Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 30, 2017, #125


Dane Wigington

The top US Marine Corps General has just stated on the record that the US will soon be at war. Should this come as any surprise? Creating chaos and carnage is something that the power structure has always done, all too often using the US military as their primary tool. The victims of the US military are not always in other parts of the world. Recent studies reveal that the US military nuclear tests in Nevada likely killed nearly half a million Americans, a fact that has been hidden from the masses. Is climate engineering (AKA weather warfare / biological warfare) the current weapon of choice for the power structure? Why are so many scientists willing to participate in the geoengineering insanity? Interview excerpts from a now deceased geoengineering insider are contained in this week's broadcast. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The geoengineered Christmas holiday cool-down continues for parts of the US and Canada while most of the world remains at far above average temperatures.


The extremely anomalous and sharply contrasting temperature zones in the US are not a result of nature. If the "departure from normal high temperature” map above is examined, there is very clearly an arc of below normal temperatures (this is only on the surface of the planet) starting from the Hawaiian Islands, continuing through Alaska and Canada, and then back down to the middle and eastern portions of the US. As has been outlined so many times at, the counter clockwise rotating “ridiculously resilient ridge” of ionosphere heater induced high pressure steers all the Pacific moisture completely up and over the already drought stricken US West. This moisture is then bombarded with patented chemical ice nucleating elements (by the climate engineers). The process radically cools surface temperatures in the targeted regions which include the most populated zones of the US. The Geoengineered holiday cool-down is in so many ways a psychological operation, creating the illusion of a brutal winter on a planet that is spiraling into total meltdown. Mr. Trump's recent tweet clearly  illustrates the psychological usefulness of the geoengineered cool-downs:


The geoengineers continue to fuel the division and confusion of the masses in regard to the true state of the climate and biosphere unraveling. Mr. Trump is playing his appointed part in furthering the climate confusion and division of the population. It must be remembered and considered that there can be no legitimate discussion of the climate without first and foremost addressing the global geoengineering issue. Next, there can be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering without addressing the engineered cool-downs and the patented chemical ice nucleation factor. Those that truly care about salvaging any part of Earth’s remaining life support systems must do their part in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. 

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  1. James says:

    The power elite are calling the shots but it is our U.S Military, primarily the Air Force, who are the henchmen carrying out the destruction. Are these idiots so brain-dead they cannot even realize they are killing themselves and thier families?

  2. michael says:

    2018 will have more bigger revelations about global geoengineering but it wont have any moves to attempt to stop it till later still….

  3. Marta says:

    Never give up. Never surrender.

  4. B Runner says:

    Nothing is going to change, because those who can makd changes are afraid of losing their livelihood,  or life in the process. So get used to what you see all around you. A dying planet. Ive cared for years and its only gotten worse 

    • Jeff says:

      Im starting to feel the same way


    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Chemtrail jets now spraying at night.Jets are very quiet but you can pick out spray trails in night sky if you look closely enough.I thought they couldn't spray at night because they need the chemical reaction of the sun to plume out their crime.I guess the night spray is the current flu they are practicing with.God help us.Thanks Dane for your work,you need to be on Coast to Coast as much as you can,I heard you and 25 million did also!

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      B Runner: Sorry, but acquiring a defeatist attitude is even less than the easy way out… The assholes controlling geoengineering activities WANT you to buy the Kool Aid. Their death wish is projected by the media they own and control, and they just love it when they've got your brain by the balls… Don't do it. It only encourages them to f**k you up some more.

    • William says:

      Lee and All, It is suggested to avoid the term chem trail as that marginalizes any meaning full discussion,. It relegates it to the "tin foil hat" arena. It is best to use science terms such as geoengineering, SRM etc, you get the idea. 

  5. simone says:

    Greetings! I have discovered Dane’s website only recently.  I’ve just made my Second Donation, but am planning to do this every month.
    DANE WIGINGTON IS  A HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL LEADER, unlike any other living leaders (with different titles) we may know. He wakes up the best of the best in us, in terms of upgraded knowledge, personal responsibilities, best awareness and sense of high morals, while inviting us to share what we  learn on our own.    He also has created this site ~ a Wonder-Space for people who can see, hear, think together, and become active fighters against colossal global crimes on this planet.
    I do not know Dane in person, but have no doubts that it is not easy for him to maintain this complicated, interactive website while doing his outstanding research for keeping us informed.
    To maintain any large site is also very costly.
    As an authentically ethical person, Dane does bother anyone for donations. Therefore, I’d like to ask everyone who visits this site – PLEASE DONATE whatever you can, and help not only Dane with his truly outstanding work, but all of us to have this great privilege to share and speak  on GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG< THE VERY BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL, MY “FELLOW AWAKENED ONES” ! P.S.  I stole this great expression, “fellow awakened ones” from the great comment by  Danis-Calgary AB ~ hope he does not mind:))

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Simome, I don’t mind at all. And speaking of leaders and leadership, I want to add this… a truly great leader does not create followers, but rather creates MORE leaders. That’s a phrase I heard long ago and it has always inspired me as I hope it will inspire you and anyone who reads this. Love and Strength to you and all who have joined this most important battle we find ourselves in. 

    • mary slutts says:

      You are wise beyond your years and I don't know how many that is. To correct the typo…Dane never asks for donations….ever.  If you understand what he is doing, and believe him…then we must support him by helping with the printed media, and the DVDs, and putting on the presentations to alert the citizens.  thank you Simone.

  6. Blue Sue says:

    Mountains of gratitude to DANE, who as an astute synthesizer of information takes the time and energy to share his vast knowledge for the betterment of mankind and the greater good.  Another excellent source of credible documented research — "Reliable, credible information on the major cover ups and a call to work together for the good of all" — about the endless insanity of our evil government's doings for the past few decades can be found in Timothy M. Silver's "Lifting the Veil: An Investigated History of United State's Pathocracy".  Well worth the lengthy read.

  7. trish says:

    thank you mike and dale—

  8. Daniel- Calgary AB says:

    To all my fellow awakened ones,

    I want to wish all Love and Strength in this new year and hope that this is the year that we will reach the critical mass of awareness to the crimes against humanity and ALL LIFE on this PRECIOUS planet. I will try to be brief with my observations over th last couple of weeks. 

    – In the last 24 hours the temperature here went from -32C to -3C. 

    – My neighbour who works for city roads told me this morning that the hydraulic equipment on most of the trucks and graters broke down during this cold snap (hoses freezing and bursting). 

    – I have noticed that I have some mice in my home over the past week and I’m pretty sure it’s because this unnatural snow is freezing them out of their burrows. 

    – When I was outside clearing my walkway I didn’t last more than 10 minutes before my fingers and toes were so numb and I had to get inside.I was born and raised in Saskatchewan so I am used to cold winters, just not this artificial sh!t we have to deal with.

    – This feels a lot like the winter of 2012-13 and June 2013 was when Calgary got the “Great Flood”. 

    I predict that during these next few warm days, a few tree boughs  will break  under the weight of this totally unnatural snow we got.

    As I said in previous posts, I will be using this as an opportunity to keep spreading awareness of what is really going on with our weather as I have made this my sole (soul) purpose now.

    To all those that are in this fight with me, replace fear with LOVE and keep moving forward in creating the critical mass of awareness that is needed in this fight for LIFE. WE WILL SUCCEED!



    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      “I love those who can smile in trouble. Who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death”.

                                                                              – Leonardo daVinci 

  9. BaneB says:

    Went out of here, off this hill to an annual afternoon New Years Day party.  It's a sedate affair.  And got my first BIG sky view looking to the east and south.  Yellowish-white haze everywhere as far as observable.  And ugly smears trying to pass for clouds.  The entire environment of living things looks sick.  I know it's the nadir of the year.  And much is naturally defoliated.  But so many dead mountain shrubs, pines and firs.  I learned  half the invitees to the party are staying at home.  They are sick with colds and a flu type illness.  Knock on wood, here's hoping those not ill will remain healthy, including yours truly.  

  10. Bella_Fantasia says:

    A few take aways from this insider that stand out for me:

    "The Earth is Dying" No, it's being murdered.

    "Maybe 2 Billion people will have adverse health effects" No, everyone will be affected, even the unborn.

    "The economy must not be disrupted."  REALLY, THAT'S WHAT MATTERS MOST?

    • Dennie says:

      To "Insider," and everyone like him who isn't looking in the mirror when they say the Earth is dying:

      "The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses."  — Utah Phillips

      Ladies and Gentlemen of, I propose to start another Twitter movement, a la #MeToo, in which we OUT the KILLERS of our planet, with their names, job titles, companies/organizations worked for and other pertinent information, describing their particular role in the crimes of killing Earth.  This list would read like the Father of All Rogues' Galleries, including people involved in the nuclear insanity of both atomic energy and weaponry, people covering up for them, people who've created and continue to perpetuate the geoengineering insanity, the ongoing poisoning of America in places like Hanford, WA, and the people who think it's okay to use Indian reservations to store poisons and experiment on the peoples who should in fact be running the planet.  Instead we laud those who ruin itTIME FOR THIS TO STOP!!!  WE CAN DO THIS, we can start a movement just like #MeToo.  Something like #STOPITNOW!!!, and/or #EnufAlredy!

    • Dennie says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  "Insider" and "his" crackpot notion that money and what it can "buy" is somehow more important than life itself is The Biggest Takeaway from this "interview."  "Insider" is also a very good example of the well-known psychological truism that those who are homicidal are also suicidal.  And quite frankly, everyone like him and those who want to go along with "him" into their total demise are leaving us all better off when they commit suicide.  

  11. Tngeowatch says:

    The spraying in Central FL last night was insane!

    20 planes in the sky overnight last night  

    today drizzle and rain upper 40's 

    insanely bad bad air quality    

    West winds not north yet temps drop into the 40's  

    not OT normal weather at all

  12. Katie says:

    Your 30 December broadcast dovetails, in my opinion, with this New Year's message I've read: .

    Dane, peace and blessing for you and your family in these coming months.

  13. simone says:

    WONDERING.. WHEN WE EVENTUALLY STOP THE GEOENGINEERING TERRORISTS AND LOCK THEM UP  INSIDE HARD LABOR CAMPS FOR LIFE, WHAT WOULD WE DO NEXT? ARE WE READY TO DEAL WITH  ENDLESSLY TOXIC MOUNTAINS OF GEO-ENGINEERED GARBAGE?  Do we have powerful remedies to Neutralize these geo-engineered concoctions of chemicals, metals, and other deadly poisonous “elements”  in the air, water and soil, and under our skin?  

    Perhaps we have already great, comprehensive study which we can selectively apply… but this study and precious knowledge, best innovations and discoveries are hidden and suppressed by “controlling” and dictating mad industries.    I believe that we all have to start searching for solutions and share with them here, on this Dane's  SUPER-SITE.  We have to form an international highly interactive group of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful environmental researchers, advisers, biologists, chemists, ecologists, manufacturers and other soberly-thinking specialists. We need to develop a NEW ADVANCED MARKET of  powerful products dealing with toxic environments!! WE ALL HAVE TO BE INVOLVED, and be ready to apply the best possible products and methods to help Nature clean up and restore its VITALITY. 

    The Very Best Wishes !

    P.S. the existing organizations like World Health, or EPA … are just powerless manipulators and they're wretchedly disoriented.  NEW RESEARCH AND INNOVATIONS, NEW ENVIRONMENT-RESTORING PRODUCTS  MARKETS – that is what we have to support and develop.    I’m sure that some SOBERLY-THINKING INVESTORS, who are aware of the global geo-engineered catastrophe, and who do not have any stupid illusions that they can really survive for a few years in underground “doomsday” bunkers, are already searching for brilliant solutions and ready to develop  thoughtful productions, dealing with our real reality..


    • Lynn says:

      in regards to cleaning our soil of all the toxins I’ve researched that planting hemp, which is completely different than marijuana, will draw out all toxic waste within 3 years and actually add beneficial nutrients back in. 

       I also want to thank Dane for all the work he’s doing and wish everyone on this site a Great and Happy New Year. Onward thru the fog that we must stop. 

  14. Joseph L says:

    Thank you Dane and  Family for what you bring to the table 365 days a year.  I also want to thank every activist that comes in here and

    hands    out credible info. on Climate Engineering.

    New Year’s Update for Trump Lies

    1. He told you he’d cut your taxes, and that the super-rich like him would pay more. You bought it. But his new tax law does the opposite.

    5. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, and he’s filled departments and agencies with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

    9. He told you “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” You bought it. But he and House Speaker Paul Ryan are already planning such cuts in order to deal with the ballooning deficit created, in part, by the new tax law for corporations and the rich.



  15. trish says:

    does anyone have a recommendation for a shower filter that filters heavy metals AND fluoride?


    • Dale K says:

      Berkey Shower Head Filter $46.95

      Reduces Free Chlorine By 99%
      Eliminates Dirts and Odors

      Q. Does your shower filter get rid of fluoride? If not, do you plan on making one that will in the future?

      A. Fluoride is an extremely difficult contaminant to remove from the water. Due to the high water pressure of a shower, a filter at the shower head does not have enough contact time with the water to remove the fluoride. For this reason, this is no shower filters on the market that can do this at reasonably effective removal rates.

    • Mike says:

      I use one from Aquasana and it seems to work well. You can order them from their website.

    • Lynn says:

      Berkey filters out the heavy metals and chlorine from your shower but not fluoride. I bought a Big Berkey for the fluoride in my drinking water. You may want to go to their site and check them out. I am amazed at how much better my water tastes and how much better I feel without the fluoride. Hope this helps you. 

  16. Dane: I was compelled to return and offer another comment. Your impassioned presentations have inspired me time and time again. My deepest gratitude for all you have accomplished on these many informative pages. You've opened hearts and minds, and guided hundreds of thousands of concerned world citizens with the unvarnished truth.

    Regarding the evidence of chemical attack on our environment and it's collateral effects:

    Elevated silver, barium and strontium in antlers, vegetation and soils sourced from CWD cluster areas:do Ag/Ba/Sr piezoelectric crystals represent the transmissible pathogenic agent in TSEs? 

    Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(2):211-25.

    Complete text can be found here:

    • To readers: Please note the time frames and associated reference articles on the side bar of the cited article. The CDC and World Health Organization are VERY well aware of geoengineering issues and it's effects…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you for finding that, Paul V.  It's stunning!  It's excellent evidence, without a doubt.

      Everyone here has my most sincere wishes for staying as well as possible in this new year. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, I did read this and all adjacent.  I am very interested in this condition in general, but especially since I found out some years ago about this prion disease in deer and elk, which Was only in the upper midwest as I recall for a very long time, but then started heading west, now found in Oregon and Washington deer and elk.  My family and relatives hunt and gift some of their take, mostly depending upon these for meat, not a store!  So, I became concerned, I eat some of this meat.  Several things in this stand out to me-huge.  One is the continual references to barium as The transmitting enhancer for radar communications, and these metals found in TSEs following flight paths of military jets, saying also in war practice and that long before these we know of now!  This all written and proffered in 2003/4, barium deposited under those areas, along with these various metals. It was about 2 years ago or not quite that the navy themselves said that the aluminum was for that purpose!?? I do not get how barium facilitates radar?  But for maybe as a tracer?   But these diseases, prion, arise on ground under these flight paths!?  Other sources of barium intoxication being: quarrying ore, paper foundry, welding/textile/oil/gas industry.  To me, these sound like original sources and spread to west coast via military jets spray paths.  Besides spongy brains, this is a listed potential cause of MS and ALS.  One of my friends with MS born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Hmmm.  Some of the spraying referred to in these articles are along the lines of what I first found for companies doing weather modification, legally yet, for water as in rain, snow pack, reservoirs; these, legal and known state by state, long time, not that we had a vote or say in this.  However!  Barium, sprayed for communications I'd not yet heard of and this is old, all things considered!  Military jets yet, war practice yet.  Damn!  I doubt any scientist has hung their hat on it but 5 will get 10 this is the very way these TSE and prion diseases in deer and elk moved west, bastards!  The stuff about copper intrigues me a bit as I don't fully understand it and always thought, knew, copper was harmful to the land and plants, don't get how that mediates all this or?  Did wonder why Medicine men, Native, teach to offer pennies to plants, lay them on ground, if taking some sage, or herb, thought that odd because of copper, not odd in terms of give and take and gestures, but this mentions deficiencies in copper?  Having trouble understanding that but for how it facilitates forming these diseases via lack of?  Did I get that right?  Fills a gap?

      Of course 'they' know much of what they've done, even or especially given these older time frames.  I believe this is why our government wants to screw with health care and not have it available to all here as it is in all other developed nations.  It is why we have so many sick people in the first place.  They know these chickens are coming home to roost, Ka-ching!  As in too many too sick to fund unless some unholy alliance with Big Pharma to help foot the bill, which also serves as an experiment!  The article on how many died from 'our' above ground nukes and of course the milk, radiated, is old news really and ever since all have known or could have known about the milk which has been known, the majority of which was sent to Native boarding schools!  Of course!  And, no doubt to other marginalized peoples.  No surprise that they Really don't wanna fund Native health.  Now we are all part of their experiments in how much can we take and will anything fix anything?  How to live in a radioactive world?  And of course, one reason for the barium spray, as stated, was to spread the shit around in effort to dispose!  Of course!  But, really, what to do with all their by products of death and money?  I mean we already have Hanford.  I doubt we can stop or take down our nuclear energy because in part, what would we do with the stuff?  Whose back yard?  Oh yeah, all of ours….sigh

      Thank you Paul, this was informative.  I can't get past the barium!  

  17. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Any person who is a Non Believer in Climate Engineering that hears about the GeoEngineer Insider discussion, then that individuals death, should take the time to research why this happened, if they care. During Dane's discission on the Deep Shield, he mentioned the person being interviewed said anyone who is against the project will be considered terrorists, the individuals and organizations involved in the Deep Shield are the terrorists not all of us that are against it!

    • Pedro says:

      Dane, I listened now to your great report and it is not very difficult to understand that the "shield" itself is the extermination program.

      The insane "scientists" that believe religiously in their "science" fail in understanding ( at least pretend very well that they don't understand ) that all problems Humanity is facing today are created by the same "science" this lunatics are advocating. Since the beginning. 

      Science has brought some advances to Humanity, but not many, and all of the good things that were created by good science are unfortunately or misused or overused. Or in some cases are inside the drawer.

      The recovering of the Ozone layer is mandatory.

      You mentioned that humid heat is a problem to populations, but it is better to face that problem now. Delaying that reality by mitigating the levels of precipitation worldwide through the climate destruction insanity is the same as digging a deeper grave to us all. As we know.

      After big raining, the clouds disappear, and the evaporation of this rains is the only way to cool down global temperatures. With overall high temperatures, the processes of evaporation will occur in an accelerate way together with the cycle of cloud formation and new precipitation.

      The recovering of the Ozone layer is the great priority.

      Also, in reality the US is at war since the invasion of Iraq, and millions have died because of that in the past 15 years. Now is the new level of aggression, the nuclear level. They have the bombs for spending, the material is getting dusty.  I hope not.

      Peace for All.

    • Pedro says:

      Only to be clear, the recovering of the Ozone layer can only happen (as we all know) with the end of all Stratospheric spraying, and maybe also with the creation of a International Law prohibiting the flying in the Stratosphere.

    • BaneB says:

      Pedro:  Another MAJOR cause for the disappearance of our Earth's protective ozone layer are the fuels utilized for launching rockets into space.  Our global communications of every kind are dependent on maintaining the myriad of satellites circling the planet.  Civilization in its current form is dependent upon this.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Pedro, Hello, and I quite agree with no flying in the stratosphere!  I was raised in the midwest near KC.  In summer, very hot and very humid. That affect makes one unable to move or think!  Fall was literally brilliant as in that was when one's brain began to work again!  Not looking forward to heat plus humidity but whatever it takes, ok.  However, they are not going to stop all stratospheric flying, commercial, military, rockets  too to put up satellites, shuttle stuff too.  Just do not see that happening. Can wish!  If WE had a say….

    • Pedro says:

      Hello BaneB, about the rocket fuel, I tried to underline that in a post below from the same day you wrote this reply. Civilization in its current form has its days numbered, I'm going to paraphrase a friend who is very regular here; "game is over but the guys in power did not noticed that yet."  maybe not with this exact words. The need of long distance communications is a bit overrated, this has real value only for the military. We need tv? Long distance communications can be largely reduced, it's my opinion.

      Hello Rachel, in my opinion is not a wish, for the guys of the "new little-world disorder" they are already admitting that the main choice that they will dictate for all long distance traveling will be the fast trains, with disorder or without disorder, the current psychopathic culture of environmental aggression touched in Sacred grounds with the Ozone issue, the step was bigger than the leg.  "they" are not reformulating all our culture centered in the money made from oil and strategy of the telecommunication systems and corporations of that sector ( which by the way have a clear strategy of overexposing humanity with unnecessary high levels and dangerous kinds of electromagnetic radiation, and much more can be said about the nuclear sector ) because they are murderous psychopaths. For them the solution is to keep business as usual, and in the end, running for the bunker.

      And who are the owners of the main telecommunication corporations?

      So, with humans or without humans, all the things you have mentioned that will not stop will be drastically reduced by Man or by the psychopath, or will be completely stopped by Nature.

      The Ozone layer was created before macroscopic Life had set foot on the Land.

      The existence of Life depends on that, science built its own casket.

      death by "science".

      Thank you.

  18. CP says:

    To my fellow man,

    Happy New Year and may 2018 prove to be an awakening to the masses.    

    To Dane,

    Happy New Year and may 2018 prove to be pivotal year for all of your efforts to sound the alarm.  I tune in every week with a morbid curiosity as I follow this unfolding saga.  The bell tolls loudly now … but few hear it.  Keep up the tireless work and stay safe!


    • Jeanette says:

      Happy New Year! I have sounded the alarm since the spring of 1996 when I saw my first spraying-corn rows was the first then circles and big Xs and also line after line of this stuff coming in on the wind from our ocean. Just the other day I broached the chemtrail issue to a man my age and I got the same lame reply-it is just exhaust from jetliners. I am glad I saw the bumpersticker while driving the other day. Now I can tell people to look up this site. People need to wake up and we all need to pray because it will only be by prayer that the world will be saved. It will only be by prayer that the hearts of those who are destroying the world can be changed. Please pray they wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and stop destroying Grandmother earth.

  19. Jeff says:

    Central Alabama has been sprayed 7 days in a row!  So heavy it looks like a horror movie. They hammer this state

    • Jeff says:

      No sun in weeks. If it comes out the bastards block it!


    • Jeanette says:

      Yesterday morning at 8:30am there was a ground hugging haze everywhere I could see. I had to go out and tend to my dog and my nose began to massively run. I went back inside and cleaned out my sinuses. I noted thete was no birds singing or flying. At 1pm they began flying overhead laying down chemtrails. Happy to say this morning the birds are out again. So horrifying! Please pray to Creator the ones destroying earth wake up and have a change of heart and stop this genocide.

    • simone says:

      We have the same HORROR in Nevada… 

      Please do your best Not to expose yourself, your kids and your animals directly under those  hellish  "clouds" 

      Lets do everything possible and even impossible to stop this monstrous terror.  (All those who manufacture this toxic  chemical "dust" and spray it on earth,  are very seriously ill people, many are brain-damaged already.. If we do not scream about this global terroristic crime of the 21st century, EVERYDAY, the new bunch of naive Geoengineering SERVANTS will be hired to do the HELLISH "jobs" for a "good pay"  !!!!!!!!!!!!  Sending you all my support!! Be well and stay inspired!  Simone 

  20. To Dane and all courageous persons who visit these pages for solace and solidarity, I wish you all well in the coming year. There are so many excellent contributors every day. V. Susan Ferguson: You always amaze me. There are so many fine people, there is simply not enough space to list them all…

    Geoengineering (and other such slaughterhouse programs) are made possible via corporate capitalism in all it's ugly glory. Corporatism is a monstrosity. A many-headed Hydra that needs to be killed…

    For those who have been led to believe that global warming is only a conspiracy hoax; perhaps these interviews will be of some interest: >

    On Reality Asserts Itself, Gabriel Byrne says that mutant capitalism seeks only profit and corporate media's agenda avoids the climate crisis. Byrne says it's up to us; no superhero will save us – with host Paul Jay—Gabriel-Byrne-on-RAI-%2844%29

    Arctic Climate Warming Twice as Fast As Anywhere Else

    The list could go on and on…

    • Dennie says:

      Did everyone see Samuel Beckett's play, Waiting for Godot?  Get thee to the playhouse.  Salvation is going to be a DIY job, for sure.  Why?  Because WE GOT OURSELVES INTO THIS MESS and now WE HAVE TO GET OURSELVES OUT OF IT– That's why!!!!!!!!!!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul. I read, enjoy, and learn from all your intelligent insightful comments.

  21. Dana MacCuish says:

    Watched a documentary from 2005 titled 'Sir No Sir.'   It is the perfect watch for everyone in the military, government and police to watch.  All order followers need to see this and learn how easy it is to achieve peace on this planet.  If anyone reading this watched 'Winter Soldier', I recommend giving this one a viewing too.  Someone said on here a time or two, 'War is over, if we want it.'   That man shoots damn straight in my opinion, and everyone in this documentary would agree with his words also.    

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dana and ALL,

      Dana, thanks for a suggestion for viewing on this New Years Day. I watched both winter soldier documentaries.

      John Lennon coined the phrase, "war is over if you want it". I've written it here often. I joined the thought of such a notion way back in the day and understand it more now days than I ever have before. For those that don't know, John Lennon and his people would get that phrase put up on bill boards close to  military recruiting offices, "all over the world". The campaign was gaining momentum globally so guess what? John had to go. I cried that day and several since. I want war to be over so very much so. Just "imagine"….

      Love and strength to ALL

    • Tom Keith says:

       Just remember John Lennon was part of the "Rock and Roll Illuminate" before he had his "Awakening. "  He signed his contract in blood and in the end (just like JFK) he paid with his own blood. Note the album "Sargent Peppers lonely hearts Club band with Aleister Crowley on the cover?

         Sometimes things don't appear as they really are.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      'a' simple horseman, Hello.  At the time John and Yoko were spreading their authentic message, I didn't take them seriously, which says more about me than them.  Later I came to believe they were offering something both simple and profound.

      War is Over If You Want It. 

      Way too many people have become invested in War, and the 'necessity' of War, while Peace has become an abstract.  But Peace is the only possible basis for Life.  Millions and millions of years of cooperation accounts for human evolution.  Imagine open hearts and minds : )


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dana and ALL, I just finished watching "sir, no sir". Very powerful video folks!!. I watched both "winter soldier" documentaries. They were very hard to sit through. Made me very uncomfortable to witness what many had to go through. But, in watching and 'listening', I aloud myself to "walk a mile in another mans shoes". Some folks shoes ain't so comfortable. The "sir, no sir" documentary was my reward for absorbing the first two I watched, "willingly". While watching this latest contribution to my 'education', I could not help but see the parallels that exist in our own battle to stop Geo engineering. The way I see things is this: "that first domino to fall has so much pressure built up behind it, that when it falls, the first few hundred after that will fall quickly. "Parallels in nature"(been a while since I wrote those words). I'll stand with nature over technology any day! Besides, if we fail to save humanity, the earth will still be going round and round. In this, my love for my true mother will go on…..

      'a' simple horseman

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hello 'a' simple horseman.  Thank You for helping me to understand the reason that Lennon had to go.  I was four days past eight years the day he was shot and my young mind was stuck on playing hockey back then.  Did read the newspaper daily (almost), just do not remember anything ever being metioned about his passion for leaving his message on recruitment boards.  Go figure.   Maybe we should continue where he left off.  If a hundred of us readers of Danes columns of words were to write out that message ten times on ten pieces of paper,  a thousand messages that we know are very offensive to the cabel could go up on lamp posts, bus stations, recruitment boards, where ever you find the inkling to leave behind.  I think that Mr. Lennon would be happy to see his message for humanity continued.  We should all be doing whatever we can to rub salt in their eyes when we can.  When they can't look around without seeing beautiful civil disobediance everywhere,   is a moment I desire.   I kind of like this message not only for its simplicity, common sense and wisdom,  but the bit of assertion it states by coming back.  To me it quietly says 'you may have had me murdered but my life was far from futile.  As you can see, spoken word fades from memory, my written words and messages of song are forever.'

  22. Marta says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do. i keep talking to anyone and everyone, sharing all over facebook. telling my students and clients and my family. i do see changes . My sister is more open now and asking for links to your videos. she used to be completely shut down about it. i have tons of friends now who are sharing your weekly talks. I do believe the tide is turning. i would say find any and every way you can to share and inform. i have flyers tohand out and bumper stickers. whenever i am with someone i look up and of course there is always a spray line. i get my binoculars out and ask them to look at the plane. usually it is a drone and easily identified as that. and also it is pretty easy to see the planes are not over 30 k feet. then  i tell them that contrails cant form unless the plane is over 30 k. keep sharing, keep educating.

    • Jeanette says:

      I have been telling people since 1996. I still get the same lame response from people-it is jetliner exhaust. I am appalled at how complacent and uninterested people are. They would rather ridicule me than try to understand.  How they can ignore this is amazing. I pray everyday that humankind, the money people, and the world leaders wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and cesse the destruction and devastation of our Mothet Earth for monetary and materialistic purposes. I am glad I found this site. I saw a bumper sticker☺ Keep on truckin!

  23. Donna-AZ says:

    Western U.S. Rainbow Loop this morning: Central and Southern CA, along with Arizona should be getting lots of rain today, and even northern Ca should be getting some precip., but the moisture has been High-Jacked, Stolen, Grand Theft Rain.

    Whose getting rain? Compare the 2 maps.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  There has been plenty of moisture in the atmosphere here in N.California.  The moon has consistently had a huge dessicated moisture ring around it night after night.  And screwed up Franken-clouds during the day.  Lots of aerosol spraying.  The real action is out in the Pacific where the jet stream is located.  The eastern edge of the northward-shunted system is under assault to keep it out of here.  But, glory be, I heard a few raindrops on the roof a while ago.  They need our moisture for their eastern blizzards.  The scheduled weather states rain coming in possibly Tuesday and for a few days.  We need it as no rain here since October.  But who knows.  The hydrological cycles are totally scrambled.  What ever happened (rhetorical) to the elegant comma- shaped low pressure systems that once upon a time kissed our coastline and swung into California to nourish this golden land?  

    • Jeanette says:

      Saw first chemtrail spraying over our town 1996 spring. Next news flash was I read somewhere one of the things being sprayed in these things was viscous material-this stuck in my mind. I learned this material reduced friction making a slickery surface. Around 2006 after watching the weather a lot I noticed the incoming storms wheeled to the north or to south of our area for the most part. I decided the chemtrails we have been consistently sprayed with were creating a slick so our rain clouds were not lingering over us, but were instead being blown elsewhere. So people around me began to hear that these chemtrails were not only making people sick they were stealing our rain now! They do not want to hear , but I am unable to shut up and unable to understand how most can continue to ignore this terrible crime. I am glad I found this site on a bumpersticker! Rock on! We must stand for land and life! Please pray the ones destroying the earth have a change of heart and stop destroying Grandmother earth.

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  Happy New Year, if I may say!  What happened to our moisture?  IT IS BEING HIJACKED by JUVENILE DELINQUENTS "serving" in the so-called "military," for our so-called "national security." Now, what did they used to do with thieves, and still do today in Saudi Arabia?  I say round 'em all up and send them over to the Saudis…

  24. John Ross says:

    Everyone needs to take a good hard look at their survivability in the event of either a power grid failure, or an interruption in the heating fuel/gas supply. What would you do if either or both of these things failed? A vast majority of the people in this country are totally ill prepared for anything like this. I am not a big conspiracy buff, but what better time for a hostile entity to devastate 2/3 of this country within 24 hours. The cost in lives and destroyed property would be incredible. 

    • BaneB says:

      John Ross:  Sound advice.  Given the statements from a few generals, active and retired, the warning is heralded with clarion urgency for people to cease being complacent.  The psychopaths mean to have a war.  And the blowback could be like nothing we in the nation have ever experienced.  So, yes, basic prep ought to be done for avoiding being their sacrifice.  Water. Food. Shelter. And a sound spirit.

    • Jeanette says:

      This is never far from ny mind. Being self sufficient as you can and staying physically healthy are very important. Then praying every day for the money people, humankind, and the world leaders wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and stop destroying Grandmother earth.

  25. Steve says:

    Sounds like the time for a political solution is past.

    • Dennie says:

      …noooo, that is just what Trumpistas and others representing those selling the war machines WANT YOU to believe– ugh!

    • Martin says:

      The International Bankers have “owned” USSA since 1913. Ownership of politicians and ownership of “War Department”. Ain’t nothing happening in USSA without the bankers’ approval. In the famous words of a sitting senator in 1913, with Federal Reserve we will now have man- made economic calamities (paraphrased). Add to that endless War.Add    To that endless corruption,  crime  and most of all Endless Climate Engineering. The USSA was “chosen” by the International Elite to be a “Tool” to carry out their nefarious goals. 

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Political encompasses all solutions, including military, revolution, peace etc… it comes from the word polis, or poleis literally meaning a body of people.

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 198th email, titled For Auld Lang Syne.

    1. End of year annual average Arctic sea ice volume is @ 12,900km3, compared to the 2012 previous record low of 13,500km3. 

    Sea ice "shockingly bad" off western Alaska – allowing increased wave action, causing $10 million flood  damage and state of emergency announced. 
    What photoshopping will they show us on Worldview come the spring equinox?

    There is about 1,500Gt of methane stored under the Arctic Ocean. 10% of that is expected to be released very soon…i.e.150Gt.  That is three times more than Natalia Sharkova's 50Gt warning.


    55mins of very important news: 

    3. Notes to Self (week 51 of 104). Not long to go until the "bread baskets" of USA, Russia, Ukraine, etc, have major crop failures.  Let's make the best of 2018.

    "…And there's a hand, my trusty fiere, and gie's a hand o' thine! And we'll tak a richt gude willie-waught, for auld lang syne"  Rabbie Burns 1759 – 1796.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Greetings, Andrew of Scotland.  Auld Lang Syne, for sure!  Here's a headline that's more truthful than the article itself, which is full of NOAA half truths. 

      This Should Freak Everyone Out: The Arctic Will Never Be Frozen Again

      "Until roughly a decade or so ago, the region was holding up relatively well, despite warming at roughly twice the rate of the planet as a whole. But in recent years, it’s undergone an abrupt change, which now defines it."

      (Hmmm, wonder what happened in the last decade)

      Yes, they're saying the ICE IS GONE.  Fasten your seatbelts. . . . . . .

      And best wishes, Andrew

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Bella,

      View of ice free Nares Strait and fractured sea ice north of Greenland/Ellesmere Island on 1st Jan 2018:;

      May need to copy&paste. I hope to put an updated link in next email

  27. Nanette Alexander says:

    Do you offer bumper stickers so we can warn?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Nanette, thank you for your interest in helping us to sound the alarm. We do have bumper stickers, one is included with every informational package of materials (on the left column of the home page). Here is a link to the sticker itself, FYI


  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Thank you! I feel that the timing of you reading this to your listeners is excellent. I know for myself that because of what I have learned from you and the comments here on GW, I have a much better understanding of the technologies involved, which makes this information far more credible. Once again your line-in-the-sand of credible data has served to be crucial in educating and convincing those who are confused by the plethora of wild theories that serve no purpose. What stuck in my mind was this report on the number of people who will be affected. This is beyond collateral damage!
    8. What about the reports of sickness after spraying?
    There are several causatives for this. Some people are more sensitive to metals, whiles others are sensitive to the polymer chemicals. As stated in a previous email, people will get sick, and some will die. It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years.

    VSF: Also, there have been many questions regarding cooperation among competing nations. This report clarifies that situation. Obviously they are cooperating, but still in a state of total mistrust. This 'random mix' approach must add enormous expense to these black operations, and thus are an indication of a lack of trust.
    9. What is the relationship between these spraying programs and One World Order?
    … there are several countries that are involved in this project: European Union Nations, USA and Russia are the largest contributors to the project, many of the allied nations and UN Members participate to one extent or another. The material (chemical spray as you may call it) comes from all of these nations. To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA. This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. … The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon. … Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense. The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.

    VSF: Finally this is the typical excuse for secrecy. The elite don’t trust humanity. We must be lied to, confused, and controlled by any means. No mention of the trillions of dollars being funded back through these participating multinational corporations, like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and American Elements. This is criminal self aggrandizement under the guise of saving the planet and preventing panic. I was in NYC for two blackouts and 9/11 – and frankly I have never witnessed people behaving better, rising to the best in them. The secrecy is corporate greed, pure and simple.
    11. Why all the secrecy?
    Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. … an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed. People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die … and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.

    • Pedro says:

      If the stratospheric spraying operations stop, if launching rockets to space stops, if the experiments and activities with the antennas of haarp technology stop, the ozone layer can recover, global warming will be reduced, and in some years the right circumstances to stop with all the spraying activities could be created, reducing in a drastic way all the CO2 emissions worldwide. The fleet they have in the spraying operations is composed of at least 1000 airplanes working 24/7 without stopping, worldwide. If every plane (because there are airplanes with large variations in size) is spending an average of 80,000 liters of fuel per day, we are talking about at least 72,000 tons of CO2 being emitted every day into the atmosphere as a consequence of this giant fraud which is the engineering of the climate.

      But they are serving the cult.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, "INSIDER," now here's a little NEWS for YOU!!!!:



    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  What about nighttime aerosol spraying. If the program is about SRM ( solar radiation management) why spray at night?  An inquiring mind in Los Angeles would like to know.  I am curious, too.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bane, your question is addressed in the full Deep Shield interview transcript, FYI


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Pedro, thank you, best wishes to you also : )

    • Pedro says:

      Hello to everyone. I think that is important to underline a few facts related with the reality we are living, the reality in which some "guys" spend billions to destroy the only guarantee that make possible the existence of Life on this magical Planet; the Atmosphere.

      First we must understand that to represent almost everything that exists on our Planet, humans have created symbols.

      The swastika is an ancient symbol that despite the fact in the past it has been representative of good luck and fortune for some cultures, in more recent years was a symbol ( disposed in a specific position ) which represents destruction. Symbol used during the existence of the nazi party and still used by neo-nazi groups worldwide.

      And who were the creators of nazism? Who were the main sponsors of WW2 ( of both sides of the conflict ) from the beginning?, and who fed the war machine of the 3rd reich? for whom the puppet of the little mustache was working for, with which goals?, who were the groups most benefited with the war?, which ( illegal ) state was created after the war?, what group has emerged as the great martyr after the end of the conflict? Who were the Jewish tribes and populations killed in the 2nd WW? ( as far as I know, those tribes and populations who were against zionism.. ). Who was the group behind the creation of the EU? the 2nd World War and all the conflicts since the 2nd World War served to prepare the ground for a event that is about to happen, what order is about to be established, and how? who controls the World?

      This "guys", the enemies of Humanity, are the same since the napoleonic wars, since the moment that banks started dictating the destiny of states and kings started to feed in the hands of the banksters.       Yes, you all know who they are.

      And more; to whom belongs all the space programs and business related with the space programs, who controls that? What does it mean to have space programs? and why is there the big distraction created around the totally fake possibility of having a human going to Mars? What are the consequences of the space programs to the Ozone layer? Who are the owners and principal drivers of the business of climate engineering and all the other business related with this insanity?

      Who are the owners of the haarp science?

      Who are the owners of the military?, and weapon industry?

      Who were the creators of the atomic bomb?

      Who are the owners of the main aviation companies?, and general big industry? and the owners of big pharma? …etc..

      here they are:   "Not all conspiracies are theories"

      "There is a plan for the world – a New World Order – devised by a British/American/European financial elite of immense wealth and power, with centuries-old historical roots.

      This oligarchy controls the politicians, the courts, the educational institutions, the food, the natural resources, the foreign policies, the economies and the money of most nations. And, they control the major media, which is why we know nothing about them.

      Modern democracy, as we know it, is less than 250 years old. For most of history, except for this brief period, the world has been ruled by powerful elites who wielded absolute power over their societies, controlled the wealth and resources of their known world, and dominated their people by force. The New World Order cabal plans to restore this model of totalitarian rule on a global scale.

      The endgame will be a one-world government presiding over the earth for the benefit of global oligarchs and their superclass functionaries, leaving the mass of humanity as serfs, to serve the elite, while suffering impoverishment and immiseration. The plan includes scientifically engineered global population reduction (viruses/vaccines/genetically-modified food), cutting the world's population to less than one billion, leaving the earth's resources for the exclusive use of this global oligarchy.

      This conspiracy to impose a global totalitarian society has been shrouded in almost total secrecy. To begin to understand the elite's endgame, we must learn about the plan's origins and development, and about the individuals, organizations, and institutions that fund, control, and benefit from it. This website may be a helpful guide on a journey to discover what the global elite have in store for future generations."

      "Protocols of the learned elders of zion."

      "Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."

      Protocol 20 – Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

      "The gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as possible."

      Protocol 20 – Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

      "Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm of our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State, until they fall off of themselves, or the State flings them off."

      Protocol 20 – Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

      "The goyim … have been borrowing from us, with payment of interest, without ever thinking that all the same these very moneys, plus an addition for payment of interest, must be got by them from their own State pockets in order to settle up with us. What could have been simpler than to take the money they wanted from their own people?

      But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves."

      Protocol 20 – Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

      "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves"

      Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament]

      "We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own."

      Maurice Samuels in his book "You Gentiles"

      STOP stratospheric spraying, and all the climate destruction.

      STOP the launching of rockets to space.

      STOP all the transmissions from the haarp antennas and dismantle all the facilities. STOP all technology similar to haarp, and long distance transmissions that can touch the Ozone layer ( satellite transmissions also? ).

      STOP flying in the Stratosphere ( probably also avoid flying in the tropopause ), because the  Ozone layer  is  Sacred.


  29. ilse says:

    Trump has no clue about anything but money, and most likely he is not too smart about that, either.

  30. Kevin Love says:

    As the drought continues here in Southern California and so far our rain gauges read zero since last May (unprecedented), I see eyes opening.  I hear people wondering why we are having no rain and such summerlike temperatures.  I point out to them the insidious artificial skyline and show them the planes leaving their death trails.  For the first time I am getting people to listen .  Thanks to all the evidence your website and others are displaying I can easily persuade the sheep with clear facts.  It's becoming so obvious with the lack of precipitation for a month when we get at least a few inches.  Every day our sky is hazed with feathered aluminum particulate poison and a searing sun.  People notice now but I believe California is gonna burn if not become a dust bowl.  I pray for this land to be healed.  It's too sad.  Please take every opportunity to share and expose this evil to as many as possible. Time is really short.  

    • Marie says:

      I met a very strange and unusual friend in 1976. I don't know who he was or what he was, but he knew things about me i never told him and he didn't know any of my friends either. Back then he said to me: "Time is running out. The sun is going down and it's not coming up again." Years went by and i pondered upon what he said. I couldn't figure it out. I had wondered if he meant i was gonna die soon., but years later and now i believe he meant the sun is going down upon the earth and not coming up again – meaning the earth was going to die. How did he know that back in 1976? I only knew him for 3 months and then he disappeared. I found him again in the year 2000. We exchanged many emails. In one of them he said to me: No matter what happens – No Fear." He never explained what he meant. He talked in puzzles a lot of the time. He did say that if i knew who he was and why he was here that i wouldn't like it. The only thing i know is that he wasn't "like us". The very first time i saw him at a spiritual convention we crossed paths on the stairs and he said to me: "Do you know why people speak?" I didn't. He said, "To hold the others ones attention – without speaking." Was it a Koan? I still have not figured it out and it's been over 40 years. I am very upset over the stated fact that the earth is dying.

    • Katie says:

      Marie, I, too, met a "very strange and unusual friend," mine for a few months in 2014-15.  One of the things he said to me was that this Earth is on a crash-and-burn trajectory.

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Kevin, I'm down in San Diego and know what you mean.  We should start forming some sort of a meetup group.  There are so many people who don't know what to do about this, feeling helpless and resigned.  Strength is in the numbers.  If we organize people also locally, we may be stronger than if each of us is walking alone.

    • ron hall says:

      Kevin,  If you are the same pure shooter who plays with Lebron and Dwayne; mention this site to them.  Think of you guys and yours.  If you are this guy, thank you for not using a pseudonym and your astute comments.    Peace

    • William says:

      I would support a group. I live in Southern California also.There is strength in numbers. I spin my gears also on solutions. Creating awareness can be magnified via a group effort.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      If we all called them Death Trails as you did Kevin Love, instead of the C term that they want us to use, might just lift an eyebrow or two.from the Public   I Love that Ted L Gunderson. Former FBI Chief, called them "Death Dumps"!    A Very Ap term.   Another Brave & Honourable Man.

  31. simone says:

    We keep sharing with undeniable facts and knowledge, BUT PEOPLE GET VERY SCARED AND VERY CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT THEY, THEMSELVES,  HAVE TO DO TO MAKE CHANGES FOR THE BETTER. Everyone’s household has a tremendous power within, if individuals and families learn to SELECT what they buy and use. WE MUST CHANGE BAD HABITS as BRAINWASHED CONSUMERS. The reason? If we STOP  feeding GMO, chemical and Pharma "productions" right now these so-called "powerful" monsters  would NOT survive without profiting on their consumers, after some convulsions, they might last  for a month. Please help me create an articulate, right to the point flyer.
    This is what I see as a short flyer.
    You and your family has all the power to change your existence for the better.INSTRUCTIONS:
    Feed your children and your animals only ORGANIC FOOD. No other choices.
    Take natural D3 and C (rose hips) daily.
    Seriously Purify Drinking and Bathing water.
    Purify air at home, and use only Non-Toxic cleaning products in your house.
    Grow only organic and NON-GMO plants/trees in your garden (use AZOMITE as most powerful natural fertilizer)
    Demand your choice of Organic Food in all Schools, Restaurants and at Work.
    ~~START STARVING all toxic, GMO, deadly Pharma and Chemical mass-productions to death, TODAY. Without you as a consumer, they will be paralyzed in no time.
    What is a government without supportive industries and taxpayers? NOTHING.   NO FIGHTS NEEDED.  IT IS YOUR INTELLIGENT CHOICE that gives you all the power.
    Thank you, everyone, who would like to help with this flyer "INSTRUCTIONS"  Blessings!

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Simone, they dont need our money, if didnt buy any of their products the fed would give them whatever amount they needed. Money is for US to know scarcity not them. We dont have a real economy, we have a central bank which prints up as much money as needed for its own interest without oversight.

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you for your post, Simone.

      We have also a real economy in parallel of the other economy that produces fake money.

      Evil never dies, the solution is eternal vigilance.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Indeed, as they say "there is nothing organic anymore." Although I think organic food is sprayed less, we are now getting "organic" food imports from China?

        Maybe grow your own food in a greenhouse is about the only option left, albeit hard to do when the temp is -7. F here in.Illinois.

          As the old Temptations song says "Get Ready." (for what I don't have a clue)

    • Dennie says:

      Great comments, All!  We have to keep trying.   Educate our kids right, and early, from the start!  Families, and teachers in the schools and churches, should be spreading the TRUTH about the poisoning of our only home, Earth, and WORK TO EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!!  Ignorance is a terrible prison!!!!  

      There will be no food with which to feed the lambs as Jesus of Nazareth commanded, as long as we continue to destroy the climate and do nothing to contribute to spreading the word about what's really going on here, and step up to do our part to stop participating in the killing of Our Mother, EARTH!

    • simone says:



      Does our gov. prints money? YES. They better!!!  if you learn a little about money and an economy circulation, you might find out that billions and trillions are getting disappearing all the time.. well, into the BLACK HOLE of money games and brainless manipulations. (Just during the real-estate HYSTERIA, during Obama time, when mad  "experts" decided to instruct  property owners  to "reduce"  real-estate properties “values” far below  the cost of their building materials, great trillions of our True investment were just lost with NO RETURN.  In many states there was NO “BUBBLE”.. But the property investments  have been  simply written off through the highly erroneous “independent appraisals" and recklessly-miscalculated,  stupidly suicidal banking.. Arrogant Obama did not notice the economy BLACK HOLE where real-estate money were sucked in in trillions,  moreover, he borrowed more money, from China.. and  “helped” our brainless banks who  lost property owners investment and paralyzed their own banking functions, for no sober reason.  Obama did not even try to restore  the property owners investment on the level of their building materials.)  OUR HUMAN-MADE STUPID “SYSTEMS” TURNING TRUE VALUES INTO PROMISSORY NOTES/money,  ARE NOT DEPENDABLE.    MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO NATURE AND MONEY CANNOT SURVIVE UNDER MIGHTY LAWS OF NATURE.  ALL SORTS OF MONEY IS FAKE.

      Money is one of the most moronic, endlessly confusing HUMAN method, that for millennia recklessly used for appraising "values”, “power” and even ”intelligence". 

      BACK TO  my SUGGESTION to put together simple INSTRUCTIONS for people to EFFECTIVELY reverse highly poisonous mass-production hysteria

      The majority of our population have no clue about what ORGANIC means. Though, I agree, humans are poisoning everything possible to touch, far beyond human comprehension,  THERE IS A GREAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN  ORGANICALLY GROWN food  and GMO “products”. ORGANIC  means that it is much SAFER food&supplements&clothing  than DEADLY GMO (and other lab-manipulated  “food and supplements”).  Even a domestic animal when given a choice between ORGANIC and GMO bowls of food would jump to the bowl with ORGANIC food.  Only we,  humans,  need to torture millions of animals in labs, and decades of “research” for to come to the "right" conclusions.  


      Gigantic Man-made systems cannot be intelligent as they  serve no real individuals,  but only a collective, artificially modeled  prototype  that cannot exist in reality.  WE MUST LEARN SUSTAINABILITY BY CREATING GREAT DIVERSITY OF SOUND PRODUCTIONS, IN HARMONY WITH EVER CHANGING ENVIRONMENTS, AND THEREFORE, LEARNING ABOUT WHAT OUR  SOUND, INTELLIGENT DEMAND SHALL BE. 

      THE NATURE’S LAW WE ALL SHALL LEARN FROM, for revising our stiff gigantic "systems":  NATURE WOULD NOT ALLOW  IDENTICAL UNITS of any sorts even for an instant. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT INSTANT CHANGE AND ENDLESSLY UNIQUE TRANSFORMATIONS, where every infinitesimal event is always  adjusting to its forever new environments – (the fundamental  law of physics is about unavoidable, instant change, but it  is  “conveniently” ignored in sciences and politics for manipulating calculations serving false conclusions)


      If the majority of sleepwalking "consumers" at least begin to follow some BASIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE, you will feel the hopeful change from the bottom of the man-made wretched "structures" to the "top" where the  ultimately ignorant Gov. bunch still resides.  

      Even the worst of the worst man-made Evil does not come from real Evil,  but from our own colossal human  STUPIDITY,  leading our blind and deaf crowds to self distraction.   If we were just a relatively intelligent and learned society, we would not become victims of  our WRETCHED IGNORANCE,  fake sciences, manipulated and immoral “healthcare”,  false education aiming to train  students to SERVE brainless artificial systems and structures..

      Dane gives us a wonderful chance and wonder-space,  to think together, coordinate our work and activities. 


      BEST WISHES TO YOU, FRIENDS!  Be safe and keep thinking clearly! This bleeding world NEEDS YOU!

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Simone, or maybe there really is evil, maybe there really is a war between light and darkness and we are its battle ground.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Have you watched ETHOS the 2011 documentary, hosted by Woody Harrelson?  He would agree with you.

  32. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You Dane for showing the Cold Swath through Canada. It sure gives the Bigger Picture!   Very Alarming!  They have got us in a deep freeze now. Not fit for Man or Beast.

    • Marie says:

      I am in NY state and yes single digits. I heard on the radio that some people let their dog out and forgot about it and found it dead and frozen on the porch. Please watch your pets. I let my big dog out for THREE minutes to go, and he could barely walk in the house…his feet were frozen and he was limping and just 3 minutes. I put him on the couch and held his cold paws in my hands and then covered him with a blanket. It makes me mad what they are doing.

  33. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Isn't it dazzling how for "70 Years", They have given themselves Carte Blanche to do whatever they have felt like doing. Forcing us to disclose their Dirty Deeds. They have Destroyed the Planets Natural Weather Systems, Blowing things Up all over the World, Spraying Toxin`s, Using Nuclear & building Nuclear Plants & still more, just for good measure. Clear Cutting & Burning Forests, Drilling, Fracking, Shooting Citizens, including Children.  Murdering those that resist their devilish plans or those that get in their way, Injecting the Public with Poisons & Lying about the Facts in all they are involved with.  And Never wanting to reveal these Spray Programs, because, “It Sounds Insane on Paper, & through the Spoken Word“!  They had to dumb us down to accept them. Those in the 40`s, 50`s would have laughed at them if they were informed of their true intentions. Today, Oh Whatever!  And mass Gasing of the people worked so well for Hitler!  A Test Case, maybe.  Now on the largest scale imagined.  And due to this Arrogance & Lack of Voices of Sanity to Stop Them, at the get go, they have caused, or exasperated so many of our now dire situations to the level of urgency that we now find ourselves in.   World Plans, Schemes, Agenda's.  The extent of our depleated Ozone that they are shredding with these Toxic Substances to the point of No Return while blocking our source of Life Healing Vitamin D3 to many Life forms on Earth, & they act like , "What's your problem, It's just natural substances“, although toxic. It may harm some,  A Few Billion or so,  but…Some have to die for others to live now that we screwed up the Planet, Big Time.   And now they care about the World's Wildlife after ridding us of 60% & more of them & up to 90% of Our Oceans, Lakes & Rivers Life & poisoning the rest? The use of Biological agents on Towns, Cities, Villages, Islands.  And now, they want our blessing to do even futher damage to our once thriving Planet!  It's Willfull Arrogance & Ignorance to say the least.  Trying to protect our feelings, keep us from worrying.  This situation is too dire for us to handle the Truth to which they have caused in less then a Century, & they think we should trust their judgement & ability to Help the Planet after the results are very clear from the amount of dead or dying over the past half Century, that they are not Helping any living being, or organism, on Planet Earth.    I Think Not!  They are not to be trusted with the Health of Us or Our Children. The Animals, Birds, Insects, Aquatic Life & Water Sources. Our Trees, Fauna ,Crops, or Soils. They`ve destroyed our Heritage & Heirloom Seeds & they think we are the majority of the problem to those that were once thriving systems of Our Planets Health. They shouldn`t be in the care of a Cockroach! They are Demented & need to be gathered up & placed in a facility that they`ve created. The Wallmarts of the World they`ve prepared for us, should suit our needs of confinement of them.   And we will feed them GMO Gruel, & inject them with Mercury & Aluminum, cause, “It`s a Good Thing“! They`ve earned it, & we have heard it makes us Healthy & Free of the big bad flu!!  Then we can Save our Dying Planet & take the Blows that will surely come to set things back on a path of Health & Healing.       FYI: We can save the Men & Women that are Brave enough to speak out & inform the public of these programs. We are their Safety Net if only we all came together to Help them. Disclosure of the Facts is Imperative!   Thank You Dane for always showing us the Facts, regardless of the pain it may cause us. Thank You for all that have come forward to Help Save Our Planet. The Truth will set us Free!  Falsehoods will only tie us, enslave us. If only Bravery, Courage & Honour was cosidered Sexy & Rewarded by Mankind!

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Thank you Gail for articulating in your post, the very same points that I had unloaded onto an old friend of mine just the other night. I felt so much better after letting it all out. Unfortunately his attitude is one of helplessness and he clings to the delusion that others will step up to solve the problems we are facing. Sad. This has not discouraged me in the least. It has only strengthened my resolve to continue to spread awareness of our collective predicament even more. We ARE making a difference with our efforts. Stay strong Gail! We WILL succeed!

    • Rosalie says:

      Gail, thanks for being such a fantastic voice for Western Canada for battling geoengineering.  I have Family out there and I can't get through to them.  None of my Family wants to know.  I keep hoping they will read Dane's posts and come across your comments relating to the saturation of toxic sprays around Edmonton, Calgary and all the other areas.  My Family have had enough of my obsessing and being paranoid (their words) on the subject of geoengineering.  They comment: "Why do you have to be so negative: just enjoy life.". They don't want to know.  They just want to live their lives and not worry about stuff like this.  I'm surrounded by fungus sprayed by the many military planes overheard, and it's not my first battle with mold and metal toxicity breaking my body down.  I'm starting a fermented cabbage and kale diet in hopes that it will starve the fungus.  I've done many detox protocols that have been costly.  It's a walk down memory lane from having a mouthful of mercury fillings and root canals, then ridding them from my body and feeling great. Now, with all the toxins hitting us from all angles, the body remembers the metal poisoning.  It helps when you understand what all this is.  Thank you Dane for sharing the hard-hitting truth.

    • Marie says:

      And now we know why Monsanto has created garden seeds that are resistant to aluminum, because they are in on it too and they know that soon regular seeds will not grow in the soil heavily laden with aluminum. And that means that all our heirloom seeds will soon not grow either, and then starvation comes. Even the preppers cannot fully prepare for the end of the world…..

  34. Bob says:

    I can't seem to find much on the Internet regarding a question regarding cloudiness and sub freezing, or sub zero temperatures.  Aren't sub zero and even sub freezing temps going to have very clear skies?  I remember 20 years ago in Vermont the super cold stretches we would get in the winters would have the clearest skies and be the best time for sky gazing.  This latest stretch of very cold temps, sub zero in evening and single digits in day, for over a week, have all been hazy cloudy.  You can see where the sun is,  it's just enough hazed cloud cover so you can stare at it.  It's been quite strange because even though the radars aren't displaying any snow, we have been getting this mist like snow.  I remember my weather and climate professor stating that when temps go down, clouds have a much rarer chance to form.  Bitter cold equals clear skies.  Is that wrong?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bob, you are correct about what should be. Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation are now the factor that must be considered. Some examples are in the attached link, FYI

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Bob for the question & Dane for the answer. I have been saying this to others & I DO REMEMBER, the Snow would fall, then the sky would clear & Be A Brilliant Blue for days, weeks!  Daily clouds are IMPOSSIBLE!!!  Oh, It's Winter in Alberta.  Wake Up & Ask questions.

  35. JR says:

    Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico-USA. We have been bombarded with SAG/SRM aka chemtrails over the rain and or snow clouds. The results are as most here know much heat associated with ongoing spraying, we're burning up!. The masses are dumbfounded not knowing why this is happening. I heard someone say that you can can lead a horse to water but you can't make it tuna. The pleasures of this world can be misleading to most people that the majority don't want their comfort zone messed with. All the while the gullible are with the finger pointing to all other evil in our world with our so-called leaders in propaganda in full force having them believe in lie after lie, not knowing to discern. Wasn't Pinocchio a puppet and his nose grew with every lie? Most can't believe evil can come from within its borders. The earth is but a footstool to our Maker He states. His peace no one can match, He does love the Peacemaker, not the destroyer of all good…It's still our country and our Earth and I pray for it, and His people…

  36. Harry Mooshegian says:

    Hi Dane, Signed up on twitter and sent Trump a tweet as the aircraft are flying over . I don't know if it went through because Google just sent me this, 

    Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior violating the Twitter Rules. You can use all of Twitter's features again once you complete the following steps to confirm you are the account owner.

    What next?

    For full access, you must:

    Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge

    When you tap 'Start', Google may collect and use information about you, your device, and browser. View Google's Privacy Policy.

    I confirmed my E-mail account why do they want more info and why should I let them collect data from my computer. Why don't you have a rally in DC in the spring. I,ve never been there. Unbelievable the devastation in California and that Nancy Pelosi has never mentioned it once. Great presentation. Harry

    P.S Happy New Year my friend !

    • Harry Mooshegian says:

      Maybe I did something wrong Signing up to twitter any one know if this response is normal?.


  37. P says:

    Thank you for exposing the monsters. 

  38. Joseph L says:

    Like you said things are getting much worse by the day.  Your last 5 minutes of show very important and I hope alot of people were listening. I think what you said could be repeated every week.

       People need to get off of their you know what and do their part in exposing this crime against humanity.  Happy New Year in 2018– make every day count in exposing Climate Engineering for the greater good.  It will take all of us— called teamwork

  39. Daniel- Calgary AB says:

    Thank you Dane. I see that quote from Epictetus the same as you. We are not helpless, but rather we are empowered to simply live by example  and not be afraid to tell those who question our motives/reasoning for our continuing efforts to make others aware of what is really happening to our planet. The example I have is my love of gardening. Last season, because of what I know to be true about the ongoing criminal climate engineering programs, I was able to continually point out when chemicals were damaging open air plants as opposed to the plants in the shelter. There were many gardens in my area that didn’t produce much at all. I also saw a lot of crabapple trees in September/October with the telltale sign of shriveled leaves and fruit still hanging on the branches. All were opportunities to spread awareness just by saying, with confidence, “that’s not natural”. I then mention specifically as a great source of credible information. I leave it at that and move on. Seed planted. I know deep inside myself that a few of those seeds sprouted and that’s what is within our power to do. Love=Strength. I Love all of you in this battle for what is left of our Mother, Earth. Stand in your Strength and Never give up. We WILL win this battle.  DOUBT IT NOT!

    • Carol Freiberg says:

      If we had to depend on our garden, last year, we would already be starving. We can grow some really healthy looking "green shit "mold in our hoop house now that we have no sun.  Not sure how it tastes but may soon know, trying to eat something.

    • Marie says:

      This is very alarming. If food won't grow then we are doomed. Maybe the farmers are having a hard time too and are keeping it quiet. Maybe that's why food is so expensive. I know i have 4 pine trees that are dead, and the neighbor (in the country in NY) next door has 4 dead pine trees too.

  40. Raynor Walker says:

    Having some radio news background, I was curious about the Boulder, CO comments. Checked NOAA Observed Readings for Boulder. At 12:12 they recorded 19 degrees. All previous temperature readings were NA!   I can think of a few arguments NOAA could use such as altitude difference or cold flowing down the canyon into Boulder but 50 degrees change?   Curious to say at the least.  We have our own temperature issues in MN right now.  Hang in there Dane!  This is a very informative site.

    • Tia Ogburn says:

      Raynor, yes! After seeing some huge temp differences between Boulder and Superior this winter (about same elevation) I then tried to see previous days temps and – nothing, nada. I used to be able to access that info with one button. Are they purposely deleting that info so people cannot go back and do some research? I'm going to make an effort to compare more of this on a daily basis. We all should. It just adds up to more evidence.    

  41. Audrey says:

    Deep Shield interview:

    David Stewart's comments are interesting, too, at the Holmestead site:

    "If you are looking for a stack of bodies that have been killed by chemtrails – you will not find it.  However, if you start really digging you will find that there is a growing stack of bodies none of whom officially died from Chemtrail poisoning, but have died from related or 'similar' diseases."

    Personally, I'd love to know how large the population truly is.  Where do the numbers come from?  Can anyone confirm any of them?  Deaths are way up.  Cancer is big, and fast.  Lots of people going directly from ER (first diagnosis) to hospice.  And Rachel, yes, sepsis is also huge, couldn't say exactly why.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Audrey, Gee.  I know how bad sepsis is, but know of very few cases and those with a rationale.  Dear God, what can they be doing to cause sepsis?!  A very dear if difficult friend and close neighbor of mine, two doors down, died the day after Christmas.  He came over about two and a half months ago as he said he had to speak with me.  He's lived here for a bit more than two decades, me much longer.  Together we built on what I'd done to further neighborhood safety and friendship, support for the kind of community we wanted and had great success.  He became the star of the show in his beautiful home, his brother's gorgeous home in front and such gardens of wonder they created! the better to host events.  He did not have much money yet helped me out and was always there for me.  Having ataxia for some time now, I was surprised he could make it up my 11 stairs, steep stairs.  Sat down in kitchen and told me he went to his doctor as he'd been so fatigued, and had a mild but constant headache.  In no time they found he had two large cancer masses in his left lung.  I asked if that could be treated.  He said wait, there's more.  Said it had metastasized to his lymph glands.  I said Oh God!  Again he said wait there is more, It is in my brain, I have brain cancer.  I perked up and mentioned how well immunotherapy has recently been found to work and he said, wait, there is more: it is stage 4.  I said, so what is the bottom line here?  He said doc said one month at the worst, 3 months at best.  I knew I'd never see him again and did not but from a distance as he decided to fight it, beginning chemo.  I keep thinking that given how rough on me and still my chemo cream was, given what I've seen so many friends go through, would he have had a tad longer and much better days had he not fought it?  Moot now, but clear, even from a wee distance how hard on him it was.  And, now gone.  His effort to survive did spur me to the doctor for skin issue.  But. I am stunned.  Can barely function.  He was a year younger than I am. A poet, a serious poet who gave readings of his work.  A very kind man who always gave more than he got.  All are in shock here.  A year and a half ago, my oldest friend who knew me in grade school and the only person left who remembered me in my leg braces, died of brain cancer within two weeks of onset symptoms, so fast, so fast and it took me to now to even mention her, the tears well even now.  She was a perfect person, unlike myself.  Had breast cancer years and years before and beat that.  Those only a fraction of the peoples I know who died of cancer and increasingly brain cancer, not to mention those living with it but not dead of it yet.  Sepsis is kinda unique in my experience, and always dire. Terrifying really.  My daughter's father died of it after being knifed on the streets in Sioux Falls.  Too aptly named.  Hospital said he was one of a kind and he was, but they meant his will to live and fight for life as he was in hospital for 3 months, even surviving the many surgeries and MRSA, but in the end, they could not operate more due to a very damaged liver from drinking.  In agony that whole time.  On the other hand, he was a full blood Lakota and in a teaching hospital and I never trusted that.  To them, he was trash.  A whole lot of us would say otherwise, he was very special, but against all odds, always.

      As for census, used to be done every 10 years, a person at the door.  As Dane says, they are now GPS'sing people at door step.  But also, Home land Security is tightening things up starting some time before Trump.  I was warned at SS office that I'd have to do something about my name as it is not fully 'legal', to renew my driver's license next month.  I was warned with attitude.  I've used this name since I was 23, this the first time anyone ever said boo howdy about that.  Supposedly, the US population is but 5% of the world.  I suspect the next census will be more accurate than any before.

  42. Kyllei says:

    I thought there was going to be a link here to the full interview with the  now deceased geoengineering insider?  Where is that? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kyllei, the link to the original interview is hyperlinked in the Global Alert Post, but I have also included it in this comment. FYI

    • Kyllei says:

      Dane, Thank you!!  Horrifying information.  Thank again for bringing it forward to your audience.  I'll be posting it on my site too.

  43. Lucille Munro says:

    Hi Dane:

    Mainstream media is trying to introduce geoengineering as being the best way to engineer the weather so that we can clean up our climate and air.

    They of course do not say that geoengineering the climate has been ongoing for over 60 years.  They just seem to be soft pedaling geoengineering the climate as a way to solve global warming.

    What say you?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lucille, Here in Bay Area, CA, our Sunday Chronicle's Insight section has on its front page a whole picture diagram of geoengineering, the article inside.  Perhaps I will read it tonight as my first reaction was to throw up!  So pissed.  What a dog and pony show huh?!  I advocate using this ruse to our benefit.  If we didn't know what all we did, if we'd not been researching and reading all the documents, then how would we have known to say all this and all the right words and affects all these years, long, long years?  If this was not real, was a conspiracy theory-Not that there is anything wrong with That but for trying to marginalize us, how would we have known?  Why would there be tests proving it and all the proof of denials as well as proof of the programs?  This weak effort proves Dane right, and the rest of us too.  So, speak out loudly! Proudly!  No shame in our game at all!

    • Dennie says:

      Boy, is the Chron ever gonna get a lotta flack for this.  Because we have SO MANY PEOPLE here in the Bay Area that know the score with regard to the reality of the ongoing and highly visible geoengineering, and reading the Chron tomorrow they will be able to say that this ain't their first rodeo– quite a few of us here have have in fact been looking around for the answers, as well as UP, for the proof.

  44. Tom Armstrong says:

    Dane: Here in South Central Kentucky as-well-as many other areas of Kentucky our problem since winter started is hardily much humidity at all. Dew points most of the time has been at 7% to 10%. As the weather men have said here, we ae getting no snow because there is no moisture to work with. I have lived in my house for over 17 years. It has a full finished basement. For over 16 years, I have had to run a dehumidifier to keep the humidity down below 70%. In the winter it has always ran about 12 hours out of a twenty-four hour day. So I have to empty the chamber almost every other day. However, this winter, it has not run even one time. The reading on the equipment says the current humidity is 50% or less most of the time. Never, ever has this happened before.  So evidently they must be spraying a chemical to dry up the moisture or directing fronts away from Kentucky or both. It is so bad here, in November, the state was concerned of forest and grass fires because it is so dry here. We are not even getting the normal precipitation for this time of the year. Of course we are sprayed on more this Fall and Winter than the previous years.

    • JF says:

      The humidity here is Socal the past few months has been between 7-15 percent, most everyday. It has been very dry. They have been spraying heavy this past month, including today.

    • Kyllei says:

      I lived in Western Kentucky and I can tell you there is an amazing difference between what the skies look like there on a daily basis as compared to what they look like here in the Northeastern USA.  Nothing like seeing for believing. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kyllei, unfortunately the aerosol sparying operations have continued to worsen all over the planet. There are ever more dire reports coming in from every state in the Union, and all over the world.

    • Dennie says:

      Tom Armstrong:  My sentiment and belief is that we need to sue the United States Military and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as the main defendants, with accomplices David Keith, Ken Caldeira and their colleagues, as well as the developers of H.A.A.R.P., for grand theft, the stealing of our water vapor, and all monetary damages resulting therefrom including crop, livestock and property loss, property value loss and all costs of wildfire damages as these are a result of the dryness THEY have caused when THEY steal our water.  We CAN prove the chem sprays are there to ionize the atmosphere, contain ingredients that dry everything out and the towers are being used to move weather around (translated:  Steal the water vapor).  I'm sure the attorneys who are working on this have come up with even better ideas than mine here ;-).

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Dennie we dont have a legitimate judicial branch, lawsuits will do absolutely nothing

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kazadum9, one thing legal action can help us accomplish, reaching a critical mass of awareness. FYI

    • Marie says:

      I am wondering about the dryness too. I think the aerosol spraying is drying us al up from the INSIDE. My skin is very dry, my lips are extremely dry and so is the skin on my nose. My hands and feet are very dry and my legs and arms. I read somewhere that the spraying chemicals act like a dessicant and dry us up from the inside out. does anyone else think that?

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Marie – no doubt about it.  Not many mention drying up the eyes.  Although people run in droves to the optometrist and complain of failing vision all around.  As for me, eye muscles slowly strengthening as they heal, I'm your canary in the coal mine.  I'm almost blinded some days by these dessicants.  I'll panic.  Think something's terribly wrong.  Then in a day or two once the sky is blue, vision is back to normal.  Have to spritz my eyes all the time on dry days.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @horsegirl, I can relate, big time, though my dry eyes are said to be from my autoimmune condition which is genetic.  Eye doc says The driest eyes he has ever seen and has tried everything on me, including cauterizing my ducts.  The eye drops are expensive!  My eyes drink as much as I drink water which has Always been more than Anyone else. Yes!  When so dry, one cannot see!  Makes me crazy!  However, I can win any no blink contest with kids!

    • Anne Denise says:

      Tom, seeing the same thing here in mountains of western nc. We got one big freakish snow in early December, one that none of the forecasters saw coming, btw. It took awhile to melt and some of it wouldn't seem to melt for days even after the temps jumped back to the 40s and 50s. But now it is so dry, it's even drier than a desert. Very atypical for this area, winter or not.

      My fruit and nut trees looked horrible this fall, and I'm hoping they make it through all this. 

  45. Ronald Doucet says:


    Always looking forward to hearing from you, and sharing the information. Today I was able to share what is going on with Jehovah Witnesses. Instead of them doing the talking at the door they listen. They new about aerial spraying, Haarp, fluoride in tap and bottled water. They said it’s getting easier to see that we’re living in the last days. We are being poisoned. More and more people are seeing what is happening in the world today. You’re right you have to pass the word around. United we stand, divided we fall. Old saying, but still true. 

    Thank you for all your hard work. It’s up building. 

    • Star Messenger says:

      You mention in your Comment "bottled water".  The ONLY bottled water I buy or anyone should buy is "Distilled Water".  Everything else is contaminated with some kind of pollutant or another.  Other than Distilled Water (which I use for specific purposes) I use the Zero Water Filter (ZWF).  It is the BEST by far.  It removes chlorine, fluorides, lead, and a host of petrochemicals.  Fluorides and lead are particularly hard to remove.  But the ZWF removes the majority.  Others like Pur, Brita, etc., can't come close to what the ZWF can do.    But for the majority of the water pollutants found in your tap water, the ZWF gets them all.  When you buy the Zero Water Filter (rectangular tank type) it comes with a water tester.  It is extremely accurate.   All this can be confirmed by certified lab results.  BTW, I have no financial interest in promoting the ZWF.  Just food for thought.  Cheers Pilgrim!

  46. Kazadum9 says:

    WOW this just happened today go right now to weather underground boulder CO, there is a 50 degree difference between locations less than 3 miles apart, 3 miles. My wife went into town, 3 mile difference 50 degree difference. Its 13 in boulder its 60 at my house which is 3000 feet above boulder, unbelievable.

    • Tia Ogburn says:

      Kazadum9 – yes, I've lived in Boulder county for many years and moved to CO Springs 2 months ago. I can't get my default weather link to change though (from Superior to here) so I see Superior's temps before manually switching it to the Springs. I began noticing huge temperature  differences between here and there, so I started checking other cities like Boulder and Denver to see if there was a mistake or something. I've been seeing temp differences like you mention just between Boulder and Superior – same elevation and a 12 minute drive apart. I spoke with a friend in Longmont this morning and he said it was freezing with light snow. It was sunny (except for the constant spraying above) and far from freezing here this morning. And all CO Springs has had in terms of snow is 3 or 4 dustings. The air feels like any and all moisture has been completely sucked out of it and because of the endless days of white hazy aerosol skies, I've been incredibly sick with respiratory probs for 7 weeks now. I feel like we are sitting ducks to be the next California…         

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Kazadum9, Wow!  In late 60s I lived outside and above Nederland back when there were only 250 residents in Nederland.  Not only is the temp difference striking, but  60 degrees 3,000 feet above Boulder This time of year is stunning!

    • Kazadum9 says:


      rachel its not even so much it being 60 but walking 1 mile and having the temperature drop 50 degrees

    • Milt Farrow says:

      Kazadum is correct, THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT, it's the bankers, it's been the bankers  all along–I think we have to keep shipping them a motto " Our paradigm should be " If you keep up the Chem-Spraying"

      You won't be alive by 2025"  Attacking their mortality means THEY CAN'T SPENT THEIR ILL GOTTEN GAINS IF THEY ARE DEAD"

  47. Ollie says:

    Down here in Houston, TX we have not seen temperatures like this that will stay in the below 32 to upper teens since these dates : 1983 & 1989.  People who are 21 years and younger don't have any recollection of such an occurrence.  My son is in the Army and he is not being groomed to be anyone's "savior" except to serve and protect.  No one cares to mention the fact that the Apophis asteroid will pass close enough to wipe out our satellites on Friday the 13th of 2029, and then move in for the kill on April 13, 2036.  If anything this is ALL a distraction to avoid the general panic of the paying public!  

    • Star Messenger says:

      Where did you get this information about the Apophis asteroid?  According to what you say, the asteroid will make a pass at the Earth every seven years, 2029 and 2036.  Where has this asteroid been for the last several thousand years?  With these sorts of accurate predictions, how do they (NASA, JPL, ESA) know that this asteroid will act this way?  I think you've been fed bogus info.  I wouldn't worry about this asteroid.  The whole thing might be a scam to frighten people like you who don't know anything about astrophysics.

      But Cheers Anyway Pilgrim.

  48. penny waters says:

    and the little piece of terrain and atmosphere that we live on, and in, gets more fragile by the day

    as it spins through space amongst the wonder of the universe, galaxy, space….

    and humans still want to crash about blowing other people up, or poisoning them slowly

    read this the other day….

    'we all bear the consequences of other people's foolishness'


  49. Pablo Hein says:

    This war threats about Russia, Iran, N. Korea and others involved in different areas seem just distraction as meanwhile entire populations are being weakened with this weapon of mass destruction they entitle as "geoengineering".
    The USA is their major Guinea Pig. Their lab.
    Besides of weather, they can manipulate volcanoes and earthquakes to.
    As the technologies used are Tesla's free energy techniques, and Tesla said this energy is able to split the planet in two.
    That of course if installations are at full power all over the world covering everything.
    But a fraction only is enough to send an entire country back to the stone age. And nowadays we have more that the required minimum, as this G5 tech once installed might even rise the destruction power tenfold.
    Who wants nuclear weapons if you can turn a huge territory upside-down like a pancake without poisoning the lot?
    The survivors will gladly welcome their "saviours" like the USA Army, the whom "coincidentally" was in the neighborhood,  and the place and all assets are taken.
    And before the people are aware of the scam, they will be vaccinated into total stupidity if not death.
    This is how you grab countries nowadays seemingly.

    • Milt Farrow says:

      We have nearly 30 million that we know  know about this " weather weapon of mass destruction" possibly twice as many as that # could be considered aa viable #-The problem is that too many of our friends and colleagues and neighborhood people are working for these cretins

    • Milt Farrow says:

      Correct, and now that the " sexual harassment gane" is over they must constantly seek a new distraction on the agenda , what better than a Global war so they can show us how they "protect the FatherLand" 

    • Star Messenger says:

      You mentioned Tesla in passing.  Tesla envisioned a "Death Ray" but couldn't get the financing in the West.  But the Soviet Union was interested and tested a prototype of his invention in 1939 and award Tesla $25,000.00 

      Today's particle beam weapon the U.S. has is very similar to Tesla's prototype.  I wonder what Russia has done today with Tesla's plans?   Here is the article that appeared in the N.Y. Times.


    • Milt Farrow says:

      Tonight in Central Florida ( Titusville – right across from the Cape ) my dog alerted me at about 6;45 eastern ( he apparently is sensitive to the Mga watt blasting of the Doppler stations either run at the Cape or controlled by them – They were activating the huge dump that is still somewhat visible in the night skies- (even when appearing blue there are vast areas blanketed with the Aircrap they are spraying


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