Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2017


Dane Wigington

Headlines from all over the globe confirm catastrophes and conflicts are accelerating on every front. The drums of war are beating in Washington as the US military is being used to pressure a growing number of nations around the world toward possible conflict. What crimes connected to the military industrial complex is the corporate media trying to hide from public view? Weather whiplash continues to batter already struggling populations in countless regions. When will the environmental community finally face the most dire threat to the biosphere of all, climate engineering? A National Geographic Magazine article suggests nuclear war could fix our global warming problem, is that what the power structure is pushing for? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The days of mass denial will soon be at an end as countless converging challenges force populations to face reality head on. It is imperative for us to expose the critical climate engineering issue before the power structure is ready for that to happen. We must all do our part.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


189 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2017

  1. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, at the very beginning of you radio show, you state that most people are in denial, that is the most credible statement made. My wife and I have many discussions regarding what to do, she has officially thrown up her hands in discuss, she said what have you accomplished, and she right, I have written my Congressman, my Senator, Local Governor, and everyone one else including last week I wrote to the local newspaper. NO ONE WANTS TO SPEAK ABOUT WHAT IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Geoengineering. I've tried handing out free CD's from the material from this site to no avail. Everyone wants to just stick their heads in the sand, or just ignore the facts and watch the game.. I've been trying now to get answers for 5 years now, if not longer and haven't gotten one. Not One!!  So, what is the answer? Because awareness is not the answer if no one wants to know… They rather go to the local mall and forget about all bad news. They know the system is rigged, and corrupt, but they give the same answers, "what can we do about it" and I must say with my track record, I'm embarrassed to say, I've not changed one thing. Not one. I may have made more people aware, but that didn't change a thing. In fact they are spraying more then before.

    So, I keep muddling along, but quite frankly, there is nothing anyone can do, and this is the obvious truth. It hasn't stop anywhere, even where there is the most traction, California. They're still making the climate very sporadic at best. Here in the Philadelphia area, one day it's 85 degrees the next day it's 60 degrees, the next it's 70's and at night it can be 49 to 80 in the past few days. The weather is all over the place. No One really cares any longer. What to do. Thank you Dane for the up-dates.

  2. The answers to Technocracy under Maritime Law are quite simple:

    A good place to start…

    Then completely boycott (prohibit) ALL forms of civil and military aviation. The Sky should be considered Sacred, period.

    Now BAN all forms of electromagnetic proliferation… No radio communication = End of Military slaughter and control systems…

    Dying an ignoble and painful death is the other option… Have a nice eternity…

  3. Seeing Clearly says:

    The Trump deception is bothering me more and more every passing day.

    First 100 days and it's already a mess this simulation reminds me of the world of chaos we live in. ⇨Click Here

    Bernie did a 360 and now trump did as well. 

    These people in power are well known liars for one , they don't believe in truth.

    Trump is a hypocrite and a dictator, he calls for the arrest of Trump protesters.

    Trump a trojan horse , revenge against the pre-existing establishment by supporting another side of the same coin.

    This is just my analogy correct me if I am wrong.

    Rise up and break free from the deception. ⍏

    The government reflects on the nation and the nation reflects on the government its all one.

    Trump is an embarrassment, info wars is also in my opinion an embarrassment. 

    How can Alex Jones continue to support such an insane president

    Trump already committed Treason in many ways and many times  he should be impeached 

    this is not to say I support Hillary or Obama please abandon the dichotomous thinking.

    ⃠NO MORE TRUMP⃠ protect our environmental health, protect our human health which correlates with the environment.

    Trump so fare is on track for the worst president ever. (By the way he also declared himself a globalist )

    Stop Trumps damage, don't overlook the positives he is more bad than he is good.

    • MAP says:

      Trump presidency is a PsyOp. Obama presidency was a PsyOp. The bankers are truly in control. Bankers turned USA into the "successor" to Hitler and Nazi Germany. They even ran the PsyOp of blind patriotism for many years. Nothing will change unless the root cause is imprisoned.  Your best bet is to remove yourself from the schemes and scams of Power Structure. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes MAP, It reminds me of the statement I first heard on Joyce Riley's Power Hour program..'The only winning move is not to play the game'. So very true!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      The scary thing about Trump is that he is so good at deceiving people, for example, Hillary everyone pretty much knew that she was fake. Trump said some pretty catchy words, however, he is now going against the little sanity, he showed before the so called election.

      How shameful for a president to be a hero during a campaign and a monster for lack of a better word after he is elected.

      Are we not entitled to impeach an elected official that turns against the person he was before his election, is that not a form of treason? 

  4. One Is All All Is One says:

    Hi All, I appreciate all inport here and now. A science is defined as knowing, therefore if you know, you are a scientist, therefore we all become science orientated beings. You do not need Letters after your name to make you appear educated. So lets get to the facts: Proof is available. Available proof is science. Therefore science lies if it denies available proof. Lies are not tolerated in science. Science in its own validity/meaning, ceases to exist if it accepts lies. Therefore all reasoning is gone. This is exactly what we are seeing, experiencing now, Why?, To be aware, you need science, if only to educate you. You look at the facts, the proof, the common sense, and any other factors whatsoever, that will help you to understand any given situation. You seek every avenue open to you to provide truth. You uncover every lie. And that my people is science. There is no lie that can be hidden in true and factual science. Science in its own right can only prevail if its integrity is maintaned in its original construction. This is order out of chaos. This is sense out of nonsense. To progress beyond beyond this point, takes courage, a massive amount, to seek answers to a bewildering situation. O.K. enough science. Every ray of sunshine was upon  Nikola Tesla And Nathan Stubberfield, and many more of there time. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, What does this demonstrate as to how we have treated our greatest minds { scientists}.  All our prehistory is a mismanaged Lie, it is a fabrication of reality. Either you know, or you are ignorant. And that  my people is science.The World is a remarkable place, it will prevail with or without us, but the ultimate qeustion is, is will you let the liars win?  With Love To All.

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    How could any Scientist, or Government Agency assume that any Nuclear War could benefit the climate shift. This group of people are living in a complete delusion! No amount of Nuclear materials should be injected into the biosphere, period!!!

    • Dennie says:

      @Observer/Forecaster:  Well, the Nuclear Winter as "Remedy" for the problems the Great White "Remediers" a.k.a. the "SCIENTISTS" in service "of a Paycheck-'n-a-Pension" (anyone else hear a great Country/Western song in that title?) have caused in the first place is obviously something that only they, the Psychopaths-In-Charge, could think of.  Clearly, Einstein warned us when he said that you can't solve a problem using the same thinking that created the problem in the first place, and that splitting the atom was "a helluva way to boil water……"

  6. Dennie says:

    Here's some of what's going on in regard to social and environmental justice, mainly around the San Francisco Bay Area:

    California Interfaith Power & Light's Green Jobs Interfaith Coalition hosted a Green Jobs fair on April 15th in Oakland, CA:  Their mission statement: 

    Every major faith tradition holds sacred the principle of protecting and preserving Creation. This translates into caring for the common good by not polluting our neighbor’s air, water and land. As people of faith, we are called to respond to global warming by promoting energy conservation, energy, efficiency, and renewable energy. We are called to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard public health, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all.

    There will be an EcoJustice weekend conference May 19 and 20 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco: 

    In a wider circle, it appears that the church is at least attempting to take steps towards getting involved in the movement to stand up for the Earth and bring greater awareness to the need to end man-made climate change: 


  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    This afternoon I went to the biannual vendors meeting for my local farmers market. It was a good friendly meeting. Even had a guest speaker from our local hospital soliciting food for his new menu for the food for health program. He has the right idea. He has yet to submit it to the hospital board of directors. From what I could tell, he's loading his "arsenal" with facts and all it takes to be successful in his presentation. Time will tell how the ingrained directors will respond. I commend that young man for his plea to the farmers market people. Six months on the job and he's making waves, cool stuff. There were 27 people in attendance this afternoon. Each representing a booth at the farmers market. We all had the chance to say who we are and what we are selling. Then came my turn, I said, "My name is __, and I give away information". I got a friendly chuckle. The stash of color glossy flyers tucked inside of my spiral notebook stood out. When the meeting was adjourned, I handed out a flyer to everyone in attendance. Today was "pay day". I've been working on several of those in attendance for a while now. One now even keeps a daily log of our skies and the weather it brings. She makes her living from gathering seeds. I was jubilated by how all the attendees insisted on getting a flyer from me. I received 4 different comments, unsolicited, from folks that looked at what I had handed them, "I've been on this sight before". It did me a world of good to explain why it is important to keep up here on this site. By the way, one of them was a nice young lady that stood 2 inches taller than I and is a "wild life biologist", Freelance work with ranchers and farmers locally. I got about 5 minutes of her time. I was impressed with how she listened to the facts I was able to make relevant in a short amount of time. I am seriously looking forward to 22 weeks of set up and take down of an informational booth at our local farmers market. Sure am glad the only "boss" I ever see is the one looking at me in the mirror. Thank you Lord for this grace. And thank you Dane for yours….

  8. GM says:

    Constant spraying everywhere, even the beach areas, Sky covered in toxic muck :/. They also spray heavily over parks, schools. People unaware or in denial. Most think it's just overcast or general pollution. Wished more people actually looked up and  watched or observed to realize what really is going on.

    • JF says:

      Continued heavy spraying here over Socal. Its been "White out" condition for several days now. It has also been warm during the day, whatever they're spraying seems to be trapping the heat.

    • Anthony says:

      The other day I was watching an aircraft go overhead.  It emitted something just prior to starting a chemtrail, hard to describe but sort of a patch of darkness like soot which preceded the white.

  9. Seeing Clearly says:

    Study the dynamics of fluid / gasses and get the computer code as well ( and (

    Weather modification is done more effectively and is more possible to do with knowledge experiment yourself today.

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I thought folks might find this video interesting. There's a lot of dots connected in this video. I hope you all will find as many connectable dots as I found. I thought of Andrew in Scotland when I watched this. His diligence in reporting the arctic conditions has made a difference.

  11. C.J. says:

    The other thing I wanted to Touch Upon was our Roads. Years ago, the roads were in much better condition then today. All this Infrastructure that is being put into place for floods and Sht by our lovely politicians tell me they are not doing their job too well. Instead they put the money towards expanding airports, for more jobs and a real nice community spirit. Jobs Jobs and more Jobs.

    Let me tell you something…

    More Airport Expansion means no more Blue Sky. It means that the money is being diverted to create the Bogus CO2 entrapment tax…

    It also means more SRM. Injecting more chemical toxins into the Breathable Air Column. You heard what Dennie had to say about Breathing… Guess What… You are being Poisoned… Slowly but Surely.

    If anyone cannot see that or Deny's it in any which way or Form.

    Then they are Brain dead or Stupid or totally Ignorant.

    Now who is more Stupid?

    The ones that continue this Assault or the one's that are in Denial.

    Figure that one out.

    Don't figure it out for too long. Use your ears and eyes.Look Up or

    Just go up to your Local Hospital and see the Real McCoy.

     People dead or dying, Gasping for air and well on their Way. Who's Next?

    It could be you or me..

    • MAP says:

      A few responses. 

      1) Condition of roads. It is easy to see poor condition of roads even in upscale neighborhoods. Politicians are too busy stuffing their pockets I suppose.

      2)Airports. Simple action needed. Boycott all airlines and their participation in dispersing "Toxic Aerosols". Who wants to be groped by TSA and then be up in the air right at level with the toxicity? 

      3) Last Saturday, while awakening in morning I was having difficulty catching my breath. Gasping for air. First time that it happened to me. 

    • Dennie says:

      "Now who is more Stupid?
      The ones that continue this Assault or the one's that are in Denial.
      Figure that one out."
      Obviously it's a case of complementary neuroses 😉 (translation, complete with 1,000 violins playing: "They were made for one another…")
      Who's next?  Well, last night it was nearly ME… AGAIN!!!!! 
      When the shit's sprayed on really thick it just gets through your windows and doors, even if they're shut really tight and even with new casement windows and doors– !!! The Symptoms?  Here you go:
      Headache that goes from 0-60, a real slammeroo, accompanied by a stiff neck, pain behind the eyes, stiff muscles, lethargy, sleepiness; spiky fever; nausea and vomiting– FUN, HUH???? TRY IT SOME TIME

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "Connecting dots": This afternoon while watching a you tube video, I heard a "signal alert" sound "again", through my satellite internet link. Then about 3 or 5 minutes later, here comes the growler jets. I was waiting for them this time. Today was the 5th charted observation in a row. "Buzz on the computer speakers". "And here come the jets". This proto call is fully outlined in the "electro magnetic warfare "practice" procedures". I did notice a different flight path today as they ROARED through my peaceful region. They came with such difference it even spooked the Mustangs whom have come to tolerate those loud growler jets. Today they came from a different direction and they were SO loud. I haven't seen them move so fast towards the "safety tree", Ever!. "What are they doing to the wild life?". For what it's worth, there were two growlers and they flew together on both fly by's today.

    My friends I haven't met yet, I came across these videos today. Personally, I like to deal in real truth. "All cards facing up". My personality is one that gets people to think, 'for themselves'. I offer these videos with no "stand point" in bias, "none". Please remember, I'm the one that keeps writing "war is over if you want it". Often raw truth is hard to watch or acknowledge. Our new paradigm is going to take each and every one of us. We ALL have our capacities we need to fulfill. There are many chains that need to be broken so we may all actually have a say in how we choose to live our lives, "in harmony". I submit these videos knowing that I am not going to BS anyone that visits this site. Just offering "food for thought".,m

  13. Seeing Clearly says:

    Interesting and relevant information must know ⇨Click Here

    Some some information on this website about aluminum and other things related to physics and more.

  14. Dennie says:

    Magnetic storm causes wide power outages:

    I especially loathe the IDIOTIC comments you read at zerohedge, but then again every rose is not without its thorns.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennis:  Zero Hedge is on the "Free Speech" hit list.  There is much commentary there that is and can be offensive.  But, I have learned a few things by hanging and reading the commentary.  It's not my daily romp but alternative news set the direction of the flow at times.  I find it interesting how many charts and graphs to prove a simple point that the outages were caused by a electromagnetic storm.  Missing from the "footnotes" is any mention of the incredibly stupid science psychopaths' heating and punching holes and lifting up as a bubble regions of the earth's magnetosphere.  It's interesting in these times of rising tensions between nations we have a convergence of a "solar storm" with increased electronic warfare taking place in areas of global warfare threat.  Simple Horseman above states he can predict the obnoxious growler jets arrival by a pre-signal on his computer.  Yesterday, my "tinnitus" included lots of faint chirps along with the usual parallel whines and high pitches.  Remember the Navy Jet that seemed to be an erratic flight out of California and ended up "painting" a big round "bullseye" over Denver?  The center of the US.  And there is an incredible amounting cyber hacking into our electronic infrastructure. Maybe I ought to take the official story at face value.  But I won't.  Rather, we should realize the national Achilles heel is the ephemeral computer grid that operates this "Chaldean" civilization.  And individually plan according to how vulnerable one might be within their private dependence on a matrix that looks to be ever more unreliable.

    • Teri says:

      I Wonder how many of those comments are real. in most of those sites i think the comments are fake. Government paid shills post them. how many people risk posting comments these days? not many. only those who are truly involved.but the spectator public? no. they are too busy on their iphone, facebook pages, and avoiding all conflict. 

        just like people on an airplane watching a man be beat up. they all recorded with the phones but did nothing. same thing on comments. these are either computer generated or government paid creeps because the public just doesn't have the the interest in anything anymore. and most are scared of their own shadows. they won't risk posting comments. 

        and i don't mean people here on dane's sight as he edits those out. the comments on other news sites as well as ect. are not real. you can catch a pattern in them if you watch. you can pick them out pretty quickly. and when you do? you will find almost all of them are paid to say what they say even if it is inflammatory. 

    • MAP says:

      I go to Zero Hedge daily. The site is not perfect but I can not stomach any of the Lamestream Media anymore. As with ANY news source, it is up to reader/consumer to put on their "critical thinking" cap and find nuggets of truth within these stories. Take everything with a grain of salt and research further the topic presented. 

    • Dennie says:

      @Teri:  Yes, that's exactly what I meant by the commentary on  A lot of the commentary you read on the unmoderated websites is trolling b.s.  That's what I was referring to.  OF COURSE I read zerohedge for other reasons, not just the eedjot comments there, and OF COURSE sometimes the stories there are a bit on the hysterical side, but everyone here should know by now that I'm not a green horn neophyte and, just like you, not entirely iron-clad against phony-baloney 100% of the time (please don't tell me that you are), though I do sense that I have a higher-than-average ability to separate the Bee Ess from the ice cream ;-).

  15. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Dane, I'll try to tell some words about a subject that is not easy. Not easy also because the builders of the Global disaster ( this surreal "movie" from which we are witnessing ) have an infinite intention of doing evil against the Innocents, and with a degree of perversity that surpasses imagination.

    Last 19 th of April, I've heard in radio ( in the morning ), that is happening now a very large sexual exploitation in Greece that involves the refugees from the Middle East countries which are in "war" ( that were invaded ), all under-age, and that these kids are in majority boys that traveled alone from – Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – , and the way the Fkrs had ( in the radio ) transmitted the news ( with the "verbal juggling" that they used ) "they" almost suggested that the exploitation is being conducted and produced by the kids ( !!! ), – NOT by the MFg pedophiles that hunt the kids which are in a totally vulnerable surviving desperation, living without ( their Families and ) any certainty of having a FUTURE, in the streets of ( a once proud Nation, Fathers of Democracy ) Greece. And they said also that the "investigators" ( harvard ) were "shocked" with the prices that the kids are taking from their "clients" ( majority, male MFs over ages of 35/40 ), more or less 15 dollars. Now they are saying that special facilities must be constructed to shelter these children.. Let's see where the Fkrs will put the Kids.

    The MFs do NOT have limits to their immorality and absence of Humanity.

    Also in the 19 th of April ( in the night ), we had, not far from my region ( maybe 80 km ) a very big FAKE storm with hail with the size of grapes covering the ground ( in a entire small community ) with a layer of almost 15 cm of ice everywhere. This have happened in a very warm night with temperatures of 17 or 18º C ( I have there people that I know and they were puzzled with this fact ). But the majority of the People still do not connect the dots; after having several days with temperatures over 25ºC, and in a warm night, suddenly and after two days of heavy spraying in the region, a electric storm breaks, with some thunders, a lot of lightning, almost NO rain, and then.. HAIL falls from the sky. Now the flowers of the Trees are gone, without flowers NO fruit.

    Also we had in my country a death of a girl and they said that this death was connected with measles ( I think I'm writing correctly ), and I'm disgusted with the massive campaign the media Fkrs are doing for instilling FEAR into the People, saying that all kids without vaxxination are in "risk"… Now they are starting to say that is necessary to bring to the "table" the debate about if vaccines must be mandatory or not, for the safety of all children…

    Everyone is working for the satanists in this "region" ( NOT country anymore ) of the EU. It's SAD.

    Justice will come one day. And ALL the helpers will pay.

    Thank you for your Work.

    • Bija says:

      Pedro, children are under attack worldwide! This evil, Luciferian belief system has infiltrated all our institutions while we were busy pursuing the dream through entitlement and extreme consumption. Now we are paying the ultimate price. If our young ones and future generations are allowed to exist here, they will only know depravity and slavery of a kind we can hardly imagine. I know you and many others here understand the dark agenda looming ahead. Somtimes I think omniside is a better option than limited survival among the ruling psychopaths and the world they are designing.

      Even so…never give up! 

  16. C.J. says:

    Flip side of my last comment… Those wall mart places that have been shut down and barricaded with wire fence's and turn styles that are most likely a herding point for the sheep to enter the tunnels… A staging is going on right now. Gotham… When ever that happens just like all the other staged events. You know well that something is up. It might be the sheeple led down there and they will tell them that this is a safe place to avoid a disaster of some sort. Then they shut the doors. Turn on the big pumps. OOP's we made a mistake and something mal-functioned and the tunnel's flooded or the pumps didn't supply proper air to breath. There you go. Think about that one. 

  17. C.J. says:

    Off the Topic here a little bit…. When the twin towers went down and Donald Bumsfeld (secretary of state) announced that about 20 trillion dollars just magically disappeared. Wasn't he the one resposible for keeping that money safe? What a big fat lie or a real joke on Uh-Merica… People fell for it and still do.. Where did all that money go to? Could it be that all those Tunnels and Bunkers that are and have been constructed are using that money to do just that? Something very Apocalyptic is on the Horizon and these F-Heads know it.  Those in charge are seeking a way out. They will be like rat's in the tunnel's or bunker's trying to hide. If  the tunnels and bunkers fill up with water or collapse…. Or fill up with Toxic Spray… They will meet their final Demise. Just Saying. 

  18. Dennie says:

    It was pretty bad here overnight in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The crap we're getting blitzed with is very fine and BURNS.  I kept waking up with a totally dry cotton-mouth, having to keep drinking because the crap coats your nose and mouth and dries you out.  It's ugly outside, again, today, and, astoundingly, nobody even looks up!! 

    I'm just exhausted and depressed from thinking that I have to WONDER what weather-control-related INSANITY we'll be hit with tomorrow, for fear of not being able to breathe, thereby sleep, comfortably.  Now, WHAT THE FVCK IS WRONG with the goddamned GENERALS who are in charge of this insane program.  Sorry I'm NOT sorry when I say that the "science" and military fvckers need to be rounded up and exterminated.  To any and all of the "higher" consciousness people who think they should just be put in little fuzzy pink boxes and told "there, there, now," and would like to judge me for this, I have these words for YOU:   IF YOU HURT AS MUCH AS I HAVE BEEN HURT BY THESE PROGRAMS YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND.  BUT YOU WON'T UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY HURT MORE AND DECIDE YOU'RE GOING TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS.  AND THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH "THEM,"

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Hundreds of Top Brass were fired by Obama. How many Generals alone? I think he took care of the ones that gave a Shit ! He cleaned the slate for Trump !

    • LS says:

      Agreed Dennie.   I tell my family and friends who are not as effected YET, that I wasnt out looking for a cause. I got knocked down first because of things out of my control and I 've been seeking help in getting to critical mass awareness and RESPONSE.  I will not stop telling the truth- it's who I am having gone to "show and tell" in kindergarten… telling on the loggers who came to my woods to harvest a few select trees and left hundreds destroyed in the process. March on.

  19. horsegirl says:

    The next time someone begs off thinking/talking about the skies, I'm going to tell them they are the greater part of the problem.  For if everyone in the country awoke and confronted the power structure it would force them to scrimmage.

    • Randall. -rj says:

      Horse gal- I have been dark and standoffish to people who deny. Saying that, the ones that know or believe say if governments are doing Geoengineering, than it must be needed, or if they stopped it would get to hot. They either trust the government of don't want to be bothered at all…. It's amazing the  different responses from sidestepping, to flat out not caring, or what have I been smokinge?? 

      I see trumpy dumpy fell off his wall, and all the swamp scum won't be putting him back together! he he he!

      build a wall but don't fine those who hire them?? Great logic, conservative?? My ass, murdering scum sucking anti- human anti-environment anti-Christ

      I pray their day, I know their day is coming.



  20. Harry Fischer says:

    HI Dane, I having been working hard at waking the sheeple up. Starting to get through to many of my work mates.

    Harry Fischer

    Saskatchewan, Canada

    PS; Love the billboard in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Silenced alot of skeptics.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Harry.  I am so pleased with the community of Yorkton too.  I called the City Hall of Yorkton yesterday and expressed my gratefulness towards all the people that made that happen.  The lady that took my call assured me she would pass that on.  I Thank Dane.  I Thank each and every reader of Dane's information.  And Harry,  I don't think the farmers that are choosing not to wake up are going to have that option much longer.  We need each and everyone of them to start getting a little cranky and wag their toungues towards the Bilderburg attending premier of this province.  Generally from what I have saw in life,  'Those birds of same feather, do flock and roost together.'

  21. SD says:

    Late season "weird snow" report.

    According to ski conditions in Sierra Nevada remain winter like at higher elevations.  Normal springtime "corn snow" not noted.  Corn snow forms from freeze/thaw cycle in spring.  This may be evidence of "chemical enhancement" of snowpack preventing or at least slowing spring thaw. Watch for additional reports next two months – Mammoth mtn to remain open thru July 4th.

    • BaneB says:

      SD:  My area and altitude is by no means the Sierras.  But it might as well be Southeast Alaska.  Where is the sunshine?  Rain, clouds, rain, white skies, more mist, "fog," rain ad nauseum.  Since last October my area of Mendocino County has been under adverse weather courtesy of the weather warriors.  Yes, spring is here, after much cement snow, lots of damage to structures and trees, and still no sunshine.  Oh wait, once again my forecaster, The Weather Channel, has a lineup of full yellow sun icons starting Friday all the way through next Wednesday.  Yeah, sure, and pigs can fly.

    • Chad says:

      Snowing in Idaho at 37 degrees. Chemical Ice nucleation. Coughing, hacking, nose burns, dry mouth. Take care All. God bless . AMEN! GOD SPEED

  22. Ron Marr says:

    It is time to stop pretending to be something…and remember we are beings already. Bare with with me…one day, as a child, I ran from the classroom to join the screaming children on the playground. Before I could reach them everything stopped for a few moments, whereby, all the black, brown, yellow, red, and  white children turned to, 'independent inverted conical spirals' of energy….A voice came into my mind to say, "We are all the same." The screaming children returned and I continued running toward them to play. I never thought about that moment as a child…it was stored away. Nor, did I think of the times I left my body when I would tell my family about the show we watched on TV the night before. They could not hear what I was saying, they only knew I had gone to bed. But…it was when I became a young adult that I could experience soaring among the stars at great speed…visiting other fake realities that I had lived…This…I came to realize 'was only human' ! That… we are genius, with imagination and immortality.  We soar in and we soar out of a material existence…never having immediate families, ancestry, or friends…that, we are all the same…ONE…one family…that powerful force of love, illusion and metaphor.  The only way they can trap us into a fake reality, is to steal our minds at birth with vaccinations and indoctrination, forced blunt trauma through education and technology. ( mind control)  They are like two year olds… WITH toy building blocks…they build their tower of hate, murder, war, chaos…as they march us like zombies toward the slaughter house…THEY THEN…scream, clap, and laugh joyously, as they knock down their toy blocks…to rebuild again…and again…until we awaken.  WE human are telepathic communicators.  The fake words belong to the fake reality…where words do not reveal truths…but distort and conceal it.  If one believes that understanding is attained through passionate rhetoric…that can be turned upside down for the tools of a deceiver…one is not listening from within.  The material eyes and ears can be tuned into a fake reality, where one may believe there is a right way. A way too speak, too see, too hear….ONLY, to ignore the power of telepathic listening and seeing.  It is only from within that we gain the true understanding of our human condition. It is words, technology, careers, MONEY, sports, religion, politics, status, education, SUCCESS, things, pretty things, fancy cars, homes, detraction, threats, chaos, detraction, detraction, etc., etc., …that embalm our mind and material body into a fake reality of victimization….where eternal youth and energy sing out from behind a white beard. Once again…We must awaken to the joy, the love of our own telepathic genius, gifted imagination, and delightful immortality…where we will one day soar through infinity….Together…we form the human spirit…the most powerful force on earth. 🙂

    My people, my people, Listen!  The battle is in our hands…I know some of you are asking today, "How long will it take?"  I come to say to you this afternoon however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because truth pressed to earth will rise again.  HOW LONG?  Not long, because no lies can live forever. HOW LONG?  Not long, because you will reap what you sow. HOW LONG?  Not long, because the arm of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.         Martin Luther King, Jr. 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ron Marr, Gracious, Thank you my friend I haven't met yet.

      You are not alone in your "lost" memories. We, those of us old enough to not have been to polluted in our younger years could, if we dig deep enough into our memory, recollect such sensations of "being". Your description is spot on. Indeed, "we are all one", "all life, one being". One home…….

      Thank you for the MLK quote. I always have deep(er) thoughts when I re-read them.

    • Thank you Ron! Your vivid portrayal of the infinite way out of our earthly predicament lifted my spirit! I was a some depressed after the absolute worst day of SAG attack this year, here in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Yesterday was a nightmare, dozens of fat trails smearing out into the total oppressive canopy, complete with massive ugly brown ring around the blurred-out sun. Yuck. Time to post and hand out the flyers again, for sure. Unreal how hardly anyone looks up…sleepwalking while supposedly alive…meanwhile the mil-industrial complex goes absolutely mad. WWW3 is breathing heavily at our doors. We must transcend, as you say, or we are toast. Thank you for your vivid, poetic help to do exactly that!

      I have a new version of an original song called SRM Blues Again. Have a look on  Youtube channel fishersofmenvideo if you like. Music helps me maintain a hint of hope and creativity in this illusion delusion of 21st century planet Earth. God bless Dane and all the wonderful humans here on Geoengineeringwatch. Keep looking up, waking up, finding out, and speaking out!


    • Dennie says:

      We had jolly well better find our power and START USING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. horsegirl says:

    Random notes from Ravaged, Arizona:

    Dane, this is an excellent presentation.  So stirring in many regards, perhaps the observation which stung the most is that every case of cancer treatment represents accounting gimmickery towards fluffing up the balance sheet of the bogus gross national product.  You reminded me of an excellent essay by Kevin Phillips [] from years ago in which he expounds how the economy – then, even – was far worse than stated.  That the numbers were pure fiction.

    Another carbuncle on the face of our local humanity is what you mention about the ground level toxic nucleation programs.  Based on your description, I believe that is what we observed traveling northward last week when an apparent blue sky – free of planes or clouds of any description – capped a periphery of desert mountains with about a seven mile visibility.  It looked like another planet.  Sixty miles into the frightening, supernatural-feeling odyssey I popped into a small town cafe/grocery to ask if anyone had any idea why the mountains appeared the way they did.  Pollen was cited, but I refuted that by explaining how many miles we had driven with the uniform blinding circumstance.  The grill cook came outdoors – born and raised there – and confirmed it had never looked that way before, not even with forest fires.  We panicked.  Our mouths and lungs were dry, it looked like the full blown apocalypse was on, and we wondered if the day – happened to be April 19, crazy day – was slated for mass poisoning.  The usual persistent trails over I 10 were replaced bya mustard-tinged haze that eliminated visibility.  Looked like the whole planet had caught fire and was smoking away, nothing like the usual 200 mile visibility associated with the southwest desert.  Traveling northward it thinned out and eventually yielded to the visibility of an area perturbed by minor forest fires.  We camped out one night, and were almost frost bitten by what seemed like nucleation after a very mild evening.  Not having any idea what was happening, we turned on the truck heater at about 2 am and drove home.  Driving through Douglas the usual bizarre right-after-work-starts spraying took place, giving a gelatinous warp to the air which seems clear on site but appears as an opaque haze from a distance.  At that point I became partially blind.  Also had a blazing streak of anger about it, unlike any emotion experienced during the previous torturous 24 hours.  I might add that local scuttlebutt cites Douglas, Arizona with a 19% oxygen level – 19.5 being OSHA's minimum for human breathing standards.  Which might explain why we see fit-looking 50 year old men stepping woodenly with strides shorter than their foot length, shuffling with mouths open.  It is the sickest population we have ever witnessed.  400 pound + people are seen almost every trip out to shop.  Usually more than one every time.

    Thanks for all you do, Dane, to wake people up.  We never meet up with people but we bring up the subject.  It is great that we can refer people to your website.

  24. nobodies fool says:

    Dane, i think the publication of the surreal new "Cloud Atlas" provides an excellent opportunity for the meteorologists who are free to put together and publish a People's Cloud Atlas of Natural and Geoengineered Clouds. This would give an opportunity to detail on each page the processes, patents, etc. used to produce the shapes which nature does not produce. Just saying, a great opening to show it all. I'd support that with donation if I knew it was gonna be done right and done quickly.

  25. C.J. says:

    For those that live in Ottawa….. Click on this.

  26. Daniel Lodygowski says:

    It is to late, they won, the majority is completely dumbed down,

    completely stupid, brain cells gone. These people that think they are smart are beyond stupid. I have been trying to wake people up for a year now, they're brains are fried . There is no hope, man is one step above the ape, and the the total extintion and destruction has to happen, Man never deserved planet earth. 

  27. Jack Bross says:

    As for White Black Red Yellow All colors of the Medicine Wheel and at the center of the wheel we join. Greed is in all colors All races We are the 99% Fighting the 1% Truth Peace Respect Righteousness A Military Monopoly By LAWRENCE J. KORBDEC. 21, 1996 At the beginning of this decade, 15 major companies competed for defense business. But after 22 mergers, there will be only two mega-companies — Lockheed Martin Loral and Boeing McDonnell Douglas — and three ''major'' companies, Hughes, Raytheon and Northrop.Since the combined defense sales of Hughes, Raytheon and Northrop are less than either of the two giants (counting Boeing and McDonnell Douglas as one corporation), there is little doubt that the three smaller companies will eventually have to merge if they are to compete. This would leave the nation with three mega-companies competing for nearly $100 billion worth of military business annually. Three companies bidding for about $100 billion in annual business from the Pentagon would not be healthy. It would be a near monopoly. what made me think of Raytheon and the money involved was that in making plans for the strike Trump has as part of his war planning team the Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasurer, Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary, and Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council. Gary is a former investment banker formerly the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs Steven Mnuchin (1985), United States Treasury Secretary[106] SKULL & BONES Rothschild man Wilbur Ross – leader of a notorious Wall Street secret society Now Trump holds patent from John G Trump how much is that worth? Nikola Tesla FBI File, John G Trump, Who stole his Belongings? How did Raytheon get this tec? This is a invention from the US defense company Raytheon : a powerful laser that can shoot down aircraft and projectiles as well as sinking ships. Who made Raytheon Who holds the patents? 1 John G Trump. 2 .”George Scherff, Sr. and Jr. What ever happened to this father and son who shared the same name and frequented the most advanced laboratory in the world? Who is bush Sr Bush Jr


    • Dennie says:

      Ohhh-kaaaaayyyyy… if we're all going to be treated to an involuntary NUCLEAR WINTER, I say, "Let's dump the first nukes on the state of Virginia, Ground Zero for all the Military fckurz "TOY factories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  28. Despite a lot of satellite interference, I managed to watch this Obama/University of Chicago talk on C-SPAN.

    He mentions climate "change."  Does Obama even know about climate engineering?  I sent geoengineering info to the White House but who knows where it went?  Here’s the response I got.

    It is hard to equate tonight's conversation about "trust" and "empathy" with the leader who confessed, "We tortured some folks."  His secret service team looks very uncomfortable as he shakes hands overlong.


  29. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Folks, the geo political scene is getting quite tense these days. Seems like the slightest spark could light up a "fire storm"(pun intended).

    What is a "false flag". To me, it's a "framing". Setting another country up to be the bad guy when the country had nothing to do with the occurrence. There are only 3 nations left that are not affiliated with the big banks. I wonder which one is going to fall next. And what demonization will the media broadcast their BS with? "Truth or lies?"

    "War is over, If you want it".

    Only 4% of the populous stood up and fought the american revolution. "They Won!". "We" have let them down. With the exception of about 4% of us. Hm, go figure…..

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      And for what it's worth, I truly believe that "food" will become the greatest commodity of our future. "If you can defend it". Good God almighty how that last statement gets to me. A gift given by Mother Nature herself and "we" will end up fighting over it. On many fronts.

      Uhmerikah(did I get that right Dennie?), is in for a seriously diverse transformation. None of it for the benefit of the many.

      ALL of you have "mom's". Our mothers have mothers and so on. They all have one "Mother". Our planet, our home. Our one and only shot at having a human experience in a spiritual world. Anyone that thinks that our Mother Nature is not spiritual needs to step back and think a bit more.

      'a' simple horseman

  30. paul fowler says:

    There is controlled opposition all through out the alternative media , you can tell them by what they won't talk about or some will have the exact wording on different sites at the same time , just like tv news . 

      For those that are assisting with these atrocities against earth and all life on it will be put to death by the cabal if they succeed because they will not want a single witnesses to their crimes . If we the people win we might forgive you . 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      paul, I humbly stand by your message. Them or Us. It has a nice calling to it.

      "War is over, If you want it".

  31. Rodster says:

    Dhar Jamail finally referenced Geoengineering in his latest article on, which he said it will only make the already bad climate even worse.

    Unfortunately he did not admit that these programs have been going on for decades.

  32. TOMBOLA says:


    Hi fellow humans,

    It is now happening in little old Perth, Western Australia.

    Shame on the masses for sleeping all of the time.

    Somebody help us.

  33. ron hall says:

    "It scares me"–the now unstoppable thawing of the far North….METHANE MONSTER on horizon. Hold steady….Question that really bothers me:  what do we say to people under 30?

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Hall:  Good question.  And one I have grappled with.  At this time I do not discuss this with young people.  Certainly a 30 year old is mature and able to gain perspectives and options.  But, these converging existential threats are so imminent and we are so powerless in the face of the natural, and human-created juggernauts coming at us, that I do not broach the subject.  A number of friends and acquaintances know about these dilemmas. It almost seems senseless to spoil hopeful vibrant youth with downer news when it's definitely going to be radically interfered with soon enough. What do you think?

    • ron hall says:

      BaneB:  You could've spoken for me, brother. No need to lay another downer on them—like you say, "it is so imminent." 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ron hall and BaneB,  Hi!  As a mother and a grandmother, I believe the young should be told the truth, but, keeping in mind age appropriate.  Do not underestimate young people.  A number of years ago my youngest grandson saw this site on his mom's computer and using his nickname and handle for things he was not supposed to be doing, he read it and then asked Dane: So, what are you gonna to do about it?  He was 9 then.  And he is the mega ADHD kid who says he doesn't waste his seconds, whenever I say just a second.  Where he lives and anywhere he goes he is everywhere at once.  He needs to know how to protect himself from things like sun, dirt full of sky crap, rain full of the same.  He deserves and demands truth and hates to be shut out given child status. Oldest grandson is coming up on 22nd birthday.  Last year 6 of his school mates of yore were shot to death, his oldest friend shot 6 times but lived, now in a wheelchair.  There are many ugly truths.

      I was in high school when our war in Viet Nam was happening and one thing we read was about the US supplying the north Vietnamese with wheat.  That blew my mind, though I seemed to be the only one.  Why would we do this?  And, JFK was killed, our president, a very big deal.  During the Cuban missile crisis grownups whispered.  I had friends whose fathers were building bomb shelters, but my father just laughed while I worried.  I so wished someone would clue me in!  But this was in Kansas.  By my late teens, I was an anti war activist. And that shaped much of the rest of my life.

      Do not underestimate the young.  But do keep in mind the age appropriate thing not unlike how you would if the issue was sex.  Also keep in mind that this is the only world they know.  Teach them about the powers that should not be and what should be and how to stand up for our freedoms, our rights and our sacred responsibility to this Earth and all upon Her.  Teach them how to survive.  We may think we know for certain that there is no time left, but we don't really know exactly what that means or how it will play out–it could be longer than we think.  Or not.  My family camps all the time, or, boats.  They have fun despite all. They educate others but will not pass out flyers.  Some relatives are more active than others, but all are aware.  Few people want to dwell in gloom, awaiting their demise.  This question you guys ask I could as easily apply to neighbors who really, really don't want to hear it, cannot tolerate thinking about it.  But, most are active on other fronts.  I constantly ask myself can they handle this?  Will just the knowledge destroy them?  I swear, adults are more fragile!  Hope lies with the younger ones, many of whom are speaking out.  A few are doing brilliant things to make this world better.  We must teach them about our rights, our numbers and the power in protest, and how not to fall into commercial traps that feed the machine that is trying to do us all in.  We must pass on the truth so that they can come to their own conclusions.  Eventually, that includes how this mess began, what happened when and why.  If you are Native, that is easier to do.  The contrast is sharper, more clear.

      A young woman at my eye doc's, her new to me, her having trouble with Comcast as I was too and so I complained about our digital world, the problems with that.  She launched into how great it all is and as we debated, her 'educated' self pulled out of her mouth something from the Odyssey, tripping me up!  Dang!  Gotta catch the young ones before they become so very full of themselves!!

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Thank you Rachel.  You have made some points.  I take them to heart.  The reality is that I grew up full of the knowledge that a nuclear war was probable at any minute.  Now that I think about that era when life was fresh, I realize these threats to my existence caused me to think about the world, the issues at hand, and of course my future.  On the other hand having reality hidden from me by good or bad intentions is deceptive. This creates a cognitive dissonance.  You have brought forth food for thought.  I appreciate your input.  Especially so because it is heart felt.

  34. sea says:

    As the artic melts faster than they thought, here is an update. A paragraph from todays post 4/24/17 on Artic News Blog spot:

    More heat remaining in atmosphere due to less ocean mixing

    As also discussed before, warmer water tends to form a layer at the surface that does not mix well with the water below. This reduces the capability of oceans to take up heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Less take up by oceans of carbon dioxide will result in higher levels in the atmosphere, further speeding up global warming. Additionally, 93.4% of global warming currently goes into oceans. The more heat will remain in the atmosphere, the faster the temperature of the atmosphere will rise. As temperatures rise, more wildfires will erupt, adding further emissions, while heat-induced melting of permafrost will also cause more greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      The severe illnesses being seen in the ancient sharks, starfish and Arctic creatures thoroughly break my heart, curly.  It deeply hurts to imagine what they've suffered up to their deaths.

      When we hear about unknown pathogens or bacteria, my suspicions are raised beyond the considerations of Fukushima radiation or depleted uranium.  My imagination takes me to a weaponized illness, biotech organism or the result of weird algae bloom experiments.

      Hearing about the crimes against Life on Earth some days feels emotionally unbearable.  Finding our will to persist in the face of it challenges us.

      Thank you for these reports, however dismal. 

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all, Today has been full of shocks.  I just got a call alerting me to a demonstration in Berkeley at the military headquarters at 64 Shattuck Ave.  I had No idea there was a military headquarters here and I have no idea where 64 Shattuck would be.  The call was from people for the ethical treatment of animals, saying that military war games are using live goats, sawing their legs off, yanking out internal organs, etc.  WTH?!  Has anyone heard of this?  Susan?  The woman left a number to call Matt at: 518-836-7166.  I've been trying, it has been 'busy'.  I am shocked, I don't know why, but I am.  Protests are for tomorrow.  25th.

    There was an article on line about the pesticide Chlorpyrifos.  Apparently used on very many crops such as apples, walnuts, corn, soy, wheat, strawberries, asparagus and more which attacks bugs' nervous systems, made by Dow.  It was under EPA protection from use but 'our' insane president cleared that obstacle away.  A comprehensive 2014 study found that when pregnant women are nearby such orchards and grow areas, they were 3 times as likely to have an autistic child!

    And, front page of Sunday's newspaper was about vaccinations shooting upwards near full compliance given new law.  Oh ick.  Highest levels in 16 years and Marin County the most dramatic increase.

    I also got a call from the Sierra club over climate march and Trump's roll back of protections.  I chatted up the guy.  He knows about weather modification, his mother knows more!  She suggested the Brothers Vonnegut book! of which I want to mention a few things but not now.  I am reading Ralph Nader's Breaking Through Power and wow would I like to quote that too.  It gives hope.  And, he says that in Eisenhower's farewell speech, in his original draft, he wrote to beware of the military/industrial/congressional faction.  He does a great job of putting all this mess in perspective, historically, and the real power people do have IF they exercise it!  Great examples.  Beats bitchin'.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Oh Rachel, hurting the poor dear innocent animals (besides the child casualties of these unnecessary wars) is what actually physically hurts my heart.  Might this be done just to cultivate sadism?

      I've spoken with people from the Sierra Club who know of the weather modification. I wonder if Michael Brune is made of the right stuff to speak the truth.  It seems there might be some old connection between Sierra and weather modification, and I just now may have found a document to read which mentions Vonnegut also.  More research is needed.  It's also my impression that Dahr Jamail may be getting closer to opening up on the subject.  I keep hoping he will.

      Anyway, this is the document found and only briefly skimmed.  At the moment it's hard to tell if Dane knows about this one that doesn't really seem to have a title.

      Rachel, it's my hope you are as well as possible, all things considered.

  36. Bija says:

    Tuscon being hit hard….but evidently we are to believe that Tucson is destined to be the roll out site for balloon experiments in geoengineering. Yeah, David Keith said so, so I believe it! This is beyond absurd and beyond insulting to anyone with a brain. Please, Arizonans and everyone, double down on your efforts to stop this ugliness!

    • Bija says:

      The Guardian – Trump Presidency 'Opens Door' To Planet- Hacking Geoengineer Experiments

      (also David Keith's response)

    • Dog says:

      Bija make your voice heard at next week's climate rally in Tucson. The fact that this "rollout" will take place here is especially ugly, this town has so many good and caring people that need to be alerted to what is going on. That the curtain of secrecy is now being lifted by the perpetrators themselves  is especially frightening. The Center for Biological Diversity ought to be taking a lead role in this, and they are one of the sponsors of the rally.

    • BaneB says:

      Bija:  Adding insult to injury.  Arizona was once the paradise of pure blue skies.  Now the same creeps who have been grunging up the atmosphere over your state are coming to do an experiment.  They are going to release the same crap into your atmosphere that they have been dumping out of jet aircraft for at least two plus decades.  This is a sinister ploy.  They say this is a "feasibility study."  It's nothing but a ruse to pretend it's research for a future program in order to hide their already  in-place jet aerosol Geoengineering program.  Everyone in Arizona can see the tic tac toe shows and the white outs.  Arizonan ought to raise hell and shut this threat to human welfare down.

    • Bija says:

      Thanks, Dog ! –  I plan to be there with flyers and info. 

      TUCSON PEOPLE''S CLIMATE MARCH.  Saturday, April 29

      10 AM – 2PM.  El Presidio Plaza Park

      175 W. Alameda St

      WAKE UP TUCSON…PLEASE!! It's now or never!

      From The Guardian article: "Sometime in 2018, Harvard engineers David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to test spraying from a high-altitude balloon over Arizona, in order to assess the risks and benefits of deployment on a larger scale."  

      I say that based on what is and has been going on for years over Arizona, the country, and the world, we have to read between the lines of this bull$#!@, the only conclusion being that this is their way of openly practicing what they can no longer hide, and in the most deceitful and cowardly way. As Dane ceaselessly hammers home, there is no benevolent motive behind solar geoengineering or climate engineering of any kind. None!

      "David Schnare, an architect of Trump's Environmental Protection Agency transition, has lobbied the US government and testified to Senate in favor of federal support for geoengineering. He has called for a multi-phase plan to fund research and conduct real-world testing within 18 months, deploy massive stratospheric spraying three years after, and continue spraying for a century, a duration geoengineers believe would be necessary to dial back the planet's temperature." 

      Okay, so clearly this is no more than the insane ramblings of agenda driven psychopaths. And meaningless in light of reality, the possibly irreversible damage already unleashed upon the planet, and the timelines staring us in the face! 

      The article also states: " The experiment in Tucson, Arizona may also invoke issues of jurisdictional controversy with Mexico – stratospheric winds can blow up to 200 miles per hour, and the border is only 75 miles away." 

      So friends, the issue here isn't Tucson (although maybe this might help shake this city from its apathy). Whether the roll out happens here or in your state, once this door opening step is taken, our voices will be silenced for good!! Please act now. And thanks to The Guardian for having courage in a Media of sellouts and Dane for giving us a voice!

    • BaneB says:

      Bija:  How I yearn to be there to show solidarity.  I hope you have a large turn out that is a screaming fit of righteous anger!  Lots of signs, bullhorn, theatrics, and well versed speakers like those in that video I saw of a Arizona citizenry town hall meeting where the state commissioner on air quality/ health and welfare was put on the spot.  Get out the flyers!

    • Bija says:

      BaneB…wish we could all show up at one of these events together in solidarity. Now wouldn't that be something!!

    • Dog says:

      @ Bija – the Tucson rally should be an excellent opportunity to share credible information with a lot of people who are looking for solutions to our climate crisis.

      I also Suggest/URGE that all of you posting here, who live in cities and towns nationwide and beyond that are holding similar climate rallies, take advantage of this opportunity. There should be many people who understand the dire need for action attending, and they will most probably be open-minded regarding the geoengineering issue, provided that it is presented factually. This can be a real chance to "move the needle of awareness" forward "into the red" where it belongs.

      As in last week's Science rallies, most of the people attending will be already on the same basic page, but are preaching to the choir at these events – you do not see much debate, and those who are blind to the realities scoff at such events. One can also assume that the MSM coverage of these events (if they occur at all) will be slanted as usual, and the hard-core deniers will not be swayed in most cases. A means to break that barrier down is necessary, and it must be based on verifiable facts, and also be non-political/partisan.

      It would be such a tragedy if the truth is only fully realized by everyone when the collapse is happening in real-time, and the thought that this might be the actual plan is almost too painful to bear…

      I hope and pray that we are all wrong about this…separating the facts from the fictions/diversions, the truth from the lies, and the realities from the paranoias that are harbored by many people (which when recognized as such should be examined very closely) is necessary. There is a lot of information available on all sides, and careful consideration is necessary. However, the trends are NOT promising, by any means…Government and Business have merged, and it is all too obvious that people in general worldwide are viewed only as pawns in their game of control and profit maximization.

      @ BaneB – AZ is one of the world's natural treasures, and those of us who remember those blue skies (and see what is happening now) should be beyond outraged! It is easy to see the canopy of the sky from horizon to horizon in most places here due to the "Wide-Open-Spaces", unencumbered by the urban sprawl and tall buildings that limit people's view in many of the major cities. It is also very easy to gain some elevation in most places here, which gives a more panoramic view of the landscape and the skies above.

      It is perplexing that you can talk to people here and actually POINT OUT the activity that is so easily seen in the skies above our heads, and not get a cogent response or question about it…

      Full Steam Ahead! –


  37. Carol and Mark says:

    Greetings to Dane and all posters'. We had the honor of meeting Dane at the Earth Day event in Redding on Saturday, when he very skillfully defused a potentially explosive situation. We have not posted here but have logged on to the site as often as we can to keep up and learn more about this terrible tragic crime being committed upon all life.

    We live in northern Lassen county, Ca. Near the Nevada border. We have a tiny cabin at 6,000 ft. high desert. almost four years watching the spraying day in day out. We feel great love and admiration for all of you fighting any way you can. We cannot do huge things at this time (we're hoping that will change soon) but we can do little things with huge passion! (to paraphrase something Mother Theresa said once.

    "Integrity: the difference between knowing what you have a perfect right to do and knowing the right thing to do and doing it" I believe Oliver Wendell Holmes said that or something close. Anyway we got to witness that in meeting you, Dane. "Never Give Up!"

    Carol and Mark

  38. JR says:

    Hello to all people here from Southwest, New Mexico with eyes wide open. Here in the city of Las Cruces these scumbag lowlife have been spewing their SAG/SRM aka/Chemtrails for days now. The winds come and are created with this filth (HAARP) no doubt. The city is all whited out and earlier today the city of El Paso, Texas was being bombarded with the same. These schemers will pay one day for their filth works in Hell. They can laugh all they want now but will no doubt pay in fire and brimstone as written, no joke!!!


  39. frank reps says:

    Thank you for enlightening your fellow Americans and others.  The "fakery" in our country is incomprehensible.  A new POTUS ; actually  " LIED HIMSELF INTO THE WHITE HOUSE " by promising  { in strong; unequivical language } to seek friendship with a newly Christianized Russia, restrict the flood of Islamists and other illegal interlopers into our country, and stop engaging in foreign military adventures.   My heart sinks at the duplicity of that clever actor whose  pre election words seemed to ring true.  The majority of insouciant voters now are cheering the recent murder of Syrians as a result of his unwarranted  bombing of Syria.  Informed people are aghast at his  { and his cohorts }  odous and bellicose attitude toward Russia.  The Soviet Union died in 1991….but to this clever real estate developer ; whose attitude about Russia changed once he was elected; we are in a New Day.  We have a " sham " president who is no better than the Criminal Clinton poser.  Now we are going to be subjected to a new campaign of disinformation about a "solution" to Climate Change by the use of aerosol spraying of the atmosphere.  The visible Scheisse streaks in our skies which have been evident for the past several decades  are denied and ignored.  Next year the benficial leaders of this country will start to inject particulate matter into the atmosphere to ward off climate change.  The majority of Amerians are simply { to use the words of Jim Willie }  " Two Legged Farm Animals ".  God help us all

    • MAP says:

      The USA simply moves from one PSYOP to the next PSYOP (psychological operation) regarding our "presidency". It is a joke and the International Bankers-In-Charge laugh their a***s off at the masses arguing over nonsense in political arena. While the masses bicker at each other, the bankers waste no time carrying out their plans for destruction of Mother Earth.

      There are 100 US Senators and 435 US Congressmen/Congresswomen. Out of those 535, I can think of only 2 people who display a modicum of sanity in a sea of insanity. Those 2 are US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and US Senator Rand Paul. And even they may be controlled-opposition, who the heck knows???

  40. C.J. says:

    How to DESTROY the front lobe of your Brain.

    How to DESTROY your Penal Gland in your Brain.


    Just keep breathing in Aluminum Nano Particulate.

    I would like to invite you to Observe this for yourself. Have a look on the dash board of your car in the morning when the sun rises. Even if it is obscured, move your head back and forth and look at the top of your dash board. You will see shiny little things that sparkle. If you look close enough when outside in a lawn while having a beer or smoke. Take a look down at your clothing. Black sweatpants seem to work well. Move your head back and forth while observing your leg of the track pant's or whatever pant's you have on. You can even look at your skin if you have shorts on. You will see shiny specks of particles. That is what you are breathing in. That is what is Destroying the front lobe of your brain including your penal gland which is responsible for your thinking clearly. Without that you are essentially Fk'd. That is why so many people are getting the Bobble Head. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's or what ever else they want to name it. Then when you have a problem breathing and you cough up all them goodies. You should recognize why.

    If not then look up and enjoy those planes and jets flying above your head laying down the trails or fog like crap that falls down into your breathable air column that you inhale and enjoy while you can. Can you see this picture here? Or is it out of your Realm? All your food, water, and air supply is being poisoned.

  41. C.J. says:

    The NOTION that the sky is being injected with Toxic Heavy Metals and Toxic chemicals seems to be Absurd to most of the unsuspecting public. As Absurd as it may sound, it is very much a True Fact. When trying to convey such a undesirable reality to most they will Deny that this is occurring. This is very prevalent when I speak to Older Folks. They are stuck in Old School and believe everything the MSM throws at them. Most of them end up in the Hospital or worse even >>> DEAD without even knowing the truth about the Real World and the total corruption that is taking place. When kind of a Sunny Day appears everyone says >>> OH what a beautiful day it is today. Looking at the sky with the manmade white-gray clouds. Not even giving those clouds a second glimpse of how bad they are or the halo around the Sun. They just keep hacking and coughing, saying they have some sort of cold or something else ridiculous that comes out of their pie hole.

    I talked to a women today at the store. She said that people are literally Stupid. She said it must be from all the Pharmaceutical Medication, GMO's or the Chemtrails. I said it's from all combined. That is exactly why they are Stupid. They can't think straight anymore from the obscurities that are blocking their cognitive thinking. Worse then that, they have been conditioned to think that all is normal and OK. Hokey Dokey then if that is their belief. Every one is entitled to their own belief.

    I believe we all are slowly being poisoned without ANY DOUBT. The answer is clear and does not need Debate. If any one debate's it then my observation is quite clear. Those that believe otherwise are very ignorant or scared or plain Stupid. I have told many to research it themselves. I can't see that many do just that. They just carry on their Mundane Routine Life like it just Normal.

    Something very Big is going to happen "very soon". It will be Catastrophic… Do many care or even take the Notion of that. I don't think so. When this event takes place… A lot of people are going to Perish. It is a real shame that most are not prepared. I'm probably one of them. But,at least I know something………..

    SOMETHING  just Ain't Right.

  42. Gottago says:

    No bees pollinating my flowering plants or two large mesquite trees, please reply if experiencing same. Thanks.

    • Chad says:

      The bees are All dead. From Cali to Idaho probably everywhere. 

    • MAP says:

      Very few bees left by now. Very rarely see one. Also very few birds left. My mother created  a bird sanctuary here years ago with multiple feeders and keeps them well-stocked. So there are quite a few birds "hanging out" here since there is a food supply for them. Blue Jays, cardinals, robins, doves, woodpeckers and crows, etcetera. Hanging around to get food that cant be found elsewhere.

      When I travel from home, I rarely see large flocks of birds anymore. 6-7 birds make up a "flock". Just saying…..

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      We are yet to see a Bud, yet alone a Flower, in our area of Alberta. Snow or Rain forecasted for the entire Province, yet again today.   A Flower?    A Bud?    Maybe come May !     A Bee?   Maybe they'll wait out those flowers !  Canopy for weeks without a break over our heads. I don't think Spring's coming again this year to Alberta.

  43. SD says:

    March for Science on Saturday under Geoengineered skies here in Southern CA.  I'm sure the Weather Engineers had a good laugh.  Bill Nye the Science Guy was keynote speaker in NY.  Really?  Where was Captain Kangaroo?

    Several days of hot weather here in SoCal.  Two significant EQs reported near Santa Barbara Sun AM.  High Wind Advisory for inland desert and mtn areas east of EQs.  High surf advisory for coastal areas near EQ location. Several days ago we saw two significant EQs associated with blizzard in Colorado Rockies.

    Heavy hail damage reported in TX yesterday.  Maybe 200 autos total loss? Roofs and crop damage also.  Can expect record insurance losses due to hail this year? Artificial heating/cooling cycle of upper atmosphere could cause in hailstone size?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, thank you for your report. About your question on hailstone size, chemical ice nucleation is a major factor. FYI

    • Chad says:


    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Earth day Rally's everywhere on global warming.Science tells us we are changing the planet for the worst.These a-holes don't comprehend that spraying the air is causing this world wide mess.Look up lemurs,the science is destroying our property,our homes,and killing us.Your protesting for your own demise.The Constitution doesn't have a section for the EPA.Let each state determine their ecological need.Whats really scary is people are no longer protesting for a good cause,they are paid so the fake news media can put on a show and make us think this is what people think-maybe  5  percent.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lee, yes, the  climate engineering insanity is wreaking havoc on the planet. This being said, it is essential to remeber and consider that anthropogenic activity in countless forms has also greatly contributed to the decimation of our planet.

  44. Rutheford_County_NC says:

    Weather whiplash again for us. Two days ago and the previous week or so we'd been having normal to slightly above normal temps.

    Yesterday, a 'front' blew in dropping our temps 30 degrees and dropping over 2.25 inches of rain (normal monthly total for April is 4.5").

    Today it's still 52 degrees, raining and windy.

    I look at the forecast for WDC and Boston and I see that this 'front' is bringing the same sort of whiplash to those locales, just a day or so behind me.

    Keep fighting the good fight. We can't win if we don't enlist more people to our cause.

  45. Ty Hawaii says:

    "When you're killing a man it costs nothing to be polite" (Winston Churchill). That is fine if you are the one doing the killing.  If you are the one being killed, do you conversely, politely accept your own death ? Do you offer less resistance and make less fuss about it because it being done slowly ? Tests show frogs (and obedient people) are easier to slow boil. The mass public majority understand that it would be politically incorrect to complain about their own slow poisoning.                                                                                                             I occasionally ask people I meet if they know what bank they are subscribed to. A look of bewilderment usually follows. The usual timid reply is,  "Wells Fargo ?" (or B of A or Citi Bank or Chase etc.).  For anyone using any fiat / paper currency, the correct answer is the Federal Reserve, or The Federal Reserve Bank of New York more precisely. This is the bank that financed and won WWll.  In the past 70 years since the Allied victory, it has only continued to consolidate its power over the earth. It sets political policy for essentially everything, including global geoengineering.                                                                                                           Everyone contributing to his site uses its currency / credit to conduct basic business and make their lives work. I personally banked with the Swiss until 2001.  In 2001 Switzerland went off the gold standard and joined the U.N. Since then I've been a full time Federal Reserve Subscriber by default.                               As a note of further interest, within rhe past 10 years Muammar Gaddafi tried to open  a new Pan African Gold based bank in Libya.  He was murdered a bit later by the action arm of the NY Banking Mafia.                                                                                                             Time to stop typing – gotta go buy some gas for my truck.               Regards, Ty

    • Dennie says:

      I literally walked my money out of Citibank right over to Redwood Credit Union in October, 2008.  Where I've been living happily ever after.  You can get a credit card with only 8-point-something APR as opposed to the Toxic Twenty's 19+ per cent APR, through the credit unions.  NOTE TO UTOPIANS WHO JUST WANT PERFECTION:  While credit unions are not perfect, they are not fleecing you to death.  Loans from Redwood Credit Union go to local people for real needs such as housing, transportation and local businesses, so it goes back into the community of 8 participating Nor. CA counties.  I see the loan people talking to good local people every day in the credit union :-).  The Truth is, WE LIVE IN A MONEY ECONOMY.  Unless you wanna live in a cave or are fine with freeloading and couch surfing, you're gonna need to have some kind of money at some point.  And that is NOT saying that Money is "everything."  EITHER!

    • Michel B says:

      Ty, thank you for your well worded comments. They are the tip of the ice berg, but you have essentially high lighted root causes of our historically founded dilemma. 

    • MAP says:

      @ Ty: Good observation. After the "bankers" conquered Nazi Germany, they promptly transferred much of the evil and destructive programs of Nazi Regime to USA. And they would hide these programs in Military-industrial Complex/Deep State/Shadow Government. 

      It it is my opinion that the bankers created Great Depression with Easy Money in 1920s. Remember The Fed was chartered in 1913. It is Not a part of US Government as most people believe. It is a private institution that exists to create "Debt Slaves" and make profits off of that slavery. Look at what the Int'l Bankers have done to Greece and it's people. Look at what they have been doing to people of India most recently. 

       War is often used to cover up an economic collapse. And the economic collapse we are facing has been building for 100 years. And all of the over consumption of past 100 years has been facilitated by Central Banks. The masses made horrible choices (myself included) to engage in activities that destroyed Earths life-giving systems as the masses could not ignore the lure of Free Money from The Fed. 

      And it was and still is worthless paper or "digits" on a computer screen; all a complete fraud to enable the destruction of Mother Earth. Do what you can to remove yourself from as many schemes and scams of the Int'l Bankers. I am. 

  46. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was a singular victory day. I squared up with a long term customer today. He has invested 26,000 dollars in a 15,000 watt solar system. I doubt he will ever see it's maximum output capability. He noticed the new flyers in the side windows of my truck. Kind of gave me a "what ever" gesture. I pointed to the pictures of the skies from long ago and how blue they were. I asked him to look for that shade of blue on any clear day. Then I got the speal about how all those photos can be photo shopped. 'And' I'll never get him to 'believe' in that stuff. I don't know what came over me but here was my reply, "you don't have to believe in "that stuff". "doesn't matter". "Only 4% of the US population stood up and fought the american revolution", "and look at what they accomplished". Then came the deer in the headlights look. Which was noticeably and quickly dismissed. I am so sad that so many hard working americans have their head in the sand. The creator has a "treatment" for that. I makes me mad that it will also affect 'me'. My notable comment for the week that came my way was this, "the only thing that matters is your relationship with "god". The contrast in the story was King Solomon. When given a choice of what he wanted, he asked God for wisdom. He had everything and yet he understood that the only thing that matters is our relationship with "god", "the creator", "Ala" or what ever else you need to plug in there. Your Iphone doesn't matter, your fancy new car doesn't matter, heck, your debt to the bank doesn't matter. "3 laws my friends", be good to yourself, be good to others and be good to the earth.

    "Pretty simple"……

  47. Gary D says:

    The figure of 405 ppm of carbon dioxide was given. I believe that CO2 equivalent gases ought to be factored there. Methane molecules contain a minimum of 100 times heating energy compared to carbon dioxide molecules over a short term of a decade. The average concentration of methane of the entire earth's atmosphere is about 1000 ppb [ that's billion ] or 1 ppm. If methane is 100 times more powerful the actual real value equivalent yields an added 100 ppm to the atmosphere, resulting in net of 500 ppm CO2 currently. North of the 60 degree N latitude, the concentrations average 2000 ppb or 2 ppm. This sub-arctic zone then has a net of 600 ppm CO2 equivalent. The arctic is heating five times as fast as the rest of the planet because of this phenomena. The arctic methane release becomes a catalyst for ongoing amplified release becoming a vicious circle that might not end well for living things.

  48. James Emery says:

    I'm a teacher. I talk to people every day about this. I must sound like a fanatic to some people. I don't care. I told him that it's so important that everybody knows. We need to get more and more people so that we can get to that mass number. It doesn't matter if people believe you're not what matters is that they are aware of itbecause most people are not.

    • MAP says:

      Keep planting seeds in the minds of everyone around you…..  There are hundreds of millions of people who "say" they care about global warming and the environment; but the majority of those who identify with this viewpoint do very little in terms of "personal action" to make a change to a "life of simplicity". The dots must be connected from the smallest of human activities that are destroying Mother Earth to the biggest activity destroying Mother Earth (GeoEngineering). 

  49. James Emery says:

    I'm really wondering how the Rhode Island legislation is going to regulate the Kim trails in their state. If that works it will be the template for the rest of the stage. They've got to be persistent. It's one of our best chances. I read it and heard them and it makes a lot of sense. This is getting really bad.

  50. James Emery says:

    Their spraying the heck out of the skies here in Sunland,shadow Hills, Burbank area. Started in the morning and are spraying right now. Skies are kind of cloudy now with Chem trails that have spread out. I was sweeping and cutting branches from the trees around our pool area and that aluminum oxide dust particles are all over the place little pockets of dirt in between the rock surface near our pool is full of little metal sparkling particulate. When I disturb it it flies into the air and just kind of swirls around for us to breathe. Those assholes.

    • renate says:

      Hello from mission BC Canada

       The other day got some sunshine (one day)? The dust on the furniture was horrible. So with the sun-energy comes hu-man energy. Did some dusting and realized it wasn't dust. I used an "Currency Detecting with Led Microscope 60X" from which showed metal particles, not dust. This metal can be swept together using a water-colour brush, dust doesn't do that. The next day the same metal-dust appeared again. I use the "Currency Detecting microscope" on the plants out side the same stuff. I check the vegetables, other foods, inside the car, it's everywhere.

      The Currency Detecting with Led Microscope 60X is really cheap, about 3.00 to 5.00 $ ea. I carry it with me, I use it, if people ask what I'm doing, I say "take a look". I picked up a few extras for my grandchildren so they can explore stuff. Yes, they checked grandma's metal dust. By the way, a yr. ago had this metal, silver stuff on the cherry tree. Thought it was slug-slime, it wasn't. We're on one hell of a ride. Blessings to all on here.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Renate you are awesome!  Thanks for the tip on the scope!  That is going in my 'toolbox' for certain.  If it helps the blind to see… I am all over it.  Good score!

  51. a creepy Solar Radiation Management graphic on p. 25 of this UN document – On p. 20, it also says "Geo-engineering is analogous to using unlicensed drugs…" – reads like a poorly-disguised depopulation agenda.

    • And recall CIA Director John Brennan admitting to geoengineering in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations [at 12:05 – 13:45 minutes].  Guys like Brennan & David Keith like to emphasize how "relatively inexpensive" it is.


    • Dennie says:

      Yes, specifically, the Lancet report on climate change has this to say about treating the causes, not the symptoms (which is what geoengineering does), on page 25:

      "The technologies for reducing GHG emissions related to energy and many energy-related end-uses have been in existence for at least 40 years (table 2), and several key technologies have their roots deep in the 19th century. The technologies are available now. We have a reasonable grasp of their performance, economics and side-effects (unintended impacts). They treat the causes of the problem (fossil fuel GHG emissions) rather than the symptoms (climate change). Other technologies, such as those described under geo-engineering have a high degree of uncertainty as to their effectiveness and also their side effects. We view these technologies as being highly risky but also (at this time) unnecessary, as we have the tools needed to achieve emission targets to avoid catastrophic climate change. Geo-engineering is analogous to using unlicensed drugs to treat Ebola when public health and hygiene could have prevented the problem in the first place."

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      geo-engineering ( climate and Atmosphere destruction ), is only a weapon of mass destruction for eradicate ALL the Biosphere. Even with anthropogenic activity ( I'm NOT talking about nuclear ), Nature can recover ( if people do NOT cut All the Trees ). With GE it is impossible for Nature to recover from the destruction. Trees are dry everywhere and there's only little rain ( despite of the yellow and orange "alerts" for rain and bad weather – with the "alerts" "they" are playing with people's perception ).

      We ( living beings ) canNOT cope with the aluminum, lead and UV lethal rays that are falling over our Ecosystem all days ( and Water that's NOT falling ).

      We are part of the Biosphere.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  52. Seeing Clearly says:

    Extinction video ⇨Click Here

    The environment and what we have done is such a complex but essential thing to understand.

    She brings up some really concerning and essential points, however it lacks in some areas like the mentioning of climate engineering or Geoengineering in general which I don't consent to conclude we should live with nature not off of nature. 

    I believe what you take should you give back.

    Science creates controversies just as much if not even more than it solves them and Geoengineering being one of them.

  53. Susan Ferguson says:

    MIT Technology Review: The Growing Case for Geoengineering
    As climate change accelerates, a handful of scientists are eager to move ahead with experiments testing ways to counteract warming artificially. Their reasoning: we just might get desperate enough to use this technology one day.  / James Temple / April 18, 2017
    … David Mitchell, a lanky, soft-spoken atmospheric physicist, believes these frigid clouds in the upper troposphere may offer one of our best fallback plans for combating climate change. The tiny ice crystals in cirrus clouds cast thermal radiation back against the surface of the earth, trapping heat like a blanket—or, more to the point, like carbon dioxide. But Mitchell, an associate research professor at the institute, thinks there might be a way to counteract the effects of these clouds.
    It would work like this: Fleets of large drones would crisscross the upper latitudes of the globe during winter months, sprinkling the skies with tons of extremely fine dust-like materials every year. If Mitchell is right, this would produce larger ice crystals than normal, creating thinner cirrus clouds that dissipate faster. “That would allow more radiation into space, cooling the earth,” Mitchell says. Done on a large enough scale, this “cloud seeding” could ease global temperatures by as much as 1.4 °C, more than the planet has warmed since the Industrial Revolution, according to a separate Yale study.  Big questions remain about whether it would really work, what damaging side effects might arise, and whether the world should risk deploying a tool that could alter the entire climate. Indeed, the suggestion that we should entrust the global thermostat to an armada of flying robots will strike many as preposterous. But the real question is: preposterous compared to what?  Without some kind of drastic action, climate change could be killing an estimated half-million people annually by the middle of this century, through famine, flooding, heat stress, and human conflict.

    • penny waters says:

      extremely fine dust-like materials – does that sound like pollen??

      for heavens sake why can't we replant and then plant pollen would again seed the clouds

      oh – i forgot – it has to be man made otherwise the oil based –  industrial – military comples (spelt – ego) can't cope with nature being far more capable than them

      humans are weird!!

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  My suspicion is these tankers we observe are already part of a "a fleet of large drones."  Drone technology was not a household word until 9-11.  Flight of the bumble beeszzzzz.  And the flight of Global Hawk proved the technology existed long before 9-11.  

    • Dennie says:

      Seriously, we need a fleet of hacker kiddies who will scramble the chem-spraying jet's programming.  Wouldn't it be nice?

  54. helot says:

    How high up in the air is an aircraft when you can barely see it?

    Which atmosphere is it in?… When the aircraft looks like the period at the end of this sentence.

    Why would commercial aircraft fly at that height? Are they ROUTINELY told to do so by a tower? Anybody got any facts about that?

    Alternatively, why would some aircraft fly at that height – while at the same time – other aircraft fly so low you can make out their shape with detail? Both flowing, ‘contrails half-way across the sky’ – When there’s a clear blue sky, no clouds, and the national weather map shows no atmospheric disturbances from here to kingdom-come, except, some rain clouds in Arkansas maybe, 200 miles away.

    Are such height differences usual flight control patterns?

    Just some thoughts I had while laying in the Sunshine trying to absorb some life from the Sun.

    Also, IMHO, Do Not freak out about the Sun;

    Sun Deficiency
    It’s killing people, says Dr. Mark Sircus.

    Also, for those who, ‘write their congress-critters’ consider this;

    What if We Don’t Really Govern Ourselves?

    By Andrew P. Napolitano April 20, 2017

    ‘What if our representatives in Congress don’t really represent us? What if they really represent a political party? What if each political party is controlled by a small leadership group that punishes members who defy it? [Is this, worldwide?} What if Congress has written laws and rules that permit its leaders to punish members’ defiance? […]

    What if the voters will never know what the Congress within Congress has authorized? What if the very existence of the Congress within Congress mocks, defies and betrays the concept of American self-government?”…

    In The End, I keep thinking about the finale to the film series, ‘The Godfather’. And, what the next episode would have been. … We’re living it.

    • ron hall says:

      Helot:  here is a diagram.  They spray at the top of the TROPOSPHERE(where we live), roughly speaking. Haarp-like systems/towers are now all sizes and use electro-magnetic waves to break up storms(low pressure zone). The more powerful towers can super-tweek the IONOSPHERE and bounce back high or low frequencies depending on what they want to do.  You can find ALL THIS INFORMATION HERE AND MUCH MORE AT DANE'S WEB SITE.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      helot, I like the way you think. It's folks like you that asked so many good questions that keep me in my right mind. Never stop asking ???'s

    • BaneB says:

      helot:  Good questions for which I plead ignorance.  But one certainty is it seems to not matter at which upper level these sky terrorists fly their delivery systems.  The altitude is chosen depending on where the moisture clouds are located, and in what direction a particular moisture field is headed.  And also is about keeping a high pressure system in a chosen location. 1PacificRedwood is a quick study of the techniques. Sometimes I can almost make out the cockpit window. On other occasions it's as you say, the size of an iota.  On a fairly regular basis there are large dual military jets that fly over here, transports colored gray or a green.  They never emit a "contrail."  Yet other jet aircraft flying at that altitude do emit aerosol particulates.  Anytime I hear jet noise no matter how faint is the sound, my mind is now trained to look up and search it out.  Everyone should obtain a handy pair of decent binoculars, too.  Another observation is the terrorists are perfecting the delivery techniques and it looks to me like there are a number of types of aerosols designed for more specific manipulation.  Further, these microwave operations seem to be used in combination with certain aerosols to create low pressure systems.  I have been observing what look like fronts artificially created coming down from the north of Mendocino County.  There is something odd about the mix.  It's a best guess for what looks to be storm creation experiments.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      helot, the highest iota I have seen (the planes) in AZ is 41,000 feet. You can track them live a If they are within 10 miles north or south of me, I can still see which airline they are from. All major airlines and cargo planes are spraying, and they are spraying in the troposphere, where they should not be.

      The good news is: "They know we are coming after them."

  55. C.J. says:

    My Observation's tell me that this is Omni-cide and Gen-O-cide combined. It is called Sustainability to the perpetrators. Kill the majority off. Then the Agenda is fulfilled. That is Agenda 21 or 30. Which ever one tends to prefer.

    I don't have to look at video's any more on You Tube, that show Chem-trails or the Black Mess that fills the sky constantly. All I have to do is LOOK UP outside and watch them in the Sky spraying this Crap. I wonder what people think of those Con-Trails that linger? The people around that I see, most of them have persistent cough's. Just like persistent Contrails. Spraying persistent contrails seems to be getting the job done though. If the Contrails and the persistence of them continue, the coughing will continue. Also if one takes note of the Obituaries, they will find people that are dying from cancer and other mysterious ailments. Young people too. Just have to look and see. But this is the Norm now isn't it?…. Polluted air from the airplanes and jets dumping toxins on "all life”. That is the world we live in today. Order out of Chaos. I am watching each and everyday, when, who's turn it is to say Goodbye. I truly believe that this has to run it's course. The unfortunate thing is the amount that have not opened their eyes or refuse to believe this is happening. If they do know they must be scared or are part of the sinister program. There are many.  

    • CAROL says:


    • CAROL says:



    • CAROL says:


      12:28 pm 23 Apr


      9.1 Now 

      Very High

      Max UV Today

      9.5 Very high

      Very high risk of harm from unprotected Sun exposure. Alert in effect for 7 hoursbetween 10am–5pm.

    • Dennie says:

      "OMNI" means "EVERYTHING."  It includes "GENOS," or "PEOPLE."  Therefore, "Omnicide" means killing EVERYTHING, and that does not exclude large numbers of people…. OY.

  56. C.J. says:

    LUIS: Trust your instincts. That friend of yours who's husband has a plane. Put two and two together. Most likely that is why she dumped you. Pretty much all of the Aviation people are involved. They most likely believe that they are doing such a good thing for society and the environment by participating in the dimming of the sun process. I know someone who's daughter has been brainwashed, having schooled in environmental science. It seems that the dumb lead the dumb. The parents of the girl are not clued in about the dangers that are Lurking above our heads. I know this because I have discussed the matter with the father. Useless as the conversation was, at least I said my share to the resistant in one ear out the other dumbed down father. We are they Prey and the ones flying above are the Hunter's. Extermination is the name of the Game. It seems to be working from what I can see.

    Good Luck to all that have their eyes, ears and mouth's covered or shut. Living in a wonderful little ball. They can't see outside of that little ball. They can't get out. They are trapped inside of it.

  57. L says:

    Today, I delivered fifty fliers on foot around my local neighbourhood in the UK, which included targeted local councillors. It's not much: being long-term unemployed with no family gives you no cash reserves beyond very basic survival level. So this is all I could afford. I hope it will wake some and maybe even get discussed by the councillors, if only amongst themselves. I will do more when I can.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “L”, thank you for your courage and dedication to the greater good, in spite of your difficult circumstances. It is an honor to march with you (and all other truly dedicated activists and individuals) in this most critical battle.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      L, damn good job! Ten bucks says you felt pretty good after you confronted folks with your(our) message.

      Mass awareness is "our" only way out. "Mathematical Fact".

  58. Sue says:

    Dane I though the meeting at city hall went pretty good, I wish you and your attorney's all the good luck in the world . Just a huge THANK YOU !!!!!! Looking forward to getting your book. Sue R.

  59. paul fowler says:

    Showing results for temperature in india delhi today
    Search instead for temperature in india deli today

    More on

    Weather for New Delhi, Delhi, India
    Current weather in New Delhi, Delhi, India and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days. …Temperature, 92 °F, 104 °F, 93 °F, 79 °F, 79 °F, 102 °F, 89 °F.
    Delhi Current Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for Delhi India › World › Asia › India › Delhi › Delhi
    Get Delhi, India current weather reports and conditions including temperature, RealFeel and precipitation from … Today. Apr 23. 41° /26°C. Hot with hazy sun …

    Delhi Afternoon Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for Delhi India › World › Asia › India › Delhi › Delhi
    Get the Delhi afternoon weather forecast for today, tomorrow and 15 days including the afternoon hightemperature, RealFeel and chance of precipitation for …
    Delhi Evening Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for Delhi India › World › Asia › India › Delhi › Delhi
    Get the Delhi evening weather forecast for today, tomorrow and 15 days including the evening hightemperature, RealFeel and chance of precipitation for Delhi, …
      I have been to Deli in the late 70's , it was hot then but this is insane . People are going to die in the streets . India is sure having to take a lot , Bill Gates and WHO give 45 000 Indian children polio ( ),  they are hit by huge tsunami , they had their fields and crops destroyed by Monsanto . They had their currency badly manipulated and now Geo Engineering is frying them to death . 

    • Dennie says:

      And the Indian farmers are committing suicide because they can't get out of the Monsanto seed contract from Hell, unless they die…  I say, FIND THE GODDAMNED C.E.O.s of BAYER-MONSANTO and BEHEAD THEM, PUBLICLY, with a piece of paper taped to their torso telling WHAT THEY DID–  A$$HOLES!!!!!

    • L says:

      Dennie, this would be one of the most efficient ways of dealing with the situation. Take out those at the head and, like a blind hydra, the rest flounders. But it would take massive organisation behind the scenes and of course, the avoidance of detection!

      With regards to the situation in India, I heard something a while back that said that suicide would no longer be deemed by Monsanto et al to release the families from the contract and debt. Not sure if I am correct here. Whatever: it's a horrific situation. 

    • MAP says:

      On the topic of high and abnormal temps. Last week, temps here  rose into 80s F (way above normal). So the Weather Warlords scheduled some Chemical Ice Nucleation for Friday and Saturday to bring temps below normal for a few days. And they threw in manufactured wind for good measure. By next Wednesday, back to the 80s and beyond! So to speak. 

    • paul fowler says:

      Dennie these A hole CEO's are following the desired direction of the major share holder , They are all sick and they all seem to have no morals what so ever but if we turn to violence we are no better than them . Lock them up and feed them GMO's and Vaccinate the heck out of them . Wait now that is even more in humane , oh well . 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Paul Fowler for the article on the gates foundation. Good for India ! 5 years, but they did it. How sad for the Girls that were injected by their deadly needles & false claims. I Pray more Countries will follow suit & end this foundation. The gates are Evil.

  60. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It is Clear that Alberta is one of those "Cool Down" areas. It started Snowing this morning at 7am – 0C &  rose to 4C by 2pm (39.2F) & it is still snowing at 8pm !!! Back to 0C. That's 13 hours now. Once again, the Fake Snow had melted down yesterday after our last hit, Then, Bam. Another 4 inches today. We got one day of melting. Now again, they will keep us socked in & tell the mainstream listeners that this is typical "Spring Weather" in Alberta, to "Normalize" it.     I use to be in my Flower Beds in February in Alberta!Sadly Ignorance is as rampant here as it is where you are at. No matter where in the World We live. A Grey Canopy is our daily sky. Grey Above us, White below. Our eyes & throats ache & burn.  Depressing!!!  Dull & Lifeless Environment. Blah, Blah. Blah. Happy Earth Day ! They make it as Difficult as they can for people to travel on Earth Day each year in this Province. They have Mastered Evil !  7 months of Ice Nucleated Crap, Pabulum, Potato Flakes, & Balls of Crap they have created to spray on us from jets in their Mad Labs. CANADA IS NOT THE LAND OF THE FREE THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE IT IS !  Evil Runs This Country As Well As Yours. I Pray The Masses Are Awoken Soon ! AROUND THE WORLD !!!

  61. Frank says:

    This afternoon there were three episodes from last year's "Years of Living Dangerously" on the National Geographic Channel. It was like a review of all we talked about last year: the dissolving Great Barrier Reef, the shrinking fish stocks, the newly-barren lands of Africa, and the resulting migration – all in real, living color. It was truly something to see the words of magazine articles brought to life as the real devastating problems in the lives of real people.

  62. Deb Buckler says:

    Happy Earth day, everyone. To celebrate Earth Day here on the central coast of California, the sprayers got up early in the morning and worked feverishly until the entire blue sky and the sun were completely whited out. I don't think I've ever seen such heavy spraying as they did today. At first I thought it was just an "In your face" because there would be people out Bar B Q-ing and celebrating Earth Day and the gov. could show their disregard and spray the crap out of everyone. But then someone sent me an article about some nuclear drill called "Gotham Shield 2017" where they are planning a "fake" bomb drop on New York and New Jersey and several other places on Monday. WTF. I hope they didn't white out the skies of Cali so while they are "fake-bombing" the East coast, they do the real thing to California. What's other people's thoughts about this…?

    • BaneB says:

      Deb Buckler:  The sky here in Mendocino was a complete whiteout.  And there was a surprise rain early this morning.  I had to scramble at 4:30 a.m. to haul in cushion, etc.  The entire ecosystem is unraveling here.  The forests are really messed up.  Lots of fuel, dead trees, manzanita, coyote bush, you name it.  I went out on an overlook.  Lots of dead and dying trees everywhere.  I never hear this being discussed in any casual conversations.  Yes, the drill is a simulation of what a ten megaton nuke would do to NYC.  A two day event beginning tomorrow.   WW3 is in the air, and what could be nuttier than a government putting at risk 300,000,000 lives?  It seems to me the drift is obvious.  Get ready, if such is even possible.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov't To "Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan" No doubt this will be filmed, stretchers, fake blood, a couple of ambulances, lots of police (of course) "I would not be surprised to see this on mainsteam telee as something real that just happened, a False Flag."

    • Gretchen says:

      False flags occur simultaneously with scheduled "drills."

    • NewGirl says:

      @Gotham Shield, interestingly enough a 2.5/5 solar flare is set to enter our airspace on Tuesday. Solar flare when combined with Gotham Shield feels nefarious and coincidental.

      Here in Minnesota we've had 2 days of mostly Sun and around upper 60s. Mid-late afternoon the planes were spewing their toxic sludge and now we have a heavy whitish sky. Suppose to rain late Monday and all day Tuesday into Wednesday. Wednesday the scheduled weather is to be in the 40s.

  63. C.J. says:

    I am feeling very relieved after reading son of san Quentin's comment's.

    It makes me feel very powerful. Such a great performance. Unlike most that just cannot verify the Message, It is Quite Clear. We are being exterminated. No LIE.

  64. Luis Martínez says:

    Hello Dane and you all fellows! 
    I have been living in Belgium for almost five years and let me tell you, it is astonishing the levels of denial here. Three years ago I started following this issue till the point I can't really go back to the "happy life", although at times I feel like "forget it!". Yet I can't. I have printed copies to give away, keep sharing on FB your weekly Global Alerts on a regular basis. Nobody wants to hear a word about it. I have been asked if I have any other conversations to discuss on or that I shouldn't believe in all the things I read. I lost contact with a woman I was teaching Spanish and salsa lessons after she noticed I started posting this kind of "conspiracies". Having a friend like me is possibly not that relevant for a person like her, although she was very nice to me before I met all these facts about life. I wonder if her husband is using his private plane to do some spraying as well. The mother (belgian) of my son asked me to stop putting things in our son's head when she knew I would tell him about the lines in the skies and the fake clouds comming out of the power plants. I tried to explain to her and her reaction was: "I don't have time to hear stories". A woman at a bus stop would tell me she doesn't want to feel sad when I showed her this website on my cellphone as the planes were really busy that day, last year. 
    Today I was at the baseball field with the kids I've been training as volunteer for three years. The field is right behind the Antwerp International Airport and you can see the activity is too much for its size. I saw today one plane taking off and it seems to be the pilot turned on the chemtrail switch to soon. I couldn't film it as I was in the game. I wanted to asked somebody there if they saw it, but I was afraid to get a uncomfortable answer. This is my feeling everyday as I think about a way to just expose this issue in a public area, mostly transited by belgians (latinos and memebrs from other nationalities I have met, are apparently aware. There are also a couple of FB pages from here on this problem, managed by belgians, but I haven't seen much activity). I have sent emails with your links to tv and radio stations from here as well as to the Belgian Air Traffic Control (, but no answer at all. In any case, I will keep doing my part on this as I deal with these feelings of isolation in this society where the most relevant is your job, paying the taxes, vacations, and "be happy, no matter what". 

    Thanks a lot Dane and company for your job. I really believe on this and I wish people here are able some day to see reality as it is and not as the establishment want us to perceive it. 
    Have a nice weekend! 

    • Jan Becker says:

      Hi, Luis,

      It sounds like you feel as lonely and isolated as I do.  Sorry to hear that someone was stupid enough to end a friendship rather than face the truth.  Who knows?  Maybe everyone you talk to will remember when the shit hits the fan for the entire planet.  They will think: "Luis was trying to warn me about this."  Maybe they will be more inclined to work together with you and to trust you when they perceive that their own personal spheres have been disrupted.  What really bothers me is the absolute lack of concern for people in places where the shit has already hit the fan, i.e., the impoverished first victims in India and Africa.  Please know that you are not alone.  Thank you for not turning away.

    • Luis Martínez says:

      Thank you Jan! 

      Although I assume I am not alone, It's good to hear some words of support. I'll keep doing my best to pass it on and hoping that masses find their way out of the box, some day… 

      I'll be hanging in there! 


  65. Susan Ferguson says:

    Psychiatrists at Yale Warn: There Is Something Seriously Wrong with Trump / April 21, 2017 / Anti-Media Staff
    “I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognize dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.”
    Those words came from the mouth of James Gilligan, psychiatrist and professor at New York University. The man he is speaking of is the president of the United States. Gilligan’s comments were one of many from a group of psychiatrists … several dozen mental health professionals who feel it’s their obligation to inform the public about the president’s mental state, says the warning signs have been there from the beginning.  “Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking, and he proved that to the country the first day he was president,” Dr. Gartner said. … Dr. Bandy Lee, who chaired the conference and is an assistant clinical professor in Yale’s department of psychology, thinks Trump’s mental state is an issue people are beginning to become concerned about: “As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room. I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”

    SF: What kind of mental state can anyone possibly have who was raised in the New Jersey Mafia, and who was funded through his father's ill-gained wealth? How can integrity and a moral compass come from the acceptance of traditional "mafia family" criminal acts and casino gambling?

    • MAP says:

      As mentioned before, how is The current Prez any different from Obama, The Bush Clowns and The Clinton Criminals or for that matter, how is Trump different from most of the "occupants" of that office during past 100 years.

      Since 1913, the "Control" of what I nickname "USSA" (Union of Socialist States of America) belongs to the International Bankers who run "The Fed". Who do you think printed "the money" to fund GeoEngineering? The Fed did. They create basically counterfeit money on a computer screen day in and day out. By the way, if a citizen tries to create their own counterfeit, that citizen promptly goes to prison. 

      I in no way am standing here and defending The current Prez who appears to be carrying the water of Deep State/International Bankers. 

      As for the psychiatrists/academicians making these allegations, how can I trust their opinion when "these same academicians" worry more about their pension and paychecks and have lied to the public through "omission" regarding GeoEngineering and it's 70+ years of existence. 

      The truth is that most of these academicians are sick themselves since they turned a "blind eye" to poisoning of Mother Earth. 

      Last but not least, I am ashamed that I participated for years in rapacious consumption that I was indoctrinated with most of my life. I am awake now. Very awake. And  The Fed is the one entity that facilitates all of the continuing rapacious consumption through its money printing schemes. 

      I refuse to give any "authority" to academicians who have sat silently and collected their check while Earth has been pillaged and plundered. 

    • Dennie says:

      .. and furthermore, it would never occur to most Uhmerukunz to ask questions like this, or even notice anything's much wrong with this president.  They just kinda shrug it off, mumbling, "yeah, he's kinda weird," while checking their cell phones– stooped.  Then again, now THEY finally have the kind of president they deserve.

    • izzy says:

      Coming from a New Jersey Italian family, your point is not missed. The Donald popped up on my radar around 40 years ago, as he started to bully his way into the east coast real estate market with daddy's money, always mired in controversy. But let’s face it – even with his abysmal history, about half the vote went his way anyhow. I would suggest he’s not the only one with a mental problem. It’s much like looking at the sky but not seeing anything. The guy is not operating in an isolated vacuum. He has a lot of company.

  66. Yar Swerc says:

    Dane. You nail it, nail it, nail it. My admiration for your awareness and perception is only exceeded by my awe of your tireless dedication to awaking the oblivious. My hat is off to you, sir.

  67. son of san quentin says:

    Legalizing and licensing geoengineering? Legal and license mean business. So genocide will be mainstreamed through a legal and licensing process. There's no need for further courts, jesters and cinema. There's one universal law: Thou shalt not kill. But that's also a sick twisted, negatively-phrased legal version from a while ago. A better positive one was and would be: Thou shalt preserve life and do no harm.
    My two cents, I may be off, but probably not. I just came in from sun gazing in the backyard. Although there was a toxic chemtrailed neural network directly above my home, the universal god and sun shone through the nazi-made filth. The sun gives us life, light, wisdom, knowledge and truth. It also provides antiseptic to cleanse the planet and web of life. Notwithstanding climate change and global warming, the sun is being blocked out and sepsis (decay, rot) is setting in all over this planet. How's that for a nazi grand slam?  Genocide and decay all in one.  As if genocide and induced disease were not enough, the power structure now has the means of keeping us in complete darkness, ignorance, filth, sepsis and death.
    The idea of legalizing and licensing chemtrailing blows my mind. The only possible result will be the legalizing and licensing of life-sustaining sunshine. A natural business result of such a completely evil and demonic program will be renting sunshine on a pay-per-view basis for those who can afford it. How's that for a braver newer world? Notice the hazy, dark, eerie skies and settings from which western leaders usually pontificate and spew verbal filth compared to the light, lustre and shine usually set upon Putin when he speaks. It's all about creating complete darkness, ignorance and ungodly filth, perpetrated by an intensely incestuous and inbred power structure of vile creatures that is clinically insane, psychopathic and completely demonic.

  68. Seeing Clearly says:

    People need to get him out of office ASAP ( more anti environment people we don't need more of those.

    • BaneB says:

      Son of San Quentin:  The sun.  Yes, the sun is our earth's disinfectant.  And if mold, mushrooms, and lichen are any indicators, the aerosol scrim hanging over head needs to cease.  Its raining here. It never stops raining.  And when it is not raining, the scrim returns to blot out the natural sunlight. I think my season total is over 100 inches.  Forecast:  cloudy tomorrow, rain on Wednesday.

  69. Duane says:

    Hi to all,

    I just had my throat examined by a throat specialist yesterday. He said everything looked good in there and that i was dealing with acid reflex. I casually asked him if he was aware of the term Geo engineering. He said he was familiar with the term but went on to state that he didn't believe that any kind of spraying programs were actually happening. His argument was that the government would be incapable of keeping it a secret. My point is, here is a professional doctor who is unable, or incapable of taking the blinders off. I am sure business is booming for him. 

    I only wish I had Dane's gift of clarity when engaging people.

    Another good report, Dane. I appreciate all that you do.

    • chris says:

      Duane says: here is a professional doctor who is unable, or incapable of taking the blinders off.

      I encounter this constantly. These 'professionals' are not ALLOWED to breathe a word of this….none of them. They take a defensive posture over any topic that might be controversial…..whether it be chem spraying (SAI), vaccines, big pharma drugs (90,000 and climbing), GMOs, you name it.

      They are not about to risk their careers and retirement over such issues…not on your life. So, in the end, are they "incapable of taking the blinders off ?" I say, they're unwilling to do so. Either way, Duane's right on target, here. 

      It takes absolute courage to break away from the pack and do the right thing…ethically and morally…case in point, Dr Andrew Wakefield. What a courageous and honest person!!! Just amazing. I realize that I'm leaving the chem/geoengineering issue for a sec, but, not that most of you out there are not aware of "The truth about vaccines", for those of you who might not be, check it out. Still airing through this weekend for free….not hard to find.

      Again, thanks to Dane for all you do. Gotta be exhausting!!

  70. Seeing Clearly says:

    The freedom to hate is a freedom I am not willing to give up ( I hate wickedness that's no secret.

  71. Geraldine Sandbert says:

    Please make your voice heard at the White House.  We have a President who seems to listen.  Right now I am a prisoner in my home.  Can't go out when the sky is packed with their stuff.  Killing us slowly.  Who knows what long term damage this causes on all of us.

    I can't breathe, get headaches, and sinus problems when I breathe their ridiculous pouring down on us.  We are guinea pigs. You seem to know your stuff.  Please help us.  

  72. JJ says:

    There are so many travesties and layers. Every Single person 'Needs' to raise awareness!! We are 'ALL' needed in this fight for our planet!! Every one 'OF US' has a responsibility here in this matter. Choose life while we are still able… And do it now.

  73. Alberto fontanez says:

    As the world continues to fall for these psychological warfare tactics that the present power structure resent like during the bush era when you had the color code system for the severe Terror threat level but people can't even figure out what's going on with their own climate as the onslaught continues with the aerial spraying I can see spring is here and I also see the trees are not responding as they normally would during the spring solstice the trees or not growing or one side of the tree is going in the other side is prematurely growing and there's no life in them and the internet is no help either YouTube with their propaganda machine is for spreading false information to the public luckily with sites like yours there is still a chance I hope.

  74. Chad says:

    Here in Idaho the weather whiplash never ends. 65 degrees one day 35 and snow, rain and hail the next. Constant nighttime spraying and hi elevation which disappears quickly in broad daylight. People still dont care!!! They cant seem to stay away from their phones for more than a few seconds. Amazing, in a unnatural,  perplexing way. Cognitive dissonance is rampant everywhere I turn. RF frequency at its best. Tired of all the BS! God bless. We all need spiritual blessings. Amen. Keep spreading TRUTH.  TAKE CARE ALL.

    • Sara says:

      To Chad: 

      Same here in Tampa, Florida. No civilization can long endure when 9/10 % of a population live with their heads in the sand and their hands out reaching for govt. handouts.

  75. Elena Starr says:

    It is very scary that the powers that be think nuclear war would help. They are truly out of their minds.  Yes, might eliminate global warming but, would usher in a nuclear winter where most of life would not survive.  

  76. Andrea says:

    copy of an email I sent…

    Attn: Pease ANG Base
    To Whom It May Concern;
    Are you not suppose to protect us from all threats both foreign and domestic?
    The particulates you are injecting in the atmosphere are toxic to all life on earth, except for extremophiles.
    Have you ever considered the lives you are destroying… maybe including your own family?
    Have you considered how the materials could be interacting with pre-existing infections, including organisms with a secretion system?
    Have you considered how they may be interacting with soil-based organisms?
    The strong and healthy are becoming sick, and the sick are getting weaker and sicker- many are dying young. We have buried eight people between the ages of 46-52yo in the past year, and my beautiful sister's funeral is this coming Saturday.
    I want you to remember my sister's beautiful face, because you are the outfit that has been spraying toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, organisms, and biosensors.
    Please remember my beautiful sister Sandy…
    October 24, 1970 – March 23, 2017.
    Think about it,
    Revelation 11:18
    And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    • Dennie says:

      Andrea:  How do we get letters like this to the Military Monsters on their Holy Land (military bases)?  They need to have regular people RUB THEIR AT-ATTENTION NOSES in THEIR OWN SH!T.  For Memorial Day I want to organize an army of regular folks and throw MUD PIES at these @ssholes-in-camouflage whose main occupation is to destroy Creation.  MOTHERFKCERZS.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Andrea, thank you for sharing your direct and heartfelt e-mail with us and thank you for sending the message to the military perpeTRAITORs launching these attacks on all of us. Its time they face up to what they are doing. I am truly sorry for the loss of your beloved sister and the others you have recently lost. Keep strong, and thank you for the encouraging words of Revelation. Oh to be able to witness the gnashing of teeth when the destroyers of earth are finally cast into the lake of fire forever. A fate they have been working very hard to earn that is well deserved by them. I hope they have it coming very soon. Thanks to Dane as always for another compilation of eye opening news and facts that would never be told to us by the corporate mainstream propaganda outlets.. interesting, refreshing, and enlightening. One of the most worthwhile hours spent is listening to Global Alert News Hour. Grateful you take the time doing the research to put it together each week for us. We appreciate you so much sir!

  77. son of san quentin says:

    Bureaucratizing, legalizing and licensing the fumigation and extermination of domestic populations? You simply cannot make this stuff up. Did the nazis formally legalize genocide? A very, very sick game where unaccountable shadow governments are causing disease and suffering on a global ecological scale, while profiteering through health(death)care services. The solution is not legalizing extermination, but prosecuting, convicting and executing all the open and hidden pseudo-nazis working hard for that pay cheque and non-existent pension.
    Has anyone noticed than now in addition to autism, childhood and teenage MS are skyrocketing as the courts and their respective jesters scheme, scam and sham to bury the issue or the people pushing it?

  78. Ashleigh says:

    A high of 52 today at the North Pole

    Thank you Dane for everything you do, I really love listening to you. 

  79. chad says:

    I was wondering if your new book will be available online? I'm not gonna be able to make it down to your booth to pick one up. Thanks for the work you do, I make sure i'm up every Saturday at 6:00 to listen to your show live on the kqms website. And i have your show pinned to my G+ page every week for others to see and listen.
    I'm finally making a little headway with my family and people around me. Only took a few years, but I keep plugin away. 
    Take it easy my friend, Chad
    Video I made showing some tree die off in the Glacier Peak Wilderness

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chad, the book will be available on sometime next week.

  80. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 162nd email titled: 'Like a Thief in the Night'.

    1.  Following a two-day hearing held in the Netherlands in October 2016, five international judges have accused Monsanto of engaging in “practices which have negatively impacted the right to a healthy environment, the right to food, and the right to health." In their advisory opinion, published on 18 April 2017, they stated that "were the crime of ‘Ecocide’ to be recognized in international law, the facts reported to them could fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. ” 

    2.  If history is any guide, when the militaries of multiple nations begin to mass troops at borders, it takes only a single, often seemingly inconsequential, catalyst to plunge the situation into all-out war (it is usually a deliberate false flag "event").

    Two weeks ago China deployed some 150,000 troops to the North Korean border and put their entire military on high alert in anticipation of a U.S. military strike on Kim Jong Un. Russia is rapidly deploying troop and equipment to their border with North Korea. 

    They are both preparing for nuclear contamination and refugees amongst other things.

    Add this to the US/NATO destruction of scores of countries in recent years, such as Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen (where MOABs and MOPs are also used), then "What could possibly go wrong?"


    ISIS/ISIL continues chemical attacks against government troops and civilians in Syria and Iraq, using western supplied/funded chemicals.

    3.  Harold Hensel posted a 20th April 2016 vs 2017 comparison of sea ice drifting south out of the Labrador Sea into the North Atlantic. Worth looking at…and it is NOT a sign of a coming ice age! This will affect Europe's weather – not just because of the ice but also from the resultant intensive toxic and lethal chemical geoengineering and tropospheric spraying that is done to hide the climate collapse from the general public: 

    See also: 

    As Scottish Chemtrails stated, recent UK weather may have seemed fairly good, "but the BBC pictures don't convey the 30mph gale force winds that came from manipulation of the jet stream, throwing cold arctic air in our direction." – and therefore drawing warm air into the Arctic.

    The 2017 Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) for Arctic sea ice extent, area and volume is the lowest ever.

    Global sea ice extent and area have been at record lows for nearly 7 months.

    There has recently been a plethora of articles published from different view points that conclude human extinction in/within 10 years and Malcolm Light repeatedly posts his detailed 'Global Extinction by 2026' chart, yet few have stated that there will be years of hardship, chaos and war before extinction.  The "event" will arrive 'like a thief in the night', and could start anytime now – it takes only 3 days to go from calm to chaos.

    Interesting power grid failures in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York yesterday (21 April).

    Please listen to: 

    4.  Notes to Self (week 15 of 104). I feel an increasing sense of urgency – we may not have 2+ years before SHTF.  Bring forward my timescales for learning, deciding and practicing what and how to store/preserve fresh foods – bought or from the garden.

    "We cannot command Nature except by obeying her". Francis Bacon 1561-1626 (died of hypothermia while experimenting how to freeze chicken for storage).

    • TNGeowatch says:

      Excellent stuff man! Southeast TN is just getting ripped with trails. 

      Pretty constant this spring. 


      Weve had had severe hail now this spring twice. Both times temps just before the storms were just rising fast. 90 in March. Then revelation 6 level hail. 

      Be safe everyone time is short like noted above. 

  81. jake s. says:

    nobody will notice how impaired they are while staring at thier smart phone. but ive bee riding bmx bikes my whole life and its spooky because i feel intoxicated and impaired while riding nowdays. balance and vision is off. just awful. thanks dane keep up the great work.


  82. Seeing Clearly says:

    The only bias, I have is godliness, righteousness or good with that being said I hold no other agenda, bias or special interest.

    I pray for knowledge to discernment between good and evil and for me to be made perfect in him.

    Before we can fix the problem we have to become aware that it is a problem. 

    The absolute truth is the only truth, everything else is deception.

    You would as education increases diverse perceptions and conflicting opinions would be decreasing, however, we are seeing and I crease in this stuff creating a dangerous situation. Why are we sometimes ignorant to facing the truth WHY? I ask myself this question because there is no rational reason why.

    It's up to all of us to put an end to this insanity this wickedness don't let fake science convince you that being ignorant and doing bad things is just genetic and part of who you are. 

    Don't let science convince you that reality is defined by our perspective or perception and not our perception revealing reality to ourselves.

    Don't let science tell you autism or any other health problems or labels are your identity or part of who you are or any kind of normal human natural experience. 

    Happenstance, natural and random are all different terms with different meanings.

    Here is a link to an interesting video on why we must continue to be involved and continue to keep learning 

    ⇨ Click Here For Video ⇦

    • Angela Bowen says:

      I'm so tired of people not believing and not caring it seems impossible to get the word out. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Angela, yes, trying to wake those who do not want to open their eyes is a frustrating and arduous endevour. This being said, remember that all will soon be forced to wake as the walls close in, like it or not. Consider your efforts to be an act of planting seeds of awareness, which will matter at the moment in time when those seeds are forced to sprout.

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