the Devils children… You can take it or leave it…but you can’t prove me wrong

  23. @ Howard

    Unfortunately times have changed:
    In the US patriots and heroes like Snowden are put in prison and considered terrorists or traitors. That makes them a rare species. The 0,1% elite is afraid of them. That could mean loosing power to establish their NWO. Let’s hope there is 1 brave man/woman left who could do that job anyway.

  24. F says:

    I know you disagree with me Dane but I honestly feel they are geoengineering a climate crisis in order to create the classic Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution. I think they are speeding up the heating of the globe so we arrive at a situation where a global governing authority must take control. We Americans have always been their target. We have been the greatest enemy to tyrants, the American people when motivated in the cause of justice are truly unconquerable. The more I look at the insanity it becomes clear, its not insane if looked at from that perspective, the end being the elimination of all private property. These would be lords simply believe they were chosen by God to rule over the Earth and all of the inhabitants a disposable mass of slaves. When I look at geo engineering from the perspective of absolutely guaranteeing a climate crisis it makes sense, without geoengineering there would be a chance the Earth could deal with increased CO2 in a beneficial manner, a lush paradise is one possible out come. When you add in SRM there is no outcome in which the Earth can handle the climate crisis due to greenhouse gassing. It makes sense to me only in this regard. I believe “they” wish to create a global environmental crisis through which they will strip the sovereignty of mankind. All private property is a threat to their dominion.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, I do agree with you in many ways, but the overall scenario is more complicated. Yes, the weather makers are indeed creating disasters for various reasons, but they are at the same time desperately (and destructively) trying to maintain what ice there is remaining in the Arctic. One must look at ALL the parts to the puzzle to have a more clear picture. Climate engineering is decimating the biosphere, but this is by no means the only source of damage to our planet. Those who choose not to accept the other sources of damage are in denial every bit as much as those who refuse to see the climate engineering reality. In 2007 the Arctic ice almost collapsed. The spraying (and artificial ice nucleation) of the Arctic was radically ramped up. The ice “extent” (surface area) miraculously rebounded which was contrary to all predictions. The exact same scenario played out again in 2012. The constant geoengineering assault on the Antarctic has managed to slightly increase some of the sea ice, but at what cost overall? A poisoned planet and a worsening of the overall warming. If any significant percentage of methane hydrate deposits release, we are all done, a melted Arctic will guarantee this (again, climate engineering is making even that situation worse overall, not better). Yes, Earth has remained lush with Co2 concentrations that were higher than today. The Pliocene Epoch is one such era (3 million to 5.2 million years ago). But here is the caveat, this era came on very slowly compared to today so there was much time for organisms to adapt, and there is this, sea levels were perhaps 100 feet higher. This would completely alter modern habitation and would overturn our entire reality. This will come, it is already “baked in” to the equation. If all industrial activity halted today (including climate engineering) there is mathematically 80 to 100 feet of sea level rise guaranteed due to the damage already done). The power structure is trying desperately to mask reality as long as possible, mire the public in disaster (as you correctly suggested) and sicken them at the same time so they are less able to stand up to the insanity. All the while those in power are literally “digging in” and preparing for total collapse.

  25. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Serioudly Matt??? You clearly know NOT of what you speak…educate yourself about Mr.Wigington and all he has done and continues to do, and then come back and address him with the respect he has earned…Shame on you!

  26. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Brilliant thoughts, beautifully stated and 100% true!!! Thanks!!!

  27. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Agreed, 1,000,000.000% !!!

  28. Chad says:

    Wow Matt, give him a break man. Clearly you don’t read or research anything cause what was that Protest we were trying to get people to march at just recently? oh yea, the Weather Channel Protest in Atlanta. Dude the point is, if the masses aren’t willing to accept whats happening above their head and educate themselves on the subject. How are you gonna get them to march. You have to educate them by any means necessary. Just because that many people visited his site doesn’t mean they’re all participants in this battle for our lives. Please man don’t point fingers at Dane, he does everything he can to inform us on this issue. I’m trying in my area to group people together but i’m met with a lot of backlash cause again people for some reason can’t get it through there head, that they are being sprayed on day in and day out. I recommend you try the same in your area instead of using your mental energy on telling Dane he doesn’t do enough. I wish the best for you my friend, god bless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmi9QSuIP_k&index=5&list=PLc2UxbI0FyiHw6sYzeL5jJ0dfimmb8pKl

  29. Diana says:

    I just signed a petition today. I can get the link for you

  30. Jason Burbee says:

    I think one way to expose these crimes against humanity
    would be to start a petition in ones respective state asking
    for the halt of Geoenginering in there states air space.

    Even if this didn’t receive enough peoples signatures to get on the ballot, people would become informed as you point out the chemicals being prayed in the sky and let them know about the toxic cocktail we have to breath on a daily basis. Education people is the key.

  31. Earth Angel says:

    Really Matt? Do you think Dane isn’t doing enough to unite people? Dane and a handful others have done the MOST to educate and unite the people of the world in this most desperate cause. It is always difficult getting high numbers of people to gather in one place together (as they all have different responsibilities and schedules) and sadly, often it may or may not do anything to directly cause the desired change. NO ONE knows exactly WHAT will cause the tipping point we are all looking for to stop the madness and destruction spraying the planet. We all just have to do whatever it is we can do. Maybe you could be the organizer if you feel strongly enough about it!

  32. Karen W says:

    Protests are great, however they don’t last and they don’t get the coverage. People NEED to contact their local and state governments constantly! It’s just recently that people are waking from their slumber and I believe it’s partly due to the illnesses with more people now. Also the fact that our blue skis are GONE! And on and on….
    Dane, you are doing a great job. You are getting the information out to the public, it’s up to us to enlighten people.
    Maybe going to where these flyers take off would be a place to visit with several people.
    I believe one of the Baldwin brothers is putting out a movie on the spraying and encouraging people to get involved in all areas to have their local theater show it.
    Thanks Dane!

  33. PatinSF says:

    Forgot to mention go grass roots start small organize meetings at your home invite people you know and trust first and build from there.

  34. Freedom Ranger says:

    @Matt Information is the first stage of Revolution. The American revolution took place around the community post boards where they then debated events of the day, post like Common sense paved the way for successful resistance. Websites are the modern community gathering place. The civil war simmered for 70 years until it discharged like a thunderbolt. As an honorably discharged veteran I can tell you with 100% certainty at this stage we stand absolutely 0% chance of successful armed resistance. Not only that but the powers are actually waiting for something of the sort so they can roll out new pacification technology on an unsuspecting populace. I believe what is happening now is the only thing that can happen now. You think protest can change anything? I can tell you the people wont know there is a protest if its about geo engineering as you will get zero coverage. I can tell you nothing will change until critical mass is reached. When critical mass is reached the people move like an Ocean so definitely chat as much as you can in my opinion. Chatting is a wind of awareness that is filled with innumerable voices. Why do you think the governments are so concerned with chatboards and limiting speech on them? because they are the modern protest. Infinitely more visible than marching people in my humble opinion and until a critical mass is reached all resistance is futile and will only make the the powers aware of where to place their resources for maximum effect.

  35. bija says:

    Dane, without you and a few others at the helm, we would be lost! And I’m sure I speak for all of us who are practicing some form of activism when I say that you are true hero’s!!! That being said, I think that Matt along with so many of us want to find a way to unite and take this protest to the streets. I really think we are about to turn that corner. Enough of us are savvy and resourceful and should start taking what Dane and others have provided into very public arenas. I don’t know yet how to do this. My financial resources are limited, but my creativity, along with so many others I encounter on this sight, can take us a long way. I, as a lone wolf, have managed to plant a seed among – well I really don’t know how many – in southern Arizona and New Mexico. Let’s put our heads and hearts together and make this happen! The sky is the limit!!! (Pun intended)

  36. Alexandra says:

    John Cryar, the “difference” between “CON” trails & CHEmtrails is if you can SEE a spray coming from a jet or plane, it is ALWAYS without any doubt, ALWAYS a CHEMICAL TRAIL, you will never SEE a CONtrail in this lifetime, so remember if you can SEE a trail coming from a jet it IS A CHEMICAL TRAIL – PERIOD.

  37. PatinSF says:

    Mat The San Fran Bay Area Air Quality Management District or http://www.baaqmd.gov/ would be a good place to protest. A small group of people would be allowed inside to talk to the board during their monthly meeting. Some of the board members have been local city Mayors such as Berkeley in the past I have been there before for a different reason. They are a government agency and conform to wills of the corporations such as Chevron in Richmond so they will consider us nuts, however voices will be heard! This is just one thought of many. Keep up the fight we are the awakened ones.

  38. Matt says:

    Hey Dane, so if you want to unite us all. Unite us all. We don’t have time for internet chatting about the problem. We need to seriously protest this. Planned out in advance. My only question is who do we protest and were? Imagine how much of an impact it would make if you actually organized that. Thousands of people uniting together in one place to protest? It would make a bigger impact then anything else. How come thousands of zombies can figure out how to organize & protest climate change in New York? But we can’t organize this group into a protest.
    15,221,458 Visitors if 1/16th of the people who have visited this site showed up it would be 951,341 people. Not saying that would happen but it would be pretty fantastic.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matt, for the record, I have thrown myself at this battle with every bit of energy and resource I could muster for nearly 12 years. I promise you I am doing my best. I have organized many events in this battle, but I also have many other obligations in this fight which consumes an average of 12 hours a day for me. It is impossible for others to have any idea about the amount of contacts I am trying to maintain communications with on a daily basis, contacts that are critical to our fight. I also have many radio commitments, research, article drafting etc. I cannot do any more than I am doing given the amount of hours in a day. We must all pull together if we are to have any chance of success. If I spend multiple days away at an event without many in attendance, and thus miss several radio shows and articles that would have reached tens of thousands, is that the best for the cause? Also, the comments on our site are viewed by countless people who are trying to get their compass heading from the site. The climate change groups you mention have lots of resources at their disposal for their events, I do not. Again, the bottom line is this, we must ALL pull together.

  39. Howard says:

    Karl I Agree with you 100%.We need a person like Edward Snowden who would be a Patriot Or Anonymous to hack their computers for the common good of mankind.

  40. Jim Tobin says:

    Even those currently blind to chemtrails can see these things linger all day long. If it were just jet fuel residual that alone should trigger concern. The skies are now more polluted than the LA freeways. Jet bengines have gotten better not worse and they weren’t this bad in the early days. Makes no sense viewed from any angle.

  41. John Cryar says:

    My wife and I often have doctor’s appointments that frequently cause us to drive from Douglas, AZ to Tucson, AZ, a one way distance of about 150 miles. Lately, the onlt time we’re not seeing chemtrails (and yes, I know the difference between them and contrails) is when we have high winds that would disperse them to quickly.

    Today, for instance, we were returning to Douglas. No matter where we looked, we could see evidence of chemtrails to fhs south-southeast (Douglas is right on the Arizona/Mexico border) It seemed to me that (on the U.S. side) the plane operators were trying to make their expulsions(?)look like clouds because they weren’t the usual long trails but short bursts. The problem with that was that their “clouds” were running opposite the actual clouds. In addition, there were still our faithful “X’s” hanging around up there. It almost seems like they were teasing us.

    At one time I didn’t believe what I’d been hearing because there weren’t any around here. But since the start of last year, there haven’t been many “still-air” days that we haven’t observed them.

  42. Lrrpman 67 says:

    On this website you will find letters that are believed to be from military pilots anon.

  43. @ Zmago

    Military pilots have to obey orders.

    Private pilots are often dependent on their monthly pay check. Some of them have no conscience.

    As far as I know most of the spraying action is done by automated software programs and initiated via central control center(s).

    Find another discussion about that topic here:

  44. carol freiberg says:

    I guess Senator Mike Crapo has been bamboozled by the military.He sent me a really official looking letter from the air force that states these are simply normal contrails.Have to tell you ,instead of feeling the relief of conformation from my dear senator NOW I am seriously troubled that he is complicit or really lazy,stupid and unable to do basic research.He claims he loves his family and wouldn’t purposely poison his own family.This is getting more and more troubling by the day.

  45. Dear Dane,

    You are right, contrails are rare and have nothing to do with the constant spraying.
    I can add another proof with my tiny new slide show:
    taken on the 19th of this month.
    At about minute 11:00 the German Lufthansa (WTF!) ran out of chemicals and had to switch to another tank.
    Just look at the cut chemtrail. Really “funny”.
    (They didn’t report a plane crash that day (;-)…)
    In another slide show I took pictures of a similar occurrence. To deny those facts is just rediculous.
    (If you need the original HQ pics let me know.)

    Thanks for your great work and the interesting article about the fabricated winter storm hitting the East Coast.

  46. Zmago says:

    HI Dane, great video on chemtrails…I am very much interested in this phenomena, as its very strong here in Slovenia (eu) but what puzzles me that it seems that all the commercial jet pilots must be then either under some very tight secrecy or are they just simply unaware?? .I mean somebody must press the button to spray while in the air..Are there any testimonies of pilots themselves?


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