Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 26, 2023, #420


Dane Wigington

While the Maui firestorm details are still being unraveled, nearly 40 million acres of forest has incinerated in Canada since late spring. This staggering number equates to nearly 60 thousand square miles, an area nearly the size of the state of Georgia that has gone up in flames in only a few short months. Other countries that have been and are incinerating include Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, France, the Canary Islands, Kazakhstan, the UK and more. Where is mainstream media coverage of these incinerations? Constant "high pressure heat domes" are baking numerous parts of the world including the US where Kansas just hit a record shattering heat index temperature of 134 degrees. Last week ABC news stated the firestorms are going to "get worse". Fisheries are collapsing along with crops as ocean temperatures continue to skyrocket. A major science source is now asking "can humans live underground" to survive what is coming. How long till impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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53 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 26, 2023, #420

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    MY Bad Dane. I now see that you did post my fire comments. Oh well, it's all up to you if you post my newest comments or not. I definitely acted out of my rage for the military's involvement in keeping this heat dome parked over Texas. And no one can possibly rule out the possibility that the military is behind many of the fires raging out of control worldwide. Especially since you have personally witnessed their tankers spraying desiccants above the fires in California.

    But I still plan to show "The Dimming" to the chopper crews and try to spread the seeds of our efforts to stop climate engineering, within the ranks of those military personnel that can make a difference in exposing geoengineering. Plus, it is still very ironic that there just happened to be three unmarked, black Apache helicopters flying over this area as a fire erupted upwind of our homes. Because as I stated, there has never been any military aircraft flying here in the past. Strange coincidence to say the least.

    And why shoot off flares that could make any fire grow bigger too? Maybe they did contact the base and have them call fire departments, just to cover their tracks and shift culpability of that fire elsewhere. I don't think we will ever be able to answer those nagging questions. But any chance I get to show "The Dimming" to a group of military guys and gals, would still be in our favor and I will never pass up that type of opportunity.  

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    We had a scary incident here a few days back where it looked as though some military helicopters had stared a brush/grass fire that threatened our homes, by firing anti missile flares very close to the ground.

    Well, it turns out that the crew of those helicopters saw a small fire in a nearby gulch and dropped down in altitude to investigate. They flew very low over our homes to get our attention and fired off the flares to alert a local rancher to the location of that fire.

    They were also the ones who contacted the base and had their commander call the fire departments, in the towns nearest to the fire. And thankfully they arrived just minutes before the fire burned its way through our properties wooden fences.

    The fire marshal told us how the chopper crews contacted their base and got word to the fire departments. Plus he believes that the source of ignition was a some glass bottles that were used for target practice by the rancher I mentioned. They likely acted like magnifying glasses and set the grass ablaze. 

    Originally I wrote comments here accusing the military of starting that fire, but Dane never posted those comments. And I wish to thank both Dane and those helicopter crewmen. I would be eating my words and looking like a fool, if Dane had posted what I wrote. Thank God he has better judgment on what should be posted, as the facts may play out otherwise and negate or disprove some comments.

    Dane already has so much on his plate as it is and must be working long hours to keep his incredible streak of weekly reports going, without missing a single Saturday's broadcast… ever! I can't think of anyone who is more dedicated to this cause, and if there was such a thing as an Emmy or Pulitzer prize for his broadcasting achievements. He would have won dozens of them by now.

    All of this just goes to show. Never judge a book by its cover and pay respect to those who have definitely earned it, or at least read all of the pages before weighing in and coming to any abrupt conclusions. As Dane always says: "Please don't take my word for it. Do the research for yourself and then you decide, if the facts all line up or not."

    We have invited the chopper crews and fire department crews to a special barbecue this Sunday, so that we may show our appreciation for coming to our rescue. And not  ALL military personnel are connected to the evil empire of climate engineering. Some actually have morals and a conscience, and those are the ones we need to reach out to. I am organizing a special showing of "The Dimming" at the barbecue and will have a question and answer session afterwards. And since it is expected to be close to 110 degrees, we are gathering inside the church, for the Labor Day celebration. I installed two large AC window units to boost the central AC system, because God knows we are going to need it.

  3. Thought about it says:

    Dane. I hear the panic in your pessimism.  As things become apparent to those who look it remains difficult to be the foolish optimist. Your cry is heartfelt and understood. Your endeavours to enlighten,heroic and brave. Your passion and curiosity have helped me answer many questions I have always pondered. One does not need intuition to see with one's own eyes the opalescent sheen in the filthy fake canopy containing all beneath,and the blatantly obvious trails of mechanised,metallic links of spreading filth  emitted from aircraft.while the resorts burn,they all still jet away seemingly oblivious.Surely any person cannot mistake this mess for the beauty and wonder of natural sky's. Now we can expect pixilated fluffy pink elephants with Donald's hair and Vlads eyes. Breathing there toxic breath through great bellows from above. Fanning the flames of destruction. Nor can one fail to hear with one's own ears the sound of a planet in peril. The cars may be quieter now,silent,still deadly along with the sounds of the mistruths and manipulation. Above the noise I hear the howls of wlves,screeches of owls an shreiks of eagles, thundering hooves, rutting stags, the sound of wind and rain and thunder and fire. Foreboding.  The acrid radioactive metallised  smog about to envelope us. Watch as it smothers,drowns,dehydrates rots or incinerates. Truths you can feel. Truths that are real.not a screen for a sky, not another big deal. Rocket men with satellites armed with misinformation and deception to there own ends. Misinstucted by there own, artificially unintelligent systems. A SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS. All faith swallowed up in vanity, greed,fear and stupidity. Not sure about infinity any more, the males of the species forgot in their  wisdom that God made man in his image god is in you. And he made women too. God surely had a daughter.God help you all and goodnight x

  4. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    This is how Not Natural it is here in the Hill Country of Texas.

    The overnight lows are what our daytime highs should be, for this time of the year. By Christmas we could easily be fifty to sixty degrees above normal, if they choose to keep this heat dome parked here FOREVER.

    I honestly do not think that there are even a handful of other people in this world who hate Geoengineering as much as I do, at this present time. I always loved going out in Nature and enjoyed fishing, hiking, camping, you name it. But now I can't do any of that without seriously risking certain death from heat stroke, or getting terminal cancer. Not to mention a Third Degree Sunburn!

    Oh, but there's no such thing as climate change, global warming or even climate engineering. The government and media assures me that they are all just myths and conspiracy theories. Right. And Nelson Mandela has died at least twenty times by now. I'm just not harmonizing to the right vibrations of the Matrix. That's all.

  5. Lance says:

    The "flood watch" for areas of northern CA is now showing on COD. Am having problems with wifi signal in the RV spot we're in so data is real slow to show up and some doesn't show. Have moved to a different area while doing laundry and its now much better. Extremely smoky here south of Morgan Hill, CA. Surface level wind is blowing out of the S. Upper level winds out of the north which is why its so smokey here. Unknown if the fires located in northwestern CA along the OR border are being rained on, but the Smith River Complex fire is over now over 83,000 acres and only 7% contained. This fire is also burning toward Cave Junction, OR. Air quality is not "good" here or anywhere in the SF Bay Area, but it's not "good" most of the time anyway. Too much pollution from vehicle transportation sources and industrial sources too. Been congested, having to clear my throat, and coughing alot. Air is toxic, period.   

  6. Lance says:

    Well, the "flood watch" for an area of northwestern CA where many burned and logged off areas are has been taken off the COD weather forecast. Apparently, there isn't much rains with this "storm". Cooled it down though. Might that be from all the nano particles that were released in the "storm" out over the ocean prior to it going inland? Mmmmm…could be.  

  7. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    We never get military aircraft flyovers, but this morning there were three all-black "unmarked" Apache helicopters flying only about one-hundred feet above the ground and they circled around, maybe three quarters of a mile SW of here. Shooting out flares on either side of the aircraft that looked like fireworks going off, before flying back over this tiny community and disappearing to our north. Just minutes later we saw white smoke coming up from the prairie fields, exactly where they fired off those red, white and orange sparkling flares!

    I along with the volunteer fire department (six people and one small water truck) raced out there to find a swiftly growing grass and brush fire that was slowly being blown towards our homes! We used four truckloads of water from our community well, before the volunteer fire department trucks arrived from the towns nearest to us. We alone (the residents) fought the blaze for about forty-five minutes and thank God the other crews arrived when they did. Because the flames were lapping up against our wooden fences. That's how close the fire came to engulfing our homes, farms and ranches.

    Why in God's name would the military purposely start that fire? What kind of sick-ass agenda are they following? Are we just another Maui to them and are they doing this around the world? Why? Genocide? Or something even much more nefarious?

    Do they plan to build a new military base here and would rather burn us out, than to wait years in court for eminent domain to just hand them our land and lives on a silver platter?

    Makes you think and wonder about the reasons for the Maui Fires. They are still out there putting out all of the hotspots and watering down our fences, just in case. We plan to hold a huge "indoor" barbecue for those fire fighters this Labor Day weekend at the church. To show them how much we appreciate their coming to our rescue. Just such an awful shame that no one came to the rescue in Lahaina. Our prayers go out to those families who still have so many unanswered questions.

    I read where the government issued $700 checks to each surviving family and $250 checks to individuals who lost their entire family in Lahaina. (Nothing to those who lived alone) While they have yet to distribute any emergency food or water and the commercial mainland builders are offering pennies on the dollar, for their burnt out properties. This is an incredible tragedy and nightmare beyond all comprehension. They are being treated like an exiled Leper Colony or something. The "federal" government has even erected massive black-out barriers around the burnt out communities, to keep anyone from taking pictures or video. With National Guard and "private police" enforcers arresting anyone who tries to breach those barriers. There is nothing left to steal by looters, so none of this makes any sense. Unless…?

    I totally feel the sickness deep down in my gut, for everyone here that reports on nearby fires, which may impact their lives if they get out of control. Because I have now been there and done that. I can still smell and taste nothing but burnt charcoal and the flying soot has made my eyes more bloodshot than someone high on drugs. Have I said how much I "now" hate this (hotter than hell) place? Because I really, really do. We did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I'm sure those in Maui feel the same way. Flash drought and heat domes are the new norms, according to NOAA, the NWS and Accu-Weather. Or should I say…………Raytheon.

  8. Lance says:

    Watching the "storm" coming into the Pacific Northwest from the NNW. This is highly unusual for this time of year! Aerosol ops observed way out over the Pacific Ocean in this "storm" last night on COD images. The scheduled weather is calling for rain and thunderstorms to form over most of northern CA and parts of southern Oregon as the "storm" moves to the WSW late Thursday, into Friday, and early Saturday. This is not "normal" weather! Its being "amped up"! COD website is showing a "flood warning" last night for the burn scarred and completely logged off areas north of Redding, past Shasta Reservoir, all along Interstate 5 and all the way to the Oregon border. Have been through some of these areas in the last year and a half. I've seen the devastation caused by the wildfires and the massive logging operations. Any significant amount of rain that falls will not be held in the soils in those areas because most of the trees, burned or not, have been removed. Thus, the "flood watch" warning. Any rain that falls will help lessen the fire danger, but this depends on where and how much rainfall occurs. Some weather simulations show up to .50 inches or more falling in some locations in northern CA. As long as I'm still breathing, the power stays on, and am able to access the Internet, I'll will be watching. This could change at any time as I'm nearly 70 years old. Life expectancy isn't much past that, and its becoming shorter no matter what the matrix media says otherwise. I'm ready to go when the time comes, and this time comes to all eventually. Bye.    

  9. Lance says:

    Been staying at an RV park south of Morgan Hill which is south of San Francisco. HOT today! 94F in the shade and nearly unbearable in direct sunlight. Forecast high is for 98F. Smoke from all the "complex" fires burning in northwest CA has come down here over night and its getting worse. Air quality is bad here anyway due to all the vehicle and industrial pollution in the air, and the fire smoke is laced with toxic elements, so its worse than the AQI shows. Power Safety Power Shutoffs are occuring in areas north of Santa Cruz. Thousands without power and its HOT up there too! Watching for more fires to happen. Do note that there are a lot of aircraft involved in fire fighting efforts. There are also more than a few military aircraft in the air as well. Something to consider given all the activities of WAR going on!

  10. Larry DeMarco says:


    As I sit in the Charleston SC area waiting for what Raytheon and Lockeed Martin have in store for the country. I pray that "at the end of the storm is a golden sky."  But now we know that this senerio is a myth even for those who are spared.

    Dane, I really can't fathom who could have listened your current GAM broadcast with taking some kind of action; even at least that of looking further into the horrors that you warn of.

    Censorship, mind control, fear, complacency? I thank God that some of us still have the ability to reason and care about our fate and the fate of the world. Thanks again for continuing to bang that drum; it certainly keeps me awake!


  11. Lance says:

    Fire in Oregon mentioned in previous post is named the "Tyee Ridge Complex", NOT the Tyee Complex Fire.


  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The forecast shows that our temperature will steadily climb right back up to over 110 degrees by Labor Day. And stay that way for weeks on end! There is no way in God's name that this is Nature. They evidently need this heat dome to stay in place and strengthen. So that they can vector all of the Hurricane Season moisture to the northeastern states. It looks like we are on track to see over one-hundred days of temperatures over 110 degrees this year. If this heat dome is purposely held in place through October.

    I can't think of any other place on Planet Earth that comes close to the heat records we are currently setting. And the world doesn't even  know about our plight either. Because our weather is never officially reported or recorded. If our community was close to a major city, then just maybe the rest of the world would know of our suffering.

    Not even Death Valley, Phoenix, Iraq, Iran, or locations in Europe and the Tropical Rain Forests. Are getting this hot for this long. What in the hell do the Climate Engineers have against Texas, Western Canada, Northern California, Washington, and Oregon? How can they possibly get away with this for such a long time, without the rest of the world taking notice and questioning all of this?

  13. Genoa Julami says:

    Do a search for the county your enslaved in and do a search for climate action plans and download the PDF. It’s an executive order that your local municipality signs. The tyrants at the top do not care if they have destroyed the earth. The highest priority is to kill everyone except themselves. By that time no one will be able to exist and most all wildlife could be gone. And they all sign on to this order and follow it so they can get carbon credits. These monsters need to be buried alive. The big tech is used to automate the genocide.

  14. Julie Large says:

    There are ones still blaming arsonists for the wildfires in Europe etc but 59.000 miles of wildfires in Canada cannot be due to arsonists neither can some of the others. The concept of living underground is not one that I should imagine the majority would want.  That is no life at all.

    • Dennie says:

      And it won't last anyway. Humans did not evolve to be cave-dwelling spiders that never see the (REAL!!) light of day… imagine how many resources this is going to suck, on already resource-strapped planet…

  15. Wikoli says:

    Here comes Idalia.

  16. Lance says:

    Aug 24, 2023
    Peter Diamandis: ‘In the next 10 years, we’ll reinvent every industry’

    The old industries are being replaced with new industries! Not going to matter…in the end.

  17. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    This comes from…  "New research finds strange, troublesome side effect of extreme heat waves: ‘The threat is real"

    “It is unfortunately true that this may be the coolest summer for the rest of our lives, which is unsettling to reckon with,” Britt Wray, director of Stanford University’s program on climate change and mental health, told The New York Times."

    Prime example of Climate Engineering weather whiplash:  

    Zermatt, Switzerland, a small alpine resort town in the shadow of the Matterhorn, clocked a new record high for August last Thursday: 88 degrees Fahrenheit. By Monday, the streets were blanketed with a dusting of snow. The snowfall follows several warnings issued during this summer's intense heat that rising temperatures could trigger accelerated erosion and icecap melting in the Alpine region.

    Climate scientists are now trying to blame the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano eruption and simple air pollution, for the record number of heat domes this year. Claiming that they also fueled El Nino as well. While continuing to ignore the climate engineering factor that is so very obvious to those who have any common sense whatsoever. Geoengineering must have set a new record by now, for being able to hide their secret program right out in plain sight, for seventy-five years now and counting.

    • Lance says:

      To solely lay blame on a volcanic eruption and air pollution, which actually does contribute to the escalating environmental problems, could be an act of ignorance or an act of deception, or a combination of the two. The latter is the way I see it. Many don't want to know the truth and choose to remain ignorant. Many are well aware of what's happening, but choose to use their positions to deceive as many as possible, and they're doing a very good job of it too!

  18. Lance says:

    Sure looks like the 3rd industrial system is being replaced by a fourth industrial system. The old industrial system has to be "shutdown" to make way for the new industrial system. Isn't that what's happening? 

  19. Momma Bear says:

    They played with Hawaii fire like they did paradise fire! They are coming for all the states and are gonna burn and turn and make smart cities! It's wrong! Not enough prayers seems to help! It's all wrong! I'm so tired of watching it and people playing dumb! Gov has full control over all you now because you allowed them! Stand up! Where's the balls of many of you? Get out and start giving flyers or business cards which you can have made cheaper at stores hit them where the heart is! Enough is enough! We have to stop this now it's affecting us all every single thing! Done!

  20. Lance says:

    Checked the scheduled weather for the next 16 days on the Tropical Tidbits website this morning. Guess what? Starting on Aug. 30th subtropical moisture is going to start moving northward into the southwestern US. This flow of moisture is to move all the way up to Utah over the 16 days. Total accumulated rainfall, especially over the headwaters of the Colorado River south of the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City, is being shown of up to 3 inches over the next 16 days. Buying more time? 

    • Lance says:

      Update to this. The amount of rainfall is now forecast to be between 6 and 8 inches, not 3! 

  21. Lance says:

    The basic human instincts of self-preservation, sex, and being social are the driving forces behind everything humanity does. There are millions and millions of examples you can read, see and hear on the World Wide Web. If you don't understand how this "system" operates then you're blind and deaf!

  22. Lance says:

    The majority of humanity are not capable of comprehending how rapidly the environment on earth is collapsing which Dane has rightly shown is happening. Fact is, the majority do not want to see or hear anything about any of this! Why? Because they're only interested in satisfying their "animal" instincts! These basic human instincts are centered on self-preservation, sex, and socializing! Next time you look at what is being promoted online take note of how much of what is presented is centered on fulfilling these three basic instincts! Its not a coincidence! Its not a theory! Its reality! Bye.

  23. Wikoli says:

    Hi Dane,

    My local Hawaii  wife and I are shedding tears and praying  prayers for Lahaina,  one of our favorite  places in the world. Hiked Haleakala Crater many times and stayed at the Pioneer  Inn in Lahaina many  times. Love, love, love. Prayers, prayers, prayers. 

    Aloha nui loa, Wikoli

  24. Lance says:

    NASA releases first images from new pollution mapping instruments (

    Read through this news report and the ONLY pollutant mentioned was nitrogen oxide caused by the burning of "fossil fuels" (no such thing!) for transportation, power generation, and industrial activities, plus all the wildfires. That's it! No other sources of and no other types of pollutants mentioned! 

  25. Larry DeMarco says:

    Boy, I'm wordy this week.

    I just entered a fundraiser contest to spend a day with Robert Kennedy Jr. to spend a day with him in his falcontry interest.   Thought I don't get much time these days for pleasure reading, one of my favorite fiction  authors is CJ Box who writes about western wilderness adventures. 

    One of Box's main characters is a Master Falconer. The character's traits ate that of a smart, strong, independent, just individual who doesn't always do things "by the book," especially when the book is corrupt.

    According to one definition, Falcontry is the ancient art of hunting with falcons and other birds of prey. And not just a sport or hob. but  way of life that requires dedication, patience  and a deep appreciation for nature.

    Seems like Mr. Knnedy, Dane and Box's character have a lot in common. Dane, is something you have practiced in your life out west?


  26. Gary Morrow says:


    Tropical storm Idalia is forecast to become a hurricane later today and a dangerous major hurricane over the northeast Gulf of Mexico by early Wednesday. The current forecast for Tampa Bay is for a storm surge of 4 to 7 feet with the potential for sustained winds of greater than 110 miles per hour with higher gusts. 

    (National Hurricane Center 10 am CDT Monday advisory)

  27. Joseph says:

    There is a bill in NYS called the Birds and Bees Protection Act.  The governor has not signed it yet.  This should be a national bill.

    Advocates want the Birds and Bees Protection Act passed in New York

    Neonics" — for short — are insecticides used on crops, lawns and gardens. They can also be found in flea repellents for pets.

    They have been connected to the mass loss of bees, which are critical to the state’s agriculture industry. Officials say New York beekeepers have lost nearly half of their colonies every year of the last decade.

    "If we're going to save the planet, we need to save the bees," said Adrienne Esposito with the Citizens Campaign for the Environment.


    Advocates want the Birds and Bees Protection Act passed in New York (

    • penny waters says:

      trouble for bees and other insects is that geoengineering is nano particles and alongside polluting our human lungs, insects breath through their bodies so gets blocked – have few insects in my garden now whereas only ten years ago this little 1/3rd of an acre was full of amazing creatures – no hoverflies at all now – theire were so many different sizes and colours – once they filled this little space alongside bees and others wonderful nature that now have disappeared

      still see the occasional native creature but the only thing that lives now and pollutes the earth is damn humans

  28. Larry Demarco says:

    Thanks Dane for your most feared and hated bad news.  It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. And it couldn't be a better person than you! Your knowledge, truth, tenacity and humanity certainly keeps me in the fight and proud to serve  with you.


  29. Lance says:

    Rare Storm Brings 'Prolific Lightning' to Southeast Michigan | Watch (

    Lightning was, at one time, long ago, called "fire from heaven". Tesla developed a way to direct this energy to any point on the planet over 100 years ago. Imagine it being used as a weapon!

  30. A Friend says:

    I just reached out by email to a local ham radio club and sent several links from the website and asked if I could please schedule 5 to 10 minutes on evening to come into one of their monthly meetings and tell them a little bit about this organization and give them some materials to read with the hope that some of the members might become sufficiently interested in this work that they will agree to broadcast the weekly global alert news broadcasts to some of their ham radio contacts.

    We I think outside the box and think creatively and think of everything we possibly can to get the message that Dane is sharing out to as many people as possible. Of course we know that there is really no time in eternity, but as for being right here and right now in this three-dimensional world, There are constraints of time, and time is running short to make a significant difference. All hands-on deck.

    I will follow up with more information if the club allows me to come in and give out some materials and ask them to use their personal radio stations to help further broadcast this message around the world.



  31. ZZ Top says:

    I just sent a link to this global alert news broadcast to one of the local meteorologists in my town as well as The meteorology team at One of the larger news stations based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

    This is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes if that. You will probably not hear back from them. But remember like what Dane was saying in the broadcast, we are planting seeds.

    Those of you who have military friends and family, get This information out too as many of them as you can.

    Again, what they do is heavily monitored as well and you may not hear back from them. But remember that you are planting seeds.



  32. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I wear a special UV protective shirt over another regular shirt, each and every time that I go out in the sun. It has helped to keep the solar radiation from damaging my skin and breaking down my DNA (as much as possible). I purchased it at the beginning of summer and now it is so destroyed that it rips and tears more easily than tissue or toilet paper. When it was new, it was thick and sturdy and now you can see right through it, when held up to the light.

    The sun's radiation must be extremely powerful these days, in order to do years worth of damage in just a few short months, to a shirt designed to last ten years. Same goes for a brand new, giant and thick umbrella I installed for shade over my picnic table back in June. It is now also as thin as tissue paper, ripped and torn all over and totally useless. The umbrella was not cheap and guaranteed for a lifetime. But a super intense "heat dome" sun has baked it to a crisp in only a few short months. There were no storms or high winds, not even dust devils this year. It just simply turned to super thin rags like my shirt, from the sunlight (and the extreme heat it produced).

    That's actually pretty scary when you think about it. Because you have to wonder what it is doing to the human body. Or any living thing that spends time in the sun. Trees, plants, coral, you name it.

    Even if we are fortunate enough to stop all geoengineering operations and greenhouse gas emissions in time. We might still be forced to live underground, until the Earth has time to heal itself enough and once again offer us safe haven, from the dangers penetrating its critically injured atmosphere.

    We seriously need to stop Elon Musk from punching giant holes in it with his rockets too! That certainly can't be helping our dire situation. I read a report last week that said X-Rays and Gamma Rays are beginning to show up on instruments at research stations. Sounds totally apocalyptic to me.

    • Lance says:

      I have a small pontoon boat I store at a marina located on the Sacramento Delta in Walnut Grove. Its not in the water, but on its trailer with a cover on it, covered by a thick tarp I bought late last year in 2022 before all the rain bomb storms started.  Not a cheap one either. Went to check on it in May and the part of the tarp that faces the sun the most had deteriorated so badly it was thin like paper and fell apart! The rest of it was deteriorated so badly that when I went to tighten the straps that secure it so the wind doesn't blow it away it ripped in some spots! Damaging radiation getting through to ground level has increased every year since I started dry storing this boat at this marina in 2010. Tarps used to last 2 or 3 years before needing to be replaced. Now they don't last 6 months! 

    • penny waters says:

      i have a very sensitive skin, i haven't been well all my life from a crack on the back of my head when i was 2

      so always covered up, never wanted a tan, but……the other day, hot day, went indoors and looked at my arms (always covered) now covered in freckles!!!!!! coming through material!!!!

      what was it – now the sun that comes through is radioactive – wave lengths are different when we had an atmosphere that filtered the sun – cut down the trees – little water to be recycled and so on, and so on…..and on and on…..

      oh god, how did we make such a damn mess – it makes me cry

      and my mum and dad were such wonderful parents but to bring me into such a world of humans

      1)tie a knot in it and 2)stick a cork in it

      what a mess

  33. Lance says:

    The matrix media is keeping the facts from being known. Its business is built on hiding the facts using false information. Everyday in news report after news report the facts about the rapidly declining environment are covered up. They use "feel good" stories to keep hopes up. They rescued some seals from the toxic soup in the sea that made them sick. They saved them! Then they released them and cheered them on as they went back into the polluted sea! This is insanity!   

  34. Lance says:

    Fire situation in Douglas County and other counties may change for the better as rain is forecast for Thursday and a cool down as well. Will have to wait and see if this happens because the weather can be changed at any time. Air quality is very bad in western OR due to all the fire smoke which, as you all know, has a lot of toxic particulates in it from all the aerosol ops. Impossible not to breathe this stuff in! 

  35. Lance says:

    Fires in NW CA and SW OR are getting bigger by the hour. New complex of fires located 10 miles W of Sutherlin, OR, consists of 19 fires all started by a thunderstorm that came up from southern OR late Thursday night (not Wednesday as previously stated in another post). 65 ground strikes were recorded in an hour with lots of sheet lightning in the clouds. Wind is blowing from the NW between 10 and 15 mph with higher gusts over ridges. Fire is spreading mainly to the SE. Evacuations have been ordered by the Douglas County Sheriff's Dept and more could be ordered as the fire continues to spread. Used to live in Douglas County and know that area quite well. Fished on the Umpqua River and hunted in the area where the fire complex is located 30 years ago. I'd like to think things are going to get better environmentally, but I know otherwise. 

  36. A Friend says:

    Just an idea for everybody to consider. There's a vast network of ham radio operators throughout the country and in fact throughout the world. If you know any, please encourage them to feel free to broadcast the audios through their radio stations. This has a lot of untapped potential.

    • Larry DeMrco says:

      Great Idea. There's certainly a lot of truckers who have showed their bravery and determination to stop social insanity?

  37. Lance says:

    Just read a statement on msn claiming in part that, "We need to shut down fossil fuels". The fact that there is no such thing as "fossil fuels" aside, the article proclaims that air pollution in industrialized major cities in the US has gotten really bad, and it has. People are getting sick and dying because of the toxic pollutants in the environment! Will shutting down the use of using carbon based fuels resolve the problems Dane has described that are accelerating? NO!

  38. Joseph says:

    Climate collapse is real. There is no place to hide .  Geoengineering and climate engineering are also 100% real.  LAB TESTS DO NOT LIE.

    Dane has been talking about that since the beginning of this website

    More people need to wake up and not sit on the sidelines.

    i notice the food quality of fresh produce is not what it used to be either.

    News media hides alot of the truth from populations etc.


  39. Lance says:

    The seriousness of the ongoing climate melt-down you've proven is real is NOT well received which is demonstrated by the very small number of "Likes". This is indicative of the state of denial, the lack of understanding, or the don't care live-for-today-for-tomorrow-we-die attitude that the majority of people exhibit "these days". There is another reason though. A lot of people believe that through the development and use of advanced technologies, specifically using AI, that humanity will come up with answers to all their problems. Could give many examples. At best this will buy a little time, which is exactly what was said about the tropical storm and the rain from it, that was steered into the southwestern US. The geo-engineers attempted to cause enough rain to fall to help raise the water levels in the reservoirs that get filled by water coming into the Colorado River system. The levels did rise, but its not going to resolve the lack of water that exists in the US southwest, which is only going to get worse. Then there is the very BIG problem of all the different types of pollutants that are present in the environment in which we live. The amount of pollutants that exist and that are continuing to be discharged into the environment are far beyond any hope of removal. The effects of these toxic elements in the environment are everywhere apparent, are getting worse, and the scientific community KNOWS THIS! The bottom line regarding this, as far as I'm concerned, is this! If you're putting your "faith" in their tech knowledge and their false AI god to save you and this world you've made the ultimate mistake! You've been warned which is what I have to do! If you choose not to listen that's on your head, not mine!

  40. Dennis Damm says:

    eurotropic lakes contribute tons of metahane to the atmosphere. The dying vegitation from lakes is a massive part of the methane problem.Not beavers!!  then the humans living next to the lake can't have weeds touching them . So they spray the lakes to kill the weeds. then you get 2 crops of weeds per year for methane prodution.

  41. Who Cares says:

    I grew up the city tree in front of my house. Watered it so it would survive it’s early summers.

    The city widened the sidewalk to one side of it, to encourage walking. Better late than never I thought for this environmentally-backward city.

    Then last Sunday, one car rear-ended the other up over the sidewalk and into the 3-year old, 25” tree.

    Everyone worried about the people and the cars – not a thought to the tree.

    And all I wanted to do was scream on the street at the top of my lungs,

    “Hey stupid humans – we need this tree to survive more than any of us matter!

    And why oh why are you driving around in your car on Sunday afternoon for leisure on a hot day with terrible air quality to start with?”

    And other choice things I’d like to say to express my deep mourning while the so-called ‘people’ carry-on as per usual.  As they are doing again today, this next Sunday – stuck in a traffic jam on their way to the all-important ice cream cone they needed to drive to.

  42. penny waters says:

    so-called renewable or green technology is a farce

    we are being surrounded by solar panels here in essex – in the poor part where not many rich people live – what a surprise?

    as we were asked for any objections i wrote a huge tome – hahahaha – wasn't received well by planning dept cos they had to read it (my local chelmsford councillor scolded me – like i give a, hahahaha)

    amongst other things, i pointed out all the nonsense about new technology – solar panels – lets dig up the earth to get the metals required – leaving, often more than not, a degraded and radioactive environment – china makes most of 'em and it is quite apparent that with such a big country the peasants are ruled by ugly narcissists who will just push them out of their way (was covid an accident? hmmmm.. or just a way of reducing populations.)

    solar panels only last about 15years – can't recycle them – so just a dumper – hahahaha living in cloud cuckoo land with no real thought for the future

    essex is one of the driest parts of britian – so not only will the panels kill the wildlife (has been researched) but covering the ground in metal panels will dry us out even more and cause wild fires – hahahaha

    have to laugh otherwise my mind will go doolally

    best idea – when it gets dark – go to bed – keep clothes till they fall apart – only take what you use – one third of food is lost or destroyed from field to plate – stop wasting everything

    will people change? i leave it to you to wonder

    love to all

  43. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    There are so many reports from news outlets and op-ed published stories claiming our dependency on fossil fuels, is and always be a permanent way of life. Whether we like it or not. Their claims state that it will destroy world economies and cause complete societal collapse, in just a few short years, if we transition over to renewable and or green energies.

    During (what they call) the lengthy and difficult move to very costly alternative energy sources and technologies, millions of jobs that depend on fossil fuels for their paychecks will be lost and so will the pensions of those who are retired. Wars will erupt between countries trying to control the newest energy alternative resources, and the abandoned or obsolete fossil fuel industry structures like refineries, pipelines and drilling rigs will be left to rust and wither away. Polluting the environment even more and causing these new forms of energy to be more heavily taxed. Just to pay for their demolition, cleanup and or refurbishing. Third world countries will suffer massive loss of life, as they won't be able to afford replacement energy solutions and will starve or freeze to death. Or possibly even face genocide by armies that invade to control or take away what resources they do acquire. etc., etc. 

    They paint an extremely bleak doomsday scenario, while claiming that the current climate emergency is nothing more than a scam and hoax, perpetrated by those who are switching their investment portfolios over to cleaner renewable energy "start-up" industries. Including climate activists that aren't educated in the real history of our planet's cold and hot eras through time. Extreme Left Liberal politicians getting rich from fooling the world into choosing alternative energies, after accepting bribes from climate activist paid lobbyists.

    Their stories and opinions try to argue that there is no such thing as human induced climate change or global warming. They state case after case where the planet was hotter, drier and much more dangerous. Like the 1901 Eastern United States Heat Wave lasting from June to August. Considered to be one of the deadliest heat waves in American history, some 9,500 people perished during that summer. "The Great Dust Bowl" from 1930 to 1940 in the central and southern plains states of the U.S. The infamous heat wave from June to September of 1980 that blanketed most of the U.S. with sustained highs of 108 degrees in many locations. And other notable heat waves like the one in Russia that recorded sustained highs of 104 degrees back in 2010. Southern Pakistan in 2015 when a record high of 120 degrees was observed. Chicago in July of 1995 experienced highs of 104. Greece in 1987 with two months of highs reaching 113. Europe in July and August of 2003 reaching 104 degrees, and India’s April through May heat wave reaching 109 degrees.

    But there is a serious problem with their logic and comparisons. Yes, those were extremely hot periods. However, they happened anywhere from seven to twenty-nine years apart. Not every single year, for the last eight years running! (With 2023 set to be the ninth and hottest ever recorded in history) The sustained high temperatures were lower on average and didn't last as long in duration. Other than the U.S. heat wave of 1980. The overnight low temperatures were also very cool in comparison to the low, higher temperature records being set over the last several years. And most importantly of all, there were no documented mid-winter record high temperature events like we are seeing now, on opposite hemisphere continents. Especially in mountainous regions over 10,000 feet and there was also very little glacier melt. There were no temperatures recorded at or above one-hundred degrees in the Arctic circle. No record sea surface temperatures over one-hundred degrees. No massive coral bleaching and die-off events around the world. Nothing even close to the unthinkable mass wildlife extinction event that is taking place as I write this piece. Or the mass migration to the temporarily cooler polar regions, by those surviving wildlife species.

    No, those heat waves were merely precursors to what is happening now on an extremely fast warming planet. Where all aspects of life are dwindling in rapid succession. Including the forests that are burning millions of acres each day and producing fire tornadoes that rival those spawned by thunderstorms. We are fast approaching the temperature threshold limit on land and in the seas that will ultimately shut down the photosynthesis process, which we can’t live without.

    They claim that so many people will lose their paychecks and livelihood if we replace the fossil fuel empire with renewable, clean or green energy. But billions will lose their lives to a super hot planet that will be unable to sustain human life, well within the next ten to twenty years. If we don't halt emissions and other human derived climate altering issues immediately.

    They say that economies will crash, and complete societal breakdown will follow, if we stop burning fossil fuels. But what does any of that matter, when billions are going to die from a planet sized bonfire that increases the severity of droughts, famine, fires, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, and even wars. There will be no more established or sustained economies and the complete collapse of society will happen much, much faster than anyone could predict. Mass migrations are already taking place and will soon be in the millions. By those trying to escape regions that will no longer sustain them, because it will be too hot for even basic survival needs. Possibly by the end of this decade, if we don't act like Yesterday!

    Those elites who are getting wealthier by the day from the fossil fuel industry, and using puppet climate scientists, meteorologists, news reporters, editorial writers and politicians to make such insane and absurd claims, are profoundly aware of and have been helping to hide the thousands of climate engineering flights taking place in our skies, every single day.

    And that's exactly why I personally believe they are suddenly making these grossly unfounded climate change and global warming scam insinuations. Because Congress will soon be debating on the use of Geoengineering to block sunlight. The very same geoengineering operations that are suspected of being able to disrupt climate systems around the world. And actually, have been doing just that for close to seventy-five years now. They are paranoid that billions of people will soon know the truth behind these mounting climate disasters and record high temperatures worldwide. Once the Federal Government lets the Genie Out of the Bottle and announces that Geoengineering is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is real and they plan to use it just as soon as possible. (Or to be more factual. Continue using it.)

    They are trying desperately to keep Pandora's Box from being opened, and the only thing that they can come up with is creating the illusion that Global Warming and the current Climate Emergencies are simply figments of our imagination. Just like the trails being sprayed in our skies are simply moisture condensation contrails. Not some form of geoengineering that could have negative impacts, such as spurring droughts, heat waves and a whole list of unexplainable extreme weather events. The likes of which are impacting the lives of millions of weather warfare crime victims around the world.

    One final point if you please. I truly believe that all those heat waves in the past (except for possibly the 1901 event) were likely test runs, trial operations and sanctioned climate experiments, secretly performed by the military. In order to achieve the results we are witnessing today. Ultimately to control the weather through the geoengineering of planet Earth, aka… world encompassing climate engineering technologies.

    Owning the weather by 2025 but destroying the planet by 2035. All for naught. Fossil fuel emissions being halted or not. Global Warming and Climate Change being a myth or not. There is only one logical outcome, believe it or not.

  44. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Tropical Depression 10 forms, to make landfall in Florida this week
    A new system has taken shape near the Gulf of Mexico, and AccuWeather meteorologists warn that it could strengthen into a tropical storm or hurricane before approaching Florida during the new week.


    • Debra Kekaualua says:

      Wailuku "brush" fire. This is interesting means to eliminate anywhere on this planet. Geoengines are on a roll.

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