Geoengineering And Monsanto, The Disaster Capitalists


With any disaster, there will always be the "disaster capitalists" roaming through the wreckage for the purpose of turning a profit from the disaster. We now live in a reality that is so corrupt and twisted that climate cataclysms are actually being fueled by our own governments climate modification programs. At this point our government is nothing more than a criminal cabal that is steered by globalists and the multinational corporations they represent. A primary objective of global climate modification is to mask a completely disintegrating climate system from public view as long as possible. Secondary objectives are likely many, including ongoing weather warfare against opposing powers and even against our own citizens in the attempt to control populations. Criminal corporations like Monsanto are a part of the ongoing climate engineering insanity in a number of ways and for a number of reasons, none of them for the common good. Monsanto purchased "Climate Corp" in 2013 for almost a billion dollars so that they could help control the flow of weather information to the public. Aluminum is a primary element being used in the geoengineering programs, Monsanto is producing aluminum resistant seeds, is this just a coincidence? How many other agendas are being carried out against global populations by criminal governments and criminal corporations like Monsanto?
Dane Wigington


Weather Modification and Monsanto


Think twice before you say weather control is just a conspiracy theory. Then ask yourself why Monsanto‬ owns patents in Geo-engineering.

Weather undeniably affects food access and food costs. One glance at maps across the globe reveals that food production areas are being especially hard hit, and we are seeing prices rise accordingly. These natural events can be exploited both by speculators and governments. However, with the introduction of weather modification, invested in by those such as Bill Gates and openly promoted by elite globalist think tanks, concerns have been raised over the possibility that governments could use weather as a deliberate weapon to create food wars. Accusations have already been leveled charging exactly that. While some might dismiss the various possibilities of “steering the weather” for malevolent purposes as conspiracy, it is much more difficult to ignore the 1996 document presented to the Air Force titled Owning the Weather 2025, which explicitly states as a heading on page 10: Applying Weather-modification to Military Operations. One key section states that weather control could be virtual, as well as literal:

Offensive abilities could provide spoofing options to create virtual weather in the enemy’s sensory and information systems, making it more likely for them to make decisions producing results of our choosing rather than theirs. It would also allow for the capability to mask or disguise our weather-modification activities….

Also key to the feasibility of such a system is the ability to model the extremely complex nonlinear system of global weather in ways that can accurately predict the outcome of changes in the influencing variables….

Conceivably, with enough lead time and the right conditions, you could get “made-to-order” weather.

This would certainly be the ultimate endgame for anyone wishing to use food as a weapon of control and profit. This possibility should not be easily dismissed, but rather it warrants open-minded investigation and research.

”If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger

Vietnam War Weather Modification – Operation Popeye

Geophysical Warfare — “Rainmakers.” During the Vietnam Conflict, our warfighters needed a way to interdict enemy traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. “Project Popeye” helped answer the call. China Lake adapted its cloud seeding technologies to enhance rainfall thereby significantly deterring enemy activity on the trail. This highly successful China Lake technology was also used in hurricane abatement, fog control, and drought relief.


22 Responses to Geoengineering And Monsanto, The Disaster Capitalists

  1. pharmer says:

    Thankfully there are people like Dane Wigington and Julian Rose to help save humanity and the planet we live on!!

  2. Gene Maynard says:


    I have noticed over the last few weeks the night time low temperatures seem to always be 12 -15 degrees higher than the predicted lows from the weather services. It seems to me in order for the geoengineers to control the day time highs they do it at the expense of losing control over the night time lows. The radiating heat at night has no place to go because of the reflecting materials distributed during the day so night time lows creep higher and higher. This seems to already be a one feeding the other scenario which can only be exacerbated with time as equalization takes over. Does this sound right?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gene, what you are noting is happening everywhere. In addition to the climate engineering particulates holding in the heat, the atmosphere is also rapidly filling with methane which also traps the heat.

  3. JR says:

    I will try to be brief. Inundated in Southwest, N.M. with SAG ongoing and obliterating our rain clouds, all too familiar with the lowlifes and how they operate, observing over 13 years now. A friend a few years back said some of the flights may be unmanned vehicles, somebody has to load them with their payload though. A degenerate is who is spraying us, I don't care how much money they have or perceived power they wield at us. These sheeple look at themselves in the mirror and forget who they really are once they leave that image planted on mirror fooling themselves all the while. We don't fool with our Creator and get away with it, time will balance the scales in the Long Run… Heaven or Hell Scumbags, You Choose, I'm sure you're reading this………….  

  4. Freedom Ranger says:

    If someone was poisoning your family with the most toxic poisons, literally destroying all of their lives before your eyes. You knew this person or small group of people and you were 100% certain they were killing everyone you loved and knew.—  Sounds like most of you people would just get a little upset and then walk away. That is basically what I am getting at. You see this is what happens when you rely on veterans to protect you. It changes nothing to call us monsters who served and have given our very lives protecting you. Honestly it hurts me everytime you all degrade the military, pushes me further away from you, we didnt do this, you did this to yourselves, the reason the world  is this way is staring at you in the mirror.You lost that ability to draw the line when you paid poor disadvantaged people like me to protect your freedom. You were never trained to  have courage so you dont have it, you were trained to let others protect you and your family, you were trained to pay people like me to have courage and you paid us almost nothing to risk our lives, you wasted us on pointless wars and didnt stop those wars and you wonder why they dont care about dropping chemtrails on you. You spat on people like me when we came back from war, you paid us nothing and turned your back on us when we needed you to repair us. You were trained to be victims from birth.This is why you are in this situation. Has nothing to do with the industrial revolution, corrupt politicians, military or anything outside of we the people. You the  people have failed to care enough about the world to change it, that really is the bottom line  and the reason they are killing us with chemtrails and it aint stopping. You want to know why chemtrails are happening and aint stopping, look in a mirror.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, the points you have made in your comment are valid, I would only dispute one aspect with you, we are in this dark place due to all the factors named in your comment, including of course the incurably corrupt politicians and many in the military leadership that are in the same category. Its “all the above”. Even soldiers who are given “orders” have a responsibility not to carry out those orders if the orders are clearly criminal. Yes, the people have allowed all this to happen, but those carrying out the insanity are also responsible.

    • Al C says:

      Freedom Ranger, you are spot on.

      We have been conditioned from childhood to obey and not question or complain to the "authorities".

      As I write this, what was once a blue sky this morning, is now a dirty haze in just a few hours………………(I'm on the East Coast)……It seems now they're spraying every day.

      I've been on the anit-geoengineering bandwagon for about 4 years and I point it out to everybody and it usually is accompanied by rolling eyes, a conspiracy theorist comment or both.

      I thank you Dane for your tireless work in this field………….We have to stick together and I believe it will stop once the information reaches critical mass.



    • Marc says:

      Freedom Ranger and Dane, the way I see it, it is about chain of command. There can be no effective military without a strict chain of command which is inviolate. Therefore those lower on the rungs of the military ladder are trained to not second guess or question their superiors. Otherwise we have chaos. But there is a point at which conscience can and must enter the picture, for without it we are not human, truly just robotic extensions of some higher authority, whose agenda may be, shall we say, less than honorable. The widening holes in the integrity and honorability of our military and the VA is evidenced by an alarming suicide rate among vets. Though business as usual still rules the day among our military forces around the world, I would wager that off the record there exists a hell of a lot of disillusionment and disquiet as their deployments move in the direction of pointlessness and too many tours of duty.

        Courage? I applaud the courage of all branches of our military but ALSO of every single anti-war protester since Vietnam. I marched against the Vietnam war  in '72 and am damn proud of it. And I also cried and sobbed at the wall in D.C. and damn proud of that, too. I have close friends who are vets and honor them and their service. No, I didn't serve but i came close to being drafted. As Dane alludes to so often, if we can just get some of our brothers and sisters in the military to wake up to this atrocity, the so-called chain of command, which leads all the way to the top orchestrators of this nightmare, may weaken and flounder. I am not calling for revolution but goddammit, we are being sprayed to death by the same military that purports to be committed to protecting us and our freedoms.

        Now to be absolutely fair, I must add that I am convinced that SOME geoengineering programs are actually the work, not of our military,  but of huge defense contractors funded by black ops money. Not technically the military but damn close. In any event, we who are awake must try to stay on the same page in this effort. There ain't much time left….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, thank you for your comment which I believe was completely on target all the way through. Yes, those who are sitting the bench in this critical battle to raise awareness need to stand up and help the effort before our time runs out. Thank you again for your important statment Marc.

  5. Steve says:

    What's going on is truly upsetting.  Perhaps a silly question–Dane, is it possible that part of the reason for weather modification has to do with trying to protect the U.S. from the ongoing Fukushima fallout?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, I wish the global spraying was in any way benevolant, but available data completely desputes any such conclusion. The same weather warfare was being waged agains populations of the world for many decades before Fukushima happened.

  6. Marc says:

    Folks, there are real, live assholes at the helm of so many of these agendas and it's been going on for an incredibly long time. The evidence is clear that rain-making technology was deployed in Vietnam. And concurrent with those deployments SURPRISE!!!!! we find the identical deployment of rain-making over the Woodstock festival in 1969. Clearly a government full of smirking thugs glorying in their new powers to control weather and fuck things up for whomever they so choose. 

      I have to admit, I am losing hope in this most despicable of all battles. A battle none of us ever thought we would find ourselves entrenched in, here in 2015 of the 21st century. The colossal and routine dissemination of disinformation and misinformation is enough to make me physically ill, which I reckon is just what the bastards want. The denial and ridicule coming from buffoons like Caldiera and Monckton would be laughable if this weren't a fight for our very lives. And still the jets fly and spray, day after day after day. We must truly be dumbed to near idiocy or we would be marching on the Capitol against geoengineering at least a million strong. Oh, but wait! Oh yeah, the fear of the miltarized police and/or  brutally tough National Guard crowd control tactics. I almost forgot. Yeah, well, maybe I'll sit this one out.


    • .

      Mark: I love your above comments. Marching against capitol cities kinda headed South about the time Martin Luther King was assassinated…

      The names of the geoengineering perpetrators are of public record, and they've been identified many times on many web pages. The videos by Karl Schreiber below are a good indication that not everyone is asleep at the wheel…


      The threat of militarized police, national guard troops, crowd control weapons, and all the rest of the fear mongering ploys, are just poker chip bluffs in a game of losers. If people want to stop being poisoned in their own homes, they need to observe names and addresses. Riots, protests, and petitions are the flaccid instruments of pansies and cowards…

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      "The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses."

                                                                                – Dakota Phillips

  7. andrew says:

    My 43rd email to my contact list, titled 'Prepare: Intro'


    1.  Our UK and Scottish Governments are doing nothing to inform, prepare or protect us from the global warming (and other) events that will occur over the next few months and years.

    I will therefore include in these emails some ideas that you, your family, group or community, may wish to consider in order to prepare for, and survive, the near future.


    We are facing a 95% extinction rate.  This basically means 1 in 20 will survive.  Personally, I would prefer to survive with 20 of my family and friends.  That means 380 less prepared people will die for us – probably very uncomfortably.


    It doesn't matter if you believe in the harmful effects of atmospheric spraying, the probability of increased wars and WW3, possible Nibiru size asteroid strike, massive EMF pulse from the sun or deliberate attack, mass human migrations from sea level rises, financial collapse, Agenda 21, NWO, etc.  

    All the evidence shows that global warming is real.  

    It now doesn't even matter what caused the warming, it is real and feed back loops have taken over.


    We are currently experiencing the results of CO2 emissions from about 20 years ago.  Even if we globally stopped all pollution and CO2 emissions (including atmospheric spraying) today, we will still have to experience another 20 years of warming – with the 'catch-up' in the first few months being devastating, rather like a sprinter being released from the starter blocks.


    The individual, family, group, community or country to have the best chance of survival will be the one that prepares now.

    To quote some military sayings:

    Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance

    Any fool can be uncomfortable  


    To start with, the basic question you should be asking yourself is "What If…"

    For instance: What if there was no electricity?  There would be no lights, computers, phones, water supply, fuel, sewage, refrigeration, fuel, health service, etc etc. 

    Disease, riots and famine will probably quickly spread. 

    How will you and your family or community cope?

    Here is an American leaflet:  

    Good info, though I think terrorist attack, often aka false flag event, is the least of our worries.  Former President George H.W. Bush is supposedly on record in an interview with Sarah McClendon in 1992 as saying, “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts."


    My emails will contain detailed preparation suggestions for the individual/group.  We all lead busy lives, and I am not saying that we need to live in a state of perpetual preparedness, but we should all give it some thought.


    2.  Noticed an increase in gusty winds?  HAARP/SBX can generate sweeping pulses through the ULF/ELF range. In 2000, independent researchers monitored HAARP transmissions of 14 hertz. They found that when these signals were broadcast at high output levels, wind speeds topped 70 miles per hour.


    You may also have noticed how BBC weather reports frequently show clouds jerkily moving in a direction not consistent with shown wind direction, and when the wind outside is in yet another direction!  

    Sometimes the weather video seems to be played on an hourly repeat loop. 


    We are now not only having daily and monthly record high temperatures, but also record high night-time lows.


    Arctic News for 15th Mar 2015:  Spring equinox next week.


    3.  Another excellent video from James Kroth.


    You really must also watch this 12 min video:


    • Hawkeye says:

      Good info. links Andrew! That ArcticBlog is a very good one. I found it about 2 years ago myself and it was when I realized this "warming" stuff is very real indeed and so why do the repubs deny it and why do people still think the pubs will save the day? LOL… really not funny but I laugh at the people who support these party people and say "those are CON-trails, not geo spraying". LOLOLOL……. Even the word ( CON )  is telling them it is a lie!

      Well just wanted to comment on what you said about the militarized police. In that arctic-blog information there is a section spoken by one of these scientists and he says point blank he doesn't understand why they do not just tell the public of this truth on warming and this truth on geo-engineering spray. He states he believes it is why the police are becoming so militarized, because "they" are afraid of WE the people finding out this cover-up and so "they" need militarized police to protect THEM from US.

      Interesting thought I thought should be shared and spread widely because as potent as the acrtic-blog et al info. is, it is also very long with numerous pages of links and so it might get overlooked or un-read. GMO foods are an obvious result to a planet being poisoned, DUH. Because yea, my garden won't grow and neither will theirs, so let's get rich and invent fake food to go along with all the fake money and all the fake news and all the fake laws and all the fake insects and all the fake leaders. Then everything will be fake and "they" are now GOD!!!  NO Amen there.

      In case it is not known, Miami is now officially sinking from global warming/climate change. Recent news links exist with this info. just google it. I found out from real people on the ground in Miami. A neighbor of mine out walking one day told me this and I then went and googled it to confirm and bingo there it was! I live in SWFL and was not aware of this east coast issue. The local gov. in Miami has just allocated 400 million $$ to build a pumping station under the city to pump out the ocean water that is rising up and in to ground level buildings today, and causing flooding in these business's stores. This occurs EVERY high tide now and this is why they are spending the money for pumping out the sea water. (where do you pump out the sea to?? )

      Imagine, every time the tide is high the salt water rises from the concrete floors, NOT from the outside in. No storms – nothing, just high tide is doing it now. Miami IS sinking in to the sea from global warming and rising oceans and geo spraying is stopping NONE of it. But, that element to "get rich" off of disaster, well they are already planning a water city Miami for the future! LOL…. these are some psycho's for sure. Keep telling the TRUE news and that includes telling people their pubs are liars too! Thanks much for all who speak about this in public. May God Bless us and keep us safe. Hawkeye.

    • Hawkeye says:

      P.S. ….. forgot to mention why my neighbor told me about Miami's flooding issue – Two years ago in my awakening horror I photographed numerous sky attacks on my street and then I emailed them to all the residents in my HOA. This particular neighbor never responded nor has there been any communication on this geo spraying between us since then.

      My neighbor simply knows me as a Realtor and our meeting on that days walk prompted pricing questions on some of the homes listed for sale in the area. When I disclosed the numbers this neighbor laughed at their dramatic increases in one year and replied people are crazy to pay this or any money for these water front properties or any of it down here in FL. When I asked why is when I was told "because miami is sinking already from climate change and we are predicted to be next".

      THIS neighbor see's at least that much truth but the interest to be in the sunshine state has returned despite the dire reality of the entire collapsing of our eco-system , our non-blue skies, the complete lack of and/or dimming of the sun and the visible color changes to the environmental attractions that feed the desires to own property in FL.

      I can't believe the desire to purchase these chemical skies is even happening again. We have purple clouds, visible white haze in the air and in the not so blue sky, planes almost every day leaving huge chem-trails on & off all day long and people actually do not think anything is wrong with this and they want to go to the beach and lay in the sun sprayed skies?????? OMG!!  Everything is burnt green in color, nothing looks beautiful anymore and the water is just not good at all, yet there is "demand" for this?? It is shocking to me no one see's any of this.

      For me being a resident here for 26 years, I am not faring well in my career anymore due to these changes in what I used to sell because I believed in them and now I do not,  so I was not really selling is what I have learned and ya can't pay your mtg. when ya ain't "really" selling.

      It hurts to be sane in an insane world.


  8. I posted this earlier but it is still up to date:

    I found an absolutely shocking documentation about the spraying and who benefits.

    The old trick:
    Create a problem. Cure it. And thus earn (additional) billions…. How sick must some people be!!!

    Many facts might not be new to most of us but it is REALLY HORRIBLE to watch it in such a dense composition. After watching this no more proof is needed!!!

    I’ve seen several hundred clips about that topic but never came accoss this brilliant work:

    [Part1 of 4] Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates : Connecting the Dots
    [Part2 of 4] Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates : Connecting the Dots
    [Part3 of 4] Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates : Connecting the Dots
    [Part4 of 4] Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates : Connecting the Dots

    Be careful: depression is guaranteed.

    Also visit my constantly updated video channel with slide shows of German spaying:

    b.t.w.: We have to stop so called "free trade" treaties like TTIP.

    "FREE" in this context DOES NOT MEAN OUR FREEDOM!!!

    It means the banksters will take over the whole world.


  9. Diana Moss says:

    Two things that have captured my attention for quite some time are Monsanto and Chemtrails and until recently I thought they were two separate entities but I have learned that they are both sides of one coin.  No one was asked, or informed about either, the powers-that-be simply took it upon themselves to use the population as their choice of victims on which to experiment.  We have no real clue as to what we are eating or drinking or breathing and have not been given a choice about any of things that are being done to us.  We are being held hostages by big business world wide and for the most part a huge % of the population is not even aware, or if they are they refuse to acknowledge it.  As for the rest, those who do know and yet are in complete denial  are buying into this devastation and are as evil as those instigating it.  We no longer have a viable democracy but a system that is against the people by the money changers.  There is only a sliver of hope in the basic goodness of people and that before it is too late they will insist that we will no longer stand for corruption or any form of life threatening programs being forced upon us.  Thank you, Dane, for helping to fan that slim sliver of hope.  Be well.

  10. jeff says:

    Knowing that Bill Gates is supporting geoengineering,does anyone else other than me connect dots,that the criminals that spray,might add vaccine poisons and inoculate masses? Possibly,just adding pure fast acting poison,to kill as many possible,before people wake fully,and direct there attention to those behind the curtain.

    I have always been the kind of person that,if I know some one is threatening my life,or people I care for,I won't hesitate to find the source of the threat and confront it. I take this threat (as I believe the viewers of this sight do) as personal as it gets. I feel tied not to be able to confront the source of this all out attack, in person,even tho one angry man at the door would have little sway. I do as I can and spread the information I know of geoengineering,trying to spread awareness to this corruption,still it seems inadequate.

    • Michel B says:

      I'm hearing you, Jeff. I take this very personally. They are harming my person and the person of everyone I know and everyone I don't know. Every person and everything is being harmed. But like the f*****g scheming sewer rats that they are, they hide in the shadows. They know they are doing wrong, they want to do wrong, they don't care about doing wrong, they can't help but do wrong.

      These sub-humans. as they are virtually another species, view us 'empaths' and 'neuraltypicals' as fodder, playthings, the enemy, something to dominate. Our good will makes us a target because we cannot at first imagine that a psychological misfit like them actually exists.

      In this intervening time in history of waking up to the existence of this class of Personality Disordered pricks who have weaseled their way into power, we have unwittingly allowed them to get on with their tasks. Now we have a shit storm of a fight on our hands or we get to watch our own demise at their hands.

      They wish to say, "I control a whole planet!" They don't care if it gets destroyed in the process. That is a price they are willing to pay. They are  insane. If they don't get stopped, they will keep going. They know of no other way.

      Watching Bill Gates lovingly holding up a vaccination needle and saying how it is his favourite thing for tackling health issues does make me want to slap him upside his head. And he would know why. But first I would like to suggest that perhaps illness amongst populations has to do with lack of a good diet, clean air, clean water, sanitation systems, decent living conditions, earning enough money, having financial security for your whole life. But no, Bill wants to shove chemicals into your body. What do you expect from a billionaire, from him or his eugenicist bitch wife? They are hideous.

      I am ranting here, but the rant is going to transmogrify into some action eventually. I am not satisfied with ranting. I work in the health industry and no one there knows or wants to know about this. People are living in a dream world that has been created for them and they don't want to be woken up. Well, sorry, I'm shouting at the bed side: "F*****g wake up, people!!!!"

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michel, hope you have some credible data to pass on to others, you can download the flyers from for free and print them locally. Having something credible like this can be so much more effective at waking people up than anything you can say to them (the flyers will also save you from having to explain things over and over).

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