Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 12, 2022, #340


Dane Wigington

The climate engineers have continued whipping up weekly winter storms for the most populated portion of the US, the East Coast. The moisture feed for these storms is commonly coming from the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How can that be? Climate engineering. For the US West Coast, "winter weather" increasingly includes record high temperatures and wildfires. Climate intervention operations are yet again blocking the flow of precipitation into California and Oregon, drought is deepening by the day. Geoengineering Watch has warned about engineered drought for almost a decade. Are the weather makers intentionally crushing crop production while setting the stage for another summer of unprecedented forest incineration? As global power structures run out of options on many fronts, will they play the nuclear war card? Is there still time to make a difference? Can the controllers be stopped before life on Earth is decimated beyond the point of no return? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

27 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 12, 2022, #340

  1. Gene Adaway says:

    The Atomic Energy Commission was just renamed the Department of Energy.

  2. Longtime radio show listener says:

    Dear Dane,

    I've been attempting to write you all week however I have had so much pain for days on end, leaving me unable to function.  I can tell it's directly related to what I am inhaling. 

    I am stunned to hear you have invested well over 6 figures in outreach materials.   So much of the data you are sharing is stunning as well, and your commitment to the truth is an inspiration of the best kind.

    Your body of work will most certainly withstand the test of time and please know your science-based and non-political outreach materials have had a direct impact on my greater awareness, and many others I am very sure.  Thank you.


  3. Louis says:

    Thank You Mr Dane,

    The following is repeating a quote made by Mr Dane on the global alert  news. 31 July 2021 at about marker 1,11

    Bengaman Franklin said.quote Freedom of Speech is a Principle Pillar of a Free Government.

    When this support is taken a way The Constitution of a free society is Dissolved and Tyranny Is Erected on its  Ruins.

    Best For You Mr Dane,Staff,and Family.

  4. Lee Jeffrey Eyerman says:

    How about getting our state legislators to investigate planes and aerosol spraying.

  5. Megan says:

    Wow thank you Dane. I'm just waking up to this after seeing so many trails in the sky in Squamish, Canada over the last year in particular. Squamish recently also had the exact thing you described happen where there was a bunch of snow, then freezing temperatures that weighed down and snapped in half so many trees here. It seemed so unnatural, now I see it was. I'm amazed you never gave up sharing this so thoroughly and consistently given the magnitude of the atrocities and so few people able or willing to see it. I see it now and I very much appreciate what you say at the end about not giving up, and also for providing so many resources and solutions. You are inspiring in this dark time, thank you.

  6. Lilo Bauer-Freitag says:

    I just had an idea:  Perhaps we should hire some truckers (especially those whose accounts have been frozen or who have been dismissed) to honk for our cause!

  7. BoomerFred says:

    Greetings from Hill Country Tx,  Y'all are my earthly lifeline, so looked forward to every week. It's a year later and finally think some things can be explained; when the NWS 'puter guy says "it's comin', but won't be as bad as last Feb". The first part was icy cold layer then just very cold. was the moisture sent to NE ? My observation is there is little or no 'condensate' from our breath when the cold is on us, and the led bright flashlight into the dark sky still has 'flakes' however less dense than at first look. Seems to me spraying of 'the junk' occurs approx. 2200-0600, dropping temps about or below freezing, then it takes till midmorning to warm back up and the air is still stingy thin until noon. Last nite the inside T was normal, warm and the next two will be endothermically affected {IMHO}  Our 'gypsy ginger Calico' is not let out when temps drop. She was out last nite, because it's friendly. Make sense to you of the astute ?! 

     Nearly all of the HVAC guys who've been here have left with a flyer and an earfull of GEW info about what's really happening now, relating it to last Feb when we struggled with over a week of freeze (70 died) and a 130 car 'surfactant slickery accident' in Dallas. It was a high insult to us who moved here in response to  burning to the ground in Thomas Fire of late 2017. There's 'really no place to hide', as Dane has often said. Thanks for giving space formy venting, this foreknowledge is certainly troublesome to bear, eh ?  BTW Have any of you had to re-sign up to keep subscribed for newsletter delivery ? 

  8. JR says:

    Hello to all from the Southwest, NM area. Years back on some mulberry trees at house leaves wouldn't fall even on windy days. Saw some trees in Las Cruces with same appearance today 2-15-22. They been spewing all day towards El Paso, Tx. and Juarez, Mexico border, and here come the winds in stead of a normal windy season. We hear our military was messing with weather right after WW II. Peace…

  9. Randyl J says:

    Hello Dane, Laura (I’m 72 and definitely resonate with what you wrote), and “ALL HERE”, Who Care about Our Earth and its BEINGS.  We who contribute conscientious thoughts and ideas to Dane’s ongoing amazing weekly enlightenment for All Humanity! I’ve occasionally contributed to this exceptional group of ‘Readers Comments’ for the past few years and tuned in to awesome ideas from other contributors here! I’ve also followed the efforts of another North Carolina resident; a busy professional who has been actively distributing GEW materials for many years, receiving very minute positive feedback.

    My local neighbors are mostly ‘Seniors’ in a lower income bracket.  Few are able  to ‘connect the dots’, even with brochures. I now realize that very people actually have access to create large positive changes (ie stop Climate Engineering) on this planet. Those who possibly could affect changes are usually the same ones who wish to maintain control and continue the current scenario as long as possible. Dane has diligently pursued and sought their assistance and encouraged them to contribute towards the ‘Greater Good’, which they are obviously ignoring. I now feel there isn’t going to be a positive solution to this without the help of a Much Higher Power ~whatever One calls this Consciousness: a.k.a. “God, SOURCE, the Great Spirit, Allah, Elohim, God-Mind, or even Higher Inter-dimensional Beings, etc!

    The so-called “Person-on-the-street” is no more able to create a huge change than even One billionaire – example ‘Elon Musk’, (with supposed connectivity to resources beyond Earth), or anyone else in the current ‘public limelight’. And even if leaders within the World Banking System united, the Red Tape and other barriers, would create unimaginable roadblocks to quickly turn Climate Engineering around.

    Yet Dane hasn’t given up and I keep sharing what I can so that others at least have basic knowledge of what is occurring. I daily praise Dane’s amazing ongoing fortitude!!! 

    I truly believe in Miracles ~Hopefully between the ‘Guardrail and bottom of the Canyon’!! I also believe that WE are ALL Multi-dimensional Beings and that Earth as a Third-Dimensional Physical Planet, is only One Aspect. Perhaps it also is a Multi-dimensional Being? This physical world may be changing into a much more positive one very soon! Hold that thought! 😃


  10. Diane says:

    We need "convoys" of people who are willing to take a stand against geoengineering. They need to demonstrate, like they are doing now against the mandates, that engineering of the climate is detrimental to the whole ecosystem! It is imperative that this too takes place!

  11. Joseph says:

         Thanks Dane for great reporting. I have been coming here now for over a dozen years. 

        More people need to come on board and start handing out more of your  flyers etc.  

        Things have gotten much worse since then and some stuff just can't be hidden anymore. Hopefully, one day Geoengineering and Climate Engineering can't be hidden any longer.

    Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome

    February 27, 2013     

    Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome » Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome | Geoengineering Watch

  12. Joseph says:

      Thanks Dane—you are doing a great job here. I have been coming here now for over a dozen years–   

  13. Robin Christensen says:

    From macro this macro that to nano this nano that!  We are in the age of maximum separation.  Drive a gas hog to an air conditioned skyscraper and know that the city you are in is a heat island.  Another macro operation of jet aerosols & ionospheric heating brings a 50 degree temp drop in Twin Cities MN.  Hole up in a heated house in a pocket of cold air mass surrounded by heat above and all along the cold mass perimeter!  Let's just call this a cold island in a sea of heat.

    Take comfort during the cull?  Cant have it both ways!  As always- there is a dual purpose to justify every new invention.  Graphene sheets can be used in water filtration, removal of harmful chems etc.  Or  as a phytotoxic pathogen platform double teaming as an ice nucleating agent,   thus triple teaming on weather warfare insanity toward results that confuse, divide & cull populations.

    I'm not loath to say that the oath to growth is a war against creation & its natural laws set forth over the eons.  I am so grateful for the contributors on this board & beyond, led by Dane & company, who soldier on with the living, taking an oath to protect the web of life.  

    Two rocks provide our collective message of choice IMHO.  A picture that needs no words is etched in ancient Prophecy Rock (on reservation land Four Corners USA).  Its message?  Stop the zigzagging (duality), resolutely unite, and take the path down from the upper psychopath- zigzagging to a dystopian end back to mother earth (as Dane shares in quoting Thoreau, also suggesting a view of 'holes in the heavens'-film).  It is the life path which leads toward an unending  future in which the gift & goodness of life is cherished- be connected not dejected!

    The other rock? The Georgia Guide Stone, a man made rock like sculpture. A recent art creation that offers only written words on a sculpted surface.  In contrast to the Hopi hieroglyph- written words can fail & all too often deceive.  Among words written in the Guide Stone is a message to reduce the human population.  May those of this ilk receive charcoal in their Christmas Stockings (to put it mildly)!!  "Halt from the inside out," (DW) our misbehavior, soldier on & pray to follow through- individually and collectively- on the miracles courage brings!!!

  14. Lance says:

    A study put out by the Lancet on the 21st Century Tech Blog reports that "City" air pollution is as bad as it was 20 years ago!  Aerosols containing particulates 2.5 micrometers and smaller are causing an increase in mortalities, i.e., deaths!  EPA claims that air pollution from these aerosol particulates has declined, but this is not the truth!  The Lancet report states that globally manmade aerosol particulate pollution has not decreased, that its stayed at the same level as it was 20 years ago.  Massive amounts of manmade toxic micro and nano particulates, non-replicating and self-replicating, are everywhere and continue to be released into the environment on this planet all the time.  The report then goes into possible solutions to deal with this massive problem, but in my opinion there is no way this manmade disaster is going to be resolved, even if all the sources of manmade pollution were stopped right now, let alone years from now.  You're deceived if you think its possible that man using man's scientific knowledge can undo what has been done!                

  15. Lance says:

    Massive aerosol operation off the CA coast ongoing now from Monterrey Bay northward.  You can see the stuff on the COD Nighttime Microphysics Images For Central California (GOES West).  

  16. John says:

    I had researched chem trails 10 years ago, and the WHY was still a mystery.  I recently asked myself why the native oaks and commercial groves of citrus and avocados in San Diego County, all seem to be dying in unison.  Within a few hours of research I found myself here. It really feels like we are watching the Lorax in real time.

  17. William Craig says:

    Dane, here in Europe there is awareness of what has happened over the last 30 – 40 years, however, they are too occupied with there social media, etc and listening/believing the lies of MSM (Main Stream Media) that I also have almost lost hope that these sheeple will ever wake up! It is perfectly apparent that the elites will keep using fear, censorship and whatever is required to press their GREAT RESET agenda. I have known about HAARP for over 15 years and that it would not only be used as a weapon against potential adversaries but also against the US as well.

  18. Laura Cotter says:

    My response to Lucille wanting to know something about the horrible people committing crime against humanity.  Lucille, all we can do to surmise who are the guilty,  are those "in charge of everything" from the president and congress to the lowest of jobs.  Wherever you see or are affected by bad vs. good, someone is NOT doing their job for the good of our USA.  Same thing applies to other nations.  And why should people NOT do a good job?  Some answers…… one is monitoring them or they all are either lazy or apparently satisfied with their salaries.  Also, our nation has lost or was taught no personal self respect…….no respect for anyone in authority… respect for our planet… respect for America… respect for the air we breathe….and on and on  I'm NOT saying this applies to all.  Sure, we still have many wonderfully conscientious people young to old.  Our problem is, they work in fields that could benefit all but they are far outnumbered by those who only work for money, no matter how they get it or who stands in the way of them getting what they want.  In my 70+ years, that's what I see.  I also see no way to stop what has happened, short of hundreds/ thousands to grow a conscience and a new backbone!

  19. Dr. Mike says:

    Thank you again Dane!   I spread the truths to everyone I meet.   And as I feel all of your words, my eyes fill with tears.

  20. Joyce Suprynowicz says:

    Nobody else is waking up. And if they should, the question is, what can we do? That's what everyone is asking that is paying attention.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joyce, thank you for your willingness to stand with us in this all important battle. Below is the link which I make mention of at the end of every Global Alert News broadcast, it will provide in depth input on your question of what we can do. Again, thank you for marching with us in this battle.

    • Diane says:

      Dane says we need to stop right now! Stop all the horrific and insane practices that are bringing our planet into meltdown. Enlightened ones are saying, "we need to dream a new world into being." That means to head in the opposite direction! That includes those that still have a conscience about preserving the human species. Many are trying to do that. Teaching others how to manage land holistically for cattle and food supply. Watch Allen Savory and Joel Salatin for starters. The caring and knowledge needs to be embraced by all thinking persons. They will and are becoming the "way showers!"

  21. Lucille McIntosh says:

    Can't these wicked people be stopped!! Who are they? Can they be identified? If so, why are they not behind bars? Such terrible crimes against humanity going unpunished and nothing is being done to stop them? Can someone explain this to me? I anxiously wait for your reply. I appreciate you putting your life on the line to inform the public of such crimes, Mr. Wigington. I pray for God's protection to be with you and your family daily. 

    • Stan Sylvester says:


      We need more people like you that want to get answers. Here's a start to get you going in your personal research:

      "The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a slimy octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation…the little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties."

      NYC Mayor John F. Hylan, New York Times, March 26, 1922

      He knew this without the benefit of the Internet. As you proceed with daily research, you will be able to go much deeper than he was able to go. These international bankers  now control the printed currency   that pays for the unleashing of  the weather warfare that Dane brilliantly unfolds to us today.

      As far as not being behind bars, the military takes a vow to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Without a change of heart from our heavily bribed generals, it is doubtful  that any arrests will be made.

  22. Carol Jones says:

    Thank you, Dane, for this newest Global Alert News. It frightening to learn that graphene is also being sprayed on us. It's so dangerous to health that I think more people will become infuriated and then activists.

    I've used the search at, which can be hard to find, so here's the link to the video "Graphene Skies?" It's only 5:17 minutes, made in July, 2021. It's worth the time.

  23. Anhir Arya… says:

    Here in PA I walked 1 hour yesterday and saw only ONE bird flying way up in the sky.  Today I saw THREE black birds in tree tops. I used to see flocks of hundreds to thousands.  My mate and I are under near constant silver skies and we are are ill constantly coughing up thick silvery-white stringy mucus that sparkles on the tissue.  Even 20 year olds are in constant complaint of severe fatigue and wanting to leave work to go to sleep. Today 2-12-22 the sun is out and it feels like mid-march and not mid-February.  My 70 y.o. bare bald head felt like it was in a microwave oven and not the gentle warming sun of my youth.  Love to all…

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