Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault, Live Presentation


Governments around the world have long since fully deployed global climate engineering on a scale that cannot truly be comprehended. They decided (without public knowledge or consent) that they had the right to use the atmosphere of our planet to serve their own agendas which amount to nothing less than weather and biological warfare. On August 14th, 2015, there was a major event in Northern California that was organized for the purpose of exposing and halting the global climate engineering programs that are decimating our planet and the entire web of life. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government scientists, a former defense industry technician, former military personnel, a prominent Northern California Neurologist, and a CEO for one of the largest environmental and engineering consulting firms in the world. Approximately 1000 people attended this event. The video below is the primary PowerPoint informational presentation given at the event, "Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault". This presentation was given by Dane Wigington, lead researcher for The emcee for this important event was John B. Wells, radio host for the highly acclaimed "Caravan to Midnight" show. John works tirelessly toward revealing the truth for the common good. His participation in the Northern California event was of immense benefit to the cause of exposing geoengineering. My deepest appreciation to John, to all the speakers that participated and shared their knowledge, to each and every activist that contributed countless hours, and of course our gratitude to all those that attended the event. Individuals came from locations as far away as Valdez Alaska and St. Louis Missouri.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Milt Farrow says:

    Why dont we select an airline, Like Southwest, and get everyone aboard

    to Boycott using itsv facilities-

  2. Dave says:

    Boycott the Airlines. They are changing the weather radically. The investors of the airlines don't have empathy for anyone on this planet. People power will win in the end and keep up these big live events. Theses should be hosted worldwide to educate the masses.

    • Bryn Hart says:


      What are you talking about?

    • Bob DD says:

      Only flew 2 X's for military obligation, but not in last 50 years. STOP FLYING! I'm guessing pilots flying and spraying poisons on us probably sign Confidentiality Agreements, and info. on Aerosolization/Chemtrailing must be under "Classified" or "National Security" status, just like Billygoat's Tarmac conversations with LL (about grandkids & golfing, yeah right)?


    • simone says:


    • Cher says:

      My Governor of Alabama told me in an ail that if the House of Representatives and State Senators will nring a bill to her desk that she will sign it like Tennessee Governor just did

       Kentucky banned it as well. They're now spraying 3  times more than before in my area right over the school and crop fields. This has got to stop. There needs to be more awareness to Congress!

  3. mike shaw says:

    Hi jesse and dane and everyone out there marching for the greater good.  I think it is getting close. I have woke up a few and planted the seed in about a hundred more. I think the seeds are about to sprout. something will give soon. Don,t know how it will play out but I would either take freedom or death. either one will be OK to me

  4. Jesse says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have quietly admired you and your passion for getting the word out for the last 10+ years. You are truly my HERO!

    Each time I listen to you, my energy soars, my commitment to truth and getting the word out is unbounded, and yet…I have done very, very little other than talking to people, forwarding your videos, etc. What I keep hearing is "what can we do about it". People feel so helpless up against such power, that they, including myself, regress back into our "safe" little lives.

    Please, if you would, give me (us) a starting point. Who can we contact that would make a difference?

    I completely agree with you that there is so little time left, and yet, as you've said…it just takes a crack in the dam, we don't have to bring the entire dam down…just an opening for the flow to happen. (paraphrasing) 

    Your commitment to truth is a beautiful thing, pls. keep up the "greatness" you are doing, and, if you can, let me know how I can help.

    Thank you for all you are doing,




  5. Mark prosser says:

    More chemicals sprayed on us every day and it is getting worse, same happening in uk over the last week and it is getting really heavy 4-11 17 first clear blue sky then they spray, then a heavy mist ,and no clear sky.

    • Dave UK says:

      Mark, i  had biggest shock ever after seeing the sky completely manipulated by the chemicals. The WHOLE sky was a silky milky white.  It felt very oppressive. The sky felt like death. My lungs weren't happy either. tonight there is a foul smell in the ait too. Today is the first day i have been truly scared and very upset. I cannot believe what they are doing  to us. I tried telling some people what i know, only to be give that look of total disinterest etc. Looking at me as though i am a step away from psychosis. It is definitely getting worse. And the masses, the sheep etc haven't a clue, or don't care. I do – because i now know in my heart that they are killing us all.

    • Jules says:

      Tuesday 25th April was the 1st day in weeks that I've seen a clear sky in South of London. I 've noticed theirs been an icy chill the last 4-5 weeks because the sun cannot get through due to sop much spraying. I take my dog to the park every morning and notice this. The sun isnt even yellow anymore, its more a pale white. Now it's Wednesday 00.40 in the morning and because of earlier I'm able to see the stars in the sky. I bet it's back to business as usual for them later on in the morning. It's soo sad that allot of people don't even care including my Mrs. I try and tell her what it is and she doesn't even care, even after she says how cold it has been today. NWO is definitely full steam ahead for the Elites. I'm hoping people will start to realise that the world isnt as it seems. God will only put up with soo  much b4 he intervenes. Just like the olden days of Noah.

      Thankyou for this presentation. I haven't managed to watch it all as its late. But wanted to leave a comment anyway. Will leave another one once I've watched it all and try and spread the word by sharing this to others. Take care everybody and stay strong. 

      Love from England.

    • Richard Evans says:

      Hello I to live in the UK its the 13\8\2017 and I got up to a sky full toxic lines it makes me so mad and sad so I sent a email to my local MP.

      I told him that I am sick of seeing this toxic sky. I also asked him what is this doing to are health and are kids health I also told him I not going to pay into a system that is doing this to its people. 

      PS thanks for all your hard work .

  6. Erin Hindman says:

    What an awesome work you are doing!  I just watched your presentation and am so thankful for your courage.  I am so thankful to see that there are good men willing to still stand for our freedoms and doing all they can to protect them.  In the midst of feeling thankful, I also am extremely saddened by what I have learned.  It seems like there is no hope in our future.  What about our children?  What can we do to stop this and how can we recover?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Erin, thank you for your support, and for joining us in this most critical battle. About the horizon, yes, it is indeed dark, but not yet black. Collectively we can yet make a difference, perhaps much more than we can yet imagine is possible. Again, my thanks to you, Erin, and to all those that have shown the courage to fully face the truth.

  7. Josh Hackathorn says:

    What about the ITER project in South France, it's going to destroy the world. 

    • Tony says:

      Interesting video!….I do believe 100% that we are being sprayed with something but who is involved? Are all the countries in the world coluding  with each other to spray this stuff? Or is it just the USA?  & if so, why would the Russians agree to be sprayed? What's their agenda? Do they want us all to die.?

    • Brian Hamilton says:

      I heard of Geoengineering about 2 years ago.  Then recently I began to notice the chem trails in the sky because there was so much of it happening I couldn't deny what I was seeing.  And also when looking at photos of my Cali and Nevada desert trips over the last 10 years on my computer, I saw the chem trails in the photos that I hadn't noticed at the time.  I believe it is happening and when I talk about it to friends, they look at me like I am crazy.   Their denial is like a concrete wall.

    • Robin says:

      Why do these posts stop mid-year, 2016? Is the discussion over? Is it futile to fight on? Perhaps "they" are spraying sedatives now. Or a drug that turns people into very quiet zombies. I would NOT be surprised.    

  8. vinny says:

    Thanks for sharing, I was reminded by geo engineering due really bad  chest reaction this month in UK. Big research centre Manchester university. A company called 202020 limited is behind whole program..aka city of London..

    • Robin says:

      Oh, sorry. There's one from Brian. Hi Brian. Yes, I agree that people's denial is like a concrete wall. People are NOT helping.

    • sylvia matthews says:

      Re-engineered cloud – statistics in UK say “40,000 deaths per annum due to polluted air”. The local hospital says:’We are concerned about pollution and are concentrating on reducing smoking”. We the public are told “It’s your vehicle emissions”. And the elephantine evidence – up there – is never mentioned…..

  9. The corrupt elites started plotting this 50 years ago. Establishing all the agencies before credible ones were ever even thought of, who would have REALLY gone after them. Brilliant! And how could regular people defend themselves from that kind of depravity, we couldn't. The EPA and the AQMD are completely bogus organizations, with credible sounding mission statements, that don't comport with what they're actually doing. I'm living in a completely corrupt city in Los Angeles county. The powers that be really don't care, just like Dane says. It's hard for decent people to understand the seemingly satanic perspective of most authority figures. This stuff sounds fantastical to unquestioning minds, and this kind of information is being dismissed. People like us are even easier to label as crazy rabble-rousers and marginalized. I feel thoroughly defeated by the money pigs in this world. Look at what humans do, at every turn. We exploit & destroy whatever is around us for temporary power & personal gain. In a BIG way, as a species, we've got some horrendous karma coming. Humans should NOT ever discover the solution to interplanetary travel. We would again be the rotten conquistadors unleashed into the universe. As bad as it sounds, we deserve to die for what we've done, collectively. I feel sorry for the innocent animals, and plants and even the insects, who have suffered immeasurably because of our low level greed. They are TOO big to stop now. The scholars began setting up the rules and society's infrastructure, at the beginning of the industrial revolution. I'm devastated in so many ways, have fought so many moral wars with cowardly toads and lost every time. Don't think for a second, we can turn anything around now. Let 'em have it. May there be as much suffering for them on the other side, and for a very long time before sliding into the inky darkness, forever….

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody..
      We did not deserve to die collectively for the mistakes and psychopathy of others. Do not forget, please, that in the Human population 25% are kids under 15 years old.
      We must fight against these "guys".
      United we stand. The World must return to the hands of Good.
      We are still alive. And it is impossible ( and it will be ) to leave our Planet. We are trapped here with these suicidal and sociopath "guys".
      We must fight with words and Acts.
      Good Luck to Us All.

    • jane says:

      How can we stop this, I am speechless  where is common sense? What is the goal of these sick people. I am in the uk Wales and as from today I shall be contacting my MP and media 

      Man has  the capacity to do such good and yet  Man destroys  for greed and corruption  if anyone knows  of a movement in the uk please let me know, 

      For our future

    • Robin says:

      I've scanned much of this comments section and I don't hear anyone complaining of itchy, burning scalp, possibly from chemtrails. My own scalp has issues. (Not lice). Anyone else? 

  10. Lorraine says:

    Above excellence! 

    Gratitude rightfully given

  11. Alice Wedderburn says:

    Brilliant! You've covered the major heinous crimes. The truth will out and hopefully, and SOON people will stand up as one and put an end to it all. One love

    • Dave Hendricks says:

      I've sent hundreds of emails, with pictures, to senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson. They ignored EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I won't  vote for either one of them. All these people have to go. Don't vote in incumbents that ignore the people!!!

  12. troy says:

    People now is the time to take care of the problem leaders, president and all his followers, no way in hell they are wiping us out, so stand up now and demand immediate truth and proof of what they tell you, COME TOGETHER NOW, NO TIME TO WATCH AND WAIT, WAITED TO LONG NOW ALREADY .

  13. troy says:

    All the rocks have been thrown in the pond , and U.S government is right behind the rocks holding cement blocks chained to their feet, the truth or suffer sickos , we had enough , of course this is what they expect from we the people , I would like to see a comment from a wanna be president, if he’s not to busy molesting his kids or others that are held in theses secret societies, the gates they have in place will not stop us , we have been in place so long they think we part of them .

  14. justin bernard says:

    THOSE IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY ARE EITHER PAID TO CONFUSE OR ARE THE MOST DECEIVED MAKING THEM THE MOST DANGEROUS FALSE WITNESSES IN THE WORLD TODAY…..THEY THINK WITH THEIR EDUCATION THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT SCIENCE AND THEREFORE DENY THE REALITY OF GEOENGINEERING M Shane Tutwiler please stop spreading hateful/false information…..its people like this that have the knowledge to see this tyranny and expose it before its too late we have but a short time…..this is not ment to scare…….if u have any desire for our children to see their 16th birthday graduation all the milestones it is essential to lose the bias preconceived mentality and watch this video posted by the leading geoengineering activist in the world…..he presents cut and dry undeniable evidence to this shocking treat to humanity.

  15. Mike Sabo says:

    This is for everyone looking to network in your specific local area.  I HIGHLY recommend checking this site out and joining up.  It is all about meeting with others and taking local action.  A great fellow activist, Maxwell Igan from Australlia, has helped to put this together along with many others who give a damn about what is happening on this planet and do NOT consent.

    • Candace Moore says:

      Thank you for the link to The Full Circle Project and to Max Igan.    Synchronicity is always a pleasant surprise and this post was right, at least for me, in countless ways.  Others will benefit in their own way in their own time.  Bravo for throwing this stone in the pond.

  16. Lola Jamison says:

    Visited my grandmother in Shaker Heights Ohio. Unusually warm here right now. I know it has something to do with Haarp effects just like the burning cold did in this area last year. These fckng NWO tyrants are going to kill us all with their insanity. I wish I was not so awake sometimes. I feel powerless over this great evil. I am so sure they used weatherised weapons on their own people. They are worse than Saddam Hussein was.

    • Mike Sabo says:

      Hey Lola, I live in Parma, Ohio actually.  If you live in Ohio, I'd love to work with you to raise awareness about this critically important issue. Having other people you can meet with face to face who understand the importance of what is happening is a HUGE morale boost.  I feel the reason so many of us feel depressed or hopeless is because we aren't finding people close to us who have the WILL to take action, even on a small scale.  If we can correct this, network together and provide support, I KNOW we will feel empowered to take action no matter how dark the horizon looks.

      Don't let these psychopaths bring you down.  Trust me, I know how you feel and so how often I look at the sky and just shake me head, feeling a slow anger build up inside of me.  Seeing this daily assault on us reminds me to do what I can to increase awareness everyday and fight for this planet. 

  17. Felix Mosso says:

    All of us need to think about support for the continuation of this Geo
    Engineering awareness project that Dane is doing.  Good luck to all of us.

  18. Jack Vergara says:

    could you please make this video available in Spanish? It will be helpful to spread out over the rest of the Spanish speaking population. Thanks

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jack, Spanish translations are being done now of several presentations, we will soon have a special link on for this. Thanks for your patience.

  19. Laurie says:

    Checking in from Massachusetts, in the first year of constant pounding from chemtrails since just after last Fall.  THIS Fall is profoundly distressing.  There has always been a glorious show of orange from the maples, and it begins as early as the tail end of August.  Not this year!  It's already going into late October, and the trees are only a fraction of them turning at all!   There are huge numbers of trees with distressed leaves — crumbling and/or punched through with holes.  Many of the maples are still bright green, not turning at all, and with holes all through the leaves.  Some have strange yellow mottling around the edges of the leaves, but it's like the leaves cannot bring themselves to change color.  Some just have drooping leaves that are slightly turning into a dull brownish orange.  I looked around the other day and though, why is no one SEEING this?  Why isn't anyone SCREAMING about it?  We're losing our beautiful green trees!  We're losing whatever biochemical markers normally make them turn color in the Fall.  And LESS THAN A SINGLE YEAR of chemtrailing has done this?  What about next year?  What about ever again?  It's unthinkable, but here it is.

    BTW, We moved here from NM to get away from high rad levels, for "relative safety."  Now, between Fukushima and the unannounced disaster at Honeywell outside Chicago, this area is up to a high last week of 1130 CPM!  That's not sustainable for life, and there are cities just like that all over America by now.

    • Connie DuBiel says:

      If you look around El Paso Texas, all the trees are either dead or are dying. 8 years ago many pine trees died. We were told it was due to a freeze we had. We live in the desert and there has never been that kind of freeze here. Now our back yard trees are dying, all the leaves are brown, plants are dying. I now understand the problem.

    • Elizabeth bouffant says:

      Hi Laurie,  
      Just read your comment by chance.
      I live in Kent, United Kingdom and your description of the decaying leaves on trees is very close to what I've seen here in Kent. Connection ? 

    • Susan Nash says:

      What is CPM Laurie? I don't think I've heard of that before, I want to get all the details from others that I miss. I agree with you 100%, and it's a lot of information to keep up with for sure. We grew a garden, well, tried to, this past summer but nothing was the right shape, size, or texture except for okra. Everything else was stunted, odd shaped, with fuzzy coverings and other weird things.

      I read the other day about false forests that are being planned, shaking my head knowing that trees are amazing and can do better on their own! I feel the seminar is right with people trying to play God, then that gets us into the transhumanism subject which I won't do now! I personally don't want to be a metalized AI robot. 

      I tend to be logical and rationalize, like Dane said in the seminar, but to do that is apparently not working for anyone, including me. People who honestly believe that chemicals are good for environmental problems have strange ideas to me. Wow, this was great information.

  20. I just want to apologize for my slow response to this matter, Dane. You must have been so frustrated knowing this for so long. I will do all I can now to expose this in whatever way I can. I see the trees dying, it spiked recently here in Naperville, IL. People are responding to me, so Ill continue as I have been waking people up.

    We will change this!

    I will write to my local representative and local EPA. I may even attend Cancer event to make people consider that the aluminum in the air may be related to this illness.

    Thank you Dane and everyone else in this effort.


  21. Joe says:

    Dear Sir,I feel like a lone soldier out here in Connecticut. They ,whoever "they" are are relentlessly spraying our skies,day and night,ad nauseum,and I could tell that whoever makes the decision to spray must be involved in govt,because when the pope came,the skies were clear on the day of his arrival.Why are they so intent on killing all life as we know it..chemtrails can't be good,every time I mention them,everyone but me seems to be in denial..even my local meteorologist (I work in radio) denied that the feathery cloud formations are the chemtrails in their "falling " state,by the time the particulates reach the ground,they're invisible.

    I'm also sickened by the fact that they've stepped up the spraying ,spraying continually night and day ,only to get maybe a few minutes or a day of rain..I happened by your page ,since I'm a great fan of John B Welles and Coast to Coast,and am glad you'll be on tonight,I'll be listening..

    The people around me who hear me talk about these chemtrails are in complete denial,no one looks up when I say wow..lookit one cares..What can I do personally to help STOP this before nothing stays alive or grows on the earth anymore?My garden,usually overgrown by this time of year is dying or dead,leaves off green,fruit and veggies severly at wits end,no one cares about our skies or our all..what's the end result of "geoengineering"? 

    All this spraying literally has put a really bad taste in my mouth,and they're doing it everywhere,with little concern for the people…thank you for what you do..I hope the populus listens to your message…and take it seriously.. In my community,in my circles of friends,I'm forbidden to adress the subject,no one cares to believe what's going on..I'm a lifelong skywatcher and nature enthusiast so I saw the chemtrails from day one…God Bless and guide you in your endeavors sir..sincerely,Joe in Ct

    • Sarah says:

      Joe in CT, I am also in CT and see everything you do. People do not want to know truth of any sort. It is challenging, but do not give up! I have heard some meteorologists mention "low level ozone" but not CT weathermen, only western mass news. I do not usually post in response to anyone, but I felt you needed to hear that I also see the spraying night and day, as does my daughter. We are having the same troubles in our garden, as well. Sending you love and good things ~SarahB.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Joe.  I'm in Connecticut, too.  I see it too.  I have difficulty breathing at times because of the cr_p in the air.  You are not alone, Joe.  I'm tired of the lies and just want everyone to wake up!!


    • Nigel says:

      I had had some success awakening people on my Facebook page, over the months it grows little by little. But what I have noticed is that when I meet many of my friends in person they are in total agreement, but due to employers snooping on their private lives they are reluctant to post or even 'like" an article related to geoengineering unless they are self employed.. . Essentially their right to free speech has been squashed. 

    • sean says:

      I'm also in ct. and watched for the last four years almost daily the increase of spraying. Now they are spraying cris cross's. It's bad. real bad. What the f are the pilots thinking? How can they even live with themselves? It is so despicable. Disgusting! We need to stop it!

    • mike says:

      hi joe. i also have been watching this shit and ur right no one cares the all think i am a conspiracy nut like 9/11 tower 7 i texted dane hoping he can send me literature ski can help spread the news like vitoria said its probably to late now but i am not goin down without a fight for my kids, and grand kids sake my wife doesn’t care she says she has other things to worry about really' so lets all keep up the fight and spread the word even though they think we are all fools

      mike from Ct.

    • Michael A says:

      Hi Joe , I live in Middlefield and have been taking pictures of these trails since Feburary. The few people I try to mention this to dismiss this say the are just contrails. I served four years in the Air Force. I know what a comtrail is . These are not comtrails. 

      I'm also a gardener and I noticed the burnt leaves on plants the last two years . I know it's been dry , but I've watered almost every day . I know something else is the cause. I would like to have the soil and rain tested, but don't know we're to have it done? 

  22. JR says:

    Good morning from Southwest, New Mexico. We got some rain this past Saturday, a sight for sore eyes. As always the SAG pilots were up there destroying our rain clouds. The majority of U.S. citizens are in denial of such evil works at hand and stay quiet, it's very unfortunate for everyone else. The children who can't represent themselves and susceptible to these chemicals are innocent souls. This is a disgrace by our elected officials and those representing this country we call free. And we want GOD's Blessing down here on earth? I'll be busy this morning calling Washington, D.C. elected officials from my state for 13 years in a row now. They don't even bother sending me any feedback, phone calls, etc., from some years back! With the sun coming up looking east right now the crazy evil bastards are spraying (SAG) east to west and north to south something awful over our rain clouds. I pray people open up their eyes to all the evil surrounding us, as there are many forms of it and blinding one's better judgement. 

  23. Hello Springfield Harrison: Great name there!!! About "scientists". I think this quote from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World says it all:
    “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. "Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does." They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”
    – Aldous Huxley –
    – Brave New World –

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Paul, Quotes like these are a small dose of solace, here on Planet Insano. The locals, my friends included, like to gather under an umbrellaed patio table. When the toxic gashes in the sky are pointed out, they still refuse to accept the reality, though the kook jabs have subsided and some have started asking questions. Teenie tiny wheels can be seen turning, though they try hard to hide it. They fear being placed in the kook camp. Group-think diminishes as the *contrails* linger and spread overhead. I am saving geopolitics/capitalist greed until later. The media-made garbage heaps in their heads are mountainous.”It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

  24. Lori Bridgeford says:

    First, to the ones that gave all these presenters the valuable time needed to prepare; THANK YOU for accommodating as heroic family and friends. The expert testimony and power point were concise and captivating.The slides especially were intense-satellite that has enhanced infrared weather image was particularly haunting-such profound deception. Sinister . My patience  currently with those that rely ONLY on say an Ascended Master maybe "watching over us " or the channeled messages from those offering a "sweeter and hopeful future" that is not "of this dimension", or the benign alien space soul family is "on their way" , or that a special/magical energy "wonder devise" will instantly remedy /fix and undo the nuke  /UV ozone / toxic sprayings damage to water, soil, air, bees and trees…I'd be the first to click my heels on the last  miracle tool option. Meanwhile, I just sense how challenging it can be to navigate with those who are unaware, could care less, or downplay their own forces within and escape  to the blurry  dreamy zone. The wait and see method has been around for ages. So has reading bedtime stories to pacify children to calm down for slumber. I was at this Redding, CA "Engineering Earth" event as a volunteer activist roving the front and back halls and missed the full continuity of this-UNTIL NOW. I sense there are more atrocities (aside from Planned Parenthood "extractions" ) that have yet to be revealed. Dane was wise to  essentially dose his part of the  evening with some metered  pace ,so as not to devastate the 1000 of us already gasping for air due to HEAVY fire smoke of that  Aug. 14 th night.  Cannot speak for those  who were very new to this frightful data. Dane=  "Disclosure"   We = the "Event".   Local newspaper  refused to report. Not even a bad spin on it a story lead.  NOTHING ! So, the ever predictable narrative lingers whereby the nasty heathen dragon greedily snuffs out the towns people. The End . This is how it goes if a coward or victim. 

    Otherwise, those on this site, those that turn to alternative media like Global Alert News with Dane each week, those who keep advocating every day, can find a renewed, spirit-lifting energy to NOT  succumb. (F E A R -face everything and run ) Put the story books down: Look Up !   Act Up !   or Put Up .  Yes, keep your rituals, meditations, incense, intentions,crystal trinkets, prayers  and chants WHILE you use your time superbly -focus on what wanted for our Earth.  Me ? Just not  interested  nor ready for the last and final lullaby.  

  25. Dennie Mehocich says:

    It's obviously too late for obsolescent humanoids like brzhrzhrzinski and ilk–  Never mind him and Evil Twin Henry "Kiss-my-*ss-inger."

    The Proverbial "Sixty-Four-Thousand Dollar Question:" 

    Is it, in fact, too late for Earth?

  26. Irene Parousis says:

    All I can say, is Thank You Dane, it's honor to know you!

    • Suzanne Lebobit says:

      I had been noticing that the leaves on the 80 year-old sycamores had been turning a strange mottled brown and have been getting sparser every year. I called the city of Baltimore. A few months ago the chief arborist came out on a walking tour with a group of neighbors evidently more eager to call me a kook and to declare the trees perfectly healthy than to open their eyes.

      At least I don't feel alone. The next question…..

  27. Josh says:

    Once again amazing presentation Dane.  

  28. Curious says:

    Great presentation although I am sick to the core of my soul knowing how they are irreversibly destroying all life as we have known it but most importantly how the masses look at the visual proof of absolute power's insanity and call it "A sign from God"!!!  I came upon this link just posted on Drudge and actually put my head down and cried.  We are all doomed because of ignorance and lies.   Everyone who is awake HAS to see this link and must explain in the comments what this really is!!


    • Hello Curious: Ionic particle concentration via HAARP induction… These sorts of psy-op activities will become more and more prevalent in undereducated regions where military bastards can mess with people's "religious" expectations.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Curious:  Very good catch!  Most glad to see that commentariat is posting truths about geo-engineering and particulates there. 

      In Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, 2004, we learn that the Intel community jokingly called ABC News the "CIA News" when William Casey, director of the CIA from 1981-87, essentially was able to drive down the price of stock in ABC.  CIA essentially owned it.  This came out in the L.A. times originally:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      William Casey, Director, CIA, "brain-tumored?"
      William Sullivan, former head of FBI Intel Ops, and whistleblower on the Hoover admin., "accidentally" shot to death in a "hunting accident," by the son of a NH state policeman (yup), "mistaken" for a deer (for god's sake):
      The stakes are very, very high in the game of Money, Power and Control.

  29. Keith Whittington says:

    I keep thinking about the missing dvds. Gov intervention: possible, plausible, or probable?

  30. Wayne VanDerVoort says:

    " There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet. "   Thank you Dane for your work

    • Hello Wayne VanDerVoort: A beautiful and fitting quote for those who have followed Dane's tremendous efforts all these years. It's great to see more and more new names in the readers comments. Be sure to post Dane's links to other sites you may know of. The geoengineering cat is well out of the bag, but it's up to every citizen to apply pressure to our legal systems without delay…   

  31. Michel B says:

    What's with Naomi Klein's phantasmagorical new documentary, 'This Changes Everything' on economy and the environment? I watched the trailer and it doesn't mention Geoeongineering. This doco is being trumpeted by environment groups which now makes me wary. Has anyone seen it or know anything about it?

    • donna says:


      Went to see Naomi Klein 2 mo ago and she spoke all around geoengineering without mentioning it. At the end of her speech she said we need to reject it "if" it happens…???!!

      CYA coward IMHO

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, like so many others in the world, Naomi Klein lacks the courage to tell the truth about geoengineering.

  32. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski (try saying that fast three times in a row.. without spitting on someone..) wrote "The Grand Chessboard" in 1997, showing how countries in the middle east could be divided and conquered, "Balkanized," in a mad grab for the last remaining fluids most prized on Earth (no, NOT whiskey!):  Oil and water.  Whoever controls the water on Earth controls the Earth, according to ZeeBig, that Old Soldier.  So you see Tibet being surrounded, the countries around the highest mountains covered with snow being destabilized, Arabian Peninsula countries false-flagged, everyone zooming everyone else in a last mad grab for resources and the power of "ownership" they confer.  At least until they run out.
    How inconvenient.
    Henry Kissinger, the high priest of smoke and mirrors (or would that be "rabbi," more properly?) is on record saying, in his 3-b*lls baritone, that "you can always start a religious war," meaning that religious differences and fighting over them can be used as a handy pretext to do just about anything else you want to accomplish. 
    The Dynamic Duo:
    Henry Kissinger = Satan
    ZeeBig-Ster = Lucifer
    or would that be the other way around..?  Does it matter, even? 
    "To put it bluntly:"
    The only people these two cannot control are THEMSELVES.

  33. John Gore says:

    Depraved minds have depraved ways.

  34. Marc says:

    Natur Schutz posted a link (under the last posted essay) to a YouTube documentary entitled "Quietly into Disaster", a long film about the rise of nuclear weaponry and subsequent power industry. A VERY  tough film to watch, indeed. Basically, folks, even without a Fukushima, or a Chernobyl, it's game over for humanity. Add to this the widespread use of depleted uranium ammo in the Gulf war and in Bush's war, the decades-long practice of dumping hundreds of thousands of barrels of nuclear waste INTO THE OCEAN!!!!, and the incessant radiation leaks occurring at every nuclear power plant, and the ongoing nightmare of nuclear waste disposal, and what we have, along with Fukushima now, is an entire world contaminated with radiation and it is only getting worse. As repulsive and life threatening as geoengineering is to all life in the biosphere, I fear there is a "quiet" omnicide in full blossom, in the form of nuclear contamination. It is absolutely and irrevocably inescapable and it's nothing short of a miracle that any of us are still alive. But the contamination is increasing daily. 

    So I say "f**k you" to all the scientists, be they American, post-Nazi (Paperclip Nazis) or Indian or Chinese, or whomever, it doesn't matter, for the hell you have helped create here on planet Earth, by virtue of your so-called "brains", shall be YOUR very own special hell, too. Watch the film. 

    • Hi Marc: I couldn't agree more. All these bastard "scientists" threw away anything resembling human integrity, and simply went for the money. The historical facts are clear. Military handlers infiltrated all the major universities and institutes of science very early in the 20th Century. Rockefeller Institute objectives and other moneyed interests made the mission clear: Offer top incomes to those graduating at the top of their class, and make sure you retain them long enough to milk them dry. Then discredit them or snuff them if they get uppity.

      After three generations of unmitigated industrial filth, and hundreds of thousands of persons enslaved by these same overt methods, our current liar-bastard "scientists" are such low life cowards, they continue to play the same game.

      Read the 10 primary objectives detailed in the Communist Manifesto. Every single objective is now in place… America the Cowardly.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Hi.  I Had to comment.  I've been saying this here for many years.  After all, nuclear is the definition of heat.  With a half life of here to forever.  Not only has nuclear waste been dumped into the oceans, but blown in the ocean, the Pacific, in, on, and above.  The Russians tested some of theirs under the Arctic ice.  The Hanford storage facility in Washington state is leaking into the Columbia River right above the traditional Native's first, fishing, then on to the ocean.  The waste is also inexplicably in Big Ag fertilizers.  Depleted uranium bullets and bomblets have made Iraq forever radioactive.  But we had so much of the stuff that we sold excess to "others".  And, the ceramic depleted uranium is being used by our own navy up and down all our coasts, hugging the coasts in their war game practices shooting whatever they want including wild life.

      Thanks to this site, long ago now I "discovered" Dr. Rosalie Bertell.  She's been dead a number of years now but is on the web.  She was regarded as the world's foremost nuclear expert as well as an expert about wars and how not to have war.  She traveled far and wide including staying with the displaced Bikini Islanders hearing stories first hand, the Laplanders and their stories of Russian nukes gone wrong, she was at Chernobyl, Bopol, India too, and was the recipient of a Right Livelihood award.  And she was a nun.  She was urged to write about what she'd learned and wrote two books, all from known documents and her first person stories.  The first, published in 1985, is No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth.  The second, published in 2000, is Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War.  She does not waste one word.  Her books are easy to use for reference and hard to find in library, but can be purchased on Amazon.  They are worth far more than their weight in gold.  The second book is much shorter than the first in which every sentence breaks your heart.  It shows in a few pages all the layers of our atmosphere and explains all the nuclear tests and what resulted.  It is like a textbook that should be required reading.  Check them out.  One amazing woman.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, I took your recommendation and watched this long and very well done movie.  Nuclear everything has been the focus of my protests all my life.  It was so long I did have some interruptions and so wondering if I heard correctly that they were more than suggesting that the US set off Chernobyl via a "preemptive strike"? on a Russian HAARP like facility near by.  Did I hear that right?

      It seems that weather modification came into its own via initial experiments with nuclear bombs such as the one in the early 80s to see if they could lift the ionosphere.  According to Dr. Bertell, they did, and also blew a big hole in the ozone And created two new belts in the Van Allen's.

      Myself, I am very very concerned that given geo-tinkering, unusual and out of control weather, rising sea levels and methane leaking everywhere, that all nuclear facilities are great looming dangers.  I believe they all must be shut down now.  NOW.  My understanding is that they are no so easy to shut down.  We cannot begin soon enough.  As it is, there is so much contamination from them world wide that it is hard to imagine Earth finding a balance ever again, even if geo-tinkering was stopped, given how exstrordinarily long lasting nuclear crap is.  In fact I begin to wonder if Jade Helm and various on going military exercises, even the Fema camps could be, as in this film, preparation to keep contaminated persons from escaping elsewhere?  My god, even the dead bodies radiate forever!  This movie states contamination results will begin to show in the third generation of peoples.  I'm guessing you and I are first generation.  My child would be second.  My grandchildren third.  And we Americans were very much exposed.  First when they tested before dropping Little Boy and Fat Man on Japan.  Then for years as Edward Teller continued to blow up Nevada.

      I saw a thing in Colorado wherein the contaminated stuff was just buried a few inches under the ground and raked in.  Seemingly overnight, surrounding property was sold for homes and people became sick.  Just think of the massive dust storms we've had the last few years.  Perhaps they are preparing for the fall out, so to speak!

      Doom, everywhere, Doom.  Think of all those evolution ladders we were taught in school.  Boy did they get that wrong!  Our big brains would seem to be a liability.  

    • Springfield Harrison says:

      Let's not be overly harsh on the scientists, very few of whom are rogue, evil people.  Many/most inventions have both useful and destructive applications.  Who controls which applications are deployed?  Guess!

      The real target should be the politicians (and not all of them, just most) who have let the corporate world take over the White House/Ottawa/World.

      We are not seeing the results of evil scientists but out of control, evil self interest by those in power.  "Governments" no longer govern but take orders from the banking/business/military/gangster/drug "conglomerate". 

      How to fix it?  EVERYONE has to find and use their moral compass.  The crooked banker knowingly flogging worthless sub-prime mortgages probably cheated on his school tests.  Most of the population is not overly upset by these crooked practices because they would do the same if given the chance.  Greed and self interest are the fuel for these problems. 

      Human nature will eventually be the end of human nature.  The evolution of our ability to do science has way surpassed our ability to manage science.

      Cheers . . . . .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Springfield, about the scientists, at minimume the vast majority in many fields are lying by ommission and/or are criminally negligent. I know this first hand as I have had off the record communications with a numerous academicians that are unwilling to speak out but know full well what is happening in our skies. Meteorologists the same, mainstream medicine, the same. Yes, there does need to be accountability, the lack of it is why we are in this dark place.

    • sean says:

      I'm so pissed off too!

      Do we have to put up with them killing us?

  35. Marc says:

    There are few words to describe the incomparable integrity, dedication to the cause, and superhuman demeanor and wise restraint, exhibited by Dane Wigington in this fine presentation. I was there. I felt the energy in the room, and it was nothing short of incredible.

    I feel blessed to have been somehow fortunate enough to have finally found when I did. Millions more have had their "A-ha!" moment, entirely due to the spectacular work of Dane and his team. I cannot thank you enough for illuminating what I personally feel is a sacred endeavor that eclipses all others. 

  36. Garrett Wysocki says:

    Thank You!!!

  37. Earth Angel says:

     I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks and again say Thank You Dane for another incredible presentation and for all your tireless work and effort at waking humanity up to these most disasterous situations we now face in our lifetime. I do everything I can each day to spread this information to all who will listen and are capable of understanding the criticality of our plight. Grateful to you for putting on this symposium and your weekly Global Alerts. You are certainly the 'Paul Revere" of our time. May God be with us all on our mission to wake people up. It has been a hard go of it but it appears we are finally gaining some traction. I hope you feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief, for you have been a major force in the wake up process for so many. We are ever grateful and pray for as good an outcome as possible for Mother Earth, ourselves, and all her creatures.

  38. Garrett Wysocki says:

    Thanks for leading this fight. It must be the fluoride they put in the water as to why Americans are so slow to wake up.

  39. TL says:

    I recently toured the The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) of North Carolina A&T State University and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, “ after the director gave a presentation at a Sierra Club meeting where he told us about visiting a facility in India that made nano sized particles of aluminum and other items that were said to be used as fuel additives in the aerospace industry.”

    • Earth Angel says:

      Very good work TL! This should be followed up on. It seems you may have uncovered an outsource for the production of the sprayed particulates! How clever (and much cheaper) it would be to have them manufactured in a 3rd world country. Harder for us to discover too. Excellent find & lead to follow up on!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hmmm, TL–Might want to consult Dr. Herndon on this.  The Indian Academy of Science called upon him for help to explain the sky high levels of aluminum in the Ganges Alluvial plain, below the Himalayas.  This Alluvial plain then becomes the great Ganges River flowing through India.

  40. horsegirl says:

    Dane, thanks as always for your fearless research and exposition of the truth. 

    And please understand that we don't have internet – kind of a lag between reading the article and what I post.

    I would like to share an observation – possibly even a discovery – about what plagues us here in southeastern Arizona.  Luckily we live far  out in the country.  But when we go into town, there is ALWAYS a haze over Douglas, Arizona – and especially over its remainder and sister city on the Mexican side of the border – Agua Prieta, Sonora.  I mean every night the urban lights illuminate the same damned "cloud" which NEVER moves.  It is like living on the set of a poorly animated cartoon program.  The hazy mess never moves.  And the lightning appears to be a special effect generated by instruments located at the same point.  It happens in the same places all the time.  Extremely rarely does it vary in character or location.  It would be badly comical except it is tragic.  And despite our fairly frequent blue skies and somewhat common cumulus clouds (which barely move), at night the shaft of light from a powerful flashlight reveals a solid column of yuck extending heavenward.  It makes our hearts sink to see this air quality test.  We don't usually see much of the stars.  Two years ago it could be spectacular.  This is how badly this scum pollutes.

    But the most concerning aspect is the frequent mental/physical/biological changes we experience after driving through Douglas AZ and/or Agua Prieta.  We don't feel like ourselves.  Tired, moping, both irritable and fatigued.  Confused, even disoriented.  There is one place where we experience double vision  Both of us simultaneously, as if driving through an ELF field.

    I submit that perhaps all communities are being sprayed with some kind of scopolamine (  Unfortunately someone very close to me was heavily drugged as a military airman during unthinkably inhumane VA experiments.  So I have read up on this quite a lot.  Contrary to most situations, scopolamine can even interfere with a person's own will, and also paralyze the part of the brain which "writes" experience – hence allowing for persons to be robbed, raped, and exploited and having absolutely no memory at all.

    This could explain the apparent treachery of pilots spraying their own people.  Normally I would invoke free will and conscious decision.  But in the case of scopolamine, people can do all kinds of things with no recall whatsoever.  As was the case of the military airman whose case is familiar to me.

    In milder doses scopolamine can result in delirium.  This may be an aspect of why people are such sleepyheads about what is going on.

    Scopolamine has been used in delivery rooms in hospitals for some 70-80 years.  My husband and I have puzzled over how our parents (who were old enough to be our grandparents in both cases) who were boon in the 1910's came from families of eight, ten and more children without exception.  Suddenly in the 40's nearly all families started having one, two or three children, no more.  This included many Catholics like his parents who never would have participated willingly in birth control.  We have an hypothesis that due to scopolamine, many women have been sterilized in the delivery room without their knowledge.  Their abdomens would naturally bleed and hurt, and with the mental confusion and ipaired memory they would not know the difference.  Seriously, the birth rate just plummeted in the 40's and no one questions it.  The only people I know of who had large families were Mormons who would not go to non-LDS doctors.  There you see families of eight.  Also with poor persons who did not go to hospitals.  But other than that people seemed incapable of having large families.

    Would our government do that to us?  Is the medical cartel that treacherous?  Does a fat pope sweat?

    Thanks again for this forum.  Best to all, and to the commentariat, we cherish your essays and observations.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      People started having fewer kids in this nation primarily due to uniformly improved water sanitation efforts resulting in lower infant mortality rates, and a population shift into cities for the greater opportunities afforded, monetary ones, usually, while moving away from agricultural pursuits that required large numbers of children as helping hands.  This was further compounded by the creation of machines that could do the plowing and harvesting in less time with fewer laborers than five guys with horses, thanks to our cheap slave, oil.  Then there's the fact that women actually are interested in maintaining control over their own fertility and when educated, most women don't elect to having large families.  Especially when they don't need lots of hands down on the farm. 

      A program of mass sterilization of women in delivery rooms to reduce the population starting in the 40s raises my rational eyebrows– you'll need to explain a reason for the Baby Boom that went from 1945 and ended sometime in the early 60s– but then again, why take a rational approach on a subject that's already been a topic of much discussion and study, when you can take a flight of fancy?  Much more fun that way.

      That said, you can check your hunches regarding U.S. birth rates annually on websites that do statistical studies of the population and health, like the CDC. 

      As for the scopalamine hypothesis, get samples of the dust, which you report as so heavy in your area, and get it tested for the drug.  From your vivid description there sounds to be very much of this dust, so collection should be relatively easy.  Wet down the hood of a car, take a swipe and see what's in the dust.  Should tell you a lot.  Guessing, though, wouldn't.  And knowing the effects of scopalamine, the U.S. military would never allow any pilot to fly one of their costly machines while under the influence of such a drug– seems obvious to me.  More obvious: Why actually put a human in charge of a spray jet when we already know you can do this by remote flight control, with little effort and no risk to an actual pilot, thus no liability issues, plus– and a very BIG plus here– NO pilots around who might spill the beans?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    • horsegirl says:

      So I’m unfairly accusing the cabal of genocide with “fanciful” talk about mass sterilization? 

      The general has been confused with the specific.    There were far more people in the US in 1945 than 1910.  There were far more children born because of that population increase expressed postwar.  However individually by the ’50’s very few had a lot of children.  And not because they didn’t want them.

      The drop in personal procreation is not necessarily personal choice.  People often fail to  use prophylactics in the heat of the moment.  Which is all that was available in the ’50’s.  Birth control was far more difficult to obtain.   Caution is appropriate when reading any statistics compiled in the US.  It is mostly humbug compiled to support some Cabal talking point (

      I know numerous women who were unwed mothers.  Whose doctors urged them to be sterilized on some yarn about how they would die if they had another birth.  Under terror they made snap decisions on the delivery table.

      May I suggest tutorial on eugenics which originated in the US.  Hitler admired the system and had Dr. Ernst Rudin write racial hygiene laws (  Study up on Rudin’s affiliation with Rockefellers through the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.  Have a look at the eugenics records office y in Cold Springs Harbor, L.I., NY and the careful information on every person born in a hospital right down to details about freckles – a database later submitted to the LDS Church (  And tell me they did all that because they were just curious to keep records?  In 1956 sterilization laws made it illegal for me to be born to my parents.  I was hardly alone.  Women have been forcibly sterilized by the many thousands among African Americans and Native Americans, no secret to any of those sectors. 

    • sean says:

      Also look at these videos. Get to the library or friend for a computer.

      These explain so much.

  41. Alexander High says:

    Dear Dane

    Superb presentation. Thank you doesn't seem quite enough but thank you so much.

    All the best


  42. chris says:

    Interference pattern of the clouds is the easiest fact to indicate as an absolutely artificially made fact (in addition to the obvious chemtrails).  No wind 'vibrates' in any regular grid structure without putting additional external energy in with a similar pattern which results from that excitation.. A free atmosphere follows general wind fronts being dependent on temperature, pressure and surface 'structure' as determined by source of the moisture (forests, cities, rivers, etc.)  There are no so regular structures like the ones on the skies.. What is frightening, is that the HAARP generated pattern are

    becoming increasingly more complicated, which indicates an 'improving' controlling structure of the water+pollution particles, and please don't forget, since our bodies are in big part water plus some metals(but no Al in theory), which drive our own temples, one should think about consequences… 

  43. Mex says:

    With all the poison chemicals and nanobots in these chemtrails they spraying us with everyday non-stop, i don’t doubt for a second that one day it will turn the sheeples into roaming zombies! Thats when the TV series such as TWD & FTWD will become a reality :}

  44. AVA says:

    Fantastic presentation!

  45. Gary Pennington says:

    Brilliantly done, Dane. I know you never asked for this job, you never wanted it, and you for sure wish it wasn't necessary, but you are the BEST person for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Renee says:

      I totally agree. I can not think of anyone else on earth that could do this job, at all. Dane has been tapped in a cosmic casting call from the Heavens above and Mother Earth herself. Dane is now a life support machine, to all living things on our planet in these perilous times, with the support of the whole Universe. If mankind survives this experiment, then Dane will be recorded in history for his huge part in alerting and saving the world. If not, this website will record how he tried so hard, up until the very last second, on the very last day. Either way, he is a REAL TIME WAR HERO in this, the fight for our very survival.

  46. Renee says:

    I just watched this GREAT video with five other people. At the end, when Dane says, "Crack the dam," we found ourselves repeating that out loud, CRACK THE DAM. Then we ALL starting chanting CRACK -THE -DAM! !!! CRACK -THE -DAM, CRACK -THE -DAM, CRACK -THE- DAM, CRACK- THE- DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO DANE, BRAVO

    Dane you are cracking the dam and kicking some global ASS.


  47. Dane this is a great presentation that I have shared with my email contacts. They are writing back more than usual to express their disgust with the media cover-up of this most important issue. Absolutely nothing will change in this world for the better if this weather war is not stopped. Since they didn't ask the public if we wanted to allow this I would say we don't need to ask their permission to arrest the cabal that is responsible for this. Leonid Brezinski is the one who said it's easier to kill a million people than to control them. If anything is to die on this planet it should be the central banks and corporations like Raytheon, GE, and organization like the Tri-lateral commission, CFR, and alike. This is the single most important issue to me and we need to stop this before we cannot recover from the damage which I suspect is in some cases already irreversible. Thanks for all you do and thanks for posting my article to help awaken the masses. With much respect and admiration John Marshall

  48. simonhhh says:

    Dane…your tireless work is an inspiration and garners much appreciation… between the evil done to humanity by geo-engineering and Fukushima with the deafening silence coming from Govt officials is becoming perilous and disturbing to say the least…Thank you Sir

  49. Thank you for this wide eye opening presentation  for what saddens me is seeing the Mule Deer here in my own backyard loosing their fur as if having a skin disease never before have I experienced these animals being so lethargic lack of food due these changing elements and their young eating thru the dirt to find food of any kind 
    And watching other animals not having the wildlife joy of their environment being destroyed by humans.
    When these trails in the sky fill our entire basin above here in Placer county this is not an act of God this is like a war zone with smothering fumes falling upon us in seconds.
    When people that have been told about this the response I have received is what can we do about it ..that's when I tell them and they still ignore the Skies filled with poisonous chemicals falling to the earth as we continue living on top..
    Wake up Look up!

    • James says:

      Glenda ,

      Our deer here in Amador County are showing all the same  symptoms you are seeing in Placer County

      "The Great State of  California " 

      All of our Cow's , Deer , Elk , Fox's , Raccoons , Dog's and Cats  are  poisoned  with the Aerosol Spray Program Known as ,

      "Operation Clover Leaf "

      The Pathogen"s  we are  seeing ,   are   Called    " Morgellons"

      I want to say     Mad Cow's  ,,,   or      " Wasting Disease  "     ,

      California Department of Fish and Game calls it " Wasting Disease".

      Its not  Wasting Disease ,,,,, The Pathogen is called  " Morgellons "

      Who  knows how long its gonna take to clean our world of these deadly pathogens we all have been  exposed to .

      I  Pray ,

      Governor Jerry Brown will wake up from his Drug Induced Coma and put a stop to this program .   Operation  Indigo   Skyfold.  over and out .



  50. JACTN says:

    Just forwarded this link to over 70 contacts, texted to another 20, and just finished watching my self!

    Dane, Great job.  Very clear.  Spread the word!  Let's get active!

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