Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 20, 2024, #441


Dane Wigington

The January chemical ice nucleation flash freeze of the US is about to be followed up by a weather whiplash record warm temperature rebound. The planet's life support systems are broken, climate intervention operations are radically accelerating the process. Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of Global Alert News.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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38 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 20, 2024, #441

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I know we will never reach a Billion Climate Activist's march on Washington. But worldwide I think, is a reasonable goal.

    If we could get that many people concerned about our planet's wellbeing and the future of humanity, to march on every capital of every government, in every country on this planet. On the same day, with the same goal of stopping government and military climate engineering.

    What could possibly be more profound and impacting than showing the 5% that the 95% aren't going to allow Omnicidal Insanity to determine our fate?

    We might only have about eighteen months left to make something like this happen. If we are very lucky that is, and the Earth finds the will to fight back against geoengineering. Giving us that one small glimmer of hope, and an extension of the short precious time we all have left to keep her from being sanitized of all life, by a Venus Syndrome meltdown.

    When the ozone layer vanishes from the atmosphere, before we reach the end of this decade. That's it, game over, and a new chapter in the history of Earth's existence begins. Without us being there to witness that milestone.

    Mars has no ozone radiation protection, and it is even farther from the sun than the Earth. But every single meteorite that strikes the surface and exposes internal organic matter to the sun. Dies within days of being exposed to such high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Humans might last a few weeks and it would be no different here on Earth.

    But we are destined to endure agonizingly slow deaths, as the Earth's ozone depletion reaches ever increasing levels of DNA damaging radiation. And trust me, it will not be a very pretty sight.

    Why would we ever stand idle and just let the 5% execute us in such a horrific manner? When we still have a chance to stop them from writing the final chapter, in the existence of humanity?

    Those that might survive deep underground will endure the same slow and agonizing fate, as all the nuclear reactors go into meltdown, and the Earth becomes one giant thermal nuclear reactor.

    So, even the 5% are totally screwed and we need to make them aware of that gloomy fate. Elon Musk is building a billion-dollar underground shelter, and he is destroying the ozone layer at an even more alarming rate with his rocket launches. If that isn't a prime example of insanity, I don't know what is. Being super wealthy does not give you the right to commit murder/suicide, and that's exactly what he is doing to all life on Earth. Gates, Bezos and all the rest are from that very same criminally insane legion of Omnicidal Psychopaths.

    We are the next Atlantis and if we don't stop the ruling class insanity. We will experience the same fate. History does not have to repeat itself, and we still control our destiny. But we must act now to make that happen.

    I don't know about you. But I am truly tired of watching all my dear friends and family die around me. Their lives must mean something, or we don't even deserve the title of humans. We become nothing more than senseless life forms and devolving sentient beings.

    Basically, discarded trash in this great big universe, and I think we are better than that. I still believe in the spirit of our species, and our free will to choose our own destiny.

    And evidently Dane does too. Or he would have given up on us a long time ago. He is the only person I know of that is more committed to this cause, than any other well known climate activist on this planet. It is because of his tireless and self sacrificing efforts that I make these bold statements. He constantly stresses how little time we have left, and I am only trying to drive that point home. Trying to light a fire in everyone's spirit of survival. Trying to stir the masses, before our time on Earth passes.

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    As Dane constantly points out in these weekly Global Alert News reports. Geoengineering the planet to keep some regions cooler, comes at a price of an even warmer planet overall. This domino effect is a result of the U.S., the U.K., China and Russia, all using chemical ice nucleation and atmospheric blockers to weaken the polar vortex jet stream in the winter months. These super power nations need to stop these geoengineering operations before we enter into a feedback loop that guarantees Earth boils from the result of a Venus Syndrome event.

    Record warmth is sweeping through multiple continents this week after 2023 made history as the world’s hottest year on record. Temperature records are falling on nearly every continent and could put 2024 on pace to challenge 2023′s exceptional heat.

    Where it’s winter, the unusually warm temperatures are making it feel more like June than January. Where it’s summer, historic heat has surged well past 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

     High temperatures in Australia approached 120 degrees in portions of South Australia and Queensland on Wednesday, including 119 degrees in Oodnadatta and 118 degrees in Birdsville. Records for warm minimum temperatures were set at several locations in recent days, including a low of 95 degrees at Birdsville, Queensland’s highest minimum temperature ever recorded.

    Trelew, Argentina, saw its hottest day on record with a high of 109 degrees. Talca, Chile, notched its all-time record on Monday with a high of 102 degrees.

    In Africa record heat has baked the region from Liberia to Congo for weeks. Tuesday’s high of 103 degrees at Dimbokro was the Ivory Coast’s hottest January day on record. In South Africa, Vioolsdrif soared to 115 degrees.

    Dawei, Myanmar, reached 99 degrees on Tuesday, breaking its January record for highest temperature, while the Maldives tied its warmest January temperature on record Wednesday with a high of 92 degrees in Hanimaadhoo. Nearly 20 records were set Tuesday for warm minimum temperatures in Japan.

    In North America, temperatures in the central United States and across much of Canada were as much as 15 to 30 degrees above normal Wednesday. The unusual warmth was forecast to spread into the Eastern United States on Friday, setting numerous record highs. D.C. could reach 70 degrees in January for the first time in four years.

    Places where geoengineering is used to create artificial winter weather will always see record cold followed by record heat, and this year is no exception. For at least seven years straight this has been the case, and these whiplash extremes are only getting worse. Because governments and their military counterparts, who have this climate modification technology are being allowed to play God with the lives of eight billion people. Not to mention how they are also killing every single species of wildlife along the way.

    The protective ozone layer of the atmosphere will be completely destroyed within eighteen months to three years, if we don't pass laws to stop this insanity… as Earth becomes sanitized of all life, and we obliterate this planet we borrowed from our children. They deserve to raise children of their own and have families too. But we are allowing those dreams to be crushed by our inability to act, and make our voices heard.

    It is definitely time to bring out the proverbial pitchforks and torches, and have a billion climate activists march on Washington. Cripple the capital and congress, until they agree to stop ruling this world as nefarious gods. China, Russia and the UK all need to experience the same march on their governments. If we don't take the Earth away from their death grip, then we deserve the fate of a Venus Syndrome extinction.

    We are now in the flee or fight mode, as we get backed into a corner by the non stop insanity of geoengineering. I choose to fight and will do everything in my power to convince all Native American Tribal Nations to rise up and make their voices heard. Convince them to lead a march on Washington and gather support along the way. That is my goal and I will spend my last breath trying to make that happen.

    Because all of the weathered and wise elders tell me that the Great Spirits have taken over their dreams, and are now showing them this very same path to salvation. They tell me… "It is time to take Maka back!"

  3. Crystal in Oregon says:

    Once we had a supreme court justice to be loved, William O. Douglas (1898 – 1980).  He wrote a book about his life growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Of Men and Mountains.  In the chapter,H Snow Hole, he is on a trek with three friends, Elon, Cragg and Bob, when 500 feet below the mountain pass, the wind caused them to wonder if they should camp below the mountain pass or above it.  Cragg and Bob dropped their packs and reconnoitered.  Soon they came racing back to report that a blinding blizzard was raging above.  They found a snag and cut off the top and built a fire with the dry core wood.  The snow was at least 15 feet deep, and the fire melted about a foot of snow an hour. They took turns shoveling, following the fire down until they had about a six foot square hole about eight feet down.  They cooked a fine dinner in the snow hole, and dug an alcove in the side where they placed fir boughs and a tarp for sleeping bags.

    Douglas writes, "One has to lie deep in the snow to learn how warm and protective it is.  A den in the snow confines the body heat like a blanket or overcoat.  It is a snug place, no matter how the wind may howl.  One who holes up in the snow understands better the mysteries of woods in the winter.  He knows why in severe weather grouse squirm their way under the soft snow and lie quiet.  He understands why the deer bury themselves in drifts, lying a half-day or more with just their heads sticking out.  He learns something of the comfort of the bear in hibernation."

    That was the old snow, the snow crafted by nature.  Chemical ice nucleation treatments bring misery and cruelty to wildlife.

    In the 1990's, hoof disease in elk came into the news.  In time, I learned more, abnormal hoof growth, cavitating sole ulcers, and in the newspaper, a vet described that the hoof could come off, leaving the elk walking around on its leg bone "in excruciating pain".

    There was the Elk Hoof Disease Public Working Group with Safari Club International represented on the board (disbanded in 2017).  The Fish and Wildlife Agency says, "understanding the cause of the disease is an important step toward understanding and managing its impacts", " likely that environmental factors are important", and, "there is not a treatment plan or vaccine available at this time."  At the university there is a program devoted to elk hoof disease with expensive equipment to do epigenetic research, and they think Treponeme bacteria or multiple bacteria are involved.  I also learned that there are hoof diseases in sheep, cattle, horses and pigs.

    The latest update, "We know from recent experiments that elk hoof disease is an infectious transmissible disease."

    Oh, good.  All we need is a vaccine.

    Here is my treatment plan.  Do no harm.  The ice nucleation treatments for weather modification are a cause of injury and death to living things.  The program is classified so we are not told the ingredients of every payload, but we should be told what is being dumped on our heads, silver iodide, E.coli, plastics, diamonds, surfactants?  My years of observation of the deer tells me:

    It hurts their feet and makes them go lame!

    The deer hate this frozen crap!

    The deer lick themselves and each other, so whatever the mix is in the tank at any given time is ingested, and, contaminates sources of water for everybody.  The weight of the animal presses the frozen crap into their feet, and the super cold of the endothermic reaction taking place is the opposite of natural snow, in that, the comfort and utility of natural snow is taken away.  The endothermic process causes the frozen crap to stick to animal fur and my wool coat.  Does it stick to hooves?  I don't know, but I recall a comment from a guy complaining about snow sticking to his skis.

    One of the best experiences I had handing out DW literature happened one night when I was worried about running out of gas, and I found a little gas station in a small town.  A really nice gal helped me, and I gave her a booklet.  We had a short talk about grids in the sky and SRM.  She was so receptive that before I got back in the car, I tossed in, "And, by the way", and started to tell about the treatments for snow.  She had a look of surprise and let out a big "Oh!".  She had been wondering about the funny snow.  Our conversation ended that night talking like two complaining housewives, about tracking snow in the house, and how it sticks to the entrance rug and does not brush out like normal snow.  Loved that gal!  Smart cookie!  (makes up for the death threats)

    From the start, the program to solve elk hoof disease was pretty sure herbicides were not to blame.  The link between pesticides and micro life is undeniable.  It is a crime that our tax money gets used to apply tons of pesticides to forests and wildlife areas.  How can herbicides be exonerated?  At the end of the Viet Nam war, our government wholesale sprayed our northwest forests with Agent Orange.  For an excellent account of this crime read A Bitter Fog by Carol Van Strum.  The spray war killed beneficial microorganisms that the trees need to live and grow.  

    An investigation of herbicides will show the harm caused to the beautiful, intricate structure of native soil.  Should we not have the curiosity to study the damage to micro life, the mutagenic changes, species extinction, population changes, proliferation of a species that may cause detrimental change.

    The fake snow and pesticides are two places to start.  Elk need a clean place to live.  I don't think their hooves were falling off when Lewis and Clark came through.

    In Snow Hole, Douglas talks about various species of lichens.  "The elk were up to their shoulders in snow.  They ran single file in trails they had made.  They knew the starvation that the mountains offer in the winter.  Only the lichens had pulled them through.

    In the winter the mountains offer only remnants of their hospitality.  Death stalks man and game when the deep snow comes.  The lifeline is as flimsy as the lichens on the evergreens at Goose Prairie or the cambium layer under the bark of the bull pine that the Indians scraped off with a piece of deer bone and ate raw."     

    The Fish and Wildlife Department provided six young elk for the recent university experiments, and they died by euthanasia.             

  4. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    This is a prime example of how most people do not think any precipitation that falls from the sky is unsafe to drink or consume.

    There is a video circulating on social media of Reese Witherspoon making a frozen “Snow Chococino.” and it had some folks gasping. Including myself. (because it was huge and not just a coffee cup sized portion)

    She refuses to believe that there are any forever chemicals, microplastics or any other toxic pollutants in the snow, and she eats it on a regular basis.

    If she only knew how much toxic aerosols are being sprayed into the sky, or should I say: If she would simply take the time to watch Dane's documentary "The Dimming". She would never make lavish deserts out of snow again.

    But just like 90% of those on any social media platform. They see such documentaries as alarmist produced conspiracy theories, and are even willing to risk their lives to prove folks like us wrong.

    I guess if she actually used some common sense and spent a little bit of her fortune on paying for an official lab test of the snow that she plans to consume, first. Then her snow chococino video would instead be a public awareness video, warning everyone NOT TO EAT THE SNOW!

    I honestly hope she comes to her senses, for her own sake… before it's too late. Allowing yourself to be brainwashed by the matrix media could have dire consequences, and I guarantee eating the snow is extremely detrimental to your health. We did it as children in the 1960s, and even then it was still polluted. But now I won't even let my pets consume frozen or melted snow. That would be considered cruelty to animals.

    • B says:

      As I posted here before, 2 years back we had a lot of snow.

      Practically all my neighbors dogs died soon after.


      Also here in NE Ohio they crushed us with the chem ice nuke.

      Myself and my roommate were quite ill for the duration. @ four weeks.

      We are still recovering.

      Take care E

    • Nancy H says:

      Thank you for highlighting the latest in Hollywood elitist "brain freezes"! I too was appalled at Reese Witherspoon's cavalier use of our atmospherically poisoned snow in a "dessert". Woe unto her and her family for consuming any of this garbage. She would do well to educate herself using  resources other than TikTok or Instagram. Money certainly does not enlighten one, does it ?

    • David says:

      She wouldn't even have to do a lab test.  I've seen videos of people trying to melt the snow indoors with a lighter or flame and it actually chars, burns, and smells if it's nucleated snow. 

    • Robert says:

      The induced snow storm here in Baker City Oregon was damaging on us. A friend of mine lost his entire bee colony as thousand of them died. He believes they were stressed due to weather fluctuations, unusually warm temps which had them coming out of their hives and then the brutal cold (minus 9 degrees). 

      I've set out food for the birds but I have only seen a couple of Eurasian doves feeding, I should have a host of  quail, sparrows and others feeding but?

      My dog's face swelled and his eyes shut from what I believe was from the white poison, I gave him some benadryl and that brought him around. He is reactive to the sun also,  I have to put goggles on him when he lazes in the sun too long, his eyes will swell shut and he develops welts on his body. And on top of all that, had to put my cat down last week. She was 13 years old and had been in poor health for the last year. She quit eating, and I have to wonder if the gassing off of fake snow contributed to her demise? 

      Once you realize that this toxic orb we all depend on is failing and that weather warfare takes no prisoners, you look at everything differently, it helps you to identify the liars and the deceit being played on us.

      Thanks to all here for standing your post to end this madness, I don't know how this is all going to end but I know we are the positive in the equation. Stay strong.

    • Earth Angel says:

      And B you in NE Ohio were also subjected to the train derailment and sabotage with highly toxic chemicals that were lit on fire at East Palestine, I believe was the town name. I have wondered how everyone in that area is recovering, if possible, from that terrible chemical contamination of the organic farms, streams, fish, wildlife, pets and people of the area. Please let us know if you have an update, I've heard nothing from the major media propaganda outlets for many months. Praying for a miracle of de-contamination for everyone/everything in the area.

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I am now old enough to understand exactly how the academic and military career systems have been designed to program the minds of the "so called" science experts, and highest-ranking officers to block out anything and anybody that doesn't conform to the official narrative, or the agendas outlining how to adapt, improvise and overcome everything that they are told is just pure rhetoric.

    The climate scientists and seasoned military leaders are pretty much set in their ways, and their brains have been groomed for years to only think and act, in accordance with only what their superiors would expect of them. 

    Any straying from that narrow and restricted path in life, or deviation from the course given to them is considered non-adherence to the scientific facts, or a dereliction of duty. The only science and duty that their minds are capable of processing, and anything other than that just does not compute or register in their conscious mind.

    That's exactly why, when you try to bring up a conversation that implies the use of climate modification technologies to steer and control hurricanes or create droughts to bring your enemies to their knees. You get this dazed and glazed eye look, of a deer in the headlights reaction. Before they instantly respond with:  "Don't be absurd. You are talking pure fiction and complete nonsense. No military in the world has the capability to do either. Besides, that kind of stuff belongs in the pages of science fiction books. Not reality or even the confines of a sane, sound and rational mind."

    If they aren't in the "Need to Know" loop, then it all sounds totally unbelievable to them. But if they are directly (or even indirectly) involved in either, then their career long education and training kicks in and they become combative. Saying that there is no tangible proof of either, or it's all nothing more than conspiracy theories. 

    No matter which camp they belong to, they have all been educated and trained to deny the truth and keep that truth buried deep within an inaccessible black hole. Because I hate to quote a famous movie line, but they believe we can’t handle the truth. Or we would use that truth to improvise, adapt and overcome their official narratives and agendas. We simply don’t know what’s best for us, and they have the career long experience and knowledge to make life decisions for us. Because that’s exactly what they have been programed and charged with doing, come hell or high water.

    And now that we are in that very hell and high water, they have been drilled into thinking that we, and or nature, are to blame for the dire situation we are all facing.

    My neighbor, the Professor, was the exception to that rule and that’s why he was expelled from the university that terminated his tenure. Because he encouraged his students to seek out the truth, and not bury it out of sight and out of mind. There are many more like him out there and with our tenacity to expose the truth, they will eventually join us, and their voices will bring about the change we so desperately need to turn the tide.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Sadly, I have come to realize that joining any military group comes with it the price of a serious brainwashing. It seems they must break down the reasoning individual mind in order to replace it with that of strict adherence to unquestioningly following orders of others whether sensible or not. Thankfully for myself, as a young person I always had instinct to steer clear of it, even with the carrot of free education offered. Our family of meager means was unable to send me off to college but I knew I would somehow make my way in life regardless. Its been a wonderful ride thus far simply by following instincts and opportunities which presented themselves along the way. A little luck, hard work, (self imposed) discipline and taking a few calculated risks happened to work out. I PRAY the culture of war in this current militarized industrial society becomes obsolete VERY SOON for the survival of every good living thing on Earth.

  6. David says:

    The weather has radically changed here in Florida from what it was decades ago. (Ive grown up here) Winter was always the dry season here.  Now its always raining in winter with so called cold fronts of rain and then cold following.  Sometimes the geoengineering spraying makes no sense almost as if they're spraying just to spray.  The other day started as a clear blue sky and then you see a straight thick sprayed corridor of aerosols from horizon to horizon.  Could much of this be processed industrial waste (apart from the actual engineering) being dumped into the sky because its cheaper to do this than dispose of it properly?  Many times the spraying is as if they're "painting" the sky with short spurts of aerosols that become fake clouds that wouldn't seem by themselves to make much atmospheric impact.  If I were to dump waste into the sky this is how I would do it.  At this point they could be dumping anything they want and who will know the difference?  

  7. Robin says:

    I just emailed a message to all members on the 'climate & energy committee' of the Minnesota House of Representatives.  The message included the link to Dane's 1/12/2024 video on New Hampshire bill 1700 – FN.  I of course included the link to 'The Dimming'.  I left message for the committee coordinator to arrange for a revisit of this committee on the topic of climate engineering.  Hopefully, an in person visit.  My previous contact was during the pandemic- a brief presentation on zoom.  This boomer struggles with computers, not much of a zoomer.

    Any step is a good step!  Feels good to get this revisit going!  As always I'm grateful to be with this growing group of 'Never Give Up' people. 

    • Jonathan says:

      Now if every person in this audience would do that in his or her respective states, that would be wonderful. The ones in North Carolina are completely closed to this. No responses whatsoever. I applaud what you have done, Robin. :+)

  8. Atlantic Canadian says:

    On one more thing as for Fungus.

    Hate to say it but I have had "Ringworm" or crater like fungus on my feet after years of working with damp feet. No Azole cream works permanently. OTC or Prescribed, It always comes back!

  9. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I have been keeping track of world temperatures and the southern hemisphere is literally baking in record shattering highs. Not only just breaking last year's records but doing so with temperature increases that surpass previous variances, ever since records have been kept. Five-to-ten-degree increases were typical, but now places around the world are seeing fifteen to twenty, and other regions are seeing even twenty-five to thirty above normal.

    The closer you get to the polar regions, the higher those numbers climb. Sixty to seventy above the norm is happening all the time now, in those northern and southern most latitudes.

    I read an article that said all the glaciers will be gone by 2050, no matter what we do, even if we can stop greenhouse gas emissions in the next few years. But at this rate, they will all melt before 2030, and humanity will likely not even be here to see that happen.

    I get this gut feeling that NOAA and the National Weather Service told Americans that El Nino would be extremely strong going into 2024, and to expect an unusually warm winter. Just in case all their climate engineering magic didn't work in dislodging and diverting the polar vortex jet stream patterns.

    But I guess they stepped up their operations to go Full Monty, and basically had to build an atmospheric blocking pattern over Greenland and Iceland, to finally nudge the super cold air into dropping down through the central U.S. states. Where they could use chemical ice nucleation to enhance the effects, and eventually bring a cold winter back to their favorite Utopian Wonderland. Buffalo NY and all the surrounding states.

    Evidently, they now have to pull out all the stops, just to keep the most anomalously cooler and wetter region on Earth, continuously cooler than the rest of our boiling planet. And that same climate engineering cool down magic reserved for the only Utopia they recognize, is also bringing more flash droughts, flash floods, heat waves and tornadoes to the rest of the country. During the other three seasons of the year.

    Or at least that's how I am seeing the bigger picture. When it comes to how all the cards have played out, since the El Nino was being advertised as a winter wonderland busting Scrooge.

    But now that scheduled record winter heat is on the way, and things could get pretty ugly from this day forward. You won't have to predict that the summer of 2024 will go down in the record books as the hottest ever. That's pretty much a given at this point in our planet's continued meltdown.

  10. Mary Webster says:

    I am a nurse – fungus infections almost impossible to get rid of, and the tAmphotericin B treatment is brutal.  Also – why all of a sudden are these drugs that end in ab and ib advertised constantly for skin and breathing conditions.  Any guesses?  I don't remember these getting such attention in earlier years – could $$$$ be involved here.  

    Yes – Florida has had beautiful skies in the morning but I saw for 2 days in a row at least 10 airplanes intentionally heading way up high infront of the sun with their payload of the day.  By the afternoon – hazy, white, dim.  Change your air conditioner filter more – I'm putting signs in my yard and will continue to wear the tin foil hat – order the informative booklets – they are great.  People can clearly see these stupid stripes in the sky.  And don't be fooled – pilots are smart people and have to know what is happening in their aircraft.  Many people are culpable – but in the end they are just some of the many useful idiots in the whole big One World Government scheme.  

    Go New Hampshire bill 1700 – hearing Monday, January 21 – give them a call – the air belongs to the all the life of the world.

    • Jonathan says:

      Dear Mary, thank you for what you have shared. The suffixes you referred to generally refer to a class of medicines that are monoclonal antibodies. In other words antibodies that are specific to a certain target, such as a specific protein sequence on a bacterium or virus, etc. and which are attached to in this case a certain drug so that the drug is specifically sent to the particular part of the person's body where it needs to be delivered.

      That is when everything's working normally. My distrust of the pharmaceutical industry has increased dramatically. My wife and I were watching TV last night and were commenting about how when we were children growing up, you would never see pharmaceutical products advertised on TV like we do today. And they are now usually medications that cannot be easily pronounced. The other commercials are generally insulting to ones intelligence and full of subtle programming, For the reasons, I will occasionally watch an old TV show on a DVD or an old movie, but rarely watch TV at this point. I'm You were so active in your outreach efforts to inform. Thank you for being such a good example for the rest of us. I had a large banner in the front yard by the road for several years until it finally broke down, probably because of the same weather patterns to which it was alerting people.

  11. Jonathan says:

    Take a look at this. And research Lake Baikal, located in Siberia. It is unimaginably large. Think about what must be happening for the temperature of such a massive body of water, the largest freshwater lake on earth, to be rising enough to be affecting the chain of life and the food supply within the lake. Recall that Dane frequently talks about the heat capacity of water compared to the heat capacity of air.


  12. Jonathan says:

    Yeah this is interesting. Dane talks about the detrimental health effects of microplastics in our food, air and water. Let me give you an example of just how quickly converging health catastrophes are impacting this planet.

    May help to wake people up who may still be rubbing their eyes and yawning.

    The hospital which I am on staff send a message to all the physicians about 6 months ago. The message did not specify why they are doing this, but it said that going forward unless the medical examiner aka coroner request an autopsy, they're not doing any more autopsies.

    Think about all the unnatural substances that are now in people's bodies, which certainly includes all the toxic materials Dane has been talking about for years that we are breathing in with every breath, and which contaminate so much of the food and water that we consume.

    Food for thought, no pun intended.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Nearly every hospital here in Texas stopped doing autopsies as well, just about four months back. No reason given for exactly why that decision was made either. But I believe it was made at the state or federal level. (I am friends with several doctors, nurses and paramedics)

      They will only do so in cases where a crime was committed, resulting in death or if it was a suspected suicide attempt that they couldn't prevent (including accidental drug overdoses). Questionable rare disease and newly discovered viral infection cases would also qualify under certain circumstances.

      But otherwise, every death will be ruled as from natural causes and that is becoming the prominent cause on almost all death certificates i-n this state right now. 

      But I am sure that most are from toxicity buildup in the blood, tissues and organs, and they don't want to create a panic situation with those who were related to, or knew the deceased.

      The majority of those autopsied before this new rule went into effect, were found to have died from various toxicities that lead to sepsis. And I am willing to bet, that is exactly what they are trying to cover up now. Record numbers of sepsis deaths that can be connected to climate engineering chemicals and heavy metal particulates. Not to mention microscopic and nano particulate plastic toxification that opens the door for sepsis, pneumonia and cancer.

      Most of those that are being autopsied aren't getting culture or tox-screens, and that alone raises a lot of questions in my mind.

  13. Jonathan says:

    " 200 years "

    I very close attention to that phrase in this broadcast. This corresponds to what I was saying about the industrial revolution.

    This underscores how incredibly fragile the balance of life on this planet always was.

    Humanity in its hubris has severely damaged the balance of the biosystems of this world in 200 years.

    So as Dane says, time is not on our side. Let that help to motivate people to share information like their life depends on it. In fact, all life actually depends on it.

  14. Jonathan says:


    Those who perhaps are new to this website may find this very, very disturbing.

    Those who are familiar with these weather engineering programs will not be quite so surprised.

    My hope is that people can use articles like this to get other people's attention and help to wake people up. The extreme and ferocious cold that has been freezing much of the United States this past week is a distraction from what's happening in much of the rest of the world.

    This may be a helpful article to use in your outreach efforts.

    I bless each and every one of you.

  15. Stan Sylvester says:

    Problems are brewing for coffee lovers due to extreme weather conditions. The country of Brazil is one example.

    Brazil is the world's largest exporter of coffee. A sever drought in 2020 followed by the worst frost in 27 years in 2021 are recent examples of the extreme weather.

    Coffee farm owner Felipe Barretto Croce in Macoca, in the state of Sao Paulo, added that worsening forest fires are also a problem.  August and September are the end of the dry season. He noted that a rain deficit results in evapotranspiration, a water deficit in the soil. This lack of moisture in the soil is part of the reason for the worsening forest fires.

    Fifth generation farmer Jose Oscar Ferreira Cintra is horrified by the erratic behavior of his trees. He says "the climate is confused…there's no logical sequence as it was…the plant doesn't know how to react…it's a horror."

    A horror show indeed since "as it was" is no more. Even a simple cup of coffee is no longer  automatic in a world of climate manipulation resulting in climate chaos.   


  16. TomT says:

    bloody below Zero in Europe.

  17. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Here is an example of statistics that you rarely find in the U.S. mainstream media. Australia is experiencing extreme to severe heat waves that are likely to produce even more record setting wildfires (mostly bushfires). They are currently pushing the 120 degrees Fahrenheit mark and it's expected to get even hotter.

    But the "Black Summer" of 2019-2020 set off bushfires that destroyed an area the size of Turkey, killed 33 people, 3 billion animals and trillions of invertebrates.

    That would be like losing nearly half the human population in a single summer, and I personally mourned for such a massive loss of wildlife, when I heard the news of that event.

    Billions of animals lost in just one country, to the insanity of climate engineering heat dome technology, and at this rate nearly every species of wildlife on the planet will be extinct by the end of this decade.

    As usual, Nature pays the highest price as helpless victims of insane geoengineering crimes against the Earth's entire web of life.

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    "There's something else going on" here in Texas.

    (Attention. Sarcasm ahead.)

    Something that even the atmospheric experts at NASA can't seem to figure out. Planes are spraying the sky with something that looks more like aerosols than condensation trails. They are flying so many planes back and forth across the sky that it is creating a cloud canopy from horizon to horizon, at 1:00 am in the morning, and I can't understand why there would be so many commercial airline jets, or even military planes in the sky, when the peak air travel and military air transport time is usually around 12:00 noon.

    Why would there literally be ten times more planes in the sky in the middle of the night? Don't they know that the clouds they are creating will trap more heat in the atmosphere, and down here at ground level, by creating a virtual blanket in the sky? 

    This just doesn't make any sense to me and if the climate scientists at NASA can't even figure out why the planet is mysteriously heating up a zillion times faster than their science tells them is possible. Then how in the hell are the greatest minds in aeronautical engineering not able to simply "look up", and determine that these artificial clouds are keeping the planet from being able to cool off in the overnight hours?

    Correct me if I am wrong. But doesn't that strange nighttime behavior, in and of itself, begin to answer NASA's puzzling question and solve their bewilderment, as to just exactly why greenhouse gas emissions and anthropogenic activity aren't completely responsible for the record heating of the planet?

    Where's the mystery? The NASA climate experts can simply step outside of their government funded labs and look up at the stars they are so enchanted with traveling to and see for themselves how such strange behavior by these planes are the smoking gun in such a perplexing conundrum.

    If it were only that simple, then they wouldn't be acting like the three stooges. But they work for the government and perform their science in labs paid for by the government. Their homes and children's college tuition are paid for by the government. Their pensions come from government coffers and they swore an oath of secrecy to that very same "shadow" government that coordinates geoengineering operations around the world.

    They are given a slightly longer leash by allowing them to call it a "Mystery". Because mark my words. They will find a way to blame it on some form of nonsensical natural climate altering system of patterns yet to be discovered. Then give it an absurd name like they did with climate engineering produced mesoscale connective systems, now termed as a Dericho. 

    Their pattern of slapstick behavior is so predictable, and this one is just another insane comedy of errors, likely authored by the minions at the fossil fuel empire's matrix media, of disinformation script writers on Prozac and Lithium.

    This may be just another Eden Lost to Insanity Op Ed. But it's the only way I know how to point out the blatantly obvious theater of insanity. There's definitely "something else going on", and evidently that something is a mystery physical ailment that's inflicting every NASA scientist with the inability to simply "Look UP", for the answer to their most puzzling question in history.

    • Rob says:

      FYI Eden Lost: If you look at the "Contrail Mitigation Task Force" you will see that they do indeed blame these trails for adding to a warming effect and so they say are trying to stop them. Believe that if you will…

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Hi Rob, I have also been keeping tabs on the "Contrail Mitigation Task Force", and they simply make the claim that "a few" trails here and there are creating "Water Vapor Cirrus Clouds". Which are inadvertently having a warming effect on the planet.

      Unfortunately they are just part of the whole matrix illusionists convention that uses smoke and mirrors to assure everyone that someone is trying to address the accidental plane condensation trail cloud formations. 

      Even when they know for a fact that they are cirrus clouds created from aerosols, and not mere condensate trails.

      For about two years now they have allured to the climate engineering "fake" clouds as the result of a warming planet that becomes more and more humid, with each passing year, and that extra water vapor is causing these clouds to form in the wake of plane condensation trails.

      Their ruse is designed to get everyone comfortable with more and more aerosol trails, as geoengineering completely takes over the skies. Because they have no plans, ideas or even suggestions on how to reduce the number of trails. Just the same old "We definitely see this natural occurring phenomena happening and we promise to do something about it… eventually."

      And of course, we all know. Nothing will ever happen. Except for an exponential increase in atmospheric aerosols. But if the public pressures them to honor their promise in the future. That's when the climate engineering technology shifts to virtually invisible plane condensation trails that only produce aerosol made clouds, about thirty to fort-five minutes after the planes disappear over the horizon.

      That way, the planet warming fake clouds couldn't possibly be linked to the fleets of climate engineering planes. But can be blamed on a more and more humid planet. Problem solved and it's back to business as usual.

      I wouldn't expect anything less, considering they are now going on seventy-six "proactive" years of advancing climate engineering technologies.

  19. Michael Bunner says:

    The national security state and the corporate monsters and the bank cartel that run this country and exstort the taxpayers coffers are a Supra national crime syndicate that has provided themselves cover as the legitimate government of the United States 

    this is nothing short of the facism hiding in plain sight and the public will pay dearly for their ignorance and in many instances complacency in participating in supporting this mess

  20. Jonathan says:

    Several things on my mind tonight. I was out walking two of the dogs and watching the Stars, including Sirius (Sirius A). I was pondering the astounding and ancient astronomical knowledge of the Dogon people of Mali… Also considered that much of what we see in the sky at night represents things from the past because of the immense distances of some of these heavenly bodies from our planet. How many other star systems throughout the universe have life, and of those, how many of those may have had highly advanced technological civilizations that collapsed due to their own hubris? One implied question here is, will our planet be like that in time?

    I was also considering the industrial revolution. I believe that most of us in this community are aware of the delicate balance of life and the divine order with which it came about.

    Historically, there has been a more or less perpetual balance and harmony within the continuity of life on this planet. At least, until the early to mid 1800s. Mechanisms, machinery, and so many changes in the way human beings lived that were thought "progress" and so forth were set in motion beginning in the 1700s and escalating through the early to mid 1800s.

    I'm taking a step back and attempting to look at the state of things from a wider vantage point.

    Until the industrial revolution commenced, there was more or less a perpetual balance of life on this planet. As a general rule, they were vast spaces for people, plants, and animals to all coexist. People for the most part had traditionally harvested only what they needed from among the Earth's resources.

    I reminded of what Dane recently said about the 60 million bison being nearly exterminated in the 1800s due to reckless and wanton greed-driven destruction.

    The perpetual balance of life on this planet seems to have begun in earnest to be severely disrupted around the same time.

    Thinking about the drastic increases in air pollution starting in Europe in the 1800s and then quickly moving to America, It may be hard for some people to understand that it was during this time that the delicate strands of the web of life began almost irrevocably to be cut.

    We know that military exercises commenced on a large scale in 1947 to manipulate weather patterns. No doubt these things were being thought about and plans being made prior to that time.

    As Dane says, the web of life began to break down "in the geologic blink of an eye."

    People may disagree somewhat on the numbers, but life has existed on this planet for a very very long time, and populations of plants and animals have for the most part been relatively stable for much of that time. Various human populations in different parts of the world were also more or less stable and balanced with other forms of sentient life for much of our time on this planet. Remember Dane's recent comments about some of the nature documentaries being taken out of the public arena. I want people to consider the degree to which populations of flora and fauna have changed in the last 200 years and lockstep with an exponential rise in the human population. I am not necessarily suggesting that an increase in the human population is necessarily a bad thing…. I am suggesting that it is absolutely a bad thing with respect to the web of life, when it occurs out of balance with the rest of the life on this planet.

    This may seem like a simplification, but It appears that influential people in the know developed wether modification programs for a number of reasons (military related, geopolitical related, population related and so forth), but it appears that one of the reasons these technologies were developed is that they knew rather early on just how much of a negative effect human activity was going to have on the planet.

    Up until the late '90s, it would seem that they were relatively successful in keeping these programs quiet.

    It also seems that for various reasons, the programs were greatly expanded in the late '90s. Perhaps those in control realized just how severely the balance of life was being changed.

    As bad as the weather is here in America now, it is beyond ghastly in many parts of the world. Areas that are normally warm have been frozen. Dry areas have been flooded. Wetlands have been dessicated. The list goes on. There are so many agendas at play here. We cannot know all of those. It does, however, seem that hubris has become one of the defining characteristics of the human race, and it seems that humanity is now learning the painful lesson that it is not in control of the weather as it may have supposed at one time.

    I believe that he needs to be emphasized that people must understand how fragile and delicate the balance of life on this planet is. Everything on this planet is interconnected. Let us continue to march forward and do all that we can to wake people up to what is happening. We may yet make a tremendous difference.

    Do not lose hope.

    Do not give up.

    Look the storm in the eye.

    Remember too that scene from Tolkien's novel, The Fellowship of the Ring, in which Frodo tells Gandalf, "I wish it needn't have happened in my time."

    Gandalf then replies, "So do I. And so do all who live to see such times. That is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."



    • WATCHER says:

      Jonathan:  Great Informative & Wise Statements, Much Respect.

      We cannot control the weather. We can only mess with it with dire consequences. While the controllers work hard to achieve their so-called goals , in fact, they are playing with nitroglycerin. We all know how that goes, While they try to manipulate, our Creator is actively playing chess with them all, until Our Creator comes to the “Check Mate” point and destroys mostly all evidence of them except fragmented debris and folklore stories. Really Humankind has resiliently continued only by the grace of our Great Creator. It's only a matter of time 1 day 1 year 100-1,000 years, when ever this will happen, As Dane says "Not could, not may, not might.

      Here are some excerpts from  article “Hopi Prophecy, A Timeless Warning” Toby McLeod-April 4, 2020  “The Hopi tell us that this story has repeated itself many times for as far back as human memory reaches, and they have predicted where we will end up if we don’t change course immediately as Thomas Banyacya relates in these two timely talks from 1995, referring to a petroglyph on a rock near his home”, Hopi teaching indicate   “Three previous human worlds were destroyed when people became greedy, worshiped technology as a god, fought and hurt each other, and repeatedly forgot the ethical teachings they’d been given to honor the Earth as the source of life and sustenance. Three apocalypses inevitably ensued- first by fire, then by ice, then a flood. Noah’s Ark floated through one.” “Having worried ever since then about an impending apocalypse one seems to be upon us now as a wounded Mother Earth humbles her human children.” Hopi Elder “Thomas Banyacya usually warned of natural disasters like storms and earthquakes, fires and floods, lightning and hurricanes: clear signs that nature was responding to abusive, careless humans.”

      They say the sky is the limit. This may be “the last straw”.

        Tseh niyogwagyahsoh    = What we have done? Cayuga

      Watch, Wait and Pray

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    WEF Roundup: Digital IDs Can Track the Unvaccinated, AI Can Speed Up Development of New Vaccines

    The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum wrapped up this week with calls for digital IDs, rapid development of new vaccines, more partnerships with corporate media outlets like The New York Times, and widespread acceptance and proliferation of artificial intelligence in all areas of society, including healthcare and education.


    • WATCHER says:

      AH ! V. Susan

      We are experiencing REAL MONSTERS  Beyond any Horror Movie.

      I cannot even consider them as Human, at least with those who have Souls because they have sold them.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    50 Bills to Expand Wireless Infrastructure Up for Consideration by Federal Lawmakers

    Critics say the bills overlook the benefits of fiber internet, strip local communities of the right to reject wireless projects and increase the risk to human health and the environment caused by greater exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation.



  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland

    The limited liability companies, buried under layers of business names, overlapping employees and addresses in at least three states, form a network more tangled and opaque than the one created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is buying a giant amount of Nebraska ranch land.



  24. JS says:

    University of Pennsylvania identifies 9 US agencies involved in Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management. 

    A New Era of Policy in Solar Geoengineering – Kleinman Center for Energy Policy (

    White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). It was supported by a cross-agency working group that included members from the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Defense (DOD) , the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, and the Department of State, among others. 


    • Jonathan says:

      Great information

      Good to share with your military contacts so they will see these are military programs

      Thank you 

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