Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2023, #436


Dane Wigington

"It is time to consider giving the planet some sunblock", "It is time to consider tweaking the clouds to cool the planet", both statements are headlines from Now lets add this science report title from Science Daily, "Superglue for the atmosphere: How sulfuric acid increases cloud formation". Exactly how many forms of toxic elements are being dispersed into our skies with virtually no environmental impact reviews or public disclosure? How many have yet summoned the courage to even want to know? How much more can the planet's life support systems take before total breakdown? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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49 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2023, #436

  1. Conrad Miller MD says:

     Cartersville Georgia gets the hell sprayed out of its blue skies, which were blue in the morning and gray by late afternoon. I have some video and some photos how do I get them to you or put them into a reply here? Also please what is the term for forming ice with weather manipulation? Is it enucleated ice or nucleated ice? ty

  2. Virginia says:

    Please, allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas with the hope that the coming New Year of 2024 will bring some semblance of Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Man.  I pray it will be so.  

    For the people in the land of Jesus' birth, his descendants, there will be no Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.  There will only be tears of grief and despair and hopelessness to replace the joys of the birth of the Savior in Palestine.  For eight-thousand little Palestinians there will be no mangers, no Christmas candies or favors or gifts to exchange with loved ones.  For their surviving parents, there will be nothing.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The forecast says we will see over three inches of rain from Thursday night into Christmas Eve night. Then a cold front comes through at Exactly Midnight, and from there we steadily drop from 72 degrees to 38 degrees by Christmas night. After which we stay in the 40s in daytime, and 30s at night, for the following five days.

    Prior to this forecast it showed a high temperature on Christmas day of 84 degrees. I guess Raytheon decided to change the schedule, because their Texas CEOs wanted it to be cold for their kids on Christmas. And what good is it to drink piping hot chocolate in eighty-plus degree weather?

    Next thing you know. If climate engineering evolves to become socially acceptable. It will be possible to buy an actual "Snow Day" at Neiman Marcus for the cool price of a hundred million dollars.

  4. Stuart says:

    According to an article in today's WSJ our good friends at Raytheon have been awarded a contract to develop microwave- based systems to disable incoming enemy drones or missiles. Described as "Once highly classified technology" alluding I suppose to the HAARP program which

    Was a Conspiracy Theory

    Was never deployed

    Never really existed. 

    "What the heck, we can change Weather Patterns with microwaves.  Let's shoot down some drones too".

  5. Joe says:

    If one were to put geoengineering into a search engine numerous recent  articles talk about it.

    The problem w all the b.s. is that they say we might need to do it to slow down climate change.   Slow down what we are already doing it and the whole planet is getting worse.




    Is Geoengineering The Answer To The Global Climate Crisis? (   


    Engineering our way to a livable planet is a challenge we can no longer afford to ignore. The climate crisis, increasingly visible to all, has reached a critical juncture.

    In the immediate aftermath of the COP28 in Dubai and the agreement struck between the world’s countries, we see the call for more forceful action. But is this going to be enough and rapid enough?

    We are heading towards the warmest year on record, with the past 12 months believed to be the hottest in 125,000 years. These staggering figures surpass even what scientists, including those at the IPCC, predicted, indicating that our planet is warming at a faster rate than anticipated.

    This alarming trend raises a crucial question: controversial though it is, is geoengineering a solution we actually need?


    • Joe says:

      More people need to step up to the plate. 

      Dane can't do this alone.  Over the years I have seen people come and go off of this platform.

      Yesterday I personally handed out about 10 of Dane's business cards.  The weather it doesn't matter were you live is getting worse w storms, heat domes , droughts etc.. 

      Bottom line we need clean air , food and water— instead all we get is more war etc. 

       U.S. military billed $400 for a toilet seat back in the 60s.  It is much worse now.  War is a major polluter of the whole planet.

      I  have been here alot longer than most since 2010.

      I knew about haarp in the 90s. 

      Everyday is special —

      I usually don't have the time and energy to type so mostly  copy and paste.    

      Stay Strong.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yeah! Like what is it Dane has so often quoted- 7 Hiroshima bombs per second of warming every day? I guess those expert scientists on the panel didn't anticipate THAT. Of course we don't need geoengineering-we haven't needed it for the past 75 years- but we've been getting it; whether we wanted it ot NOT. Geoengineering has clearly worsened whatever climatic changes may have been occurring naturally or due to any anthropogenic warming causes. Geoengineering = climate destruction on STEROIDS.

    • Joe says:

      Thanks Earth Angel

        I like that name.

      I am glad that someone posted under my name .  I actually been protesting against all kinds of stuff since the 60s when I was young, 

      I knew all about fracking in the 90s . I think about 1995.   

      There were movies about how bad that is called Gasland

  6. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Huge Bombshell Development by Raytheon explains so much about why climate engineering aerosol spraying ingredients are changing (new chemicals and metals added to the mix) and becoming even more toxic to life everywhere.

    A new DARPA program called POWER, which stands for Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay. Will be using Tesla's theory of free energy and is called Beaming Power.

    Beaming power uses the same physics as wireless communication. You need a power source (Advanced Optical HAARP Antenna Arrays), which then converts that power to a propagating wave, typically electromagnetic (MICROWAVES), send it through free space, collect it in through an aperture, and then convert it back to electricity.

    This new technology is based on a breakthrough research development years ago, where scientists are now able to Entangle Microwaves with Light.

    The Raytheon plan centers on unmanned aircraft at high altitudes capable of serving as relay vessels, intended to receive and transmit beamed energy. Power would be beamed to the aircraft from the ground, allowing the (webbed system of planes) to then relay the energy over long distances. That energy could then theoretically be used for recharging airborne planes (including those same unmanned relay aircraft), powering ships in the sea, or fulfilling additional energy needs on the ground. Originally intended for military war theater applications, but it could also be used commercially as well.

    The government is looking to eventually be able to reroute energy in seconds or minutes, allowing a near-instantaneous pivot of strategies without requiring cumbersome changes to supply lines. In essence, they want ‘energy web dominance', and creating a military-level wireless energy web system would push forward the emerging world of wireless energy.

    The POWER program aims to make the power beaming relays efficient, maximizing beam quality and harvesting energy along the way. It is a three-phase development effort, culminating in a compelling energy relay flight demonstration in early 2024.

    The key to this entire program is the ability for their web of unmanned high altitude "supersonic" planes to not just redirect beamed energy, but also harvest energy along the way. By collecting that energy from the atmosphere and highly charged artificially created cirrus clouds. Raytheon has been secretly working on this technology for years now, and they have been priming the atmosphere for their fleet of power relay planes to become operational by 2025. 

    Spike Aerospace is supplying the "Completely Quiet" high altitude supersonic unmanned planes for the POWER program and has been testing prototypes in the skies over the U.S, for the last few years now.

    This new atmospheric power relaying system will also be used by U.S. Space Command to focus the beams of power at enemy missiles, and other vessels operating from low altitude to low Earth orbit. Basically, utilizing the ground (or even orbit based) energy producing antennae and platforms to charge the atmosphere, for the relay planes to then transfer that power to the weapons, for focusing beams onto their specified targets.

    All of this could easily explain the different anomalies and strange phenomena people are seeing in the sky. From alarming loud trumpet like sounds, and super loud booms with no apparent source. Different colored lights in the clouds before there are earthquakes, optical sunlight illusions, frequent sun and moon halos, and the entire cloud filled sky turning deep shades of red, green, blue and purple.

    Entangling light with microwaves is creating a whole new level of military dominance, by using the atmosphere itself to power every piece of hardware, ship, plane vehicle and weapons system in their arsenal.

    Yeah, and my guess is that it will give the military its stated ability to master the weather by 2025. Right on schedule as they promised.

    Just imagine. Being able to harness the microwave power accumulated by hurricanes, heat domes and atmospheric rivers (not just cirrus clouds), then redirecting that power to attack enemies anywhere on the planet, within just seconds or minutes.

    Superior military dominance at the cost of a dying planet, and the end of humanity as well. Weather is the ultimate weapon now. Literally!

    There is no end to a militarized society's insanity. Because I believe the main reason why they try so hard to disprove claims of current geoengineering operations, is not just to hide climate engineering from the public, but to keep programs like POWER from being duplicated by other warring nations. Or, being openly condemned by all other countries on the planet.

    If it were going to be used for commercial applications only, then it would be praised worldwide and modified to eventually replace fossil fuels entirely, and Tesla's dream of free energy from the atmosphere could become a reality, but instead (as usual) it is being turned into a weapon. (or used to power weapons).

    This application could even entangle sunlight with electromagnetic energy on orbiting space platforms that charge the atmosphere (without aerosols never needing to be sprayed), and ground receiving energy collectors around the world could then distribute that energy where it is needed. Which is just a space-based modification of Tesla's theories. The sprayed aerosols are simply used to juice up the atmospheric energy for military grade applications.

    We might all have to wear tinfoil hats, but at least fossil fuel emissions wouldn't be causing the sun to heat up the Earth any more, and giant slingshots could place the small relay platforms in orbit.

    Reality check though. The war machine will never give up its death grip on Earth and its dependency on fossil fuels. So, the summary I just wrote is merely wishful thinking on my part.                                                  


    • Earth Angel says:

      And after this whole thing is in place, my guess is the next thing they will do is turn the whole thing over to be run by AI. Lord help us all.

  7. RB says:

    Who in the world could pull all this off? CIA. They have the technology, money, power, access to surplus aircraft and the know how to pull it off and make a buck. This is what they do. Just ask John Brennan former CIA Director who talks openly about Geoengineering technology. To guard this operation they simply label it a matter of "National Security" and that makes it nearly untouchable, untraceable and maybe unstoppable. As one author states this is the "New Manhattan Project" from those who gave us Air America. Some food for thought.

  8. Robin says:

    "You can leave scannable business cards or flyers etc. with bills when you pay bills."  Jonathan, thank you for that idea.  As you've shared, in your willfully & deeply dedicated years here, there are many ways- credible, tangible & rewarding, yet, without imposing or ranting, to spread spot fires of awareness on this existential/urgent topic.

    I would like to add one.  Using the scannable business card (The Dimming/Stop Toxic Climate Engineering).  I use a 1/2 x 2" post-it note taped to 'Stop Toxic …." side.  I pen in a statement/symbol.  Search or tab 'engineering winter' or 'engineering wild fires (i. e. Cananda) [Global ops].  Symbols include Magnifying glass- search symbol or arrows to point to website or highlight info.

     I left a few at truck stop and gas station counters last night.  In one case the clerk was very receptive to leave them right on the counter where customers purchase goods. 

    From new to veterans to this site.  Stay balanced & strong, when you try you belong, feels good, can't go wrong (even learning from rejections)! 

    • Jonathan says:

      Excellent idea Robin, thank  you for sharing. I also like to leave a double-sided one page flier curled up in the handle of the gas pump, so the next person getting gas after me will see it and can read it while pumping gas, and no personal contact is needed, so it does not put the recipient under any pressure. 

  9. Chris says:

    Gee here's my surprise face

    It's apparently much cheaper to use up depleted uranium in combat than to dispose of it properly. Much like sodium flouride, coal fly ash and other toxins it's much cheaper to toxify the air, sea and land, and let the biosphere absorb the consequences. As they say "one death is a tragedy a million is a statistic"

    We are being programmed in ways it's hard to comprehend but is so apparent it couldn't be more obvious if one cares to look. It's been said the brain is like a parachute, it works better when open. Don't worry it's just contrails it's normal and sodium flouride prevents cavities. Depleted uranium weapons don't cause nuclear contamination, trust the science, trust me I speak the truth, oh and by the way take your vaccine, it's safe and effective

    Having for more than two decades observed first hand the denial of what one can easily see happening in the sky above when being sprayed like bugs that i stand in awe of the programed response it's just a contrail to this day . This programming / pre- programming has griped almost all I know and remains quite the concern because how does one stop it. It's been said it's easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they've been fooled. How true that is.

    Luckily we aren't physical beings experiencing a temporary spiritual experience rather spiritual beings experiencing a temporary physical experience, but that philosophy doesn't make watching it happen any easier.

    I have smart friends but they all snicker behind my back when I point out what is obvious to me especially when the military crop dusters criss cross the sky here in Pinetop Az and completely occlude the sky in hours. Every one seems to have forgotten what real clouds use to look like, because they've been gone for a decade or two.

    Beam me up quickly as possible please, thanks.

    • RB says:

      Thank you for mentioning coal fly ash. Two of the books I have read have concluded that coal fly ash is the particulate being used in Geoengineering (SAI). There are aluminum particles within coal fly ash which separate upon dispersal in the atmosphere. There are 3 ways to get rid of coal fly ash. 1-Bury it or pile it , 2- Re-purpose in material such as concrete or asphalt or 3- Spray it in the sky and call it climate engineering. Their goal is to simulate ash from a volcano, so coal fly ash fits perfectly. Or like you mentioned maybe this is just a way to dispose of waste. There are hundreds of coal fired power plants in the US and around the world. After burning coal, the waste product is coal fly ash which is removed from smoke stacks and the burning process itself.



  10. Robert says:

    Hello to all here 

    I would like to share my thoughts on how to approach those that are not yet fully aware of the damage being done to our Mothership. 

    As Dane has stated numerous times before on his weekly bad news reports, we have to imagine that we are playing a game of chess in order to awaken those around us, a game we have to play well in order to achieve our goal, a mass awakening. 

    I have been at this game for awhile now, and the number one play for me on the list is to stay calm and collected when making your first move. Ranting in an aggressive manner will only make people anxious and they will want to move away from you and back into their happy place. Be calm and smile, make good eye contact and show them that you are not a threat or mean them harm, kind of like approaching a nervous dog, slow and calm in voice and presence.

     Second move for me would be not to fear rejection, I want to win this game and I'm not going to quit just because I gave up a pawn. Play on with confidence and a steady hand. Remember, our goal is to win.

    Also, as Dane has said before, plant a seed of knowledge and move onto the next spot. I'm a curious person, so sometimes I like to retrace my steps to see if that seed has sprouted. The controllers are having a difficult time now keeping their malfeasance under wrap and so people now are starting to question more of what they hear on the matrix news. Lo and behold, maybe the seed you planted has sprouted in their mind, go back and give it a sprinkle of water.

    And lastly I would say, give yourself a shout out, you are traveling on a rough road, a cosmic road to enlightenment. We are correct in our minds and connecting to a higher thread of consciousness, we are on a righteous path. Take time to appreciate what you have accomplished and be proud of yourselves, stay strong, dedicated and fearless. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

    I saw a photo of the genocide taking place in Gaza the other day and in the background of the all the destruction was the sky lined out with poison. I found this to be ironic, killing people and at the same time killing the planet. Who are these degenerates?

    Thanks Dane for all you do, you inspire me with your unwavering dedication and courage. I wonder if  Eden Lost to Insanity would help you write your autobiography, I think people could learn much from it, your journey through life and what brought you to your post. Salute!

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Robert, you give very sound advice on the best way to approach those who are somewhat on the fence about anything having to do with "Earth's strange climate patterns". Because that's basically their first impression of the climate issue. Strange patterns and events that don't seem to match what they remember from their past or think they should be experiencing if everything is OK with the planet. They are still undecided on whether to believe those who say it's all just Nature having a bad day, and others who say it's an omen of humanity's dependence on fossil fuels.

      To them it's like trying to determine who is right, when half the world's scientists are sounding alarms over setting records for the hottest months and years in history, and the other half are saying calm down folks… if you look at the paleo records, none of this is anything new compared to what the Earth has gone through before.

      But what isn't being emphasized enough by the alarmed half, and is purposely being omitted by the Prozac half, is that we are talking about only one-hundred years or so of very noticeable change. Compared to millions of years for that same change to occur, when a human footprint is missing from their seriously flawed equation.

      It's when I focus on the lightning quick changes that somehow coincide with all forms of Anthropogenic activity, and the evolution from blue to white skies over the last seventy-five years. Those sitting on the fence begin to question the official narrative, and slowly climb down onto the alarmist side of the pasture.

      But they still hold one hand on the fence and will only definitively believe our side of the argument, when I point out (by helping them to see the paper trail) that the climate emergency denying scientists are publishing their Op Eds in government supportive, and government funded news outlets. While the alarmist scientists are quoting peer reviewed studies by other concerned scientists and publishing their findings in mostly independent news outlets.

      The denying half of academia claim their studies and reports are also peer reviewed. But it's easy to find debunking and rebuttal testimonials by hundreds if not thousands of scientists, who say that they never even read them or agree with them.

      The paper trail of convincing evidence is also supported by most government officials having oil and gas lobbyists in their pockets and keeping their investment portfolios stacked with oil and gas stocks and bonds. Proving that the Washington Post, CNBC, US News, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and so many others who publish scientist's reports and editorials claiming that climate alarmism is fake news… are never going to admit that "Earth's Strange Climate Patterns" are the direct result of fossil fuel emissions, and climate intervention programs performed by the military, and supported by the government.

      They will then let go of the fence and become firm believers that Nature is taking the blame for human climate intervention (intentionally or not). especially after they view "The Dimming". Then they know it’s definitely intentional and should be halted to save the planet.

      That's exactly how I won over the support of everyone in my little Texas community, and they are now spreading the seeds of mass awareness. The younger folks were slightly harder to convince, but they were shocked into awareness of climate engineering, after the viewing of The Dimming in our church. AND I never once ranted in an aggressive manner as Robert has skillfully pointed out. I stayed calm and cool and spoke to them as equals, with dignity and respect for their views and opinions.

      I have learned more about geoengineering over the last eighteen months or so, than I ever thought was even humanly possible. I have focused on educating myself in a crash course on this subject, because I know our time is short and our lives will mean nothing if we can’t wake the masses. Dane and his weekly global alert news broadcasts have played an integral part in transforming my writing etiquette, from those early days of curiosity towards what exactly are chemtrails, and what do they have to do with climate change, or global warming even.

      I too was a skeptic at first and could not see the trees for the forest. Until I found this website. My life changed instantly, and I abandoned the chemtrail stigma for more sensical meanings that fit what I was seeing in the sky. Logic and facts replaced conjecture and theories, and I wrapped my mind around everything that explained the changes I have seen in my sixty-four years on this planet.

      Now, having said all of this. It would truly be my honor to help in any way that I can, to put together a rough draft, and final transcript of Dane’s autobiography. But I don’t think he has ever considered such an idea. Because you must remember, this is a man who lives “Off Grid” and I don’t think he wants his personal life, or his family to be exposed to the rest of the world. I respect that and will only pursue this endeavor if he feels that the world could benefit from his story. Only if he thinks that by sharing how he takes his responsibility of being the best possible steward of Nature, and how that dream as a little boy became a passion as an adult… could affect people in a way that opens their minds to seeing how Dane is crushed, by watching everything he loves, die, wither and disappear around him in his wilderness retreat.

      Only if he thinks the people of this world could be touched and profoundly moved, by his life’s journey that brought him to us, as a voice for the silenced and castigated minority who are struggling to wake the masses. I would do this only if everyone here is willing to share their thoughts of him, and what he means to you as a leader for our climate engineering awareness movement. Only if you are all willing to have those testimonies and your words of appreciation for the sacrifices he has made, to be included on the pages of Dane’s life story. But of course, I can’t help to tell his story without him sharing that with me in the first place. So, it is up to Dane and everyone here to decide fi I am even worthy of, or best suited to accept the challenge of helping him to write his long overdue autobiography.

      My part would simply be to sculpt his draft copy, to include how he has changed our lives and share our own life’s journeys that led us to him. Insert our testimonials to his life’s work on this cause, possibly with each successive chapter of the book, and add our thoughts of him to the preface and forward. Maybe even some words by us on the final pages after his story ends, to show our support for him choosing to open his life up to the world, and what it took for him to do just that.

      I also feel that if this happens. The book should be almost entirely focused on his life story, and very little if anything about this website, and his weekly broadcasts. That can all be covered in the references and footnotes sections. It should be about his passion to connect with others, his undying love for nature and why he is willing to spend his last breath saving our planet. It should be about how he came  to be the voice for those who are desperately hoping to stop geoengineering and focus all of humanity’s efforts on searching for the path to salvation.

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you Robert for your level-headed and wise advice on approaching people with this information. I also find Dane's informational handouts to be helpful and let them do most of the talking for me; some people come back and ask questions, and with them, I go into more detail and depth than I would initially.

      Respectfully and with gratitude,


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Robert, I have only been here in the discussion’s family for about ten months and became a first-time visitor about eighteen months back. I have paid very close attention to Dane’s broadcasts and even I can tell you that he values his privacy greatly. Because he never shares anything about his personal life, unless it involves climate impact, government intrusion and vaccine side effects to members of his family. He lives off-grid for a reason and keeps his personal life distanced from these discussions or the weekly broadcasts. Other than what he shares about his journeys in nature, and how it is slowly dying right before his eyes.

      He isn’t in this for notoriety or to gain financial wealth, and I’m sure that he isn’t interested in writing an autobiography. Not that he isn’t humbled by your idea and grateful for you even bringing it up, I’m sure. But he has never exposed any personal aspects of himself or his family, and I’m sure he never will. Unless they stop spraying the skies tomorrow and he can take a break from being so vigilant. Only then might he open up a bit and bear his soul.

      I personally think it’s a great idea, but I don’t have a family to protect either. He also knows that time spent on writing his life story, takes precious time away from the already sleepless nights and long hours that he spends on the weekly broadcasts. Not to mention the overtime spent on managing this website and setting up interviews with various experts. Who details various lab test results from experiments that he pays for out of pocket.

      He has so much on his plate as it is and there’s no way he is going to trust a complete stranger like me to write his autobiography, simply from listening to recordings and notes he makes in what little spare time he doesn't have already. He’s not searching for the glory of saving our planet and sees himself as just a simple Solar Technician who looked up one day, to try and figure out why solar panels weren’t getting enough sunlight to function properly anymore. And stumbled onto a mystery in the sky that is not just affecting the sun, but every living thing on the Earth. He doesn’t think he is special, and he doesn’t want everyone else in the world he is trying to awaken, to think that either. Because no one listens to someone that thinks they are entitled. He is who he is and that’s all we need to know, for now.

    • Virginia says:

      Eden:   Here is my take on your "soft" insistence that somehow we who frequent this site and write comments somehow need a biography of or an autobiography by Dane that will somehow enhance his 'standing' or some such is  a bit presumptuous.  His lifestyle is his and his family's private affair.  Had he wanted to write an autobiography, he would have initiated such an undertaking long ago.  I believe the subject should be dropped, as it is a distraction from the object of this website.  In these days, and I need not explain the undertones of that prepositional phrase, Eden, it is not wise to blow one's horn too loudly, especially if it is wrapped around a subject as sensitive as climate warfare and all the implications of geoengineering.

      Eden, you have made your offer which is generous.  If Dane desires the public's involvement in his and his family's life, he will, I am sure, contact you personally.  Plus, I would offer, that Dane is an excellent writer, as his work here indicates, and would be capable of his own authorship.

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I read an article the other day that pointed out how dementia and Alzheimers rates were phenomenally high in areas where people were exposed to wildfire smoke. Now, they are saying that lung, prostate, pancreatic and colorectal cancer rates have also skyrocketed in those same areas. Because they found that the smoke is a million times higher in forever chemicals, and they break down the dna in our cells, turning them cancerous. Plus it also causes them to metastasize and spread exceptionally fast throughout the body.

    That's why firefighters are at a much higher risk as well. They inhale more smoke and the fire extinguishing agents have huge amounts of forever chemicals too. Two out of every three firefighters in America are being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and that number also holds true with fighter jet pilots.

    But they are being exposed to both high radiation from the weapons on their planes, and extremely high UV radiation from the sun at high altitudes.

    There is a huge shortage of both in the fire fighting sector and the military, and no one wants to fill those positions any more. So, now defense contractors are working on pilot-less autonomous fighter jets, and fire fighting AI robots.

    That's it. Spend billions on tech to address these issues, and not on solving them by banning forever chemicals. The same insanity of "Let's allow millions to die senselessly, just to make the defense contractor CEOs even more wealthy." Which also applies perfectly to Geoengineering and wars.

  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Current conditions here in the Texas Hill Country according to the National Weather Service: 42 degrees, 72% humidity, barometric pressure 30.16 and rising, wind 11mph NW, air quality 27 and good, dewpoint 37 degrees, and the real feel temperature is 27 degrees. High temperature today will be 56 degrees.

    However, these are the REAL numbers according to information gathered (and averaged) from ten various private residence weather stations: 53 degrees, 89% humidity, barometric pressure "approximately" 34 and rising, wind less than 2mph out of the SE, air quality (horrific) as a flashlight beam exposes a thick fog of aerosol particulates, dewpoint 39 degrees, and the real feel temperature is closer to 56 degrees. Which is their predicted high for today.

    They just updated the current conditions and the only thing that changed was the real feel temperature. Which rose from 27 to 30 degrees. So, 53 degrees feels like it is below freezing?! Really?

    Yesterday the high was only supposed to be 54 degrees, but we reached 73 degrees at 2:00 pm. I guarantee it will be closer to 78 today. Which is the temperature predicted for Christmas day. So, basically it will be closer to 90 degrees, for that winter holiday!

    Oh, and the public address weather statement for Christmas says this, "Rainy days ahead. Rain chances go up the closer we get to that joyous day. Christmas day will be a soaker with heavy rains throughout most of the day. 

    But when you click on each day individually, in the ten day line up. The rain chances remain between 0 and 2%. Then on Christmas day it shows a 28% chance of rain, between 5:30 and 7:00 pm. Yep, gonna' be a real SOAKER.

    We have only received 1/2 inch of rain in December. But their official stats claim that we have seen over NINE inches so far.

    Just exactly how hilariously skewed (or should I say screwed) are the numbers around the rest of the country?

    They posted a map of anomalously high temperatures associated with El Nino for Christmas day, and it shows that North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana will experience temperatures well above normal.

    But it shows that Texas should only see slightly above the norm temps., and their rain chances map shows above normal rain here and in the southeastern states. But NO SNOW for most of the country, and only the lucky ones around New York (and the Rockies) will see a white Christmas.

    Same anomalously high temperatures are scheduled for January too. Place the parkas back in the linen closets, because they won't be needed this winter. But an ambulance might be need this coming summer, if you end up getting heat stroke from just mowing the lawn.

    The world's climate systems are slipping into a molten meltdown, and everyone is still walking around like phone junkie zombies, texting all of their BFFs about how nice it feels outside. If we weren't in so much doo doo hitting the fan right now, all of this would be somewhat laughable. 

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The geese still aren't sure where they need to go. They are so confused by the warm weather everywhere, and not just here in Texas. I've been told by friends who fish in Mexico that it is like summer there right now, and the fish are actually spawning!

    Rattlesnakes are out and they never even went into hibernation. Which is the first time I have ever seen that happen. 

    We had one-half inch of rain recently and now there are wild onions sprouting up all throughout this valley. Mating season has begun for both the deer and wild boars, and hornets are making nests in the dead and dying trees.

    Everything that is happening would usually occur in April, and that means by April it will already be just as hot as it was in July and August, of this last summer. So, what will this place be like in those two "coming" months? I wonder.

    Highs reaching 132 degrees, and overnight lows not dropping below 98 degrees? I won't be here for all of that, but I have a gut feeling that I am very close to the mark.

    I give it just 24 to 36 months before Texas becomes too hot for human survival. And the great "Exodus from Hell" will probably begin around the world. Literally. Hell on Earth is coming. That's a given.

    And the geese will probably be migrating from the North Pole to the northern border of Canada, and back each year. Avoiding the sizzling barren wastelands, formally known as the lower mainland Forty-Eight United States of America. Alaska will become more like a typically hot Texas, from the fifties and sixties.

    Everything within the equatorial regions will become known as the "Lethal Ring of Fire". A real-life boiling pressure cooker that separates the "almost" non-survivable zones. Leading to the polar regions that will become more and more tropical, with each passing month.

    Our planet is heating up at a rate that is close to a thousand times faster than anyone could have ever predicted. Except for Dane, of course. And by 2025 that rate could possibly equal one-hundred thousand times faster.

    Which could mean that the last living human might be gone by 2050, and a hundred years later… Earth will be on its way to becoming just like Venus, by the end of the century.

    Ridiculously insane prediction? Or the most accurate TRUTH Bomb to explode with guaranteed extinction level consequences?

    We are already in uncharted territory. Where are we headed next? A speedy fast-track shortcut to the "Great Filter"? Doesn't seem like there is any other place to go at this rate.

    The reality is that by midnight tonight, the damage done will become irreversible. But an even more dire reality check is that every night at midnight, for the last two years, we passed the point of no return, and we just keep fooling ourselves to avoid going into shock.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Let's all hope that I am wrong. Hell, even I hope that I am wrong. But if we can't stop the climate engineering insanity before the first day of 2025. There's probably a one-hundred thousand to one percent chance that we will indeed hit the Great Filter wall by 2050.

    Can't you feel the urgency? I know that Nature is sensing urgency, and the strange behavior of the geese is a perfect example. We say that folks would be fools to ignore these warning signs. And most people call us alarmist fools, for even trying to encourage such urgency.

    But in the famous words of Stephen King, "We fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living."  

    And Soren Kierkegaard, "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

  14. Nancy H. says:

    My heart is breaking every week as I read the comments of all here who are so aware and caring and hold a concern for our world. I too am "old", over 70, but my husband and I have watched this abhorrent chem-trailing and cloud seeding for about 5 years. We moved to the upper peninsula of Michigan in 1993. It was previously a vast forested and lightly populated area north of the "mitten"of Michigan. We are avid gardeners and birders. It is shocking and tragic how our growing season has become ever more erratic and shortened. The birds which we have always rejoiced in their heavy population up here, have become confused and sparse. As "Eden" reports, geese and sandhill cranes have altered their migration schedules. We have been saddened at that and the reduction of the bird population here in recent years. We are not far from the Seney Wildlife Sanctuary which has sheltered robust bird population for years. The immense forests  up here have exhibited altered a growth patterns and fungus, fungus, everywhere. This angers me and breaks my heart(and my husband too). Since we are in a rural area near Lake Michigan, we have experienced wild swings of "nature" as far as erosion and wild swings of temperatures , excessive winds, and abnormal lack of REAL snow. We call the nucleated "snow" they lay down as "styrofoam"snow. My husband tries to bring attention to others at his job (to the ugly chemtrail pilots lines) but most nod and resume persuing their cellphones!I feel the younger people are living in a chemically altered and artificial world. They have never noticed nature at its most natural and have become accepting of the chemtrailing and HAARP manipulation. They most likely have never seen the real clouds as we have in the sky. All the orange chemically induced sunsets are "beautiful" to them as they post on FB and IG. We are also concerned about the canine flu or respiratory disease that is showing up in our dog friends. As I walk our dog beside Lake Michigan I have encountered other dog owners who are similarly concerned about their pets' health. A helpless and dystopian feeling threatens to overpower me every day. It is all I can do to prod myself to exercise, and do other healthy pursuits, as a feeling of despair threatens to overwhelm me daily. Every time I go to Dane's website I am grateful and full of thankfulness for Dane's bravery and resilience. I take heart in his example and keep trying to have faith that humanity will wake up and become aware. I send all good wishes, hope, and thankfulness out to Dane and everyone on this site.


    • Virginia says:

      Dear Nancy:  Thank you for your well-written comment.  Not only do you paint a comprehensive description of "your world",but it is succinct and pertinent.  We all feel the pain you express because we,too,are experiencing similar conditions.  Our world has changed,and, like you, I fear that the young ones of today do not realize the extent of that change. That is just one reason why we must make every effort to educate them in every aspect and especially that of geoengineering. It is not an easy task, but we must make every effort to encourage them to participate in the fight to make our world livable once again.

      Thank you, Nancy.  Have faith for a better future for all. It can happen. Seasons Greeting and Peace on Earth.



  15. Stuart says:

    SoCal Report

    This area in Heat Wave right now.  Anaheim/ Disneyland hit 86F Sat. USAF Tanker Fleet working overtime spraying reflective aerosols trying to control Solar Radiation.   Was sitting outside at 0630 this morning and noted tanker plane making spray run directly overhead, east to west.  Exact same course/ heading as very first plane I spotted in Dec. 2006.  At that time I thought the plane was on fire or had a major emergency.I had not seen anything like it before.  Seriously.  So here we are 17 yrs later and still virtually no one in scientific community or media "gets it".


  16. WATCHER says:

    Dear Dane and All loyal followers Here.  It seems as this site appropriately addresses  GEOENGINEERING, Other various health topics are discussed , some are off topic although; still apply to the demise of our planet. Many of these issues are working in concert toward the destruction of our Planet, Creatures. and Humans as well. As you say Dane “Connect the puzzle pieces”  This is my part in the struggle and why I have arrived upon this site  4 years ago. Still there are many other issues I have discovered thru the years that are part of that Puzzle. Such is here off topic Pollution of all kinds; Trash, waste, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and elements including radioactive into our waterways and oceans. Consider also air pollution from vehicular exhausts, and chemical exhaust from manufacturing, Incinerated pollution  from facilities and industry..  Practicing  pumping and fracking more and more oil until the last drop.  Digging Coal likewise and creating toxic effluent from the process.. Gathering dangerous and radioactive elements for batteries and other uses..Insane biological warfare programs and Nuclear warfare programs that are designed for planetary omnicide, Many many more  illicit  practices are yet to be discovered and revealed . If You do not think these do not mix with Geoengineered  ingredients on their way down,in our atmosphere, You are missing very many aspects of our planets demise all working in concert with abandon. Yet again, let us consider the Sun cycles and their effects. We cannot solve all of these issues with any great progress until we STOP what we can NOW. Well  You all know that is not going to happen any time soon, even in our lifetime. Many of these Issues are by design, by an insane element of  corrupt  human or otherwise unknown players. Good  VS. Evil is the Game here. I will choose Good and I am ever watchful. I do praise You  DANE all for Your Loving and Caring  Relationship with our Dear planet Turtle Island and our fellow innocent inhabitants. SHOUT and SCREAM from the Rooftops our time is running out. The clock is ticking.

    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Watcher:  Got a kick out of your second sentence wherein you state,"Some discussions of heath are 'off topic'".  True, but, you know those of us who comment here and have been for some years tend to think of each other as 'family' or, at least,  very good friends who care for the welfare of each other as well as  for the welfare of our planet. We all have our two-cents worth of advice for those in need and mean no harm or misdirection from the main topic of geoengineering on this website.  I know you knew that.

      Thanks for the interesting post.  Enjoyed it.

      Seasons Greetings.  Peace.

  17. Stan Sylvester says:

    Oops! Some Scottish wind turbines have apparently been powered by  diesel fueled generators. Scottish Power has admitted that 71 of its wind turbines had to go diesel to keep them warm during the cold December month. 

    However, a whistleblower said that the real reason was more deeply seated,  a de-energizing of cabling. It took six hours a day of diesel run generators to get them back to energizing.

    It has also been reported that 4000 liters of  dirty hydraulic oil, due to cracks in mechanisms, have ended up being sprayed over Scotland's countryside. 

    Not all the news of Scottish wind turbines is bad, certainly not for Scottish Power . The company is actually a subsidiary of Spanish owned Iberdola. It is run by Chairman Ignacio Galan who in 2021 raked in 11 million British pounds. Scotland Power itself profited 924.6 million British Pounds during the first 6 months of 2022. This was announced as Scotland dealt with skyrocketing fuel costs.

    While all this wind turbine drama is going on, the earth's life support systems are being eradicated with ongoing solar radiation management. While Scottish wind turbines gone wild is a problem, looking up at the Scottish skies would reveal a greater threat.

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I have been watching the largest flock of geese I have ever seen, flying in circles for countless hours now. One giant circle, just round and round, and it's like they have no place to go. Trapped in a black hole of manmade climate insanity. They almost disappear over the horizon, only to return to the same roundabout circle repeatedly. First, they headed south and suddenly stopped. Then returned only to sweep around and try west. Stop again and swing around once again to head north. Not happening. They flip around and try east.

    Totally lost and in complete disarray, they revert to the same circular flight pattern. Like some helpless mass of birds swirling down into the depths of a whirlpool, and a drain that leads straight to hell.

    All of America is getting warmer and warmer right now, when it should be exactly the opposite. The entire world is heating up into a pool of lava, being fed by a broiling flow of magma that the climate engineers conjure up, with their choking trails of Andromeda Strain Aerosols and Microwaving Symphony of HAARPs. 

    Ushering in a deep sense of bewilderment that makes it impossible for the geese to decide where they need to go, to safely ride out winter. A winter that doesn't even know IT IS winter.

    Clouding their natural migration instincts and overwhelming them with an anthropogenic fog of dementia. Completely disrupting their annual migratory call of exodus, for the first time in thousands of years.

    Geoengineering is conquering our beloved Eden and hurling it out far beyond humanity’s grasp forever more. The geese can’t find Eden, yet they tirelessly continue searching and fly in circles, hoping to get a bearing on a world that doesn’t even exist anymore.

    I have never seen anything so sad and heartbreaking as a wild and beautiful species that can’t find their way to a place of respite, or a subconscious signal that has always led them to salvation from the cold. They know that if they choose the wrong direction, it could possibly lead to a brutal and frigid death for the entire flock. Or simply keep them from reproducing at all and lower their odds of surviving the next great extinction event.

    Their fate and ours are intertwined. We are circling around that same drain to hell, but the difference being. We are not coming together as one united species to locate the right path to salvation. We are being blindly steered by the majority to go down the wrong path. A majority that has willingly given up their natural instincts for survival. Placing their blind faith in letting technology tell them which path to take.

    There is no denying that Eden is lost forever as a direct result of anthropogenic insanity. We will never find Eden again, at least not during the time frame that our species has remaining. It may return in a few million years, slowly growing over and hiding the eroding fossil remnants of our footprint, on an ancient Earth of old. But THIS Earth and Humanity are no longer symbiotic, copacetic, or interconnected, and the conquering of nature through seventy-five years of geoengineering, has completely severed that same mutual bond that the geese rely on for their own survival.

    I truly wonder what the geese are thinking as they look down on us, while struggling to find a place, someplace, any place that we haven’t infected with our insanity, and turned utterly hostile to their continued existence. They must see us as a species that was once gentle, loving and kind to nature. But have somehow turned into monsters that feed off the blood of wars and hostility of conflicts. Genetically driven to replace thriving ecosystems with a dead vastness of concrete and steel. Obsessed with turning clean healthy blue skies white with toxic chemicals, choking the breath from the entire web of life, and polluting the ground to the point that it no longer sprouts nutrients important to all species alike. Even if they knew the meaning of cancer, it wouldn’t begin to describe the ill effects we are having on this planet. They likely view us as the creators of a nightmare filled abyss, who abandoned our post at the lighthouse for planetary stewardship.

    I’m so sorry my journeying friends of the vanishing heavens. I feel so bad for your species having to watch us go from simple nomadic cave dwellers to a hostile race of atom splitting, war mongering monsters torn on plundering this Earth of all its precious life and hurling it into “The Great Filter Void”. (for a better word…Extinction)   

    This is Eden Lost to Insanity. May luck be with you, no matter which path in life you choose to venture forth on.

    • Marilyn Pokorney says:

      The story about the bears not being able to hibernate is heartbreaking.  I feel so sorry for the animals and beings on this Earth.  Humans, not so much. They are the cause of all this misery.  Only the few who love the Earth and her creatures are worthy of favor.

      I am in a rural part of Nebraska.  I haven't seen geese circling, but I haven't seen many geese or sandhill cranes going south at all.  There were a few flocks that flew south earlier.  Usually, the geese are so noisy that one can even hear them when one is in the house if no radio or TV is on.  We are having temps in the 40's and 50's.  It is so nice that one feels like it's spring and should be out in the garden working.  We've only had a couple of inches of synthetic snow.  A portion of the state had rain this past week.  I heard a guy from Canada say they are having the same thing there.  He said he's never seen a fall and beginning of winter like this, and that this is what is predicted for January as well for his area. He seemed to be about 50 or so.  I am almost 68 so I saw a lot of wintry snows when I was younger.  In school, we would build snow forts to play in, and they would last for most of the winter.  Now, kids aren't even able to build a snowman.  A day of reckoning is coming for those who have done this to our beautiful Earth.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Eden Lost, So truthful are your heartfelt words and emotions regarding all of this unfolding tragedy. I share your pain and it cuts me to the core as I'm sure it does to the majority of us here at GeoWatch. Your description of the confused geese flying aimlessly in every direction trying to find the right course for their respite from the winter months is beyond heartbreaking. I hope they find somewhere where they will not be assaulted by artificial cold, ice storms, or tornado's (strangely now a year round event where once was only experienced  during early spring changing over from winter season) created by the criminally insane completely out of control and wreaking havoc and destruction upon everything. Your summation could not be more correct or well written. I stand with you in total grief and disbelief that we are witnessing this tragedy in real time. Still, I wish everyone and every good Creation of God blessings, safety and peace during this Christmas season. May all of our efforts somehow make a difference for good in this coming year. Love to All here.

  19. Monty says:

    I've only started looking into this topic since 2022, transitioning from "It's nonsense," to "There seems to be something to it," to now, "Why are people so blind to this?!"  Seeing it happening so frequently and heavily where I live, I've now become a regular listener to Dane Wigington, and I think I have 2 reasons (at least) why people aren't interested in this.  One is because, yes, it is very troubling, in fact, too troubling for people to even face (not a reasonable tactic, I would say).  The other is that even people who acknowledge the truth of what's happening aren't alarmed because they see it as "It's something that's happening *somewhere else* , so I needn't be worried about it."  It is a common human behavior characteristic that people's alarm bells don't go off until they are the ones being hurt.

    • Jonathan says:

      Welcome friend,

      So happy to hear that you were able to understand this now. Admittedly, it takes a while to break through years of programming and one's own cognitive dissonance. But then once a person's mind opens to the truth, you cannot get that genie back in the bottle. There are lots of ways to share information. One way is to go to public places like public libraries and so forth and leave materials. U can order them through the website. Left hand side of the web page.

      You can email links to people that you know. You can also look up colleges and universities, particularly ones that have programs in Earth science, atmospheric science, and so forth, and in many cases, the faculty and sometimes even graduate students have their email addresses publicly listed on their websites so you can send out group emails to those people as well with links to the documentary and or weekly broadcast, etc. You can even go to your local news station website and email all the staff, especially the meteorologist and even the editors and managers of the news stations. You can talk to local radio stations and see if they would be willing to broadcast the global alert news broadcast each week. I worked with my local talk radio station for several years before they agreed to broadcast these weekly broadcasts of Danes. But finally they did. And I'm so glad. You can leave scannable business cards or flyers etc with bills when you pay bills. You can go to public universities and hand out flyers and materials like I do and some other people probably do as well that we reach the young people. If you know people who are in the military, you can give them the materials. Military and young people are key to this. The young people are still impressionable in many cases, and the military is heavily indoctrinated, compartmentalized, and programmed.

      Thank you for joining this noble work, in whatever capacity you were able.

    • Jonathan says:

      For all those who are somewhat new to this, welcome. And if you have not considered it, please consider doing everything that you can within your sphere of influence for the precious plants and animals in your area. Whatever that means for you. I have feral cats, lots of birds and a number of foxes I feed every day. It is also not a bad idea to keep a few cans of canned dog food or cat food etc. Or something like that in your vehicle. In case from time to time, you should come across an animal who is hungry. You might be the very one that the Creator put in that animal's path to provide it with the nourishment it needs to carry on with the next leg of whatever journey it happens to be on. The Creator puts animals in my path frequently, I do whatever I can for them each time. Time. Sometimes the purpose of our meeting is for me to adopt that animal or to take the animal in and care for it and get it to someone who can adopt it or foster it. Other times, the animal is on a journey that I don't know about, and my purpose is simply to help care for them at a specific time so that they can be better equipped and strengthened to move on with whatever life has for them afterwards.

      There's going to become a very, very sharp distinction between people who have kindness, love and empathy, and those who do not. The ones who do are going to shine like the stars of the heavens in the growing darkness.

      And for those who may not be actively engaged in sharing information about the weather warfare programs, please consider so, not only for yourselves and your loved ones, but all of humanity and all plants and all animals. Many of them do not have any voice with which to speak out against this. Save our own. Yours may be the only voice they ever have.

      Look the storm in the eye.




  20. Jonathan says:

    I have noticed something disturbing in the last several years throughout much of the alternative media. It is a simple term, "climate hoax."

    I'm concerned that the use of that term is further pacifying people by implanting the idea in their minds that the climate is not changing and thus there's nothing to worry about.

    It seems to me that here is where they go wrong… the climate is changing, and it is changing in unnatural ways.

    Even many of the people who believe in climate change do not believe that it is related to human activity.

    My suggestion is that whenever you encounter an article in which the author either says that the idea of a change in climate is a hoax or that the climate is changing naturally and not due to human interference, please look to see if there is a contact option so that you can contact the author of the article to send them a link to the documentary that Dane put together or other information on this subject.

    It may be helpful to try to wake up and inform the people who are responsible for writing these articles.




    • Monty says:

      It seems to me that your comment (above) is very important.  Yes, as you said, even activists on alternative media say, "This climate change alarmism is a hoax; there is no climate change," even if they do from time to time talk about weather modification/geoengineering and such.  In fact, I must say that it's that very thing that causes me confusion about some of the things that Dane Wigington says.  Because the other alternative media cite numerous scientists who say things like, "CO2 today is actually far lower than it used to be in prehistoric times," or "It's not true that the polar bear population is declining," or "It's not true that quantities of polar ice is reducing."  And I could give other examples.  That's a 3rd reason why I think people aren't getting alarmed by what Dane is talking about – It's because people don't know what or who to believe about *anything* anymore.  That's why I said that the 2nd reason they're not worried is because they're not feeling it themselves personally – yet.

  21. Nancy starr says:

    I told rnc i woukd reinstate my membership when they inform we the people about the insane billionaires spraying…ruining our planet…with no oublic input or congressional oversight. If rnc does not inform we the people then they are complicit. Why do billiinaire insane people get to do whatever they want to we the people ? Total insanity.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Look up on YouTube: Prince Philip on what should be done about "overpopulation"


    "…can't you guess?'


    Might geoengineered pathogens be part of this?

  23. Jonathan says:

    Interesting… About a week ago. It rained very heavily here for about a day today and a half. I noticed that they were spraying heavily prior to this. We're supposed to get a lot of rain Sunday into Monday on the East Coast. They were spraying heavily again the last few days.


  24. Gary Morrow says:

    Blatant and disgusting daytime spraying returned here in Western South Carolina this past Wednesday and Thursday. On both days all traces of the natural sky were obliterated in less than an hour. 

  25. Jonathan says:

    I saw a picture a few days ago of a certain former President's wife walking with him on a beach recently. She was covered head to toe; even her hands were covered, and she had a huge hat on. So not one bit of direct sunlight touched her skin.

    They know…

  26. Jarold Frender says:

    The solution for every problem is to eliminate the cause.
    Your suggestion?

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dying to Lose Weight? U.S. Poison Control Centers Report 1,500% Spike in Calls About Popular Weight-Loss Drug

    Also this week, an investigation by The BMJ suggested websites are illegally marketing semaglutide, sold under the brand names Ozempic and Wegovy, in the U.K., triggering shortages and an online black market for the drugs.

    … Meanwhile, the high cost of Ozempic — partially fueled by growing demand for Wegovy — has resulted in an increasing reluctance of insurers and employers to cover the drug. Reuters reported a growing number of employers are instead hiring virtual healthcare providers to implement weight-loss management programs for employees.

    Aside from the drugs’ high cost and the reluctance of insurers to pay for semaglutide drugs, weight-loss medications also have been associated with potentially serious side effects — including suicidal thoughts, thyroid cancer and gastrointestinal problems, and pose a serious but little-known risk for pregnant women.

    Accidental overdoses behind many of the calls to poison control centers

    … According to CNN, among the nearly 3,000 reports of semaglutide poisoning this year, many have involved accidental overdoses.

    …In some cases, callers had to be “hospitalized for severe nausea, vomiting and stomach pain,” CNN reported. Other warning signs of a semaglutide overdose are dizziness or lightheadedness, feeling jittery, sweating and chills, irritability, headache, weakness, fatigue, nausea, seizures, confusion, hypoglycemia and passing out.

    … Semaglutide also has been linked to an inducement of suicidal thoughts among some users, and to serious digestive problems such as stomach paralysis, pancreatitis and bowel obstruction.

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    'Superglue' for the atmosphere: How sulfuric acid increases cloud formation
    Date: October 8, 2014
    Source: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
    It has been known for several years that sulfuric acid contributes to the formation of tiny aerosol particles, which play an important role in the formation of clouds.

    A new study shows that dimethylamine can tremendously enhance new particle formation. The formation of neutral (i.e. uncharged) nucleating clusters of sulfuric acid and dimethylamine was observed for the first time.

  29. jay dee says:

    Thank you, once again, Dane, for your dedication and morality. Few will hear, given that so few are watching or listening (to the skies, to the animals, or to this broadcast). I forward your Global Alerts but don't know if they are viewed. They may be perceived as too "gloom and doom". They are not; I think those few who DO watch and listen to your reports do not notice that you usually mention (briefly) that the situation COULD be (somewhat) ameliorated IF "we" acted NOW.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Jay Dee,

      I find the neat thing is that once someone sees the images Dane has put together- whether in "The Dimming," or in his educational materials- one cannot un-see those images. 

      One seen, you have planted a seed, indeed.

      A couple weeks ago, there was more spraying over Greenville, NC than I have ever seen, right before some strong rains. In fact, the East Coast was sprayed heavily. Of the many people I have reached out to with geoengineering information previously, three of them, from Greenvile to NJ to KY, texted me pictures of the chemical trails covering their skies. 

      Those images implant within the subconscious mind and cannot be unseen.

      Keep up the good work and be encouraged, Jay Dee. :+)


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