Geoengineered Forest Fire Incineration, Dark Ice, And Methane Extinction


Dane Wigington

Record forest fires are raging around the globe, climate engineering is a primary factor fueling the planetary burning. All over the northern hemisphere boreal forests are going up in flames and smoke, further loading the atmosphere with Co2 and soot. This in turn triggers multiple climate feedback loops which causes much more rapid warming than what is already occuring.


 White Cloud Helibase on the Tahoe National Forest. Murphy Fire on AEU CalFire unit. Photo credit: Chester Helitack

Siberian forests have been burning at a record pace in recent years. In April of 2015 the process began again. Regions in Siberia that have historically remained frozen until mid June were fully ablaze by early April.


The satellite image above shows clearly that by late April, 2015, the Siberian landscape was riddled with fires.

Alaska is also being scorched after a record warm winter and record low snowfall. While the US mainstream media kept the public distracted with the "Boston snow" story during the 2014-2015 winter, Alaska was warm, dry, and setting up for the coming summer burning.

Alaska Wildfires

The map above reveals a staggering number of wildfires in Alaska even as summer was just beginning.

In Canada the situation is no different as astoundingly high levels of once pristine forests continue to be turned into scorched earth.


In early July there were more than 418 wildfires actively burning in Canada. By that date in 2015 there had already been more than 4,500 fires that had charred more than 2,150,000 hectares of forest. This was twice the number of fires that there were at this time last year when just over 2,200 fires burned 515,732 hectares of forest. 

In the incredibly parched state of California numerous out of control fires have consumed landscapes, decimated wildlife, and destroyed many homes located in rural woodland regions. The climate engineers have been so consistent at blocking precipitation from California that one must ask the question, is California just a climate sacrifice zone, or a target of engineered drought?


Flames from the Rocky Fire approach a house in Lower Lake, California. The fire, now contained, burned nearly 70,000 acres and destroyed 43 homes.

Click to enlarge
Northern boreal rain forests are not the only rain forests going up in flames, in recent years large swaths of the Amazon are increasingly vulnerable to wildfires as the Amazon dries out. It is important to remember and consider that on a warmer planet, the laws of physics dictate more overall precipitation, not less. The atmosphere can hold 7% more moisture for every degree of warming centigrade. The only way there can be more overall drought (and less overall precipitation) is if there is a massive unacknowledged factor in the equation that is radically affecting the hydrological cycle. That factor is global climate engineering which is causing drought and fueling fires.
Satellite imagery shows smoke from fires in the Brazilian Amazon
Though record rains very recently pounded the state of Texas, now we are told of a recent phenomenon called "flash drought" that is already afflicting the formerly flooded landscape. Will Texas soon be on fire as well? As climate engineering continues to create historically unprecedented conditions and scenarios, the power structure paid meteorological community coins new terms to describe formerly unknown conditions. Such "labeling" from the "experts" gives the public the impression that the unique conditions they are witnessing are all just "natural variability" and not the result of geoengineering (which they continue to claim is only a proposal and not a reality).
A dust devil spins across a Texas Farm in late July. A stark contrast to the heavy rains of early summer, July produced very little precipitation with only a few brief showers. The Enterprise photo: Guiseppe Barranco
All the unprecedented fire activity is accelerating an even more dire unfolding scenario, the rapid melting of global ice deposits which in turn speeds the thawing and releasing of formerly frozen methane deposits. Massive amounts of smoke and soot are being pumped into the atmosphere by the record number of blazes. When this material settles out of the skies, much of it is being deposited on Northern latitude ice deposits, turning the ice dark.
This image from the Greenland ice sheets is only one stark example of what is occurring across northern hemisphere ice deposits.
Once the ice is darkened, it loses its former reflectivity and begins to absorb exponentially more thermal energy. This leads to a much more rapid melting of land and sea ice. As the reflective cover of ice is lost, unprecedented warming is triggered over landscapes and oceans alike. With this thawing, massive formerly frozen methane deposits are being released into the atmosphere.
If the planetary warming continues unabated, and thawing methane deposits continue to fill our atmosphere, our fate will be sealed. Climate engineering is making the unfolding methane catastrophe scenario far worse overall, not better. All is connected, all is interlinked. The ongoing geoengineering programs are the epitome of human insanity. Climate engineering is nothing short of weather and biological warfare. If it is allowed to continue, the chain reaction of planetary catastrophes it is helping to fuel will be unstoppable (if it is not already). Climate engineering is not benevolent in any sense, it is about power and control. It is about hiding the severity of what is unfolding from the population for as long as possible (while making the overall climate collapse far worse in the process). The consistently engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US in a record warm world are an example of this (July 2015 was just officially reported as the warmest month ever recorded on our planet). All must unite in this battle to save life on Earth, make your voice heard.

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  1. Rani S says:

    your website is good, sucess..

  2. Well… It's now 9-14-2015. No arrests or charges filed against the US congress, the fake US president, or anyone else associated with the destruction of our planet…

    ["Although California is no stranger to battling wildfires, Mark Ghilarducci – director of the governor's Office of Emergency Services – said this summer's fires are the most volatile he's seen in 30 years of emergency response work, due to the extremely dry conditions from a four-year drought.

    "The bushes, the trees have absolutely no moisture in them, and the humidities are so low that we are seeing these 'fire starts' just erupt into conflagrations," Ghilarducci said, according to the Sacramento Bee."]

    California burning: One dead, 1,000s evacuated as wildfires scorch 400 homes (PHOTOS)

    At some point in the very near future, there won't be enough natural resources left to rebuild what our military hero's are so gleefully destroying… Let's give 'em a big hand…

  3. Kyle says:

    The George Debau Bauuush cartel has killed America no murdered America for insane oversea profits!

    Sadly Conservatives would rather scream about black people being run as President.

    • George dubya isn't the problem. A bored, stupified, uninformed, and illiterate public is the problem.

      "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

      – Albert Einstein –

  4. loïc barbarin says:

    Hi Dane,
    I have just translated your article into french so people can get informed in the french world of what's going on in this crazy world. I hope that's fine with you. I intend to get it published by "le Cercle des Volontaires" an independent media website and "l'Acseipica" an association about chemtrails. I will refer to geoengineeringwatch anyway.
    Take care,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello loïc, thank you so much for your efforts to translate articles so that we might better sound the alarm, my deepest gratitude to you for your assistance in this battle for the common good.

  5. Linda Reynolds says:

    Dave and other concerned citizens — I'm a 71 yo 4th gen. California native… i watched it all happen and around me no one could fathom what I was talking about. Now i get looks like "You know I'm just being polite, but if you don't stop this talk I will have to lose you as a friend." And I have lost almost all of them.

    I absolutely could not stand it another month and moved to Puerto Rico where there was only the occasional chemtrail. Two years later I've found that tho you don't see much during the day, there's air traffic at night and reports of avocado groves dying and other crops failing are the norm.

    My son has been a Cal-Fire wild-land firefighter for 14 years, he just left northern California to go help in Washington. I can tell you this… probably 50% of the actual firefighters know about the real cause of these fires and maybe 90% of them are hard-core conservative who like the gov't to be taken down for their crimes against not only humanity but for destroying the planet. Again, as you said in the video on Targeting California, they can't lose their jobs and they're trying to battle the real realities e very dam day.

    I'm posting all your updates to my FB page and talking about it, but from here that's about all I can do (I also had a stroke and cannot walk!) There's another even I'd like y'all to be aware of – Iwas shcked and awed by it last May and again, no one seems to care. Jesse Ventura posted a question on his FB page today – "Why 30 beached, dead whales !!! for no known reason !!! in Alaska? I left a comment with this:

    No known reason my ass!! I wish you great good luck with your mission – getting the sleeping masses to care has got to be the hardest job in the world….

    Stay Safe… Linda


    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Hi Linda, 

      I appreciated your comments very much, and would very much like to converse further with you. 

      I live in Arizona, but used to live in San Juan, PR. My understanding is that PR is in a serious drought – hard to imagine, yet considering the climate extremes via engineering, I can. I hope the current Tropical Storm/Hurricane Erika brings you the needed moisture and not decimation. I've see the lean-to shacks and poverty, and know they will be hurt the worst. One rain event won't solve a serious drought, but perhaps it can alleviate some of the stress. 

      I truly appreciated hearing that your son and crew (CAL FIRE) are aware of these programs and how they affect fires, and are also upset knowing/seeing the collapse of the planet. If there is any direct, or best avenue to reach them with more information I hope you will let us know. I experienced a runaway fire in 2013 (Doce Fire/AZ), which at the time was the nation's top priority Type 1 fire. One week later, we lost 19 of our hotshots in the Yarnell Hill Fire (20 miles south). Thank your son for his efforts, and know I send many blessing for his and all the crew's safety. 

      I am on FB, and the only Cori Gunnells that I know of. If you are also on FB, I'd appreciate it if you'd send a friend request so we can converse further. 

      Thank you for being such a courageous and outspoken person in this fight. Sorry to hear about your 'friends' who only politely tolerate your messages, or who ultimately step away. Many of us experience the same. At some point, they will be forced to see by circumstance. 

      Cori Gunnells

    • Joy says:

      God Bless you Linda, thank you for your dedication under difficult circumstances, so sorry to hear about your stroke.  I will be 70 in a few weeks.
      We are trying to get our house ready to sell, need a small place we can pay cash for so we don't have too many bills and can afford life, after 2007-8 surprise pulled the rug out from under our feet.  Have been trying to figure out where we want to live.  South Carolina was looking good till last week.
      Chemtrails are a huge worry to me, first thing I have always done is look up, and now it breaks my heart.  Went on a chemtrail protest march that was supposed to be global,  the leader of our group went off the grid a few months after the march.  Two MIB were watching and videotaping us. 
      I have tried to explain to everyone too, slowly my brother and my grandson are starting to see, but they are the only ones.  To everyone else I am a conspiracy nut. 
      Hang in there, Linda. Keep trying.

  6. Legal hint: >
    Excerpted from: Peremptory writ of mandamus – Wikipedia
    ["A peremptory writ of mandamus (also peremptory writ of mandate or simply peremptory mandamus) is an absolute and unqualified writ (a formal written command) to the defendant to do the act in question. It is issued when the defendant defaults on, or fails to show sufficient cause in answer to, an alternative mandamus. It is one of the three types of a mandamus.
    A more exact definition of a peremptory writ of mandate is "a final order of a court to any governmental body, government official or a lower court to perform an act the court finds is an official duty required by law." [1] [2]"]
    Distinguishing from other kinds of mandamus
    ["A peremptory writ of mandate "is distinguished from an alternative writ of mandate (mandamus), which orders the governmental agency, court or officials to obey the order or show cause at a hearing why it should not." [1] [2]
    This may also be distinguished from a Continuing Mandamus, which asks for an officer or other authority to perform its tasks expeditiously for an unstipulated period of time for preventing miscarriage of justice.[3]"]
    Complete text:

  7. I guess it's time for another legal hint: >
    28 U.S. Code § 1346 – United States as defendant

  8. Cjay says:

    This site is updated daily.  Not sure of its accuracy.

  9. Nicole says:

    The entire west coast is radioactive from the 300+ tons of Fukushima isotopes entering the biosphere every day since 2011 and the Alaska coastline has been hit the hardest. Whales and seabirds washing up dead all over the upper west coast, distorted starfish and sea urchins are all that's left of the pacific now. Its no mistake there are heavy chemtrails in the fire picture above. They are spraying even as the fire fighters are trying to do their job. They want to see it burned, all of it – that way they can redistribute it back into the air column and the EPA won't have to tell west coasters they glow.

    All this "gov" has ever done in environmental calamities is "cover it up" – they could care less about the lives being affected. Sick, sad, and disgusting.

  10. Wyatt Berry says:

    Hello folks,

    I want to point out that in particular as of late the disinformant trolls are being outnumbered and called out on nearly every discussion forum that they infiltrate. We individuals who are helping to bring awareness to the ongoing and intentional MURDER of our entire biosphere are having a significant effect.

    Congratulations on 18 million milestone Dane, it will not be long now until the politicians will be forced to address it, I wonder if when that does occur and the panic turns to anger if it will be before the 2016 election, how the power structure is planning for this scenario with regards to continuity of govt and whether Obama will declare martial law.

    Be careful everyone it appears that the seas are about to become quite rough.

    • Alexander High says:


      Don't let the buggers grind you down, we have the same problem here in the UK with Purposeful Misinformation Trolls. They won't stop those who know something is wrong above and who will take the time to investigate the information given them.

      Fight the good fight. People are listening.

      All the best


    • Les says:

      I didn't believe in the chemtrail 'conspiracy' until I found your sites and began researching the information.  Looking at what's happening, and putting it with other "inexplicable" and assinine things the 'governors' of the world are doing…so much makes sense now.  America is not going to see another president.  You MIGHT see an election, but not a change of president.  Obama is the appointed man, and martial law by executive order will be his game.  It's the way the big boys have to roll now that the people are waking up and preparing to take action.

  11. Hsaive says:

    The public's silence in the poisoning of their own water supply with FLUORIDE demonstrates why no uprising will occur due to aerosol poisoning of the skies.

    • Nicole says:

      Harold I have to tell myself that to get through the day. I have to think its because the population is so poisoned that they can't think for themselves any more, otherwise I'll spend all of my time sobbing over the incredible lack of humanity we are living with today.

  12. Steve Erickson says:

    I have witnessed the chemtrails in the Western USA but really haven't a clue as to the intended or unintended consequences.  I am just now reading up on it.  I have moved to Thailand and as yet haven't seen any chemtrails although I know for a fact that they do seed clouds to produce rain.   I will be watching the sky.  

  13. Bob says:

    Quick question – if there was no geo-engineering , no man made climate manipulation, yet still was a massive increase in global temperatures, would we see these massive forest fires?  It seems to me there would be increased rainfall in ever climate zone.  Deserts and droughts would diminish, right.  Okay, maybe it's not as black and white as that, but in general.  It also seems like to me if our planet was involved in a greenhouse effect from smokestacks and car exhaust, more of a passive, not intentional manipulation, albeit ignorant and stupid, we would see more moisture everywhere.  Maybe this too simplistic, but I just wonder.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, the short story is yes, you are correct. A warmer planet would be a wetter planet, but the geoengineering factor has completely derailed the hydrological cycle.

  14. Skywatcher says:

    I’m on other side of the world but see this spraying almost daily. They start early and have a photo of them doing it still in the evening, showing up in the full moon. No work of a lie, I watched some young gun perhaps? one day as he made the shape of a lightning bolt with his chemtrail, then went on spraying lines for the rest of the day! Captain America fan perhaps, or ACDC ?

  15. Dudley says:

    Even Hawaii had a rare recent wildfire that almost got out of hand.  People were told to evacuate in one of the cooler areas of that island because of the recent drought for several years the area dried out some.

  16. sanfranellen11 says:

    Know that the main chemical being sprayed is Aluminum, and that is one of the most incendiary substances that exists. that explains why these fires in western U.S. are so much more flammable than any seen before. Oh, and it makes people "stupid", too.

    • You're absolutely right, Sanfranellen, although most folks wouldn't recognize "why".  Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles are one of the components in super thermate, or nanothermate exploisives.  A little online research will illustrate that both Barium and Strontium (the other major components of weather-forcing aerosols) are also found in pyrotechnics and explosives.  

      Aluminum Oxide is comprised of two atoms of Aluminum and three atoms of Oxygen.  Whenever Aluminum is heated to melting, it binds naturally with Oxygen; but when it is consumed in a fire, it releases all that Oxygen, dramatically increasing the bur temperature.  This is why it functions so well in jet fuel and thermate, because higher temperatures will promote fuel efficiency in a jet engine, but as an ingredient in explosives can melt steel.  And that in turn is why it is used in controlled demolition of buildings- it will cut through steel girders instantly leading to vertical collapse of a skyscraper.  

      Once it cools in an atmospheric environment, Aluminum re-acquires the three atoms of Oxygen (which by coincidence is the structure of ozone –O3) and as fallout is small enough to be absorbed by the roots of trees.  So once a fire starts, the Aluminum Oxide can once again contribute to the higher temperatures fire fighter now see regularly in these wildfires. The burning of Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles in jet fuel at stratospheric altitudes may be one of the other reasons for ozone depletion:  When it cools, Aluminum naturally binds with O3.

      In point of fact, according to NOAA, the suppression costs and square acreage consumed by wildfires in California alone has more than doubled since year 2000, when aerosol spraying became widespread.

  17. horsegirl says:

    Thanks for this update on the McFire season, which seems to be serving as a cover for other forms of spraying.  

    And hello to the commentariat from SE Arizona.  I'm here to announce the arrival of the California monsoons… here, a state away.  We recognize that this deluge belongs a few meridians west of us.  It looks like philodendrons will shortly supplant cactus with sufficient rainfall here for the Congo.

    Want to tell you all how much your comments mean to us.  Last night hubby was reading the comments to the August article on catastrophic crop failure and the quality of what people wrote was incredible.  One masterpiece of analysis after another during that string of comments.  About the time we read Michele B's mini-essays about hidden history, then the one about psychopaths, I began to feel like Jean D'Arc hearing the voices.  To put it in bland contemporary terms, it resonates.  And I agree with her, there can be no doubt the goal is to trash this republic from sea to shining sea.  The new owners (speak Mandarin, anyone") already have the papers.  Just waiting for the great occasion to muster the armies.  It will be an inside job.  My guess is that Yellowstone will be provoked and/or "the big one" in California.  Sounds like I'm telling you all I visited with Martians over breakfast, I know.  But never forget the cabal has NEVER done one thing good, ever, although sometimes as with the Yellowstone wolves boondoggle they try to make it look that way when they're up to a land grab or other ills.

    For those inclined to read the proverbial book, if you want goosebumps have a look at Habakkuk chapter 2.  Or the reincarnation of Judas in Zechariah 11.  We're on the threshhold of an apocalypse however folks in this republic decide to explain it to themselves.  Michele is right, knock off Babylon first and the rest will tumble like dominoes.  This is the golden age of treachery.  I have a lot more thoughts but am going to have my husband read all these comments to me first. Bless you all this weekend and may the toxin miraculously fall short of its intended effect.

    • Michel B says:

      Hello Horsegirl, Thank you for referring to my articles. My writings here are basically reiterations of what I have been learning elsewhere. I suppose I am trying to approach an understanding of these all-important issues with as much logic as possible and I am happy if that lends a perspective to someone else's understanding.

      There are many things to understand here, not just that we are being sprayed, though of course that is the largest symptom of where we have arrived in history. Illiteracy amongst the general population in many fields is a contributing factor. But this too has been cultured over a long time.

      I raise points of technology just to remind others that answers are out there for those 'problems'. We have had technological solutions for a long time now. So the real problems reside elsewhere and I believe it is in the corporations' interests to remain 'luddites' and not allow passive energy solutions that would free us up.

      Of course 'Luddite' refers to those textile workers who felt threatened by advances in loom technology and thought their jobs were being threatened. We are in the opposite situation now where our jobs are our prisons, financially, socially and spiritually, and even these jobs are not secure because they depend on an economic system that utilises a debased, exploited and inflated fiat currency. We are hanging on by a thread and working our bodies, minds and hearts out to keep our nostrils just above the water line.

      Who is doing all of this? I do not wish to support an idea that we are all to blame because we have been ignorant of the truth. That is just distraction from pointing the fingers at those who really are working day and night to bring down the curtain. Underlying all are the banking families, then the government cronies.

      Biggest of all amongst them is the CFR, 4000 members or so. Also, the CIA was apparently started by George Bush Snr's grandfather to further his oil business interests overseas. It's involvement in drugs re Afghanistan is well known. Political interests are to serve the crime syndicate's business interests, which is why the US (and now with Israel) has proven to be the world's largest terrorist state. Toppling governments and assassinations are merely the means of coercion to access resources in other countries.

      George Bush Snr was very much involved in JFK's assassination and then he later became the US President, later followed by his son! Imagine that. What power to steer through the highest political office of the US to further his family's crime syndicate business! What does that say about the state of democracy in the US?

      This group has infiltrated all of the power centers as iterated by JFK in his famous speech on secret societies. Thus it is obvious there is a solid plan with achievable steps being continuously worked on to realise their aims: world domination. Though, at the world level there is plenty of work for them too. Not everyone wants to go along with their particular plan. The likes of the BRICS nations are a problem.

      But the BRICS nations and others are not going to be all benevolent either. They have their own Geoengineering programs going on. The SAG/SRM/ Drought Inducing/Disaster Manufacturing is overarching all the world. Without knowing all of the centuries-long machinations of this world, how are people to accept that these weather programs are happening and what they really are about? It is alien to most, but as conditions worsen more are waking up.

      I think it is important to understand how the climate and weather patterns really should be working, so that credible discussions can persuade others that something suspicious is going on. I try to talk as logically as possible with utmost seriousness in order to get others to listen. We all have to become meteorologists. Dane is right: ranting and pointing at the skies in obvious emotional tumult repels. Rational explanations work far, far better. This increases 'listenership' by a bit, but it is that bit by which we progress in waking up the current sleepers.

      Also, though it is not important, I am a male not residing in the US. 'Michel B' is just a signature.

    • horsegirl says:

      Dear Michel,

      Thanks so much for this writing and setting me straight on my misprision of your first name!

      I will be working on a response about these issues.  I am having vision problems which fortunately are rapidly abating, but this takes me too much time to spontaneously respond.

      Excellent work.  Kudos to you.  We so appreciate your comments/articles.

    • mara kern says:

      Horsegirl, could you suggest me some essay you mentioned, from Michele B

  18. Tamara says:

    It looks like there have been almost 18 million visitors on this site. Can't we plan a Million Man March to the Whitehouse? If something so big occurred it would have to be on the media and the world can see that these crazy conspiracy theorists (us) are educated, normal, concerned citizens telling the truth.

    The only way to combat this is to hit the streets en mass and make some noise. We have the facts, Cd's, articles, posters and most of all the sky to prove our point. It's now or never. Is anyone else in?

    • Marc says:

      Ok. We all agree we are being sprayed. I submit that the psychos behind all this are, RIGHT NOW, employing the use of a medicine cabinet full of substances mixed into their coal fly ash aerosols or whatever the f**k they're using as a base material. Search "fema, lithium deployment" on YouTube. Now, I don't believe EVERYTHING I see on frigging YouTube, who would? But Dane Wigington has mentioned in past posts that there is evidence that some disturbing substances have shown up in trail fallout. We would be naive to think these bastards are only deploying heavy metal aerosols. I honestly believe that mind and mood altering substances ARE IN FACT part of the geoengineering agenda. I have thought this for a long time but don't discuss it here much. I truly believe "sedatives" or some mind altering substances are being actively used to "control" U.S. populations….or in otherwords, to keep us unmotivated and off the streets. Or perhaps, as it suits their agenda, to get us out onto the streets (foment unrest). Sounds too science-fictiony to be true? Think again.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      *….it would have to be on the media…*   Unfortunately, this is not correct. The fascists control the media, lock stock and loaded barrels. A quarter of a million of us showed up in dc to prevent the Iraq massacre and it did not make the news. Eight racists with misspelled signs got together and the Kock brothers called it a Tea Party. They completely control the dialog, including the tempo. Nine thousand issues are tossed about in rapid, whack-a-mole style. Most people get so dizzy listening to it they find other diversions, like smoking weed, drinking or fuck it dude, they go bowling. 911 was only a test and the good americans failed. Stay tuned.

  19. Jeff says:

    Once again it is refreshing to read so many concerned,and intelligent comments. I get to feeling defeated talking to so many sleeping fools out there,that are in denial.

    I believe my theory correct, the are setting us up for more tyranny.

    Just to share (to people I think can grasp) a concept/breakdown of the root of the sleeping society's ignorance,on youtube look up Mark Passio's "The truth does not fit in a box".

    Thank you Dane for another in depth article,may your light only grow brighter.

  20. Marc says:

    At the Redding event I picked up a free DVD entitled "9/11, explosive evidence, Experts Speak Out". Produced by, it is one of the very finest overviews of 9/11 and the profound implications of a recognition that it was, without question, an inside job. Personally, I have been investigating 9/11 for many years and had MY profound awakening 6 years ago. That it took even ME this long to awaken to the truth about 9/11 should serve as a reminder to us that those who are still blinded by the lies and omissions regarding geoengineering are not necessarily "idiots" or "bad people", they just haven't gotten there yet. But it is frustrating and unbelievable, actually, when denial remains in place in spite of profoundly obvious evidence to the contrary. Very weird psychological phenomenon. This identical phenomenon is examined in the aforementioned 9/11 DVD. Recognition of the absolute reality of geoengineering is a profound threat to one's "world view", just like 9/11. If you really get it, I mean REALLY GET…….IT, then you must find a new way to live in this shattered new world. I totally understand why some simply don't have the mojo to withstand this kind assault upon their "reality". It is diabolical, and most difficult to absorb into one's inner life.

       There is not the slightest doubt in my mind, or in the minds of millions now, that 9/11 and geoengineering share an identical fingerprint. Could this not be more plain for all to see? Might another agenda for the deployment of wide scale geoengineering be (especially since 9/11, imagine that!) to smack down the rising awakening of the world to the obviousness of the criminal acts perpetrated on 9/11? No, the 9/11 events were NOT the perfect crime, but they came damn close!! I myself was sucked into the patriotic bullshit that ensued in the aftermath. But that was almost 14 years ago, and I don't know about you, but I have changed alot  in the intervening years. 

      If you really want a look at the science behind 9/11 discoveries, check out ( architects and engineers for 9/11 truth)

      Profound thanks to Dane Wigington again for incredible reporting on our increasingly dire circumstances here on planet Earth. 

    • Michel B says:

      I knew 9-11 was an inside job as soon as it happened. I didn't know how or why or who, but my 'suspicion radar' was quivering. I am a naturally skeptical person and thus I am labeled 'paranoid'/'tin foil hat'/'conspiracy theorist'. Given the utterly irrational depths of human psychology, it is easy to understand how others blithely employ by-words to placate themselves or to reinforce their current world views. Keep in mind the number of genocide victims is about 400 million in the last two centuries. Psychopathy is rampant on this planet.

      I do not claim that my world view is correct or complete. But I do know my shells of naivete are being shrugged off one by one. And I know skepticism must be tempered with investigation. Science is a self-correcting mechanism, or at least should be in the ideal circumstances. Science does not allow for lies. Science disproves lies. But science is not a religion either and must not be worshipped. I am not saying what to worship, if anything.

      9-11 was very important for augmenting the consciousness of the US population and also that of the world. But many know it was a set up to do this. The Pentagon was hit by something other than a jet airplane. Whatever hit it managed to strike at the most secure building in the world. Only insiders could have achieved this. 9-11 achieved the aims of those who instigated it, but it also set off a chain reaction of awakening for many. The ensuing lies are the damage control for this awakening.

      Marc, your expressions are good to read. I can feel your frustrations and anger. Paul Vonharnish is also another whose comments and links are invaluable. With no intention to create any hierarchy, everyone contributing here helps to enlighten me more and more. We've never met, but we are in the same corner of this boxing ring.

    • Hey Marc: Great posts!!! I knew 9/11 was an inside job before the first tower hit ground zero. As in: Where the hell are the DOD and air defense interceptors??? Ah well. Not to worry. That's why we have "elections". You know? A way to vote the "bad" guys out… Heh, heh…
      You might enjoy this "theory":
      US Military Uses IMF and World Bank to Launder 85% of Its Black Budget

      Or maybe this video of how an entire Nation can kiss it's ass goodby, because the "press" makes it seem sooooo easy: >
      Judge Napolitano – A Nation of Sheep

  21. Greg Price says:
    I just found this video this morning. It is excellent, check it out! The old Marine has some great geoengineering information. I hope this will bring to light the people who are culpable here.

  22. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    Thanks Dane for all.
    Let's inundate the Presidential candidates and ask them what they plan to do regarding Weather Modification/ Climate geoenginnering!
    Sr. Gladys

    • David says:

      Hello Dane and everyone. Dane had mentioned earlier about spreading the Word Of Geoengineering, to well known people ie. celebrities, actor’s, athlete’s etc. Is anyone aware, Dr. Ben Carson, who is running for President 2016, is a retired Neurosurgeon. If Dr. Ben Carson is unaware of Weather Modification/Geoengineering, we should attempt to get the word out to him, while he is Campaigning. I am sure he would be interested in giving lectures on the Dangerous Health Risks to all life on this planet, from the fall out of Toxic Heavy Metal Aerosols. Also retired basketball legend Michael Jordan, now part owner of the NBA Team Charlotte Bobcats could also be a figure to discuss Geoengineering. He had once said, if he did not become a basketball player, that he wanted to become a Meteorologist. Let’s find out a way to inform these two big name people.

  23. tag says:

    I live in NW Ohio and our weather?  While we have had plenty of rain this year, there hasn't been 1 incident of precipitation that wasn't an all out deluge.  No showers, just complete down pours that flood  temporarily.  We are getting messed with also.  NOTHING normal about the weather as the skies are sprayed on almost a daily basis.  

    • Ann says:

      Yes, the Lima, OH area is usually sprayed with chemtrails 2-3 times daily 7 days a week, rarely a day off.

      No normal rainfalls, just downpours. 

  24. Nnikki says:

    The government's of the world have no problem finding covert funds for planes to fuel the fires. Strange that they can't find the funds for planes to put them out. It's obvious where their priorities lie. This is nothing short of MURDER OF ALL LIFE FORMS!!! I have no faith that anyone who really cares will ever be elected into government office. The controlling cabal will never allow it-that would ruin their ultimate plans for the rest of us. The only answer seems to be a major revolt & a major boycott against corporations, which would greatly impact their sources of income. Problem is getting enough people to wake up, make some sacrifices, & stand together. We must keep trying every day. Huge thanks to your Neverending fight, Dane! You are such an inspiration to us all! Also much thanks to all others who support this dire battle. Never give in or up! 

  25. Earth Angel says:

    Horrifying scenario. I think of all the wildlife and animals that cannot escape these infernos either. Terrible suffering and loss of life all the way around. Heartbreaking. The ba*#ar&s responsible for this must be unmasked and the light shown on them for all to see; then let the chips fall where they may. I am saddened for the loss and suffering of brothers and sisters around the globe. I pray for protection for us all from this barely comprehensible nightmare we are now living in.

  26. The same generation that lovingly embraced the Clean Air "act" of 1970, turned out to be the most amoral, piggish, and offensive scum in the history of the World. The unwashed slobs accosted me over and over with their peace & love bullshit during the 60's and 70's. By 1985, most of them were wearing big suits and red ties, and talking about making a "killing" on Wall Street. So much for peace… I managed to escape most of the methane breath and bullcrap, by refusing to marry or have children. Clean Air "Act"… No wonder Nature is trying to burn the place down…

    Clean Air Act of 1970

  27. Marc says:

    I was at the Redding event and the area forest fires and smoke over Redding were the perfect punctuation mark to the validity of all that we are about. So incredible to see so many undeterred by the smoke hanging thick over all of Redding and the region. And what a great presentation it was! 

    And yet, the astounding black-out of the event by the Record Searchlight (main local newspaper) is absolute, positive proof of something very sinister at play in Redding, Ca. This town is not all that large. If it were, one might be able to accept that some events could slip through the journalistic cracks and go unreported. But in a town of this size, with an event of such vigorous local and regional interest, not to mention the astounding turnout (1000+), for the Searchlight to black-out even the slightest mention of the event raises a major red flag and indicts the Editor-in Chief and those among his staff who are in any way complicit. And all for what? All for f**king what? So they can flaunt their arrogance and thumb their noses at the 1000 who attended, while all around them in every direction is proof positive of geoengineering and it's horrific effects? Holy mother of God!!! Can't remember who, but someone who posts here wrote a letter to the Searchlight's editor and received a snarky reply; something about that they don't cover "conspiracy theories" or something close to that.

    Meanwhile, these very same employees and their dumb-ass Boss have countless billions of aluminum nanoparticles passing THEIR blood-brain barrier, just exactly like we do. 

    I myself have encountered ridicule recently on the FB page of a local dance group for whom I have been playing dances for over thirty years (I'm a fiddler). For the first time in those thirty years I decided to take the microphone to make a very brief announcement to the folks that I had laid out free DVD's and flyers about geoengineering. Quick. To the point. Done. I was very polite and said to please help yourself if you are interested. Apparently, someone was majorly offended (I know who this person is) and said that the "propagation of conspiracy theories is not appropriate within our dance community." Unquote. Wow! She really put me in my place, didn't she? If she ONLY KNEW!!!! If she only knew that her own health and the health of every living thing on this earth is at stake! If she only knew more about the immense amount of credible and incontrovertible evidence for geoengineering and it's devastation that are to be found here and all over the internet. Indeed, I will say the same for the "three blind mice" who run the Record Searchlight, if only they knew. 

    I will at some point contact this person who slapped me on FB, OH! and by the way, all 12 dvd's and maybe 40 flyers disappeared into the hands of very interested folks at this very same dance. I will treat her with respect but I will not kowtow to her or anyone else's bullshit about my cute little "conspiracy theory". The time is way, way too late in the game, the future of the human race and all living things hangs in the balance. I pity those unawakened ones. For it might turn out the fall will be harder for them. I don't know. Maybe it doesn't even matter, but to go stone cold blind into the uncertain and treacherous future, without an understanding of who and what it is that's responsible for the approaching chaos, is to magnify one's own suffering. But as Dane often reminds us, these crimes against Nature will soon become self-evident for all to see……..I wish it weren't so.

    • stacey says:

      Hi Marc,

      Such good work you did by offering the information.  So many ignorant souls on many frontsbesides geoengineering.  Brave work.   I, too, have been called a conspiracy theorist.  I correct them by stating that it is conspiracy fact.

      Enjoy the music!



  28. Dawnski says:

    Heart breaking. My son was born in White Rock, B.C. and considers the Pacific Northwest his home. We lived in Lynden and Annacortes, WA. Gateway to the San Juan’s. The Holy Spirit led us 3000 miles across the Lewis & Clark Trail in ’08. . to know that beauty is being destroyed is beyond words. We mourn your loss. Prayerfully, as we sound the alarm.

  29. Ana says:

    You are the man I admire most in this world! thanks for being who you are Dane!

    Here in Portugal hot temperatures near 40 ºC (and more than 40ºc ,cyclic fires , in the interior regions) and in the next day you can have less 10 or 13 degrees than the day before …

    Seems like those in Power have the purpose of causing a massive destruction in several countries /in the world (they seem to want people against people and nations against nations) to get easier to implement all the kind of laws they want to  the miserable people starving  that they created ,. They probably want people with no rights (not even of what they once owned).Maybe people´s  lands/money  will be confiscated i guess by the banks and big corporations  with the help of our  governments).People/countries  in wars ,refugees crisis ,racial conflicts ,immigration ,scarcity of food /resources ,unemployment, sickness ,death ;they seem like the 4 horsemen from the Apocalypse …seems like their  goal is to distabilize and  to create lots of damage and despair among populations in a short time and then to rapidly come as the saviours of the planet /environment  with their "solutions" and "environmental" agenda  ????Seems so obvious that they are in a race and in a quest for a collapse soon ,but maybe i´m wrong …meanwhile they are trying to hide the truth from us by controling the Media information at all the levels.They kill ,arrest or make disappear bloggers or alternative Media/sites /alternative medicine doctors /scientists when they start to see that these  people  "quests" can put in danger their plans …They don´t want populations to wake up!

    Those in Power also need Time to prepare their bunkers or underground cities to survive all the mess/chaos they are creating for us "simple mortals"….so, but didn´t they always used the  weather /climate manipulation as their elected   "defense" weapon in order to achieve their goals ? After all these years of "massive destruction" of our world what results and policies would be on the discussion  table of UN or Bildeberg group or EU or USA government etc ?

    Sometimes  i just feel that i´m preaching to the desert when i talk with people in general ! People seem to just think that i´m crazy or that i became a prophet of doom cause they can´t see or feel the bad things happening in the world or even around them,they don´t even question those stripes on the sky or that black dust in the mornings in the sky …New computer program at the national health system care  here in Portugal to 2016 with a new law where in our ID card they can control our consumption of medicines(something they taked about seems like probably we will not be able to refuse  the treatments ,doctors will be controled  too with their recipes and  to save money must be their major goal ) or to have access to our medical file ! they said later we can use this ID card with our Banks too instead of the usual cards …we here in Portugal don´t even come in the map for effect of almost every world statistics but about all the new American crap we are always in the front line as guinea pigs …but we gonna have elections ,we will see how quick or not this law with this new software will implemented!…

    • Hello Anna and other readers. The reason you keep running into brick walls when talking to the unwashed brainwashed, is that their frontal lobes have been put on hold with EM radiation. We now have three generations of former human beings who's brains have been turned to mush from electromagnetic emissions. Our "leadership" is obviously insane and dangerous. >

      Persons who still doubt the intentions of the ruling class should peruse this wonderful page. No such thing as mind control projects, but there sure have been allot of people talking about it…

    • Ana says:

      Hello Paul! Yes,you are right!

      And Thanks for the link! I appreciated it!

  30. Bob says:

    Sometimes I think in our fight in exposing geoengineering, is to go back to basic unarguable facts surrounding this whole global climate change/warming issue.  Firstly, isn't it true that an increase in global temperatures will cause more water to evaporate, more glaciers to melt, and more rain to fall?  Generally, global increases in temperature cause more water to be in hydrologic cycle, yes?  Secondly, if CO2 is the big greenhouse gas that "they" want you to focus on, and it is increasing into crazy levels, then wouldn't the plant growth all across the globe be exploding?  Especially in concert with increased water and warmth.  Kind of like the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods of old.  We should see growth in plant life all over the place.  Yet we don't.  We have unprecedented loss in plant life all across the globe, especially in the trees.  Trees are dying all across the globe and that isn't science fiction.  Its happening.  Heck even in my back yard in Vermont, my maple trees are dying, and its not from lack of water or CO2, that's for sure.  Fungi and lichen seem to be spreading everywhere.  I haven't explored as much as I would like, to find the fungal connection, but I am sure there is one.  So if we have increased water in the hydrologic cycle and increased CO2, why do we have so many fires all across the globe, as Dane has once again, compiled spectacularly.  There MUST be another major factor involved, and even the sleeping zombies should deduce that logic.  I know I am preaching to the choir here, but really.  So many fires and people just go, "aw man what a shitty natural process, that we are causing".  I don't blame myself or most of the common folk like me, for our collective footprints aren't even close to one of these ridiculously huge strip mining operations, or coal fired plants, or what fracking is doing, and the list goes on and on.  Heck, I am a farmer, I create green life, or am trying to.  This year the plants are more sickly then others.  I think this last year of engineered bullshit has put so much crap in the soil, that my gardens are feeling it.  When Obummer said its man-made climate change, yeah, he was telling the truth.  Only thing is he was referring to his jack-off elite cabal friends and we are too stupid to realize it, and think he was referring to us.   Don't get me wrong though.  We have a hand in it collectively. Polluting sucks in all it forms and we should all strive to be better, but what a giant corporation like Dupont, or Monsanto does to the Earth is magnitudes worse then you or I.  And go look at how many big fat asshole corporations there are on this planet.  THEY should be the ones taxed more, forced to pay for proper disposal of their wastes, not dump it in the oceans, or use it in our drinking water.  Oh yes, check out where Hydrofluorosilicic Acid comes from, that you need a hazmat suit to handle, and that it is going into many regions drinking water.  THEY should be the ones exposed for causing our crazy climate change.  I think all these chemicals have interrupted peoples frontal lobe functions because most people can't deduce anything anymore.

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Bob, I wrote a nice explanation about water vapor…the system blew it away with an "unreadable CAPTCHA code". You can email me directly and I will retry.

    • sanfranellen11 says:

      excellent post. i have an idea about the increase in fungi, mold and such…killing trees. exposure to ionizing radiation will do that. from local nuke plants that, just on a normal  basis, release vast quantities of radiation into the air. But the biggest source is still Fukushima. the West coast has been getting fried with it, but it's all over the northern hemisphere.

    • Kyle says:

      Unfortunately the moment you demand corporations to be held responsible you are suddenly a COMMUNIST ELITE!!!! A *gasp* SOCIALIST!!!!

  31. Suzy T. Kane says:

    Excellent article. When will those of us who could not attend the conference on geoengineering in northern CA on August 14 be able to read a report about it or see it on YouTube? I'd like to know what you thought of it, too. Keep up your important work, Dane.

  32. michael says:

    This all paints a very bleak near term future , but don't lose hope , there is yet still life on this planet worth saving , where I live on vancouver island is one of those such places , and where there is life there is hope….

  33. James Bennett says:

    Fires are another instrument being employed to get humans off rural / country land. As outlined in the globalist's comprehensive blueprint for inventory, privatization and control of EVERYTHING (under the guise of environmentalism):
    UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.
    This is a big part part of the motivation behind orchestrating our 'drought' and our unprecedented fires.
    The central ingredient in geo-engineering is Aluminum. Aluminum is the central ingredient in state of the art incendiary compounds like Thermite (found all over the rubble at 9/11). It's even used in underwater demolition! The swirling micro-storm that occurs during a forest fires gets all the nano-aluminum airborne again. Creating a 'flash-point' much lower than it normally would be. Feeding on itself, making the fire much more resistant to traditional fire fighting efforts. If you have a machine shop, and the fire marshall sees unswept aluminum all over – you will likely get 'written up'. For good reason.
    Another prominent ingredient in geo-engineering has been Barium. barium is a desiccant – it dissipates moisture!
    Other pieces of this mosaic of madness include; the Fed's 'gash 'n dash' practice of pouring herbicide into trees, not removing decomposing trees, etc..
    Another is a little known policy that dictates that rebuilds have to begin 1 year after a fire. So, highjacked PRMD / 'planning' departments 'run the time out' on property owners; requesting 'reports', 'studies' and drawings.
    This is also why rural / country services and road maintenance is being defunded. 
    We don't have a Left / Right problem.
    We have a treason / betrayal problem.
    Our globalist highjackers know exactly what they're doing.

  34. Truman says:

    Another great newsletter on our situation….thank you Dane again for all your work. Here in the parched foothills of California it is definitely a powder keg. I thank God every day that we haven't (as yet) had a fire here in Amador County. I feel so bad for all the folks that have suffered with the loss of their property, animals and possessions here across the West and elsewhere. I too, tell as many folks as I can about this weather game that the powers that be are running on us and while some listen others walk away. I won't give up until this madness stops! This newsletter always gives me hope that things will turn around when enough hear the truth.

  35. tom says:


    • Donald Trump is in the "race" to sabotage the selection process. I say "selection" because politics is not about democracy. It's about selecting some asshole who can be had…

  36. Carol Hooper says:

    I'm so glad that the word "wildfires" was put in parenthesis…because anyone with half a brain can see that there is something SERIOUSLY  wrong with this picture! People's homes are being burnt down ON PURPOSE!!! If you don't know of or have heard of AGENDA 21, I suggest researching the subject…download the PDF file and READ IT because all this will make sense as to what "they" are doing…. (Our world has gone completely insane and NOTHING makes "sense" anymore!!)

  37. BaneB says:

    I live on top of a 4,700 foot ridge.  This area is heavily forested with pines and firs.  The firs have been dying for the past 20 years, with a big acceleration in the die off over the past five.  I am residing atop a powder keg.  Cal Fire said I am mostly on my own because of the remote location.  The question for me is can I get out of here if this ridge catches on fire?  Probably but given the worse scenario, I could become trapped.  So, my solution has been to dig a 6 foot circumference hole out on a clear knoll.  It is 5 1/2 feet deep and I am working on a cover and three feet excavated dirt on top.  If I can't get out then I and my dogs will scurry into that burrow and hang tight til it blows over.  Meanwhile, the jets spray and I think just how incredibly lame is the governor of California and others in power who think passing more debt via bond measures to finance draconian monstrous water projects, when all they need to do to turn on the water tap from the sky is to demand the exposure of the weather warriors and manipulators and to sue for a cease and desist of the ongoing climate engineering programs currently taking place in out atmosphere.  When will logic prevail.  When will self/collective preservation prevail.  I keep hoping for some sanity from out state government.

    • Mark from OZ says:

      Bane, the only 'safety' from modern bush /wild fires is distance. Just 7 years back in Victoria, hundreds lost their lives by taking the advice of the well intentioned, but profoundly wrong CFA, that the safest place was  inside your home if you could not leave beforehand.  This was misinterpreted by the people and many ( sadly) thought the choice 'B', 'stay and defend' was a viable option.

      It's not!

      Not under contemporary circumstances. Perhaps years back, pre-communication devices, those in these regions HAD to have a plan and there was no plan 'B'. This 'might' have worked but the conditions now, with all the various chemical compounds which amplify and accelerate the oxidation process, it's no longer an option. The CFA ( and other gov't bodies who provided advice) will regret 'forever' suggesting to the good citizens to buy a pump and tank, fill the gutters, and "wait until it blows over".

       One fellow ( local, determined, prepared) elected to remain in a shipping container that was embedded into the hillside of the Yarra Ranges.It  had metal ventilation lines that sourced air in all directions. He survived but he'd never try it again as the 1/2" hole he drilled in the door to allow the extension cord from his generator became a hissing jet plume of fire up to a meter in length as the inferno sought all available O2-including 'his' inside the box. Distance! Everything can be replaced except you (and the companion) Cheers!

  38. DebW says:

    Your government at work… Anything they touch, turns to ashes or death…

  39. Cori Gunnells says:

    Another excellent article connecting all the dots Dane. 

    Current news brings forth information that Australia, New Zealand and Canada are now sending fire crews to assist the USA. Many of the current fires and fire commanders requesting assistance are getting "UTF" responses – 'unable to fill' (meaning resources are so stretched, they are unable to fill requests for additional help). As of 2012 (last report I could find) the USA had 11 planes, which includes to date 2 DC-10 tankers. Most of the air tankers are 40-50 years old – literal relics from past wars. There are so many fires, of such large size and erratic behavior, that many 'large' fires aren't even counted in statistics or shown on maps. Example – Arizona has 14 current fires  – one is 7,000+ acres with a smoke plume that can be seen from my property, though a good distance away, but it doesn't even register on the "Current Large Incident" map. 

    In addition to the loss of lives (5 firefighters, and several citizens), the current danger of more loss of life,  property loss, habitat loss, economic factors … is the dangerous outcome due to the long-term effects from the loss of wild land habitat (carbon sink), carbon added to the atmosphere, dark ice situation… Also, all the while, the aerosol spraying continues over the tops of these fires. It's truly horrific. 

    We are in literal meltdown with the burner turned to high, with fire accelerants added.

  40. I read this with growing horror. I feel so helpless in the face of this information. I share it, but I don't know if people read it. All that I talk to agree that "something" is happening. I tell them about this and pray that they understand and share. Thank you for being so vigilant. Deb

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