Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2023, #403


Dane Wigington

"Softball sized hail slams Texas", this NBC news headline from this week is a glaring red flag warning of climate engineering operations and chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding. The weather makers are increasingly desperate to create short term surface cool-downs no matter how much damage they inflict in the process. What is fueling so much climate engineering desperation? Consider the following USA Today breaking headline as a primary factor: "Spring ocean temperatures are shockingly hot around the globe, scientists aren't sure what comes next." Superheating seas will soon translate to superheating land masses. The paradox is that every single climate engineering chemical cloud seeding cool-down comes at the cost of an even worse overall warming of the planet. How much longer till total climate system collapse? How quickly after will global civilization succumb to the same fate? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2023, #403

  1. Al T says:

    Dane did you hear this?


    "In terms of providing for a cleaner environment, I support geoengineering."


    Sen Kennedy (R-LA)


    Not allowing me to paste the link

  2. Lance says:

    Big misconception is that this world is "our world". It's not! It's God's creation as is everything else including all of us. The majority of humanity now believes they have the right to do whatever they want to do among themselves and want to do to this world in order to make it "their" world. How's this working out so far? Corruption is rampant and the entire planet is polluted! And you wonder why I put no faith in man?    

  3. Paul James says:

    The Pentagon is the biggest carbon hog on the planet, yet we never hear of any efforts to slow down their predatory, fuel gobbling ways, except the idiotic EV movement. As if tanks can run on batteries during battles.

    What will they do, call a time-out to recharge batteries?

    The rotten SOBs are going to hit us hard with man-made weather that has all sorts of peculiarities, like softball sized hail, in order to herd us onto their Planet wide Commie Gulag. 



  4. Lance says:

    Plastic pollution fosters more microbial growth in lakes than natural organic matter

    Plastic pollution fosters more microbial growth in lakes than natural organic matter | Nature Communications

  5. Lance says:

    I'm not going to paint a beautiful picture of reality which the bought and paid for media most certainly do. Those who believe that humanity is going to create a way out of the situation now unfolding on this planet using their advanced sciences and technologies are either deceived or deceivers. As Jesus said, the deception is great!

  6. Lance says:

    Weather here just north of Sacramento, CA, is not normal for this time of year. I know because I lived in CA for many years! Abnormal low pressure system now moving down the CA coast bringing water vapor up from the SSW. Thunderstorm here Tuesday night. Torrential downpour out of it in a small area to the east of my location with hail too. Watched a small tornado form which kicked up dust from the plowed fields east of here. Caused a small dust storm which blew toward the NW. Torrential rain for about 20 mins. here about an hour afterwards. Rain came in from the NE this morning about 5am and continues. All of this will become irrelevant as the war and fighting between the nations continues to escalate in many places. Of course, the "news" will keep on spinning reality, pretending as if everything is going to continue as it always has. What a load of lies!  

  7. Robin says:

    A walk in the Park:  I am lucky enough to live where the runaway heat is least- Minnesota.  How easy it was to engage with people on my park journey.  Ideal spring temps & a blue sky marred by jet trails.  "How's the fishing?" "heh, you parked here at the right time!"  Dimming cards were handed out.  No push back just thank yous.  One of them talked with me for 1/2 hr.  He gets it.  Next, we're planning on a bike ride on the Gateway trail.  If three is a crowd, that starts a spot fire of awareness to build on  What's your walk in the park?  Not  ('What's in your wallet?')

  8. Lance says:

    Do any of you know what toxic volatile organic compounds, or VOCs are? They're chemicals that escape as gases into the air. Its estimated that over 5,000 tons are released into the environment every year! Add this to the list of tons more other toxic elements that are in the air, the water, the soil already along with the toxic "stuff" released via daily aerosol operations, and then try to try to convince me that the earth isn't totally polluted!  

  9. Jonathan says:

    From Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 2023:


    The gifts we have received in this world have been abused now to a point of possible no return. Gifts of the sacred water and the air are now becoming so contaminated- that its purpose of bringing life, is now bringing sickness & death.


    Our ancestors foretold of a time when the two legged will see a great urgency to change their path. A path leading to when our grandchildren will see no future, if we don't change. It is then an understanding will come- that no nation nor belief is higher than another. The two legged will see the great need to truly conduct themselves by their sacred spiritual laws. It is then we will find the sacred hoop of life- where there is no ending and no beginning.


    Join the world in uniting All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer on June 21st, to create an energy shift, in order to bring back balance and healing upon Unc'i Maka- Grandmother Earth.


    Onipikte (that we shall live)

    Chief Arvol Looking Horse

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautiful. Jonathan, Thank you for sharing this message from those who are still connected to Nature, Spirituality, and our Earth. And especially Thank you to Chief Arvol Looking Horse for sharing his wisdom of the ancients with us. I am saving the date, June 21st, the summer solstice, to join the healing meditation to unite and pray with the world for our salvation. Onipikte.

  10. Lance says:

    Low pressure system circulating over the SF Bay Area is now moving out toward the Pacific Ocean. Won't go far off the coastline and will slowly drift S.  Lots of moisture being drawn around it and up from the S into CA. Very odd looking on satellite images. Can't remember ever seeing something like this forming inland over CA then moving out to sea. 

    • Gary says:

      First of all, thank you Dane for your steadfast fight against the total weather absurdity , and damage it has and will do before it is stopped!

      It amazes me how asleep people are to the abnormal weather changes that occur before their very eyes.  The constant chemtrails above our region has become much worse over the last two years.   

      Living along the shores of Lake Erie we get bombarded from time to time with the low pressure counter clockwise system that we currently have thanks to the evil jerks controlling the weather patterns. This system has been hanging over several states for days! Give me a break….and IMO creating a lot of upper respiratory illness with people I talked with this week, because anything can be airborne, along with constant dampness, and not much sun…

      I have a lawn care business and it is just brutal keeping up with everything. Only a few hours per day to try and mow etc.. other landscapers around our area also know about the geo engineered weather, we all try to educate our customers and to others what is going on with the weather systems… it’s frustration, most just say, well that’s our weather for ya….. but not all say that, some agree with what I have said, so there is progress, at least one eye is open…

      I encourage everyone in this fight to keep in prayer, stay positive even though it’s difficult… but things are getting exposed in many areas, including the control of our weather…



  11. Thomas says:

    They painted the skies over the front range mountains in Denver today, as often is done here and over the mountains to protect the "snow" mass in the mountains and thus colder temperatures.  I found it odd there was a prediction of clouds for the next 4 days as temps rise, but these "clouds"  appear to be grid-lines of aerosol dispersing that then seem to fuse or join with incoming low moisture cumulus.  Imagine what the temps would be without the "cirrus" clouds.  I think it would be great to have a "30 day" test where from each location we could send our sky pictures of the events happening above us.  I've been doing that and watching for patterns – some interesting data perhaps – as the spraying happens close to incoming weather events, or is related to high heat.  This website would be ideal for a 30 day photo challenge – and it would set up a kind of database.  

  12. Lance says:

    As war and fighting increases there be increasing amounts of toxic substances/materials released into the environment because of the destruction of facilities that manufacture and store them. A most recent example is the massive explosion that took place a few nights ago in Pavlohrad in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine after it was hit with a missile (or something?) causing the large amount of explosive materials stored there to explode. Explosions like this put all kinds of toxic substances into the atmosphere that are carried aloft by the prevailing winds. Just one example of the consequences of warfare, especially modern day warfare. Not a pleasant reality is it!

  13. Lance says:

    Disturbance in the atmosphere rotating counter-clockwise covering a wide area over central CA just as the scheduled weather reports said would happen. This low pressure system is to move W out into the Pacific Ocean and then S along the W coast of CA. Rained a little here where I'm staying about 30 miles north of Sacramento. Heavy rain/snow to fall over much of northern CA along the Oregon border, but it will slowly move westward toward the Pacific later today. More rain and snow to fall in northern Sierra's into Wednesday, followed by unsettled unstable weather bringing more rain, snow, and thunderstorms to the northern half of CA on Thursday! Weather will remain unstable into next week with heavy rain forecast for the northern CA area.  Paying close attention to the Shasta Reservoir at 98% capacity, the Oroville Reservoir at 92% capacity, and the rivers that flow into and out of them. More weather systems will be coming in from the W off the Pacific bringing heavy rain to western OR and NW CA Tuesday afternoon and through Wednesday!

  14. Lance says:

    Circulation in the atmosphere just ENE of the San Francisco bay area and over central valley just as scheduled! Satellite loop images show it clearly right now! Clouds moving S along the W coast of CA then turning inland just S of the Bay Area then circulating inland to the E. Clouds moving NNE over the eastern Sierra mountains.

  15. Earth Angel says:

    Well its May 1st and it might as well be March- Temps. at least 10 degrees below normal and non stop winds yesterday and today adding to the chill. Though it is my horse's 26th birthday I don't even want to go out there despite it being otherwise a sunny and beautiful day. Usually we celebrate with a few carrots and treats on their  special day. I'm suffering with an annoying head cold that just cropped up a few days ago, rare for me. Winds are predicted to continue for a 3rd straight day tomorrow with temps. staying below normal for a few days more. Nothing normal about this. How do you like your weather? Natural or man made? Confound this damn weather derailment and torture. I'd give a great deal to have our weather back natural again. As Joni Mitchell once sang, "Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"… So many precious gifts of Mother Earth and our Creator I am desperately missing, making it all the more important to save whatever we can of what still remains.

  16. M Rusc says:

    Living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, we are under constant attack from the U S Air Force geoengineering planes.  I can not even imagine how many of these planes they have, as there are seemingly hundreds of trails on a daily basis.  From morning until evening they spray in criss-crossing patterns.

    I had hoped when I went on my recent cruise vacation out of Miami that I could escape the trails for a week, but no!  

    Even over Puerto Rico and the tiny island of St. Croix the Air Force geo engineering planes were out spraying.

    Seems Impossible to escape!

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Pentagon To Halt Use Of Firefighting Foam That Contains PFAS As Cleanup Costs Mount
    WASHINGTON — Department of Defense will stop purchasing PFAS-containing firefighting foam later this year and phase it out entirely in 2024.

    Source New Mexico, News Partner

    WASHINGTON — Battered by years of criticism from U.S. lawmakers and environmental advocates, the Department of Defense will stop purchasing PFAS-containing firefighting foam later this year and phase it out entirely in 2024.

    The replacement for Aqueous Film Forming Foam has yet to be determined, and advocates are frustrated it’s taken so long to halt the use of a product containing a “forever chemical” that at high levels of exposure may lead to increased risks for cancer, among other effects. The pace of cleanup at potentially contaminated military installations and nearby communities also has come under scrutiny by Congress.

    The Defense Department began searching for a fire suppressant that was more effective than water after a horrific fire aboard the USS Forrestal in 1967 killed 134 sailors and injured 161.

    The answer turned out to be a highly effective firefighting foam containing PFAS — that the Pentagon and other federal agencies like the Forest Service now are struggling to find a substitute for, given the foam’s host of potential health and environmental problems.

    The federal government’s widespread use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, which are especially strong and don’t break down naturally, has spurred concerns for decades.

    PFAS are used in hundreds of products where resisting heat or repelling water is especially important. That has made them ubiquitous in household items like nonstick pans as well as larger, more industrial applications like firefighting foam.

    “The problem with PFAS is it’s a highly effective fire remedy. The other problem, of course, is it’s indestructible,” House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Ken Calvert, R-Calif., told States Newsroom. “So we need to find a solution. We need to find a replacement. It’s been a lot harder than expected, but they’re working on it.”

    Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, a former U.S. Army officer and a member of the Armed Services Committee said there are concerns about how exactly the Defense Department is phasing out PFAS and if the replacements will be as good as the firefighting foam it uses now.
    "But," she said, "the Pentagon needs to ensure its use of PFAS isn’t causing health impacts for people on or near military installations."

    The Pentagon has identified more than 700 installations where PFAS could have leached into the soil or groundwater and begun testing to determine how extensive any contamination may be. Testing and cleanup costs are expected to mount into the billions.

    “It’s still used broadly by a lot of the firefighting units that exist across the DOD. And we don’t have a replacement, so that is a huge concern,” Ernst said. “We need to have the capability of suppressing fires, fighting fires, and until we have a replacement, we’ll have to make do.”
    Contamination near military bases
    "While the Pentagon has phased out the foam for training to reduce exposure, it’s still present in airplane hangar sprinklers, Navy ships and submarines. It’s only used if there’s an aircraft fire or a plane crash," according to the U.S. Senate aide.

    The Defense Department has to report to Congress anytime the foam is accidentally spilled, though decades of PFAS use, in the firefighting foam and other products, has already contaminated military bases and the surrounding communities.

    Congress has also placed language in more than one of the annual defense policy bills, calling for the Defense Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct a human health assessment.

    … "Testing and cleanup will cost at least $2.1 billion more than the $1.1 billion the Pentagon’s already spent," according to a report to the Government Accountability Office, a watchdog agency.

    “These costs will likely increase significantly, because DOD is still in the early phases of its PFAS investigation,” the GAO wrote.
    Senate Defense Appropriations Chair Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, said he hopes the Pentagon moves quickly to phase out PFAS wherever it can, noting “it’s a problem in polluting the water and causing cancer.”

    … The U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry warns studies indicate human exposure to high levels of PFAS “may” lead to increased cholesterol, increased risk of kidney and testicular cancers, increased risk of high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, low birth weight, changes in liver enzymes…


  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have the potential to interfere with molecular components of the endocrine system and modulate synthesis or secretions of selected hormones.

    PFOA and PFOS act as endocrine disruptors mainly via effect on distribution of sex hormones, through mechanisms related to estrogen receptor activation and transcription of selected genes [29,30,31]. An in vivo and in vitro study conducted on animals have shown negative impact of two short-chain PFASs on reproduction through the hypothalamus–pituitary–gonad axis [32].0

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    There’s something in the water.

    Scientists said they have located a new source of blame for the rise in obesity in the United States and elsewhere: distressingly common chemicals found in our homes — and our drinking water.

    The recently completed study, conducted jointly by the Universities of Rhode Island and Southern Denmark, honed in on per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as likely culprits.

    Found in everything from makeup to microwave popcorn bags to nonstick skillets, PFAS, frequently referred to as “forever” chemicals due to their surprising resilience, are present in a wide range of everyday items found in most households.

    And when they’re not in your home, they’re being discharged by someone else’s into your water supply, via waste runoff, the study said.

    Elevated levels of PFAS can make it more challenging to keep pounds off — especially after a recent weight loss, according to lead study author Dr. Philippe Grandjean at the University of Southern Denmark.

    “We’ve previously shown that children with increased PFAS concentrations tend to gain weight and develop higher levels of cholesterol in the blood,” Grandjean wrote.

    “We now focused on adults who participated in an experimental study of five different diets in regard to weight gain. Our results add to the concern that environmental pollution may be affecting our metabolism, so that we tend to gain weight.”

    Upon the analysis of 381 blood samples, the results remained extremely consistent.

    “No matter the diet that these participants were assigned to, they gained weight if they had elevated PFAS exposures,” according to researchers.

    In particular, the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) — commonly found at low levels in food, drinking water and even household dust, according to the American Cancer Society — was determined to be strongly connected to weight gain.

    Participants who had the most PFOA in their blood had gained 10 more pounds compared to other study samples a year later.

    “Our study adds new evidence that being overweight isn’t just about a lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits — PFAS are increasingly suspected to be a contributing factor,” Grandjean said.

    Other recent studies have fingered PFAS for hurting a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, as well as an uptick in pediatric cancers. The EPA is moving toward tighter regulation.

  20. Lance says:

    SAR's, Stable Auroral Red arcs, are not stable at all! They have been observed a lot lately by those who photograph auroras with special cameras. They are not normally observed on a regular basis. They are a sign of heat energy leaking into the upper atmosphere from the plasma carrying millions (billions?) of amps that circulates around planet earth. The planet is heating up! Efforts to do something about this have been documented on this website and on others. Will they succeed in their efforts to stop this from happening? Nope. 

  21. Lance says:

    Been looking at the satellite loops of weather over the central CA area and right on schedule there is a low pressure system developing just NE of San Francisco over land, not over the Pacific Ocean. Line of clouds (containing aerosol trails) swept in from the W flowing N as the jetstream wind was coming directly out of the south. Temps were in the high 80's low 90's in the central valley yesterday, but today are to only be in the low 60's. Natural and normal weather pattern? Not.  

    • Azo says:

      Spraying heavily all night Sunday over Tracy CA then severe winds Monday. Telling if you know the work of the weather makers. 

  22. Larry DeMarco says:

    Dane and all those who have the wherewithal to follow his lead,

    I thank you for your tenacity in this struggle, the most serious of all time because there's no second chance for our present earthly survival. I'm sure that Dietrich Bonhoefrer would say that God will reward us for our efforts, though it may not be in this life. Those of us God-fearing, "non- hypocrites" are forced to follow our righteous path. God bless you and best wishes for moving forward in our priceless endeavors. I e

  23. Jeff Lanier says:

    I am wondering if any one else out there has noticed a white powder residue left over after snow melt this year?  I have never seen it before,in the 15 years I have lived in this house. The substance clumps together when damp, and dries to a powder the resembles talcum powder. I have taken photos and collected a small plastic bottle of it (about 1 teaspoon). I am in central Idaho,a town called Fairfield,and we get sprayed heavily. Like most of the surrounding states we were given a heavy winter, that has been melting fast in the last week. If you read this Dane,could you let me know if Geoengineeringwatch has a lab that could or would be interested in testing this mystery powder? I can send pictures and the bottled material that I collected. Thank you very much.

    • Jaime Love says:

      Yea this last one bothered the heck out of me it was all over my patio. I have major ocd and I kept saying that last storm was different…nobody but me noticed obliviously. I kept saying new chemical because plants died after that last storm. They got what they wanted everything sprung late and some hasn't come back. What jerks! I see them spraying across the moon right now! Can't watch my starts without them messing it up. I'm so over all this. I'm over how uneducated people are as well. What bothers me are people are to dumb to knit we the skies are not the same. It's annoying anymore. I see fed ex and ups and delta southwest and more spraying tonight. I can see them on the tracker here in AZ! No wonder AZ has so much fungi in the air its from all the spraying! 

  24. Stan Sylvester says:

    Welcoming one to the planetary asylum  should certainly include mentioning the latest world military  spending.

    According to "Stockholm International Peace Research Institute," military spending across the globe in 2022 increased to $2.24 trillion.  This was the eight straight year of an increase.

    The study said that the main reasons for the increase was a "perceived Russian threat." In addition, an "increasing insecure world" is noted. The solution of course is more weapons.

    Europe had the biggest % increase at 13%.Could the "perceived Russian threat" have anything to do with that?

     At $292 billion, China is second to behemoth U.S. at $877 billion. It was the eight straight year that China has increased spending. Looking at the U.S. spending, I don't think it is Russia  that they are concerned about.

    "War is when the government tells you who  the bad guy is, revolution is when you decide that for yourself."

    Benjamin Franklin 


    • Lance says:

      Reports coming in on social media about major military action taking place against targets in Ukraine. Two Ukrainian arms supply depots were hit by Russian missiles causing huge explosions. This is in response to attacks on the Russian Naval port of Savastapol and oil supplies kept there which caused a huge fire which has since then been put out. Reports are stating that Russian aircraft are going to launch a major cruise missile attack on locations in Ukraine after 2am their time. It is now 2:17am there. Numerous Russian bombers are reportedly in the air right now! 

  25. Geoffrey Hanham says:

    Hi Dane,

    As you will know, strong Auroras are not common in England (U.K.) and mostly confined now and then, to Northern Scotland. Yet very recently, spectacular displays have reached  as far to the South West as  Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and even the Scilly Isles… My relations and friends in Somerset have never seen the like of it, especially our old folk… I note that an X-Class solar flare from a very active sun spot (AR3288)  is forecast for the weekend of April 29-39… In the physics of electronics everything interacts at the quantum level and the little that is known about the electron is downright weird – yet 'they' know enough to make the obscenity that is the cobalt-hydrogen thermo-nuclear bomb…

    I was taught that an electron requires between nine and eleven 'dimensions' to "do it's thing"… So when a fusion bomb is used, what in the name of  insanity happens in those other dimensions?

    I was watching a male blackbird feed its two female young this morning… I have noticed that nearly all the young ones of many 'garden' bird species are female…

    Thank you Dane, so much for today's "Cry from the heart" – it is tragic that so many turn their faces to the wall and put their fingers in their ears… Meanwhile in England the population are obsessed with "Die Kronung"… The very sky could fall and folk would blink and ask what the latest on 'The Match' was…

    Geoff Hanham



  26. Tea For One says:

    I spent time this weekend with a Lakota medicine woman I know, both informally and also during a Lakota sweat lodge ceremony. She talked about many things, including the interconnectedness of all life, the necessity to keep the environment pure and clean, and the divine spark of the creator evident in all living things.

    The principles of caring for our world and being good stewards of the resources of this world are not new. They are, however, more necessary than ever before.

    Those of us from all walks of life who are actively supporting the work of Dane Wigington and this great project are honoring sacred traditions that go back 10,000 years or beyond.

    I express my gratitude to all those who are working to spread awareness of Dane's message.



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