Former Government Biologist Addresses Climate Engineering Threat At Northern California Event


On August 14th, 2015, there was a major event in Northern California that was organized for the purpose of exposing and halting global climate engineering programs that are decimating our planet and the entire web of life. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government scientists, a former defense industry technician, former military personnel, a prominent Northern California Neurologist, and a CEO for one of the largest environmental and engineering consulting firms in the world. Approximately 1000 people attended this event. One of the experts that spoke was Allan Buckmann. Allan is a former California Department of Fish and Game biologist with 38 years of experience. In addition Allan is a former US Air Force trained weather observer. His credentials for addressing the critical climate engineering issue are ideal and he makes his voice heard loudly and clearly in the testimony he gives below. The emcee for this important event was John B. Wells, radio host for the highly acclaimed "Caravan to Midnight" show. John works tirelessly toward exposing the truth for the common good. His participation in the Northern California event was of immense benefit to the cause of exposing geoengineering. My deepest appreciation to John, to all the speakers that participated and shared their knowledge, to each and every activist that contributed countless hours, and of course our gratitude to all those that attended the event. Individuals came from locations as far away as Valdez Alaska and St. Louis Missouri. Below is the first speaker to give testimony at the event.
Dane Wigington

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  1. deb says:

    Hello Pat,

    Yes, here in coastal southwest Florida the black sky spray is frequent. It is just as you describe, in layers of gray to black, occasionally with pink undertones. I've also noticed that this particular effect seems to hover low in the sky. Although storm systems used to be common here in Florida in summer, these overstuffed black skies contain no rain, as you indicate. The usual storm systems would build from the east in the later afternoon, blow through with a refreshing cool-down rain within a couple of hours, and then skies would clear out in time for a dramatic sunset. Instead, these dead black skies are the devil's breath. It's horrible here, now. We see only humid sheet rain that falls out of a flat gray sky. The soil seems unable to retain moisture even though there is standing water. The smell of the air and the rain is putrid. Pools are in everyone's back yard….probably toxic as hell to swim in these cauldrons of heavy metals. My dog is biting himself raw also with "contact dermatitis"…I say this is Morgellon's in canines. 


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  3. Pat says:

    Thank you everyone for continuing to have these meetings and teaching others.  Thank you for this website because I have referred a lot of people to it.  Here in Placer and Sacramento County (Northern California), we are now being sprayed everyday – all day and all night.  And, there are two new mixes being spraying which started about 2-3 months ago.  One new mix is white but once sprayed looks like a firework was blowned up–and it turns into what looks like a blown up spider web and sometimes it looks like blow-out feather circles.  The second spray mix feels even more alarming in that it is very dary grey to black.  The trail then billows out into black layers laying under the overhead white layers of chemicals.  My husband and I fail to understand why even people with no knowledge of what is going on–wouldn't ask questions because the appearance of these new trails is alarming.  Everyone knows this "black stuff" is absolutely not water clouds because we don't have rain.  Just as alarming, Four coworkers with asthma all seem to be having asthma attacks on the same days and have told me they are struggling with not only keeping their asthma under control but also they find it interesting that the same four people are having asthma attack events on the same days.  I close friend of mine told me last night she had to take their dog to the veterinarian because it was chewing it's skin so much due to itchiness that it's legs, tummy, and tail were raw.  The dog now has to wear a head hood, have strong shots of steroids, and have cream applied to several areas of the body.  Nothing changed in the yard or hour environment–except these new overhead trails.  I can't help but wonder if lots of outdoor pets are being hurt by the junk landing in their skin/fur from the overhead spraying.  (Please start bathing your pets at least once per week.)   Our bird feeders and bird baths are rarely visited now.  We use to have at least 100 birds per day and use to have to add water to the bird baths in the morning and evening.  It's so weird to not see any mosquitoes, knats, or even ants.  (We use to have a severe ant problem but I can't remember the last time I saw an ant in my yard.)  Why don't people find this seriously alarming?  And, I can't believe that every tree is suffering from water cutbacks due to restrictions on watering.  This weekend we plan on adding soil amendments to our yard to offset what has happened to our soil–in addition to fertilizing.  When you drive/commute ….remember to set your air-conditioner to "inside-air-only" setting to avoid sucking up as much outdoor air pollution as possible.  Does anyone else have black spray trails now like us?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hi Pat:  Rosalind Peterson of used to keep track of various kinds of sprays observed, but I haven't seen that much from her in the recent past years, though I'm sure she's quite active.  She did mention black sprays back around 2011 or so.

  4. Jean says:

    We travel the entire midwest in an RV throughout the summer.  We often travel at night and have always accumulated so many bugs on our windshield that we would really have to stop and seriously wash the windshield frequently.  This summer we haven't run into any bugs!!!  For two summers we have noted all of the trees suffering in every single state that we visit.  Regardless of the individual beetle or webworm that is hard at work on each species, there has to be an underlying cause that has severely weakened the trees everywhere to allow this to happen!!!  Hardly see birds, squirrels, bugs–even ants on the sidewalks.  Foolish to think we can live here when nothing else is thriving or surviving!!!

  5. francis Mangels says:

    As the speaker following Allan, I concur with his message.  The local troll says all the data and science is "imaginary."  The problem for the good people of the world is to break through that arrogance of complacency that infects America.

    True, many things need fixing.  I can save a few poor folks, save the whales, and save homeless dogs.  However, they will all die together if we do not stop geoengineering jet spray.  That includes us.

    The world has persisted through many calamities: social unrest, fires, floods, quakes, and hurricanes.  Possibly our last problem will be to save ourselves from a few greedy fools.

    • Hello Francis Mangles: I agree that common behavior has become a very strange and disconnected "arrogance of complacency". I have data suggesting the condition is related to electromagnetic induction of various structures within the human brain. The result of certain electromagnetic pulses is direct neurological and cellular destruction. It says so right in various Naval and Army Intelligence documents. This subject has been studied and documented for over 70 years. > Like geoengineering, it is a "great plan"… Some say it's down right "exceptional"…

      Citizens are consenting to their own slaughter by stupidly increasing power loading of the grid, aiding and abetting the cellular phone companies, and generally wallowing in the electromagnetic nightmare created by their electronic toys. I've been trying to inform (help) the public for two decades, yet they continue to beat me off with a stick. Most individuals are unknowingly addicted to EMF like it's heroin. I used to call it "electronic crack" but it would only piss people off when I did. I feel that I've been imprisoned in an electronic twilight zone… Thanks for all you're doing.

    • Hello Francis Mangles: Perhaps you have already read this. >
      Letter from the Department of the Interior to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Jackals, dangerous wild beasts backed into a corner that they are, seem to have no problem employing minions of idiots who get paid to mess with your mind, starting with "harmless little" warnings, a.k.a. COINTELPRO "gaslighting" programs.  Like the anti-vaccine educator in southern Marin who went out of town for a few days only to find that all her furniture had been rearranged while she was gone… how'd that happen?  Wouldn't that kind of thing FREAK YOU OUT? 

      Sure, there are just looney-tune people out there who're strung out, but I wonder how much The Empire pays their shills for one harassing phone call:  "Well, YOU called ME!  Who ARE YOU?  YOU TELL ME!!!"  That's a partial transcript of a "conversation" I had when I returned a very mysterious call I found that came into my log (first– I actually did not call the caller first, and I have the log to show it–how weird is that?).  Are people reeeally so very stooopid as to get paid to commit suicide?  What's the point anyway?

  6. Nigel says:

    This is a pretty interesting video of a former FBI agent whistleblower .
    The next one after is downright scary.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, the Gunderson video about the Death Dumps has been on YouTube for a while, as well as the testimony of the physician who says that Ted died of arsenic poisoning. 

      Meanwhile, here in the S.F. Bay Area we got "whited out" with constant spraying of chemicals by the jets all day yesterday.  It sure would be niiiiiice if some serious little kiddies could figure out what companies are controlling the spray jets, then hack the remote flight programs and screw with the coordinates commands for the sprays.  I am praying that a White Hat hacker group will form that specializes in this– why wouldn't they? 

  7. I started school today in my new program, special education counseling and for a rare time in my life, someone knew what I was talking about!!!! One of my teachers was really aware and has read a lot on the subject. I felt so relieved! Finally someone who doesn't stigmatize me as a conspirator. There is hope! The cabal is starting to gather up in there shelters, why, I suppose, Jade helm is in action. The elite feels more and more trapt, and they know the doors are closing in on them. Soldiers, keep fighting! Dane, again, you are my true hero! I will owe you my life if we get out of this alive!

  8. Michel B says:

    I once wrote out a list of everyone I know and under each name I wrote out all the qualifications, skills, talents and abilities of each of those people and I was astounded at this vast pool of human exploration that surrounded me. I wished I could tap into and call upon all those attributes in that list.

    Called upon, that list would grow if it worked together. There would be nothing it couldn't solve. And there was nothing special about the people. Singularly they were the same as all others might be.

    What we could achieve if we all worked together, just like the CFR does! Truly, efforts combined exponentially compound upon each other's results. But we have been separated by specialised careers, distinct home lives, the division of the nuclear family let alone extended families, our neighbours are a burden and television, the largest resort of entertainment, whittles away the last vestiges of analytical and critical thought.

    I would like to start a group who bring all their individual talents to the fore. There would be no hierarchy. All talents, skills, abilities and gifts would be considered equal and just as important as each other in the fulfillment of human endeavours, peace and happiness.

    From sub atomic particle theory to finger painting, all are welcome. I don't know how to do this, it's just an idea I have. Sort of like the Great Library of Alexandria where there was a repository of human knowledge, a living organism breathing the knowledge and wisdom from all lands near and far. Maybe someone is doing it already. It wouldn't surprise me.

    • C. Taylor says:

      Michael B.
      I would be interested in forming a loose group of people with a variety of talents. I like your approach.
      Count me in …

  9. Greg Emerson says:

    I live an hour North of Toronto.  We just had the Pan Am Games here, and I have been observing the sky routinely every day, and during the games I saw nothing.  These took place over 3 weeks time.  Generally, there is spraying, it is not on the level in my opinion that California is experiencing.  Interesting that 3 hours north of Toronto is where people have cottages, many big lakes, and it is particularly disgusting to see these planes.  I was recently up in that area, and a friend was there and she works for Air Canada.  She said this is a subject at work, and some are emphatic it is real. She is doubtful.  We saw a huge plane fly by she said it was a triple 7, and it was most likely, but she admitted she hasn't really delved into it, so I pointed her in the direction of  Keep up the great work, I really feel for you….I love my home, I would hate to leave it, and would feel outraged to be in that position….I feel that your situation is bordering on that fine line:(  Lets beat these guys:)

  10. Martha says:

    Has anybody besides me observed a serious decline in insect and rodent activity?  We have always had mice to deal with, then rats, but nothing now. Lately I've seen birds acting strange, hopping on the ground desperately looking for a seed or bug, not bothered by my presence – they also come seeking a water puddle.  The only inhabitants in our bird houses are wasps, the birds don't nest here anymore.
    We don't even have any ticks, which are usually abundant in this area. I suppose we are still paying for mosquito abatement, but there are almost none.
    I live near Redding, CA. 

    • James says:

      Martha ,

      No Wasps  , no Ants , little to no barn Fly"s . Birds acting very strange .

      All life forms have been poisoned now in the State Of California .

      The  spraying is killing all of us .

      Old  Moonbean is hard at work with his Agenda 21 Genocide .

      Operation Clover Leaf needs to stop .

      Jackson , California.

      8-27-2015  @ 07:55


    • Tamara says:

      Martha, yes I have been noticing the same thing. Cats don't catch any rodents, insects way down. Deer population diminished, not to mention where are the birds?

      I live in the forest in Mendocino county. There is access to water for the animals. Many including myself have ponds. I know the drought may be causing a lot of starvation but that does not explain why my vegetable garden is growing slowly. 90 day harvests are taking more than 120 days to grow.

      We have a spring and are watering a sufficient amount. The plants were burning in the spring and now it seems that they are not getting enough sun. On top of that just last week the garden was full of bees on flowering mullein yesterday there were only a few. Becoming very afraid.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Martha, Here in Berkeley, CA, there are far fewer bugs but there are some.  Many years ago now, the Brazilian ants left! but we do have our mellow California ants.  Just spent time looking at our redwood tree from my window here, just feet away from me and usually there are a zillion hover? flies, I'm always trying to figure out what exactly they are-baby flies, what?, but when I heard the name hover flies, figured that was it because that is what they do, between the house here and the redwood when the morning sun hits the redwood.  Most of its branches facing house and window here have been cut at the tree, and that tree just glows, so beautifully for about an hour.  There seemed none of these flies, but then I saw two.  Thing is, usually there are far too many to even think of counting, the very fact that I can count them is stunning.  And my poor squirrels or should I say squirrel as we seem to be down to one, one very lonesome squirrel.  Everyone else around here hates squirrels, but we just love them.  Usually at least two, more often three run around and around and up and down that tree, playing, and so fun to watch.  Then, I saw the one, slowly, as if carefully, walk down the tree in a straight line, go a couple of feet north to the big bird bath, jump up on it and drink the water for ike 5 minutes!  That! is a first in all these decades.  He/she didn't care that a towhee and a bluejay had bathed in the bowl.  He/she seemed so desperate, so lonesome and weak.  Then squirrel slowly hauled itself up tree to a branch and laid on it, swallowing the water he/she was holding in mouth, again looking so weak.  Sad.
      I basically don't believe in birdhouses, rather providing them a natural habitat for their own way.  But, a few years ago I bought a small, green roof-as in I had to plant the roof with succulents-birdhouse we placed on the back pillar on my front porch.  Daughter now says all this time she was just humoring me by helping with this project, thinking me nuts.  But this spring chickadees took up residence!  So far three rounds of chickadees born there ard sooo much fun!  Thought they'd left, but no, a couple in redwood today.  Yesterday, some black phoebes were checking out the empty birdhouse.  Last week a downy woodpecker was sitting on top of it.  I finally spied a bush tit nest in redwood that I cannot see from here.  I was surprised.  We have hummingbirds and crows, of course.  All this may seem a lot and I am grateful-oh, and towhees too the dear things and they live mostly on the ground, hop around, even follow me up my stairs, such friendly, kind birds.  But this is but a fraction of what we usually get-here in the Pacific Flyway.  An ever dwindling fraction.
      We do have rats.  Healthy, organic! rats.  But so does all of Berkeley and we are near the Bay.  My carpenter bees did not show up this year. We do have some bees but not like usual.  No bee kisses this year so far and I love bee kisses.  The scout honey bees usually will come to me-I have a way of calling them if they are nearby-and they will hover by my face, wings flapping my cheek, chills up and down my spine-love it!  But not this year, yet.  A few butterflies, mostly swallowtails and the cabbage moth, but have not seen any painted ladies or all the rest.  Few bugs in house too.  I do find mosquitoes belly up dead.?  And one live giant brownish mosquito from hell?  Knock on wood and all that, but no aphids?!!!  I mean, stressed trees are usually just dripping the euphemistically named "honey dew" that just rains down.  That is exceptionally odd.  My worm farm died.  Crisped it seems.  Spider mites are doing well, as always the rotten little buggers.  The big guys I call 4x4s owing to size and shape, are few and small as opposed to the usual huge and everywhere.
      Please, everyone, put out some water for birds, butterflies, all these guys. So dry, so very very dry.

    • George Schroder says:

      I live in the Sierra above and between auburn and marysville and yes, we have the same thing here… only occasional mosquitos. Piercing sunlight. Days where the white haze is heavy and oppressive, affecting our ability to function… I spent years in the Paradise area as a boy over 70 years ago and have been around these mountains ever since and we are being rubbed out by this madness. 

      I just listened to the entire webcast of the Climate Change Symposium in Sacramento…not a word about this obvious, monstrous climate destroyer, eco system disrupter… I can't find words for this disgusting process carried on in the name of science.

    • Hello Martha and other Californians: I live in Northern Minnesota on the fringe of the Superior Nation Forest. The trees here have been in serious decline for over twenty years. There are foreign lichen and fungal diseases on most trees, and many are dying at the root line. Moose populations have plummeted 76% since 2006.

      It was nearly dead quiet out in the forest today. My friends the crows came by to say hello, but most songbirds and small mammals have nearly vanished. Only an imbecile would fail to see the destruction I notice every day. Yet tourists visit here all the time and believe nothing is wrong… Their sensory systems are completely demolished from the electronic atmosphere they've been entrained to endue in the cities…

      Our focus has to shift geoengineering education efforts toward the Federal and State courts. The public have gone brain dead. Give it up… America has the most complete legal system the world has ever known. OUR officials and "public servants" are complicit in this horrific democide. They must be charged with criminal indictments and brought before Grand Juries within courts we the people have created.

      These actions are not out of reach. Don't back down. Believe that you can control the future and you will. The Matrix was a Hollywood illusion created to screw with your minds. Fire the actors and hang the directors. Their movie sucks. Screw these jerks into the ground within the courts they thought they controlled…

  11. Tamara says:

    Anthropogenic "aerosolation" a word not even found in the dictionary. It's in many government documents. All of them say it's wrong. Must be from private funding, no laws prevent this. Like Bill Gates, he may have been duped. Mr. Bill Gates, do you want to save the planet? Why yes! The egomaniac says. Reminds me of the ocean iron fertilization sold to the Haida nation by Russ George. Now we have unprecedented toxic algae in the Pacific.

    Many science academies such as AMS put out statements against albedo modification using metal aerosolation in the last four years and yet this has been happening for at least forty.

    What the hell is going on?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hi Tamara:  It's all about the money.  You know, economic stimulant.  Like beating a dead horse.

  12. Nnikki says:

    It is possible that at least some (if not all) of these planes are being flown by remote control. The government (cabal!) has had the technology to do this for many years. 

  13. Nicole says:

    I'm listening to your broadcast here Dane

    The letter from The Record Searchlight – so disturbing. That fool has no intellect, no idea what he's talking about, has conducted not even the slightest research on this topic and stoops to the level of "conspiracy" because after putting both of his brain cells together he could come up with absolutely nothing else to say to you – he couldn't just come out and say that he was told not to touch this issue and not to ask any questions as to why not. He couldn't just come out and say he has no control over what he is allowed to cover. Wow – could he possibly be any more useless.

    I might be shocked – if society wasn't already so incredibly ass backwards. 

  14. At this point I have to censor what I tell people about because the reality is so bad that if you tell them too much you can cause a cognitive dissonance that is so severe they turn off. So it is true that some people "Can't Handle the Truth!" but I'm not one of them. Thank you Dane for all that you are doing because you "Can Handle the Truth!!"  Great event.
    Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide Magazine

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rahasya-Lotus Guide, Too true!  I too censor what I say for the same reason.  I mean I can just see peoples' brains break, or just shut off.  Which is why I'm doing a kind of geo-engineering lite version.  I find that if I can just get them to understand high bypass turbo fan engines, then, then they begin to question the skies!!!!  Makes a start.  People do seem to get it about less sunlight, well, some do.  Some don't.  My next door neighbors' tomatoes are outstanding and they are organic.  So, hard for them to process what I have to say.  Does not jibe with their reality.  So, I am still trying to find a way with them.  They are not closed minded, but they are new to Berkeley-last few years.  And we do have fish here, in the ocean yet.  They travel, go for walks all the time, go to outdoor events, kayak all over–really hard for me to grasp their blindness, and hard for them to grasp my message. 

  15. Excerpted from: National Market System – Wikipedia
    ["The National Market System (NMS) is the national system for trading equities in the United States.
    The System includes all the facilities and entities which are used by broker-dealers to fulfill trade orders for securities. This includes:
    major stock exchanges, such as NYSE and Nasdaq.
    a national central securities depositary for book-entry transfers (Depository Trust Company) pursuant to Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code of New York State,
    a depositary nominee (Cede and Company) to retain custody of stockholder rights with respect to immobilized jumbo stock certificates
    a Proxy Ballot processing organization (Broadridge)
    intraday clearing corporations which act as a central counterparty for continuing securities settlement by facilitating novation of settlement obligations to themselves and offsetting opposing obligations (known as netting or clearing). These organizations include FICC, NSCC, etc.
    the facilities which operate the national price quotation systemquot;]
    Federal Regulators
    Regulators of the US Dollar: FDIC, OCC, FRBG, and FOMC
    ["The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and the Federal Open Market Committee all together impact the payment systems used for settlement on securities markets, both directly by regulations and indirectly via monetary policy which affects the value of the dollar.
    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is an important regulator for commodities futures and options.
    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is the most important federal regulator of corporate stocks, as well as other securities."]
    Complete text:

  16.  Toward the end of Mr. Buckmann's presentation, he alludes to issues of corporate sponsored control of geoengineering activities. Of course this is the case…

    Let's sober up a little: Geoengineering is nothing less than mass "democide". If you are unfamiliar with this term, please take the time to read and understand the definition. >

    Corporate agencies are the bane of ALL private interests and personal freedoms, period. Get this through your heads. Corporations ultimately distort all legal definitions of private land OWNERSHIP, and regularly confiscate private lands and freedoms through Act's of "eminent domain". Eminent domain is Communism, period. The "laws" that define or establish corporate structures are nothing more than veiled Communism in the form of "Codes" and Acts"…

    If we as a culture actually wish to stop the democide of geoengineering, we must first dismantle the financial systems that have imprisoned our lives and souls. We need to BAN all social artifacts of corporate communism, period. Looking at the sky and bitching about it is pointless and ultimately suicidal. The corporations need to go away. Get over it…

    • RobinRich says:

      Paul, I partially agree with you about needing to do away with the systems that are causing the problem, but, first we need to get the people on board with what is going on. Getting them to wake up is very difficult. By no means are all of us "Looking at the sky and bitching" many people here have worked hard trying to spread awareness. People need to be educated and or convinced that they can no longer be an Ostrich. I live with one and it took me years to pull his head out of the sand…

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "Change the way money works or you change nothing." 

      — Michael C. Ruppert, author, Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil

      Then get rid of corporate "personhood."  That is SUCH a LIE–  CORPORATIONS ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE.  Sheesh.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      You seem to be confusing communism with fascism.

    • elliot wave says:

      Your global Corporations are interlocking directorates of the same cabal. They bridge continents and nations. This cabal is a corporate hydra. Certain key people on corporate boards of directors do the directing. The lemmings, who've often graduated from the corporate universities acquiesce to the real directors that shape policy. No one dares question these directing directors. The real directors answer to their controllers who are usually wealthy to the tune of billions – one or more are planted on all boards of directors of all corporations. In many instances they participate on more than one corporate board. They also participate in closed door committees like the Club of 300, CFR, Round Table, Rockefeller Foundation, Gates etc… ad nauseum….a myriad of global councils and committees that exist to generate policy… social, political, economic, military, scientific, genetic… you name it…. think tanks also come to mind.

      These groups make up the cabal, and the cabal generates US policy, and US policy rules the world through intimidation –  economic, military, social and scientific policy. Think grants, endowments etc… again, think billionaire's and hedge fund managers, retired military, retired politicians and so on. For these people it is a game about power and control… and it is an addiction. I mean a real addiction that has the diagnostic markers for addiction. Since this addiction carries the potential for the loss of life on a grand scale, it is not only sociopathic, but psychopathic as well.

      The notion that these individuals believe what they're doing contributes to the betterment of mankind is delusional. They live in their own world. I've dealt with them; they listen, seeming to pay attention, but the trained eye can tell their minds are made up… they are beyond reason because they've been trained by the scientists who also run the world. They've been paid by the same wealthy sociopathic's to parrot the party line and reinforce the BIG LIE.

      This has not happened overnight. It has been long in the making, having taken a giant leap during the mid 19 th and 20 th centuries as science learned to manipulate the periodic table, and our planet in the process. In a word… religion's and science's control of mankind and the planet. Either way, mankind and the planet have lost the war – free will is dead, the creativity of the future will be found in a petri dish.

    • Hello Keith Whittington: I see fascism as the RESULT of any rule that places one individuals will over the constructive will of another. Social hierarchy is an abject failure no matter how the cards get stacked. Communism is a perverse artifact of Babylonian times. The system sucks wind now, just like it's always sucked wind where ever it's instituted. There are certain ethnic groups that have manipulated this system into effect time and time again. America used to be a Republic… It's time to toss ALL hierarchal systems, and replace them with lateral social and economic structures that work for a common benefit.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Paul, I am with you all the way in that all the old institutions based on hierarchy suck to the unjust max and must be disassembled. But, the merging of government and corporations is fascism. The example you gave was of land being seized by eminent domain and put into corporate control. Communists would put peasants to work on it. And thanks for the new word. The fact that such a word is needed reflects the sorry state we are in. ****** side note: my grandfathers farm was taken by eminent domain to make a lake. It was a sore spot for him until the day he died. Keith

    • Greetings elliot wave: Excellent post by you!!! Well done!

      Also thanks to others on this thread for your courage and intelligence.  For more information regarding the corporate Medusa's that control slaves and "federal" operatives, see recent YouTube features by Karen Hudes… Be patient. She's got ALLOT of information…

  17. Eagle:Scout says:

    Agenda 21 to depopulate and force sheeple to major cities into FEMA camps. UN pilots don’t care about spraying US Citizens. The blame should be shifted to the Airline Industry for Aircraft altering our daily blue skies .. Let the big money airline industry defend themselves and spend corporate money defending toprove who is really behind chemtrail aerosols and that Airtravel is safe . Put more pressure on the airline industry to prove it is not them …. If the contrails are safe ,,, then why are my sky blue mornings ruined by aircraft chemtrails spraying ObamaCare Vitamins that preceeds the violent rain storms and the chemically nucleated snow / ice storms …. Just proves to show you how much the Pop population does not even look up and take notice of the skies …

  18. Gregg says:

    We have been under a extremely heavy assault from the spraying here in SW Wash lately. Even during the days in which the smoke from fires far east of us covered the skies here, you could still hear the tankers flying overhead delivering they're loads. Now 2 days since the smoke has cleared the spraying is extremely heavy starting early in the morning- and I have noticed the same helicopter I have watched for over a couple of years now flying at extremely high altitude (close to the same altitude the tankers fly) on these types of days at a very slow speed- HUH wonder what thats about?. Doesn't look like the constant low level "Jade Helm" style exercises that have been going on for the last 2 years at all hours of the night. As always- my Thanx and constant support to Dane and His colleages in this movement to bring back truth and some sanity to a world that could use some.

  19. patti says:

    How do I gather up a group in Phoenix AZ to get officals to give us information and to stop this.  They sprayed all week!!  I am getting respiratory issues along with many others.

    • Rebecca says:

      I'm in Phoenix too and the intensifying effect of the sun is unbearable. I've lived here longer than most freeways and buildings. I moved here in '78 and remember the smell of the desert just before summer monsoons. All the asphalt and what they are doing up there has destroyed a once beautiful area!  It's horrific that we have no control and are helpless without any knowledge of this crime.

    • Shannon Weckman says:

      If you are having respiratory issues such as coughing, what has helped me is that I started wearing a mask like that used by painters. I found it itched my nose so I started wearing a respirator which may do a better job anyway. The bottom line is, if I wear the respiratory when I am outdoors I don't cough in the evening. Also, I had a really good electronic filter installed on my home heat/air system which really helped.

    • George Schroder says:

      We are starting groups in Yuba County, California and there's already one in Grass Valley. Bringing this matter to an immediate and reasonable conclusion is my objective. And I feel like a blind man observing a mountain from an airplane window… Somehow all these groups need to act as one. 

  20. Steve Parsons says:



  21. James says:

    The  toxic aerosol Chem Laden poison is back over the small town of Jackson ,  California .  I  am posting this as proof positive we are all being poisoned to death .  
    Governor Brown Jr .  
    The toxic poison  must stop Now  .  8-26-2015 @ 13;00 hrs

  22. carol freiberg says:

    Really wanted to be there with all the good folks trying to expose this very obvious spray program. Doing what I can here in Idaho. Smoke so thick can't see across the front yard right now and then hear and see a spray plane leaving a huge lingering trail. We haven't seen the sun for almost two weeks. Thanks for the vid. Will share. 

    • Dennis & Connie Gomez says:

      Amazing HOW stupid and asleep most sheeple are!!!  "Course, the main stream media has them asleep and brainwashed!! Once the crop land is poisoned and burned up, only FEMA Camps will have food.  I refuse to go however!! Find it hard to believe the sheeple do not wonder what the white trails criss crossing the skies truly is?!? This went on in Northern Nevada for years before we left there.  Kalispell is as bad or worse! If the immunizations, GMO foods, polluted rivers, Chem Trails (Damnation to the pilots of those planes)don't get us, the fires will!
      All Agenda 21, One World Orders zombies deserve HELL;  without salvation they shall see it one day!!

    • C. Taylor says:

      Hi Carol,
      I live in Spokane, WA. Smoke is bad here too.
      Where do you live in Idaho? Interested in joining forces against geoengineering?

  23. Keith Whittington says:

    It was refreshing to hear Wells call out the lying sacks. Mr. Buckmann is totally credible. I was disappointed when the video abruptly ended. ****** Todays ride through the forest revealed dead trees still holding their leaves. Those trees were alive this spring. Sycamores are hurting bad. Almost every one had dead branches poking through the unusually thin canopy. Trees in more open spots, like turnouts and picnic areas look pathetic. It hurts watching the forest melt day to day.

    • joy says:

      My heart aches to your message.  I am watching beautiful, large, old, healthy trees go from supple green to crisp brown, and rust – sans leaves – die in months, not years. People say it's disease and parasites. We are all in the same boat as the forests and lone trees, dying in a sea of denial. I am hanging on to the life raft hoping against all odds for the survival of all life on our planet. We must make the powers who weld the control of our existence, see the error of their ways. SOS.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Keith:  The murder of the trees is absolutely horrific to be forced into having to watch.  It is really distressing to hear the reports of whole dying and dead forests, with no more insect sounds and NO bird calls.  This even made it onto the radio tonight on a program on KQED, a public radio station in S.F., CA. 

  24. I strongly believe that between Haarp & Chemtrails, has caused the drought in Cal. & caused the polar Vortex systems & all the crazy weather & how this crap that is being dropped on us, humanity is a pre planned "slow kill" of humanity..a good way to" depopulate"..I think that is the end goal!

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